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The Robbery of Croft Manor
  • Author - Linksys  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, Other-f, non-consensual, armbinder, bondage, breathplay, enema, fantasy, kidnapping, machine, mind-control, predicament, suspension, toys, waterplay
  • Post Date - 3/28/2010
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Author's Note:Please note that this story is pure fiction, not even considering the following fictional characters separate stories. The characters featured in this fan-fiction rights belong to their respected owners (Marvel & Eidos) I do not own these rights. Also, I would like to thanks Cropsncuffs for allowing me to use his story as a inspiration-source.

The sensual world of BDSM

Part I

"It must be here, It can't be anywhere else" Catwoman thought as she jumped off the fence surrounding the Croft Manor. "I've checked all the museums she normally donates to, but none of them have it!"

Catwoman found a door with a look which looked like to be going down in the basement. With her fingernails she managed to pick the lock and sneaked in the dark hallway that it lead to.

After about an hour navigating a maze of corridors, rooms and hallways she finally looked at the prize she was so keen on having. The golden cast of Cleopatra's pet cat herself! It looked so beautiful even in the casing that it was in.

She looked for a way to open the casing without raising the alarm. In the stand that held it were two holes. In the holes were two buttons, above them was a small sign "Open". "It's almost to easy.." Catwoman thought. First she tried to press the left button, but nothing happened. The then tried the right one which gave the same result.

When Catwoman pressed both buttons at the same time she hear a loud "Click". She immediately pulled her hands away discovering they were held by a large cuff made of steel. Trying to run away she also discovered that the cuff was connected to a chain leading into the stand.

Panic began to set in when Catwoman heard a hissing sound and saw the room being engulfed with a green gas. She felt her eyes become very heavy and soon collapsed on the floor sleeping soundly.

Meanwhile Lara Croft backed her chair away from the large control board in the control room. She turned to a woman standing in the shade of the dim light saying: "As she said, this is almost to easy".

So it seems said Batgirl walking in the light, giving Lara a playful smack on the bum. "Let's get our prize more comfortable shall we?" Lara said. Both women walked out of the room turning off the light, with one camera feed still showing Catwoman spread out on the floor.

Catwoman woke up feeling like she had been run over by a train. It took her a few moment to get her bearings but after remembering what happened she looked around shocked to find our where she was. She was in a large room, about 4 by 4 meters covered in white padding.

She was still dressed like she left her lair that night but without her gloves and the rest of her weapons. Around her neck was a small collar, it wasn't very tight but there was no way she could slip it over her head it didn't appear to have a opening mechanism either. It was then she noticed she had identical rings around her wrists and ankles.

A weird hum caused to to go in red alert, trying to work out where it came from when she felt movement in her bracelets. Within seconds she was smashed against the closest wall being held by the bracelets. "Great.. I'm in the middle of a big magnet" It was then that the door slid open.

In walked the owner of Croft Manor, Lara Croft herself. "My my dear, what do I have to owe a nice visit from Catwoman herself?" She spoke. Catwoman hissed and looked menacing at Lara only to receive a small grin from the Tomb Raider.

"Well, I do have to tell you. It wasn't a surprised visit, we knew you were coming. I was asked to help catch you by a good friend of mine.." As if on cue Batgirl walked in the room giving Catwoman a little wink only to be replied by another hiss.

"You see, we wanted you to break in here so we could finally apprehend you after escaping from yet another prison." Lara continued. "Yes, I figured the only one to keep in a escape artist like you is another breaking and entering expert" Batgirl said.

Lara walked up to Catwoman and laid a hand on her cheek saying: "We're going to have so much fun dear!" Only to have Catwoman try to bit Lara's fingers. But Lara was fast delivering a loud smack on her cheek. "We do have to train our new kitty a little I see"

"See you in a bit dear!" Lara said as she and Batgirl walked out the door which slid closed after them. As soon as the door was closed the hissing started again and Catwoman fell in a deep deep sleep.

When she woke up she was in a world of hurt, her pelvis hurt from her legs being spread wide and her shoulders were being pulled up viciously. She started to struggle wildly and as she did she felt some more details of her binding.

Her arms felt as they were in a leather arm binder that was laced very tight with her elbows almost touching behind her back. Her legs being spread wide by a large bar that was anchored to the ground, her mouth filled by a large ball gag and her eyes blindfolded.

Catwoman's world exploded when Batgirl's cane found Catwoman's right butt cheek.

"Nice hit" Lara said as she took aim at Catwoman's left tight, making her scream loudly in the gag. Suddenly Catwoman's eyes were flooded by the light as her blindfold was pulled off. Her jaw almost dropped to the ground if it wasn't for the harness she was wearing.

Standing before her was Batgirl. Dressed in a tight latex catsuit. Just above her breasts was a large cut-out of a bat showing huge amounts of cleavage. Her utility belt was replaced by a silver chain holding a couple of items like cuffs, whips and other implements of pain.

In the corner of her eye Catwoman spotted Lara. She was wearing a latex tank top, from there small latex strands ran criss cross of her stomach and behind her back holding only a very small thong. Showing off her toned stomach, legs and of course the top was having trouble holding Lara's breasts covered.

Batgirl hunched before Catwoman and looked her straight in the eye. "You know, me and Lara go way back. Even before I became Batgirl we had already shared many nights together after we met in the Library. We both enjoy bondage and you might have figured out by now but there is a little problem in that. We both like to be on top"

"Switching now and again isn't a problem, but we're both so much more in our element when we're in command" Lara continued. "And now, we finally found a 'willing' playmate for us to play with!" Batgirl said as she stood up and kissed Lara.

"And now, let's get back to business" Lara said as she pulled the blindfold back over Catwoman's eyes, plunging her back into the darkness unable to do anything again the assault these two crime fighters were going unleash upon her.

Part II (added: 04/23/2010)

Catwoman opened her eyes and noticed something was not all right, instantly she snapped back to reality recounting the events of the past hours. Her tied hands flew to her neck to pull the collar off, but it was no use it wouldn't budge. A few seconds after that she felt what her body went through. The dulling pain where the canes, crops and whips had hit her were still hot.

She then noted that she had been re-dressed. She still had her catsuit, gloves and boots on. "Too bad my weapons are still missing" she thought to herself. Taking a moment to look around she noticed she was in a large empty and padded swimming pool.

Catwoman was snapped back to reality when she heard the cocking of a gun, outside of the pool Lara stood tall and proud pointing one of her chrome Desert Eagles at her heaving chest. "Hands up" was the simple order to her and Catwoman saw no reason to disobey. It was when she put her hands up that she heard a swishing sound.

One of Batgirl's boomerangs sliced through the ropes tying her wrists and the rope fell to the ground. Lara caught the boomerang with her free hand and placed her gun back on the table. Lara returned with a small vile that had something black in it.

"Catwoman here is the deal: If you'll make it through the next four hours without making a noise you'll be free to go. Of course you'll be more then welcome to contact the local authorities about what happened here, but my gut tells me you'll adhere to our little agreement."

With that said Lara dropped the liquid on the floor of the pool and pressed a button that caused a thick plastic lid to slide over the pool.

Batgirl walked over to Lara and asked: "Are you sure about this? I mean I don't really want to let her go, we've talked and fantasied about this for months!" "I know" Lara replied. "But I've had Bryce make a small alteration to the formula we thought up" "What's that?" Batgirl asked. "Cat-nip" Lara replied with a huge smirk on her face.

Catwoman sat against one of the walls intending to avoid getting into any kind of problems in the next four hours. But the black drop had a strange effect on her, it was like it was calling her. Begging to her to touch it. After 10 minutes she couldn't keep her eyes on it and she started a slow crawl to get a closer inspection. After she examined it from every corner she couldn't take it anymore, she had to touch it, taste it and feel it!

With extreme care she just touched it with her index finger, and she held it close to her eyes to examine it. But there was nothing.... The drop had vanished. But suddenly she could feel something crawl over her skin! She looked at her arm, and with a good speed she saw the little bump scoot over her arm, over her shoulder and it disappeared behind her back. She could now feel her entire back bubble with activity! Alarmed as she was she immediately reached for the zipper to her cat-suit, got a good grip on the zipper and pulled it down as fast as she could.

But sadly that did not have the intended effect, a dumb folded Catwoman was looking at the zipper she had in her hands. She felt the bubbling get worse and more! Soon after that her entire body was bubbling and she knew she wasn't going to make the four hours.

Catwoman felt a sudden cool breeze on her feet, her boot had disappeared! Her catsuit was riding up her legs! Suddenly what was left of her catsuit burst out in tendrils, there were hundreds of them. She felt her wrists being grabbed and pulled over her stomache and she saw the arms melt and solidify to her catsuit.

The neck was rising as well, soon the entire lower area of her face was covered in leather. All except her mouth. Catwoman wondered what was going to happen next when she felt the leather over her boobs disappear. At that moment she started to struggle, hard! She was even running circles in the padded pool, that was the moment that the suit elected for it's next move. Around her ankles to circles remained, but all of a sudden two tendrils that emerged from the bands wrapped around each other and pulled. This caused Catwoman to land face first on the floor with a loud oomph.

The two tendrils between her ankles released and instead of each other the grabbed her thighs and pulled. When her heels were touching the butt Catwoman knew for sure she wasn't going anything. Laying there she felt something slither up her neck, and after a few seconds a big leather phallus appeared in her sights.

Immediately she clamped her mouth shut, knowing here the phallus was intended to go.

But after the tendrils that had encircled her nipples started their vice like grip there was only sound. An explosion of a scream emitted from Catwoman's throat.

Half a second later there was nothing more then a silent muffle as the big phallus nested in her throat. The leather that was already on her face covered her mouth, leaving nothing to escape. Knowing the game was lost Catwoman sighed in defeat. But the suit wasn't finished yet. Two tendrils emerged from her shoulders and grabbed the bands around her legs. As they started pulling Catwoman was too helpless to stop them from pulling her legs apart. The leather that had formed a g-string split up to pull her butt cheeks apart making Catwoman feeling very uncomfortable.

The hissing noise could spell nothing but trouble for our poor little cat. At first Catwoman didn't realize what it was but after only a few seconds of imagining it became clear. It was a fucking machine on wheels! The little robot quickly drove out of sight for Catwoman but she had a idea where it was going.

She jumped when the first shot of lube it it's target. Struggling with the little energy she had made no difference. The little machine on wheels hit it's target with a inhuman precision and parted Catwoman's untouched cherry with a swift and strong thrust.

Sobbing and crying her eyes out Catwoman couldn't do anything as the machine sodomized her. When Catwoman finally realized it was much easier to just relax and let it happen the machine simply adjusted, using it's built in compressor it inflated the dildo to keep it up to a decent size. When Lara pressed the button on her armband Catwoman was nothing more then a sobbing heap of skin and leather. The machine retracted, drove back in it's closet and went into stand-by. The leather around Catwoman liquefied in a pool around her. Leaving her K-O on the floor. "Let's get her ready for the night" Batgirl said.

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Part III (added: 06/19/2010)

***10 Months later***

Lara was in bliss and agony at the same time. The soft and warm straightjacket she was wearing was soft, warm and immobilizing at the same time. The soft nylon ropes were stroking and binding her skin, the soft breeze on her pussy was blissful and aggravating all at once. Lara was in her bed, her arms and torso held by her favorite straightjacket. Her ankles were bound to her thighs so her pussy and ass were open for all to see.

Batgirl had been using all kinds of dildos, vibrators, butt-plugs and a whole range of toys to keep Lara on the edge for the last three hours. Lara's mind was blank, all she could think about was the wonderful and horrible tingle in her pussy asking more and more attention by each passing minute.

It was Batgirl's birthday that sparked all this between the two lovers. In the morning, Lara had wrestled Batgirl into submission to give her the birthday spanking she deserved. After they had breakfast and she received her presents she just had to test one. A small spray that could be used to knock someone out cold. Batgirl then picked up Lara, carried her to their bed and bound her as she saw fit.

Batgirl traced one last circle around Lara's clit, leaned in and whispered "I can make you cum, but you will suffer some degree of humiliation. Would you still like that cum you've been denied for these hours" Lara nodded furiously, she has been tortured for real many times. But the way Batgirl had made her whither and moan for the last hours had truly broken her.

Batgirl slid off the bed, walking towards a cage in the corner of their room, In that cage was the person who used to be known as Catwoman. Catwoman crawled out and immediately sat up on her heels. "Stand" Batgirl commanded. Batgirl then whispered "I'm giving you a chance today to make one of your Mistresses cum, you better not screw this up" "Yes ma'am" was the only thing Catwoman said, but the twinkle in her eye betrayed that Catwoman would be giving it her all. Looking at Lara like she had been walking in the desert for two days and finally seeing a oasis.

Catwoman had her french maid outfit on, a pink top with cups so small they would not even cover her nipples and a pink frilly skirt so short it showed plenty of her pert ass.

Batgirl strapped Catwoman with a nice pink strap-on. "Fuck her slowly, don't make her cum until I tell you to." Catwoman then climbed on the bed and slowly mounted Lara, extracting a big moan from the big breasted adventurer. Batgirl mounted Lara's mouth by sitting on her face. "Come on Crofty! Make me cum while you're being fucked by our pet Kitty!"

Lara started to lick for all that she was worth, making Batgirl whither in pleasure. Catwoman was slowly fucking Lara, not wanting to fail her task of making her cum too quickly. A big groan from Batgirl was the signal she had came, she got off of Lara's face and told Catwoman "Fuck her as hard as you can, if you can make her cum more then 4 times in the next 10 minutes. I'll let you masturbate to orgasm while Bryce is watching you."

Catwoman sped up her pace and depth, after three minutes Lara's eyes rolled back into her sockets. Three sharp inhales of air were a prelude to a large roar that could be heard from half the mansion. For the fifth time, Lara arched her back and opened her mouth to let out a roar of silence. Catwoman collapsed over Lara, exhausted from trying to get her much needed chance to cum. While closing her eyes looking forward to feel the rush of orgasm for the first time in nearly a year.

Batgirl could only look and smile to see the pure bliss in the eyes of her lover and slave.

She untied Lara from her position, used one of the ropes to secure Catwoman's hands behind her back and cuddled up against her naked lover.

Part IV (added: 07/18/2010)

Cat woman woke up finding herself lying next to the big bed with her hands tied behind her back. Perching up on her knees she saw her mistresses lying on the bed, bodies completely intertwined and in a deep sleep. Testing her bonds she found the to be tight, as usual but suddenly she spotted something in the corner of her eye. It was Bat girls manicure kit! Opening it she found exactly what she was looking for, a set of nail clippers with attached nail file. It took her under five minutes to get her hands free.... free what a weird sensation that was for her. For months she's been kept in closed off rooms, tight bondage and in positions where she would be set up to fail trying to earn her freedom.

She let out a silent purr and got to work.

An hour of silent and slow progress later she had both her mistresses right where she wanted them. Their arms were folded neatly in a reverse prayer position behind their backs, a upper body harness made sure their boobs jutted out and that their arm bondage wasn't coming off. In a drawer she had found two ball gags which completely covered the lower face. Their ankles were tied very tightly to the upper legs, finishing off the bondage with a tight frog tie.

"Well ladies, isn't this a nice turn of events?" "After all those months, the cat will finally get her revenge! How purrrfect is that?" Both Lara and Bat girl were furious! Faces red as tomatoes and bodies sweating from the fighting against the rope. "But before I get my payback, I would like all the codes to the mansions systems. So Lara, if you please?"

Lara's reaction would have been a sound string of profanities if it wasn't for the ball gag.

"I didn't think you would have given them to me. That's why I'll have to encourage you to give them to me!"

Lara felt confident, she had been tortured multiple times during her adventures and had never given them what they wanted to know. Cat woman disappeared out of sight for a moment, which encouraged the ladies to renew their struggle for release.

After a few minutes Cat woman returned, dropping something on the floor behind them. All Lara heard was a whoosh! And a pain exploded on her backside. Cat woman leaned in close to her ear and whispered "I know you can take this. Probably much more then I can dish out, but I think I know a way to torture you so you'll give me the codes in no time"

Cat woman slid the blindfold over Lara's eyes and all went dark.

She heard Bat girl protest and struggle and Cat woman telling her to stay still. After about 3 minutes it stopped and she could only hear Bat girls breaths that indicated she put up one hell of a struggle. "Now Lara. Let me enlighten you on what I've done... I have inserted one of your hollow but plugs into Bat slut's ass. Connected to that plug is a 10 liter enema bag. Every minute you wait with giving me the code will be a extra minute for water to gush into her cute behind. Oh... and I will also be using this wonderful cane on here ass." With that Cat woman removed Lara's gag and said "Last chance Crofty... What's it going to be?" The only reply that Lara could give was "Fuck you, you'll pay for this!"

"Ok, we'll do it your way!" And Cat woman opened the valve. Immediately Lara hear Bat girls breathing getting irregular, also she started struggling for all that she was worth. She knew that giving Cat woman the code was the last thing she would do... If only she didn't have the blindfold on...

Meanwhile Batgirl was in nothing short of hell. She had designed the harness she was wearing herself. It was made from very sturdy leather and had thick stainless steel buckles and holes. The plug itself was a work of art and science at it's most evil. It was a thick plastic pipe which was about a centimeter in diameter. The plug itself was formed around the pipe, tapered at the front getting wider and wider to a thick diameter of about 6 centimeter, but the most ingenious part were the built in springs. While the plug passes through the sphincter, it shrinks to about 2 centimeter in diameter but once it passes through it slowly expands and locks itself in position. Easy to get in, almost impossible to remove by yourself, even with full use of hands and fingers. She now cursed herself for adding the one way valve to the specifications as well.

She had worn it once before, during a fundraiser at the manor. Just before her big speech announcing the big donation her and Lara's fund were going to deposit, Lara had wrestled her into their bedroom and proceeded to strap and lock the contraption on her.

After that night, she had trouble sitting and walking for about two days. But Lara had used more then only the plug on her. At this moment she wanted to get out of it, and fast.

Her bowels started to get fuller and fuller with the water, and to make matters worse Cat woman had started caning her as well. She was in a world of pain.

Cat woman furiously pulled the blindfold off Lara's head. "Look at her! I've made her cry! Can you imagine the feeling she's going through? The pain you're making me bestow on poor little Bat slut?" Using all her confidence and strength Lara managed to tell her to go fuck herself. Bat girl only needed to last a little longer for Lara's plan to work... Hopefully.

Cat woman exploded in anger, picked up her cane and held it high above her head. "Go fuck myself? You'd wish I'd go fuck myself, I'm going to beat her until you give me the code or she dies. I don't care!"

She lashed out with every ounce of strength she had. A whack so loud it made Lara's ears hurt, and a whack so hard it made the cane snap in half. Bat girl arched up and her head fell on the bed. At that very moment Lara shouted "6987561!" Cat woman smirked and said to Lara "I'd knew you'd...." She was interrupted by a steel band falling over her head and around her neck. The band immediately contracted and the steel cable connected to the band pulled Cat woman towards the other side of the room. Knocking her out.

"That was the easy part... Now to get out of these bonds" Lara muttered to herself.

Author's Note: Thanks for reading! And I love reading your feedback, it encourages me to write more and better.

Part V (added: 07/22/2010)

With a loud *oomph* Lara landed on the floor. She had to get out of this bondage! "Catwoman might be out cold for now, but I don't think that collar is going to hold her for long when she do wakes up." With her hands tied between her elbows and her ankles connected to her thighs progress was slow and difficult. But Lara knew where her salvation lay. Next to the laundry basket were her boots from last week's trip to Peru. And in the side of her right boot was her small jungle knife.

When her mouth was in reach of the boots she went right for the knife, not caring and not allowing her stomach to get upset from the stench. Getting the knife out of the boot was the easy part, the hardest part was yet to come. Lara laid the knife down on the floor and crawled next to it. Rolling on her back she could just reach the handle with her fingertips.

Sawing away at the rope Lara finally got a break. The first rope she managed to cut was the one holding her wrists. Her ankles were free in a matter of seconds. She rushed to Bat girls aid, being just in time to stop the flow while there was only a liter left in the bag. Lara disconnected the plug and hoisted Bats from the bed, not even bothering with untying her she carried her to the bathroom as fast as she could.

Gently she placed her in the bathtub and carefully pulled out the plug. Bat girls unconscious face went from a grimace to a look of relief immediately. Lara cut the bonds holding her wrists and ankles, grabbed a pillow and laid it under her lovers face "This time you won't have to deal with the bruises on your pretty face dear" Lara said whilst vividly remembering the last time she had left Bats tied up in the bathtub.

Lara then checked on the cat that had gotten them into this mess. "Good, still out cold... "

She opened the big chest that she pulled out from under the bed and selected her tools of revenge. Ring-gag, arm binder, couple coils of rope and the 'special box'.

Lara rolled Catwoman on her stomach and proceeded to lace the arm binder, using every ounce of strength she could muster to tie the laces as tight as possible. The shoulder straps were next.

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Lara then tied a coil of rope around Catwoman's waist and tied it off. Tight enough so it wouldn't slip but still loose enough for other ropes to be threaded through. She pressed her right index finger on the the embedded reader on the wall and the collar released itself, grabbing Catwoman by her hair she dragged her on the bed.

Frog-tying her legs was the easy part, she then hunched her legs so that the bonds around her upper legs were next to the band around her waist. Lara tied the left leg in place but moved her right leg out of the way. "First things first..." Lara muttered to herself. Near her stomach, Lara tied the front of a crotch rope to the belt. Moving the loose end out of the way and within easy reach allowed Lara to tie Catwoman's right thigh.

Buckling the ring gag tightly on her face, Lara had completed the bondage and finally felt how tired she was. Time to rest was something Lara didn't have at the moment, she had to attend to her lover and discipline her prisoner.
Batgirl felt comfortable, since hours she was comfortable. Her body was warm and felt crispy clean. In her back she felt Lara's wonderful chest embracing her spine and the soft sponge was doing wonders on her own chest and abdomen. It took her a surprising amount of energy to open her eyes, she noticed that she was no longer tied tightly on the bed. But in the bathtub in the wonderful and loving embrace of Lara.

"Hey babe, what happened?"

"Don't worry dear, it's all over now... It's OK"

"I'm serious" Batgirl said while sitting up. "What happened? How did we get free?"

Lara used her strength to pull Bats back in her embrace and told her the story how she got free.

"So.... What did ya do with the cat?"

"You'll see in a minute dear, let's just relax for another minute. After that we shall have our tea and on the way I'll show you. OK?"

"OK sweetie..." Batgirl said whilst slouching back in Lara's embrace.

"Oh my.... you weren't fooling around there Crofty!" Batgirl exclaimed happily.

"Why yes, I'm glad you agree. But the little minx just deserved it. Now how about you give her a little present before we go for tea?"

"What did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking about the souvenir we brought back from Amsterdam"

"Which one? ....Ooh! That one" Batgirl said with a blush on her face.

Lara stood behind Catwoman holding a bottle of lube and a butt plug so obscenely large it made the ladies giggle when they saw it in the shop. The plug itself was pink. It's length and width were way more impressive. The length is was about 30cm (12in) and the width was 12cm (5in). At the narrowest point the plug was about 3cm (1.2in)wide and the base ended with a large triangular surface.

Batgirl picked up the bottle of lube and started coating the giant monster in a thick layer. "Only fair seeing she violated my ass... I'd return her the favor" Batgirl said with a wicked twinkle in her eye.

When finally pushing the monster home Bats didn't hold anything back, it disappeared in Catwoman with a loud sloshing noise. Lara grabbed the crotch rope from between Catwoman's legs and tied it down tightly.

And off the girls went to enjoy a nice hot meal and a glass of good wine.

Part VI (added: 07/22/2010)

Catwoman was running through the hallways of Croft Manor. The golden cast of Cleopatra's cat under her left arm and Lara's key-pass in her right. She didn't know how she got out but she did, and she was making good progress escaping.

Finally she saw the hallway that she knew would lead her to the hallway that had the staircase leading to the front door. She turned a hard right, with her left leg using the wall for support to keep her speed up. She heard a door behind her open! It was Lara! *BANG* *BANG* two .50 cal bullets flew past her head, but Catwoman didn't care. She was around the corner and sliding down the staircase with a good lead on Lara who had stopped to aim.

And her luck couldn't get any better! The front doors were both opened as wide as they could!

Using the extra speed she gained from sliding down the staircase she jumped to clear the stairs that led to the front door from the outside, when something black caught her attention in the corner of her eye. She looked at what it was and could only think "Oh shit" Just as she was clothes-lined by Batgirl.

Next thing she saw way Batgirl standing over her saying "Going somewhere in a hurry?" And Bat girls fist met up with her eye.....

Catwoman woke to see Batgirl sitting in front of her, her left cheek stinging from the slap she just received. Quickly getting her bearings she saw she was still in the bedroom where she was free for such a short, short time. "Ah, Kitty is awake!" Batgirl exclaimed.

"Excellent. So how do you like your new position Kitty-cat?" Lara asked.

It was then that Catwoman took notice of her predicament, pain radiating from her knees, shoulders, jaw and rear. "You pulled quite a number on us there Kitty. I mean not even Lara has been able to get nine liter in my ass before."

Kitty snarled a string of insults to her again-captors but the ring gag prevented any intelligible noise from coming out of her mouth. "And it's precisely THAT attitude we're going to beat out of you!" Lara yelled while yanking Kitty's head up by her hair. "I don't care what it's going to take, but we are going to BREAK you!" "We don't care what's needed! Butt plugs, dildos, clamps, bondage, discipline or even making you watch World cup replays with the vuvuzela's turned up to max! One moment, which I expect that is going to be sooner then later we'll have you sobbing like a little kitten that's lost it's mother" Batgirl continued.

"Believe it or not, but we've been nice to you until now love. Yes, I'm sure we tied to up gave you a couple rounds with a flogger or cane. But we haven't even warmed up yet. Even if I have to drag you to Horus his tomb and leave you there to rot for a couple of days. I will personally make sure it will happen."

"Now lets see how our Kitten likes water shall we?" Lara said as she slashed the bonds holding her ankles to her upper legs. Batgirl struck her ass with a paddle and yelled "Now MARCH!"

They navigated the hallways of the manor, even passing by the grand staircase and the doors which were open and letting in the wonderful sunlight. Kitty almost wanted to stop and admire her road to possible freedom, but Lara grabbed the end of her arm binder and gave her a loud whack with her riding crop.

Eventually they arrived in the theater. A grand and dark room with two rows of luxurious leather seats and a couple very comfortable sofa's. Batgirl saw Kitty looking around and told her "That's no place for the likes of you. You're going in there!" Kitty looked to where Batgirl was pointing and saw a metal and glass box with a bunch of hoses connected to it. But what really caught her eye was a rubber cock that was fixed at about head level if a person was standing in the box.

"Yes, you're going in there" Lara explained. "You see, we did some in-tel on you. And one of the many facts that we know about you is that you dislike sucking cock. And with dislike I mean hate. Well, this cock is different. It's the cock of life, it isn't a artifact that I got from somewhere... Nooo, this has been especially designed for this box."

"You see, once you're in that box we're going to fill it up with water. And when the lid is fixed there is no way for little Kitty to get air. That's why it's the dick of life, you suck it for 10 seconds and you'll get 15 seconds of air coming out of the dick. That dick is the only thing that's going to be between you and drowning." Batgirl continued.

Meanwhile Lara had been busy, she had untied the back of Kitty's crotch rope and reattached it to the ring at the end of her arm binder. They proceeded to march her up the platform leading to the box and undid her gag. "Happy sucking!" Batgirl said as Lara pushed Kitty in the box. Batgirl the locked the top of the box and opened the valve to start the water.

Both ladies could see Kitty push up against the glass and make all kinds of noises. Lara pressed a button on the box and said "Oh yes... The box is soundproof, the only sound you're going to hear is yourself, water and the sound coming from this speaker. Enjoy!"

The water rushing in was cold. It was only up to her knees and she could already feel shivers coming up and everything tighten to conserve heat, the only result that had was that the monster plug in her ass only felt bigger. She could see Lara and Bats curling up against each other on one of the very comfortable sofa's and the addition of light showed that they had started to watch a movie.

When the movie had finished showing how bad it is to download movies Kitty was sucking for her life. As much as she hated it, her life worth more to her then sucking a plastic toy. But she could only wonder how long that feeling was going to last.

"Lara dear, isn't she going to die from hypothermia? I mean that water is cold!"

"No, when you started the flow you also started the heater. It takes a while to kick in and It doesn't go very high. She should only be a bit uncomfortable, and the worst thing that she could get is a common cold. I've also set up the monitoring to drain the tank if the pump doesn't deliver air for a minute. Our latest physiological survey shows that with her current lung capacity she should pass out at 50 to 55 seconds without air. The only way she can trigger that if she has given up completely, and judging by her sucking... she going to make guys very happy once we're done with the movie."

"Oh and by the way... I've asked Bryce to design a female version of that dick, so she can make us very happy. If she'll ever climb up from prisoner to sex slave"

"You always know how to turn my buttons Crofry, I don't think I'll make it through the movie with you going on like that"

Batgirl proceeded to climb onto Lara's lap, her mouth reaching for Lara's to entwine in a passionate embrace. Bat-girls hands found the elastic band of the tight top that Lara was wearing, hooking her fingers under it she pulled it up and over Lara's head exposing the wonderful mountains Lara is known for. Her hands started to roam her breasts, exploring them as if it was the first time that she touched them.

Meanwhile Lara's fingers had found the route under Bat-girls short latex skirt, tracing a fine line between the lips and extracting a moan from Batgirl. Both of them were keeping up the long battle of the tongues, Batgirl was kneading, pinching and pulling Lara's breasts and nipples. But Lara had two fingers in Bat-girls pussy, thrusting them in and out while using the palm of her and to rub her clit. It didn't take long for Batgirl to start to breathe heavily and moan, soon she was cumming and cumming hard.

Batgirl rolled off Lara to the other side of the couch, looking at her like a tiger looking at it's prey. Lara stood up and pulled down her shorts and g-string, exposing her shaven pussy before sitting down. Throwing one leg up over Batgirl she said "But first, show me you don't need to spend a couple hours in that tank practicing pussy eating" Batgirl attacked Lara's pussy with such energy and furious it felt like electricity going through her.

It didn't take long for Batgirl to have Lara pant and moan, and soon after a large quiver and moan both girls were satisfied. Their naked bodies curled up to each other to finish the rest of the movie.

All Kitty could do was watch, suck and ignore that horrible itch going through her pussy.

Part VII (added: 08/01/2010)

Bats nearly had the mansion for herself! Most of the staff were on holiday and Lara took Bryce on a mission to some dusty old mansion in the east of Europe. The weather in England wasn't bad, it was amazing to say the least. England was suffering from a minor heat wave, but Bats couldn't care less. She was just finishing her last lap in the Olympic sized pool before climbing out and grabbing the big fluffy towel to dry herself off.

She walked into the sunscreen cubicle and let the nozzles coat her body with a nice layer of sunscreen. Stepping out she walked to her lounge chair to catch some of those nice rays. Lara's mission in Peru had meant she had a nice shade of brown on her body, but comparing it to Bat's her non-existent tan was making her a bit nerdy to say the least.

Kitty was catching some rays as well, strapped to a bondage bench on wheels did mean she would have a couple of extra lines due to the thick leather straps, but Bats had been nice and used clear straps. And the strict hogtie meant some parts of her body wouldn't be getting any sun at all.

( link opens in new window )

Bats rolled the bench with Kitty up to her chair and laid down, wrapping her long legs around Kitty's head she told her "Now show Mistress what's you've learned" Kitty began working her tongue through the ring gag on Bats her clit. She went slow but sure making Bats enjoy the touches. Batgirl gently drifted into a nap.

"Bzzzzzzzz..... Bzzzzzzzz..... Bzzzzzzzz"

Bats her right hand flew for the satellite phone laying on the little table next to her.

"Hello! Dreamy-time escorts!"

"Hi Bats, it's Lara. I really wish you wouldn't answer phones like that."

"I know doll, but I knew it was you."

"Well... it is kinda cute, but I'm just calling to let you know I've found the place where the artifact is that we're looking for."

"Oh really? And let me guess... a rat infested sewer? Or a heavily guarded Russian government building?"

"Ha ha! No dear, it's in a decommissioned Polish asylum. And the locals say it's haunted, I mean two of my guides ran away when they saw the place appear in the distance"

"Well... that's nice of them, but are you sure it's there?"

"Yes, I had Bryce scan the building with the satellites. It gave some strange readings, but the energy signature we're looking for is there. But I'm going to be going now, it's been a light drizzle here but the clouds are going to burst open any second now. And if my top gets any wetter taking it off would cover up more."

"Hhhhhm, you always know how to turn my buttons Crofty! But be careful in there babe! Love you!"

Just as Bats said those last words, the connection was dropped. "Back to work you!" Bats said as she laid the crop down on Kitty's ass.

Lara ran through the front door, trying to escape the near torrential rain. Soaking wet she stood in the front reception hall. Taking a look around the abandoned hospital the first thing she noticed was how neat everything was. A thick layer of dust covered everything but it was neat, no papers or equipment were laying around. As if everybody just went home at the end of the day and didn't bother showing up the next morning.

The satellite scan had revealed where the artifact would be in the building. Middle floor and at the opposite end of the building. "Up four floors and straight to the end of the hall. I wish everything would have been so easy" Lara told herself as she was climbing the stairs to the 4th floor.

As she exited the staircase the first thing that caught her eye was a sign in Polish that said "Shower room" Thinking to herself "I might just be able to find some dry towels in there." as she entered the room. She pulled open a couple of cabinets and yes, there they were. A big pile of large fluffy towels. Grabbing one from the middle pile she shook off all the dust and undressed.

Being dry felt wonderful, but there was still the issue of her wet clothing. Thankfully, she had asked Bats to pack a extra set of clothes in her backpack. Rummaging through it she could only find a small latex pouch. Opening it up she found a tight latex top and a not very conservative set of hot pants accompanied by a note: "Sorry, I just couldn't resist babe. Enjoy raiding like the hottest woman you are!"

With a smirk Lara began dressing in the garments, the hot pants slid up with difficulty past her wide tights and proved to be a tight fit. The top was easier due to the front being connected by laces, when she did them up Lara looked hot. She had to pull herself away from the mirror, but she was dry and nobody would notice her anyway. Before going into the rain again she could always dress in her wet clothes again. Packing everything up Lara returned to the big hallway, using her scanner to guide her.

Getting closer and closer to her target, she opened the door that would reveal the room where her prize should be. But she ran into a small problem. It was a solid concrete wall, with just the cutout of a person as a door. Lara couldn't even guess how thick the wall was, so her explosives weren't going to do her much good. She tried squeezing in, but her pistol holsters and backpack prevented her from passing through. Reluctantly, she packed everything up in the backpack and set it to the side.

Lara had to walk with her hands up in the air, otherwise she wouldn't fit. When the tight hallway made a corner, Lara had no choice but to follow it. Nearing the end of the short hallway she saw the exit, but there was no room for her head. Some sort of obstruction blocked her way.

She tried to walk back to find another entrance, but taking two steps back her back made contact with a solid wall. "Oh well.. here goes nothing" she said to herself. Coming closer to the obstruction she examined it, it seemed to be embedded in the wall. It looked a awful lot like a mask with cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth. Stepping in it the mask felt like it was giving. Moving with Lara as she applied a little force. She still had about two or three steps to exit the tunnel but when she did the hair on Lara's back stood up.

It was a trap!

The mask had a back part that was parallel with the wall. When Lara pushed the mask away from the wall and cleared it the back part had snapped in position.

Lara's hands immediately flew to the mask, examining it. She could feel things around the eye and mouth parts, four weird points on the top of the mask, two buttons and a chain leading from the top of the mask to somewhere.

The mask itself was strangely comfortable, soft on the inside, smooth on the outside and surprisingly light. Lara could breathe normally but her eyesight was impaired by about 60%, the narrow slits didn't provide a clear view of everything. But what she did see was the prize she was looking for. It was a shiny gold collar.

A (mad) Polish scientist had made it 20 years before WWII, it was rumored that a person wearing the collar could be re-trained into anything that the doctor wanted. Woman could be made ruthless killers, hardened soldiers could be trained into scared little girls. Dogs could be trained as dolphins, everything was possible.

The Polish asylum had used it to cure it's patients. Everyone who was admitted was released two weeks later, healthy and normal as if nothing every happened. Al least that is what the history books said. Why this place was abandoned, no-one had a clue.

But first she had to get out of this helmet. She tried tugging on the four weird points, but they didn't budge. The two buttons felt like they did something. She pressed the first but nothing happened, the second didn't do anything either. Knowing this could lead to more trouble Lara pressed both of them at the same time. *click* *click* and her hands were now stuck on top of the helmet. Lara immediately started to struggle, but she nearly broke out in panic when she heard a sliding noise and all her eyesight went dark.

Lara suddenly felt two hands on her shoulders and a female voice began to speak "Don't be scared Miss Croft, we mean you no harm" another hand laid on her stomach. "We are simply the protectors of the collar" another voice spoke.

"We shall explain everything once we get you ready Lara, don't be scared." and Lara felt her eyes getting heavy and drifted in a deep, deep sleep.

Lara woke up to find herself out of the helmet, but she was still bound. Soft coils of rope entwined her torso, pinning her forearms below her breasts making them appear larger then they already are. A gag held her jaw open and her tongue to the bottom of her mouth. Her legs were held open and up by the stirrups attached to the chair she was in.

She saw her two captors walk into view again, they were gorgeous. Both looked exactly alike except for the hair and eye color. One had a deep blue eye color and her hair was so blond that it almost appeared white. The other one had beautiful brown eyes and a matching brown hair color.

They were both wearing a modern day nurse outfit. A light blue dress and top, with a white blouse underneath. The girl with the brown hair spoke first.

"Hello Lara, my name is Fru and this is my colleague Rel."

"We are the watchers and protectors of the golden collar that you seek." Rel continued.

"We make sure that it doesn't fall into the wrong hands, and that the people who we do allow to use it return it once we are finished." Fru continued.

"We are the first people that Dr Yankovic used the collar on. Once he finished releasing us from the demons that haunted our souls he made us in what we are now."

"You see, before the good doctor helped me I was what you call now a 'cock tease'. I'd get all the boys and girls wound up and I'd let them hanging. The doctor was the last person I did that to. That's why my name is Fru, it's short for frustration"

"Before doc Yank helped me I was a prostitute, I was known for being the cheapest of them all. Sometimes even letting my clients get away without paying. I was a sex addict, just looking for the fix to get people off. That is why my name is Rel, short for release."

"After we died, spending our lives as the doctor's assistants. Some power allowed us to protect the collar even after our death. And they gave us cool powers too!" Rel exclaimed.

"Let us demonstrate" Fru said as Rel laid her hand on Lara's stomach. Lara could immediately feel a orgasm running through her, it was a small one but a real orgasm non the less! Next thing Lara knew was that Fru grabbed her little toe, immediately she could feel a orgasm building and building. She started to pant and sweat, but when she was past the point where Bats usually made her come like a volcano the orgasm just kept building and building. When Lara felt she would almost pass out, Fru let go of her toe and Lara felt the orgasm just ebb away slowly.

"Lara thought to herself, if Fru does that again Rel better do her trick straight after that. Because I'm not going to survive another one like that"

"Don't worry Lara, you'll get your fix. Rel and me are a team and our goal is to select the people that may use the collar and get rid of the ones that try to take it by force."

"We have seen some diabolical goals that had the collar as it's primary weapon. The Nazi's were the naughtiest. But we dealt with them accordingly"

Suddenly Lara saw in front of her eyes, a big and dark hall. With countless of German soldiers bound and gagged for the rest of eternity.

"They keep us busy when there is no one new around to play with." Rel said with a wink.

"You see, I feed off their per-orgasm energy and my colleague Rel here gets her energy from the release." "The way we usually work is that Fru gets them nice and hot, at the point where they almost loose their mind. And just about when they can't take anymore... I take over. I can make someone cum and cum until they loose their mind. That's why we make a great team! Fru goes first, and I'll have the seconds."

"We do have a couple of 'weird points' though. I mean.. we can only present ourselves physically for the first time if someone is bound. We have a physical body when no-one is around, but when the person comes close to actually see us. We disappear" Rel explained. "That's why we have traps like these set up throughout the building, because we like to get up close and personal." Fru continued.

"We feed on both men and women, but the men... They just provide a nutritional meal, while a woman is a feast for us. The energy is just so much more intense. And let me say, you're the first woman to come by here in a long time Lara."

"An hour is all we need Lara. Then we'll have enough energy to travel with you and assist you in making that criminal a better person. Plus, we think we'd like to play with Bats too." Rel said as she fixed a blindfold over Lara's eyes.

Lara tried to follow who was who by the energy they took. Fru for the hot and bothering and Rel for the releases, but after a minute or two when they got going she couldn't think straight. It felt like a continuous current ran through her. One type of energy there and the other one there, it felt like they switched polarity at will. She could feel someone licking her pussy, a orgasm was building fast. But it kept on building and building until she felt a warm glow.

The licking stopped for a second only to continue with more a more furious feeling. Her orgasm rebuilt to it's previous unnatural high when Lara could feel the same warm glow. And she simply exploded, the orgasm she had came from the top of her head went to her toes and exited through her pussy. Then there was nothing.

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Lara woke to a driving feeling, when she opened her tired eyes she could see the hallway passing by slowly. She was being pushed in a wheelchair, when she looked to her right she saw Rel. But she looked different, her hair wasn't white anymore, it was golden. Her skin wasn't the pale white but a nice soft tan had appeared. Lara looked up to see the same thing had happened to Fru. Her hair was glowing brown and her skin had a lighter tan as Rel but they both looked healthier.

"Hi sleepyhead!" Rel jokingly said to Lara. "You were out for a while there, so we gathered up your things. But we didn't want to drag you, so we borrowed a wheelchair... I'm sure no-one will mind" Fru explained. "How come you two look so more lively now? The last time I saw you two you looked like ghosts"

"Well.. that's because we are ghosts!" Rel joked. "Just kidding, it's the difference in energy what guys and girls give us. The men allow us to survive, the women allow us to glow. And having someone new really packs a punch." She explained. "But where is the..." Lara tried to ask before she was interrupted by Fru. "We packed everything in your backpack. Guns, collar and all the other stuff you brought in with you. We dressed you in something we found lying around here, walking around in wet clothes or that skimpy outfit would have given you a cold"

"Now, here we are. Time to get on our journey to Croft manor" Fru said.

"You mean you two are coming with me?" Lara asked.

"Yes! Fun isn't it! The collar works a bit when it's used by a first timer, it will be much more efficient when we're there. Plus, we're not allowed to let that thing go unguarded. It's our duty" Rel explained.

"And don't worry about any awkward situations, only people that are in bondage can be introduced to us. People that aren't tied up can't see, hear, smell or even feel us. And it has a severity to it as well, some idiot who gets trapped in his own shoelaces won't suddenly see us appear"

The journey home was quite uneventful, except for the fact that Fru and Rel decided to join the mile high club in a crowded Boeing 747. And they had sex in the train and started making out in the taxi on the final leg. They even convinced Lara to take their picture, with it being their first airplane journey.

Lara could only smile to herself, knowing the training of their Kitty was going to get allot more fun.

Being 30 minutes from home, she decided to text Bats.

"Home in 30mins. Wear handcuffs no questions ;-) Bringing 2 new friends"

Chapter VIII (added: 07/07/11)

Bats jumped up after hearing the doorbell ring. She proceeded to open the door and cuff her hands behind her back. "Bats!" Lara exclaimed, only to run up to Batgirl to give her a great big hug. "I'd return the favor babe, but I'm kinda tied up here." Bats said just as Fru and Rel walked through the door. "Hello!" they said in unison. In the following minutes pleasantries were exchanged and introductions were made.

Bats: "So wait a minute... you two are ghosts with magic powers?"

Fru: "That's one way of calling it, yes."

Bats: "So what do I have to imagine with powers? Dimming the lights? Making weird noises?"

Rel: "It's best if we just demonstrated them..."

Fru walked up to Batgirl and was standing face to face with her, they looked each other over, sizing up one another. Fru brushed the hair out of Batgirls face and laid her hand on her shoulder, looking into her eyes she could see Batgirls pupils widen. Fru planted her lips on Batgirls, her left arm snaking under her armpits and her right grabbing the chain of the handcuffs. Batgirl started moaning loudly in Fru's mouth, her knees began to shake and buckle. When Batgirl began to struggle Fru released the lock on their lips. Fru guided Bats in a nearby chair and made her sit down.

As soon as Fru broke physical contact Bats began struggling, "Lara.... please let me out. I need to excuse myself..." Lara laughed out loud "No Bats, you're not going to run away and masturbate. You haven't been properly introduced to Rel yet."

On cue Rel seductively walked to Bats and sat on her lap. She looked directly in Batgirls eyes. "Hi, I'm Rel." she said before kissing Bats. A loud muffled moan escaped from Bats her throat and she slumped. When Rel got off her Bats was a mess. Face red as a tomato, hair messed up and panting if she had just ran a 200m sprint.

"Now we can unlock you, my little minx" Lara said as she released the handcuffs on Batgirl.

Now that we all know one another, let's get settled in. I could use a nap and a bite to eat to be honest. Lara said.

A few hours later the women stood before the cell that held Catwoman. Discussing their final plan and making sure everyone knew what they were going to do. Lara punched in the code needed for the door to unlock and they all stepped in.

Catwoman was a sight to behold. Arms held tight by bondage gloves, chains connecting the gloves to the corners of the room. Legs in a frog tie and only a large butt plug on a pole to support her from the ground. As they walked in Catwoman, or Kitty gave Lara and Bats the evil eye. Only when she saw Rel and Fru walk in she began to struggle and hiss.

Rel walked up to her and stroked her fingers over the large panel gag. "Awwwwwww, you don't like your new Mistresses?" She asked? "Well, too bad. We're going to have allot of fun during the next few hours!"

Lara fixed the collar around Kitty's neck. Immediately it started glowing and the red gems on the front blinked three times each. Rel and Fru also began to glow, brightly. A kind of mist formed around them, the mist became brighter and brighter. When it vanished Fru and Rel looked different. They had become taller, their hair no longer flowing free but in a tight pony tail. Their nurse uniforms had been changed for a tight latex top, long gloves, latex shorts and a nice pair of heels.

"Wow, I forgot how good this feels!" Rel exclaimed while she was running her hands over her gloves. Fru however walked up to Bats and said: "We need a assistant. And you're volunteering."

"O....Ok" Bats said with a small tremble in her voice. "I'm glad you agree. Put this on" Fru barked while handing Bats a large ball of latex.

Rel took Lara apart and started explaining: "It's very helpful for us to have a assistant. Having your subject do humiliating things on a ghost presents some.... difficulties. We'll be sure to take care of little Bats. You now run off and watch through the CCTV. And we'll reward you both for your services rendered after we're done with our little Kitty cat." "Now off you go" Rel said while she smacked Lara's ass.

Rel and Fru proceeded to change and chain Bats up. She was wearing a full body catsuit with built in cuffs, open crotch and a large strap on sporting from the front. Lara had ran to her room, changed into her bikini, grabbed her laptop and had just set up shop outside at the pool when she tuned in. She could see Fru and Rel working on Bats when she activated the remote camera in the room. Fru immediately turned her head to the camera and looked straight down the lens.

Lara was beginning to feel aroused, very aroused but she couldn't let go of the laptop or look away. As if Fru had captured her with only her eyes. Rel meanwhile had just connected the elbow cuffs behind Bats her back and asked Fru to connect the front. Rel looked straight into the camera and blew it a little kiss with her hand. Lara came loudly on the other side of the screen and the girls just giggled. Bats however struggled a bit against the cuffs. Her elbow cuffs connected behind her back and wrist cuffs connected in the front didn't give her much use of her hands or arms.

The large panel gag made sure that Bats couldn't disturb the two ghostly Mistresses.

After many, many hours of whipping, caning, spanking, fucking, licking, frustration and release Catwoman had been broken. When Fru finally let her out the hogtie and un-gagged her Kitty desperately started crying. Just after Rel untied Bats and gave her a well deserved orgasm something special happened. The gems on the front of the collar started glowing black, Kitty fell with her back on the floor and the gems beamed a black light through the ceiling. The beam stopped and a bright white flash came from the gems. The collar detached and Kitty passed out.

"What just happened?" Bats asked as she pulled the gag out of her mouth. "All the bad behavior she had has been released. It won't trouble this world again." Fru explained. "But..." Bats wanted to ask before she was interrupted by Fru "We need to get Kitty to a place where she can recover. Preferably a room that's not a cell but that she can't simply walk out from."

"Yes Mistress." Bats said as she led them way to Kitty's new room.

The women were all laying by the pool celebrating the transformation of Kitty when Fru seductively crawled over to Lara and said: "You know, we would really like to play with you two."

Lara: "Well, seeing you two work over Kitty did get me tingling to have some play time..."

Fru: "Now Lara, that is an offer we'll be glad to extend to you. Just put this on"

Fru handed Lara a stretchy latex band. "Just slip it over your head and around your neck. It will be amazing!" Lara looked at Frue full of lust and slipped the collar over her head. When it was snugly in place Lara could feel it contract and gasped as she felt a tiny prick in the back of her neck.

"Night night" Rel said just after she slipped the collar over Batgirls head.

The two ghosts looked at each other in victory as they set to work on binding their two playmates.

Lara awoke with a pounding headache as she tried to take in her surroundings. She could see her beautiful mansion with the inviting pool right in front of her. But the sharp pains in her shoulders and back entrance shook her to reality. Her arms were tied, tightly. Lara guessed her palms and elbows were tied to one another and cruelly pulled towards the sky making her bend over. She flexed her ass muscles only to feel a large plug occupying her rear. Trying to get some decent footing she found out her legs were held wide apart by possibly a spreader bar.

Suppressing the immediate urge to hurl made her aware of the large phallus shaped object tied tightly in her mouth. She was well and truly stuck! What the hell had those two ghosts done! She struggled with all her might, but only succeeded in making her shoulders hurt more. She sighed in pain as she tried to take her mind to another place.

"The stuck up bitch is awake" Rel said. "Good" Fru said as she pulled Lara's head up by her pony tail. Fru pulled Lara's gag out with her free hand.

Fru: "Where are Solomon's gems?"

Lara: "What?"


Lara cried out in pain as she felt the lash of Rel's whip.

Fru: "Again, where do you keep the gems that you raided from Solomon's tombe?"

Lara: "What?! I don't understand."

Fru: "Sigh...."

Behind Lara, Rel pulled on a valve handle.

Lara gasped loudly

Fru: "Rel just started the flow on quite a big enema dear. Just so you know, we're not pulling out that plug until you tell us what we need to know."

Lara: "I don't know what you're talking about! I've never..."

Lara was cut short by Fru sadistically pinching, twisting and pulling her left nipple.

Fru: "BULLSHIT! Just tell where the god damn gems are!"

Lara (Still in pain): "I don't know what the bloody hell you're talking about!"

Fru: "Fine" As she stuffed Lara's gag back in.

Rel walked around Lara and stood right in front of her. "You know... we have a little secret" She said. "But I'm going to let you in on it!" She said with a wink.

Rel proceeded by hooking her thumbs in the G-string she was wearing. Pulling them down and stepping out of them. Rel stood very close to Lara and grabbed her by the hair.

"You see this?" Rel asked while pointing to a little round spot a couple of centimeters above her clit. "It's my dick" She said as she turned away from Lara.

Lara looked in awe as Rel just 'grew' a penis. It wasn't enormous or small, it just fit her frame perfectly. Odd, but it looked natural size wise.

Fru squatted down so she was eye to eye with Lara and said: "You know what the best thing is? Our semen is a truth serum!"

Lara felt the plug being pulled from her ass. Her bowels that exploded gave her both relief and intense humiliation. The sensation of something slippery at her anus made her gasp, but the moment Rel penetrated her she could not suppress a deep moan. The rocking motion that the fucking caused felt painful in her shoulders, but the overall feeling was so amazing. Lara's breathing was in tune with Rel violating her ass every pounce. Soon an orgasm washed over Lara, only to be followed by another, and another. After only seconds every time Rel pushed in Lara had a bigger orgasm then the previous one.

( link opens in new window )

With a wild roar Rel came in Lara's ass. Gush after gush of semen flowed in Lara's bowels. Rel pulled herself out and quickly plugged Lara's ass back up.

Lara's mind immediately became clogged. She couldn't figure out what went wrong, but the back of her mind spoke to her "It's the truth serum". It took Lara only a second to realize she just mumbled that into her gag. A second after that Lara's head began to spin and all went dark.

When her eyes opened again Lara saw only water. The beautiful bottom of the pool was smiling up at her. A foot came into view, followed by a leg, a knee and a upper leg. Rel drifted beneath the suspended Lara on Lara's favorite blow up lounge chair.

"Comfy?" Rel asked. Lara caught herself saying: "Yes mistress, I prefer the hogtie over the strappadoo. The fact that scared Lara, was that she hadn't even worked out that she was in a hogtie yet. But somehow her sub-contentious just knew she was in one.

Rel started to caress Lara's body. Slowly running her fingers and hands over her tight stomach, lightly rolling her nipples and cupping her breasts. Lara had closed her eyes and was moaning in ecstasy.

Rel: "Lara?"

Lara: "Yes mistress?"

Rel: "Where did you hide the gems you took from Solomon's tombe?"

Lara: "I handed them to a craftsman specialized in collars Miss. He made a beautiful silver and red collar with them. I gave that to Bats on her last birthday Miss."

Rel: "Aaaaaawh! That's so cute! But where is that collar now?"

Lara: "We don't know Miss. Catwoman stole it, that's one of the reasons we abducted her. So we could find out where she took them."

Rel looked Lara in the eye with love, lust and gratitude. "Thank you doll, that's all we need to know" and she just floated away.

Time passed but Lara wasn't aware of it. She could only feel the wonderful feel of the arm-binder trapping her arms. The silky smooth ropes encircling her body, trapping her and keeping her suspended over the pool. The slow and smooth waves almost hypnotizing her. Time, space, nothing mattered. Lara felt wonderful.

And then everything went dark again....

Chapter IX (added: 07/07/11)

When Lara opened her eyes she could only see a row of teeth, a mouth that made a huge smile on a pretty face. It took her a couple seconds but she finally worked out it was the face of her Bats!

Bats: "Hiya sleepyhead! You decided to join the world of the living again?"

Lara: "Huh? What do you mean?"

Bats: "What do I mean? Hello... you have been out for just under two days. Fru said they wanted to get a big lead on you while they took Kitty to find their gems."

Lara: "Two days! I've been suspended in this hogtie for two bloody days! Why haven't you gotten me out of here!"

Bats: "Well, there isn't a good way of getting you out of there. If I would have cut the roped you'd drown. The arm-binder doesn't have anything on it, it's just solid leather and the ropes don't have ends or beginnings. I wouldn't know where to start!"

Lara: "What..... So I'm stuck here? Have you tried to cut them, or heck why haven't you tried my guns!"

Bats: "Now now, Fru explained it all to me. Once the time is right you would be released, the bondage stuff they tied us with will automatically release. When it's ready, mine just released me half an hour after they left. Plus, it's their going away present."

Lara: "Great so I'm stuck here...."

Before the last words came out of Lara's mouth the ropes all gave way and released Lara on top of Bats. They both yelped loudly but managed to keep the big air mattress afloat. Which was a good thing, since Lara was still bound by the arm-binder. It meant jumping through a couple of hoops, but they managed to get to the side safely. Once at shore Bats fed Lara a bit to eat before examining the ropes and the arm-binder trapping Lara's arms.

Bats: "You know, I think how this thing works. There are little white gems on here, they are placed like buttons. Maybe one of them will release the binder?"

Lara: "Well, give it your best shot I'd say."

The first button that Bats pressed caused a wide band to slip around Lara's stomach, keeping the bottom of the arm-binder close to Lara's back. "Nope, that's not it" Bats said as she pressed the next button which formed a wide leather band to form over Lara's pubic area.

"Is there even one to release this thing" Lara asked loudly before a gag slipped over her face. Bats could only just suppress a giggle which earned her a stern look from Lara. "Three down, six to go babe..." Bats said while giggling.

The next button Bats pressed added a blindfold over Lara's eyes, number 5 added a strap below her breasts, number six one above her breasts. Number 7 and 8 Bats didn't see, but the yelp and the louder yelp didn't seem like a mystery for her.

"Last button babe. I won't be disappointed when it adds something instead of a release. You look like a treat!" Bats gave Lara a long kiss on her gagged lips and pressed the last gem. That last gem caused the arm-binder to pack itself up in a white gem formed package with the little icon of a arm-binder on the top.

The first words out of Lara's mouth were: "I'm so going to put you in that thing next time. It's amazing!"

"I'm afraid that won't work babe. It says right here on the bottom. Place between Lara Croft's shoulder blades. But don't worry, Rel said they would mail me my present. They didn't have time to fix it up."

Six months later........

Lara and Bats were just returning from a long run, when they sprinted the corner which led them in the main gate they just saw the postman getting in his truck. On the front door he had left a parcel.

The ladies waved at the postman as he drove off, picked up the package and headed for the showers.

After the shower Lara opened the package to find allot of wrapping. In the wrapping was a smaller box and an envelope. The envelope read "Read me first"

Lara opened the letter and started reading out loud:

"Hi Bats and Lara,

First of all, we're terribly sorry we had to go to such extremes to get the information we needed from you two. But our time was limited and we just needed it, plus we think you enjoyed it anyhow.

But you must have been wondering why we were so desperate for those gems. The reason is that we have had enough of this life and we want to move on, the gems allowed us to finally start living the rest of our mortal lives. We have had to break Bats her collar, but we have had it rebuilt with gems that look alike. It's not the real deal anymore but we hope it will suffice. We have set Kitty up in Gotham city with a new identity and new life, all she knows now is that she's an unemployed dancer who had been fired last night. We've left her with the means to start all over again and we doubt anyone will recognize her as Cat woman. We did manage to raid her lair of all the cash as to give us a nice mortal life to live out. We are going to have the old mental hospital torn down and build a nice house on the old site. The ghosts of the soldiers have been put to rest as well, we're sure they will find more judgment in their afterlives. The work is coming along nicely and we're sure it will be done when you receive this package. Of course you two will be more then welcome to visit!

All and all we found our time with you two the best time we have ever had. We hope we can do it again sometime. But as all good things must come to an end so must this letter.

Thank you and lots of love,

Anna and Petra.

P.s: Bats her present is in the box as well."

Lara didn't read the last part out loud, but grinned to Bats and said "Undress you little minx, it's pay back time!"

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Thursday, June 19, 2014  

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I've been brewing up another idea that I want to work on. It does involve Lara, Bats I'm not sure about yet. I have not even started writing yet, but I hope you'll like it.

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Hello Linksys,
I really love this story.
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