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Of Female Bondage
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  • Post Date - 11/5/2009
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Author's Notes: Although the next few chapters are drafted, this story is unfinished. If you like it so far, please email me with how you would like to see it develop.

Chapter 1: A Midnight Bondage Walk

Prior to my recent walk through a town in bondage, my thumbcuff walk (see "My Daring Self-Bondage Public Walk"), I looked online for ideas for public bondage. I found several stories where people had walked nude and in bondage, usually in remote wooded areas or at night. Nude walking did not appeal to me at that time; I was not, and am not, an exhibitionist.

After my successful thumbcuff walk, which I had no desire to repeat, I wondered what to do next. Having pushed myself beyond my previous limits, the idea of a nude public walk seemed less repellent than before and appeared to be the next logical challenge. The more I thought about such a walk the more I liked it, and at some point became turned on by the idea. At that moment it became inevitable that I would do a nude walk.

The next question was when and where. Summer was ending so it had to be soon, before the cold weather made nudity both impractical and unpleasant. To do a nude walk meant I had to find somewhere that was deserted. State and national parks seemed to be the obvious choice; they are usually large enough for a lengthy walk and often contain woods and undergrowth that can be used for concealment. But, in my rather limited experience, the nearby parks had enough visitors that one will encounter several people during an hour's walk, even on remote trails. I wanted the chance of meeting someone to be a lot closer to zero. This meant I would have to do the walk at night when the parks are closed to visitors. One state park, about 15 miles away from home, seemed like an ideal location; it had several trails that wound through woods.

I began to plan details for my bondage; ankle chains, hands handcuffed behind back, nipple clamps with hanging weights, and a gag. One online author described a walk in which she wore a posture collar. She said she looped handcuffs through the ring at the back, then secured her hands in the cuffs. This forced her head back making it difficult to see where she was walking. I didn't, and don't, understand how one loops handcuffs through a posture collar ring. And pulling back on the collar tends to choke you and pull your neck back rather than pull your head back. Anyway, I liked the idea of pulling my head back to make walking more difficult, but thought the right way to do it would be to wear a head harness and padlock handcuffs to a chain that was fastened to the top of the harness. This would force my head back without danger of choking.

As for my dress, complete nudity was required, but did this apply to my feet? Should I walk barefoot - could I walk barefoot? I wasn't sure, but then I thought about the possibility of treading on a snake or some other creepy crawly. That did it; I would wear boots. With a vision of a snake rearing up and striking at my legs I decided to wear knee high boots (this was probably silly of me, I think only pythons strike in this way and such snakes are not to be found where I live in USA).

Since this would be a completely new type of adventure for me, I decided to do a practice walk, but fully clothed and not in bondage. Accordingly, late on Saturday afternoon, I parked my car about half a mile from the park entrance, picked up my backpack and entered the park through an unofficial entrance (I didn't want any park ranger to see me enter then notice that I hadn't left by closing time). I was dressed in a long-sleeved top, jeans and boots. My backpack contained water, a sandwich, an apple, a flashlight, a windbreaker, a pair of ankle boots with stiletto heels, my head harness and a pair of handcuffs. The stiletto heels were to check the feasibility of doing the walk in such boots, my head harness was to check my vision when my head was pulled back, and the handcuffs were just in case I became turned on enough to handcuff myself.

During the remaining daylight hours I walked some of the trails, looking for one that would be suitable for a bondage walk, although I confess I was not sure what I was looking for but I felt I would know it when I found it. Sure enough I found one, a remote path that twisted and turned through the forest, going up and down little hills and crossing two small streams (I wanted to say babbling brooks but that sounded too cute). This path branched off a main trail that led from the main car park.

The boots I was wearing had 3-inch heels and walking in them was not a problem. I had to be a little careful on the rougher parts of the path but I convinced myself that, except for a couple of rock strewn patches, I didn't need to see where I was putting my feet.

After the park was closed and it was getting dark I changed into my stiletto-heeled ankle boots (the same ones I wore on my thumbcuff walk). Although the heels on these boots are very high, over 5 inches, I found that along smoother parts of the path I could walk in them fairly easily provided I watched to make sure I didn't tread on any loose stones. But the rocky places were a different matter; I had to consider each step and be very careful where and how I placed my feet.

I changed back into my regular boots and walked my chosen path in the gathering darkness. Finding a large tree that appeared to be a suitably prominent marker for the end point of my walk, I sat down under it to eat my supper. In pulling out my sandwich I discovered I had accidentally left the handcuff key in the backpack; I had intended to leave it in the car.

After my cold supper I set out back along the path towards my planned starting point. It was quite dark but a quarter moon was directly overhead in a mostly clear sky and gave plenty of light so it was not too difficult to follow the path. In another week the moon would be full, giving more than ample light, but it would be midnight before it was overhead. Moonlight would be important for following the trail if my vision were compromised by having my head bent back. But would a full moon be the best time for the walk? It might tempt others to be out and increase the chance being discovered, not to mention that some weirdos might be out (I mean dangerous weirdos, not harmless ones like myself). Perhaps that very night would have been the best for my nude walk.

As I walked back along the path I decided that stiletto heels were out, particularly since my head would mostly be bent backwards and I would not be able to keep a continuous watch on where I put my feet. But walking in regular heels with ankle chains seemed too easy, so I thought I should walk with a spreader bar instead. The path was wide enough and the walk would be a lot more challenging (what prompts me to make things more difficult for myself? I don't know). I kept a sharp watch for snakes but didn't see any. My main concern was the eerie noises of the trees in the wind, and the uncomfortable and slightly frightening feeling that unknown creatures were lurking in their shadows. I don't often go out at night to walk in deserted forests, and I was feeling nervous, but as I concentrated on following the path I gradually relaxed.

Reaching the beginning of the path where it joined the main trail. I put on my windbreaker and rested for a few minutes. Now came the real test; to see if I could follow the path at night with only occasional glimpses of the ground. I extracted my head harness from my backpack, forced the ball gag into my mouth and tightly buckled its straps. I didn't lock it on, this was only a test walk and I hadn't brought any small padlocks. Besides, if I decided to handcuff my hands I wouldn't need padlocks. I fondled my handcuffs and debated whether to handcuff myself, but finally decided against it. With the key in my backpack I didn't see how I could achieve a delayed release, perhaps I should have left the key at the tree where I ate my supper.

I set out along the path. I quickly discovered that with my head bent all the way back there was no way for me to follow it, I had to look at the ground to see the faint markings indicating where it went. This suggested an interesting predicament bondage. With my hands handcuffed high behind my back and connected to the top of my head harness, I would have to strain my head forward to see the ground, putting painful pressure on my arms. I would be able to afford only occasional glimpses of the path. I resolved to test this idea, and find the ideal length of chain to connect my handcuffs to my head harness.

About halfway along the path I slowed and stopped. I thought I had gone far enough to satisfy myself that the walk was possible and debated with myself whether to complete the path or head back to my car.

While standing still I heard a strange sound. It frightened me and I felt the hairs on my head rise. It didn't sound like any animal; it was more metallic. I froze and listened carefully. The sound was repeated and seemed closer.

I was wondering whether to try to hide in the bushes or run back along the path when I saw a pale white shape move onto the path ahead of me. This made me really scared; I thought I was seeing a ghost. I was frozen with horror when the white shape suddenly moved to the side of the path and disappeared.

I remained still trying to figure out what I had just seen. Was it a ghost or a person? I was strongly tempted to turn back but I told myself that if I was ever to walk this path in bondage I had better find what it was, and in any case it had seemed afraid of me. So I unbuckled my head harness, stuffed it into my backpack and took out my flashlight. Leaving my backpack on the ground to allow me to run faster if I needed to flee, I cautiously advanced along the path aiming my flashlight into the trees, but couldn't see anything. I began to relax thinking that the thing, whatever it was, was probably far away by now.

But then I saw it; a white shape lying in the undergrowth away from the path under the trees. I stopped and nervously called out, "Hi there!" but there was no response. I waited a full minute but it didn't move. Reasoning that if it were going to attack me it would have done so already, I slowly made my way through the weeds towards it. As I drew close I was surprised to find the motionless form of a nude female lying face down.

She was in bondage. She had leather cuffs around her ankles that were connected with a short, but heavy chain. It must have been this chain striking rocks that I had heard. Her hands were handcuffed behind her back with Darby type handcuffs to a shiny steel chastity belt. The back of her head was covered with a black leather hood which was tightly laced and seemed to be fastened with a padlock at the back of her neck.

She must have moved off the path and lain down in the undergrowth in an attempt to conceal herself from me. Since she was not moving I was concerned that she had hurt herself. "Are you OK?" I asked.

There was no response so I reached down to turn her over. But as soon as my hands touched her shoulder she gave a muffled scream and jerked away from me. She was not unconscious after all.

"It's OK, I'm not going to hurt you," I said. "Turn over so I can see you."

She didn't move, so I tapped her on the leg with my boot and said in a more commanding tone, "I said, turn over."

She whimpered and turned over. The leather hood completely covered her face leaving only her eyes exposed. She had pierced nipples, and small lead weights dangled from nipple rings. Curious about her chastity belt I bent down to get a closer look. This was the first time I'd seen a real metal chastity belt. It was tight around her waist pinching it in. "That's a beautiful belt you are wearing," I said.

When she made no reply I asked, "Are you gagged?"

'Mmm m mm," she responded.

"Just so I can understand you, say mmmm for yes and mm-mm for no. Are you gagged?"


"Are you hurt?"


"Did you do this to yourself?"

No response.

"It's OK. I know about these things. I've done self-bondage too. Are you on some kind of self-bondage walk?"


I thought it was an amazing coincidence that we had both chosen the same time and path for a walk, only she was walking a week earlier and in the opposite direction. She was heading towards the car park so I assumed that her keys must be hidden close to her car. "Are you heading to the car park?"


I wanted to make things more exciting for her so I said, "You look so attractive that I'm going to make you my slave. At least for a little while. Now stand up."

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"Mm-mm," she protested and made no attempt to stand up.

I pulled on one of her nipple weights making her give a muffled protest. "Listen, slave. You have no choice in the matter. Stand up else I'll pull your nipple off."

She made an attempt to sit up and I helped her to her feet. She had a shapely and well-toned body. I touched her stomach to brush some leaves and dirt off and she moved back. "Stand still," I commanded. A twig was stuck in one nipple ring and I rested my hand on her breast to remove it, whereupon she said "Mm-mm" and stepped back.

"Didn't I say to stand still? You must obey me or face the consequences." Thinking quickly I pulled the waist cord out of my windbreaker and threaded it through the rings attached to her nipple weights. I tied it, drawing her nipples closer together and leaving a tail which I held with my left hand. With my right hand I gently massaged her breasts.

She whimpered.

"Don't be afraid, I'm only checking my property. As long as you obey me you have nothing to fear. You have nothing to be ashamed of; your breasts are beautiful, and you have lovely nipples." I leant down and kissed each one, then lightly brushed them with my fingers, hardening them and making them stand out.

I brushed the dirt off the front of her thighs then did the same with her buttocks. "You have a lovely ass, firm and round. I'm so glad you decided to show it off." I moved my hand to her crack and fingered the metal bar of the chastity belt where it pressed against her anus and rubbed my fingers on either side. She flinched away. I wasn't going to penetrate her, that would be too personal, but I said, "I don't feel a butt plug. I really think you should be plugged. I have some nice large ones we can try."


"Shhh, my dear slave. You don't have any choice. Besides, I think you'll enjoy being plugged; it's one less thing you'll have control over."

Moving my hand to the front of her chastity belt I forced my fingers under the tight metal waistband (I wanted to see exactly how tight it was). It seemed to be coated with rubber on the inside. I moved down to the front shield, which covered her sex, and tried to force my fingers under it. This was tighter and she made a noise indicating I was hurting her, so I stopped. Patting the metal shield, I said, "It's very naughty of you to keep me away from your sex. I can't wait until we get the key to this thing."

I wanted to turn her on so turned my attention back to her breasts. I massaged them again, a little harder than before, making sure the weights jiggled and tugged at her nipples. I placed my teeth around her nipples and gently bit them while flicking them with my tongue. I felt them become swollen and very hard. (I was amazed at what I was doing; I had never done anything like this before). I tried sucking on them and she began to make little noises through her gag. I judged it was time to move.

I stood up and said, "Follow me." I tugged gently on the cord and she stepped forward. I led her back to my backpack, which I picked up, then continued along the path back towards the car park. I kept only a gentle pressure on the cord, I didn't want her to walk too fast and fall. I also steered her around the rocks and along the smoothest parts of the path I could find. The method I had used to tie the cord, through the weight rings and not directly through her nipple rings, was considerate of me. As I pulled on the cord it did not jerk on her nipples directly but the variations in tension was cushioned by the two weights.

Just before we reached the junction with the main trail I had an idea. I stopped and said, "I think I left something on the path back there. I order you to stay here while I go and fetch it." Lifting the end of her nipple cord I tied a simple knot around the branch of a nearby tree. I turned the flashlight on and placed it on the ground so that it shone on her, then began to walk back up the path. After walking twenty yards I made my footsteps go quiet then stopped and turned to watch her.

For a few minutes she was a good slave, standing perfectly still as ordered. Then she began to move back and forth. I knew she was trying to pull the cord loose. I wondered how much pain she could take in her nipples; pulling the cord loose would require quite a few hard tugs. After a few minutes she succeeded in freeing herself from the tree and stepped back. She turned and looked in my direction, but I knew she couldn't see me with the flashlight shining in her eyes. Then she turned back down the path and started shuffling towards the car park.

I leisurely advanced towards her and picked up my flashlight. I followed her slowly, enjoying watching her struggle to escape from me. But then I became concerned that if she hurried too much she would fall and injure herself. So I ran to catch up with her at the junction with the main trail. Grabbing her right bicep I brought her to a stop and spun her round so she was facing me. She was breathing hard and making noises through her mask, so I knew that in addition to being gagged her breathing was somehow restricted. A delightful touch to her self-bondage.

"You worthless slave, you disobeyed my order to stand still. Now I'll have to punish you." I stood behind her and forced her elbows together. I was surprised at how flexible she was, I easily made her elbows touch. "Freedom has to be earned, it is not a right of slaves. For your disobedience I'll have to remove some of your freedom." I handcuffed her elbows together. (I had always wanted to try this on myself, but have never been able to figure out how to do it.)

"I was going to release you, but now I'm going to keep you as a slave until you've earned your freedom. At the rate you're going it looks like you're going to spend a few weeks in a hogtie. I'm going to take you to my car which is that way, and to make sure you can't identify it I'm going to blindfold you." After indicating that the direction of my car was opposite to that of the car park, I took off my windbreaker and wrapped it around her head, covering her eyes. She began making pitiful sounds through her gag, presumably trying to beg me to release her. "Keep quiet else I shall be forced to punish you more severely."

To disorient her I spun her around a couple of times as I walked to her other side, then pulled on the cord and led her forward. If she had been using my position to tell in which direction she was being pulled, she would think she was being pulled along the trail away from the car park. In fact I was pulling her towards the car park. Understandably she walked very slowly but I didn't want to pull on the cord to hurry her. We were quite close to the car park and I wanted this part of her adventure to last. I encouraged her with such words as; "Follow exactly where I'm guiding you, the path is quite narrow here and I don't want you to fall down the cliff. I've got a nice dungeon waiting for you in the basement of my house. Well, at least it's nice for me. I've just bought some metal stocks and I'm anxious to try them out on someone. I'm told they become quite painful after you've been standing on tiptoe in them for half an hour. You seem to be an expert in bondage, so no doubt you'll be able to withstand them for several hours. My dungeon is soundproof so the neighbors won't be able to hear your screams. Not that you'll be able to make much noise with one of my expanding gags in your mouth."

Finally we reached the edge of the car park. It was deserted. I made her stop by saying, "Stop here on the edge of this cliff. I'll have to untie you so you can climb down. It's quite steep and I don't want you to fall." I untied the cord binding her nipples, then unlocked the handcuffs connecting her elbows, and finally unwrapped the windbreaker blindfold. "Here we are at the car park. Your adventure is over; you are now free to go. I was only pretending to make you my slave. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did." I hugged her and kissed her on her leather-covered mouth.

She looked around the deserted car park then mumbled something incomprehensible.

"Should your car be here?"


"Where did you leave it?"

She shuffled over to a parking spot nearby and stamped her right foot on the round.

"You left it there?"


"Perhaps your boyfriend came and took it?"

"Mm-mm!" This was an emphatic no.

"Some other friend, perhaps?"


"Maybe it was towed. I don't think you're allowed to park here after sunset."

"Mm mmm mm mm."

"Where are your keys?"

"M mm mmm."

"In the car?"


"So you have no way to free yourself?"


Yes you can free yourself, or yes you can't free yourself? Let me try that again, can you free yourself?"


"Shall I call the police?"


"What do you want me to do?" A silly question to ask.

"M mmm mmm."

"I can't understand you. Let me try to remove your hood."

She stood still while I tried to untie the laces, but the knot was covered by a wide leather collar which was padlocked and which resisted my efforts to loosen. I tried to break the laces but they were much too strong. "I can't seem to free you. I can understand why you don't want to go to the police in your present state. I'll tell you what; if you're willing, I can take you to my home where I can cut your hood off. You can then call the police and find where they've towed your car. You can then get someone to recover it for you. I'll do that if you like, I owe you something for letting me to be your mistress."

"Mmmm. Mmm mm."

"Are you cold?"


"Here take my windbreaker, I think you need it more than me." I removed her nipple weights, wrapped my windbreaker around her body and zipped it up.

"OK, follow me. I'm afraid it's quite a way to my car. Unfortunately the park gate's closed so I can't drive in here to pick you up. Are your feet OK, do you think you can walk another half mile?"


We set off back to my car. "I wish I could help you. I'd carry you if I could but I'm tired and you look stronger than me."

It took a long time to reach my car. When we reached the road I made her wait in the bushes while I walked along the road to my car. I drove back, helped her into my car, and drove home. I didn't want her to walk in her nude and bondaged state from the car to my front door, the neighbors might be watching, so I asked her to remain seated while I fetched a knife.

I returned with a raincoat and a box cutter, and asked, "Can I cut your collar off? I think I can avoid damaging your hood."

"Mmmm," she said nervously. She was probably afraid of me wielding the knife so close to her throat. I carefully cut through the collar and removed it. I was then able to untie and loosen the laces. I removed her hood and pulled the attached ball gag out of her mouth.

The hood was rubber lined and her hair and face were sticky with sweat. She was younger and more beautiful than I had expected; she had short blond hair, blue eyes, and a really cute nose.

"Hank you," she said, and continued to move her mouth, no doubt trying to get her jaw back into working order.

"You're welcome. I should have brought a towel to clean your face a little, I'm sorry."

"E does'n ma'a," she said.

"If I cut the cuffs off your ankles and put on this coat, you can walk to my house. May I cut them off?"


I carefully cut the leather cuffs off her ankles and then made her lean forward to wrap the coat around her.

"My name 's Sabrina," she said; her speech seemed to have recovered.

"My friends call me G," I replied.

"Pleased to meet you G. Look, um, about those metal stocks of yours, you've been so kind to me that I think, um, I think I'll let you put me in them."

A flush of excited surprise went through me. "We'll see," was all I could think of to say.

I walked around to the passenger door, helped Sabrina out of my car, fixed my coat around her, and led her into my house.

Chapter 2: Prima Noche (added: 11/26/2009)

We were both tired, but the first thing I wanted to do was clean Sabrina's dirty feet. The first thing she wanted to do was go to the toilet. I wiped her feet and led her upstairs to the master bathroom. When she had finished I turned on the shower so she could clean herself. But with her hands tightly handcuffed to the back of her chastity belt, she was completely helpless. I didn't want to expose my body to her, I'm very shy, but I couldn't see any other way to wash and clean her. So, mentally stepping outside myself, I stripped and stepped into the shower with her.

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She smiled at me, a big warm welcoming smile through the water running down her face. It relaxed me and made me feel accepted (strange that I should feel the need to be accepted inside my own home). I picked up the bar of soap and started by lathering her shoulders. Gaining courage I moved down to her breasts, soaping them and massaging them. She didn't move away, on the contrary she pressed herself into my hands. With the hot and comforting water pouring over us I felt like a metaphorical watershed had been crossed; she trusted me, she was inviting me to do anything I liked to her.

I hugged her and pressed my breasts into hers. I could feel her nipple rings. "What's it like to have nipple rings?" I asked.

"At first it's a little scary, then when you have them you feel sexy and proud. To fondle them is erotic, it's wonderful. And they're great for bondage; you can attach your nipples to things without the pain of clamps. Everyone should have them." She paused. "But after a while, I think they might desensitize your nipples a bit. The erotic feeling when you play with them lessens; you get used to them."

I released her and returned to the task of cleaning her.

When the shower was over and I had dried her, I put on some panties (I still felt a little embarrassed at being completely nude in front of her) and said, "It's time for bed; where do you want to sleep?"

"I'll sleep anywhere, on the couch or on the floor if you want me too."

I thought that it would be best to begin how I wanted to continue, and I wanted to be the dominant partner for a little while, even though the relationship might end the following day when she recovered her car. I was learning something about myself, something I hadn't expected; I had enjoyed being in control of her back in the park. "OK," I said, "follow me," and led her to my bed. "Lie down on the floor," I ordered, indicating a spot on the carpet by the side of m bed.

Sabrina looked a little surprised but lay down without protest. I went into the closet where I kept my bondage equipment and selected a long chain and three medium-sized padlocks. Returning to her I said, "I'm going to make you my slave again." I paused briefly to give her a chance to object, but when she didn't I wrapped one end of the chain around her left ankle and padlocked it. Then I looped the chain around her right ankle and padlocked it leaving only a couple of inches between her ankles. Saying "Just a little precaution to prevent you running off in the night" I padlocked the other end to the foot of my bed.

I turned off the light and got into bed. I lay still wondering what she would do. I heard the soft tinkle of the chain as she turned over trying to get comfortable. I was turned on by the thought that I had a kind of living doll to play with; her bondage made her incapable of resisting anything I chose to do with her. I was torn between a desire to have her in my bed next to me, and to let her lie thinking that she would spend the night lying in chains on the floor. I decided that if she complained I would gag her and leave her on the floor for half an hour, but if she didn't I would invite her into my bed.

After five minutes I couldn't wait any longer, I wanted her in bed with me. I said, "Slave, I'm pleased to say you've passed your first test. You didn't complain and as a reward you can come into my bed and get comfortable."

"Thanks. I was going to ask you for a blanket." She sat up and tried to stand, but it was difficult with her ankles chained closely together. I was tempted to help her, but decided to wait and instead pulled back the bedclothes to invite her in. She placed her head on the bed and with some effort managed to force herself up and onto it. She rolled over and lay next to me with her back to me.

"Turn over," I commanded, and she struggled to turn over and face me. I arranged the bedclothes over her then snuggled up close to her. I was excited to have a bound and helpless woman next to me, someone to do with what I wanted.

"Just a couple of questions," I said, "Do you have any diseases; herpes or HIV or anything I should know about?"

"No, nothing. I'm clean. How about you?"

"Me also." I held her head and kissed her on the nose. "You have such a cute nose." I moved my hands down to her breasts and began to play with her nipple rings. "Tell me about yourself, Sabrina. Where do you live and what do you do?"

"I don't live anywhere at the moment. I was renting a place at college, but decided to drop out this semester. I was too burned out. No, that's not really true, I just don't know if college is right for me so I was planning to take a semester off and spend the winter in Colorado skiing. All my things are, were, in my car. This night was to be my final bondage walk here, I don't think I will be able to do them in Colorado, not till next summer at least, and then I might be back here. How about you?"

"It's for me to ask questions slave, and you to answer them. What were you studying?"

"Economics. Oh god! It's so boring. It's just that my father insisted."

"Your father?"

"Yes, he's some kind of banker; an executive VP or something."

"Your mother?"

"She died a long time ago, I hardly knew her."

"I'm sorry."

"Don't be. Life is a crapshoot. Look how you found me."

"Yes I'm glad I did. You'd still be stuck in bondage in some remote forest with no clothes, no car, and no one to help you."

"I'm glad too. You're turning me on, I hope you know that."

"I had hoped you'd be fully turned on by now."

"Let me do something for you." And with that Sabrina wriggled down the bed and took one of my nipples in my mouth and began to suck and tease it. The feeling was incredible, and I felt myself getting wet with arousal. My inhibitions seemed to dissolve. I pushed her away saying, "There's something else I want you to do." I pushed my panties down and kicked them off. I was now completely nude. How strange the night had become; I had originally planned to test only the possibility of being nude alone, and suddenly here I was, totally nude and with another person! And that person was a woman! All my fantasies had involved men; being with a woman was the last thing I had expected.

"OK slave," I said, "I want you to do something lower, you know what I mean. I want you to give me an orgasm." I lay on my back, reached up and grasped the two outer posts of the headboard (it's made of metal rods and tubing so I don't know why it should be called a head 'board', but I can't think of any other name for it.) I opened my legs and pretended that I was chained spread-eagle and helpless to prevent what I hoped was going to happen.

"And if I don't?" Sabrina responded.

I was not prepared for this. It didn't seem right that my slave would argue with me. "Then I'll have to punish you."

"Ha!" she said dismissively. "Do your worst. I was only reciprocating; you fondled my breasts, I sucked yours. You lick my clit then I lick yours."

I didn't know what to make of this. How could I possibly lick her metal covered clit? Was she testing me? Did she want to be punished, or was she indicating I had gone too far? I realized that being a mistress is a lot harder than I thought. But she had said 'do your worst'. This sounded like an invitation, so I got out of bed and went to my bondage closet. I selected a few things and returned to the bed. "OK, it's time to gag you. Open your mouth." I held the ring of my of my O-ring head harness in my right hand, ready to push it into her mouth.

She kept her mouth closed. It seemed this was going to be a contest of wills. The odds were clearly on my side, bound as she was there was no way I could lose. But what should I do? I remembered reading that in this situation one blocks the sub's nose, forcing her to open her mouth, then simply pushes the gag in. I pinched her nose and held the gag ready to pop it in. After half a minute she opened her mouth to breathe, but she kept her teeth close together so I still couldn't get the ring in. If her arms had been free I might have bent one up behind her back, I remember a boy doing that to me once and it was really painful. But her handcuffs prevented such a maneuver, (a remarkable situation; handcuffs that were beneficial to the prisoner!). I might have tried pulling her hair, but she had a short crop, and in any case I didn't want to pull hard enough to pull her hair out, and judging by her resistance, that is what it would take. Then I remembered my electric zapper.

It was a stun gun, something that I had bought a couple of years previously. After testing it on myself with a low setting I decided it was not for me, it was very painful and not at all erotic. After a single shock I found myself deathly afraid of it. I had removed its batteries and put it back in its box.

I returned to my closet, rummaged through my stuff and found it. I removed it from its box and returned to the bed brandishing it in a threatening manner. "You leave me no choice. This stun gun has 75 thousand volts and is really going to hurt. If you disobey me again I'll zap you on your neck. Now open your mouth." (I didn't remember how many volts it had, but the number seemed about right.)

For the first time I saw a look of genuine fear on Sabrina's face. "OK," she said, "you win. I'll do anything you say. Just don't use that thing on me, they can be very dangerous."

"I'll use it if I have to," I said. "Now open your mouth." Of course there were no batteries in the zapper, and I didn't really have any intention of using it. But would I if she had provoked me further? I wondered.

Sabrina opened her mouth and I inserted the leather-covered metal ring behind her teeth and buckled the thick leather straps of the harness tightly around her head. With her short hair this was easy to do, much easier than putting it on myself.

Taking a length of nylon rope I tied one end to the steel ring on top of the head harness (Yes, I know I don't normally use rope for bondage, but rope works better than chain for what I was about to do). I unlocked the end of her ankle chain from the foot of my bed, passed the rope under the chain between her ankles, brought it back up her head and threaded it through the steel ring. Pulling on the rope I forced her head back and drew her legs up. I pulled very hard and she gasped with the strain. Taking pity on her, and to lower her head a little, I let a small amount of rope slide back through the ring before tying it off. Sabrina was now in a strenuous hogtie; her head lifted off the bed, and her leg muscles fighting her neck muscles.

I moved her down the bed, and managed to relock the end of the ankle chain to the footboard. Getting back into bed I straddled her head with my thighs. I wanted to lie down, but the bed wasn't long enough (I wished I had a king-sized bed) so propped my body up against the headboard with pillows.

'OK slave," I said, "I want to feel some mouth and tongue action. I don't know if you've ever worn a ring gag before, but I want to point out that unless you manage to block it, the inside of your mouth will dry out and that can give you some nasty long-term consequences. So I'm going to be kind to you, I'm going to allow you to put your mouth on me. When you do, I will expect to feel your tongue."

I slid down to make contact with her and she obediently put her mouth on my sex. And then, gasp, I felt the incredible eroticism of her tongue poking into me. She began to lick me, a slow measured motion that was turning me on, but I wanted more, I wanted her to be more active, to go deeper. With two hands I grasped her head and pulled her into me. "More action," I said, "put your tongue out more. Do it harder." I felt her respond. I moved her head up a little so she was licking my clit. "That's it!" I cried as I felt her tongue begin to work my clit. ""Harder, harder you slut. Come on you little bitch, make me come." I was being carried away; I didn't know what I was saying. I came, a truly major Orgasm. I felt her head move as I thrust my pelvis into her. But I didn't care, I wanted to ride this one out to the fullest, I wanted continued contact, I wanted her to be part of me. I squeezed her head with my thighs and pulled her into me with my hands. I was fucking her mouth as hard as I could.

When it was over and I lay with fast beating heart, I pushed her head back so she could breathe. "That was fantastic Sabrina, really fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you." I felt her face and found it to be dripping wet with my juices. I began to feel sorry for her. "I'm sorry I said those things to you just then; I didn't know what I was saying. You aren't a slut; you're a beautiful beautiful person. Do you forgive me?"

In response she moved up against me and gently licked me. It was as if I was transported to heaven; she forgave me!

"That's right, keep that tongue working," I said.

Sabrina gave me two more orgasms, and then I could tell her tongue was getting tired. I moved away from her and loosened her head rope, but only a little so she was still in a hogtie, then made her lie on her side next to me. I gave her a breast to suck, which she did. I was aroused and pulled her close to me. I reached around her and gently massaged her upper arm; I thought she was probably getting stiff from her lengthy bondage.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew I opened my eyes and found the room bathed in the morning light. Some complex erotic dream was fading from my consciousness. My nipple was still in Sabrina's mouth, but she was no longer sucking, she was fast asleep. I didn't want to disturb or wake her; she seemed so beautiful and so peaceful. I marveled at her ability to sleep in a hogtie; I never have been able to, my legs need to be straight for me to sleep. But perhaps sleeping in a hogtie comes with practice, just like sleeping with your hands handcuffed behind your back.

She must have sensed me staring at her for her eyes blinked open. She tried to say something, so I undid the buckles of her head harness, pulled out the ring gag, and pushed the whole thing up so that it slid back over her head.

"You bastard!" she said as soon as the ring was out of her mouth.

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Friday, December 16, 2011  

Great story, please develop it further

Thursday, August 04, 2011  

This is one of the most amazing storries I've ever read. Wow! If bondage and physical control/power exchange is your fetish (and as for me - it's mine) that storry almost kills you, since it is a whole new way to show, what control is about.

Being gracefully nice, having concerns, remorse, deliberating, hasitating etc. are all things that depict control as good as the half-witted blunt stereotype dungeon master - no, it's even better.
This storry is closer to my own phantsies than anything I've read here before.

At one pint in this storry I had a different Phantasy... when G wanted to help Sabrina shower, but was shy and didn't want to be seen naked by her, she could have ordered Sabrina to wear blindfolds again - at least in the first place. Seeing someone naked but then deny them to se yourself naked as well...In my point of view, that's got something...

Thursday, August 04, 2011  

Sad that ypu did not continue this story.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011  

Kewl you sohlud come up with that. Excellent!

Saturday, April 03, 2010  

any more? please tell me theres more

Sunday, March 14, 2010  

Please, release the next part.

Friday, November 27, 2009  

I am whiting for the next part

Thursday, November 26, 2009  

The hasp of the padlock that secures the chastity belt is protected by a metal shield so it is not clear that a bolt cutter would work. But not to worry, Sabrina is not permanently trapped in the belt. Gagged1

Wednesday, November 25, 2009  

Wow, great story.

Neither here nor there, but bolt cutter could break the hasp on locks and leave the cuffs usable with new locks.

Saturday, November 21, 2009  

Excellent twist on a familiar story. As one who frequents public parks, I will start staying after closing to see what I can come across.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009  

nice story, not very likely to actually
happen, but, that is why we read and
write fantasy. also enjoyed your
thumb cuff story

Monday, November 09, 2009  

good story.chapter 2?i will be waiting.

Sunday, November 08, 2009  

Could not have said it better than this poster: "A novel and unexpected approach. The story is very satisfactory but leaves one with the impression that much more remains to be written if the full promise of this theme is to be realized.
Very highly recommended. I do hope the author adds further episodes to this text as the personal relationship developed and sensitivity exhibited towards Sarina by G., and her introspection, demonstrate a very human and realistic side to the BDSM experience."

Sunday, November 08, 2009  

Very good. Very well written. Nice twist. Chapter 2 in the works?

Saturday, November 07, 2009  

Great. Longing for Chapter 2.

Friday, November 06, 2009  

Great story. I also loved the plot twists. I would now love for Sabrina to stumble upon G!

Friday, November 06, 2009  

I was very happy to read this story i hope that there is more to it as well. Also the way you throw a twist in there was wonderfull

Friday, November 06, 2009  

What happened with the stocks? Please go on! Great Story

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

Part 2, please. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

I Vote with the first commenter, Well done, non violent but sensual. Thank you.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

A novel and unexpected approach. The story is very satisfactory but leaves one with the impression that much more remains to be written if the full promise of this theme is to be realized.
Very highly recommended. I do hope the author adds further episodes to this text as the personal relationship developed and sensitivity exhibited towards Sarina by G., and her introspection, demonstrate a very human and realistic side to the BDSM experience.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

Awesome story with a nice surprising twist...I would love to read more if you can continue it.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

Very nice, good twist in this story about this "ghost"

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That is a wonderful story - I genuinely enjoyed it

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I found that to be a great little story and I'd love to know what happened after that.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

would love to read where this is going.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

that was really good, i do hope you will continue this story.

Thursday, November 05, 2009  

Excellent story. I always enjoy those that are "safe", like non violent or what not. Those that portray bondage in a fun environment always seem to make me smile alot. Good work!

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