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Sissy 2.0
  • Author - slavemalcom  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, analplay, bodymod, bondage, chastity, humiliation, toys
  • Post Date - 10/26/2011
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Author's Note: This story follows on from a series I have been writing for a while. I suggest you read the first 4 parts first. Part 1 - "The new way of things", part 2 - "The first live show", part 3 - "After the first live show" and part 4 - "Slaves double trouble".

The sensual world of BDSM


It had been 8 months since D took Jim as her sissy slave and things couldn't have been going better. Her website detailing his submission and training was a massive hit online, and thanks to advertising revenue and the members area she was making a great profit on the site. Her friend Maggie had moved in with them a month ago after learning of D's website and was happy to help in his training. The first live show to launch the website had bought in a huge audience and D was not about to let things go cold.

Chapter 1

Maggie and D sat reviewing the latest submissions on the website - 'The Training of Slave Boy'. The interactive vote had been running for almost 5 days now and the time for the next show was fast approaching.

As a busy web developer D had limited time to put into ideas generation for the site so she had asked Maddie to come up with a few ideas, as well as using her own skills to jazz up the website.

Taking on this job with great enthusiasm Maggie had come up with a number of different scenarios that were now listed on the website, for the paying public would decide the next theme of the show. The list read:

Scenario one - Medical check up

Scenario two - Sissy 2.0

Scenario three - Bondage water torture

Scenario four - Total interaction

Clicking on each scenario bought up a brief description of the show and the voting had been going well. The girls looked in amazement at the final voting tally, nearly 8,000 votes had been cast over the two week period and one topic seemed to be getting more votes than any other by a long way. A buzzer rang in the room and broke their attention from the screen and D pressed the intercom button.

"Yes Sissy, what is it?" she demanded.

"Mistress's, your dinner is ready when you are." the voice came back.

"Thank you sissy, we'll be right down." She replied before shutting off the intercom.

"Well I guess we'll have to sort this out later, but its clear what the winner will be. How soon do you think we can put things into action?" D asked Maggie.

"Well some of it immediately, but some of it is a bit more long term." Maggie responded thoughtfully, excitement filling her at the prospect of what was to come. The two women got up and left the room leaving their empty glasses of wine and snack bowls behind on the desk., after all Sissy would tidy up after them after all.

It was summer time so they insisted on eating outside and as usual sissy had set up the table for two people, candles flickered in the light breeze and two fresh glasses of white wine sat on the table. As they sat down sissy came out in his waitress outfit to serve them wine. His legs encased in stockings that attached to a thin meshed waistcoat covering his upper body. His hair, having only been trimmed by Maggie when absolutely necessary was now growing well and he had resorted to tying it behind his head in a tiny pony tail. As usual his cock hung limply in its plastic prison, he hadn't been allowed to cum in the entire duration of his capture. A metal collar had been locked round his neck and hadn't been removed for months.

Soon he was serving up a wonderful summer salad and as the two ladies ate he sat quietly on the floor by D's feet waiting for them to finish. D and Maggie both agreed that Sissy was a wonderful chef and they joked about what would happen if Sissy was to ever fall ill.

"Take away!" they chimed together laughing. After finishing their meals they both scraped up their left overs onto a single plate before D placed it on the floor in front of sissy.

"You may eat" she commanded without looking and Sissy soon delved in face first to the food, learning a long time ago not to try and use his hands. They sat chatting for a while longer as the temperature of the summer night dropped discussing the state of the garden, none of them were keen gardeners and sissy didn't have the time to do much.

"Maybe we should get a gardener in?" Maggie said thoughtfully

"I'm not sure we can Mags" D responded. "What will someone make of sissy here, I don't want strangers in my house making assumptions about our lifestyle after all." D said flatly.

"True, guess we'll have to tackle it ourselves....."Maggie said sarcastically. The two women burst out laughing. Finally the two women were cold and told sissy they wanted to move inside.

"Tidy up quickly sissy and join us in the lounge. I fancy a shoulder massage and a good film, what say you Maggie?"

"Sounds wonderful D" Maggie responded and she turned to Sissy"make sure you bring the wine."

The two ladies got up without another word leaving Sissy to tidy away the plates and clear up the table. Soon he had joined the two women in the lounge and had topped up their wine glasses. The ladies picked a cheesy romantic comedy that was showing on pay per view and soon sissy was taking it in turns to massage their shoulders and necks whilst they watched the film. It wasn't until the end of the film that D spoke about the website to Maggie and unusually she did so with Sissy still in the room. Normally she liked to keep things a surprise.

"Shall we close the voting tomorrow morning Maggie, then assuming scenario two wins as is looking likely we can start things next weekend. Hopefully in two to three weeks time things will be ready for the live show." D said to Maggie.

Sissy groaned and D shot him a look as if to warn him not to say anything. "What was that Sissy, you want to be gagged all day tomorrow? Okay, as you insisted" she scorned at him. He lowered his head and made no further sound.

"Good idea D, I'll make the necessary arrangements tomorrow once the voting is closed." Maggie said. It was late, but not to late for either woman to make use of Sissy. Before the night was out both Maggie and D had made him orally pleasure them until they came and both women fell asleep contented. Even sissy slept contented now despite his permanently aroused state, he had two Mistress's who loved him and depended on him and he would do anything to make them happy.

Chapter 2

D was up and out of the house early the next morning for work, Sissy getting up to help her as normal. First he scrubbed her head to foot in the shower before massaging her head as he washed it, then he proceeded to moisturise her entire body once she was dried off, before finally helping her dress. As D left Sissy passed her the usual packed lunch along with the Thermos cup of fresh coffee.

As Maggie worked much closer to home she was always up after D, so sissy also helped her in the same way, Maggie letting him eat breakfast at the same time as her.

Maggie and D had a new rule between them, the last one out the door made sure that Sissy was dressed correctly for his day at home. This normally fell to Maggie, but she didn't mind. Watching a grown man dress up as a French maid every day never got boring, and each day she found something new to do to torment him.

Taking him upstairs Maggie got out his rapidly fading and thread bare maids outfit. She first laced him into the steel boned leather corset and tightened up before she secured the locking straps with padlocks. Next fishnet stockings were pulled up the man's hairy legs and attached to suspender clips hanging off the corset. 5 inch high heels were locked onto his feet along with a short chain between his ankles and knees, limiting his movement. The maids dress was pulled down over him and Maggie then locked on the wrist cuffs that had attaching chains to his collar, also limiting his movement. She pulled out the large red ball gag and approached sissy, but he backed away and pleaded with Maggie.

"Please Mistress, there is no need. I'll be good and keep quite, you don't need to use that today on me." Sissy said appealingly to her. Maggie starred into his eyes and stopped approaching Sissy.

"You know what, you're right sissy I don't need to use this." She turned and walked back to the wardrobe full of his gear and put the ball gag down. "I'll use this instead" she said picking up the huge silicone penis gag, 6 inches long the 1 ½ inches wide it filled sissy's mouth until his throat was rammed. It contained a tube that ran down the middle to allow liquids to be fed. "How dare you tell your Mistress what she can and can't do, now open wide."

Sissy let out a sigh and opened, opting to not make things worse then they all ready were. The penis slid down his throat and despite him being used to it he still retched as it hit the back of his mouth before it slid further into his throat and was locked in place.

Clearly not finished Maggie turned back to the cupboard and picked up the largest butt plug they currently owned and lubing it up she ordered sissy to bend over before shoving the plug deep into his rectum. Once in place she grabbed the locking butt plug harness and yanked at the buckles making sure it was tight before she secured the belt with padlocks.

Finally ready to leave for work she looked sissy up and down. "God that uniform is getting shabby. Hopefully we'll have reason to get you a new one for you soon" she giggled. She picked up her necklace that had a single silver key hanging from it and sissy looked intently at it. She waved it in his face tormenting him, for this key was one of only two that would open the keyed alike padlocks holding his restraints in place. The other key was currently hanging around his wife's neck along with the only key that unlocked his chastity cage. Maggie kissed him on the cheek and took her packed lunch before leaving for work.

Soon sissy was left alone once more in the house and set about his chores. He put on the radio and soon was tottering round the house doing what he needed to; the dusting, the hovering, making both the beds, putting the laundry on. With the gag in place he knew that he'd be going hungry but at least the feeding tube allowed him to drink. Filling a sports bottle up he attached the nozzle to the gag and squeezed, the flow of sugary liquid felt cold and refreshing in his throat.

It was getting late in the day and sissy was starting to get worried, usually Maggie was home by now as she worked so close. It wasn't until about 7 pm that D came in and Sissy rushed best he could to greet her. "Oh Sissy, I'm sorry I'm late. Terrible day in the off......" she turned and looked at him in bemusement, her sentence cut off mid stream.

"Why are you still dressed like that, is Maggie not home yet?" D asked confused.

Sissy shook his head

"Why on earth not" she said "and why did she put you in that gag? I only meant for you to wear the ball gag today." She took her key and unlocked the penis gag pulling it out.

Sissy stretched his jaw and swallowed for a few moment before replying "Its my own fault Mistress, I pleaded with Mistress Maggie not to gag me this morning." Sissy said softly.

"YOU DID WHAT?" D hissed in an angry voice. "Well I'm not surprised then, you deserve this" and she grabbed a handful of his long hair pulling his head back. The sudden force made sissy gasp in pain and D shoved the cock back in his mouth and locked it back in place.

"Get me a glass of wine slave whilst I find out where Maggie is" she said sharply and Sissy tottered off gingerly to get his wife a glass of cold white wine.

When he returned D was on the phone so he stood back and waited.

"Ah okay, that's wonderful then Mags,............. we were just a bit worried that's all..................................okay see you in 30 minutes or so." D turned to sissy.

Picking up the glass of wine she looked at him "dinner ready?" she asked, and he nodded.

"Good, I need a foot rub." For the next half hour sissy massaged D's feet whilst she told him all about the trouble in the office that day. Maggie soon came in the door carrying a few bags of things and without a word took them straight downstairs to the dungeon.

After fetching her a glass of wine sissy scuttled back off to the kitchen to finish preparing dinner and soon the two women had finished a wonderful pasta dish that sissy had prepared. After scolding him once more about talking back at Maggie D finally took the penis gag out of his mouth and told him to sort himself out dinner.

The two ladies got up and left the room, heading for the dungeon. The two ladies inspected the contents of the bag's Maddie had bought and discussed the security requirements for the live show, after all what they were going to do was not exactly legal. Maggie told D that everything was prepared for Friday night and that the show was going to be a master piece. Excitedly they packed away the kit Maggie had bought and left the room, heading to the kitchen to pick up Sissy on the way to the bedroom where they spent the next couple of hours tormenting and using him him once more.

( link opens in new window )

Chapter 3

Friday seemed to take forever to come round for D and Maggie, the excitement of what was to come building every time they talked about it. For Sissy however the time flew by as he became more and more concerned about what was to come. Friday afternoon was finally upon them and both D and Maggie were home from work early, giggling like school girls.

They both demanded baths from Sissy and so he spent the afternoon pampering them. They all grabbed a light dinner that sissy knocked up before the two women dragged a very nervous sissy down to the basement. He had his wrists locked together and hoisted above his head in the wash area of the dungeon, a latex mask was pulled over his head that only had eye holes and a mouth opening before the two women left to change.

Sissy thought he heard the front door open and close but wasn't sure, the basement was well sound proofed and it might have just been one of the inner doors being closed.

Soon though it was time for the show to start and both D and Maggie entered the dungeon dressed head to foot in similar latex cat suites, including masks that covered their faces. The only skin on show was their eyes and mouths, their hair had been pulled into ponytails that emerged out the back of the masks. D had dressed in a back and dark purple cat suite whilst Maggie was in a black and red cat suite. Both had shiny waist clinchers on along with colour co-ordinated latex gloves and high heals.

Sissy looked at them in awe as they walked into the room, but then he noticed the third and forth person walk in behind them. Dressed head to foot in white latex was an unknown woman, her outfit broken by splashes of red. On closer inspection Sissy could see that she clearly was dressed up to be some sort of fetish nurse, a large red cross was in pace across the front of her cat suite the only colour to break up her stunning white figure. The other women was equally stunning in a light green doctors outfit.

D stepped in front of the camera and addressed it "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the second live show here on 'The training of a slave husband'. As you well know over the past two weeks we have been asking for your votes on the next live show and we are pleased to say you responded in your thousands. Firstly we want to clear something up that a few of you have fed back via the blogs."

She turned to sissy and lovingly placed a finger under his chin. "What is your name slave" she said raising his head so he looked into the camera.

"My name is Sissy Mistress" he responded

"And you are in fact my husband yes?" she pressed.

"Yes Mistress. I am your husband and your slave" Sissy answered.

"Do you like this life of yours sissy?" D asked softly. Sissy looked up at her confused

"Why I love it Mistress, why do you ask? I live to serve both yourself and Mistress Maggie, there could be no greater pleasure in life."

"Despite the fact we torment you, test you and sometimes torture you?"

"I know that anything you do is for my own good, I never question why."

"This is your last chance my love, if you want us to stop what is about to happen tell me now. Otherwise there is no turning back from what is about to happen." D said

"Mistress, I trust you with my life and know that what ever you do makes you happy. Do anything you wish to me." he said turning to face her as best he could.

"Excellent" D said turning back to the camera. "Now that that's cleared up we can get on with the show!" Maggie and D both turned to the table and picked up the large strap on dildo's that sat on there and proceeded to put them on. Soon enough Sissy had been lowered onto one of the benches where Maggie bent him over and used a strap across his back to hold him in place on all fours. D positioned herself in front of the man.

"Do you like my cock slave?" She asked

"Yes Mistress" sissy moaned as Maggie pushed the head of her cock into the man. He groaned deeply, a sound of pleasure not pain as Maggie's fake cock slid into his arse.

"You like getting fucked don't you slave?" D taunted him.

"I do Mistress" he moaned as Maggie left the cock buried inside him.

"Beg us to fuck you then slave" D said waving her cock near the man's mouth

"Please Mistress fuck my face whilst Mistress Maggie fucks my arse." The man said

"Oh come on" Maggie said from behind. "Little sluts like you can do so much better. Beg us to fuck you like the slut you are."

"PLEASE MISTRESS" sissy screamed loudly "Please fuck me and use me like the slut I am!"

Without further word Maggie pulled the cock out of Sissy's arse then rammed it back in hard. Sissy cried out as the cock slide deep inside him but D took her chance and ploughed her own strap on into his open mouth. The two women fucked Sissy at a relentless place, and Maggie was first to cum. With one final thrust of the fake cock she screamed as the orgasm ripped through her and made her entire body tense up, the inner cock on the strap on perfectly positioned inside her own moist pussy. D wasn't far behind and thrust her cock deep into Sissy's throat as she too came. After a few minutes pause the two ladies pulled out.

"God your a slut sissy, any real man would be ashamed to be fucked by two women with strap ons over the internet. I think tonight's show is perfect for you." D said smiling. She turned to the camera and addresses the viewers head on.

"Viewers, I'd like to introduce our dear friend the fetish doctor and her assistant nurse naughty who are going to help us today" with that the woman in green stepped in front of the camera and waved along with the women in white behind her.

"Today ladies and gentlemen we are going to give you Sissy 2.0". With that the two women turned and headed towards Sissy. The Doctor and the Nurse each grabbed an unmarked white pot and opened the lid whilst D and Maggie unfastened Sissy's restraints and positioned him in the shower. His mask was rolled up his head so that it only covered the top part of his head, his jaw line uncovered to the base of his ears. D slapped him hard on the arse as the removed the key from around her neck.

"Don't you dare move or there will be hell to pay!" she said to him. For first time in weeks D bent down and let his cock out of its plastic prison. The two women set about spreading the thick cream onto sissy's legs, before working their way up to his pubic region and arse. Finally his arms, neck and lower face were covered in the thick stinking cream.

Sissy noticed a strange tingling feeling that soon built to a horrid burning all over where the cream was. He started begging to D to wash it off but Nurse shook her head as she looked at her watch. Finally after 15 minutes Nurse gave the signal and Maggie grabbed the shower head and turned it on, checking the water to be warm enough before she started washing off the cream. The Doctor turned to the camera and talked for the first time in a husky, sexy Texan accent.

"You see darlins', what we have here is a little concoction of mine, a hair removal cream that is state of the art. It is designed to seek out the hair follicles and destroy them, therefore making the hair removal permanent." As she said this the camera zoomed in on sissy and as the cream washed off the fairly thick hair on his legs just seemed to wash away with the cream.

Sissy didn't sob on hearing this, Maggie and D had tried shaving his legs before and it didn't go well. Straight after they had tried it his legs felt wonderful and his stockings felt better than ever on his smooth skin. However as the hair grew back it was painful, and constantly laddered his tights. On top of that he developed countless ingrowing hairs on his legs that became sore and infected. The two disappointed ladies decided then that they would have to give up on shaving his legs.

After washing off the cream each lady grabbed a bottle of baby oil and started oiling up his new sleek, hair free body. D paid particular attention to his cock that was swelling at the attention. Finally finished Sissy was lead over to the medical examination table and told to lye down.

His wrists and ankles were locked into leather cuffs usually seen in mental institutions, as where his thighs. Each of the cuffs was then strapped firmly down to the table immobilising the man on the bench. His neck was encased in a similar style collar that was also strapped firmly down, holding his head on the thin platform that strut out from the man table. The doctor used the foot peddle on the floor to lower it until Sissy's head was at just the right height.

The doctor hitched open the base of her catsuit and straddled Sissy's face, the bound slave needing no instructions of what to do. Soon enough the doctor was moaning at the skills of sissy's mouth and she was soon bought to a shuddering climax.

"My my, he is talented isn't he ladies!" She said after she had recovered.

"He sure is, did you want a go?" Maggie said turning to the Nurse.

"Oh no, she's not allowed" The doctor butted in. "Show them why" the doctor said turning to face her assistant. D and Maggie giggled as the nurse undid her catsuit and revealed a thick metal chastity belt encasing her waist and sex. The nurse zipped herself back up as the show continued.

"You should consider a metal belt for Sissy here, they make them now days so you can't even tell if there is a cock of cunt behind it." the Doctor said smiling. Maggie and D looked at each other and grinned.

Sissy was now gagged and blind folded before Nurse unpacked another case that was in the room. She took out the hypodermic needle and carefully injected the contents into a vein on Sissy's arm. As the sedative took its course D whispered in her husbands ear something that no one else but sissy heard. "Goodnight my husband. When you awake you'll be the perfect sissy slave a woman could want. I love you now and always" she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

The two women got the work straight away whilst D sat back along with Maggie in two chairs. The Doctor started to make careful measurements of the bound man's chest as the nurse set about swabbing the area and setting up medical looking surgical blankets across the sleeping man and raising a screen to bloke the camera view of the surgery.

"Right then all, what we are going to do now is make this man into true sissy" and the doctor picked up a small scalpel and made two small incisions on his chest. For the next two hours the two medical personnel worked behind a screen on the man until finally it was done. Videos of the slaves progress over the last month was intermittently played to the public during the procedure. With a gasp D and Maggie looked behind the screen at Sissy before D finally spoke to the camera.

"Well Ladies and gentle men I have to say this is better than I could have imagined. The screen was lowered as D continued. "I proudly give you Sissy 2.0!"

Sissy was still out cold on the table, but his chest was no longer that of a man's. Two huge, perfectly round breasts stood firmly on his chest, his nipples pert and erect as he slept. Only a number of small neatly sewn up incisions could be seen. D asked how long the healing would take and the doctor told her it would probably take a couple of weeks to partially heal and a couple months to fully heal.

As part of the deal with the doctor the website would be selling the special hair removal cream to the public. As the video feed was stopped D thanked the Doctor and soon the two woman had changed and left, taking their equipment with them.

Chapter 4

The next morning sissy awoke with a throbbing headache and a tight painful chest. He opened his eyes, but he was still blindfolded, in fact he felt like he was exactly where he had been when the nurse had jabbed him with a needle. He laid back wondering what on earth had happened, a sinking feeling in his stomach at the new weight on his chest. He heard the dungeon door open and two sets of heels click down the stairs. He felt the table being raised and then it swung so his head and upper body were pulled more vertical and his feet were pushed towards the floor. D held a glass of water up to his mouth and he greedily gulped at it, the sedative had given him a terrible thirst. Maggie meanwhile positioned the full length mirror in front of the table and stood back as D walked behind and whipped of Sissy's blindfold.

( link opens in new window )

The two women stood watching his reaction as his eye's grew accustomed to what they were seeing. D was practically bouncing up and down in excitement as Sissy slowly realised what they had done and started shaking his head. His breasts where still bound in bandages but the two huge mounds were clearly visible. His cock was back in its plastic prison and was thickening quickly.

The two women left sissy bound to the table without any further word and went upstairs. They could hear sissy crying as they left and both laughed at each other. Later that day D went down and released sissy from his bindings before taking him upstairs and binding him to the bed so he could rest. She couldn't help but trace the shape of his new chest with hands sending shivers of excitement through her loins, she hitch up her dress and straddle the bound slave's mouth as he eagerly went to work and soon she was grinding her soaked pussy all over his face as her pleasure washed over her.

Over the next few days they were very careful with Sissy as his chest recovered, banning him from all heavy chores during the day whilst the two women worked. Two evenings later D and Maggie sat reading the website with glum expressions, the show hadn't been the hit they had hoped for. Whilst the transformation of Sissy was exciting to them, it appears the paying punters didn't agree. There were countless requests for reimbursement of money, people saying that they didn't pay to watch repeats and a live feed of medical covers.

"Hmmmmmmmmmm" D said sitting back thinking. "I guess we'll have to just put on a show sooner than planned, and give these people a free pass."

"How? Sissy is in no state to perform, he needs at least a month if not two for his surgery to heal." Maggie said, looking at D.

An evil grin crossed her face as she turned to face Maggie. "You know when you first came into my world you said you'd like to try the chair.............." she said looking intently at her friend.

"Ooooooh no, I've seen what you are capable of. I'd end up like sissy if I sat in that thing I bet." Maggie said.

"One night, that's all I ask. I enjoy having you as a fellow Mistress to much to enslave you" she laughed.

Maggie paused and thought about it for a while. "Ok, one night but you have to tell me in advance what you are going to do." Maggie said, but D shook her head.

"No, thats no fun at all now is it." D said.

"Bloody hell, I'm going to regret this." Maggie said taking in a deep breath. "Ok, I'll do it.”

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Monday, November 14, 2011  

great story. really need to see what happens next.
package for maggie ?

Tuesday, November 01, 2011  

Oct 31,2011
Really good story. Hope to read future chapters. Please write more.

Sunday, October 30, 2011  

It is a great story. Hoping to read many chapters in the future.

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