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M&M Bondage
  • Author - Lambrètto  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, analplay, loving, toys
  • Post Date - 5/10/2011
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Reader's Comments (3)

When you read the title of my story, you may wonder what the heck this is about. Well, if I wasn't experiencing this myself I would struggle to understand it as well.

Hi, I'm Stan, devoted husband of Diana.

Diana does a lot of exercise, including yoga, to keep fit. She also likes to play with toys when I'm not there, or when I'm too tired or when I'm recovering from previous love play. As you can guess, she has an healthy appetite. Quite often she will also have anal toys at work while I'm at work "up front".

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

One day she read an article about a Russian lady who wanted to train her loin muscles again after giving birth. She did so by inserting dildo's (or vibrators, the story did not tell) into herself with ever larger weights attached. She had to tense her muscles to hold it in. As you can guess, this became a sport in itself and the lady made it to the Guinness Book of Records as the "Lady with the Strongest Vagina". In an interview, she commented to a question what her husband thought of her hobby, the he loved her hobby, she could recommend it to all ladies.

Now, Diana may not have given birth, but she was competitive, and set out to beat this lady. She bought a dildo with ribs and profile, so she'd have something to hold on to. In between yoga practice, she would often practice holding it in with weights attached. Not to be outdone by possible contenders for the same title, she practiced her anal muscles as well. Lucky me, I had to judge her progress by the strength of her grip she'd have on me whenever I was in her.

And guys, that Russian lady was absolutely right: a woman with a firm grip is great. What's more, in combination with her yoga practices, Diana mastered her love play to relax and tense her muscles to the point she did not have to move to make me explode.

So far, so good, but where did the muscle bondage come in?

One day when we thought it risky to do without, I had a condom over my manhood, rolled all the way down and over my balls. This is a special treat that holds 'em nice & firm.

Somewhere during our love play while I was moving in and out, Diana relaxed her muscles, and suddenly I was all the way inside her, balls and all. Without yet realizing this, she tensed up again, and Bang! She had me stuck inside her. I was stopped in mid-motion of moving out, so I had quite a jerk in my loins (not unpleasant, actually) which she felt too.

She smiled when she realized she had me tight. "Well, my dear cuddly toy, and where did you think you were going? Just stay here nice and close.".

She held me like that while she manoeuvred herself on top of me. I could do nothing but follow her every move, she literally had me by the balls.

Once she was on top, she briefly let go, them give me a firm grip again. Oh man, this was better then before when she gripped me tight. Her muscles now gripped me strongly around the base of my cock & balls, instead of "just" my cock. The thought of being so deeply inside her aroused me even more and I wanted to move in and out to reach my much wanted orgasm. She would not let me and continued to play with me. She clearly liked the situation where she had my fullest attention.

Suddenly a thought seemed to strike her and she leaned over to her nightstand for the lube. She slowly rotated her hips over mine while she lusciously applied lube one entry further back.

"Get ready dear, hold still while I try something" she said with a look in her eyes that made me hold still indeed. She closed her eyes and seemed to concentrate on something inside herself.

Suddenly her vaginal muscles relaxed and I flopped out as she moved upwards. Johnny still being rock hard it still stood up. Almost in the same motion, she moved her hips slightly to position her ass over my pole and it slid in easily, the combination of generous lube and a relaxed sphincter muscle working well. She must have realized how she managed the relaxed muscle up front, because her ass muscles became so loose she slid all over my condomed cock & balls as well. It was almost as if she opened her mouth wide to swallow me, except this time it was another mouth which opened....

She tightened again and now I was locked well inside her, in between her butt cheeks this time. Some guys may like steel cock rings, I had a live one of flesh and blood holding me back.

This muscle is stronger and she only needed a few squeezes before I finally came, "cock ring" or not.

After I had made her come as well and we had recovered enough, we spoke about this new experience. Apart from being very full, Diana also enjoyed the grip and control she had over me. I never knew it about myself, but I had to admit I enjoyed her grip over me as well. Here I was all the way inside her, yet I could not come until she'd let me move in & out again, unless she'd squeeze me to the point.

In the days after, we experimented with various positions. It proved quite a trick to get my balls inside her without them being in a condom or with generous lube, but then they also had a tendency of plopping out, in spite of Diana's musclepower.

I guess most of what happened next would never had happened if I had not had the idea of using two shoe horns.

Yep, shoe horns.

With a little lube I would enter them up her opening, move them gently apart and push in My Manhood Tools in between them. Once inside, I could carefully remove the plastic tools and I'd be firmly inside, the little lube we had used gone with the shoe horns. We tried some gynaecologist tools, but having your balls get caught in between them killed that option.

After a little while we became quite skilled at entering her full length.

While Diana still practiced her Russian power challenge and her yoga, she somehow connected these two skills and learned how to lock her vaginal or anal muscles. Beats me how, perhaps she taught her unconscious to keep a certain tension. Anyway, this allowed her to keep me inside her while she fell asleep after love play. It happened one evening when she was on top of me and brought both of us to orgasm. I was still "voluntarily stuck" in her vagina, when she collapsed all over me and positioned herself to sleep on my chest. I asked her to release me, but she replied dozily she wanted me as close as possible during the night. That was it, she had decided for me she would sleep on top of me with me still inside her. I tried to turn over a few times when I thought she slept, but something in her mind gave a tight squeeze (I really wonder if she consciously noticed) and I moved no more. Needless to say, I did not sleep that well as she did. As much as I liked being inside my lovely wife, this was pushing things a little bit.

Another night, she had a nice alternative. We finished our love play with me all the way inside her ass. She locked up as the other night, but now we could turn sideways and spoon in close formation. At least I slept, we could even turn over onto our other side. I would have one arm underneath her neck and across her chest to hold one of her breast, while my other arm (the one on top) would go over her across her belly to hold the opposite breast. This turned out a lovely position, I was holding her tight and holding her breasts, while I was sleeping with my cock inside her. She enjoyed this too, I was allowed to keep my hands here instead of near her wrists.

In the course of all these tight experiments, she really started to like being in charge over me. My sweet little wife became quite a vixen dominatrix. I don't know if she spoke to a bondage lover among her friends, of if she read a magazine article about it (not likely to feature on Oprah, I guess), but one day she told me to stay close to her movements.

Through her loins, she was practicing "muscle bondage" on me already, and now she was taking it one step further. No leather cuffs, no steel handcuffs, no ropes for me When she mentioned these, something inside me stirred to my own surprise. I guess I was adjusting to my more submissive role, and would not have minded the other materials to experiment with.

Any way, my next step was "mental bondage", as Diana called it. While we slept together, my wrists had to stay close to hers, and my ankles had to follow hers. Thus I had to mirror her body, in our sleep.

She told me I had already done so during some nights, so we might as well make a routine out of it.

Well, it took some nights of interrupted sleep, but after a while I mastered an unconscious setting in my mind to follow her limb movements with my own. We had become bodily twins, bonded with flesh and mind.

Even though I enjoyed this occasional M&M bondage, as I called it, Diana took it a step further. I guess she must have read something somewhere, as her explanation sounded more like she had searched a problem to a solution she had discovered elsewhere.

"Stan, you may not know this, but it can actually be rather tiring to keep you up & strong all night with my muscle power. So I decided to give you a little help, with a steel cock ring. And before you start enjoying yourself too much already" she interrupted me before I could speak, "there is another thing I'd like to share with you."

Something in her tone told me this "sharing" might not be entirely to my pleasure.

"You know how I like playing at my back opening, and I thought the other day, why should I have to enjoy this all by myself? So whenever you are locked inside my ass for the night, I will have something of similar size locked inside yours.".

We had reached the point in our Dom & Sub relationship where my opinion was not asked, I was simply told what she had decided for me. And as I got enough pleasure out of it, I was content in this role thus far. Although, steel cock rings? I wasn't sure I was going to like that.

Anyway. she started training me on various sizes butt plugs (during shopping, during visits of the in-laws, that sort of moments lasting hours), until I could "swallow" a cock-size plug inside me and keep it inside all night, just like she had mine inside her all-night.

And the cock ring? That wasn't so bad after all. It proved its worth already during our love play, as I was hard longer then normally, we could play without her grip. Mind you, when I was inside her, her muscles and the cock ring were jostling for space around the base of my cock. I had a feeling she liked the steel inside her as well.

Perhaps this is what inspired her to the next level. One evening she proudly presented the "anal play cock ring": a thick steel ring in two pieces, mated with bolts, with a steel rod of similar thickness welded at the bottom half of the ring and running back to my ass. Here it curved upwards to enter me, ending in a solid steel ball screwed at the end. The starter version had a 3 cm ball weighing a few ounces, and its weight rocked back and forth inside my ass as my ringed cocked was poking in & out of her. The inertia of the steel ball also jerked on my balls, adding to the sensation. All the experiences together, and don't forget Diana's squeezing skills, gave me a shuddering climax like I had no had for a long time.

Hey, with such experiences, could you blame me for submitting my self to this lady?

Even with the steel help, she would still expose me to M&M bondage for the night, so I found myself spooned to her while exhausted from a long evening, with a steel ball inside me.

At first it was OK, but the combination of tight steel ring up front and steel ball inside me became more annoying during the night then the normal plugs did. Perhaps she knew she was doing this to me, or simply felt that I was enduring all this to please her, because she slept like the proverbial rose.

Perhaps she was testing how far I would go, because after a while larger steel balls started appearing to be attached at the end of the "anal cock ring". At one point, she had a set for me of 3, 4, 6, and even 8cm diameter steel balls. The large one weighed over 1kg of solid steel. Squeezing them in was quite tough, and we had to really prepare my ass opening slowly. Diana taught me some of her yoga exercise to relax in one particular spot, and this helped. When it had plopped inside, it felt cold for a significant part of our loveplay (she sometimes kept them in the fridge, and these large things took quite some time in warming up, I can tell you), but the biggest "poke" was these large weights inside of me rocking back and forth during the familiar motion. That was really great, and made up for the very long nights I had to sleep with that same cannon ball still stuck inside me. Oh well, the things you do for love.

In case you think where this trend ends, I put a temporarily stop to her upping the ante. The sub told the dom to do something in the end. I did my homework on the web and discovered the manufacturer of these anal play cock rings. They were happy with my suggestion, remarked they should have thought of this some time ago themselves. In return for the rights, I got a free sample of the modified version.

( link opens in new window )

One evening when Diana told me to prepare for some steel M&M fun, I told her I would but that things would end a bit differently that evening.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise of my words, but her eyes grew large when I showed her what I had conceived. She understood immediately. The steel cockring had another rod welded to go forwards (pushing my balls to the side, a nice touch) to hold another steel ball.

Once I had mounted this steel contraption, she had two options: she could sit on my manhood and have a steel ball inside her ass just like me, or she could slide her ass over my cock and have a solid steel ball inside her vagina. Either way, once we were thus connected, there would be little loin movement left, except perhaps for jumping up & down on the bed and letting the balls do their things inside of us.

Diana loved it, and we agreed on the spot that whenever we'd use this "steel joint", we'd use the same size balls for each of us. The first night, she slept like a rose on my chest, her vagina filled with my rigid cock and her ass filled with a 5cm steel ball, while I was resting on my back with her weight on top and a 5cm ball inside my own ass as well.

The Dom/Sub tables had been turned a little bit, Diana had appreciated my initiative. I guess I could make another move sometime.

Just before I drifted off to sleep, my mind was wondering what variation of the steel cock-ring with anal ball one could make for a woman. Two balls, one ball with a steel dildo, a ball with a steel cylinder I could enter into, or .....??

"What a lovely challenge to have" I thought as my hand caressed her poked butt cheeks and while I could feel my own ass adjusting to my own intruder.

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Thursday, July 07, 2011  

You have shed a ray of susnihne into the forum. Thanks!

Friday, May 13, 2011  

Very creative.

Friday, May 13, 2011  

WEll written unusual tale i liked it

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