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How Life Can Change
  • Author - Theinz  
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  • Story Codes - F-mf, consensual, analplay, bondage, chastity, latex, ponyplay, toys, watersports
  • Post Date - 4/22/2011
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Reader's Comments (3)

Author's Note: This story will continue with the events of the first six months in the relationship between Rebecca, Kathy, Tom, and John.

Part 1: Introduction

John was driving our family van into the basement garage below our single-family home. John and his wife Rebecca stepped-out of the van. Both John and Rebecca were wearing 'normal' cloths, so that no one would expect the fantasies and stories of dominance and submissions, which they experienced during the weekend. Rebecca suited her black skirt and her red top very well and her dark nylons and highheels still gave her the dominant attitudes to be in control of her husband. Rebecca ordered John to close the garage door so that all snoopy neighbors are left outside. Once the garage door was closed, John opened the back door of the van. With the doors completely open, Rebecca enjoyed the look of her two other slaves, Kathy (my wife) and me (Tom). Kathy and me were both naked, except for the chastity belts Rebecca forced us into. Kathy was wearing one of the steel chastity belts offered by my-steel.de. The belt covered Kathy's clit making it impossible for her to have any orgasm without Rebecca's permission. My cock was kept in one of these steel chastity tubes.

During the drive home from our joint dominance and submission weekend, the back seats of our van were turned down, so that a cage fitted perfectly into the backspace of the car. The black windows protected us from any curious eyes. The cage was big enough for both of us to lay down close to each other. We kissed each other intensively, enjoying our bodies. Our tongues were playing on our bodies. Kathy often licked with her tongue the end of my penis, which pressed itself out of the chastity tube. I tried to re-pay Kathy be licking up her asshole, with my tongue invading her asshole as best as possible. Playing with each other let the two hours car drive pass by very quickly. We only became aware that the finally arrived our home when John was opening the back door.

Rebecca took the key to the cage out of her handbag and opened the cage. John helped Kathy to get out of the cage. I followed afterwards. Once all of us were out of the car, we kneeled down in front of Rebecca. After Rebecca ordered John the disassembly the cage and to put it back into the backroom of our garage, she was walking over to steps and door to our house. Kathy and I were following her on our knees. We crawled behind her clicking highheels and my eyes focused on her nylons covering her beautiful feet and legs. Then we reached the door, both of us stopped crawling. We took the adequate position of submissive slaves resting on our knees. My hands were positioned behind my back, whereas Kathy's hands rested on her thighs. Our eyes focused on Rebecca's feet avoiding any eye contact with our mistress. In this position, we presented our bodies and chastity belts to our mistress.

In such situations, I was always reminded how our relationship with Rebecca began 6 months ago. Rebecca, a 25 year old, very attractive girl, with long black hair, which turned out to be a mistress for my wife and me. My wife and I were about ten years older with two children. Rebecca works as a personal assistant in the medium-sized company, where Kathy was acknowledged to be the chief executive officer two years ago. During the week she assists Kathy in all daily routines concerned with the job of a CEO. On the weekends, Rebecca was living out her dominant role. Kathy and I ended up as her submissive slaves. It means after Rebecca has turned her younger boyfriend John into a submissive slave two years ago, she got two new slaves.

Rebecca's question on if we had enjoyed our weekend terminated my thoughts of how our relationship had begun 6 months ago. Kathy answered directly, "Mistress Rebecca, I loved this weekend. I loved to serve you as a submissive slave and thank you for all the things you teached me. I have never been a pony girl before, pulling a sulky with my mistress sitting in it and getting trained in the proper manner. My body responded to this experience in sexual excitement. Thank you mistress for letting my sexual excitement ending in various orgasms." Rebecca questioned Kathy further "How intensive were the various orgasms". Kathy openly stated that "Incredible, thanks Mistress Rebecca. Of course, it was also a big pleasure to serve you. On my tongue, I can still taste your pussy and it was pleasure to fuck my mistress with the dildo you fixed with the head harness in my mouth." Rebecca smiled happily by Kathy's answer. Rebecca noted "I'm looking forward to see you tomorrow in the office".

"Now, slave Tom, how did you like the weekend". I responded in a similar manner as Kathy. Except I could not state that I could enjoy any orgasm. For the whole weekend, Rebecca kept my in the chastity tube. Rebecca seemed to read my mind and asked "how do you like being in chastity for another week. Maybe next weekend, I feel like letting you come". With the prospect of having an orgasm next weekend, I felt the pre-cum dripping down from the chastity tube on the floor of our basement garage. Rebecca continued "You know, slave Tom, my boyfriend John is wearing his chastity tube now for about 4 weeks, without any release and exciting orgasm. This makes him very obedient and submissive. The only joy he gets is then I milk his cock by stimulating his prostate. His semen is simply running out without the intensive feeling of sexual relieve. I think that is something, I also want to try with you." With this statement, Rebecca turned to Kathy. Rebecca touched Kathy's chin and their blue eyes met each other. Rebecca asked her "What do you think, would like your husband be kept in chastity any longer. Maybe, next week or the weekend afterwards." Kathy answered immediately, "Yes, I would love that, and I know Tom would love it too. He told me that already, how excited he always is to be in chastity having you Mistress as the key holder, who takes care of our sex life." Rebecca smiled even more and answered "ok, when it's settled. I keep both your keys for another week." With these words she kissed us intensively and ordered us to kiss also each other.

When John finished the disassembly of the cage, he joined us und Rebecca ordered me one more thing to do. "Slave Tom, I would like you to write down all the experiences you have had over the last six months. Speak to Slave Kathy and write it down. I would like to see, a few nice stories about our sexual relationship." With that statement, Rebecca ordered John to get their car, which was parked in front of our house during the weekend and left us. Naked except for the chastity belts, Kathy and I moved into our house. Once we were in the house, we took a shower and got dressed. It was 5pm Sunday afternoon, and we were in time to pick up our children from Kathy's parents. Kathy and I returned to our family life during the week. After dinner our children went to bed. Kathy was preparing everything for the coming week and I turned on the computer starting to write down, the events of the last six months.

Part 2: Last Weekend (added: 05/20/2011)

When I started to write down our experiences over the last six months, I was not sure how to start. Should I start from the beginning or should I start with the fresh memories of the last weekend? I decided to do the latter.

Our Mistress Rebecca arranged for a Pony-training weekend for Kathy, John, and me. We met each other Friday late afternoon. Unfortunately, Rebecca and Kathy had to work two hours longer, and we could not meet at 5pm. Instead, John and me were ordered to meet each other already at 5pm, whereas Rebecca and Kathy would join us just before 7pm in our house. I brought our children to Kathy's grandparents and came back just before 5pm when John arrived. We both had a short coffee and started to do all the packing. We assembled the cage in the back of the van. When we were finished, we prepared the bondage gears for our pony training. As ordered by Rebecca, John and me were starting to dress each other as two submissive ponies. We took a shower and got fresh. It always felt some special to take a shower with the chastity tube. I could not really touch myself, but the steel restraint keeping me chastised felt always incredible in my hands. I simple like the touch of it. When I finished my shower, I could see John getting naked. John was wearing a different, or advanced type of chastity tube. It was actually not a complete tube it was more the form of a steel cage. The skin of his cock pressed through the bars and at the top of the cage, a short penis dildo entered his cock. In addition, the steel bars were fitted with small spikes pressing into John's penis. Whenever, I saw his chastity cage, I was a little bit frightened, but also aroused.

When John finished his shower, I started to dress him as a pony. First, both of us were getting into a full body black latex catsuit with an integrated hood. Two zips between our legs ensured that our chastity tubes were nicely exposed. The zips also let me to insert a butt plug into John ass easily. Afterwards, John did the same to me. The plug filled me completely and I got quite excited. John and I were touching each other and playing with our chastity tubes. My pre-cum was already flowing out of the tube when John told me to stop. The pain from the spikes was simply getting too intensive. We completed our outfit with two leather harnesses for our bodies and heads. The head harness included a gag, collar, as well as a blind. When I finished John's head and body harness, I took a leash and led him to the van in our garage. In the garage, I opened the back door of our van and let him climb blind and dumb into the cage. I closed the cage and let John alone for a while. Before, I got myself into the harnesses, I drunk another coffee with John caged and dressed as a pony. When I finished my coffee it was quarter past six and I had to hurry up. I did want to be ready when Rebecca and Kathy would arrive. I got into the harness and climbed into the cage. John had to move a little bit, but the cage was big enough for both of us. In the cage, I completed my outfit with putting the gag into my mouth and the blindfold over my eyes.

I was waiting in the cage and tried to get comfortable as best as possible. Besides me, I could hear John groaning into his gag. It took quite a while until I heard someone open the backdoor. With the open door I could hear highheels clicking. I simply loved this sound.

I could hear Rebecca's voice 'nice to see you both, I'm very excited about our joint weekend. As I could feel and see, you both are also looking forward to it'. With the last sentence, I could feel Rebecca's hand on my chastity tube. I guess Rebecca felt my pre-cum dropping out of my cock. I moaned into my gag to get recognized by Rebecca and to simply, say hello. But Rebecca seemed to ignore me and focused her attention on John. I could hear that she removed John's gag and blindfold. 'heelo my lovely John' was revecc's greetings. I heart both kissing and saying. 'It nice to see you like this, my little slave. I hope you enjoyed the last hours waiting for your mistress. Did Tom took care of you nicely?. 'Yes, he did' was John's answer. He put me nicely into the latex suit and inserted the butt plug. I really love waiting for you like this'. 'I can see it my love' was Rebecca's response and could hear that Rebecca's hand was exploring Johns chastity cage. ? How long have you been without any real orgasm?' was Rebecca's amusing question, and John submissively answered 'about eight week I think'. ' I love every minute of it' was Rebecca's reply.

Rebecca turned her attention to me and took out the gag. She ordered me to lay on my left side. 'John lay beside slave Tom so that both of you can took each other's cock into their mouths ' was Rebecca's order. John turned around in the cage as best as possible until he reached the final position. I could feel John's lips on my cock and shortly afterwards, I felt John's cock coming close to my mouth. I opened my mouth and touched his caged cock with my tongue. I tasted his pre-cum running out of his cock and guessed that John is having the same taste right now.

I felt that John was actually licking and kissing on my cock, which immediately wanted to get an erection. The chastity tube protected me from getting too aroused and kept my cock in its excited, but denied state.

I heart Rebecca wishing us a nice journey with a sound of sarcasm. The backdoor closed and could hear two doors open in the front. I was wondering if my wife Kathy would also already be in her pony outfit. I have not heard her saying anything, but I heart both front doors opening, so I guessed that she is also in the van.

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When we had the opportunity to talk about the weekend, Kathy told me that both she and Rebecca had an exhausting day and that she was highly stressed, because of a new and important customer order. The customer was complaining about the price and started an intensive negotiation process. She met the client personally in the morning and the meeting was rather difficult. After three hours, the customer and Kathy haven't gotten to any solution about the price discount and Kathy was highly nervous to loose the customer. They decided to have a break for two hours.

In the break, Kathy told her personal assistant Rebecca about the stress she was feeling. Before going over the price calculation again, Kathy asked Rebecca to get some anti-stress therapy. Rebecca was smiling by Kathy's request and both decided to lock the office door for about an hour. They announced they have an important discussion and wanted not to get disturbed for the next 50 minutes. No one in thin the company thought that this was something unusual. No, it actually happened quite often.

Rebecca removed Kathy's underwear and skirt, which have hidden her chastity belt. Kathy got completely naked and was waiting on her knees for Rebecca's return. Rebecca got out some private toys they both stored in Kathy's office. Rebecca took out the piss gag. It was a head harness with a gag. In the gag was a flexible tube, which in turn was connected to a rubber slip. Once, Rebecca fixed the harness, she got into the rubber slip. She had not to get out of any underwear, because Rebecca was normally not wearing any underwear behind her business skirts. She knows that Kathy liked that and Rebecca liked to stimulate Kathy with her outfit. Rebecca was now standing in front of Kathy and touched softly her head. She kissed Kathy on her head and her fingers were stroking Kathy's face. When Rebecca started pissing into her slip and her golden piss was running through the latex tube directly into Kathy's mouth. Kathy was eagerly drinking it and enjoyed the tasted. She relaxed completely and lost all thoughts about the price negotiation. She simply looked up to her mistress smiling at her and giving her a golden shower.

Once relaxed, Kathy felt strengthened to continue the negotiation. She found easy ords and clear arguments that finally convinced the customer to accept the price. Kathy was even so happy about that that she finally gave a small discount of 2%. So called it an investment into a long-term relationship. During the afternoon the contracts were signed and both Kathy and Rebecca were happy.

After the customer left, Rebecca demanded a small reward for the anti stress therapy she was providing. Kathy knew that Rebecca was not asking for a bonus or financial reward. Instead, Kathy locked the office door and got on her knees in front of her mistress. Her head got under Rebecca's skirt and she started kissing and licking her mistress' pussy. It tasted nice. Different to the golden shower, but also lovely. Rebecca exploded in a massive orgasm and pressed Kathy's head close to her pussy.

Rebecca said that was very nice to Kathy and also rewarded Kathy for the new customer order. She took off Kathy's chastity belt and ordered Kathy to lie down on the office desk. With a simple silver dildo and Rebecca's fingers touched her clit, Kathy quickly climaxed and came to a relaxing end of a stressful week.

Soon afterwards, Kathy and Rebecca left the office and were driving to our house. In the garage, Rebecca found John and me securely caged in two pony outfits..

During the drive John and me were both licking on our cocks. It kept us excited and the journey passed quickly. I was even surprised then the car stop and motor was turned off. The front doors opened again, but it took quite a while until the back door open and Rebecca got us both out off the cage. She opened our blindfolds and I could get a first glance off her. I was expecting that she is wearing already one of our dominant outfits, but she was still wearing our business cloth with a tight knee-length skirt and a white blouse. Rebecca attached a leash to our collars and led us into the apartment. She ordered us to take off the pony equipment, but to leave the latex catsuit on. We kindly 'obliged?' her order and I was quite happy to take off the butt-plug. When we came back in the kitchen, both Kathy and Rebecca were sitting on the table with the dinner ready for the both of us. My wife Kathy gave me a long and intensive kiss and my cock started to test the steel of the chastity tube. Kathy and Rebecca still had their business cloths on and had only taken off their shoes.

John immediately recognized that gesture and got to his knees kissing and 'massaging Rebecca's feet. I hesitated a bit and Kathy commented on that with 'Oh, I think there is someone who should learn how to behave as an obedient and submissive slave to his wife. Maybe, its John eight weeks of denials and no orgasms, which make him more attentive'. I saw Kathy was smiling and immediately followed Johns' example of kissing and massaging her feet. I surely did not wont to have no orgasms for eight weeks. The last week was already enough for me, I was desperately eager to get a relief.

Rebecca and Kathy enjoy the dinner while John and I was eating from tow bowls placed on the floor. Beside the bowls was a glass, and I guessed from the color it was Rebecca' golden nectar. With a big smile on Rebecca's face, she took her class and we clinked our glasses . 'To a nice weekend?' and with that statement, I could feel my cock jumping.

After the dinner, John and I prepared the beds. The apartments were equipped with various SM-toys and furniture. We had been here already few weeks ago, and I knew the procedure. The bed was two by two meters and covered with latex sheets. The bed was about 60 cm high to leave space for two cages below the mattress. The cages were comfortable about one by tow meters. Obviously, it was mostly John and my place to sleep. Only a few times Rebecca was having fun with John in the bed while Kathy and I slept in the cages. Today, it was John and me how slept there. Once Rebecca and Kathy secured us in the cages and gave us a good night kiss and a nice blindfold., Rebecca was turning her attention to Kathy. II could listen directly to their conversation and hear that Rebecca and Kathy wanted to play a bit before getting to sleep. Rebecca ordered Kathy to get one of the full body latex suits. We ordered that suit a couple of weeks ago. The latex suit covered completely Kathy's body including head, fed, and feet. For her mouth, butt, and pussy, the suit included three latex condoms. Through that you could fuck Kathy in her mouth, butt, and pussy without getting her the opportunity to escape from the latex prison. She could only breath through the nose and over the eyes was normally a separate blindfold.

Kathy sounded exited with the prospect to get trapped in her latex suit. She kindly ask mistress Rebecca 'Mistress Rebecca could you take off the chastity belt, please' Rebecca smiled and answered 'yes, of course, but lets see, if you want to get another reward tonight. Maybe, as my submissive slave its your duty to pleasure you mistress first?'. 'Of course, I would be delighted to pleasure you, Mistress Rebecca.?' 'Ok that's fine?' and I assumed that Rebecca now took off Kathy's chastity belt. I heard squeezing rubber and most probably Kathy was getting into her favorite latex suit. She seemed to wear the suit now completely, because I could recognize that the latex condom was filling her mouth. Kathy was only able to mumble 'Please, mistress Rebecca, could you close the zipper in the back and secure the suit with a lock.' The click of the lock told me that Rebecca did as expected.

Rebecca ordered Kathy to get on her knees into the doggy position on the bed. Rebecca explained what is going happen now 'Now, slave Kathy, I will fuck you a little bit. I will get the double dildo, put one end in my pussy and fuck you with the other end. I will start with you ass and might continue with your pussy,'

For the next half an hour, I could here both Rebecca and Kathy screaming in excitement on top of us. I imagined both on top off me. I pictured them in their outfits and my cock couldn't stand still. I imagined that John was feeling the same, because I could hear him breathing intensively. Rebecca and Kathy exploded in various orgasms and it took another hour until all of us fall a sleep.

The next morning started with a joint breakfast. After Rebecca, let John and me out of the cage, we started to prepare it. We were even allowed to eat with Rebecca on the table. Kathy was sleeping a bit longer than us and just woke up when John and me had already cleared the table. Rebecca took Kathy, who was still trapped in the latex suit to a birdcage hanging in the room. The birdcage was relatively comfortable at least for few hours. But I spent also nearly a whole day in the cage and I got to know its limits.

Before Kathy was let into the cage, Rebecca put a short straw into Kathy's mouth. The latex condom filling Kathy mouth had a small hole. The hole could be used for giving Kathy something to drink. In that case, Rebecca announced that 'Kathy would get something very special for breakfast', Eagerly, Kathy was expecting to get few more golden nectar. Rebecca pissed for few minutes into plastic bag, which was neatly attached to the cage. When Kathy entered the cage and was sitting, the latex condom in her mouth was connected with the bag. The bag provided Kathy with Rebecca's golden nectar, whenever she was sucking.

Rebecca seemed satisfied with the way she prepared Kathy and ordered us to get ready as two submissive ponies. John and I repeated the way we got into the pony outfit from yesterday. We were waiting for Rebecca in front of the apartment. When Rebecca came, she was dressed in a typical riding outfit and got us in front of a sulky. For the next four hours, John and me were carrying Rebecca in the sulky. She used the whip only occasionally. After four hours we were rather exhausted. Rebecca said 'I really enjoyed it, both of you were really nice and you followed my orders immediately. You might get a reward for that.' Rebecca asked me directly how I liked it and I directly responded that 'I was really excited and horny'. My cock wet and I need to come. I hope that my reward would be that you would open my chastity belt.' Rebecca just answered 'Oh, it might be or it might be not. Lets see what we will do later' with a big smile on her face. Her smile just told me that she is up for something.

Rebecca ordered us to take a shower before preparing the dinner. In the shower, I could see that John was also intensively looking for an orgasm. I felt the need to let him have some pleasure. I just got in front of John and started to pleasure his cock with my tongue and lips.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011  

Great start. I look forward to seeing more.

Saturday, April 23, 2011  

I can not wait for the updates!

Friday, April 22, 2011  

Pretty short for now. Hope to read more soon!

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