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Blackmailed into Slavery
  • Author - Cana-tied  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, blackmail, bondage, humiliation, self-bondage, slavery
  • Post Date - 11/6/2009
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Chapter 1

It was a hot July day and I had the house to myself for the day. My mom and step-dad were out visiting his family for another few days and my step-sister was going to be at work for many more hours. We live in a narrow row house where I have the whole top floor as my room. I thought this would be a perfect time to try out my favorite new hobby, a little self-bondage.

My name is Elizabeth; I'm 5'6" with a beautiful 34-25-32 frame. I work to keep in shape and that along with my b-cups my blond curly hair has meant I have never had trouble turning heads. But recently I have tried self-bondage a few times. When I do date I never let them get very far, I like to think of myself as a good girl (or a tease, take your pick) but when I am alone my mind runs wild and I found some stories a few months ago that just turned me on. So I have some rope and zip ties. I tie myself up, zip my wrists shut and simply cut myself loose when I have had enough. But increasingly I have tried to be more and more daring, like having to work to get the scissors or tying a knot around the scissor handles I have to undo first.

But today I thought I would try a new idea, blindfolding. I have a long scarf that would be perfect so I got ready. I showered and shaved my legs clean (and trimmed my bush). I stood naked at my closet trying to decide what to wear and settled on my string tie bikini. It was a deep blue that matched my eyes but was really small. It barely covered my boobs with its small triangle front and while not a full thong the bottoms weren't much less revealing. I tied it off and set to work.

I set the scissors on the other side of the room, but left them untied since I had never used a blindfold before. Went to the other side my room and laid down to start. I tied my ankle to my thigh on each leg. I could move them, just not open them. Then I tied a rope around my waist with the knot in front. I took the rope coil and the zip tie and put them in reach as I laid down on my stomach. I took the long white scarf and wrapped it around my eyes a few times. By the time I only had enough to tie off I couldn't see anything and it defiantly seemed like it was staying on. I grabbed the long zip tie and made a loop around the wrist rope. After sliding the wrist coil in I grabbed hold of the loose end and tightened the tie to close off the coil and bind my hands to my waist.

I got lost in the moment for a while, letting my horney imagination run wild as I was blind and helpless. I tried to pull my wrists out but again I made the right sized wrist coil, they weren't going anywhere. I loved the feeling of being restrained like this. I tried spreading my legs and grinding the carpet. It was getting me wetter but after a while I realize it would never get me off.

I decided that was enough, I needed to get out and pleasure myself. I started working hard to scoot as best I could while tied when I realize a flaw in my plan, I had lost all sense of direction. I scoot side to side to move but I had no idea if I was even going in a straight line let alone if that line led to my freedom. I started to get worried, I had a very open room and so I probably wouldn't bump into anything to tell me direction for a while.

Finally my right leg did hit something, my stand up lamp. I was defiantly going the wrong way. As I tried to correct myself I accidently knocked the tall lamp over to the sound of a loud clang, luckily no one was home to hear it. I kept on moving in what I now think is the direction when I bump my desk and knock something else over. I may have been load but I was moving in the right direction now at least.

I have to rest for a while, the struggling was killing me. I let out a frustrated sigh and said "why can't I just find my way out already, I am so horney I can't stand it!"

Right after that I felt someone removing my blindfold. I wasn't alone!

By the time it was removed my heart was racing and it sunk again as soon as I saw my step-sister holding a camera grinning back at me.

Her name was Linda, she was only a few years older than me and was really into the whole "goth" look. She was a few inches taller, a little heavier, but endowed with huge D's maybe DD's that were hard to not notice, no matter how little attention she drew to them. She has the basement suite and lives kind of a separate life from the three of us but with a full time job with some software firm it's not unusual. But for whatever reason, we have never gotten along. She never liked how "bubbly" I was and I just never liked her much either. So seeing her here, now as I am this vulnerable, and with a camera no less! I could not think of a worse person to have walked in. I was almost wishing it was a burglar.

"Well Beth, looking for this I assume?" she smirked as she held up the scissors.

I couldn't help but scream "Give me those back you bitch!" As soon as I said it I started to regret it. She kind of "tisk tisk tisked" me as she walked over to my desk and set the scissors on top.

"Now what's to stop me from leaving those right there?" she said as she sat down at my laptop. I couldn't see much but she was typing something and was very focused.

I pulled as hard as I could but my wrists just didn't want to come out. I had the idea to try to undo the wrist coil by sliding it around, but that was slow going. Suddenly she started chuckling.

"Man, why would you use your old dog's name as your password? You really ought to change it."

I felt paralyzed, she was hacking into my computer?

"Well there you go, got a new password for your e-mail and your Facebook accounts. You'll probably never guess the new ones. Now I have control of a lot more than just your scissors. If you don't want that video getting posted and mailed around I suggest you don't move till I get back."

I could hardly breathe. This was a whole different kind of helplessness. I was tied, I couldn't get out, and even if I could I was being blackmailed not to try. But I kept going anyways. I had just reached the knot on my srist rope when Linda came back.

"I thought I told you not to move? Do you not care if people see you like this?"

I felt something cold wrap around my wrists and they sounded like handcuffs. I felt more cold metal go around each leg and finally I saw her walk in front of me with what looked like a bigger version of the black leather chokers she often wears. She put it on me like I was her little pet but I also hear a lock snap into place just as it was on tight.

"Now listen carefully, you are now mine. I own you. I own you because if you don't do exactly what I say this video, complete with you saying how horney you are goes up on line with links e-mailed to all your friends and contacts. For the next five day as we have the house to ourselves, you wouldn't go by "Elizabeth" or "Beth" but by the better name, "slut." Welcome to my world."

I was absolutely horrified, but I couldn't find the words to say anything.

"Now I am going to untie you, but you must do exactly as I say. I put a bag on the bed there, it has everything you must wear and then I want you to come down to my room and if you don't do this in 10 minutes, I have set my computer to mass e-mail the video unless I enter the password to cancel it. Don't try anything funny. You are now a slave you little slut."

Chapter 2 (added: 11/23/2009)

After Linda cut my ropes she left the room but I was still in shock. "Tick-tock Beth, you got about nine minutes left." With that she left and closed the door behind her.

My stomach was in knots, I didn't even want to get up at first. As I pushed myself up I saw the shackles Linda put on me. They looked kind of like two halves of handcuffs only bigger. They were thicker and wider but they still were stuck shut with teeth. They had ring attached like it used to be part of a chain, I pulled at them but they wouldn't open but at least they wouldn't tighten either. I looked down at my legs and saw similar silver metal shackles around each ankle.

I walked over to the mirror to see what I looked like. The bulky shackles stood out but the leather collar was even more prominent. I felt the back of my neck and found the lock, no way out of it. The collar was maybe an inch or so tall, studded with the word "SLUT", very much not what I would ever wear. I looked over at the clock and I suddenly remembered I was on a time limit!

I ran over to the bag on my bed and opened it up. There was a pair of very tall stiletto shoes, maybe 6" tall. There was a gag I recognized from some pictures I saw on-line as a ball gag. There was also a bag with one small, two medium and four large locks with a note. It said "lock on the shoes and gag with the medium and small locks respectively, then come downstairs with the other four locks."

I put on the shoes, which were a close fit. There were straps that crisscross with a final buckle to tighten it so that it couldn't be removed without unbuckling. At the last buckle there is an open hole that fits the lock. I rushed to lock them on to get downstairs in time. I reached for the gag to put that on. It was very tight; the ball filled my mouth completely. I tried to close the buckle, but it was missing a few holes. By the time I found a hole to buckle it was on way to tight to spit out. I locked it on and checked the clock, 5 minutes left.

I started walking towards the stairs but really underestimated how hard it was to walk in 6" heels. I had to be very careful, holding the railing and I started to worry I wouldn't get down in time. I was getting worried; the thought of that video going out on-line was terrifying.

I reached the basement with probably only a minute or two to spare. There was a chain hanging from the ceiling with a note and two small chains anchored to the floor. The note read "lock your legs spread and your hand above your head." I bent down to reach one ankle without much problem, but to reach the other was hard. I had to spread my legs wide to reach which is not easy to do when the chain is only inches of slack and you're in 6" heels. Finally I grabbed the last two locks and looked at the chain dangling above me. Once I did this I would be stuck for good, but even if I didn't my legs would still be stuck and my picture would go out to all my friends. I took a final breath and locked first the left and then the right wrist to the chain above me.

I had no idea if I did it fast enough, or why Linda hadn't shown up. I was starting to drool from the gag and after no time at all my legs started to feel the strain of being this spread in heels. I shifted my weight around as best I could but I knew this wasn't going to be comfortable.

I heard a door open and looked over to see Linda coming out in just the weirdest thing I had ever seen her in. She was in all black and it was all shiny, like it was vinyl or something. Her boots went up past her knees with half a dozen buckles up the sides of each boot. She had on vinyl looking panties that laced on either side. She had on long matching vinyl gloves that went past her elbow. But the most startling thing was her black vinyl corset. It sucked in her waist and gave her D-cups more cleavage than I would have thought possible. I think my jaw would have dropped if the gag wasn't already forcing it open.

"Well, I was almost hoping you wouldn't make it but you followed my instructions, and your pictures are safe, for now..." she said as she gave a wicked grin. "But I set it to need my password again once every three hours for the rest of the day, so you still belong to me."

She slowly walked towards me, seeming to check out every inch of my nearly naked body.

"I must say, you do take care of yourself. But you always seemed so goody-goody, I've often thought about taking you down like this. Down a few levels, off your prissy high horse. What do you say little slut, did it work?"

I still couldn't believe this, it just kept getting worse. So this is more than just a spontaneous bit of tormenting me? Oh god to think that now she had this leverage over me it jus


I felt a stinging sensation on my ass and it snapped me back to where I was and I started to nod in agreement to her.

"Good little slut. Just remember to answer me when I ask you something! Understand?"

I nodded quickly this time and as I did my drool started to get even worse.

"Perfect, see these keys I have in my hand? They are the only two keys that unlock those shoes and that collar. Now, I'm going to just take a little bit of you slutty drool and seal them in this envelope. It's a Friday now so when I send this it wouldn't be getting back here till Tuesday or maybe Wednesday, assuming the mail doesn't lose it. You'll learn to like dressing like a little slut."

( link opens in new window )

I tried to protest, but I couldn't stop drooling and all that came out of my gag was basically grunts.

"Now smile for the camera!" she said as she pulled out a camera from behind her back

I was horrified that there would be more ammunition to use against me, but there wasn't exactly a lot I could do about it now. I just wanted to not make my legs more tired than they were so I stood there in my blue string bikini and watched my step-sister take more embarrassing pictures of me.

She pulled out a tripod stand from behind a table and started to screw the camera in. Then she pluged in some long cable that I couldn't see where the other side went to.

"I can see you haven't yet grown into this role slut, so I'm going to give you a chance to prove yourself. I have this hooked up to the computer in the other room, I'm going to leave it on and go and I want to see you learn to be a better slave. I'll be watching, I want you to show me some good slave behavior of presenting yourself and wanting your mistress' attention. Oh and if you don't show me your ready to change by the time I need to enter a password, I wouldn't. Than those old pictures, these new ones and this live feed all go out to the world. You have about two hours and 45 minutes left, goodbye for now slave I'm going to mail these keys and be back."

And with that she pressed a button to turn on the camera's video function and left out her back separate entrance. I was horrified, I don't know what she meant "act like a slave." And now I'm going to be humiliated for sure! My mind went beyond panic and terror and strait to whatever it is that makes you cry from the shame and fear.

I only snapped to when I heard her slam the door closed from coming back. Whatever happens now I am stuck in these shoes and this slut collar for the next few days at the minimum. With that I moved beyond my crying and into pissed, I couldn't wait to get out of here and kill that bitch! How dare she do this to me! I have never done anything bad to her and now this! I knew she was watching and I gave the best "Fuck You" I could with a gag in.

I wasn't sure if she could make it out but apparently she could cause she came storming out with a long cane in her hand. I wanted to reach my hands down and grab her but I had locked them to this damn chain. She walked behind me and started hitting my ass with that wooden cane. My god did it hurt! My eyes started watering up again from the pain this time even though I was just getting angrier.

She finally finished hitting my ass with that thing when she grabs my hair and pulls me as forward as I go. She spits in my face and says "No, fuck you slut! That's not how a slave behaves, you better think about that you only have 2:10 left." And with that she left me boiling in rage, how dare she treat me like this!

But time went by and soon my attention turned to the pain in my legs. I had never warn anything taller than about a 4" and those extra two inches really make a difference. Especially when they are spread. My thighs started quivering and so I grabbed the ceiling chain with my hands and let the weight off my legs.

Linda shouted out from the other room "If you keep being stubborn you stay up there even past the deadline in... one hour and change now!"
I don't know if it was the pain in my legs or if I just realized I really was powerless, but I decided to play it her way for a change. I set my legs down and looked at the camera. I tried to tease the camera with my eyes like I tease other guys I meet. I stood up strait and tried to be as sensual as I could. I just looked ahead, I cleared my head, puffed out my chest and otherwise stood perfectly still. It was weird but letting go felt kind of good.

After a while I kept thinking "Ok, you got what you want Linda, now come untie me!" but nothing. I was really getting worried cause I had no idea how much time passed. I got frustrated again and started pulling at my chains. I knew it was probably no good but I just wasn't ready to stop fighting.

I guess I wasn't even paying attention because didn't see here come in but I felt Linda hitting my already sore ass. I stopped figinting as the pain started to overwhelm me. I couldn't help it but I cried again and even kept crying after she walked back into her room.

I had no idea what more she wanted but I knew then that I was at her mercey. I felt myself willing finally to give over complete control. This time it wasn't an act to try to get out. I had genuinely given up and submitted. I started to pose again even as my legs and jaw hurt and I just let my mind go blank. I just stood there in pain because its what my new mistress had asked me to do.

I don't know how long I was there but I heard Linda walk out with a simle on her face.

"Good slave, you are learning. Lucky for you too, you only had another 25 minutes before I would have given up on you. I'm goning to give you a reward for that."

With that she unlocked my legs from the chains at either side and for the first time in hours I brought my feet together. I could stand up right and my legs felt better instantly. The shoes were still really tall but at least there wasn't an angle. I didn't even realize that as I brought my feet together Linda reapplied a lock to lock them together. It was better than apart but I still couldn't move. But what was even better was that I could feel her walking behind me and unlocking the gag. My jaw would finally get the much needed rest.

"Enjoy the rest slave, when I get back we will start some of the more fun stuff. Oh and don't screem too loud cause I set up a microphone and if it gets above about speaking voice it counts it as a wrong password and your files and your live video get sent out. Have fun, I sure will when I get back."

She left out the back door again and I couldn't help wonder what exactly she calls the fun stuff.

Chapter 3 (added: 11/23/2009)

So there I was alone in the house, chained to the ceiling of the basement in nothing but my bikini a "slut" collar and 6" heels. I didn't dare pull on my chains like I had earlier because I feared it might get to loud and set off my step-sister's computer. Part of me didn't want to move even despite the computer, simply because I had been commanded to and that small part of me was starting to enjoy this. I had never done any kinky play with anyone and it was so different from tying myself up. Hell other than my fantasies, my flirting and my light self-bondage I hadn't really done anything more than a blowjob, and that I had only done twice.

As I let my mind go blank trapped as I was I got really turned on. I knew the camera was still running but that might have been helping even more as I started to breath heavy and get wet. I was just wanting so bad to get off, and it was consuming my blank mind.

I heard the main door open the floor above me with maybe half a dozen or more pairs of feet walking through the wooden entranceway. It couldn't by my parents could it! They are supposed to be way out of town for days more. And who where all the other people?

Ten minutes later I hear the door to the basement open and someone walking down the steps. I bent around as best I could to see my step sister Linda in her black corset outfit.

Worried about the microphone, I whispered "who are all those people?"

"Guests" was all she said and walked past me to get to her room.

She came back out holding a wireless mic. "Is this what you are afraid of?" she asked softly.

I nodded

She walked slowly to me holding it out until it was inches from my mouth. With that she slapped my ass hard. It was already sore but I was able to hold in the scream. She slapped again harder but I held my lips shut. "Think you are tough slave?"She asked as she slapped harder.

She kept slapping the same spot over and over with perfect aim. Eventually I couldn't hold in the scream anymore and I let out a loud yelp. As soon as I did the hitting stopped but my stomach dropped. That was defiantly loud and I had just been the one to send off all those pictures!

I looked up at Linda who had this huge grin on her face.

"Are you happy now? You got your revenge for whatever it is you think I did." I said holding back tears.

"I am happy, but not for what you think. Your pictures are still safe with me for now. I just wanted you to feel the humiliation so that you remember your place slave. Now you know what it feels like to disappoint your mistress."

I was speechless, but what surprised me most was that after hours locked down here I wasn't angry at her for it I was grateful. All I could think was "I better never disappoint her."

As she attached the microphone to my bikini top she said "Now I want to show you how good it feels to please your mistress." With that I felt her vinyl gloved hands start to caress my midsection. They started to rub up and down and after so many hours it felt so good to be touched. I felt the other hand grab me as Linda held me tightly from behind. She started to move one hand up to rub my breasts over my bikini. I started panting heavily from even the slightest touch. I felt the other one go low and under my thong. Before I knew it she was rubbing my pussy commenting on how wet it was. She slipped her fingers in with ease and I let out a very audible moan. Her fingers just stayed there and I was so desperate that I started to grind up and down no matter how it looked. I had never felt this good masturbating on my own even when I kept my legs tied.

I was just starting to get close to climaxing when I felt her pull away completely and I was left alone and even more frustrated than before.

"That is what it feels like when you have pleased your mistress." She said half way to her room already.

"Now there are just a few more things little slut. First, slaves are never allowed to cum without permission from their mistress do you understand?"

I nodded yes.

"Second, you are to do everything you are told, no matter what it is understand? And you always finish each response by saying 'mistress.'"

Again I nodded but with a "yes mistress."

"Good, because those guests upstairs are my friends and they are upstairs right now watching you on the living room TV. I don't want to be a bad host so you had better put on a good show for them do you understand? Just to make sure its interesting I got this little vibrating friend. It's on a remote and has a long long life. I'm going to leave you here again but I'm leaving you with this in you."

With that she stuck the little egg vibrator into my pussy and it started humming rather slow. "It should just be enough to torment you but not enough to let you cum without my permission. I'm leaving this cell here on the table so we can give you commands without going down here. Give us a good show would you!"

She slapped my ass one more time and walked up to join her guests.

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The author should be very pleased with the readability and quality achieved. There is still a need to reread the text as there are a number of word/spelling errors of the kind that cannot be detected by a spelling checker. Perhaps there is a need to detail a little more the character and motivations of Linda.
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