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My Adventures
  • Author - Tricia Stevens  
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  • Post Date - 1/1/2011
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Author's Note: This story (blog really) is intended to be a collection of my self-bondage adventures. The depictions will be mostly true, but I may embellish from time to time. I look forward sharing my experiences with you and hopefully reading your feedback. I don't consider myself to be a writer by any stretch, so I'll apologize in advance for any mistakes.

The sensual world of BDSM

November 20th, 2010

It is pretty common that at least a couple nights a week I will tie myself up pleasure myself until I'm ready for a release. This is usually right after my first orgasm but usually depends on how strict I'm bound. You see, I'm a bit of a claustrophobic. I love being bound, but if I think there is a chance that I can't escape I start to panic. If I'm stimulated the effects are mostly negated which is why I usually need to release myself after an orgasm.

For a while now I have been trying to build up the nerve to bind myself while gagged. I've tried on several occasions but usually can't bring myself to complete the bondage. A few times I did and really had to work to keep the gut-wrenching panic from taking over. For tonight I came up with a new plan and would accommodate my minds fears and desires.

To start I laid out all of the nights toys on my bed. I started with a home-made handcuff harness. Made of mostly chains from the hardware store, I step into it like a pair of shorts. One chain goes around the waist while two others go from the front, between my legs and connect in the back. Tightened chain links keep the rig together as well as one in the back which I connect and thumb the dial to close it. In front of the rig are two handcuffs that I broke the chain off and reattached to this harness. I'll explain more in a bit.

The nipple clamps were next. I have a love hate relationship with these. They are homemade as well and pack quite a punch. They would probably make your average tough guy fall to his knees but I have gotten used to them over the years. They have thumbscrews to tighten them further, but for now I'm just letting my breasts adjust. A few rubs of my clit usually distracts my body from the pain for a bit.

With the bedroom lights off, I crawl into bed and lay in the center of the bed. Under me is a closed belt which I'll explain later as well. Using the rope within reach, I make short work of putting my legs into a frog-tie. I'm not sure what it is about them, but they are deliciously restrictive and mighty effective in limiting movement.

A few more flicks with my fingers to keep the mood going and I'm ready for the next step. At the top of the headboard is a large carabineer that is attached to the horizontal railing. Holding the clasp open with one hand, I fed several rubber bands inside and let it snap shut. Using a chain-link I connect the rubber bands to a clothesline ratchet. If you're unfamiliar, it is a device for hanging clotheslines. Rope is pulled through but can't go back.

It's now time for the main event. I pick up a silicone ballgag with a small wooden dowel pushed through it. A thick shoestring is tied to the dowel leaving a length of string to connect to the ratchet above me. Once threaded, I start pulling it tighter and tighter. The rubber bands stretch and I feel it become harder and harder to keep the ball in my mouth. I tilt my head a bit further back and it becomes easier to hold again. I continue pull the bands tighter until I feel like it will rip out of my mouth if I move my teeth in the slightest.

My nipples have desensitized to the pressure and I use the thumbscrews until I feel the pinch again. Using another chain-link, I thread it onto my nipple clamp chain and attach it to the string on my gag. To do so, I have to tilt my head down a bit so it will reach. Already I'm caught in a bit of a predicament of trying to ease the pressure of my clamps or the strain on my jaw.

The bigger predicament as you have probably guessed is the rubber bands. If I release the ball from my mouth, they will pull up (hard) and my nipples will pay a heavy price. For the moment I hold on to the ball with everything I have.

I'm turned on beyond belief at this point so I rush to finish my bondage. I give my nipple clamps another half turn and carefully push my arms through the belt below me. It works as a simple elbow restraint and can't be removed with the handcuffs on.

Feeling with my hands I find the combination lock and handcuff key. Taking a few breaths to calm my nerves I put on both handcuffs with the key still in hand. I engage the double-lock feature of the cuffs (as I always do) and thread the lock through the key. A few more strokes on my clits to clear my fears away and I close the combination lock to the center of my waist chain and spin the dials. I'm now stuck until I can get that key free.

That's not entirely true... I do have backup keys. One is on my nightstand which would require me to untie my frogtie, reach it with my foot and carefully drop it into my hands. I've done it before, but it can take a while and my wrists are usually very sore afterwards. The other is sitting on the floor near the foot of my bed. If I couldn't get out any other way I could squirm myself upright, chew through the rubber bands, gracefully fall off the bed (into pillows) and crawl to the key. My cellphone is nearby as well in case all else fails.

As the minutes pass I toggle between pleasuring myself and working on my combination. It is only a three position luggage lock but serves a couple purposes. The first is to keep my mind occupied. The second is to add a variable time release to my bondage. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes while other times it has taken almost 30 minutes. The bonus element is that if I cum too soon I may start to panic so I have to constantly delay my orgasm every frustrating minute until I open the lock.

The feeling of constantly being on the verge of orgasm but being forced to deny myself is the best feeling in the world. The ball gag predicament is only making things that much better. At one point I did start to panic a bit because I had never had a ball gag in my mouth that long. While I could breathe fine, I started to hyperventilate a bit. Had the gag been strapped in place, I would have surely panicked. Instead, it seemed that the fear of what would happen to my nipples was a far more powerful force and amazingly calmed down and was fine after that.

Close to 20 minutes passed of going close to the edge and hovering there while I feverishly spun the dials of the lock. Over the years I've come quite good and counting the positions without any mistakes. Once it finally opened, I relocked it but didn't spin the dial. For what seemed like hours, I spent the next couple minutes riding one of my most powerful orgasms. Surprisingly the gag never left my mouth as I bit down and screamed into it. I never usually make a sound but with the gag there I couldn't help myself.

Release was easy as I removed each article of bondage. I pushed everything off the bed into the floor and curled up for a nap. Everything had gone so well I couldn't wait to try it again.

December 18th, 2010

I must say that I have been thoroughly enjoying the ball-gag predicament for the past few weeks. I'm still not sick of it but have been adding small tweaks to keep things fresh. After a few runs I became a lot more confident in my ability to hold the ball in my mouth so I made things a bit more difficult. Using a few strips of duct tape, I wrapped them around the combination lock. I made sure to alternate direction for each one so ensure they wouldn't come off all at once. It adds 10 minutes to the whole thing ensuring a minimum bondage time. Nothing is worse than spending 20 minutes tying myself up only to release myself right away.

I know what you're thinking. If I had the willpower to relock it I would. I'm usually already teetering on the edge and can't help myself. :)

I have the week after Christmas off so I'm sure I'll have something new to write about after it is over. In the meantime, I'm trying to talk myself into buying a chastity belt. The idea of it gets me really excited, but I think I know myself too well. I don't think I could spend 3 hours in it, let alone 3 days. Food or thought and I haven't bought myself a present yet.

January 8th, 2011 (added: 02/01/2011)

So last night I decided I would try something new. To better phrase, I wanted to try and succeed at a non-orgasm self-bondage session. It is frustrating to read story after story of how people tie themselves up so they can barely move or see and wait it out for hours. I realize they are just stories, but with the consistency of them all I can't help there is some truth to people having that ability.

In my own attempts I usually spend a lot of time preparing only to chicken out or purposely make it possible for escape which makes the experience a dud. What made last night different was I decided to use my ball gag predicament trick. It also meant I would be gagged for the session which I would NEVER dare to do without a key handy. *shudders*

I decided that I wanted to be standing for this adventure so I collected my gear and went to the basement. It's finished with drop ceilings which can be easily popped open to reveal a number of eye-hook's in the joists. I stripped naked and put on my 5" pumps. I got them from Sub-Shop years ago strictly for times like this. They buckled on so they were not coming off without my hands. Ankle cuffs were next followed by a two foot spreader bar. It wasn't taxing by any means but experience told me it would be soon.

I put my black corset on and spent the next 10 minutes lacing it as tight as I could. I wish I had the guts to wear it in public because it gives me a great shape but instead I relish in its tight embrace in private.

Everything to this point had really got my juices going and I realized I hadn't put on my nipple clamps yet. I'm not sure why, but they always seem to hurt more when my nipples are hard. With a few deep breaths I got through it, my state of arousal helped tremendously.

Next I used several rubber bands and connected them to the eye-hook above me and my gag to that. I had pre-setup my ice release behind where I would be standing an hour before and a quick check looked like things were moving along. Why do it earlier you ask? My fears that the ice might not melt or at least not melt fast enough needed to be quelled. Seeing a small pool of water helps calm the nerves.

My body has been so conditioned to think that bondage equals orgasm that it was becoming very hard to resist the urge to let my hand wander. I did my best to stay focused and hurried the process up. A waist chain was locked around my corset tightly and locked in the back with several links hanging down. Another lock was used to lock the the last link of the excess to the chain again creating a loop for the handcuffs. I have found that locking the handcuff chain directly to something makes it much harder to reach the keyhole.

A quick tighten of the nipple clamps and then I pulled the ball gag into my mouth. The bands stretched tightly and I connected my nipple clamp chains directly to the bands. Release of the gag was certainly not recommended at this point. A grabbed a nearby paperclip and did another mental check that everything was in order. Ensuring the keyholes were facing down, click click click, and I was now truly bound and at the mercy of pain or the ice for release. With practiced hands I double-locked the cuffs with the paperclip and attached it to my waist chain.

I was so turned on at this point I was practically shaking. It felt as if a gentle breeze across my nether region would send me to the floor in orgasmic bliss. I closed my eyes and took everything in for what was only a few minutes but felt delightful.

It wasn't long before my body started to crash the party. The desire was still there, but without at least some friendly petting pleasure was turning into a dull pain. This is the point where true self-bondage starts to mess with my mind and escape is all I can think about. As if out of my control, my hands started to jerk against the handcuffs. Pulling, tugging and squirming for a good minute before I was almost hyperventilating through my nose.

Releasing the gag was becoming a very strong possibility. I thought long and hard about doing it which gave me enough time to catch my breath and start to think more rationally. I ran through every way I could think of to escape but each one was a dead end. My best bet was to try and reach my nipple clamps but the waist chain prevented that little trick.

( link opens in new window )

Escape was possible, but it meant releasing the gag and inching my way backwards to where the key was. In heels and legs spread it would be a slow process with each shuffle pulling harder on my nipple clamps. The wall was far enough away that they would either pull off or rubber bands would break. Short of a fire, I'd be compelled to wait it out.

I decided to just close my eyes and slowly struggle against my bonds. It was surprisingly successful at reducing my pain and returning my arousal. The need between my legs was practically mind numbing and the spreader bar made sure it stayed that way. At that moment I would have done almost anything just to rub my thighs together.

This went on for about a half hour before I felt the keys hit the back of my leg. It didn't take long before I was out of the cuffs and dropped myself on a nearby couch. With my spreader, corset and clamps still on I enjoyed my reward multiple times.

All in all I would say I enjoyed it. It was only bound for about 40-45 minutes but seemed like it was much longer. I loved the feeling of frustration, but the dull pain + boredom was certainly not as much fun as stories make it out to be. I'll probably try it again at some point, but for now I'm just proud that I did it and stayed bound (and gagged!) to the end.

On another related note, my interest in a chastity belt is still burning. I think I've worked out my fears of being trapped in one. I'm leaning toward My-Steel, but would be interested if anyone has any experience with them they could share.

January 24th, 2011 (added: 02/11/2011)

I'm not sure if it is the blog or something else but I have felt compelled to experiment more in my self-bondage lately. I'll admit that part of me does feel like I shouldn't write anything if I don't have anything interesting to say. I do like describing my fun, so maybe it's so I can write about it. Whatever the reason, I've been having a blast and hope you enjoy reading about it.

This past weekend I decided to have another go at 'true' self-bondage again. After thinking about my last experience I decided that what it lacked was no sense of goal. I liked the struggling but hated the waiting. I'm sure many of you would argue that it is par for the course but it's my course, so I made the rules! :) After reading a couple stories I got a good sense of what I wanted to do and went to work.

That evening I went to the store to get some supplies. When I got home I filled a cardboard box of my toys and brought them down to the basement. The only thing I left behind was my handcuff keys where were sitting on the edge of my bed.

To kick things off I stripped naked and put on my 5" heels and fur-lined ankle cuffs. I looped a small chain through the D-rings and locked them in place with a small Master padlock. My feet were now locked about a foot apart. I decided to go this route instead of a spreader again to avoid the additional discomfort and at some point I would need to retrieve my keys which would be impossibility slow.

With my legs secured, I moved onto my crotch-chain. Since I usually need more stimulation than a vibrator can provide I never really used them much for tying myself up. My goal tonight was to tease and keep my frustration peeked so I'm hoping it will do the job. Anticipation had already prepared my pussy for the vibrator. I turned it on and slid it in easily. Pressing my legs together I looped a heavy chain around my waist and padlocked it in front. I pulled the rest through my legs as tight as I could manage and snapped on another padlock.

My mind started to get distracted and crossed my fingers that my next step would toss a little water on the flames. I picked up a bag of rubber bands and carefully wrapped them around the base of each of my breasts. I have pretty full C cups which were getting pretty swollen after the 5th band on each breast. The sensation was interesting, not unpleasant and not quite comfortable.

Earlier I had disconnected the chain on a set of medium strength nipple clamps. With the holes that remained, I threaded and looped a rubber band through each one. With a bit of coaching I put one on each nipple which hurt as much as my strong clamps do. I knew the bands were the cause and made a mental note to put clamps on first. I finished by tying some shoelaces to the rubber bands.

My training ball-gag and posture collar were next. Normally self-bondage and gags don't mix for me but this one has a pretty small ball that I can easily breathe around. It's not as filling as my other gag but far less scary. With that I was almost done and closed a set of handcuffs to my left wrist.

For the last step, I attached a special hook above me. I'm not sure what you call it, but I picked it up from the hardware store years ago. It is used to tighten chains and has a hook on either end. Each end screws left or right to add or decrease the distance between the hooks. If you turn the hooks enough it will separate from the center piece. I unscrewed it so it was mostly loose (about 6 full counter clockwise turns before it disconnected). The hook now swung just above my head allowing me to hook it to the D-ring on my trainer gag.

The excitement of trying something new and the vibrator was making things very difficult. I was almost at the point of no return and could literally feel the willpower to continue drain from me. I tried not to think about it as I tied the shoelaces from my nipple clamps to an eye-bolt on the next beam over. I purposely didn't put much tension in them, just enough so there wasn't any slack.

I pulled my hands behind my back and threaded the open side of the handcuffs under the crotch chain. I took a deep breath and thought, "ahh fuck it". A few clicks later and I was trapped.

The overall predicament was pretty simple. The hook would hold me in place until I spun myself counter clockwise enough times to release the hook. The problem of course is my nipple clamps are fixed to the eye-hook in front of me. I've done this before and with enough my juices flowing and a swift pull they come right off. This is the part that made me a bit nervous because with the rubber bands there I would have to slowly pull them off, one by one.

I spent the next several minutes testing and struggling in my bonds. I also tried everything to escape but there was only one way out. I made a couple halfhearted attempts and ended up with my nipples being even sorer. My nether region was on fire at this point (nipple play always does that) and I wanted an orgasm bad. With my frustration peeked I decided to go for it.

After turning almost 180 degrees I was shocked at the length the band had got and even more shocked the clamp had not come off. I tried to keep turning but couldn't get the leverage in my heels and narrow footing. Defeated and returned back to normal. My left nipple was throbbing now and the first signs of panic started to surface. My breathing became more labored as I tried to figure out what was going wrong. Without thinking I tried to back up to pull them off that way but was quickly yanked to a stop by the hook above me.

With my arousal most fizzled I didn't want to think about trying again but knew I had to. I calmed my nerves for a minute made another try at it. I 'knew' the clamps and rubber band wasn't that strong, I just had to overcome the leverage. To do that, I didn't stop at the half way mark I just kept my momentum going. Just past the halfway mark my left nipple clamp flew off and spun back around. I squinted from the pain but kept shuffling in my circle. Soon after the other clamp flew off which made me scream out in pain.

I couldn't wait to get free at this point so I just kept turning. Eventually the hook came free and fell to the ground. Now I had the daunting task of making it up two flights of stairs to my bedroom to get the keys. The trip was pretty uneventful as I was able to hold onto the handrail most of the way. By the time I reached the top it felt like I had got on up 100 stairs. Drool was flowing freely onto my then slightly purple breasts. I didn't mind much, I just wanted the keys.

Releasing the cuffs, gag, shoes and ankle cuffs and even rubber bands was simple. My crotch chain was a different matter because when I went to the store earlier I hid the keys in the bathroom of the store which was now closed. The thought of it and the vibrator had me very turned on again. With my hands free I was able to move the chain to one side (I was hoping it would be too tight to do this before) and brought myself off a couple times until I eventually went to sleep.

The next morning I had to dress in very baggy clothes because the padlocks were quite large. Luckily being winter and very cold I put on my long coat which hid any bumps completely. The keys were exactly where I left them, one under the sink and the other on top of a ceiling tile. I used the bathroom to prevent any cameras from thinking I was stealing from the store. I could only imagine trying to explain this story to someone. On the other hand, someone confiscating the keys might be a bit exciting :)

Overall I'm much happier with this session than before. The ability to release myself was always there, but it took a bit of pain. I already have some ideas to improve so I expect to post again soon. Feel free to post or email me any ideas!

April 24th, 2011

It's been a few months and I realized I have not made any updates for a long while. I have not had too much in the way of new adventures; nothing different than what I have posted already. That trend thankfully is at an end. When I last left off last I was starting to use chains for my restraints which was a lot of fun. I say fun in the more novel than sexually stimulating way. It's like self-bondage with the keys in your hands the whole time. Fun, but severely muted.

So what changed? I got my brand new shiny chastity belt in the mail last week! In my deepest heart of hearts I knew I desperately wanted one but couldn't justify a thousand dollars on something that didn't live up to expectations. Thankfully the wonders of eBay came to my rescue. I knew there was a risk of be losing a couple hundred bucks on some cheap, flimsy crap but I was willing to take it. It took about a week to arrive but when it did I was pleasantly surprised.

I spent the first few days fiddling with the adjustments and finding something I felt would be comfortable. Since it was not custom made it took a while but by the second night I had walked around in it for a few hours and decided to sleep in it. I left the keys taped inside my mailbox at the end of my driveway. If something went awry I could get free but probably wouldn't be willing to get dressed and walk to my mailbox at 3am because I got a little horny.

Horny seems like such a simple word for how my body reacted. After an hour of flipping through channels on the TV I eventually went to sleep. My unconscious mind went into full gear in what I imagine was quite a sex dream. I don't hardly anything about it but the dampness between my legs couldn't belie what was going on. Frustrated I found myself trying to defeat device. I pulled on the lock, tried to slide it to the side and of course tried to slip a digit in or two.

While some things were mildly successful, all I really accomplished was to raise my frustration level. See, part of the kit that I bought had the ability to lock vaginal and anal plugs inside the belt. For tonight I only used the ribbed vaginal plug but it kept me full and aware of every movement or adjustment.

What was surprising to me was I had no qualms about getting dressed to get the keys. It was my desire to make it through the night that finally won, but not by much. I laid in bed for almost an hour before I was able to get to sleep again. Thankfully I didn't wake again until the alarm clock went off.

Pleased that I made it through the night I decided to get ready for work to see how it went. Butterflies filled my stomach as I drove out of my driveway. The day was pretty uneventful except for using the bathroom. An eventuality I didn't realize until I had my first cup of coffee. I had always taken the belt off before using the bathroom but there I was, 10:30am and my keys almost 30 miles away. As it turned out the ordeal was not as bad as I had imagined it just required some extra time.

By the time I arrived home I couldn't help myself. With the keys available I couldn't even wait to tie myself up before having my fun. I locked the belt back on when I was done and have been wearing it mostly non-stop since then. The longest amount of time I've stayed locked has been about a day but expect that to change soon.

( link opens in new window )

July 31st, 2011

Things have been busy the past few months and much to my disappointment my chastity belt hasn't interested me as much anymore. It was fun for a while and very frustrating at times but just couldn’t commit long term. I could never bring myself to be without the keys for more than a couple days. I did manage to leave my keys at work during a long weekend but was so busy with parties that I was back at work before I knew it.

I've come to the realization that I see chastity as more of foreplay, just as I do self-bondage. I found that I would almost always lock myself up when orgasm wouldn't be possible anyway (work, social events). Not being brave enough to lock myself for longer period it was too easy to plan ahead to avoid frustration.

Having this little epiphany I decided to try the two together. It had been a while since I really tried anything new so I had a strong desire to go big.

My house sits in a pretty rural area with a decent yard and plenty of woods behind it. Most of it is conservation land with a few lightly treaded trails. For this adventure I wanted to try some outdoor bondage for the first time. I never really considered it before because the idea of lying in a bed of dead leaves, pine needles and insects to masturbate was never appealing.

I surveyed the land around my house and made plans for my big adventure. It would be small compared to some that I've read about but was looking forward to it. Once I was done all that was left was to wait a couple days for the weekend and try and keep myself locked up until then.

When Saturday rolled around I waited until around 5pm to start things off. Since this was my first time I wasn't having any delusions that I could or would want to spend a full day in bondage outdoors. The release mechanism was simple; a pair of handcuff keys at two spots on my driveway. With neighbors on either side of me and street traffic I wouldn’t be getting them with the sun still out. I would have to wait until at least 9pm for the visibility to drop and be safe to retrieve them.

I put all the items I would need into a bag and set on my way. The trail, or lack thereof, was pretty slow going. I wanted to be sure that nobody was stumble across where I was so I avoided any real trails. After about a half mile in I found a good spot and got to work.

I found a good pair of trees and installed a strong eye-bolt in each one high above my head. Next I stripped naked (except for my belt) and covered myself in the lovely scent of ode to bug spray. I knew that as the sun went down the mosquitoes would ramp up and needed all the help I could get.

Starting from the bottom up I grabbed a pair of high heeled boots and laced them in place. Next was a set of leg irons with a foot long chain between them. I closed them around the boots and double locked them in place with a paperclip to prevent them from ratcheting tighter.

The fires in my crotch were starting to heat up, just in time for the chastity belt. I had unlocked it at the house to allow me to install the pussy and ass plugs. After opening the belt I slid both plugs into their slots and lubed them up with generous amounts. Getting both plugs to slid in took a lot more skill and effort than I expected. With a click of the lock both steel plugs were sealed inside of me leaving me feeling very stuffed. Until now I had never tried the anal plug so it would be another first of many to come.

The butterflies in my stomach were now starting to flutter as sexual fantasy started to become reality. As I took several slow breaths I looped a heavy chain around my waist and locked it tightly with a padlock in front. This left a bit of slack in front for me to attach a pair of handcuffs to.

The last item of restraint was my favorite nipple clamps that screwed tight. As usual, I grimaced in pain as I clamped each one in place. My breathing picked up as I tried to work through the pain knowing it would subside in about 30 seconds. Before long it was only a dull ache and I was able to continue.

With the screw head facing downward I carefully used my Phillips screwdriver to secure them in place. Normally I would be able to use my fingers to release the screw but today I had a trick up my sleeve. With both screws in place I used a few drops of superglue on them locking them in place. With the screwdriver the glue didn’t stand a chance but would do quite well against probing fingers.

I tossed the screwdriver several feet away and packed all my clothes into my bag. I took out the last few items before tossing the pack in the same area. I picked up the white string from the ground and threaded it through both eye hooks on the trees. On one end I tied it off to some old pantyhose filled with ice and threaded it through the hook’s hole making sure it would pass easily. On the other end I tied it off to my nipple chain, putting a couple drops of glue on the knot to be sure.

I looked everything over one last time and attached two large padlocks to the string between the two eye hooks. Satisfied with everything I attached my handcuffs to the chain in front with a padlock. With a paperclip in hand, I slowly ratcheted one of the cuffs onto my left wrist. Keeping it a bit loose I double locked it in place and started on my other wrist. It took several minutes of talking myself into it, reviewing my escape plan and promising myself everything would be OK.

click… click… click… click…

Each one was slow and deliberate. Panic once again tried to rush in but I reassured myself I was fine. My hands were still quite useful and if the ice didn’t melt I could just pull off the clamps, albeit very painfully. I double locked the cuff and tossed the paperclip to the ground.

So there I was, butt naked except for restraints and trapped there until the ice melted. The locks I placed on the string was doing their job all too well at keeping the string and in turn my clamps, tight. Standing or sitting it made no difference; it was constant and very distracting. They were also turning me on a bit along with the plugs moving around as I changed positions. As expected though, orgasm was well out of reach and was becoming uncontrollably frustrated with nothing I could do about it.

After almost an hour had passed I was almost in the fetal position from frustration. The pleasure in my nipples was starting to turn to pain no matter what I did. Looking up the ice still had a ways to go and mistakenly tried to half-heartedly pull them off. At first the game was fun until I realized they were not coming off without some severe pain.

The sun had almost set at this point and daylight was fading fast. Unwilling to rip my nipples off, I found the paperclip and kept myself busy trying to pick the lock on the handcuffs. When that went nowhere I tried to chew through the thin rope attached to my nipples.


While none of my escape methods were effective, they did distract me enough to pass the time and the padlocks fell to the ground. From there it was an easy matter of getting to the screwdriver to release my clamps. It took a few minutes but soon I was free and rubbing my nipples against some tree moss for some relief.

Escape was next so I gather all the loose equipment and put them in to the bag. I applied another coat of bug spray; at least as much as I could reach on my body. With everything packed I started on my way.

Slow going would be an understatement. Lack of visibility, footing and chain between my boots took me 40 minutes to get home instead of 10 minutes. I guessed the time to be around 10pm when I arrived in back of my house.

The trip had done wonders for my arousal while the belt kept them sealed in like a pressure pot. I couldn't wait to get inside and unlock myself. Know the end was near I even started to fantasize about dropping the keys in an envelope and mailing them to myself. I would never go through with it, but this was foreplay of the mind and my thighs were soaked with its effectiveness.

I dropped my bag next to the door and trotted towards the first key keeping an eye out for people. In a horny haze I had forgotten one detail.

The motion sensor easily spotted me and flooded the driveway in 500 watts of light. My heels quickly trotted back into the darkness near the side of the house hoping nobody saw me.

After 5 minutes passed the light went off and I had already started to make my way to the second key further down the pavement. It was a very exposed position so I hoped the flood light wouldn’t see me that far away.

Severe cloud cover blocked any light the moon would have offered which was good for keeping me concealed. It apparently was bad for finding a grey handcuff key on grey asphalt late at night. I only had a rough idea of where it was because I expected to be able to see it. It was quite unnerving to be chained up with my tits hanging out for anyone to see out in the open. The closet hiding spot was 20 feet away and not something I could get too quickly, let alone quietly.

I clicked around my driveway for at least 20 minutes while the plugs continued to frustrate me. The endorphins must have really been flowing because I eventually though it was a good idea to trip the flood light. Making my way up the driveway it clicked on and I started my search again. With the light it only took a couple minutes and I quickly scurried indoors.

Once inside I took off the belt leaving it on the floor before jumping into bed. I saw stars several times before passing out into an orgasm coma for the night with my cuffs still on. When morning came around I had some more fun before finally releasing the cuffs. It was certainly an adventure but one that I very much enjoyed. I will definitely be doing something similar soon!

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I was hoping to get a good or bad review in the comments but if you prefer email I can setup an account to do that. I'll post it here and ask Gaggedutopia to add to to my blog. Thanks in advance for the offers! -- Tricia

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