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The Wicked Stepmother
  • Author - The Fiend  
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  • Story Codes - F-mf, non-consensual, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, humiliation, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 9/12/2009
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Part 1

My whole life, I'd wanted it all. A big house, a lot of money...and a slave or two to please my every desire. After years of dreaming and countless failures, life finally gave it too me. I married a man who was much older than me with two grown up children: a lovely young lady and a handsome man. They were perfect to make into slaves. And they didn't like me very much, which took care of what moral problems I had. And I soon found myself thinking of how I could kill my husband, who annoyed and disgusted me. After a year and half, the opportunity presented itself.

The sensual world of BDSM

My husband would be going away for a three week business trip. And my stepson, Tom, would be out partying with friends a town away that weekend, which would be a four day one. Which left me and my stepdaughter, Tabitha, alone. I told my husband I wanted to spend some quality time with her and see if I could improve our relationship, but I had darker plans in store for her.

Late that afternoon we were alone in the kitchen. She glowered at me in resentment. You see, this isn't the first time her father has married. Each of his offspring came from a different wife and he'd had two or three more marriages with gold diggers that were short lived and ended badly. I also think she was jealous of me.

I am in my mid thirties but look younger, with black hair, green eyes and nice pair of breasts if I do say so myself. Tabby is nineteen, with red hair, a cute face and a nice body...though she doesn't think so.

"Great," she commented. "I'm stuck with you the whole weekend."

"Now, Tabby--" I told her.

"It's Tabitha," she growled. "Only Dad and Tom can call me that. Not another gold digger slut like you. You may've lasted longer than the last two, but you or Dad one will get sick of each other sooner or later."

"True," I sighed. "You father isn't the best catch. But I'm trying. I've always wanted to live a life of luxury like this, so I should show him some gratitude." I smiled at her. "And I've always wanted such beautiful children."

She snorted. "Yeah right." She looked me over and I could see the jealousy in her eyes.

"Is that it?" I asked in sympathy. "Don't tell me you're jealous of me? And maybe your other stepmothers?"

I walked over to her and took her in my arms. The look on her face was priceless. She was unnerved, but stayed in place as I ran a hand over her face.

"You're so cute," I told her. She gasped as my hand went under her shirt to cup a breast.

"I'll admit mine are bigger than yours, but they're still a moderate size that men will like to play with." I smiled slyly at her. "And I'm sure they do, don't they?"

She sputtered, trying to say something in protest. But she couldn't form the words. Before she could, I kissed her. A big one. She squirmed in my grasp, but quickly became still for our tongues to mingle. We parted and a string of drool briefly connected us before breaking. Her face glowed red and I could see the kiss had had the desired effect.

"Have you kissed other girls?" I asked.

Speechless, she just nodded.

"Was it as good as that?"

She shook her head.

I smiled. Things were going better than I'd hoped. I leaned foreword to lick her ear, making her shiver and gasp.

"My pretty little Tabby," I whispered seductively. "I've loved you for months. And now we're alone, I want to teach you ways of love you've never dreamed of."

"But-but-but—" she tried to protest.

"Don't worry," I told her. "We're not related by blood in the least. It'll just be a harmless little game that will be our dirty secret. No one will ever know. And trust me when I say it will feel so good."

She looked at me, thinking it over. I was worried I'd going to have to tackle her and drag her kicking and screaming to the bed room when she nodded.


"Good girl," I said, smiling triumphantly to myself.

I took her by the hand to the master bedroom and told her to strip while I got out my supplies. She slowly and reluctantly stripped to her underwear and stopped there as I got out the rope and silk scarves. She'd be bound in something worse soon enough, but I didn't want to scare her as she was just stepping into the trap.

"Hands behind your back," I told her. "...please," I quickly added.

She looked at the scarves and rope in apprehension. "Y-Y-You're going to tie me up?"

"Don't worry," I told her. "It's a thrill that can't be beat. I've even been tied myself a few times." That was bold faced lie. I'd always done the restraining and dominating.

There was pause, then she did as I'd told her. I wrapped some rope around her wrists, elbows, and ankles, then blindfolded her by putting a rolled up scarf on each eye, then wrapping another one over them and securing it. I think she was just catching on when I stuffed a scarf into her mouth and secured another one between her lips.

"There!" I cheered, clapping at my handiwork. "You're such a beautiful sight, my pretty little slave."

She blushed some at this and tried to say something, but all I could hear was muffled grunts.

"There's just a couple of things missing." I put my finger under bra strap. "First, this underwear needs to go. It's in the way."

She moaned and shook her head as I unfastened the straps of her bra, which feel to the floor for her pert breasts to come out. I took one in my hand and gave it a little squeeze. She gave a muffled squawk and shook her head more, her face red.

"Now, now," I told her in a soothing voice to calm her down some. "We're both women. And it's not like you never let another female touch you this way."


I hooked a finger around her panties and pulled them down to join her ankle rope. I smiled at the shaven pussy before me. My stepdaughter was now naked and helpless before me. There was just one thing missing.

Tabby gasped as I put the collar on her neck and fastened it. She started to struggle in earnest. I put my hands on her and started to rub her, which calmed her some.

"It's just for the game," I told her as I ran a finger over her lips above the gag. "All pleasure slaves are made to wear collars. Just go with and everything will be fine."

There a pause before she nodded with "Mph". But what she didn't know was that the "game" would never end...

I changed clothes. Soon I was wearing a topless leather corset, no bottom, elbow length leather gloves and knee length boots. Very satisfied with what I saw in the mirror, I started to play with my future slave.

She yelped at the feel of my leather covered hands on her breasts, then groaned loudly as I groped them heavily. I pressed my breasts against hers for a wonderful squishing sensation that seemed to drive her wild. Her nipples stiffened and I took one between my fingers to roll it around. I pinched it hard and gave it a good twist, making Tabby squeal. I let go and took her other bud in my mouth to play with it using my tongue. The sounds that came out of her filled mouth were music to my ears. The gasping she made as I sucked hard on it was better. While one hand squeezed a breast, my other darted downward to rub her puss. This made her squirm wonderfully. I quickly took off the glove to feel things better. She wasn't as aroused as she could've been, but was wet and warm enough to tell me I was on the right track. I stuck two fingers inside her and felt around. Just as I expected, her hymen was long gone and she'd had some experience, but it wasn't as lined and stretched out as I thought it would be.

"I owe you an apology," I told her. "I'd come to think you were something of a slut, but your don't show as much wear as I thought. I'm very pleased." I gave her a peck on each cheek and lick her lips. She blushed some and mewled.

"Faf ur," she told me.

I fought the urge to tell her "Don't thank me just yet." I played with her this way for a while, a nipple in my mouth, one hand on a breast and the other in her slit, which soon heated up some with hot, sticky juices starting to run out. I untied her ankles and told her to bend and spread her legs. I was glad she was blindfolded so she couldn't the look on my face at the sight of shining, slick love hole and the erect clitoris shining like a pearl in an oyster. I tapped it with a finger making her grunt loudly and twitch.

I played with it some with my fingers and tongue, making her arch her back and yell. She was ready, but I wanted to play with her first and make her beg for release.

I licked, sucked, and kissed her nether lips, lapping up Tabby's nectar as it came out and giving special attention to her swollen clit. Sound she was shouting and yelling through her gag, thrusting her pelvis in an attempt to match what I was doing.

"Do you want to cum?" I asked her.

She nodded. "YEPH! OH GUFF YEPH!! PLIFH!!"

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and put it over her nether lips. I sucked as hard as I could and stuck my tongue in and out of her, holding her ankles to keep her legs up and apart. With a long muffled yell, she spurted her fluids into my mouth and I swallowed it with glee. She went limp and I let her legs go to quickly apply the waiting cuffs. I kissed her on the forehead as I took the blindfold off see the tired but sated look in her eyes. I undid the scarf between her teeth and she spat the other one out.

"Wasn't that fun?" I asked in low voice.

"Y-Yes," she said with a tired voice and a little smile. "That-felt-so good..."

"And the fun's just beginning," I told her with a smile. "There's so much we do with this game. And we have all weekend. I'm going to keep you bound and gagged the whole time, playing with your wonderful body. If don't do what I say, I'll punish you. But if you're a good girl you'll be rewarded with pleasures many people never get to experience. By the time we're one you should be such a nice slutty slave."

The smile faded, her eyes widened and she gaped in shock and realization, shaking her head. "No!" She tried to struggle, but the climax had left her weak and all she could manage was some feeble twitching. She gave me a wide eyed pleading look. "Please! Please let me go! We can play again later! Please! Please don't do this! Ple—"

I gave her a light slap to shut her up, then crammed the ball gag into her mouth and fastened it.

"I'm afraid I can't do that. You wanted me to show something exciting and new, and I did. And I will. We'll just take a little break to let you rest, then move onto round two, okay?"

She tried to pull her head as away as I put the leather blindfold on, but it was no use. I threw her down on the bed and she squirmed some, whimpering loudly.

"There, there," I told her as I get out my smallest dildo. "Soon you'll come to enjoy it."

She gasped as I stuck the little dildo all the way in her.

"A little something so you don't get bored and lonely," I told her as I kissed her on the forehead. "But I'll be back soon after you've had time to rest. There are so many things I can and will do to you, but for now you need to get some strength back."

I carefully and quietly left. What she didn't know was that I had a baby monitor on the nightstand next to the bed and one with me to listen to her with. I heard some muffled grunting, but it sounded like she wasn't putting up much of a struggle. And I was impressed that she didn't cry, but there was lot of whimpering and mewling. I played with myself as I listened to my captive stepdaughter's plight. Soon she would be pleasing my every desire, whether she liked it or not. And there was nothing she could do about it.

Part 2 (added: 09/27/2009)

I left Tabby alone for an hour. This would give her time to realize she couldn't get free and hopefully realize it would be best to give in. I was worried Tom or her father would call, but they didn't. I returned to the bedroom to find her curled up, breathing heavily and trying to rest from her futile struggles and the small dildo in her. I took it out and put the leash on her collar.

"Come on, Tabby," I told as I gave it a little tug, "time to get up."

She growled through her gag and curled up more, staying in place. I tug on the leash and she'd pull back in resistance. So she did have a little fight in her after all. I'd have to remedy that.

I went to my supplies and tried to select what tool would help the situation. The cattle prod was tempting, but it felt too early. The whips and floggers would've been appropriate, but didn't catch my fancy. Then I saw something that bought a smile to my face...

I went back to the bedside and took Tabby's leash in my hand.

( link opens in new window )

"Tabitha," I told her in a strict voice. "If you don't come as I pull your leash, I'm going to do something bad to you. I part of my really doesn't want to. So please come with me or else." I give her leash a good tug.

"FUGH YUH!" she shouted through her gag.

"Oh dear," I sighed. "That was the wrong answer..."

I grabbed her and flipped her over to smack her ass some, making her cry out. I then straightened her out and flipped her on her back. She struggled with whatever strength she had, screaming and shouting obscenities through her gag. I clipped the first clamp on her nipple and she gave a muffled shriek, followed by another as I clipped the other. Taking the nipple clamp's chain in my hand I pulled her up with a yank and muffled howl of pain. I pulled her off the bed, out of the bedroom, and into the hall, each tug sending a flare of pain through her nipples to travel through her breasts to the rest of her and make her screech as she tried desperately not to fall. When I thought she'd had enough I stopped and pinned her to the wall. She was sobbing loudly and crying enough to make the tears form under her blindfold.

"Silence!" I told her, giving her a hard slap.

She quieted down, gasping though her nose and crying quietly.

"This is what happens to slaves who don't do EXACTLY as they are told," I informed her. I gave the chain a little tug to make her hiss in pain "They are hurt as punishment. Hurt in terrible ways. I can either pull you by the chain of the leash or chain of these nipple clamps. Which is it?"

"LEEFH!" She answered. "THG LEEFH!"

She flinched as I put a hand on her cheek and shook, but calmed down as I rubbed her.

"Good girl" I told her as I gave her peck on the cheek. "Have you learned your lesson?"

"um saugh" she mumbled. "ul bg guuh."

"Excellent. Now I'm going to take these clamps off. And when the blood flow resumes it'll hurt, so brace yourself."

She did, but that didn't stop the cries that came when I took the clamps off. I took her nipples in my fingers and gently rolled them to help the blood flow get back to normal and ease my poor stepdaughter's pain. The sigh from behind her gag told me it helped some.

I took her leash in my hand and she followed it, taking short, hobbling steps in her ankles cuffs. We reached the living room, I made her kneel on the floor, and revealed my plans to her.

"I think I'm in the mood for pizza for supper. With those wonderful deserts that come with things to dip them in. But I'm calling a place that's not close, so the poor delivery man won't get his tip. At least not in money..."

Tabby's head shot up in realization. "NUUUGH!"

"Don't worry; I'm not going to let him fuck you. But you will pleasure him orally." I gave her a questioning look. "I presume you've performed fellatio?"

There was pause before she nodded.

"Good! Then this shouldn't be a problem. And you'll be rewarded with pizza and a great desert for your trouble."


I called the pizza place, put on a robe, and changed Tabby's ball gag with a ring gag shortly before the order arrived.

The delivery boy was far from handsome. He was gawky, a little pimply, had a bad haircut and wore unattractive glasses. I had to wonder if having Tabby blindfolded for this would actual be merciful.

"Sorry I'm late, Ma'am," he told him.

"Actually, it's my fault," I told him. "I thought I was dialing the number for a closer restaurant. Let me make it up to you."

I lead him to Tabby. His eyes got as wide as saucers at the sight of the naked, bound, blindfolded, red haired girl with a metal ring on a strap forcing her mouth open. He looked from her to me and back, stuttering.

"My slave has been wanting to suck a nice, fat cock lately," I lied. "And since I was in the mood for take out, I thought it would be a treat for both off you."

He looked at Tabby, hesitant. For a moment I was worried he'd try to help her and I'd have to capture or kill him. The hesitant look was replaced by one of lust and he walked over to Tabby, dropped his pants and underwear to stick his average dick in her mouth. Tabby went to work as soon as it was in to start sucking and licking. His moans told me she was doing a very good job and I left them. I ate my share of the pizza, cinnamon sticks and brownies...but left the icing and fudge. I was cutting up Tabby's share when the boy's orgasmic shouts and grunts signaled his "coming". I got there to see him zipping up his pants with a big, dreamy smile on his face.

"Thank you," he told me. "I thought I'd never get to experience anything like that. You can keep your money!"

I paid him and told him not to tell anyone and if he did I'd deny him every word. Even he admitted no one would ever believe him and left. I put Tabby's pizza cuts in the microwave and fetch her. She didn't have any thing on her face or chest, which signaled she'd been able to swallow the whole load.

"You poor thing," I told her. "I bet that didn't taste very good did it?"

She nodded.

"I bet you've had better cum, haven't you?"

She nodded again.

"I'm sorry. I thought a better specimen would be the deliverer. But I have something to make it up to you."

I sat her in a chair, took the gag out of her mouth, and fork fed her the pizza and held a cup to her mouth for her to drink. She ate quietly and a little slowly, most likely enjoying the pizza and soda as much as she could to take her mind off her situation.

"Was that good?" I asked her when she was done.

"Yes, Mistress. Thank you very much."

"And I have something even better for desert."

I smeared the chocolate on one of my large breasts and the icing on the other. The gooey feeling sent a wonderful sensation through me and I held back a moan and shivered. I gently took Tabby by the head and held her just from my breast for her to smell it.

"Please me," I told her.

She stuck a tongue out to find the chocolate covered breast. Without telling her, she leaned her head forward to put her mouth on it to lick and suck the chocolate off. She was slow and hesitant at first, then got more into it, treating the breast like the world's best desert. I moved her to the other breast for her to get the sweet icing. I moved her from one to the other so she got a little of both to thoroughly enjoy it. And she did a wonderful job sucking my nipples.

"That's it!" I cheered. "Make it good for both of us! Oh, I wish I could lactate to give you an extra flavor."

When my breasts were licked clean, I gave her a good kiss.

"Wasn't that a good desert?" I asked her

"Yes Mistress," she said. "It was delicious."

"And we're not done just yet..."

I made her get back on her knees and put her in front of my hot, ready, eager puss. She caught on and started to lick me down there and probe inside me with her tongue.

"Oh yes!" I cried out. "You and you're friends really did learn something on those study nights!"

After several long minutes of bliss, I came. And it felt great.

"Very good," I told her. I helped her stand up and kissed her on the forehead. "What a wonderful slave you're going to make."

"Thank you very much, Mistress." I could hear the appreciation in her voice.

I took her by the leash and led her to the bathroom.

"Do you need to pee or poop?" I asked her.

Her face turned red as she quietly answered she needed to pee. I sat her on the toilet for her to do her business and wiped her off with a white cloth. I think neither of us was looking forward to when she'd need to shit...

I wrapped the end of her leash on the towel rack and took a shower. When I was done I filled the tub part away up, took the rope off her elbows, the cuffs off her ankles and the blindfold and collar off to give her a nice bath. I made sure to use the sponge, wash rag and soap on her in a way that felt good and the cooing sounds she made told me I did better than I'd hoped. I dried her off, reapplied the collar and blindfold and took her back to the bedroom. I sat her down on the bed gave her a big kiss before putting a wiffle gag in her mouth. I kissed each cheek and her forehead, then pushed her to make land in the bed while got something...special for this...

I got out a studded vibrator and poked her on the breast with it, making her grunt in surprise. I ran it over her breasts from different directions, making her shudder and moan. I pressed it against her nipples and she arched up with a loud groan. I fondled her with my free hand and licked and sucked her nipples. When I thought she was turned enough, I flipped her over to play with her buttocks. I groped it, lightly smacked it, and nipped it, making her shout in surprise and pleasure. I stuck a finger in her rectum to make her squeal.

"My, my!" I commented at what I felt. "Looks like someone was in here before me!"

I fingered her ass hole for a few minutes before switching to two fingers, then three. When I was ready I put an acryl dildo in her rear exit, making her squawk through her gang. I flipped her back over to play with her breasts before taping a small egg vibrator to each nipple. I played with her pussy some with the studded vib. Soon Tabbey was gasping through her gag, kicking some and flopping around like a fish.

I took off her blindfold for her to see the large strap on dildo I was wearing. She gave a muffled shout of awe or fear at the size of it. Now that she was well lubricated, I went into her with a fevered thrust, making her give a muffled scream. I was a little gentle at first, but when I thought she'd adjusted I fucked her hard and rough. I took the gag out of her mouth to hear her moan, groan, gasp and grunt fully in a mixture of pleasure and pain.

"Do you like it, Tabby?!" I asked, embracing her. "Do you like the feel of your stepmother's big hard cock?!"

She didn't answer, simply grunting and yelling, most likely unable to form an answer.

I slapped her. "Answer me!

"I love it Mistress!" she shouted. "I've never felt anything like it! I-IT-FEELS-SO- GOOD!"

"Excellent! Because you'll be experiencing it often! You're mine now! From now on you'll be my pet, my fucktoy, my whore, my maid, and whatever else I want to do to you! You hear me?! From now on you're all mine, body and soul! You're M-M-MAAAAIIIIIIEEE!!!"


We both came in a thunderous climax, a powerful orgasm rocking my entire body in a way that hasn't happened in a very long time. Tabby went limp in my arms. I pulled her back to see she'd fainted. Though weak myself, I retied her elbows and ankles and tied her knees and shoulders as well. I regagged her, put the blindfold back on, and added some ear plugs for good measure. I held her close, running a hand though her lovely red hair.

"Oh Tabby," I sighed quietly. "You're going to make such a wonderful slave. By the time Tom gets back, you'll be a slave any Mistress would be happy to have. And then your brother will join in our fun...Oooh, but I look forward to enslaving him..."

My arms wrapped tightly around my captive stepdaughter, I fell into a deep, happy sleep.

Part 3 (added: 10/06/2009)

I woke up the next morning just in time to hear a drowsy moan come from behind Tabitha's gag. She wiggled in her bounds some, then went stiff at the realization of how restrained she was. And I imagine sleep had made her forget her new position in live. She started to struggle and shout in a panic, most likely having forgotten what had happened. She held her tight, which made her struggle more. She soon calmed down as she remembered her situation. I took some time to run my hand through her hair and fondle gently fondle a breast before taking the plugs out of her ears.

"Good morning, Tabby," I whispered in her ear, giving it a lick to make her shiver. "Ready to continue your training?"

She moaned and shook her head.

I took the nipple I'd been playing with and pinched it to make her give a muffled yelp.

"Too bad."

I got up to put my leather corset, boots, and gloves back on and pick Tabby up to carry over my shoulder. She gave a shout at being picked up and a grunt at the feel of my shoulder going into her stomach. I groped and lightly smacked her ass as I carried her. I went into the dining room and put her in a chair to cook some breakfast when I was done I put the food on the table and ungagged her.



My palm silenced whatever she was trying to say. "Speak when spoken too, slave," I told her in a hard tone. "Your mouth is to be used for pleasuring me or eating and nothing else. Speak without permission again and I'll put something in there that'll choke you. Understand?"

( link opens in new window )

She nodded with a whimper. We ate and I made her stand up to hop to living room (getting a good show from watching her tits and ass jiggle) and laid her down on the couch while I got some things for the next phase of her training. I sat her up and took the rope off her arms and legs and exchanged them for foot long wrist and ankle cuffs. I put a short black leather skirt on her and a white maid's cap. I stuffed some of my dirty panties in her mouth and placed a strip of clear tape over it. I took her by shoulders and guided her to a tall mirror before taking the blindfold off. She gasped at her reflection, then stared at it as if hypnotized

"Don't you just make a pretty little maid?" I cooed to her as I fondled her boobs from behind. "And don't those panties feel and taste better than the other gags?" I gave her a kiss on the chin. "And if you can show me you can be quiet like a good girl, I won't have to keep you gagged all the time and kiss the lovely lips more often." I got a camera and took some pictures of her, wishing I'd been doing so the whole time. "Now let's get started. This house could use some cleaning and it's certainly not the Mistress' place to do it. And if I don't think you're doing a good job, you get the crop."

I held up the riding crop for her to see.

"Like this."

I struck her on the stomach with it, leaving a red strip and making her scream through her gag. And so for next few hours I had her do whatever cleaning I saw that needed doing, and even some that didn't so she'd learn. I must say that she did a good job and she adapted to her cuffs nicely. I didn't even have to hit her, just give her some taps to motivate her. After she'd spent a few hours wiping, dusting, scrubbing, polishing, sweeping, mopping, and even vacuuming everything I told her to, we went into the kitchen to start on lunch. I put an apron her (not only so she wouldn't get dirty, but I certainly didn't want some grease to pop up and get on her skin. She wasn't getting hurt unless it was by my hand) I watched her as she worked her way through the recipes of the dishes I wanted, striping her back twice when it looked like she wasn't following them correctly.

When it was ready I ungagged her long enough to eat and reapplied it for her to wash the dishes.

"See how hard it can be?" I told her when she was done. "And the people we had clean the house didn't have their arms and legs in those cuffs!"

She gave me a pleading, teary eyed look.

"It's hard, but I'm sure you'll get better with practice. And now that you've gotten your chores done, I'm more than ready to play..."

I took off what little she had on and made her lie down on the coffee table in the living room while I got various toys for us to play with. I teased her with my mouth, fingers, vibrators, dildos, a tickle feather, and some massage oils. She moaned and groaned as loud as her gag would let her. When I was ready I took off the tape for her to spit the saliva soaked panties out to hear the symphony of her sounds. It was all going well until she started gasping and grunting loudly and thrusting her pelvis too fast. Despite my orders for her to stop, she came. She saw my frown and the sated look on her face was replaced by one of fear.

"You shouldn't have done that," I told her. "I suppose I should've told you sooner, but a slave comes only when her Mistress lets her. You will have to be severely punished for this."

I tied her face down on the coffee table, each limb tied to a leg. She pleaded for forgiveness and mercy, but a ball gag put an end to that. I hit her ass cheeks with paddles, slappers, whips and my hand until her derrière had a lovely red glow, with some whacks to the bottom of her feet for added pain and a hard hit to her puss for a finale. Her muffled yells and screams sounded like a wonderful music to my ear and when I was done tears, mucus, drool and some sweat were dripping off her face. After I took some pictures, I kneeled and took her face in my hands, ungagging her.

"Have you learned your lesson?" I asked in a threatening tone.

"Y-Y-Yes M-M-Mistress. I-I-I'm s-s-sorry. I-I w-won't do it again."

"You better not. You receive pleasure on when I allow it and no other time. And don't even think about masturbating. Come without permission again and it's some clothespins on your nipples and tits. Or maybe rat traps. May even lock you in a chastity belt for a few days."

"No Mistress! I-I'll be good! I-It's just that it'll be so har—MPH!"

I put the gag back in her mouth and lightly slapped her for trying to get chatty. I left her there for a while to heal. I saw her ass as a perfect target and a thought came to me. I went ahead and ordered some supper and put a hood over Tabby's head. The delivery man was much better looking than last night, almost making wish his victim could see him. He saw her tied like that and I could see that he wanted to fuck her right there and then. I told him she wanted a cock in her ass and that if she screamed and struggled to ignore it, she liked it rough. I took pictures as Tabby was ass-raped. The young man kept at it until he came in her rectum, thanked me and left, and once again I didn't need worry about paying a tip.

I let my poor slave rest some while I planned and prepared for what was to come. When I it was time I warmed up the food for us to eat. After supper it was time for a toilet break and showers, her taking one with her eyes closed under my watchful eyes with a taser in hand. Afterward it was to bed, where I tied her spread eagle, applied a cleave gag and blindfold and let the fun begin. Well, it was fun for me but I don't think Tabby had a good time.

I kept her on edge, teasing her sensitive areas with vibrators, dildos, my mouth and fingers. Even used some massage oil on her. I'd occasionally pinch of smack her so it didn't feel too good. But I didn't let her reach climax. Every time she was about to come, I'd stop. Her muffled pleas went ignored. And to add insult to injury I made her please me with her mouth or put something in the strap on and make her wear it for her to fuck me. After several hours of this she started to go into hysterics, sobbing and screaming as she fought against her bonds with what strength she had left, moving just as much as the ropes would allow. I took a few pictures before breaking out the chloroform to put her down.

"Poor, poor Tabitha," I told her as I rubbed her. "Your second day as a slave wasn't very fun, was it? Just until in the morning..."

The morning I work her up, we had breakfast, I made her use the toilet and then we got to work.

I filled her mouth with a big dildo gag, put the thickest blindfold I had over eyes, put her arms into an armbinder, made a tight rope bra that made her breasts bulge, put suction cups on her nipples, and bent her legs together to wrap some rope around her ankles and thighs, forcing them together and turning her legs into pointy stubs that were made to point out and leave her vagina completely vulnerable. A big butt plug went in her rear and medium sized vibrator went in her front and was put on low. I put her in a trunk. I took some pictures before I broke out the most important part of the ensemble: headphones went over her ears to play a CD I'd been making during our breaks. It's a little something I'd downloaded from a certain website for bondage lovers who wanted to enslave someone. It has a woman's melodious voice saying things like:

"I am a good slave...pleasing Mistress is all that matters...whatever I think or feel is of no importance...when I am punished, it is my fault and I deserve it..."

And it drones on such sayings for a while. I pressed play, turned it as loud as it would go and set it to loop when it was done. She moaned loudly at what she heard and shook her head in a vain attempt to get the headphones off her head. I close the trunk door and locked it, taking the key with me.

I did some shopping for some fresh supplies and equipment for Tom's return, the thought of my stepdaughter, struggling in a closed off world of pleasure and pain as the recording warped her mind to more my liking...I found myself hot and wet a lot sooner than I meant too.

After 3 hours I hurried home and opened the trunk to admire her. A little puddle of drool was at her head and a puddle of pussy juice at her bottom. Her breasts had turned purple. She was shivering and groaning loudly, spasming some. I took a picture, then took her out of the trunk, put her in bed and took everything off her. The light that had been in her eyes had now faded to a soft glow and she gave me a somewhat vacant little smile as I put her nametag on her collar.

"Who and what are you?" I asked her.

"I'm your slave, Mistress," she responded.

"What is your greatest desire in the world?"

"To please you and hopefully get pleasure in return."

"Anything else?"

She shook her head. "No, Mistress. As long as you're happy, I am happy."

I smiled at her. The recording seemed to have served its purpose well.

"Would you like me to fuck you?"

"Yes, Mistress!" she exclaimed as she spread her legs as wide as she could. "It's been so long! I know I'm not worthy, but I need it in the worst way!"

I strapped on the biggest, hardest dildo I had and practically ravished her. I went on to make her come again and again and again, and her me. I put everything I could get my hands on in her pussy, ass hole and mouth, tying her every way I could think of. Even when we were forced to take a break she'd be begging me to let her come. All her experiences since I'd first tied her had drained most of her will away and what little she had left was fucked out of her throughout the remains of the day and into the night.

It was sometime the next afternoon when Tom arrived home. It's important I describe his appearance now: he's 22, blonde and blue eyed, with a beautiful face and a good body. Not buff and muscular or slender and soft, but nice medium between the two.

The look on his face when he saw his half sister on the couch bound, gagged, naked, collared, and with a big vibrator buzzing away in her dripping pussy was priceless.

"Tabby!" he yelled as he rushed to her "rescue". He untied her and took his shirt off to cover her.

"Tabby, who did this to you?!" he asked. "...was it that damn goldigger?"

"T-T-Tommy..." she said. She hesitated for a second, then pulled the syringe from under a couch pillow and stuck it in him. He just stood there in shock, then fell to the floor paralyzed. I walked into view from my hiding place where I'd been filming the incident on a camcorder.

"Hello Tommy," I said with a gloating smile, thoroughly enjoying the wide eyed look on his face. "Welcome home! And to your new life as my slave!"

Part 4 (added: 10/17/2009)

My paralyzed, topless stepson stared in shock at the sight of me wearing a topless leather corset, long leather gloves and no bottom.

"I bet you'd really like to know what's happening," I leered at him. "It's quite simple. You've been captured and you're going to spend the rest of you life as my sex slave!"

He made a funny sound of protest at this.

"I've already enslaved your sister over a very busy weekend," I continued. "And now you're going to join her." I looked to my red headed stepdaughter. "Tabby, be a dear and bring me the bag and take over filming."

"Yes, Mistress," she said as she got a bag from behind the couch and then took the camera from me. I picked Tom up and put him on the couch. I ran a finger over his bare chest, the feel of the leather making him moan.

"I thought you and Tabby didn't like each other, but you're such a wonderful brother to give her your shirt like that. And you saved me a step!...Mmm, such a good body you have..." I kissed and licked each body part as I described it, the only reaction he could give was shaking and moaning. "Such a nice flat stomach. No six pack, but a good set of abs none the less...a nice pair of pecs..." I pocked his nipples with my tongue and he gasped with jerk. It was followed a yelp as I gave them a pinch. "And these are going to be so much fun. A man's nipples may not have a breast to stick out on, but they're just as fun to play with if you know how...now to check out your lower half..."

I took off his shoes and socks to suck his toes and feet, then got some scissors from the bag. I cut his pants off him, then flipped him over before cutting up his briefs.

( link opens in new window )

"Oh yes," I sighed at what was revealed, "what a round, firm ass." I groped his cheeks and gave them some good smacks to make him yell, followed by a loud yelp as I stuck a finger in his rectum. "Ah, an ass virgin. I'll have to fix that later. And now for the piece de résistance!" I flipped him back over.

"Oh my!" I exclaimed at the sight of his penis. I took it in my hands. "What a big cock you have! I thought it would be good, but it's bigger than I thought! No wonder you've been so popular with the ladies!"

I made Tabby give the camera back, her take off the shirt, and burn it and the tatters. In fact, I had her throw all the clothes Tom had in his luggage in the fire before giving the camera back to her.

"See that," I told him as he watched his clothing burn. "That's your old live going up in smoke. From now on your purpose in live with be to pleasure me in every way."

"Y-Y-You...bitch..." he managed to say.

"Oh dear, the paralysis seems to be wearing off." I flipped him over, put his arms together and put them in the armbinder, making sure it was laced tight. He started to struggle some. I then used a short spreader bar on his ankles.

"You sick bitch!" he declared. "W-When I get out of this you—MRGH!"

I gagged him just in time for his voice returned, then finished off with a collar on his neck. I stood back to admire my work as he started to struggle in earnest, muffled shouts filling the air. He fell of the couch and onto the floor, wriggling around like a worm. I put my foot on him to keep him face down, got out a slapper and hit him with it on his ass, legs, soles of his feet, and back, his screams music to my ears.

"Poor Tommy!" I exclaimed with a laugh. "You come home from a fun vacation and looks what happens!"

I turned him over to hit his chest, stomach, face and a couple of whacks to his groin. His body decorated with red welts, I put the slapper down and started to caress him. He shook and moaned, trying in vain to squirm out of my clutches.

"That hurt, didn't it?" I asked in mock sympathy. "But that's just a small sample of what I'm going to do you. But I'm going to make you feel good too."

I put him in a chair and took off a glove to stroke his dick and fondle his balls with the gloved one. He yelped at the feel of the leather on his sack and my skin on his member. He quickly got nice and hard despite whatever was going through his mind, his "little head" liking what I was doing.

"Oh yes," I said approvingly, "a fine specimen. SO much better than your father's in every way. It's size, it's appearance-" I sniffed it "-the smell. I wonder how it tastes..."

I gave Tom's cock a slow lick from base to head, moving my tongue around as I did and making him squawk through his gag.

"Mmm...so yummy..." with that I started to suck it in earnest, using my mouth as I haven't in quite sometime on both cock and balls. He yelped and struggled at first, but then quickly gave in to how good it felt. When I tired of blowing him, I took my mouth away from his cock...and took my big breasts in my hands to squeeze it with them. Tom jumped in his bonds and seat and gasped loudly at the feel of his hard rod caught between them.

"Don't tell me you've never titty fucked a girl before," I said with a laugh. "Then this will be good for the both of us!"

I started to move my boobs up and down the captive cock. And Tom groaned loudly, drool starting to run down his chin as it went between his gag and lips.

"That's it," I told him. "Enjoy it. No matter how much you resist me later, only the biggest of queers could resist having a pair of plump, juicy breasts on his penis. Doesn't it feel great?"


He shook his head, but his pelvis started to move in a rhythm to match mine. I leaned my head forward to lick and suck his little head, and just in time. His movements started to quicken and he started to gasp and grunt through his gag.


The first glop of semen went into my mouth and I swallowed the tangy goo with glee. I pulled back for the next pulse to splatter on my face. I backed up for the third pulse to hit my chest.

"Oh yes!" I cried. "Such a wonderful warm sticky, gooey feeling! And such a bigger load than anything your father could spurt out. I should've done that sooner even if I wasn't enslaving you."

"mmmmrrr..." Tom moaned, limp and gasping for breath through his gag.

"Tabby, give me the camera and clean your Mistress."

She gave me the camera and I held it out at arm's length as she licked her brother's sperm off me.

"Oooh," I moaned. "Such a luxurious feeling. How do you like the taste of your brother's cum, slave?"

"I-It's so sweet and sour," she told. "...i-it may be the best I've ever had..."

After she'd gotten Tom's jism off me, I had her continue to lick me from my chest to my stomach to reach my vagina and use her mouth on it. As I filmed it, I glanced over at Tom. He had his eyes shut and had turned his head.

"Don't do that again," I warned him. "You better get used to seeing your half-sister please me. And you'll be lapping my cunt often as well. I really hope you're as good as her, if not better. Try to look away again and I'll tape your eyes open."

He reluctantly opened his eyes to watch Tabby eat me out, then make me come. And since it wouldn't have been fair for us to get off and not her, I bought her climax with a vibrator.

"That was so much fun," I commented as I turned the camera off. "Now I think it's time we for a early supper."
"What should I cook Tom?"

"Nothing," I replied, glowering at him. "I don't trust him without a gag just yet. Now start cooking."

As we ate, the sound of Tom's struggles and muffled shouts were music to my ears. When we were done we bought him into the kitchen and put him on the table. We wrapped some rope around his encased wrists and tied it to a table leg and put a rope on the spread bar to put it on a leg. After Tabby washed the dishes, I had her resume filming as I started poor strawberry syrup on Tom's chest, stomach and face. When it first touched his skin, he yelped and jumped so hard he made the table move some. He shouted and writhed as I licked and sucked the syrup off his body, then poured some more on. But his body couldn't resist what I was doing and he soon got another lovely hard on. I got a can of whipped cream and put some on it, making him shout and move the table even more. I gave him an interesting blow job, sucking off the cream and then adding some more, driving him insane. But then I felt the tell tale signs he was ready to shot his load, I stopped. He looked up at me, actually pleading with his eyes and mewling like a kitten.

"Ut-uh," I told him. "You come when and how I want you to and no other time."

"YGH BITHH!" he yelled through his gag. "I KIH YGH! KIH YGH!"

I punched him as hard as I could on the cheek, leaving a bruise. I put some ice in a bag and placed it on his gear, making his give a rather loud muffled scream and cause it to get soft. I glared him in the eye.

"This can go two ways. You can either submit and get pleasure and some pain or you can resist and get much more pain than pleasure. It's all up to you."

To be honest, I hoped he'd resist so I could have excuses to torture him. Men are usually more resistant than women and can handle more pain, making training them more exciting. I already had some regrets about breaking Tabitha so quickly. A fully trained slave can be fun, but the training and torture process is so very exciting. Plus, me and my stepson hated each other.

"FUGH YU!" Tom shouted, pulling on his bonds.

I smiled, holding back the urge to say "I hoped you do things the hard way."

We carried him to the bedroom. His bundled arms were attached to the tied of it with a chain. We undid the cuffs on his spread bar and he went his feet forward to kick us. I dodged the kick at me, but poor Tabitha got kick to the face. I bound a leg to each bed post and help me stepdaughter get up.

"You poor thing," I told her as I rubbed the bruise on her cheek. "Does it hurt very much?"

"All that matters is that you're okay, Mistress," she told me with that dumb smile. "The pain will go away like it always does."

Yep, definitely overdid it training her. I had her resume filming as I turned to my struggling captive with a big frown.

"What a horrible brother you are, kicking your poor sister like that. I was going to fuck ou and let you come inside me a few times, but now you're really in deep shit."

I let a scented candle and let it burn for a few minutes, enjoying the scent...and letting it melt some. I held it over Tom, tipped it and a drop of the hot wax hit his chest.


He jumped in his bonds as candle wax was dripped on his chest, stomach, abs, and a few drops on his dick and balls for good measure. His muffled shrieks were almost as good as his half-sister's had been. When I was satisfied (and over half the candle gone), I stopped and blew it out. After I'd given the wax time to dry, I got flogger to whip the wax flakes off Tom's body, making his holler and struggle some more. When I was done, Tom lied perfectly still, gasping for breath trough his gag and crying some.

"Are you thirsty?" I asked.

He nodded. I got some wine and a ring gag. I changed gags before he could say anything and poured the wine into his mouth a little at time, enough for him to drink without choking him. When I'd given what I wanted him to have, I sat on his face.

"I believe you know what to do," I told him.

He did. After moment's hesitation, his tongue went into me. I gasped at the wonderful fell of it licking and probing around in there.

"Oh yes!" I cried. "Not only is your cock vastly superior to your father's, your so much better with your mouth as well! I can't wait to ungag you sometime to feel your lips!"

He was soon aroused and I bent forward to take his cock and balls in my hand and his dick head in my mouth. We continued like this for a while. When it felt like he was bout to spurt, I'd stop for few minutes. This encouraged him to please me with his mouth more, getting me off two or three times.

"That it!" I shouted. "Pleasure your Mistress! You will be made to do so with your cock, mouth and later hands whenever I want! And you will learn to beg for it!"

When I was satisfied I deep throated him and really sucked on it until he shot his wad in my mouth. I swallowed every drop of this treat.

"Very good," I told him. "You may learn you place yet."

He just moaned in shame and humiliation. A cooing sound made me look up at Tabby, shivering and moaning quietly, her pussy dripping. A hand hovered at it shaking, but she held it back.

"Turn off that camera and come here, my sweet," I told her. "You deserve to get pleasure too. Especially after doing such a good job of not masturbating." She practically leapt into my arms and I fingered her and poked around in her with some toys until she came.

"It's been a busy day," I commented. "So now I think it's about time for bed. We have a lot to do over the next couple of weeks!"

We untied and retied the weakened Tom's legs and went to the bathroom. We each used the toilet, me and Tabby each took a shower while one of us kept an eye on Tom, and then gave him a bath. I put Tom on the bed and tied up Tabby and put her in the trunk. I blindfolded him and plugged his ears. He struggled weakly in my embrace, but he wasn't going anywhere...

Part 5 (added: 11/03/2009)

I got up first the next morning to take the ear plugs from Tom's ears and the blindfold off his eyes, then woke him up with a slap. He jumped and yelled, confused by his situaiton before the memory of his fate came to him. He looked at me with an angry look.

"Good morning, boy toy," I told him with a smile. "Ready to continue your training?"

"FUGH NOHH!" he shouted through his gag.

"Too bad," I told him as I picked him up.

I carried him into the bathroom and then got a syringe to gave him another shot of paralysis, though not as strong as before, allowing him to twitch and wiggle some. I got a needle and a lighter. I turned the lighter on and held the needle over the flame. Tom glared daggers at me.

"Don't give me that look," I told him. "It's not like you and Tabby ever had any great goals or ambitions for life. All you two ever did was spend Daddy's money on what you wanted. Now you're going to do what I want and only what I want. But it won't be so bad. You'll be well taken care of when I'm not torturing you. You won't have to worry about any responsibilities or cares ever again. And you'll be fucked by a hot woman for the rest of your life. May even let some friends enjoy you and people I want favors from."

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He moaned, shaking his head. Thinking the needle was heated enough, I knelt down and pierced Tom's nipples one after the other.


He let out a muffled screech and jerked around, pissing himself. I got two gold rings and put them in the holes in his nipples.

"Oh yes," I sighed. "These are lovely. And in time I'll have all ring, studs and little chains to put in there. And they'll be so sensitive and fun."

He just moaned, tears and drool running down his face. I cleaned up the mess and carried him downstairs to get him ready for some fun. I lied him on face down on the floor, put a leash on his collar, foot long cuffs on his wrists and ankles, tied his hair in a nice pony tail, replaced his nipple rings with ones with bells on them, and forced a bushy tailed butt plug into his anus.

As the paralysis started to wear off, I went back to the bedroom the fetch Tabby. After she was out the trunk, untied, and allowed to use the toilet, I told her I had a present for her.

"A-present?" she asked suspiciously as we went downstairs.

"Did you ever want a pony as a little girl?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Yeah. But Dad said I wasn't responsible enough."

"Well, today you have one..."

We arrived to find Tom crawling around on all fours, looking like a fine stud horse.

"Oh wow!" Tabby gasped at the sight of him.

"And he's all yours for a while," I told her. "You get the first ride. I even have a costume for the occasion," I told her as I handed her a box. The "costume" was just a cowboy hat and red boots with spurs, but she made a fine looking cowgirl. I gave her a rising crop and started the camcorder and she sat on her half-brother's back and pulled his leash.

"Giddy up!" she declared.

He looked up at her with a pleading look, whimpering through his gag.

"I said go!" she told him as she hit his side with the crop. Tom gave a yelp of pain and started forward. It was rather amusing as he adjusted to his bounds, crawling around like a giant baby and having trouble with his balance. Tabby would hit him with the whip and even dig into his sides with the spurs on her boots when he almost fell or slowed down and to make him speed up. He quickly adjusted and gained speed and mobility, but not before he had some read stripes on his sides and ass and tiny cuts on his waist. Tabby rode him through the house multiple times, taking every course she could think of. I then opened the doors for us to go outside and really ride him. I had Tabby get off Tom for me to give her the camera and me the hat and boots to ride our ponyboy. I was harsher with the whip and spurs, but it paid off as he was soon "running" and even jumping with relative skill given his restraints. When I grew tired of this I had him stop and told Tabby it was time for a meal.

"Again, don't fix anything for your brother," I told her as I undid the pony tail and pulled the butt plug out of Tom. "And leave him restraint as he is so he can play the role of a doggy begging at the table. But change his gag for a ring on so we can give him something to drink."

"Yes, Mistress," she said as she took Tom's leash and led him inside.
I went out to check the mail. In it was a small package for me. My eyes went wide as I realized what it was and rushed back inside.

"Cancel that water for Tom!" I called.



I opened the package to see a needle and some vials of a certain drug. I filled the syringe and stuck myself with it in the chest. By the time lunch was ready, it had started to take effect. I walked into the dining room and my stepslaves eyes widened at the sight my larger than usual breasts.

"M-M-Mistress!" Tabby gasped. "W-Wha—"

"A while ago I ordered a certain hormone that helps women produce milk," I explained. "I read it's particularly effective on big boobed women like myself. Remember what I said about the other night about wishing I could lactate? Well now I can. Mmm...I can already feel them feeling up," I commented as I groped myself a little. "It will be today's dessert."

Throughout the meal, their eyes kept coming to my swollen tits, Tom's dick getting hard and I could imagine Tabby's wetness. When I was done eating I turned to Tom and took his head in my hands.

"I know you have to be very thirsty," I told him. "Be quite like a good boy now. One word and that gag goes back in. And you watch those teeth if you know what's good for you." I took the gag out. He stayed quiet, giving me a sullen look. I took my stepchildren in my arms and guided each one to a breast for them to suck my nipples. Tabby was tender and loving wanting it to be good for me while Tom sucked out hard of desire and thirst. I gave a squeal as my nipples felt like they were exploding as the milk squirted out into their mouths. They kept up until I was the milk was gone and my breasts were back to their normal size. I guided them lower to have two tongues please my pussy until I came in a grand orgasm.

Tom was immediately regagged before he could try to say anything and we took a break while Tabby washed the dishes and I watched Tom struggle while thinking of what other fun games I could play with him. Then it came to me. I went down to the basement and hung some cuffs from a rafter and got some supplies. I got Tom, put his hands in the cuffs and put his ankles in a long spread bar. I played with his member until it was nice and hard. I then fetched Tabby and the camera and had her starts filming.

The look on Tom's face when I held out the first colored clothespin was priceless. He tried to futilely pull away as I moved it forward, snapping at him. He gave a muffled squeal as it bit down on his right nipple. It was followed by a chorus of muffled shouts, moans, groans, and yells as I applied clothespins to his other nipple, the loose folds of his tummy, his inner thighs, forearms, balls, dick, scrotum, even one at his pee hole. I stood back to admire my handiwork. It was quite a sight seeing the rainbow colors of the pegs decorate my stepson's body and he glowed with sweat, as well from having circulation cut off throughout his body. After taking a moment to take in this fine sight, I proceeded to press, flick and pinch the pins in different places, making him groan loudly and wriggle in his bonds.

"This is such a fun game," I said. I looked over at Tabby. "You'll definitely need to play sometime."

She swallowed nervously, but didn't say anything in protest.
When I'd had my fun, I said "Time to take those clothespins." I got the riding crop and multi-stranded flogger and proceeded to whip the clothespins off one at time. The air was filled with muffled screams, especially at the more stubborn pegs that didn't want to let go. Foe the last few, I took them off manually so he could feel the blood rush back through where the flow had been blocked. Tom hung limp in the cuffs, his body was covered in red marks where the pins had bit him and he dripped sweat, drool and even tears.

"I think that's enough excitement for now," I told him. "I'll let you rest. You deserve a break before our next game." I turned to Tabby, had her stop filming, and we went upstairs to "play". As we left, I could hear Tom yelling trough his gag and the chains of his cuffs jingling as he struggled with what strength he had left. I was rather impressed. I just wondered how much more he could take before he broke. I looked forward to finding out.

Part 6 (added: 11/14/2009)

After Tabby and I had made each other come a few times, I was ready to turn my attention back to Tom, who was barely conscious. I undid his restraints and carried him upstairs. I reapplied the arm binder, tied his ankles and blindfolded him while Tabby fixed some stew. When it was done I put it in a bowl, dipped some out and held it to his nose. He moaned weakly, stirring. I put my hand over his mouth as he tried to say something.

"Listen slave," I told him. "You have to be very hungry by now and I need you to have some energy for what's next. I have some nice stew for you. But one word or bad move and your regagged and not allowed anything else until I feel like it. Understand?"

There was a pause, then he nodded. I took my hand off his mouth and he held it open for me to spoon feed him the stew. When some of it ended up on his face or chest I would lick it off, making him shiver. We kept it up until the bowl was empty. I had Tabby wash it while I put a whiffle gag in her half-brother's mouth. I gave him some time to let the stew settle in his stomach, admiring my handsome slave boy, then took him to the toilet. Then it was time for something I'd been waiting for.

I tied him facedown on the dining table ass out and loop some rope over his mid section. I took two pieces of it and tied them from an ankle to a table leg, leaving enough slack for Tom to move his legs some. As Tabby filmed us, I started by groping and rubbing his well toned cheeks, making him moan. Then I smacked them some, making him shout a little. I then had some fun putting my fingers, some vibrators and a couple of dildoes in his anus, which he didn't like at all, straing to struggle in earnest and yell through his gag. I took a break to perform fellatio on my favorite dildo to get it nice and wet before strapping it on. I pu the tip of it at Tom's rectum and he stiffened with a gasp. I leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"That's right. I told I'd be doing this and now it's time. I'll try to be gentle, but I think I might lose control."

He started to yell as loud as the gag would let him and struggle vicariously as I grabbed him hips and inserted the dildo into him with a muffled scream. I have to say I showed some restraint as I fucked that ass at moderate pace. But that didn't stop Tom from screaming through his gag the whole time, moving just much as the ropes would let him in an attempt to get away. I increased force and speed a little near the end to pound him harder until I came. I fell over on top of him, both us gasping for breath. I gave him a little peck on the cheek.

"Mmm...wasn't that wonderful?"

He answered with a muffled groan.

"Ah c'mon. That was good for me. And you'll learn to like it. You better. That's going to be a fairly regular activity between us."

We undid the rope holding Tom to table and carried him upstairs to the bedroom. I got some lotion and used it to massage Tom's wonderful penis until it was nice and hard. His time his moans were those of pleasure. I took off his blindfold.

"Now that I've been in you, I think it's only fair I let you in me..."

I positioned my pussy on his cock and lowered myself down it. I gasped at the feeling when it was all the way in.

"Oh yes! Oh God yes!" I yelled. "It feels even better than I thought it would!"
I wrapped my arms around him tightly and started to work him in and out until I found a rhythm that felt heavenly. He soon started to match it and it felt even better. For the next twenty minutes I was in bliss at the feeling of as my bound and gag stepson pounded me. Sure, I'd had a lot of fun with toys lately, but there's nothing like the feel of the flesh and muscle of a penis inside you...especially when it was as good as this!

"Now wonder you had so many girlfriends!" I cheered him as I flicked his nipple rings. "You're gifted, both in build and skill! Someone would pay top dollar for a stud like you and I got you for free! And surely this feels great for you too!"

He didn't answer, just yelling through his gag. He finally came in me and God what a feeling! Not even the world's greatest dildo and spurt semen into a woman and this felt better normal, erupting into me hot and molten. This bought me to a thunderous climax as well. I kissed him and licked the bottom and top of his lips.

"Oh yes," I told him breathlessly, "that was better than your father ever was. In fact, that's the best fuck I've had in a long time. Thank you."

He didn't answer. I looked and was pleased to see that the sex and orgasm had taken a lot out of him and he'd fainted. I let him sleep while I saw to Tabby, who needed to come in the worst way after filming all that.

When Tom came to later, he got to eat the first full meal he'd had in days. Most of the fight tortured and fucked out of him, he ate glumly and quietly, though he'd gave me angry looks when he thought I wasn't looking.

"Now then," I asked when we were done. "Can you control that tongue of yours for a little bit, or do I need to put another gag in that mouth?"

"No Mistress," he said meekly. "I'll be good."

I could tell he was insincere, but I'd let it slid this time. Besides, I wanted to hear him clearly this time.

I made him kneel on the floor and played with the dick until it was hard again. While I did, I had Tabby put the camcorder on a stand and put don a strap on. I sat on Tom for him to go into my rear entrance.

"You know what to do," I told him.

He did, fucking me in the ass, making sure to do so in way that felt very good.

"See?" I told him. "Now you're getting me back from earlier. But I love this!"

"Y-Yes Mistress," he grunted.

I spread my legs and had Tabby enter my lubricated pussy with the strap on.


"Oh Mistress!" Tabby cried as she fucked me hard. "It feels so good!"

After close to half an hour, Tabby warned me she felt like coming.

"No!" I told her. "I want us to come all at once, as a family!"

A few minutes later, I felt warmth trying to gush through me.

"Now!" I told them. "Come Nu-AUUUOOOWWWW!!"



We climaxed in a glorious group orgasm and fell over in a heap. Somewhat sore but very sated, I kissed Tabby on the forehead and turned my head to fully kiss Tom.

"That wasn't so bad, now was it?" I asked him.

"N-N-No," he gasped. "N-Now p-please let us go."

"Uh-uh" I told him. "You two are slaves for life now."

"B-But you'll have to let us go before Dad gets back."

"Hmm...good point," I told him. "Well, we'll just have to as much fun as he can until then."

Little did they know I was starting to think of ways I could get rid of their father...

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