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Sci-Club-Fi Bondage Club
  • Author - Danny  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, M-f, M-m, reluctant, armbinder, bondage, chastity, drugs, latex, machine, mind-control, sci-fi, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 5/9/2010
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Author's Note: As always, i really appreciate any suggestions for further chapters. I hope you all continue to enjoy my work. :)

Update (09/21/11): As always, I would appreciate your suggestions as to where this story should continue. This may be the end of the story, or it may continue. Please e-mail me suggestions.

The sensual world of BDSM

Part 1

Katie waited at the entrance to a club she had never been before. Standing outside her car, she balanced on her conservative one inch black sandal high heeled shoes, shifting her weight from side to side. She pulled her cell phone out of her pocket, and it read "No txt messages, no voicemails". She stamped her foot impatiently.

Katie wasn't nervous about going to a club, she was pretty confident in the bar and club scene, though was not a wild child by any means. At 25, she had graduated college, and was a school teacher in a nice suburban district of Chicago. She was a mild mannered woman, very shy and quiet, something her fiancé loved about her. Infact, the fiancé was the problem tonight. More specifically, his best friend.

Danny, her fiancé, had known Claire since grammar school. They were friends and friends only and had never even held hands. Still, to Katie, she was the enemy. Having been cheated on before by an ex-she was jealous of any woman too close to Danny. She trusted Danny, but not Claire.

Suddenly her phone vibrated, causing her to read the text.

Claire: "Nice outfit, a little conservative but it will work, look behind you."

Katie looked behind her and saw Claire in her little S.U.V. grabbing her purse, a few spot's behind Katie's car. She was grabbing her purse.

Katie looked down at her outfit. She was wearing jeans, tight on the hips with a flared leg. She covered her top with a royal purple sweater with a lower neck, though not a single millimeter of her cleavage could be seen, or her conservative black panties and bra. She was, especially to Danny, a very attractive woman, 5'8'' and around 130 lbs. She was semi-large chested with a 34C cup size, and a tight, athletic ass. She moved some of the shoulder length brunette hair from her face as Claire approached.

Claire's hair was longer, to the small of her back. It was a sandy blond, and Katie noticed that Claire did infact weigh less then her, but was smaller chested. She was very athletic, with firm abs that she flaunted with her belly baring button up blouse and her tight jeans. She wore boots, black leather that was on the outside of her jeans. With the 3 inch heel, she was now the same height as Katie.

Katie slightly rolled her eyes, wondering why this tramp was dressed the way she was. Who did she think she is?

Claire approached and they exchanged an awkward hug.

"Hey there Katie, shall we go in?" Claire asked.

"Umm...I guess so," Katie continued, "What is this all about?"

"Oh no need to fret," Claire said, "I'll explain inside, come on it's cold."

Katie chuckled to herself, thinking that if Claire's black blouse and super tight jeans had been more appropriate, she wouldn't be so cold.

There was a line, and silently the two women stood outside in the slight drizzle that a Chicago spring will deliver. Both checked text messages, and gazed at the normally dressed crowd of women and men.

Finally, they entered under a bright blue sign that read "Sci-Club-Fi".

As with any other club they checked the girl's I.D.'s, and gave them a bright yellow wrist band that signified they were old enough to dress.

It was now that Katie's eyes perked up. First she noticed that once I.D.'d the majority of the crowd turned left, into a hallway with a sign above it saying "Changing rooms". Only a few people were turning right, into a hallway that said "The club."

"Katie Dear, go to the one on the right!", Claire yelled through the pulsating music and flashing lights.

Katie nodded and rolled her eyes at being called dear.

Katie took a few steps when a gigantic bouncer blocked her path.

"Forgetting something missy?" He asked with folded arms.

"Umm...not that I know of", Katie stammered, " Am I?"

The bulky man in a shirt too tight pointed to a booth where several patrons were standing. A club employee in a revealing but not scandalous top was fitting them with something around their necks. It was a band, not unlike the glowing ones that some people wore in hip-hop clubs to stand out, but was thicker. Katie wandered over and patiently all be it nervously awaited her turn.

When it was her turn, the woman calmly asked her to turn around and then snapped the band around Katie's neck, after lifting her hair.

Katie examined it, and made a mental not to take it off the moment she got inside. It was a very large band, and Katie knew she could easily lift it over her head without even unsnapping it.

She waited at the entrance of the hallway for Claire as she too was fitted with an identical collar. The two walked silently next to each other, Claire smiling more then Katie.

When they approached the end of the hallway, Katie noticed a blue wide beam of light that seemed to encompass the entrance to the club. She had to admit that it was a really cool effect, and she eagerly walked through it watching the light cascade down her body.

A slight tightness on her throat caught her attention. She looked down and felt the band, and too her horror, found it far tighter then before! Where she had previously been able to fit a fist between her skin and the band, she could barley now fit a fingernail!

"Hey!" Katie yelped.

"Calm down," Claire calmly said," Calm down and walk back through the light there."

Katie did, and the band expanded to its previous size. Katie walked back into the club and again it tightened. It was very tight, but did not cut off her air supply and she could still move her neck freely.

"Some of the stuff here is really fascinating, isn't it?" Claire asked.

"I...I guess so," Katie said nervously, "Why are we here again?"

"Let's get a booth and I'll explain," Claire stated matter of factly.

Katie fidgeted with her neck band as Claire calmly walked through the dancing bodies and bright lights to find a booth in the corner where to two sat down across from each other. A waiter approached and the two ordered, Katie a Margarita and Claire a beer.

Part 2

"Katie," Claire started," We need to talk. I love Danny, but only as a friend."

Katie rolled her eyes annoyed.

"I mean it," Claire insisted. "He's been my best friend since grammar school, but that's where it stopped. I know you hate me, but I actually like you. If you make Danny happy...well...then I'm happy. I just wanted to....

Claire stopped interrupted, and looked at her phone.

"Oh shit Katie, I apologize," said Claire." I have to take this, I will be right back."

Katie nodded, and instantly took out her own phone as soon as Claire was out of sight. She texted her two best friends, Theresa and Jean, about the events. Katie wondered where everyone was. The line was huge outside, but the bar was actually quite empty, as was the dance floor.

While she waited, a drink appeared on her desk, with a waiter pointing to a man at the bar. Katie politely nodded, and made a mental note to tell Danny the funny story. The man was very muscular, in jeans, combat boots and no shirt. He smiled and winked at Katie, causing Katie to laugh to herself.

"Weirdo", she mumbled under her breath.

Katie looked at the drink, in a simple whiskey glass. It was clear, and smelled fruity with maybe vodka. In the reflection of the glass, Katie noticed something. Her band, which had glowed green since the moment she put it on, now had a small red light on the left side by her jugular. It was blinking quickly, reminding her of the one on her wireless router when she it was connected to the internet.

Holding the cup in her left hand, she felt the light with her right and found nothing, not even a bump.

A sharp pain snapped Katie out of trance, causing her to drop the glass which shattered all over the table. The pain came from her shoulders, causing her to yelp and then moan loudly. She wiggled and protested as her arms were pulled behind her by some sort of a magical force. They tingled and ached as they were pulled behind her until her elbows touched, causing her ample chest to touch the table's edge.

Katie wiggled and protested, as she felt something on hands, smooth and cold. She looked back over her shoulder and watched something that looked like solid black leather magically snake up her arms. It took about 30 seconds, but soon her arms were wrapped behind her in a leather sheath of some kind despite Katie's best efforts. Once it was approaching her armpits, the leather stopped. A small band at the top of it wrapped around Katie, and she opened her eyes wide in terror as a small padlock appeared on her chest.

"What the fuck is this!?" Katie yelled as she frantically tried to get the sheath off, rolling her fingers and her shoulders in pain. It was then that she noticed the man with no shirt. He was now sitting towards her, still at the bar. He was staring at her, not like a pervert but like a predator watching prey. In his hands he held a small palm pilot and his finger was holding the electronic pencil, tapping away.

Katie's neck band suddenly felt much more solid. She moaned as the band expanded until it was no longer an inch wide, but covered her whole neck. Despite her best attempts, she felt herself mover her head until she could only look straight ahead in the booth, unable to look up or down, or to the sides.

Twisting her body at the waist, she tried to get out of the booth, wiggling on her rear end.

As she got to the end of the bench, a person sat down trapping her in the booth. Twisting her body she saw it was the man from the bar, palm pilot in hand. He had since moved over and was now sitting on her bench, pinning her into the booth. Katie frantically wiggled trying to get out.

"What the fuck is this! What the fuck is going on?!" Katie screamed.

Though she was screaming at the top of her lungs, no one other then the man could really hear her thanks to the pounding music of the club.

"Get me the fuck out of this thing you freak!" Katie continued.

"My my my, that won't do little lady," the man said with a calm, English accent. "Let me fix that for you."

Katie's mouth felt full. It slowly opened despite her best attempts to close it. As she wrestled with her mouth, the man's hand reached over and slowly began to grope and unceremoniously feel Katie's chest. She closed her eyes hard, trying desperately to bite down on the solid metal ring that she could now feel and taste in her mouth. Leather straps snaked out from the ring, wrapping under her hair and behind her head. In 30 seconds she had gone from a screaming woman to a ring gagged gagging and grumbling woman.

"Now," the man started, still squeezing and kneading. "Judging from the reaction your giving, this is your first time here. Too bad so sad. Apparently, no one told you about your collar. You see, this is a BDSM club, with some um...magical powers I guess you could say. Weather you like it or not, you are now my slave. My name is Jack, and it is a pleasure to meet you."

Katie began to cry, her boobs aching almost as much as her shoulders now.

"Why don't I give you a demonstration?" the man asked with a smile. "Yes, topical idea. You can see how much I can restrict you, but here is something else I can do."

With that the man tapped his palm pilot. Instantly Katie's legs burned. She yelped, and twisted at her waist in a failed attempt to look down. She did not, however feel any more restrictions. After about 30 seconds the man spoke.

"Such smooth legs you have my little one." The man said.

He shifted his hand trailing down her stomach to her legs. A slight breeze and the man's caress told Katie that some how her pants were now gone. On the table, a folded pair of jeans suddenly materialized through a blue glow.

"Ny Pawts!!!!" Katie screamed in anger.

The man ignored her. He simply caressed and stroked her beautiful thighs with a predatory smile.

"Now now, " the man said, "I think you should defiantly change your clothes. What do you say?"

Fudge wew! Was Katie's response.

"Ok, enough of this the man said with a sudden anger. He tapped his palm pilot and Katie jumped and froze as a million tiny stabbing pains erupted under her collar. The man held up his palm pilot so that Katie could see it.

"Nanobyte's inserting, loading submission program", blinked across the screen.

( link opens in new window )

Katie wanted to scream, but her body was feeling so much calmer, almost as if it was floating. Unknown to her, a million tiny little robots were now injected into her blood stream, and flooding her mind and body with chemicals and thoughts. She felt a need to sit still, and listen to Master Jack.

"That's better aye?" Master Jack said, as he calmly reached around her, holding her waist and sitting Katie on his lap.

Katie leaned back, breathing deeply as she rested against his chest. Master Jack reached around, and stroked Katie's now submissive and responding chest. As her nipples poked out, visible despite her bra and sweater, Master Jack tweaked and pleased them. Soon Katie and Master Jack felt a growing dampness in her soft cotton panties.

"Whats say we get you dressed?" Master Jack asked.

Katie nodded slowly with closed eyes. Master Jack stood up and Katie wiggled her way out of the booth, standing next to him. Master Jack touched his palm pilot and a small silver chain appeared within seconds, dangling from Katie's collar. It had a leather band on the end of it, and Katie realized it was a leash with a handle, not that she minded now.

Master Jack looked at the man and followed him into another room.

From across the club, Claire smiled.

Katie followed her Master Jack into a room that had only a concrete floor and a large metal cage. Not that he had to, because Katie would have willingly complied, the man shoved Katie into the 6ft X 6ft X 6ft cell with shinny steel bars. Katie stumbled in, turned and faced him. She saw the man tapping again on his magical palm pilot. She stood calmly as the same tingling sensation now encompassed her whole body. She dropped a few inches, and realized that all of her clothing, including her small heels, was gone. Sure enough her folded sweater, bra and panties appeared at her Master's feet, her shoes on top of them.

"Oh my," Master Jack said." Now were getting somewhere. I think I caught me a winner aye?"

Katie nodded with a submissive giggle.

"Now let's see here..." Master Jack said, tapping away.

Katie's breasts moved up on their own, supported by some invisible force. The lifted and pushed into each other creating a barley audible moan from her. Soon, despite Katie not being able to see it, a black leather mid-drift top covered her top. It was tight, sleeveless and ended mere inches below her breasts. Across the front read "Sc-Club-Fi cheer squad" in fancy script.

Something tickled Katie's thigh, as a matching black pleated skirt now magically adorned her hips. It was tiny, barley covering her crotch and ass.

One of the walls of the cage suddenly became a mirror, so Katie could see herself. She was not a bondage cheerleader, wearing a black leather tiny cheer outfit. She could not do much cheering though, still wearing her ring gag, posture collar and arm-binder...terms her brain somehow knew now.

The door opened, and Katie exited. Master Jack grabbed her leash and led her over to a small bench. He had her sit on it and she flirted with him by gliding her ass across his crotch as she sat. He lifted her feet and placed them on his lap.

"This is something my hands enjoy, and not the machines", Master Jack said.

With that, he tapped his palm pilot and a pair of boots appeared on the bench. Katie watched nervously as the heels were lifted by Master Jack, and slid onto her feet. He took great delight in this aspect of his game with his unknowing pawn. Katie's feet arched painfully as they slid into the 7 inch ballet boots. They were calf boots, made of very hard, tough and sturdy leather. He tied the laces, tighter then Katie ever would have, and then began to snap the straps around her feet. Each boot had three straps. One went over her foot and under her instep, another around her ankle, and a third at the top by her calf muscle.

As her feet ached, Katie moaned, and slowly tried to withdraw her feet from the man's lap.

"Oh dear," the man said as he tapped his palm pilot. "I can only inject you with those little hooligans once a night, and the club's rule is that you can only be enslaved for one hour by a dom. I guess we need to hurry up little one aye?"

Katie felt herself lifted onto her feet, balancing on her arched toes. Though she had not noticed, the cage was gone. In it's place was something that looked like a saw horse, a wooden road block. The difference was that it had several rings on it.

Katie was physically forced to the horse, and the man Jack bent over it. The chemicals wearing off, she struggled slightly as she was bent over it. Her ankles were wrapped in cuffs and soon her legs we spread to the legs of the wooden black horse. Katie wiggled, and began to whimper as her abilities slowly came back to her. She could not stop the man Jack from connecting a chain to the end of her armbinder, and clip it to a ring on the ceiling. She watched in horror as the man Jack connected her leash to a ring on the floor, immobilizing her.

Soon he was behind her, and it was then that Katie realized in terror that she was wearing no panties. She shook her hips trying to avoid the inevitable but knew that she was only enticing her.

He entered her, but not her pussy as expected, but her ass. She jumped loudly as his lubricated cock pulsed like a jack hammer (couldn't resist the pun).

"Feel...Feel that Baby!" The man yelled through ragged breaths. "Feel that?! That's....thats a...s special lubricant...it's....it's...oh god you're so tight....it's going to make you itch there...for....for hours!"

Katie screamed and shook frantically trying to get away but it was inevitable. Soon, deep inside her rear end she felt a painful and uncontrollable itch. This, coupled with the man's cock in her rear was too much, and she sobbed. She begged and pleaded to the man that completely ignored her.

"Oh...Oh...here it comes!" he yelled.

A strange flooding sensation filled her rear. She knew that the man Jack had just emptied his load into her ass. Through blurry vision she collapsed onto the horse, and passed out.

Part 3

Katie awoke in the same room. The man was gone and the only thing in the room was her clothes, folded nicely including her jeans which had been left on the booth's table.

In seconds she was dressed, and walking out of the room. Her "cheerleading outfit" was gone, as was the horse.

She entered the main room, where people acted as if nothing had happened. She scratched her ass, the cream inside her causing a painful and irritating feeling. There was something different though. In the middle of the room, offset from the dance floor was a large flat screen TV. Several men and women were huddled around it. Katie approached cautiously and looked. She rubbed her ass, not caring if she looked weird or not.

Claire was on a bed with three other men. She was dressed in a very sluttly French maid's outfit. She was on all fours, unbound. One man pumped his cock into her mouth while another slammed into her ass. Claire straddled the third man, whose cock appeared to be deep inside her cunt.

"What happened to her?" Katie asked.

"Well she got collared by Master Logan, and fought him." A random man said. "I guess she kicked him in the crotch. Apparently she wasn't here to be used. Seriously, why would you come here, wear a collar, and not be happy Master Logan collared you? I mean, all he did was put a butt plug in her."

Katie felt a little better. She hurried out of the room. Just as she entered the blue beam at the exit of the room her collar blinked. She turned around looking into the room as a beautiful, tall blonde goddess stared at Katie. Katie stepped through the light and her collar expanded. She ripped it off and stormed out as the Mistress snapped her fingers frustrated.

Katie walked to her car, almost running in the rain. On her windshield she found a large plastic bag. It was clipped under her windshield wipers. She got into her car and opened it.

Inside were 8X10 pictures of her night from start to finish. From sitting in the booth, to being bound, to being changed, to being ass rapped to exiting. A note said:
Claire is a professional slave here. We pay $400 a night. If you're interested, call me.

-Steve Ramski....owner operator of Sci-Club-Fi

Katie read it and put it in the passenger seat itching her ass.

She pulled out her phone, and texted Theresa and Jean.

"What are you doing next week, I found a sweet club!"

Part 4

Katie sat at her computer a week later. She had in fact called Steve, but had decided that she needed to visit a few more times before she sought employment. Steve had recommended a few websites which Katie was not perusing.

The itching in her rear finally gone, her hand clicked the mouse quickly. While Thresa was out of town, her best friend Jean had decided to come along, and bring Jean's cousin Amanda.

Jean was Katie's college room mate. She was a pleasantly plump woman with a warm smile and auburn hair. She had a large heart and was always very kind to Katie. She was also a prude. Jean hadn't been kissed in 3 years, and Katie was determeined to break her out of her shell. Where better to do so then at the Sci-club-Fi!

Amanda was...a tramp. She was your stereotypical blond bombshell. Despite being short at only 5'3" she had a large chest and long athletic legs that came from countless hours on a treadmill.

Katie saw her previous week's anal intrusion not as a rape but as an opportunity. She of coarse wished she could have read about this place in the paper and not experienced it first hand, but she now knew she had to learn more about this world. A plan had formed in her head to not only help Jean, but break Amanda.

Katie again stood outside the club, in the same parking space as before. She wore a similar outfit, conservative black sweater, nice jeans with some embrodiary, and gym shoes. Katie planned on doing more watching tonight then participating, so decided her high heeled shoes could wait. There was no rain thankfully tonight as she listened her phone chime.

New Text message: Jean : Be there in two minutes. This place is in the back woods huh? Lol

Soon Jean's car pulled up. The two woman stepped out. Katie chuckled to herself when she saw Amanda's outfit. As usual she was dressed like a slut. A white satin blouse was un-buttoned showing off her ample cleavage. Her legs were covered only by a tiny white cotton skirt that reminded Katie of something a contry singer would wear. High heeled black leather knee high boots covered her feet. Katie could clearly see the black lace lingerie that Amanda wore beneath her "clothes".

"She won't be in that long", Katie thought to herself.

Jean wore her usual flat sandals and a flowing black ankle length dress that covered her to the ankles. It had small blue flowers on it which matched her blue blouse which was buttoned up to the top button.

"My, that is one big purse dear," Jean said looking at Katie.

"Oh," Katie said nervously, "You know, that time of the month. It sucks."

The three woman chuckled, and then Katie led them to the entrance. As they waited in line, Katie set her plan in motion.

"I hate Aunt flow," she said, "I need this line to hurry up. I need a washroom now."

The three woman shared horror stories of their PMS lives.

As soon as they entered, Katie gave the men her ID, was fitted with her collar, and then entered the club. As before, the blue beam of light shrank her collar, but this time she smiled evilly.

Katie knew she had left her friends at the door. She also knew that they were too gullible, especially Amanda, to not enter club. She also knew, from experience, that the bouncers would not let them enter without a collar. All Katie had to do was remain hidden. And of coarse, Katie had a plan for that.

Katie had been online as I mentioned before. I did not mention what she had purchased. Sci-Club-Fi had it's own site and there was several objects and outfits that one could buy. Unfortunately, Katie could not find a palm pilot on the site. She did however, find a solid black hood. It was leather, thicker then Katie would have liked though. She did however like that it was the only one without a blindfold or a gag. With any luck, Katie could put the hood on, sit at the bar un-noticed and watch the plights of Jean and Amanda.

Katie entered the stall and opened her large purse. She pulled out the mass of leather and quickly pulled her hair into a pony tail. There was a loop at the top of the hood and she fed her hair through it before the hood settled on her head. She adjusted it, while sitting on the toilet until it was seated correctly. Wanting to be an observer, she did not lock the buckle or the strings in the back of the hood. As quick as she could she stood and exited, finding a seat at the bar hiding as best she could in the corner of the club. She was confident her friends could not see her, nor recognize her now.

( link opens in new window )

"Excuse me" Katie said in the direction of the bartender. "I would like a vodka cranberry and one of those pal pilot things please."

"Well I can get you your drink", said the handsome bartender," but the palm pilots can only be given by the owner, Steve."

"Shit", Katie thought to herself. She took out her phone and called Steve, but frowned when she received only a voicemail.

Katie stirred her drink and rotated the stool as Amanda and Jean entered. The two both looked nervous and were fidgeting with their collars. Jean was inspecting Amanda's and trying to wiggle it off. The two looked nervous but not scared.

It was then that Katie noticed something. The person next to her who she had previously only seen as a screen to hide behind had walked off and left their palm pilot. Katie seized the opportunity.

It took a few seconds to figure out, but soon Katie had a map of the room. Blue and red dots moved around the floor-plan and Katie soon realized that the red ones were submissive, like her and her friends, and the blue ones were dominant. She counted 13 doms and only 5 subs. She knew that meant she was on borrowed time. She had to get the ball rolling on Amanda and Jean and then leave before someone discovered her in the corner.

Katie found Jean and Amanda, they were standing on the corner of the dance floor. Amanda was talking and laughing on the phone oblivious to the peril she was in while Jean nervously was texting. Katie's phone buzzed in her pocket, and she read the text.

Jean: Where are you, this place is creepy and Amanda won't shut up.

Katie tapped Amanda's little red icon. A screen popped up that had Amanda's driver's liscence picture on it. A small screen on the side dropped down.

1.Remove clothing

2.Attach object

3.Restrict ability

4.Adjust object

Katie clipped the "Attach object" section and a drop down menu appeared, with over 700 options all alphabetical! A great deal of them Katie did not know, but when she got to the B's she found one for Amanda.

"Butt Plug (remote control)"

Katie touched it and looked at Amanda.

Amanda dropped her phone and yelped looking at Jean in terror. She lifted her own skirt and began to claw at her rear end. Her black satin and lace thong expanded and protruded out as the buttplug, a steel color, slowly materialized in her rear end. Speechless she jumped and whined looking at Jean who looked lost and useless.

Amanda grabbed the base of the plug and tried to pull it out but was unable to. Little to her knowledge, microscopic hooks had embedded themselves into the walls of Amanda's virgin asshole.

Katie tapped it again and another drop down chart entered with several butt plug options. Katie first chose the one named "tingle".

Amanda jumped and moaned, sobbing and whimpering. She bent her knees, trying to pull out the plug as Jean watched memorized.

Katie clicked on it again, but the screen had changed. It was back to the original floor plan, and Amanda's icon was now green. Katie clicked on it, and a message popped up.

"Slave 2114 "Amanda Stevenson" is under the control of Master 0024, Marcus Cortez. He out ranks you and you are no longer allowed to play with his property."

Katie stamped her foot, and then quickly clicked on Jean's icon. The second she did, Jean's icon turned green.

"Slave 2115 "Jean Stevenson" is under the control of Master 0192, Yuri Ramanov. He out ranks you and you are no longer allowed to play with his property."

Katie tossed the controller down and looked up. A huge muscular Hispanic man was connecting a leash to Amanda who was trying desperately to beat him off. Her mouth was stuffed with a giant red ball gag, and her shirt was now folded neatly at her feat, causing her lace covered tits to sway as she resisted.

Jean yelped. Katie turned her attention to her. Jean's conservative shoes soon morphed. Over the coarse of 30 seconds the heel's grew to an intense 8 inches. They crawled up and under her dress. Soon, Jean teetered on the heels with only her toes touching the floor, her feet arched to the near vertical. Jean lost her balance and fell on her side. She lifted her dress trying to find laces to untie but failed.

Part 5

It was then that Katie felt a new, strange sensation. Her vision seemed cloudy and darker. Katie wiped her eyes but felt some sort of a covereing that felt oddly like leather. As it darkened, Katie took a deep breath as the realization that someone had added a blindfold to her hood sunk in. Katie calmly, to not draw attention to herself tried to unhook the blindfold but found it a solid part of the hood now.

The next sensation touched her lips. It was if part of the hood was flooding into her mouth and Katie could taste the leather. She knew better to resist it, but calmly began to accept the leather in her mouth. Soon it expanded until her mouth was filled to capacity, her tongue pinned down. It slowly changed until a vein covered leather penis stuffed her mouth.

It was then that she remembered her hood was not locked or fastened. Katie lifted her arms to the back of her head, and it was then when the unseen dom struck.

Hands, soft but firm slid from her shoulder blades, under her armpits and over her breasts. Unlike the man Jack, these were warm, almost soothing. They massaged her chest, rubbing it softly. Katie hated to admit it, but with in seconds she knew she would willingly submit to whoever owned these hands.

A kiss on her neck mad her exhale, which was followed by the words "Let me help you with that sweetie".

Katie nodded as the hands left her chest. She wanted them back and started to look behind her when her hood tightened. She felt the strings, one at a time being tightened. When they could tighten no more, there was a loud pop, signifying that this person had locked it.

"Ah, much better," said the voice.

It was then that Katie recognized it as a female.

"Umm...I Ish nawt a lezbyan", Katie mumbled.

"Shhhh", said the voice returning her hands to Katie's chest, "Here, you are whatever I want you to be.

Katie felt the woman's hands slide down her stomach and under her sweater. When the woman whispered into Katie's ear that she should lift her arms up, Katie complied. She exhaled as the woman removed Katie's sweater. Before she could lower her arms, Katie's breasts swung free as the woman lifted Katie's bra over her head.

"Now little slave", the woman whispered seductively, "Your going to be a good girl and stand, right?"

Katie nodded, and stepped off the bar-stool. Her jeans popped open and the woman slid down her jeans and white panties in one fluid motion. Every inch her pants slipped down, the woman kissed Katie's right leg...then kissed her way up her left leg. Katie arched her back as her breathing increased.

Katie could tell the woman was in-front of her but couldn't see it. Soon the woman kissed Katie's neck as her hands fidgeted around Katie's crotch. The stimulation down there aroused Katie, but it was strange. There was no insertion. No caressing. It was like the Mistress had a purpose, but pleasuring Katie wasn't it.

As soon as it started, the sensations were gone. No more kisses, no more crotch touching. Katie shifted her head looking around blindly. What she did notice was a dull weight that seemed to be centered right on her clit. She shifted her legs and felt a cool chain tickle her shins.

The woman, a few feet away, yanked the clit leash she had clipped onto Katie and grinned evilly as Katie yelped out of breath and stumbled into her. The woman embraced Katie and tugged menacingly on the clit leash.

"Such a lovely capture tonight," the woman whispered. "I saw you install the butt plug on your friend over there. Those hooks are evil you know? You should know, the same technology is now installed on that little clitty of yours. Don't you?"

Again she tugged on the clit leash. Katie yelped and exhaled into her gag again as the Mistress drove home the point.

Katie moaned and nodded at a furious pace, her crotch becoming wetter by the second.

"Oh yes, I think this is going to go well for us both," the woman stated. "My name is Liz, however you will address me as Mistress. Is that understood Katie?"

Katie nodded and mumbled a "Yesh Miwteww".

"Such a good girl," Mistress Liz said with a voluptuous smile.

Part 6

Katie tried her best not to yelp, but failed as she was tugged along by her clit leash. A horrible problem had arisen for her. If she walked to slow, the leash would yank her clit. If she walked too fast, the nipple clamps that Mistress Liz had since added would wobble and tug on her sensitive nipples. She had no idea where she was going, she just wanted to get their quickly.

Finally they came to stop, Katie out of breath.

Though she could not see it, she could hear Mistress Liz tapping on her palm pilot.

"It says here you're a school teacher, 2nd grade." She said. "Well, I dought that school teacher's have these in their closet.

With that Katie's feet tingled. She felt herself rise up. What was strange was that she did not rise up as if she was on heels, her whole body rose up a few inches. After that, she got the expected as her feet arched into the 4 inch heel which now adorned her feet. She did not however feel any straps or boots on her feet.

"Now hunny," Mistress Liz said. "We are coming to some stairs. Nice and easy, one at a time, there we go, good girl. Ok stop, stay here."

Katie could not help but obey. Mistress Liz's voice was so warm, yet powerful.

There was some brief but soft tugs on her leash, causing Katie to take a step or two forward.

After a short while Katie could hear more voices. Most of them were male, but there was at least one other female, and a gagged one.

Katie's vision cleared. Slowly at first, but she knew the leather was reseeding.

Katie was on a platform. Her shoes were infact clear stiletto 4 inch platform stripper shoes. They were awkward, but she had to admit that her naked legs looked great in them. Several people had gathered around and were looking at her. There was 3 men, including Jack who was looking at her like a piece of meat. One male she didn't know.

Katie opened her eyes in horror when she saw Jean. She was in a black latex cat suit that had small holes in the front where her nipples stuck out. She wore a corset that looked heavy and metal, black like the suit. She still had the same boots on. She also noticed that there was a slit in the cat suit, exposing her pussy. Master Yuri, a Large over-weight man that was obviously eastern European, had Jean on his lap, his cock deep into her pussy.

Mistress Liz, a Large but not over-weight blond Mistress in an elegant red flowing dress looked at Katie and whispered "dance". It was then that Katie looked around. She was on a dance platform, with a large metal pole in the middle of it. Her leash had been fastened to it.

Bright red from embarrassment at having Jean see her like this, Katie wrapped her leg around the pole, and twirled.

Part 7 (added: 06/20/2010)

In two weeks, Katie would be married. She loved Danny, and she knew that while the club gave her good times, Danny made her happy in the long run. She thought this as she waited in line at Sci-Bondage-Fi.

You see, since Katie was to be married in two weeks, she wanted her one last fling. It was like her own private bachlorette party in her mind.

Since this was her last hooraw, she dressed appropriately. Katie didn't own any slutty clothing, her job as a private school teacher made it difficult. She did know how to dress though. A pink summer formal dress danced in the summer's cool breeze. It was a very beautiful dress, just a hint of cleavage and ending just above her knees. Her chilled legs were covered in tanned pantyhose. Under the dress she wore a set of light pink lingerie. It was not, of coarse, slutty but the ruffles and lace mixed with satin made Katie feel slutty, by her standards. Her shoes were white, leather sandals with a conservative 2 inch heel. Despite the small size of the heel, it was more un-conferrable then Katie's usual flats.

( link opens in new window )

As Katie looked around she watched the others in line. Some were obviously veterans, dressed in leather and latex right out in the public. Some looked like novices, a girl in jeans and a tank top, but her jeans bulging from the chastity belt beneath. Others looked clueless.

Katie opened her purse and checked her palm pilot. It read "Not in range".

Katie cursed the line. You see, Katie was not the prey tonight, but the predator. She was desperate to feel in control of another human being, male or female. She had been taken twice at the club, and now it was her vengeance. Every person she saw, wicked thoughts danced through her head.

"Oh that girl with the big tits", she thought, "I'd love to stripe them with a cane. That boy with the cute buns would look cuter stuffed with a strap on."

Finally, she was in. She was fitted with her collar as usual, and smiled as it tightened when she entered the club. Once inside, she immediately opened her palm pilot. She clicked her own icon and it popped up.

Katie Taylor
Age 26
Preference: slave
Sexuality: All
Limits: None

Katie tapped a few icons as she slowly walked with her head down. She was headed to the bar, where she could sit like an eagle on perch.

As she walked, her icon changed. After a few seconds of walking, Katie's Icon read...

Katie Taylor
Age 26
Preference: Mistress
Sexuality: All
Limits: None

Katie walked to the bar, her head low oblivious to her surroundings.

Suddenly a large beam of light appeared on Katie as a loud buzzer went off. Few people picked their heads up from their random activities, but a few looked at Katie.

Katie froze in fear. She stood motionless. A small hum erupted and Katie dropped her palm pilot. Despite the loud music, Katie could hear nothing, as if she was in another world though fully conscious. She put her legs together and slowly, nervously lowered herself to pick up the palm pilot while keeping her eyes on the crowd. She bent at the knees instead of the waist as to not flash the whole bar.

When she bent down, she looked at the ground. On either side of her feet a very small metallic pole spring out of the ground. It was thin, less then an inch wide and came up to just above her ankles. There it stayed, not touching her, for a few seconds approx 6 inches away. A slight click and Katie watched as from the top of this tiny pole a small nozzle appeared. It too was tiny, only about an inch around in circumference. The funnels pointed at Katie's feet as she stayed motionless.

A very small amount of yellow mist was expelled from the nozzles. Katie barley felt it, only a slight cooling on her feet and ankles. She looked down nervously, but with a growing sense that this was not as bad as it could be. Slowly she stood as her feet were covered. Despite this, there was not a visible sign of any change.

Katie picked up her palm pilot and clicked her icon, still motionless. Her icon was now green. When she clicked it, her name read...

"Katie Taylor is under the possession of BDSM trap 34. She will be available for your pleasure soon, but please be patient."

Katie got nervous and tried to walk away. As she did, she almost fell on her face. Her feet would not move. Katie pulled and tugged but she could simply not get her feet to leave the floor. Frantically she tried to remove her shoes but they were stuck on, unable to leave her feet.

Katie looked down in horror. A metal plate was rising up from the floor millimeters in front of her toes. Slowly with an unmistakable whining sound it rose until it was at her waist. There it stopped, close enough for Katie's pink dress to brush against it.

Then, magically, new plate extended horizontally out from it. Slowly it extended away from her, leading Katie to think that perhaps it was broken, or she was in the wrong spot. When the metal band was a few feet out, two openings appeared in it. Katie opened her mouth in shock. The floor had created a bench for her to bend over, and her tits would be in the opening. As a woman approached, Katie tried in panic to break the glue's trap on her feet.

"Oh calm down you little slut", the woman said. "You walked right into a clearly marked trap, don't act like you don't want this."

Part 8 (added: 06/20/2010)

For the first time Katie noticed a large yellow ring on the otherwise black floor. Katie was standing in the exact middle of it. Katie looked back at the girl in terror, speechless. The girl was holding what looked like a pair of black Olympic swimming goggles. She wore all black, black knee high stiletto boots, tight black jeans, and a black t-shirt with the logo of "Sci-club-Fi" on it. Her name tag read "Carly". She was not unattractive at all, with a short pageboy haircut, a great chest and wide but curvy hips that matched her body shape.

Carly walked behind Katie, and lifted the goggles over her head. Katie knew that struggling was useless in this place, especially with her feet glued to the floor. She could not resist raising her hands slightly though in defense and whimpering nervously as Carly placed the goggles over her eyes, and adjusted Katie's long hair. Once they were on, Katie was completely blinded.

"Don't worry", Carly said as her hands glided over the petrified girl's toned athletic ass, "With a body like yours, you will meet your quota in just a few hours."

"What?", Katie said with obvious fear, "Qu...Quota? What do ush bean Wauota....hey!"

Before Katie could inquire about the quota, her mouth was filled with the same ring gag that Master Jack had used. Katie reached up and tried to pull the gag out but the magic of this place kept it firmly attached, and her mouth wide open, inviting anyone, or thing to enter. Katie also felt something new. She used her fingers to touch her tongue. On the top of it, Katie felt a small metal ball.

"Yoush peecied mi tougge!?" Katie screamed.

Carly giggled.

"Well, it is kind of a piercing. Don't worry, I can see that your married from your records here. By the time you go home that little gem will be long gone." Carly discussed. "You see, that's crucial to your trap here. It's not just a means to pleasure your clients, it's a sensor. You, my little tart, are to orally service a certain amount of people. This is your first time in this trap so your quota is only seven people. That sensor will detect cum, but not precum. If it detects pre-ejaculation fluid, and then not the corresponding ejaculation fluid, there will be pain in your future."

Carly's fingers lifted Katie's skirt slowly, teasingly.

"Now my favorite part," Carly said with an un-seen wicked smile.

Katie inhaled deeply as a sudden pain exploded into her ass. Simultaneously Katie felt an invasion in her crotch. Her ass and pussy lips spread and Katie bent at the knees and waist from the sensations erupting in her. Her fists clenched tight and she moaned as Carly held Katie's skirt above her waist which created a round of applauds from the patrons watching. Katie looked skyward as her lower regions sent sensations in waves to her brain.

Slowly at first, Katie's ass was filled with a metallic butt plug. It was frigid cold which didn't help Katie. The only thing colder was the dildo that was painfully spreading her pussy wide. Carly watched licking her lips as the metallic objects finally settled, but did not stop working. A thin trail of silver slid between the two objects, connecting them. Once completed, another lifted up Katie's butt-crack to the small of her back. Whoo's and Ahhh's came from the crowd as metal appeared out of no-where, wrapping horizontally around her waist. Soon, Katie was wearing a skin tight, unbreakable, and seamless bright silver chastity belt.

Katie could not protest, she was in too much pain. Carly pushed Katie softly between the shoulder blades which caused her to bend over the metal plate. Katie was now bent at the waist at a perfect 90 degree angle, her feet still glued tightly together. She gasped deeply and moaned as Carly wrapped two thick black leather straps around Katie's waist, contrasting her soft pink dress. Katie didn't even notice her breasts dangling down the holes in the table. They were only concealed by her dress and her flimsy bra.

Carly tied Katie's hair into a ponytail, leaving her bangs to tickle Katie's forehead. Blinded, Katie could only feel Carly playing with her hair. Little to her knowledge, Carly was weaving in a leather thong, strong and stiff.

She pulled on it, and Katie was forced to look straight ahead, her head pulled back by the hair. Carly tied this leather strand to the chastity belt's loop in the small of her back. Carly couldn't help but stroke Katie's exposed ass cheek as she walked up and approached her arms.

Katie had not seen it, but arms had protruded out from the metal plate that her torso now rested on. Carly soon connected Katie's own arms to these metal ones with metal police handcuffs.

Katie now stood bent over 90 degrees at the waist. Her arms were spread completely horizontal, parallel to the floor. They spread out at a right angle from her own torso. Katie hardly noticed though, still bucking from the anal and vaginal intrusion, until Carly had applied a slightly larger set of handcuffs to Katie's arms just above the elbows.

"It's a shame we can't orgasm on duty baby", Carly whispered in Katie's ear. "If I could....Oh those lovely lips of yours would be put to good use. I'll take your palm pilot for safe keeping. IF you get your quota in time, you can get it before you leave tonight. Good luck sweetie."

Katie could hardly respond. She laid on the table out of breath, her chest heaving and small whimpering and whining sounds coming from her gagged mouth. She pulled at the bindings, softly at first but with increasing force. Despite this, all she could do was wiggle, her exposed ass shaking.

Part 9 (added: 06/20/2010)

Without warning her vision changed. From solid black, a digital screen appeared her very eyes. There was a picture first, of a man. Katie froze as words appeared before her eyes.

Current Quota...7. Current Pleasured...0.

Now entering slave's ring...Joshua Michelson, Client 0113.

Katie froze, nervously awaiting the next move in her story.

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

The instant the timer started, a hard fleshy cock touched Katie's lips. She exhaled and clenched her face trying to close her lips. A solid man's hand grasped Katie's hair as the cock made a circle slowly around her lips, at the tip of her lips but not entering. Katie sobbed.

Finally, the cock slid past her lips and into her mouth. Katie gagged as it touched the back of her throat. Joshua moaned, and with his hand on the back of her head, kept his cock deep in Katie's throat which cut off her air supply. Katie panic'd and with her head getting light, finally felt the man pull out enough for her to breath. He then began a rhythmic pumping, his cock sliding in over her tongue and touching the back of her throat at the height of each thrust.

Katie looked at the timer, and it worried her.


She did not want it to reach zero. She didn't know what zero meant, but she knew it was bad. Despite the intense feelings in her lower parts, she cupped her tongue around this man's cock, the little ball sliding onto the delicate underside of his rod.

Joshua groaned, and with two pumps, exploded into Katie's mouth. She chocked and gagged as cum seemed to swish around in her submissive mouth. She coughed and chocked as without a word Joshua left.

Current Quota...6. Current Pleasured...1.

Katie tried desperately to catch her breath. Drool and cum flowed out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto the table as her screen went black.

She did not have to watch long however. Katie's display brought another client seconds after Joshua left the ring.

Now entering slave's ring...Tyrone Jackson, Client 2201.

Katie froze mid-breath, her mouth still wide open.

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

Katie felt a massive cock smash into her cheek. It was violent, her head moving slightly to the side before the thong's tension snapped her head back in place. Within seconds her other cheek felt the stinging slap of Tyrone's cock.

Katie whimpered in embarrassed pain, she felt like so much more of a slut then she had planned to be.

( link opens in new window )

"That's a good slut. You like that don't you, you little slut! I know you be dreaming of black cock...don't you!" Tyrone seemed to scream.

After another slap on each cheek from Tyrone's huge cock, it was shoved unceremoniously into her mouth. Katie gagged and felt her head snap backwards from the force of the thrust. She sobbed as her mouth was stuffed.

Pleasure bulb activated

Tyrone and Katie both moaned loudly as the bulb through Katie's tongue began to vibrate. It instantly stimulated the man's huge dick, and within seconds he was furiously pumping his hips. Katie could feel his nuts slapping on her chin, and she feared Danny would ask what the bruises on her chin were.

Katie could tell from his client number that he was new to the club, probably his first time. Luckily for her, this meant no stamina. As her timer read 7:41...7:40...7:39...Tyrone's gigantic black cock pulsed crude cream into her mouth. He was skilled enough however to stick his cock deep into her throat so that the vast majority of his cream slid directly into her belly. As with Joshua, Katie felt the dick slide out and her screen turn black without even a thank you. Just a few cells was enough, and her bulb stopped vibrating as it detected another satisfied client.

Current Quota...5. Current Pleasured...2.

Katie was happy that the Quota was getting smaller, but was appalled by how high it still was. In the corner she also saw the current time. It was 11:31 PM, and Katie knew that the bar closed at 2am. Common sense would say that she would be freed at 2am if she had not made her quota...but Katie knew this was a false hope.

Part 10 (added: 06/20/2010)

The next few hours passed slowly for Katie. The small of her back was killing her from being bent at a perfect 90 degree angle. Her arms had lost feeling a long time ago, numb from the lack of blood as they stretched out perpendicular to her bound body. Her feet though in a smaller conservative heel, were starting to ache as well. What worried her was that her last client was more then 90 minutes ago, and the bar was closing in a few hours. She was terrified of the potential events if she didn't meet her quota.

Finally, her goggles came to life.

Current Quota...5. Current Pleasured...2.

Now entering slave's ring... Marcus Cortez, Client 0024.

Katie's eyes blinked and she searched her memory as the name rang a bell.

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

"That name, where do I know that name?" Katie thought to her self.

At that moment a large fleshy cock slid past her ring gag. Her thoughts were interrupted by the cock sliding not down her throat as before, but this time down her cheeks. Along the inside of her right cheek, and then her left cheek the hard shaft slid, gliding effortlessly along the inside of her ring gag as it pulsated in and out of her mouth.

Katie tired to maintain her control, although repulsed by the unfamiliar cock, she inhaled in rhythm with this stranger's pumps, trying to get her quota down as fast as she could.

As the timer read 6:34...6:33...6:32...she felt the man speed up. Unlike the obviously black man who had sped through the whole process, this man was taking his time, delaying the inevitable but picking up the speed just enough to increase his pleasure, and the size of his rod.


Smoothly, and with a slight moaning Katie felt the cock slide just a touch deeper and a tad faster into her mouth. The client's balls began to slap her chin and Katie noted that they were slightly heavier then the previous man's.


The clock ran down and Katie closed her eyes in fear of what would happen if the man did not get the pleasure he obviously sought. With one second on the clock, white semen shot out of his rod and into her mouth. Pulse after pulse seemed to engorge her mouth. Katie wanted to spit it out but could not due to the combination of the ring gag and the dick in her mouth. Regrettably, she swallowed the load.

Current Quota...4. Current Pleasured...3.

Almost as soon as the man finished, Katie noticed a moaning and whimpering that was deciding female. Katie tilted her head to her left, where the sound came from and tried to listen. The whimpering told Katie that someone was coming closer, but not by choice.

Current Quota...4. Current Pleasured...3.

Now entering slave's ring... Amanda Stevenson, Slave 2114.

Katie screamed and shook her head as violently as the knot in her hair would allow. She tried desperately to close her mouth, knowing that it was a lost cause.

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

Katie felt Jean's cousin smash her crotch into Katie's face. From the force and the whimpering Katie could tell that the girl had help. Amanda's pussy was smashed into Katie's face, her nose feeling squished by the girl's clitoral hood. Right off the bat Katie could tell that Amanda was horny; her lips were full and loaded with blood.

"Ah yes my lil slut, you remember." Katie heard. She quickly deduced that Marcus had not left the ring.

"This is the girl you brought with you that fateful night a few months ago, no?" Marcus continued in his smooth, strong Hispanic accent. "She is very thankful. You see, I own her now. From the moment I saw that girl's chest, that blond, sweet smelling hair I knew I had to have her. I bought her that night. Oh I can't take her home of course. So she stays here, in the kennel downstairs. And you love it, don't you slave Amanda?"

Amanda screamed and let some gagged and muffled obscenities fly. Katie knew this was not Amanda's choice, but was as helpless as Katie.


Despite her fear, embarrassment, and shame, Katie had a job to do. Through the gag, she searched with her tongue for Amanda's clit. With her smashed into Katie's face, it wasn't a long search. Soon, she was flicking her tongue rapidly over the girl's swollen little friend.

Amanda shook and fought, however her moans changed. From fear and hatred, they were becoming passionate and needing. Her struggles soon became pumping hips, and deep breathing.

Unable to suck in Amanda's labia, she simply continued rocking her tongue over the girl's clit.

At the 3:01 mark Amanda's body shuttered...paused....and then exploded. A gush of fluid covered Katie's face as the crowd cheered and chanted.

Katie heard Amanda being dragged away, her breathing heavy and labored.

"See?" Marcus whispered in Katie's ear. "She loves it, you hear? She should love you more now, since that's her first orgasm since I bought her."

With a huge slap on the ass that stung like hell, Marcus left the circle.

Chants of "Katie! Katie! Katie! Katie!" echoed from the crowd.

As Marcus left, Katie's goggles didn't even go black this time. Within seconds they lit up...

Current Quota...3. Current Pleasured...4.

Now entering slave's ring...Travis O'Rielly, Client 1340.

Katie knew she was going no where, so opened her mouth and invited the man with her tongue.

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

Katie's blinded eyes opened wide as the cock stuffed her mouth. This was too big to be a cock. She could swear an elephant was stuffing it's penis in her mouth. She chocked and gagged as the man moaned with satisfaction.

"Oohhh girly," the man said with a very southern twang. "You done in it deep now baby. This here is southern meat, you like that lil tramp?"

Katie's eyes were clenched closed and her air passage was cut off, but she forced her self to nod.

"That's good, yea that's real good." Travis continued. "Then you gonna love the ride this bull will give ya."

Katie finally got a breath as he pulled out, but she barley had time to exhale before it was shoved back in. This was different then any other oral she had ever given. Before tonight, Danny was the only one she had ever given oral to. Those few times she did in the 7 years they dated, and the men tonight all pumped into her mouth. This man however inserted his cock deep into her throat, and then stood there. Seconds before she passed out the man would pull out, and then smash it deep into her again after she got a few brief seconds of air.


Katie knew she couldn't take it. Her head felt so light, her vision blurry. The lack of oxygen was making her sick. Her whimpers were half hearted, quiet and muted.


"Yeeeeeeee Hah!" Travis yelled as cum spurted into Katie's throat. He stuffed his gigantic rod deep into her, and then smiled successfully as she passed out unconscious.

Part 11 (added: 06/20/2010)

A loud beep snapped Katie awake. Her screen read...

Current Quota...1. Current Pleasured...6.

Quickly, Katie did the math in her head...

"Josh, Tyrone, Marcus, Amanda, Travis, which means I pleasured 5 people. How the hell...oh no..." she thought.

Katie whimpered and sobbed as she came to the terrible conclusion, someone had been pleasured by Katie, while she was passed out. How long was she asleep, what the hell happened? Who did she pleasure? Her screen came to life...

Current Quota...1. Current Pleasured...6.

Current time 1:55am. Deadline in 5 minutes...

Katie whimpered and pleaded for someone to stuff her mouth; she had to be home for Danny! What would he do!?

Current Quota...1. Current Pleasured...6.

Current time 2:00am. Deadline reached. Enjoy your stay at Sci-Club-Fi. Good night Katie.

A humming she had not noticed before stopped as the system went to sleep. Only then did Katie notice that for the first time there was no music, no voices. She was alone, on display, in an empty dance-floor. She had fallen one short of her quota. Her goggles went black accept for the current time, a digital orange set of numbers that now read "2:01 am".

Katie tried to sleep, but her fear of what she would tell Danny kept her awake. Tears filled her goggles as she was forced to bend over. The pain was awful. At least there was some conciliation; she could no longer feel her arms.

At 4:21 am, Katie jolted up from her half asleep state. She could swear she heard foot prints. Half conscious, she hardly noticed as a finger touched the side of her goggles. The humming started up, and Katie whimpered as best as her sleep deprived body would let her.

Current Quota...1. Current Pleasured...6.

Now entering slave's ring... Steve Ramski, Client 0001.

Katie instantly perked up. Steve! Surely Steve would free her. Of coarse he would understand that this was just a big mistake. It's Steve! Oh what a delight!

Pleasure Client Timer Started....10:00...9:59....9:58

Katie looked confused...

Pleasure bulb activated...

No...No he wouldn't. Not Steve!

Steve's cock slowly and tenderly slid down her tongue and into her throat. Katie coughed and chocked, but knew this was her chance. To fill her quota she had to make Steve cum.

Steve was far too skilled at this. He knew Katie was desperate, and in no place to argue. As his penis slid into her, he stopped, letting it rest on her tongue. Katie instantly went to work. She sucked on his rod, bobbing her head as much as the leather string in her pony tail would allow her. She swirled her tongue rapidly, almost violently over his penis. She groaned, rumbling her throat which vibrated the man's rod. Steve knew patience though, and bought his time.


Steve's cock erupted. Even though Travis was far larger then Steve, his cock sprayed like Niagara Falls. Katie heard Steve chuckle as his cum filled her stomach.

Current Quota...0. Current Pleasured...7.

Quota Complete. Congratulations. Release will commence in 0:05...0:04...0:03...

Katie waited, almost smiling behind her gag.

0:01...timer paused. Special orders downloading...downloading...downloading. Mind Control sequence initiated. D.N.A. Influx to begin when ready.

Katie panicked. She had no idea what any of that meant, but she knew it was bad. She tried hard to stomp her glued feet, free her bound arms, and spit out the gag in her mouth. She screamed and struggled in her nearly frozen state.

She stopped when a pair of lips kissed her exposed right butt cheek. She froze, trying to figure out exactly what the hell was going on. She jumped with a whine as the same sensation touched her other butt cheek. Within seconds, a pair of lips was kissing and tenderly nibbling on Katie's exposed ass cheeks. Still she struggled, not wanting the attention she was getting.

( link opens in new window )

D.N.A. Influx to begin...Client recognized...Danny Walsh, Client 2134

"Dawwy!" Katie screamed trough her gag.

Katie was terrified, embarrassed, excited and desperate all at once.

Despite her thoughts that surly Danny would free her, she felt his cock enter her mouth. She sobbed as her fiancé silently slid his cock in and out of her blubbering mouth.

"Suck it! He screamed, "Suck it you cheating bitch! After all I put up with, I find you here! Suck it!"

Katie obeyed, partially out of love for Danny, partially out of her current position, and partially because she liked pleasuring Danny.

She had now idea how long it took, but eventually Danny sprayed his cum into her mouth. She eagerly, between the tears swallowed it. Then Katie felt a knew, terrifying sensation. The anal plug, which Katie had all but forgotten about, sprayed warm goo into her rear end. It made Katie jump as best she could, and continue sobbing.

D.N.A. Influx complete. Mixing mind control substances now...stand by.

Steve's voice echoed in her ears. It was like Katie had suddenly been drugged. Even though Steve talked in a calm, professional manner, it was as if there were loud speakers in Katie's ears.

"What's happening now slut is your fiancé's giz is entering your stomach. There it will meet my Giz. That warm squishy feeling in your sexy little un-used anus is mind control chemicals. You got a big, and I mean big dose. It's mixing with our cum as we speak, though I am sure you can feel that." Steve said.

Katie groaned only slightly louder then her stomach.

"Once the chemicals recognize our D.N.A., from the giz, the cycle will be complete. You will be Danny's slave of course. I informed him tonight of your little excursions here and he was...well, quite mad. It took some of Carly's um...talents to get him to settle down." Steve continued. "So here is the deal. Danny sold some of your stuff to me, mostly your conservative clothes, your stock options, your car, you know all that meaningless stuff. He did it because he bought a mobile transmitter. This transmitter will let all of the talents and magic of "Sci-Club-Fi" be present in your house! Isn't that exciting! Carly was drugged as well, and Danny's sperm put her under his control. She got a smaller dose though, just long enough to help Danny install the mobile emitter. That little collar of yours will be on you...well...I guess until Danny doesn't want it on you! And, you're under his mind control anyways! See?"

With that, Steve removed the goggles. He was naked, looking as tanned and toned as ever. He reminded Katie of a lumberjack. Danny had obviously just come from bed. He was shirtless, but had his plaid Pajama pants and running shoes on. At his feet was Carly, the bartender. She was wearing a black lace lingerie set and the same boots from early.

"Carly," said Steve, "Go kiss Katie."

"Yes my Master." Carly said in a very robotic, non-sassy way that Katie had expected.

With very harsh and robotic movements she got up, walked to Katie, knelt, and patiently made out with the bound girl.

Danny chuckled.

"Go to sleep, my little slave fiancé." Danny said calmly.

Instantly Katie fell asleep.

Part 12 07/18/2010

Carly lived at Danny and Katie's house for a week. Her knowledge of the system was very useful in it's instillation of the mobile emitter at their house. Soon it was fully operational, much to Katie's dismay. Outside of their home, the Walsh's were a very normal couple. They socialized, worked, and lived the life that any married couple living in suburban Chicago lives. Inside the house, now that was a different story.

Katie would come home dressed in her usual teaching outfit and immediately strip. She knew better then to wait. Danny forced her to walk around the house in the sexiest and most revealing clothing as possible. Katie complied of course, not only because she knew she had no choice, but also because she had seen Carly. The week that Carly had spent with here saw her become a practical zombie. The usually flamboyant and outgoing Carly was silent, standing at attention at all times accept when she was sexually servicing someone or sleeping. Danny used Carly as a guinea pig for the system, testing the mind control settings as well as all of the different restraint devices and toys that the system offered him.

The one year anniversary of their marriage was coming up, and Katie looked forward to it with fear and joy. She had to admit, she loved Danny with all her heart. Despite the suffering he put her through; she was very slowly beginning to enjoy it. Making Danny happy made Katie happy, even if that mean many motionless hours while he received sexual pleasure from the use of her body.

"Hello?" Danny said, answering the phone. "Steve, how are you Mr. Ramski?!"

Katie's ears perked up and she looked over her shoulder as she cleaned the bath tub while wearing a deliciously sexy pink negligee.

"Why yes, our anniversary is coming up, I'm so pleased you remembered!" Danny continued into the phone. "Uh huh....uh huh...and how is Carly? Uh huh....oh that's good to hear."

Katie continued to listen between scrubs on the bath tub floor.

"Oh yes we would be delighted!" Danny exclaimed. "Next Saturday? Awesome. No, no, thank you!"

Katie heard the phone click. A few seconds later, the clit vibrator that was so delicately attached to her with the micro-hook technology hummed to life. Katie shuttered and gasped and then ran to see Danny.

"Yes?" Katie asked.

Danny stared at his wife. She was still stunningly beautiful. Her long slender athletic legs were bare and seemed to flow into her womanly hips. Danny was in love with her toned but not ripped abs. Her chest was ample but not excessive. And she still sported the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

Danny held her by the hips and kissed her. Not the way a Dominant tyrant of a Master kisses his submissive slave, but the way a loving husband kisses his adoring wife.

"Good news Hun," Danny started, "That was Mr. Ramski on the phone. For our anniversary he invited us to the club in one of the executive rooms tonight. He promised a great time."

"Will I...Will I have to....you know?" Katie asked as she looked at the floor.

"Perform?" Danny interjected. "Heavens no. You're my wife; I'm not interested in loaning you out or anything like that. This will be you, me, and Mr. Ramski with a few drinks. I tell you what, you can even dress conservative tonight...on the outside."

Danny turned Katie around by the shoulders and with a gentle tap on the but sent her to go and change.

A few hours later, their family sedan pulled up to the club and the two stepped out. Danny was in his usual Arizona slightly baggy jeans and a black stripped button up shirt. It was the usual clothing choice for the 5'8", 150lb male. Being an avid runner and hockey player, Danny was in good shape. Though slimmer then most males his age, he was still attractive and if he had wanted to cheat on Katie, could have on a number of occasions.

Katie wore a denim knee length skirt with a frayed bottom. She wore 1 inch conservative black sandal high heels with a black sleeveless top that was covered in white flowers. While conservative on the outside, underneath she wore a white lacey thong and a matching bra that pushed up and together her outstanding chest. The bra even had small holes for her delicious nipples to stick out. In a cold breeze, they could be seen through her top.

When they approached the ticket booth, they handed the man behind the stage a printed out ticket that Steve had e-mailed Danny. The man read it, and handed the two red collars, different from the blue ones that Katie usually wore at the club (and the minuscule green one that went around her ankle at home). Eagerly the two slipped the collar on the other's neck, and then waited. Soon Steve arrived in a very nice blue suit. It was obviously expensive and custom fit. Under the suit, he wore a light blue shirt and a yellow and blue stripped tie.

"Well hello there my friends!" Steve belted obviously happy to see couple. "How are you?! I'm so glad you could make it!"

Katie remained silent as Danny and Steve struck up a conversation about the last fishing trip Danny had been on. After a while Steve looked at his watch.

"Oh my, I must admit I have some stuff to do. May I please show you the suite where you can spend tonight before I attend to some stuff?" Steve asked politely.

"Sure", Danny said with a smile as Katie silently nodded.

The three walked a different path, up a few flights of stairs until they came to a small balcony. It was lavish, with red carpet and large cushy seats that looked over the main floor. The two bent over the railing and looked down at the crowd. There were quite a few people there, much more then Katie and Danny had seen before. Upwards of 100 people were sitting and dancing on the floor, drinking and having a good time.

Steve stood behind the two and gazed at their rear ends as they bent at the waist to look over the railing at the crowd. Nearly silently, and with a suddenly serious tone he whispered something into his watch.

Danny turned around.

"Wow, the crowd is kicken!" he exclaimed.

Steve smiled saying, "Oh yes, our reputation is growing by the minute it seems. Now if you'll excuse me, I must pretend to work here."

With a chuckle and a wave the three separated. Danny and Katie sat in two of the chairs while Steve left down the stairs.

Soon Danny and Katie were making small talk. Katie folded her legs and rested her head on a hand that was rested on the arm rest. Danny stretched out; put his feet on the railing and his hands behind his head.

Their conversation was ended when the couple heard the click clacking ho high heels behind them. What they saw opened their eyes.

Carly appeared. She wore a microscopic French maid outfit. Her huge chest was supported by the black corset with white ribbon and boning, and barley covered by the black and white lace top. Her seductive hips and ass were clearly visible in the tiny black satin skirt she wore. She wore a small white apron and carried a tray with a pair of margaritas on it.

"Compliments of the house", she said in a robotic tone, her eyes still straight ahead, "May I be of assistance in any other area?"

Katie smiled and reached for the glass closest to her. Danny did the same, and whispered into Carly's ear which made Katie nervous.

"As always Sir, your wish is my command." Carly replied to the whisper.

Danny cracked an evil smile as Carly set the tray down in robotic 90 degree movements. She then strode to Katie in her 5 inch stiletto heels and sat on the same chair making Katie scoot over. Katie grimaced and whimpered as she hurriedly moved to the side of the chair, smooshed against it's velvet arm. Carly rotated her head mechanically as her arm outstretched, gracefully caressing the back of Katie's neck causing Katie to breath deeply. She skillfully intertwined her fingers into Katie's brunette ponytail and slowly craned her neck back. Carly moved in and soon their lips touched. Danny took out his camera phone and began snatching pictures as Carly passionately, and Katie reluctantly made out.

Katie's eyes opened wide as she felt Carly's other hand snake it's way over her knee, and along the inside of her thigh. She whimpered into Carly's mouth reluctantly. Carly skillfully, hardly lifting Katie's skirt, continued to tease and torment Katie's thigh. Soon, she could tickle the fabric of Katie's thong. Lost in the moment, Katie's eyes closed and she leaned into Carly, uncrossing her legs. With this signal, Carly's hand greedily pulled Katie's thong to the side and caressed Katie's labia, Danny taking pictures the whole time. Carly played Katie like a puppet, toying and tormenting her clit and lips until Katie was a helpless mess, rolling and swaying in the chair. Katie's eyes opened wide and her body tensed the signal Danny was looking for.

"Now!" he yelled to Carly.

And with that, Carly mechanically broke the kiss, stood up; curtseyed and left, leaving Katie sprawled out and out of breath on the chair.

Part 13 07/18/2010

Katie slowly got up, seconds from the orgasm that she thought Carly was going to give her. She gave Danny a pouting look as she adjusted her clothing and fixed her thong in an un-ladylike manor.

"You know I hate it when you pull that shit" Katie said with an angry attitude.

"Oh?" Danny said, "You seemed to be enjoying it."

Katie rolled her eyes and adjusted her top as Danny sipped on the margarita.

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"Oh wow!" he exclaimed. "Hun did you try this?"

Katie shook her head silently and then took a sip. Her eyes widened instantly.

"Wow that is really good." Katie started. "I'm not a margarita fan but that's really good. The salt is good."

Danny nodded and took another big sip. It was smooth and hit the spot. Soon, the two of them had finished their drinks, and licked the salt of the glass. Danny was looking for Carly so he could order another pair when a massive spot light shinned on the two of them. They both looked up in fear and wonder until they saw the big screen TV. The two chuckled as they saw their picture, framed in a big red heart with the words "Club Kiss Cam" above it.

They smiled, held hands and kissed.

The usually timid Katie felt a rush of excitement. She had planned to simply peck Danny's lips for the sake of the camera, but soon felt the need to plunge her tongue deep into Danny. Soon, to the cheers of the crowd the two were kissing deeply, rolling their heads and passionately kissing each other deeply. That's when Danny realized something.

He wanted to end the kiss, to pull away but he couldn't. It was like his lips were some how glued to Katie's. He began to pull away, but there was a sharp pain in his lips like he would have to pull the skin off to separate. Katie now too realized it, and the two of them began to whine and moan as they tried to separate, their eyes wide with fear.

It was at this point that Steve, dressed the same as before, and entered the balcony. The crowd cheered as he waved to them and all eyes focused on the couple that was helplessly stuck together as five other people entered the balcony. One of them was Carly, dressed in her more usual jeans, club shirt, and boots.

Katie and Danny felt hands, everywhere. They were both in a panic, trying to kick and swat their attackers away with their mouths still glued together in a deep passionate kiss. They stood up from their chairs, which only helped the club's workers. With eyes wide, the two felt their hands lifted over their heads. Despite their struggles, they felt thick, heavy leather cuffs fasten around their wrists and then be locked to the ceiling. Danny's shirt was the first to go, as Carly unceremoniously cut it down the back with scissors and ripped it off, exposing his toned but not ripped chest. Katie's loud grunts and moans into Danny's mouth told him that her top was now removed as well. Danny felt Carly's hands around his crotch and soon his jeans were unfastened and torn away from his body. He yelled and cursed into Katie's mouth as a huge guard removed Danny's shoes with casual ease.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Steve said, speaking into a hand held microphone. "Welcome to the first annual slave auction!"

Despite the crowd's cheers and hysterics, Danny and Katie were soon in tears.

Steve walked by the two, caressing both of their rear ends.

"Isn't that salt yummy?", he said, "Little did you know that Katie's was part A, and Danny's was part B. Combined, they make a very strong epoxy glue...don't they?"

Steve smiled, and then addressed the masses.

"As we all know, the economy has been hard on us all." Steve continued. "This club in particular has lost over $240,000 this year alone. I know, I know, it is not your fault. To make up for that, we have had to turn to you...the black market! You scoundrels you!"

The crowd cheered and laughed as Steve carried on like the ringleader at the circus. He turned around covering the mic, "Leave her skirt on, she looks sexier like that."

Danny looked at Katie as he felt his own boxers rip down his legs. She was naked, besides the skirt and her heels. He could feel her naked chest against his and knew that in any other scenario he would take her in a second.

"Here we have a married slave couple for your enjoyment." Steve continued. "Danny is a male, thought he was a Master and will require more breaking and training then his slave wife Katie. I have...tasted her goods...if you catch my drift, and she is very talented. Both will be a fine addition to anyone's slave house. Shall we start the bidding at...$5,000?"

With that Danny and Katie panicked, they desperately tried to separate their lips and pull their arms free. All they heard was a wealth of numbers and dollar amounts announced by Mr. Ramski.

"Going once...going twice....sold!" Steve hollered to the cheers of the masses. "Please come up stairs and collect your winnings!"

All Danny saw come up the stairs was a man with no shirt on, wearing combat boots and black leather belted pants come up the stairs. All Katie saw was a nightmare.

Master Jack ignored Steve and Danny for a second, walking straight to Katie. Steve smiled as Jack brushed the hair from Katie's neck exposing it. He kissed it from behind as his hands slid up her tummy and cupped her delicious tits from behind, making Danny scream in anger.

"I take it you two have met?" Steve said with a whimsical smile.

"Only briefly," Jack said as Katie struggled, "And not nearly long enough."

Danny stomped his feet and glared, twisting in the chains.

"Ok", said Steve, "Let's go do the paperwork. $11,340 and they are all yours."

Danny and Katie watched as the men disappeared down the stairs. Katie screamed in fear but Danny never saw it coming. One of the large bouncers sprayed an aerosol can into the married couple's faces. It had too effects, one being that it counteracted the glue that connected their lips, and the second being that it paralyzed the two hapless victims.

"You two are so easy", Carly said with a sassy wink.

Part 14 07/18/2010

Though completely awake and aware of their surroundings, neither of the married couple could move a muscle as the bouncers lowered them down and unchained the naked couple. The two were put on hospital type stretchers and silently wheeled away as the crowd applauded.

The were rolled down a few hallways and past many doors until the bouncers left them in what looked like a rich man's living room. There was a large red brick fireplace, books in wooden shelves along the wall and was lavishly furnished. There the two lay frozen in their stretches for almost an hour.

Suddenly the door slammed shut, and Master Jack entered. Katie had tears flowing down her face as Master Jack massaged her left tit while he stared at Danny.

"I think I will start with you sweetie." Master Jack said.

He touched his palm pilot which he had pulled from his pocket and two large chains came from pulleys on the ceiling. He soon locked these to Katie's wrist cuffs and touched his palm pilot again. The chains retracted to the ceiling, pulling Katie off the stretcher and left her dangling upright a few inches off the ground.

Master Jack hummed to himself as with one hand he tapped on the controller and with the other massaged Danny's wife's crotch. Soon a mess of leather straps appeared at Master Jack's feet. They were all black leather, and he bent down to straighten them all out. Danny couldn't see below the stretcher, but knew Master Jack was around his wife's feet. Soon he was slowly standing, lifting the leather straps. Katie knew it was a full body harness and tried her best to escape her paralyzed prison. She shed a tear as three of the straps touched her crotch. One slid directly between her pussy lips, splitting them while the other two were each just outside her lips, there by pinning each lip in it's own leather cage.

"For added delight, there is a beautiful little clit stimulator for you girl on your little clitty, an added feature I designed." Master Jack said in a jovial tone.

With that, he lifted the rest of the straps over Katie's shoulders. Danny noticed that there were D-rings throughout the harness. Master Jack adjusted the breast openings to their widest, and then slipped them over Katie's warm boobs. Once they were touching her sternum, he touched his palm pilot and they contracted again, tightly squeezing each tit at its base painfully, though poor Katie could not protest.

Katie was spun so that her back was facing Danny. He immediately noticed that the three crotch straps became one that traveled between Katie's delicious butt cheeks. There was a strategic hole for her asshole that Danny could not help but notice. He was helpless to do anything but watch as Master Jack snapped a huge leather black collar around his wife's delicate neck. He then knelt out of Danny's view.

Several minutes later he re-appeared, standing and turning Katie to face her paralyzed husband as she was lowered to the ground. Again, this caused her to leave Danny's field of vision.

Soon the legs that Danny knew all too well came into view. This time however they sported black patent leather stiletto heels of about the 5 inch range with a connected locking patent leather ankle strap. To this strap, Master Jack had had connected the ceiling's chains, and Katie was now being helplessly hoisted to the ceiling upside down. Once Master Jack had his prize at the correct height, he turned her so her back was towards him. Off the grown he picked up what looked like to Danny to be a large pony tail, the exact color of his wife's brunette hair. With an evil look, he turned his hand to show that there was a connected butt plug, and this pony tail would be infact, Katie's tail.

Danny tried desperately to break free as Master Jack centered the plug between Katie's cheeks and slowly pushed. He twisted and pushed, causing Katie's body to sway in the chains, and Danny to try even hard to break his paralyzed prison. It was useless, and Master Jack backed away leaving the tail stuck inside Katie.

Master Jack pushed the controller, and raised Katie higher until her face was at level with his chest. He reached down and pulled out a ring gag.

"Look familiar?" he asked with a vicious look that made Katie's eyes open wide in fear.

She knew it was a lost cause and in seconds her mouth was spread painfully open. She looked at Danny, her paralyzed Master and husband as he lay helpless and unbound on the stretcher.

Master jack then picked up something Danny had never seen before. It was a head harness, with something attached. Danny could not see a gag, but did see several strange black leather appendages to it. Within seconds Master Jack was strapping it to his wife's beautiful face. For several minutes he adjusted this strap, tucked in Katie's hair, and tightened this strap. Finally he stepped aside so Danny could see.

To his horror, his wife had the face of a dog! The mask came complete with ears, and a long muzzle that looked like a black leather dog's face. Her eyes were still visible, but her face was covered from the top of her nose to the underside of her chin.

"Just a few more things my dear", Master Jack said confidently. "Then your all mine my little pup."

Katie was raised higher, and Danny lost her behind Master Jack as he began to work on her hands. After a few minutes he stepped aside presenting Katie to her husband like an upside down unveiling. Katie's arms were covered in gloves up to the elbows. Her poor delicate hands were crushed into fists, and replaced with what looked like black leather dog paws.

"Usually I cover my puppy's feet in paws as well," Master Jack said looking at his male toy. "But with the legs and feet that your wife has, I don't think that would be proper."

Master Jack lowered Katie to the ground. Danny could hear moaning that sounded like Katie's, and then the bell on her collar trailed away.

30 minutes later Master Jack returned.

"Your turn pup!" he said with a smile.

Danny felt Master Jack connect the chains to his wrists, and lift him to the ceiling. Soon he had a matching male version of Katie's leather harness. The only different was that this circled the base of Danny's genitalia, squeezing them hard as it had Katie's breasts. It had a cock and ball harness, which meant that Danny's cock and balls now each supported a web of constricting leather straps, the biggest just behing the head of his rod. He too had a hole in the back, and he wanted to scream as his virgin anus was spread by a butt plug tail that matched his blond hair. Danny did not however have to wear the stiletto heels, but did get the same gag and hood treatment that his wife got. The gloves squeezed Danny's hands and seemed to seal his fate in Danny's mind.

Part 15 07/18/2010

Katie's mind raced. Once lowered to the ground, Master jack had injected her with something that snapped her slowly out of her paralyzed form. She was forced to watch as Master Jack had put thick matching leather thigh cuffs around her legs just above the knee. They were not cuffed together as she expected, but were instead connected by a pair of small chains to her collar. This allowed her to spread and close her legs, but she was forced to stay on her knees, or on all fours.

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Once in this position, Master Jack had taken her into the hallway and connected a leash from a hook on the wall to her collar. There she stayed just outside the door as Master Jack went in to work on her husband. People, mostly employees of the club walked by and ignored her moaning gagged complaints and pleas for help. When not begging for help she tried desperately to unclench her fists.

After some time, Master Jack walked out. Katie began to sob as she saw her husband, now awake, in the exact same position. He was led by a leash in Master Jack's hand. Katie moaned as Master Jack grabbed Katie's leash and walked her down the hallway.

The crowd erupted as they were lead through the mob of people. Both puppies felt endless hands caress and stroke them as they were led on all fours out the back parking lot by Master Jack, and Steve who was holding the door. They approached a large conversion van, white in color. Steve opened it, and a shelf lowered. Danny and Katie both recognized it as a handicap entrance in the van, a mechanical shelf used to bring wheel chaired people into the van.

The two sobbed and tried to back away on all fours as they tugged on their leashes.

"I see we still need to see who is boss," Master Jack said, tapping his controller. "Don't we?"

With that the two squealed in pain as painfully large nipple clamps appeared on them, a dangling chain between them. Both looked at each other, out of breath and silent...slowly nodding. Defeated, they stepped on all fours onto the platform. Mr. Ramski tapped a button on the side of the van and the platform rose until it was at the side entrance's level. Danny and Katie looked in fear at what was inside the van. Two large dog cages, complete with food dishes were there, padlock to the van's floor. Danny stepped into one quickly, his painful nipples having taught him a lesson. Katie needed more convincing, and Master Jack was happy to oblige by slapping her harshly on her exposed ass. Katie moaned and entered the cage. Both shut on their own, with some sort of automated locking system. They heard Master Jack and Steve talking, then Master Jack get in the drivers side. Their cages shook from the road as they entered a new phase of their marriage.

Part 16 (added: 09/21/2011)

Katie was cold. The metal floor of her cage was cold, the bars were cold, and her small amount of clothing was cold. Danny however was warm.

Master Jack had bought them at auction over three months ago. Since then, they had both been his personal pets. Kept in latex cat suits, neither could remember what it felt like not to have a butt plug in them.

Katie was kept as a puppy girl, more like a human lap dog. Every morning she would wake up and be led from her cage, after being forced to use the washroom outside, she would be led to her food dish. Whatever it was that she was forced to eat, it was not human food. The grey mush made Katie gag half of the time. Once she had eaten, she was led into Master Jack's private estate. The mansion was huge, and every room was decorated with elaborate furniture and oriental rugs. Walking on her own two legs was of coarse forbidden. For hours on end Katie was forced to maintain perfect posture, on all fours, her head low, and her rear end presented high into the air.

Punishment was swift and devastating. Despite their ordeal, Katie and Danny were madly in love, and even perhaps brought closer by their circumstances. If either of the married couple mis-behaved, they would be forced to go days without seeing each other. That would have been enough, but what was worse was if either was in need of more discipline, the other would be forced to administer the pain. Danny had wept for hours as he was forced lash his wife's back for 90 minutes, leaving his poor loved one's back red and bleeding.

Katie's life was, as hard as it may seem, easier then Danny's. Danny was a pet as well, however he was a pony. While Danny had always been slim and athletic, he now sported thicker and more defined muscles thanks to the 3 months of manual labor that he endured, working for 12 hours on a daily basis. While Katie sat on Master Jack's lap in a warm house, Danny was forced to pull logs as a manual labor pony boy for Master Jack's fire. Whether it was pulling logs, plowing in Master Jack's extensive garden, or plowing snow from Master Jack's incredibly long driveway, Danny came home to his cage exhausted and sore every single day. The few days when Master Jack wanted to tour his land were the worse. Danny was forced to endure the same posture as Katie, with the addition of a saddle. Danny had grown from 138lbs to 149 lbs in 3 months, but at Master Jack's 205lbs, Danny had to struggle just to move, let alone tour the entire property.

Their outfits were actually quite similar. Both wore a latex cat suit in black, thin and tight to show their body parts off for Master Jack. Danny's "tail" was much different then Katie's. Hers was made of latex, and was solid and un-moving. Danny's was made of fur, identical to his hair in color and arched high, then draped down to his knees. Katie's hands and feet were covered with small mitts/booties that looked not unlike a puppy's. Danny's appendages were covered in metal hooves that were heavy and uncomfterable. His legs were flexed taught all the time, as if he was permanently wearing a woman's set of high heels. Unlike Katie, he wore an inescapable body harness made of leather straps with D-rings all over it to assist in his work load.

It was because of these rings that Katie was now awake. The two slept together in their outdoor cage on a daily basis. With it being January in southern Wisconsin, the weather was cold to say the least, forcing the two to cuddle tightly together. Danny had shifted, due to the nightmares that now frequented his mind, and awoken Katie when a D-ring rubbed her face. Cold, afraid, and exhausted, Katie laid her head on Danny's firm chest, closed her eyes, and prayed for some form of escape.

Part 17 (added: 09/21/2011)

Katie was concerned. Not because she was enslaved by a man who she hated, not because her husband was also enslaved by the same man, and not because it was frigid cold out, but because things were different today.

Katie and Danny had been woken up at exactly 5:30am sharp on a daily basis for the previous 3 months straight. Today however, the sun was up, and while the land was covered in snow, birds were chirping. The two were of coarse not permitted a clock, but she guessed it was around 8am. Danny of coarse slept soundly, his broken and worn out body simply not caring why he was afforded the few extra hours of sleep.

Eventually, Master Jack trudged through the snow and opened their cage. Danny rolled over into the fedal position in an effort to stay warm as Master Jack clipped a leash to Katie's collar and led her out of the cage. On all fours, Katie shivered as she was led from her cage, through the 6 inches of snow, and into the house. They entered the house, forgoing the usual potty break and entering a guest bedroom. Once inside, she knelt with her rear high in the air as she had been trained.

"Oh my sweet", Master Jack chuckled. "I um, I have a confession, well actually two confessions."

Katie was perturbed by her owner's casual demeanor. While he always spoke to her with some sophisticated charm, Master Jack would never in a million years joke with her, or admit mistake. Though she wanted to look up, she knew better and kept her eyes pointed at the ground.

"My confession is quite simple my dear", he continued, "I am quite vain. You and Danny are without question the best slaves I have ever had, and though you might not believe me, I do love you two. As a result I have...actually decided to um, give you a bit of a holiday."

Very slowly, Katie's eyes widened and her head slowly lifted. Her eyes slid up her owner's perfectly tailored pants, over his prestine black pinstriped matching suit coat into his large green eyes. Master Jack smiled down at his slave. Master Jack smiled as Katie looked at him with wondering eyes.

Suddenly Master Jack dropped down and clutched Katie's collar ring fiercely.

"Don't get any ideas", he barked loudly, "It's two days, the rest of your life, your still mine."

Katie's eyes darted back to the floor obediently as Master Jack stood up fixing his suit.

"I'm locking you in this room, and I expect you to come out dressed to the nines. Is that understood slut?" Master Jack asked.

Though Katie did not understand, she nodded quickly. With her eyes down, she did not notice that Master Jack was gone until she heard the door shut and lock. Her back painfully straightened out as she stood up on her legs for the first time in days.

Katie looked around the room. On the bed was neatly laid out a pair of silky purple strapless bra, with matching French cut panties. They were obviously expensive and sexual. Next to it was a long black sleeveless formal dress and matching black high heels. The heels looked slightly painful, with 6 inch stiletto heels that would be sure to stretch her calf muscles more then the dog booties that she had become accustomed to. Hearing Danny's yelp from outside informed her that Master Jack was still in command. Spying the keyes on a local dresser, she unlocked her collar and began to remove her collar and outfit.

Part 17 (added: 09/21/2011)

Master Jack couldn't help but chuckle as he sat in the front seat of his S.U.V. In his back seat, unbound for the first time in months were his slaves Katie and Danny. Katie looked stunning in her makeup and beautiful formal gown. Danny looked handsome, and now fully awake, watched out the window adorned in his classic tux. If it wasn't for the blue slightly clear collars around their necks, people would think that they were just another married couple.

Master Jack smiled as in the rear view mirror he saw the two holding hands. He pulled into his all too framilar parking spot at Sci-Club-Fi. While Danny and Katie had a sneaking suspicion that this was coming, it did make it none the easier to exit the car.

As before the two entered the main room with Master Jack, unbound and for the most part free, when Master Jack turned to them.

"Ok my pets, I am being extremely generous today", he stated. "So here is the deal. You know this place well enough to know that you are in fact not getting away. I will however, allow you two some time away from me. If you try to leave, well, you know. Now please, enjoy the night as best you can."

Master Jack walked away. Danny noticed him pause, as if he wanted to say something to them and then chose against it at the last second. Danny was perturbed by this, but forgot it when Katie tugged his hand.

Katie led him to the bar, and they ordered a drink. Carly recognized them instantly and seemed ecstatic to see them. She immediately got on her walkie talkie, and soon Steve was there as well. The four made small talk, until someone paged Carly and told her there was a spill. Steve followed and Danny and Katie had a very small amount of privacy at the bar.

Danny turned to Katie and started, "Hey hun, I...I just wanted to say...that um...you look beau mmmph"

Katie leaned forward and planted her lips on Danny. It was as if she simply could not wait any longer. Danny's eyes closed as his wife's lips, so soft, and so tender, seemed to take all of his cares and pains away. He wrapped his arm around her and as Katie's back arched slightly, proceeded to display his love for his wife with a kiss.

When the two finally could not take it anymore, they broke the kiss and walked to the dance floor.

As if somehow reading their mind, "Moonlight" by Van Morrison was played, and Danny grabbed Katie's waist. He looked at his wife's eyes, the beautiful brown eyes that he had fallen in love with so many years ago, he leaned in close and led as the two danced close on a mostly empty dance floor.

The two danced for several songs before Danny saw concern in Katie's eyes. He looked over his shoulder and saw Master Jack in the corner of the room. In front of him was another man. The man was attractive, with a nice set of abs. He was holding a riding crop and was adorned in only a pair of assless leather chaps, and a pair of solid black boots. Danny noticed a tattoo on the mans thigh of a smiley face. This seemed strange to Danny because the man seemed to exude dominance, yet had such a whimsical tattoo.

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Master Jack being in trouble meant bad things for Katie and Danny, and they knew it. Hand and hand the pair walked over to their owner.

As they approached Master Jack seemed very nervous, and quickly left the dominant man. He grabbed Katie's hand and led his slaves to the bar. Danny and Katie instantly knew something was wrong. The usually fine tuned and sophisticated Master Jack now looked frazzled and nervous. His hair was slightly messed up and he had loosened his tie. Finally, the three made it to the bar. Master Jack paced back and forth several times trying to construct his words. Katie noticed that over his shoulder the man in chaps was watching the three of them intently. She also noticed that this large man was infact staring at Danny, while Katie might as well have been invisible.

"My...my slaves I...I seem to have a problem", Master Jack finally started. "You see, you two are married and well, that makes you...well, very expensive. That night at the auction I...I borrowed money from Master Kenny...quite a large sum of money. Well, he gave me a year to pay him back. Unfortunately it was...well...not exactly legal. Well...my dear pets he has um, come to collect."

Danny felt Katie hug him close, his waist embraced in her arms as Master jack coughed, and nervously sipped some water.

"There is good news!" Master Jack continued. "You see, we have struck a deal tonight, it kind of well, kills several birds with one stone. You see, tonight's entertainment was suppose to be a band called "Nuns in a Blender", some rock group or something. I'm not really sure. Either way, they are snowed in, I think in Denver. As a result, Master Kenny has decided to um, help out Steve. It's like this, a competition. A competition between the three of us, versus Master Kenny and his two slaves. If we win, I have the full year to pay off my debt to him. If we loose, well, then we swap slaves. Master Kenny does not usually own slaves, so if we loose, he will be getting, well...some of the um...most desired...and well known slaves this place has ever seen.

A tear formed in Master Jack's eye, which he wiped in an effort to maintain his dominance.

"Master Steve is setting up the competiton. Katie and Master Kenny's slave will be first and...um...", Master Jack stated before he trailed off.

Katie yelped as Master Kenny seemed to come out of no where from behind Master Jack. He easily stepped between Master Jack and Danny. In an instant he was directly infront of Danny.

Danny and Katie looked at Master Kenny in fear. Master Kenny completely ignored Katie, took a step closer to Danny, and then grasped the back of his neck. Master Kenny tilted his head and as Danny exhaled nervously, smashed his tongue into Danny's mouth. Danny was repulsed, but could not break free from the man who kissed him deeply, his tongue probing and caressing every inch of the slaves mouth. Master Kenny leaned in, forcing him over the bar slightly, and poking his exposed member into Danny's crotch and stomach. After what seemed like a millennium, Master Kenny broke the kiss.

"Slave boy", Master Kenny said staring directly into Danny's eyes. "You will be mine."

Danny, still inches from Master Kenny was speechless. He had no idea what Master Kenny wanted, but he knew he wanted no part of it. Master Kenny was proably no better then Master Jack, but the look in Master Kenny's eyes was simply fearful enough.

Master Kenny gave Danny a look, like a hunter on the prowl. Danny tried to back up, but the bar prevented it. Master Kenny leaned in again and kissed Danny deeply.

Master Jack had seen enough, and moved in to stop it. He reached for Master Kenny, but like a championship football player Master Kenny easily stiff armed the smaller Jack. Jack fell to the floor, landing at Katie's feet. While he collected himself, Master Steve rounded the corner and entered. This finally prompted Master Kenny to stop, leaving Danny out of breath and partially collapsed.

"Let the games begin" Master Kenny said.

Part 18 (added: 09/21/2011)

Katie stood on the top of a high alter. Her outfit had changed to say the least. Starting at the floor, her feet and lower legs were encased in knee high black patent leather boots. As she was now becoming more and more used to, they possessed a very strict 6 inch high heel. Her legs wore clear/tan pantyhose. To Katie, they felt like what she figured the "Hooters" waitresses wear. Her rear was covered in a very tight pink leotard with an emblem of the club on her chest. The leotard was basically for show. Her tits were on full display, presented for the large crowd which had gathered around the obstacle coarse.

As was the norm at the this place, nothing was as it seemed. The obstacle coarse was a mere 50 feet long, and with all of the plastic and pretend plants looked like a plastic jungle. Katie, and a young male slave that Katie had learned was named Tim stood on top of a 15 foot tall pedestal. There was a brief slide, which both slaves would slide down. Once at the bottom, the objective was simple. The first one to make it through the plastic jungle path won a point for their team.

Katie looked at Tim. He was Master Kenny's slave, and apparently willing. While Katie and Tim had been getting dressed, Tim made casual conversation. Katie was basically mute, nodding or shaking her head at the cheerful questions that Tim bombarded her with. He was tall, over 6 feet and around 200lbs. He was very muscular, and his outfit which was nearly identical to Superman's showed off his toned body. His semi long blond hair blew in the air current atop the podeium, and Katie noticed that had another advantage as his boots were without heels.

Katie looked down, and saw that Master Steve was giving the rules to the crowd. The rules had been explained to the two slaves in the dressing room. While they both wore their semi-translucent collar, they were available to no Dom's in the club.

In a pair of seperate chairs sat Master Jack, Danny kneeling next to him. They were dressed as before, and Master Jack was stroking his head. Kenny was standing, his other slave near him. Master Kenny held the other slave's leash. Katie looked at the other slave. Two things crossed her mind. Why were that woman's legs so hairy? And also why was he standing so unsteadily?

Steve held a gun to the ceiling, and with the loud crack of a blank round being fired off both slaves went down the slide and entered the miniature jungle. Above them were projection TV's, and as the two walked through the jungle the crowd ooh'd and ahh'd.

Tim was the first to approach a trap. Although he did not notice it, his long satin cape brushed a tree branch. Tim continued till he felt the tug around his neck. Without fear he looked over his shoulder, grabbed the cape, and tugged it. As he did, terror filled his eyes as long, skinny, slimy, green vines snaked out from a near by trunk. Tim followed the path of the vines back to a large tree stump, which sprouted what looked like a green, leafy dildo. Tim wanted none of that, and frantically began pulling on his cape. Tim grit his teeth and yanked as one of the vines wrapped around his ankles. The crowd cheered as Tim slid along the spread sand.

Finally Tim had an idea. Using his teeth he bit into the cape. Made for looks and not for strength, he soon tore off the cape, leaving small fragments dangling off the back of his neck. Instantly, he unbuckled his boot and in fear kicked for his life. The vines pulled the loose boot off and sucked it toward the dildo as Tim ran several steps, thankful to have avoided the trap.

Cautiously he took a few steps forward, and continued.

Katie tiptoed through the jungle. As the crowd screamed their disappointment at Tim's escape, she tried to block out the distractions. Katie concentrated instead on not touching anything, anything.

Half-way through the jungle, Katie's boot heel slipped on a small twig. Loosing her balance, Katie grasped a small wire that she assumed was a support for one of the plastic trees. However, as she let go and attempted to continue, she felt a warm, gooey sensation on her hand. Katie looked down in fear, and then widened her eyes. The wire that Katie grasped was not a single wire, but instead one of the outer perimeter wires of a huge, 10 foot tall spider web.

She heard the crowd erupt, but maintained her cool. Katie had taught science back in her normal life, and new that the spider's web was triggered by vibrations. Katie stood motionless, her hand affixed to the perimeter web line and thought. Very gently she tried to pry her hand free with no use.

Katie looked over her shoulder, and saw what could be her salvation. A log stood about waist high, a few feet away. If Katie could reach that log with her free hand, she could perhaps use it as leverage to free her glued hand. Slowly, Katie pulled away from the web, reaching desperately for the log. The log stood vertical and was mere inches from Katie's grasp. The closer she got the louder the crowd got.

Maybe if Katie rotated slightly she could get a better angle on it. Katie Turned back to the web, and instantly let loose a blood curdling scream.

Inches from her face, having approached silently behind her was a spider, four feet tall made entirely out of metal, glinting in the lights of the bar. Katie realized later that the crowd was infact cheering for the mechanical spider, and not for her release.

As soon as Katie saw the spider, panic engulfed her. She instantly darted backwards, trying in a vain attempt to break the spider's web. This triggered the spider.

Using its front four legs, the mechanical spider grabbed Katie's waist and hoisted her in the air. This instantly snapped the web that held her hand, which was now no longer needed.

Hoisted high into the air, the crowd screamed as the spider rotated it's bottom, spraying a stream of cream onto her feet. With a mechanical whirring noise, Katie was rotated faster then she could process. The stream that had hit her in the feet now slowly moved up her body. As Katie was spun at a fantastic speed, the goo entangled and wrapped up her feet, ankles, knees, and thighs. In terror while spinning through the air Katie realized she was being mummified in the spider's silk. As the silk encased Katie's feminine hips, the spider finally stopped.

Out of breathe and dizzy to the point of nausea, Katie slumped forward. This was exactly what the spider wanted. As Katie's arms hung limply at her side, the spider sprayed again, pinning her arms to her side. Katie screamed in panic as once again she was spun through the air, her body revolving like a top as the silk crept up her thighs, over her waist, around her chest and over her neck.

Finally the spider stopped, and while still holding her, set her upon the ground. Katie had absolutely zero room to move a single muscle. Katie stood motionless as the spider now gently encased her head in the identical silky material. Soon, Katie was 100% encased in a creamy colored silk that held her tighter then she could imagine. The only part of her that was exposed was her eyes and nose.

It was then that the spider approached. Katie tried to scream as the spider's fangs came into view. The dripped a neon green substance that struck fear into Katie. It was too late however, and with mechanical prescion the spider bit Katie. It's fangs punctured the silk, and entered Katie in the soft spot just above her right collar bone.

Katie's head spun, her body felt weightless, as if the weight on her body was suddenly lifted. Her eyelids felt dramatically heavier. A wave of warmth swept over her body, and her struggles and screams stopped. Her eyes closed. The last image she had was the tear that trailed down Danny's face as Tim taunted him.

For Danny, his game was to be much worse.

Part 19 (added: 09/21/2011)

The fact that Master Jack was sitting comfterably in a chair was not what bothered Danny. Nor was it the fact that Sean, Master Kenny's second slave was kneeling in front of him. Danny was not worried about the fact that he himself was being directed to kneel in front of Master Kenny, who was sitting in front of an identical chair. What made him nervous was what was in between his knelt legs; it was a hard, rigid and very large penis. The dildo, black and extremely lifelike was large, and covered in veins with a life like head. It rose up from the floor like Washington monument, and in Danny's mind seemed to be the same size.

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Several members of the staff were ushering him into an area at the middle of the club. The only thing in this small area was two small chairs to which the two Masters were sitting, the two dildos and Sean. As Danny was shoved and pushed into the area, he caught a glimpse of Sean. Sean was kneeling before Master Jack, with the huge dildo pointed directly into his rear. While the one that would be, as Danny hated to admit, deep inside him was black, Sean's was white.

The guards finally threw Danny to his knees, spreading his legs on either side of the dildo. Danny looked up at Kenny, giving the best sad puppy face he could muster, which received only a viciously evil look from the Master.

"My little toy, you had better get used to this", Master Kenny said, looking through Danny's eyes and directly into his soul.

Danny heard a slight squishing noise from between his legs but chose to keep his eyes on Kenny.

Without warning a large pair of hands grabbed him by the hips and slammed him down. The huge rod shot straight up into Danny's anus painfully. Danny yelped, his eyes closed as he bit his lip in agony. A cool sensation folded into him, and he was able to determine that the squishy sound he heard was lub.

As he whined, a leather belt was fitted around his waist. It was soon tied to the floor, forcing him to stay down low to the floor, unable to get off of the huge phallus that was spreading him painfully. As the same unseen hands used police handcuffs to bind his hands behind him, Danny looked at the other slave. He, like Danny, was kneeling between his Master's competition, inches from the man's cock. The difference was that Master Jacks was still flaccid and soft, where Master Kenny's stood at attention proudly. Master Kenny's expression was one of excitement, where as Master Jacks was one of disappointment.

A voice came over the loud speaker, and Danny recognized it as Steve's.

"My friends and patrons", he started, "Welcome to a random suck off event. The rules are quite simple. As we saw from the last event Master Kenny is ahead of Master Jack with a score of 1-0, since poor Katie couldn't avoid our friend the spider. Since this is a best of three series, if Master Kenny defeats Master Jack in this event, the game, and the prizes are his. Without further adu, here are the rules. The simple fact is that this is the Master level of the competition. So, we will be testing their um...stamina. The first Master to orgasm looses. But, we all know that is just way to boring, so we will be having the other Master's slave doing the sucking. My young friend Danny will be preforming orally on Master Kenny, and Sean, who is Master Kenny's slave will be preforming on Master Jack. To also further prevent any shenanigans, both slaves have been fitted with a um...form of stimuli shall we say. Those of you in the front row will notice that the anal cavities of the slaves are filled with large dildo's. But these are no ho hum, run of the mill dildos. No no, these dildos will expand as the game goes on. I assure you that they are quite full and thick, meaning that I am sure the slaves are already in some pain. Those of you who don't believe me can see the tears on poor Danny's face if you need evidence. To add to this, the boys will be getting the occasional, random, electrical shock directly into their rear ends."

At this Danny began to panic. While he knew he could never get free, he still tried, pulling and tugging trying to extend his legs from the kneeling position, or breaks the cuff's hold on his hands.

"If the slaves will please take their positions at the starting lines so to speak', said Steve.

With that a large hand smashed Danny's poor unsuspecting face into Kenny. Danny tried to keep his mouth shut, but Master Kenny's rigid cock pried it open. Instantly Danny tried to pull back, his mouth grumbling profanities and arguments. The second he did his ass exploded with electricity. His back arched as it seemed to shoot directly from his ass up his spine to the pain receptors in his brain.

The message received, Danny whined and plunged his mouth onto Master Kenny's thick penis. While he had sucked off Master Jack a few times, most of the sexual pleasuring of Master Jack had been left to Danny's wife Katie. Though Danny knew the taste of a penis, this was different. It wasn't a penis, it was a pole of power. The cock was so much larger and thicker that every time Danny went down it seemed to clog his throat, cutting off his air supply.

Danny clenched his face tight as the probe in his rear began to inflate. Danny knew that the longer it took Master Kenny to cum, the more pain he would endure. His ass already felt as if it would burst, and he had only just begun.

A yelp to his right drew his attention. He paused momentarily as Katie was led to the floor. She wore the same pink superhero outfit as earlier, with one difference. The pink outfit had nipple holes in it, and Katie's nipples presented themselves for the public display that Danny knew she did not want. To add to her dismay, large alligator nipple clips adorned her large chest. Carly had attached a leash to these clamps, and was caressing her chest as Danny watched. It was obvious that Carly was in heaven as she tugged and then rubbed the exposed nipples sensually. She looked over her shoulder and winked at Danny, the moment that a huge electrical burst jolted Danny back to attention.

Danny's head bobbed up and down rhythmically. At first Kenny's face held the expression that he had done this a million times and was simply enjoying the dominance. Now Kenny's face was one of rapture. His back was arched and he was slumped in his chair, his hips rising and falling in a slow rhythm. Danny's head moved in a much faster rhythm as he knew he wanted to be on this game show as little as possible. Occasiaonly his face would mush into Kenny's crotch area when his rhythm didn't match the Master's.

Danny kept his eyes closed. He did not want to see Master Jack pleasured by some unknown sub. He did not want to see Carly teasing Katie, kissing her neck as Katie breath heavily.

A moan, and whimper of "no, no, no please no" drew Danny's attention. For once at the club, it was a domme saying no. Danny looked over as best he could as Master Jack's hips moved in a frantic rhythm, his head tossed back as the throws of ecstasy . He rolled in his chair as the other slave's head bobbed up and down. Danny's eyes went wide knowing that time was running out. He plunged his head onto Kenny's cock, forcing it down his throat but it was too late.

Jack's cock splashed sperm into the slave's mouth, causing the slave's head to snap back as cum spilled onto his cheeks and nose. The crowd erupted, as Master Kenny used his hand to pull Danny by the hair even further onto his cock. Knowing he had won, Kenny soon orgasmed, making Danny choke and whimper as he held his cock stuffed in Danny's poor mouth cutting off his air supply and sending the sperm directly into his offended stomach.

Part 20 (added: 09/21/2011)

As the crowd cheered, Danny felt himself being released. The butt plug was pulled out by Carly with a loud and painful "pop". Exhausted, he collapsed on the floor, landing at the feet of Master Steve.

"Well then my friends," Steve started, speaking into a microphone. "It would appear we have a winner! Master Kenny, congratulations on winning the stamina contest. I'm sure it wasn't easy as Danny looks like he is quite the little cocksucker! Now, as we stated you two will swap slaves, you have until..."

Master Steve rambled on as Danny lost track, he had bigger issues to worry about. One was that Master Kenny was staring at him like he was meat on the table. His eyes traveled up and down Danny's naked body with fury. His other worry was Katie. Carly was tearing off her costume, stripping her naked. A random Master was whipping her back and rear with a long leather whip causing her to sob in pain. Master Jack would never let something like this happen to his property, but Master Kenny was completely oblivious to Katie's plight.

Soon Master Kenny was standing the at the bar. The crowd had dispersed and the last of the club's workers were removing the stage(s) that had been used. Carly was showing them how to do it. Danny took stock of the situation. He was still naked, as was Katie. Danny was not bound, besides the leash that was firmly in Kenny's hand. Kenny was beside him, rubbing Danny's back with a leather gloved hand that was cool to the touch. Everywhere the hand slid made Danny flinch and arch his back.

Katie was in a much worse position. Her arms were pinned behind her back by a very harsh black leather armbinder. Her shoulders were pinned back thrusting out her chest. The same alligator nipple clamps from before were adorning her nipples. Her vision was blocked by a thick black leather blindfold, and her mouth was filled with a huge black ball gag, the biggest Danny had ever seen. Her poor, petite feet were painfully arched in a pair of black patent leather pumps with a massive 5 inch heel, stiletto of coarse. Leather ankle cuffs adorned her legs, with a strap that ran under the instep of her foot keeping the heels secured. That was the only clothing Katie wore, besides the solid black leather collar that encompassed her neck.

She wined loudly, arching her back and stomping her high heeled feet as an older Master, balding with remnants of grey hair caressed her hips with both hands, kissing her gagged lips as his female man's slave, wearing a lacy outfit held a dial in her hand. It was connected by a wire to the massive black butt plug that filled Katie's poor rear exit.

A third woman was playing a palm pilot with one hand, rubbing Katie's chest with the other. This woman seemed to exude dominance, and was obviously a Mistress. Tight black leather pants adorned her legs, displaying every millimeter of her firm, athletic rear. Her chest was supported by a black leather bra, pushing her cleavage out invitingly. Her feet were adorned with heels similar to Katie's, though this woman stridded around effortlessly whereas the same heels made Katie stumble and walk awkwardly.

The woman touched her palm pilot and a yelping whimper shook Danny out of his trance. Katie's ears suddenly filled with a black liquid. Danny had never seen this before, but assumed that his beloved wife was now deaf, in addition to mute, blind and bound.

The woman put her palm pilot down on the bar, and leaned into Katie. Her hand continued to groupe and massage Katie's breast, still wearing the painful nipple clamps. As she neared, she took katie's filled ear into her mouth, and began to lick and suck it tenderly.

Between this older man pounding his crotch into Katie's, the Mistress teasing her ear and chest, and the man's sub playing with Katie's rear plug, Danny's anger and frustration grew. Master Kenny of coarse knew this and watched with delight as Danny started to walk toward his wife and her tormentor's with his fists clenched.

"Where do you think your going my pet?" Kenny said with glee.

"Let me go! They are hurting her!" Danny pleaded with tear filled eyes. "Please! Aren't you going to do anything?"

Kenny looked at Katie, and as if on cue the female sub turned a dial on the plug's remote, making Katie shake as violently as she could in her bound state. The two domme's smiled in delight and continued their assault on Danny's bride.

As Danny again started at the three, Kenny yanked Danny's chain harshly, sending the smaller man sprawling into Kenny's chest. Grabbing his shoulders, Master Kenny skillfully and powerfully spun Danny around and held him tight. In an instant, Danny was struggling, his back held firmly against Master Kenny's chest. Danny whined and resisted, feeling Kenny's naked chest against his back. Danny's resistance slowly came to a stop as the man's strength simply wore him down. Before long, the out of breath defeated husband was leaned against Kenny, as the Master's hands went from restraining to comforting.

"See isn't that better?" Kenny said in a passive aggressive voice. "See there we go, calm down. I mean, it is not like you have a chance. Look at you. Your mine, you are mine and I will never, ever let you go. I could not care less about that bitch of a wife of yours."

Danny again struggled, renewing his efforts as he cursed the naked man that held him tight. Many people looked over from various parts of the club, annoyed with the disturbance. Most saw Danny, saw Kenny, rolled their eyes, and return to their drink.

The sound of someone approaching drew Danny's attention, though Kenny ignored it.

'Do we have to go through this again?" said Steve.

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"Mind your business Steve, this doesn't involve you", Kenny responded.

"Again, your creating a scene in MY club", Steve continued, ignoring Kenny's order. "And since this is MY club, it is MY business."

"Listen," Kenny said turning around to face Steve with annoyance. "This is my slave, and I will what I want to him, when I want it done, period. And if that involves the tourture or....whatever of his bitchy wife, so be it. Now mind your fucking business."

Steve, ever the business man, saw an opportunity.

"Danny, am I to understand that you don't want this of poor Katie?" Steve asked.

"Shut the fuck up boy!" Kenny said, yanking the leash harshly.

Danny looked at Kenny, then at Steve. Steve's face re-assured him, and he nodded, ignoring Kenny's silence order.

Kenny started to raise his hand to Danny, but Steve interrupted.

Part 21 (added: 09/21/2011)

"How much for her?" Steve asked calmly.

"I'm sorry?" Kenny asked in mid striking pose. "You...you want to buy her?"

It's no secret that I have had a soft spot for this man's wife for some time" Steve said. "I'll buy her from you and keep her here as an employee. Danny, your wife will be safe. I will personally protect her. I give you my word that while she will not be a saint, she will be safe."

"And the boy?" Kenny asked.

"He is yours, I don't need males here" Steve said matter of factly. "I will even throw this in."

Steve reached under the bar and pulled out a white box the size of a shoe box. Kenny read the title and lit up.

"Is this the new model, the 3.4 model?" Kenny said excitedly.

"Fresh from the mint, speaking of which. The price of Katie?" Steve asked.

"How much are you offering?" Kenny asked with a sly smile.

"That idiot Jack spent $11,340 on the two of them. I will offer that for Katie. It's fair and you know it." Steve continued.

"Deal." Kenny replied.

Steve held out his hand to shake, but Kenny looked at it with distain.

"Wire it to my usual account" Kenny said, grabbing the white box and ushering Danny away to a near by table. He moved so quickly that Danny lost sight of Katie. Now, he was standing in front of Kenny, who was sitting on a stool opening the box Steve gave him. Danny was surprised at how simple this supposedly knew device looked. Danny saw a solid white Dildo gag with a very realistic looking penis. A cord left the front panel and connected to what looked like some form of a wire mesh baggie about the size of a sandwich bag.

Danny watched as Kenny opened the bag up and leaned forward from his stool. Soon, he was manipulating Danny's boy parts into the bag, stuffing them in and fixing the bag. He pulled a draw string around the base of Danny's cock and balls, then reached up and touched a small red button on the otherwise white gag.

"Look boy", Master Kenny said, pointing to Danny's crotch.

Danny looked down obediently and watched as the back compressed, shrinking and tightening until it was a smooth sheath that encompassed his penis and testicles. The netting was restrictive, but not entirely painful. It felt as if a nylon sock was on his male parts.

Master Kenny touched the button again, and the netting turned from a solid white to a glowing green for a few seconds. It tingled, making Danny exhale loudly and shutter. Once it stopped, Danny felt the rubber penis in his mouth change. It became longer and thinner, more defined and more detailed.

"Go ahead, lick it." Master Kenny said with a wicked grin.

Danny shook his head definatly and glared at Kenny as Kenny sighed. He reached behind him and grabbed a palm pilot, tapping away. Danny whimpered as a very harsh white leather armbinder, not unlike the one his wife was last seen wearing appeared on his arms, making him whine and shuffle.

"There, point taken?" Kenny said with an evil grin. "Now stop being a baby and lick it."

Tenderly, his shoulders already in pain, Danny licked the underside of the penis in his mouth. Instantly a warm, wet sensation slid along the underside of his own penis. Danny moan softly closing his eyes as again he licked the underside of the rubber penis, and again the sensation of a warm tongue along the underside of his own penis appeared. Danny looked down to see if there was a mouth on his own penis, and of coarse there wasn't one. Danny's eyes opened in shock as he look at Kenny. He made the startling realization that the penis in his mouth was an exact copy now of his real penis, and any motion in his mouth would be transferred from the wire in the front of the gag that connected to the mesh on his crotch some how.

With an evil smile, Kenny spun Danny around by his bald shoulders, pulling him in close so that again Danny's naked back was pressed against Kenny's naked chest. With Kenny sitting on the bar stool Danny standing between his new Master's legs, Danny knew that Kenny's cock was pointed right at Danny's hole. As Danny's eyes opened wide, he felt his new Master's cock slowly slide between his own butt cheeks.

Danny shook his head and mouthed a "no", which transmitted into his own cock, making him shake slightly. He simply couldn't resist, and again licked the cock in his mouth.

"That's it, that's my boy", Master Kenny said as he slid his hands around and over Danny's naked ribs. "Don't stop now my pet".

Danny closed his eyes. The sensations on his cock were mind numbing. Infront of the entire club, he slowly began a rhythmic sucking on the cock in his mouth, causing his hips to pump and gyrate from the sensations trasmited to his own penis. This of coarse moved his butt, which caressed and rubbed Master Kenny's penis.

For the first time, Kenny showed an ounce of emotion, as he reached his arm around to rub Danny's chest, and kissed the back of his neck.

Danny arched his back as the licking and sucking that he could not help commit translated into intense waves of pleasure pulsating through his own penis. His eyes opened, and through blurred vision he saw something else that jolted him awake.

Katie exited from a back room with several other girls. All were dressed identically. Her black heels were replaced with identical bright silver heels. She wore a bright silver metallic skirt that was tight on her delicious ass, which it barely covered. Katie's chest was exposed, her torso only covered by a bright silver metaliv half cup corset. In one hand she held a serving tray, as did all of the other women. It was obvious to Danny that Katie was now a waitress. Her hair was in a ponytail, showing a metal contraption with an antenna on the side of her head. Katie walked robotically, and it was obvious that some form of robot girls was the theme for the night now.

Danny closed his eyes. Although he wanted to go and claim his wife, and leave this hellish scenario, the waves of pleasure in his cock kept him between Kenny's legs.

Danny closed his eyes as Master Kenny's stiff penis slowly slid more and more into Danny's rear. Despite the horror and fear of it, Danny moaned in pleasure as her returned to dutifly sucking on his own penis thanks to the system.

Danny's eyes slowly opened. Katie was serving a drink to the same Master and slave who had tormented her earlier. She stood before him as the slave got up, and slowly walked behind Katie.

Danny's eyes closed again as Master Kenny's shutter drew him back to the sensations in his own body. His own cock was rock hard now, and he was unable to stop pleasuring it with his own tongue. With ever sensation that his mouth sent into the rubber penis, his own penis twitched and spasmed.

A loud crash caused Danny to open one eye in between his moans and twitches. Katie had dropped her tray because the man had lifted up Danny's wife, and seated her on his lap. His jeans were open, and a huge, proud penis was sliding into Katie's crotch. The man's slave was massaging Katie's chest, kissing her passionately.

Danny moaned as he felt Kenny's hips touch his butt cheeks, and he knew Kenny was in as far as he could go. Despite the dislike of the feeling, his cock responded, and Danny did the best he could to contain the horrible feeling of a building orgasm. Soon Kenny was pumping his hips into Danny, while seated on the bar stool.

Danny arched his back, leaning into Kenny's chest.

It was only a matter of time. Danny's oral pleasuring of his own cock and Kenny pounding away at his sensitive rear end was just too much. He bucked and moaned as cum sprayed into the wire, and was sent via a pump system into the cock in his mouth. In milliseconds his own cum was sprayed into his own mouth. To avoid choking, he swallowed the cum in huge gulps. At that moment, he felt Kenny gyrate his hips, and warm cum spray into his anus. Master Kenny leaned forward, resting on Danny's back as Danny struggled to support the man's weight.

As he struggled, he opened his eyes searching in vain for his wife. Where was she? What terrible fate was happening to her? How would he save her?

Danny felt Master Kenny stand.

"Oh yes, we are going to have a great deal of fun for a very, very long time", he said as he stood and pulled Danny by his leash to the exit.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017  

I stopped reading when the word "magically" appeared in two paragraphs to explain what was happening. This is childish.

Sunday, August 17, 2014  

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Saturday, August 02, 2014  

Please continue!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011  

To my min, there are too many twists in the story. I like the idea of it, however, you certainly could keep it going more straight, just by using the options you made up yourself (e.g. how did Steve convince katie or where did she get the controller from, how about Amandas fate, what happened to Jean etc.).
Moreover, less twisting would also help the logical strain of the story.
I know, it is fiction, however, why does Steve act like he does? And a married couple vanishing from a public club...? To my mind, this seems a little too fantastic.
However, I like your style of writing and as I mentioned, the story has great potential...

Friday, September 16, 2011  

Please continue

Sunday, September 05, 2010  

Wow, but there is a need to avoid 'magic' technology. The ending is simply not credible. This story is based on fact is it? Enjoyed it from start to finish, I see where alot of this story has actually come from and its very well done.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010  

And... you lost me with the latest, nice concept though and you can't please everyone.

Monday, July 19, 2010  

This is a great story, one of my favourites now

Monday, July 19, 2010  

i don't like the way the storie is going

Monday, July 05, 2010  

cant wait to see more from this story

Wednesday, June 30, 2010  

The story line is inconsistent and jerky as it lurches from one unsatisfactory idea to another. There are many interesting idears introduced in the text, but there is a need to avoid 'magic' technology. The ending is simply not credible. In short the text requires further work before it can be regarded as a satisfactory story.

Sunday, June 27, 2010  

For those of you who have ideas, please leave them here or email me at goalie2b34@yahoo.com


Sunday, June 27, 2010  

danny, i did like the story. Though just maybe a twist or something. I don't know but the last part, um........... not something i can really take pleasure in reading. sorry. but i like it, the idea of the story

Tuesday, June 22, 2010  

I wrote this story for people to enjoy, not belittle. Thank you to those who left polite and constructive responses.

Monday, June 21, 2010  

i like the story, where it was going then the part she had to give oral. i was like. um... no. i just thought it was just weird. well horrible, that she was getting married and.... i didn't like this update. maybe she wouyld have goten married to master jack. now i would like that.

Sunday, June 20, 2010  

The nice thing about science fiction is it doesn't all have to make sense; it's fantasy! I liked this story. Nice use of reader comments too on the quoata/cum sensor. Inventive. Will be looking for what other story ideas you come up with.

Sunday, June 20, 2010  

excelent cant wait for the next update

Wednesday, May 26, 2010  

pretty hokey - not believable.

Sunday, May 23, 2010  

nice.... hope to see an update soon.
good premise for lots of room to expand on experiences

Monday, May 17, 2010  

very nice!...love the ideas and the whole control thing...idea's?....how bout a tongue stud that senses sperm and she is giving a quota to reach before being disciplined....it could even be pussy juice...have other ideas but don't want to spill them here.

Saturday, May 15, 2010  

"to the commenter if you dont like the story dont read it." If I don't read it, how can I comment on it? Writing 'yur grate — plez continu' doesn't help the author improve. There's a comments section so the author can get useful feedback. And if you read my comments you'd know that I said 'the story itself isn't bad.' That isn't a bad review. Get over yourself, and get back on the topic of the actual story.

Speaking of which, I saw that some effort was made to respond to the 'unrealistic' comments. Even without that, the second installment was an improvement over the first.

Saturday, May 15, 2010  

I enjoyed this much. Thanks :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010  

This is an intriguing story and I look forward to reading more when it comes. I'm wondering if there will be F/m elements in future...

Well done!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010  

Can't wait to read more... I am intrigued to know more about Claire, and discover what her initial plan for Katie was. Is her fiance involved too? If so, he needs to appear in the club at some point, surely? Nice work so far! Kate x

Wednesday, May 12, 2010  

If you're complaining about grammar/spelling, you're reading this site for the entirely wrong reason.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010  

to the commenter if you dont like the story dont read it. for the rest of us that have an immagination i hope the writer continues the story cause i cant wait to read more

Wednesday, May 12, 2010  

Completely disregard the naysayers and PLEASE CONTINUE!!! Great story with an awesome premise. It's nice to see fresh ideas come on to the site. I'm not into sci-fi stories often but I am SOOO glad I checked this one out!!! Keep it up!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010  

"to the reviewer before me who deemed it nescessary to question the ideas of the story, get over yourself, this story is for enjoyment nothing more, so you dont need to critically analyse everything infront of you evry second of the day" Read this: "Please support the author by leaving your own feedback on the story, good or bad.
Please be constructive in your comments." Just what did you think the comments section was for?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010  

i like it so far hope you keep going

Tuesday, May 11, 2010  

Nice additions.
Keep up the good work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010  

Hey everyone. I have writer's block. It seems my story has been well received...now where should I take it? Please e-mail me suggestions...Goalie2b34@yahoo.com

Monday, May 10, 2010  

Lovin' the story! Keep the additions coming!

Monday, May 10, 2010  

loved the second part!!!!!! i hope you make this a series. cant wait to read more!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010  

To the author: great sotry, both imaginative and more importantly to my knowlege it is origional, also to the reviewer before me who deemed it nescessary to question the ideas of the story, get over yourself, this story is for enjoyment nothing more, so you dont need to critically analyse everything infront of you evry second of the day

Monday, May 10, 2010  

Great stuff so far, please keep it going :)

Monday, May 10, 2010  

Great story plz keep going

Monday, May 10, 2010  

Awesome.....keep going

Monday, May 10, 2010  

Wow, I'm really excited everyone liked it so much! I'll be sure to add more!

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Very interesting, needs a bit more, but does have potential!

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Comment on the comment about spelling, isn't that a bit of the pot calling the kettle black. Less then one line and your spelling and grammar leave much to be desired.

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

You used spelchek, so that's a point in your favor, but you need to read through your stories one more time before sending them off to post. Some of the 'wrong word' misspellings are just distracting, but a couple of them actually reversed (what I assume to have been) your meaning. The story itself isn't bad. I don't like stories where "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." If the technology to do what you're describing existed, Katie would know about it and not be as taken by surprise. While it's true that the first thing most new technologies are adapted for is sex, you need to explain how this 'magical' technology has come to be in this club without the authorities finding out about it (the national security implications are mind-boggling), and why the club hasn't been shut down as an accessory to multiple rapes. They even provide evidence for the victim to take to the cops! You may be able to explain all this later, but in the first four parts your world doesn't hold together.

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Very good start, and with a lot of potential for continuation/expansion. Keep it up!

Sunday, May 09, 2010  


Sunday, May 09, 2010  

Damn but this pushed all my buttons, the only thing i can ask is that this isn't the only story at the club.

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

great story but you could lear to spell. its distracting

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

liked it :-)

more to come?

Sunday, May 09, 2010  

A different kind of story. Enjoyed it.
More please.
What happened next week ?

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