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The Black Dress
  • Author - Katherine Travis  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, blackmail, consensual, analplay, armbinder, predicament, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 7/22/2011
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Reader's Comments (55)

Author's Note: The outfit in this story has been on my mind for many years. I'm not sure if I will continue this stroy-line or not, so please offer constructive crtitisism if you enjoyed it.

Update (09/11/01): Thank you all for the wonderful feedback and support. Knowing that my fantasies are being read and appreciated certainly makes it more fun to write them down.

Chapter 1

I'm not a huge fan of garage sales, but once in awhile I will let my friend drag me to a few. A couple summers ago we had wandered further from home than usual when we found a sale at one of those U-store-it places. While Alicia wandered through the stacks of mismatched dishes and old books I spotted a box with a few leather belts dangling from it. I had never hidden anything from her so I wasn't surprised when she snickered. "Find something interesting?" she asked in her best coy voice. Actually I had. The box contained several plain black straps, too short and too wide to be belts. Right away I noticed that they had holes punched in them almost all the way up to the buckle. They looked old, but in good shape, so I took the entire box over to the folding table where the two ladies attending the sale sat in the shade. Alicia rolled her eyes as I asked how much they wanted for the whole box full. "Ten bucks and you can keep the box" replied the younger of the pair. Alicia stage whispered over my shoulder as I took two fives from my wallet "can you wait until you get home to use them Em?" The young woman grinned at us but the older lady pretended not to hear.

I loaded my box in the car as Alicia gave her card to the older of the pair, asking her to call if she ever saw more of a certain kind of glassware that she'd been collecting. She was quite proud of a small piece that she held cradled in her arm.

As we were about to leave the younger woman walked up behind me. "Can I ask you something weird?" She said as she glanced back at the other woman, who was quite obviously ignoring us.

"Sure, why not?" I replied.

"Look, we're selling this stuff for my aunt's cousin, he's a lawyer and he doesn't live around here, so we're doing him a favor, and we get to keep some of the profits."

She was watching me carefully as she continued with her story, faster now, wanting to get it all out at once.

"This stuff belonged to a client of his who died, so the lawyer has instructions to dispose of it and settle the estate. Nobody seems to care what's here, but the guy must have been kinda weird, you know? Aunt Jennie didn't want me to put those straps out, because we found them in a box full of even weirder stuff. There's more left, and I thought you might want it."

"Ok" I replied. "let's see it".

Alicia was already in the car by now, and she leaned over and smiled "you go ahead Em, I'm on the phone".

As I followed her inside the little storage unit I saw her aunt get up and walk away.

"What's with her?" I asked.

"Nothing, she just is a bit old fashioned I think."

She dragged a small chest and an old suitcase out from under some empty boxes and opened the chest. Then she pulled a pair of steel manacles out and showed them to me. "It's full of this kind of stuff, and the other one has some weird clothes or something in it. Do you want it? You looked like you might be into this kinda thing."

"Emily, you perve, how much did you give that girl for the stuff?" Alicia teased.

"Never mind, it's not your thing so just shush" I knew I was blushing as I said it.

Alicia and I are dear friends, but that's all. She knows what I'm into and I know everything about her as well. We don't judge each other and I guess that's why we've been close since grade school. She's right about me though, I am a bit of a perv. First I had discovered corsets, and that lead me to explore the 'net for more exciting forms of control and restraint. Living alone I'm free to do as I please, and I often do just that. I've developed a nice collection of kinky toys and clothing over the last few years. Sometimes I even wear them to work. Sitting at my desk all day is a lot more fun when I have a corset keeping me stiffly upright. I work in a small office in a big city, and nobody really cares how I dress, but usually I make it a point to keep my kinks hidden.

Hidden, but usually locked. I get a special tingle when I know I can't get a chastity belt off until I get done working, or that the thin chain harness is keeping me from removing my PVC bodysuit until after I get home from the movies. Sometimes I add a bit more spice to my adventures. I've taken long walks in the mall with a pair of double plug latex panties under my dress on several occasions.

When I got home after finding that garage sale I contained my curiosity until Alicia had gone. The chest did contain some real treasures. Several pairs of steel cuff, both for ankles and wrists, a head harness, some leather cuffs. The leather was obviously old and well used, but still in good condition. Some of the toys were made of rubber and had cracked or crumbled away. Near the bottom I was delighted to find a leather armbinder and spent a while daring myself to lace it tighter and slip it over my arms. Eventually it became hard to escape from and I was getting very excited. Not wanting to get trapped without a rescue in place I controlled myself and set it off to the side.

But it was the smaller case that hid the better prize. When I opened it I found a black leather dress. Someone had been especially cautious when they had stored it. It had been folded carefully with tissue paper in between the folds. It was a long dress, past the ankles and the top had laces down the back to the waist. Wide straps went over the shoulders and they had shiny buckles on them. A wide belt dangled from the waist and the skirt had a zipper all the way down the back. When I held it up I could see that the skirt wasn't open on the inside, instead it was shaped like a bodysuit and, much to my surprise, there were two rubber plugs in it.

Of course I wanted to try it on, but the condition of those plugs made me hesitate. Instead I held it up to my body and was relatively sure I could fit into it.

I sat back down on my bed and wondered for a while; just who had worn this devious dress, and where to? Who had made it? And best of all, how was I going to get into it? My hand wandered to my panties and I found that I had become very aroused. Setting the dress aside I picked out a vibe from the drawer and closed my eyes as I slid it inside myself and made sure my panties would keep it relatively secure for awhile. I didn't even get my arms fully into the armbinder before I had my first orgasm. I had another struggling my way back out of it, and lay back on the bed to enjoy a third once my hands were free.

In my free time over the next few days I rubbed leather conditioner into all of my new toys and especially into the dress. It began to occupy my thoughts quite often and I knew I wouldn't be happy until I had it on. The breast cups were made in two layers, one that zipped over the other. The inside layer, the part that would be closest to my breasts, had a small brass circle right where the wearer's nipples would be. I also found that all of the buckles had places for them to be padlocked. Inspection of the plugs showed me that they had been riveted in place. Obviously they weren't supposed to be optional. I was continually fascinated by the amount of detail that someone had gone to to create this item of clothing that would be seen by very few people, at the most.

Eventually I worked up enough nerve to open the phone book and call a few leather repair shops. First I asked if they were kink friendly. Most had no idea what I meant, but one guy said "sure, as long as you pay well" so I packed my dress back up and headed off to his shop. I love the smell of leather, and his small shop was packed full of all kinds of beautiful things. Most of it was high end biker gear, but I did find a few collars and cuffs, and things of that nature in the back.

We had a little talk before I even opened the case. I told him that I wanted this to be very professional, and I was prepared to pay well if he could be discrete.

"No problem, but I prefer cash" he assured me.

First, I had him take out the rivets that held the plugs in. That way I could try it on without embarrassing myself. It fit me, but not well and he made some marks along the sides where he would later make some alterations. True to his word he never asked a single question, even when my arousal at being finally laced in my dress became apparent, even over the scent of the leather. I blushed furiously as I gave him the adult store bag containing the replacement plugs and told him to put them in when he was done. "Sure" was all he said.

A few days later I went back to pick it up. I had the suitcase that I had found it in with me, and when I accidentally opened it upside down a small journal fell out. I hadn't seen it before, so I tucked it back inside and pulled my wallet from my purse.

"$1500.00?" I whispered. I was in shock, I had no idea it would cost so much.

"Yup" was his reply.

Just then a tall thin woman came out from the back to join him, and I knew from her smile she knew what he'd been working on for me.

"Look sweety" she said softly "we have an offer for you."

"If you'll model that dress for us, just for a little bit and let us get a few pictures then it'll only be $500.00."

I was staring at her then, probably with my mouth hanging open.

"Why do you want pictures, are you going to try and blackmail me?"

"No", the man laughed.

"We just want to see how well it works on you, for our own enjoyment, that's all, I promise" she added.

I had to have my dress, and I knew I was trapped into this deal. I thought for a few minutes, then nodded slowly. "Do you have to take pictures though?"

She laughed softly and nodded, "I'm afraid so, we want a keepsake, but we can hide your face if you want."

Before I knew what I was doing they had closed the little shop and locked the door. The woman took me to a dressing room and waited just outside the door while I slipped out of my clothes and pulled the heavy leather up. She offered me a tube of KY and the plugs slid into me easily, taking my breath away as I pulled the dress over my breasts and buckled the straps. When I opened the door she clapped her hands once and smiled, obviously excited too. Soon she had the laces pulled tight and the leather covering in place over them. If I had brought padlocks I'm sure I would have had them locked on too. Next she pulled the zipper down, forcing my legs tightly together. I was hobbled now, and I realized that I would not be able to reach the zipper with the corset laced.

They were actually kind and supportive of me. The man gave me a pretty leather mask adorned with feathers to hide my face. She led me around the store, my feet making awkward little shuffling steps and the plugs driving me mad as they took picture after picture. I lost myself in a haze and became aware again as my orgasm took over. She was holding me up as I gasped and sobbed through one of the most intense climaxes I had ever had.

Eric and Dianne, those were their names, took my cash and gave me my dress after she helped me out of it. We were all smiles as I left the shop, promising to come back. Dianne whispered to me as they closed the door "you have to come back and help me into my dress, when it's finished."

Chapter 2 (added: 09/11/2011)

Dianne was going to arrive soon and I was terrified. Or maybe I was thrilled? I can't say for sure but I do know that I was shaking and unable to sit still. She had called me two days earlier and asked if I was ready to, in her words, "really enjoy that dress". I laughed at her bluntness but I knew she was serious about it too.

"Of course I am, but it's hard to get into alone."

"I'll come help you, when is a good time?"

I went silent on the phone, suddenly caught up in a wicked daydream. Her soft laughter pulled me out of it though.

"Emily" she said, "I'll come alone and we'll get you all laced in and locked, if you want to stop we will, I promise."

So two days later she's about to arrive at my house. The dress is all laid out in my guest room and I'm about to become a captive in it. I spent the entire afternoon getting my body ready. I don't think I've been so careful about shaving and trimming, painting my toe nails and all the other grooming niceties in years. I guess the thought of another woman being with me, and what we were about to do had gotten to me.

( link opens in new window )

Dianne arrived right on time and we spent a while just talking and relaxing. It turned out that we are almost the same age, but she had only recently moved to the area where she lived with her new boyfriend, Eric. They had met at some sort of party and hit it off immediately, both of them sharing a passion for working with leather. I quickly got the impression that Dianne's creativity went a bit further towards the erotic and kinky than Eric's did, but as she put it "he's learning".

"Emily, this is probably going to be a fun experience for both of us, but I am nervous as hell and I think you are too, right?"

I nodded as I replied "yes, and I've been thinking about that, I don't want to be scared, and I want you to be comfortable too."

I watched her reaction for a moment before taking a deep breath and continuing.

"I think if we just get started, and take our time as we go I'll be fine. You should feel free to touch me and I'll be sure to let you know if I need to slow down. Is that ok?"

Her smile said she'd been thinking pretty much the same thing. She stood up then and we hugged. I could tell a different sort of relationship was beginning and I was fairly certain it was going to be a fun one.

I lead the way to the bedroom then, and she went right to the dress and smiled as her fingers stroked across the bodice. Before either of us could say a word she was slipping off her t-shirt and jeans, revealing matching purple satin bra and panties.

"I think if I am a little bit exposed then you'll be a little less focused on your own situation". She laughed at my sudden smile, no doubt aware that I was noticing the dampness making a darker spot on her underwear. Dianne's hand went to her sex and gently stoked over the fabric, her eyes on mine.

"Yes Emily, I'm already excited, aren't you?"

Instead of an answer I just dropped my dress over my shoulders and pushed it aside with my foot. I wasn't wearing shoes, and Dianne turned me around to release my bra, then bent over to slip off my panties. When I looked at them, lying in the pile with the dress, it was obvious that the situation was effecting me in the same way it was Dianne.

"I want you to wear boots Emily, do you have some with heels?"

I just opened the closet for her and let her see my collection, she selected a favorite pair of mine, with zippers up the back and a very shiny finish to the leather. I put my hand on her shoulder as she bent down and held them, then closed the zipper up to my knees. A shocked passed between my fingertips and the soft skin of her shoulder, making us both jump and laugh, and a lot of the tension suddenly left us both. Dianne went to the bed and lifted the leather dress and held it up in front of her. "I'd forgotten how heavy it is" she said with a shine in her eyes. I turned my back to her and stood still, ready to let her trap me in this wicked apparel.

"Step in dear" she said softly and I took two steps back, placing my feet in the skirt and through the legs. My ankle brushed one of the plugs and I felt my face heat up with a blush, bit Dianne didn't notice, she was already smearing the KY on them. She worked the snug leather up to my hips then told me that I had better guide the plugs in myself while she held the dress. While I worked up the courage to insert the anal plug in front of someone I hardly knew she leaned forward to kiss the middle of my back. Just a soft, quick little kiss that burned through my entire body. The plug slipped in suddenly then, I either pushed harder when she kissed me or I relaxed somehow. Either way it went right inside me and Dianne quickly pulled the dress up, the dildo spreading and penetrating my pussy easily. I gasped and shook, the feeling far more erotic and sensual this time than when I had worn the dress in their shop.

Her long fingers soon had me laced in tightly. My knees were shaking by this time and she was working quickly. She zipped the leather cover over the laces and patted my rear with a chuckle.

"Do you need a break Emily? You seem to be sweating" Her tone was playful and once again I was relaxing in her care.

"No" I replied with a smirk as I buckled the shoulder straps one notch tighter, "I'm doing fine".

Dianne came to stand in front of me as I adjusted my breasts in the double layered cups. She unzipped one of them and slipped a finger inside, her face intent as she coaxed my nipple out the brass circled hole. My had went back when she found my nipple, and I gasped. I've always had very sensitive nipples and they were hard before she got close to them.

"Do you want me to do the other one?" I asked with a laugh.

"No you don't" she said as she playfully swatted my hands away. "You don't get all the fun".

When everything but the hobbling skirt zipper was adjusted and tight to my body Dianne stood in front of me. My hands were sliding up and down the soft but heavy leather of the corseted top. I very much enjoy having my body laced in, and this experience was quickly becoming very special.

"Oh!" Dianne exclaimed, "I have something for you!"

Before I could reply she kicked off her shoes and ran, her breasts bouncing wonderfully in her bra, out of the room and downstairs. I had a quick thought and wondered if the curtains were closed or if someone might get a nice view of this slender beautiful woman in my house. I heard her dump her purse on the coffee table, laugh, and come back up the stairs in a rush.

"Turn around dear" and I did. I trembled and my knees nearly buckled as I heard the first of several brass locks snapping shut. I was trapped now, and loving the feeling of it all.

We spent a couple of hours enjoying my situation then. Dianne would lead me around, testing the limits of my movement. Sometimes she'd zip the skirt down and laugh as I would hobble my way around. The plugs did their job very well. Many times I would ask to stop and she'd hold my hands as another orgasm would either pass, or leave me gasping. We discovered that I could sit in an upright chair, but there was no way I could stand up by myself if I sat on a couch or a bed, even with the skirt partially unzipped.

She laughed until she was in tears when I tried to get up from the wingback chair that I sit and read in. Certainly this was the first time I had been trapped in it, and I was left breathless after the first wave of orgasms hit me. She left me to sit there and recover, trapped as I was, while she made tea and served it.

"Emily" she looked at me during a lull in the fun. "there was a diary in the bag with the dress, is it your's?"

I shook my head. "No, I had forgotten about it."

She asked where it was and without opening it packed it in her purse.

"I'm going to borrow it if that's ok." she told me, more a statement than a question.

"I don't mind, but you have to share what's in it with me."

She just smiled her wicked smiled, green eyes flashing at me.

"There's a lot I that we are going to be sharing Emily." and I shivered again.

When the evening ended I was exhausted. She left me after making sure I was ok. Dianne took charge of the dress, cleaning and hanging it back up with great care. She left me with a kiss to the lips. As she walked to her car she looked back and smiled at me. I knew Eric was about to get a rush order...

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A very good story with a unique twist.

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I'd love some consensual M/f in there as well...

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Friday, July 22, 2011  

I always enjoy stories about special gear like this, you should keep it coming. Maybe she could somehow improve it, or get trapped inside for a day, you obviously have enough imagination to keep it coming.

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Friday, July 22, 2011  

Interesting start, is all I can say, in that I didn't find anything kinky with your story. Starts out well enough, albeit a tad mundane. I am more interested in what the journal contained.

It certainly shows promise for further development. :)

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cannot wait, it is so excited, next chapter???, please

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This story is believable and well written. I would love to see you continue the story. You have left yourself a wide array of possibilities. (switchman2002@yahoo.com)

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Friday, July 22, 2011  

A nice idea, incorporating yard sales that we all drive past from time to time. My slavegirl and I have often purchased items that we altered to incorporate them into our BDSM scenes.
We look forward to future chapters.
Bob & dianne AKA B&d Forever

Friday, July 22, 2011  

Very imaginative. The characters were real, not just the usual fantasy types.

Friday, July 22, 2011  

Nice story and with the opening for more

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You really should carry this story on

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This was great! Please continue!

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