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A Cum Addiction
  • Author - MelindaBelle King  
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  • Site Rank - 743 of 2548
  • Unique Views - 8413
  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, reluctant, bondage, drugs, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 8/25/2010
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Chapter One

Belle had been angrily pounding her keyboard for hours. She was trying to purchase a new sex toy online but her computer kept freezing up.

"Dammit!" She hissed, then called, "Master!"

Another voice called back from the other room.

"Yes, slave?"

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Belle grew grew nervous, her anger forgotten. She knew she should have asked Master for permission to speak— which, between them, involved not speaking but Bella going to Master and kneeling, head bowed, until he acknowledged her.

But, he hadn't said anything, so she decided to ask anyway.

"Master... the 10-inch leg shackles you wanted me to purchase may not be here so soon. The computer is broken!" She whined, and squirmed in her seat. She felt her bare bottom slip around, as her bare pussy had been leaking on the seat for over an hour. She was entirely nude, in fact.

"Never mind that, slave. I have a very big surprise for you. Come in here."

Belle pushed herself away from the desk in her Master's bedroom, and stood up from her seat.

As she did her breasts, wonderfully plump and ever-defying gravity, bounced gracefully. Her nipples were pink and erect, and her pussy was bare and wet.

She skipped into the living room, knowing Master might pleasure her if she teased him. Her long curls of brown hair, tickling her nipples, swung elegantly.

"No teasing today, you slut!"

Belle felt tears appear in her eyes as Master gave his command. Of course she immediately stopped, having achieved total submission to him, but it wasn't often he raised his voice.

Nevertheless, she knelt before her Master, who sitting on the couch, clad in designer jeans and a white t-shirt. He was rather dashing, despite Belle's elder by five years (she was 26).

She atomically adopted her slave offering position, kneeling with her legs spread, her pussy lips spreading and her juices spilling onto her legs. Feeling her cheeks heat up with happy shame, she lifted her breasts with two cupped hands, offering them. And finally, she bent her neck back, and opened her mouth wide. She darted her little pink tongue out and laid it on her bottom lip.

Master stood and observed her through his dark, calculating eyes.

"I have a vacation planned for you, slave."

Belle's eyes bulged in happy delight, and she panted like a puppy to show her excitement, but she didn't move from her position.

"You will be attending the New York City Adult Expo as a slave."

Belle contemplated this. So it wasn't really a vacation, she would still be a slave... what would her duties be?

"You will serve as a sex toy, available to all guests. I'm sure that you would be happy to pleasure hundreds of people over the next week?"

Belle moaned softly in anticipation, and without knowing it, thrust her pussy forward, grinding the air. She lived to be a sexual submissive. She did however, consciously squeeze her breasts, hoping master wouldn't notice.

The move didn't escape his gaze.

He fell to one knee before his slave and smiled at her. Before Belle knew it, Master had slipped a finger into her pussy and began to massage her love canal. Her pussy made squelching noises— she would have begged for a chance to cum if she was allowed to speak.

 "Does the slut wish to cum? Squirt her juices like a common whore?" Master said softy, slipping a second finger inside her pussy.

Belle's eyes rolled to the back of her head. She almost imperceptibly nodded, but caught herself, and it showed as a jerk.

"What a slut. You just crave sex don't you? You want to be an object? You'll loved being chained and fucked over and over..." Master increased the tempo of his fucking. Belle couldn't help but whimper now, her pink tongue wagging as she fought to keep her mouth open to please and available.

Belle never took master's cock in her mouth. It was slave's one right to deny oral sex, which she feared horribly. But he was not immune to slipping his fingers in her mouth to clean of her own juices.

He abruptly took his fingers from her cunt, and she inwardly screamed. She was a slut made to fuck and to cum,  not be teased and denied.

"Well, slave, I have a parting gift for you. Open wide!"

Perplexed, Belle (her mouth already opened), waited while Master took something from his pocket.

It turned out to be a large white pill. Belle shook with fear as master placed the pill on her small tongue hanging outside her mouth. She turned her wide, pleading eyes to Master but he offered no explanation. She would have to trust him, and forced down the large pill.

Once her Master was sure it was indeed swallowed, he motioned to his slut to follow him. He led her to the kitchen, and pointed to Belle's special seat at the table.

The seat was a rather large wooden affair, notably different for the large dildo planted firmly in the middle of the seat. Less noticeable was a series of straps hanging around the structure, waiting to bind Belle in place.

Both sighing and murmuring with pleasure, Bella swung her bare leg over the seat, then squatted. She bounced, grinding her clit for a few moments.

A stern cough from her Master told her to hurry up, and she immediately set her full weight upon the dildo, forcing the plug deep inside her, sending sexual sparks outward from her pussy, electrifying her entire body. Her nipples became rock hard immediately.

She strapped her legs to the chair herself, spreading them wide so her clit was still available, and the base of the dildo could be seen penetrating her. It humiliated her, and she loved it!

Next she strapped two large leather straps around her torso, one below her breasts and one above.

Finally, Master took over, revealing a pair of shiny cuffs from his pocket. He grasped Belle's wrists firmly and slowly ratcheted then closed. Belle felt her heart jump with every click. She squirmed and tried to separate her hands but she couldn't. As a last precaution, to prevent her from being able to reach herself (pussy or straps), he attached a small padlock to the chain connecting her wrists to a similar chain bolted to the table.

Without another word, Master pulled a sheet of paper in front of her and left the room. Belle leaned forward as far as she could and began to read.

Her Master smiled as an earsplitting scream came from the other room a minute layer.


Well now you found your answer!

Introducing the first bio-chemically engineered pill, that will, with one dosage, provide your woman with an addiction to your cum. She will be unable to resist as she desires to suck and blow your cock, even if she was gagging at the thought just a few days ago... or even minutes. The Cum Addiction Pill is guaranteed to fully engage in a woman's body within just a short half-hour!

Get yours today! Only three short payments of $49.99!

Benefits of the Pill:

* A permanent addiction to a man's cum, ensuring oral sex is a must everyday.

* A built-in punishment system: if a woman on the Pill does not ingest cum for six hours (exact time depends on body weight and type), she will be unable to orgasm. She can climb to the peak of sexual pleasure, but be unable to orgasm without a hot pile of cum sticking to her throat and sitting in her stomach.

* Swallowed cum will provide a three-hour window for the woman to orgasm herself. Cum left to line the cheeks and throat (this allowing necessary organic molecules to diffuse into the bloodstream), for just a few minutes will allow the woman a larger orgasm window, closer to the maximum six hours.

"Ill" Side-effects:

* A woman facing more than a week of 'cum withdrawal' made subside into a physically weak, emotionally depressed state. As a last resort the body may resort to kicking a woman's sex-drive into over-drive, driving her crazy with lust in an attempt to procure cum.

* Although a woman's vaginal juices have no conflict or affect with the built-in punishment, 'chastity' system, women on the Pill have also showed addictive symptoms toward female fluids, but only in cases of pro-longed consumption. Addiction to female juices is not a side-effect of the Pill originally. 

* Only tested on women.

Chapter Two

Belle howled and shook her chair as she realized the life her Master had condemned her to. Her dildo grinder her pussy aggressively but she barely noticed, and just continued to scream and rock her seat.

Her breasts bounced wildly and her hair became tangled, sticking to her damp forehead. Her wrists pulled desperately against her chains but she couldn't move. She was stuck.

Her Master didn't return, even as Belle subsided into sobbing, angry tears splashing down her cheeks. She peeked out from her glistening eyes, her retrained not even long enough to allow her to wipe the tears blurring her vision. 

Barely making out the innocent sheet of paper before her, she ripped it to shreds. Then she sat and waited, her nude form crumpled and defeated. Her round breasts rose and fell gently as she continued to cry softly.

Her Master returned some time later (an hour, in fact— the amount of time it took for the Pill to begin working), sneaking up behind his bound slave. He snaked his arms around and grabbed her breasts, squeezing gently. 

Belle jumped as she felt Master begin to grope her. 

She felt disgusted. Ever since she had met her Master, she had felt content being a sexy little slave, a cum-craving slut. But now, she had been forced into being a sexual object, bound to suck cock forever. 

She was used to decisions made by her Master, and also not being happy with them, but this... it violated her. He had chemically changed her body!

She jerked and cried piteously. 

"Stop touching me! Get away!"

Her Master paused, gently caressing her nipples with his thumbs.

Belle wanted nothing more to do than leave, leave her restraints and Master behind, and crawl into her own bed with as many clothes on as possible.

"Please!" She pleaded, trying to look her Master in the eye, but her restraints stopped her. She gave a cry of Greg as she failed.

Master knew he would have to start acting masterly to get Belle to accept this. Reaching under the seat, he spun a small dial. With a hum, progressing from barely audible to roaring, the dildo stiffed in Belle's pussy began to vibrate powerfully.

She cried out and tried to escape, but the chains and straps held her nude form helpless and exposed. Only a few minutes passed before she felt her pussy begin to raise to an orgasm.

Would she be able to?

Belle screamed and rocked her chair, but it only aided in stimulating her more, the dildo vibrating and fucking now.

She didn't want to be pleasured, to get to the edge and find out she couldn't  cum...

Her Master squeezed her breasts hard.

"Grind it, slut!" He ordered, and despite her intense desire to leave this all behind, her rigorous training kicked in and she obeyed, grinding her slippery hips, lips and cheeks into the well-worn and stained wood.

She cried out as the pleasure climbed. 

Then, she hit the pleasure she normally felt before she came, and...

Nothing. Despite her moans and pathetic, desperate mewing, and her humping and pussy-muscle clenching, the orgasm she longed or refused to crest, like an iron wall blocked it.

Master spun the vibrator dial down, to a barely manageable level. The hyper-sexes Belle twitched in her bonds, the soft flesh of her orbs bouncing against Master's hand.

"Accept it, slut. You are just an object now. A cock-sucking slave toy. Nothing more. Accept it."

Her Master whispered the words into her eat, his hot breath tickling her. Belle began to feel light-headed, and a great passion rise up in her...

Master pulled himself around Belle, sitting on Belle's cuff chains and trapping her hands below him. He reached out and pulled Belle's chair closer to the table and him. He pulled out his cock before Belle's half disgusted, half'desperate eyes.

He began to masturbate, stoking himself erect. He waited until the tip of his penis oozed pre-cum, then leaned in closer to Belle.

"Smell that, slut? How much do you want it?"

He waves his cock inches before Belle's strained face. Her eyes fixed a glazed look on his cock. She sniffed, then licked her lips.

Instantly she felt awake, alive, her body on fire. Her sexual frustration tripled, but she found her attention focused on Master's cock, as if her life depended upon it.

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He continued to let her sniff and moan, and at last smeared his cockhead under Belle's nose.

She groaned in pleasure and threw her head back, then shot forward and tried to devour Master's cock I n one swallow. He barely managed to pull himself away in time. His little slut looked like a heroin addict, desperate for a fix.

"Beg for it. Beg to be fucked in your pretty little mouth. Beg to have my cum coat your throat," he whispered.

Belle grained and shook her  head. Master knew a great internal debate was raging. But it had to be done.

"Master I need your cock! FUCK MY MOUTH! PLEASE OH PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!..." She exploded quite suddenly, and shot forward again, straining against the straps. Her breasts grew red as the straps cut into her.

Master smiled, then leaned forward. Belle did indeed swallow his cock whole.

Belle bobbed her head back and forth like a wild woman, saliva leaking out as she blew Master with abandon. She deep-throated with agile skill, barely gagging, despite being a novice. 

"Rub your pretty tongue on my cock, little slut. Taste it," he said. Belle obeyed, slowing and whirling her tongue over his cock. Her eyes bulged as she tasted her first pre-cum under the influence of the Pill. 

It was the sweetest, most irresistible tasting flavor. It blew Belle's mind, and any thoughts she had now of being violated vanished, and she sucked on Master's cock like a straw, hoping to suck out more.

"Blow me, slut," Master gently reminded her, and Belle began to deep-throat him once more. Master felt his load coming forth. 

Reaching out, he twisted his fingers into Belle's hair and rammed her nose against his pubic bone, his cockhead deep in her throat. With a savage cry he spurred his cum into her mouth.

Belle orgasmed on the spot, exploding like a supernova. Stars shined in her glazed eyes as she finally gagged, the pleasure emanating from her pussy almost enough to knock her unconscious.

But the taste of Master's cum stopped her. Words could not describe it's sweetness. It was water for a man trapped in the desert for days... the divine chocolate of Switzerland she had tasted once and dreamt of for weeks after...

The taste was so magical, it was perfect. Belle gagged and Master's massive load spurred past her stretched lips, her small, stuffed mouth too small to contain the flood. She literally whimpered and teared up as she saw precious cum escape her greedy tongue.

She rolled in her bounds, now sucking vigorously on master's cock, the cum coating everything. Her pussy continued to convulse in a continuous, small quaking orgasm as she slurped up and swallowed Master's cum.

"Excellent job, cock-sucker... baby," he whispered, teasing Belle's tangled hair with his fingers. Belle shivered with delight and smiled at him through his own cock.

At last Belle had slurped up all Master's cum, and she began to cry as she realized all the thick, golden syrup was gone.

'Quite a reaction for the first-time,' Master thought, chuckling softly and smiling at Belle's adorable face. He scooped up the spilt cum from his trousers and held his finger to his slave, and she cried out with happiness, her eyes lit like Christmas morning, and began to suckle Master's finger.

Then, after a few more fingers, Master could not find any more cum, unless he let his slut lick his jeans, and kissed Belle on the cheek. He whispered how proud he was of his brave little slut, and she giggled, before her small head wobbled.

Without a word in reply, Belle slumped in her chair, the dildo still buzzing away merrily, and slipped into a deep, exhausted sleep.

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Friday, May 01, 2015  

great cock hard story. I was hard and leaking the whole story.

Friday, January 24, 2014  

Please...update/sequel? Let her meet fellow addict...something/anything...a twist saying the pill was a placebo and the addiction was just in her unwitting mind...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010  

Excellent story! Can't wait to see more of katie's training!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010  

keep going!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010  

keep going!

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