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  • Author - Andrea Jordan  
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  • Post Date - 6/23/2011
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Part I

It had been a few weeks since Tom had taken the spare room in Jessica's flat. Jessica had taken on the lease for the whole flat and had been desperate for someone to take the second room. She was particularly pleased with Tom, he was tall, good looking and seemed like a fun kind of guy.

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Tom had also been pleased to move out from the flat he shared with his ex-girlfriend. Jessica's flat was small, but in a good part of town. Jessica herself seemed nice enough. Not what he'd call stunning, although she wasn't unattractive, with shoulder length brown hair, pleasant face and pretty nice figure. Anyway, given the way his last few relationships had gone it was probably good that here he wouldn't be driven to diving into another fling.

Jessica and Tom got on well and would often sit up at night drinking red wine. On one occasion they were talking about sexual experiences and Tom mentioned some interesting bondage games initiated by his ex-girlfriend.

"Did you like doing that?" Jessica asked.

Tom smiled, "It was fun, one of us would tie themselves up and wait for the other to come home. I still occasionally do a little self-bondage if you know what I mean."

"Really!" Jessica sat forward on the sofa, "What sort of things?"

Tom wasn't sure whether to get into this with his flat mate, but the red wine made him carry on.

"Sometimes I cuff myself to the bed and use an ice block to melt and drop the keys on to the bed."

"How long does that take?"

"Half an hour, maybe longer."

"Wow, and you can't get out for that long. What if the keys don't drop?"

"Then I'd be stuck," he replied.

"So if I don't see you at breakfast one morning, I guess I know where you'll be," Jessica giggled.

Just talking about self-bondage with Jess had turned him on. That night Tom fixed the keys to the ceiling using an ice block and then proceeded to cuff his hands to the metal frame of his bed. Once he was helplessly chained to the bed he listened to Jessica's footstep's walking around the flat. Would she come in? That might be fun, but where might that lead? If she walked in at that moment and took the keys there really was nothing he could do about it.

He heard Jess's footsteps stop right outside his door. What was she doing? Was she going to knock, if so should he say come in? He imagined her cute little butt squeezed into her old blue jeans. What would she do if she came?

Jess was having the same thoughts. If she found him chained to the bed, what would she do? She had dreamt of making love to him many times, or maybe she would tease him with the keys. Maybe she would sit on his face, she'd always wanted to do that to a guy. But how would she know if and when he was tied up?

Tom finally heard Jess's footsteps disappear back downstairs, his heart rate dropped by at least 50 beats a minute. And a few minutes later the keys dropped.

"Did you sleep well?" Jessica asked the next morning at breakfast.

"Good thanks, and you?"

"Oh fine. I see you made it to breakfast then."

"Yes, why wouldn't I?"

"No reason," she smiled.

A few days later Tom prepared another ice block in the freezer. Jessica had been in the house all day and he wondered whether she would have seen it in the freezer. When he opened the freezer he noticed that something was different with the ice block and on closer inspection he saw that someone had tampered with it so that the keys wouldn't drop even when the ice had melted. No prizes for guessing whose done that, he smiled to himself.

Another glass of red wine and he decided to go ahead anyway. He took the ice block and used it to fix the keys to the ceiling. He then took a chain and padlocked his feet together and padlocked the spare end of the chain to his handcuffs. He then cuffed his hands together behind his back so that he was in a tight chain hogtie.

As he closed the final cuff a sudden wave of excitement came over him. He waited half an hour until the ice had almost melted and as expected the keys didn't fall. That turned him on, he now knew for sure that he'd have to involve Jessica in the game.

"Jess," he called

He waited a couple of minutes and there was no reply. Where is she, he thought. She must know I'm stuck. He called a few more times and finally his door opened and Jess walked in.

She had just come home from work and was still wearing a below knee length skirt and blouse, cheap clothes and not that flattering. He lay there looking at her ankles and calf muscles, not bad he though.

"Are you OK?" she asked with a slight smile on her face.

"Can you help me, I think I messed up with the release."

"Oh so this is what you do?" she smiled as she walked over and stood next to where he was lying.

"Can you get the keys down?"

Jess picked up his desk chair and carried so it was underneath the keys and then deliberately put it down so that his head was underneath the chair and one of the chair supports was pinning his head to the floor. She stepped up on to the chair and retrieved the keys. Jess then climbed down and sat on the chair so that his neck was still pinned down.

After watching him struggle hopelessly for a few minutes, Jess removed the chair and knelt down by Tom's head.

"Umm, maybe you should let me look after these next time," she purred dangling the keys above him.

"The ice usually works," he replied trying to crane his neck up to that he was looking at her face and not up her skirt.

"Didn't work this time," she giggled.

"I know, are you going to give me those keys?"

"Can you really not get out?"

"There's only one way out of these cuffs and that is with the key!"

"Mmm, I know."

Jessica finally reached over to the cuffs. After a few minutes of jangling keys, mainly for effect, Jessica unlocked his wrists.

Jess saw this as a great opportunity to date a guy that otherwise probably wouldn't be interested in her. The following day Jess arrived home with a DVD as she often did on a Friday and also a small brown box.

"You know I want to watch this movie," she smiled, "and you know you always talk through movies. Well, I've bought you a little present to wear tonight."

With that Jess pulled out a ball gag that had a chain and locked at the back of the head with a padlock.

"Hey, you seem to be getting into this bondage thing," he smiled as he inspected the gag and then put it back down on the sofa.

"Please," she persisted, "Just for tonight."

"What's the movie?"

"It doesn't matter, just put it on," she giggled with frustration.

"And who's going to hold the key?"

"Me of course!"

"How did I guess," he smiled.

As Jess suspected, Tom was intrigued. He sat down on the sofa with his back to Jess and let her position the ball in his mouth, tighten the chain and then padlock it in place.

"What's it like?" she asked.

He mumbled something incoherent.

"Seems to be working," she smiled as she stuffed the key into the back pocket of her jeans and sat down to watch the movie.

As expected it was a chick flick and Tom was bored. He cleared the dishes and then started to dial a friend's number on his phone. Jessica watched with amusement as he suddenly remembered the gag. He held his hand out to Jess just as his friend answered. Jess smiled and shook her head and Tom had to hang up. He took some paper and wrote down 'please can I have the keys'. Jess took the paper from him and wrote 'no'.

Tom sat down and watched Jess as she sat on the sofa.

"What's with you?" she asked.

Tom just pointed at his mouth.

"Oh yeah," she smiled.

Tom wrote on the paper, "Key. Please?"

Jess smiled and shook her head.

Tom smiled back. He could have easily have pulled her to her feet and retrieved the key from her pocket, but he didn't want to, he was starting to enjoy the gag and the fact that she had locked it on him. He left her to enjoy the chick flick and lay down on his bed still gagged, and stayed that way until morning.

Jessica knew she was on to a good thing, if she played this right she could have anything she wanted from this guy.

"What shall we play tonight?" she asked as she unlocked his gag the next morning.

"Wine drinking?" Tom replied.

"No, I mean tying up things."

"What do you suggest?"

"Why don't you do some self bondage in a cage. That'd be totally secure and more exciting than cuffs," she said excitedly.

"That's a bit serious."

"And I'll look after the keys."

"You're too kind," he smiled.

They choose the cage together and Tom drove out to pick it up. Jess seemed even more excited than usual as they assembled the cage in the lounge.

"Yes, this is seriously secure," he said.

"Are you scared?"

"A little, can I trust you Jess?"

"To do what?"

"To let me out again!" he replied.

Jess giggled, "Only one way to find out."

"That feels me with lots of confidence," he replied.

Tom threaded a bicycle D-lock around one of the bars on the base of the cage and then climbed in so that he was lying on his back. He locked a foot cuff to one ankle, wrapped the connecting chain around the bars of the chain a few times and then locked the other end on to his other ankle.

He then lay down on his back so that his neck was inside the D-lock and then locked his neck in place. He then took two pairs of handcuffs and locked his wrists to bars on each side of the cage. Jess sat on the edge of the cage in her usual old jeans watching intently.

"OK, you can take the keys," he said.

Jessica reached in took them from him.

"Now I get to lock the cage!" she giggled as she lowered the heavy barred lid and locked it with a large padlock.

"I've got the keys," she almost sung and she dangled them above the cage.

"I can see that," Tom smiled as he explored his restraints and realized how little he could move.

"Go on, try and escape," she purred.

He struggled a little for effect but there was really nothing he could do, "There really is no way out of here Jess." He concluded.

"What would happen if I never unlocked you?"

"I guess if no one found me, I'd die eventually from dehydration."

"And what if I lost the keys?"

"Jessie don't say that!"

Jessica giggled, "But what would happen?"

"I guess we'd need the fire service and a team of lock smiths, several hours and a bit of luck."

Then quite unexpectedly, she then took off her jeans and t-shirt to reveal sexy lingerie; the tightest and sexiest black lacey panties and bra that Tom had ever seen. She sat down on the cage crossed her legs.

"Wow" Tom said, the transformation making him lost for words.

"What'd you think?"


"Glad you like it," Jessica purred.

"Who needs this stuff, let me out and let's do something much more interesting," he panted.

"Ummm.... no," she smiled.

Tom started to struggle against his cuffs.

"Won't work," she giggled as dangled the keys above him again.

"Please Jess, anything you want."

"I want you to stay exactly where you are," she purred as she lay down on top of the cage, her breasts rubbing against the bars.

"Don't do this to me," he begged, with the cuffs already starting to cut into his wrists.

She lay on the cage looking down at him through the bars,

"Do you like my body?"

"What do you think," he replied breathlessly.

"A pity you're all chained up then."

"Yes, but you have the keys, you can unlock me."

"Yes I can," she purred.

"Well do it!"

"Not yet," she whispered.

She sat up so that she was sitting stride the cage and started to rub herself against the bars. Tom couldn't believe the transformation, this previously jeans and t-shirt clad girl next door had turned into an agent provocateur with the body of a super model. And he locked in a cage, shit!

She moved across until she was sitting on the cage directly above his head, the bars making indentations in her butt and thighs. His face was only inches away and he tried as hard as he could to lift his head a little so that he could bury his face into her cute little butt. But the bike lock almost choked him and he started to cough.

"Why don't you come to my room and make love to me?" she purred as seductively.


"Come on then," she whispered as she picked up the keys.

"Jess, please!"

Jessica was almost unable to keep the smile off her face.

"Oh well, your choice" she giggled as she pulled on her jeans and t-shirt and once again looked like any other 20 something woman.

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"The plan was to leave you in there for an hour wasn't it?" she asked.

"Yes, but plans can be changed."

"Yes," she smiled, "I'm now going to leave you locked up until the morning."


"You don't have much choice in the matter," she giggled as she stuffed the keys into the back pocket of her jeans, "Until the morning then."

Part II

Tom passed a slow and sleepless night, partly because of his less than comfortable position, but also because he couldn't get Jessica out of his mind. With his hands chained up he wasn't even able to relieve some of his frustration.

Jessica also didn't sleep much, she was far too excited about the situation. Several times she thought about letting him out and making love to him and she was in no doubt that that was what he wanted to do. But she didn't want it to be a one night stand brought on by the situation, much better to ensure he was infatuated by her from the start.

Early the next morning Jessica walked into the lounge wearing only a flowery nighty that barely covered her butt.

"Good morning," she purred, brushing her disheveled hair out of her eyes with her hand.

"Good morning."

"Did you sleep well?" she asked

"No, and you?"

"Mmm, yes," she lied.

She sat down on the cage just above his head so that he could clearly see that she was wearing no underwear. His pulse increased and his breathing quickened.

"Are you after these?" she purred as she held the keys in her hand.

"Please Jess, please."

Jessica giggled.

"I'll do anything Jess, anything."

"I'm sure you will."

She could tell by the mix of desperation and arousal on his face that it was time to give him a little freedom and so dropped the bunch of keys through the bars and into the cage. She watched with amusement as Tom worked the keys as fast as he could to unlock his hands, his feet and his neck.

"I don't think the key to the cage is here," Tom said as he checked the ring again.

"That's a pity."

"Jess!" he cried as he reached through the bars and started to run his hands up her legs and under her short nighty.

"You've got an amazing body."

"Thank you," she smiled as she sat on the cage allowing him to explore her semi-naked body.

He tried to reach up to her breasts but the cage bars were too closely spaced to reach up that high and so he returned to her tanned, toned thighs.

"I'm going to take a shower," Jess smiled as she stood up.

"No," Tom replied as he tried in vain to reach her.

"You've been in that cage over 8 hours."

Tom reached his hand through the bars and started to pull at the heavy padlock, "Please unlock this."

"And spoil my fun?"

"Jess, we could have so much more fun."

"Everything comes to he who waits."

"I've already waited 8 hours!"

"I know," she whispered as she turned around and walked away.

Tom soon gave up trying to break the high security padlock with this bare hands and lay back and listened to the shower running in the bathroom. Now he had seen her body and even been able to touch, the images running around his mind were even more vivid.

These images overruled any rationale thought that he was still able to make. The deal had been for this woman to help with some self-bondage for a maximum of one hour and here he was over 8 hours later and she was still holding him prisoner against his will. After all, he'd asked her to release him and she'd refused. That was false imprisonment, although at that moment complaining about a crime that she'd committed against him was the furthest thing from his mind.

Jessica smiled to herself as she toweled dry and dressed in her old blue jeans and t-shirt. It was probably the last outfit that he wanted to see her in, but that was the point. She had the key to the cage on a small novelty key ring; she stuffed the key ring into the back pocket of her jeans, letting the key itself hang loose from the pocket.

"Where's the padlock key?" Tom asked as Jess walked back into the lounge.

"Right here in my pocket," she replied as she walked over to open the curtains with her back to him to that he could see the key hanging from her pocket.

She then picked up the dirty wine glasses on the table and walked back to the kitchen, walking deliberately close to the cage as she went. Tom reached as far as he could through the cage but couldn't quite reach the key in her pocket.

Only once the lounge was cleared did Jessica sit down on the cage with the key in her hand.

"What do you say?" she smiled.

"Please Jess!"

She looked mischievously at him for a few moments before using the key to unlock the padlock. He immediately tried to push open the lid but couldn't with her sitting on it. After a few more moments of pleading Jess stood up, finally giving him his freedom.

"Some night!" Tom said as he climbed stiffly to his feet.

Jess stepped in and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek before stepping back.

"Is that all I get?"

"For now, but maybe if you do as I say there may be more on offer tomorrow."

Part III

When Tom returned home that evening he found Jessica in the kitchen cooking dinner. She was wearing a tightly fitting blue mid-thigh length dress.

"I thought I'd make it up to you by cooking dinner," she smiled as she turned around and kissed him again on the cheek.

"You're feeling guilty then?"

"Not at all, you enjoyed last night as much as I did".

"It was a little more uncomfortable for me."

Jess giggled.

They finished dinner and then Jess walked over and sat down on Tom's lap.

"What shall we do tonight?" she purred seductively.

"I have some ideas."

"So do I."

"I'm sure you do," he smiled.

Jess took him by the hand and led him into the lounge where the heavy 'trunk' shaped cage was still in the middle of the room.

"Would you like to go in again? If you're really good I'll even lock you in," she purred

"Its very tempting Jess, but why don't we go to your room and try a different game?"

"Oh please!" Jess smiled with her big pleading eyes.

"No Jess, you're good at the 'locking' but still need a little more practice at the 'unlocking'."

Jessica thought for a moment. "OK, goodnight then."

It was a good tactic, he certainly didn't want the evening to stop there.

"Just for a few minutes and don't lock me in," he offered.

Jessica smiled and quickly opened the cage lid and Tom reluctantly climbed in. Jessica banged the lid down and quickly sat down on top. Tom reached his hands through the bars and slid them under her dress.

"Hey," she replied.

She stood up, folded her dress tightly around her thighs and sat back down on the bars so that her dress was tightly pinned around her. Like that Tom could no longer slide his hands inside. She then picked up the heavy padlock and slipped it through the hasp.

"We agreed no padlock."

"Did we?" she smiled.

Jessica placed her thumb and forefinger around the padlock. "What if I squeeze just a little?"

"No Jess, don't."

"A little harder?"

He was just about to grab the lock from her hands when she started to slid her dress up her thighs; his attention was easily diverted.

"Listen carefully," she purred.

"Please Jess, no."


Tom felt a shiver of excitement as he knew that he was now completely helpless, there was no way that he'd ever be able to free himself. He didn't even have any idea where Jess had put the key. He doubted that Jess herself knew!

Jess stood up and wiggled her hips from side to side as she unzipped her dress and let it fall down to the floor. She stood there dressed only in a black thong and bra. He involuntarily sat up and knocked his head on the cage bars. Jessica smiled.

She then turned around and lay down on her front on top of the cage, carefully placing her breasts between the bars. She put her lips through the bars to kiss him. They kissed for a few minutes before Jessica stopped by lifting her head up.

Tom reached his hands through the bars and caressed her butt. Jess smiled and they started to kiss again. After a few minutes more, Jessica sat up with her butt resting on the bars just above his face.

"You'll have to kiss my butt now," she giggled. Tom obliged.

"Maybe we should move to my room now?" Jess offered.

"I thought you'd never ask."

"That's if I can find the key," she giggled.

Tom lay there listening to Jessica walking from room to room. Surely she hadn't chosen this time to lose the key?

"Found it," she purred as she returned.

This time there was no teasing, she quickly unlocked the cage and led him by the hand to her room.

Part IV (added: 07/08/11)

That night Jessica and Tom did what most couples do once the threshold of sleeping together has been crossed and by morning they had both not slept a wink. In Jessica's mind they were now a couple. Tom was not quite at the same place, but she was fun and the bondage angle exciting.

As they lay in bed together the next morning, Jessica raised something that, given her fetish for locking him up, Tom had expected her to ask sooner or later.

"How do you feel about letting me lock you in chastity," she whispered as she ran her hands over his item in question.

Tom's ex-girlfriend had asked the same question, although they had never consummated the idea.

"Maybe, but on my terms" he replied hesitantly. After all, this was the girl whose idea of an hour in a cage meant all night and whose ability to look after keys was casual at best.

The following weekend Jess and Tom returned home after playing tennis. Tom had once played semi-serious tennis, whereas Jess had the right physique but had hardly ever played. Even after allowing for the distraction Tom had suffered as a result of Jess's short pink shorts, which hugged her cute butt, the game had been very one-sided.

As they walked back to Jessica's flat they saw a package left on the doorstep. Jess immediately knew what it was and ran to get it. By the time Tom had unlocked the door Jessica already had it unwrapped.

"Try it on," Jessica giggled excitedly.

Tom looked at her, wishing the day hadn't arrived quite so quickly.

"Come on," she continued as she pushed him backwards on to the sofa and started to pull down his tracksuit trousers.

Tom finally lay back and let Jess fit the metal chastity tube in place, partly because he had kind of promised her and partly because she was so excited.

"You must watch as I lock the padlock," she purred.

"Must I?" he said as he opened one eye.

"These are your last moments of freedom after all."

"You're making it sound very dramatic Jess."

"It is, this will be the first time you won't control your dick."

Tom watched as she knelt down between his legs and threaded the padlock in place and snapped it closed.

"I've got the keys, I've got the keys," she sung as she danced around the room.

"Is it supposed to be this tight Jess?"

"Tight is good," she giggled.

Tom explored the device which was now securely attached to him. It was heavier than ones he'd seen before and it appeared that Jess had chosen one of the more secure products on the market.

"Let me just adjust it a little," he replied holding out his hand.

"I don't think so," she giggled as she tucked the keys into the back pocket of her pink shorts and sat down on a chair so that the keys were pinned beneath her butt.

"Jess, just for a minute, I promise I'll still wear it."

"OK, but you'll have to do it without the key."

"Jess, we both know I can't do that!"

"Yes, but I want to see you try."

Tom smiled, "I might no longer be a man by the end of that."

Tom walked over to where his flatmate was sitting, wrapped one arm around her body and easily pulled her to her feet, his strength no match for her slim 5' 7'' body. While holding her with one arm, he reached his other hand into her back pocket and retrieved the keys.

Ignoring her vocal complaints, Tom unlocked the padlock and threw the keys back to Jess, who quickly stuffed them back into her pocket and secured them in place with the small button sewn into the back of her shorts.

Tom adjusted the chastity tube and then handed the padlock back to Jess.

"Do you want to do the honours?" he offered.

Jess was still feeling a little cheated, but didn't let that stop her from taking the padlock and swiftly locking it in place.

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"So now you have me all locked up, you should be pleased."

"It was easy enough for you to get free just now," she complained.

"The key's in your pocket, you're in control."

Jess said nothing.

"When you're at work they'll be nothing I can do."

This wasn't quite how Jessica had imagined it would be. It was now Saturday morning and she had hoped to render him helpless long before Monday morning. Jess then started to smiled.

"You know there are holes for two padlocks."

"Yes?," Tom replied as he brought over two glasses of water.

Jessica's smile widened, Tom was starting to worry.

Jessica ran to her room and returned with a second padlock, but this time a combination lock.

"Five numbers, 100,000 possible combinations," she smiled.

"No Jess," he said as he struggled to think of a good reason why she shouldn't use a combination padlock.

"Allow me to do the honours again," she purred and within seconds the second padlock was in place.

"Each time you select a number you need to press here to see if it will unlock," Jess explained helpfully. "Let's see. Even assuming one combination a second, that could take you, umm, almost 30 hours to try all possible numbers."

Tom looked into Jessica's eyes and saw the sparkle return, she knew that she really did have him under her control.

She pushed Tom backwards so that he was lying on his back on the sofa, and then sat astride his chest, with her tanned legs pinning his arms to his sides.

"I bet the combination is your birthday," Tom smiled as his eyes became fixated on her cute little shorts and her toned thighs.

"I bet it isn't!" she giggled. "And anyway, you don't know my birthday!"

"You'd better tell me then, if you want a present."

"It won't help you break my code."

"Its probably 1-2-3-4-5."

"Mmm, maybe not."

Tom looked at her questioningly.

"OK, try it," she giggled.

Jessica slid back down his body to allow him to reach the combination lock. Taking much longer than one second he set 1-2-3-4-5 and pulled.

"Oh dear, only 99,999 combinations left to try," she giggled as slid back up so that she was sitting astride his head.

"Well as there's no way you're getting to your dick, maybe you need to find another way to please me."

The next hour proved to be more of a workout for Tom than the earlier tennis match. Once Jess was finally ready they both stripped off (all but the chastity tube) and showered together. Tom soon discovered that not even soap could help him slip out of the steel and so quickly amused himself by washing Jess's naked body, a task that soon made his balls ache as he strained against the steel.

Jess placed all of her clothes in the laundry basket and then toweled dry. As she walked back to her room Tom lifted the lid of her laundry basket and rummaged through dirty underwear to find her pink shorts. He checked the pockets and as expected found the keys.

"Nice to see you're looking after the keys."

"My dirty washing basket is as safe a place as any," she smiled as took the keys from him and put them in her underwear drawer.

"What would happen if you lost them?"

"You'd be my permanent chastity slave," Jess smiled as if it was something to aim for.

Tom stood there with a towel wrapped around him and watched as she put on black silk knickers followed by a mid-thigh length black flared dress that lifted up as she gave him a twirl.

"We've time before we go to the pub" he suggested.

"For what?" she answered back straight faced.

"You know what."

"I do?"

"To make love?"

Jessica smiled, wrapped her arms around Tom and kissed him. "We've plenty of time."

"You need to unlock me first, this thing is starting to hurt."

"You know where the key is."

"Yes, but what's the number?"


"I can't!"

Jessica looked at him with her big brown teasing eyes.

"You're strong, maybe you should pick me up and shake the number out of me," she giggled.

"You asked for it," he smiled as he picked her up and placed her on the bed and sat astride the smiling brunette.

"Tell me," he ordered.

"No," she giggled.

"Jess, this is hurting."

"Yes it will."

Tom lent forward and pinned her hands to the bed above her head. She wriggled in a hopeless attempt to get free, but her struggles only served to increase her arousal. She looked at the well defined muscles in his arms and wriggled some more.

"The number Jess."

"How's it feeling down there?"


"Is it a little tight?"

"Last chance Jess,"

"Why, what will you do to me?" she replied, almost shaking with excitement.

She was right, there was no way to get the combination out of her and anyway the pain in his balls and dick was getting stronger. He jumped up and ran back to the bathroom and took a second shower, this time with cold water.

By the time he had finished showering Jessica was fully dressed, made up, with her hair up and wearing ankle high black leather boots. She looked fantastic.

"Hurry up, we'll be late," she smiled as she walked past him to the front door.

They arrived at the pub and joined two of Jess's girlfriends at a table at the back. Jess was very keen to show of her new boyfriend and was even more desperate to tell them how she had him locked up, although now wasn't the time to tell them about that. However that didn't stop her from flaunting her power as best she could by leaving her key ring, which now contained the keys to the chastity tube, on the table in front of her, for all to see.

Tom was also enjoying the evening, Jess's girlfriends were good fun, increasingly so as they got drunk. The chastity tube felt tight and solid, but he was starting to get used to it and it no longer felt uncomfortable. It was, however, a constant reminder of the power Jess was holding over him.

Every now and again Jess would run her hand up and down Tom's leg, or take his hand and place it inside her skirt. Both actions were guaranteed to cause a reaction, which invariably led to pain, which Jess pretended not to see.

At midnight Tom and Jess walked home.

"You looked very sexy tonight," Tom said.

"Is that the truth or just your attempt to get me to unlock you."

"Both I guess."

When they arrived home Jess sat down on the sofa. Tom however knelt down on the floor in front of her and looked up at her brown eyes.

"Jess, please I beg you!"

Jess edged forward on the sofa with one leg either side of his head.

"OK, show me how much you want me to unlock you," she purred as she slid further forward and let her skirt enclose his head.

Jess was in heaven and didn't rush the next stage. Finally she stood up.

"OK enough begging," she purred as she pulled him to his feet and started to unbuckle his trousers. She then unlocked the first padlock with the key and unlocked the second padlock with the combination, being careful not to show Tom the number.

As soon as she had removed the chastity tube, Tom picked her up and carried her to her bedroom; and closed the door.

Part V (added: 07/09/11)

Weeks passed and Jess's enthusiasm for the relationship remained strong, although Tom wasn't sure whether this was driven by her love for him, or by her new found love for bondage and for inventing ever more ways to lock him up. Not that he really cared what her driver was, she was good in bed and the bondage was usually a fun distraction from everyday life.

In Jessica's mind, Tom was easily the best looking guy she'd dated, as well as being easy going and funny. But the thing she loved the most was that he let her lock him up. Maybe it was because she'd been dumped a couple of times before or maybe because of some deeper reason, but she loved the feeling of having control over her guy. When Tom was in the cage, or in chastity, he needed her and there was certainly no way that he'd be foolish enough to end things with her while he was under her lock and key.

One Saturday morning, Jess was sitting at the breakfast bar wearing only a short negligee as Tom walked in still half asleep.

"What about steel bondage mitts?" she purred as pushed her disheveled hair back out of her eyes.

"What?" Tom replied as he made a beeline to the coffee machine.

"Steel bondage mitts," his flatmate repeated.

"Are you asking me, or telling me?" he smiled back as he poured his coffee.

"Telling of course," she giggled.

Tom looked at the open internet page which showed a particularly heavy pair of the item in question. Jessica took a tape measure and measured his wrist that was holding the coffee mug. The model who was wearing them on the site seemed happy enough, but then she probably wasn't at the mercy of some sadistic giggling brunette.

Jessica reached over for the coffee pot which made her negligee slide half way up her butt. She did have a cute butt. He thought back to the other evening when she'd sat on his face.

"You want to try?" she asked.

"OK," he replied, still lost in his thoughts.

When Tom returned from football that afternoon, Jessica was sitting on the couch wearing a white t-shirt and her tight pink shorts. She was sitting upright with her knees together with a cardboard box on her lap.

"Afternoon flatmate," he joked as he walked passed the lounge and went to take a shower. He smiled to himself as he saw the look of indignation on her face, although he then went on to wonder whether annoying her was such a good idea given what he knew she'd be doing to him later on.

"Are you finally ready?" she asked as he came out of shower with a towel around his waist.

"All yours," he smiled as she took him by the hand and led him back to the lounge and her new purchase. She sat back down on the sofa and made him kneel in front of her.

"Hand please," she ordered.

"Will this hurt?"

"That depends."

"Do these things lock?" he asked nervously.

"What do you think?"

"And who will hold the keys?"

"Who do you think?" she giggled as she took his hand.

She placed his hand in her lap and picked up the first steel mitt. Tom instinctively tried to pull his hand away, but Jessica simply opened her legs a little, pushed his hand down between her thighs and squeezed her legs back together.

"Stay," she ordered.

She then released his hand and positioned it in one half of the open mitt. It was a tight fit both around his wrist and in terms of the space available for his hand. Jessica closed it, so that it enclosed his hand and sealed tightly around his wrist. She then picked up a heavy duty padlock and slipped it in place.

"Are you ready?" she asked.

"For what?" he smiled.

"To lose the use of your hand until, or should that be 'if', I release you."

"You're not doing a very good job of selling this."

Tom watched as she squeezed the lock between her fingers. 'Click'. Jess gave an excited little giggle. And only a few seconds Jessica had the second mitt also locked in place.

"Don't like my sales pitch then," she giggled, "why don't you try to get out of them then?"

"It appears that I've been sold," he smiled as he inspected the heavy steel around his wrists..

Jessica stood up and rattled the keys in front of him, "How does it feel?"

"A little restrictive," he said as he looked at the two steel balls where his hands had once been.

"I'll give you a chance to get the keys," she offered

"You're all heart!"

Jessica giggled as she threw the keys to him and watched them bounce off one of the mitts before falling to the floor. Tom got to his knees and started trying to pick them up with his mouth, but Jessica was quicker and stood on the keys with her bare foot.

"That's not fair Jess!" Tom complained as he looked up at her.

"I gave you a chance, you should have caught them."

"Maybe you're forgetting that you just locked me in these mitts?"

"Oh yeah, silly me!"

Jessica moved her foot so that she was only standing on one of the two keys on the key ring, with the other key sticking out from the side of her foot. Tom, who was naturally optimistic, tried to pick up the protruding key with his mouth without any success.

With that not working, Tom tried a more direct approach by using his shoulder to gently push the brunette backwards on to the sofa.

"Hey, that's cheating," Jessica complained as she saw that Tom now had the keys between his teeth. She watched as he tried to maneuver them in his mouth so that one would point the right way. As he did so he dropped them and Jessica quickly picked scooped them up.

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"Right they're going in my pocket, you cheat."

"Some how the odds were always against me in that game, Jess."

Jessica smiled, "I know, you haven't a chance, but I love watching you try."

Jessica turned so that her butt was facing towards where Tom was kneeling and he could easily see the shape of the keys tucked inside the back pocket of her shorts.

"OK, one more chance," she offered.

Tom, still not having learnt his lesson, put his face up against Jessie's butt and stuck his tongue inside her back pocket. Jessica giggled.

"That tickles."

"These shorts are too tight," he complained as he readjusted his angle and tried again.

"Mmm, don't they just hug my cute little butt," she joked.

A few minutes later Tom gave up and head butted her butt so that once against she ended up on the sofa.

"That's naughty, you'll pay for that."

"I don't think it can get much worse," Tom smiled.

"I can think of many ways to increase your captivity," Jessica purred.

"Actually I don't doubt it," Tom smiled as he moved over to the sofa and buried his face into the back of the her pink shorts.

Jessica stood up and went to fetch a chain which she padlocked around his waist and then attached a pair of handcuffs to the back of the chain. She then proceeded to handcuff Tom's already 'mitted' hands behind his back.

"That's your punishment."

"I really am f***ed now," Tom concluded.

"I know, but go on, please try and get out of them, just for me."

Tom struggled for a few seconds for effect as he watched the excitement in her eyes grow.

"You're a real sadist, do you know that?"

"Maybe, but what are you going to do about it?" she giggled.

The amusement over, Jessica led him by the arm out of the lounge and into the bathroom.

"Every room is now a potential cell," she giggled as she left him in the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Tom soon saw what she meant as he realized that there was no way that he could operate the round door handle. He even tried with his mouth which was equally unsuccessful.

"Wherever I leave you, I know you'll stay," Jess giggled as she led him to her bedroom and closed the door behind them.

"Now I have you trapped in my bedroom, what shall I do with you?" she purred as she slowly removed her t-shirt and unbuttoned and slipped her shorts down her long tanned legs.

Jessica watched with satisfaction as Tom instinctively struggled against his restraints.

"Put your hands all over my body," she teased as she watched his struggles become more desperate.

"I love the way you seem to think that you break those high security padlocks with nothing but brut force," she purred as she ran her hands over his shoulders and biceps.

Tom leant down and ran his lips around the top of Jessica's black lacy bra. She immediately stepped away and started to look for something in her cupboard. As he suspected, she returned with her ball gag.

"Jess, you can't stand there in your bra and panties without giving me any chance of enjoying your body."

"Why don't you leave then?"

"I can't, you closed the door!" he complained.

"I haven't locked it," she giggled.

"You might as well have," he replied as he pulled his hands hopelessly.

Jessica smiled, "Well in that case it looks as though I can stand here in my panties and give you chance to enjoy," she giggled as she put the ball gag into his mouth.

There was no point in resisting. He knew from the moment that Jessica had padlocked the mitt on him that he had no choice but to obey her every whim. He listened as she buckled the gag in place and locked it with a padlock. He then watched as she nonchalantly tossed the padlock key across the room.

Tom watched as the only key to release him from the gag landed somewhere behind Jessica's chest of drawers. More worrying, though, was the fact that he was the only one who had watched it land.

Jess then laid Tom down on her bed and laid next to him head to toe, and started to run her fingers gently up and down the inside of his thighs. Tom lay there helplessly, his face only inches from the front of Jessica's silk panties.

Jessica moved forward so that his ball gag was resting against the front of her panties and started to rub herself against it. Tom watched as the tiny hairs on the inside of her thighs stood on end, stimulated by both the ball gag and the general power that their owner had over him. Jessica was starting to moan as she became more and more aroused, while at the same time being careful that her touch didn't give Tom the same pleasure.

Tom panted as he tried to sit up.

"No you don't," she purred as she wrapped her thighs around his head and tightened them like a vice.

With his hands chained behind him Jessica's thighs were more than a match for his neck muscle, although that didn't stop him from trying to pull free.

Jessica gave his neck a quick tight squeeze. "Think of my thighs as your last hope of freedom, because if your head was to come out from between them before I give you permission, you'll be wearing those mitts for the rest of the weekend."

Tom immediately relaxed and started to enjoy the feel of Jessica's soft legs around his neck. "Better," she smiled as she finally started to stimulate him.

When Jessica was finished she opened her bedroom door and led Tom to the bathroom, where they showered together, with the mitts and gag still firmly lock in place.

"Those mitts really do scare you don't they" Jessica smiled.

He stood there silently, watching the water drip down her face.

"Mmm, I love the way you hang on my every word."

Jessica pushed him down to his knees, where the water poured down over his head.

"As you can't use your hands, you'll have to wash me using your face as the sponge," she purred as she turned up the heat and closed her eyes.

Jessica giggled as she led him back to her room.

"OK, one more thing that you need to do before I unlock you."

Tom watched her smiling brown eyes, wondering what she had in mind. Wearing only white cotton panties Jessica picked up the black knickers that she'd worn earlier and stretched them over Tom's head so that they hung around his neck. Following her instructions, he then sat down on the floor at the end of her bed. Jessica then stretched her used underwear that was hanging around his neck and hooked it over one of the wrought iron bars at the base of her bed.

Still wearing only knickers, Jessica explained the game. "OK your neck is now secured to my bed by a pair of my dirty panties. Now I'm sure you could pull yourself free, but that would rip my panties, I would get cross and you would stay in the mitts for a further 'indefinite' period."

Tom tried to mumble a response but it was all but lost behind the gag.

Jessica then walked passed him and turned around so that her butt brushed across his face. She then swung her hips a little so that her butt gently knocked against his face. She then turned to face him and started to rub the front of her panties with her fingers, only inches from her face.

He tried to lean forward to touch her, but the elastic in her underwear tightened around the front of his neck. She turned around again and he watched as she moved her hips from side to side which made the white cotton ride slightly up her butt. Standing there in white cotton briefs she looked the picture of innocence, which couldn't have been further from the truth.

"Careful, you wouldn't want to tear my panties," Jessica smiled as she picked up a black scarf and gently wrapped it around his face as a blindfold.

He sat there, hands chained, gagged and blindfolded listening intently for any sounds. She was close by, he could smell her scent, but he didn't know where. Suddenly she gently bit one of his ears. The surprise made him move and almost tear the panties around his neck. "Careful," she purred.

She then bit down gently on the back of his neck, he jumped, moved his head and heard one or two of the stitches in the panties give way. "I hope you like those mitt," she whispered into his ear.

Jessica then stood in front of him, lifted one leg and wrapped it around his head to pull him in closer to her. She felt his nose bury into the front of her knickers and used it to once again stimulate herself.

Once finally satisfied, Jessica dressed and picked up her keys and purse.

"OK, I'm going to buy us some wine," she said totally matter-of-factly. "If you're still tethered to my bed by my panties when I return, maybe you can join me."

Tom sat there in the darkness listening to doors close and lock. The mitts were driving him crazy; he knew that Jess's panties would definitely be holding him prisoner until she returned. Until she unlocked the mitts, he would obey.

Part VI (added: 2016/08/11)

When Tom had mentioned his interest in bondage games to his new flatmate, he had no idea that she'd embrace it so fully and so quickly. Tom now sat on the floor next to Jess's bed blindfolded, listening intently to every slight sound. He could feel Jess's underwear around his neck. She'd used the black silk garment to connect his neck to the metal bedpost with one leg of her panties around each. He knew that any movement on his part would rip the black silk material and that they were Jess's favourite pair and she wouldn't be pleased.

He could have easily slipped the delicate material off over his head if only he had use of his hands, but they were locked inside steel balls bondage mitts and also cuffed behind his back. So he sat there very still, unable to move, listening carefully to the slightly sound, all because he didn't want to tear some girl's panties.

Even if Tom had been able to slip out of Jess's underwear, there would have been little he could do. Without the use of his hands he couldn't turn the handle of her bedroom door. All the doors in the flat had round handles that were stiff to turn and were positioned too close to the door frame to turn with your arms. And even if by some miracle he had been able to turn the door handle, the door wouldn't have opened as Jess had deadlocked it from the outside.

Tom studied Jess's scent that filled the room. There was perfume of course, but also another unique scent of the woman herself. He remembered it from when they had first met and he'd agreed to rent the spare room in her flat. He smiled as he thought back and compared their first meeting to his current predicament.

He heard the front door being unlocked, opened and then relocked. Then the same happened with the bedroom door. Unable to see anything he tried to call out from behind the gag. "Mmm?"

There was no reply, but Tom could hear someone walking around inside the room. It had to be Jess, but still some primeval sense of survival caused a shiver through his body. He cried out in surprise as Jess kissed him on the cheek. Unfortunately, he also heard a few more stitches of her underwear give way.

"What have you done to my panties?" his flatmate asked.

Tom wanted to make it clear that that was definitely her fault, but the red ball gag was just too deep inside his mouth. He tried to force it out with his tongue and as he pushed, the small padlock that secured the gag moved slightly to the side, but was never going to open.

Jess pulled her keys from the back pocket of her dark green cotton shorts and removed the gag key from the ring. She then pushed the small silver key down inside the front of her shorts and placed it carefully against her wet vagina. She then stepped forward and used the front of her shorts to pin Tom's head against the bed frame. With her hands around the back of his head, she used his nose to stimulate herself through the soft fabric of her shorts.

"You know you're pushing the gag key even deeper inside me," Jess breathed as she rubbed herself against him.

Not happy with the sensation, Jess then unzipped her shorts and pushed Tom's nose inside the small opening so that it was pushing her white cotton underwear inside her vagina. His mouth would have felt even nicer, but unfortunately that was locked away and she was now concerned that the key to the gag might be very hard to recover. However, in her heighten mood it really didn't matter and within minutes Jess had reached orgasm and sat back down on the floor.

Tom was breathing heavily, sucking in as much air as possible through his nose. With his mouth gagged and his nose sealed up inside Jess's shorts he'd barely been able to breathe and with no hands to stop the horny girl, he'd been close to passing out. Jess had been oblivious to this and remained oblivious as she wriggled out of her tight shorts and reached into her panties to search for the missing key. Unfortunately for Tom, her searching turned her on and she went again this time by her own hand.

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Jess finally found the warm wet key and pushed it into the small padlock and removed Tom's gag. She then untied the scarf that covered his eyes to reveal the strong sexy brown eyes beneath.

"I'm still cross about my ripped panties." she said, their eyes only inches apart.

Tom tried to lean forward and kiss her red lips, but in the excitement he'd forgotten about the underwear still around his neck and it ripped a little more.

"Right, the mitts stay locked...forever!"


Tom tried to tell himself that the look in her big brown eyes was just that of lust and arousal, but he also sensed a sadistic edge. His concern was easily remedied though, by simply looking down at Jess's cute hips and shapely legs and after a quick glimpse, his own lust kicked back in.

Jess unhooked her dirty black underwear from the bed post, leaving it hanging around Tom's neck and retrieved the keys to unlock the handcuffs. Having freed him from everything other than the mitts, Jess pushed him backwards on to the red Persian rug and sat astride his waist.

Her chest was still heaving up and down from the exertion and her nipples were still erect which made her breasts look as though they were about to burst out of her tight white t-shirt. Jess leant forward to make sure Tom had front row seats.

"Take off my top and they're all yours," she breathed.

Tom fell for her trick, only to find that the tight t-shirt was as good as welded in place while his hands were locked up inside the steel balls. His attempts to sit up and use his mouth to remove her t-shirt also failed as Jess simply moved forward and pinned him back down by sitting heavily on his chest.

"Well if you don't want them," Jess smiled, "then I'll just have to unwrap my present."

Jessica's breasts may have been close to escaping her t-shirt, but Tom cock was also straining inside his boxer shorts. Using her slim fingers, Jess quickly pulled down his underwear and smiled as his cock stood to attention. She playfully sat on it to keep it down, but every time she lifted up, so did his cock.

"Well if I can't keep it down...."

Jess left the sentence unfinished as she pulled aside her panties and eased herself down on to him. The effect he was having on the slim brunette was obvious as she opened her eyes and mouth wide, looked up and cried out in pleasure.

It had been amazing and both Tom and Jess were slightly zoned out as they stood up and Jess slipped back into her shorts and put her hair back up into a ponytail. Tom tried to put his boxers back on but only managed to amuse Jess with his failed attempts. Jess had already opened the bedroom door and was walking to the kitchen. With Jess's bedroom door about to swing closed again, Tom ran naked through the opening before it clicked shut and trapped him inside.

Jess was opening the bottle of red wine as Tom reached the kitchen, still completely naked other than for the mitts and the underwear hanging around his neck, and with his cock still embarrassingly hard.

"Please Jessica!" he begged as held up the steel balls where his hands used to be.


"Sorry 'Jess'." Now wasn't the time to antagonise the girl with the keys.

"Oh if you insist!"

Jess squeezed the keys out of the back pocket of her shorts and threw them over to him where they bounced off the steel mitts and landed on the floor. She walked over to where the keys had landed and stood with her hands on her hips and her legs apart.

"Well do you want them?" Jess snapped, but then wasn't quite able to suppress a smile.

Fuck, she was sexy and Tom wanted to have her again right there. Unfortunately for him, without hands Jess's buttoned up shorts were as impenetrable as a chastity belt. Desperate for his hands back, he knelt down beneath her and picked up the bunch of keys with his mouth.

"Which key is it?" he asked, with the ring containing at least fifteen padlock keys.

"You'll have to try them all."

With one key held between his teeth, Tom tried to push it into the padlock that secured his left mitt, but the padlock kept moving from side to side and then the keys fell and clattered back on to the floor. He tried again with one of the padlocks wedged between his wrist and the table. He moved his mouth close to the padlock but he couldn't see what he was doing and key missed and again dropped to the floor.

"If you're quite finished," Jess smiled, "I'll have my keys back."

"But then how will I get my hands out?"

"You won't," Jess observed, "opening those locks without the keys is almost impossible."

Tom watched from the floor as Jess picked up the bunch of silver keys and buried them back inside her tight pocket. He then watched her bring two wine glasses to the table and place a straw into one of the glasses. Jess sat down and frowned, the keys were digging into her butt and she had to adjust them slightly before settling down and turning to her wine.

Jessica's bare feet were tapping on the floor with excitement, her mind now completely driven by her sexual arousal. She looked down and noticed a small rectangular shape cut out of the wooden floor boards. One of her chair legs was resting on the hatch and she had to push her chair backwards before she could get her fingernails around the edge and prise it open.

She peered down into a small space beneath the polished floorboards. There was only a foot between the rough concrete base and the underside of the floorboards. The space was also divided into two foot wide sections by the thick wooden beams that supported the floor, giving the space 'coffin' like dimensions.

"No way!" Tom said.

Jess reached under the table and took hold of his still hard cock. "For me?"

Tom tried to get her off his cock, but instead by climaxed and leaned back in the chair with his mitted hands by his side as Jess wiped him down.

As Tom sat zoned out, Jess fetched her yoga mat and eased it down through the wooden hatch and laid it in the space below. The small space still scared Tom, but Jess encouraged him by again grabbed his cock and pulling him over to the hatch. Neither spoke as Tom sat on the edge and slipped his athletic legs into the secret space underneath the floorboard. With his elbows resting either side of the hole he eased his hips and chest inside until he was lying on the yoga mat with his head directly below the opening.

Tom was buzzing from a mix of arousal and claustrophobia as he kissed Jess's toes that she'd just pushed through the hatch and on to his face. Jess was hyper excited and had to bite her lower lip to stop her melting away with her emotions.

"Ready to disappear?" she breathed as she positioned the wooden panel back into place to once again create a smooth continuous floor.

Tom was now part of the structure of Jess's flat, if she was to sell the place now he would come as part of the package. He pushed up at the thick wooden planks above him which were totally solid, with only a small amount of light filtering between the boards. Through the gaps, however, he could see that Jess had placed one leg of her chair on the middle of the hatch and he could hear the slight creak of timber as she sat down. He eased one 'mitt' up to the hatch and pushed. Nothing. He was trapped with no way to counteract her weight above him.

Tom was comfortable lying on the mat with the image of Jess running through his mind. Had he been able to escape from the mitts, he would have masturbated, but as he couldn't he just listened to Jess fidgeting around above him. Judging by the moans and the scrapping of the chair on the boards, she was also enjoying his predicament.

"Let's do this when my girlfriends come over tonight, it can be our little secret," Jess had finally stopped touching herself, but remained seated on the chair above him, "Which of my friends would you like to sit above you?"

"Will they be touching themselves and getting off like you?"

"Probably would if they knew you were down there."

"Well in that case, let me think," Tom laughed to himself.

Not pleased that Tom was thinking about her friends jacking off, Jess sat up straight and folded her arms and legs. "They won't know you're down there," she said defiantly, "I'll have a gag, loud music and a packet of long screws ready to make sure!"

"Screws?!" Tom's small space suddenly seemed smaller.

"Yes, screws," Jess emphasised the word.

The hatch in the floorboards had once been screwed in place and there were still two screw holes on either side. Jess jumped up and ran to the garage to find four screws and the electric powered screwdriver that she'd been given by her parent, but never used. By the time she returned, Tom had lifted the hatch and in so doing had toppled the chair resting above.

"Just to try, I promise!" Jess said as her little green shorts bobbed around left and right as she collected the tools.

"I'm not sure which I fear the most, your sadistic tendencies or your woodwork skills."

She gave Tom a false smile and then replaced the lid and knelt on it with one knee to ensure it stayed in shut. She then placed the screws into the holes and started the drill. "Opps!" she had surprised herself with the noise. She then pushed the drill into the first screw and started the drill again. The drill turned and the screw quickly disappeared into the thick wood. "Yeah it worked!" Soon she had sunk all four screws deep into the wood.

Jess lay down above Tom and rubbed herself on the floor boards. Fuck, she felt sexy. She'd always been slightly immature in some ways and she couldn't contain her sexual emotions as she looked through one of the small gaps into the gloom below.

"I've screwed you and now I've screwed you," Jess giggled as she blew warm air down into the small space below.

Tom could see her shadow move above him, her slim female body writhing around in short shorts and tight t-shirt. He was hard and tried to play with his cock between the steel mitts. Fuck, if only she would give him his hands back. He felt her warm breath against his face and struggled and pushed up on the board to try and escape.

Jessica then sat on the floorboard above his face and farted. She seemed eager to know whether her smell had reached down into Tom's small coffin. It had, although to her annoyance he seemed to love the scent.

Jessica finally knelt on the floor and tried to remember how to make the drill turn the other way. After much trial and error, she figured it out and unscrewed the hatch. Tom immediately lifted it up and very inelegantly struggled to climb out.

Now covered with dust, he wrapped his arms around his flatmate and carried the giggling brunette into the shower. He was naked, but Jess was still dressed as he tried and failed to turn the taps with his mouth. For once Jess obliged and he watched as her shorts and t-shirt became soaked through. Her breasts were now really showing through the wet white t-shirt. This time Jess gave him what he wanted and stripped naked so they could make love in the shower.


Tom was starting to love more and more things about his crazy flatmate, particularly her habit of making love on almost an hourly basis. The only thing he didn't like was the steel mitts. He'd asked her many times to unlock them and each time the smile had disappeared from her cute face and she'd gone cold on him. He'd pushed it as far as he dare without risking losing the love fest.

The mitts made him feel so helpless. He couldn't dress and so had been naked all day. He couldn't open any doors and Jess had kept every internal door closed thereby imprisoning him wherever he was. He couldn't undress her which turned her shorts into a chastity belt. He couldn't use his phone to call for help and he was generally helplessly at her mercy in pretty much whatever they did.

With Jess's friend's arriving in less than an hour they returned to the kitchen. The friend's were having a pre-party at Jess's flat before going out to eat. Jess had moved the kitchen table to the side to create a space in the kitchen for drinking and dancing before they left. In the middle of the space was the hatch.

Tom climbed into the space below the floorboards and looked up. Jess was wearing black pointed leather high heels with straps that encircled her ankles. Above that she wore a tight red cocktail dress.

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Everyone had arrived and were drinking wine and talking. Jess was so turned on by her sexy naked guy beneath the boards that she was almost tempted to show off by lifting the hatch and revealing him to her friends.

She glanced down to see that her friend Beth had both feet on the hatch. Ha! Beth had once joked that she'd always wanted to have a guy lock up, under her control. Right then she had just that and she didn't even know it. Beth's slim stocking covered legs, her button butt and tight body wrapped in her orange dress could easily have held Tom prisoner inside his tiny cell for as long as she liked. He was Beth's helpless slave and she didn't even know.

The five pairs of heels continued to clip around on the floor above Tom. Both the music and the chatter that filled the small kitchen were getting increasingly louder, but all Tom could do was lay motionless and watch the action through the crack.

Some woman called Lisa was now standing above him, her legs apart with one foot on the hatch. She wore a white dress with a pink flowery trim which flared out and showed everything from his vantage point beneath. She wore white panties, not a thong, but they were tight and starting to disappear up between her cheeks. Some hair was peeping out from beneath the white cotton at the front. Round curvy butt, this girl wasn't a gym freak, but had one hell of an ass.

Now there was another woman whose name he hadn't caught, standing on the hatch. Knee length socks, slim legs clasped modestly together, shiny pink underwear and short ra ra skirt.

Tom was starting to feel uncomfortable. Jess's idea had seemed fun, but now he felt like a voyeur. Jess may have been getting off on having him trapped beneath the floor, but the other women had no idea he was there. He looked away for a moment, but couldn't help but look back. So many toned legs and cute butts, Tom was rock hard even if it felt wrong.

The women finally left for the restaurant and the flat was silent. Tom lifted the hatch and slowly eased himself out from under the floor boards. He desperately wanted a beer and finally managed to open one with the bottle between his knees and the opener in his mouth. He held the bottle between his wrists and drank.

Exhausted, he walked to Jessica's room and was surprised to see that her door, that had a habit of slamming shut, was actually open. He walked into her room and used his feet to swing the door closed behind him. Now trapped inside her bedroom, he lay down on her unmade bed and quickly fell asleep.


Tom was woken in the early hours by Jess's kisses. High from dancing, alcohol and possibly more, she quickly pulled off the sheets and sat astride his naked body.

"As deep as you can go... if you ever want me to unlock those mitts."

Tom was still half asleep and unlike Jess, was still exhausted from the earlier sex. He tried to sit up and talk, but Jess had already slid up his chest and was sitting on his face, leaning forward and holding on to the head board. She wasn't wearing any underwear and her pussy was already wet as she pushed down against him. His tongue was deeper than it had ever been, but evidently not deep enough.

"Deeper!" she cried.

His tongue ached like hell and his head hurt from the pressure she was exerting with her body. He continued to suck her pussy until Jess suddenly lifted up and positioned herself on his hard cock. Ten minutes later and they were lying panting on the bed.

Jess had known for a while that she had an insatiable sex drive and now Tom knew it as well. Unfortunately for them both, she was too high to adjust her sex appetite so that another human being could keep up with her.

"Again!" she cried as she climbed to all fours, her red dress crooked and hanging off one shoulder.

"Fucking hell Jessica!"

She didn't like being called by her full name, it made her feel as if she was being told off. Tom looked even tougher in the half light with stubble on his face and his muscles glinting with perspiration. She tried to climb on to him, but he rolled her slim body back on to the mattress.

"Fuck me now, or rot in the cage!" she yelled.

Tom was now fully awake which meant he could feel his cock that ached like hell from overuse. He'd seen Jess get aggressive before after too much drink; it seemed so at odds with her sweet feminine body and usual sexy demeanour. It hadn't mattered before as he could just go back to his room. Now though, her sexual aggression was aimed at him.

He needed a break, but he also didn't want to ruin crazy sexual adventure. Plus he knew she'd regret her behaviour in the morning and make it up to him.

"OK, the cage." he replied.

Jessica's big brown eyes opened wide and looked surprised and then angry. As she stood up her tight red dress stuck to her body with perspiration, revealing her thighs and half of her butt. Her smooth pale skin was covered in goose bumps and glistening with moisture. The amount she'd drunk was causing mayhem inside her mind and body.

Even despite her behaviour, the idea of Jess locking him up again gave him a rush. He also looked forward to the morning when she would realise how she'd treated him and have to make it up to him. He kissed her gently on the lips and then walked back to the lounge. He threw some cushions inside the cage, stepped inside and lay down.

Jessica was still fuming as she followed him into the room and slammed the lid of the cage down on top of him. In total silence, she padlocked the cage and then picked up some cuffs and reached through the bars to secure his wrists and ankles to each other, with the connecting chains wrapped cruelly around the bars of the cage.

"Goodnight sweetheart!" she hissed as she stood so close to the cage that he could smell her arousal.

"Goodnight Jessica."

That annoyed her again and Tom was almost thankful for the protection of the cage as she swung her hips and walked around him and then left, slamming the lounge door behind her.

'I fucking love you Jessica' Tom mouthed to himself as she left. He knew it was wrong to be turned on by her irrational behaviour, but at least he would do his best to help her control her emotions.

He explored the cage, the mitts and the cuffs that she'd randomly added. This was his first experience of being locked up by a crazy and seriously pissed off girl and in his fucked up mind that seemed to add to the excitement. There was absolutely no way he would be able to talk her into returning his freedom until she had sobered up and that thought excited him.


When Tom woke the next morning he was still chained and caged and there was no sign of Jess. He heard her phone ring. A few minutes later the door bell rang and he heard Jess run to open it and then heard her and another female voice walk to the kitchen. Finally the lounge door opened.

"Hello Tom, I'm Lisa."

Tom knew the name because he had spent much of the previous evening looking up her dress. It was a strange way to meet someone; he knew what colour underwear she wore, but not that she was a nice looking blonde. She stood by the door dressed in a tight grey jumper, blue jeans and black leather boots and had her hands clasped together in front of her body.

It was embarrassing to meet this woman while naked and locked in a cage and Tom was also concerned about whether Jess had told her about their voyeur games.

"Lisa, hi. This is weird."

"I know," Lisa moved to sit on the arm of the sofa next to the cage."

He was still hard and couldn't even move his hands to hide his cock.

Lisa continued, "Jess called me. She's really embarrassed and upset about what she did last night."

"It was just a game."

"I understand, but what's all this about?" Lisa asked, tapping the cage with her boot, "As her older sister I..."

"What!" Tom interrupted.

"Sister," Lisa repeated, "so what is this stuff you're getting her into."

Tom smiled to himself. He may have been the first to mention some bondage games, but it was Jessica who had taken things to this level.

"Your baby sis is quite old enough to make her own decisions," Tom replied.

With the intention to let him out and end whatever game this was, Lisa stood up and left the room to fetch her sister's keys, her leather boots clapping loudly on the wooden floor boards as she walked. She returned and knelt down by the bars, her black leather boots creaking as she lowered herself to Tom's level. Tom instinctively focused on the keys that Lisa dangled from her perfectly painted red fingernails.

"And you like being in there?" Lisa asked.

"Well I did when Jess had the keys," Tom replied, "I'm a little nervous now."

Lisa's resolute eyes softened and her lips broke into a slight smile.

"Do you lock Jessie in here?"

"I haven't, but maybe if she wanted to."

Lisa moved closer to the cage to get a better look inside. Tom seemed like a nice guy and certainly had a sexy body and a hard cock.

"You sure you don't like me being here?" Lisa asked as she opened her legs to move even closer to him. She saw the concern on Tom's face and smiled.

"I'll get my baby sis," Lisa finally said, pleased that she'd had the opportunity to vet the new boyfriend.

Tom watched her leave, her blond hair pulled back in a ponytail and bobbing up and down just like Jess's. He knew why Lisa had a smirk on her face and he looked at his cock and tried in vain to stop his erection.

Lisa reappeared with a sheepish looking Jessica in tow who was wearing a baggy white jumper and black track pants.

"I'm sorry," she half smiled, "we still friends?"

Tom had been looking forward to Jess's apology which would hopefully lead to make up sex, although in his plans it certainly hadn't involved the older sister.

"Jess, you're sexy even when you're pissed," Tom smiled as he kissed her through the bars of the cage, "although maybe now would be a good time to let me out?"

"Oh Lisa has the keys...."

They both turned to see Lisa sitting on the arm of the sofa, smiling.

"No I don't," she said and then giggled.

Jess walked over and tickled her sister around the waist making Lisa scream and roll backward on to the sofa. Jess may be been five years younger, but she was just as strong and leaned over and continued to tickle.

"OK, OK as long as I can unlock him," Lisa squealed.

Jessica let her up, but Lisa just sat there as both sisters considered their next move.

"Jess, why don't you come in here with me?" Tom asked, taking advantage of the break in the cat fight.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, Lisa whispered something into Jess's ear and they both giggled.


Lisa removed the keys from the front pocket of her jeans and Jess pointed to the one that would unlock the cage. Lisa pushed it into the large gold padlock and lifted up the heavy cage lid.

"He won't want you dressed like that," Lisa said, "you'll have to strip."

Jess seemed only too happy to follow her sister's instructions and was soon standing in only white panties.

Even with the cage unlocked, Tom was still immobilised by the mitts and the cuffs that connected his hands and feet to the bars of the cage. Careful not to stand on him, Jessica stepped inside the cage with one foot either side of his head.

"Get down," Lisa ordered as she started to lower the heavy barred lid.

Jessica crouched down on to all fours to allow Lisa to fully close the lid, only to realise that she and Tom were now head to toe with her butt just above his face.

"Lift the lid, Lisa I need to turn around."

It was too late. Lisa had already locked the cage and was laughing.

"Can't you turn around inside?"


Jess was right, their two bodies filled the entire cage with Tom on his back with his knees drawn up and Jess completing the '69' position above him with her head between his muscular legs. Lisa was laughing as Tom and Jess tried not to smother each other.

"OK that was a great idea of yours Tom," Jess said sarcastically, "Lisa, get this thing open!"

Lisa was again kneeling close to the cage, with her squeaky leather boots close enough for Tom to smell. Tom peered out from beneath Jess's butt to see Lisa smiling eyes and wide smiling lips.

"Now that is sexy," the older sister observed, "it looks as though I've well and truly sorted this lovers' tiff."

Tom was already kissing his way around Jess's underwear and had arrived at the damp patch at the front. His tongue was now inside Jess's body, which in turn was trembling inside the confines of the locked cage.

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"I'm jealous," Lisa whispered quietly into Tom's ear, "can you also reach me from in there?"

Tom turned his head to look through the heavy bars at Lisa's legs that were now wide apart with the denim pulled tight across her crotch.

Then his attention was directed back inside the cage as he felt his cock slide inside something warm. He felt Jess's lips tighten around him and his body convulsed inside the confines of the small cage.

He looked back at Lisa and saw that she was still kneeling with her legs apart, but now she'd pulled her jeans down to her knees to expose her slim figure and tiny pink thong. Fortunately, Jess's head was pinned between Tom's thighs and unable to see what her sister was doing.

After first putting her finger to her lips to tell him to be quiet, Lisa reached inside her underwear and pulled out two wet fingers which she reached through the bars and into Tom's mouth. At that moment, both Tom and Jess climaxed leaving their sweaty bodies relaxed and breathing heavily.

Lisa dropped the keys inside the front of her underwear and then stood, pulled up her jeans and buttoned them tightly around her waist. Neither Tom nor Jessica had the energy to say anything as Lisa clipped out of the room.


Lisa returned to the lounge, sat down on the sofa and crossed her legs. She felt the power of someone who was in complete control. Jess and Tom were her prisoners and totally at her mercy. She'd never had a prisoner before. Her younger sister and boyfriend were desperately craning their heads to watch her every movement, their eyes searching for the smallest sign of what she might do and therefore what their fate would be.

Their bodies were completely intertwined inside the small heavy cage; they had to be to fit into such a small space. Tom was lying on his back on the bottom of the cage with his knees drawn up and Jess's butt resting down on the side of his head. The combined effect of Jess's butt and the cuffs that locked his hands and feet to the bars was to render him completely immobile.

Jess's position was just as tight. When Lisa had closed the lid of the cage, Jess had been forced down on to her boyfriend. She was now pinned to him with no possible way to extract her head from between Tom's thighs. At least her hands and feet were unchained and she was just able to reach one hand up through the bars to the big gold padlock that locked the cage.

"Whenever you're ready Lisa," Jess panted as she rattled the lock.

"I'm not ready," her sister replied from the sofa.

Jess was just about to start yet another argument with her older sister when Tom started kissing her again between her legs. Unable to move, Jess had no way to stop Tom's advances, so she tried to ignore the fact that Tom's lips were inside her and to continue the discussion with Lisa.

Lisa just sat there and watched the look in her sister's eyes with amusement. At first they were determined, but then she looked distracted and had to refocus. She was distracted again and her mouth opened and she quietly moaned. Jess's eyes were still looking at Lisa, but were no longer focused on anything. A smile came across Jess's lips and she closed her eyes and moaned again. She started to thrust her hips as much as the small cage would allow and cry out in pleasure.

Lisa walked over and sat down on the cage above her euphoric sister. One of the cage bars ran right beneath her, pushing the denim up between Lisa's butt cheeks. It felt nice, but evidently not as nice as the feeling of Tom's tongue.

Lisa looked down at her sister who was still shaking with sexual excitement. "You wanted to say something to me?"

"Yes, what, no..." the response from the brunette in the cage below was unintelligible.

"Well now I know how to win any argument with my feisty little sister," Lisa smiled as she left the room and listened to their conversation from the hallway.

"When's your sister going to unlock the cage?" Tom mumbled into Jess's underwear.

"If you'd stop jacking me off then I could ask her!" Jess snapped and then tried, but failed to fart into Tom face.

"She's your sister," Tom continued.

"Yeah, but amazingly she doesn't lock me in a cage with a sex crazed guy very often."

"Me sex crazed?"

Yes, Jess could feel the pressure inside her and so used her feet and butt to clamp down on Tom's head. Perfect, he was in place and facing right into her. She held him firmly and farted.


Tom struggled, but the combination of restraints held his nose firmly in the danger zone. Jess had everything locked down, including his cock that was once again held firmly in her mouth.

The smell was now dissipating, but Lisa could still smell it as she walked back in. She stretched her arms out wide and put her hands on her hips, giving a lovely stretch of her back.

"Small cages are such a test for any relationship, aren't they," she joked.

Jess was now consumed with a mix of anger and arousal. "Lisa, the padlock!"

"No, I'm keeping you locked up for another twenty four hours at least."

"Lisa!" they both begged in unison as Lisa sat down on the sofa as if she had all the time in the world.

Lisa indulged her newly found sadistic side for another ten minutes before slowly unlocking the cage and lifting the heavy lid. Jess immediately climbed out and ran off to her bedroom, while Tom remained helplessly cuffed at the bottom of the cage.

"Can you unlock these cuffs as well?" Tom asked, his body aching even more as he watched Lisa stretch her lithe yoga body, the large bunch of keys jangling in her hand.

Lisa closed the lounge door and played with her long blonde hair between her fingers as she walked back towards the cage. The sly smile on her face made Tom feel even more vulnerable, especially as she was focusing on his naked erect cock. Lisa's boots squeaked as she stepped inside the cage and used the toe of her boot to play with his manhood. She then crouched down over Tom's naked body and with Tom's hands still firmly chained up, she ran her fingers around Tom's lips.

"These really have an effect on my sister," she observed as she pushed her fingers inside.

Lisa stretched her grey knitted top down over her shoulders to reveal her cleavage held in place by a red bra. Tom looked up at her clear blue eyes and swallowed on his dry throat.

"You'd better hope Jess doesn't find out, or you might be the one locked in here."

"I might like that," Lisa smiled as she pulled her fingers out of his mouth, stood up and stepped out of the cage. She then slowly freed Tom from the handcuffs and foot cuffs and watched, without helping, as he struggled painfully out of the cage.

"Can you undo these mitts?"

"Yes, of course, I have the keys."

"OK, will you?"


Lisa tingled with excitement as Tom pushed her back against the wall and held her there with one mitt either side of her body. He was a tall athletic guy. She looked up at his eyes and then down to his tensed biceps and erect cock. 'Oh fuck' she breathed as Jess opened the lounge door and Tom quickly stepped back.


Lisa had then left and Tom had agreed to take Jessica out for lunch in return for her freeing him from the mitts.

That evening, Tom had taken the red eye flight to the US for work. He had returned early on Saturday morning, arriving back at the flat just as Jessica woke up. She came out of her bedroom wearing a short black nightdress and with her unbrushed hair covering half of her face. She wore smudged eye shadow on barely open eyes.

"Hi," she smiled as she fidgeted nervously in her doorway, "come look at this."

Tom followed her into her darkened room filled with a combination of perfume and her scent. The curtains were still drawn and clothes were strewn around the floor, but in the middle of the room Tom could see a new heavy steel stool.

The base of the stool comprised a shiny metal disc, above which a single steel leg rose up to support the seat. The leather seat was round and had a small backrest. The only unusual feature was a section cut out of the front of the seat, like someone had taken a bite out of it.

"I've lots of work to do this weekend," Jess said as she caressed her new stool, "perhaps you can be with me and inspire me."

"By being part of your furniture?"

Jess nodded and a big grin crossed her sleepy face. She then showered and dressed in a short blue floral summer dress which reached down revealingly between her breasts. She put her hair up in pigtails which only emphasised the look of pure innocence. She leaned forward a little and gave him her best sexy pout.

The effort really wasn't necessary as Tom would have happy have let the cute brunette lock him up in anything, while wearing anything. He stripped down to his black boxers and sat down on the base of the stool with his arms and legs wrapped around the steel leg that supported the seat. He wasn't surprised to find that his neck fitted perfectly into the part of the seat that had been cut out and he sat there looking towards the backrest, with his chin resting on the black leather seat.

"My head will be between your legs." Tom smiled, faking surprise.

"Oh, really?"

"Also, what if I get bored and leave." Tom teased.

Just looking at Tom's muscular body wrapped around the stool was turning Jessica on. With the steel leg now hidden, it looks as if his strong body was actually supporting her seat, maybe in her next design it would. She quickly collected everything she'd need to secure him before he realised quite how cruel this position would be and change his mind.

She first used her 'D' shaped bike lock to secure Tom's neck to the single steel leg. Tom soon realised that this stopped him from pulling his neck back out of the hole in the seat and because the hole in the seat was too narrow for his head to fit down through, this meant that his head could not be separated from the leather seat.

The bike lock alone was enough to connect him permanently to the stool, but Jess continued. With Tom's arms wrapped around the stool's steel leg and back around his body as far as he could reach, Jess padlocked a chain around one wrist and then passed the chain around his back and locked the other end to Tom's other wrist.

Her third and final design feature was a length of chain that she padlocked around his waist then wrapped around the stool's steel leg and then wrapped around his ankles where she used another padlock to secure his feet together. Now his waist, his ankles and the leg of the stool were all joined together.

Tom's body was now helplessly wrapped around the stool's leg with his entire body underneath the seat. The only part of him that wasn't under the seat was his head that poked through the seat cushion.

"It's beautiful." Jess exclaimed as she grabbed her phone and took a picture of her 'steel, leather and sexy guy' sculpture.

"'It's?' beautiful?" Tom questioned, conscious that he was part of the sculpture.

"Try and escape." Jess asked as she took a movie as she walked around.

Tom sat there helplessly as Jessica dragged him over to her desk and eased herself on to the stool. She pulled up her dress so she could see his bodiless head now resting between her thighs, his nose only a couple of inches from her white cotton underwear. Tom looked up at the girl with the pigtail hair, whose eyes were now focused on a book on the desk in front of her.

"What you reading?"

"Shh!" Jessica pulled her dress back down over Tom's head and tucked it in under her thighs to hold it in place, "One more word and I'll gag you!"

'Jessica Law' could be uber strict.

There was very little that Tom could do other than to try and kiss her thighs, she'd pretty much taken away his ability to do anything else. His body was completely chained up and unable to move. She'd sealed his head inside her dress so he had very little to see other than her thighs and panties that sat frustratingly out of reach in front of him. Her thighs were pushed up against his ears so he couldn't hear anything. Taste and smell were also limited to the subtle scent of Jess's body. She had effectively removed all of his senses.

"OK, for the next hour you will focus only on my pussy," Jess eased herself forward on the stool so that her panties pushed against his face and pulled her brief underwear to one side, "I want your undivided worship and attention."

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Tom now had a focus. He could immediately smell and taste her wet vagina and kissed it lightly. He used his tongue and watched up close the small physiological changes as her body became aroused. He knew that it would take him much less than an hour to bring her to the limit at which point she would no doubt unchain him and they would make love.

As predicted, only ten minutes later Jess was rocking forward on the stool and crying out in ecstasy. Everything inside her dress was wet, but at least Tom would soon be freed from the hot and humid cell. But when Jess could take no more, she just slid back on the seat until she was out of his reach and pushed her panties back into place. She continued her work leaving Tom still helpless beneath her.

Fuck, the stool was so well designed that the 'sitter' could chose whether it was a place of worship or simply a place of imprisonment. And Jess had decided that Tom would once again be back in the place of imprisonment.

"Jess, let's make out." he asked hopefully.

"Right I'm going to gag you."


Jess enjoyed a little panic in his voice and couldn't help but smile. She pulled her dress even further over his head and tucked it in tightly around her thighs and continued to work.

Jess was interrupted by a text from her sister who wanted to 'make sure she was OK'. Jess knew this was Lisa's code for 'I want to see what you and your twisted guy are doing'. Jess was still thinking about how to answer the text when the doorbell rang and she reluctantly slid off the stool to answer it.

Tom had no desire for others to see him moonlighting as Jess's 'stool sculpture', but there was no way he could move even when Jess wasn't sitting on top. At least he now had fresh air and he breathed it in as he waited.

Jess returned to the room with Lisa, who was again dressed in blue jeans with a fitted white woollen top and her blonde hair was up in a ponytail. She smiled with surprise as she saw the 'man stool'.

"OMG, is this where you've been working," Lisa exclaimed, "it's beautiful."

'It's'? To these girls, Tom had evidently become an object. At least he was a 'beautiful' object.

"Can I try?" Lisa asked.

Jess eyes her sister suspiciously. "Only if you keep your jeans on."

Undeterred by the restriction imposed by her sister, Lisa knelt down to inspect the sculpture, using it as opportunity to run her hands over the muscles of Tom's semi naked body. She could see that her touch made Tom feel vulnerable, but that appealed to her and she ran her hand down towards his boxers as she followed the expression in his eyes.

Lisa eased herself up over his head and took her place on the seat. Tom's bodiless head looked even cuter between her legs. His brown eyes looked up at her, almost pleadingly. She slid forward and closed her denim covered legs around his head, so close that she could feel the warmth of his face against her. Lisa didn't have a guy at the moment and was desperate for the touch of a man.

"That's enough," Jess said, "I've got to go to go out anyway."

Lisa reluctantly climbed off, her arousal cut short, but then she had a better idea. "I'll stay and look after Tom." she said with her best big puppy dog eyes.

"Sure, if I can padlock your jeans."

"What," Lisa exclaimed, not sure whether to laugh or hit or sister, "how twisted are you?"

"The stool is my property and I make the rules."

Jess thought she'd got one over on her older sister, until Lisa finally replied, "Sure, lock me up."

Tom had been watching the siblings squabble and was amused by how he'd been reduced to an object which apparently belonged to Jessica. "Don't I have a say in this?" he asked.

Jessica stopped and looked over, seemingly surprised that her stool had spoken. "No honey, you're just my property," she kissed him on the lips, "but you are my favourite thing."

Tom rolled his eyes and continued to watch the action. Jessica had an open padlock in her hand and was holding it for her sister to see. After some debate, Jess bent down and fiddled with the padlock on the front of her sister's jeans and eventually stood back up, key in hand.

Lisa seemed happy enough with the arrangement and even blew Jess a kiss as she left. The cool blonde had been intrigued by how her little sister had kept an uber sexy guy in a cage and now she had him chained provocatively to a stool, in a position that could only have been designed for one purpose.

Lisa ran her fingers through Tom's dark hair as she walked around the stool.

"I guess you kissed her down there?" Lisa touched her own clit.

Tom loved it when women had control of him and this effect was amplified with Lisa with her tight body and seductive face.

"Yeah, you want me to show you?" he offered.

His words immediately increased the heat inside her. "Really?"

She looked at the padlock that Jessica had secured to the button on her jeans. She tried to undo it, but the lock was too big to fit through the button hole. Lisa looked down at her tight blue jeans that enclosed her slim waist so perfectly. 'Perfectly' may have been the word in the shop, but now they fitted a little too well. She seized the waistband and pulled down, but it was a physical impossibility to get those jeans over her hips without unbuttoning them. The only way would be to cut herself out of the jeans, but they were her favourite jeans, plus then Jessica would know.

"Don't suppose Jess gave you the key?" Lisa asked Tom.

Tom laughed and rattled the high security locks that completely immobilise his body and gave her a look that said 'you must be joking'.

Lisa smiled, this was fun, but getting head from Tom would be even better. She was wearing her sexy black silk underwear, which she could feel between her legs, but which were now unfortunately 'locked' inside her jeans. The silk was now taunting her, sliding over her butt as she wriggled and fought with the locked garment.

"Unzip your jeans," Tom purred, "and take a seat on me."

Lisa smiled and slid her butt over his head and on to the stool. The zipper didn't open far, but it was enough for Tom to get his mouth and nose inside. His lips touched her warm scented underwear and he breathed in for a few moments.

"You smell beautiful."

"Thank you."

He worked his way around the silk barrier and his lips rested on her clit. He felt a shudder run through her body and for a moment it looked as though the two of them might crash to the floor. He focused on a mental image of Lisa's face and imagined what her expression would be now based on her sexy cries of pleasure. He worked his way down to her vagina and was soon deep inside.

He could see down into the crotch of her underwear, a very dark confined space, especially now Lisa was padlocked inside her own jeans. Anything that slipped inside there would be trapped forever.

Lisa was almost spent and so he pulled out, kissing the lips of her vagina as he passed. Lisa slid back on the stool, zipped herself up and was smiling inanely. Tom rested with his head against one of her thighs as he too caught his breathe.

They chatted and joked together until Jessica returned. At which point Jess kicked her sister off the stool and sent her home. The minute the front door had closed, Jess slid back into her rightful place on the stool. The white panties were back in place of Lisa's black underwear, but otherwise things were the same for Tom, chained to the stool with a high sex drive woman treating him as nothing more than a human dildo.

Jessica had once again cocooned him inside her dress and had ordered him to kiss each of her thighs a thousand times. He had only reached seven hundred times when Jess finally slid off the stool, making sure to rub herself as much as she could against his face as her butt passed.

"Ready to make love?" she purred as she arched her back.

She danced around the room looking for her keys and then unlocked Tom's hands, feet and waist. Only his neck was still attached to the stool.

Jess lent on the stool, her butt pushing up against Tom's face, "Oops, did you see where I put the bike lock key?"

"If you stand up I can help you look."

Jess stood up and Tom climbed to his feet with his neck still trapped in the hole in the seat. Jess was laughing almost uncontrollably as she took his hand and led him over to her bed. Tom lay on his back with the stool on top of him, the seat and backrest covering his head. Jess was now too turned onto wait and pushed the base of the stool to one side so she could remove his boxers and lower herself down on to his cock.

She sat astride him and pushed down to get him deep inside her. Fuck, that was nice. She looked for his sexy smile, but his head was hidden by the seat. Tom was unable to smell anything other than the leather seat that had taken the sister's weight for most of the day, but that hardly seemed to matter as he thrust up into her until he climaxed. He couldn't see Jess, but her cries let him know that she had also arrived.

Jess rolled off Tom's narrow waist and lay down so that she could see him beneath the leather seat. "Ready to work?" she asked.

Tom carried the stool with him to the bathroom and then returned and placed it by Jessica's desk. Jess didn't seem interested in looking for the lost key, her only interest was getting Tom re-chained as quickly as possible. She relocked his hands, his waist and his feet until he was again part of her property. She removed her underwear and slipped back over his head and on to the stool. She pulled her dress tight over his head and slid forward so that her bare pussy nestled up against his mouth.

The light was starting to fade outside and Jess had to flick on her desk lamp. She'd made good progress and for once had been able to concentrate on her work. She hadn't spoken to Tom in over two hours, but yet he continued to worship her. He was now slow and gentle, with a kiss followed a few moments later by the feel of his lips in her vagina. Then he would pause and his lips would reappear on her inner thighs, ticking her as they brushed against her smooth skin. Jess could feel goose bumps come and go on her body.

Outside it was cold and starting to rain and only a dim light could be seen behind Jess's curtains. But inside Jess had just slid even further forward and closed her thighs even more tightly. Tom remained helplessly chained up, his eyes closed, his mind focused only on pleasuring his woman. He had no idea how long she'd keep him there or whether she'd ever let him go.


Tom woke after the strangest dream to find that he was still chained to the stool, with his head still inside Jessica's dress and with his lips still in contact with her vagina. Despite the position, or maybe because of it, it had been the most restful sleep he'd had all week. He'd only slept for an hour, but as far as Tom knew he had been there all night.

He looked up and tried to make out Jessica's shape through the thin fabric of her dress. It was impossible; the shear silky fabric blocked everything, thereby reducing his whole world to the contents of her dress. Everything inside was hot and damp. Everything inside was scented by her wet pussy, her moisture covering his mouth and nose and now sucked down his airway and throat.

Tom pulled his lips away from her vagina, at which point her panties snapped back into place, sealing off her vagina and clit. Damn, now he would have to force his tongue underneath the tight black silk all over again to get back inside the horny woman.

He turned his head to the left only to be faced with the soft skin of her toned thigh. It was strange, Jess's body was slim, but she was strong and her thighs particularly so. He watched her inner thigh muscles tense and a moment later her smooth warm skin crushed against his face. Both of her thighs were now closing in on him and forcing him to turn his head back towards her crotch.

"Jess?" Tom said, as she forced his lips back against her soft black underwear.

"I told you not to speak," Jess snapped, "now I'm going to gag you."

Tom immediately used his tongue to slide her panties away from her vagina and went to work, in a desperate attempt to please her.

It worked, Jess was pleased, but his actions also gave her an idea. 'No need for a ball gag,' she thought to herself as she slid forward a little more. The pressure of her pussy against his mouth was plenty and true to her word, Tom was gagged.

"Now I do want you to talk, or at least try," Jessica smiled as she leaned back and closed her eyes. Tom may have been incapable of speech, but his mouth was now doing something much more important. Who needed a gag when you had a pussy, she thought as she continued to develop a taste for constant stimulation and Tom continued to develop a taste for her. Literally.

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When Jessica finally moved, it was pitch black outside. She slid back to free his mouth and then eased herself up and over his head. Once on her feet, she pulled her short blue dress down as far as it would go and smoothed it down modestly with her hands.

"You know I have seen what's under there, Jessica," Tom joked.

Jess stooped and looked up with big eyes, "Who?" she asked.

She didn't like to be called by her full name and now looked even cuter because she was cross. Tom tried to suppress a smile.

Her lips were now pursed as she spoke. "Well, 'Jessica' is going to make sure you see very little for a while!"

She opened her overflowing laundry basket and fished around for her old blue jeans that were ripped and faded from age. She put them the right way round, zipped and buttoned them up and pulled them down over Tom's head.

"Jess, these really need a wash."

That brought a smile to her lips and made it even more enjoyable as she threaded a thick brown belt through the belt hoops and pulled it tight around Tom's neck. Pleased with herself, she buckled it up and slowly threaded the spare end of the belt back through the belt hoops, leaving Tom's head tightly sealed inside.

"Now what can you see?" she teased as she pulled up her dress and stood only inches from Tom's head, "my butt... my pussy... its right here!"

"So what, it's lovely inside your jeans, fresh air, great view..," Tom lied.

"Yeah right, but no pussy!"

"No, but I can smell it."

"Ha, good, breathe it in," Jess smiled as she let go of the hem of her dress, "you need all the brownie points you can get right now as you're in danger of spending the rest of your life as part of my stool."

"Do you plan on kidnapping me?" Tom asked as he pointlessly tried to bite through the denim.

"It's not kidnapping if they don't find your body."

Jessica had a strange take on the law. She also had a way of evoking just a little fear and her words, combined with the chains and her jeans over his head, were starting to play with his imagination.

With nothing to look at other than the inside of her jeans, he thought back to what he'd done to her sister and his imagination started to run riot. What would happen if Jess found out that he'd orally fucked her sister? Maybe she would take the superglue and fill the keyholes of the many high security locks that currently held his body; she'd threatened to do that enough times already. Would she kill him, or keep him as her long term slave? Tom wasn't sure which one would be worse. Here was a girl that was too unreliable to keep a cat, how would he fare if he was locked up and had to rely on her for food and water.

Tom was so caught up in his thoughts that he barely noticed as Jess unlocked him from the stool and gently unbelted her jeans from around his neck. She helped him slide his head free from the seat and get up on to his feet.

"What were you thinking of?" she asked, seeing the look of surprise on his face.

"Just you," he replied, as he stretched his back and looked down at the pretty slim brunette with bunches and short sexy dress, "we should take a shower," he replied instead as he grabbed her around the waist and carried her into the bathroom.

Jess was just as cute, but now very wet as Tom had turned on the water before she could unzip herself from the dress. Her dark bunches hung down on either side of her head and water was sliding down her slightly posh nose. Her lips were clamped shut, partly to keep the water out and partly in mock displeasure. Her dress was soaked through and now clung even more tightly to her body. "Argh!" she cried out as he turned the water to cold and then turned it off. She looked bedraggled.

"Not the all powerful dominatrix now," Tom smiled as he towel dried his naked body.

Her frown turned to a smile as he unzipped her from her short blue dress, eased it off her sodden body. He removed her underwear and gently and slowly dried her using a combination of the towel and his lips. With the smile back on her face, she reached her arms around his neck and jumped up and wrapped her legs around his hips.

"Nice to see you using your uber strong thighs to grip something other than my head," Tom smiled as he eased his cock inside her. Jess gave him short sharp squeeze around his waist even though a further demonstration of her leg strength wasn't necessary.

They both lay on the bed exhausted, particularly Tom who was still jetlagged and had barely slept all week. He felt himself drifting in and out of sleep until he was finally woken by Jessica sitting on his face.

"For fuck sake," Jess he cried.


Again his energiser bunny had the element of surprise and he had to struggle for a few moments to get free of her naked butt. She was finally off his face, but now her vice like thighs had locked around his neck and he knew that escape from them was all but impossible.

"Let's go clubbing," she said as she held him between her legs and tickled.

He tried to tickle her back, but stopped when her thighs cut off his breath. He held his hands up in surrender, "Jess!" he croaked.

"Oh!" she giggled.

"Can we stay in? I've hardly slept all week!"

He kissed her clit in the hope that that might free him from her tight head scissors, which two orgasms later it did.

"OK, you can stay here," she said as she bounced to her feet, "but I mean 'stay'!"

"Jess, I'll be asleep, so yeah, I'll 'stay'."

Jess dressed and then stood on the bed above Tom, wearing a tight black cocktail dress and suspenders. She wore black heels which made her wobble unsteadily on the soft mattress. She was like any other clubbing chick, other than for the fact that she was holding high security steel manacles, with locking shackles for the hands and feet.

"I know you'll stay here," she purred.

Then the inevitable happened and Jess lost her balance and she and the chains clattered down on to Tom who took the opportunity to kiss her now reddened lips.

"You'll rub off my lip varnish," Jess complained.

She pulled away and tried to roll Tom on to his front. Tom had long since been sold on the delights of being locked up by this cute brunette and happily rolled over and placed his hands behind his back.

"Good boy," Jess smiled as she positioned the manacles.

"I've noticed you do nice things to guys in chains."

"Really what are they?" Jess replied as she snapped another padlock in place.

Each of the four shackles was connected to the others by high security chain, and each cuff locked around its wrist or ankle with a high security padlock which was held close to the shackle to prevent being cut with bolt cutters. Jess quickly and expertly locked the four padlocks so that Tom hands were held closely together behind his back, and his feet were locked tightly together and pulled up towards his butt.

"As helpless as a baby," Jessica proclaimed as she walked back and forth getting ready for the club.

Tom was focused Jess's tight shiny dress and the way it creased and moved with her body. His tiredness was fading, only to be replaced by jealously as he imagined all the guys that would want to dance with her, touch her, fuck her... OK, this was too much.

"Hey, think I will come," he announced confidently.

"Really is that what you think?" Jess laughed, turned up the music and continued to get ready.

Jess clearly didn't believe in second chances, but maybe it wouldn't matter as Tom could see the keys to the padlocks on Jess's bedside table, she seemed to have forgotten them. Ha, this would be funny when he escaped from the inescapable cuffs and showed up at the club.

With her hair up in a bun, Jess elegantly leaned over and kissed Tom on the lips, "Goodnight sweetie."

"See you later," he smiled.

"Opps, mustn't forget these!"

Tom looked on helplessly as she dropped he padlock keys into her handbag. OK, the inescapable cuffs would remain inescapable, but fuck, she looked sexier than ever as Jessica slung the bag over her shoulder and skipped out of the door.


It was midnight and Lisa was on the way back from an evening with friends when curiosity made her stop by her sister's flat. All was dark inside, and so guessing that Jess and Tom must be out, she let herself in with her key. Her plan had been to play with some of Jess's toys, but what she found inside was even better.

Tom looked up blearily from Jessica's bed, to see the high cheek bones and exceptionally sexy lips of Jess's older sister, Lisa. He could watch those lips move all day

"Lisa, who let you in?"

"Oh, I have a key to the front door," Lisa boasted as her erotic lips creased a little further into a wide smile.

"I'm a little tied up right now."

"I can see... love those chains."

"Maybe you should try them sometime," Tom suggested and then watched with interest as her face reddened.

"I want to try the stool," Lisa replied quickly, picking up a big bunch of keys that her sister had left lying on the bedroom floor, "so maybe if I do you a favour and let you out of those cuffs, you could do one for me?" she looked at him seductively.

"Sure, but I don't think those are the right keys."

Lisa ignored this minor detail. "And this time I can actually get out of my jeans," Lisa said proudly as she kicked off her boots and unbuttoned and pulled down her jeans to prove the point.

"Congratulations," Tom smiled.

"Nice, yeah?" Lisa boasted as she showed off her long athletic legs and new black silk underwear.

She perched on the bed next to Tom, her lips only inches away from his. Tom tried to reach them, but unfortunately the blonde was focused solely on unlocking his shackles and getting him back into the stool. Frustrated, Tom lay face down on the bed listening to the jangle of keys and the sound of an increasingly annoyed woman.

"For fuck sake, none of these will open these fucking padlocks," the blonde exclaimed, "right then, I'm going to steal you."


"OK, kidnap!"

Neither sister seemed to have any knowledge of the law.

"And if you complain then I'll superglue the locks and leave you alone in the street..."

What was it with these sisters and superglue? Tom was about to reason with her again when Lisa threw Jess's large hard shelled suitcase down by the bed and with her jeans still around her ankles, heaved Tom's manacled body off the mattress and into the waiting case. She pulled his knees up to his chest and to Lisa's delight, he fitted perfectly.

"Any last requests before I lock you in?" Lisa asked, her mood given away by her erect nipples that were now visibly poking against her tight white top.

"Don't lock me in?" Tom asked as he attempted to roll out of the open case.

"Ha, ha, nice try," Lisa smiled, slamming the lid down and using the small silver keys to lock the catches.

Lisa was excited, she'd never done anything like this before, but somehow Jessica's treatment of this guy had turned him from a human with rights to a sex toy, and therefore in her horny drunk mind her behaviour was acceptable. Her argument was only strengthened by Tom's naked body and constant erection.

With her head spinning, she eased back into her tight blue jeans and wobbled around on one leg as she squeezed back into her black ankle boots. She heaved the suitcase upright and tried to pull it along, only for it to crash back down on to its side.

"Arh!" came a voice from inside the case.

She tried again, but it was too late as she heard the front door open and close and seconds later Jessica walked into the room.


"What the hell are you doing here Lisa? Jess exclaimed, her body tired, but still buzzing from hours of dancing, "and where is Tom?"

It was an unnecessary question though, as Lisa was now sitting jealously on top of the locked case with her knees pulled together and her hands pushing down on the lid. At least she had had time to put her jeans back on.

"You've put him in my suitcase?" Jess asked incredulously, "Get up!"

Lisa saw a glint in her sister's brown eyes and smiled back, this was fun. She then jumped up, playfully slapped her sister on the butt and walked out.

"You bitch!" Jess shouted as she chased her sister down the hallway, "give me the keys!"

"No!" Lisa giggled, backing into a corner to try and escape.

Jess stepped forward, grabbed left Lisa's wrist and locked on handcuffs. Then using them as leverage, she turned her sister around and finished the job by locking both of her hands behind her back. With Lisa handcuffed, it was easy enough for Jess to prise the suitcase keys out of her sister's closed fist.

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"You bitch, you can't lock me up!" Lisa cried as she fought against the tightly locked steel bracelets.

"Oh and what did you do to my boyfriend is OK?"

"You'd already locked him up!"

Jessica smiled. She had no problem with what Lisa had done to Tom and was delighted to have an excuse to chain up her sister.

Lisa, however, was still in shock and just stared at her younger sister in her black cocktail dress and high heels. How dare anyone handcuff her, particularly a woman in a tarty dress. And how the hell had she been overpowered by someone in heels!

In her naivety, Lisa was still trying to force open the cuffs.

"Won't work," Jess replied nonchalantly swinging the keys, "not without these," she continued as she walked back to the bedroom, leaving the stunned blonde writhing around in the hallway.


By the time Lisa returned to the bedroom, Jess was sitting on the stool with her feet resting up on her desk and Facebook open on her phone.

"This is so funny," Jessica giggled, focusing on the small screen.

Lisa edged through the half open door and sat down quietly on her sister's bed. She sat upright, legs and feet neatly together, silently watching her young sister. The tightly locked cuffs seemed to have flicked a switch in Lisa's mind. Gone was the usual sisterly rivalry, replaced by a different feeling entirely.

Sensing the uncharacteristically quiet behaviour, Jess spun around to see.

"How are the cuffs?"

Lisa smiled embarrassedly. "You haven't let Tom out."

"No...I haven't....and back to your cuffs."

Jess walked slowly across her room and closed and locked her bedroom door. She then pulled the stool closer to the bed and sat on it, her dress now hitched up and her thighs swinging open and closed above the cut out in the seat. Lisa was transfixed and let out a quiet moan.

"Want to try the stool?" Jessica asked.

"What, with my head in the seat?" Lisa was shocked.


"And you sitting on top?"

Jessica nodded as she brought her bare thighs together again.

"If you do, I may unlock the cuffs."

"OK," Lisa blurted out.

Jessica had never known her sister to be so accommodating; the fascination with handcuffs must run in the family. She helped her handcuffed sister sit down on the base of the stool, with one leg either side of the steel support and her neck in the cut out in the seat. Jessica positioned the heavy bike lock around Lisa's slim neck and the stool and turned the key.

Now Lisa's beautiful face, the face that had always given her the pick of any guy she wanted, was locked to the seat. Jess eased her butt over her sister's head and on to the stool. She slid back as far as the backrest would allow, but Lisa's face was still only a couple of inches away from her crotch and had to be close enough for her sister to smell her.

Both sisters looked at each other, both aroused, but neither knowing what to do or say. Lisa's beautiful doe-eyes were in awe as they looked up at her younger sister. Lisa's head was spinning from the excitement of being held prisoner and for some reason her sister's legs were starting to look weirdly sexy. Before she could stop herself, Lisa had kissed Jess's thigh and then pushed her face up against her warm smooth skin.

"Can you squeeze me?" Lisa asked nervously.


Very tenderly, Jessica closed her legs and squeezed her sister's head.

"Oh god!"

"Good girl," Jessica purred as she gently brushed her sister's hair with her fingers, "does that feel nice?"

Lisa nodded. She'd never told anyone of her fascination of being held prisoner and the chance to experience it with someone she trusted had just been too tempting. Being handcuffed for the first time had been exciting, but it also made her feel vulnerable and being held tightly between her sister's legs made her feel strangely safe. She tried to move her head, but couldn't and she kissed Jessica's thighs again as if acknowledging defeat.

"You know Tom spent many hours down there," Jessica explained as she tightened her thighs around her sister's head.

Lisa cried out with excitement.

Jessica opened her legs and moved forward slightly on the stool, her panties now dangerously close to Lisa's mouth. Lisa's eyes opened wide in response.

"You can imagine what his lips did during those long hours," Jessica breathed, "his lips inside my panties, his tongue deep inside me."

Lisa was now trembling, oblivious to the fact that her own lips were now touching Jessica's underwear.

"Would you like Tom to do that to you?" Jessica asked.

As Lisa nodded, her lips stimulated her sister's clit. There followed an awkward pause before Jess stood up. "That's what our friend in the suitcase is for," she smiled as she eased herself over Lisa's head.

Lisa was still locked to the seat and her eyes followed her sister's every move. "Nice dress," she breathed in the hope of getting her sister to release her more quickly, impatient for her turn with Tom.

"Thanks!" Jessica smiled as she spun around to show off her dress, the speed of the spin also showing off her underwear.

Jess started to play with her phone and Lisa continued to wait patiently.

"Look as this," Jess said as she perched on the edge of the stool next to Lisa's head and held her phone for her to see.

Jessica then walked over to her bed, lay down and continued to surf. Lisa shuffled the stool around so that she could see both her sister lounging on her bed and the locked suitcase inside which Tom lay manacled. With not much happening from either of them, she occupied herself by trying to blow a stray blonde hair away from her eye.

"Is it my turn now?" Lisa asked again.

Jess was feeling so tired that she would have happily fallen asleep right then with both of her companion safely under her lock and key. She reluctantly stood up and studied her desperately horny sister, before perching on the edge of the stool with one foot resting up on the seat so that her underwear was almost touching Lisa's face.

"Do you really want Tom to stick his tongue into your pussy?" Jessica teased, "Kiss you and worship you and push inside you as deep as he can?"

"Please Jess," Lisa begged as she gently kissed Jessica's underwear again.

"You really want it, don't you?"

Lisa nodded.

Jessica giggled and looked around for the keys to the bike lock so she could unlock Lisa's neck from the stool.

"Turn around and I'll release you from the cuffs," Jessica said.

"Can I wear them for a little longer?"

"OK, sweetie then I'll double lock them," Jess smiled, "just in case they tighten up."

Jess tucked the cuff keys into her bra and sat down on the lid of the suitcase. Lisa plonked herself down, as elegantly as she could with cuffed hands, next to her sister. Neither knew what to say and so their attention turned to the guy in the case beneath them.

"You alive Tommy?"

Inside the case was hot and airless, but Tom had had no problem in falling asleep, at least until two indents had appeared on the inside of the lid and rested heavily on his hip and shoulder.

Jessica banged loudly on the lid. "Rest time is over sexy," she called, "Lis wants some loving."

Lisa looked embarrassed, but didn't argue.

Jessica unlocked the suitcase but Lisa was still sitting on top.

"Lis, shift your butt..."

Lisa tried to stand up, but without the use of her arms she fell back and landed heavily on the lid. Tom cried out. Lisa tried again and this time struggled to her feet. Jess opened the lid and stood with one foot on the rim of the case as she admired her muscular plaything with his hard erection. Tom was once again left looking up her dress. Jessica then unlocked his shackles and waited while he climbed out of the case.


Tom had showered and returned with his muscular body still glistening from the water. His hair lay messily and his eyes had a sexy dazed look. Both girls immediately stopped and looked up at him. Lisa was bouncing with excitement.

"On your knees," Jessica commanded as she locked the bedroom and handcuffed Tom's hands behind his back.

Tom couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, she's handcuffed you as well," Tom said, noticing Lisa's predicament.

"Horny bitch refuses to be released," Jessica replied.

Lisa looked embarrassed, but yet the cuffed stayed on.

Jessica removed her sister's jeans and helped her climb on to the stool so that her hands were behind the backrest. Lisa's legs were slimmer than her sister's and slightly more tanned and were bouncing around with nervous excitement. Jessica clicked her fingers and Tom sat down dutifully beneath the stool and slid his neck into the seat cut out.

Lisa giggled out loud as she looked down at the sexy head sticking up between her legs. She then looked down at her own aroused clit. Unable to touch herself, she was impatient for Tom to start.

"Lock him in," she urged.

Jessica locked the Kryptonite bike lock around Tom's neck and the stool and then wrapped a long length off chain around his legs and body to ensure he couldn't move.

"Hi!" Lisa breathed, already damp from anticipation.

"Hi," Tom smiled as he looked up at the sexy lips that were now hopelessly out of reach.

Lisa's favourite black panties were already sticking to the damp black leather seat and she had to lift up in order to move forward and rest her underwear against his mouth.

With Lisa's clit and Tom's lips now in contact, Jessica took a long chain and looped it around both her sister's waist and Tom's neck so that Lisa could no longer slide back. Jess then took another chain which she passed across her sister's waist and down below the seat and padlocked it in place, thereby ensuring that Lisa couldn't lift her butt from the increasingly hot leather seat.

Jessica walked around her captives. "That's an even sexier stool sculpture, neither of you can escape from constant oral sex."

Tom tried to talk, but Lisa cries drowned him out. "Fuck yeah!!" she cried.

Jessica collected up all of the keys and threaded them on to a large ring which she took with her to the bathroom.

"Does she really think we're going to escape?" Tom asked, his lips tickling Lisa's pussy.

Lisa cried out again, her clit too sensitive to focus on anything else.

"I can see you're not going to be much of a conversationalist."

Lisa shrieked again and slammed her thighs together. Tom took the hint and slid his tongue inside Lisa's panties and she climaxed within seconds of his touch. With a world record in his sights, Tom immediately started again with gentle kisses to her clit.

When Jessica returned she was wearing only black panties to which she had attached the large key ring, so that the keys dangled noisily from her waist. It was almost morning, but she had yet to sleep and so pulled off the sheets and lay down on her bed.

"Wake me if you need me Lis?"

But Lisa was lost in her own special world and so Jessica simply closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.


Jessica woke only an hour later when she rolled over and the keys dug into her hip. She looked over to her sister who was exhausted and over aroused, her big blue eyes dazed and barely focusing. Jessica sat up so that she could also see Tom who was now slumped between her sister's thighs. He was almost asleep with his tongue still inside her. No wonder Lisa was exhausted, the poor girl had been unable to escape his touch.

Without removing the key ring from her underwear, Jess climbed slowly to her feet and unlocked her sister from the stool and helped her up. Tom started to rouse.

"Please unlock me," he begged still sleep deprived and in obvious pain from the position imposed by the stool.

"What have you done to my sis?" Jess asked huskily as Lisa, still wearing her beloved handcuffs, collapsed face down on the bed.

"She's not complaining," Tom managed a half smile.

Jessica had wanted to take her sister's place on the stool, but the poor guy looked drained and was only being held up by the chains. Another session between her legs may be the end for him. The look in his eyes was enough to make even a sadistic butch take pity and so Jess picked took her large bunch of keys and gave him his freedom.

As Tom staggered over to the bed, Jess picked up yet another chain.

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"Jess I need to sleep," Tom complained.

"I know, lie face down on the bed."

That he could do, and he happily collapsed on to Jessica's bed lying between the girls, with his head level with their waists. Jessica then took the long security chain and padlocked one end around her sister's waist. She then padlocked the chain around Tom's neck so that his neck was held only inches from Lisa's waist. Jessica finished off by padlocking the remaining part of the long chain around her own narrow waist, again only inches from Tom's neck.

"We're all chained together, how fun!" Jess smiled from behind her long dark hair that covered half of her face.

"Jess..." Tom started and then stopped.

"The keys are over there if you need them," she continued as she threw her key ring over to the far side of her room.

Tom was now connected to the women either side of him and couldn't lift his head more than a couple of inches from the sheet and he certainly couldn't cross the room to get the keys.

"Don't wake us up when you leave," Jess whispered into his ear as she un-handcuffed her sleeping sister and snuggled up to her, squashing Tom's head between their bodies.

Within minutes all three were asleep.


Tom woke to find that he was still lying face down on Jess's double bed between the two sleeping sisters with his neck still chained to each of their waists. He eased his naked body up into a kneeling position and tried to lift his head up from the white sheet. He had only lifted his head a few inches, when the chain pulled tight around Jessica and Lisa's narrow waists. Any further and he might wake them up and he wasn't ready for the pain that would inevitably ensue.

He counted the links on the high security chain between his neck and the girls' waists. He was six links from Lisa and only five links from Jessica. The chain was locked tightly around his neck and locked more loosely around their waists, but not loose enough to slide the chain over their hips. At least there was equality with the three padlocks, one per person, all locked, all high security and all with empty keyholes.

Tom stretched out his legs, relaxed back on to the mattress and turned his head to the right so that he faced Lisa's butt. She was slightly slimmer than her younger sister, although they both had similar shaped butts. He traced his lips around the hem of her black silk underwear and watched as goose bumps appeared on her butt, on soft skin that was as tanned as the rest of her body.

He smiled as he thought back to how proud she'd been of her new underwear. They certainly looked expensive, soft silk with lace around the hem. They were both tasteful and tarty at the same time, but then everything about Lisa was elegant. Even passed out with exhaustion, as she was right now, she wore her underwear beautifully, stretched evenly across both cheeks, with the lace causing the slightest of indentation across her butt.

As far as he knew, Lisa didn't have a partner and so must have purchased these simply for herself, or maybe as a ploy to tempt him. Mind you, that had hardly been necessary as it was easy for a woman as attractive as her to thrust herself on anyone, particularly someone bound in chains.

For all her elegance, Lisa had no say when it came to these tie up games, the power rested totally with her younger sister Jessica. Anyway, based on Lisa's behaviour the previous day, she seemed more than happy with her role as a sub. She'd even refused Jessica's offer to release her from the cuffs. She'd soon get to know that any offer by Jessica to 'release' you from bondage was rare and should be accepted.

Tom turned his head the other way to face Jessica's butt and her equally used black underwear. Silky like her sister's, but not real silk and not new and riding up one side of her butt with the manmade material dangerously close to disappearing into her crack. For a slim woman, Jess was amazingly strong, with an unusually well developed sadistic streak and Tom was careful to keep clear of her thighs even when she slept.

It hadn't been long ago that Jessica had just been his flatmate, but in that short time she'd managed to become his mistress, dominatrix, even owner. He was infatuated by being under her control and she seemed intent on ensuring that he was never out of it. He peered between her thighs to her damp pussy. That in particular was his mistress, if he didn't please that then he would never be released. Tom knew where his allegiances lay and it was Jessica's butt that he nestled up to, his lips touching her cheeks, as he fell back to sleep.


Jessica smiled as her sister finally opened her eyes and stretched. They watched each other for a moment and then Lisa's eyes moved to the fit naked guy chained between them.

"Oh, my god, that's so cool!" Lisa exclaimed.

"Well, we didn't want our plaything running away."

"Wow, he really can't leave!"

The sisters were now sitting up on the bed, either side of Tom's head, both wearing only t-shirts and underwear. Jessica lifted her hips and swung them gently to one side to wake their prisoner. The chain tugged Tom's neck, but he didn't wake. Jess lifted her butt again and moved her hips with move force. Tom woke suddenly, his head following the female hips across the bed.

"Good morning darling," Jess said in her most innocent voice.

Tom tried in vain to sit up. "Oh we're still joined..." he remembered as he craned his neck to look at the two woman above him.

"Yes," Jess said unhelpfully.

The girls didn't move which meant that Tom's head didn't either.

"Are we just going sit here all day?" he asked, his throat parched and desperate for coffee.

"Maybe, and if we do, you do."

"Well then maybe you can change into clean underwear," Tom suggested unwisely, having spent the last few hours with his nose up against Jessica's butt.

"I think he's asking to be gagged with our panties," Jess smiled to her sister.

"Oh yes, can it be mine!"

Without saying a word, Jessica turned on to her side facing him and slowly lifted her top leg. Tom looked at her for a brief moment, his sexy brown eyes almost pleading for her to go easy on him.

"You know what you have to do," Jess said as she rested her unbrushed brown hair back down on to her pillow, "assuming you don't want to stay as my prisoner for the rest of your life."

"That's not within your power, Jessie."

"Really, are you sure," her eyes looked at him in an eerily confident way.

It had the intended effect as Tom buried him mouth into her crotch and his lips stated on her clit and then a little too quickly moved to her vagina. His tongue was already deep inside her, but still Jessica grabbed his head with both hands and pulled him in closer, pushing as much of her body as possible into his open mouth. Once, he was as deep as it was possible to go, she wrapped her thighs tightly around his head to lock him in place and prolong the pleasure.

"So where were we," she smiled as she looked back at Lisa.


With Jessica satisfied and Lisa passing as she was still sore from the previous evening, Tom lay exhausted on the bed. It was a short lived reprieve, as Jessica counted to three and both girls threw their legs over the end of the bed and stood up. Tom saw what they were doing just in time and managed to move with them, keeping his head by their hips. The girls were now standing with Tom kneeling between them.

"I love this," Lisa exclaimed, "we are in total control of his body... kiss the floor."

"I think the correct answer is 'fuck you'," Tom smiled sweetly as he looked up defiantly.

On Jessica's signal, the sisters sat down dragging Tom's head down with them. Tom was on his knees with his head bowed submissively to the floor, but Jessica could tell from his hard cock and cute smile, that any protests were only part of the role play.

On Jessica's command, the girls stood back up and again dragged Tom's neck with them. Tom was now hanging on to the chain with both hands in an attempt to regain some control.

"No you don't," Jessica said as she stretched for two pairs of handcuffs that were lying on her desk, "right hand please."

When Tom didn't comply, Jessica just grabbed him and snapped a cuff tightly around his wrist. She then locked, much more loosely this time, the other end of the cuff around her left ankle.

"Do I get one?" Lisa asked.

Jess handed her sister the other pair of cuffs and waited while her sister locked Tom's left wrist to Lisa's right ankle.

"I'll just double lock us all up," Jess said as she took the keys and engaged the security locks on all four cuffs.

Jessica looked down at the sexy guy who was now locked to both her waist and her ankle. His arms were stretched out, as a result of her legs and Lisa's legs being a little longer than his arms. It was all he could do to balance on his knees on the hard floor and avoid being choked by the tight chain around his neck.

She stripped off her tight white t-shirt to reveal her breasts with noticeably hard nipples which she caressed with her own fingers. She knew Tom couldn't resist watching and loved how he was looking up at her so longing. Despite this devotion that should have been enough for any girl, Jessica still could help herself from exerting her power.

"Your nose between Lisa's cheeks until I say," she ordered.

Lisa was relieved that Jess hadn't ordered him to stimulate her clit again and gladly turned her slim waist inside the waist chain until her butt was facing towards Tom. Tom lined himself up and pushed his face into the blonde's butt.

"It tickles," Lisa giggled.

"Lower," Jess ordered.

Tom slid down as far as the chain would let him and pushed his face into the lower part of Lisa's butt. From here, the curves of Lisa's pert behind fully covered Tom's eyes and made it impossible to look up.

"Good, now he's blindfolded," Jessica purred, "Lisa, you can kiss my breasts."

"What?" Lisa exclaimed.

"Unless you want me to handcuff you again..."

Lisa smiled suggestively, more than happy to be cuffed again.

"Well do as I say and maybe I will," Jess smiled back.

Lisa tentatively leaned over and placed her lips on her sister's left nipple and then without warning, Jessica's left nipple slipped between her lips. Lisa looked up at her sister almost in surprise as her tongue started to stroke Jessica's nipple. In no rush at all, Lisa moved on to the second nipple.

Jessica liked the feeling of nipples in her sister's mouth, but even better was the fact that her older sister was obeying her every command. "Good girl," she purred, "for this I'll lock you in cuffs, shackles and the cage..... everything locked and double locked."

Lisa moaned into Jess's breast in excitement.

"And you can stay blindfolded," Jessica said to Tom as she reached down and pulled Lisa's underwear to one side and forced Tom's nose into Lisa's naked crack. She then carefully stretched her sister's underwear over Tom's head.


Having finally removed her sister from her breasts, Jessica reached for her tight black bra that she'd worn the previous day and stretched it around her and tucked the cuff keys inside. Lisa was stroking the part of Tom's head that protruded from her underwear.

"Can I let him out?" Lisa asked hesitantly.

"Not until you fart in his face."

"You bitch," Lisa said with a smile.

"In your own time."

"It's not coming out," Lisa said as she forced herself to break wind.

The three of them shuffled in their chains back on to the bed and waited.

"How long will this take?" Tom mumbled apprehensively.

"I'm trying," Lisa looked embarrassed.

Tom didn't really want Lisa to fart in his face, but he knew that Jessica was getting off on the whole situation. She would get angry if he disobeyed her and he had no desire to break off from this crazy, but sexy threesome.

"Oh fuck!" Someone was stroking his balls. He had no idea who, but it felt great. The mystery hands were now on his cock.

Tom climaxed and moaned into Lisa's butt and almost immediately Lisa farted. It was long and loud and lasted for several seconds. The warm air gushed passed Tom's face, leaving a permanent smell in his nose and mouth.

"Mmm, he'll be tasting you for weeks," Jessica said as she breathed in the small fraction of smell that had escaped.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," Lisa said with concern as she rubbed his shoulders in an attempt to comfort him.

"Can I come out?" he gasped.

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Lisa looked expectantly at her sister. Jessica ignored her and just studied her long dark hair, looking for split ends.

"OK, let him out," Jess said, flicking her hair back over her shoulders.


The girls stood up and walked forward in unison with Tom walking on his knees between them. At one point he tried to resist and stopped and tensed his body. It didn't work, as his hands were ripped forward by their feet, followed by neck being yanked forward by their waists. He was no match for their combined leg strength. He was now back by their side, walking along on his knees like an obedient dog.

Jess and Lisa took turns to pee, during which time Tom's head was practically touching the toilet seat. Tom couldn't reach the toilet and so instead had to pee into the shower.

The girls continued their unstoppable march, with four strong legs pumping away and exerting far too much force for Tom to stop. They made some coffee and then matched Tom back to Jessica's bedroom and lay face down on to the bed.

"You two weigh a tonne!" Tom complained as he lay on the bed hopelessly trying to lift his neck from the mattress.

"Would you have said that in his position?" Jessica asked her sister.

"Probably not."

Jessica straightened her left leg which in turn yanked Tom's arm.


Lisa joined in, tensing her leg and sending Tom's arm flying.

"OK, I give up," Tom panted, "how long are you keeping me as part of your chain gang?"

"Chain gang, I like it," Lisa giggled.

Jessica was already intent on increasingly her power over her sexy flatmate. She wrapped a length of chain around his left ankle and then looped the spare end around his upper thigh and locked it all together in a figure of eight with a single padlock.

"Hey my leg!" Tom cried, realising that his foot now couldn't move away from his butt.

"Mmm, frog chained, annoying isn't it!" Jessica smiled politely, "especially when you don't have the key.

"I can't straighten my leg!"

"I know, without this key you can't walk."

"I can hop!" Tom smiled defiantly.

Jess smiled as she handed Lisa another chain and another padlock.

"No please don't!" Tom begged as Lisa tried to find the end of the chain.

Lisa flicked back her hair and licked her lips. "Why should Jess get a leg and not me?" she asked innocently.

Lisa had a thing for guys legs, particularly Tom's, and she leaned over and ran her open lips up the inside of his naked thigh. She then pulled his other leg closer and cried out in excitement as her head became pinned between his thighs.

Tom knew there was no answer to that and so bent his other leg up to his butt. He listened to several minutes of clanging before a click and a 'yeah!'


The girls pulled a sheet over them and lay facing each other for the next hour, taking it in turns for Tom to give them oral sex. Tom was completely hidden under the sheet, which made it feel like magic. On their command they could have wonderful oral sex ever, no complaints, no questions asked.

With the coffee long cold, they threw off the sheets and unlocked the chains from around their legs and the cuffs from around their feet. The other side of these restraints remained locked on to Tom's body, along with the heavy chains that frog chained Tom's legs.

Unable to straighten his legs, Tom tried to shuffle after them as they walked around Jess's bedroom and changed into jeans, boots and jackets, all the time careful to keep just out of Tom's reach.

"Hey, I'm starving, can I come too?" Tom begged.

"Mmm.. we really wanted to try an experiment," Jessica said.

"Or at least settle a bet," Lisa added.


"I think that my darling sister's lingerie is far too brief and tarty and the key that she's tucked inside will certainly fall out," Jess explained,

"And I think my panties are very sensible and able to contain my butt and the key," Lisa retaliated.

"What sort of bet is that!" Tom exclaimed.

"Quite an important one for you," Jess explained, "the only key to the padlock locking up your right leg is in my darling sister's underwear and if it falls out we can't free you."

"And Jess has the key to your left leg in her ultra skimpy lingerie," Lisa pointed out.

Tom looked concerned. "You girls are crazy what happens if those keys drop out?"

Tom tried to stand up and failed, completely debilitated by the chains that the sister's had locked around his legs. Instead he tried to reach the sisters from where he lay, but they simply skipped over him. Within seconds he was reduced to pathetically crawling across the floor after them.

He reached their boots and his eyes worked their way up their jeans. He really wasn't sure quite why he'd made the effort. They weren't going to unlock him and he didn't want them to, he was as turned on as they were by the situation.

"Bring me back some breakfast?" he asked.

"Sure," Jessica smiled as she closed her bedroom door in his face and turned the key in the lock.

"No please don't lock me in here, I need coffee and a shower..."

Tom heard one set of footsteps return and the key turn to unlock and then lock the door.

"Yeah....no.....please," he begged as the key turned.

"OK," Lisa said as she turned the key again, this time leaving it in the unlocked position, "you owe me."

The sisters left the flat and walked up the road to the nearby cafe, the keys still with them for now at least.

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Sunday, January 10, 2016  

Please make it permanent-more bondage until he has no choice but to accept his fate

Friday, July 31, 2015  

that is my dream girl.i would give everything i own to have someone that playful

Friday, August 15, 2014  

Reminds me of my Antoinette EMCSA story, If Andrea was single and in California I'd tell her to bring her gear for a visit and I am not into bondage. I was held by hypnosis but I feel the love and trust Andrea conveys with aversion to the tawdry. British Ladies just have that extra touch called class so seldom seen any more. It would be one battle against the British this Yank would love to lose.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011  

damn,why cant i find a rrom mate like that.its a dream comne true.
good story.

Monday, June 27, 2011  

Great start! Really well done, and a very arousing.

Sunday, June 26, 2011  

There must be something about the name Jessica or Jesse that brings out the worst(best) in them. Shame I don't yet have one as a friend. Looking forward to pt2 and beyond


Sunday, June 26, 2011  

Nice story Andrea. Well up to your ususl standard. More of this story please.
More stories too.

Friday, June 24, 2011  

Please continue, great start would like to see where this leads.

Friday, June 24, 2011  

Andrea, yet again you have produced a wonderful erotic story , oh those restraints applied by your beautiful creations , write some more you know i adore your writtings mmmmm

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Very good story. Was Tom wearing anything while in bondage? Hope there is more to vome.

Thursday, June 23, 2011  

He should show her the pleasure of being helpless in the next part, I'd like to see her in 8 hours of uncomfortable bondage

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Really nice story!

Thursday, June 23, 2011  

Loved It More Please.

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