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  • Author - zapped56  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, armbinder, bodymod, bondage, cbt, chastity, electricity, humiliation, torture, toys, watersports
  • Post Date - 8/6/2010
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Author's Note: My first attempt at a complete erotic story - it went longer than I planned. Let me know what you think!

SEAN: For many years my wife resisted my attempts to introduce BDSM play into our lovemaking. Deanna was simply not into it. Things changed when I injured my leg and had to begin rehab. Part of the routine included using a TENS electo-stimulation device to relieve the pain in my leg after completing a rehabilitation routine. She said she had never heard of such a device and I replied that I had only heard of them in terms of S&M play. That piqued her interest.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

It didn't take long for me to convince her to tie me up and use the device on various sensitive areas of my body. The first time we used the TENS unit Deanna tied me spread eagled to our massive four-poster bed and applied the sticky pads that came with the device to my scrotum and penis. She knelt astride my body facing away from me and began playing with the controls, alternately sending mild trickles and stronger jolts of electricity through my cock and balls. The sensations were incredible and I got rock hard. After a few minutes she settled her hot pussy on my face and I began lap, lick, probe and flick with enthusiasm. We both came explosively very quickly. As her orgasm subsided she rolled off to the side and snuggled against me. However, after a few minutes she said "that was great, but it was way to fast", and she began to play with the TENS unit again. My cock and nuts began to twitch as she once again mounted my face, this time sitting further forward and offering me her shapely ass instead of her pussy.

"Rim me," Deanna ordered, and I began to lick up and down her ass crack and around her anus while she continued to experiment with the TENS unit. After awhile she settled on a setting where one set of leads was feeding a steady current into my penis while the other was giving my balls a jolt at five second intervals. Then she ordered "Stick your tongue up my ass every time a jolt hits your balls, ass-licker!" Finally, I rejoiced. My wife was taking the dominant role in bed that I had dreamed of since we met. I was in heaven.

I had another shuddering orgasm before Deanna finally reached a screaming climax and turned off the unit. My cock and balls felt like they'd been whipped, even though she had never turned the power up beyond the half-way point. Deanna got up off the bed and went to the bathroom for a few minutes, then leaned over and kissed me on the forehead before once again lying next to me on the bed.

"We'll definitely be doing that again," she declared.

"I certainly hope so," I replied with enthusiasm, "but not until my nuts have recovered from tonight."

"Ummm," was her only reply. A few minutes later she got up and untied the ropes holding me to the bed. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up. By the time I returned to the bedroom Deanna was fast asleep.

Over the next weeks we began to experiment more and more with the TENS unit. Deanna went to a pharmacy and got smaller pads, which concentrated the sensation more. She occasionally applied one set of pads to my nipples or ringed the end of penis with them. The sensations were incredible.

One night Deanna tied up my scrotum so that each of my balls was isolated in its own little sack of tightly stretched skin. She then applied one set of pads to each gonad. As she settled her juicy pussy over my face she set the unit to apply an alternating jolt to each set of pads, and turned the unit up to 75% power, the highest we'd ever used. I tongued her pussy like a wild man, trying to make her come as quickly as possible. She came hard against my face and I followed suit a few moments later. It was the strongest orgasm of my life.

During this time Deanna also continued to expand the range of the way she used my mouth during sex. One night after she had tied me to the bed, she slipped an incontinence pad under my head and shoulders. Later after our electric sex, during which I had orally serviced both her pussy and ass, she announced that my mouth needed to be washed out. After positioning her pussy just above my mouth she ordered me to open wide, and I did, whereupon she unleashed a stream of hot piss directly into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but a good deal ran down my chin as well. However, as we played at this new game over time I got better at drinking most of her piss.

On another occasion, she scooped up a puddle of cum that I had just shot during an electro-sex orgasm and spread it up and down the crack of her ass before settling down on my face, ordering me to "lick her clean". At the next session she took it a step further, using her fingers to push some of my seed deep into her anus, and then ordering me to "eat out every last drop."

We also began to experiment with her blindfolding me with scarves and gagging me with her dirty underwear while she tormented my nipples, cock and/or balls with the TENS unit. Every new idea caused me to crave even more pain and sexual torment.

About three months into our new electro-sex life, we acquired a more sophisticated TENS unit with six sets of leads, a wide variety of settings, and a stronger maximum current. That evening Deanna tied me in an extra tight spread eagle position and used it to hammer my cock, balls and nipples with electric current, while I lapped her cunt, and licked her ass.

Around this time Deanna also lost her inhibition about spanking me. She began cautiously by suggesting a spanking to start a session, to which I enthusiastically agreed. Deanna sat on the edge of the bed and had me lie naked across her lap. After I was in position, she laid fifty hard slaps on my butt with her bare hand. I think it was the pain in her hand that stopped her, not my moans or bright red ass. By our next such session, she had acquired a leather paddle, and I had one more reason to squirm when she tied me face up on the bed afterward.

One day not long after this incident, Deanna asked if I liked being tied up while she used the TENS unit on me, and I told her I did. She then asked a question that would haunt me for weeks. "So what's to stop me from just turning the unit up to full power and leaving you tied to the bed and writhing until the battery dies?"

"I guess I'll just have to trust you," I replied, and then added "Also, a large part of the turn-on for me is realizing that you could." I think we both knew at that moment that one day she would. Over the next few weeks the idea would both thrill and terrify me.

DEANNA: One day while shopping on the Internet, Deanna came across an online store that specialized in electro-sex gear. Rather than the simple pads that had come with Sean's therapeutic TENS unit, this store sold all kinds of attachments designed to deliver electric current to sensitive parts of the male anatomy. Like a kid in a candy store, Deanna bought a whole assortment of new toys. Further surfing led to a site that sold whips of all kinds. There she bought a 28 inch leather covered riding crop, which she put away until Sean's birthday.

She later found other websites that sold a huge assortment of bondage equipment, everything from posture collars to pillories to medieval racks. Most of the product descriptions were accompanied by customer reviews, many quite graphic tales about how they had made use of the devices. While she doubted the veracity of many of short stories, she found them quite a turn-on, especially the ones involving long term, strict bondage. Deanna searched the Internet and found sites with hundreds of such stories, some of novella length. Some of hottest involved men and women trussed up and used as living statues or pieces of furniture. And so she began to build her own BDSM fantasy.

SEAN: I soon became very familiar with all the latest electro-sex toys. The most unwelcome addition was an eight inch long rubber butt plug with metal contacts set into the indentation where the sphincter closes around the base of the plug. That one could really make me jump.

My birthday arrived right on schedule. When I opened my briefcase at work that morning I found an envelope inside labeled 'Sean' and below that the letters 'NSFW.' I closed my office door, tore open the envelope and pulled out the card inside. On the cover was a drawing of a classic dominatrix dressed in a leather corset, gloves, boots and thong, with a whip in hand. The words 'So it's your Birthday...' were written across the top of the card. I opened the card and saw that 'Time for Your Birthday Spanking!' was printed on the card, below which the words 'And a Shocking Good Time!' had been handwritten. The card was signed 'Lady Deanna.' My heart skipped a beat.

I almost missed the note that had also been tucked into the envelope. Luckily I noticed it before pitching the card back into my briefcase. It read: 'Dear Birthday Boy, I have an extra special evening planned for your birthday, but it doesn't involve eating (at least not food!), so stop and eat something light on your way home. When you get home go strait to the bathroom to shower and shave. On the bathroom counter you will find a pair of wrist and ankle cuffs and a padlock. Put all four cuffs on and lock your hands behind your back with the padlock. Then go to spare bedroom, naked with your hands bound. Kneel and wait. Lady Deanna.'

I couldn't concentrate all day long, my thoughts wandering to the evening ahead at every opportunity. When five o'clock finally came around I bolted out the door, beating the rest of the Friday afternoon crowd to the parking lot. I swung thru a drive-thru and grabbed a fish filet sandwich and soda on the way home and arrived about fifteen minutes earlier than usual. After parking the car in the garage I headed strait to the master bath where I found the cuffs and lock waiting for me. The wrist cuffs each had a single D-ring, while the larger ankle cuffs had four D-rings each. I showered and shaved closely as instructed, donned the cuffs, locked my wrists behind me and padded down the hall to the spare bedroom. The lights were out and the heavy drapes were drawn. I knelt and waited. A few minutes later I heard movement from behind me and suddenly the light flicked on. My wife then stepped in front of me. My eyes about popped out of my head. She was stunningly dressed like the dominatrix on the birthday card. Thigh-high, spike-heeled, black leather boots, black leather thong, tight black leather corset, and long black leather gloves. She flexed a riding crop in her hands.

"Do you like my costume?" she asked. "It's your first present, Birthday Boy."
"Yes," I managed to croak.

"That's 'Yes Lady Deanna'," she barked, snapping the crop painfully against my left thigh.

"Yes Lady Deanna," I quickly replied.

"Are you ready for a night you'll always remember?" she asked.
"Yes Lady Deanna," I replied again.

"Very well," she answered, and took a seat on one of our strait back dining room chairs, which she had obviously moved upstairs for the occasion. "Then get your ass over my knee."

I scrambled over to her and draped my defenseless ass over her lap. "Count the swats out loud."

"Yes Lady Deanna," I managed to reply just before the crop landed on my ass. "One!" I yelped a heartbeat later.

Twenty times the crop landed on my ass or my thighs as I counted. Since we had got halfway to my age, she ordered me to scoot around to the other direction so she could switch to a fresh arm. With renewed vigor she laid twenty more stokes on my burning flesh. It was the hardest spanking I'd yet received, but the evening was far from over. I was rock hard, and thankful I hadn't cum in her lap or used our safe word, 'Mercy.'

"Back on your knees," she ordered, and then asked if I'd like a drink. When I said I would, she held a glass of water to my lips, which I drained. Lady Deanna then poured a glass of wine for herself from a bottle set in an ice bucket on the dresser. I could see the bottle was already half empty. "Okay, Birthday Boy, up on the bed and lie on your stomach."

As I climbed on the bed I found that, rather than the soft mattress, the bed held a large sheet of plywood covered with a rubberized sheet. My sore ass was not going to appreciate the hard surface. The bed had sturdy brass rail head and foot boards. I watched over my shoulder as Lady Deanna lubricated the electro-sex butt plug and my anus, and then slowly pushed the plug home until it was well seated in my ass. She attached the wires to the TENS unit, unlocked the wrist cuffs and told me to roll over and lie face up on the board. Lady Deanna attached short chains to my ankle and wrist cuffs with snap rings and then similarly attached the other ends of the chains to the head and foot boards, leaving me spread eagled and vulnerable, but not too uncomfortable. We had always used rope before and I assumed the chains were another part of my birthday present.

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She climbed up on the bed. The board allowed her to stand safely in the high-heeled boots. Staring down at me she slowly bent and slid the thong down her legs and over her boots. She stood and stepped out of the thong and kicked it aside, and then pivoted on the board and squatted down over my face. "Eat," she ordered. I complied willingly, burying my face in her moist cunt. I didn't see her activate the TENS unit, but I let out a gasp when the first shock hit my anus. The unit was set to slowly pulse at close to maximum power and my bruised ass was jumping against the hard wood. Next I felt a tap on my penis, followed by another just a bit harder. Lady Deanna was using the riding crop, and as her climax rose, so did the strength of the taps. Fortunately, my tongue soon worked its magic and she swooned in a mighty orgasm. The last few snaps of the crop, combined with the buzzing in my ass were enough to send me over the top as well, and my cock pumped cum all over my stomach and chest.

Lady Deanna leaned forward and balanced on one hand as she scooped up a large glop of my seed. I had a clear view when she drove a cum covered finger deep into her own ass.

"Okay Birthday Boy, you've had your honey pie, now it's time for some cream pie. I want to feel your tongue tickle my tonsils." When she settled back onto my face I repeatedly drove my tongue as deep into her core as I could, licking out my own jism, while the plug continued to spark my own rectum. After what seemed like an eternity I felt her shudder to another strong climax.

After a few moments Lady Deanna got up off my face and slid off the bed. After pouring herself another glass of wine, she finally turned off the TENS unit and I relaxed in my bonds.

What Lady Deanna did next was truly ingenious. Although I was still chained, a rope was tied to one of the three unoccupied D-rings on my right ankle cuff. The end of the rope was then passed around one of the rails in the footboard and then run through another empty D-ring, then back around the rail and then back through the last D-ring, creating a pulley. When she pulled on the rope it stretched me much tighter than just pulling on a single rope could ever achieve, and I slid a few inches down towards the bottom of the bed. This movement pulled all the slack out of the chains holding my wrists. Keeping a tight grip on the rope with one hand, Lady Deanna used the other to double up the lose chain and applied a snap ring to the two links at the ends of the doubled up section, in effect shortening the chain, which then held me in the stretched position after she released the rope. The same procedure was repeated on my left leg, and created what was in effect, a medieval rack. I was stretched tightly enough to prevent any movement, but not tight enough to dislocate anything.

Her next move was to apply a device we called the Triple Threat. It was a leather parachute that snapped snugly over my scrotum, with three six-inch chains dangling from the bottom edge that were themselves attached to single metal ring. The devices' first purpose is to stretch the ball sack when weights are attached to the metal ring. The parachute also includes two interior rows of tiny metal teeth that dig slightly into the flesh when weight is applied to the metal rings, creating a second sensation. Finally, the rows of metal teeth can be connected to the TENS unit and electrified, creating a third sensation – truly a Triple Threat. Once the parachute was snapped into place, Lady Deanna tied a short length of rope to the metal ring, and then tied the other end of the rope to a two pound weight, which she dangled over the edge of the footboard so it pulled on the parachute. I grunted. Two pounds is enough to get my attention, but not enough to cut off circulation to my balls, so the Triple Threat could be safely left in place for a good deal of time. Lady Deanna used a set of wires to electrically connect the parachute's teeth to the TENS unit.

I watched as she sat on the bed near my head and showed me my next birthday present: a ball gag. Unlike most ball gags I'd seen, this one made use of a wiffleball instead of a solid rubber ball. I'd be able to breath and make noises through it, if not intelligent speech. She fastened the straps around my head and chin, securely seating the thing in my mouth. She then leaned down close to my ear and whispered "There'll be no Mercy tonight." I caught the double meaning and from the look on her face, she saw that I caught it. Predictably, my cock twitched back to life. She saw that too, and laughed.

She continued to laugh while she opened the back of the TENS unit and inserted a fresh set of batteries. Then she used a scarf to blindfold me. When the blindfold was secure, she leaned down to my ear and whispered, "Remember, you asked for this."

I heard her making some adjustments to the TENS unit. I expected what came next, but I still wasn't prepared for it. She had set the TENS unit to deliver a pulsing current to my anus and powerful jolts to my nuts at half-second intervals. I started writhing, to the extent the chains allowed, as the pain hit, in wave after wave. I moaned into the gag. Tears were rolling down my face when I felt Lady Deanna kiss me on the forehead and say "Good night Birthday Boy. I'll see you in the morning!" Through the pain/pleasure I sensed her leaving the room, turning out the lights and closing the door behind her.

DEANNA: Deanna almost felt sorry for poor Sean as she walked away. But she knew this was his greatest fantasy and she would not deny him the full experience. She would listen closely for any sounds of gagging or real distress via a baby monitor transmitter she had placed near his head after blindfolding him. Deanna had no idea how long the fresh batteries in the TENS unit would last, but had no doubt it would be memorable experience for Sean.

She tried to distract herself by reading a novel, but after about an hour of listening to Sean groan and moan, she was so turned on that she pulled out her vibrator and began working on her clitoris while stroking herself with her free hand. She'd arranged tonight's festivities to fulfill Sean's fantasy but stretching him out on the improvised rack had been a good start on the road toward her own. As the vibrator buzzed against her clit she envisioned Sean locked into the strictest bondage. Just as she had carefully plotted an incremental path to Sean's current birthday predicament, Deanna had a step by step plan to place him in stricter and lengthier bondage, until he was ready to perform his role in her greatest fantasy, to be played out on her birthday, three months hence. She had already reserved a very private rental cabin in the Maine woods and arranged their vacations so that they would have an entire week alone together. Just thinking of it sent her over the edge.

Once every hour or so Deanna checked in on Sean, to admire his tightly stretched out body and to see if he was okay. After three hours she figured the batteries in the TENS unit would be winding down, but when she checked the charge level gage she saw that the unit was only about two-thirds drained. Sean's sweat soaked body was still jumping around within the limits of its bonds, and a continual stream of moans and groans came from behind the ball gag. At some point he had cum for a second time that night, but now his was cock was completely flaccid. She was sure he was experiencing much more pain than pleasure at this point. Ah well, men and their fantasies.

Two hours later she could no longer hear any noises through the baby monitor so she went to check on Sean. Both Sean and the TENS unit were completely drained. Deanna disconnected the TENS unit, removed the butt plug from his ass and the parachute from his balls, and finally the gag from his mouth. He was barely coherent. She had to use the improvised rope pulley to get enough slack in his leg chains remove the snap links. She did not, however, remove the chains entirely. Sean would spend the night chained to the hard bed. After what he had been through, she doubted he would notice the additional discomfort. And three months from now, after a week at the cabin in Maine, he would probably consider a night spent spread-eagled on his back a luxury. She kissed him on the lips and bade him sweet dreams before returning to the master bedroom for a good night's sleep.

SEAN: It was almost a week before the swelling in my balls subsided. Deanna asked me at dinner the following Sunday if I felt up to another electro-sex session. I could see she was eager and I was about to leave town on a six day business trip, so I said I was, though my nuts felt otherwise. She promised to take it easy on me.

Later that evening I found myself once again stretched out on her improvised rack. Thankfully, she initially ignored my still aching anus and scrotum and focused her attention on my nipples and thighs. She attached a set of electrified nipple clamps, which burned like fire even before she activated the TENS unit. After straddling my face and ordering me to eat her cunt, she began using her riding crop on my thighs. After her first climax she adjusted her seat and ordered me to eat her ass as well. My thighs were covered with red stripes by the time she reached her second orgasm and I my first.

Afterward she stretched her nude body out on top of mine and nestled her face against my neck. "I have a question for you," she whispered. "Since I fulfilled your deepest, darkest fantasy last weekend, are you willing to fulfill mine?"

"Of course," I answered, much too quickly for my own good. "What is it?" I belatedly asked.

Deanna just smiled and slithered off the bed. She disappeared into the bathroom and emerged a few minutes later with a damp washcloth, which she used to slowly clean her pussy, thighs and ass. It was one of the sexiest things I'd ever seen. When she was satisfied with her own cleanliness, she sat on the bed and used the washcloth to clean my face, and then wiped up the spunk I'd shot on my stomach and chest. A moment later she was standing on the bed (or rather the board I was lying on which itself lay on the bed) with her feet on either side of my body. She held the washcloth just far enough away from her pussy so that I could see her squirt a short stream of hot urine onto it. A few drops dribbled onto my stomach, which she quickly mopped up. She knelt down and straddled my stomach, then reached around behind her back and took a firm grip on my aching balls with her left hand. With the other hand she held the washcloth up to my lips. "Open wide," she ordered. I hesitated; she gripped my balls harder. I immediately opened my mouth and she stuffed the disgusting thing inside.
I watched as Deanna got off the bed and retrieved a new toy from a dresser drawer. "This is a CB-3000 chastity device," she explained. "It is made of plastic and has a numbered plastic lock. It won't set off any metal detectors and you can easily remove it by breaking the lock in an emergency. But if you do remove it, except for an actual emergency, I'll know and there will be a penalty that will surpass your birthday night. Do you understand?" I nodded that I did.

The device consisted of a plastic ring, a plastic tube and a set of spacers, plus the lock. It took her a few minutes to get it properly secured, but when she finally clicked the lock closed my manhood was firmly encased in the plastic tube. I wouldn't be able to get an erection, let alone have sex with anyone (not that I was planning to – I'm strictly a one woman man). Of course she had to test it, so she began playing with my nipples and balls, trying to stimulate an erection. When that didn't work she lubricated a finger, stuck it up my ass and began messaging my prostrate while licking my balls. The got my juices flowing, but as soon as I started to get hard I let out a muffled groan from the pain that shot through my restricted cock. Deanna next set about trying to work the device off without opening the lock. Lots of pulling, twisting and tugging failed to dislodge the CB-3000 but did cause me to grunt and groan from the pain her efforts caused my penis and scrotum. Satisfied that the device worked as advertised, she removed my gag, released my bonds and set me free of the rack.
"How long do you want me to wear this thing?" I asked.

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"I haven't decided yet, but it will be at least a week," she replied. "I don't want you masturbating on your business trip."

"So this is your deepest, darkest fantasy?" I said with a sigh.

"No, however it's a small but necessary step along the way. Don't worry; you'll grow to love it. Remember, you're the one that wanted us to get into this whole female domination thing. Now you've created a monster!" Indeed I had. But I did love the way her mind worked.

My business trip went off without a hitch. I passed easily through airport security coming and going; fortunately I was not selected to undergo a pat down or full body screening using the new security scanners. The chastity device was not terribly uncomfortable, and it had achieved Deanna's stated purpose of keeping me from masturbating on the trip, something I usually looked forward to – I had a severe case of blue balls by the time I got home. I was more than ready to have her remove it when I walked into the house after parking my car in our garage. As I came in through our mud room I heard her call out "In here" from the den. I left my bags on the kitchen floor and headed to the den.

Deanna was reading a book in one of our overstuffed leather chairs, wearing a pair of black high-heels, blue jeans and a white blouse. The hassock that normally sat in front of the chair was missing. She looked up and smiled, asking "How was your trip?"

"It was okay," I replied, leaning down to kiss her. "Can we take the chastity thing off now so I can show you how much I've missed you?" I asked after a passionate kiss that promised much more.

"Not so fast. First strip so I can check that you've behaved yourself." I stripped and she compared the serial number on the plastic lock to the number she had written down on a piece of paper she was using as a bookmark. "Good boy, but it doesn't come off yet. Maybe another week, I think!" I groaned. "In the meantime you can show me how much you missed me another way. As you can see, the hassock is out for repair and I need a place to rest my feet. Be a dear and get down and all floors and try to pretend to be a footstool."

"Yes dear," I answered unenthusiastically. The riding crop flashed out of nowhere and hit me hard in the ass.

"From now on, whenever you are wearing the CB-3000, or any other chastity device, you will address me as Lady Deanna. Is that clear?"

"Yes Lady Deanna," I replied immediately. "I am very sorry for my mistake." For the next hour or so I pretended to be a footstool. She didn't make it easy on me, occasionally dragging her spike heels across my back or prodding me with the pointy toes of the sexy shoes.

I should mention here that before Lady Deanna locked me into the CB-3000, our BDSM activities had been entirely about sex and had not intruded into our normal lives. In fact we still had so called vanilla sex quite often, although to be honest, I spent relatively more time providing rather than receiving oral sex compared to before the TENS unit entered our lives. We had not been into 'lifestyle BDSM' but my wife's recent actions seemed to be leading us that way. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. I was scared I'd lose a lot of my freedom, but also turned on at the idea of serving her every whim. As if she were reading my thoughts, she positioned her right foot just in front of my face and said "You may clean my shoes with your tongue, Sean." At least she wasn't referring to me as 'slave' yet, I thought.

"Yes Lady Deanna," I replied and began to lick the high heels.

"Don't forget the soles."

"Yes Lady Deanna." My cock tried unsuccessfully to harden again, and I moaned in frustration.

When I finished with the right shoe she had me spin around so I could work on the left. Before I finished that task she withdrew her foot and said "This just isn't working for me. You don't look enough like a footstool." I wasn't sure what I could do about that, but I guess she had an idea, since she stood up and left the room, ordering me to stay put.

A few minutes later she returned with a set of ankle, thigh, wrist, and elbow cuffs, a collar, and four small padlocks. While I remained kneeling on the floor she placed all the cuffs and the collar on me, then she pulled my right ankle up and locked its cuff to the right thigh cuff, leaving me kneeling directly on my knee alone. She repeated the process with my left leg. Next she locked my elbows and wrists together and had me lean on my elbows so she could attach the wrist cuffs to my collar. Now all my weight was resting on my elbows and knees. "There," she exclaimed, "you look much more like a three-legged footstool now!" I was far more uncomfortable as well. I finished cleaning her left shoe with my tongue when it was presented to me.

Once she judged I had sufficiently cleaned both shoes, she resumed poking and prodding me with them while continuing to read her novel. I was sweating profusely from the strain on my arms and legs, but my mind was completely intoxicated by the situation, despite the fact that I couldn't achieve an erection.

I'd been in this new position about another half-hour when she got up to use the bathroom, and came back completely nude, except for the high-heels. I hungrily watched as she crossed the room to our armoire and stretched up as if she were reaching for something on top. Whatever it was, it was beyond her reach. She looked over at me and said "I need a footstool."

I painfully made my way across the hardwood floor, 'walking' on my knees and elbows. It's harder than you think when your elbows are locked together forming a single forward balance point. Once I was in position Lady Deanna used me as one might expect a footstool to be used, stepping on my lower back with her high-heels digging into my flesh. The pain was exquisite.

Once she got what she was looking for, she stepped down and walked back over to the overstuffed chair, looked at me, smiled, and pointed to the floor in front of the chair. I now saw that the item she had retrieved from above the armoire was a large black vibrator. 'So that's where she keeps it,' I thought as I began to make my way back over to her chair. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough for her, because she walked over to me brandishing the riding crop, which she used to hurry me along. Several painful swats later I reached my original position before her chair.

Lady Deanna resumed her reading, but I could hear the vibrator buzzing between her legs. As her breathing got heavier, her legs began to pump the high-heels about more vigorously as well, especially when she climaxed. I would bear the marks of this evening for some time.

The next week passed very slowly for me. There were no more unusual bondage positions but Lady Deanna used my mouth frequently for her own sexual pleasure while I got no relief. I lapped her pussy, licked her ass and drank her piss. On the bright side, I didn't have to eat any of my own spunk. I hadn't come in almost two weeks!

The following Friday we ate dinner at one of the more fancy restaurants in town. Fearing the consequences of doing otherwise, I had referred to her several times during the dinner as Lady Deanna and I was sure our waitress and the patrons at the nearest tables had overheard as well. I was deeply embarrassed, but apparently she was pleased. While we were finishing our after dinner coffee, laced with Irish whiskey, she leaned over and whispered in my ear "Tonight you're going to fuck me!" At last! I was finally going to get the damn CB-3000 off.

An hour later I was stretched tight on her improvised rack. She had removed the chastity device but I now wore a rigid posture collar and was blindfolded as well. I felt her push an unfamiliar gag into my mouth and buckle three sets of straps to hold it firmly in place.

When Lady Deanna removed the blindfold it took me a moment to figure out what I was looking at. Protruding from the gag was an eight inch black dildo!

"See," she said with a huge smile, "I told you that you were going to fuck me tonight!" She spun around and positioned the dildo at the entrance to her pussy, and asked "Ready?"

I mumbled something unintelligible which she took to be a yes. She dropped her pussy onto the dildo and instructed me to fuck her with my mouth penis. I tried to push the dildo forward to match her movements, but restrained as I was, I could barely move. Again and again her beautiful cunt rose and fell on the shaft, just in front of my eyes. What a sight!

I'm not sure how many orgasms she had that night. At least two while she was pumping the dildo in and out of her cunt, and another while it was filling her ass. My jaw was aching from the abuse. Finally she collapsed on top of me. She had not touched my straining cock or boiling balls since she had removed the CB-3000.

A few minutes later she removed the dildo gag but quickly replaced it with the more familiar wiffleball gag. "So, after two weeks, did you enjoy fucking me?" she asked.

Still gagged, I said nothing but she read the pleading in my eyes. "Oh, did you think you were going to fuck me with your prick? Silly boy. You are really going to have to earn your next orgasm." She then removed two new sex toys from the nightstand. Both were made of metal.

The first item was a short metal tube with thick walls. She held it up for me to see and said "This is a one-and-a-half-inch, three pound ball stretcher. It's made of chrome-plated lead. It comes apart and fits around your scrotum and then gets bolted back together. It's the smallest and lightest of a set of five. Each one is a half inch longer and a pound heavier than the last. Its ten weeks until our Maine vacation. I'll be changing these out every two weeks, and you'll be wearing the three-and-a-half-inch, seven-pounder by the time we get there." I groaned. She paid no attention, and proceeded to secure the two pieces of the device around my scrotum, stretching my nuts away from my body.

"Now for the Kali's Kuff," she said with a smile. "I told you that you'd grow to love the CB-3000." The Kali's Kuff had two half-round sections connected by a hinge. The inner surface of each section was lined with metal teeth, each about a quarter-inch long. She wrapped the two sections around my erect penis and began to close them. I howled and she stopped. She got up and got some ice from an ice bucket on the dresser, paused for a sip of wine while she was there, and then held a handful of ice cubes to my balls. My nuts immediately tried to retreat into my body, but the ball stretcher wouldn't let them pass. I moaned into my gag, and my erection quickly subsided. Lady Deanna then easily closed the Kuff over my penis and locked the two sections together with a small padlock.

The combination of the ball stretcher and the chastity device was much less comfortable than the CB-3000. This was going to take some getting use to. Lady Deanna then began running her fingers and tongue all over my body. My cock twitched at her touch, but there was no way I was getting an erection with the spiked tube holding my cock. Satisfied, she kissed me on the forehead and left the room, turning out the light as she went. I spent the night stretched out on her rack.

By the following Monday morning the Kuff was beginning to chaff, and my balls were aching from the weighted stretcher. Before my shower Lady Deanna had me place my hands behind my back so she could lock my wrists together with a pair of handcuffs. She removed the ball stretcher, unlocked the Kali's Kuff and replaced it with the CB-3000 before releasing my hands. What a relief! "The ball stretcher goes back on when you get home, but you'll only have to wear the Kuff on the weekends, at least for now," she said.

"Thank you Lady Deanna," was my grateful reply.

DEANNA: The next ten weeks were filled with experimentation, and passed very quickly for Deanna, although she doubted Sean felt that way. Too bad, this was now her fantasy, not his. He would just have to grin and bear it!

As she had promised, Sean wore the CB-3000 Monday thru Friday and the Kali's Kuff on the weekends. However, she added an optional feature called "points of intrigue" to the CB-3000, just to make it more interesting for him. He wore the ball stretcher whenever he wasn't at work. She changed it every two weeks, adding a half-inch of stretch and a pound of weight each time. Sean's scrotum was lengthening nicely, which was something she needed for her ultimate fantasy.

( link opens in new window )

Every Friday night she put Sean in a new and more strenuous bondage position. On other weeknights she revisited older positions, finding ways to improve them. For example, she added three spreader bars to the 'footstool' position, providing more stability and allowing her to keep him in position for longer periods of time.

Sean's least favorite position was the 'reading lamp'. After putting him in an armbinder, she tied him at the waist and ankles to the one of the posts of their big four-poster bed. She then forced him to bend at the waist by pulling the armbinder up and securing it to top of the post. Using a utility gag, which allowed for a variety of attachments, she positioned him so that he held a nine volt reading lamp out over the bed with his mouth. She took one of the wires leading from the lamp and attached it to one of the outputs from the TENS unit. She used an alligator clip to attach the other wire to the end of Sean's penis. Sean let out muffled howl of protest which she ignored. She then applied a sticky TENS pad to Sean's balls, completing the circuit. When she turned TENS unit up to full power, the light glowed brightly. A few snaps of the crop silenced Sean's muffled moans and she enjoyed an hour or more of reading pleasure.

A somewhat less stressful position was the "pedestal' in which Sean was placed in a standing position, but bent at the waist with his hands cuffed to his ankles, which were held a yard apart by spreader bar. The third leg of the pedestal was a 'cock n' ball' pillory. Deanna would then place some object on his back, such as vase or picture frame, and threaten dire consequences should it be broken.

Deanna also purchased a funnel gag and used it as her urinal whenever Sean was home. Of course she continued to use his mouth for other things as well. He was performing cunnilingus and analingus every day now, in addition to fucking her with the mouth penis gag. To his credit, he performed with enthusiasm each time, hoping that he would be rewarded with being allowed to have an orgasm of his own. That wasn't going to happen until her birthday, but he didn't know that.

Deanna didn't take a lot of sexual pleasure in spanking and whipping Sean – it simply wasn't her thing. But she knew it was Sean's thing, and she had to keep him interested in their BDSM play, so she administered such punishment frequently. She now had a collection that included a riding crop, flogger, slapper, tawse, several canes, a half dozen paddles and a wicked leather Tomcat whip with 22 inch knotted leather tails. Deanna had to be really careful with that one in order to avoid breaking skin, something she swore she wouldn't do. She also had a short rubber whip with thin six inch tails that she used on his balls when she was really displeased with him.

One such occasion occurred when he addressed her as 'Mistress Deanna'. He had said it sheepishly, assuming she would be pleased. Sean was shocked at her response – she was furious! 'Mistress and Slave' didn't fit into her fantasy at all. She tied him in a standing spread eagle position and used the Tomcat on his back and legs, and then attacked his balls with the little rubber whip. He pleaded for mercy, and finally used the safe word 'Mercy' for the first time. Sean never made the mistake of addressing her as 'Mistress' again.

Deanna did enjoy tormenting Sean with her high-heeled boots and shoes. She knew he had a strong fetish for sexy footwear and when she had him in a foot-level bondage position she used the toes and heels of her shoes or boots to poke and prod him. Once, when he was in the 'coffee table' position, she stood on his chest and planted her spiked heels directly on his nipples, allowing a good deal of her weight to settle on them. He howled behind his gag, but later admitted that he'd been in ecstasy.

Deanna also enrolled Sean in a beginner's yoga class in order to increase his stamina and flexibility. Sean enjoyed the twice a week classes, as far as Deanna could tell.

As her birthday approached, she began to finalize her plans for the big week at the cabin in Maine. Unfortunately, she got some very bad news a week prior to her birthday. Her Aunt Mildred had unexpectedly passed away. She hadn't been close to her aunt, but she was her late Mother's only sibling, and Deanna felt she had to go to the funeral. When she got home four days later it was apparent that Sean had needed the rest. He seemed to be refreshed. Good, she thought, and decided to give him the rest of the week off as well. He would need his strength.

As they began to pack for the trip Deanna instructed Sean to not bother bringing any clothes other that what he would wear on the way home – he wouldn't need them. She filled the extra suitcases with bondage gear.

SEAN: Our trip to Maine went smoothly. We departed on the Saturday before Deanna's birthday, which was on the following Friday, and travelled by train to Bangor where we rented a car. Deanna surprised me by upgrading to an Escalade. We drove deep into the Maine woods until we came to Brownville Junction where we loaded up on groceries. We bought all of Deanna's favorites and none of mine – it was her birthday week after all. Deanna added several long loaves of Italian bread to the cart – I assumed we were going to be eating fondue at some point. After the grocery shopping, we had a fine meal at a family owned Italian restaurant. Deanne encouraged me to 'eat up' so I had a salad, antipasto, lasagna and some Italian Ice for dessert. I was stuffed to the gills when we drove off for Knight's Landing on Schoodic Lake, where the cabin rental agency was located.

The folks at the agency were very friendly. We signed the necessary paperwork and obtained directions to the cabin. Check out time was 11:00 am the following Saturday morning – the cleaning woman had to prepare the cabin for the next arrivals. The rental agent mentioned that the cabin's owner had the place up for sale, but the real estate agent had very clear instructions not to bring any prospective buyers to the cabin without 24 hours advance notice. We took the keys and headed out.

The cabin was situated well out in the wilderness near the north tip of the lake. Our nearest neighbor was more than a mile away. The sun was just setting when I parked the Escalade. Maine in late spring is still pretty cold, and there were some patches of spring snow on the ground. The setting was beautiful.

Lady Deanna instructed me to move to the back seat of the SUV and to strip off all my clothes. Once I was naked, she joined me in the back seat. My clothes were added to the small bag that contained the clothing I would wear on the return trip. That bag would remain locked in the SUV. Four sets of cuffs were locked onto my body with small, identically keyed padlocks: wrists, elbows, thighs and ankles. A matching collar was also placed around my neck. An eighteen inch chain connected the two ankle cuffs.

The CB-3000 I had been wearing was removed, along with the three-and-a-half-inch, seven pound ball stretcher that I had been wearing for the last two weeks. She lubed up a large butt plug and forced it into my anus. Then Lady Deanna addressed me.

"Sean, I want to thank you for giving me this week. It will be very hard for you, but I'm sure that you will try your best to enable me to fulfill my deepest, darkest fantasy, just as I did yours. First of all, you are not to speak this week. Not one word. If you cannot maintain your silence, I have a new gag that will guarantee your silence, and I guarantee you won't like it.

"Second, you will be placed in strict bondage for the entire week, except Friday evening. You have already spent many hours in each of the positions I will place you in, although I have some enhancements planned. This week you will experience the bondage positions on a near constant basis. You will get four one-hour breaks each day to stretch out, clean up and eat.

"Third, you will be on a dry bread and water diet until Friday evening. Actually 'bread, water and piss' is more accurate. You will swallow every drop of my urine this week.

"Fourth, I will administer corporal punishment as I see fit throughout the week.

"Now if you behave yourself, and fulfill this fantasy for me, I promise you a full evening and night of carnal pleasure on my birthday, which you will not forget, at least not until your next birthday. Now I want you lie on your back and pull your knees to your chest so we can begin."

I was stunned. But the prospect of a night of ecstasy after not having been satisfied since my birthday three months ago overcame my reservations (and my better judgment) and I complied with her request. Lady Deanna leaned over the seat and pulled a sex toy I hadn't seen before from inside one of the suitcases. It consisted of two pieces of slightly curved wood about twenty inches long, two inches wide and three-quarters of an inch thick. Matching channels had been carved into each piece, about a half inch in diameter. There was also some hardware clearly intended to lock the two pieces together.

"This device is called a Humbler," Lady Deanna explained. "It locks around your scrotum from behind your thighs. The theory is that a man can't stand if he is locked into this without pulling his balls off. However, since we've spent the last three months stretching your ball sack out, I think you may be able to manage it." She then attached the device just as she had described, locking it into place, and then locking the ends of the device to my thigh cuffs with short chains. This thing was not coming off without taking my balls with it! "Roll over onto your hands and knees," she instructed. I did so. There was some discomfort but it was actually better than the ball stretchers, at least while I was motionless.

"Okay, I want you to bring all the groceries and luggage into the cabin, except for your small bag. Put the groceries on the counter, put the suitcases with the bondage equipment in the small bedroom on the first floor, and put the suitcases with my clothing and cosmetics in the master bedroom on the second floor. And be quick about it, because I really have to piss!" With that she stepped out of the SUV, walked across the snow covered gravel walkway to the cabin, unlocked and opened the door, and disappeared inside.

Just getting out of the SUV was a trial. Somehow I managed to get everything into the house without ripping my balls off or getting frostbite. The stairs were the worst. About thirty minutes later I crawled to Lady Deanna's feet, exhausted and shivering from the cold.

"I have just the thing to warm up your insides," she said, and told me to assume the familiar 'lady's urinal' position, in which I settled on my haunches, leaned my head back and opened my mouth. She pulled up her skirt, shifted her thong aside and planted her pussy on my face. After emptying her bladder down my throat, she had me tongue her to a violent orgasm. Clearly she was very turned on by the whole scene.
After all the groceries were put away we went back up to the master bedroom. Lady Deanna changed into a nightgown and robe. She then placed me in the 'reading lamp' position, after removing the Humbler and replacing it with the Kali's Kuff. She read for about three hours while current coursed through my cock and balls. Finally she turned out the light and released me. I had one hour to stretch out, relax and use the bathroom. I made good use of the yoga stretches I had learned and wasn't feeling half bad when my hour was up.

Next up was the 'chamber pot' position. Lady Deanna had me lay on my back in the walk-in shower with my head to the wall beneath a built-in towel rack. She locked my ankle cuffs together and pulled my legs up over my head and tied them to the towel rack. She then locked my wrist cuffs together behind my knees. My bondage was completed with the Humbler and a funnel gag. The gag had an extended length of tube connecting the funnel to the gag, so that the funnel could be connected to my ankle cuffs. Lady Deanna then raised her gown and peed in the funnel, forcing me to drink her hot piss. She followed the piss with a glass of tepid water to wash out the funnel and tube, and then she 'flushed' the device by stepping on my balls. I gasped in pain. She had done this previously when I was in the 'chamber pot' position, but my balls had never been locked in the Humbler before; now my nuts were crushed against the hard wood surface of the device.

( link opens in new window )

I spent the night bound in this position. Lady Deanna used the 'chamber pot' once during the middle of the night, and once more when she awoke. My nuts felt like they had been pulverized by the time she released me for my one hour break. I really needed the shower because I had pissed all over myself during the night. After shaving and showering, I went down to the kitchen where Lady Deanna fed me a bowlful of dry bread chunks and gave me a glass of water before deciding on my next position.

The next five days passed with agonizing slowness. I spent a total of one hundred hours in extreme bondage positions. Each night was spent in the 'chamber pot' position, and as promised, I drank every drop of Lady Deanna's piss. During the day I was mostly in the 'footstool', 'coffee table' and 'pedestal' positions, although I often assumed the 'lady's urinal' position as well. In the evenings I spent time in the 'candelabra', 'reading lamp' and 'chandelier' positions. The latter was a five light version of the 'reading lamp' position that included placing me in a suspended hogtie. The 'candelabra' position was similar, except that drippy, burning candles replaced the 9-volt lamps.

Prior to her dinner each evening Lady Deanna placed me in a new position called the 'dusty rug' which took maximum advantage of the Humbler. This position involved being hung by my wrists with my legs dangling, at least the first few times. I tried to keep my legs bent so that the Humbler wouldn't strain my nuts but my legs soon tired, especially as she 'beat the rug' with the wide variety of whips at her disposal. On Tuesday evening she attached weights to my ankle cuffs to make it harder to keep my legs curled up, and on Wednesday she tied them to a hook in the floor to make it impossible. On Thursday evening she took me out into woods behind the cabin and secured me into the 'dusty rug' position between two trees. I was freezing, but she soon warmed me up using the Tomcat whip and the penis whip. I howled like a wild animal. She seemed to enjoy that.

Over the course of the week I brought her to countless orgasms, using either my tongue or the 'mouth penis.'

At last Friday morning arrived. Lady Deanna seemed to be in great spirits and I sensed she had reached some decision that had been weighing on her mind. Once I was released from the 'chamber pot' position she announced that she was going out shopping and that I would be free all day, except for the CB-3000. What a relief! She left while I was still in the shower.

I spent the day relaxing my aching body. I did yoga and took a whirlpool bath. Starving from my strict diet, I ate two hearty meals.

Lady Deanna arrived back at the cabin about 6:00 pm. She had bought all the ingredients for a New England clam bake: clam chowder, lobster, steamers, corn on the cob as well as a small birthday cake. We prepared and ate the meal together, although I was still forbidden to speak. She told me how much she loved me and how grateful she was that I had fulfilled her fantasy. We watched her favorite movie on the cabin's DVD to let the meals settle before heading up to the master bedroom.

We made love with abandon that night. She gave me the best blow job of my life and I fucked her in all three holes and ate both her pussy and ass. I came three times and she came at least five times. We finally collapsed in exhaustion and fell asleep in each others arms. The sex was far better than even our wedding night.

We awoke at 8:00 am the next morning and Lady Deanna said she wanted to put me in one more bondage position before we had to check out. She chose the 'coffee table' position where I am placed face up, with my hands and feet on the floor with my lower back resting on a small stool. She connected my wrists and ankles with a network of six spreader bars, and two more held my knees and elbows in place. A strict posture collar kept my head horizontal along with my torso and thighs. Normally, the Triple Threat completed the ensemble, but for this occasion the Humbler was substituted on the list of restraints for this position, making it still more stressful.

Once I was secure, Lady Deanna left the room for a few minutes and returned with a new toy. "Sean, since you were very good about maintaining your silence, I wasn't forced to use the new gag. But I think it would be a shame if you didn't get to experience it before we leave, so open wide." She pushed an inflatable ball gag into my mouth, and then securely buckled it with three sets of straps. She pumped the bulb inflating the gag until my cheeks painfully pushed out against the straps. Once she was satisfied with the gag, she pulled a black spandex hood over my face and tucked the bottom of the hood into the posture collar. She finished off the bondage position by placing what felt like the Kali's Kuff tube over my penis, but it seemed to have open spaces and there were fewer and shorter teeth than the Kuff. The entire position was painful in a number of ways but I figured I could take it for the two hours remaining before we had to check out of the cabin.

DEANNA: Deanna smiled at Sean's newest ornament. His penis was encased in a Lori's tube chastity device, although it wasn't yet properly secured.
Precisely on schedule at 9:30 am there was a knock at the door. Deanna arose from the couch, where she had spent the last hour tormenting Sean with her heels, and greeted her visitor.

"Good morning Mrs. Smith, are you ready to begin?" the visitor asked.
"Yes dear, right in here," Deanna answered, leading the woman into the cabin's living room where the 'coffee table' waited. She noticed that the table was very still. "Are you going to do the piercing or the tattoo first?"

"The tattoo first, I think. It takes a lot longer than the Prince Albert. 'Lady Deanna's Home Furnishings' is pretty appropriate, now that I see the circumstances." Forty-five minutes later the intricate tattoo adorned Sean's right bicep.

"Are you going to remove Lori's tube before I do the Prince Albert?"

"Absolutely not," Deanna responded with a sweet smile. "I want you to thread the Prince Albert ring through the end of the tube."

"You realize that you won't be able to remove the tube without removing the ring? And since you want me to silver solder the ring shut it won't be coming off unless you cut it off?"

"Yes, but since the next time I'll need to remove it is on my husband's birthday nine months for now, that won't be a problem." There was a barely audible groan from the coffee table.

"Okay, you'll have to watch for signs of infection, but historically the Prince Albert is the least problematic piercing in that regard, because it passes through the urethra and gets washed with sterile urine every time a male urinates."

Even as tightly constrained as he was, Sean managed to thrash in his bonds when she made the piercing and fitted the silver ring through the fresh hole in his penis. He thrashed some more when heat from the soldering reached his penis, and then it was over. The artist packed up her tools, collected her generous fee and headed back to her tattoo and piercing parlor in Brownville Junction.

At 11:05 there was another knock at the door. Deanna greeted the rental agency's cleaning woman and invited her in. She was a lovely eastern European immigrant, about twenty-five years old.

"Mrs. Smith, I'm Ekaterina" the young woman said, introducing herself. "The rental agency told me that the cabin has been sold, but that you asked that I continue to clean the cabin while waiting for the deal to close, is that correct?" the girl asked as she walked in the door.

"Yes, that's correct. And please call me 'Deanna'. I recently and unexpectedly came into a great deal of money when my Aunt Mildred died. I just fell in love with this cabin over the last week, so I bought it. I'm a magazine editor and do all my work by computer, so I can work from here as well as anywhere. My husband quit his job and plans to write a novel. He disliked his job anyway, and sent quite a wonderful resignation letter to his boss by email yesterday. Anyway, if I'm satisfied with your work – and I'm sure I will be – I'll want you to keep cleaning the cabin once a week after the deal is closed as well."

"I'll do my best, Deanna."

Deanna led the young woman into the living room. "What on earth is that?" Ekaterina blurted, pointing to the 'coffee table'.

"Oh, just another piece of furniture," Deanna replied casually. "I usually dust it with this," she continued, handing the girl a suede flogger. "Make sure you dust it thoroughly, but watch out for the fresh paint."

Deanna watched as the look of bewilderment on Ekaterina's face was slowly replaced with a broad smile as she fingered the whip. She thought the new maid would work out just fine.

The End
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Friday, June 16, 2017  

I liked it right up until the end where she has him tattooed and pierced. This absolutely cannot be done without his signed consent. Also, locking him in chastity would be a deal breaker for most men. Sean didn't have a yearning for chastity so I wouldn't be surprised to see him rebel. Did he agree to continue his "slavery" for the rest of his life? NO!

Monday, April 29, 2013  

Love IT, the story the dynamics everything

Sunday, September 09, 2012  

Slaves and furniture both require frequent, thorough dusting!!! Great story.

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

fantastic, 9 months locked in the Loris tube, is great, Mistress kept me in a punisher for 1 year, and it truly was Heaven and Hell!

Sunday, September 26, 2010  

Thanks all. I've been toying with a sequel (not an update) called "home appliances' that will most definitely involve Ekaterina. I'm undecided on whether it's going to be F-mf or FF-m. I got crushed in the August contest by Soroity Sister despite a slightly higher rating. M-f, F-f and FM-f stories seem to get more views generally on this site. Either way, Sean isn't getting off the floor...

Saturday, September 25, 2010  

Excellent story. If you have time to develop it further with Ekaterina's involvement, that'd be great!

Friday, August 27, 2010  

An excellent story. Very well written. I agree with some of the other comments, that the story built up the progressive bondage enslavement so very well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010  

Excellent, hard to believe that this is your first attempt. Good character development and story progression; and with good grammar, spelling, punctuation and sensible use of paragraphs.

As another respondant said, I liked the switch from his fantasy to hers - a wonderful example of "be careful what you wish for, you might get it".

I look forward to reading more of your work, thanks for sharing.

Sunday, August 08, 2010  

Excellent, a great story that follows the bondage 'evolution' really well, I enjoyed the twist from his fantasy to hers.

Saturday, August 07, 2010  

A wonderful, wicked story of progressive bondage enslavement, torture and degradation! Well-written.

Saturday, August 07, 2010  

Outstanding journey of strict female domination

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