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Toilet Slut
  • Author - Stephanie1963  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, M-m, consensual, bondage, cross-dressing, public, watersports
  • Post Date - 2/23/2011
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Reader's Comments (6)

Author's Note: Just some musings from a oversexed mind

Last night I finally lived a long time dream of mine. My wife Melody of three years came home from work around 7pm and told me to follow her upstairs. Once we arrived in the bedroom, she laid back on the bed and spread her legs wide for me. She was dressed in a long white light cotton dress with a floral print and a belt cinched at the waist. The dress fell long enough to conceal most of her knee high black shiny leather boots. As I looked down at her beautiful shaven pussy, I saw first that she had not worn any panties, and second that she had been fucked recently.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

"Clean it." she ordered

Two years ago Mel had discovered my submissive girly side, and had embraced it with open arms. Since that fateful evening, we had become quite adventurous. It had started with casual dressing, followed by full time dressing at home and under my suits at work. Within 6 months I had thrown out all my socks, underwear and t shirts, preferring pantyhose, stockings, pretty silky panties and beautiful camis under my boring male clothing. By now I had a nice size collection of shoes, dresses and lingerie that Mel had bought me. The outfit I was wearing tonight was the one she bought just last week. A long velvety red skirt with a sheer white blouse, black corset, black garter and sheer lace top black stockings. I had left the black patent leather heels that went with it downstairs, but even without them I still felt sexy as hell. I had ventured out of the house several times with my wife in full fem and with her expert help could be quite passable. Mel loved the idea of dominating me, and routinely cuffed, dildoed and whipped my little ass. While Mel loved having me around, but on occasion had the desire for a mans man, hence the situation I was currently in. Not that I was upset, in fact I had grown quite accustomed to the salty taste of the several men she hooked up with. I licked my lips as I dove into her dripping pussy. As I started to lick the seed from her, I noticed there was quite a bit more in there then I had thought. As I spread her open, cum started to ooze down the crack of her ass. I hungrily licked the trail and began sucking.

"Quite a bit, huh sweetie?" Mel asked

"Mmm umm" I moaned

"It's more than one you know." she announced

I stopped and looked up at her with a grin,

"How many?" I asked

"Three. Black."

I stared at her face, and then looked back down, "Damn," I thought to myself.

I dove straight back in sucking and licking that sweet seed from her womb. I imagined how this had happened, my cock straining against my silk panties. I wanted her to tell me, but she just rolled her head back and begun to moan. She slowly began rocking her hips to my face, and I picked up the pace. I didn't want to leave a single drop of that wonderful black semen and my fury was bringing her off much faster then usual. Soon, she picked up the pace and her hips began to rock faster. she put her hand on the back of my head and forced my deeper, as she began to scream. I felt her muscles tighten and she let out one long scream as she had a powerful orgasm. We both lay back as we recovered from the last few minutes, but my rest didn't last long. Mel slid up on the bed so she was sitting on against the wall.

"Like it did you?" she giggled

"Hell yeah babe. That was awesome."

"One of these days you should really try getting it from the source." she told me

"You tell me when sweetie, and I'll be there."

It had been the largest fantasy for me to actually have sex with another man. To have a big man dominating me and taking my ass in front of my sweet wife was something I had thought about for years, but all this time we had never gone that far.

"How about tonight then?" she asked

"Yeah, like I said, lead on."

"Well, if you think you're ready then, go to my truck and get the bag in the front seat."

I just stared at her in disbelief.

"Get your ass moving bitch, we don't have all night."

I jumped up and ran downstairs and outside never minding it was till kind of light out. Of course to be a bitch about it she had parked on the street, so I ran stocking footed through the grass and grabbed the bag. I turned and ran inside to get ready. I ran upstairs to find her sitting on the bed smoking a cigarette. I placed the bag on the bed and opened it. I pulled the articles out and found a sheer white corset with light blue lace edging. A matching garter belt and panties were also in the bag, along with a pair of sheer white stockings.

"Strip." My wife ordered.

I immediately pulled all my clothes off and in seconds was standing in front of her totally nude. She stood up and walked to her vanity, pulling out her chair.


I did as I was told and she knelt before me. She grabbed her nail polish and touched up my nails, perfecting the dark blue color upon them. She went tot her jewelry box and pulled out a couple toe rings, and slid them on my toes. She then slid the stockings up my smooth legs and straitened the seam running up the back. She then pulled a think silver anklet about the size of a mans watch band out and clasped it on my right ankle. She pulled me to her feet and fasted the garter belt, attaching the 8 straps to my perfect stockings. Next she slid the panties up over the garter straps, pulling my dick back between my legs. Lastly she put the corset on, tightening the corset until I could hardly breathe. I though she was finished, but as I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw her reach into her vanity drawer and withdraw a permanent marker. She turned my around, and wrote something on my left ass cheek. When she stopped, I turned toward the mirror and saw the words "Cock Slut" written in bold black letters.

"Maybe after tonight if you're a good little sissy, we will take you to make it permanent. Now just the final touch."

With that she pulled our large butt plug from the nightstand and walked to me. I knew what was going on, and assumed the position over the chair. She rubbed a bit of lube on my ass, and inserted the huge black rubber plug deep into my ass.

"Okay fag, now put that white summer suit on we bought last year, and some brown loafers." she ordered me. "And hurry, we have reservations."

She left the room and I put my suit on over my feminine garb. I was surprised that she wanted me in male clothing, but I was not going to protest. I me her downstairs and we walked out to her big SUV together. We got inside and rode in silence the whole way to the restaurant. I was pretty sure when we got to the parking lot she purposely drove the long way in order to hit every speed bump there, forcing the dildo to move into my ass. We pulled up to the valet of the steakhouse and I was concise that getting out of her large truck my nylon ankle with the huge anklet would show as my trousers rode up. Thankfully the valet was already on her side so he couldn't see. As we walked in together, she told me to not say a fucking word to anyone. When we walked inside, we were greeted, I just nodded.

"Reservation for Kelling please." My wife spoke to the hostess.

The cute little hostess led us to our table in the back of the dimly lit restaurant and the waiter came right up. My wife did all the talking, ordering herself a scotch straight up, and me a sparkling water. When the waiter returned with our drinks, Mel spoke again ordering herself the Rib eye and a side of scalloped potatoes, while I got the salmon with a side salad. I actually loved when my wife did this. It was here way of showing her dominance at the table, and showing off her cuckold sissy. She lit a cigarette and offered me one, which she lit for me with her lighter. Then she told me to take my shoes off, and put my feet in her lap. I did as I was told. I felt her slid a pair of handcuffs onto my ankles, and heard the slight, slow clicking sound. In the quiet atmosphere of the steakhouse, each click sounded like a gunshot. I was sure everyone could hear. As she tightened them extremely tight, so the was no way I could walk even if I wanted to, I looked around sure everyone was staring at us. Thankfully no one must have heard and not staring as I had feared. She told me to put my feet down, and not to worry because the long table cloth would hide my restraints. I did as I was told and we sat the rest of the meal without speaking. the steel cuffs digging into my ankles and the huge plug in my anus reminding my I belonged to her.

After my wife paid the bill, she unlocked my ankles and we left, me following obediently behind her. As we left the hostess spoke to my wife and told her to have a good evening. She didn't say a word to me. The night air was till very warm as the valet pulled the SUV around, and we climbed inside. I noticed it was just past 10 and the temp outside was still in the 90's.

"Well, are you ready?" My wife spoke

"Yes, I have been waiting for this for ever. I couldn't be more ready." I told her

"Good, I hope you are. I got a feeling that sweet ass of yours is never going to forget this night."

We drove for about a half hour, and soon I knew where we were going. There was an old park about 40 miles from our house that was known to be a hangout for gay men looking to hook up. I had though multiple times about going there myself on the nights Mel was out with one of her boyfriends, but had never wanted to cheat on my bride without her permission. We pulled up to the park, and drove up near the bathrooms in the back. We parked about 50 yard away and Mel shut off the truck.

"Last chance." she said

"No, I am ready." I confirmed.

I had to admit that I was quite nervous, but the butterflies were a mixture of nerves and excitement. I was totally ready for this.

She ordered me out of the truck, and told me I would not need my butt plug or shoes anymore. I removed both items and I left them in the backseat and climbed out onto the warm cracked pavement. Mel told me to take off my suit, and gave me a small white sundress to put on. She then produced three pairs of ankle cuffs and told me to put them on. I cuffed my ankles with all three pairs making sure that each was turned the same way so I didn't cover up the key holes of any set. We had experimented with multiple pairs of cuff before, and I liked it much more then only having one set because it made me feel ever more restrained. Also, three pairs of ankle cuffs made a much louder noise as the chains swung into each other. And now I understood why I had not been put enfemme tonight. Without my wig, false breasts and makeup, it was quite clear that I was a guy in drag. All the more humiliating for me.

"Say it bitch" She barked

"I am your sweet little cumslut Mistress Melody."

"Lets go."

Mel grabbed a small duffel from the back and we began the walk. The parking lot was not very well lit, but I could see the outline of men sitting in a few of the other cars. I knew that even in this dim light they could see us walking, the only sounds being my wife's heels clicking on the pavement and my chains. We made it to the bathroom, and pushed the rusty door open. For being old and beat up, the bathroom was well lit up, and now I knew that standing in front of the door like this with the bright light pouring from the open door everyone who couldn't see me before had a perfect view. I walked inside behind Mel and let the door slam shut behind me. The bathroom was absolutely filthy. It didn't look like it had been cleaned in years, and the sinks were dirty and cracking. There was graffiti all over the place, most of it homosexual in nature. Only one mirror still hung, and had cracks running though it. There was paper all over, and even a used condom on the floor. The floor was disgusting. It was dirty as hell, and there was piss and water all over it. Already my stockings were soaked and probably black on the bottoms. As sexy as a pair of heels would have been, something about the filth of being in my stockings turned me on even more. The stink of stale piss and cigarette smoke hung in the air. None of the stalls had doors on them, and most had holes drilled in the walls. The one closet to use had no walls at all and the toilet stood open in the middle of the room. Melody was holding a leash and collar, and put them both around my neck. I wasn't sure how long we would have to wait, but I assumed it wouldn't be long. Mel led me over to the front of that exposed toilet and placed me on my knees. She the cuffed my hands behind my back, and ran a small chain from them to my collar. She then unbuttoned her dress all the way down and let it fall to the floor. She picked it up and tossed it in the trash can near the door. I looked up at my perfect wife, now nude except for her spiked heel boots. She came back, grabbed the leash and sat bare assed on the open seat of the toilet She crossed her legs and lit a smoke.

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I heard the door creak open, and an older man walked in. He stood there drinking a beer and looked at us. He defiantly wasn't the type of man I would have imagined my first time with. He was in his 40's, almost completely bald. He was about 6 foot tall and fairly overweight. He had on a cheap shirt and slacks with some white sneakers. He belched.

"Well, what do we have here." he asked, "Does this sweet sissy belong to you?" He asked my wife.

"No," Mel replied. "She belongs to you."

"Is that right?" he asked to no one.

"Yes Sir" was all I replied.

"That's some pretty dress you got on there bitch. Its not going to be very pretty for long. You wanna open up for for daddy?"

"Yes Sir."

With that he walked up to me and stood in front of me, my eyes at cock level. He belched again and told me to open my mouth wider. I did as told, and he poured some of his beer in. I choked a little, and he slapped me. He told me if I was going to choke on that I would never be able to handle him. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back again with my mouth wide open. This time I caught some of the steam and swallowed it down.

"Good bitch."

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It really wasn't all that he made it out to be, only about 7 inches. Not that that is tiny but shit, Mel stuck way more then that in me every night. He was uncut, and told me to beg him for it. I did. I begged him to let me suck that cock. Even though I was a little disappointed at first, the reality was that I wanted that cock more than anything else in the world. I begged and pleaded like the bitch I had become. He took one last pull of his beer, and spit it out all over me.

"Suck it faggot." he yelled.

I did. I opened my mouth and took him inside. It tasted wonderful. I began to rapidly move up and down his shaft, using my tongue to lick his hairy balls. He placed his hands on my head and forced it deep onto his cock. Mel had taught me well though, and I was able to take it all with out gagging. He sped up his rhythm, and it seemed this one wouldn't last long at all. Mel sat beside us watching the scene. Her free hand now stroking my hair.

"That's it baby, take him in, let him control it. You are doing an excellent job, sweetie." She was whispering encouragement to me the whole time.

"Yeah, let me control it cocksucker." the man grunted.

I heard his breathing pick up, and in no time he was shooting his load in my mouth. I wasn't able to catch it all, and some ran down the corner onto my chin. As soon as he had shot the last bit, he pulled his dick out and offered it to Mel. She leaned forward a little and took him in her mouth, cleaning the rest from him. He then pulled his pants back up and walked out. As he did, two more guys appeared in the door.

"Come on in boys," Mel announced. "My sissy husband here is taking all tonight."

These two were black, and I was excited for this. I didn't know why, but I had always craved a black cock in my mouth. and with two of them, I figured there was a good chance I would get that ass fucking I had desired as well. I was right. Again, with Mel giving my encouragement the whole way, I was pushed onto the nasty wet tile floor and taken from both ends. It was a little difficult to get maneuvered into the proper position with my chains, but we made it work. They both finished at the same time, filling my ass and mouth with their black sperm. As they dismounted, I noticed three guys now. And this is how it was. For the next several hours, I was used in both ends by an endless stream of men. Black, white, Mexican, Asian, young, old, fat, skinny. Every person who walked through the door shot at least one load into me. Some started to hang around and watch the action, getting involved more then once. I didn't take long before Mel couldn't sit still anymore and got involved herself, taking on some of the guys too. At one point I saw her flat on her back with a black dick in her ass and one in her mouth, jacking off two more black guys. Her boots were gone and the soles of her perfect tiny feet were black. My dress was ripped from my body and I was covered in filth from the tile below me. My panties were gone and my stockings had runs in them. The side of Mel's face was covered in grime from the last guy who took her from behind and was holding her face to the floor. My ankles and wrist were on fire from the sharp metal cuffs biting into them. My ass was stinging from the constant whippings I was receiving. With one guy removing his belt and using it to beat both me and my lovely wife while we were degraded. He handed it off, and the men took turns beating us. At one point Mel crawled over to me on all fours and pushed me onto my back. She laid on top of me and began to kiss me. I could feel the slimy cum drenching our body's as we laid like that. Guys forced their dicks in between our mouths and we wrestled for them. This resulted in many loads being shots onto her face and dripping off onto mine. While in this position one guy pulled his dick out and pissed onto her ass, the hot stream running down onto me. Guys fucked us for hours. We were beat, fucked, called names and pissed on. I was dragged across the floor by my leash, and Mel by her hair. We both sucked the assholes of men who sat on our faces. By the end, there was no taboo left for us to try. But they kept coming. One even brought o couple girls in, who delighted in abusing Mel. I had never seen Mel eat pussy before, but she took it like a pro eating both women to multiple climaxes. The two girls were the meanest to her, beating her and calling her names like none of the men had. One straddled her chest and spit on her face over and over. Mel just smiled and licked the spit off her lips while the other crammed a huge dildo into my wife's ass.

And as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. The guys spent of all their loads gathered their things and left. It took about 10 minutes before either of us moved both of us lying on our back on the floor. Finally Mel got up and found the key to my cuffs. She undid my handcuffs, but left the ankle cuffs on. Mel sat back on the toilet she had been on before, opened her legs wide and told me to eat her. Her asshole and pussy were red and stretched with what looked like a gallon of cum pouring out. I took my place between my goddess's legs and did as I was told, sucking countless loads of cum from her holes. I wasn't able to get it all when she stood up and told me it was time to go. Walking behind her I watched her stark naked body, still dripping cum lead me out the door. I noticed in the cracked mirror as we left that although almost unrecognizable due to the dirt, my pretty lingerie was still mostly intact, and that my stockings had survived with only a few tears. They of course would never be fully white again. Mel's clothes on the other hand were missing, probably snatched up by guys as souvenirs of the experience, so she walked naked except for her wedding ring, earrings and toe rings. When we got to the car I noticed the clock said 4. Which meant we had been in the bathroom for over 5 hours. Every muscle ached and my stomach was full from the seed and piss that I had consumed. We sat in the parking lot silently smoking a couple cigarettes before Mel fired up the SUV and pulled out on the highway towards home.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Sunday, July 30, 2017  

Wonderful Story ! Love it that cum and piss all over. Was so good when she leaned back, on the toilet, and he sucked loads of cum out of her pussy. Thanx for writing .

Tuesday, July 25, 2017  

This is one hot story. The concept is fantastic. A dominant wife and her sissy husband having sex with another man has been done to death, but both of them submitting to hours of filthy toilet degradation together is a nice fresh angle. I just wish it didn't read like a summary of the story instead of the story itself. The beauty is in the details and as erotic as this is, it just outlines the tale.

Thursday, September 08, 2016  

Wonderful, so hot. I'd love that to be my wife Val and me !

Friday, May 06, 2011  

Such a deep anwser! GD&RVVF

Tuesday, April 12, 2011  

love it though i would of liked them to realy get fucked up like broken bones

Wednesday, February 23, 2011  


Looking forward to more stories from you

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