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  • Post Date - 9/30/2011
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Author's Note: Even if you hate my stories, I will read your comments and maybe even consider taking them to heart.

Update (11/18/11): Someone has invented a powder that when mixed with water forms and unbreakable bond. Our heroines lie awake at night imagining the horrific possibilities of such a diabolical invention. During the day, they struggle to learn as much about Moleculox Glue and the criminal mastermind behind it, but they had better not take long. Delectica is on the move!

The sensual world of BDSM

Please enjoy Chapter 3 (of 6): The DDS Incident! Leave comments - what you liked, what you hated - or, at the least, please click the rating! Thanks for reading, syryn.

Update (12/19/11): Enjoy Chapter 4 (of 6): The Powder Incident - Progress in the Professor's investigation has frozen, which is bad news for another victim.

Update (01/16/12): Enjoy Chapter 5 (of 6): Busted! - The villainess taunts our heroic crime-fighters by leaving behind a riddle or two.

Update (2012/02/19): Enjoy Chapter 6 - The Choice - Finally! Our heroines and our villainous come face to face. If you made it this far through the story, thanks for reading! Please comment and let me know what you liked. If you did not make it this far, try it out again. There is more traditional bondage in the last two chapters. Thank you, Mr. Utopia, for posting my story on your site.

Chapter 1 - MolecuLox Glue

Somewhere on the outskirts of Inlandsville...

Stoney was happy to see Raquel when she walked into the small makeshift dressing room. It's always more comfortable to work with friends - especially on remote photo shoots such as this.

Raquel was already digging through the small bag containing the items they were to model this day. "Holey shoes..."

Stoney picked up her bag and peered in. "Have they been blessed by a priest?"

Raquel smiled. "Not holy... holey. See." The shoes were high heel platforms with extremely long laces. Not only was the heel high but there was at least two inches of platform material underneath the toes. Numerous small holes were cut into the sole at every angle, including some holes that went completely through the platform and heel to the other side.

"We're going to have to wear these outside?!" Stoney asked.

"Maybe the holes help to pad the foot..." Raquel suggested, ever the optimist.

The laces had small, golden, quarter inch rings embedded in the material at regular intervals along their length as decorations. Raquel pulled the two more articles of clothing from the bag. "Ooo! Sexy!" She held up a minute bikini swimsuit - black, with the same golden rings sewn in. Stoney's outfit was identical.

The two girls got dressed for the photo shoot. It took quite a while to get the heels on. After the laces securely anchored a foot in to the shoe, there was the lengthy process of threading the laces again and again through a long vertical strap that ran up the back of the calf. Once they were on though, the result was stunning - black laces crisscrossing all the way up the lower leg to just below the knee accented by the numerous gold rings. When the girls stood, the muscles of their well-toned calves bulged beautifully against the material.

The bikini's were small and tight leaving just enough to the imagination. They also found an elastic band of the same style to go around their biceps and a band to tie their hair back in ponytails.

There was a knock at the dressing room door.

"Hi! I'm Zill. I'll be your photographer today. And this is Candshaw. She helps with the lighting. Welcome to the Northern Oh ranch! Wow! Those swimsuits look fabulous on you two."

Stoney and Raquel smiled, loving the compliments.

"Why is this ranch called the Northern Oh?" Stoney asked.

"The name is based on the old branding symbol that the ranch used to use." Zill pointed to the symbol that was emblazoned above the doorway. It was a circle with three equally spaced, curved spurs radiating from the rim of the "Oh" which gave the viewer the impression that the circle was spinning counter-clockwise. "It's called the 'Northern Oh' because the circle is spinning in the same direction that water spins as it goes down the drain in the Northern Hemisphere."

"Oh, yeah! That's the Coriolis Effect, right?" Stoney asked.

"Exactly!" Zill replied - her face brightening.

Raquel stared at the symbol on the wall with her mouth half open for a moment. Then she changed the subject. "Do you have horses here?"

"Sometimes, but not right now," Zill explained. Behind her it seemed that Candshaw almost smiled.

Stoney picked a foot up off the floor and looked at the high heel. "These shoes are beautiful, but I'm a little worried about walking in them around the farm."

"Don't worry," Zill reassured her. "We'll stick to some good paths and move slowly. I wouldn't want either of you to twist an ankle or anything. Sorry about the height of the heels. Obviously, the magazine wants their women to be sexy, rather than practical, I'm afraid."

"If you saw the money they are paying us for this shoot, you would undoubtedly agree that we are both sexy AND practical," Stoney joked.

Zill smiled and shot a sideward glance at Candshaw who pursed her lips slightly, but otherwise, remained expressionless.

"So," Zill continued, "As you know, Bikinis and Beyond is a magazine that presents the latest swimsuit styles for college-aged women. They want to sell the swimsuits to the women, but they want to sell the magazines to the college-aged women's boyfriends. Thus, today during the shoot, we want you to portray two women who are physically attracted towards one another. We don't want the relationship to be subtle, but yet, we also don't want to be too explicit. Know what I mean?"

"We can do that," Stoney exclaimed with a smile on her face. She lightly placed a hand on Raquel's bare shoulder then looked over at her. She also had a big grin. When they saw each other's look of enthusiasm, though, both quickly tried to hide their smiles.

"Okay. Great. Let's get started."

Slowly, carefully, the models made their way out of the ranch house and into an open meadow. Zill was correct. The trails were good. Still, it would be quite painful to turn an ankle with the height of the platforms.

Candshaw was surprisingly strong. She carried quite a load of photography equipment. Still, she never complained. She never said a word.

At the first location, Zill shot Stoney and Raquel acting as though they were having a picnic on a warm, sunny day. They unrolled a blanket and spent time applying sunscreen to each other's back. Zill photographed them feeding grapes to each other and drinking wine.

After Zill was satisfied, Candshaw packed up the equipment and they made their way to a second location nearby in a piney wood. A single poolside lounge chair had been set up. The models took turns sitting in the chair, while the other kneeled in the soft pine straw by the chair. In the last few shots, both attempted to sit in the chair together, their limbs overlapping and intertwined.

Stoney and Raquel were having a great time. Zill encouraged them with compliments as she snapped picture after picture.

The third location was practically perilous. They positioned themselves in the middle of a stream with the flowing water rising over the platforms of their shoes and around their ankles. Luckily the bed of the stream was bedrock and smooth so the models were able to maintain their balance. Still, the models held on to one another as Zill took shots. They playfully splashed each other with the cool water until their hair was wet and dripping.

"Stoney, if you don't mind, would you kiss Raquel?" Zill asked and then clicked off a few more shots. "Wait! I meant... more like a simple peck on the cheek."

"Oh, sorry." Stoney and Raquel both blushed for a moment, but looked at each other and smiled as if some past, pleasant memory had suddenly resurfaced.

Finally, they were ready to move to a new location. As Raquel maneuvered her way out of the stream she accidentally stepped in a patch of mud by the bank. She almost fell down during her first attempt to pull her foot from the mud. She was surprised at how quickly and securely her high heel shoe had become lodged. Fingers of mud had started to sink through the holes cut in the platforms and held her foot. Quickly, she grabbed Stoney's arm and gave a more spirited yank. She frowned as her foot came free.

"Darn!" Raquel exclaimed. "I've got mud all over my shoe."

"Don't worry," Zill said. "We only have one more location and, it so happens, we want you two to be standing in mud."

They slowly made their way down towards a barn.

"Oh, wow!" Stoney exclaimed.

Zill looked upon the location set with an apparent sense of pride. "It would be difficult to find a good patch of mud around the ranch, so we've made one ourselves."

A large cistern lay before them filled with a light brown, muddy mixture.

"Ooo! Cool! You want us to get in there?" Stoney bent down and started to untie the shoe's lacing on her right leg.

"Wait! Leave the heels on!" Zill walked up to Stoney a pointed to her thigh. "While it's true that the heels will be completely submerged in the mud, I think that they will hold your leg in such a way that it does wonderful things for your leg muscles. They flex so beautifully."

Stoney smiled shyly. "Thanks."

Raquel appeared to be mesmerized by the mud and started to lift her leg up over the edge of the cistern in order to climb in.

"Wait a second, Raquel!" Zill said. "We realized that it would be difficult for you to position yourselves in the mud so Candshaw devised this set of pulleys that will help to lower the two of you into the cistern at the exact location where I need you to be for the shoot." Zill patted the wood frame next to the cistern. "Climb up here and get a good grip of those rings. Stoney, you get on the left side."

The girls climbed onto the platform and each reached up to the assigned pair of rings dangling from chains above.

"Ok, now step off the platform and hang in the air. Candshaw will lower you into the cistern of mud."

Candshaw untied a rope that fed through a series of pulleys. Slowly she let the rope slide though her hands and Stoney and Raquel descended into the muck.

"Ooo!" Stoney exclaimed with excitement.

"This mud feels so good!" Raquel agreed.

Finally their feet came to rest at the bottom of the cistern and they released the rings. The mud settled tightly around their legs all the way up to just over their knees. They were positioned so that they were slightly angled towards one another. Stoney and Raquel reached out to grab the other's hand, giggling, but they were far enough apart that their fingertips could only barely touch.

"Careful!" Zill warned. "I don't want you to fall over. That would be catastrophic!"

Zill reloaded her camera as Candshaw moved the platform and rings away from the cistern so they wouldn't be in the photos.

"What should we do?" Raquel asked. "Should we pretend that we are struggling?"

"Yes. That would be great." Zill aimed and started snapping photos as the girls rocked back and forth slightly, pretending to struggle against the strength of the mud.

After several roles of film, Zill stated, "Well, that's it. An excellent shoot - wouldn't you say Candshaw?" Zill's helper simply nodded.


"Yes, Stoney."

"This mud really is quite thick. I can't move my feet at all."

"Same for me." Raquel seemed to shift her weight slightly from side to side struggling against the mud.

"Don't worry. We thought about that possibility," Zill said.

Candshaw walked over to some kind of generator and cranked it on. She picked up a large bucket of liquid and began to pour it into the top of a pump. Two hoses ran from the pump to the base of the cistern.

Zill shouted over the noise. "We will pump in some water to dilute the mud and make it easier to extract you from the mud!"

"Oh! I can feel it flowing in around my ankles!" Stoney shouted. "I can move my foot a little now, but my legs are still held tightly. I think that the mud has a strong grip around each of those golden rings adorning the laces."

"We may need to wait until the water bubbles up through the mud!" Zill yelled back as Candshaw poured another bucket of liquid in.

The models stood patiently slightly shifting back and forth, waiting as the level of the mud slowly crept up their thighs, buoyed by the new layer of liquid underneath. Finally, there was a loud 'po-lorping' sound and a bubble of clear liquid broke the surface of the mud.

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"Zill? I still can't move my legs at all. And now the mud is halfway up my thighs."

Candshaw turned off the generator and Zill grabbed a shovel handle. "I'll just stir it around a little to dilute the entire mixture."

She stuck the handle into the mud and stirred back and forth for a minute. When she pulled the handle out, it's diameter, caked in mud, was three times what it had been before.

"I can't even move my feet any more. I don't think that the mud is diluting!" Raquel's voice seemed to have a hint of desperation.

"Maybe," Stoney suggested, "Candshaw could swing the rings over and lift us out."

Candshaw simply remained standing where she was without any expression on her face.

"Stoney, Raquel, I have a confession to make," Zill said.

"We're a captive audience!" Stoney exclaimed still staring intently at the point where her thighs descended into the mud.

"I'm not a photographer for Bikinis and Beyond Magazine."

Raquel looked up, her voice was shaking a little. "So, you're like, a freelance photographer?"

"No," Zill confided, "I'm not a professional photographer at all. I'm just a rancher, trying to make ends meet. I try to make enough to keep myself and Candshaw fed. I even grow most of my own vegetables. But do you know what?"

Stoney and Raquel were no longer struggling. They were staring at Zill in shock as her voice became louder and her expression darkened.

"Those damn birds! Every year they come and eat the seeds before they have a chance to grow. I know what you're thinking. Scarecrows!! Let me tell you... They are worthless!"

Finally, her face softened. "That is, until now... You see, that 'mud' you are standing in is actually concrete. As you have stood there, it has seeped into each little hole in the soles of your platform shoes. It has slowly sealed itself tightly around each individual golden ring in the long laces tightly tied up the length of your calf. As strong as Candshaw is... by now, there is no way she could lift you out. I hope that those heels are comfortable. You will be standing in them for a long time. Have either of you heard of MolecuLox Glue?"

"Mo-leck what?" Raquel whimpered. Stoney just shook her head.

"MolecuLox Glue, some would claim it bonds so tightly, that it's permanent."

"Oh yeah?" Stoney sobbed.

"Well, the liquid that we pumped into the cistern was MolecuLox glue. Even as I speak, it is sealing your beautiful feet into those heels forever. It's sealing those shoes into the concrete forever. And it will harden the concrete so well that it will be impossible to break the two of you out... Ever."

The models stared, mouths agape. "Why?"

"Simple... We need better scarecrows."

Two years later...

In the town hall on Main Street in Inlandsville...

"Berger von Klumpf, please." The Chief Inspector drummed her fingers on the desk nervously as she waited for the Berger to pick up the phone.


"Berger. I'm begging you once again. We need more money." She picked up the photo of yet another young woman.


"Well, the first thing that I would need to do with the money is buy more bulletin boards..."


"No. Another case and, again, no leads. We need more people on the cases."


"Yes, ma'am. I understand that it takes a lot of money to put in a monorail, but... but... Yes, ma'am... Yes, ma'am... Yes, ma'am..."

The Chief hung up the phone. "Damn!"

She walked over to the bulletin board covered in photos of young beautiful women and squeezed the new picture into the collection, doing her best not to cover one of the older victim's photo... Stoney's photo.

Somewhere on the outskirts of Inlandsville...

Two short figures in a cornfield, buried up to the middle of their thighs try to reach out and hold the other's hand, but they are far enough apart that their fingertips can only barely touch.

Chapter 2 - The Lint Brush Incident (added: 10/27/2011)

Three blocks off of Main Street in Inlandsville...

Terra was frantic - skampering around the apartment naked.

"Where the hell is my swimsuit? Doe is going to be pissed..."

She'd checked the dresser. She'd checked the hamper. Twice.

"Maybe it got thrown in with the laundry."

She dug through the clothes in the dryer. "Ah - hah!"

She pulled the swimsuit out, feeling somewhat relieved. She held it up against her body.

"What the... ahh, crap!"

The swim suit was covered in small flecks of paper. She must have left some old tissues in her pockets when she did the laundry. Terra shook the one-piece a couple of times and looked at the clock. Quickly she stepped into the swimsuit.

The suit was dark blue. It fit her toned swimmer's body perfectly - compressing her bossum - holding her shapely back end in a small, tight little package. It left her graceful tanned back exposed. The color offset and accented her long, muscled legs. She stood before the mirror flicking at the flecks of tissue.

In the linen closet, she grabbed a towel and a new lint brush. She pulled the cover off and rolled the brush over her left breast. ("Ooo! That feels good.") Each stroke cleared a swatch of swimsuit from the flakes. She watched her progress in the mirror as she systematically de-linted her body.

"Hmm... that's strange." She looked a little closer at the areas that she had covered. All the tissue had been removed, but it seemed that a faint, dusty white sheen remained in the places that she had rolled. She could not feel anything unusual when she brushed her hand across the suit, so she continued to roll the lint brush over her body, pressing harder than before. Soon she had covered the entire surface of the swimsuit. She still saw the white sheen, but since she had covered the entire suit, there was no sheen-free part of the suit to provide a juxtaposition.

"Whatever it is, it'll wash off in the lake," Terra thought.

She ran the lint brush along the straps over her shoulders and around her back a couple of times just to make sure that they looked the same as well. She applied a few more strokes of the lint brush over her butt and crotch for good measure and finished getting ready to meet Doe for their hike.

"You know, the day you are on time will be the day that I start to invest in winter clothes. Hell will have frozen over." Doe's face was stern as she climbed into the passenger seat of Terra's car.

"I know. I'm so sorry. I couldn't find my swimsuit. I really tried! Are you mad at me?"

"No... of course not..."

"Rats. Then I guess that I'm obliged to give you that extra chocolate bar that I brought instead of hoarding it to myself." The girls laughed as they drove off into the hills just outside the town limits of Inlandsville.

"Eeee!" Doe screamed as she hit the cold water of the small mountain pond. She had stripped down to her bikini the moment that they arrived at their secret little pond and jumped with out a second's hesitation. Terra was trying to ease into the water - her skin was still hot and a bit sweaty from the 3k hike into the hills. "It's freezing!"

"No. It feels great! Quit pussy-footing around and just jump in!" Doe yelled as she splashed water at Terra.

"Are you suggesting that I'm a 'pussy-foot'?"

"Maybe I am!" Doe screamed. Terra jumped in a chased Doe into the depths of the cool, clear pool, laughing and shrieking along the way.

Later, they lay on towels and let the warm rays of the sun warm them up.

Terra lay with her eyes closed. A smile broke out across her face as she felt the tender tickle of Doe's soft lips press lightly against her cheek. "Ahhh... this is the life."

"I'm going back in," Doe said as she stood up.

"But Doe, we just ate."

"Yes, 'mother'. Are you coming?"

"Oh. Let's lay in the sun for a moment longer." Terra leaned back and closed her eyes again.

She jumped, startled when a small cloth landed across her face. Seconds later she was hit by a bikini bottom. She looked up to see Doe's naked body dive into the mountain pond.

"Strumpet!" Terra yelled as she jumped up to follow her friend back into the water.

"Prude!" Doe yelled in reply as Terra resurfaced from underneath the lake's clear water.

After a moment she taunted her friend again. "Prude!" Doe emphasized her insult with a splash of water, but Terra just tread in the water, seemingly preoccupied.

"Doe? Something's wrong with my swimsuit. I can't..." Terra started swimming to the bank and climbing out of the water - grabbing at the shoulder strap of her swimsuit.

"Terra? Are you ok?"

"My swimsuit... It's, like, stuck to my skin..."


"I... I can't seem to pull it off."

By now Terra had inserted a finger down her cleavage underneath the suit. However, all her pulling would not budge the suit at all.

Doe climbed out of the water and tried to help Terra pull at the suit.

"It's stuck to me!" Terra cried.

Doe tried to insert her fingers underneath the suit on her lower back, but there was barely any seam. When she pulled, she only ended up pinching Terra, causing a yelp to escape from the distressed woman's mouth.

"Get it off of me!"

Two weeks later...

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

Seychelle clicked through a series of various microscopic images on her computer. "I've seen something like this before... What was it?" She was so lost in her thoughts that she didn't hear the Professor enter the room.

"It's MolecuLox Glue."

The apprentice jumped in her seat, startled by the Professor's soft, reedy voice.

"That's it!" Chelle exclaimed. "MolecuLox Glue! This is bad... This is really bad!"

"Yeah, MolecuLox Glue. Some would claim it bonds so tightly, that it's permanent." The Professor grabbed the phone. "We had better call the Chief Inspector."

Two hours later...

"So, how did... what's her name? Terra? ... come in contact with the glue?" the Berger asked pacing nervously around the lab.

"It was the lint brush. It was tampered with," the Professor explained growing a little annoyed. "Please don't touch anything."

"Why didn't the lint brush just stick to her?" Chief Inspector asked.

Before the Professor could answer the Berger interrupted. "I thought all the MolecuLox Glue was destroyed years ago. Where is this coming from?"

"Well..." Apprentice Chelle explained, "that's why we are so concerned. MolecuLox Glue was developed in a liquid format. The samples that we removed from the lint brush were a powder. Apparently, someone has found a way to manufacture MolecuLox Glue in a powder format which is not particularly sticky. But if you just add a little water..."

"...You've got MolecuLox Glue!" the Chief exclaimed, her face twisting in horror with the realization of the potential use of such a product. "Diabolical!"

The Berger spun around and continued pacing. "So, you're saying that someone could sprinkle this powder somewhere. Then hours... hell, even days... later a little water could create a MolecuLox-like bond."

The Professor shifted a little in her chair. "There's nothing 'MolecuLox-like' about it. It IS MolecuLox Glue! Someone could sprinkle it! Hell! Someone could climb the clock tower and dump a twenty kilo bag into the wind!"

The Berger spun around again. "Someone needs to recall all the lint brushes!" She started to reach for her cell phone.

"We did that weeks ago, Berger," the Chief explained.

"Whoever is behind this only tampered with this single brush." The Professor sat back in her seat following a line of thought. "They are warning us. They must want something... Apprentice Chelle, show them what you found."

"Here's the official, company supplied lint brush cover." Chelle spread it on the table. "And here is the cover that we found in Terra's aparment." She carefully placed a clear bag containing the cover next to the first.

"They are identical except for one single word right down in the corner over here."

The four women looked to where Chelle indicated.

"Delectica?!" the Berger shouted. "What the hell does that mean?"

The four women stared blankly at each other. The Chief shrugged her shoulders.

After a moment, the Berger stepped back. "So... How is that woman... What's her name? How is she doing?"

"Terra? She's OK, considering the circumstances..." Chelle placed her hand to her mouth when she thought of Terra's horror.

( link opens in new window )

The Professor could keep herself more detached. "The swimsuit is as flexible as always. It has just completely bonded with her skin. Additionally, we can't seem to cut the material. We can't scrape it off her or dissolve the fibers of her suit. It's impervious to any chemical we've tried. She's going to have to wear it until... Well... we find a way... which may never happen... Luckily we were able to make a small hole in some of the material between her legs. Maybe she missed a small spot when she was using the lint brush. We've been able to... err... feed some tubes into her to take care of her basic needs... She'll need to stay on a liquid diet from now on though...."

The Berger shook her head. "Chief! I want you to find this villain. Find this villain NOW!"

Chapter 3 - The DDS Incident (added: 11/18/2011)

A building on Rock City Boulevard in East Inlandsville, third floor...

"Open wide."

The hygienist inserted yet another implement of oral torture into Chalia's mouth. They seemed to enjoy seeing how many things they could stick in at once. This must be part of the sick fetish that lures people to being dentists. Chalia supposed that the sick fetish, at least, had a positive impact on society. Everything has its reason. Everything has its place.

Chalia came from a poor family. She was the first in her family to earn a college degree. Cellular Biology with a minor in Mathematics. Full scholarship. Now, she was making some money and she had the luxury to spend some on herself. It was not long after her first paycheck that she went straight to the orthodontist to take care of her poor arrangement of teeth. They had bothered her throughout her life. She was quite pretty, but people seemed turned off when they saw the state of her mouth. And so, at the age of twenty-six, she endured a mouthful of metal hardware. It was well worth the pain and embarrassment. Well worth it indeed.

The hygienist had finished scraping and scratching Chalia's roots and she was polishing the last few bicuspids.

"OK. Rinse please."

Chalia took the paper cup that the hygienist handed her, sucked in a big mouthful of water, and started sloshing it around in her mouth. That was the moment that Chalia's life changed forever.

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

"So... here's a brief history of MolecuLox glue and its inventor." The Professor paced, barefoot, about the lab as she talked. Apprentice Seychelle sat at a table with a pad of paper jotting down notes.

"MolecuLox Glue was invented by Dr. T.N.T. Pound, entrepreneuer and founder of the Sticky Tools corporation. His friends called him 'Dr. Dynamite' for obvious reasons. He discovered a substance that was deemed to be too effective in bonding items together. This substance became known as MolecuLox Glue. Some would claim it bonds so tightly, that it's permanent. After some bad accidents, Dr. Pound himself declared that MolecuLox Glue was too dangerous. Most existing stores were destroyed along with the manufacturing process. That was twelve years ago..."

The Professor drank a large gulp of water and continued. "Dr. Pound had a wife and a daughter. Ten years ago the daughter, Kite Leigh Pound - aged 16 at the time, was killed in a chemical accident at the Sticky Tools Lab. Dr. and Mrs. Pound were devastated, of course. They became very reclusive and five years ago they died of carbon monoxide poisoning on a boathouse. No evidence of foul play was found."

"Such a tragic story," Chelle said. Her face pinched and distressed. She bit a cuticle and jotted a few things down on the paper pad.

"Now get this... Dr. Pound and his wife had no heirs. They specified in their will that their vast fortune should be split 246 ways and given away randomly to people around the planet. They had detailed rules that specified how the people were to be selected. Sure enough, within five years of their death, 246 random people suddenly received a hefty sum. Around $500k after taxes."

"I never win at the lottery!" Chelle exclaimed.

A building on Rock City Boulevard in East Inlandsville, third floor...

Slosh, slosh, slo... Chalia stopped sloshing her mouthful of water for a second. Something felt very odd in her mouth. The water seemed to be coagulating. She leaned over to the sink on the side of the chair to spit. Her lips would not open. They seemed to be sealed somehow. Chalia's next reflex was to swallow, but it was too late. Whatever was in her mouth was no longer in liquid form.


She imagined how the water had sloshed around her teeth, around the wires and springs of her dental work, between her cheeks and gums, underneath her tongue...


Now it was just one solid, hardened mass.

The hygienist turned around to Chalia. "You may spit now."


"Excuse me?"

"MMMMM!" Chalia was using her fingers to try to pry apart her lips.

"Oh, my! Doctor!... Doctor!" The hygienist ran from the room. The paper cup slipped from Chalia's hand and fell to the floor with a clacking sound.

Two hours later...

"I want every employee and every patient of this office to be questioned immediately!" The Chief Inspector's face was red, her hair pulled back in a disheveled ponytail. Chalia had been rushed off to the hospital. "What do you think Professor? Was it MolecuLox?"

The Professor stood quietly pulling at her lip, holding a baggy containing the paper cup Chalia had used to rinse with. The bottom third of the cup was hard and solid. "We need to see the lab results to be sure, but it doesn't look good."

"Professor! Chief! Look!" Apprentice Seychelle was on the floor underneath the dentist chair. The two women joined her and looked to where she was pointing. On the bottom side of the chair, scribbled in wax pencil was a single word... "Delectica".

"Damn! What to do? What to do?" The Chief stood up neurotically pulling at the hem of her untucked shirt.

The Professor rolled her eyes, annoyed. "Security cameras! Do any of the buildings around here have security cameras?"

Four and a half hours later...

The hospital on Dearborn Avenue in downtown Inlandsville...

"All the security cameras in a one block radius were burgled two nights ago," the Professor stated slowly. "We have no leads... But we'll know what to look for next time."

Seychelle's arms were folded tightly together. Her shoulders hunched and her face looked long. She turned to the doctor. "Is Chalia going to be OK?"

"She's not in mortal danger," the doctor explained. "Luckily, the glue did not cover her throat. She won't open her mouth ever again though. She'll have to be fed through a tube down her nose."

Chelle shivered. "Though it is only the beginning of summer, it's now like autumn. Each day another leaf, once full of dreams, drops from its perch - slowly covering Inlandsville in a blanket of evil."

Chapter 4 - The Powder Incident (added: 12/19/2011)

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

"Professor! I just got a call from the police station! They said that two offices on the 600 block of Cherry reported that their security systems were burgled last night." Apprentice Seychelle was already removing her lab coat and collecting her keys.

"Damn!" the Professor shouted, knowing that the day was ripe for another tragedy. "Is the Chief Inspector down there already?"

"The station said that they are still trying to locate the Chief."

"Grr... Doesn't she carry a cell phone?" The Professor laced up her shoes. "Apprentice, this could be dangerous."

"I know."

They broke the speed limit and ran stop signs all the way over to Cherry Street. "These warehouses should be evacuated immediately!" the Professor exclaimed. "Where are the cops?"

The Professor and Chelle ran into the WMS Memorial Office Building.

"Professor! What are you doing here?" The HR woman asked, suddenly wide-awake.

"No time to explain Lianna. You need to evacuate all the employees immediately!"


But before the Professor could explain a distant popping sound like the snap of a towel echoed down the hall.

"Damn! We're too late!"

Purielle staggered out of the supply closet into the storage room. She was somewhat stunned by the loud pop and the eruption of white powder throughout the closet, but otherwise she was uninjured. "What the hell was that?"

Two women came crashing through the door. "Oh, god! P! Are you OK?!" It was the Professor and Chelle.

"I'm ok. It was like a large box of chalk dust exploded in there. I'm covered."

"Quick P, take off all your clothes! Chelle, tell them to cut off the air system in the building!"

Purielle looked at the Professor dumbfounded.

"No time to explain P. Just do it! Now!"

Purielle was startled by the Professor's demanding tone, but found that she was quickly complying with her command. She unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor. She kicked off her high heels.

"P! You're covered in the powder! Take off everything! Quick!"

Purielle pulled her stockings down and then let her panties and bra drop to the floor. She found herself standing completely naked in the office storage room.

"Your jewelry too! Now, P! Now! And don't touch anything!"

Just then Chelle, the Chief, and Lianna piled through the door. Purielle was thoroughly embarrassed and she started to cover her breasts and crotch. "Professor, why..."

"Don't talk P! And keep you arms at your sides."

The Chief stood stunned. "Is that MolecuLox?"

"MolecuLox Glue?!" Purielle shouted - her heart suddenly beating twice as fast. "Some would claim it bonds so tightly, that it's permanent."

"Please, P! Stop talking! It's only MolecuLox Powder! The powder is harmless. We need to get it off you before it turns to glue. Keep your mouth open! We need to get her someplace cold, really fast!"

Lianna's eyes seemed to be riveted to Purielle's trim, lean body. "There's a meat locker in the next office building down. It's where the cafeteria used to be."

Ten minutes later, they had escorted Purielle to the meat locker. They got her to stand with her feet shoulder width apart, her arms at her sides and her palms open. They told her not to close her lips, lest they may seal forever.

"If you come in contact with water the powder will turn to glue," the Professor explained. "We need to find a way to get the powder off of you."

"It's so cold in here though," Purielle whimpered. Her body was covered in goose bumps. Her nipples stood erect and hard.

"I know P. But we want to minimize your perspiration. Don't worry. And please don't cry."


The Professor and Apprentice Chelle used a metal rod to scrape as much of the dust as they could from Purielle's body, taking care to collect every minute flake. Once they had a good collection they left the meat locker to a makeshift lab outside.

Purielle stood as still as she could. Every time she exhaled though, she could see her breath. "I just need to meditate. Breathe slowly... Relax..."

Inside though her thoughts were spinning. "What if I get tired of standing here? How long can I hold this position? What if I develop a cramp? What if I sneeze?"

In the lab outside the meat locker, the Professor and Chelle were frantically searching for something to remove the powder without turning it to glue.

"Professor?" Chelle asked, "You said that the powder was harmless. Do you really think that's true?"

"I don't know Apprentice. I just don't know."

"Any luck yet Chelle?" Purielle asked when the apprentice entered the meat locker.

"The Professor is working really hard to find a solution. She's a very smart woman, you know."

"I guess that -eans that you haven't -een a-le to hind one yet." Purielle remembered to not close her mouth. She was having trouble saying m's and b's.

"Don't worry, P... How are you holding up?"

"Ok" Purielle decided that she must have 'moved into the zone'. It seemed to be easier and easier to hold her position as time passed.

The Professor stepped into the meat locker with the metal rod. Her eyes looked tired. "Purielle, we need to get more powder to sample."

Chelle stepped up to Purielle to find a place where the powder coated her skin.

"Uh... Professor?"

"Yes, Apprentice Chelle."

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"I don't see any of the powder. Anywhere."

Purielle's eyes brightened. "That's good, right."

The Professor stepped up closer and examined Purielle's naked flesh. "Shit..."

"Shit's not good! Shit's not good!" Clouds of condensation puffed dramatically from Purielle's mouth.

"Raise your arms, P." the Professor requested.

Purielle did not move a millimeter. "I can't -oove, Prohessor! I can't -oove!"

Two days later...

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

"I implore you Professor! Go home! Get some rest!" Seychelle's hands were on her hips. She looked exasperated with her mentor.

"We have to keep testing, Apprentice Chelle. We don't know when this 'Delectica' is going to strike again, the bitch!"

"You don't want to get sloppy, Professor. You need to be sharp when you are testing the powder samples. Right now, you are not sharp."

"You're right." The Professor shut down the monitor of her computer and put her head on the desk. A moment later Chelle saw the Professor's back start shaking. She placed a comforting hand there and rubbed her shoulders.

"You did the best that you could, Professor."

"It's just that... I didn't think that P's skin would absorb the powder like that. Now her flesh is frozen. She's like a mannequin." Tears were streaming down the Professor's face. "She's lucky that she can even move enough to breathe."

"It could have been much worse. It WOULD have been much worse if you hadn't been there."

The Professor pounded the desk with her fist - her resolve suddenly hardening. "This is personal now..."

Chapter 5 - Busted! (added: 01/16/2012)

Five miles down River Gorge Road from the Inlandsville city center...

"Did you hear something?" Riddle asked.

"No. There's no one out here today. There's no car's in the lot above. I think that the rain clouds have scared everyone away." Moonstruck was coiling a climbing rope between her hand and elbow.

Over the millenia the river had carved a narrow gorge through the valley leaving wonderfully exposed granite surfaces for all the local rock climbing enthusiasts. Moonstruck and Riddle had come to a section of the gorge divided into two distinct layers. The top layer was easily accessible via hiking trails. By strategically tying to an anchor in the parking area above, one could "top rope" over a variety of routes demanding varying levels of skills. The top layer ended with a shelf 25 meters wide. Only experts ventured over the shelf. The cliffs below had few handholds and frequent overhangs.

"Maybe it was a wildcat..."

"Why would a cat hang out on such a precarious ledge? Geez, Riddle, why are you so nervous today?"

"I don't know. I guess it's all those stories in the news about 'Delectica' and 'MolecuLox Glue'... Scary stuff..." Riddle retraced the figure eight knot with the end of the climbing rope. She displayed her work to Moonstruck to verify that the knot was clean. Moonstruck pulled on the rope several times just to make sure that the harness was tightly secured around Riddle's narrow waist.

"Yep. It's scary. But do you think archvillains spend their off hours creeping around in the wilderness?" Moonstruck asked. "Besides... Don't you think it would be kind of sexy if you and I were stuck together forever?"

Moonstruck tugged hard on the rope causing Riddle to stumble up against her.

"Maybe Delectica would wrap us in climbing ropes..." Moonstruck started coiling the rope around their bodies so Riddle, who was giggling, couldn't step away. "...Then Delectica would cover us in MolecuLox Powder..." Moonstruck grabbed a handful of chalk from the bag on her harness and sprinkled it down between their bodies.

"Finally, she would spray us down with water..." Moonstruck squeezed her water bottle so a thin stream arced through the air and rained down on their heads. Riddle screeched under the cool water and laughed.

"Then," Moonstruck continued, "you'd be stuck with me forever and ever." And she kissed Riddle on the lips.

"You're already stuck with me forever and ever!" Riddle replied as she hugged her friend and returned her kiss...

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

"Have you been here all weekend?... And what's with the shit-eating grin?" Apprentice Seychelle tossed her raincoat on a hook in dramatic exasperation. The Professor was spending far too much time holed up in the lab, racking her brains trying to solve the MolecuLox crimes.

"I think I know...," the Professor said, taking extra time to create a sense of suspense, "...who Delectica is. Or... actually... who Delectica ARE."

"What did you figure out?"

"Well... I thought that the villain had to be someone local. Inlandsville is not THAT big. So, I approached the problem with brute force." The Professor was starting to pace and taking on a classroom-lecture-like tone. Chelle decided to sit and wait for the story to unfold. "I took all the notes that you had entered into the computer along with many gigabytes of town data that I conned the Chief Inspector and the Berger to give me. I put all the documents on the Beowulf cluster and used a self extracting map to find documents with similarities to your notes." Chelle was starting to yawn. "I searched all the similar documents. For a long time I found nothing. But then I saw this symbol."

The professor pulled out a piece of paper and showed it to Chelle. It was a circle with three equally spaced, curved spurs radiating from the rim, giving the viewer the impression that the circle was spinning counter-clockwise.

Chelle looked confused. "What is it?"

"It's the symbol used by the Northern Oh ranch located on the outskirts of Inlandsville." The Professor said smiling proudly.

"I don't get it."

"Well... As you know MolecuLox Glue was discovered by Dr. T.N.T. Pound... 'Dr. Dynamite'. What is dynamite?"

Chelle's eyes brightened for a moment. "Dynamite... TNT, that is, stands for 2,4,6-trinitro toluene."

"Exactly! The molecule that we call dynamite is a benzine ring with three equally spaced atoms of nitrogen." The Professor sketched the molecule on the paper next to the Northern Oh symbol to emphasize the similarities between it and the molecule.

"Great!" Chelle said, but she cast her eyes to the floor. "That's pretty flimsy, if you ask me."

"Yes. It is flimsy. But this other evidence is not. I looked at the bank records for the ranch. They have received payments from a number of suspect corporations from around the world. The payment amount in each transaction has varied, but if you add up all the payments from each individual corporation it always totals to the same number. $516,937.39!"

Chelle's eyes brightened again. "Exactly the amount of money that Dr. Pound's will paid out to the 246 lucky recipients."

"...And 'lucky' is not the best word for the recipients. I did a little search and found that none of the chosen recipients were actually living at the time the money was sent to them."

"So who is receiving the money?"

"That's what we need to find out from the Northern Oh ranch. Currently, it's owned by two women: Zill Zillsdottor and Candshaw Crunge. Let's go get the Chief Inspector and pay a visit to the Northern Oh ranch."

One hour later...

Somewhere on the outskirts of Inlandsville... (more precisely, the Northern Oh ranch...)

Two police cars and the Professor's hybrid made their way up the long driveway to the ranch house. The Chief and a deputy stepped out of one car and motioned for the Professor and Apprentice Chelle to accompany them. "Stick close to us and Keep an eye out for anything strange." The other two blackshirts waited outside.

A young woman with sandy brown hair answered the door. She immediately looked concerned, frightened even, but she quickly collected herself. "Yes, I am Zill. Unfortunately, Candshaw is out right now."

"Yes, ma'am," the Chief said in her most official tone. "We need you to come down the the station to answer some questions."

"Regarding?" Zill asked.

"The estate of Dr. T.N.T. Pound."

"Uh sure..." Zill looked behind her into the house. "Do you mind if I change into some clean clothes? Why don't you all come inside to wait."

"Don't mind if we do." The Chief swaggered though the front door.

Zill left the four to wait in a Greek style living room with marble floors. Ornate stone columns decorated the main doorways in the room. The cylindrical base of each column evolved into the form of an exquisitely carved female form. Delicate arms and a beautifully detailed waist rose from the cylinder developing into full breasts. But just past the shoulders the sculpture reverted to a simple Ionic column that continued up to the ceiling. More feminine forms were carved into the walls, depicting thin, nubile torsos from thigh to neck - receding into the walls above and below. The deputy looked closely and started to touch one of the polished white surfaces.

"Deputy!" Chief admonished. "Dirty hands!"

The deputy looked at her hand for a moment and stepped back.

The Professor nudged Chelle and directed her attention out a window. Two vehicles were parked in well worn spaces under a large Oak tree. There were no other well worn spaces. The Professor was about to speak when the Chief's radio crackled to life.

"Uh... Chief... We need you to look at something out here." It was one of the two blackshirts who remained outside.

The Chief looked annoyed. "What is it!?" she whispered into the radio.

"Uh... You need to see for yourself."

The Chief looked at the Professor. "I'll be back." She walked out of the room.

The deputy turned back to one of the wall carvings and ran a finger along the polished stone. "Very detailed...," she said with an odd grin on her face. "The model must have been cold... or excited..."

Suddenly, the Chief walked hastily back into the the room. Her face was white and she was mumbling something about scarecrows. She pointed in the direction that Zill had gone. "Deputy! Break down that door!"

Moments later the door splintered into pieces and the Chief and her deputy spilled into the adjoining room with their guns drawn. "Oh! For god's sake! What the hell are you doing?"

The Professor and Apprentice Chelle looked into the bedroom. They saw Zill and Candshaw standing naked engaged in an extremely intimate embrace. Breast to breast - their arms wrapped tightly around one another, their lips, delicately pressed in a kiss.

The Chief lowered her gun and stepped toward the pair. "You two have a lot of explaining to do." She started to reach toward them.

"Chief! Stop!" the Professor screamed. "They are covered in Moleculox Glue!"

Seven hours later...

Chelle looked with pity at Stoney and Raquel. Their hair was long and wild and wet with the day's rain. They seemed to be in excellent health. Regardless of the fact that they had been standing, buried to mid-thigh in a corn field for over two years. Chelle walked up the hill.

"We've got our villains! Delectica is no more! We've solved two thirds of our outstanding missing persons cases today," the Chief was explaining to the Professor. "Every woman has been found in excellent health, yet in various states of immobility or modification. We found detailed diagrams pinpointing each victim's location. Let's hope that Zill and Candshaw kept complete records. I'm still unsure how we will communicate with them. Their mouths are glued together. Their hands are tightly, permanently sealed to one another... Why would they do such a thing?"

"That is the question," the Professor stated, pinching her lips in deep thought. "Did they not wish to explain their actions, or, possibly, were they afraid of the consequences if they were able to speak?"

"Chief, Dispatch." The Chief's radio interupted.

"uh... yeah...," the Chief spoke into the mic.

"We've just received three items of interest."


"We just received a call that the current Miss Inlandsville has disappeared."

"What!?" the police Chief yelled.

"She was to be the guest of honor," the dispatcher continued, "at the Coal Powerco Feast tonight, but when they introduced her, she was gone. They found her tiara and her evening dress, her high heels, even her undergarments... but no Miss Inlandsville. It's like she spontaneously combusted."

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"You mean to tell me," the Chief shouted into the radio, "that someone stole a naked beauty queen from a room full of people. Diabolical!"

"Yes, and we have a scribbled message here for the Professor." The Professor's right eyebrow raised a centimeter. Chelle stepped up a little closer. "Let me see if I can read it," dispatch continued. "It doesn't really make much sense."

"Go on!" the Chief encouraged.

"It say's, 'What's green and floats in the ocean?...'" and after a pause... "'kelp'. I think that's what it says... 'Kelp'."

The Chief brought a knuckle to her mouth and turned her head to the side. "What's green and floats in the ocean? Kelp. A riddle! Hmmm..."

The voice over the radio continued: "Yes. And finally, we received a box that contained two pairs of rock-climbing shoes, two athletic bras, two pair of spandex shorts, various climbing equipment and a note addressed to you, Chief. This note says 'Drive to the river gorge climbing lot.'"

The Chief clenched her teeth together. "Drive to the river gorge climbing lot. Another riddle! Hmmmm..."

Chelle cast a sidewards glance towards the Professor.

"Right! Chief," the Professor was rolling her eyes in annoyance, "you should probably go investigate the parking lot down the river gorge road. Apprentice Chelle, come with me. I have a hunch. Delectica is still out there."

Chelle followed the Professor towards the hybrid. She looked up to the gray, evening clouds. "It's starting to rain again," she commented mostly to herself.

Seven hours and forty-five minutes earlier...

Five miles down River Gorge Road from the Inlandsville city center...

"I am Delectica!"

The moods of Moonstruck and Riddle had quickly shifted from playful abandon to sheer terror. They were engaged in a simple kiss, tangled together in their climbing ropes when a black figure dropped from nowhere, landing gracefully next to them. Moonstruck quickly started to unwrap the rope that held her close to Riddle, but stopped when she saw the gun. The creature before them was tall and exquisitely feminine. She was encased in skin tight latex from head to toe. The only openings in the suit revealed two cold gray eyes. The creature spoke. Her voice was calm, satiny.

"I am Delectica!"

"Don't shoot!" Moonstruck pleaded.

Compressed air erupted around the gun twice. Moonstruck looked in disbelief at the red dart sticking in her shoulder. It's partner was embedded in Riddle's abdomen. "Ow?" Their bodies collaped to the ground.

Four hours later...

Moonstruck awoke. When she found she could not move, she remembered the creature and opened her eyes to assess her situation. She felt like she was floating in a web of rope. Her back was arched. Her arms and legs were stretched down and away from her torso. There was a gentle tug on her nipples. A cool breeze blew up between her legs punctuating her growing realization that, but for the ropes, she was completely naked, exposed. She saw Riddle's face inches from her own, framed in rope, disheveled hair, and gray skies. She saw Riddle's arms, pulled back and away, a mirror image of her own predicament.

Riddle's eyes opened and quickly glazed with terror. Riddle's body convulsed in her bondage. Moonstruck felt their bodies slowly sway in the air. "Riddle! It's ok. We're ok. What do you see?"

"The rocks and the river," Riddle's voice was shaking. "We're hanging a hundred meters over the rapids!"

"It is quite a nice view from here, don't you think?" Moonstruck and Riddle looked from the corners of their eyes at Delectica, who hung by a single rope in the air next to them. "Don't worry. You won't fall. Japanese rope bondage. It is a captivating art form. Your bodies are held so tightly in a web of rope. You've probably found that you can't move in any direction. Yet, it's like you are wrapped in a hammock. There is no place on your bodies where the ropes are so tight that blood flow is constricted. You can safely remain bound for a long, long time. You are suspended from above by a number of ropes. I've also suspended a 200 kilo weight below you to keep the symmetry. You know... it's good to keep the ropes taught above and below."

Moonstruck could feel the vibrations of Riddle's struggles in the many cords that ran between their bodies.

"I've been planning your display for quite some time. I'm going to call it 'Forbidden Love'. The two lovers are inches apart. Their eyes are locked on one another. Yet they are unable to ever touch. Well... actually, you've probably noticed that you are touching slightly in two places. I placed a small dollup of Moleculox Glue on each nipple and pressed your chests together. After the glue cured I set up the ropes so there is the slightest tension on your breasts. You will know that your lover is close by, even when your eyes are closed."

Delectica looked down the gorge, oblivious to the pleas from the two young women. "Hmm... looks like rain is coming up the valley." Sure enough Riddle felt light drops begin to tickle the naked skin of her back side. "Your ropes are soft, but they are coated in Moleculox powder. When you add water the powder turns to glue. Accordingly, the ropes will become like steel, stiffening, while bonding tightly to your skin. Well, I better go. I have a party to crash. See you!"

Delectica gracefully ascended the rope away from the frightened girls. As she climbed over the cliff's edge she yelled down, "You'll make quite the roadside attraction!"

The rain began to fall in earnest.

Chapter 6 - The Choice (added: 2012/02/19)

On the road in the western section of Inlandsville...

The hybrid cut through the night and light drizzle, somewhat exceeding posted speed limits. Inside, the Professor drove.

"'What's green and floats in the ocean? Kelp'... Does that mean something to you?" Apprentice Seychelle had no idea what the Professor was thinking. But she knew that, with patience, the Professor would eventually let her know where they were headed.

The Professor's eyes remained squarely focused on the road. "The dispatcher wasn't sure that the note said 'kelp'. I think that it might have said 'klp'."

"'Klp'? I don't get it."

The Professor suddenly looked a little annoyed. "Think about it! KLP. They are initials. Kite Leigh Pound."

The blood drained from Chelle's face. "The daughter of the inventor of Moleculox Glue! But she died ten years ago..."

"Exactly. Everyone knows that. But is it the truth? We're here." The hybrid screeched into a dark parking lot next to an old abandoned warehouse.

"What is this place?" Chelle asked. The building was in great disrepair. Grated windows were broken out. Rusty, locked gates covered the heavy, entry doors.

"This is where the Monster Green Surf Board company used to operate. They were never very successful. After all this is Inlandsville, not some place near the ocean. Like Portstown."

"So, you think that Delectica's message was for you to come here?" Chelle asked, looking with skepticism at the dark structure.

The Professor pulled a flashlight out of the glove box. "Yep.'What's green and floats in the ocean?' Monster Green Surf Boards is the answer." They climbed out of the car into the rainy night.

Chelle followed the Professor around the edge of the building examining the windows for a possible passage inside. Finally, they came upon a broken out window conveniently located above a rusted 200-liter metal drum. With a little muscle both women were able to crawl into the window and drop to the hard concrete floor below.

The interior of the structure was cool and musty. Chelle could feel her eyes starting to itch.

A doorway led the two into a hall that they began to follow carefully - straining to see beyond the dim flashlight's beam. The Professor suddenly stopped and motioned for Chelle to do the same. Chelle strained to hear any sound above the pounding of her heart.

The Professor handed the flashlight to Chelle and removed her raincoat. She gave the coat a swift shake, sending a sheet of beaded raindrops down the hall. About two meters in front of Chelle, the drops of water briefly illuminated red.

Chelle held her breath. "What was that?"

"A light sensor, I think... to detect intruders." The Professor wadded her coat into a ball and tossed it down the hall.

Chelle jumped in fear and grabbed for the wall when the sound of a blast of spraying liquid cut through the darkness. The flashlight fell from her hand and clattered on the floor, it's light quickly snuffed out. Chelle opened her eyes as wide as she could, but could only see drifting colors of the afterimage. She heard the Professor patting around on the ground, then softly banging the flashlight. The dim beam flickered to life again.

The Professor surveyed the hall with the light as Chelle attempted to regain control of her breathing. A short ways down the hall the floor was covered in some kind of liquid. The Professor focused the light on her raincoat that now lay in a soaking heap four meters down from them. "Liquid Moleculox," the Professor said calmly. "Do you think that the sprays can be tripped twice?"

"Maybe we should go get a better flashlight..." Chelle was disgusted by the detectable waver in her voice.

"Give me your raincoat."

Chelle quickly pulled the coat from around her and handed it to the Professor.

"I'll buy you a new one," the Professor said as she tossed it down the hall. The coat sailed past the light sensor and fell approximately in the middle of the puddle. The sprays remained inactive.

The Professor then took a few quick steps forward through the light sensor and then jumped down the hall. Her foot landed on Chelle's raincoat. With another great leap, the Professor succeeded in jumping clear of the puddle of glue. She turned and lit the floor so Chelle could follow.

Apprentice Chelle, unfortunately, was about 15cm shorter than the Professor. Her first leap successfully carried her to her ruined raincoat, but the second lunge was short. Her foot landed with an audible splat. Chelle leapt again in a panic and landed next to the Professor.

"I didn't stick!"

She started to pick up her foot to examine it. "Nevermind... It's sticking now..." Chelle's sneaker was firmly cemented to the floor. "That was fast." Chelle carefully extracted her sock-covered foot from the useless shoe. "Damn!" She pulled off her second shoe and held it in her hand.

"You had better keep that shoe with you. You may need it later." The Professor started to continue down the hall.

The gravity of the danger they were in started to form a firm foundation in the base of Chelle's consciousness. Certainly, somewhere in this dark abandoned warehouse Delectica, the archvillainess, waited for her prey. Who knew that Chelle and the Professor had come to seek out Delectica? Who would know to look for them here if they somehow became stuck? With all her heart, Chelle wanted to run from the building, but she knew that she had to stay with the Professor. She trusted that the Professor would keep her safe.

They continued up a flight of stairs into a vast room filled with large containers. Chelle followed the Professor's lead through the dark shadows. The Professor stopped and turned the flashlight off for a second. Chelle's eyes strained against the inky darkness for a ray of light. She heard the Professor's voice. "I doubt that these containers contain old surf boards."

"What do you think is in the containers?" Chelle asked nervously.

But the Professor did not answer her question. Instead she said, "I think I see a light in the distance."

Chelle's eyes were starting to adjust to the darkness. Sure enough, a dim light filtered through the entranceway to another room in the distance. They slowly made their way towards it.

"Holy shi...," the Professor began. Chelle quickly came around the Professor for a better view into the room. It was a large room. On the far wall was a hulking machine - dark and shadowy, yet outlined by a few LED's which flashed red and green. Large tubes stretched up and ran along overhead leading to a spot on the far end of the room where a single white spotlight shone down. Chelle's blood ran cold.

There, underneath the spotlight, was a tall, thin glass cylinder. Inside the cylinder, Chelle saw the naked, struggling figure of the current Miss Inslandsville.

( link opens in new window )

"Oh my god!" Chelle had forgotten about the danger and quickly walked up to the cylinder. The young, beauty queen's eyes were wide and pleading for help. Her mouth was moving frantically, though no sound could be heard. Her hands were firmly planted on the inside of the glass and her feet, too, seemed rooted to the floor. Her movements seemed to indicate that she was struggling to move from her standing position in the cylinder, but was unable to. A clear mask covered Miss Inlandsville's eyes, nose and mouth. Thin clear tubes snaked from the mask and from between her legs to attachments on the floor of the cylinder.

"We've got to get her out of there!" Chelle said frantically as she looked for a way to open the glass prison. "Maybe we should just break the glass..."

"I think that I saw a fire ax in the last room," the Professor stated. "I'll be back in a second."

Chelle saw a chair near the machine. She picked it up and approached the cylinder, gesturing for the beauty queen locked inside to shield herself if possible from broken glass. She raised the chair and brought it down firmly near the base of the glass prison. It bounced off the cylinder with a loud CLACK! that echoed through the room. The integrity of the cylinder remained intact.

Suddenly, the sound of a compressor coming to life cut through the room. Overhead, pipes started to creak and thump. Chelle looked around and prayed that the Professor would return soon with the ax. When she turned back to the cylinder, she saw a clear thick fluid start to pour in around the beauty queen's feet.

"Oh my god! It's Moleculox Glue!" With renewed strength Chelle lifted the chair and swung it at the middle of the glass prison. Once again, the chair bounced off with no effect. Inside, Miss Inlandsville struggled frantically as the liquid rose up her calves. Chelle swung again and again...

"Would you please stop that incessant banging!"

Chelle's heart stopped and she turned around to see the source of the powerful, feminine voice. Delectica! There she stood! Five meters away! She was dressed in black latex from head to toe. The only opening was for her cold, gray eyes.

"No!" Chelle screamed. There on the floor at Delectica's feet was the unconscious body of the Professor. But, Chelle knew she had to try to help the beauty queen first. "Please! You've got to let her out. Don't glue her in there!"

Delectica calmly asked, "And why not?"

It was obvious that Delectica had no intention of stopping the flow of glue that had now reached up to the beauty queen's waist. Chelle raised the chair above her head and rushed at Delectica purely intent on striking her to the ground. Delectica gracefully stepped to the side and with a light push sent Chelle sprawling across the floor.

Chelle reached for the chair and jumped to her feet again, but stopped in her tracks when she turned and saw Delectica again.

"Tsk tsk," Delectica taunted Chelle while pointing the barrel of a pistol at her.

Chelle looked over at poor Miss Inlandsville inside her glass prison. The glue was covering her breasts. "Please! It's inhumane!"

"Is it!?" asked Delectica. "She truly is a beauty, don't you think? This old world will only tear her beauty apart. Gravity will yank at her bosom. The sun will dry lines and wrinkles into her face. Time will stain her beautiful hair gray."

Meanwhile the glue rose up to the beauty queen's chin. Her golden locks were beginning to float in a cloud around her head suspended by the thickening glue.

"I'm preserving her beauty! She will still be alive, but she will be just as beautiful as she is now for the rest of time!"

The glue quickly rose above the beauty queen's head and filled the rest of the glass container. Inside, Miss Inlandsville had either stopped struggling or was no longer able to. Chelle could see tears dropping from her closed eyes.

Chelle dropped to her knees and began to weep tears of her own.

"Apprentice Seychelle... You have always been so empathetic. You have such a big heart. It's not your fault that Miss Inlandsville met this fate. There was nothing that you could do. Don't cry."

Chelle looked up. "What the hell do YOU know about me?"

"Oh... I know a little about you. But I'm ready and willing to find out so much more..."

Suddenly a second spotlight illuminated. Underneath it was a cylinder with that looked identical to the one that now contained the immobile form of Miss Inlandsville. However, instead of being made of glass, it was made of stainless steel.

"Indestructible glass cylinders are so hard to come by. So I had this one made of steel. Either way they are very expensive. And so, you see, I have a problem. I only have one container, yet I have two women. I originally planned to use this cylinder on the Professor, but now I've found a new little game to entertain myself with. Seychelle! Listen to me! You must choose. Who will be permanently encased in this steel cylinder? Unable to move. Unable to communicate in any way. Permanently held in darkness. Dependent upon some caregiver to hook up a food supply each day. Dependent upon some caregiver to extract the wastes. Will it be you, Seychelle? Or will it be the Professor?" Delectica paused for a moment. "You must choose!"

Chelle felt weak and beaten. She looked over at the Professor's motionless body on the floor. She looked at the beauty queen suspended in the glass prison. "What is the fate of the woman who does not go into the cylinder?" Chelle asked.

"I promise you that they will go free," Delectica replied. "And I will never bother them or the town of Inlandsville ever again. Make your choice now!"

Chelle was on her hands and knees. Her stomach was upset with anxiety. Tears fell to the floor. "Me...," she mumbled.

"What was that?" Delectica asked.

"Me. Take me..."

"Hot damn!" Delectica laughed. "I can't believe it. Holy shit! You've chosen loyalty over common sense! You are incredible, Seychelle. One of a kind. Now... Get undressed!"

Chelle looked up and saw the gun still trained upon her. Slowly she began pulling off her socks. She stood weakly and pulled down her pants. Soon she stood in just panties and a bra.

"Too bad that I didn't get two glass cylinders. The world will miss not only your foolish loyalty, but also your beauty. Come on. Take off everything."

Chelle's underclothes dropped to the floor.

"Your jewelry too."

Several rings bounced to the floor. Chelle tossed her earrings onto the pile of clothes. She carefully extracted the ring from her belly button.

"Now..." Delectica stated. "Get in the cylinder."

A pressurized hydraulic sound hissed though the room and the front portion of the steel cylinder slowly swung open. Chelle staggered to its entrance.

"I had this cylinder made especially for the Professor. You're quite a bit shorter than she is. There is a lot of headroom left over. Get inside!"

Chelle climbed in and turned to look out the door. The cylinder was very narrow. There was not enough room to raise her arms up to her face. Chelle let out a gasp when the door started to close and seal her in the darkness of the tube.

Chelle felt her knees go weak. Her body fell against the cold, metal interior of the tube. Chelle waited for the thick liquid to flow in and close around her. But what about the mask? What about the tubes? How was she going to survive the encasement? Maybe Delectica had taken mercy upon her and was going to let her die in her dark coffin.

Suddenly, however, the door opened up again and Chelle fell out onto the hard floor of the warehouse. She heard the sound of something land beside her head.

"Put those on!" Delectica commanded.

Chelle looked up and saw a pair of thigh high latex boots next lying next to her. The boots had heels that were at least 12 cm high. Chelle slowly stood up hopeful that Delectica had decided to be merciful.

"I don't like the idea of wasting all that headroom," Delectica explained. "These boots will give you a bit of a boost. Also, their tight embrace and the way they hold your toes will remind you of our meeting for a long time to come."

Any sense of hope that Chelle had was quickly shattered. She picked up one of the boots and began to stick her foot in it.

"Wait!" Delectica yelled. "Before you put your foot in you should pour the contents of these containers into the boot."

Chelle looked to where Delectica indicated and saw two half liter cups of clear liquid - Moleculox Glue.

Chelle picked up the first container and poured it down the long tube of the boot. She started to slide her foot in knowing that once on, these boots would never come off ever again.

Chelle heard movement on the floor next to Delectica. It was the Professor. She had awoken! The Professor looked at Chelle and screamed "Don't do it!"

Delectica calmly turned the pistol towards the Professor and pulled the trigger.

"No!" Chelle screamed, expecting a bullet and blood. Instead there was only a hiss of air and a red dart embedded itself in the Professor's stomach. She slumped back onto the floor, unconscious.

Chelle pulled the boot up her leg. She felt the cool liquid fill in around the empty spaces until a small amount seeped out the top of the boot around her thigh. Delectica threw a rag at her. "Wipe that up before you stick to everything."

Chelle repeated the process with the second boot, permanently sealing her leg inside. The boots were a perfect fit. When she stood up she almost fell forward. The heels were so high!

Delectica's cold eyes looked deep into Chelle's. The dart gun was pointed directly at her abdomen. "Now it is time to prepare you for eternity," Delectica said and she pulled the trigger.

Chelle felt the prick of the dart and quickly started to fall forward. She screamed, "But I've still got so much more to say..." and collapsed unconscious on the ground.

Two years later...

A lab on Vine Street in Inlandsville...

Two cylinders stood in the middle of the room. One cylinder was made of glass. The naked body of a beautiful woman was suspended inside. The second cylinder was made of steel. Computers and tubes were hooked up to both cylinders monitoring the precious lives of the victims inside.

A door opened at the far end of the lab. A staccato clicking sound of heels on a hard floor echoed through the lab.

A soft, pleasant computer generated woman's voice welcomed the newcomer. "How was the celebration tonight?"

Seychelle gracefully walked in her extreme heels to the front of the glass cylinder and used sign language to indicate that it had gone well. She pulled a ribbon with a heavy medal from around her neck and tossed it into the trashcan. A camera trained on the lips and eyes of Miss Inlandsville recorded their movement and translated it into speech.

"Why do you seem so mad?" the computer voice asked.

"I don't deserve a medal!" Chelle signed.

"Yes you do," the voice stated. "Delectica is gone from Inlandsville. You and the Professor are heroes."

Chelle looked at the steel cylinder. She approached it slowly and lay a hand on its cold surface. Inside... Well, every day she refreshed the intake and outtake containers of the two cylinders keeping the occupants alive. "No. The Professor is the real hero. And she will pay the price of it for an eternity."

Miss Inlandsville decided to change the subject. "I bet that Stoney and Raquel are happy today. They must have an incredible sense of freedom."

For four years the two swimsuit models had been planted in a solid block of concrete hardened with Moleculox Glue. It had taken two years and lots of money to make a single cut though the block. The two women were still embedded to their thighs in stone, however they were now in two separate blocks. The day's celebration had been for two young models as well as all the other victims of Delectica and her hench women Zill and Candshaw.

"Did they request to get away from each other after all the years?" Miss Inlandsville's computer-generated voice asked.

"Actually...," Seychelle replied, "if anything, they are positioned closer together than they were before."

In the town square of Inlandsville...

Two figures buried to their thighs stood in the fading light of the setting sun. Slowly they reached out and grasped the other's hand for the first time in four years.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Saturday, August 03, 2013  

Looking forward to reading more. Great post.Really thank you! Really Great.

Monday, July 09, 2012  

I found the story intriguing... I liked it

Monday, February 20, 2012  

Just because it can belong on another forum shouldn't make it unwelcome here, its not a bad story.
I enjoyed reading it.
the story an fun break and it doesn't deny someone else the chance to post something more to your liking.

Friday, December 30, 2011  

sorry- i didn't find this erotic in the least.

Saturday, November 19, 2011  

I find the story quite amusing and entertaining to read, in a rather corny, comic-book villain way. And I mean it in a positive sense.

My only issue is that I feel the story doesn't really belong here, there isn't any sex or taboo topics that would prevent it from being posted in a more vanilla forum.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011  

Again, this story (update) is inventive, but not too realistic. I'll grant you the existence of MolecuLox, but I can't see how it would be different than supergluing your fingers together; even if all else fails, after two weeks your skin sloughs off, and you're free.

Thursday, October 27, 2011  

So what if the story was inspired by a picture on another site.I've read many comments to other stories wishing there were pics.And unless i'm mistaken being locked in that glue and not able to escape IS bondage.maybe not what some of you want but still an interesting story and please keep writing.

Thursday, October 27, 2011  

well written, but really this isn't erotic in the slightest... kinda makes it pointless to read

Tuesday, October 04, 2011  

Sticky-site ripoff again.

Sunday, October 02, 2011  

This sounds a lot and i mean a lot(!) like it was inspired by a certain drawing on www.sticky-site.com of 2 women in a cornfield, reaching out to eachother.

Saturday, October 01, 2011  

What to say? Another improbable story about stupid people.

Saturday, October 01, 2011  

I'll second the thrust of earlier comments: well written but barely erotic. The good writing is why I bothered to give it two stars as it matches the tags but this read like a bad epsiode of Serling's old show, Night Gallery.

Saturday, October 01, 2011  

I agree that this story is very well written, but the ending is too weird. Scarecrows? C'mon.

Friday, September 30, 2011  

Well written, but how do they get away with it? They'd be too easily caught. Not to mention that the expense of making and maintaining their 'scarecrows' would far exceed any possible benefit they might accrue from them.

I think the author is better than her material. Good characterization, good dialogue, decent scene descriptions, good grammar, punctuation and spelling. Please try again.

Friday, September 30, 2011  

The easiest way to say this. It was lame

Friday, September 30, 2011  

Wow. This caught me by surprise. From a bondage standpoint, I really can't rate it very high, there is virtually none. However, overall, I have to give it an outstanding. It is a nice, short, creepy little story that catches you off-guard in a "Tales From The Crypt" kind of way. First story here that I'd actually consider more literary than fetish oriented.

Friday, September 30, 2011  

Oh how silly :-)

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