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Caught in Self-Bondage
  • Author - jm  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, m-self, consensual, reluctant, caught, humiliation, self-bondage, toys
  • Post Date - 11/16/2011
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Reader's Comments (3)

Author's Note: The first part of the story is true, the second is fictional

I have been going through a somewhat ugly Divorce, going on two years now and it all comes down to money, sex and a lack of respect. A lack of all three and mainly from her but now it seems she wants all the money she can get before it is over and as much support as possible. I have been more than fair but that apparently is not enough for her. We were married 20+ years, separated the last two with something needing to happen ASAP.

We had a good start in the marriage although she was never really that excited about sex, she did not like to be touched in certain areas and I was unable to ever bring her to climax or orgasm. On our two year anniversary I went to the adult book store and picked up a little vibrator. We did our normal deal in bed, (which for me was a bummer because I had really great past sexual relationships prior to marriage) and then I brought out the vib. Of course it worked but I never meant for it to be a replacement, just a supplement. Needless to say, my frustration continued. We ended up separated after 20 years due to a multitude of reasons, paramount was her inability to control her spending or take my advice or leadership on the matter. And still, we are not yet divorced.

I do not know why but bondage or self bondage is a real turn on for me. Started in a prior relationship and it was great. I lost that partner and started to explore self bondage. But you know the deal. It is not that fun if you know you can get release any time you want and not being able to find a partner due to a sense of embarrassment and having a desire not to cheat on my wife I would sometimes find myself in self bondage. I started to experiment with different release ideas, mainly off of the internet and that helped but was just desiring a partner with the same interest. Near the end of the marriage I did not come home one evening, which was not normal. The next morning my wife came looking for me, and thank goodness she found me. Any longer in that situation would have been very bad. It was a huge embarrassment. More than just her were present when I was found; helplessly self bound with the circulation in my hands cut off by the bonds. I had not thought through all of the possible failures of my release mechanisms and could have died or lost the use of my hands if she had not showed up. What started as a great night of self bondage turned into one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. Not long after that I came home to a near empty house. There were a lot of factors in her leaving, I am sure one was her kinky husband.

Two years have passed, we still communicate through the attorneys but not really any other time. She still has keys to the house and I still support her, but she just wants more.

So, here I am with a weekday off and am really horny. Still have not gotten off of my ass to find a bondage partner or a back up, (mainly because some of the sites and people out there scare the hell out of me). Yes I like bondage with the general idea of frustration but the end result being great sex with two happy people, not some of the stuff that appears to go on out there). I decide it would be a great time for some self bondage and a lot of tension release. I decide to do something simple and set up three back up release devices, all using frozen ice that holds the keys to release. Normal melting time is close to two hours with the current temperature. I set up a wooden chair with an open back in the master bedroom in front of a full lenth mirror; I am so fricking horny and am getting really excited. I have not had sexual release in over a month and my dick is rock hard and feels like a fifth grade hard on. I really need to find a woman who just wants to have some kick ass naked fun but anyway. I set the main release up to drop near my hands once bound, this consist of a key to unlock the lock that will be holding the tie strap to a rung in the back of the chair that will allow me to reach a pair of medical scissors to cut the tie wrap and wala, free. I also have a pair of scissors and a knife on the floor that would take some time to get at if the first release failed, I would just have to tip the chair over and get to a piece of string that is tied to the scissors on the floor. The third way of escape is the chair itself, it is not very old but is loose, if too much movement is used I am certain I could get it to come apart and just stand up. I feel really good about not getting trapped. I still have no live person to come and rescue me but feel confident I can get out once the ice timer melts. I started with the use of a crouch rope that will be connected to my hands so when trying to move my hands it pulls on the crouch rope and it is kind of a give and take...what wants more slack. The crouch rope cannot get me off although I am so horny if I just kept holding my kegal muscles I think I could bring myself to climax. So, crouch rope nicely tied, I take my seat in the chair. I tie each ankle to the front legs with the rope going around the lower support so I cannot slide the rope off of the bottom of the legs or higher than the lower chair support. The bondage is very sung but not overly tight. I also tied my legs to the front legs of the chair just below my knees, this would prevent me from closing my legs and possible getting myself off before gaining release. No toys to insert, naked from head to toe, no gag or blindfold. I go over possible problems before applying the last bit of bondage. Everything is in order, so here goes. I made cuffs for my hands that would not cut off circulation. These are easy to make and very secure. (Basically, you take a normal bath towel and cut three inch strips off of the length of the towel. These strips wrap around my wrist then a piece of parachute cord is slipped under the towel wrap and tied tightly together over the top of the wrap). I then take a heavy duty tie wrap, it goes through a loop in the crouch rope, through a loop in each wrist cuff and then through a lock that is locked around the base of a small spindle, the spindle flares just off of the base so the lock is not allowed to slip higher that the base of the chair. With all in order I thread the tie wrap and hear the first few clicks. I check in my head again to make sure all is in order, doors are locked, coffee pot is off, alarm is set, ice release is starting to drip a little as I have been at it a half hour or so, I figure 1-1.5 hours of bondage will be good. I still have lots of slack in the tie wrap and could still chicken out but here I go. I pull the zip tie and it ratchets everything together and bam, I am done. I test the bondage and get a thrill to find the amount of play in the tie wrap is almost perfect. I can struggle with my hands and it pulls the crouch rope to the lock and travels no more, I can wiggle my ass forward and it pulls my hands to the lock, it looks like the perfect amount of play to allow me to unlock the lock with the key when that time arrives. Here I am, looking at myself in the mirror, getting that feeling you get when you are tied up and cannot get out and it feels really awesome in a frustrating sort of way. My dick is at full attention and starting to drip a little prelube; I look in the mirror again and can feel my heart beating in my dick. I start to struggle against the bonds but nothing is giving. I try to untie myself by getting to the cords holding the home made wrist cuffs but cannot. The crouch rope is being pulled by my efforts to free my hands but then my ass moves forward and pulls my hands tight against the back of the chair, I think there is about 2-3 inches of loop in the tie wrap and consider pulling the wrap for less play but am currently enjoying my bondage and truly cannot escape. My dick is pounding, my heart is racing, and my head and body are in ecstasy. I am 20-30 minutes into what should be 1-1.5 hours session. I am not getting bored at all, the tension between hands and crouch rope and the give and take for slack is keeping me excited. Yes, this is perfect for a self bondage session.

Then I get a start. My dog is barking at the front door and then he stops. I think oh shit but then think it must have been another dog walking by. But I hear the dog at the front door kind of wining and I can hear his tail wagging and he is getting excited about something. I got a little scared and really started to struggle against the bonds trying to break the tie wrap or spindle to see what is up. The homemade cuffs really allow me to pull as hard as I can without hurting but nothing was giving. Just then I hear keys as the front door is opened and in walks my soon to be x-wife telling the dog to get off of her. She hollers for me but I remain silent hoping she was just dropping something off. Shit, she never comes here when I am home. I hear her downstairs kicking the dog out of the house, I think I hear her rummaging through the mail on the counter....I am quietly trying to do anything I can to get out of the bondage, I think about getting the chair to come apart but that would be too noisy. I can see the ice timer still a good size lump and know the key and scissors will not drop anytime soon. I hear her holler again, I am scared shitless and trying to think what to do so I decided to call back and tell her I was in bed and not feeling good and that maybe she could come back at another time. She said she only needed a minute and that she needed a signature. I again asked if she could come back later or I could drop by this afternoon and sign it but it was no good. She was up the stairs and into the master bedroom only to find.....

There she is with a pen and paper in hand with an initial look of shock on her face and just as fast the look goes to a smile. She pulled out her phone and said "so, still have not learned your lesson" as she took 3-4 pictures. I sat speechless. She turned on the vanity light and took a few more pictures from different angles and then walked behind me admiring the ice release. She looked at me in the mirror and then was looking at the bondage and seemed to be studying it, she then looked at me in the mirror again, looked down at my dick which had gone about half limp and then back up at me. She then took the scissors hanging on the timer and cut it off and tossed it in the sink. She still had the scissors in hand and she bent down to my hands. I thought it was over but instead of cutting me loose, she grabbed the tie strap and pulled all of the slack out. This pulled my hands and ass up against the back of the chair. She then walked around in front of me and with a kind of stern look, eyed me up and down. She walked around the back of the chair again and put her finger between the wrist cuffs and my arm having to pull it away from my wrist; I assume checking for the bondage being too tight. I have not said a word at all or made eye contact in a serious way. My dick was still half limp as she walked back to the front of the chair still eyeing the bondage, my dick and then directly into my eyes. She held the gaze until I finally made eye contact. I was mortified. She looked on the floor and picked up the string with the scissors and knife and tossed that into the sink. She then walked over to the bed and sat down, looking at me from the side. She grabbed her phone and made a call to her (I assume) attorney and said she would not be able to make it this afternoon because she was unable to get the signature because I was "tied up with something else". She closed her phone then took a couple of more pictures and put it away. She sat there for a few minutes watching me, I was not struggling, and I was just sitting there. She then said she was not sure what to do with me would have to think about it for a little bit and then got up and left the room. I could hear her downstairs, she grabbed a soda or something out of the fridge and then I heard her on the computer. I am really trying hard to get out of the bondage but it is the same story. So I start to work the chair back and forth, it is starting to creek, I can hear the ropes making whatever noise they make when holding fast, kind of a creaking noise also. I can hear her coming back up the stairs rather quickly, she walks in and says, "oh no you don't, you are not going anywhere" She then spun the chair, tipped it back and slid it over to the bed tilting it back and on board on the side of the bed. She picked up a piece of rope and lashed the upper chair back to the board on the side of the bed tightly. I started to say something and she told me to shut my trap. I then asked her to untie me and again she said to shut up. She grabbed another piece of rope and made several wraps around my waist and tied it tightly to the back of the chair. While she did this more than once her hair ended up brushing my cock as she was looping the rope, I started to get aroused and was thinking this might work out after all. She noticed the excitement and then put her hand on my upper thigh, inched it a little closer to my cock and just sat there for a few seconds, the next thing you know, my cock is back to life. She stood up erect looking down at me; I was laid back in the chair, totally bound, the top of the chair tied to the side of the bed at an angle. She then said she had to figure out what to do here and started to walk out. I asked her to please untie me. She walked back over, looked me straight in the eye and said, "You got yourself into this so let's see if you can get out". I have to run an errand and will be back after awhile, don't go anywhere. I heard her go back downstairs; she grabbed her stuff and walked out the front door without locking it. SHIT! I again started to try and escape but my only option was to try and break the chair. I was trying to rock the chair back and forth but had very little leverage with the thing tied to the bed. The waist rope was secure and began digging into my sides. I tried to use my legs to get the chair to break but they were tied secure and hurt if I put too much pressure on them. I worked hard to try and escape but nothing was giving, my arms were getting tired from being behind my back. My neck was really burning from the lack of support. I was feeling anything but arousal, my dick had gone back into hiding; I could feel the moisture from the prior excitement but was not very horny at this point. I was stuck there wondering when she would be back and wondering if she would come back at all or with a bunch or her friends to laugh and take more pictures.

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It seemed like an hour when I heard the front door open again but was relieved to hear a set of keys and the door lock. I hear footsteps coming up the stairs and am praying she is alone when she walks in by herself with a bag of McDonalds. I see you are still here and asked how I have been in a normal tone. I told her my neck was killing me and begged her to untie me. She walked over and looked down at me again, grabbed a pillow and put it under my head...Wow, what a relief! She then pulled up a chair and ate her lunch, looking at me the whole time. I was very thirsty and asked for a drink. She put some water in a Dixie cup and gave me a small drink. She then started to ask how it was to feel helpless and bound without any chance of escape. How it would be to be found dead in my own house because of self bondage. She said she thought I would have learned my lesson. She then got back up and left the room. She went downstairs and turned on the TV and watched some soap opera or something. She made a couple of phone calls and was laughing it up. She left the house with the front door open and walked down and got the mail and then conversed with the neighbor out front for at least fifteen minutes saying that she was over helping me out of a little jam. I was spent, I had little to no strength in my arms, my back was really starting to ache, my legs were sore from the ropes and was trying to figure out what it would take for her to untie me....that gloating bitch!

I heard her come back inside and lock the door behind her. She came upstairs and again stood over me with an odd look on her face. I could see she was enjoying this very much and more than that I could see her nipples poking out just a little. She said something about not getting any in a long time. She walked over to the vanity and got naked. She grabbed her purse and walked over to the bed and sat down right beside me. She touched my arm as she pushed herself up onto the bed with her knees on the edge and her lower legs hanging off the side of the bed. She sighed and just laid there for quite a while, naked and one of her legs against my shoulder. I could smell her excitement and started to get horny, pretty soon I had a raging hard on pointing straight up at the sky, accessible and all. Then I hear her open her purse and then hear, (I could not see her completely because of the kink in my neck and the pillow) the distinct sound of a vibrator. She took her time and had three to four orgasms, hot and bothered and really into it. My dick was hard as a rock, wet with precum that was dripping off and down my shaft and onto my balls. I was so horny I could not believe it. She finished and went over to the vanity, got a warm washcloth and wiped herself off. She walked back over to the chair that I was tied to, looked down at me with a look I cannot explain. She bent down to just in front of my face, looked down at my rock hard cock, put her hand on my chest and just smiled. She stood back up with her sex as close to my face as possible. She then straddled my face with her hands and knees on the bed, her lower legs on my chest and just sat there for a very long while just out of my reach. I am going crazy wondering when this will end and dying or release in more ways than one. She slowly got closer and closer until I could just reach her sex with my mouth. I forgot about everything except her pussy in my face and gave her two very good encounters, I do not know if she came but after a lot of panting and moaning she would again get out of reach and then come back down on me. My face was covered in her sex when she climbed off; she rolled over on the bed and just laid there forever. Here I was, helplessly bound to a chair, in my own house, in my own bedroom with a raging hard-on, my dick was aching it was so hard. She finally got up, stood over me with her ass nearly in my face. She reached down and took my cock in her hand for a brief moment and then back over to the vanity. She again wiped herself down and then got dressed, gathered all her stuff up and walked back over to me. She said thanks for the time and started to walk out. I begged her to untie me, she walked over again and looking down said she would be happy to call the sheriff and let them know that she thought something was wrong at my place and that I could yell for them to come in and untie my when they got to the door. I had been tied up for over four hours now, had her all over my face, still had a raging hard on, stiff and sore all over, my neck was on fire and was thinking this was going to be a serious case of blue balls if something does not happen soon. I asked her what it would take for her to untie me. She just shrugged and said she was not sure, and walked out. I heard her walk out the door; get into her car and leave. I was ready to cry. I could not believe it. I started to struggle again but with the chair tied to the side of the bed I was done. I could not believe she would just leave me here, what a bitch. About twenty minutes later I hear a car drive up. I am thinking shit, even if it is the sheriff I will call them in because I need out when the door unlocks but does not close. Her comes my near x. she said she hoped that I had learned a lesson this time and what if someone else would have found me, it could have gone much worse. She unties the chair from the bed and drug it over in front of the mirror. She untied the waist rope and made all kinds of contact with my still hard on while doing so. She took the first release devise and tied the string to my thumb which had a key and scissors attached to the end. She said if the porch light was not on at 7:00 she would come back and cut me loose. She also stated if I gave her any crap about how things went she still had pictures that some people might like to see. She then reached down and played with my dick very lightly and teaseley for about 30 seconds stood over me again and then turned and left. I had a hell of a time getting out because the tie wrap had no loop left to cut, I could not get the key into the lock because of no slack. I was finally able to cut the cord on the homemade cuffs and got free and completely untied myself. I lay on the bed and started to play with myself and finally got release....and yes it was good. Not sure where it goes from here other than to say. If you are into bondage, get a partner or you could be at the mercy of a knot that will not come out or an x that is a little self serving.

The End
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Friday, November 18, 2011  

Sorry about the lack of paragraphs, and the "Crouch" word. Ouch...what was I thinking. Will try and correct.Thank's

Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

I really enjoyed the story. Good build up. Lots of detail and excitement. Crouch - crotch! It would have been even better reading if the very long paragraphs were broken up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

I liked this story - it was a common theme but well-managed; thank you for writing for us.

Some of your paragraphs were so long it felt as if I were wading through treacle, though! Breaking them up into less intimidating lengths would have been a good idea and might even have got you the full 5-star score.

Nicely done - please continue writing - and posting here!

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