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Venus: A Bondage Epic
  • Author - The Romantic Roper  
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  • Site Rank - 465 of 2730
  • Unique Views - 27055
  • Story Codes - F-m, F-mf, M-f, M-mf, consensual, non-consensual, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, chastity, enema, kidnapping, ponyplay, public, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 7/26/2010
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Chapter 1: The Auction and my Master

"Sold!" the auctioneers's voice declares. "To the gentleman in the third row! Congratulations sir, she's a fine catch."

With the stage cleared, the wench on the other side is cranked and I am pulled by the cuffs holding my arms up, the chain jingling as it pulls me. I cannot see for hood covering my head and struggle to keep from falling as I am pulled toward the center of the stage. I can feel the heat of the spotlight through the silk gown covering my body.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

"And finally," the auctioneer announces, "we have a real treasure for you fine people."

He takes the hood off. I blink in the harsh brightness of the spotlight. My eyes adjust and in the dim light of the room me I can see eyes shining with lust and malice and make out leering faces.

The auctioneer puts a hand on my chin.

"Just look at this face. Is not the face of an angel? Just look at these lovely blue eyes." He garbs a lock of my hair and hold it out. "This hair like spun gold." He lightly runs a finger over my lips above and below the gag in my mouth. "These full lips, red as rubies. This chin, these cheeks, this nose! Even a great painter could not make such an angelic face!"

There's a pause for the crowd to take it in and examine me. I give them a pleading look and whimper through my gag. No one seems to notice or care.

The auctioneer tears off the length of silk over my torso, exposing my large breasts. I can hear several people going "Ooohh!" in the crowd, their eyes lighting up. He presses my back with the tip of his walking stick, forcing me to jut them out further.

"And just look at these! Such nice plump breasts. The kind every man desires to see and hold, but can't usually find." I groan as he puts a hand on one and gropes it. "They're so soft and warm. And sensitive!" He pinches a nipple and I gasp loudly through my gag.

He removes his cane and pauses for everyone to get a good look. I know what's coming next and give him a pleading look, shaking my head as my eyes start to water. He ignores me as he puts a hand over long skirt and tears it off, leaving my fully naked except for a tiny gold chain around my waist meant to compliment it and my tan, which he brings up next.

"Such wonderful tanned skin she has. After she's bathed she'll shine like a bronze statue! Such a well toned body! Such great legs!"

He turns me around and puts a hand on my upper back to push me over, forcing my butt to stick out.

"Look at her ample, round buttocks!" he declared as he rubs it and gives it a smack that makes me yelp.

He wheels me back around. "And finally..."

I shake my head, tears starting to run down my face. "Nnuugh. Nugh."

He hooks the handle of the cane around my calf to pull it up and grab it, forcing me to stand on one leg. And because I am already made to walk on tip-toes, I struggle to hold my balance. He gestures to my pubic hair with the cane's tip.

"And what have we here? Why, we have a natural blonde! No dye needed whatsoever! And even more interesting—"

He pokes the tip into my vulva, making me cry out.

"—she's a virgin! That's right, as hard as it may be to believe, this blonde, buxum beauty was nice enough to save her purity for us!"

I wasn't saving it for you!

He lets my leg do and there was a pause to let it all sink in before he continues.

"A find prize by any standard," he says. "We will begin the bidding at 10,000."

Frustrated groans and some shocked gasps come from the crowd.

"That's outrageous!" someone shouts angrily.

"It is a fair price, really," the auctioneer says calmly. "She is a virgin with a great body. Such a treasure should only start at a high price. It would be an insult to sell her for anything less. Wouldn't agree my dear?"

I shake my head wildly, shouting through my gag and pulling the cuffs as much as they'll go, making a slight rattling sound

"You see, she agrees with me!"

No I don't, you bastard! Let me go! I want to go home! I want my Daddy!

"12,000!" someone calls out.



The numbers get higher and I break down. I go limp and cry silently. I am doomed to be sold to some pervert who will do god knows what to me and there's nothing I can do. I am already thinking about doing something to make my master kill me.




There's a pause after that last bid.

"Anymore?" the auctioneer asks. "No? Well, the bidding stands at 30,000...Going once...going twice..."

"50,000," a voice says from the back row in the shadows.

There is a loud gasp from the crowd. The austioneer goes stiff with the color draining from his face. I look toward the back, trying to see who it is, but I can't even see his outline. There is a long pause.

"Well?" the voice says. "Aren't you going to close the auction?"

The auctioneer shakes out of it. "T-T-The b-b-bidding stand at-at 50,000. A-Anyone want to bid more?"

Theirs is only silence. Apparently not.

"G-G-Going once...G-Going twice...S-S-S-Sold to the gentleman in the back row! Congratulations, sir, you have won a most fine slave!"

The chain is pulled and with a sqauwk I am pulled the other side of the stage. Once there the cuffs over my head are undone only so my wrists can be bound behind me and cuffs with a short length of chain are put on my ankles. I am taken by the arm and led to where the other slaves await their new owners. Unlike me they are calm. They have accepted their fate and for all I know some of them have been slaves for so long they're "comfortable" with their lot in life. One by one their masters and mistresses come to get them. Leashes are put on their collars and they are led awasy to their new lives. Some are unbound but stay gagged. Some are ungagged to greet their owners with varying entusiam (or lack of) while still bound. Some are clothed while others are led away naked or just half dressed. I am the last one when my master comes. I see him my eyes widen as I yell through my gag.
He is not the fattest man I've ever seen. But he is still rather pudgy with a big round belly, thick limbs and pudgy face. The suit he's wearing gives him a somewhat square appearance. I start to cry again, shaking my head. As if being bought to be a slave wasn't bad enough, I am bought by a fat ass. The idea of my first time being raped by him makes me double over, sobbing loudly. A handler pulls me up by my hair, making me scream.

"Shut up!" he tells me. "You—"

"That's enough!" the fat man snaps at him.

He takes out a hankercheif and wipes the tears off my face. He is surpisingly...gentle. I look at his chubby face and see that his blue eyes are shining with a light I didn't see in the eyes I saw during the auction. And the look on his face is different from what I saw on the other buyers. I relax a little. He has me ungagged and unbound and I cover myself with my arms, even though I know there's no point.

He doesn't seem to mind, giving a strangely understanding smile.

"There, there," he tells me. "Here, put these one."

He hands me a cloak and a hood with a veil and I put them on in seconds.

"Don't you think you should puts some cuffs on her?" the handler asks. "She might try to get away."

"You won't try that, will you honey?"

I look up at him and nod.

He puts a jeweled collar on my neck and a long leash

"By the way," he asks, "my name's Melvin. What's yours?"

I stay silent, unable and unwilling to speak.

"Your master asked you a question!" the handler shouted, raising his hand.

"Don't you dare!" Melvin tells him with a growl. "She'll answer when she's ready."

We make our way from the auction building to a fine carriage. The door is opened to us. Melvin offers to let me go first. But instead I push him as hard as I can, pulling the leash as hard as I can to. He's so surprised he lets go of the leash and almost falls. I run as fast as I my legs can carry me as he calls for me to come back. I run through the crowd and when I think I'm far enough away I duck through and alley and run to the other side. I keep running until I'm think I've gotten away. I stop and take the hood off and then try to remove the collar and leash.

"Well, well, well," a voice says in amusement. "What do we have here?"

I look to see three men.

"Please help me!" I tell them. "There's a man after me! He bought me at a slave auction-and-he--"

Too late do I see the leers on their faces. I turn run again, but one of them grabs me. He wraps an arm around my body while his other hand covers my mouth.

"Don't worry, honey," he says jokingly, "we'll save you from the bad man."

"We'll take real good care of you!" another says as he grabs an arm.

They pin me down. A rag is crammed into my mouth and my wrists are bound so tight it hurts. One of them holds my arms down while the cloak is lifted up for them to see my body.

"Holy shit!" one of them declares. "Look at the size of those tits!"

He reaches out and mashes one while I yell. I kick out at them, but I miss and my legs are pinned. I scream when one of them puts two fingers inside me.

"Holy shit again!" he says. "She's a virgin!"

"No way!"


One them gropes and sucks my breasts while another fingers me and the third holds me down so hard it feels like I'm being crushed. It's so unfair. I had run away from Melvin to keep from being raped only to be gangbanged.

After several minutes of this hell one of them drops his pants to reveal his hard penis.

"I think it's time for the main for the main event," he says.

But before he can deflower me, a voice yells "Get away from her!"

A figure rams into the man holding me and slams him into a wall. With him gone and the other two surprised I am able to get out from under them. I am shocked to see that it's Melvin who has come to my rescue. I am greatly surprised as he takes care of the other two in quick fashion. He turns to me with a frown sweating and breathing heavily. I start to shake. I am going to be punished. But first he ungags me.

"You lied to me," he says, though more in disappointment than anger as he pulls the cloak down to fully cover me.

"I'm sorry I ran!" I tell him in cracked voice. "I promise I'll never do it again! Please don't hurt me!"

He reaches out and I flinch. But his hand gently wipes the tears off my face again.

"Are you hurt?"

I stare at him in confusion.

"Did they hurt you?"

"A-A little," I reply. "But it's bruises that will heal soon. You stopped them before they could really hurt me."

He smiles and gives a sigh of relief. "Good. I'm very glad to hear that."

"Y-You mean you're not angry? I-I won't be punished?"

He shakes his head. "No. All that matters to me is that you're okay."

He unbinds my poor wrists.

"Can you walk with me?" he asks. "Or do I need to take the leash."

"I-I'll w-walk with you, M-Master," I tell him anxiously. "I-I'll be good! I promise!"

"Please," he tells me, "just call me 'Melvin'. There are plenty of men called 'Master' in the world. And what do you want me to call you?"

"...you can call me whatever you want."

"Are you sure? I'll be happy to call you by your real n—"

I shake my head. "It doesn't matter. The life I had is gone forever now. I'll be content with whatever name you give me."

He thinks about it. "How about 'Venus'. Because you're just as beautiful as the legendary goddess. Could I please call you that?"

I smile a little at the question. Maybe I haven't gotten such a bad master after all "That's a great name."

One of my attackers groans as he starts to regain consciousness.

"We better get out of here," Melvin says. He puts the hood back over my head and we quickly make our way back to the carriage.

Chapter 2: Our First Night (added: 07/28/2010)

It is later that night we stop at hotel and Melvin gets us the best suite. In the time we've spent together I have come to realize that he was a very nice guy. In fact, I learn that the reason he bought me wasn't so he could have sex with me, but to save me.

"I saw how terrified and miserable you were," he told me. "And I had to do something. I went to that auction to buy who I could so I could help them. But all the other slaves were conditioned to accept their fate. But when they bought you out and I saw that scared, sad look on you beautiful face I just had to have you so no one else could get you and do horrible things to you."

"Thank you," I replied gratefully. "I-I promise to be a good slave and serve you well."

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"You don't have to," he told me. "In fact, I'll set you free as soon as I can."

I shook my head. "Thank you, but it's best if I stay your slave. I'd rather be your slave than risk someone else hurting me again. Besides, if my stepmother--"

I stopped myself there.

"W-What about your stepmother?"

"It doesn't matter," I told him. "We'll never cross paths again. Or at least I hope not."

He lets the subject drop, which I greatly appreciate. The less said about my past, the better.

He says he's taking a bath and I jokingly offer to join him. He actually blushes and says he won't need me. I await my turn and take a bath, the first one I've had in a weeks, which is just bliss to my poor body. The water is warm and soothing. I get out, feeling clean and refreshed. I back into the main room.

"So, how was i-EEEEEEEE!"

Melvin turns red all over, looking like a human tomato, at the sight my naked body.

"It was heavenly," I tell him.

He turns around.

"Why so shy?" I ask. "You saw me nude at the auction."

"I-I t-t-tried n-not to l-look that m-m-much. A-And I was p-p-paying more attention to your f-f-face."

I give a little gasp of surprise. Then smile gratefully. "Thank you."

"Y-Y-You're w-w-welcome. N-N-Now how about g-g-getting dressed?"

I shake my head. "No."

"I-I-I already told you, i-it's not about s-s-s-s-sex! Y-Y-You can wait until you're ready!"

"Thank you," I tell him again. "But we're not going all the way. And you deserve a reward for saving me from those men earlier. And for being a master many slaves can only dream of having."

"Like my grandma use to say, slaves are people too. My family knows that a happy slave is a better one. And..." he drops his voice some. "I...I'm a v--vvirgin too."

I should've guessed as much. What woman would want to have sex with pudgy fellow like him?

"Then we're both in the same boat!" I tell him. "Now turn around and look at the hot slave you paid so much for."

He slowly does. The embarrassment on his face is replaced by...awe.

"By the gods," he says. "That guy was right. After a bath you shine like a freshly polished statue."

I blush some at the reverence in his voice. "T-Thanks. Now let's see it."

He swallows nervously before disrobing. "O-Okay. But I don't think you'll like what you see..."

Actually, I do. He's bigger than I thought. Much bigger even, though I thought poorly of him at first. He's above average and if he had a little less weight he'd be fairly impressive.

"It's not bad," I tell him with a smile. "It's a very decent size. A good thickness."

"Y-You think so?"

I nod with a kind smile. I tell him to sit on the bed and we exchange a passionate kiss before I get down on my knees. I take it in my hands and rub it some to make him groan and shake. He's good and hard! I fondle his balls and stroke his shaft.

"Does it feel good, Master?"

"Y-Y-Yes! W-W-Where did you—"

"I was made to watch people have sex as part of my training and made to please men with my hands and mouth. But you won't hurt me for not doing it exactly right and say mean things to me like they did."

"O-uuuuugghff course n-aaauuugghht!"

I take it in my mouth, massaging him with my tongue and lips and sometimes licking and sucking his sack. He actually tastes and smells better than the men I had been forced to service during my training. His moans of pleasure sound surprisingly good. When it feels like enough time has passed I remove my mouth. I put my chest to it and place it in my cleavage and press my breasts together to squeeze it. I move them some, the feel of his hard cock between my soft, round boobs feeling surprisingly good to me and great to him.

"OH GODS!" he shouts, tears running from his eyes. "I-It's like nothing I've ever even thought I'd expreince! Thank you! Thank you so much!!"

"You're very welcome," I tell him. I have to admit, I'm starting to get turned on.

I alternate between the methods of pleasing him for a while until he yells "S-S-S-Stop! STOP!"

"What is it?" I ask, looking up at him wide eyed. "Am I doing something wrong?"

"No, it's just fantastic! B-But I feel like I'm going to spurt and it'll get on your face or in your mouth."

"That's okay," I tell him reassuringly. "It has to go somewhere."

He pauses before giving me a pleading look, saying, "...P-P-Please, Venus. C-Can I please come in your mouth?"

I smile brightly at him. "Just as much as you want."

I put my mouth on his manhood and suck hard while massaging his balls and what isn't in my mouth. He gently puts his hands on my head and starts to mouth fuck me. Slowly at first, but then picking up speed and force. He grunts and gasps loudly as goo spurts from his dick. I'd like to say it was delicious...but that would be lying. However, it did taste better than most of the semen I'd been force to ingest and even the fact I did by choice seemed to help the flavor. I didn't even feel the nausea I'd experienced from previous blow jobs that led to vomiting and beatings.

Melvin falls onto the bed, gasping and covered in beads of sweat. I get on top of him and he gives me a big smile.

"Thank you, my goddess," he tells me with deep gratitude as he cradles my face. "Thank you so much."

"You're most welcome."

"S-Should I please you now?"

"...In a few minutes after you've caught your breath."

When he has I position myself to sit on his face. He sticks out his big tongue and carefully starts to lick my nether regions.

"Hmm...that's nice," I tell him. "A good start. You'll know what to do as it comes to you."

He does. The feel of his breath and tongue feels good to my pussy.

"It tastes and smells so divine! And your lower hairs are as lovely as the ones on your head."

I giggle. No one's EVER given me a compliment like that before!

"...C-Can I please use my hands?"

"Of course!"

My smiles grows. I have to be the only slave to ever have her master ask permission to do things to her. One hand gropes a butt cheek while another reaches up to play with a breast and nipple. He's so loving and gentle, not at all like the men who molested me in training. Now it's my turn to moan loudly in pleasure.

"Oh wow!" he says from below me.


"D-Do all women have...things, as big as yours?"

"N-No," I tell him. I was raised to be humble about my body and my big clit has always been something of an embarrassment to me. It even caused tension between me and my friends sometimes.

"It's so shiny and round. Like a pearl for a ring."

I blush again. I now regret all the bad things I thought about Melvin when I saw him. I feel a finger gently press it and give a groan and a shudder.

"I'm sorry," Melvin tells me, "did that—"

"Please, do that again."

He does. My body heats up as he fondles me and licks my love juice as it comes out. My hips move to a powerful inner rhythm and my moans become louder and longer, then turn into heavy breathing.

"M-Master!" I cry out. "I feel like I'm going to cum! Can I please?!"

"Yes," he tells me. "Come just as hard and as much as you want."

My orgasmic shouts feel the air as hot wave of passion surges through me. When it's over I feel weak yet sated. I collapse, but Melvin catches me. We hold each other tightly. He's so soft and warm. Like a human pillow.

"How was I?" he asks.

"You're good. So very, very good. W-We'll get to the real thing later."

"We don't have to," he tells me with a warm smile. "At least not right away. We can please each other perfectly without me sticking my penis in you and making repetitive motions. I want your first time be special. To be right. I can wait just as long as you can. Even if you never want to do it with me I'll understand. You've already done more to pleasure me than I ever thought I'd experience. So take your time."

Tears of gratitude try to run down my face, but I wipe them away. "Thank you, Mas—Melvin. You're the best Master in the entire world."

"I-I just want to make you happy and take care of you."

"Well, you're off to a great start."

We exchange another big kiss and I lay in his caring embrace until I go to sleep, experincing the best night's sleep I've had in a very, very long time.

Chapter 3: The Ugly Duckling (added: 08/04/2010)

In our time together I come to love and care dearly for Melvin. He treats me not as a slave, but as a good friend and companion. He has left his rich family to set out in the world and I help him as he makes various business deals to gain money, influence and popularity.

"Brains and beauty," he complimented me one time as helped him with some ledgers. "You have it all."

"Well, my parents wanted me to have a good education. They didn't want me to be another brainless slut who gets everything by shaking her ass and sticking out her tits who can't count pass ten or read a word longer than four letters."

He chuckles. "It's times like this I feel even better about rescuing you. You would've been wasted in a brothel or someone's bedroom."

I can't help but smile. He never says he "bought" me but "rescued" me...which actually rather accurate.

While we have yet to have intercourse (but I'm getting more comfortable and ready), we please each other nightly with our hands, mouths, dildoes, and even a vibrator. We've even gotten to where we play with each other's rectums (it feels pretty good, actually!).

One day he comes home with young woman on a leash. She has brown hair and wears big glasses. She hangs her head, but keeps looking up with anxious, nervous look. She has long cuffs on her hands and ankles and a gag that covers the lower half of her face.

"Eventful day at work?" I say jokingly.

"Well, I was on my way home and there was a man selling her on the sidewalk. I know that sounds strange, but not all slaves are sold at auction after training."

He has a point. Some people just sell their slaves on the spot for quick money out of greed, stupidity, or simply because they aren't satisfied with them. He leans over to my ear and whispers, "I got a really great price for her. Didn't even pay a fraction for what I did for you. Her owner wasn't very smart and seemed a little desperate."

We remove the chains and gag. She just stands there, looking at us with uncertainty and some fear. Melvin holds a hand out to her and she flinches.

"It's okay," he tells her softly. "We're not going to hurt you. My name's Melvin and this is Venus. What would you like us to call you?"

"Master can call me whatever he wants," she replies in a quiet, monotone voice.

"Is there anything you'd like to be called?"

She looks up at him, somewhat confused. She shakes her head. "Master can call me whatever he wants," she repeats glumly.

Melvin thinks about it, but is unable to think of anything good.

"I'll try to come up with something as soon as I can," he tells her assuredly.

She just nods. For the rest of the evening we try to befriend her, but she remains stoic and passive. She doesn't speak unless spoken to and says as little as possible.

It is during supper when she drops her glass of beer and it crashes to the floor.

"Oh gods," she yelps before we can say anything. She gets down on all fours, her face touching the floor. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Please don't hurt me! I'll get it up!"

But instead of getting rag to clean it up, she starts to lap up and suck the beer off the floor.

"What you doing?!" Melvin yells.

She stops it and covers herself, shaking. "I'm sorry, Master! I'm sorry!"

He sees how terrified she is and calms down. He gets a rag and starts to clean up the mess. I help him.

The woman stops shaking and looks at us in shock.

"Y-You're not going to punish me?"

"No," Melvin tells her gently. "It was an accident. You didn't do anything wrong."

Her eyes water and tears start to stream down her face. "M-M-Master!"

She wraps her arms around Melvin and cries hard. I watch, then continue cleaning up. I understand what's happen. Her master abused and mistreated her. She has lived the life I had been terrified of at the auction. But while I was bought by a kind and gentle master, she was sold to someone much, much different.

After she has calmed down some Melvin decides to put her to bed. She looks at it longingly and gives us a grateful look before climbing in. We check on her a few minutes later to find her in a deep sleep.

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It is late the next afternoon when a yell tells me she is awake. She arrives with a panic stricken look.

"I'm sorry, Master!" she declares pleadingly. "I didn't mean to, I swear!"

"He's not here," I tell her. "He'll be home soon though."

"Y-You won't tell him I slept so late, will you?" she asks fearfully.

"No," I tell her with a smile. "And if I did it's not like he'd punish you for it. He could tell you needed a good night's sleep."

She is very surprised to hear this. "But-but—"

"I know it's strange, but Melvin's the best master a slave could ever ask for. He treats you like an equal instead of someone to do with as he wishes."

"...S-So he never hurts you or yells at you or makes you work and work and work without any thanks?"

I shake my head with a smile.

Her face reddens some as she asks, "Does he ever...touch you?"

I nod with an even bigger smile. "But only when I let him. Trust me when I say he's a better lover than he looks."

"So have you two..."

I shake my head again. "We're both still virgins, believe it or not. He actually cares enough to wait until I'm ready. But there are plenty of things we can do each other for fun!"

She stares at me in shock. But before we can continue, Melvin joins us. We spend the next few hours trying to befriend the woman and she starts to warm up to us. At supper she eats her share slowly, as if grateful for every bite. She turns to Melvin with a little smile.

"Thank you for buying me, Master."

"Please, call me Melvin. And I just wanted to help. Being a slave sounds bad enough, but what got me was that no one seemed to want you. Everyone was just passing by while that guy tried to get them to buy you. And the way he looked made me worried about what he'd do if no one bought you."

"Nothing I haven't been through before," she said. "He beat me often. He just hasn't the last couple of days. Though some days I don't get to sleep and some I don't get to eat. A day I get both go unbeaten is like a perfect holiday for me."

"Now you're going to get those everyday!" Melvin tells her.

She looks at him and blushes before asking, "Will Master want to have sex with me?"

We blush too.

"O-Only if you want it."

"But I'll be very bad," she laments. "I am not a virgin, but I have no experience. My old master fucked me once to see what it was like to do a virgin and never touched me again."

"You can learn," I tell reassuringly. "It's an easy subject."

"But...but I'm ugly."

"No, no you're not," I tell her.

"B-But look..."

She sits up and disrobes. I have to admit she has a fairly average body with medium sized breasts. Her glasses, somewhat plain face and discreet hair would also deter interest from her. But she is still far from ugly.

"You see?" she says, crying some. "No man would want to touch this body. And we all know what men really want from a female slave."

I can't really argue with that.

"I-I want to touch it," Melvin tells her. He gets up and puts a hand on a breast to gently fondle it, making her moan. He kisses her neck and reaches down to rub her crotch. They look into each other's eyes and he kisses her fully on the lips.

"I don't think you're ugly at all. In fact, I think you look good. If anyone's ugly here, it's me."

The woman shakes her head. "I think you look good." She runs a hand over his face and through his hair. "You have such pretty eyes. Like gemstones. And such nice hair." She puts her thumb and forefinger on a cheek and lightly squeezes. "And you're cute round face and cheeks are like a baby or small child."

I watch in amusement, wondering why I haven't noticed or at least said so so nicely.

"And..." her face turns red as she smiles and puts a hand on his chest. "M-Master has nice boobies."

I put my hand over my mouth to stop my laugh as Melvin's face glows red.

"They're bigger than mine," she tells him.

"Actually, I'd say they're about the same size."

"C-Could I play with them?" she asks with an embarrassed smile.

Melvin just nods. I chide myself a little for not thinking of that.

She cups one of them and starts to grope it. Melvin says "OH!" loudly, then moans witn pleasure.

"D-Does it feel good, Master?" she asks.


She starts to use her other hand and rolls a nipple with her thumb and forefinger.

"Not bad, isn't it?" I comment. "Makes me wish I'd thought of it."

"V-Venus," Melvin asks me, "d-does it feel this good when I play with yours?"

I nod. While I don't know how good it feels for him, I certainly enjoy his hands on my boobs. Certianly more than when they were mashed and smacked during my training, not to mention what happened to my poor nipples.

"Should I use my mouth on them?" the woman asks.

"If you want to. And I'm sorry if they taste funny."

She sticks out her tongue and starts to lick a nipple, making him gasp as she licks and sucks on it.

"Mmm..." she says, "Master tastes good."

I watch with great amusement. It's certainly not every day you get to see woman suck on a man's "boobs". And he seems to rather enjoy it. She stops and goes down, kissing and licking his big stomach as she does, stopping to lick out his naval and make him squeal, before getting on her knees to face his ready cock.

"Master has is so big and hard!" she says with a smile.

"I-I wouldn't say I'm so big," he said modestly.

"It's bigger than my last master," she says. 'Amd so much harder."

I arch an eybrow, but don't comment.

She rubs and strokes his penis and balls lovingly before giving them a series of kisses and licks. She hesitates before putting it in her mouth and taking in as much as she thinks she can hold. Melvin groans in pleasure as she sucks and licks his man parts.

"How am I, Master?" she asks earnestly. "I-It's my first time doing this and I really want to please you."

"You're doing very well," he tells her, smiling. "Just go with what works with you. Besides, bad blowjobs are exremely rare, so don't worry too much."

She smiles gratefully and continues. It goes on for about fifteen minutes before Melvin can't take it any more and comes. She tries to swallow his jism, but isn't able to hold much before having to back up forthe rest of it to splatter on her face and chest.

"Here," I offer. "Let me help clean you."


I take her glasses off and start to lick her clean.

"Mmm...you taste so good," I tell her. "And you're actually kinda cute without your glasses."

"But I need them to see. I'm nearsighted."

"How close does something have to be?" I ask. I hold my face very close to her. "This close?"
She nods with a star struck expression. "You're so beautiful..."


She leans foreward to kiss me deeply. I'm a little surprised, then move my lips and tongue to match her movements. We break apart ad she gives me a love filled look before asking me to continue cleaning her. When I'm done I gibe a wash cloth to wipe off with and Melving gives her back her freshly cleaned glasses.

"Thank you," she tells us. "I never thought anyone would want to do thinks like that to me. It felt so good!"

"We're very glad to hear that," I tell her. "Just don't ever call yourself ugly again, no matter what anyone else said. Just think of yourself as that duckling from that story who turned out to be a swan."

"That's it!" Melvin declares. "I'll call you 'Swan'. Would that be alright?"

She nods with a smile. "That...that's a wonderful name." She wipes her eyes as they start to water. "My old master didn't even bother naming me...he just called me bad names." She smiles brightly as tears of gratitude run down her face. She leaps up to hug Melvin tightly. "Thank you so much, Master! Thank you!"

"You're very welcome," he tells her kindly. "And I already told you, call me Melvin."

"What if I want to call you Master?"

"Well...if you really want to..."

They get dressed and help me clear the table and watch the dishes. Later that night they're ready for some more fun. But this time Melvin wants to make things more interesting. I knew I'd be tied up again sooner or later and am grateful he waited this long and for my permission. I am gagged with my hands tied behind my back by silk scarves while Swan is blindfolded. She gets on the bed with with me. She runs her hands over me.

"By the gods," she says breathlessly. "No wonder you are named after a goddess of old. Your body is just magnificent!"

I moan at the compliment and the way she rubs me. She feels of my face and gives it a series of little kisses and licks, making me moan louder. She makes her way down my neck to my breats. She puts her hands on them to grope them and goes from one to the other lick and sucking my nipples. When she is finished there she makes her way down to my belly button. I squeal with muffled laughter at the feel of her tongue tickling the little hole. Finally, she makes her way tomy vagina, already hot and wet. I spread my legs for her as she gets there.

"Mmm..." she says. "Such a wonderful scent...like a great perfume."

I blush at this and the way she runs a finger over it.

"Oh!" she says. "You've got some hair down here! And I thought you were shaven." She rubs my crouch lovingly, making me gasp through my gag. "Such a wonderful feel. Almost as good as what's on your head."

She sticks her tongue and out "explores" my crotch. She finds my clit and taps it with her tongue, making me yell through the gag. She smiles, then plunges her tongue into me. I give a muffled shout as she uses her fingers and tongue on my pussy.

"Mmm," she says again. "Our goddess makes her own ambrosia!"


After a few minutes she pauses to speak to Melvin, who is watching us and masturbating. She spread her legs.

"Master," she calls out. "Please join us. I want to feel that hard rod inside me!"

He approaches us and carefully puts his "little head" at her nether lips.

"Bear with me," he tells her. "It's my first time."

She just smiles and presents herself to him. He gently pushes his dick inside her and gives a loud gasp as he lost his virginity. He starts to fuck her slowly and gently as he gets used to the feeling and picks up speed and force a little a time as he goes along.

"Oh yes!" Swan cries out with a smile. "You're so much harder and a better than my last owner!"


"Oh gods yes!"

So he fucks her from behind while she licks and sucks my pussy and clit, using her fingers to spread my lips as wide as she can. Their moans, groans, grunts, and gasps fill the air with my muffled ones as I write in my bonds. This seems to gone on for an eternity before I lose control and come, squirting it into Swan's mouth and on her face.

"Delicious!" she tells me. "Thank you, goddess! Thank you-OOOHHHH!!"

She climaxes as well, followed by Melvin. He takes off her blindfold and removes my gag for the three of us to exchange kisses with each other. We lie on his chest while he wraps an arm around each of us.

"Mmmm..." Swan purrs. "Master is so soft and warm. Like a giant teddy bear or doll."

"Why thank you," he replies. "Would you like your glasses back?"

She shakes her head. "I don't need them right now. Besides, I want to look better for you two. And I can do this." She reaches out a hand to feel of his face, then mine. I close my eyes and run my hand over hers. "You're so pretty," I tell her.

"Thank you," she replies with a grateful smile.

We hold hands and drift off sleep in out chubby master's loving embrace.

Chapter 4: The Nymph (added: 08/17/2010)

Swan has since fallen in love with Melvin. I've heard of slaves loving their masters sometimes, but had always thought it was a little too easy. I care for Melving, but I'm not in love with him. But Swan constantly fawns over him and throws herself at him. I think it's because they each other's inner beauty pass their imperfections and because her last master was terrible to her while Melvin is so kind and loving. He develops feelings for her too. One of us goes out with him to be his assistant while the other stays to take care of the house. Every night we play with each other, either taking turns with or a damn good threesome.

One day we get a message telling Melvin that he is eligible to marry a rich family's daughter.

"But I don't know get it," he tells us with some confusion. "I've known people who got married this way, but I'm not wealthy enough."

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"We should look into it," I suggest. "Marrying into a wealthy family would be good for you. And by extension us. And it would be nice to go on a trip."

"I guess it is an honor," he said. "I should at least see if we'd get along and what my chances are."

The three of us pack up and make the trip to the Capulate mansion. We are greeted cordially and led to a man and woman in fine clothes. We bow to them.

"Ah," Mr. Capulate says. "You must be Mr. Rovo. We are pleased you could come."

"And I am honored for the message you sent," he replies humbly. "Though I have to confess that I don't have enough money, land and employees to earn a marriage invitation."

"But you have two slaves," Mr. Capulate says, nodding approvingly at Swan and especially me. "And your business has grown quickly. And you come from a wealthy family."

"But I wanted to set out on my own and try making my own name and not rely on my family's forever."

Mr. Capulate nods approvingly again. "Considering how well you've been doing, you're the kind of smart, resourceful, quick-witted business man worthy of my daughter's hand. And having more than one slave so soon impresses me."

"But we've been having a hard time finding a suitable candidate," Mrs. Capulate tells us. "If it's someone who doesn't meet our standards, they don't meet Natalie's. And we're not like parents in stories who will marry their daughter off to someone she hates to get something out of it."

"How thoughtful you," Melvin says.

Mr. Capulate has Natalie bought to us. She is my complete opposite. She looks like she could be fourteen, has pale, snow white skin, and her hair is dyed dark blue, which makes her look like an elf of nymph. She frowns when she sees Melvin, but her dark eyes widen at me.

"Natalie," Mr. Capulate tells her. "This is Melvin Rovo, your newest suitor."

"Hi," she tells Melvin nonchalantly, eyes glancing toward me.

"Hello, Natalie," he tells her in a friendly tone. "I hope I meet your approval. And if you don't want to marry me, I understand. Though I would like us to be friends."

"Well, you're got more charm than the last couple of guys, I'll give you that."

"Thank you."

Melvin and the Capulates sit down to talk and get to know each other with Swan staying to so they can learn more about him while I go Natalie. We're barely in her room before she gets down to business.

"What's he like?" she asks suspiciously. "And I want you to be honest. None of that slave talk about how great your master is."

"Well, I'll admit he's not the most handsome master a slave could have, but there are far uglier men in the world. And he makes up for it. He has plenty of charm and wit. He has beautiful eyes and hair."

"...H-Have you seen him naked?" she ask with intrigue.

I nodwith a smile. "A lot."

"H-Has he had sex with you?"

"We haven't gone all the way, but we've found plenty of ways to please each other."

"You're still a virgin?!" she looks me over. "But how did you go through your teenage years without—"

"Me and my boyfriend were saving ourselves for each other," I tell her, blushing some. "I even had a chastity belt."

Her white face blushes some. "Oh." She then asks if Melvin ties me up.

"Sometimes," I reply. "He's not into bondage and BDSM like a lot masters are, but it does spice things up!"

"How does it feel when he...touches you?"

"Pretty good, actually. A lot better than the thugs who manhandled me during my training."

"W-What was it like?"

"I don't want to talk about it," I tell her.

"I'm sorry," she tells me. "I-It's just that...uh..."

"You're just trying to learn about sex, aren't you?"

Her pale face turns red again. "A-Actually, I want to know about being..." she mumbles the next few words.

I smile as I realize it. I go up to her and whisper. "You've fantasized about being a pleasure slave, haven't you?"

She just nods.

"I bet you even have some dirty books hidden, don't you?"

She nods again. "I-In the bottom right corner of my underwear drawer. And...and a dildo under my bed."

"Why you dirty little nymph," I giggle.

"No!" she exclaims as she jumps away from me. "I-It's just that they're so...exciting! You don't know what it's like being a rich girl in a mansion. Everyone expects you to act a certain way. People tell you what to wear, where to go, how to dress—"

"—how to act, who the right people are to be with," I added. "And tutors who want nothing less than absolute perfection. And being guarded all the time whan you go out is annoying. Though my parents gave me some freedom to enjoy myself."

Her eyes widen. 'Wait...y-you were—"

"That was a different life," I tell her. "It's what's happening now I want to think about." I smile at her. "And right now I think you'd like to play with me."

I strip naked and her eyes almost pop out of her head as the red on her face travels through her entire body.

"How would you like me to tie you up?"

"...I...I-I think I'd like that."

I make her undress while I look for something to use. I find some silk scarves and turn to see Natalie, who I will now call the Nymph, topless with her hands covering her chest.

"There's no need to be shy," I tell her with a kind smile. "We're both girls. But if you want to pull out that's okay."

"I-I want to...i-it's just that they're so damn small." She stares longingly at my breasts. "Yours are so big and round and soft. And I have kiddy boobs..."

She removes her arms to show me them. I smile as I go over to her, get behind her, and cup them to grope. She gasps in surprise, then moans.

"They're just fine," I tell her. "They're well proportioned with the rest of you. I think they're cute. They're so soft and squishy."

"Y-You really think so?"

I nod with a smile. "They look like cupcakes with cherries on top!"

"Mmmm...thank you."

"Welcome. Now please take off your skirt."

"Um...we might have a problem there..."

She takes it off to reveal that she has a chastity belt.

"That won't be a problem," I tell her confidently. "Where are your hairpins?"

"You mean you can pick the lock?" she asks with a gasp.

I nod. "A friend of mine showed me how. Even used it on me and some friends at a couple of slumber parties."

She tells me where some are and I get one. I poke around in the belt's lock until it clicks for the belt to come loose. I take it off and smile at her the pale, hairless vulva before me.

"Very nice," I tell her. I use a scarf to bind her wrists. I ball up another up, stuff it into her mouth and use another as a cleave gag. For some extra excitement I blindfold her. I put her on the bed and make her lay down. I make her close her lips so I can kiss them, then plant a series of pecks and a few licks all over her face, which makes her squirm and moan. She yelps and jumps as I rub her crotch.

"Mmm...so smooth," I tell her. "Like living silk..."

She moans and blushes at the compliment. I go back to kissing her with one hand rubbing her down there while the other gently massages a little breast. I kiss my way down her chest and stop at a boob to lick and suckle a nipple, making her yell through her gag and writhe in her bonds.

"Should I stop?" I ask. "Does it hurt?"


I smile. I go back to the nipple and I end up taking the whole breast in my mouth! I suck on it as gently as I can, making Nymph groan loudly and tense up. I carefully insert a finger into her now very wet pussy and probe around some.

"Even more like living silk!" I tell her. "And so tight. You poor thing. You probably don't get to masturbate very often, do you?"

She shakes her head as she blushes.

"Then I'll make to make this feel great."

I go back to fingering her. I gradually another finger, then another. I move them around in her for a while, then start to pull them in and out as she moves her pelvis in rhythm with my hand's movements. I build up force and speed a little at a time, planning on finger fucking her. Then think about what she said about a dildo on her bed and slow down to stop. She turns her head, mewling pleadingly and loudly through her gag while I get the dildo.

"Sorry," I apologize. "But I thought of something that would be even better."

I carefully work the dildo into her for her to gasp, then moan in pleasure at having her "old friend" inside her. I work the dildo in and out of her, once again picking up force and speed as she adjusts.


I'm glad she's gagged so no one can hear powerful orgasm she has. She goes limp, breathing heavily. I remove the gag and blindfold for us to truly kiss.

"Thank you," she tells me as a tear runs down her face. "That was the best thing to happen to me in years. I feel like the heroine of 'The Elf and the Amazon'. You even look like an Amazon with that wonderous, incedible body."

"Why thank you!" I tell her as I lightly run a finger over her face. "And you're look like a cute little elf. If only you had pointy ears."

"I wish so too. Because her ears—"

A knock at the door stops her. "Miss Natalie?" A voice asks. "It's time for supper."

"Coming!" she replies, panicking a little.

I untie her as fast as I can and we jump back into our clothes to go to the dining room.

"And what have you two been up to?" Mr. Capulate asks

"We've been getting to know each other," Nymph quickly replies. "I've been learning about Melvin from Venus and getting to know her. I think we're already becoming friends."

"That's very good to hear," Mrs. Capulate says. "We've been getting to know Melvin and we're starting like him ourselves."

Over the course of supper Melvin and Nymph talk and start to bond, which is a very good sign. When we're down she asks if I can spend the night with her. Mr. Capulate says yes and has a cot put in her room...though I don't need it.

Hours later my hands are tied to the headboard of Nymph's bed and I am gagged. I groan as Nymph sucks greedily on a nipple while squeezing its breast with both of her small, smooth hands. She stops to give me a concerned look.

"A-Am I doing it right? It doesn't hurt, does it?"

I shake my head and give her a happy look.

She lightly kisses my nose. "I'm glad to hear that."

Her hands and mouth go all over me until she reaches my cunt. I spread my legs and she stares at it in awe and love.

"So...beautiful..." she gasps.

She puts her fingers and tongue in me, even carefully fist fucking me at one point before settling on eating me out until I come with hot wave of passion. She crawls on me to remove the gag and untie me.

"How was I, Venus?"

"That was wonderful for a first timer! You really paid attention to those sex stories, didn't you?"

She just nods and blushes. "T-The girl on girl parts were my favorite. And I wanted to make you feel good like you did for me."

"You succeeded."

We exchange a big, passionate kiss and she rest her head on my boobs.

"Could I please sleep here a while?"

I nod with a smile as I hug her. She uses my tits as little pillows while I hold her like a big doll.

A few days pass as the Nymph gets to know me, Melvin and even Swan better and she tries to strenthen her friendship with us. She warms up to the idea of marrying Melvin, if just so she can always be with me. The day after that her parents have to leave to tend to some business and would have to be gone for over a day.

"We'll try to look after things for you and take care of Natalie," Melvin tells them.

"Why thank you," Mr. Capulate says. "You know, I really am starting to hope she decides to marry you and not just for a lucrative business transaction."

After they're gone Nymph tells the servants to take a day or two off, saying that the four us can take care of ourselves. I am greatly surprised that all of them leave. I though one or two would stay behind, but apparently it's been a while since they had a day off.

"Excellent!" Nymph declares after the last one is gone. "Now it's just the four of us..."

"Ah," Melvin says, figuring it out.

Swan gives me a look that's combines a frown with amusement. "Have you been teaching her dirty things?"

I shake my head. "She'd already learned some things on her own. I just gave her practical experience."

She has already stripped down to her chastity belt. I pull the pin from my hair and unlock it to take it off.

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"My," Melvin comments. "You're a naughty little thing, aren't you Nat?"

"Please, call me Nymph."

"Am appropriate name," he say complimentary.

"Thanks. Now please take off your clothes too."

They do, though Swan is hesitant to get naked in front of someone new.

"No need to be shy," Nymph tells her. "I'll be your Mistress and sometimes fellow slave soon. And your tits are still bigger than mine."

"But your body so cute," Swan retorts. "It looks like it's so soft and smooth. And it's such a pretty white. And you have such an adorable face and that lovely blue hair. My body is just...there."

"But Venus tells me what you lackin looks you make up for in talent. You even remind me of the heroine from 'The Erotic Misadventures of Plain Jane'. And she got into all kinds of situations!"

Nymph walks over to Swan to start groping her breasts and taking one into her mouth. Swan yells in surprise.

"W-W-W-What are--"

"I just wanted to show you that I like your body. Now hold still or I'll tie you up!"

She plays with Swan's boobs while fingering her.

"And you thought she didn't like you," Melvin tells Swan. Nymph pauses to look at her.

"Does it feel good, pretty Swan?"

"Y-Y-Yes," she replies. "V-V-Venus really taught you some things."

"Thanks!" we both tell her.

They move their act to a couch and continue with Swan using her hands and mouth on Nymph. Melvin watches and it's not long before he's hard. Nymph looks up to see his member and smile apporvingly.

"Not bad. Not as big as the ones I've read about or seen pistures of, but those proabably aren't very common. Still nice though. It's actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be."

"Uh, thanks," he replies, unsure if it's a compliment or a back-handed one.

She has me take over with Swan while she crawls over to Melvin to take his dick in her hands.

"Oh my!" she says, blushing some and smiling. "It's so hard!"
She opens her mouth as wide as she can puts it in her mouth.

"Careful now," I tell her over Swan's moans. "Take in slowly now. And only as much as you can hold without choking."

To my great surprise she able to take the whole thing in, something neither Swan or I have been able to do. She puts a hand on his balls to fondle them and reaches out with the other to squeeze some of a big butt cheek as she starts sucking.

"OH!" Melvin cries out. "You really have been reading up!"

"And she's likely making stuff up as she goes along," I point out as I bring Swan to climax.

Nymph blows Melvin for fifteen minutes, alternating between his cock and nutsack while moving her hands around to pleae whatever body part she can reach. His moans become louder and shorter into he starts to mouth fuck her and grunts and gasps as he comes. She is able to take his whole load in her mouth without getting any on her. She pulls back with a smile.

"Did you really take all of it?" he asks with some amazement.

She opens her mouth to show wad of white goo. A line of it runs from the corner of her mouth. She wipes it off as she closes her mouth and swallows the rest.

"Mmm...Not bad," she says.

He gives her a curious looks. "Will you be wanting us to...well..."

She shakes her head. "Later. I want my first time to be with Venus and a big strap-on dildo." Shegive me a pleading look. "Would that be okay? I'd love my first time to be with a perfect and loving goddess like you."

"If it's what you want," I tell her with a smile. "It would be an honor."

Her adorable pale face lights up and she squeals with excitement. She leaps at me to kiss me and we have a quick round of lezzy sex to get each other off.

We take a break, but at Nymph's insistance we stay naked since there's no one around and we won't have to take the time to strip when someone's ready to play again.

"What if we have a visitor?" Swan asks nervously.

"That's part of the excitement," the smaller woman replies with a smile.

She has a point. There's something strange and exciting about being naked even as we just do simple, everyday things. After lunch Nymph says its time for dessert. But she says in a way that hints something. She gets every spread and topping she can find. I realize what's going to happen and tense up, shaking.

"What's wrong?" Swan asks.

"Y-You're going to put stuff on me and lick it off, aren't you?" I ask nervously.

"Not if you don't want to," Nymph replies kindly.

I relax and sigh in relief. "Thank you. I'm sorry about that. It's just that I was used as a living dessert before and it...it wasn't pleasant."

"Aw. I'm so sorry to hear that," Nymph tells me sympathetically. "That always sounds so fun and exciting. But I wasn't even thinking of using this on you."

"Then who?"

She smiles slyly as her gaze goes to Melvin.

"Me?!" he yelps, his face turning red.

"It's just that with you there will be more places to pour stuff on and lick! And just think of how good it will feel!" She suddenly frowns at him. "Besides, you do many degrading and humiliating things your poor slaves that you should let them do something to you for a change."

"She's right," I say in mock sadness. "When you whipped me the other day it really hurt!"

"And last week when I said I was too tired you got rough!" Swan added with watery eyes.

"Now hold on a minute!" he says indignantly. Then he realizes we're just missing with him. "Oh..." He hangs his head. "I'm so sorry for doing mean things to you. How can I ever make it up to you?"

"Start by lying down on the table," Nymph tells him. "And don't worry. It's sturdy."

He gets on it and some rope and cloth is fetched. His limbs are tied to the table's legs and he is gagged and blindfolded. Nymph starts things off by pouring chocolate sauce on his "breasts" and he cries out through the gag and jumps.

"Careful!" she tells him. "It's a good table, but I don't know how much of you flopping around it can take."

She proceeds to pour more sauce on him, then starts licking it off. Me and Swan join in as Melvin moans and spasms at the feel of our tongues and fingers, which we used to wipe a up to lick off. We use the sauce, strawberry syrup, whipped cream, caramel sauce, walnut topping, banana sauce and even sprinkles, replacing what we lick as we go. It's a wonderful combination of sweet flavors. Then Melvin gets hard, even harder than usual, and we take turns sucking his manhood.

"I think you deserve to taste some," Nymph tells him. She spreads some chocolate syrup on her G-spot, ungags him, and sits on his face. "And after the chocolate is gone you can have the best cream of all!"

With Melvin pleasing her orally and Swan sucking him while fingering herself, I finish licking the toppings off and back away. I lay on the floor and start to play with myself as I watch them. But I quickly stop seeing them in favor of a handsome face with red hair and blue eyes. The sounds of the three of them climaxing bring me back and the noise we makes feels the air we all experience a hot, powerful wave of pleasure. When I come to my sense I hear a loud banging coming from the front door.

"Oh shit!" Nymph shouts as she hears it too.

But before any of us can get our clothes and get dressed, the door is forced open with a crash.

Chapter 5: Big and Bad (added: 09/05/2010)

A figure with a big sword comes charging into the house.

"Nobody move!" the man bellows. "This is a –WHOA!"

He stops and stares at us. We girls try to cover ourselves with our arms and holding up a leg while Melvin, still covered in some left over relish and our drool, covers himself while hiding behind the table.

"Damn," the man comments, "looks like I crashed quite a party."

He is a big, bald man, about six feet tall, with dark skin. His body is covered in big muscles, including big, melon like pectorals and a washboard stomach.

"Could y'all ladies please side by side and dropped your arms? I want Miss Glasses in the middle and other two one either side of her."

Not wanting anger him any, we do as we're told. He looks over our bodies. But he doesn't do it in lust or malice, but with appreciation and assessment.

"Large, medium and small," he says about breast sizes. "Nice. A variety pack of women and a piggy boy. I picked a pretty good time to rob the place!"

"You wouldn't happen to the great bandit Akbar, would you?" Melvin asks nervously.

"That's me!" he declares proudly. "Nice to my reputation preceding me. Ya'll just stay cool and no one has to get hurt."

"C-Could we please get dressed now?" Swan asks timidly, her face still red behind her glasses.

Akbar shakes his head. "And miss such a fine sight? It'll certainly make things more interesting. In fact..."

He is already shirtless and it's revealed he's not wearing underwear, so stripping was no problem. We all stare at his appropriately large manhood, all of us saying "Oh wow!"

"He's huge!" I declare.

Swan: "Enormous!"

Nymph: "Massive!"

Melvin: "Gigantic!"

"Thank you, thank you," he tells us with a little bow.

"A-Are you going to rape us?" I ask quietly, shaking.

He shakes his head with a surprisingly friendly smile. "Never had sex with no one who didn't want it. We'll just have to see if you want it first...Now if you'd put your hands behind your backs please."

We do and he binds our wrists and gags us. Melvin and Swan are led away and thrown into a closet, where it's likely their ankles are bound. Akbar returns to me and Nymph with a big smile and I start to tremble.

"Hey, hey," he says soothingly as he reaches out for me. I recoil from his hand.

"Ah, you poor thing. Has Piggy been mean you?"

I shake my head with a "NNGH!"

"Mean trainers?" he asks with surprising sympathy.

I nod. If it weren't for the gag I'd tell him "You have no idea..."

"Don't worry baby," he tells me. "I'll make you feel good."

He stands me besides Nymph and reaches out to grope our breasts, one big hand playing with mine with the other on hers. She moans loudly in pleasure, enjoying it. And I have to admit he's more gentle and loving than I thought he'd be. He goes from one of us to the other with his mouth, sucking, licking and nipping out nipples and making us cry out in surprise and pleasure. He lays us face down on the table with our asses out and carefully sticks a finger in each of us. The fact it's a finger as big and hard as one can be makes a different experience from any other time I've been fingered and he knows how to move it so that feels...so good...Beside me, Nymph wriggles and groans, more turned on than I am and enjoying it more, far more comfortable with the situation than I am.

"Wow," he comments. "Don't come across many virgins, but now I have two in one place. Neat."

I give a muffled sqauwk as he works a thumb into my anus. Nymph yells even louder thourgh her gag.

He laughs at what he feels. "Your back exit isn't very tight, Blondie," he tells me with a laugh. "You're a virgin who likes it to the ass? That's different!"

I blush some, but it feel like I've been complimented. With his thumb in our rectums and a forefinger in our pussies, he moves them in and out and around to fill me with a heat that's even stronger than I usually feel. Nymph beats me to grinding her pelvis to match his movements, but I'm not far behind. The fear I felt earlier is completely gone, replaced by a feeling of passion and lust. But before we can get too worked up, he stops. I moan through my gag while Nymph turns her head to look at him pleadingly, whimpering loudly.

"Sorry ladies," he apologizes. "But I don't want to get you off just yet. At least not until I've been pleasured. Don't worry, I won't pluck your flowers. But I'm getting turned on and need some relief."

He stands us back up and we gasp at the large erection before us. He looks us over, deciding how we're gooing to do this. He looks at Nypmh and smiles.

"Say, Dolly? You know what a foot job is?"

She nods, blushing some.

"Very good! Looks like someone's been reading up!"

He ties her to a support beam and pulls some some chairs for me and him to sit on right in front of her.

"I think it's only fair your big boobed blonde friend join us. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

She bobs her head, giving me a happy look.

"And she might enjoy it too."

He puts me in a chair and makes me spread my legs. He spreads his too. "Start with her," he tells Nymph.

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Standing on one leg, she sticks her foot out and presses the bottom of it against my mons. I gasp and tense up, but then the feel of her smooth, small foot rubbing and lightly pressing me there starts to feel good and I relax. She does this long enough to get me comfortable, then switches to the top half of her foot. She even attempts to massage me with her toes, which tickles and makes me laugh through my gag. She hesitate before carefully putting the tip of her foot inside me. She wiggles her toes around while moving her food in and out of me. It's a strange feeling, but feels nice. We exchange a look and I realize she's trying her best to please me.

"That's enough," Akbar tells her. He tells her to take her foot out of me and takes it in his hands. He licks my juices off it, making her shiver and moan.

"Mmm...tasty," he tells us. "Now do me."

She rubs and presses his cock and balls with her foot. He smiles and hums at her work.

"Nice. Your foots just the right size for this. And it's so soft and smooth. I might have to kidnap you for ransom for a while."


"Don't worry. I'll take good care of you like I do every girl I kidnap. A bunch of them even enjoy it. It'll be an adventure like those cheesy romance stories."


When he's had enough he tells her to stop. He unties her from the beam and makes me get out of the chair for use to kneel on the floor. I know what's coming even before our gags are removed.

"You know what to do, right?" he asks with his huge genitals in front of us. We just nod and get started. We each lick, kiss and suck a side of his shaft (there's plenty to work on) or a ball. Or one of us will "deep throat" him, which is new to me and fairly difficult, though Nymph handles it well, while the other will sucks his balls. We even kiss and lick each other's faces a few times since they're so close. He finally has me take in as much as I can and mouth fucks me. I choke a few times and drool dribbles down my chin, but I manage to do a good job until he shots his load. It fills my throat and cheeks and I have to pull away from his cock to keep from chocking. His semen doesn't just splatter on me, it covers me! Nymph leans over and licks me clean, planting a number of little kisses as she does.

"Very good," Akbar tells us. "Very, very good. Now it's my turn to please you."

He once again puts us on the table. This time he enters us with two fingers before upgrading to three. Our moans, groans, grunts and gasps fill the air and he even tells us it's like beautiful singing. We beg him to let us come and he does. It's unlike any I've had before, crashing through my body through to my very core. When it's over I lay limp on the table, gasping for air.

"Not bad, huh?" he asks us.

"That—was—wonderful—" Nymph replies with a smile.

"How would you ladies like to be my guests for a while?" He smiles at me. "What do you say, Blondie? Wouldn't you rather have a master with a great body over Piggy?"

I shake my head as much as I can. "n-no..."

"Really? All the slaves I've stolen were grateful! I'm was better looking than their masters and treated 'em better."

"I—love—Melvin...he's been—wonderful to me...P-Please..."

His eyes widen in surprise. "If that's what you want. But I'm afraid the little Dolly's coming with me. Not only will I ransom her, but I think we'll have a very good time. It'll be a mix of business and pleasure!"

"Oh-Okay..." Nymph says in defeat.

"Good. Just let me get through robbing your house and then we'll be off."

"All the best stuff is upstairs in the back," she tells him. She even gives him the combination to a safe except for the last number. "Could you please loosen the ropes on my wrist? Just a little? It's hurts and I'm losing the feeling in my hands."

Between the tone of her voice and look on her face, he relents. He goes upstairs and she smiles at me. She pulls and tugs at her bonds and her hands are soon free. She unties me and we go to free Melvin and Swan.

"What do we do?" Melvin asks nervously. "They say he's never killed anyone, but he's not above beating people up."

"I have an idea," Nymph tells us and quickly explains her plan.

Me and her are loosely retied and placed back on the table for Akbar to find when he returns carrying a sack stuffed with stolen goods.

"Thanks, honey," he tells Nymph. "You guys have some good stuff. Any other places I should look before we go?"

"Over there," she tells him, moving her head.

He goes through the doorway, we hear something break as is hits his head, and the loud thud as he hits the floor. We get out of our bonds and to where Melvin and Swan are standing over him, my pudgy master holding a cracked bust.

"Sorry," he tells Nymph.

"It's alright," she tells him. "I never liked that thing and now Aunt Harriet looks more like herself."

We tie Akbar up, binding his wrists, elbows and ankles, wrapping some rope above and below his pecs to further restrain his arms, and gagging and blindfolding him. We'd just finished when he starts stir. He struggles and shouts through his gag.

"So...what do we do with him?" Melvin asks. Akbar stopped to listen.

"I have some ideas..." Nymph tells him with a twinkle in her eye.

"We're not going to hurt him, are we?" I ask uncertainly.

"No," she reassures me. "I think he could take it, but I really don't want to be mean. Besides, he didn't hurt when he had the chance, so we should return the favor." She turns to our captive. "You hear that? Just stay cool and no one has to get hurt. You might even enjoy it like we did!"
He calms down when he hears that while I sigh in relief.

"Where to we start?" I ask.

"Well..." Nypmh says. "I...I want to...I want to..." Her pale face turns red.

"You want to fuck him, don't you?" I ask with a smile.

She nods. "I'm very sorry, Venus. I wanted my first time to be with you, but that's before I saw...IT. I only thought cocks that big excisted in stories and I can't turn down an opportunity like this!"

"Understood," I tell her with a nod.

"If you and Swan will get him hard for me, I'll be getting lubricated with Melvin's help."

"Got it!" the three of us respond.

I work on Akbar's cock while Swann rubs her hand and breasts on his chest and stomach, licking and kissing him and playing with his nipples.

"He's as hard as a rock!" she says in amazement.

"You're telling me!" I comment, titty-fucking him. The feel of this large, hard rod in my cleavage is incredible. I also stroke and suck him to make sure he's nice and hard for Nymph. His moans signal that it feels good for him too. Meanwhile, Melvin fingers and fondles Nymph to make sure she's well lubricated for her first time. Whens she was wet enough she went over to Akbar. She kisses and licks him all over his face, before moving down to his huge pecs, rubbing them and rolling his nipples between her tumb and forefinger. After a few minutes she removes the blindfold.

"You have such a magnificent body," she tells him with a bright smile, her eyes shining. "I'm so happy my first time can be with someone like you. J-Just please be gentle."

He nods and makes a muffled sound in response. She positions herself and lowers herself on his penis, her pussy lips stretching as he enters her. They are both slow and careful about it. She grunts and sweats as they make progress and then she cries out as her hymen is broken. There's a pause as she tries to adjust and let the blood flow, tense and breathing heavily. Akbar mewls through his gag in concern.

"It's alright," she tells him with a small smile. "Now please...fuck me."

He starts to move his pelvis to fuck her. I am a little surprised at how slow and gentle he is. But he picks up force and speed as she calls out "Harder!" every few minutes. They change postions as much as his bonds will allow him, Nymph wearing a big smile on her little white face, drool coming from the corner of her mouth and her small boobs bouncing as much as they can or ever have. In the end she has him sitting, her arms and legs wrapped tightly around his torso.


She screams as they come and then goes limp. She's conscious, but just barely. Covered in sweat and breathing slowly, she removes Akbar's gag to kiss him. Then she faints. Akbar even lays back down so she can lay on him.

"Is she okay?" he asks. "It's been a while since a woman fainted on me like this."

I check on her. Her mouth is open in a smile. I shake her a little and she moans in her sleep.

"m-more..." she says.

"I think she'll be fine," I say with a relieved smile.

We take her off him, excess semen pouring from her vagina to dribble down her inner thighs or splatter on the floor.

"What a load," Swan comments.

"He has a lot earlier too," I tell her.

"Okay," Akbar speaks up. "Now could you please untie me? I promise I'll leave peacefully."

"Sorry," I tell him. "But Nymph will be so upset if she wakes up and you're gone. Besides, you've been a bad boy and this will teach you a lesson!"

"Hey, wait! I—MUPH!"

We reapply the blindfold and gag. Melvin takes Nymph upstairs to put her in bed while we girls stand Akbar up and (gently) poke and prod him to the couch and lay him on it.

"Don't worry," I tell him. "We'll let you go later after we've had a little fun."

He struggles and moans some, but we made sure to secure him tightly. He's still there the next morning. Nymph gets a featherduster. She quietly puts at bottom of his feet and starts to move it. His laugh, while muffled, are still loud as the tickling awakens him. She uses the duster all over his body, especially his sensitive areas, making him thrash in his bonds and almost fall off the couch as muffled laughter fill the air. When she's satisfied she stops, and he relaxes, breathing heavily.

"I'm sorry if that hurt any," she tells him. "But I just couldn't resist! And you'll be happy to know that I'll get you go before long. Mom and Dad will be home soon and neither os us wants them to find you here. Especially like this!"

We stand him up and guide him to the kitchen for breakfast. He's smart enough to just eat and not say anything. After that we regag him and Nymph takes the blindfold off.

"Okay," she tells him. "There's one more thing I really want to do with you, but I wanted to ask your permission cause it's a little strange. I...I want to play pony with you. The ponyplay intrigues me, but it's kind of hard to do. All I want is to ride you a little, and then I'll let you go. But if you don't want to I'll understand. I just didn't want to be like the assholes in most pony stories who force people and are cruel."

He looks at her expression, then nods.

"Thank you!" she squeals, hugging him. "It's just too bad I don't have a tailed butt plug."

She unties his legs only to retie them with a short length of rope that will allow him some leg movement. She does the same to his hands and makes him get down on all fours. I'd say he looks more like an ox than any pony, but if that's the term...

Nymph dons a wide brimmed hat (not exactly a cowboy's), and boots and gets on his back. "Giddyup!" she orders as she swats his ass (though not very hard). She rides around the mansion, then goes outside. Akbar moves as fast as his bonds will let him and occasionally manages to jump. Nymph smiles and laughs like an actual child riding a pony. She rubs and pats wherever she can reach, cooing and complimenting him. But the peaceful atmosphere is shattered by Swan.

"Guys! Someone's coming!"

"My parents?!" Nypmh asks in shock. "But they should be back for a few more hours!"

"Worse, it's some guards!"

Akbar shouts in fear through his gag while Nymph shouts openly. Not only are they in a very embarresing situation, but Akbar will be arrested. She unties him and they run inside. We go in to and dress as quickly as we can. We're just finishing up when there's a knock at the door.

"Yes?" Melvin asks the group of uniformed men.

"We don't want to alarm you sir, but there are recent reports that the bandit Akbar has been seen in the area recently. We advise you secure this home as securely as possible."

"Oh dear. Thank you for the warning, officer."

"Are Mr. and Mrs. Capulate at home?"

"They're out, but they should be back soon."

"Make sure you tell them. If anyone sees or learns anything, please tell us."

"Yes sir!"

I'm worried they'll want to come in, but they leave. Akbar and Nymph come out of hiding. The big man looks at us with both surprise and gratitude. "Thanks," he says, seemingly dumbfounded.

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"Welcome," Nymph tells him. "I guess you can go now before someone else shows up. Some of our servants will probably want to get back before my parents do."

He looks us over in confusion.

"You better go," I tell him. "Because other people won't be as nice as we were."


"Well, you didn't hurt us, so there was no reason to do anything to you. And while I can't speak for everyone here, I don't want anyone to suffer like I did. Remember how you asked about my training? It was worse than you think. I was captured and enslaved by my evil bitch of a stepmother. I was beaten, tortured and humiliated for weeks until she got tired of me and sold me. It was just the grace of the gods I got Melvin as my Master. I was going to stick up for you, but it seems you were lucky with Nymph."

Everyone's staring at me in a new way. It actually feels good to finally come out and say it.

"Now get going before someone finds out you're here and we all get in trouble," I tell Akbar.

He looks us over, nods and leaves. Good thing too, because some of the servants come back about half an hour after he's gone. Mr. and Mrs Capulate return and very happy to see that everything's fine and that their daughter and her fiance are getting along so well. To make a long story short, Melvin and Nymph get married and live in our household is very happy. A few after after the wedding, there is a knock on the door and we see—

"Akbar!" Nymph cheers with a smile.

"You're not here for revenge, are you?" Melvin asks nervously.

The big man shakes his head. "Nope. I've been doing a lot of thinking about our time together. You guys manages to capture me, but treated me decently and didn't even hurt me. Even helped me dodge the town guard. Never thought that would happen. And well...I miss Nymph and Venus. I've been thinking of retiring from the bandit business. It's can be dangerous and sometimes it's not worth it. I was thinking I could work for you."

"You'd make an excellent bodyguard," Melvin tells him. "Not as exciting as being a bandit, but I'll gain enemies if I haven't already and I could use a strong, intimidating fellow like you."

"Even bought something to help ya out."

He brings in a chest full of jewelry and valuables, most likely stolen.

"Not bad," Melvin compliments him.

And so the big, buff Akbar, renamed Adonis by Nymph comes to live with us as our guard and we, ahem, celebrate. He fucks a bound and blindfolded Swan while Melvin performs his "husbandly duties" with Nymph.

"Oh gods!" Swan exclaims. "You're so good! And so big! It's filling me up deep inside!"

"Thanks! You're pretty good too, Medium."

"Please gag me! I need to yell, bu—MPH!"

"Now she'll won't like it with me," Melvin jokingly laments.

"I wouldn't say that," his petite wife tells him. "You're pretty damn good yourself. And while his body is hard, yours is so soft. Though you're hard enough where it really counts. You even have nice boobies to play with," she compliments as she gropes one.

"And you have such tasty cupcakes," he tell her as he takes one of her small breasts in his mouth to suck on, making shout in pleasure.

"Hey, Venus, join the party!" Adonis offers. "We still have some fingers and tongues we can use on you."

"No thanks," I tell him. "I think I'll sit this one out."

"Probably going to masturbate while thinking of her boyfriend again," Melvin guesses. And he's right.

"I'm sorry," I tell them. "I know it's stupid to still think about him and even save myself for someone I'll never see again, but—"

"We understand," Akbar tells me. "I think it's sweet. Most girls like you wouldn't have lasted the first day of highschool."

"We're can wait as long as you can," Melvin reassures me.

"They have us until then," Nymph adds.

"MUGH!" Swan cries out through her gag, though I doubt she's aware of the conversation.

I watch them as I play with myself, their voices fading and the image of beautiful redhead boy filling my vision. I bring myself to as powerful as climax as one can get from masturbating, and then do again. Even as my friends get each other off I still touch myself to the face of my lost love. I'm glad they understand. I'll never see him again, but that doesn't mean I don't have feelings for him. But I'll have to get over him eventually and break our promise...

Chapter 6: Reunions (added: 09/19/2010)

One evening I have to run a late errand for Nymph. A lesbian threesome with her and Swan will be my reward and I hurry home, the thought of her soft little hands and Swan's ever eager tongue spurring me. I am so distracted I don't pay any attention to the alley. I've never done so before and it was getting dark anyway. But this night a figure leaps from it to grab me and a put a damp clothe over my lower face. A sweet smell fills my nose and I start to lose consciousness. I struggle and scream, but but the man's grasp remains strong and the chloroform overtakes me as I fall into a deep, unwanted sleep.

When I come to I am in a box, naked and folded up with my breast being squished by my legs. I am blindfolded, my ears have been plugged, and a big ballgag keeps my jaws apart. A tight embrace of leather on my arms signals an armbinder and straps cut into my knees, ankles and thighs. I try to scream, but I can't even hear myself and the gag chokes me. Between my bonds and the box's size I am unable to move. Some kind of cover on my foot stops me from even wiggling my toes! All I can to is control my breathing. I don't know how long the trip lasts before I feel the box picked up and carried. It is put down and opened and I'm taken out of it. I'm stood and the blindfold and earplugs are removed. I shout through my gag at what I see.

Standing before me is my stepmother, Drusilla. She's still beautiful for a woman in her forties, but her eyes have a cruel glow in them and a chilling smile.

"Hello, my sexy Stephanie," she tells me. "Or should I call you Venus now? I must say that the name suits you perfectly!"

She puts a hand on one my breasts and squeezes hard, making me yell through my gag.

"Oh yes," she says, "I've really missed these. That's why you're here: I missed you. I regret ever selling you. I've had other girls since then, but then none of them have your magnificent body and aren't as much fun. They don't struggle and make noise as much as you did. And they submit too quickly."

I shake and moan as she roughly gropes and smacks me. She stops, the straps are removed from my legs and a short spreader bar is applied, and I'm thrown into her carriage while she pays my kidnappers. She disrobes and for the next few hours, I am fondled, slapped, fingered, licked, rubbed, pinched, and sucked on as well as dildos of varying size and texture (mostly rough) worked in and out of my vagina and anus. It isn't at all like with the people in my household. As before when I was my stepmother's captive, it hurts. She cares far more for her enjoyment than mine. The smile when she sees I'm still a virgin sends a chill down my spine.

"Interesting," she comments. "I guess your owner didn't have enough prick to get the job done. How fortunate for me!"

I look at her pleadingly and mewl through my gag.

"Do you have something to say?"

I nod.

"Are you going to beg and cry like you used to?"

I nod again. But as soon as the gag it out of my mouth I try to bite her. She holds me back as I scream at her.


She regags me and slaps me hard. But she's smiling.

"Excellent. Nice to see you have some fight in you again."

And so she goes back to molesting me until we arrive at a mansion. She puts a leash on my collar and tugs. I stand in place, growling through my gag. She gives the coachman a look and he strikes me with the ridding crop.

"If you don't want that to happen again," she snarls, "you'll come along. Just hope like a blonde bunny!"

I do, my boobs bouncing as I do, almost falling several times. Men leer at me as I go and I spot several young women in skimpy and long handcuffs. I even see one poor girl being raped by two men.

"This way," Drusilla tells me with a painful tug. "I have a special surprise for you in the basement."

She has turned it into a dungeon. She leads me to a cage. Inside is a young man. He as a slender, soft body and an androgynous face with red hair and blue eyes. He too is in an armbinder and short spread bar. His nipples have been pierced and sport silver rings. He sees me and yells through his gag while I stare in shock. Before me is my longtime boyfriend who I had saved my virginity for.

"Isn't great?" Drusilla asks. "You and he reunited at long last when you thought you'd never see him again!"

I give her a wide-eyed look of both confusion and anger.

"He suspected that I had something to do with your father's death and your disappearance and hounded me," she told me. "Even after I moved he followed me to pester me and get some dirt on me. So I did to him what I did you and captured him. He's so...pretty. I renamed him 'Angel'. Appropriate, don't you think?"

I can't help but agree with her.

"And I'm terribly sorry," she continues, "but I broke that silly promise you two made. I've fucked him both ways. But I have to say he's a great ride. To have such a girly face, he has an impressive cock! You always did have good taste."

I growl at her through my gag. If my hands were free...

"But tell you what? Since the gods saw fit to spare your hymen this long, he can still be your first time." She looks from me to him and licks her lips. "The sight of two such beautiful people having sex sounds like a grand show..."

He is taken out of the cage and we're led to the master bedroom. He is unrestrained only to be tied spread eagle to the bed. I gasp at the sight of his manhood, which bigger than I ever dreamed of. It's almost disproportioned! My retraints are changed to with very short cuffs on my wrists and a longer one on my ankles.

"Do you think you can be a good girl and not yell and curse if I ungag you?" Drusilla asks me. "Because then I'd have to punish you. Even better, I'll torture him and make you watch."

I nod, not wanting Angel to suffer. The welts on his skin tell me he's been through enough already. Drusilla ungags me and orders me to start at his foot. Having done so with a few times with my friends, I sucks it toes and in lick in between them, making him shout and moan through his gag. I massage his foot and suck on it. To be brutally honest, it doesn't taste very good, but I don't blame him. When she is satisfied Drusilla orders me to work on the other one. She has me lick and kiss my up his legs and inner thighs. By the time I reach his dick, he's very hard. I rub and fondle him as best as the cuffs will let me to make him moan in pleasure. I lick his dickhead and kiss the length of his shaft. I pause to look up at him and out eyes meet. Despite our situation, I smile at him.

"Does it feel good for you, my Angel?"

He nods.


I go back to kissing and licking it, even rubbing it my face. I take his penis in my mouth and slowly take it in until he's all the way in, the tip in my throat. I move my head up and down shaft, sucking and licking while massaging him with my lips. He taste and smells so good...

"Mmm..." I hear Drusilla say. "Very nice. But don't make him come. I want him to come in you and both of you to come at the same time..."

After a few minutes she makes me stop the blow job and has me kiss and lick my way up his stomach and chest, with special attention to his nipples (where I try to be careful and gentle). When I reach his face she has me ungag him so we can kiss. It's a long, passionate one that tells me he still loves me as much as he always did.

"St-Ste—" he starts to say.

"Please," I tell him, "call me Venus, my beautiful Angel."

"That's enough talk," Drusilla says sternly before we can continue. "Now position your twat at his face to sixty nine each other."

I do and resume pleasing him orally. And he does a wonderful job licking, sucking and kissing my puss and clit.

"How am I?" he asks

"Mmm...just right," I tell him.

"N-No talking!" Drusilla tells us as she masturbates while watching us. I try to ignore her and enjoy making love with Angel. After a while she tells us "it's time."

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I position myself vagina at his member. By now I'm so wet he slids in easily. And my activity with Melvin and the others has stretched me out some. We are both careful as he enters me. It feels...good. Right even. When my hymen breaks it doesn't even really hurt as much as I though it would. We pause so my body can adjust while the tears run down my face and the blood leaks out.

"I'm sorry," he tells me.

I smile through my tears. "Don't be. I'm so happy my first time can be with you like we wanted to, my Angel. Now please, fuck me."

He is slow and gentle at first, then pounds me with increasing force and speed as we get into it.

"Oh yes!" I cry out. "This is wonderful! Oh Gods, thank you so much!"

"It feels so good!" he declares. "You're amazing!"

Drusilla moans louldy as she plays with herself as she watches us. After what feels like an eternity, the three of us climax at once. I have the most powerful orgasm I've ever had as Angel's molten sperm fills me. I collapse onto him and we kiss again.

"Very nice," Drusilla tells us as she gets back up. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you two. But for now I'll let you take a little break before we have some more fun."

She undoes my cuff and puts my arms around Angel before snapping them back on. She also wraps some rope around our waists and blindfolds us. We are in an inescapable embrace, my breasts squishing his flat, smooth abs and his nipple rings poking into me some.

"Venus?" Angel asks quietly. "Are you okay?"

Though he can't see it, I nod with smile. "Yes. Like I said before, I'm so happy you're my first. I'm just so sorry you were captured because of me."

"It's alright. I'm just glad you were safe. I was so scared she'd killed you like she did your dad. I'm just sorry you have to suffer with me now."

"At least now we can suffer together," I tell him before kissing him.

We lay there for a while, trying to enjoy the feel of pressing each other's bodies and enjoy this moment before Drusilla sends for us. After a couple of hours, we are taken to the basement where she is waiting on us with a bullwhip and a big strap-on...

Chapter 7: Show Bitch (added: 10/11/2010)

I will spare you the details of the painful, humiliating, things I was forced to endure the next few days along with Angel and the poor girls who had been kidnapped to be used and sold. I don't want to talk about it and want to get to the turning point.

Drusilla announces we'll be taking a trip to town and she's going to show me off. But little do I realize it how bad it will be. I am made to get on all fours, my hands are forced into fingerless leather gloves, knee length, high heeled boots are put on my legs and foot long cuffs are put on both. I can't stand back up. Some rope is made into a chest harness to make my breasts stick out more than usual and bulge. A butt plug with a long, stiff tail is put in my rectum. And my hair is done into short pigtails that make me think of dog ears—by the gods, I've been made into a dog! I start to cry as a small lentgh of cloth is put between my lips and pulled back enough so I can close my mouth and "They can see your pretty, pretty mouth." .

"Oh yes," Drusilla says when she comes for me. "You're such a pretty doggy..."

She is wearing a corset with a thin, see-through top and skirt. She latches a leash onto my collar. But I stay in place when she start to walk away. She tugs on the leash, but I brace myself and pull back. I am not going to be led around a town like this.

"You better behave if you know what's good for you," she threatens me. "Or maybe I should torture Angel some more? You didn't like seeing candle wax dripped on him. I know! I'll kill one of the other slave girls!"


"Why not. Now that I have you they're only good for selling and pleasing my men. One less won't hurt anything. And I'll make it slow and painful so she won't see it as a release."

I get up and walk towards her as best as I can in the cuffs.

"That's better," Drusilla says with a gloating smile.

She leads me to a rickshaw cart. Angel has been harnessed to it, a feathered bridle on his head, including blinders that kept him from seeing to the side, boots made to look like hoofs on his feet, his hair in a ponytail, and nipple rings with bells on them.

I am loaded into the cart and Drusilla strikes Angel with the whip to start. She was merciless, striking him with the whip shouting "Faster!" and wanting him to shake his chest to hear the bells on the rings. By the time we arrive in town he is glistening with sweat and red whelps cover his body like stripes. We stop at a hitching post and Angel is tied to it.

"Make sure no one bothers him," Drusilla tells one of the henchmen who came with us, which means not to let anyone help him.

She leads me around the town, people either staring or turning away. I just hope no children can see us. After a couple of hours we go into a saloon. She takes a chair and I sit in a kneeling position. Some people leave or look away while the rest watch us in fascination or shock.

"A cocktail please," she tells the bartender casually. "And a pan of water for my pet. And some ham and peas would be nice."

He just stares at us.

"Didn't you me?" Drusilla asks with a frown.

"Uh, yes ma'am," he replies as he goes to tell the cook and fix her drink. She smiles at the looks people give us, enjoying them checking out her body through the see through dress as well as looking at me.

"How do like me new pet?" she asks them. "Isn't she lovely?"

Someone mumbles a response.

"Show them your tits, pet," she tells me.

Having little choice, I put my hands behind my head to expose my big boobs to the on lookers. Drusilla reaches out a hand to roughly squeeze one.

"Just look at them. So plump and soft. You don't see perfect titties like these everyday!"

She smacks one, making me grunt through my gag. She makes me shake them some for them to jiggle and bounce in the rop bra while everyone stares in awe.

"Now turn around and show them that fine ass."

I do. Again, I shake it and she gropes and smacks it. I start to cry tears of humiliation as I resume my kneeling position.

"OH!" a voice declares.

I look up and gasp at the sight of Swan standing there with a wide eyed look. I don't know what she's doing here, but I feel a surge of excitement and panic at the sight of her. Drusill arches an eyebrow at her.

"Do you like her?" she asks.

Swan nods. "She's...magnificent..."

"Why thank you."

"My master has searched far and wide for a woman just like her...would it be alright if he came by to play with her? He'd be very grateful."

"Maybe. I don't like the idea of sharing my perfect slave with someone else."

"He'd be willing to give you anything you want in return. At the very least you should meet to discuss it."

"I think thatcould be arranged.Have him come to my mansion and we'll try to work things out."

"He'll be there as soon as possible." She say that more to me.

She approaches me and sqauts down to put her hand on my face. The touch of someone I love feels so good after all the pain and terror I've had to endure. But it doesn't last. Drusilla kicks her away from me.

"What are you doing, slave?" she asks with a growl. "I didn't give you permission to touch her. Hell, you could be free and I wouldn't. A homely little bitch like you isn't worthy of touching my beautiful Venus."

"I'm sorry," Swan tells her as she picks up her broken glasses and gets up. "I got carried away."

"If you were my slave you'd pay dearly for that. I'll have to talk to your master about a punishment."

"Yes Ma'am," Swan tells her with a bow. She gives me a look before leaving.

Me and Drusilla have our respective drinks (her sipping from a glass, me lapping water out of a pan) and she lets me have some food if I beg. Not only am I too hungry to be ashamed, but the idea of Melvin coming to me rescue puts me in a better mood. I don't even mind eating her out for "dessert" as people watch. She finishes leading me around town and we return to the carriage to go home.

The next morning Melvin arrives along with Swan, Nymph and Adonis. Me, Angel and the other girls are tied up and presented to them in a line. Melvin looks at me intently and puts his pudgy hand on my chin. His touch is still careful and loving and I can see it in his eyes he's happy to see me.

"Now, now," Drusilla tells him. "I'm afraid I have exclusive use of her. I just can't let anyone else play with such a treasure. Same with the pretty red head boy. I hope you understand. But you and you companions can do whatever you wish with these other girls."

The girls shake and mewl through their gags.

"No thank you," Melvin tells her. "I wouldn't do anything to a girl unless she wants it. Besides, after all the money I paid for Venus, I think I have some right to play with her. I know she enjoys it."

Drusilla's eyes widen as she realizes who her plump guest really is. But before she can call her henchmen, Nymph grabs her, putting a hand over her mouth and wrapping an arm around her waist and arms. Adonis easily defeats the goon present while Swan and Melvin untie us captives. While some of us tie and gag Drusilla, the rest go trough out the mansion to defeat her men. Taken by surprise, they are defeated quickly. Not even two hours after Melvin has arrived, my evil stepmother and her thugs are all bound, gagged, and with her stripped naked.

I embrace my friendd tightly. "Thank you," I tell them. "Thank you so much!"

"We've been looking everywhere for you," Melvin tells me. "We were so worried."

"We're so glad to have you back," Nymph says. "I'll never make you do an errand for me again. I'm so sorry!"

"It's alright," I tell her as I rub her head. "Drusilla would've had me kidnapped as soon as her men saw the opportunity. I'm just happen to be with you all again."


Drusilla gives us a wide eyed, fearful look as she struggle in her bounds.

"What are we going to do with her?" Adnois asks.

"Venus should decide," Melvin says. "As well as the other captives."

"There's a box in the basment she liked to put us in," I tell them. "Put her in there for now. Right now I just want a nice long, rest."

Adonis carries my bound, gagged and nude stepmother to the basement as she struggles and screams.

I go to look for a bed, but when I'm ready she'll find out payback's a bitch... and her name is Venus.

Chapter 8: Justice and Healing (updated: 12/19/2010)

The next day I check on my captive stepmother and ex-mistress. She's wearing an armbinder and her ankles are in a small spreader bar, leaving her perfectly immobile and vulnerable. She's not only gagged, but blindfolded and her ears plugged. She starts to struggle and make noise as soon as I remove the plugs and put on her collar.

"Good afternoon, slave," I tell her. "It's time to start your training!"


"Well, it's either this or send you to prison for the rest of your life. And I'd rather be able to keep an eye on you."

She groans and wriggles. I gave her a light slap.

"Stop that!" I snap. "You kidnapped me, Angel and I don't even want to know how many girls to enslave and now it's your turn. To begin with, you need a deep cleaning before we get started. An enema is in order."

She screams as I get the rubber bulb syringe, flip her over, stick her ass up and work the nozzle into her anus. She clinches her ass cheeks and I give them a good hard swat.

"Don't fight it!" I tell her. "You gave all of us enemas, now it's your turn. So open up that ass before I get a paddle."

She does, whining and groaning loudly as I pump every last drop of warm water into her bowels.

"There," I say when the syringe is empty. "Now hold it in while I get a bucket."

Actually, I bought one with me, but I enjoy the sight of Drusilla as she shakes and sweats trying to hold it in. I let her suffer for a little bit before positioning her over the bucket and letting her shit. After I wipe her clean I give her buttocks a little pat that makes her moan.

"There. Now you're nice and clean for some ass fucking!"


I strip and slip into a strap-on dildo. For extra irony, I use her favorite dildo.

"And don't you dare say a word!" I tell her as I ungag her. With the gag out of the way I put my foot at her mouth. "First, I need my feet cleaned. And it better feel good..."

It does, actually. I can see why Adonis and now Nymph like having their feet licked and sucked. I make her thoroughly clean one foot, then the other, making sure she gets in between each toe, the bottom and the top.

( link opens in new window )

"Not bad," I tell her. "Now let's you use your mouth on something else."

I kneel down and stick the dildo in her mouth. While I can't feel it, it looks like she's doing a good job.

"That's it," I tell her. "Get it nice and wet for your butt hole."

I make her blow me for about half an hour, making her choke on it some and getting drool dribbling down her chin and onto her boobs. Hoping her jaw's sore, I make her stop and regag her before she can say anything. I put two fingers in her ass hole and—

"Oh!" I say in surprise. "You're an ass virgin! Well, this will be special!"

She shakes her head, moaning loudly as she squirms.

"Don't act like you're a victim," I growl at her. "You raped Angel and several of the girls in the ass, so now you'll know how they felt. It's only fair."

Even though I'm fairly gentle in entering her, she shouts through her gag. And as I fuck her she screams and cries, even though I'm not as rough as I could be. I don't want to be a sadistic bitch like she was with us, just pay her back for the evil she's done. But she can't take as much she gave. After another half an hour I quit. I slip out of the harness, but leave the dildo in Drusilla's aching butt. I put another one into her vagina and use a crotch rope to keep it in place. After some consideration, I add nipple clamps. She moans as I stroke her hair.

"There, there," I coo. "You'll get used to it and adjust. That's what you told me. Later I'll have Adonis fuck you. Just wait until you feel his giant monster of a cock inside you. You'll just die!"

I get dressed and leave Drusilla to moan and ponder her fate. I head to the room where my beloved Angel is recovering. He has a length of bandages on several places on his body and a patch on each nipple.

"How are you feeling?" I ask him.

"A lot better. Your friend Swan did a good job fixing me up. She took the rings out of my nipples and said they'll make a full recovery, but they'll be really sensitive."

"My poor Angel..."

I sit in bed next next to him and give him a little peck on the cheek, followed by some more little kisses and a big on on the mouth.

"...Would it be okay if I—"

"Yes," he tells me. "Oh gods, yes. It felt so good last time and we weren't able to after. I want to make love to you and it be right."

We help each other undress and embrace each other with a deep, passionate kiss. I put my hand on his cock and see some bandages there too. I unwrap them to find a nasty little scar on his otherwise perfect manhood I hadn't noticed before.

I gently rub it, then kiss it to "make it better"...several times, while massaging his balls.

He purrs. "Ohhh...that's so good...way better than your stepmother..."

I smile to myself at the compliment as I put "it" between my boobs and put them together to titty fuck him a little.

"OH!" he cries. "That's wonderful..."

I do this for several minutes until he's good and hard and then I carefully take him in my mouth to lick and suck him. He smells and tastes so good...

"Oh yes..." he sighs. "You're so much better than Drusilla ever was."

I pause to thank him before going back to work. After I'm satisfied I stop and position myself for him to fuck me in earnest. We kiss than then embrace each other as he enters me. The feel of his hands as he carresses me is wonderful, as is the feeling of his dick fucking me. We go at it for a while, changing positions every now and then. I don't know how long we fuck before someone comes in.

"Angel, have you seen—AGH!"

Melvin's pudgy face turns red as he sees us. Angel stops, embarrassed but I'm still turned on.

"Master," I say with a smile. "Would you like to join us?"

He just stutters in response.

"You paid so much for me, but left my virginity alone. But now that it's gone I think you should finally enjoy the slave you paid all that money for."

"But—what about Angel?"

"I think I'd like that," my red headed lover says in agreement. "I'm your slave now too. Besides, I'm indebted to you for saving us from Drusilla and taking such wonderful care of my Venus."

Melvin looks from me to Angel and back, closes his eyes, and shudders with a sigh. "I-If it's okay...I think I'd like to..."

I smile. I figured he couldn't turn town sex with two such beautiful people. He disrobes and stands before us. We get on our knees and take turns performing fellatio on him.

"How am I, Master?" Angel asks.

"Pretty darn good for a guy."

"Thank you. And I must say you smell so much better than the men Drusilla made me do this do."


We continue for a while before I decide it's time for Melvin to enter me. He actually feels a lot better in my vagina than I thought it would. And he's just as gentle and loving as I'd always hoped he'd be. I even like the feel of our boobs smooshing together.

"Oh yes!" I cry. "You're just as good as Nymph and Swan act like you are!"

"I try to please my ladies," he says with a smile. "I've gotten pretty good at it."

After about fifteen minutes I get off him, get on my knees, take a cock in each hand and go from one to the other with my mouth while pumping both. The two of them make for an interesting combination of flavors. I then suck one while the other fucks me, switching a few times. For the finale, I fuck Angel while Melvin fucks me in the ass.

"Oh Gods!" I cry out. "This is wonderful! Having both of you inside me like this--I feel so full!"

With a chorus of yells, the three of us come at once, their sperm filling both my holes with some excess running down my inner thighs. I collapse in Angel's arms, numb and half asleep. Holding me, he gets back into bed while Melvin leaves the room. Everything is so perfect. Me and the boy I've loved for as long as I can remember are back together, the woman who tried to ruin my life is mine to do with as I please while her victims will be returned home and her henchmen sold. Several months ago I was thought my life was over, but now it's better than I thought it could be. I exchange one more passionate kiss with Angel before drifting off to sleep...

Chapter 9: Happily Ever After (added: 12/19/2010)

Six months have passed and we are currently having company from a trio of men who are Melvin's business partners. Since they've arrived I have noticed the looks they keep given me, Swan, Nymph (even though she's Melvin's wife) and even Angel. After several hours, one of them finally speaks up.

"Um, Melvin," he asks nervously. "We don't mean to ask too much, but, uh—"

"We were just wondering," another man asks, "if it would okay with you—and we won't mind if you say no—"

"It's just that you have so many slaves and servants," the third man says, "that if you have one who can please your guests."

"Actually," my pudgy master tells them with a smile, "I do."

Our guests stare in surprise.

"Venus," he tells them, "take them to guests' playroom."

"Yes Sir!" I chirp.

I lead them to a room with three locks.

"But just to clear things up," I tell them, "you won't be enjoying me. I'm sorry."

"We understand," one says, thought I can still see some disappointment on their faces.

"But the slave we have for you is still good looking," I tell them reassuringly. "And I've been told she's quite good."

I open the door. On the room's bed is Drusilla, nude, bound, gagged, and blindfolded with medium sized dildos in her vagina and anus. She shines with sweat and she is tense and shaking.

"What's with her?" one the men ask.

"She's pretty pent up," I explain. "It's been weeks since she had a good orgasm. But if she comes without permission, she is punished." I smile at our guests. "This makes her very eager to give and receive pleasure."

I untie my stepmother and ex-mistress and remove the dildos. The dull glow in her eyes makes my smile grow. I gesture to our guests.

"These gentlemen would like some pleasure. Will you be a good girl and give it to them?"

She lies on her back, spreads her legs and pulls her pussy lips apart with her fingers to show she's already very wet. She gives the three men a pleading look.

"Please sirs," she begs them, "fuck me however you wish."

"Not bad," one of the men comments with a smile. He drops his pants to reveal his manhood. "Suck on it, slave. Get me good and hard for you."

She crawls over to him and takes him in her mouth. She is able to take the whole thing in, her chin touching his balls. She massages them with a hand as she deepthroats him.

"Oh!" he shouts in surprise and pleasure.

"How is she?" one of his friends ask.

"She's great! I haven't had a blow job this good in years!"

"That's good to know."

"Let me have a go with her," the third man says as he disrobes. "I'm think I'm gonna enjoy this. She looks just like this bitch I dated a few years back who stole a small fortune from me. Took me years to get that money back."

I smile to myself at the poetic justice of it. I have an urge to tell him who she really is, but then think better of it.

He enters from her behind. She takes the cock out of her mouth to gasp in pleasure.

"Oh, yes!" she cheers him as he fucks her. "You're so good, sir!"

"Hey," the man she was sucking frowns. "I didn't say to stop."

"Don't be too hard on her," the other man says.

She returns to sucking cock. The third man joins them and she takes his dick in her hand to stroke and pump it. I watch my stepmother, who went from being my cruel mistress to a sex addicted slut at my mercy, with a victorious smile before leaving quietly.

It's late that night when one the men joins us, thanking Melvin for "such a good time" and we don't see the other two until the next morning and they and my master get back to business. I check on Drusilla, curled up on the bed with semen on her face as well as a big, vacant smile. I decide to let her rest before tying her arms and washing her off.

"You did very well," I tell her. "You may've helped this business deal go better. Later I'll let you go outside and we'll do some exercises."

"Yes, goddess," she says quietly with that smile.

"Now open wide."

She does for me to gag her, and then I add the blindfold and tie her legs. I leave the dildos out of her since it's too early to start teasing her. I lock the door and go back to my work, humming a tune.

A few days later I get my friends together.

"Everyone," I tell them, "I have really big news...I'm pregnant."

The men exchanged a nervous, unsure look.

"Oh dear," Swan comments.

"Don't worry," I tell them reassuringly. "Angel's the father. I just know."

"That is gonna be one great looking baby," Adonis comments.

I look at Melvin. "And...I've been thinking about it and—"

"You want me to free you and Angel?" he says with an understanding smile.

I nod.

"Of course! I've been wanting to free you ever since I bought you. And there's no way I'm letting a child be born into slavery."

I smile gratefully. "Thank you, Master," both me and Angel tell him.

"What about Dru?" Nymph asks.

"She's all yours," I reply. "She's broken and well trained. She keep her on edge with a lot of teasing and denial with some big orgasms every now and then and she'll be no trouble."

"You got it," Adonis and Swan tell me with sly smiles.

"And now," I tell them as I strip naked, "I want one last big fling as a slave..."

We start by having me blindfolded and my arms bound to "taste test" the different men's cocks. Adonis wins thanks to the extra meaty flavor of his huge organ. Then all three of them fucked me in the mouth, vagina and anus, each one getting a turn at a hole. Between Adonis' massive, rock hard one, Melvin's medium but thick one and my beloved Angel's smooth, almost disproportioned one, it's a great feeling having them all fill me up. They ejaculate on me and Swan and Nymph lick me clean. The feel of their tongues as they each lick me a different way (Swan is slow and enjoys the taste while Nymph laps cum up like kitten) make me moan and shudder.

After they're done I'm untied and the blindfold removed. I have the two of them bound, gagged and blindfolded. I also make them stand one leg with their other legs tied together like in a three legged race. I go from one girl to the other, playing with their breasts and nipples. Swan moans in pleasure as I fondle her mid-sized boobs and roll her nipples in my fingers while the sensitive Nymph squeals as I peck her adorable cupcake breasts and flick her nipples with my tongue. I stick some fingers in each pussy and worked them in and out. I smile at how much more warm and wet Nymph is while enjoying how much more vocal Swan is through her gag. I tease them for a while with my tongue, darting from one "flower" to the other to kiss, lick and suck their vaginas and clits and taste their sweet nectar. When they're writing in their bounds and shouting loudly through their gags, I bring them climax in glorious ecstasy.

( link opens in new window )

And that's just for starters! Throughout the afternoon, into the night and even some of the next day, we have a big orgy. I am fucked in both holes and my mouth by all three men and both women wearing strap-ons, and I use a strap-on on all of them. We're all tied up in a wide variety of bondage positions as we grope, fondle, rub, pinch, lick, suck, tickle, finger, kiss all over. I am used as a living desert with syrups and spreads poured on me and it feels so much better than the last time it happened to me, and then we do it to Adonis. There are thrills involved as Nymph lets us pour wax on her from different colored candles to be 'artistic' (thought I'll admit it looked good on her pretty white skin) and Melvin lets us use clothespins on him (he says he it doesn't hurt, but it looks painful to me!). We even let Drusilla in on the fun. She doesn't know what's going on thanks to the blindfold and earplugs, but she comes so hard she faints!

When it's all over, we sleep in a big pile, everyone holding each other lovingly. Melvin produces a key to unlock my collar, as well as Angel's. I put my hand on my neck to rub my skin there. I reach out to rub Angel's neck and him mine. I smile brightly and Melvin.

"Thank you, Melvin," I tell him. "For everything."

"You're welcome," he says, blushing some.

Me and Angel lightly kiss him on a baby-like cheek, then go to sleep tightly embracing each other and whoever we can reach as they hold us.

The next day we set off. Melvin, Swan, Nymph, Adonis see us off (Drusilla is tied up in her room).

"Goodbye everyone," I tell them. "I'll miss you. We'll write to you as much as possible and visit whenever we can."

"Back 'atcha!" Adonis replies.

"If you need any help at all, just say the word," Nymph says.

"Good luck," Swan cheers with a smile.

"Oh," I remember, "and Melvin, you're the baby's godfather."

"It'll be an honor," Melvin says with a bow. He hands me a sack. "I'll go ahead and give him something."

I open the bag and see a large amount of money.

"That's too much!" Angel protests.

"I insist," Melvin tells him. "You're more than worth it. Besides, I'm the richest man in a very wide radius so it's no harm."

"Thank you Melvin," I tell him. "When Drusilla captured me, I thought my life would be a living hell of rape and torture. But you...you..." I stop myself to keep from crying.

"You did a wonderful job taking care of her for me," Angel continued. "It's like you were sent by the gods to help us."

"I wouldn't say that," he says. "I just saw a scared young woman who would be made to suffer for her beautiful, perfect body if she was someone else's slave and I made my move."

"Thank so much," we tell him with a bow.

We get in the cart and drive away, waving to them and they to us until we can't see each other anymore.

"...Angel?" I ask.


"Would you please tie me up and do things to me every now and then?"

"Only if you'll bind me and do what you will from time to time."

"You got it!"

With my head on his shoulder and a hand on my stomach, we ride off to our new live.

The End
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Very interesting. Looking forward to reading more.

Monday, July 26, 2010  

Very short Begining to a story, well worth reading and continuing, a twist is required in the rest of the story. An explanation to the stuttering and aparent fear (the way i read the text) of the auctioneer could possibly lead to a great twist, please continue

Monday, July 26, 2010  

intriguing looking forward to seeing where this goes

Monday, July 26, 2010  

Nice start, here's waiting for more of the story

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