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The Curator
  • Author - Neglected 2 Much  
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  • Post Date - 1/18/2012
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Author's Note: My first story, hope you like it. Not quite sure which tags would be best.

Update (2012/02/11): Looks like I definitely bit off quite a lot of plot. Thanks to those who have stuck with it. I think if I cut back on the storyline, I'll wreck things so sorry to those with feedback about length. Sue will definitely be continuing her investigations in upcoming chapters, but had a few distractions in this chapter.

Update (2012/03/18): This update is a straightforward continuation of the storyline. Sue is still struggling with the squid. I'm just continuing to indulge the ideas that come to me so please bear with me until I reach the ultimate destination.

Update (2012/04/18): Sue continues her investigation with a trip to the geology wing.

Update (2012/06/07): Sue isn't exactly a masterful horse rider. I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter, but the storyline called out to me.

Update (2012/08/21): Thanks to everyone for supporting a story this long. I know some of the elements could have been a story of their own, but I'm trying for something better than the sum of its parts by bringing those different elements together in later chapters. I really appreciate the comments (and e-mails) supporting something of this nature as I know it's not typical for the site.

Update (2012/09/27): Still more thanks for all of the very positive comments and e-mails. I read them all. This update contains the next chapter and also a refinement of the whole story including tons of corrections of typos, bad phrasing, etc. None of the plot elements or fundamental details have been changed.

Update (2012/11/02): A new chapter with some side tracks of discussion

Update (2012/12/22): The next chapter while the endless hunt for typos is still achieving results. A few sentences added for additional clarification in previous chapters. Thanks for everyone's patience between updates.

Update (2013/03/30): Two more chapters. Hopefully I will be a little faster with the next update. No hurricanes would help. Thanks for all the wonderful comments and support. Do not hesitate to e-mail me. I never use an e-mail for anything other than to answer the sender and keep things private.

Update (2013/05/22): A new chapter with some significant revelations in the storyline at the beginning, but it's a cliff hanger so you've been warned. Oh, phalluses vs. phalli (in case you were wondering), both are proper. I chose phalluses for the same reason I don't say "datum" anymore for a single data point. I think English use of Latin singular/plural forms is evolving on certain words. "Phalluses" is more modern to me.

Chapter 1: The Curator's New Position

Sue quickly questioned her career choice. Archaeology was a lot more Joe Accountant than Indiana Jones. After finishing her degree, she went straight to field assignments figuring that was where to find the action. When some of her finds appeared in archaeology journals credited to the dig leader she knew it would be a long hard road establishing a reputation of her own. The glass ceiling could even be found in remote locations. A whole culture of entitlement and "putting your dues in" existed. No matter what her theories were, she was always told that she didn't see the big picture and needed more experience. There was little respect for new people, new ideas and women in general on field expeditions.

Practical matters were even worse. She found herself the only female in remote locations with lots of leering men far from home and wives. She didn't consider herself good looking. She knew all her faults: could stand to lose a few pounds; was barely B cup; flat ass; narrow hips; had a bad nose and even worse vision. Contact lenses gave her problems. Instead, she was forced to wear extra thick dorky glasses for her astigmatism and was very self conscious about them. On location in the field, she felt nothing but all the men's eyes roaming over her and tallying up her faults while still thinking, "I'd do her anyway." The boredom of remote sites brought out the worst in people. She was soon on a plane home.

Out of work and struggling without the requisite recommendations for the best jobs, she figured out how to work the system as a matter of survival nonetheless. Government grants could open doors. Finding a neglected area of study that could justify the funding created jobs. The big machine would turn its wheels if you pushed the right buttons.

A large cache of artifacts was discovered almost 80 years ago. They were associated with a forgotten people called the Nuymeans (she never found the origin of the name). The artifacts ended up in several museums, but most of them went to the gigantic National Museum and were promptly filed away and largely forgotten despite the efforts of one extraordinary woman.

Dr. Maggie Barnes studied them for most of her life and arranged the current collection, but little else was ever found. The area of rainforest where they came from was burnt and bulldozed less than a decade after the discovery without a second thought of the archaeological value. They grow sugar cane there now. For the over 20 years since Dr. Barnes death, little funding or interest was devoted to them in academia. To Sue it was like someone decided Gobekli Tepe was a waste of time and stuck an oil well in the middle.

Paperwork approved, a door opened for her. The National Museum was soon paying peanuts for an Assistant Junior Curator. It was a job regardless, and she got to keep her apartment. Hopefully she could turn it into a stepping stone to something better. She had a modest basement office with an old hand-me-down computer. Career choices aside, the Nuymeans seriously intrigued her, and she felt a bit of an obsessive compulsion to find out more about them. They had completely different notions of sex and culture. More importantly, they had strangely advanced technology for an ancient people in the rain forest. As near as she could tell they had complete control of the problems associated with uninhibited sexuality including over-developed morality, pregnancy and disease. Sexuality permeated everything Nuymean.

The craftsmanship of the artifacts was very out of place in the timeframe for which they were dated--well before the renaissance. In fact, some of their abilities with materials such as stone, metal and rubber were arguably ahead of modern technology. Several alien hunter groups were convinced the Nuymean were, or had contact with, extra-terrestrials. She easily could see how some of the conspiracies would not take much exaggeration.

Sue quickly found why academia forgot about the Nuymeans for two decades. Much like any reputable scientist would not be caught dead on a Bigfoot expedition, association with Nuymeans was considered pure career suicide if not sexually deviant. She may have ruined her career chances and would probably be considered some kind of pervert by some of her colleagues.

The other problem with the Nuymeans was the science itself. They largely left behind artifacts of metal and stone. These types of items did not provide a lot of information. To most archaeologists the worst thing to find was gold. It could not be dated and interested thieves in their work while yielding few facts.

All of the Nuymean metal artifacts in the museum's collection were made of a metal alloy Dr. Barnes christened 'lusterite.' It looked like gold but was nearly indestructible and never tarnished. When first publicized, the military had even confiscated some of the artifacts trying to uncover how they were made. She had the complete (classified) report from 3 years of testing. Lusterite was immune to grinding, acid, denting and almost all forms of damage attempted. Even a diamond blade could not cut through it. Analysis showed it had an austenitic face-centered cubic crystal structure like an aerospace superalloy, but it still had an unusually high atomic packing factor so was exceedingly dense. Lusterite could be melted at a lower temperature than should be possible, conducted electricity and was a lot heavier than it looked--even if it had been real gold. They believed the Nuymeans were able to use the low melting point to construct the items, but they were unsuccessful in creating their own and equally unable to admit the Nuymeans had a superior technology.

At first she was just relieved to have a job and happy to put the National Museum on her resume, but now Sue had second thoughts. Most of her work involved answering a stream of the same suggestive questions from wide-eyed patrons and conducting tours of the museum "Nuymean Room." The exhibit was somewhat popular, and the museum just wanted a pretense of science for their ticket buying tourists. She feared she would jump out a window the next time she had to show a drooling busload of high school age adolescent boys the case full of golden phalluses and dildoes or see the giggling smirks of a foreign tourist while they took endless pictures of her holding up one of the items. The internet was probably full of cleverly captioned pictures of her smiling while holding a golden dick. The teasing and snide comments were even more annoying when it came to the golden bras and panties...No, the bra was not her size; yes, the panties were all thongs. The girls would seem embarrassed and intrigued at the same time while secretly juicing in their panties.

The artifacts were incredible works of art regardless. She totally appreciated the detail involved in making them. The phalluses came in all shapes and sizes complete with skin texture and veins. Each one was unique, yet they all had exactly the same base which could be mounted into other artifacts.

The bras and panties were made of a combination of solid metal pieces mixed with woven metal fabric. The fabric was made with nearly invisible links interwoven like microscopic chainmail. The woven metal was so minutely fine that it still looked like solid metal to the casual eye. Aside from the basic construction, each set of panties and bras were engraved with detailed artwork. Most were of large cats, tropical birds and other similar exotic creatures found in the rain forest. Even if they could produce lusterite, no one had the slightest idea how the Nuymeans formed the weave or did the engraving, and no modern technology could duplicate it. Alien hunters were fond of citing the metal artifacts as proof of extra-terrestrial origins.

As if just to add to her stress, the museum was pressuring Sue to produce some kind of publication. They had to justify her position and maintain scientific appearances. It was also a condition of the government funding: a formal publication of findings in a recognized journal. She was hired on probation and knew her job was in the balance. Other gullible young academics could be found if she were fired. She suspected that the popularity of the Nuymean room, with its corresponding ticket sales, was the only reason they hired her to begin with. It was unseemly to have a popular exhibit without an in-house expert.

She still had no idea what she was going to write about. There were some written Nuymean works, but the language was cracked by Dr. Barnes long ago and would not be a suitable "discovery." The publication needed to reveal something new and interesting. Almost all written Nuymean works were instructions and recipe-like lists of things to do and how to do them. The detail was complex and meticulous. In many cases, there were also detailed diagrams. Intriguingly, most of them were about sexual practices. There were works showing how to size a dildo to a woman, the best sequence to whip a woman for escalating arousal, hundreds of bondage guides, guides on how to overcome a gag reflex, a guide to piercings over 500 pages alone and many more. Strangely, though, none of the works were ever about men. Why? It has to be an important clue about their culture. Truth be told, the artifacts intrigued her as much as they did the high school kids, but she could never let anyone know. She had to show a sense of academic detachment.

Little known to the public, only a small number or representative, carefully selected, items were on display in the Nuymean Room of the museum. In the basement, she had several more large rooms overflowing with tightly packed moveable shelving, large crates and sturdy racks. One side room was used by Dr. Barnes to hold the specific items of her research. Another whole room alone was filled with jars of liquids and solutions Dr. Barnes had carefully labeled with painstaking detail. So far, she had not found any records describing why Dr. Barnes had been so focused on them.

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With the museum dust and climate control, everything was in place as if Dr. Barnes just left yesterday. Sue felt a little odd looking through the items. They were more like Dr. Barnes personal effects than museum property. Of course she had already studied all of the typed and filed research which made up the official record. There were also hundreds of additional notes, articles and academic papers--few of which were ever published. In addition, there were still a dozen untouched chests, file cabinets and drawers containing more research essentially unknown to science, predating the use of computers, from a lifetime study. Seldom had any publication been allowed with such sexual content and little could be discussed about the Nuymeans without sexual content. The whole Nuymean topic was effectively blacklisted--even with a properly objective academic detachment. All of the attention from alien hunters made the situation even worse.

The side room had a stout steel door and as far as Sue knew she had the only key. It gave her a place to conduct her own private "research." Her favorite artifact similar to a chair, perhaps even a throne, carved into a huge block of smooth dark stone. It arrived as part of a recent acquisition about a year ago. A smaller museum that she had never heard of fell on tough times and donated their whole Nuymean collection to the National Museum. In fact, several other smaller museums had quietly donated their collections over the decades like they were trying to stash their embarrassment away. Artifacts were quietly shipped and quietly moved to the basement for years with no curator even to open the packing slips. Two storage rooms and part of another were waiting to be cataloged.

Sue had had the chair uncrated and moved to this room for closer study. It appeared to be one of the most interesting of the new objects. The seat back was tilted like a recliner and specially angled in relation to the phallus mount point. Any of the phallic artifacts could be placed in the standardized squared hole, and it would hold fast. Large solid chair arms, perfect to hang onto, where placed closely on each side. With the huge stone base, there was no danger the chair would tip over. If a woman mounted the chair, her feet would hang off the ground by a least a foot even if she was over 7 feet tall. The seat angle was cleverly arranged to push her towards the phallus using her body weight as pressure. Any movement would cause her to slip further downwards, impaled deeper. The sides were contoured to guide and hold her hips in position.

The seating surfaces themselves were highly polished and smooth as glass. She could only guess what the original purpose of the chair might have been and always wondered if they strapped women onto chairs such as these for some test or ritual. Once she mounted the chair, she found it difficult to raise herself back off the phallus and was never willing to go all the way and put her full weight on it. The angle of her body versus the position of the arms of the chair did not allow for much leverage.

She tried the chair the same day it was moved. How could she not? Little did she suspect she would become addicted to it and use it regularly. Her vibrator alone could not equal the intense sensations or powerful climaxes of the chair. The locked side room became her guilty pleasure.

At home, one of her neighbors had found a hidden camera in her apartment. Rumor was her creepy landlord was a voyeur. She never could feel comfortable in her own apartment thinking he might be watching. He had a key so it would be easy enough for him to wire her place as well. As soon as her lease was up, she was moving. Masturbating at home was pretty much off-limits to her mentally. Eventually her desires would be strong enough to outweigh the guilt and fear of getting caught, so self-pleasure was a regular ritual at work now.

Sue routinely placed a stout wooden storage crate at the foot of the chair so that she did not need to hang on the phallus with her full body weight. She wasn't about to drive it inside with that kind of force. The crate was just high enough for her to use tip toes for support. Sue was convinced this was close to how the women who used the chair felt, but it still seemed safe. She felt fully penetrated despite being able use her legs to move and climb off when done.

She had followed the Nuymean guide to dildo sizing to the letter and knew immediately knew which phalluses would be uncomfortably large or too small to have desired effect. The tiny symbols on each were one of her recent discoveries. Three separate symbols indicated length, girth and a rating for texture. She had tried a dozen or so different ones with a selection of about 6 favorites she kept separately, "highly polished," in a cabinet near the chair. No one would question a few more Nuymean artifacts in storage.

One phallus in particular had become her favorite by far. Something just felt completely right about it. It was just large enough that she could never quite get used to it, but was not painful. Tiny nubs created the perfect amount of friction and sensation of texture. The Nuymean sizing guide rated it as "challenging." She always got a shiver up her spine inserting it. Her only complaint was that the heavy lusterite was cold and took a long time to warm up. It weighed in at 9.1 pounds. Doing the math, the lusterite was denser than gold and less dense than platinum, fairly close to the density of tungsten.

Sue also kept a sizeable variable speed vibrator and a long extension cord locked in her desk drawer. With the added vibration, she felt like the chair was thrusting up to meet her, but she knew that was impossible. She thought that somehow the chair had just the right combination of angles and positioning that she could feel her own heartbeat against the pressure of the phallus and vibrator. It was easy for her mind to run wild with fantasies when she was about ready to have the big O.

She eventually convinced the museum board of trustees to let her do research at night. In the end, they would rather have her handling the erotic artifacts (especially when working in the Nuymean Room public display) well out of the public eye and understood her need to get away from the daily crowds to concentrate on her work. They approved an intern she found at a local college to do the daily tours. It wasn't long until she took advantage of the privacy and spent more and more time in the side room. She would give Charlie the night guard a smile and a wave and then disappear into her own basement world. Charlie seemed like he was 80 plus years old, moved slowly and didn't seem to hear too well, so she wasn't concerned about him being a problem.

Many nights, Charlie and Sue were the only people in the museum. She kept a large bottle of lubricant with a pump dispenser in the drawer next to the vibrator. Exciting though they were, her nighttime adventures were starting to become too routine. She thought she might eventually get caught, but she still felt an unexplainable compulsion to continue. She always felt better after using the chair. It was deeply satisfying while it cleared her mind and reduced stress so that she could focus on her work the rest of the night. She had a comforted feeling like she had actually accomplished something.

She thought about trying some of the other artifacts for variety. The golden lusterite bras and panties were of little interest. She found that they all were for large breasted women so would definitely not fit her. They all had the same D or double DD sized cups depending on how she did the measurement. In fact, that was another of her discoveries. All the bras, both straps and cups, were the same size. She was never able to find any kind of clasp to close one. They had a T-shaped back like an athletic bra. They could be dropped down over the shoulders and closed at the sides, but the strap ends had no kind of hook, catch or attachment. They had perfectly smooth matching flat ends. The panties used the same kind of closures, if you could call them that, on the sides above the hip bone.

Unknown to the public there were also high-heeled shoes. They looked so much like modern high heels that the alien hunters would have a field day if they knew of them. They would have been completely impractical in the rain forest, she would think. Every pair also had the same design with ankle straps that ended with the same bare ends that did not connect. Again, they were all the same size, about modern women's 8 with 5" inch heels. She was an 8 and a half and could squeeze into them, but they were so uncomfortable that she could only stand them for a short while. The material was another thicker style of the fine mesh metal fabric while the pointed toes were smooth and rounded solid metal. The soles were solid lusterite heavy with some cross hatching for traction.

The shoes gave her an idea. She remembered reading an article about a new technique which was all the rage with young academics called "participant archaeology." Advocates insisted that you could only discover the truth about some artifacts by using them. They would have mock battles with ancient weapons. They would re-create ancient garments and wear them while performing chores thought to be realistic. They even used ancient torture devices to judge their effectiveness. They were constantly discovering new ways to use artifacts in context.

Sue would change her routine up a little tonight and dabble in her own form of participant archaeology--not that she wasn't already participating rather well with the chair already. She might be able to come up with a publication from it all with some careful self-censorship. She grabbed a pair of the shoes, the big bottle of lube and carefully selected a phallus that was a full size larger than her usual favorite. She'd be more realistic and leave the vibrator in the drawer. She wanted the added difficulty today of working for her orgasm. The previous times she used the chair seemed to reduce her inhibitions a little. Now she seemed to be craving to be in it constantly. She was feeling uncharacteristically impulsive today, and it was time to be less cautious. The new phallus was one she had never tried. It had a rougher texture, and she knew it would be a bit of a wild ride. This should help break her somewhat humdrum routine. She would also learn if the back thrusting were imagined or real. She could edit out the more intimate details of her experiment from her scientific account.

A large collection of gags were also amongst the artifacts. Again, they were kept out of the public eye. They were also kept secret from the military as most were ball gags with a special rubber-like material. It was still perfectly black and pliable with no signs of age, teeth marks or other wear despite being in the rainforest for centuries most likely. No doubt there was some military application. She always marveled at how modern people were so arrogant about how much more they knew than the ancients. Here was another example of something that the Nuymeans could do centuries earlier that defied modern understanding.

She had never used the gags and wasn't particularly excited by them. The isolated basement and the room's steel door seemed to be plenty of sound insulation regardless. She also wasn't one of those women who made a lot of uncontrollable noise when she had the big O. In keeping with changing things up, she grabbed a gag anyways. It would be something completely different. Perhaps they gagged the women when they used the chair? Most had the same plain-ended straps that didn't close, but there were a few that had buckles and clasps. She picked one that had a full head harness with a series of clasps. They were sort of like the clasps on a toolbox or steamer trunk and could be flipped closed over a loop hasp that a lock could be put through. There was a large black ball for inside the mouth that was held in place by a mouth cover of the lusterite metal fabric. Several clasps along the side could lever the cover down tight over the ball. Thinking about being silenced was unexpectedly getting her juices flowing even more.

Sue locked the door from the inside and put her keys on a small table near the door. Her inhibitions were screaming to resist while her heart raced with the excitement ahead and the thrill of doing something few would approve of even if it could technically be considered science. Those inhibitions were fading with record speed.

Stripping off everything, she carefully laid her panties out so that they would dry some by the time she was done. As always, the room felt cold in the climate control and she could feel her nipples hardening quickly. She pushed the phallus into the mount and heard the normal click. She knew that it would stay in place firmly unless the release catch on the front under the mount was pressed. The catch was quite firm and it usually took her both thumbs to release. Clearly the Nuymeans didn't want it coming loose unexpectedly.

( link opens in new window )

Next she bent over and put on the shoes. She couldn't close the plain-ended straps, but knew that just the tight fit would keep them on. How some women could walk in these all day was a mystery. She was already having trouble just keeping her balance on the smooth stone tile.

She coated the phallus with a good two pumps of lube. It was dripping down the front of the chair some, but she knew from experience that it would clean off easily. Even though she was throughly wet already, she hated the feel of anything dry inside her so much that she was unwilling to take any chances.

Next came the gag, she took a good look at the clasps and put the straps over her head. She had a large full length mirror in her office, but it was heavy and she didn't want to move it to the side room. She could close the clasps by feel. She decided to go the extra mile and grabbed a set of small padlocks normally used on record cabinets and dropped the keys on the small table. Eventually she got the large rubber ball in place and worked the covering down tight. As each clasp closed, the ball was forced tighter into her jaw pinning her tongue down completely. The lusterite front panel had no give whatsoever. She figured it would have to be a quick session or her jaw would be aching for days.

Before she lost her nerve she clipped one of the small file cabinet locks in each of the clasps and clicked them all closed. She had all the keys on her ring. Her whole head felt like it was lightly but firmly fastened into a vice. The straps weren't going anywhere. She tried to talk finding that her pinned tongue and plugged mouth prevented intelligible sound. Her voice was faint through the material.

Now was the moment of truth, turning off the suspended electric heater she placed over the chair--strange how no one questioned it amongst the other items in the basement. She climbed up on her wooden crate and turned around face-up to slowly lower her body into place. The warm stone felt almost therapeutic and would stay warm for a long time.

She leaned back to get the proper angle and felt the head of the phallus press against her nether lips. The lube, both from her body and the dispenser bottle, was doing its job and the lusterite was slipping in smoothly. At first the colder metal was a shock, but it finally started to warm a little as she took her time. As she continued to slowly lower herself, she realized she was overly optimistic and the phallus was going to be painfully large. After a slight twinge of painful stretching, she pushed back up with her legs suddenly in an almost involuntary jerk so that she could dismount and get another one.

Her heel caught in the crack between two boards in the wooden crate. She desperately wretched the shoe back and forth trying to free it while balancing over the metal cock. It wasn't working. She was sinking deeper down. She pushed with a surge of strength to rise up and pull free. In a fraction of the second her world changed, the crate flipped over and rolled out from under her feet. With the sudden loss of support, her left hand slid off the supporting arm. Her weight came down slightly crooked, with full force, and rammed the phallus deep as it would go all at once. It was huge and it was freezing cold metal. The gag was much more effective than she would have guessed. A massive reactionary scream tried to escape her stretched lips and pinned tongue, but was contained easily.

She hung suspended and dangling there, the phallus rammed in completely, for several moments in throbbing pain and shock, suddenly out of breath. Whenever she tried to move, every twist or push translated five fold into her impaled sex. As the pain started to subside slightly and the phallus finally started to warm up, she gingerly tried to get her arms back under her to push up off the chair, but could find no support. To her horror, the arms were no longer there. It seemed like they folded down into the chair somehow. She had nothing to use to push up off the phallus.

As she gave up looking for a way to lift up, she could feel the pulsing start. She was getting more and more aroused while the pain faded. She was trapped and helpless. To her surprise, that feeling of really being stuck was arousing her with a wave-like rush through her body. Before long, she was more caught up in the pleasure. The pain was just more fuel for the overall sensation she was feeling. She was frantically thrusting, twisting and turning against the fixed phallus uncontrollably.

The gag made it difficult to breathe and kept her from being as active in her own pleasure as she would have liked. She was regretting the locks tremendously, but there was nothing she could change now. She tried pulling the head harness loose, but it was too well designed and she couldn't slip a strap loose anywhere. She had to pause to catch her breath frequently and could clearly feel the metal cock continuing to thrust steadily without her.

She was beginning to think there was a lot more to the chair than she thought. There was no doubt at all that it was animated and knew where to thrust. It was actually responding to her like it had come alive. Maybe she was another of those arrogant modern scientific minds assuming what it could really do? Her pulse alone, even with her breathing hard, couldn't be the thrusting she felt. Her whole body was rising and falling slightly as the phallus drove up towards her.

As she paused to catch her breath yet again, Sue also noticed that her feet were not aching in the shoes. Somehow they were much more comfortable. The same with the gag; her jaw no longer ached. In fact, it seemed like her tongue and mouth were numb somehow. The taste really wasn't like rubber at all, more herbal like some kind of medicine. She tried to say something, and now nothing happened at all. The gag was clearly doing something to her vocal cords.

She was starting to get worried, but was also hornier than she could ever remember. She tried to get control of herself, but her body had its own ideas. She was in a new world of pleasure and could, for a little while at least, forget about the real world. As she resumed thrusting back against the phallus, she started to notice the rough texture creating more and more friction. She could feel the warmth of total arousal spreading over her body like the phallus was a heating element. Her unsupported weight driving it up into her made it feel like the center of her whole body was wrapped around it.

She could feel the warm flush extend down over her belly and up across her chest. It steadily continued to expand making it feel as if her breasts were swelling. Her hard nipples felt like they were contracting on themselves and ached with tightness. She squeezed her breasts as if checking fruit for ripeness--more like apples in her case. Yes, definitely a bit swollen. The rush of sensation when she felt her nipples pushed her arousal level so high she thought she would come, but somehow her body held back and wasn't ready. Instead, she could feel the arousal just continuing to grow. When she felt her cheeks flush, it was as if the thrusting and arousal was taking over her whole body.

She felt like a sheath tightened over the cock of a giant. Even in her frenzied state of arousal, the phallus still stretched her out uncomfortably with its size. It seemed like it might split her right open. Keeping her breath paced, she worked her hips back and forth with a twisting and rolling motion the best she could within the tightness of the chair. When the orgasm hit, it was as if she was contracting her whole body to squeeze the metal cock within her. The gag completely suppressed what would otherwise have been her first uncontrollable scream during climax. When the first huge series of contractions released, she gasped for breath. Her whole body seemed to twitch endlessly as the phallus slowed and then stopped its own thrusting too. As the orgasm ebbed, she felt pain return with each further contraction as she was stretched to her limit and wondered if she had ripped any tissue. Finally the contractions ended. The pain subsided to a dull ache.

Sue hung from the phallus already wondering if she had just imagined it moving. What she felt defied her understanding of what was possible. Even her memory wanted to reject it. Dripping in sweat despite the cold room, she slowly recovered and frantically tried to calm her breathing. She couldn't help feeling like she was still held in a cocoon around the hips and that she could actually just hang there for a long time feeling content. Her reverie was interrupted by involuntary contractions in her vaginal walls accompanied by sharp aching tension.

The phallus was too large and her body was fighting it. She tried once again, more urgently than ever this time, to find something to push off of with her arms, but found nothing but smooth slippery stone. She was still hanging suspended and intimately impaled. Good thing the length of the phallus was short enough to prevent it from ramming her cervix. She was starting to feel panic setting in. She wanted to rip the gag off so that she could breathe normally, but the keys were on the other side of the room. Desperation was building in her like a rising tide. She felt her cunt tighten involuntarily around the phallus again, trying to reject the intruder. Faintly, she could feel the thrusting start again. She hung there helplessly as the thrusting started to get stronger and stronger.

She felt a new surge of panic to try to escape, but it was useless. She didn't know how she would be able to handle any more. She was completely out of strength and breath after only seconds of struggling. The warmth and arousal were returning. It seemed to spread rapidly across her body this time as she felt something like an electrical tingling. She tried to just hang there in enjoyment while she recovered, but it didn't work. The phallus was moving around driving her to react in different directions.

The last threads of doubt that it was somehow controlled and directed were instantly erased from her mind. It was not even a simple machine, it was like an intelligent being that knew it was fucking her senseless and was determined to do so. She was too sensitive not to react to its administrations, but there was no escape. Soon she was trying to stay one step ahead of the phallus by attempting to keep it from her most sensitive spots.

It wasn't long before she was struggling for breath again as the core of her being was mercilessly lifted, turned and ravaged up and down from her womanhood. She could see the room moving up and down with the rhythm of the chair's thrusting. Clearly it was creating a rhythm to drive her wild. Oh how she loved the feeling!

Again the surge of contractions took hold. She clenched down on the ball in her mouth and the rod in her pussy with all her might as a wave of pain/pleasure swept through her. The room swam as she attempted to ride the magic cock surging underneath her like a galloping horse. She knew that it was beyond her ability, but had no choice but to continue. The gag suppressed all her efforts to scream for help.

The thrusting stopped abruptly as she felt a huge final contraction that tensed her whole body. Her toes rolled tight within the heels. Her back arched in a spasm that registered like a distant sound of thunder to her overloaded brain. She could feel the orgasmic surge run up and down from her feet to her head and back. A dizzy sensation swam through her brain and a slow enveloping blackness closed in on her vision as she collapsed and fainted on the phallus.

Chapter 2: Professional Commitment (added: 2012/02/11)

Sue could feel the soft heat and see the red glow though her eyelids. She felt completely at peace and satisfied. She could imagine the sound of waves while waking up on the beach. When she realized the absolute silence, she started to remember her situation and slowly opened her eyes. The radiant heat spread over her evenly from the suspended heater. Sue immediately wondered how long she had been laying there and her usual media inspired fears of sunburn and skin damage flashed through her thoughts, the thing probably emitted UV. She thought she turned it off, but was starting to doubt everything after her ordeal. Still, she was glad it was on now and the low setting felt just right. She slowly started to feel the total penetration and relentless stretch of the overly large phallus return to her awareness. The cradling of the chair was still reassuring somehow. The solid stone beneath her matching her shape like an embrace. She thought she could just lay there forever basking in the satisfaction and warmth, snuggling with circumstances.

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As other parts of her body started to report into her awareness, she remembered the gag, the helplessness of her position and the unavoidable contractions of her vaginal walls fighting the invader. Her sense of self preservation started to return and she knew she needed to find a way out of her predicament. The cock might start up again at any time. She fought down a brief flash of panic despite lingering doubt that she could keep it under control for long. Without the thrusting, she could think clearly about what to do and slowly started to feel around. It was the only thing she could think of to escape. She would have been tempted to scream for help, despite the embarrassment of being found in her condition, if it were possible. Her tongue and mouth were too strained and numb to do anything and she still could not get a sound out of her vocal cords. There was definitely a strong almost herbal aftertaste throughout her mouth from the gag.

Not only did she find that the arms of the chair were back in position somehow, she also found that she could feel the crate under her feet again. She felt a touch of disbelief when her foot found the wood. How was it possible? The door was locked. She wasn't sure she cared right now. She let one last flush of contentment roll over her only for it to be interrupted by another involuntary contraction. With a slow but difficult push up she cleared the phallus and slowly stood up on the crate, her arms still trembling with exertion. The relief from the relentless stretch was intense. Her walls slowly returning to normal was semi-orgasmic all by itself. Wearing the heels and breathing hard around the rubber ball, she felt a short spin of vertigo, but held still and let it pass.

She stepped off the crate slowly and deliberately. Without her glasses, the floor was a blur. She turned to look back at the chair as dozens of questions started to come to mind. Her scientific self was reasserting itself. It would have to wait. She carefully walked over to the table which held her keys with a sense of professional detachment and methodically worked through the keys to unlock the gag.

Aches, which she knew would only get worse, were noticeable even with the numbness of her jaw. The cold air of the museum climate control was quickly draining the warmth from her naked body creating an immediate sense of urgency promising future desperation. She still could not find the last key to the all important strap at the back of her head. She had to have tried every key at least twice. With a calmness she would not have thought possible, she remembered the other keys back in her office. She must have missed one when putting together her key ring.

Without options, she simply moved on to getting dressed and pulled her clingy polyester undershirt on, leaving her bra aside. Modesty, covering her nipples, and pushing what little she had into position wasn't a priority right now. Next was the sweater and warmth. She couldn't remember the last time her nipples were hard enough to poke up so obscenely.

She drifted back to thinking warmly about the chair and let her hands stray to her crotch absent-mindedly with some familiar and well-practiced fondling. Apparently there was no damage, but there was definitely some soreness.

The expected worry about getting caught while gagged and guilt of putting herself in such danger for sake of her own lust was not what she felt. For a moment during the ordeal, a long enough moment for a lifetime, she felt like she might die on the chair hanging naked on her stuffed sex. A complete acceptance and submission to her potential fate burnt through her. Any feelings of self doubt and direction were gone: insignificant compared to what could have happened.

A complete wave of emotional well-being washed over her leaving a lingering feeling that was beyond description; but, nevertheless, penetrated her mind as much as any man could ever penetrate her sex. She couldn't help but feel that something more significant than sexual possession had happened to her. The constant noise of background stress in her life was simply gone. Her worries about appearance, finding dates, rationalizing her life to her family and friends, the mess in her apartment and even the troubles with her landlord seemed to fade to trivial silliness. She knew that there was something else to this feeling beyond the physical experience so yet more questions went onto her mental list. It was more than a feeling of coming down from a high. Instead, it was more like a feeling of being cured of something. Her problems had somehow been fucked out of her.

She returned to reality when the realization that she was standing comfortably in the high heels struck. Clearly something had changed. They seemed to fit perfectly like she had been wearing them for years. How did the arms on the chair retract and return? Her scientific mind cried out in outrage at the lack of explanation. A crust of her own juices and dried lube, baked on by the heater, was an embarrassing reminder of her animal abandon on the chair. How so much had come out of her made her feel like a complete slut. Still, the unexplained nagged more than any thoughts of embarrassment. She started to look at the chair with the full mental focus of a scientist seeing a new revelation. Aside from the personal experience, she had a whole new set of discoveries to explore.

Priority and focus. She reached down to pull off the heels so that she could put on her jeans. Even with a good tug, they didn't budge. She tried again but they didn't move at all. She urgently sat down on the folding chair beside the desk ignoring the cold vinyl against her naked skin. Lifting her right foot, she stared in disbelief. The ankle strap was on. The flat metal ends were completely gone and the woven metal looked like one continuous smooth strap of golden lusterite. She could not feel any catch or release. Her mind raced. How had they closed? How would she get them off?

Her sense of detachment was vanishing rapidly to be replaced by a frantic urge. She pulled fruitlessly at the shoe again and again. Of course, the other one was exactly the same way. She doubled her frustration trying to pull it free regardless. She was completely overtaken by a feeling of shocked disbelief which slowly faded to a sinking despair. She fought once again to get her breathing under control. The frustration of effort at pulling somehow aroused her which made her even more frustrated. She clenched her fists then tried to scream in frustration with no affect whatsoever.

She pulled her panties up over the shoes with no problem, but her jeans simply could not fit. She gave up in aggravation and again attempted to scream fruitlessly. The shoes had her beat. The legs of her jeans could not clear the heels. She thought about cutting them off to make shorts, but there was nothing sharp enough in the side room. She would have been heartbroken to ruin her favorite jeans anyway, but now had no way to cover herself. She was even more upset when she noticed how horny the frustration had made her. It was humiliating. She felt like her body was betraying her.

She wished that she hadn't indulged in her own little secret at the mall when she bought the panties. She had felt sexy and flirtatious at the time. The bold floral print of pinks and reds with kisses against the bright white silky fabric almost seemed to glow in the dark against her drab sweater--nothing quite like unnatural fluorescent lighting.

There was nothing to wipe herself off with. Anyone who saw her might see the crusty trails on her legs and follow the trail upwards to the source. The baked on lust would not be removed easily. She could feel her arousal growing with the risk of being discovered. The frustration of the shoes was still there like a nagging itch she couldn't scratch. The weight of the metal was also starting to become worrisome. The damn things were heavy! Her nipples were still hard enough to peek up again through the sweater in reminder of her lingering arousal and the aftermath of her experience. Her breath was getting heavy against the gag again.

The heels were a lot taller than she would normally wear--which was typically only during special occasions to being with. She would probably break her neck if she tried to run across the blurry floor. Once again she cursed her poor eyesight and wished he hadn't left her glasses in her office. She unlocked the door from the inside and cracked it enough to look down the hall. The brightly lit passage would leave nowhere to hide. The gag might draw more attention than her panties, but she had her doubts. She told herself to calm down. It was the probably 4 o'clock in the morning after all.

Grabbing her jeans and bra, she folded them neatly out of habit then she started to walk carefully down the hall towards her office. The cross-hatching on the bottom of the shoes was surprisingly grippy. She tried to keep the clicking from the heels to a minimum. The sound against the tile floor seemed to echo resoundingly to announce to anyone who might be around, "Look at the half naked slut who fucked herself so much that she's covered in her own sex juice."

She cursed under her breath when she found her office door locked. Finally fumbling for the right key, she gave one last look down the hall before ducking inside. She didn't think anyone saw her and locked the door behind her.

She pulled open the drawer with all of the spare keys and started to work. The relief when she finally felt the right key turn was almost as great as the relief from pulling the mouth cover off and prying out the rubber ball. She tried to work her jaw for a few minutes, but it refused to move and her tongue was completely numb. She tried to talk, but still couldn't make a sound. As feeling returned, the aches were sharp at first, but diminished to a dull sore feeling. She took half a dozen deep breaths and told herself that she wouldn't take breathing normally for granted again. The herbal numbing effect of the gag was completely unexpected.

Covering herself was next. She scanned the room thinking and looking for an idea. Thank all the Nuymean Gods, she found her neglected gym bag. She slowly worked her black Lycra tights over the heels and up her legs, careful not the snag them. She bought them for spinning classes and thought they were a good mix of conservative coverage, function and "look at my ass, I'm advertising...but I'm not a slut." Now she was starting to have serious doubts about the slut part. Even though she was a bit chunky, she considered her legs and rear her best features. Her buns were as good as anyone else she saw at the gym even if she was battling muffin top. With the sweater pulled down onto her hips as far as it would stretch, the combination did look a little like something the thinner, fashionable women might wear. It would seem odd for her typical geek style and get looks, but it would pass for now.

She was about to head towards the side room to try to figure out what happened when she caught sight of herself in her full length mirror on the back of the door. She may be a geek, but liked to take stock before heading out. She noticed a slight tan starting from the light and knew she was right about the UV. It didn't look half bad. She saw the flatness of her chest and immediately started to pull off her sweater and undershirt to put her bra back on. She hated the necessity, but loved the help it provided. Nothing like the Wonderbra! She would do what she could with what she had. The discomfort was secondary. Besides, it just felt unnatural for the twins to be hangin' loose.

As she started to settle her breasts into the bra cups, finding her presentation vs. comfort position of compromise, she noticed a strange mark in the mirror. How could she have not seen that before? In the mid-range of her chest between her neck and cleavage, centered exactly, was a black symbol. She grabbed her glasses for a closer look. It was clearly a Nuymean hieroglyph a little over two and a half inches long. It was crisp and clear like a well done tattoo. What the fuck? How is that possible? It was huge!

The mark was an intriguing combination of the Nuymean symbols for "trust" and "gods." The meaning could be either "trust in the gods" or "the trust of the gods." The Nuymean language was not precise in the meaning. Even the usage of the word "trust" was suspect and had implications of its own.

All the questions she had about the events in the room where now compounded by an order of magnitude. She felt the skin over the mark and could not detect anything abnormal except the mark itself. She rubbed at it and clearly it would not be easily removed and was in all likely permanent. There was not the slightest smudge. It was in the skin and not on the skin, without sign of a needle mark.

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With the mark, she felt labeled somehow, but how and for what purpose? Instead of concern, the sense of peace and contentment she felt earlier seemed to have a hint of a name. She was worth labeling like she was part of something. She knew now, without a doubt, that there was a purpose to her life. She knew the mark was something very significant. Despite a slight euphoria, Sue returned to the feeling of arousal and frustration--finally working the bra into position while balancing in the irremovable heels. That she was marked seemed like some sort of recognition, but for what?

As she kept thinking about the questions in her mind and what had happened, going over and over the details, she tried again to remove the heels as a logical action. The frustration and implications of them magnified her flush of arousal like it was lying in wait to be rekindled. She had to do something for relief. She should probably wait for the numbness in her face to fade anyways. At least she could get a weak grunting sound out now. She unlocked her special drawer--the one where she kept her well-used vibrator and little-used toy collection. She spent a lot more time a work than at home--nothing like the privacy of your own office. Turns out her office was more private than her apartment. One of her neighbors warned her about their snoopy landlord coming out of her apartment supposedly fixing the plumbing all the time. She still thought she was missing some lingerie, but wasn't sure.

She kept daydreaming back to how helpless she felt while forced to endure the relentless stimulation of the chair. The helplessness contributed to the amazing orgasms more than she would have ever guessed before experiencing it. The vibrator wand would be the opposite giving complete control over her own level stimulation. It simply didn't fill the nagging desire she was feeling. She wanted something like that helpless feeling again. She needed more...adventure.

She dug through the drawer and found the packaged silicone squid. Her friend Steph had given it to her for her birthday, mostly as a joke--or so she thought. She was always going on about how single women need to address their needs and how sexual desires were a natural part of being a woman. Sue hadn't taken her all that serious. Now she was changing her tune. The package said it was a Streetwalker Squid Stimulator Deluxe with Partner Play. She read the description and realized it was a serious sex toy and not a gag gift. Steph had really meant it.

The squid had a remote control and long life lithium batteries. Small "tentacles" hung down from a tapered oblong head. On the outside edge were the largest tentacles. They had small suction cup-like nubs that looked like they could grip the vaginal walls. On the inside, several small fine tentacles hung down longer, maybe for decoration. In the middle, up under the tentacles was a mounting lug that matched a long insertion rod.

The quick reference picture on the back of the package showed inserting the squid using the rod and then pulling out the release knob at the opposite end. Afterwards, a different tool shaped more like surgical tongs was used to grip the lug. It would grab the lug and then a rod could be slid upwards to re-engage the squid so that it could be pulled out. It seemed pretty elaborate, but had a gynecological quality to it that left her believing it was well thought out.

The package guaranteed that if properly applied the squid would never slip out even if jogging or swimming. The remote had a complex variety of settings with some kind of microprocessor control.

She had a sudden whim to insert the squid while going back down to the side room to investigate what happened. She could leave the remote control in her office so wouldn't be able to stop the stimulation. The whole idea of being a bit out-of-control pushed her over the edge and instantly she started to rip open the plastic wrap on the outside of the box. She tossed aside the usual booklet of warnings, disclaimers and instructions in 16 languages. She always got a smirk out of the usual for novelty use only markings--lawyers, bastards. Probably quite a few had one of these too.

She pulled down her gym tights and panties then squeezed the enclosed sample lube package over the soft silicone of the squid. She didn't really need it, but thought better safe than sorry. The pink silicone had a fleshy texture that made it seem remotely life-like. The sample lube was really thick compared to normal, but clung to the squid well. She spread her nether lips to keep as much lube as possible on the squid as she slid it into her entrance.

Sue steadily pushed the rod upwards until she found what seemed like a natural position deep inside just short of her cervix. She knew this position would spread the vibration all through her womanhood and give her a slow building effect. She found it hard to come without stimulation on her clit, but she knew that a purely vaginal orgasm would be powerful and strong when it finally did hit. She inserted the sample lube packet next to the insertion rod and squeezed the last of the lube in behind the squid.

She walked around and could feel the presence of the squid, but it was comfortable. Happy with the positioning, she pulled the release knob on the insertion rod and gave out a gasp. The large tentacles on the outside of the squid expanded and pushed into her love tunnel. Now she felt invaded. It was still comfortable, but definitely knew she had something up her cunt. She wasn't sure if she liked the sensation.

She resisted the urge to use her fingers on her swollen clit, wanting to have the full affect of lack of control. She moved around and nothing slipped. The whole thing seemed to be firmly in place. She flushed when she thought about how she now contained something that could turn on and off by itself whenever IT felt like it.

The remote had several initial settings; everything electronic had all kinds of options these days.

Stimulation Mode: Random
Stimulation Min Level: Tease
Stimulation Max Level: Extreme
Adherence: On
Duration: Until disabled at remote
Interval: 30 to 90 minutes
Security Mode: Full

She didn't worry about the selections just picking what seemed interesting. She could still run back to her office if it got to be too much. All she could think about was getting that feeling of adventure back again. She hit the "I agree" followed by the "Submit" button then opened the door and headed into the hall, leaving the controller and the removal tongs in her desk drawer so that she would not be in control. As soon as she looked down the hall, she felt a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. With her glasses, she could clearly see the lens of the security camera. Charlie the night guard could have seen her semi-naked walk down the hall. Worse, she realized that the cameras would be linked to recorders.

The usual day guard, Bill, would be merciless if he found out. They had a bit of a history after some dating that didn't go well. She didn't think she led him on, but he sure thought he was entitled to something and couldn't keep his hands off her. He just told her that a nerd with her looks better take what she can get. She pushed away his hands and ran off trying not to cry. He was always trying to embarrass and tease her ever since. He seemed to have some kind of spiteful agenda and resentment for highly educated people on top of it. Pictures would likely be on the internet in no time if he got the recording.

She glanced back into her office and checked her desk clock before closing the door. The sinking feeling turned to panic when she saw that it was 6:30AM. Charlie's shift was until 7 o'clock. The museum opened at 8AM. She didn't have much time so went straight up the hall with the limitations of the heels once again reminding her of how far out-of-hand things had become. She stumbled every once in a while, but ignored it and kept pushing onwards. Damn, they were heavy! Her legs were getting a workout.

She usually took the stairs, but couldn't think about trying them right now. Instead, she walked the endless hallway to the freight elevator. Halfway down the hall, a warming sensation grew inside her. It felt chemical. The sample lube must be one of those "warming" lubes. She could remember various ads now about enhancing female sensitivity and improving sexual response with some products. Fuck. The last thing she needed was a burning fire inside her right now.

She pushed the button and waited. The elevator took forever. The sensation was really heating up now to a definite burning. She wanted to dance around or grab her crotch, but knew that once again there was a camera right above her. The elevators are carefully watched and bristling with cameras from different angles. She bit her lip some; it helped.

She found Charlie sitting at the desk reading a magazine. She walked over carefully trying not to draw attention to the difficult heels. She quickly wiped some sweat from her brow using her sleeve. He didn't even look up. "Hello Dr. Sue."

"Hi Charlie, anyone here tonight but us? I thought I heard some strange noises earlier."

Her voice was a bit soft and scratchy, still not fully recovered.

"Just us, I don't think you'll have any problems," he said matter of factly.

"Excuse me? I'm not sure what you mean."

Could he possibly be referring to what she thought?

He put down the magazine and moved towards the monitors on the desk. She was surprised to see it was a copy of Alien Watch. That was the rag which kept reporting all the speculations about Nuymeans and alien origins. Within moments, she saw herself on the monitor. He clicked on the mouse a few times and then saw the front crotch of her panties at full zoom on the screen as she walked the basement hall. Her jaw dropped and so did the pit of her stomach.

Charlie spoke first, "I'm just glad you're starting to show some professional dedication. A failed experiment can be expected here and there. It's the persistence that matters that most in the end."

He zoomed back out and she could see herself fumbling with the office key. He continued, "It's an old system, but was state of the art at the time. The cameras are triggered by motion sensors and any activity is recorded."

"Tapes?" she said meekly.

"Of course, everything is recorded and logged. The museum is full of priceless objects."

"Oh," she said with a defeated sigh.

"There is a flaw with the system though. If the motion sensors don't detect anything, then there is nothing to record."

Charlie rewound back to her walking down the hall and paused on her again. He seemed to be experimenting with the zoom and resolution.

The warmth in her cleft felt like it was spreading across her body along with the nervous tension. She felt a few fresh drops of sweat bead on her forehead. The thought that she was exposed was both terrifying and arousing at the same time even if the voyeur was some 80+ year old security guard. She had never felt anything like it before.

"I don't want to see you get into any kind of trouble, but I can't have this kind of thing in my museum. You need to be more careful. If you call me and let me know you need some privacy, I can make the appropriate arrangements. You were lucky this time, but I need to make sure you understand you did something wrong. It might not be so easy next time. I raised three daughters and know that it takes some kind of punishment to make sure the lesson is learned."

She was a little shocked at his fatherly tone, my museum. There was more than meets the eye here. She knew he was on the board of trustees and had worked here since before she was born. Maybe it was even more.

Charlie handed her a large manila envelope and looked her straight in the eyes. "Put your panties in here. There is a ladies' room around the corner. I want you to remember what it's like to be exposed."

Disbelief shook her deeply. Her thoughts raced. Was he a pervert? Was he just trying to humiliate her? Would he do something with the panties that she'd regret later?

Just then the revolving door started to spin and the museum director came through with his cell phone at his ear.

"Dr. Sue, thank God you're here. I've been trying to call you for an hour."

He had a really annoyed look with perhaps a touch of contempt.

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"Your intern...Cindy...had a car accident and can't conduct the tours today. I have over 150 students on buses headed here now. I need for you to handle the Nuymean part of the tour. We've split them into five groups."

Shock hit like a sledge hammer. Losing her panties was one thing. The Director was another. Even more to the point, the sex squid within her started to slowly vibrate. She held down a gasp and took a couple deep breaths as discretely as possible. Her voice was still a little off, but he didn't seem to notice.

"I'd be happy to step in, but I need some time to get ready."

"Nonsense, you look just fine. In fact, I'm glad you are starting to wear something more professional--even if a bit...modern...instead of just dungarees all the time."

She thought she might fall right over and it wasn't just the heels. Dungarees? Really? Just groovy was her first thought. Suddenly she realized that Charlie had the video on pause showing her standing outside her office in her underwear and fought down panic. The squid started to speed up like some kind of demon curse was trying to make her nightmares come true. She would probably have dreams of coming in public now.

The Director started to walk past without waiting for a response. "I need you upstairs in 15 minutes and don't forget you're still on probation. I'm not particularly impressed so far, you need to show more professional dedication." He looked at her and didn't seem to notice the video screen at the guard desk.

She was going to bring up how she was up all night already, but that was out of the question.

"Don't worry, I should have some new evidence and should have a paper ready for publication soon."

He continued down the hall and talked back over his shoulder. "Glad to hear it, but I'll be blunt. You need to get that publication done or there is no justification to keep you on staff."

She wanted to feel completely enraged, but knew he was right. The heat and the squid was all she could dwell on at the moment anyways.

Charlie held out the envelope with a stern look. She snatched it out of his hand and gave him her best acid stare in return, but saw no reaction at all. She headed to the ladies' room. She didn't know how to stop the burning or remove the thick gel so she pressed onwards. It actually seemed to plug her up with its thickness and she realized that was probably a good thing.

She dampened some paper towels and went to the back stall. By the time she cleaned off her legs and worked the tights down to get the panties off, she was running short on time. The squid was still going, but not getting any worse. It would drive her up and then back down. She realized it must be in "tease" mode. Still, it was driving her mad a bit and she didn't want to be walking a tour around while panting.

She stuck a finger up inside trying to hook the lug with her fingernail. She had to get this thing out of her and fast. She couldn't quite reach far enough, but kept trying. As soon as she got close her finger brushed one of the thinner inner tentacles. Immediately an electric shock stabbed her sensitive regions. She gasped in pain and surprise. Maybe it was some kind of shorted connection? She tried again and the shock was even more intense. She wouldn't be doing that again. It was obviously something deliberate. The smaller tentacles must be some sort of sensors to guard from reaching the lug. She would need to get back to her office to check the instruction manual and use the tongs to pull the damned thing out. The shock dampened her arousal some. She refocused and quickly worked her black Lycra tights back up.

She felt almost naked with just the tights and no underwear as she walked back to Charlie at the main desk. It seemed like there was a breeze right between her legs now. She knew it was mostly her imagination, but it mattered little in how she really felt. He took the envelope, glanced inside and gave her a nod. Bill the daytime watchman was here now and she didn't want to do anything that might be noticed. Charlie showed her another envelope which appeared to contain the tape. I'll slip it under your office door.

"Thanks," she said reflectively. Then it occurred to her.

"Charlie, I have a quick question."

"What can I help you with?"

"Is there anyone else who has the key to the basement storage room in my section? It seems like someone else could have been in there and I wanted to make sure my experiments are not disturbed."

He went over to the desk and pulled out a file. Within a couple minutes, he paused with his finger on the paper.

"No record of any other keys."

She wasn't surprised, but knew she needed to check. Someone else with a key was the most logical explanation for the crate and heater.

Sue turned and headed down the hall to the Nuymean exhibit almost tripping before she remembered the high heels. Just their weight forced a sway of her hips. Walking in the heels seemed to fuel the relentless teasing of the squid. Out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Bill look up from the monitors then he looked back down and reached for the controller mouse. She knew exactly where he was zooming.

She didn't really care if Bill got some cheap thrills. She was too busy trying to concentrate. She was starting to get into the feeling and swaying her hips even more purposefully when the vibrations simply stopped.

She wanted to reach into her tights to finish the deal, but knew the Bill could be watching her every move. After seeing the zoom feature, she knew that he could see every little detail. The heat of the lube was strong, but she seemed to be getting used to it a little. It didn't seem to be getting any worse now.

She arrived to find the typical assortment of high school kids pouring into the exhibit. At that point, she went into autopilot and started to give the typical lecture and show. The whole thing was rather mechanical after that as she did the second, third and then fourth group mostly on autopilot. The fifth group and last group arrived as she was in full stride. The lack of practice was of no consequence.

As she approached the glass case full of phalluses, she could feel a slow and steady vibration start up. The movement seemed to stir up the hot lube as well. Her body responded rapidly and informed her brain that it had been waiting for something to happen all along so was more than ready. She paused and leaned back on the case involuntarily. Suddenly she felt the disinterested students notice and shift every eye in the room to actually focus and pay attention to her.

In a moment of inspiration, she put her finger up to her nose like she had a really big sneeze coming. It worked almost immediately and the students went back about their various distractions. She milked it for few seconds while she regained her composure. She had 8 minutes left before they were done and she could send them to the next station.

The vibrator seemed to get stronger and faster than before. It must not be on tease mode this time. She was finding it difficult to stand still. It was obvious to her that she was walking quickly like she was hurrying the presentation, but the students didn't seem to notice. She had to force herself to slow down since she was starting to get out of breath a little.

At last she finished the rehearsed script and asked if there were any questions. She got the usual blank stares. Giving them a few minutes to look around on their own, she slipped off behind the high priestess mannequin. She was noticeably panting. The heat in her love tunnel was unbelievable. Her whole body seemed to be heating up. She could feel a cold sweat all over and felt a little light-headed like she ate one of those insanely strong peppers at the Chinese restaurant. One of the students came over and asked her if she was alright. She simply said that she thought she might be getting a cold. They seemed satisfied and a little concerned about getting too close so beat a hasty retreat.

Finally, they started to file out of the room with the typical chatter from seeing something to talk about later. They would be inventing a whole new set of sex toy jokes--new to them at least. With the last one through the doorway, Sue went behind the counter of phalluses and lay down on the floor out of sight of the cameras and patrons. Face down, she put her fist under her, over her clit, and started to grind her hips shamelessly against her fist on the floor. She realized that anyone who did look over the counter would see a lewd view of her Lycra covered ass thrusting up and down. With the headstart, she was already feeling the crescendo nearing its peak. The vibrations seemed to just keep growing in intensity while she had a huge body shaking orgasm.

When the orgasm faded, Sue was ready to get up and head back to her office, but the squid had different ideas. It kept going mercilessly. She wasn't sensitive after orgasm, but every slight move brought a tingle that was almost painful. She couldn't stand the idea of getting up. She lay behind the counter waiting to be released from the overstimulation.

Within a couple minutes, she was completely drenched in sweat and panting again. The squid was buzzing furiously, but fortunately was rather quiet. She felt her body giving in and begging her mind to go on the same ride. Once again she was grinding against her fist on the verge. She had to work almost twice as long to push herself over the edge, but the final result was worth it. Her second orgasm was almost as strong and much longer than the first.

The vibrations continued relentlessly with no regards to her climax. It felt like the tentacles were wiggling around inside. The tingle was less this time. Instead, it was starting to get a little painful. She steeled her will and felt like she could get some composure...now that her body had been spent so much her mind was stronger than it. Gritting her teeth in effort, she stood up carefully on the heels and straightened out her clothes. She put a little show of having checked something behind the counter for the cameras. She wiped her brow as best as she could and headed to the elevator.

She walked carefully. The high heels forcing the sway of her hips against the throbbing deep inside caused sensations with each step that went from slightly painful with each step back to thrilling. She walked slowly and steadily. Her body seemed to be unable to react any other way. She smiled at the museum patrons. They seemed to think something was odd, but didn't dwell on her long. She was just another odd person to them amongst the oddities they had already seen in the museum.

The final walk across the lobby to the elevator passed Bill at his guard desk was the hardest of all. With the tights and a wide lobby, she knew he would be watching every wiggle of her ass. The old marble and glass art deco was drafty in the winter. The cooler air of the lobby was coupling with her arousal to harden her nipples instantly. The air flowing around the tights seemed like naked exposure. She knew it wasn't true, but her body did not. The hot lube continued its ever-present warming. She crossed some kind of inner threshold and her face start to flush in response.

She could see Bill trying to look discretely, wanting a direct view, but it wasn't working. He was in full blown stare mode without an pretense of politeness, while she just kept walking like nothing was wrong. Fortunately, one of the patrons started asking him questions. By the time they were done, Sue was about to get into the elevator. Once inside and with the door closed, she panted several times for multiple reasons. Her hands trembled as she inserted her access key for the basement level.

As soon as the elevator started to go down, the orgasm hit her suddenly. She gripped the railing with white knuckles. The door opened, but she didn't move at first. She snapped back to reality when it started to close. She quickly put her hand in the way to stop the door from closing again and continued. She didn't notice the vibration anymore. Perhaps it finally stopped?

The hall to her office felt endless. The vibrator started to play her again part way down. She was surprised by how soon. Maybe this was just a pause in the original routine? It would drive her up to the brink and then back off. She started to wonder just how sophisticated the microprocessor and programming of the squid might be. She walked near the wall to steady herself. She stopped when needed. Eventually she got her office door open. An envelope with the security tape was inside.

The relief that she was safe from internet humiliation was distant as she stepped over the tape and closed the door. She almost tore her tights off. She pulled open her special drawer and found the remote control and the tong extractor. The vibrator was more torment than stimulation at this point. She grabbed the removal tongs and started fishing.

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She felt for the lug and tried to match her position with the picture in the instructions. As soon as she touched a tentacle, she felt another even stronger electric shock rip though her. It seemed to go on and on. She writhed in pain uncontrollably, unsure whether to clench her legs or spread them out wide in a vain effort to reduce the pain. Blackness was closing in from the sides of her vision as she felt the first moments of passing out. Cold sweat was forming on her brow. It stopped just in time. She heard a beep from the remote.

On the display, the remote said, "Initial calibration complete", that was probably from earlier, followed by "3 security violations detected entering lockdown mode." What the fuck? What did that mean? The vibrator kept going as she snatched the instructions. She found the section on security.

To accommodate specific domination games, adherence mode must be turned off at the remote to remove the stimulator. If security mode is also set, the access code must be entered on the remote to operate it. Security mode can be enabled to give the wearer a loss of control even if the remote is not retained by the dominate partner.

If adherence mode is on, guardian tentacles will detect any attempt to remove the stimulation squid. If 3 tampering violations have been detected, lockdown mode will be activated. In lockdown mode, increasing security shocks will prevent removal of the squid stimulator (see caution regarding electrical burns). The remote cannot override lockdown mode. Lockdown will reset in 4 hours. During lockdown, tease simulation mode will be disabled and the interval between stimulation sessions will be reduced to 10 minutes.

Sue dropped the instructions and fell back into the recliner with a gasp of frustration while she convulsed with the next of what promised to be many sweetly painful forced orgasms.

Chapter 3: Counter Moves (added: 2012/03/18)

At first the 10 minute pause interval was like a form of torture--only a moment for Sue to catch her breath after getting worked over good by the "toy" deep within her. It was too short for relief from a continuous onslaught. The tiny processor in the squid was very clever. It knew exactly where her threshold was and could keep her on the edge or force her over. One thing she quickly learned is that it would not stop until she had an orgasm, like it or not.

While the squid was relentless, it was really the hot lube that was starting to get to her. Unlike the squid, there was no rest from it. She thought it would start to fade by now, but it was going on as strong as ever, maybe even more so. She found the package hoping for some clue about how to relieve the burn. She-Devil Personal Lubricant. Ultra concentrated. Sensitivity Enhancing. Extra Long Lasting.. The warning labels were scary:

Use with caution, She-Devil is highly concentrated. Extra thick, no-drip formula will not leak. Do not drive a car or operate machinery within 24-hours of use. Do not exceed the recommended amount (about the size of a dime). Occasional use only, do not use more than once a week or excessive and permanent nerve sensitization may occur. Chemically balanced, oil-based formula penetrates membranes and tissue, but will not harm latex, silicone or most plastics. Do not get on hands. In the event of eye contact do not flush eyes with water. Seek medical attention immediately. Eye contact can result in permanent vision loss. Sensitive individuals may experience severe discomfort. Test using a small drop before use. Seek medical attention should discomfort persist for more than 4 hours. Moisture activated formula, do not swim, shower or expose treated area to liquid for 24 hours. Vaginal use only. With regular weekly use, the penetrating formula of She-Devil can increase sensitivity and the intensity of orgasms.

Sue knew first-hand that this was one time the claims were real and not just bullshit marketing. The packet was supposed to contain 24 applications. She had used the whole thing without realizing--one time reading the instructions was important. Now she was thinking about how she might be found by the 911 rescue workers in an hour squirming on the floor grabbing her crotch if the burn kept increasing. She thought about leaving for the emergency room right now. A vision of explaining her overdose of sex lube, feet up in the stirrups, to some Doctor with his head between her legs changed her mind. Yeah...right...not a good idea. She had made it this long, so she just had to make it the rest of the way. She gave up on the lube packaging. There were no clues about how to neutralize it. If anything, it scared her from trying to wash it out. Trying it would certainly have brought that 911 call. She grabbed a paper napkin and her hand sanitizer and cleaned her fingers vigorously.

The package didn't mention the most diabolical part. The heat was working like one of those post-workout sore muscle creams. Her aching muscles were being rejuvenated during the 10 minute breaks with an indirect therapeutic warmth. Regardless, each stimulation cycle of the squid was getting more and more intense. Thoughts raced through her mind. Was the squid programmed to do that? Was the She-Devil really sensitizing her? Was it just that she was getting more and more drained and her vaginal muscles were getting really worked over? Was she just imagining it? No matter what, she knew it was happening and didn't have the slightest idea how to stop it.

Sue started to use the 10 minute pauses to somewhat frantically review the squid manual with shaky hands. Somewhere it might have an emergency shutdown. At the very least, she needed to crack the passcode. The squid manual said the tentacles were also sensors linked to the microprocessor which could learn patterns and recognize reactions. It definitely knew when she had contractions for the big O and so far was precisely accurate. She wondered what other sensors it might have. The manual left a lot unexplained and was excessively brief. She did see a MSRP of $25,000 on the back of the box. Where did Steph get this thing, NASA? Knowing Steph she got a special deal because it was recalled for safety issues. It didn't matter. When the insidious device was out of her, it was never going back in. She found the default passcode and would be ready with the removal tongs as soon as the 4 hour lockdown was over.

She found some display buttons on the remote and set it to display current status. Unbelievably the battery gauge was still showing 99% charged. It claimed to have quad density lithium-tri-ion pacemaker batteries. Whatever that was, it sounded high-tech enough to last longer than she could. Any hope that the batteries would give out, setting her free, were quickly forgotten. She felt a little more of that inner surrender feeling...or was it some kind of despair?

She found a section of the manual describing the different stimulation modes. They were all paced with various intensities, durations and techniques. She scanned down the list and tried to remember as many as possible. Some had musical names like "Crescendo", "Harmony", "Allegro" and "Fugue." Others sounded like simple classification, "Vibration with alternating random intervals", "False Pause" and "Long duration tease before sudden release." Some were more colorful and maybe a little scary like "Early Bird", "Big Guy" and "Fucky Monkey." "G-spot development" was the scariest of all until she found "Multi-orgasmic training." In that mode, the squid would not stop after one orgasm. It would keep going, trying for additional orgasms until it sensed that the wearer's vaginal muscles were too weak to continue. She got a little weak in the knees thinking about it.

Most of the stimulation sessions where creative variations on basics that felt great. Sue was actually starting to look forward to them; a routine was establishing. Before long, Sue was going through old files and papers during the rest interval. Her sense of time was completely disrupted. The pauses seemed to go on forever while she waited for the squid to steal away any ability to concentrate on anything but her body...again.

Somewhere there had to be a reference to the mark on her chest in one of the documents. With disappointment, she eventually found only a few snippets of information. One of them, however, was intriguing: Pencil written notes in Dr. Barnes' handwriting on an inventory card for a Nuymean Priestess Ritual Guide. The writing said, "On loan, annex display." She had no idea what annex that would be. She knew every item on display upstairs in the main exhibit as well as most of the organized items in the basement section and this was not one of them. She would need to ask Charlie about it.

The vibrations inside her were slowly mounting in what was beginning to seem like a familiar pattern. She leaned back in the recliner to enjoy the ride. She decided to stop fighting it, just accept and enjoy her circumstances. Somehow the surrender was liberating. It seemed like all the key people in her chosen field of study were male. The pattern of her behavior had been molded through that influence. After her years in school and her negative experiences in the field, denying the feminine side of herself in order to keep a low profile became the only thing she knew. Beyond masterful use of a vibrator and a few other skills, she was little more than an adolescent when it came to understanding how she felt about her body and sexual identity. She knew it, but that didn't change anything.

The feeling reminded her of what happened on the chair when some hidden aspect of her psychology kept her from panicking by surrendering. Her body was releasing its own primitive ideas to her mind--the restless doubts she had about her feminine side where being called out on the floor, demanding to be examined. Submitting herself was becoming one dimension of behavior possibilities she would have never considered before. Instead of enduring an ordeal, she was now on an adventure of discovery. She could almost laugh at the thought that she of all people was wearing high heels and skin-tight Lycra vs. practical shoes and comfortable jeans.

The deep throbbing vibration was punctuated with short bursts of faster pulses. The pulses would drive her right up to the edge and then back off. She checked the status display on the remote and it said "Participation Mode." This was a new one. The squid was changing tactics on her. There was a small icon of a hand along the top of the display. The manual listed the icon as "manual stimulation required." She must masturbate in unison to be allowed to come. She realized she needed the extra clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm in order to break the cycle otherwise the vibration alone would never be enough. It would just keep going on and on. The microprocessor would see to that. She would hate to be in public if "partition mode" was selected, but she didn't mind in her office with the door locked.

She switched on her vibrating wand and bit her lip. It felt amazing. Within a couple seconds, she snapped out of her revere with a painful electric jolt right inside her intimate regions. It was so painful, it caught her breath and made her eyes tear. The remote beeped. The display said, "Unauthorized use of stimulation device. Lockdown timer reset." Sue groaned with an agony of frustration and clenched her fists pointlessly. She felt completely cheated; the instructions didn't say anything about restrictions. The timer on the remote was back to 4 hours. She had already made it an hour and a half for absolutely nothing.

The squid continued its ministrations like nothing happened. The helpless frustration from the squid extending her time helped fuel her arousal. She was required to push herself the rest of the way and she would need to do it the old fashioned way with her fingers. She rubbed at her clit with a circular and steady motion. It was like a flashback to being a teenager. It was working quite well, but the squid was devious and kept backing down the vibrations as soon as she was near reaching a climax. Eventually, she was doing most of the work, breathing hard, and her unaccustomed arms were aching. The vibrations were very low when she started to spasm, then shot straight up to high and stayed there as her climax passed the point of no return. The orgasm was not especially strong but lasted a long time while she kept working her mound. More importantly it was enough to get the squid to shut down for another 10 minutes.

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Somehow she had to get back to figuring out what happened with the chair. She knew that her best chances of finding new evidence where now while the experience was fresh. She was feeling guilty and embarrassed about letting her libido take over and ending up in this predicament with the squid. She wasn't the kind of woman who would let sex urges rule her life, but she had given in and was now being forced to do just that. Her willpower kicked in with defiance. She would not become a sexual object.

Almost without thought, she headed down the hall towards the side room with the chair. She had 8 and a half minutes left to get there and could be safely inside with the door locked before the next session. A few people where in the hallway here and there, but they were about their business and so was she. She arrived and had a minute to relax before the squid started in again.

She was a bit distracted about what she would check first through the whole session. The stimulation continued, but she remembered almost nothing other than that she climaxed solidly in the end. Little did she know that the squid recorded all the data and increased a few parameters after monitoring the result of the less effective stimulation.

She first examined the arms looking for how they retracted. It didn't take long to see that there were exceedingly thin slits for a sliding mechanism underneath each one--obvious now, but not obvious if you didn't know to look for something there. She would have never guessed that the arms retracted before it had happened. Effectively this thing was a trap for someone unsuspecting. The arms would drop and a helpless female bold enough to ride the phallus would be stuck. She knew the crate being returned was the key to her avoiding that fate...however it happened. The arms released and could be returned, but how? She pushed and pulled on them various ways without affect.

The phallus was still in place. The arms must have retracted right after she slipped on the crate. Somehow her weight shift must have been involved otherwise they would have dropped one of the other times she used the chair. She just stared for a few minutes, taking in the details, letting her intuition have some soak time. She kept focusing on the phallus and this time it wasn't just her libido. It was one of the only moving parts. Sue instinctively grabbed the phallus and pulled down as hard as she could in the same direction she would have slipped.

The arms dropped instantly with a click and thump. That was it! The extra force released some kind of catch that released the arms. With her using the crate, she would have never pushed down on it that hard before. One mystery solved.

The arms were now flatly recessed into the surface of the chair. Pushing and pulling on the phallus had no further affect. There had to be some sort of release. The only other mechanism she knew of was the sliding catch on the front of the chair which released the phallus.

Just as she was going to check the catch, she felt an undeniable sensation starting up down there. She checked the remote. What would it be this time? It simply said, "Dance". She had no idea what that meant, but the vibrations where buzzing lightly at a fast speed. It was not a very pleasant sensation. She hated dancing, but tentatively tried swiveling her hips around a little. As soon as her hips tilted, she felt the vibrations quickly get stronger then subside just as quickly. The squid must have some sort of position sensor like a video game controller.

She tried shaking faster and found that the vibrator kept in sync with her motions. As soon as her right hip would rise, she was rewarded with more sensation--only for a fraction of a second. If she swayed or rolled back the other way, then the sensation ramped back up immediately. She tried holding still in rebellion and the light buzzing just kept humming away. It was an annoying and frustrating feeling with an itchy tickle quality like a bug crawling on her skin. Of course, it wouldn't stop. She would have to dance to get an orgasm and stop the squid.

She tried an assortment of movements, but the most effective was to roll her hips around various ways back and forth. She kept searching for a rhythm that would keep the squid going so that she could get off. She started humming to herself, trying to think of a catchy dance tune which matched the needed rhythms. She had put the hot lube out of her mind before, but it was reminding her it was still going strong now. The movement seemed to stir it back up again.

After nearly 20 minutes, she was a sweating mess and was getting tired but it was working. She was dancing a complicated motion. It was easier to all-out dance involving her arms and legs to offset her gyrations. She wouldn't be in a music video, but didn't care. She didn't need to step that much to get results so could find a comfortable stance for the high heels and soon they were a non-factor. Suddenly she realized that she was following an age-old pattern--a belly dance. Could the squid be that sophisticated?

Her brain instantly ran away with the idea. She let go of any inhibitions. No one could see her anyways. She felt like some wanton harem girl turned desperate whore through control and deprivation--constantly watched by eunuchs and not allowed to climax without her master's permission. She was dancing her heart out for the Sultan now, begging for his attentions. She stared into his eyes urging him on with all her charms. The fantasy was working. She was getting closer. Finally, it happened. The Sultan would be hers tonight. She convulsed outside with her dance while her insides convulsed around their silicone invader. After it was over, she nearly collapsed from the exertion, but her love muscles still clinched tight on the squid as if they didn't quite know how to stop. She gasped as a second wave of pleasure swept over her.

She caught her breath for a couple minutes, then realized she was on the clock again and wasting her precious rest time. She returned to examining the release catch for the phallus. Sure enough, it was in a different position and slid up higher than usual. She pushed down. It was hard to move. She tried again with both hands and it slid. The arms lifted smoothly like some weight was pulling them back up. Obviously there was some kind of sophisticated mechanism inside. When the arms returned to their upright position, there was another click. She tried pushing down on them again and they were locked back securely.

The shoes were next in her thoughts. Old frustrations returned and she fought down the urge to try to wrestle them off her feet. She knew it would be pointless and leave her even more frustrated. How did they lock closed, damn it...DAMN IT? She tried the same staring technique. She just stared at the area on the chair where her feet were. Something about that area had something to do with it. Soak time. The shoes didn't just lock on their own. The stone on the front of the chair seemed odd. She looked closer. How obvious now. The stone near where her feet would go was different. It was subtle, but it was not the same stone. She recognized it from the museum, but where? She must have seen something like it in the geology exhibit.

Sue was slowly getting exhausted. She normally would be sleeping by now. She had cleaned out her office snack stash earlier and was starved and feeling a little light-headed. She knew she would get a terrible headache soon if she didn't eat. By the time lockdown mode ended, she would only have a couple hours before she was due back in to work again for her normal shift. She wouldn't be able to get home and back even if she dared drive with the hot lube.

She planned out an approach. She had enough time to get upstairs to the museum snack bar before they closed with 3 orgasms on the way. She would head down the hall and up the elevator then straight to the ladies' room off the main lobby and hide in a stall. Next, she would wait for the squid to finish and then head down to the snack counter restroom. After the squid finished again, she would get her food and rush back to the main ladies' room, one more orgasm and then back down to her office. The food might be cold, but she didn't care. She just had to decide whether a side trip to the geology wing was worth the attempt. It wasn't that far off the main hall.

The squid activated again before she was ready. The remote said "Down Hard." She didn't remember that one from the list, but the list was pretty long. She gasped as the squid started up fast, alternating rapidly. There was no warm up or slow build up. It just started in fucking her like a rapist. Her body could respond rapidly, but not that rapidly. She was still tired from her long dance. It was very uncomfortable and she waited for her arousal level to catch up to the squid. If she was already worked up more, it could be pleasurable, but with the cold start it was more like she was being abused. It seemed to take forever for a sexual response like her body couldn't make up its mind. She could feel her nether lips starting to swell, but she didn't even feel the flush of heavy arousal starting to spread when she got a series of short sudden contractions. It wasn't very fulfilling, more like a technicality. Then, the squid shut off as quickly as it started. She was actually disappointed and frustrated, but at the same time knew the clock started again now.

Sue started off down the hall towards the elevator. She was partway down the hall when she remembered that she needed her purse and money for the snack bar. She turned around, unlocked her office, grabbed it and took off again. She walked steadily and purposefully in the heels, careful to place each foot down squarely. To her it seemed like practically a run within what she could accomplish. The extra weight of the heels with their lusterite soles combined with her sore muscles from dancing made a swaying walk with rocking hips the most manageable. She knew her hips were putting on quite a show to Bill the daytime guard if he was watching the camera. She was not very efficient at walking in the heels yet and knew she probably looked awkward in them, but she also could tell she was getting the hang of them more and more.

Her legs were feeling the burn from the unaccustomed forced movements as she finally pushed the button for the elevator. In a way, it was a welcome distraction from the relentless burning of her loins. She didn't have time to be distracted; she was on a mission. The elevator seemed to take forever but opened at last. Maintenance men were bringing down a set of crates on hand trucks. "Sorry Ma'am, couple minutes." Sue could feel her blood pressure rising. That wasn't in her plan.

They finally finished and gave her the nod. As the elevator doors were closing, she overheard one of them say, "Nice piece of ass for a geek chick." She thought it could have been the nicest compliment she ever heard. Two days ago, she would have felt degraded and objectified. Somehow, it seemed more fitting now. Before the elevator started to rise, the squid started again. It was right on-time even if she wasn't. She checked the remote and put it back into her purse. It said, "Twister."

She didn't know that mode either, but soon understood. The vibrations seemed to start on one side of the squid and then to circle around slowly on the outside. It didn't seem to be the head of the squid so much as individual tentacles. As each tentacle vibrated, it would press in against the walls of her vagina and then relax as it was replaced by the next tentacle. It would keep changing direction of rotation at random intervals at unpredictable points along the circle.

At first the feeling was weird, but soon the novelty was simply a turn on that was making her crazy, more of a tease than anything else. Bill was looking her direction as soon as the doors opened into the lobby. No...he was looking right at her. Even with her glasses, she couldn't tell where, specifically, he was watching at this distance, but she had an idea. It was a long careful walk to the ladies' room. Every step sent a new tingle through her along with a twinge of fear that she trip and draw attention to herself.

Bill seemed concerned at first, but when he saw where she was headed he seemed to understand and went back to watching the monitors. Sue opened the door to the restroom like she was entering a sanctuary--refuge awaited. Closing the door to the stall, she immediately pulled down her tights and started fingering herself. The tease of the squid was like a bad itch and she had to scratch it. Again it seemed to read her body. The tingle of the tentacles would move opposite of her fingers sending an arch of tension between the two. Soon her whole body was arching in tension. Someone else came into the restroom, but she didn't care. If anything, she was getting more and more frantic.

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"Are you alright?" echoed faintly. She gasped out an unconvincing, "Yes, I'm fine." After a pregnant pause of indecision, she heard the door close. The orgasm came with a powerful surge. All the tentacles kicked in at first. As the contractions started to subside, the main head of the squid kicked in as well and drove her right back up to the top. She felt forced somehow and it was delicious. She instinctually grabbed her sex as if trying to contain something inside, but all it did was reinforce the feeling. Sue sat there on the toilet seat panting for a minute or so before realizing her plight and the fact that she only had 9 minutes until the next time. She pulled up her tights and rushed out barely taking the time for a wrinkle-smoothing clothing rearrangement.

Sue marched across the marble floor with a series of pronounced heel clicks which seemed to echo through the whole lobby. No one else seemed to notice except Bill. He seemed to notice everything--absolutely, everything. She was actually starting to have a sense of appreciation for his ever vigilant adolescent desires.

She saw snow still falling through the revolving door windows. The drafty lobby air once again penetrated her thin tights with no underwear; she felt naked from the waist down. Her nipples were uncharacteristically hardening in response, but she didn't want to look down to see if they protruded underneath her sweater. The hot lube started to reassert itself again halfway across the lobby creating a fire and ice style of sensation. She desperately wanted to stop walking and take a quick breather, but knew that it would seem odd, drawing unwanted attention. She toughed it out and kept going. Once past the lobby, the air was warmer so she relaxed a little. She clicked past the dinosaur exhibit, past the meteorite cases and then eventually into the learning center onwards to snack bar. Straight into the restroom, she felt the vibrations started almost as soon as the door closed.

This time the remote said "Slow and Steady." Not what she need at all right now. She noticed a small icon that she hadn't seen before. The icon was a hand covered with the typical circle and slash for no. It didn't take a Ph D. to know that she better not touch herself down there this time. She would need to let the squid do the work and wait it out. She checked her watch. The snack bar closed in less than 20 minutes. It didn't seem like she would have enough time. She was too hungry and had come too far to wait. She didn't want to attempt reaching the deli or Chinese restaurant down the street in the snow with high heels. She didn't want to chance driving with the squid in her.

She steeled herself and took a deep breath. The vibrations were distracting, but manageable. She knew it wouldn't stay that way forever. She headed out of the restroom reaching the counter after a careful and rather arousing walk. She heard herself say, "I'll have the Dinoburger and Mummifries combo to go." Usually that meant a stale burger from the bin, but this time she had to wait for a fresh one. She went to sit down while waiting to be called.

She fidgeted in the hard plastic chair and was breathing a little heavier than normal. Fortunately, the few people in the snack bar were oblivious. The build-up was starting and the vibrations were getting harder to ignore. She kept her hands up on the table and tried to look relaxed through sheer force of will. What were they doing back there?

Finally she heard them call out and her food was ready. She stood up and felt a rush of new sensations then a touch of dizziness. She definitely needed to eat. The smell was far more amazing than it should have been. Between the desire in her stomach and the forced fulfillment of desire between her legs she knew that "to go" was out of the question. She shakily walked to an out-of-the-way table with her tray. When she sat down she knew she would not be going anywhere for a while.

The steady buildup of the squid was making it hard to eat, but it wasn't overwhelming. She even forgot about it for a couple minutes while digging into the fresh juicy burger. She was nearly done with the last of her fries when she noticed her breathing was strained. Squirming in the chair was hard to resist, she focused on keeping her breath under control. The squid was throbbing harder. The head was expanding and contracting slightly. She didn't know it could do that. Were there no limits to this thing? She wished her piece of crap car was engineered as well. The affect was amazing. It felt like the vibrations were racing all around.

Some of the few remaining customers were leaving. She noticed the metal shutter for the snack bar window had been rolled down, closed right on time. She desperately wanted to be done and to get back down to the basement. The slow pace was maddening. She didn't want to take the slightest chance on increasing the lockdown time so she kept her hands up on top of the table like a schoolgirl following instructions.

The squid was still increasing slightly. Sue barely noticed the sideways glances as the last customers finally left the snack counter. She was completely absorbed in the pleasure and beyond the ability to control herself any longer. She had a white knuckle grip on the edge of the table and leaned back on the seat with her legs spread lewdly. She tried to circle her hips while the squid played her. The heat from the hot lube and her exertions was taking its toll and she was dripping in sweat. The devious little microprocessor was shifting the pace of vibrations and the swelling of the squid expertly. It seemed to be getting better and better at reading her reactions. The thought was a bit terrifying. It kept her in check only allowing her a slow increase in pleasure, a little at a time.

She kept checking the clock. She had been there for over a half hour since the snack bar closed. She loved every minute, but also hated it. Her fear of getting caught and utterly embarrassed was like a caged panic waiting to be released. It seemed to be interfering with her finally being able to let go. At last she felt the first contractions. They got stronger and she gasped, then they got even stronger before spasming sharply. With the hot lube it felt like she had a curling iron up her cleft, but she couldn't help trying to squeeze it with her best Cleopatra grip. Over a minute later and the contractions where still going. She could hardly breathe and her sex muscles were aching. The squid head expanded and this time stayed large and full...more than she remembered it ever doing before. Her sheath tried to contract even tighter around it and that was it--one last huge contraction and it was over. The squid shrank and she found herself riding out delicious aftereffects while catching her breath.

One of the custodians came in with a rolling cart and seemed surprised to find her. Sue casually walked over to the trash bin and emptied her tray then walked out. She felt the custodian's eyes following her, but didn't have anything to say and they didn't either.

Chapter 4: Rocked (added: 2012/04/18)

As soon as she was passed the custodian, she realized that she was dripping in enough sweat that the custodian would have found it obvious. She reluctantly used the sleeve of her nice cashmere sweater to wipe her brow. The black tights should hide the sweat and the sweater was too thick to easily soak through. Sue stood up straight, took a breath, and continued back towards the lobby.

She forgot to check her watch so couldn't time the 10 minutes. At least 2 minutes had to have gone by before she left the snack bar. She was finding it hard to walk fast. After the long hours, she was getting sleepy and tired with her full belly. Her feet were wobbly in the lusterite heels as she worked her sore and tired muscles in a different dance of forward momentum. She was surprised how quickly her legs and hips tightened up while sitting. Passed the Learning Center, she started looking for the turn to the geology wing as she ignored the meteor cases along the main corridor. The timer had already turned off the lights so the meteors now just looked like hunks of black rock in shadow. Her heart sank; her intern, Cindy, and the museum artist/cosmetologist Maya were coming the opposite way.

She liked Maya. Maya had redone all of the mannequins in the Nuymean room with historically accurate make-up a month or so ago. She was very precise and matched the few historical depictions while filling in the rest with tasteful and elegant details. She even used authentic pigments and materials taken from inscriptions transcribed by Dr. Barnes. The Nuymeans were fantastically detailed in matters of beauty and obsessed with jungle plants, beauty secrets, make-up formulas and all similar manner of botanical aids. In fact, they were the only ancient people who could make a paper-like sheet, termed paperi-veli, for writing that did not rot and survived the jungle climate. An artist by trade, Maya also studied a little archaeology and a little anthropology. She was the real deal, an educated artist.

Cindy, however, was a different story. She took care of the daytime duties just fine, but she was exactly the kind of person Sue didn't like: a former popular cheerleader, stuck-up, fantastic looking and self-confident. She didn't care much about archaeology and was in fact a Psychology major. She took the internship in order to work on her Master's thesis, Societal Accommodation of Aberrant Sexual Behavior. Exactly the kind of condescending, judgmental attitude that Sue saw with every move Cindy made. Sue was desperate to find someone willing to take the low pay so hired her, but she didn't trust her and didn't give her access to any of the secured Nuymean artifacts in the basement. Besides, after she was done with her thesis, she would be out of here like a shot.

Cindy and Maya were talking away. Well, Cindy was talking away and Maya was mostly listening. Cindy didn't realize that even though Sue had bad eyesight there was nothing wrong with her hearing. She heard the snide comments as they approached. Voices carry really far in the old tile and stone hallways of the museum. Cindy sneered for a second and talked sideways towards Maya. "Looks like the four-eyed muffin is trying out new fashions."

Maya might have hesitated, maybe. "I think it's an improvement." It sounded mostly sincere to Sue.

Cindy countered instantly, "Better than before, I guess, but what's with those heels?"

"Little did she know," thought Sue as they closed distance in the hall. They quieted down and switched to small talk, assuming Sue was now in earshot. They met up. "Thanks for covering for me earlier," Cindy said with a touch of insincerity.

"I'm glad you're alright," Sue replied with a precisely matched touch of insincerity.

Before Sue knew it, Cindy was relating all the details of her fender bender like it was one of life's great tribulations. Talk also jumped back and forth to how her new boyfriend Hank worked at the autobody shop. Sue knew from the constant parade of boyfriends what would happen. Once her car was done and any discounted bills were paid, he'd get a couple more sympathy dates before he was yet another set of messages on her answering machine. He might get laid if he plays his cards right and he would certainly remember it for the rest of his life. She wished him luck. As Cindy babbled on, Maya stood by politely, but Sue caught her occasional eye roll.

Suddenly Sue heard a beep from her bag. It wasn't her phone. It must be the remote. There was no way she could pull it out to check. It would raise too many questions instantly. The white plastic looked more medical than cell phone or tech gadget. She had no idea what it would be beeping about. Cindy paused in her story for a moment in reaction then kept going like nothing happened. Did she need to breathe? After about half a minute or so, the remote beeped again. Cindy looked like she might say something but still kept right on going about the other driver, the cute cop and the bitch female cop. At least the fact that Cindy got a ticket was a small vindication. Once again there was a beep, then Sue finally had a chance to explain how she had an experiment running and the timer was telling her she needed to get back down check it.

Cindy seemed to accept that excuse and Maya seemed to feel spared. They made some polite good-byes and left as the remote beeped again. Sue wondered what was going on. She was clearly past the 10 minute mark, but the squid was still as a rock. The lobby was still a ways off and she didn't want to attempt making it to her planned lobby restroom. Her choice about stopping in the geology wing was made for her. She checked that Maya and Cindy were not watching and then turned down the side hall just as the remote beeped yet again.

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As soon as she was far enough away, she snuck a look at the display on the remote. It said, "Plug in headphones to continue." What? She checked the remote and there was no evident headphone jack. She wanted to scroll back, but it was difficult while walking and she wanted to be far out of sight first. Walking faster, she was a little winded. Her sweater was too warm up on this floor. Rocks didn't need much climate control and the geology wing seemed like an oven in comparison to the basement. Damn the hot lube, it had a way of heating up just when she thought she was used to it enough to put it out of her mind. It fuelled the heat rising within her as she kept going.

The geology wing was so quiet it was starting to get a little creepy. She walked past the "Wing closed, please visit again" sign. She knew that it would be another hour or two before they actually started to close the gates and lock up. She remembered a restroom down further. It should be a safe place to hide. Suddenly, she felt a sharp electric jolt inside her from the squid and heard a beep from the remote. Where did that come from? How far would this thing push her? She hurriedly grabbed the remote out of her purse. The display was blinking: Insert headphones immediately. The lockdown time was still the same, but she didn't want to take any chances. Her iPod and earbuds where buried somewhere in her purse, thankfully.

She checked the remote again more carefully, but there was no place for a headphone jack. She felt a slight pulse "downstairs." She was afraid to touch herself and risk further time penalties, but there was clearly something going on. She felt around a little and found a cord hanging in her slit--apparently attached to one of the tentacles. Come on! She knew that they could fit half a dozen functions on a microchip the size of pin these days, but a headphone jack was hanging out of her pussy. Really? What else could she do? She could barely see the end of the wire, but it looked like some kind of special jack with silicone seals. She plugged the earbuds into her wired cunt.

The display changed saying "Fugue." She put in the ear buds. The cord just reached. She heard the faint sounds of Ravel's Bolero starting up. None of this was in the manual she had read--not that she had alternatives. Now that she wasn't walking, Sue scrolled back and found that the remote had prompted her for input followed by a countdown timer. It had used a default response at the end of the time if no response was given. Apparently, the designers took into account that the squid remote might not be under someone's control---especially the person "wearing" it. All the countdowns had expired and all the questions had already been answered for her.

The prompts said, "The fugue program requires activation of advanced options, Activate electrical option?" The default was yes. There was now a small lightning bolt icon along the top of the display. The next prompt said, "Activate false orgasm?" Default was yes. She had no idea what that meant, but figured it wouldn't be long before she found out: she didn't think she would like it. The next prompt said, "Activate swim massage?" Default was yes. That one sounded exciting. There was an icon that looked like someone swimming, imagine that. "Activate musical accompaniment?" Default was yes. Damn. At least music sounded harmless. That would explain the headphone jack.

The last prompt said, "Activate training mode?" Default was yes. She could guess what that might mean and it didn't sound good. There were two other new icons, one looking like the two bars of the pause symbol universal to so many electronic devices. The other was something that looked like a book. This wasn't looking good. Each mode had activated and all the modes with icons were optional "advanced user" modes.

As Bolero played, she was starting to feel rising vibrations from the squid. She needed to find a secluded place quickly. She knew the piece was typically about 15 minutes long and the idea was starting to make her horny beyond belief. The "no hands" symbol was on the display. The vibrations where precisely orchestrated with the music.

There was a small offshoot from the main hall to the right. She remembered it was a dead end into a round room. She should be able to hide around the side. The room had hundreds of small catalogued rock samples showing a profile of mountain ranges including the Rockies, Appalachians, Urals, Andes and Himalayas.

Sue sat down on the floor, careful to make sure she was out of sight of the main hall. She spread her legs since it felt better that way. She sat on her hands to make sure she wasn't tempted to touch her now forbidden regions. It was time for her to relax and enjoy. The nervous tension of being caught was there, but she wasn't going to give it much attention. Nothing she could do to stop the squid or her body from responding regardless.

The squid was building. At first, it just used vibration. As the music continued it was rising steadily in volume. The squid slowly introduced other features. Before long, it was twisting tentacles here and there. More advanced vibration modes were kicking in after that. It would have short bursts of very fast speed or strong deep pulses. All the ministrations it used were perfected timed which meant that the slow build up of the music and corresponding sensation was driving her absolutely nuts. She could predict the build-up rate based on her knowledge of the music and it was clearly way too slow. She was getting majorly teased. Still, it was also relentless. If she was already feeling this way, and the song wasn't even 1/3 of the way done what was it going to be like near the end? What would she be forced to endure?

The squid started to enlarge and shrink its head. The burning from the lube felt like it was spreading through her whole body. She suddenly realized her own moisture was one of the triggers for the lube to heat up. Why had she not put two and two together on that before?

She was breathing hard and desperately wanted to move things along. The squid was backing down again only to slowly surge back up to the level it had been. She slouched further down on the floor rocking back and forth in small rolling motions out of sheer natural response. She was completely absorbed in the music and the feeling at this point.

The squid started expanding and contracting its tentacles along with enlarging and shrinking its head. It was done in a fluid movement surging from top to bottom with various unpredictable speeds. This must be the swim massage. It was just short of painful in how far it expanded and pushed at the head only to push out her sheath further down at the tentacles with a sudden flick--while she was still feeling the relief of her tunnel relaxing from the head shrinking. The feeling was indescribable. It made her want to moan and scream. She was practically biting her tongue.

The swim massage was too much for her, she switched from sitting to laying down on her back and started writhing on the floor, desperate to use her hands. She made sure to sit on her hands again to prevent any accidents. There was a crash of cymbals in the music which was punctuated by faint electric shock in her pussy. Instantly, she started to orgasm. Just as instantly the squid stopped all simulation. She had a very weak orgasm, more like an afterimage, that was completely unfulfilling. She clinched her teeth and suppressed a scream of frustration. She now knew what the false orgasm mode was all about. As soon as her meager contractions stopped, the squid started back up again. It was mercifully gradual, but ramped up to full blown swim massage in no time at all--but too late for the right moment.

Her body was responding in a way she had not experienced before. She did not feel drained or sensitive from the pitiful orgasm, but her level of arousal and responsiveness was reduced. It was harder for her to build back up to the same level. It was like she was being held back from approaching the brink. The squid didn't care. The music kept building. She was feeling more of a total sensation throughout her body now. All parts of her body from the neck down were tensing up on edge waiting for a release that held back somehow. She was feeling a building desperation now to come like her life depended on it.

The cymbals were crashing again and she was feeling them punctuated by sharper and sharper shocks that still didn't bring release. She was being tormented. The squid knew exactly how to keep her from reaching release. She wondered how many calculations a second it was doing to stay ahead of her. Just as she was thinking about giving up and accepting that she would only be teased from here on out, the squid ramped up the level of sensation. It didn't back off anymore.

The added intensity was enough. She was starting to build back up towards climax. In fact, she didn't think she could stop it now. This was going to be a huge orgasm...if she was allowed to experience it. Bolero would be coming to an end soon and she'd soon know if the squid would continue until she climaxed or if it would stop at the end of the song. Would she be able to come before the music was over? Would "false orgasm" mode ice her fires? Please, please, please..... She needed it so bad at this point...p-l-e-a-s-e. There was no other way for her to romanticize it to herself. Her body was acting like a machine that she had no control over. Most of the intellectual element was gone and this was all about the animal side she didn't know she had. The crescendo was complete and Ravel's orchestrations where madly blaring out their final peak.

The squid still waited with the patience of programmed electronics. Only when the precise moment and the matching data gave the right indication would it flip the right switch. Sue arched her back in a tense spasm. She let lose a guttural groan of pure uninhibited response as she rode the crest of a gigantic wave. The squid head was fully inflated and stayed that way while the tentacles let out an electric shock exactly on the edge between pain and pleasure. Her vagina convulsed with a confused oscillation ranging from the tightness of trying to push out the overly large invader just beneath her cervix to the 60 hertz pulse of electricity in the center of her sex.

Sue suddenly realized that she was holding her breath while the squid was forcing her muscles to continue. She made an effort to breathe that resulted only in strained short gasps of air while she tried to hold back the tension in her body. The electricity was overriding her natural muscle control and was making her continue to orgasm well past anything she had ever experienced naturally. It was turning into torture. She wanted to stop desperately. She tried to relax, but all she could do was continue to arch her body, writhe around some, clench her muscles and try not to hold her breath. The electricity had more control than she did. She didn't own her body at this moment. She was starting to feel faint and could see the associated blackness closing in from the side of her vision when the squid finally released her and shut off the electricity.

The residual contractions were painful. Her muscles screamed in continued protest as she gasped to regain control of her breath. She didn't even notice that the music had ended. Her body didn't care. The remote displayed, "Training results: 5% rating. One minute extra rest granted."

Chapter 5: If the Shoe Fits (added: 2012/04/18)

Sue recovered quicker than she might have expected. She didn't even notice the earbud wire was dangling lose and plug-in jack was gone. Unfortunately, she was sure it took at least 3 minutes for her to get it together. She continued further into the geology wing in a bit of a mental haze. With all the added modes, she was stressing about her predicament. The squid had ridiculous technology she would have never suspected was available. She didn't know how much longer she could stand it. She wanted to head straight for sanctuary in her basement office to wait out the lockdown mode, but instead fought down the panic. The fugue must have been one of the tougher programs. Surely most of the features were already activated. The museum would be closing soon and Bill would be gone before long. She was better off waiting before making the trip through the lobby.

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She didn't take long finding the main section of the geology wing. It was bigger than she remembered. Thousands of rocks, minerals and crystals where displayed in rows of glass cases. It was going to be more difficult to isolate the rock used in the chair than she thought. She knew the basics: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. The rock of the chair was clearly hard and strong, mostly likely igneous or metamorphic. The hot lube reminded her she wasn't here just to browse. She was on a mission with limited time. Dr. Graebel surprised her as she started looking at the labels.

"Hello Sue, you seem like you are looking for something in particular," he said in his soft, smooth, voice.

Dr. Graebel was an institution of his own at the museum. He was the only remaining adjunct scientist brought in during the last major expansion of the museum, way before Sue was even born. He flew jet fighters in Mig Alley during the Korean War. Whatever his past, Dr. Graebel always seemed like a kindly old man to her. She was worried what the squid might have in store for her in a few minutes, but knew that this was also an opportunity. Dr. Graebel was part-time now and seldom available. She was lucky to find him here. If anyone could help her, it would be him.

"Hello Dr. Graebel, it's been a while," Sue replied trying to seem casual and unhurried.

"Please, Martin, we're both colleagues and past formalities I should think."

Sue nodded and smiled. "I forgot just how many samples you have here."

"Don't worry, I know every one of them--as long as I have my glasses on." He laughed.

"I know what you mean, my prescription is measured in pounds instead of diopters."

Martin laughed with her. "I like to close up the wing myself. It's a little ritual I have to keep an old man happy. It helps to remind me why I'm here and that I'm part of something bigger than myself. That's the only reason to do something like this with one's life." He paused as if considering his own words. "You're welcome to look around. I don't need to lock up right away. Is there anything in particular you were looking for?"

Sue figured she might as well cut to the chase. She felt safe enough around Dr. Graebel. "I've found some new stone in the Nuymean artifacts. I think I've seen it before."

"Intriguing. Very Intriguing. Stone would have been laborious to obtain in their jungle homeland from what I understand. It is along an ancient stable tectonic fault though--more than enough possibilities for something undiscovered. Most people don't realize how many unique forms of stone are actually out there. Some mineral forms come from only one place on the whole planet."

Sue felt that familiar feeling of scientific intrigue and curiosity that drove her to her chosen profession. "I don't have any specific samples other than found on the artifacts themselves."

"That's not a problem. I worked with Dr. Barnes years ago. In fact, we were pretty good friends I'd like to think. We should start in the NSD room this way. I think I have an idea what stone you might have found."

Sue always found the "Not Suitable for Display" rooms and hidden collections more intriguing then the polished, lighted and labeled items put out for the public. Like most museums, 99% of the National Museum's collection was not on display. This was the real museum to her. "Let the field scientists bring the items to her" was her knew stance on career. She would make her discoveries on her own terms.

Martin hit the light switch and an array of benches, shelves and tools flickered into view. The room was dusty with a bit of earthy smell. "I don't think anyone has done any major work in here for years. We keep all geological counterparts to the Nuymean holdings here," said Martin. "There are a few small samples of stone and the like, but I think you will find the larger artifacts along the wall the most interesting...maybe a match with your findings."

Sue's brain was racing. It never occurred to her that Nuymean items would be elsewhere in the museum. There were some broken stone carvings that looked like they came from temple walls. Nothing was as nice as the ones down in the Nuymean storage area, but they were clearly Nuymean nonetheless. In their condition, she could see why most of the items weren't of archaeological interest, but rather were geologically interesting. One item, however, caught her attention.

Near the wall was a large stone artifact clearly made of the same stone as the chair. It had a large rounded base tapering up into what would best be described as a round ball. The top of the ball widened into a saddle-like area on top. It reminded her of the inflatable exercise balls at the gym. From one side of the ball a thicker projection stood out like a neck. Of course, the Nuymeans would not have seen a horse, but it still reminded her of one. In fact, it had some resemblance to one of the bouncy rubber hobby horses kids ride, at least in a remote sense.

The horse was covered in obviously Nuymean carvings, but looked worn and weathered. There were chips all over the place. In the "saddle" area, the stone was polished and smooth like the body contours of her favorite chair downstairs. Unfortunately, this one had been vandalized. A large patched area was on top. She recognized the patching material. In modern equivalent, it would be an epoxy, but the Nuymeans made it from stone dust and some kind of plant resin. It was hard as concrete. She matched up the locations and realized the patching was located where a phallus mount point might have been. This was another stimulation device!

Martin gave her a moment to look around and watched her study the horse. "Dr. Barnes believed it to be one of the training devices vandalized in the Nuymean fall."

At first, Sue wasn't sure what he was talking about then it flooded back. It was one of the first things she read when she first got the job, but had almost forgotten about it since in the volumes of reading she had done. She had read Dr. Barnes theory of the Nuymean fall. Some unknown group attacked the Nuymean Priestesses, which were the basis for their culture. They didn't kill them for fear of the gods, but they destroyed many of their sacred artifacts; the very artifacts needed to train a young woman to become a priestess. With no new priestesses, the order would come to an end.

Nuymean culture dictated that once a girl reached the age of adulthood she could commit to the religion. Once such a commitment was made, it was sacred and could not be broken willingly. The candidate was trained rigorously to develop sexual performance and endurance. Her union with the gods upon becoming a priestess would require extraordinary endurance and stamina for her to be worthy. She would need to satisfy beings more than human. The artifacts where thought to be the gift of the gods and there was no substitute. Very few candidates succeeded and were accepted.

It all had seemed pretty out there when she read it. It wasn't written as a factual account like Dr. Barnes other works. Sue had found it amongst her unshared personal works and didn't know how Dr. Graebel had known of the theory. She hadn't shared the theory as it seemed like a work in progress with a lot of speculation.

"I didn't know anyone else knew of that theory. I only found it in Dr. Barnes personal notes," she replied.

"I discussed it extensively with her. Some of these artifacts were part of the basis for her theory. She called it a theory, but the evidence is clearly there. If it wasn't a deliberate attack on the priestesses, then what else could it have been? The patina on the stone indicates the damaged areas are of an age corresponding to the Nuymean fall."

Sue knew there were a few pieces that didn't match up though. Some evidence that the priestesses were still actively creating new written works some 100 years later existed. She wasn't sure how serious to take the new information.

"I have to go finish closing up. We have quite a few valuable artifacts and a lot of security systems. I'll be back in 20 minutes or so. Feel free to look around. We can see if we can match up that stone when I get back," Martin offered as he headed out the door.

As soon as he left, Sue went straight over to the horse. It was definitely made of the same stone. The way it was made was similar as well. She couldn't help getting a little horny thinking about what it might have been like to "train" like a prospective priestess. Lost in the moment, Sue thought she would try a little more Participant Archaeology and see how the horse might have been used. There was a small foothold on the side. What harm could it be? Martin would never know. She didn't see any security cameras in the room.

Sue stepped into the foothold easily and lifted her leg over the side. As she tried to sit down the position was immediately difficult. The inclination of the seat was too slanted and she had to brace herself against the "neck." She couldn't find a workable angle for her feet. She kept shifting around then realized it was more like the seat for a jockey. She needed to tuck her legs up really tight into a squatting position. The contour in the stone clearly was a seat though. Her ass fit into it like it was a custom saddle.

After fumbling for a while, she found notches on each side high up near the rear of the saddle. With a lot of effort, she pulled her left foot up to a notch. Her pointed shoe fit neatly in easily. She suddenly realized what they shoes were all about. They were for training on devices like this. The phallus chair must made for the specific initiation. She wanted to get the full effect and pulled her other foot into the second notch. Her feet sank in deeply up to the heel with a perfect fit. The natural point of her toes, forced by the shoes, created a perfect alignment for her lower leg. It wasn't exactly comfortable, but it seemed like it could have been a natural riding position.

As Sue situated herself further into what seemed like the proper position, she could see that a phallus would have been positioned directly under her, right where it should be--exactly where it should be. The seat still had an uncomfortable lean forward. She struggled to keep upright.

Just then she heard a beep from her purse. Shit! What now? Her purse was on the floor beside the horse. She had set it down absentmindedly. She started to pull her feet out of the notches to get down, but they were held fast. She couldn't move them in the slightest. She was somehow locked in!

The remote beeped again and Sue outright panicked. What if it was going to enable yet another sinister mode? She had to get that remote, but how? She tried bending down the reach it but it was too far away. There was nothing in reach to use as tool. She rushed through possible options as quickly as she could think of them with no luck. Suddenly she had an idea, she could hook the purse straps. She started pulling off her sweater and silky undershirt. She needed her bra. The hooks on the back should work. The fear of Martin returning to find her and what the squid had in store with the next prompt combined to generate a new level of frantic. Her heart was pounding.

She bent one of her bra strap hooks wincing at the pain in her fingers then snagged the purse strap on her second try. She laid her sweater, shirt and bra across her lap in front and set the purse on top while she braced against the neck: success. The remote said, "Press 1 to confirm seated riding position. Once confirmed, you must remain seated for entire program." It must be the sensors in the squid detected her unusual position, but what did it have in store now?

She selected "1" in fear that it might try to force her to stand up or even punish her otherwise. The display changed to "Fox Hunt." The door behind her opened with a clunk. She jumped in surprise causing her balanced clothes and purse to slip from her lap. The contents of her purse spilled out with a clatter while her cell phone skittered across the floor. She stared in disbelief then looked right up into Martin's eyes as the squid started up with a deep throbbing vibration. Sue was mortified.

Sue awkwardly tried to cover her naked breasts with her hands, but still needed one hand to keep from falling forward. She could only support herself upright without bracing her arm on the neck for a few moments. It was simply too difficult for her sedentary muscles. She palmed her left breast with her right hand and tried to use her forearm to cover her right one.

Martin barely paused as he came closer. The door closer pulled the heavy metal door shut with another clunk and then a click. Sue felt like a rabbit caught in headlights--fast moving headlights--right towards her. She scrambled to think if anything embarrassing was in her purse. She had dropped the remote who-knows-where and didn't see it. She could only imagine what the "Fox Hunt" program would do. It was a nightmare of embarrassment.

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"Dr. Barnes tried much the same thing only she did it completely in the nude...it was the 60's after all," he said with a shrug. "She was serious about re-creating the Nuymean training. Did your feet lock into the holds?"

Sue nodded meekly not ready to try talking.

"I'm glad you can get past your inhibitions. You'll find out a lot more if you are willing to be as authentic as possible. It took Dr. Barnes a couple weeks to work up the nerve. You should find that your intimate parts are pressed firmly against the stone. If a phallus was mounted there you would be quite penetrated. Hard to imagine how many hours the young women spent fastened to this device hoping for a chance to reach enlightenment with the Nuymean gods."

Sue gasped as the squid head swelled inside her.

"That's it," encouraged Martin. "Let your imagination lead the way. Feel what they would have felt. I'm going to leave you there for a while like they would have been when training. I have to go down to close the main gate to the wing and lock up. I'll be back before you know it. The front door leads to a state-of-the-art security system and the back door is a steel fire door so you'll have privacy here."

Sue tried to say something, but nothing came out of her mouth. She wanted to ask him not to leave her alone, but at the same time being alone was exactly what she needed until the squid was done. She couldn't believe he was going to leave her here and was so....so, unimpressed.

Martin gathered up her clothes and the contents of her purse and put them on one of the worktables--far away out of reach. Her bra was still hooked to the purse. "You didn't need your cell phone. I was coming back. Just relax and let things happen."

He came over to her and stood very close. Her breath was getting faster, but it wasn't just nervousness of Martin's proximity, any man that close when you're half naked creates a rush. Instead, it was the squid starting to create a slight bouncing sensation using the tentacles. It seemed to roll with a consistency not unlike a moving horse might have been. Her clit was feeling a little pinned from the inside pressure of the enlarged squid combined with the outside pressure of her kneeling position forced by the saddle right on her sex.

"There are also handholds on the neck of the horse that complete the position. If you are ready to try the full experience, just insert your hands here." He pointed. "You will find grips down in the openings."

As he left, she felt a sense of relief at being alone, but also a sense of fear. She wasn't going anywhere. She fought against the footholds and immediately knew it was pointless. She had no idea when Martin would return and could only assume he knew how to release her.

At the same time she was feeling pressure to have some professional pride. Her ego wanted to show him that she could do something like this. If the Nuymean women were locked into the handholds and she didn't duplicate the same circumstances, then she wasn't exactly going after the most accurate "data" in her re-creation. Martin's critical scientific mind would also think she chickened out.

Her mind raced trying to decide while the squid seemed to puff its head like the body of a breathing horse. The tentacles seemed to move in crude approximation of the legs and body of a horse moving. With the pressure of the stone underneath her, the tentacles seemed to have some kind of mechanical advantage and their stimulation was strengthened. The movement seemed to be designed to used the saddle underneath.

She rolled a little with the motion. Her tights were not all that different from horseback riding breeches. She started to indulge a mental fantasy that she was a naughty young heiress out for a ride. This was her Victorian salvation for her sexual needs. She started rubbing and grinding her sex into the stone to the rhythm like it was a saddle on a mighty beast surging underneath her. The squid just kept pumping out the same rhythm. Her lustful desires were rapidly overcoming her inhibitions and made the decision for her. She was ready to run the steeplechase. If she put her hands into the holds, it would be like holding reins. The thought of being restrained that way caused an erotic thrill that spread right up from her crotch to her chest. She would ride the ride. The Victorian Miss would feel the lust of an otherwise repressed sexuality. She knew that the impulsiveness was not like her, but inhibitions seemed to be working backwards lately. The more something seemed like a bad idea then the more she wanted to do it.

Sue put her left hand into the holds and heard a click. She felt something wide and metal snap tightly around her wrist. After a shallow breath, she followed with the right hand into the remaining hold with dutiful follow-through. She wasn't sure why, but didn't think she could have stopped if she had tried. Sue was trapped. Only then did she remember she was bare-chested. Years of conditioning to hide herself came into play and she desperately fought to pull her hands free. She thought about it for a minute longer and then just shrugged at her own ridiculousness. Martin would be back to release her and he already saw everything there was to see.

She ended her struggle as the squid changed in tempo. There was a surge of faster movement like the simulated horse inside her was charging. Suddenly the head expanded with a lifting sensation. It shifted downwards then slowed down. After the third or fourth time, she realized that the fox hunt was continuing and she was supposedly jumping hedges and fencerows. It was just like the steeplechase she only imagined before.

The stone horse started to move. It surprised her enough that she got a surge of adrenaline like she was about to fall. There was no way she could have fallen though. She was held too fast. Slowly and steadily the horse tipped forward. More and more of her weight was forced onto her arms. Again, the Nuymeans were exceedingly clever. With the new angle, her hands were too low for leverage to pull higher. Her toes were pointed up, her ankles were slanted downwards and her knees were pointed towards the bottom front of the horse. With her feet locked in the heels, she couldn't lift off the saddle using her legs more than a little in the new position. Her legs were stuck in the tight bend of the kneeling position. If there was a phallus in the horse, she would have been trapped down on it tightly.

She heard the door open behind her, but didn't even bother to look. She was getting past the point where embarrassment was her primary concern. She kept trying to grind into the stone as the squid chased its foxes inside her. The internal horses where running for all they were worth and she was aching desperately for final release. At last, the tension of the struggle turned into a long irreversible tremor deep inside. The climax took her with decided force. She clamped down on the squid with her sex while the sensation travelled outwards to the rest of her body. She felt it travel up her spine. When it reached her neck, she groaned long and low with the release. The knot of tension unraveled into thousands of fast small contractions.

Even before she was finished, she heard clapping--two sets of clapping hands. She turned to find Martin and Charlie both clapping for her and smiling.

Chapter 6 - History Repeats Herself (added: 2012/05/10)

Martin spoke first while Sue's face started to turn beet red. She was completely conscious of being bare-chested and sweaty from her lustful exertions. "Bravo! You managed to activate it!"

Charlie was equally excited. "Maggie Barnes was the only other woman to get it to engage--modern woman I should say."

Sue was a bit put off by the whole situation. "I think I've had enough for now though."

"You can't stop now," said Martin. "You need to continue the training rite."

"No really, I think I want down now," Sue said firmly. "Can you push the release catch please?"

"You don't understand. You've activated the horse. The catch will not work now until you have finished the whole rite."

Sue had a sinking feeling about what that rite might involve. She wanted to frantically pull every way she could to escape. She knew it would be futile and just embarrassing. Hundreds or more other women would have already tried.

"You've completed one climax. Like with everything else, the Nuymeans followed their sacred number of 9. Now you need to have 8 more for the horse to tip back and the release catch to work. The Nuymeans understood how some trainees might be reluctant. The rite is considered sacred. They didn't want its sanctity disrupted by young women having a change of heart and running off in the middle. They also didn't want any trainees to cheat out on the full intensity of the training."

Charlie picked up where Martin left off. "Maggie was stuck on the horse for well over a day the first time. It was an accident that she found the stone stimulating enough to climax the 9 times for release. We were about ready to take a chisel to the stone even if it is a priceless artifact."

Martin seemed to be reflecting. "But once she had the routine, she trained daily. She considered daily training essential if she was to be a priestess and have any hope of passing the third rite."

Sue realized that devices like this horse must have been used to build up the sexual endurance of the young trainees. She was getting horny just thinking about the women being trapped on a horse like this every day, day in and day out, with full devotion to their cause or perhaps because their parents committed them to it out of a sense of duty. Only a select few would make it.

"I'm not sure what you mean about completing the trails."

Martin replied with a lecturing voice like he was addressing a classroom. "The last of the 3 rites involves a trial by the gods--an intimate, sexual, trial. The goal was to prove worthiness and devotion amongst many other things. The young women candidates would train rigorously from the time they were of age until they attempted the final rite on the winter solstice, the sacred time of death and the passing of the old. Failures could be quite...unpleasant...if the gods felt insulted. Modern women seldom push themselves sexuo-physically to near the level of the Nuymeans. They were like Olympic athletes of sexual fitness. Dr. Barnes doubted whether any modern woman would ever be capable of passing the rites."

"How hard did she try?" asked Sue.

"Whole-heartedly," Martin continued, "You might understand if you complete the rite authentically. If nothing else you would be performing the proper reconstruction of the ritual for your studies." He held up one of the Nuymean gags. "Remember, it's a sacred rite. No begging, screaming, vocalizations or anything like it should ever disturb the solemnity. Don't worry, it's not permanent like the shoes."

Sue looked in shock. It was a full head harness with the little flat metal connectors like the shoes. Surely he couldn't expect her to go along with it: not that she had much choice. She thought about resisting, but then questioned whether she was already involved in something sacred. What did she really believe? Did she care if she might upset some ancient gods? It didn't matter. She was participating and would do everything to its fullest. This was science and all the details needed to be right and all the proper steps taken. The proper process would be what gave this all meaning to her in the end.

"Before I finish setting you up, I want to ask you if you felt anything strange earlier when you got on the horse," queried Martin.

"Aren't we supposed to quiet like in Church or something? What do you mean, something strange?"

"The Nuymeans just cared about the proper respect to the gods. We aren't doing anything they would have found objectionable from what I know of them." Martin continued, "What were you thinking around the time the horse activated?"

Sue thought for a moment, "I don't know, just a fantasy about riding a horse and grabbing the reins."

"You knew the holds would lock your wrists?"

"Yes," admitted Sue, "but I didn't care."

"OK," Martin said, "that's all I need to know." Charlie and Martin exchanged a look which made Sue wonder what they were talking about.

Martin came closer with the gag in hand. He held up the clasps. "The stone gives off a magnetic field that these clasps resonate with. Once closed, they will not release until you are a few feet away from the horse. The stone is full of metal ores and crystals. It's very unique. It's related to pyrrhotite and has the property to build up an electrical charge from sunlight like a capacitor--in this case fluorescent light UV serves instead. It's been charging down here nearly every day for years. The electrical build-up causes the magnetic field. It also seems to power the mechanism deep in the stone."

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"The other stone you found was probably lighter in color. It contains a high concentration of mineral crystals with piezoelectric qualities. Powered when in contact with the other stone, it can actually throw a powerful electric arc when struck. The dark stone like in the horse is Nuymenite and the lighter piezoelectric stone is Nuymenide. They've never been found anywhere else so have been named after the Nuymeans." He approached her and held up the gag without even asking. All Sue could think of was that she was in a sacred rite and could not protest. What did he mean about "unpleasant" results for failure?

Martin reached up and took off her glasses. "I'll put these over here with your purse." Her world was plunged into blur. He pressed the rubber ball of the gag to her lips then started pulling the straps tight. She could hear the little metal ends click together with a metallic snip. The straps ran from each side of the ball up along each side of her nose then over her head. A main strap ran through the ball and around the back of her head pulling the ball tightly back into her mouth passed her teeth. Another strap which ran under her chin pulled it down tight onto her tongue and made it impossible to push out. The harness was very tight and her mouth was stretched uncomfortably: the ball was just a little too big. Martin pulled at the straps and confirmed they were held firmly and going nowhere.

Charlie went over to an open drawer, presumably where Martin had obtained the gag. He pulled out a half empty glass jar and set it on a workbench. He then went over near the sink and got some vinyl safety gloves. After putting them on like skillful surgeon, he picked up the jar and came over to her. "At least you mostly fit the dress code, but fully naked would have been more accurate. The Nuymeans had these horses out in the public square for everyone so see. They wanted their priestesses to have no inhibitions left by the time training was done. Part of the process is the break the natural defensive inhibitions women build up from society. By the looks of it, you can progress from novice right away. Besides, there isn't much time." With that he dipped two fingers into the jar. It was filled with a clear, thick, goo of some sort. She didn't see what he had in mind, but it was making her really nervous. What did he mean about not much time?

Charlie casually reached out and started smearing the goo on her left nipple. She wanted to thrash around in protest and panic, but he had a way about him and she was resigned to the ritual. She felt like he might just spank her like an unruly child if she didn't hold still. Her tongue was already going numb in the gag. She recognized the herbal taste. She would have to ask them about it. They probably knew how it worked. She was a bit surprised just how much they knew in fact. Martin is a colleague and another scientist, but Charlie is a security guard. How did he fit in?

Sue was very conscious of her lewdly displayed ass spread on top of the horse while she was forced to lean forward like some kind of motorcycle magazine bikini model. The idea was making her horny already and reminded her that the squid was patiently ticking away the time with its little microprocessor.

Charlie rubbed the goo in thoroughly. Her nipple responded to the cold gel and hardened. As he repeated the process on her other breast, he told her, "Dr. Barnes considered this gel to be the most stimulating. It was her favorite. The Nuymeans were very under-appreciated as practitioners of herbal medicine. I suspect the jars downstairs contain formulas which would be worth millions to a pharmaceutical company. Dr. Barnes managed to reconstruct many of their formulas with the help of the late Dr. Ferro. No one knew botanicals like Ferro. The ingredients would probably be very difficult to obtain now. It was challenging enough back then before so much of the rain forest was lost."

After each nipple and aureole was treated thoroughly, Charlie went behind her. He reached around her waist from behind and pulled the waistband of her tights out. Half of her wanted to cry out in outrage while the other half wanted to moan with desire. Either way, she felt a flush of sexual response. His other hand went around her hip on the opposite side. She could feel his chest press against her back. He worked his hand down towards her sex and started to smear more of the goo directly on her clit and surrounding mons, obviously knowing exactly where he would find it. She involuntarily struggled to protest at the rather rigorous massage, but couldn't move enough for it to be effective in any way. Her folded legs were pointed knees down uselessly towards the floor. The wide metal bands around her wrists prevented any attempt at all to free her hands. They felt glued to the stone. She switched from struggling to pull them out to grabbing the grips inside the holds and squeezing tight.

"I'm glad you shaved yourself properly," he said. Sue was once again mortified. She shaved her pussy regularly. At first it was to hide any evidence of pubic hair she could have left on the phallus chair in the basement. It was too hard to make sure there was none. After a while, she got used to the feeling. Now it was just like shaving her legs or brushing her teeth and just a regular part of her hygiene. Besides, she couldn't stand the itchiness when the hair started to grown back. Regardless, she still felt like a slut when discovered that way by a man.

As he stepped away, she could feel her nipples and aureoles starting to itch and sting. "The formula contains stinging nettles amongst other things, but the unpleasant feelings will stop soon," Charlie said.

She fought to suck in a big gasp of air when the sensations started on her clit. The itchy sensation was unbelievable. The forgotten hot lube seemed to connect the feeling with her vagina. It still burned with the same fire, but she had adjusted to it somewhat. Between her vagina's burn and the insane itching of her clit, she was near climax already. She wanted to claw at herself desperately and was pulling at the wrist restraints like the building was on fire. All she could do was to try to grind herself into the stone of the horse, but she couldn't seem to satisfy the itch. It was like insects were biting her and she couldn't brush them away.

Martin came over next with a saddle-like vinyl seat. It had a large cupped metal horn in the middle. There was an electric cord hanging from it. "Maggie found this somewhere. She extracted it from some kind of 1960s sex seat. I think they call something similar a Sybian today. You can change the main component in the middle. This seat is decades old, but made rather well---good solid American-made hardware. I think you will find that it helps you get the next 8 climaxes much more easily. We need to have you out of here before the morning shift comes in. Besides, you'd probably wear a hole in your tights rubbing against the stone if you kept going as you are now."

She definitely didn't want the seat. The squid would be going off soon enough and would make sure she had her full 8, but they didn't know that. She tried to fight it and not lift up. She kept shaking her head "no." They ignored her. She felt a really hard slap that shuddered through her whole body. It surprised the fuck out of her and hurt like hell. She bucked up in reflex the couple of inches that she could move and Martin quickly slid the seat under her from the front. A bulging mechanism was positioned in front of her crotch. She looked over her shoulder but could only see a blur that looked like Charlie. It looked like he was putting his heavy security guard belt back on. "Sorry about that," he apologized. "You really need to get over your prissiness."

Martin came back with some duct tape and secured the saddle in place underneath her. She could hear the familiar sound of tape behind unwound. With the extra height of the saddle, she was pressed firmly into it with effectively no space to lift up. The cupped metal horn pressed tightly against her sex. The curve of it rose up the front of her slit to press against her swollen clit and the whole area all around it. Even if she tried to move away from it side-to-side, it was wide enough that it would remain touching her. The curved metal may as well have been belted on. It might even be worse since a lot of her weight was pressing down on her there.

"I pushed the release clasp already," consoled Martin. "When you have completed your training rite, it will turn back upright and release you automatically. Don't get so lost in the experience that you forget you are a participant observer. Pay attention and you might make a discovery. No one has done this in probably 20 years and before that probably over 1000 years."

Charlie picked up the switch on the power cord and turned the dial three clicks. Sue immediately felt her pussy erupt in vibration. It shook her whole body. The sensation was unbelievable. If she hadn't just climaxed a few minutes ago, she would have then. She felt it vibrate clear up to her belly.

Charlie seemed to have a detached tone to his voice. "It will follow a wave pattern. The vibrations will die down to almost nothing and then ramp up for about 10 minutes. If you don't climax on the up cycle of the wave, then you'll need to wait for the next upsurge."

Sue barely heard him. The itching and stinging was already starting to subside, but there was an after effect. Her nipples were staying proud and hard. In fact, they seemed to be swelled up obscenely. She actually longed to touch them, but could not. He clit was even worse. It felt like a hard nub pressed against the seat. Her labia were also swollen. She thought her entrance might actually be open in lust. She felt every little sensation multiplied.

She heard Martin say, "Are you sure she's ready?" It wasn't directed at her.

Charlie responded, "She'll have to be."

The next thing she felt was a rough string around her right nipple. She tried to look but it was all a blur of hands. A loop closed around it tightly. After the loop was tight, she felt it tug harshly downward and squeeze tighter. Something heavy was hanging from her nipple by a loop of rough twine. She shook her upper body slightly to assess what was going on. She could feel the weight swing. It hurt enough that she wouldn't be trying that again. She could feel the twine constricting blood flow in her already hard nipple. The sensation was painful and stimulating at the same time. If she could, she would have ripped the weight off her, but all she could do was endure it.

When the second weight was added, she felt like her whole upper body was being pulled downwards. She wanted to slouch forward. If she did so, the curved horn of the saddle would press into her sex more firmly. She could find no relief of pressure by changing her position.

Martin's voice seemed like a voice in a crowd as he said, "We'll leave you to it now. Your clothes, purse and glasses are right here on this workbench." Both Charlie and Martin gave her a kiss on the cheek before leaving the room. What was that about? She wasn't sure what their stake in this was, but it seemed like they took it and her very personally. Martin started to say something to Charlie on his way out. "I think she might be the..." She heard the metal door clang and the room was silent except for the relentless machine beneath her. What was he going to say?

Slow and powerful vibrations continued. She tried everything to shift away from its relentlessness. She bit down hard on the gag as a reflex to the overwhelming sensation. There was some kind of beeping coming from down near the floor. The remote was trying to tell her something, but all she could feel was the intense shake of the saddle. It was still ramping up. Charlie used 3 clicks on the control. How strong was that setting?

The squid seemed to be continuing as if nothing else was going on; but if it was vibrating, she didn't know it. The saddle was pulsating half her body and still getting faster. The squid swelled outward for whatever reason its tiny microprocessor determined. The swelling sensation within her was too much. The internal pressure and the vibration pushed her over the edge. The saddle was subsiding in vibration now, but her own internal contractions where trapped between the pressure of the squid and the pressure of sitting on the saddle. She arched her back in reaction and groaned out. The orgasm extended from her bound feet all the way up her legs, spine and neck. Even the slightest hint of leaning back reminded her that her nipples had a burden of their own. As her brain raced between sensations, all she could do was some uncontrollable writhing on the horse trying to relieve anything--anything at all--something to lessen the sensation.

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Chapter 7: A Horse of a Different Frequency (added: 2012/06/07)

The time Sue spent on the horse folded into an endless cycle between mindless sensation and being uncomfortably bound waiting for the slightest change in sensation. Not quite a pain or pleasure situation, but it may as well have been given the affect it was having on her. She was a fuck toy for the machines inside and outside her as they drove her up and down. One was just a relentless appliance motoring mindlessly along in its electrical duty. The other was a seemingly confused microprocessor constantly evaluating, adjusting data and trying again on its endless mission. The squid's reactions seemed to be affected by the vibrations of the saddle. She would hear a beep once in a while from the remote somewhere near the floor, but could do nothing about it.

She tried to accept her situation like she did on the phallus chair, enjoy vs. resist uselessly. Her body simply had these functions and responses. Nature wants her to enjoy sex so that she will do it again and again to get pregnant and reproduce. It's just that simple, a biological program for survival of the species: At least that's what she told herself.

Sue always believed in the supremacy of the rational mind. Her will should be stronger and she should be the master of her own thoughts despite her body. No matter what she thought now, it wasn't doing her any good. Her body was owned by the horse and her intellect was just along for the ride. It seemed like her body was winning out. It was like trying to fight hunger. You can only do it for so long. She wasn't like Cindy. Overt sexuality was not part of her self-image or a quality she desired. She was a scientist and scholar; a being of intellect and not a slut or nymphomaniac. She did not use sex as a means to an end. She was the kind of person who could resist the hunger and starve herself to death if needed. The Nuymeans seemed to simply expect overt sexuality like a typical feminine quality was ordinary. Why? Perhaps the answer was part of their test.

The nettle cream Charlie rubbed into her breasts and clit was doing its job. The swelling of her nipples was driving her crazy with sensation. She had never thought of her breasts as something so erogenous before. The constriction of the twine loops further exaggerated the affect. She had learned to minimize her motion to avoid swinging the weights. Her nipples were slightly numb at this point from lack of circulation, but the numbness itself was also a stimulating sensation. Her breasts seemed heavy and swollen in response. Overall she was very conscious of them and how they were fully on display even though there was no one to see her.

Her legs were aching from the tucked position while her arms were getting sore from pushing to keep upright. She couldn't take this much longer and was nearing the point of exhausted collapse. The gag was a mercy in a lot of ways. Her jaw ached, but not having the option of speech did take away some of the potentially more embarrassing possibilities. The herbal anesthetic qualities of the rubber, if it is rubber, completely deadened her tongue and even affected her vocal chords as well. It was like a giant sore throat lozenge her tongue couldn't dissolve. She could make no sound at all other than breathing. She was sure she would have been screaming for help or begging for release long ago without the steadfast mouth plug. She suspected that Charlie and Martin knew that would happen and deliberately left her on her own. They were not there so they wouldn't be tempted to offer her any relief.

Sue had lost track of her climaxes. The stream of sensations was too distracting. The squid was in a 10 minute wait right now, but the saddle was ramping up again, like clockwork, to the next wave crest in the cycle. The vibrations created by the saddle where deep and throbbing. They put her vibrating wand to shame. She couldn't help squirming, yet again, with equal futility and equal torment from the swinging weights. Even after so many repetitions, the urge was still impossible to fight. Her biological machine was relentless too in its own way. In fact, she might be responding more strongly over time. It was hard to tell.

She wished the squid would engage. Without it operating, she didn't truly feel penetrated. The squid wasn't large enough when dormant. Nevertheless, the persistent throbbing of the saddle was driving her up the ladder of arousal. She was already a little breathless. The warmth of the remaining hot lube still seemed to keep helping restore her muscles. The cupped metal horn was pressing firmly into her pubis and working the hood of her clit back with its vibrations. She still tried to free her legs and pulled at her wrists. The intensity was now too great for her to just quietly do nothing and she was starting to get a little frantic.

She knew the cycle of the saddle intimately now. It had a steady rise in intensity followed by a sharp fall only to start over again without the slightest variation. The first part of the cycle was very slow and the peak did not last long. She was nearing the end of the peak and still a ways from climaxing. She missed reaching climax a couple times before under the same circumstances and it was maddening. It left her stuck highly aroused without enough sensation to go over the top. She was forced to endure a slow tease and cool down until the squid engaged or the next cycle of the saddle started. The sharp drop in vibration from the saddle was clearly intentional and she hated the saddle designers for it.

She tried grinding her sex into the metal horn of the saddle for all she was worth before the peak ended, desperate to come. That did it. The orgasm started, but her world did not shake. The saddle was already subsiding before she was done. Sue wanted to scream in frustration, but still finished several light contractions. It was enough, technically. The horse slowly tilted back upright. She had her 9. Uneventfully, the metal bands retracted and her hands were free. Sue tentatively pulled a foot loose and it came free at last. Her legs were stiff and sore. She just sat on the horse, awkwardly hanging with no other support for her feet, waiting for her circulation to return to normal.

As she was recovering, the next cycle of the squid started with a slow vibe. The floor was just a blur without her glasses so she could only wonder what the remote said. It was down there somewhere. The head of the squid swelled and started pulsing like it was a beating heart. It felt amazing. Yet again, the squid had calculated some new technique to experiment with on her. There was a separate sensation; perhaps one tentacle was feeling around.

Still, she had had enough so started to get off the horse. She found the foothold on the side of the horse she used to get on. As soon as she lifted up and started to swing her other leg over the horse, a sharp electric shock from the squid ripped through her. It hurt like hell--like a bee sting in her cunt. She dropped back onto the horse to gain her bearings after the pain. She felt faint for a second like she was close to passing out. As soon as her ass was back in the saddle, the pain stopped.

She held there for a minute carefully assessing her predicament. Did she try to get off the horse again? Now she remembered the warnings on the remote before she dropped it, "Must remain in seated position until program completes." She was in ride mode still. Fuck, she was still trapped on the horse and would need to finish a climax while still seated.

There was no good position to sit on the damned thing without using the footholds. Without her feet locked in, they were just hanging and pressure on her crotch was heavy, almost painful, from the awkward position. Leaning forwards towards the neck allowed her to keep her balance and not fall backwards but ground her clit into the saddle plate. She knew better than to put her feet back in the holds. She would just need to wait it out. She tried to pull at the gag, but it was hopeless. She couldn't even get her fingers underneath the straps well enough to get a good grip. She would need to get away from the horse for it to release.

She turned her attention to the weights on her nipples, desperate to relieve herself of anything she could. The twine was just a blur. The knots were too small and tight for her to feel her way to loosening them, especially with only one hand. She tried pulling at the loop, but they were tied with some kind of slip knot and the pulling just caused more pain. She tried working at them for a while, but her finger nails were just tearing up her nipple so she stopped. She was still shocked that Charlie and Martin had put them on her. They didn't seem to be playing domination games with her. They would probably have stayed or done a lot more to her if that were the case. They were trying to follow a plan with her. It was like they were coaches getting her ready for the big game. They didn't ogle her or grope her. She might even have called them respectful.

Neither of them had commented on the Nuymean glyph on her chest, but she was sure they noticed it. They probably knew more about what it meant than she did. The training had a serious tone. They were preparing her for something. It was no use trying to figure it out now. She had to get the guide book from the annex and would need to talk with them.

Sue lifted the weight hanging from her left nipple with one hand. It felt like one of the brass weights used on a balance, probably one from right here in the geology workroom. She wasn't sure how many ounces it was but it was damn heavy enough! If it were any heavier she wouldn't be able to stand it. Immediately her lightened nipple reacted with pain from a slight return of circulation. She slowly lowered the weight and winced at returning constriction. She was trapped in a different sense now. She knew that no matter what she did, removing the weights would be painful.

The squid was just teasing her ruthlessly. The vibrations were just barely there. Enough that she knew she was still trapped seated, but not enough to do anything effectively stimulating. It kept her strained sex muscles tensed and uncomfortable. She could practically hear the minutes ticking by at a snail's pace. Finally, the saddle started to vibrate slowly but deeply like it always did, right on schedule.

The squid started to throb with deeper vibrations too, but still continued to pulse its head, just at a different pace. It was almost like it was expecting assistance from the vibrations of the saddle. No...it was trying to synchronize with them! The squid was adjusting to match the frequency of vibration from the saddle. When it finally did, the sensation almost made her come immediately. It shook her whole body from her groin, pressed firmly on the saddle, up her spine to the back of her neck. It didn't last more than a few seconds though. The squid moved its oscillations slightly off cycle from the saddle. The effect was brutal. The orgasm switch was flipped back to off immediately. It seemed to setup a third oscillation from the squid to the saddle horn and back. The frequency was too high. It just felt like her whole sex was quivering but unable to do anything else. Her electronic lover had turned into the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard version of an oscillation. It forced her muscles to tense almost to a point of cramping without any eroticism.

The saddle continued slowly ramping up with faster and stronger vibrations, but in the meantime Sue felt trapped into her current level of responsiveness without the ability to change it. It was like orgasm constipation. She needed it so badly, but couldn't get it to happen. Even grinding into the horn didn't help her move up the ladder. The oscillations froze her ability to respond in place. It reminded her of white noise where one frequency is matched in an opposite wavelength to existing sounds in order cancel them out. The squid had found a way to hold back her satisfaction. The squid was tiny compared to the saddle's big motor yet it was holding its own like was locked in some kind of duel over the ownership of her pussy. She desperately wanted it to end so that she could, hopefully, somehow, finally, GET OFF THE FUCKING HORSE!

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The quivering increased to the point where the sensation was starting to feel more like a relentless tickle. Sue wasn't laughing. She didn't want to experience this feeling ever again; it was that unpleasant. As the saddle continued its mindless ramp up, the squid sudden shifted its frequency to match closer to the same. It moved closer and closer to a unified rhythm. Her whole body shuddered immediately in reaction. The squid had timed the vibration to perfectly match the frequency of her own contractions while still accounting for the vibrations of the saddle. Her whole body vibrated like a guitar string with all resonances in unison. She pitched and rolled back and forth on the horse then gripped it with her legs trying not to fall off. It made no difference to what she was feeling. Her body was out of her own control. Suddenly she felt the pressure of that single roaming tentacle. It stopped the seeming random searching and pushed straight to her G-spot. It massaged her magic button with a surgeon's precision. She shook to a spasm that ran from her toes to the top of her brow. The shudder ran up and down her body over and over again. For the first time, she felt her own juices squirting out of her vagina. Her nether lips were plunged in heat as the depleted hot lube was ejected in a final eruptive burnout. Sue leaned back uncontrollably in an arch of ecstasy then fell directly off the horse. She lay stunned in pain and pleasure on the tile floor helplessly coming while the tentacle kept tickling her in that most right of places.

Chapter 8: Chinese Puzzling (added: 2012/08/21)

Sue lay on the cold tile for a few minutes recovering. Her rump was sore from the fall and she had smacked her elbow on the floor, hard. Otherwise, she was alright. Suddenly she remembered that she was on the clock again. The squid was relentless. Getting to her feet was a real challenge. Wobbling on the heels, while trying to get her sore body to cooperate, took more effort than anyone else could ever understand. The weights tied to her nipples were sheer misery while they flapped around loose. She couldn't spare a hand to stabilize them.

Once she was back on her feet, Sue squinted to find the lab bench amongst the various astigmatic blurs. A few stumbles found it after almost knocking over a laptop computer sitting near the edge. She paused and tried to steady the weights. It didn't help much. The steady downward tug was merciless. She knew from experience that lifting them was not a good idea either. Her fingers carefully tested for her glasses. Once she had them back, she immediately felt like a new person; she felt back in control.

She allowed herself time for one deep breath then returned to action. Her mental clock was thinking she might have 4 or 5 minutes left at most. Now she could see the slipknots well enough to work them loose. The blood returning to her tortured buds was even more horrible than she might have guessed. All she could do was grit her teeth wait it out while the clock ticked off another couple minutes. The bad thing was she still had to do the other nipple.

As soon as she stopped seeing stars, Sue started getting dressed by wiggling her bra into position. She quickly realized her stoutly erect nipples would have none of being compressed into the cups. In addition to being really tender from the tortuous stretching and constriction, the nettle cream was still affecting them. They were not returning to normal any time soon. Abandoning her bra, she pulled on her silky nylon undershirt and continued to dress. The thin soft fabric alone against her sensitive buds sent shivers through her. They still poked through her sweater, but there was little else she could do. As the saying goes, her "high beams" were stuck on. Sue couldn't afford the time to worry about it.

Sue knew she couldn't have much time left before the squid calculated its next devious choice. It seemed like it should have started up already. She began looking for the remote. It couldn't have fallen far. She found it behind the horse soon enough. The display made no sense at first. It didn't have the typical countdown she expected. She scrolled back through the entries. They didn't go very far. About 45 minutes ago, there was a message which said "Upgrade completed, restarting." There was no mention of lockdown mode ending, but there was no countdown either. She scrolled back looking for anything of note. Most of the other messages seemed routine enough until she saw "Subject profile complete." What the hell did that mean?

The icons were all still on the display, but it looked like she would be able to enter the passcode and remove the squid with the special tongs. It was on the original programmed settings she selected before the whole lockdown mode difficulty and would still run programs on a regular interval. The last one was "Harley Heaven." Maybe it would have been if it had really been a motorcycle vibrating underneath instead of the vibrating saddle.

She could see an icon showing signal strength. That was new. The remote had connected to the museum's free wi-fi. It must have automatically downloaded software updates. That would explain the differences in the manual. It probably had already been upgraded before. She didn't worry much about the updates. She would be free of the damned thing soon. Between the fall, the horse and the belly dancing, she was way too sore or she would have been dancing a happy dance: no more 10 minute rests or lockdown!

Feeling like she now had all the time in the world before the squid initiated another session, Sue carefully packed up the saddle and put it back in the drawer Martin and Charlie took it from. She looked around to make sure nothing gave away what happened. She wasn't sure what to do with her bra. Her purse was pretty much full. She found a big envelope in the lab supplies to put it in and just carried it. She was about ready to leave when Charlie came through the door looking a little out of breath.

"We expected you would be done by now so I came see if everything was alright," he said while puffing a little. He looked around in the room and then closed the laptop and started wrapping up the power cord. "Martin will want this back. It looks like everything is OK for the morning crew."

Sue immediately realized that they had been watching her with the web cam on the laptop to see if she was alright, presumably. Charlie must have seen the fall and rushed up to check on her. She pretended not to notice. They must not understand how much more tech savvy her generation was than they were. They thought they were so clever.

"Bill went out to get Chinese at the place down the block. The snow is pretty bad. We're all going to be here overnight by the looks of it. They've declared a state of emergency. Why don't you come down and join us? We've got you chicken with garlic sauce. Maya said you like that. How'd it go? I hope we weren't too rough on you."

Sue was impressed Maya remembered her favorite Chinese selection. "It was a little rough, but I could handle it. I can't say I'd want to do it again though." She started to walk with Charlie back to the lobby. "I need to know a little more about a few things," she blurted out abruptly like it was someone else started talking.

"Understandable," was all that Charlie said.

"What do you and Martin know about the glyph on my chest?" She didn't know any better way to say it than straight out.

Charlie was rather matter of fact like he was expecting her to ask. "The glyph shows that you passed the first of the three great Nuymean rites, but you already know that."

"Yes, but I wanted to know more about it. I've found very little information." Sue continued, "I don't even know how to begin the second rite. The only clue I've found is about a book by Dr. Barnes being in the annex."

"I wish I could help you more. I don't if there is more to the glyph than that, but know Dr. Barnes had one just like it." By the way Charlie reacted Sue didn't think he knew about the book, but he continued. "There is a large Nuymean display in the annex. It was rebuilt stone-by-stone there where the floor was strong enough. The whole exhibit in the annex is outdated from the women's lib era of the '60s. It was all meant to show ways in which women were exploited and treated deplorably through history."

Charlie paused a moment to check down a side passage before continuing. This section of the museum was new to her and the hallways were a bit confusing. The passages were all behind the displays and for employee use only. "The science was questionable even then and the times have changed, but it sold tickets which was the intention. 'There's no such thing as bad publicity.'"

He looked her way as if checking to see if she was paying attention. "The whole building has safety code issues and accessibility problems so it's just been sitting there mothballed. Few people remember it these days. It's completely surrounded by other buildings which don't have windows in that direction. It's such a tragedy hiding the beautiful stonework. With the asbestos, lead paint and shear bulk of masonry, the trustees decided to build around it rather than incur the costs involved in tearing it down or renovating it. The Director can give you official access, but we can work something out in the meantime."

Charlie paused for a minute looking down another passage while his security guard habits took the fore-front. "Maggie Barnes passed the first and second rites, but we never knew how she did it or faced the trials. She left on sabbatical for over a year and came back changed. I know she visited other museums with Nuymean artifacts and travelled in South America. She somehow attempted the third and final trial but failed. You need to be prepared much more than she was if you want to pass it. She trained extensively and it wasn't enough. I can't tell you much more than that. She never told us much about the details. Martin and I are willing to help you, but ultimately you need to push yourself sexually to a level you might not be willing go."

Sue was surprised that Charlie was so forthcoming, but he hadn't said anything truly revealing. "Charlie, did you move the wooden crate back?" She wondered about her own level as well, but for now, science first.

Sue watched him closely while he answered. "What wooden crate?" was all he said.

She believed him so didn't even ask about the heater or the glyph, but now the mystery only deepened. She thought she had finally figured it out. Now she was clueless. "Dr. Barnes was your wife wasn't she?"

Charlie gave her a look like he was surprised. "I thought that our relationship was long forgotten. She never took my name and it's been many years since her passing. We were madly in love but grew a little distant as she became more obsessed with the Nuymeans. I miss her tremendously, but the work always came first."

Sue continued with her new found boldness. "I have my doubts about this priestess thing. From the facts, it's a bunch of unproven unscientific nonsense, but I feel like there is so much more going on here. I can't explain how but my experiences have had some kind of deeper connection to something I don't understand. Now I need to know more. I need to continue with the trials. Anything you and Martin can help me with will be appreciated."

Charlie was very firm when he replied. "Sue, you have no choice but to continue now. I don't know much about this process. Men are rather excluded in anything related to the Nuymean priestesshood. However, I know that the gods have accepted your offer to submit to them and have marked you. It would be an unforgivable insult to reject the honor of that acceptance. You would bear a curse. I hope you understand the severity of such a curse. As far as your personal feelings, I fear they may not really matter in the end."

For the first time Sue felt scared and in over her head. A chill ran up her spine. She remembered seeing some depictions of those supposedly cursed by the Nuymean gods and it was abhorrent. Images of people without arms, blinded, disfigured or otherwise mutilated are hard to ignore. When it came to gods and sacrifices the Nuymeans had some loose similarities to the neighboring Maya and Aztec peoples. Most likely it was all exaggerated. The drawings were often from accounts not by the Nuymean people themselves much like many of the accounts about the Aztec and Maya were from Westerners. Nevertheless, it was not the kind of chance she wanted to take. What had she gotten herself into? She never intended to become some kind of priestess for some almost forgotten ancient culture.

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She had stumbled into something much greater than she understood and was in a situation where she would need to trust faith and instinct: two ideas completely opposite to the scientific and evidence-based ethic she had committed her life to following. How had it become so...intense? How had superstition become such an important consideration. Was it all in her head? She couldn't shake the driven feeling. Even though Sue couldn't uncover the truths involved yet, she did know, somehow. Her fundamental belief in science, that everything eventually had a logical explanation, was only part of the puzzle. It didn't matter if she should pursue this course to the end. The experience would somehow be its own end. That was her new belief and an approach that could, at least temporarily, be enough for her.

"So I'm on my own with the second rite?" Sue asked.

"Martin and I are both willing to help but we don't know how the second rite is done. It must have to do with the large display in the annex though, especially if Maggie placed a book there. She was very protective of books so I find it a bit odd that she would do that. She was rather obsessive in obtaining, moving and reassembling the Nuymean display there. She didn't want it going to the annex, but the politics and funding swung that way at the time."

They approached the lobby. She wished she had more time and still had questions. It all happened so fast. Sue didn't realize she was walking as fast as she had despite the footwear. Sue didn't want the others to overhear anything so changed the subject to the weather. Snow was a fact of life here, but there weren't very many storms as bad as this one. She could smell the Chinese food and hear Bill talking with Martin, Maya and Cindy. Maya always seemed to be here. The museum had an enlist list of projects to keep her busy. She thought it was odd that Cindy was still here until she remembered her car issues. With the snow, she must have had problems getting home. Sue straightened up and tried to hide her soreness. She tucked the envelope with her bra under her arm as naturally as possible.

Sue quietly joined the group while ignoring Bill. He was openly staring at her chest obviously spotting her erect nipples through the sweater. His eyes started downwards when she suddenly realized her nether lips and clit were also very swollen from the cream. She probably had something like a lewd camel toe through the tights, but wasn't about to look and possibly draw attention to it. She could feel her face start to turn red. She was about ready to run out of the room.

Maya provided a suitable distraction. She was much larger with firm heavy round full breasts. The cold had affected her nipples as well. It was only natural. Maya passed her the paperboard containers with her food. Sue sat down quickly at the folding table. The containers were still hot to the touch and for a while the food took over while Sue lost herself in the small-talk. Bill had trudged the two blocks through the snow. At least he was helpful, she though a bit spitefully. Yum, wonton soup...everyone was impressed with her chopstick prowess on the chicken, but she didn't think it was any big deal and hadn't thought much about it before. Her fortune cookie said, "Your beauty will be unmatched when you achieve peace with your soul." What the hell? Even the fortune cookie seemed to have no solid explanation, but it sounded like something profound was going on.

Bill kept talking about Alien Watch. There were new pictures of Nuymean objects and they were from the museum--her museum. Apparently the Director didn't know about them and no one was about to tell him. Perhaps it would blow over. She looked at the magazine and some of the pictures were of artifacts not on public display. She recognized the area and it was one of the basement hallways.

They didn't reveal much except that a lot of supposedly Nuymean artifacts were collected there in boxes. The big question the article discussed was why the museum was increasing its Nuymean collection. Sue was even mentioned. They said she had been influenced by aliens during a remote desert expedition. She had been on a desert expedition so they had some of the facts right.

A whole round of discussion and new speculations about alien origins was documented along with a new round of conspiracy theories. Sue knew that it meant trouble. Lots of people had access to that hallway so they would probably never know who took the pictures. It was sure they had a spy amongst them. What were they up to and why did they care?

On the walk back to her office, Sue felt exhausted. She fondled the key Charlie had given her having no pocket to put it in. It was the typical heavy high security key the museum used. Everything was starting to catch up with her. With her shifted schedule, this was the middle of the night for her after almost a whole day without sleep. Lost in thought, she absentmindedly clicked her way down the basement hallway, the sound of the heels seeming normal. She was completely oblivious to the soreness in her legs, the weight of the shoes, and equally oblivious to how dead-on her balance had become. She was also completely unaware of how the sway of her hips and the flirty wiggle of her ass had become an unconscious part of her natural movement.

Sue was planning her approach. First things first: get the squid out of her. After that she needed sleep. She really needed some fresh clothes, a shower and a number of other things too (a toothbrush would be nice), but wasn't going anywhere in this snowstorm. Next, would be to find out about the second ritual and the annex. Dr. Barnes had left her bread crumbs and she must follow them regardless of where they led. Somewhere along the line she needed to find something worthy of publication out of all of it.

After the long walk, she was feeling aroused. The squid didn't move but was large enough that the invasion was hard to ignore while walking. Again, it was her biological machine at work. Push button A and get result B. No doubt she would need to build up that machine to simulate the Nuymean training. She unlocked the door to her office thinking about sleep and her clitoris.

Still, she resisted the temptation. Her swollen clit was really owned right now by the insidious squid. The slightest touch could start a whole new round of itchy stimulation from the nettle gel. Her nipples were certainly itching to the slightest shift of her undershirt. Hard to tell what penalty it would come up with if the squid detected some other stimulation than its own, even if between sessions. She had to get it out of her while she had the chance. She unlocked the drawer to her stash--still annoyed with her snooping landlord--and got out the removal tongs.

She picked up the remote to punch in the supposed default passcode, but it simply beeped. The display said, "Program already in progress. Try again later." Almost immediately she felt something in her lower region. It was the wire. "Insert headphones immediately," appeared. She was a few seconds too late?

Enough of this. There has to be a way to cancel the program. She fingered the remote, navigating to the menu, and looked for the deactivate options again. They were grayed out. She tried to select them, but the remote wouldn't allow her. "Insert headphones immediately," blinked again and she felt a slight electrical jolt to warn her this time.

Exasperated, she felt down inside her tights for the wire she knew would be dangling out of her pussy then plugged in her ear buds. The display immediately changed to "Multi-Orgasmic Training." She felt a slight rush of panic, the most dreaded of options in the manual. She had a lot of doubts whether she could handle it. Soon it was starting, ready-or-not, and Sue could hear the beginning of another piece of classic music.

The squid didn't seem to be coordinating with the music this time and had simply started faintly vibrating. How had she ended up forced to endure this thing again? She wanted to scream. Her mind was racing at what the multi-orgasmic training might involve and how to avoid it. However part of her was already getting horny enough not to care. The idea of forced multiple orgasms alone was making her flush with heat.

As she heard the music, Sue recognized Beethoven's 9th Symphony. All she could think was "fuck!" but the horny part of her got even more horny at the new turn of events the squid had devised. She heard that at the time audio CDs were being created, Beethoven's 9th was the standard for how long a single disc needed to be; it was going to be a long session. She resigned herself to what was ahead and reclined in her office chair prepared for an ordeal over an hour long.

Like all Classical music, the crescendos would rise and fall. It didn't matter. Sue had her own steady upswing of lust regardless of the music, but her body alone was not running this show. She would need to follow the squid's tempo.

The squid determined that it would take its time building up the stimulation level of its subject. Its microprocessor had sampled all her reactions with each previous orgasm supplying more data for its calibrations. It formulated a plan to start the session: after gradually building up the arousal of the subject, it would hold her right on the edge of climax for a maximal length of time while monitoring and adjusting to her reactions. Just before her vaginal muscles where getting too fatigued to generate a full-strength orgasm was the best time to let her come. This would also provide a baseline score for evaluating her current level of physical conditioning. The squid estimated it would take 45 to 55 minutes with a 70% probability.

The squid predicted that it would eventually be able to achieve at least a 300% improvement in multi-orgasmic probabilities in an approximately 10 week time frame before the current subject would be within 80% of her maximum potential, but it needed more data for accuracy.

The main purpose of the program was essentially conditioning. The exercise would be good for the subject. Previous data suggested that she was not particularly well developed physically. She would need to be forced past what she thought was her limit a little more each time on a consistent basis. If her sex muscles got stronger then her ability to have multiple orgasms would increase.

Increasing her sensitivity at the same time was paramount so the squid had also carefully factored sensitivity development in the program as well. The slow progression would teach her to be more in touch with every little sensation--at least if she wanted to come faster, 92.9% probability. The squid's control was too precise to let the subject achieve satisfaction earlier, but it was unlikely the subject would surmise that. Awareness development was the first step to increasing sensitivity without physical modification.

The previous data had shown some anomalies which distorted the parameters used by the squid. A variable sensitivity and an inconsistent muscle recovery rate were indicated. An exception routine was specified by its programming. While continuing with its plan, the squid contacted its remote interface which in turn re-established a wireless connection with the factory central server. The squid uploaded a request for service, along with the relevant data, before increasing its stimulation output level 10% as a preliminary response.

Sue started breathing more heavily. The ever-patient processor was slowly working her up to the edge of making it. "How predictable," she thought with disappointment. It didn't matter. It was not like she could just turn it off. Was there anything more frustrating? It was like not being able to scratch an itch magnified a hundred times. The teasing still worked. She knew it would and loathed that. She couldn't feel it any less just because she hated it and knew what the squid was trying to do.

At first it was no big deal but ten minutes into the session she was possessed with frustration. It was hard to keep from reaching for her crotch, but she wasn't about disobey the damn "no hands" icon and invite lockdown when she was this close to freeing herself from this fucking squid hell. It was daring her to do it anyway and fall into its trap.

Taking a deep breath, she calmed down resignedly. She let herself get lost in the music. With the soothing distraction, her rational brain kicked in. She realized this was a training opportunity. Fuck the squid! Knowing that she wasn't about to get off, she started to think about how long she could stay on the edge deliberately. She would make the squid work it's hardest to make her come only when she was the one ready.

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Her one-sided battle of will against the squid worked for a long time. She had no idea exactly how long, but it seemed like a long enough time to convince herself she had won. It didn't ramp up anymore. Maybe she had finally found its limitations and it was running out of tricks. Sue delighted at the idea that she was messing with its little silicon brain. If she could affect its programming some then she would know that willpower and self-control could affect it and she was at least partially in control of her body's reactions.

The squid detected that its ministrations where not as effective as its previous parameters indicated they should be. It initiated another scan of its sensors. Interpreting the results, the squid determined that the sensitivity of its subject was lower than expected. A greater increase than originally planned would be needed. Without a high enough sensitivity, the subject would not properly achieve her multi-orgasmic potential. It added a couple points to several parameters and doubled a few of the most out-of-range values.

The self-correcting software in the squid then contacted the remote and wifi-ed the additional information to the factory central server. When the factory server analysis routine detected the second exception upload, it sent an alert to the service queue. A human would need to provide guidance.

Sue slowly began to appreciate the nuances in the squid's stimulation. It did seem to be harder and harder for her to resist. When she finally would let it drive her over the edge, it was bound to be amazing. She thought she felt the brush of a tentacle near her G-spot every once in a while, but it was so slight that she was not sure. Even if it was roaming around in that area, it still never tried to push her magic button. She wasn't sure if she would have the willpower to resist if it did that.

She kept trying to follow the light touch tracing the walls of her love tunnel ever so tenderly but methodically. While exploring, the squid was also using small deviations in approach to keep her off balance. When the head would expand, it wouldn't always expand to the same size. One time it would be a little smaller then another time a little larger. Even the vibrations were shifted slightly in frequency with random variation. She started concentrating hard on the variations and kept noticing more and more details in what it was doing. Her appreciation of its complex design was increasing.

About 30 minutes into the session, still not having climaxed, she had a sudden realization. Each of the variations and techniques was like a different component of the symphony. The tentacles were like the high woodwinds floating on top of the music. The throbbing and size of the head was like the bass range adjusting up and down to the flow. At first she could barely make out any relationship. After another 15 minutes or so, she couldn't separate the music from the stimulation even when she tried.

Sue felt like every millimeter of her sex was being probed, tickled, stimulated or otherwise tested. She was now keenly aware of the precise length of silicone within her. She thought she might even be able to feel some of the individual tentacles. It was a new level of awareness for her. Just like with the music, once she had the realization, she was no longer able to ignore it.

At Eros Technica Laboratories, Dr. Yamamoto was returning with a cup of coffee when Mark from the support team called him and explained the exceptions indicated by one of their top-of-the-line squid stimulators. The squid involved was a generation or two back, but it did have the latest software update. He sat down at his desk to review the data. Dr. Karlsson was the expert on gynecological response on the design team, but she was on vacation. They always wanted to rule out sensor variations first anyways so called him.

Yamamoto did see the variations and cross-checked the sensors. They seemed to be operating within normal specifications. The server could run a more complex cross-analysis of the data than the squid so he kicked off a full suite of comparisons. It didn't take him long to determine that the subject had used some chemical supplementation along with the squid. The data seemed to suggest an overdose of heat sensitization lubricant.

Consulting some reference data, Yamamoto determined that the average dose of the most powerful heat sensitization cream would affect sexual response by about 19.7%. A more than average dose and she would be more sensitive--maybe much more sensitive--but that would have involved a very large dose. He updated the support ticket with a recommendation for a 20% adjustment factor and went back to checking his e-mail. On a second thought, he also recommended an increase in the tentacle pressure.

Mark created a download patch for the squid with the appropriate updates then sent a notification to the customer service representative registered for squid, a Stephanie Kinsley.

The hair on the back of Sue's neck stood up as the chorus of Ode to Joy kicked in. The final movement of Beethoven's 9th never failed to have a dramatic affect if you listened to the whole piece. Sue felt it to the core now as she was completely engrossed in the play of varying stimulation coursing up and down within her womanhood.

Sue decided that now was the time she would let the squid push her to climax. It had to continue until she had an orgasm so it was time to let it end the program. She had proven to herself well-enough that willpower could overcome the squid's best efforts. It had even brushed her G-spot with its tentacles and she had been able to resist.

Letting the sensation take over, Sue could feel how to close to her limits she really had become. Her body resonated from head to toe with the symphony of feelings within her. It was a complexity of eroticism she would not have thought possible as sensations from the squid interplayed with the music she was hearing. Still, she wasn't crossing over the edge; climax was beyond her reach. Maybe she had repressed herself for so long that he was having problems letting go now after nearly an hour of resistance.

She desperately wanted to rub her clit and push herself over the top instantly, but she could still control herself. She would not end up in lockdown mode. She would not let the squid win. She started to concentrate on her feelings, trying to let things happen on their own accord, trying to make things happen on her accord.

The remote received the signal from the factory server and downloaded new parameters. The changes corrected for the previous anomalies in data. It decreased its sensitivity parameters by 20% and activated an increased monitoring protocol. The stimulators would run at a further 20% higher level as a result and adjust more dynamically to the responses of the subject in the future. Increased sensitivity training was indicated to balance with her ability to have a single orgasm.

The squid increased tentacle pressure as instructed and ramped up vibration levels again. The affect should be more perceptible to the subject so that her arousal level would be within specifications. The program was several minutes from completion so hopefully the increased stimulation would allow the subject to orgasm as scheduled--not beforehand.

Sue didn't understand what was happening. She simply could not climax and didn't understand why. She thought about massaging her breasts. Her nipples were still swollen and sensitive from the nettle gel. She was beginning to appreciate just how interlinked they were with her lower zone vs. just another visual cue, developed by natural selection, to attract a mate.

There was a beep from the remote. Suddenly the squid increased in vibration strongly taking Sue by surprise. The roaming tentacles started to press harder. The increased roughness wasn't entirely pleasant. Without warning, she started to come. It started uneventfully, but was like the release of floodgates after being held back for so long. It just kept going and going. She started thrashing around in the office chair in ecstasy.

The squid backed off gently as the contractions ebbed. She was gasping some, just getting her breath back. It might have been the most intense orgasm she ever had. Clearly the squid had changed in some way.

Like a shot, one of the tentacles plunged into her G-spot and started pressing rather harshly. She immediately started to convulse again. The second orgasm was short-lived but also powerful. She was mostly spent from the first one and her muscles gave out early. She had never orgasmed twice like that before.

The squid ebbed again, but the music was still going strong. It wasn't done with her. The devious device swelled fully inside her. She couldn't remember it expanding so much before. The stuffed feeling was very uncomfortable. If she wasn't completely aroused already, it would have been painful. Her whole vagina reacted automatically to the stretch by attempting to contract. The contractions were blocked by the invader, but her body kept trying. Soon she had a third orgasm as the contractions fluctuated rapidly.

She expected the third orgasm to end even more rapidly, but it kept going for some reason. She didn't notice the electrical stimulation right away. The squid was forcing her muscles to twitch electrically and it felt like an orgasm that wouldn't end, but it was more unpleasant than satisfying. The contractions where starting to hurt. Her muscles had had enough and weren't shy about saying so. The squid kept working them anyways. At last, it stopped and she lay gasping as the finale of Ode to Joy continued.

Sue lay exhausted listening to the music then suddenly held her breath and squeezed the arms of the chair with all her might. A tentacle had slipped out between her labia and tightened around her clitoris while another pressed down strongly on it from the front. The tentacles started to manipulate her nub in small circles. A third tentacle was back to probing her G spot. She was overwealmed. It was a total shift in sensation and triggered a fourth set of contractions. Her clit throbbed and throbbed deliciously like it had been waiting its turn all this time while her vaginal muscles contracted faintly. The squid head shrank and the sensation of her walls returning to normal revitalized her tired love muscles to generate a few more contractions.

At the symphony finale, the squid electrified the tentacle pressing her clit with a slight electric shock that tensed her whole body in one gigantic spasm. She was locked in the tension, throbbing more in pleasure than pain, for what seemed like an eternity as the final stanza finished. Sue never wanted to see "Multi-Orgasmic Training" mode again.

Chapter 9: Back On the Clock (added: 2012/08/21)

After the symphony ended, Sue collapsed in exhaustion. She wasn't sure how long she slept, but knew that she had one of the best wet dreams she could ever remember. A substantial damp spot darkened the seat of her desk chair. She checked the remote and all it said was "Nocturnal Delight." She felt like she had been visited by some sort of angel with a rather large...blessing. While wrapped in his feathery wings, she surged with pleasure beneath him. Obviously her tired mind was running away while the squid took advantage.

She snapped out of it rapidly. The moment was at hand. She singled-mindedly grabbed the removal tongs and punched the password into the remote. Sue navigated the menu assuredly. "Adherence mode disabled." Soon that was followed by "Security mode disabled" and then "Proceed with Removal."

Using the removal tongs was like doing self-surgery. Since she couldn't see anything, all she could do was to carefully feel her way up inside her pink walls, trying not to hurt herself any more than necessary, until she found the squid. It was a good 20 minutes of poking, probing and manipulating to find and grasp the removal lug. She was sweating and worked up, but followed the diagram and pushed the removal rod up though the guides on the tongs. The rod engaged the squid and it deactivated immediately. The head shrank and the grippers released from her sensitive tissues. She actually had an immediate, albeit short, orgasm from the sudden shift within her.

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With an uneventful plop, she pulled the squid out of her and placed it on a leftover napkin. She stared at it with a sense of marvel at how such a small thing had effectively owned her body like it had. In a way, she kind of missed it already and wasn't sure she liked the sudden emptiness. She had never felt so alive sexually. She had reached a height of experience that would be hard to ever equal.

Sue didn't think throwing the squid away was a good idea, but it was certainly the first thing on her mind. Instead, she dug out the sweat towel of her gym bag to wrap it up and put it in her purse. She would clean it up on the way to the annex. She would do her best to clean herself up as well. At least she had some deodorant and some perfume in the bag too. She would love to go home, take a shower and change her clothes--if she could find something that would fit over the heels--but she wasn't all that anxious to brave the snow yet.

Before leaving, Sue packed everything else back into her special drawer. Thinking about the Nuymean chair and going to the annex (the possible location of another such object), she threw a bottle of lube into her purse as well, just in case. She was still feeling rather slutty and a little horny despite all that had happened. With the squid ordeal over and her being back in control, she was going to take advantage of any opportunities. What the hell, she also included her favorite Nuymean phallus. It weighed around 8 pounds and her purse was pretty heavy now. She would have taken the vibrator too if it could have all fit.

The door to the annex was one she had passed dozens of times, but never knew it. It was just another numbered steel door with a high security lock like so many other storage rooms and secondary areas of the museum. Instead of the closet she had assumed, it opened into a long, rather dark, hallway with black and white asbestos floor tiles and good old-fashioned lead paint walls, top-half white and bottom-half dark green. Just for good measure, the ceiling was composed of asbestos tiles and old style fluorescent lights, no doubt full of mercury. No wonder they just left this place alone.

As the heavy door closed behind her with crash that sounded like a bank vault door, Sue felt like she was going back over 50 years as she walked down the hall--which she was. The air was cold and a bit musty. Alone, it was a bit creepy too, but she was excited by what she might find.

The hall was steadily sloping downward and she approached another door. It was not locked and opened into the old main hall. The original entrance was permanently gated off with a substantial metal grid. Only rubble lay beyond. It looked like the passageway was collapsed as part of some kind of construction. The whole scene reminded her of something from some post-apocalypse movie.

The old signs from the annex exhibit were still up along with a mural painted as a motif of outdated "I am Woman" style elements with depictions of ERA protests, sweat shops and famous suffragettes. It all seemed rather raw and political to her more modern tastes. Even Joan of Arc and Rosie the Riveter were represented. The title was "Herstory: The Untold." Sue could practically smell the bras burning.

The main room was dark except for some exit signs and dim emergency lighting. Sue found a switch and waited for the old mercury lamps to warm up. The place was huge, about the size of two basketball courts, maybe larger. She always had a hard time judging sizes like that. A high ceiling with large steel beams substituted for decor. The old fallout shelter signs increased the creepiness.

In the middle of the room were large presentations while the outside fringe had more artistically arranged collections, exhibits and cases. One display was of stone and immediately caught her attention. It had Nuymean glyphs and was made of Nuymenite. Nine short steps led up to a large raised stone circle. It must have weighed tons. At the top were two parallel obelisks about twice as wide as shoulder-width apart.

Sue rushed over examine the Nuymean circle. The floor stones had various large glyphs carved into them in a pattern around the obelisks. The purpose of the obelisks became clear to her after a brief examination. There were handholds straight out to the side. They were recessed just like those on the horse. There were also metal fittings on the floor for feet. It was obviously meant to restrain a woman stretched between the stones, a woman with Nuymean high heels on her feet.

With no idea how the ritual would work or what was supposed to happen to anyone restrained in the holds, she definitely needed to find the book left by Dr. Barnes. She didn't even know for sure that the circle related to the 2nd trial, but it seemed likely. A shudder of fear ran down her spine. Maybe it was just the cold. This was not what she expected at all. Her preconceptions where of something less formidable looking.

As she walked the room looking for the book, Sue surveyed the other exhibited items. There was a pillory with a secondary lower brace for holding the prisoner's feet spread wide. She could guess the goal in mind there. She saw several torture devices that seemed to have women specifically in mind. A rack with a large phallus and a winch with foot chains seemed to be designed to pull a woman down onto the phallus until it ripped her apart from the inside. A chair with leather straps could hold a woman over a phallus set in the middle of a seat bristling with metal spikes. Most of it all seemed rather medieval and torturous.

She walked past a large collection of corsets, most of them looking rather austere. A whole row of chastity belts were in several glass cases. It surprised her how ancient some of them appeared. It also surprised her how masterfully crafted some of them were. One section seemed to be devoted to various quack medical devices ranging from electrical stimulators and breast stretchers to patent medicines about bosom growth to Dr. Shorenson's patented foot beautifiers--not sure what they did, but they were made from cast iron. Her conclusion was that every manner of ill treatment ever done to women was represented here somewhere. Someone had a political axe to grind.

Eventually, Sue found a locked bookcase near the back with heavy glass doors. Dr. Barnes book was inside, but she didn't have a key. She would have to get one from Charlie since she didn't want to break in.

On her way out, Sue noticed an exhibit that really caught her attention. It was near the back of the room, a special platform with chains running up to the ceiling and back down through pulleys. On one end of the chains were large cylindrical weights. The other went through the platform to presumably power something underneath. A winch on the platform was for raising the weights. It looked like something that belonged on a catapult.

The platform looked to be part of the original construction for the device. The heavy wooden planks were made from some kind of tropical hardwood. The whole thing appeared to have been restored to working condition.

The main feature was a large iron-bound device that looked like two halves of a mould. It was constructed roughly like a heavy bell, but was shaped more like kneeling female human body with the crude shape of arms, breasts and folded legs. The body of the bell-shape might have been wood inside, but it was completely encased in riveted iron. On top was a crude mask of a human face made of cast iron. All of the metal had a brownish patina and looked very old.

The two halves of the bell were rather close together and seemed to slide together somehow rather than close with a hinge. One edge had rods that projected out a few inches. The other had holes to receive the rods. When the two halves were together, they would be held tight. Inside, leg pads seemed to be carefully positioned near a protruding phallus made of a rubber-like material. An array of rods and bars underneath held it in position and also seemed built to move it when powered from below. It looked like a woman could be locked inside while forced to kneel over the penetrating phallus while it mechanically fucked her from below.

The more she thought it, the more the device reminded her of a medieval "iron maiden." Instead of impaling its prisoner with sharp spikes for torture and death, this one impaled a woman in her most intimate of areas. It was a "sex maiden."

The display was titled, "New World Inquisition Sexual Torture Device, circa 1514." Sue had never heard of the Spanish Inquisition in the New World. She skimmed the text describing the device:

The practices of the Spanish Inquisition briefly extended to the New World as a veiled justification for the use of torture on native women. After the success of Cortez in obtaining translation and political assistance from Malinalli, a woman of the Nahua people, the Conquistadors were eager to exploit more women in the name of gold and God. However, the Spanish soldiers under their command would not tolerate torture without the legitimization of the Inquisition. In their estimation the more overt sexuality of native women was a sign of sinful ways and sign of weakness in mind to be punished and exploited as a mark of Satan. Amongst some elements of the native population, women were valued as a trade commodity for forming alliances and even as payment for important staples. Damaging potential trade goods was a serious offense to the native men. As a result, most conventional torture was abandoned. Sexual abuse was a ready alternative since the native men often considered the women as property. This sexual torture device was designed to leave its victim with no permanent damage but to make her succumb through mechanical rape. It was believed that native women could be permanently dominated into cooperation by powerful males.

Sue was in shock. While the practices of the Conquistadors were chilling, the science involved here was highly questionable. It could all be a fabrication. The ideas towards women were unfathomable. It was all possible, but far from proven. The only real evidence was probably this device itself and it would not be that hard to fake. The wood would be the hardest part to fake and the easiest part to test now, but back in the 1960s they didn't have the technology. Her mind was racing while she investigated the device further. She had to admit that she was getting more than a little aroused thinking about the possibilities, authentic or not. In her mind, the Nuymean chair was a near-death experience. Ever since, she seemed to be so alive sexually. She was already thinking about whether there was some way she could try this device safely.

No wonder the device was in working order. There was another small sign saying that it was completely restored in 1977 using politically correct animal-friendly rubber products instead of the original leather from exotic animals. Sure enough, inside the two halves were a variety of rubber panels stretched and strapped into position. It looked like the panels stretched around the body of the prisoner immobilizing her inside between them. It was a complex array. One panel would stretch across her back pushing her forward. Another would stretch downwards onto her lap forcing her to remain in a kneeling position. Yet another panel would stretch across her rump holding her up and against the lap panels. There were several other small panels, but the most interesting ones were near the chest. The breast area concealed something behind the panel and nipple holes were evident in the middle of a cupped area. She was intrigued but couldn't see any more without disassembling the panel.

Sue investigated the various levers and mechanisms. Everything seemed to move freely, but she did not see anything function as a result of moving them. She cranked the winch reasoning it needed power from the weights falling. The ratcheting sound was loud, but no one was around to hear. It was surprisingly easy to turn so she cranked away. She winched the weights all the way up close to the ceiling.

With the added tension, the first lever seemed to push a pendulum into motion underneath the platform. She could faintly hear a heavy clock-like ticking under the wood. An escapement, like in a grandfather clock, to control the rate the weights fell would make a lot of sense. She could see the phallus moving up and down slightly, timed with the ticking. She found the second lever would stop it. Something underneath caught the pendulum on an upswing. Apparently this lever was a brake and the other was a starter.

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One of the remaining levers was larger than the others and appeared to be for closing the two halves together. She pulled it, but nothing happened. Perhaps they had disabled it for safety in case some kid climbed up onto it or something. She tried pushing one of the halves closed and it was clearly locked. She tried the last lever and it also didn't seem to have any affect.

After rummaging around, Sue had found a long nylon leash borrowed from a neighboring display on domination. It would reach from a position inside the maiden halves to the brake lever. Trying to get positioned over the moving phallus wasn't something she wanted to try, but she felt confident she could lift off the moving phallus easily enough. With the strap, she could get in position and then start the phallus moving.

Sue carefully folded up her clothes and stacked them next to the sex maiden. She still couldn't believe she left the envelope with her bra upstairs when eating dinner. The bra was a little daring for her normal tastes with a swirling lace pattern that ultimately emphasized her nipples. She figured that even though she wasn't well-endowed, she could add some sexiness through the visual emphasis. She still wasn't sure if she liked the style, but between the saleswoman's guidance and the perfect fit, she had bought it anyways. It wasn't like anyone else would ever see it, or so she thought. Hopefully no one would look in the envelope. Maybe Charlie or Martin had it.

She double lubed the phallus. It was approximately the size of her favorite Nuymean one, but wasn't very realistic. It did have some subtle ribs and nubs on it. She didn't know if those were authentic re-creations in the modern rubber; they would add to the sensation nonetheless.

She couldn't believe she was about to do this. She could try to call it science if she wanted. She might find more out about the device. Who was she kidding though? She was horny and felt like she was about to do something stupid, but wanted to do it too much to stop. It was to the point of a need. In the back of her mind, she could also call it more training for her upcoming Nuymean rite--that was a good enough excuse.

With the two halves locked open, she would just see how the phallus penetration and positioning combined to get an idea what it felt like to be fucked by the machine even if not trapped inside. It would all be perfectly safe.

The squeeze between the two halves to get inside was more difficult than she thought it would be but with some wiggling she was soon in position. The rubber floor pads fit perfectly. Her knees were comfortable and there were even toe holes so her high heels fit without a problem. She slowly squatted down onto the phallus guiding it into place with her right hand and letting out an unconscious moan as she was filled. The positioning could not have been anymore perfect. She was pressed against the back half of the sex maiden. The rubber panel positioned under her ass held her up with a certain amount of bounciness at just the right height. She was penetrated but not too deeply. A plate at the base of the phallus pressed up against her clit and mons. It provided stimulation but also prevented the phallus from impaling her too far. Unfortunately, the back panel pushed her forward more than she wanted. It gave her a forward lean and forced her to thrust her chest out.

Sue pulled at the strap attached to the brake lever. She heard the lever click open and the pendulum started to slowly swing. The rods underneath the platform engaged and started to pump the phallus up and down. They were still quiet and smooth after all the years. It wasn't very exciting. The rubber rod moved too slowly and the movement was little more than up and down.

Moving around to increase the sensation, Sue started making circles with her hips and bouncing on the rubber panel as best as she could. Sue needed more stimulation in order to get off. Even the base plate had very little effect when it pressed into her at the top range of the thrusting motion. It wasn't working very well. She thought about massaging her clit, but thought it would ruin the fantasy of being trapped in the sex maiden even if she didn't get her fingers pinched. She closed her eyes and tried to envision what it would have been like to a young native woman forced into this position about to be locked inside. It was starting to work. She twisted her hips a little more getting some extra rubbing. Sue couldn't believe this was supposed to be a form of torture. It was way too mild to impress her.

She leaned forward a little more and felt the phallus shift forward as well. With a loud click, she realized the new angle released some kind of catch attached to the rods and bars driving up through the platform. She opened her eyes in panic as she heard the loud clattering of chains overhead. The front half of the sex maiden was moving straight at her! She didn't have time to get up off her knees. She saw the rods studding the edges closing towards her left wrist and quickly pulled her arm inside. The metal was heavy enough it would probably snap her wrist in half if she was caught in the middle.

The mask of the sex maiden was headed straight at her face. A rubber piece at mouth level threatened to knock her teeth out. She tried to pull back, but one of the rubber panels was behind her head giving her no retreat. She quickly opened her mouth to reluctantly take in the rubber. The front of the mouth piece was penis shaped; she hadn't seen that before in the shadow. The penis drove painfully down into her throat. She fought hard not to choke. As the maiden finished closing, her face was trapped behind the mask looking out the eyes while her throat and mouth were stuffed with rubber. She had not taken her glasses off and was really fortunate that they weren't broken as they were pressed and bent against her face.

At the same time as the mask closed, the rubber panels tightened around her body compressing her thighs downward. Her legs were sandwiched between the panel on top of her thighs and the panel underneath her rear end. She could feel her breasts being pressed into the cupped panels as her back was braced in a slight arch from behind. The forward lean was now held from both directions. Her midsection was compressed between a front and back panel. She felt like she was held in a corset. It all happened within a couple seconds, but it seemed like an eternity as each body part was immobilized in succession within the metal shell of the maiden.

The most diabolical part of the maiden's design was the side channels. Her arms were pushed to her sides as the maiden closed. A carefully contoured channel lined with more of the rubber guided her arms further along her sides and then ultimately folded her arms behind her as the two halves came together. The front half pushed her arms into the back half. There simply was no room for them to remain anywhere else. Once those channels closed, her arms were pinned. Her hands were almost touching while her elbows where pushed in behind her back. She may as well have been wearing an arm binder for all the movement she could accomplish. She tried to slide her arms out while struggling frantically to free herself, but it was clear she wasn't going anywhere.

When she finally gave up struggling, out of breath, breathing mostly through her nose and trying not to gag on the penis pressing rudely into her throat. Her attention was quickly drawn lower down. The nubby phallus was thrusting steadily up and down through the whole thing. Somehow not being able to stop it from fucking her made it a lot more thrilling. She was effectively being machine raped. She tried to lift up from her kneeling position but could only manage a little bouncing between the rubber panel stretched across her rump and the corresponding one pressing down on her thighs and lap from the front. The panels grasping her middle were the most restrictive of all. They held her from her waist to just below her breasts like a vice of rubber.

She couldn't believe she had been so stupid. Her safe little quickie had turned from a fanciful daydream to cold reality. She was trapped and no one was likely to come and find her anytime soon. Even if they did, she would probably die from embarrassment. She was in real danger. To her frustration, the predicament just made her even more horny.

After a while she noticed the ticking of the mechanism traveling up the rods into her pussy. It was yet another thing she could do nothing about that added to her frustration. The relentless slow steady thrusting was steadily getting to her. She kept waiting for the brush of the base plate against her clit. It was still too slow for her to get off. At least it was better than if it was ripping her insides out by going too fast. As her mind quieted and she started going into self-preservation mode, she started to notice the small ribs on the rubber cock slipping in and out past her neither lips. The nubs were pressing softly into her walls with a deep if slightly tickling sensation.

As she gained control of her gag reflex and adjusted to the awkward position of her arms, she realized she was actually fairly comfortable otherwise. The firm hold of the stretched panels was like a tight embrace, but there were no painful spots digging into her. Nothing was rubbing her skin raw or cutting off her circulation. The maiden was designed for long term confinement.

She didn't know how she hadn't noticed before, but her breasts were being squeezed. Yes, definitely, they were being squeezed progressively more and more. The rubber cups where getting tighter and tighter. She was having a little more difficulty breathing. The tight corset-like panels and the penis gag were bad enough without the added pressure against her chest.

With an abrupt pop, her nipples were pulled through the small holes in the rubber cups. She gasped as she felt suction on them. As the pendulum swung, she felt a pull of suction from the rubber encasing her nipples. The panel worked like a suction cup and it eventually took hold of each of her breasts all the way to the base. Once caught, they were tugged sharply forward with each thrusting motion from under the platform. There must be another set of rods and bars attached to the main mechanism. In her near orgasmic state, the pain was fabulously erotic. The sensation shot through her body like it was hardwired to her clit. Sue shuddered in climax immediately. A soft cry of satisfaction was stifled by the gag and rang out inside the metal of the maiden. It was quickly followed by a second cry of panic and frustration that rang out pointlessly inside the metal prison. She was trapped and the phallus continued to thrust as the minutes ticked away.

Chapter 10: "Cins" (added: 2012/09/27)

Sue watched the annex floor from within the confines of the sex maiden. She strained her eyes and ears for any sign of a potential rescuer. The ticking of the clockwork might not be very noticeable from across the room, but would still be noticeable should anyone come near. Sometimes the chains would even rattle. Surely they would wonder what was making the sound and investigate? Even if someone did come looking for her, they would only see the thick lenses of her glasses shine back, and perhaps her desperate eyes peeking out, from behind the metal mask. She was in real trouble.

Sue couldn't make a sound loud enough to escape the iron of the maiden with the gag's penis jammed to the back of her throat. The soft rubber plug at its base had packed tighter over time as it conformed to the shape of her mouth. Slowly every gap around her mouth had been filled and sealed tight, at least she was not drooling on herself anymore.

She was starting to discover more about the cleverness of the maiden's design. The constricting corset panels along with the squeezing and suction of her breasts made breathing difficult. The gag made using her mouth to breathe impossible. She had to breathe slowly and steadily through her nose while fighting the constriction around her body. The strain was slowly sapping her strength and her will to struggle. She could never struggle now like she did when she was first imprisoned. Now all she could do was to quietly endure her torment constantly trying to keep from getting out of breath.

After a while, Sue realized that even though her voice only rang out uselessly inside the thick metal of the maiden's head she could still hear outside with no problem. Apparently, the head of the sex maiden had ear holes like a football helmet. At first she guessed the fabricators of the maiden wanted the prisoner to be able to hear them. After over an hour in the maiden though, she realized the ear holes had a second purpose. The soft unstoppable ticking was a constant torment of its own. Each tick was reinforced with the soft transmission of the clockwork mechanism's vibration up the metal rods to the phallus. She couldn't help but focus on the ticking like it was hammering into her whole body, hammering in her mind.

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Time was distorted by her circumstances so Sue had no true idea how long she had been trapped in the iron and rubber embrace of the maiden, but she knew her endurance would not last even a whole day. Eventually she would reach her limits and could only guess what might happen then. The damned thing had slowly forced her to three orgasms--only three--in what had seemed like hours. The combination of continuous stimulation along with the lack of enough stimulation for a tension releasing orgasm had become truly tortuous.

Her breasts felt like they had been milked like a dairy cow from the steady pumping of the rubber cups rhythmically suctioning them. She was completely out of ideas of how she might even try to escape at this point. She had explored every place she could feel, pushed and pulled against every bond and strained with all the force she could manage. Panicked thrashing would just have her panting desperately for breath and use up some of her precious remaining energy. Now her only option was to wait for her body to give out or for someone to come looking for her. All the while, she cursed herself for how stupid she had been getting into the maiden. She knew that her inhibitions were in question. Her judgement was impaired. What had happened to her?

Sue was starting to feel the next climax beginning, but was resigned to how long it would still take to happen when she heard a sound from the other end of the room. She strained to listen...nothing. She waited and started to think she had imagined hearing anything. Voices! It was faint, but two people were definitely talking. Eventually she saw Cindy and Bill emerge from the main entrance. Of all people, shit. When she finally saw them, Cindy had a bottle of something, looked like a vodka bottle. Looks like her intern was a bit more of a party animal than she would have guessed.

Bill looked around.

"Sue must have left the lights on. You see her anywhere?"

Cindy yelled out, "Sue, Dr. Sue, Suueee. Sooee. Here Sooee." Cindy was clearly drunk and amused with herself. Bill was just gawking at her chest and ass thinking she wouldn't notice.

Sue didn't appreciate the hog call. Cindy was even more of a bitch than she thought.

Cindy handed Bill the bottle and he took a polite drink, then set it down away from Cindy.

"So this is the annex. I'm not sure why you wanted to see it so bad. It's just a bunch of outdated displays."

Cindy already was looking at one. It was a bondage table of some sort made of white steel that looked very medical in nature. Sue remembered seeing it up close and it had straps, various mount points for attaching things and could incline to various angles. The table was in near vertical position currently. Cindy stood in front of it with her feet apart and her arms stretched up like she was strapped to the table. She had a short skirt on, despite the season and snow outside, and it rose up high enough that her skimpy white panties peaked out a little. The white blouse she was wearing was stretched rather tightly by her large breasts.

"I don't know. I think it's all rather interesting, don't you."

Sue couldn't believe what she was seeing. Cindy didn't seem like the type to get drunk and flaunt herself in front of a man. She had her figured as more of the control freak type. Her outfit was clearly selected for one thing: to get her fucked. She must have specially brought it and changed as part of her plans.

The phallus drew Sue's attention back to her own predicament. Damn, the thrusting was working on her even while she was distracted. It was hard to concentrate on what Bill and Cindy were doing or saying. Suddenly she sees Cindy rush at Bill and throw her arms around his shoulders. He grabs her back and they start making out big time. It was like something from a movie, He was groping her all over and she was starting to take her clothes off.

Cindy suddenly pushed him away and took a couple steps back as she pulled off her bra and let it fall.

"I have a really good deal for you."

Sue lost track of what they were saying when the phallus insisted that it should be the focus of her attention for a few seconds.

"I don't know. If the wrong pictures get out not only could I lose my job, but it could ruin the museum as well," replied Bill. Sue could tell he was definitely having a hard time holding back though.

"The magazine won't be satisfied as easily this time. I need pictures of something good. Tell you what. You can have me 3 times, not just today. When else are you going to get a chance like this?" She turned to her side and modeled a little. "It'll be something you'll never forget. I'll see to it."

Bill paused for only a moment.

"I think I might be able to find some kind of arrangement for you."

He leaned in closer and slowly pushed her back towards the white table while kissing and feeling her up. Sue noticed that he was palming her breast the most. Old feelings of inadequacy pained her like a knife in the gut. Cindy seemed to be kissing back and to be just as interested in him. Sue couldn't tell if it was an acting job, the alcohol or if Cindy was a complete slut. Bill started pulling her left wrist up and fastened it securely to the table with one of the straps.

"I had no idea you might be kinky. What is this thing anyways? We might be able to work it into the deal."

Cindy seemed a little nervous all of the sudden. Bill didn't pay a lot of attention and grabbed her other wrist firmly then secured it into the other strap. Cindy didn't resist.

"I just thought fucking you on this table would be a little more fun, don't you think? I don't know. I've never been tied up before. I don't know if I like it. Are the straps really necessary? I thought we could skip them or at least leave them a little loose."

Cindy seemed to be testing the bonds on her wrists and was finding she couldn't pull free. Bill pulled her panties down and then gave them a deep full breath smell. He paused as if enjoying it immensely, like a fine wine. After he put them into his pocket, Cindy strained to look.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

"Nevermind, they for my collection. I'm sure you won't miss them."

Cindy started to open her mouth to protest. At least it seemed like that from Sue's position. It was hard to tell. Bill took advantage of the moment and started strapping her ankles and pulling her legs apart to complete a spread eagle position.

Cindy resumed her endless stream of talking.

"Wait. Wait. Aren't you listening? I'm not sure if I want to do this. Was it really necessary to steal my panties? This isn't fun anymore. This table is cold as ice. What is it for anyways? How long are you going to leave me like this? Ouch, do you have to make it so tight? How's the view down there? I'm sure you're really enjoying this."

Bill ignored her and kept working the straps. Sue did think he was enjoying himself. She just wished that Bill used a gag, a big one. He pulled a heavy leather strap up through slots in the table and over Cindy's hips. Cindy grunted when he cinched the buckle down very tightly.

"How am I supposed to fuck if I can't move? C'mon. It won't be any fun if I just have to lay here still. We don't have to have a deal. Just fuck me and let me lose. It'll be our secret."

Cindy was starting to struggle to free herself in earnest. At least the exertion shut her up some.

Next came more heavy straps just under and over Cindy's breasts. Bill gave them a little playful fondling in the process raising some indignant comments from Cindy. She didn't seem to appreciate the additional restraint. She kept talking but her previous playfulness was starting to sound a little insincere. Bill worked his way lower and strapped her thighs apart. Cindy did shut up for a while when he fondled her more sensitive areas. She wasn't entirely outraged after all. Typical. Most things with Cindy seemed to be an act of feigned sincerity so why not insincerity?

Soon the last straps went over Cindy's upper arms and just above her knees. She could move her head, but that was about it. Bill paused to inspect his handiwork and then tickled Cindy for a good 5 to 10 minutes in various places to make sure she couldn't move. Sue thought she might have pissed herself, but couldn't tell for sure.

"I think you're right. I am enjoying this. You're desperate enough to do anything for those pictures. I'm kind of surprised that a beautiful woman like you is so hard up that she would fuck anything that moves to get ahead. I don't have any idea how you could have got so far in school on your own; you must have fucked a lot of professors."

Cindy's mouth hung open like she had been slapped. She seemed to be struggling for something to say. Sue was enjoying every minute. Maybe she had the wrong idea about Bill.

"I shouldn't have been fooled so easily. I just have two questions. How did you get downstairs for those pictures before? I know that no one else let you down there. Where's the camera?"

Cindy launched into a complete tirade about what a bastard Bill was and how none of this was part of the deal and then how she wasn't going to tell him anything. She wasn't entirely coherent between her anger, straining to get free and drunkenness.

Bill wasn't all that surprised, but had left her on the table to walk over to one of the other cases in the annex. Cindy couldn't turn her head far enough to see where he went.

"Bill, please. Don't leave me here. I didn't mean it. C'mon, I'm so horny. Come back over, please. Really, I am. These straps are so tight, please don't leave me. Where are you going?"

Sue was thinking some of the same thoughts herself, watching from across the room, as the fun seemed to be over and her own heat was slowly building back up. With each upstroke, the plate at the bottom of the rubber cock brushed against her clit making it the focus of her attention. It was just enough of a touch to send her nerves tingling, but was only a brief moment during each thrust. If she could only force herself down a little lower, she would be able to climax in no time.

Soon Bill returned with a head-size ball of leather straps. He moved up behind the white metal bondage table without Cindy seeing him. In one smooth motion, he slid straps down over her head on each side of her nose. At first Sue heard a scream from Cindy, then muffled cries as Bill pushed some kind of gag into her mouth. She could see him pulling the remaining straps now. He had gagged her with a full head hardness that left some kind of black tube sticking out of her mouth. It must have been part of some fetish display.

Sue realized what it was when Bill started to pump a rubber bulb on the end of the black tube. He was inflating some kind of gag in Cindy's mouth. Finally she was quiet. He turned something at the base of the tube and then pulled it away leaving Cindy's mouth stoppered.

A whole range of feelings and sensations hit Sue like a tidal wave. First was shocked that Bill would be so extreme with Cindy. Second, she was majorly turned on by the idea of Cindy's predicament. She wondered if Cindy had ever experienced bondage before. Sue was surprised at how her own body reacted to bondage and would have actually loved to try what it would feel like to be on the table herself. She would not have felt that way a month ago. She ignored the implications of what her reactions to bondage might mean for now. Lastly, she wanted to see what would happen next. She didn't have long to wait.

Bill finished checking the straps of Cindy's new headgear.

"I have to tell you a story. You see, this device is rather historic. Most people have heard about evil Nazi doctors, concentration camps and the like. What they don't necessarily know about is the full extent of human experimentation they performed. This device was part of one such set of experiments. The unidentified 'doctor' was attempting to prove that some women were genetically superior than others sexually. No one knows all the details, but it is known that he would place them on this device and then force them to come over and over while recording the results. I wonder if he thought sexual responsiveness was a superior or inferior trait."

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Bill tipped the platform back 90 degrees to make it flat. Cindy seemed to thrash a little more while it was going on, but it was hard to tell with her so tightly strapped. He then picked up a rather heavy device that looked sort of like a motor and put it between her legs. He definitely struggled with the weight. It was slightly larger than a basketball. He then turned some hand bolts mounting it to the table. As near as Sue could tell, a large metal section of the device was pressing directly against Cindy's womanhood, most likely with a lot of weight.

"Don't worry," he said, "it all sounds so evil, but it was the 1940's. This thing is basically just a big heavy vibrator."

With that, he plugged in some kind of adaptor looking thing and then threw a switch on the motor. It was smooth, but Sue could hear the buzzing clear across the room. It sounded like it was vibrating the whole table.

"I'll be back in a while. Enjoy yourself. I know you said you were really horny. Just close your eyes and think about straight A's." Bill laughed at his own joke. "I think I know where I might find that camera. If not, I'll be back to ask you in a bit."

Bill looked around a couple more times to make sure everything was alright and then left. He left the lights on! That's a good thing she thought. He was planning to come back soon, right? Why else would he have left the lights on?

Sue was still reeling from what she had seen, but also from the sensations coming from her own body. She couldn't help imagine what it would be like to be Cindy right now. That gigantic metal vibrator must weigh 50 pounds or more. It was probably rattling her teeth. Cindy's head hadn't stopped moving and bobbing ever since he turned it on. She seemed to be struggling under the straps, but it was hard to tell. The buzzing and rattling would rise and fall at intervals from the old motor.

In the meantime, Sue deal with her own predicament. The plate was continuing to brush her clit with each thrust. She started to squeeze her vaginal muscles with each thrust trying to create more friction and sensation. It was working. Slowly, she could feel the build. She would love to have that big metal orgasm motor on her pussy for just a couple minutes. She thought she could see Cindy's whole body tense, and Sue knew why, but it was had to tell with her glasses steaming up. Finally, her own body was tensing up. It wouldn't be long now.

Chapter 11: An Upshift of Reasoning (added: 2012/11/02)

Cindy never felt anything like this before. She fought the heavy straps desperately with no effect whatsoever. Despite being a regular at the gym, her arms were sore and she was completely out of breath in no time at all. The inflated gag made breathing through her mouth almost impossible.

Her emotions ran between complete frustration, extreme anger and mad excitation. The helplessness of being strapped down naked and spread open combined with the gag made her feel degraded and humiliated. For some reason, it also made her horny as hell.

She knew she was a sex object to most men. Few saw past the blonde hair, tight abs and big boobs. Normally she used it to her advantage, but this was different, so primal, so raw, so brutish. Bill had just done what he wanted to her with total disregard. No one had ever treated her like that before. She never even realized that he was really the one in control until he strapped her down. She was the one played this time. All along she thought she was leading him on to get what she had wanted.

Cindy felt like a captured wild animal; now the giant motor pressing down on her sex was taming her. There was no other way to think about it, no other way to experience it--no other way but to feel it. At least that was the way of looking at it was the most thrilling to her.

The vibrations ran right up her abs and down each leg. It was the most intense sensation she ever felt. The anger and stubborn resistance she felt initially was fading fast to be replaced by desperation. It wasn't about her ego anymore. Soon it wasn't about pleasure anymore either. It was only about endurance. Enough was enough; she had had it a long time ago. She would do anything to be freed. It was too intense, too much to resist. She was broken.

The deep throbbing vibrations from the truly insidious Nazi vibrator continued to force orgasm after orgasm out of her. It was now a torture she wouldn't have believed possible. The feeling reminded her of needing to pee so desperately that you couldn't think about anything else, but in this case all she could do was think about the endless spasms of her sex and how to relieve them.

Finally Bill returned. She had no idea whatsoever how long he had been gone. She wanted to beg him for release, but the gag was effective. Her attempts at speech were not louder than the over 60 year old motor pressing down on her vulva like the engine block of a Volkswagen.

Bill held up her camera. "I guess you didn't figure anyone would be looking for it. You didn't hide it very well."

To her horror, Bill started taking lots pictures. Her sex was obstructed by the motor, but she was acutely aware of her naked breasts and her inability to hide her reactions as she continued to climax every few minutes.

When Bill set the camera down, she was hoping he would remove the gag or stop the motor. Instead he just stood there staring at her, watching her orgasm uncontrollably. She wanted to strangle him. His big stupid smile was absolutely infuriating.

"I think I know how you made it downstairs. Somehow you were able to get past the fire alarm on the emergency stairwell. It's easy to forget about it with it located at the end of the building like it is. The big question now is why you would do it. The magazine only paid three hundred; I found the stub too."

Bill paused again for what seemed like an eternity. Cindy could feel the vibrations shaking right up her spine. She could feel her arousal climbing relentlessly--again. Even her vision was blurred a little by the force of the vibration. She closed her eyes and tried to remember to breathe this time as she was nearing another climax.

Bill simply reached up and shut off the motor. Cindy wanted to scream. The orgasm was denied. Instead of being welcome relief, the lack of stimulation was its own new torture. She was left her on the brink and unable to climax. Frustration surged in her like an electric current with nowhere to go. She tugged at the straps trying to bring herself off, but it wasn't going to happen. Her hips were strapped down too tightly for her to rub against the motor. She was forced to wait for her body to cool down ever so slowly. Even though the motor was stopped, it still seemed like her body was vibrating. Bill just stared some more with that stupid smile on his face. Bastard. He knew exactly what he did.

"See, more of a slut than you knew. That was setting number 3. It goes to 10." He paused to let that sink in and to wait for her to finish trying to say whatever it was she was trying to say. The inflatable gag was undefeatable. They hadn't changed in design much since the 70's for a reason by the looks of it.

"I'm going to take the gag out so that you can explain why you were submitting the pictures. If you don't answer me immediately, then I'll gag you again and leave you here for another half hour with the setting turned up to 5."

Bill paused as if he knew she needed a minute or two to think about it.

When Cindy nodded yes, Bill started to deflate the gag. The way she was acting he started to think he might have been a little too mean to her--maybe not. She was a woman who played games where sex was just another piece on the board: this time she lost, maybe for the first time. Most of it was probably her bruised ego. She might hate him now, but part of her might be excited by being controlled herself. Bill told himself he was just the instrument of karma paying her back for all the times the tables were turned. Dozens of men probably would love to do the same thing. Bill had been enough of a victim of such women that now he was immune to Cindy's manipulations and could see them coming a mile away.

Refreshingly, Cindy spilled everything and was straight to the point.

"The truth must get out. People need to know that aliens have really been to Earth. It may have been hundreds of years ago, but it's undeniable."

Bill was taken aback that Cindy actually believed in the whole alien thing. He always understood how some of the evidence could be taken that way, but really? "Why does it have to be aliens? Modern people are so arrogant that they think they know more than ancient people. Why couldn't the artifacts be beyond our current understanding without being alien?"

Cindy didn't even pause as if to consider his argument.

"Did you see Sue's shoes? They have to be lusterite. How did she get them on? You really think a jungle tribe came up with these items and a whole system of beliefs around sex without outside influence? It just doesn't make any sense."

This was the on-going argument, nothing new. Still, Bill could see just how zealous Cindy had become.

"Do you really believe aliens would take such an interest in human sexuality that they would make such artifacts, create a religion AND did not otherwise reveal themselves? Seems very unlikely don't you think?"

Cindy seemed to have an argument for everything.

"You believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. The public should decide. It isn't right that this is hidden away. Scientists should be investigating and arguing this out until we find out the truth."

Now Cindy was actually making a small amount of sense to Bill.

"Society isn't ready both in terms of aliens and sexual repression. You can't even say 'fuck' on TV. It would all get out of hand. The government would get involved or it would all look like yet another hoax. That doesn't even take into account some of the religious groups. Everything has to be very carefully done. It does need some science. Science like Dr. Sue could bring to the whole thing."

Cindy hesitated for a moment, for the first time.

"I know that it's a delicate matter. Sue seems to be open-minded, I'll give her that. It's been hundreds of years so a few more isn't going to matter. That's why I've been careful and slow with the pictures. Still, she isn't going to figure it out by herself. Other scientists need to be involved."

Again Bill was surprised. Maybe he hadn't seen far enough past the blonde hair and big boobs himself. It didn't help that Cindy plays the slut ever so well.

"Let's do this the right way. Let's talk with Dr. Sue. Maybe there is a better way to do this instead of all the sneaking around."

Sue wasn't sure if Cindy agreed or not, but she was surprised either way. She would have never figured Cindy for caring about anything but herself. Still, it could all be another tactic from her. Sue just couldn't bring herself trust Cindy. She wasn't sure Bill or Cindy was right. It seemed like stronger influences were at work.

The distractions thrusting up into her were building. Sue was close to coming again. She squeezed her vaginal muscles as tight as she could to increase the stimulation, but they were getting tired like any other muscle pushed time and time again. She was slowly slipping; she was losing her last ability to do anything at all other than simply endure the clockwork phallus of the maiden constantly thrusting into her. She was completely at its mercy, just waiting, just hoping, for her body to finally orgasm.

For some reason, it didn't seem to matter to her. She was feeling some sort of detachment, a disjoint focus outside herself. She felt like she was just watching. She didn't take it all very seriously. Somehow her imprisonment didn't seem to apply completely to her. There was no real risk to her predicament. There was not a real reason she should be concerned. Things had a way of working out if you trusted that they would. Why? How? Somehow it didn't seem to matter. She truly trusted that it would all end well. At last! The shudder of her body surged like some kind of nuclear energy. The orgasm went on and on. She might have blacked out, maybe not. It was hard to tell. She had no reference to judge against.

After a while, Sue's body stabilized. The minutes before were like some sort of detached memory. Her existence was suddenly a blur. Did it really happen? Yes, it did...she thought. It didn't matter to anyone besides her anyways. Now it was simply back to the thrusting--the relentless, ticking, clockwork-driven thrusting. The story just went to the next chapter in her mind. Would the trapped woman get away? That's how it worked. One episode naturally led to the next, turn the page. Oh God, why was her body so traitorous? It was happening again. The slow steady build up, relentless and irresistible, was seizing her attention.

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Bill leaned on the Nazi vibrator casually.

"You've been cooperative so part of me says I should let you loose now. Still, part of me is really pissed off at how you tried to use me. I'm not ready to move past it."

Cindy felt a surge of fear. "Honest Bill, I'm sorry. I just don't know any better. I've always had to manipulate people to get what I want. No one ever takes me seriously."

"That doesn't make it right and it doesn't sound very sincere. I think you'd do it again. Besides, I want to know just what setting 5 would really do. Aren't you a little curious yourself? Don't lie, I can tell."

Deep down, Cindy had to admit she did wonder, but she wasn't about to admit it. Her body reacted quite differently. Her nipples in particular responded.

"Like I thought"

"Please Bill, only 5 minutes. Just to know what it's like. Also, can you please cover up that awful swastika starring at me? It's just so evil. I get a chill just looking at it."

Bill nodded and then disappeared for a few minutes. Cindy saw him next near her head. He didn't put the gag back in, but started to slip a large leather blindfold over her head and buckled it.

"Nothing like a well-stocked fetish display."

Cindy took a deep breath. The blindfold was definitely not what she meant. She started to protest when Bill interrupted her immediately. "Don't make me use the gag again."

Cindy decided to listen. She definitely didn't want give Bill a reason to punish her further and she knew he would. She waited anxiously in her new world of darkness when she suddenly heard the snap of the switch and felt the motor surge to life over her mound. It took her breath away. The vibrations were so much faster, stronger and deeper. She orgasmed almost immediately.

Sue watched Cindy's body jerk rigid when the vibrator was turned back on. Even more surprising than Bill's seeming callousness was Cindy's reaction. She wasn't screaming like a torture victim. Soon she was thrashing around like she was trying to escape, but the whole time she was moaning and grunting like she was in pure ecstasy. Sue dreamed of changing places with her.

Bill stood smiling for a couple minutes just watching then started to walk in Sue's direction. Sue simply watched; her detached feeling still in full force. Now she was recognizing that feeling. It was the feeling of someone in the early stages of their body giving out. Her own consciousness was drifting. She breathed steadily in coordination with the thrusting phallus. Each expansion of her lungs took effort. Each thrust was another tickle of sensation. The compression of the rubber panels was taking its toll. She had nothing left but to cling to life and breathe; get fucked, and watch what Bill would do while waiting for the next forced orgasm. It wouldn't be long until one of those orgasms caused her to black out, maybe not to return to consciousness.

As Bill approached, he looked all around at the maiden and its associated chains and levers. He clearly knew the clockwork was operating. As he got closer, she saw him break out into another knowing smile. He climbed up on the platform and looked directly into the eyes of the maiden. "I have to admire your passion for 'research'. I see that you have it working. I'd be interested in your scientific evaluation. I don't know why I didn't notice you down here before."

For a short time, Sue felt nothing but horror. Bill finding her was one of the nightmares she feared most. She saw him looking at her folded up stack of clothes. He took his time looking around at the sex maiden while Sue just waited helplessly, wishing beyond hope that she could plead for release. When he was around front, she could see him look towards Cindy once in a while to see how she was doing. "Another 10 minutes or so and I'll be ready to let her out. I hope she can still walk."

Cindy started yelling, "Bill! I can't take it anymore! Let me out now! Where did you go!" She seemed to fade off interrupted by another orgasm.

"Still trying to give orders."

Bill leaned in closer to the maiden to speak into the ear.

"Don't worry. I wouldn't embarrass you in front of her. I'll leave you here. She'll never need to know."

Sue panicked. She struggled frantically trying to get Bill to realize she needed help. It didn't last more than a few seconds. She was again exhausted and breathless. Her energy and strength were tapped out.

Bill continued, "Charlie will be in for his shift in an hour or two. I'll let him know to come down and let you out." Bill paused. Sue wasn't sure if he was still there or not, then he spoke again, "Oh, and I love the bra."

Bill started to walk away, then moved back towards where the levers were, out of Sue's vision. The phallus started to thrust faster. The ticking of the clockwork was quicker.

Sue went over the edge. She wanted to kill him. The anger combined with the frustration merged with the next thrust from the phallus. The orgasm throbbed on and on. It was too much for her body. Blackness closed in on her vision and she passed out as the last of the contractions finished.

Chapter 12: Trust in the Gods (added: 2012/12/22)

Cindy and Bill had gone a long time ago. She might have fainted once or twice since then, feeling weak as a plague victim. They had shut off the lights and left her in the dark with no true awareness of time. Strangely, she was completely devoid of fear. The old building didn't even have a red exit light. So, when the lights suddenly started to warm up it was like a supernova had gone off in the room. Strangely, she did not have any hopeful feelings of rescue. The sense of detachment she was experiencing was still all consuming. She was just an observer of her own situation and would reserve her emotional response for now. She was not free yet.

Charlie and Martin entered the annex and walked straight over. They seemed rather matter-of-fact like they weren't surprised at all in finding her trapped in the iron sex maiden. They didn't seem to know just how difficult her fight had been behind that iron mask. She had no doubts that she was lucky to be alive.

With what seemed like familiarity, they pulled the levers and the thrusting stopped. After a lot of clattering, the two halves of the maiden started to open. Martin quickly grabbed her falling glasses.

The relief was incredible as the gag pulled away from her face. Finally, she could swallow normally. Though her arms were still numb from the awkward restriction, at last she could take a deep, normal breath. Her breasts erupted with pain as they popped free of the rubber suction sleeves they were trapped inside; circulation was returning. The infernal ticking finally stopped. It was euphoric. Her clit was aching severely with the prolonged lack of release. She reached down to give herself a few rubs as unselfconsciously as if she were scratching an itch. Instantly she was consumed with a full, unrestricted, amazing, orgasm. It took every last bit of strength she had left.

She started to fall forward in collapse, but Charlie and Martin grabbed her and helped her out from between the two halves of the maiden's bell shape. She wasn't completely with it as they half-walked, half-carried her towards the left and front of the annex. It only occurred to her after a few steps that she was completely naked. At this point, she decided it was the least of her worries. The cold air of the annex was a bigger concern, but she was OK for now. She didn't know where they were taking her and seemed to have a plan. Hopefully it would include fetching her clothes and purse. More importantly, she needed something to drink and a warm place to sleep. Her legs were very wobbly from the extended kneeling in the maiden. The walking was a strain and she started to feel faint again. Charlie and Martin were ready and kept her from falling as she collapsed again.

Consciousness returning, Sue realized her freedom had been short-lived. She awoke restrained in a different apparatus. Her neck and wrists were trapped in wooden stocks, technically a pillory. The fit was tight. She pulled at her wrists and clearly they were not going to come loose even if she was willing to lose some skin. Her body was bent at the waist and held parallel to the floor. With her neck trapped in the wooden frame, she felt like some kind of farm animal waiting in the barn to be milked or bred.

She tried to look up, but she could not lift her head up very far. Her best view was of the floor. Turning her head sideways wasn't much better though she could see a few recognizable objects in her blurry vision. Martin still had her glasses. Nevertheless, she knew exactly where she was now. She had seen plenty of this device from her time in the sex maiden, positioned to the left from her former prison, a ways closer to the door.

As suspected, when she tried to move her hips, she felt a wooden beam crosswise under her body, in the crook between her hips and the top of her thighs. It prevented her from bending at the knees and forced her hips up. Also expected, her ankles were locked far apart in their own wooden stocks near the floor. She became completely conscious of the lewd presentation she was making from behind. No doubt from the rear her fully engorged labia and perhaps her firmly budded clitoris were fully on display. To add to the embarrassment, she was completely conscious of the glistening wetness which would be visible. The shaved-bald fleshy roundness of her vulva was clearly exposed between her legs saying "take me."

Was that what Martin and Charlie had in mind? One of them could be right behind her now ready to thrust into her. The whole thing didn't seem in character for them. What are they up to? Why had they restrained her?

Her body was still happy to be out of the maiden. The stretched position felt achingly good. In the next moment, the pleasures were forgotten. The distraction of her thirst, hunger and exhaustion quickly took the forefront of her attention, even over the cold air. Her body wanted to collapse on a soft bed to get some sleep.

The natural and largely irresistible reaction to free oneself kicked in. She struggled every which way testing each bond. At first she was scientific and methodical--each wrist, each ankle, push, pull, twist. Anger and frustration started to build. The slightly rough wood promised pain and skin damage if she forced the issue. She took some deep breaths and forced herself to calm down, trying to relax as much as possible so as not to go into a frenzied strugglefest.

From her right, she heard footsteps. A feeling of panic shot through her and she almost launched into that strugglefest after all, but then she heard Martin's voice.

"I guess I won't need these smelling salts. You weren't out long. Don't worry, this will be done quickly then you can get something to eat and drink then some sleep."

"What the hell is this all about? I thought I could trust you!" Sue said just short of yelling. She did not expect that reaction to come from herself. It just popped out before she even knew that the madwoman within her had awoke too. "I could have died in that thing and you both act like you just got back from the movies."

"I know how it appears. It's unfortunate."

Martin paused. Sue waited, slowly calming a little.

"Let me just ask you one question. Why did you lock yourself in that apparatus?"

The question snapped Sue out of it for a minute. She didn't want to answer while somehow knowing she wasn't going anywhere until she did. Thinking about it, she realized how bad it might look. They might think she had a death wish or something.

"I became obsessed. It was all I could think about. I got unbelievably horny and it seemed like one of the only things that would satisfy me. It was like I couldn't help myself. I didn't plan to lock myself in. It was an accident. I really don't know what got into me. It was so unprofessional"

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"You didn't think about the danger for a minute?"

Martin was undeterred. He just wanted to know the answer, no judgement, no implications. He continued in the same even-toned voice, "If Bill and Cindy hadn't happened along, you probably would have died."

"I knew it was possible, but that added to the thrill," Sue admitted, still not sure why she did. It was like someone had shot her full of truth serum. "For some reason, I never really felt like anything dangerous could happen."

She heard another set of footsteps approach from straight ahead.

"Charlie, you were right. Her normal inhibitions are affected. She is a danger to herself same as what happened with Maggie."

Charlie didn't reply immediately.

"I was afraid of that. A positive sign nonetheless, she is clearly under Nuymean influence. Does she show the other symptom?"

"Let's find out." Martin asked, "Sue, are you a virgin?...been with a man?"

The question shocked Sue--way too private of a question. She was embarrassed to be a virgin at her age, but she had taken many years of college very seriously, probably too seriously. Boyfriends had not been part of the plan.She had never had the real thing inside her. She knew she should be outraged, but it also seemed to be a perfectly natural question for some reason. The answer seemed to be burning on her tongue. Saying it suddenly seemed the only way to quench it's heat.

"Yes," she squeaked. She could not see Charlie or Martin to gauge their reaction.

Martin simply asked another question, "Does being restrained arouse you?"

Again, Sue felt that initial shock. Another inappropriate question that should have incited her to anger, but didn't. She answered without even thinking, "Yes, it made me lustful more than anything else I've ever experienced." She couldn't believe she told them that.

Charlie continued, "I think we need to follow through with our plan."

"Absolutely," Martin confirmed. "She seems more advanced than Maggie was at this point. Maggie didn't reach this level until after she had been training for a few months.

"I'll find one if you want to get her purse and clothes. You better stay with her. You have that measuring tape?"

Charlie measured around her waist.

"29 and half inches."

Sue wanted to ask what he was doing when Martin interjected first. Either way, she knew they were going to put her into something, but what?

"Unfortunately, this is all necessary. I hope you understand. Don't worry, it won't take long. I'll get your stuff, be back in a couple minutes."

Sue was more than a little disturbed by her own behavior. Why had she answered them like that? They were right that something was up with her. She didn't have full control. Somehow she was being influenced. Looking at it now, the very idea of putting herself between the two halves of the sex maiden seemed like a really dumb move, but she had not been afraid at the time. Somehow nothing actually scared her right now. Clearly, her sense of detachment wasn't coming just from her own state of mind. She still couldn't convince herself that any of this was all that important in the long run. She simply trusted that it would work in the end.

Her scientific mind was having a hard time finding a rational explanation for her own behavior. She didn't believe for a second that she was being brainwashed or going crazy. She couldn't see how she was under the influence of any substances. The explanation had to be in common with the other unsolved occurrences she had experienced. This was no different a problem than how the wooden crate and been placed back under her feet or how she got the glyph tattoo--something extra was going on outside the evidence available. She needed to find more clues to have a chance of figuring it out. The best way to get more information was to keep going, to continue with the Nuymean rituals and training.

A few minutes later, Martin returned. He was out-of-sight to her right somewhere.

"I has wondering why your purse was so heavy. Nothing like 3 or 4 kilograms of lusterite."

He must be talking about the Nuymean phallus. She didn't know how to respond. He didn't seem to care if she responded anyway. She felt more violated by him going through her purse than being naked and exposed. Between the interposed boards of the stocks and her inability to turn her neck, she could only guess what he was doing.

"This other device is interesting...and used recently. It looks very high tech with the remote control and all. The shape reminds me of an octopus or squid. I bet this explains a lot of your odd behavior lately."

Sue held her breath. Martin could easily reinsert the squid. She was on the verge of panic, but didn't want to give him any ideas.

"Would you like me to reinsert this stimulator?" Martin asked, immediately playing to her fears, while also completely naive to what he was really asking. "Perhaps this is why your training has been so successful."

Despite the horrific dread, Sue almost answered "yes" immediately. The idea was still very tempting to her suddenly raging libido, but she didn't think she could handle being subjected to the evil little thing again. Through shear force of will, finally, she was able to force out the words, "No, absolutely not, please don't."

"I want you to tell me all about this squid device or I will insert it back into you and figure it out for myself," he said in a commanding tone.

On some kind of autopilot, she was telling him about Steph, the instruction manual, the lock down mode--everything--before she could stop. Why? She had no idea. Still, it was compulsive. She could not stop. When she did it was almost like physical pain. For some reason the secret wasn't important enough to resist the imagined consequences. It seemed really important that he know. When she was done, it was a great sense of relief, like finally confessing a crime.

Martin paused as if considering.

"This squid device must really be something for you to still be worried about it. The traditional techniques should be sufficient without chancing something like this. I'm not sure the Nuymeans had this type of technology in mind anyways."

Martin paused and walked around her like he was checking her condition, or, perhaps her restraints.

"You could have died in that sex maiden, but look now at how you are already dripping with lust and ready for more. Your body is definitely responding to the training...and rapidly. I suppose that's good."

She didn't want to tell Martin that she had masturbated at least once a day since her early teens. Her responses were not all that different than they had been for years--from nothing to "ready to fuck a hairbrush" in 5 minutes flat.

She heard the unmistakable sound of the pump on her bottle of lube. As she opened her mouth to ask, she got her answer from the other direction. The cold lusterite head of the phallus was pressing between her swollen nether lips. With firm and deliberate pressure, it was soon penetrating her slowly and completely. She could not move away from it in the slightest. Despite the cold metal, it still felt amazing and comfortable after the rubber phallus of the sex maiden; she let out an involuntary gasp.

"It fits rather well. Probably didn't need the lube," observed Martin. "You of all people might appreciate your circumstances more with a little history lesson. These are the stocks of Rochfort the Bastardmaker, circa late 1300s perhaps early 1400s. They have been on loan from a forgotten castle museum in France since the annex display was created. Seems like they don't want them back at this point--a part of their past they would rather the tourists didn't see. Rochfort used his nobility to assert the right of driot du seigneur perhaps more than any other man in history. Modern historians like to deny how much the practice actually went on. Evidence such as these stocks has been quietly hidden away to create a "lack of evidence." Hard to tell how many young brides lost their virginity on their wedding night restrained in this device, at least a hundred, probably more."

Martin was doing something to the supports of the stocks. She felt her head and wrist restraints being lowered. Her ass was still held in position by the wooden crossbar so the end effect was to push her ass up in the air as she was bent lower. With the new angle, the Nuymean phallus slipped deeper into her vagina from its own weight.

"Aside from bastardizing the first born males to ruin their land claims, Rochfort also liked to actually get the young women pregnant. The lower-angled position created a downhill slope for help his seed to find its mark, at least that was the intent. After he deflowered a young woman, he would leave her in these stocks overnight while gravity did it's work. He usually visited them several more times during the night for added measure."

Sue was outraged at how these women were treated--an appalling new level of degradation she was unfamiliar with. She was now getting her own first-hand taste. Her own legs spread open in re-enactment. Her own untested passage exposed and threatened, easily available to Charlie or Martin should they choose. The most infuriating part of all was not what she expected: her level of sexual frustration was increasing and she could do nothing to bring herself off. A young woman of the past would have been helpless, exposed and displayed, waiting to be penetrated for the first time by some petty feudal lord instead of her newlywed husband. The effect was making her so horny that all her other bodily aches and problems were largely forgotten.

The heavier-than-lead lusterite phallus--9.1 pounds of it--was the focus of her thoughts, a unique torment as her sex was forced to hold it inside. She could feel her muscles tensing against the weight and the slightly challenging size. Women weren't built to bear such weight in their pussies she thought, not at this angle. Her body was starting to remember just how exhausted and tortured it was. She tried rocking back and forth to work the phallus, but the pleasant friction needed was not happening. She needed some in and out motion but could not move in that direction.

Sue heard Charlie's heavy work shoes echoing closer before he spoke.

"I'm having a hard time finding something that should be a good fit. With a collection that size, I thought it would be easier. Can this crossbar slide forward?"

Sue couldn't take it any longer and asked, "What are you going to do?" She was ignored.

Martin did something underneath and Sue felt the bar slide forward under her stomach in short order. The new position was not an improvement. With her neck trapped in the stocks, she could not slide forward or backward. She could bend her legs and lower her waist some now, but the added range of motion made little real difference. Worse was the pressure of the crossbar directly into her stomach. She would not want to be forced hard into the bar from this position.

"We've decided to put you in a chastity belt."

Charlie paused letting his words register. Sue's thoughts ran off in different directions immediately. She didn't know how she felt about it herself so didn't know how to react. She didn't want her sex locked up--or did she? Before she could think about what to say to them, she felt cold metal circle her waist. Despite some pulling and straining, the circle did not close tightly enough.

"If your sex is inaccessible, then you should be able to resist doing something dangerous. We don't need a repeat of something as dangerous as the sex maiden. Also, your virginity must remain intact. In your current state, you just might do something regretful."

Sue could see some kind of logic in it, but that didn't make it right. What did they think was going on with her that they decide she needed to be locked up?

"Is this really necessary? What do you mean about protecting my virginity?" she asked tentatively.

Charlie continued to pull and push different metal belts at her waist. He was trying various pieces of hardware one right after another. When he pressed one cold metal device against her shaved mound, she suddenly felt the severity of what they were going. If she was horny before, she was completely red hot now.

"Maggie thought that the reason she failed the final trial was that she was not a virgin. Maybe, maybe not, but we can't take that chance. You clearly have no inhibitions left."

Charlie didn't seem to be having any luck with the fit.

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"There are bigger belts, but they are a lot bigger. I'm also not sure anything bigger wouldn't slide down her hips. She's a bit too...full figured."

Sue could appreciate the diplomacy at least. Martin came up with the next idea.

"There are also some corsets over there. Let's see if we can come up with something that will emphasize her hips enough that the belt cannot be pulled down."

A minute or two after they left, Sue started to work her hips again trying to get some stimulation. She could feel a little sensation, but most of what she felt was her own muscular tensing around the weight inside her. The bar still held her hips up high enough that gravity was still pushing the phallus forward.

Without warning, she felt a rough manly finger on her clit. Her whole body tried to bolt upright at the sudden invasion. All it did was hurt the back of her neck. She gasped in pleasure instead of crying out. The finger was joined with another and then part of a hand was up against the bottom of her cheeks as the gentle, incredible, massage continued. She almost came immediately, but the fingers were too skilled for that. They were not letting her come deliberately, working around her hardened nub. She was breathing hard. Her own heat banishing the cold air of the annex from her body.

Looking as low as she could, she saw the legs of a guard uniform with matching black shoes. It could only be one person: Bill. She was now utterly mortified. He was gauging her every reaction. His other hand started cupping her left breast--a little roughly--as he moved close to her left side. Her nipples were firm from the cold and the arousal. He started teasing and rolling her left nipple while he continued to work her clit with his right hand. She felt him brush up against her side and could feel his hard on.

Abruptly, he stopped. She was getting ready to scream for Charlie and Martin. They might put an end to her pleasure, but it would better than being taken by Bill. Just as she was about to go ballistic, she felt the soft touch of silk fabric against her pussy. He was wiping her clean with it, being careful to sop up all her juices. He took his time working the fabric against her hot lustful parts. He must have wanted her clean and neat. She could still see the bottom of his pants. He seemed to be keeping them on, but for how long?

To her relief and also her disappointment, Bill walked around to her side where she could see him. Her flirty panties with the kisses and floral print, those confiscated by Charlie, were in his hands. He was putting them back in a plastic bag. Apparently, he had everything he wanted already.

"This will be a prized part of my collection, now especially. Charlie sure knows how to bribe a guy. I would have helped either way. Once I discovered that Cindy was the spy, I knew I was wrong about you."

Sue had no words. Her body was doing the speaking to her instead. Past history seemed trivial at the moment.


"Yes, Doctor."



"Please...do I need to say it? I'm begging you."

"What is it that you want Sue? In your condition, I wouldn't be right if you are saying what I think you might be saying."

Sue's face turned bright red, but that was the end of her embarrassment. Her trust was complete. There was a plan for her. She now understood her detachment. It was time for acceptance. A vision quest achieved, she saw a glimpse of the path before her, like a bright light on the road to Damascus, and knew her life was going to change.

"Oh, that's not...yes...thanks...I appreciate your respectfulness. Please continue as before. That's what I meant. Before they come back to lock my cunt away, please make me come."

Chapter 13: An Element of Faith (added: 2013/03/30)

Now Sue wasn't sure of Bill's intentions or motivations, but she knew one thing for sure: she had misunderstood him. She had more unknowns than knowns to consider suddenly. Bill moved the crossbar back under her hips locking it into position. The tighter restriction and higher, more available, presentation of her ass just fuelled her lust more. All she could think now was that he was serious. What would he do next? She held her breath as he walked behind her. Her ability to speak as lost as a set of misplaced car keys.

At his touch beside her clit, she exhaled in relief. He was doing what she asked. Even more importantly, he wasn't going to leave her alone. She needed this, simple enjoyable pleasure, no machines, no electronics. His hand was magic, the ministrations a kind of art. He was perceptive of her every response anticipating her slightest reaction like he had sexual ESP. Where had he learned this? She felt transparent as well as lewdly exposed before him. Desperate for climax, any pretense of remaining dignity was cast aside. Let him think what he would. Until this was over she had no reservations, she was a total slut if that's what he cared to think. She would be her own judge, not him. With acceptance, she allowed herself to enjoy the adventure in which she found herself. After all, life was not just about science, it was also about her.

Within the confines of the stocks, her non-verbal directions were indeed slight. Regardless, he didn't miss a clue while neither of them said a word. She could hear him breathing hard in his efforts. Was that a tongue? lips? She was so wet and lubed that she wasn't entirely sure. Clearly she felt hot breath on her vulva...had to be. If only she could see what was going on back there. No, stop...put the analysis aside, just feel. Accept. Lost in the sensation, the exhaustion of her body was banished to the back of her mind. She felt, due lack of a better word, worshipped. Regardless, Bill held her on the edge. She was not allowed to come. She was ready to go completely wild.

If Sue had not been locked up tight in the stocks, she would have been the one to take Bill. She would have torn his clothes off and clamped her pussy over his manhood. Virginity? Who the fuck needs it? The Nuymeans were the most sexual culture in the history of the world. Would they care about virginity? Hell no! Maybe the other way around, their gods might think less of a virgin.

Wow, what a thought, that was the first time she had ever thought about being the aggressor in a sexual situation. Her mind was clearly being affected. Maybe just because she had never been pushed to these extremes before. Perhaps she was delirious and physically in much worse shape than she thought. She was quite aware of primitive rituals, rights of passage, the vision quest and how extremes of the body could create extremes of the mind; archaeology is a specific branch of anthropology after all. The torture of pleasure she was currently enduring added an intensity that was definitely an extreme of the body in addition to her exhaustion, hunger, thirst and soreness from the sex maiden.

The heavier than lead weight of the phallus inside her was a relentless excitement of its own. Her vaginal muscles were constantly tensing due its size and weight. Bill now turned his attention to it as well. Never giving her enough stimulation to climax, he would lift the phallus from underneath, manipulating it indirectly through her flesh by pressing against her smooth-shaved pussy. He never touched the metal directly. His warm, firm hand providing temporarily relief from the heavy metal only for him to let the phallus drop slowly to give relentless gravity its turn.

Bill found just the right motion to work the phallus, pressing on her mound while at the same time massaging her clit. The weight moving and shifting on the inside while her love bud was teased on the outside caused a build up of sensation all through her sex.

Suddenly she found a voice. Perhaps not her own voice, but a voice.

"Bill, please. Can you please take me? Will you just get on with it and fuck me?"

Sue had closed her eyes, but immediately opened them. She felt additional hands. Her nipples were being gently rolled between strong fingers. Alternately, her breasts were palmed and massaged. She sensation was getting to her. From the horizontal position, her swelling breasts felt heavy and full. Each touch seemed to connect directly to her pussy fueling her lust.

She saw more feet and legs beneath the stocks. Charlie and Martin had returned and were standing on each side of her. She closed her eyes again as she felt the first contractions of a body shattering orgasm begin. She would have climaxed long ago if her body had not been so used and depleted.


Sue screamed in shock and pain. Someone had spanked her bare ass with an open hand at just the precise moment. The pain had stopped her climax in its tracks, but embarrassment was first on her mind. What would they think now after hearing her ask Bill to fuck her? Before she could formulate any words, a new climax was already building.

She heard Martin whispering, "Bill, Bill?"

She heard Bill whisper back almost immediately. Apparently they think she can't hear them. "I'm OK, what the fuck happened? I just came over here and couldn't control myself."


A second slap stopped her again. This time from the other side on the other ass cheek. She hadn't thought it possible, but now she was even more turned on than before. Her whole body felt like it was on fire with pent up sexual energy, like it was made of plastic explosive waiting for the phallus inside her to trigger detonation.

Charlie spoke first. His tone of voice was a bit stern. "Go ahead."

She felt someone squeeze and twist her left nipple. As soon as her mouth opened to cry out, she could feel the rubber ball of a gag being shoved in her mouth deftly and firmly. They only took a moment to fasten the strap around her head pulling the ball in even deeper. She was really starting to loathe gags, but somehow being gagged made her feel even more aroused. She was starting to like being helpless at least some. The directly primative feeling of it was something she never really appreciated before.

Her ass throbbed in pain; her breasts ached with desire; her clit throbbed with pleasure; her heart was beating out of her chest; her spine tingled with lust from head to toe; her brain prayed that they did not stop. Most of all, through the whirlwind of sensation, she felt energy radiating from the golden metal rod inside her. It was like an antenna focusing and drawing energy--powerful, sexual, energy--into the core of her body.

"She's needs another smack. She's getting close again," warned Charlie

"AAAAhhhhhh!" Sue was really getting tired of this. The denial was worse than the pain, but that last smack was the hardest yet.

"Oh I get it, the effect is broken when she's in pain like that," observed Bill.

What effect? What the are they talking about? Sue's mind raced--another puzzle. Still, the pain was doing something to her. It was clearing her mind a little. Something extra was happening that she didn't understand. What had happened to Bill? Did she do it somehow?

It didn't matter. She decided to stay with the course of action, to continue to trust that it would work out, that her life was already being orchestrated. Now she needed an element of faith that going along with what was happening was part of that plan, that the facts would reveal themselves. That just letting things happen would solve the puzzles of the Nuymeans. Yes, that was it, an element of faith! Trust in the Gods or Trust of the Gods. That was the idea the glyph on her chest was trying to convey. It was also an instruction. They were telling her to enjoy! Nothing wrong can happen if you trust and are trusted! Maybe that was the problem with Maggie. Maybe Maggie didn't let herself enjoy what was happening.

"Fuck!! Oowwww!" at least that's what she tried to say through the gag. Another orgasm interrupted. Trust didn't protect her ass from pain. She tried thrashing in the stocks, but someone had taken their hand away for a moment again, no sensation on her clit. She could feel the phallus moving back and forth, but as she rocked, it felt like it was sinking deeper towards her cervix so she stopped. The last time she hit her cervix with a dildo it hurt like hell. All she could do was to wait in frustration and anger.

Oh! Bill's hand was back working it's magic. It had to be Bill. No, not quite the same as before. Much more fumbling. The same basic technique, but none of the artistry. How could that be? Still she was getting close to climax, again.

It was Charlie who spoke next, "We didn't see this with Maggie until near the end. We need to make sure that no one is ever alone with her."

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"Are females influenced as well?" Bill asked

After a pause, Martin replied first, "I don't think so."

"Good, I have an idea then."

"The phallus inside her must act as an intensifier somehow," interrupted Martin.

Charlie agreed, "I think we still need to keep it inside her as much as possible to amplify her development. The young Nuymean girls had years to get into shape. Our good Doctor has a lot of making up to do."

She heard the swish coming this time. "Unnnnnh!" Fuck did that hurt. Damn. They must be using that guard belt again. Something about it though, it turned her on a little bit more. Her body was definitely changing. How pain like that could possibly arouse her even more...

Her brain was on spin cycle: mind-blowing sensation, abrupt pain, recovery, repeat. Each time, the intensity was higher. The pain was not cutting through the mounting lust completely anymore. Sitting down is not going to be pleasant for a good while.

"Mmmmhhh!" Already, shit. How they could tell right when to hit her was a mystery, but they were doing it each and every fucking time. Why couldn't they just let her freakin' come?

The tension traveled from her neck down her spine. She fought to straighten against the wood beam forcing her ass into the air. If only she could relieve the knot she felt like she was tied in. Her legs tensing from strain were the final torment, she ached to close them. Her nipples and clit ached so much she felt every heartbeat as an intimate throb. She didn't know it was possible to be so aroused and so unable to do anything about it.

There was no slap this time. Charlie and Martin stepped back. Oh yes, nine times had passed. The symbolic count had not been lost on her. Bill let the weight of the phallus drop suddenly and a bit too forcefully for her liking. That detonator was triggered despite the pain and the explosion rocked every part of her body. The spasms shook every muscle. Her legs twitched uncontrollably with the involuntary exertion.

She gave out a guttural moan. A moan of profound depth originating from so far down within her that it felt like her soul escaping. The climax was half pleasure, half pain, all ecstasy. While her body reacted, she had a moment of pure clarity. A flash of pure and proper rightness. The Nuymeans were right. Sex and the Sacred should never be separated.

Collapsed in the stocks, movement woke Sue up. Sue felt Charlie, Martin and Bill working on her body. Her fuzzy awareness was an afterglow of complete peace and contentment mixed with utter exhaustion and physical inability, They were pulling and tugging on a mission. She was drifting in and out of consciousness, trying to stay awake with futility.

...tighter...there...under the flap, yes...that's it...double knot it...here...SNAP...hold it there...here's the lock...she seems out...give it a pull, make sure it doesn't come off...no, she's with us a little...I warmed it up on the heating register...inventory tag?...all set, coded and activated...lube?...yeah, load her up...tighter, up between her ass cheeks...this lock seems kind of big...yeah, only one that fits...she's not going to be getting this thing off any time soon...CLICK...OK, all secure...legs first, she probably won't be able to stand...ready? I'm undoing the stocks...no problem...got her...here, I'll just carry her...oh, here, give me those keys, I'll take care of them...

Chapter 14: Property (added: 2013/03/30)

Sue woke comfortably on a twin bed tucked in under warm blankets like a child--at least it seemed that tender at first. Slowly awareness started to creep back in her mind. She remembered being in the stocks last. Oh yes, her ass was sore, but that was just the first hint of the sensations her body was starting to report. Drawing her attention the most was the constriction all over her midsection. She was wearing something leather; she remembered them mentioning a corset now. The fog of awaking up was clearing from her mind. Damn it's tight. No--more than that--it's really fucking tight. How did she sleep in this thing? She felt around, but there was no obvious way to undo it.

She started to swing her legs to get out of bed. The covers put up a bit of a fight as she untucked the sheets. They must have been afraid she would fall out of bed. The movement caused a new set of sensations and she froze. Something tight and hard was over her crotch and it was pulled deep into her ass crack. Oh...fuck! There was something round and wide right over her anus splitting her crack wider, not comfortable at all! She started to reach down to touch just what it was when she felt the lusterite phallus shift a little. Shit! That too? Oh! She had to admit it was quite an arousing wake-up call.

Her first touch reaching for her vulva was surprising. She found a huge mass of metal there. Some kind of plate completely covered most of her pussy. Second, a fist-sized lump of metal that felt like a round padlock was right over her clit. All of this was overwhelming enough, but what was most maddening was that it all was making her really horny. The very idea of being locked up while penetrated was suddenly seriously thrilling to her

Sitting up was a struggle. The feeling of the metal around her crotch as she sat up wasn't something she was going to forget any time soon. She felt the metal between her ass cheeks sink in even deeper. She tried to calm herself as she tossed aside the remaining covers and stood up slowly. What could they have been thinking? Did they really think she would keep wearing this getup? Despite the corset and metal over her sex, her bare breasts and fully exposed legs still gave her a feeling of nakedness.

As she stood up, she couldn't help but notice that her feet were not sore at all even after being trapped in the high heels overnight. She could not understand how her body could adapt so quickly like that, but she must be getting use to them--not like she had any choice now anyways.

The smell of the corset hit her suddenly. Part well-tanned leather, part dive bar, part marijuana, and part sweaty gym towel was the best way to describe it, even faint traces of slutty perfume and cigarette smoke. The people who put together the fetish display that Charlie and Martin "borrowed" the corset from definitely used authentic sources. Where did they get this thing, some backstreet whorehouse or perhaps the Hell's Angels' thrift store? She will have to find out how it was stored. The technique had obviously preserved it well. The tightness was a little better once she was standing but her breathing was definitely restricted, no way that she could go around wearing this thing all the time. She would need to talk to them. She still couldn't feel any hooks, zippers or laces to undo it even after feeling around methodically.

She noticed some blurry objects on the nearby table. Thank God! Her glasses and a half-cold bottle of water. Someone had done a good job straightening the frame of her glasses. What a relief to be able to see again! Oh, there was a note too, and the book! Coming to the annex to get it seemed like a week ago. Maggie's book. She was thinking of her now as another woman who was on the same quest and not the esteemed Dr. Barnes she originally envisioned.

She cracked open the water and started drinking it down. She was hungry too, but one thing at a time. She didn't recognize the handwriting. It looked male for some reason. The note said that Cindy went to get her some clothes and that she should see Maya--wrong in so many ways starting with "Why Cindy?" Why was she left alone? Regardless, she was trapped here for now it seemed. Why they would want her to see Maya was odd. Maya did more than just take care of the displays and the cosmetics of the mannequins, but how was she involved in this? She did not like how rapidly her "private studies" were getting out. Way too many people knew far too much for her peace of mind.

She wasn't about to go out into the museum looking for Maya without clothes, especially since she would be on camera the second she left the annex. An old phone was still on the wall near the counter, but it had no dial tone. Hopefully someone would show up soon. Otherwise, she'd be raiding the fetish display looking for something to wear amongst the leather, spandex and rubber.

The metal over her pussy was hard to get a good look at without a mirror (she couldn't lean forward much with her most of her midriff all cinched up tight). It was some kind of old steel; she could feel rivets. The big round padlock over her clit hung down low. Not as low as a guy's balls, but that's what it seemed like to her--like someone had bolted a big steel ballsack on her. The big round industrial lock would be more at home on the trailer of a semi-truck than on a chastity belt.

She was in a small suite with all the essentials including a kitchenette, shower, bathroom, bed, table and a few minimal pieces of furniture. Everything had a 1970's college dorm quality and was mostly designed for function above all. Everything looked recently and hastily cleaned. She could see the swirls from the cleaning rag everywhere. The bedding was fairly fresh. She had soap, towels and what appeared to be a new mini-fridge. They were obviously intending for her to stay here. What would the museum director think of that?

The bathroom door was partially open revealing a full-length mirror on its back. She took a couple steps towards it--of course she had to look at herself--and was immediately reacquainted with the phallus inside her. Locked inside her, she reminded herself. For a moment, the sensation of penetration took over. The girth of the metal cock filled her while her vaginal muscles reflexively fought to stabilize the weight of the lusterite. Her arousal was an immediate result. She now knew it was a simple matter: she must free herself of the belt. Inaccessibility to her pleasure zone was not an option.

Pulling the door open further, Sue caught her first complete look at her accessories in the mirror. She immediately noticed how different she looked with her waist forced to a roughly hour-glass shape. She felt sexy and saw herself in a new perhaps hypersexual way. The hour-glass shape must be hardwired into women as well as men. She couldn't remember ever thinking of herself as a fetish object before except as a fantasy. Now she was thrilled with the idea, but she knew the package wasn't complete: big nose, dorky glasses, flat ass, undersize breasts...yes, back to reality.

Regardless, her reasoning begged the question whether it truly mattered. If a man was fucking you, his weight pressing down on you, cock in cunt, did he care about an inch or two on your waist any longer? How big your nose is? Biological selection based on appearance was only part of the equation was it not? How did a great fuck affect evolution? If a woman had a reputation for being loose, would she be selected more? Of course she would. If she was a great fuck was she more likely to produce offspring? Of course. Sue decided she would start to refuse society's definition of sexuality and would start to define her own like the Nuymeans.

History showed that perceptions of beauty and sexual tastes were mental and cultural, not just biological. A moment looking at renaissance marbles and older definitions of beauty was proof that those definitions can change. What did she think about herself now? She really didn't know anymore, but she was as horny as any slut could ever be--behind the steel over her pussy. She had to find a way to free herself.

She examined the corset first. The leather was heavy and stiff but felt super soft to the touch. The combination of luxurious sensuality and shape-forming restriction was artistic to her. She appreciated it. Still, it was oppressive. She knew the constant compression would be torture sooner or later. Turning to examine the back, she felt a sudden flush of emotion: anger leading the way, closely followed by frustration and then a contrasting feeling of total lust.

The laces were not visible. A locked flap covered them. A flexible rod was threaded through the flap sort of like a hinge pin. The small padlock was some kind of high security affair. The keyhole was obviously not typical and it was modern. She couldn't get a really good look since she already was twisting her body to its limits to see that much. The waistband of the chastity belt was also closed over the corset. Even if she could unlock the corset flap, she wasn't likely to get it open without first removing the belt. The corset wasn't coming off any time soon.

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She turned her attention to the belt. The forged and hammered metal was clearly ancient and well-crafted with an age appropriate patina rather than rust. She knew it was much more than that just something turned out by a village blacksmith, instead a masterpiece of its time. The metal appeared to be Ulfberht steel; the same steel that was used to make some of the best viking swords. She had seen a paper on the subject a year or two ago. Researchers were still arguing over the formula. The belt would date to 800 to 1200 AD without a doubt. In the center of the waistband, she could see one of the variations of the +vlfberh+t mark as born on those swords. This belt appeared to be a special project from an armorer or sword-maker of legendary prowess, quite likely

The heavy metal waistband was over 2 inches wide and about a half inch thick. She could not see how the waist belt was held closed. Apparently the vertical crotch band also acted as a clasp of some kind. It ran from the front of the belt down over her sex and up between her ass checks to the back. She would need to see the belt disassembled to understand how the parts connected completely.

The vertical band was very wide in front. She felt like a hubcap was riveted over her sex; the slight dome in the middle prevented her clit from touching anything. She tried getting a finger under the edge. She could get underneath a little, but there was was no way she could reach her clit or gain relief from the weight of the metal dick inside her. All she managed to do was to hurt her fingers. Her crotch was crushed tightly as the band narrowed then extended up between her ass checks. Feeling around, she noticed a urination hole and remembered the defecation hole--neither of which she was looking forward to using. The metal flared around her anus unpleasantly. She wished the band was a little more narrow as it went between her legs too. She could feel the edge of the plate on the insides of her legs a bit when she tried to walk.

She pulled at the industrial padlock in frustration. She would liked to have seen the original version. Not all of the ancient padlocks were large affairs. By the time the Vikings were making them, most were smaller than the monstrosity she was wearing. Still, they must have located the hasp for the lock where they did so that it could hidden under a skirt. She pulled at the lock again...out of ideas. She had doubts about whether bolt cutters could even get her out of the belt.

In the end, she was just frustrated and horny from the efforts to free herself. Looking more closely, she saw Nordic runes on the faceplate. She wasn't an expert in Nordic runes, but it seemed to be something like "Property of Kjar"--great, just great, a chastity belt with a Viking seal of approval.

She stared at the mirror with a sense of disbelief at the woman looking back. The prim and proper academian that composed her self-identity most of her life, what she thought was her true self, was slipping away. The woman in the mirror was both her and not her: a sexual display and a woman locked up, forever marked on the chest. How did it all happen so fast? She still needed that former self, the former self which would record the results and write the publications, the self needed to be the objective observer, the self which would keep her safe and in control. She must not be lost in this process.

Could the scientist observer still be objective as the subject of their own experiment? Perhaps that was a pitfall of Participant Archaeology. Too late either way, the experiment was well underway. Ahead of her was a path that was undeniable, and equally unavoidable. She was starting to believe this accidental destiny to become a Nuymean priestess was perhaps her one great moment in life. Like Achilles, she must choose to pay the price of glory or accept obscurity. She would chose glory. All doubt was gone. The person in the mirror, horny and locked up, was her; not a new her, but a discovered self that had been there all along, a sexual being previously denied. A self that was learning to enjoy and cherish sex and not try to hide and deny it because of some culturally programmed guilt.

A week ago, she would have chosen the quiet and safe path. Now everything was different. Her experience in the sex maiden and the bastard-maker stocks was truly life changing--it was the acceptance. The acceptance that comes from looking death in the face and being reminded of life's priorities. Yes, acceptance was the missing piece of her mental puzzle. Reality was not what she wanted it to be. Reality is a perception of current events. She was a part of a much more interconnected world than she previously would have acknowledged. She had gone beyond Participant Archeology. Now her own life was the experiment. At least she wasn't in this alone anymore even if more people than she wanted knew what she was up to.

She turned from the mirror thinking about what she would do next while waiting. She had seen other suites like this one in older parts of the museum, usually reused for some other purpose. Back in the day, a Curator could stay right in the museum, immersed in their work. This one seems to have been left intact or perhaps recently restored. A couple of large windows looked down on the main floor containing the "Herstory" exhibit. Daylight poured through the frosted glass windows high on the opposite wall. She had lost all sense of time lately, but knew she must have slept a long time. She easily located the sex maiden and the bastard maker stocks. They looked like nothing had even happened despite the profound moments she had there. No one was in sight and the lights had been turned back off. She looked all around and did not see her purse or her clothes anywhere from the window.

She could use something to eat and some washing up while she waited. Checking around, she quickly found breakfast had been left for her. The coffee maker was a good place to start. Exactly 3 packets of Splenda, or what she called "fake sugar," and 2 small fat-free single-serving creamer cups were left for her. She found a small package of cereal for the main course. In the fridge was a small cup of cut strawberries, a half-pint of skim milk and a low-fat vanilla yogurt. None of it was what she wanted, but it was all stuff she could stand to eat since she had to. She was hungry enough to eat anything at this point anyways. Some bacon and eggs as part of an otherwise hearty breakfast was more of what she had in mind. The food selection looked carefully planned. Someone was putting her on a diet.

She took her time nursing her food. The coffee was disappointing, but still fit the bill. She started looking at Maggie's book, being careful to keep it clear of stray breakfast damage. A few of the Nuymean glyphs where a bit of a guess. She really needed to get a computer down here. Most of it made sense though.

The next step for her, and the next glyph on her chest she presumed, was an elaborate ritual of rebirth--the glyph could also mean transformation perhaps. She would need quite an assortment of the liquids and herbal solutions which Maggie had prepared. Now it made sense why Maggie had been so meticulous with them. A lot of the ritual was not explained. The book said little more than how to arrange the items on the large stone circle down here in the annex. She was then to lock herself in the holds and wait to see what happened. No clue about what that would be was anywhere in the book. Still, she trusted the process. Holy shit! She had to get moving. The whole thing needed to be done on the winter solstice. The first day of spring was only four days away!

Breakfast was a lot more filling than she thought until she realized that the corset was having an effect on the size of her stomach and her bowels. The coffee was having an affect on her bladder too. She tried waiting, but soon had no choice. She was going to find out just how it felt to relieve herself in a chastity belt. The thought that she was probably the first woman to do so in this belt in over 800 years didn't make this experiment in Participant Archaeology any more attractive. She was going to kill those guys when she caught up with them. This was not funny.

Chapter 15: The Mother of... (added: 2013/05/22)

Sue was in her own world, immersed in Maggie's book. She practically had the thing memorized at this point, but she was trying to read between the lines. If Dr. Barnes had left any hidden clues, Sue couldn't find them. She had no idea what would happen to her during the second rite and what the trial would be. The obscurity must be by design. She simply needed to wait and see what would happen--not an approach she was happy with at all.

In her mind, she was committed to the process; she would meet the challenge of becoming a Nuymean priestess. Her decision was already made. Not knowing the price she would pay--there was always a price, wasn't there? The general lack of information was a concern, but she was passed the point of no return. She felt a sense of finality that made her stomach do flip flops. Her trust was simply expected. Part of the test? Yes, she would face it. Would she measure up? She might fail to meet the expectations of those around her, but she vowed that she would not fail herself. Priestess or failed science experiment? The outcome would tell her: real or imagined, delusion or phenomenon, potential greatness or obscurity.

Several sections of the text had ritualistic language in them along with notes on pronunciation. In all of Dr. Barneses' writings, this was the first mention of how Nuymeanic was actually spoken. How did Maggie know what it sounded like? Regardless, Sue repeated each section over and over, sounding out the words. She knew that she would need to speak them for the ritual, but for what kind of audience?

The Viking chastity belt was a serious distraction. The lock kept clunking around on the chair. She had to lift it up when she sat down to get it out of the way. It made her feel like some ill-mannered ranch hand adjusting his balls.

Her naked breasts and mostly naked body gave her a constant feeling of exposure which reminded her of her predicament just as much as the relentless squeeze of the corset. In the end, the effect made her just plain horny. Something about the confinement and lack of access to her own body was making her crazy. A few months ago, masturbation was just a basic needs thing like washing her hair. Now sex was an obsession. She would get on her knees and beg to be released from the belt if that's what it would take. She never wanted to come so badly in all her life, never thinking of sex as an urgent need before.

Somehow she focussed on the book through it all. It was the fear. Phrases like, "I now give my body up to the service of the gods," and "May the gods find me worthy to possess," tended to catch one's attention. She practiced saying them over and over hoping her Nuymeanic was correct. Most certainly, getting such a ritual wrong would be a really bad idea.

She must be ready for the solstice and the second rite despite the short time frame. If this was her life's moment, she was going to grab it with both hands. Waiting another year was not an option she even wanted to think about. She was already formulating a plan. Not only did she want to approach the ritual properly as its subject, she also needed to attend properly to the science involved. She would start by examining the Nuymean ritual circle on the other side of the annex. Chances were slim to none that anyone would see her semi-naked.

As soon as she could get some clothes, Sue would go upstairs to the storage room holding all of the prepared liquids, gels and herbal solutions. She would prepare samples to send off for analysis, especially the main preparations used in the ritual. The more she knew about them the better. The book didn't say what they did, but she knew that they would be mostly likely applied to her body. They weren't lamp oil and incense.

Next, she would look through the other records for more information, now that she had a little better idea what to look for. There had to be more to go on. For example, an ally would conduct the ritual. What or who was the ally? Where did they come from? Some kind of avatar? The book raised more questions than it answered. It was mostly a set of illustrations, hieroglyphs and detailed instructions with no reason or purpose explained.

A knock at the door startled Sue. Finally! She got up carefully to answer the door. The heavy lusterite phallus shifted inside her. She couldn't help but to pry at the ancient steel of the belt once again compulsively--she still had one or two unbroken finger nails. Her goal was only a few millimeters behind the ancient steel, but it may as well have been a mile. Once again she pounded the plate in frustration barely managing to rattle the industrial lock hanging at her crotch. None of the sensation reached the right areas. She stood up straight, trying to look nonchalant, but inside all she felt was humiliation.

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When she opened the institutional steel door, Sue found Maya waiting anxiously, a little out of breath, wearing her typical tight jeans and long-sleeved top. As usual, her make-up was impeccable. The colder air from the annex poured into the warm suite. Suddenly she was extremely conscious of her naked breasts as her nipples immediately reacted to the draft. She wanted to cover herself, but realized it would betray the embarrassment and insecurity she really felt. She motioned Maya inside so that she could close the door. It definitely felt awkward being mostly naked around someone fully dressed.

Maya was bursting to speak. "I got here as soon as I could. Bill didn't give me much warning before taking off. I guess you all had quite a night last night."

Sue had the impression that Maya was fishing for more details about what happened, maybe they didn't tell her everything. "I don't remember some of it very well, but I can't wait to catch up with those guys for locking me up and leaving me here like this. Please tell me you have the key to this stuff?"

"I'm sorry sweetie, but they had good reason. Don't worry, it'll be over with before you know it, and I'll help you as much as I can."

Not the answer Sue was looking for. "What is that supposed to mean? I can take care of myself. Good reason? This is ridiculous," she fumed.

"So you don't know? I guess you couldn't. You never heard what happened with my Mom."

Whoa! How did she miss that? Sue's head was spinning, but she didn't want to act like she didn't know. She couldn't be talking about anyone else. Maya was the daughter of Dr. Maggie Barnes? Sue could see Charlie's features in her face now. Did everyone else know? Things like this reminded her just how much of a geek she really could be, serious density. She had to start paying attention to last names. Sue didn't want to let on that she didn't know the relationship and tried to keep her best poker face.

"What happened?"

Maya took a deep breath. "After a lot of training, women start to go through a process my Mom called alignment. They start to channel an effect, like an aura, when they have a lusterite phallus inside. I know its not scientific, but it happens with observable results. The aura can influence the mind. Men's sexual desires can be completely consumed by the power of it. The guys doubted they could resist for long if any of them was alone with you. With women, the aura is more of an individual thing affecting only the woman penetrated. My Mom said it physically affected a woman's brain."

Affected the brain? More than a bit scary. Sue remembered the strange events with Bill last night. Maybe that's what happened. None of this was mentioned in the writings. Eureka! Like a flash, Sue had a realization. The lack of men in the Nuymean works and artifacts: this had to be why.

Sue immediately had serious doubts about a possible scientific basis for this aura, but Maya and the guys obviously believed in it and so did the Nuymeans. Perhaps it could be some kind of psychosomatic phenomenon like certain voodoo believers experience, imagined but real to the subject. Regardless, it was a question that needed an answer; she clearly experienced something first-hand the other day. At least, she thought she did.

Where to start? Were they all trying to set her up? She had to allow for that possibility even though she had no reason whatsoever to believe this was all an elaborate hoax. If it were, then how they pulled it off raised even more questions than it answered. What was the motivation anyways? Unlikely.

Could there be a delusion here? Possibly. They all could believe in Nuymean mythology so much that their judgement could not be trusted. Sue certainly wasn't sure if she could trust her own judgement after the ordeal in the sex maiden. She was in and out of consciousness during those events and now Maya was talking about brain alteration. Once again, Sue needed to be both objective observer and participant--not an easy task. If it were a collective delusion, she shared at least some of it.

How could contact with the metal of the phallus change anything? The phalluses are solid metal after all...or are they? She made a mental note to perform a density analysis. Perhaps there could be a device inside. Any internal device would need to be very small given the obvious weight of the phalluses, no hint of hollowness. The only other similar phenomena she could think of was the supposed effects of wearing copper bracelets, crystals, and things like that--scant evidence of any truth to be found. There are documented reactive metals though, like nickel with jewelry allergies, rarely cobalt, chromium. It seemed doubtful that lusterite was reactive at all, though, given its density.

Sue realized that Maya had paused waiting for her. "So, how does this all of that relate to your Mother?"

"My Dad got too close to the aura. They didn't even know each other beforehand. Don't you see? The belt is for your own good. My Mom almost died trying to complete the rites and then ultimately failed because she was pregnant. Pregnant with me! You might not know it, but you need all the help you can get." Sue had never seen Maya so emotional.

"So that's why they sent you to see me, because you're immune to the aura and have the wrong equipment to knock me up?"

"It's true that they doubt they could resist the effect of the aura without help, but that's not the main reason I'm here. There is more that you need to know. Mainly I'm here because everyone thought I was the best one to hold your key."

"Look, for one thing, I have a birth control implant. I don't need anyone locking me up to keep my from getting pregnant."

Maya seemed a bit surprised at that. "Really? You have a boyfriend?"

Sue was a bit annoyed at Maya's reaction, but she understood, maybe. "No, nothing like that. When I was in the field, you couldn't always get pills or anything like that. Things could get out of hand. I was almost gang raped once even. I had to hide in a ditch to get away. My faculty advisor suggested I protect myself clear back when I was finishing up my PhD. I've just never stopped. I stopped getting a period and don't want it back."

Maya seemed a little hesitant. "I'm not sure if that really changes things. You've already been a danger to yourself with the sex maiden for one thing."

"Don't worry, I've learned that lesson."

"Like I started to say, it's not just about men and pregnancy. This alignment thing I mentioned is no joke."

Sue was starting to get a bad feeling about this. She actually thought of tackling Maya right then to take the key from her physically, but she didn't even know if Maya had it with her for sure. She also wasn't sure if the element of surprise would be enough to overpower her. Maya was more athletic and a few inches taller than her.

"Nuymean acolytes would go through alignment as part of their training before they even reached the first rite. The lusterite phalluses act like some kind of hyper-sexual amplifier and tap into some kind of mental power. The aura results indirectly. I'm surprised you didn't read about it in your research."

"I only saw a couple indirect references to something like that. Maybe the Nuymeans regarded it as common knowledge so didn't record anything extra. I'm also surprised your Mom didn't write about it. I need to know what else she told you that isn't recorded."

"She learned a lot from the actual dig site and her attempts to complete the rites. I didn't realize that so little of it was written down, but I guess it makes sense. You have to remember she was paranoid and didn't understand a lot of it either--and she did fail to become a priestess in the end. Government agents were checking in on her regularly because of the military interest in lusterite. There was even a Cold War program regarding psychics and remote viewing that was interested. She thought they might confiscate everything someday. This book you've found here. I didn't know this existed. She never wrote down some of her important findings. She didn't want the power of a Nuymean priestess to fall into the wrong hands."

The way she said it struck Sue as a bit funny. "It sounds like something from a bad movie or a superhero comic."

Maya smiled a little, evidently out of politeness, then remained serious. "She always told me she saw something which changed her life at the old Nuymean dig site before it was destroyed. By the way, it was deliberately destroyed for secrecy. It's a carefully guarded secret that my Mother was part of that."

"I've always been suspicious of the story. More than a few times I thought about trying to go back to the location to find it. What did she see?"

"She didn't really talk about it, but there was a mural in some kind of hidden sanctum. Something she saw on that mural did it. She never even told my Dad what she saw. He denies it at least, but I believe him."

Sue needed time to pick apart this information. "I need to perform some experiments to try to isolate some of these effects for proper scientific analysis and to learn what's going on."

"That's all nice sweetie, but your alignment is well underway. It's probably too late to stop it if you used the chair as much as I suspect you did. Normally the whole thing only takes a few weeks. It's going to be a lot more difficult than you might guess."

Sue almost flipped out completely, but took a deep breath. "I can't wear this damned belt for a few weeks! No way! It's already driving me nuts and chaffing some places better left alone!"

Maya was firm. "It'll get worse before it gets better I'm afraid. You're probably horny as hell already. Let's find out. Sue, how horny are you? How uncomfortable is the chastity belt really?"

Sue couldn't believe Maya was asking that so point blank. Her answer just came out again like it did the other day when Bill questioned her. Her doubts about the effects of the aura were completely erased. "I don't know if I've ever been this horny before. The belt really is uncomfortable, but I want it off more because I'm frustrated and want to masturbate very badly."

"There, that wasn't so hard was it? Are you starting to believe that the aura is real?"

Strangely, Sue didn't feel like answering that one so didn't. "I don't know."

"See, the effect is a bit varied. My Mom said that alignment affects the frontal cortex of the brain, where inhibitions regulate behavior. Without those inhibitions, you can't help but answer certain questions. You also might do stupid things like lock yourself in a sex maiden. You have to be protected from yourself."

Perhaps Maya was right. Was this the reason she couldn't get her mind off sex? How could she make a scientific determination? "It has to be a phallus? Why don't I just wear a necklace or something?"

"My Mother tried that it just delayed alignment from occurring. Nothing works but a phallus."

"I still don't know what do think about any of this." Sue's doubts had doubts, but she also felt like there really was something going on here. There had to be a way to make sense of it. Why just a phallus?

"Still, you do see how alignment is affecting your mind?"

Sue certainly understood that something made her answer those questions, but she didn't feel forced. The answers just poured out of her. "I didn't notice anything at all until you started asking me questions."

"It has a lot to do with how the question is asked and the inhibitions involved. Only certain inhibitions related to sex and safety seem to be impacted. Others seem to be unaffected, like control of anger or the desire to eat. You could probably study just the aura alone for years, but we need to get you through alignment, one hour at a time if that's what it takes. It's not going to be easy. That's what the surprise is all about."

Sue's anxiety level kept climbing. One hour at a time. What the fuck? The big lock on her crotch said it all. Her wishes were under lock and key. Sue was starting to feel trapped. They were probably right about the dangers. Taking a deep breath, she asked Maya, "OK, let's work this out. Why do I have to be locked up? There has to be a better way."

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"Don't worry sweetie, you have help. Dr. Martin and my Dad think that if we keep you exposed to the lusterite as much as possible that the alignment will be done quickly. We can take the belt off then."

"I guess that's why they locked a phallus inside me. Nice and considerate of them. Make me get it over with. I can't even begin to say how pissed off I am right now."

"It's only natural, but you still have to get through it. We know you can do it even if you don't. My Mom said alignment was the best thing that ever happened to her, after it was over with. I feel the same way. Trust me, this is the best way to do it, fast and hard."

Sue started to move towards the small table. She needed to sit down. She needed to think. Sue hesitated, then lifted her crotch lock and sat down carefully on one of the wooden chairs. She could feel that she was still amazingly aroused despite the mental distractions. One quick touch of her clitoris would send her over the edge if steel didn't block her way. She was embarrassed that her nipples were still completely erect. Maya pretended not to notice, at least--assuming she noticed in the first place. Maya sat across from her and appeared to be thinking about what she would say.

Trust again. This time trust of her friends. Gods would trump friendship in most ideologies. Her friends could be agents of the greater plan could they not? Still, it's hard to feel your friends have your best interests in mind when they lock up your cunt. Gods, though, they don't give a fuck about your desires usually. She'd go with that for now. She was facing more of whatever predestination they had for her, if there is one. She would keep playing the game to find out. Fuck their tests.

Maya broke the silence first. "The training. Do you really know what it's all about?"

Sue had to admit she wasn't quite sure. "I originally thought it was all about sexual endurance, but now I know it's much more than that."

"Endurance is an important part of it, but you're absolutely right that it's more than that. In the end, there is some kind of bonding that takes place between the priestess and the gods. The lusterite phalluses and sexual abandon are the channel of connection along with an aid to the consummation of the union. My Mom thought of sex as the vehicle between priestess and god."

"More hidden information that I've never seen in any of the written works. I didn't realize it was also so intimately personal. Damn this thing is uncomfortable." Sue tried to adjust the waistband of the chastity belt and twisted some trying to find a little relief from the corset.

"Bill is driving off to an expert chastity belt maker about 9 hours from here to get you a custom modern belt that should be a lot more comfortable. Normally you have to order them and wait a while, but the builder is doing us a favor for a little extra cash."

Sue wasn't happy to hear that, but if she had to be locked up, then at least a modern belt should be an improvement. Oh shit, it would probably be even more secure too. Perhaps she should be grateful. Something didn't add up though. "How are they going to fit it?"

"Don't worry sweetie, they were really careful when they measured you last night. You were so exhausted you were like a dead body. They also gave you a sponge bath and a fresh depilation even. Cindy found some hair remover cream at the 24-hour drug store. The manufacturer recommends no hair whatsoever for the measurements, plus you seem to like it smooth."

Sue hadn't felt this violated since she found out about her landlord being a peeping Tom. She had an urge to launch into a complete rant, but she could see a look, which hinted of pity, on Maya's face that cooled the anger immediately.

Maya said, "I know how you probably feel, but it's all for the greater good don't you think? I hope you understand. Oh, and don't worry. You have no aura when you're out cold so nothing happened."

Sue felt even more trapped and controlled by what they had done as well as suspicious that they had drugged her. Sleeping through all of that was not like her at all. She wasn't going to flip out though. Play the game; follow the plan. Not like they hadn't already seen all the sights. She was already locked up. Nothing they were planning really made it worse. Maybe the new belt would fit well enough that she could get rid of the corset, that would be worth it.

"On a different subject, Dr. Martin, Bill and my Dad were up half the night setting up a little surprise for you, something extra to help with your training, aside from the horse. I think it will help take your mind off things for a while."

"It's not even my birthday," Sue mocked, trying to be funny, but it felt more like gallows humor. Her curiosity started to run wild immediately, in a bad way and in a good way, but more in a bad way. What would they put her through now?

Maya seemed anxious to get moving. "I think Cindy is going to be a while yet. The snow has stopped and the roads are better, but it's still slow going, and her driving isn't the greatest. I sure hope my car makes it back in one piece. She's made getting you some new clothes a bit of a personal mission. The crotch on your tights was just about worn through from the horse. Besides, I have the feeling you wouldn't be happy sporting a big lump in your tights for all to see. Cindy decided that your sweater must die as well. She said her fashion sense demanded its revenge. Did you know she was a personal shopper for a while?"

Again Sue felt her curiosity run wild, good way, bad way. What would Cindy come back with? Hopefully she wasn't going to come back with a bunch of slutwear. Still, she knew she could do better with clothes if she had some help, maybe this would be a good thing. She was actually a bit touched, but still had her doubts.

Sue's curiosity kept going. She couldn't help it. Her mind was always going. "Speaking of the horse, I'm wondering, if lusterite is so important, then how does training on the horse help? The vibrating portion of the seat was vinyl."

"Getting better endurance is still important either way, but that's just one of the seats. I'll have to show you the special one they made."

Sue instantly felt even more horny at the thought. "Oh my."

"It's better than that. It's more like 'Oh my fucking God!'"

Sue just sat there in shock for a moment.

Maya seemed to enjoy Sue's reaction. "What do you say we go try out your surprise and get you out of that belt for a little while?"

"We need to talk about that. You know that as a scientist, I need to control the experiment. I need to establish evidence and proof. There are a few things we need to find out about some of the things you've told me."

"I thought you would say that, and I already have a plan."

With surprising speed, Maya had Sue's outstretched arms strapped tightly to a black leather-padded bondage cross. Sue knew the moment that Maya led her down to the annex floor that something like that was in the plan, but she was beyond caring. Some temporary relief from the aching lust trapped under the steel between her legs would be worth it.

The bondage cross was actually a rather sophisticated circular frame of tubular metal which allowed various positions for the arms of the cross. Small pairs of hydraulic cylinders positioned the moveable arms and held them in position. The whole thing was angled slightly backwards in a lower support frame with wheels. The steel frame alone must weigh a couple hundred pounds or more. The look reminded her of commercial gym equipment. With precision welds and powder-coat paint, the cross and frame was clearly not some home-made basement toy built by a horny husband on a weekend. In fact, she wondered why it would be in the annex collection at all; it seemed more like something made recently.

"I don't remember seeing this apparatus before," Sue said.

"It's not part of the annex collection normally. Hush now sweetie. I'll explain it all to you later. I don't want to spoil the surprise." Maybe it was her imagination, but Sue thought Maya's voice sounded a little stern. She was starting to be a little intimidated by Maya.

Sue stood with her feet together, arms straight out, in a Latin cross position. A series of heavy two inch wide black leather straps were buckled along each horizontal arm. Maya had buckled each one from behind with the buckle hidden: wrist, forearm, above the elbow and lastly her upper arm just below her armpit, talk about overkill. Next, Maya buckled another strap across her upper chest, above her breasts and below her shoulders, running under her arm pits. The leather padding of the cross was soft enough that a degree of form-fitting also helped to hold her in place. Sue tested the restraints and was surprised by just how little she could move. She hadn't expected such strict treatment from Maya. She knew that there was going to be no escape from this device or from whatever the surprise was supposed to be.

Maya didn't keep going with more straps as Sue expected. Ah yes, Sue realized the straps would be in the way. Maya had paused in anticipation of removing the chastity belt before strapping down Sue's lower half. To Sue's right was a large table with all of the various straps Maya was using along with a cardboard copier paper box. Maya gave Sue a bit of a playful smirk and pulled the lid off. Maybe this was the surprise from her three male guardians?

Maya pulled out a small bundle of leather straps and buckles. When Sue saw the rubber ball and lusterite panel, she knew immediately that it was the gag she had used on herself back on the night she had inadvertently completed the first rite on the chair. How did Maya know?

Maya's grin aggravated Sue for some reason. "You seem to be enjoying this a little too much," she said.

Undaunted, Maya joked back, "Hey, it's not every day I get to tie up a naked woman and have my way with her."

Maya's casual attitude diffused Sue's aggravation but it wasn't very reassuring in the end. Maya had been a bit rough with those straps before. Sue feigned a laugh while seriously wondering about what she might have gotten herself into.

Maya was untangling the gag straps. "My Dad said to make sure I use this gag. You know the drill, silence during training."

Maybe Maya didn't know the history of that particular gag. Sue had left it in her office. At the very least, someone had a key and the nerve to get it. Somehow that whole night, running around gagged in her underwear, didn't seem so embarrassing now, but once again she felt violated. Her office was personal territory, or so she thought. Perhaps she had a little too much help from her new found friends.

Maya took Sue's glasses and put them on the table. Sue was about to argue as she saw Maya reaching towards her mouth, the ball gag leading the way. She closed her mouth quickly realizing what an easy target she had just made for that rubber ball.

Thankfully, Maya didn't seem to be in any hurry. "Go ahead say it."

Sue didn't have any other ideas. Time to shut up and get fucked. "Nothing I guess, may as well get on with it." Sue opened her mouth obediently. It felt like her own choice that way and that made it easier for her to accept.

Maya pushed the ball in firmly behind Sue's teeth and then buckled the harness straps on tightly, very tightly. Sue's feeling of helplessness was magnified. She wasn't going anywhere and any hope of influencing her situation had just been plugged with rubber. What Sue didn't understand was why the helplessness caused a corresponding magnification of her lust. Why would her body respond that way?

Maya stepped back to admire her handiwork and smiled. "Besides, I wasn't about to let you talk me out of putting the belt back on when we're done sweetie."

Sue's hopes sank. She knew where she stood now. Maya was going to stick with whatever plan her and the guys had cooked up.

The vice-like pressure of the straps around and over her head was worse than she remembered. After checking over the gag straps and the straps securing Sue's arms to the leather padded arms of the cross, Maya stepped back. "I'll be back in a few minutes with the key." She then gave Sue a wink and said, "Don't go anywhere," like it was the funniest joke in the world. Sue wanted to punch her.

With her legs still free, Sue tried to yank and pull in various directions to free herself. She felt a compulsion to test the bonds even though gaining freedom would still leave her locked up where it mattered most. Maybe struggling was a way to feel the helplessness fully? She did feel more aroused trying to escape. Trying to escape suddenly felt similar to trying to come. After a few minutes, she was sweating and out of breath. Her struggles to get free and struggles to come where both futile.

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The restriction of the corset was its own form of bondage. Even though it had a soft and somewhat breathable fabric liner, designed for long term wear, she still felt sweaty inside it and couldn't wait to get it off. She didn't even notice the cool air of the annex anymore. She was starting to hurt from the way the cross was stretching her out. Her arms were just a little too high. With the Nuymean heels, she couldn't tiptoe any higher to relieve the stretch. The discomfort of the corset and the wetness welling inside the chastity belt were quickly turning to secondary considerations by the time Maya returned. All she wanted now was to get some strain off her arms. Damn, even the discomfort of the cross seemed to be fueling her arousal. It seemed like everything made her horny.

Maya took her own fucking time walking back across the annex, at least it seemed that way to Sue. Where did she have that key stored, China? Sue thought it was odd that Maya didn't have it with her to begin with.

Maya's looked all impish and playful. She held up the key to taunt Sue a little. She leaned in close to Sue and spoke softly into her ear, their breasts touching, "I can't wait to get a look at that hungry little pussy of yours. They all got to play with it last night without me."

She stepped back smiling. At least Sue didn't have to answer or pretend to laugh this time courtesy of the gag. She couldn't tell if Maya was joking or not, but Sue was uncomfortable with way things seemed to be turning. Sue immediately retested the straps binding her. Maybe she was in over her head with Maya.

Maya struggled a moment to work the lock off the chastity belt. All the pulling and pushing, without any touching or feeling, just increased Sue's level of frustration. Without the lock, the bottom half of the front plate started to come apart. Sue couldn't get a great look at how the belt worked, but she could tell that the vertical crotch band ended with a U-shaped end. This end clipped over the horizontal waist belt like a hook. The horizontal belt was joined with a hole on one side which slipped over a pin in the other. The hooked end clip of the vertical band covered both pieces and held them together. Since the clip could not be slid upwards once the front-plate was locked, the single lock bound the whole thing together. The back side must work similarly to the front, but she had no way to know for sure.

Without the chastity belt plate to obstruct it, Sue could feel the heavy lusterite phallus inside her starting to slip out. Just like it is only natural to reach for a glass about to fall over, she tensed her vaginal muscles to keep it from slipping out. She simply couldn't hold that kind of weight.

Maya was ready and caught the wet phallus as it fell. She sat it and the lock on the table before removing the rest of the belt. She struggled a bit to get the pieces to come apart.

"Sorry sweetie, they didn't give me the key to the corset. Besides, I don't think I could get it back on you without help anyways. I'm sure you're mostly use to it by now anyways. Should only be a couple days and Bill will be back."

Sue had just assumed the corset would come off and hadn't thought of the difficulties involved. Would this nightmare of constriction ever end? Between the sex maiden and the corset, she was starting to forget what it was like not be squeezed like a sausage. She wanted to cry out in disappointment, no more than disappointment, anguish, but the gag was doing its job. The numbness was thorough. She couldn't even feel her tongue. She would have to attempt some analysis on the gag rubber. There could be modern medical uses for the numbing agent.

Maya pushed Sue's legs apart a little to finish removing the chastity belt and added it to the table before she started back in on the straps. The lower half of the cross was actually two separate halves, one for each leg. They were side-by-side about 4 inches apart. Maya started with Sue's ankles, a strap on each, one to a half, bracing herself with a foot as she pulled them tight.

Sue tested the fit while Maya grabbed more straps from the table, then went behind the cross to attach them. The helpless feeling she had before was magnified just from her ankles being restrained. Her body recognized when it was bound and responded. She could feel the dampness of her intimate skin now exposed to the air and free of the belt. Some of the wetness was probably sweat and some the juice of her lust. There was no question of lust now. She might even be dripping. Oh it ached. The warm flush of arousal was starting up her chest. She felt like she could come any second if only she could get a little stimulation.

Next, Maya strapped Sue's upper calves followed by her lower thighs, just above her knees. The last leg strap went around the very top of her upper thighs, higher than Sue would have guessed. Maya was very careful not to touch anything sensitive during the process, damn her. Maya came back around to the table and picked up the last of the straps. She took a look at her handiwork thus far and seemed to be satisfied. Sue was grateful that the leg straps helped to relieve the strain on her arms some, even though the new straps where uncomfortably tight. Her legs were just as immobile as her arms. Each strap pressed her against the firm leather padding as if custom fitted. Maya had cranked them down tight, just short of cutting off Sue's circulation.

"Oh how cute! You're already so horny that you're dripping. Your body is responding to the training already. Pavlov's pussy. Tie you up and your nether mouth salivates for meat." Maya laughed a little at her own joke. To Sue, this didn't seem like Maya at all. "Then again, maybe you were a horny little slut before all of the training?" Maya stepped back and laughed a little more, obvious enjoying herself.

Sue was not amused. She definitely never considered herself a slut in the slightest. Cindy, yes, but not her. Never her.

Maya leaned in a little closer and said softly, "My guess is you're just finding out what a slut you really are. Do you wonder?" Sue winced slightly when she felt a hand on her pussy. Maya ground her palm into Sue's upper mound stimulating her clit indirectly while she fingered Sue's labia with the same hand. Soon a finger slipped inside a little. Her other hand was rubbing Sue's left breast. The nipple was becoming even harder.

"How bad do you want it? Would you do anything to come? Try to deny it, but you can't, can you?"

Sue could feel the very start of an orgasm. Maya could sense it as well and quickly removed her hand. Sue tried thrashing pointlessly. Ahhh! She was so fucking mad. Just another second and she would have made it.

Maya said, "Denial is a terrible thing. Listening to your body is an important part of the training. What is it telling you?"

She slapped Sue's pussy with her open hand. Sue would have howled in pain if she could. Half a second later, she started to come and to come hard. Maya's hand was back cupping her sex, rubbing, pressing. Her finger was in and out. Sue felt her body trying to twitch in the bonds, but even that movement was denied. She needed air. She could only breathe through her nose. She had to try to hold still, conserve her oxygen. She loathed this gag.

The convulsions were going on and on. Maya grabbed her left nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. Sue wanted to howl in pain again, but the pain from the pinch just intensified what she felt. Suddenly, Sue felt her bladder release. Maya paid little attention and kept up her stimulation. Finally it ended. Sue's body almost glowed with satisfied feelings as she gradually got her breath back under control, but her embarrassment was setting in. God, she had pissed herself.

Maya said, "Did you learn something about your body? I did."

Sue's mind was racing with responses. Maya slap was first on her mind, both the fact that Maya did it and her response to it. She pulled back to the present moment though. She was already getting aroused again.

Maya calmly continued with the straps. She went around behind Sue. One strap went under her breasts. Maya didn't tighten it as much as the arm and leg straps, but it still felt tight and restrictive. Maya clearly meant business.

The last strap was about 4 inches wide and even more intimidating than the others. Maya carefully settled it in across Sue's lower abdomen and over her hips. She aligned it down snuggly on Sue's hip bones. It wasn't hard with the corset already squeezing her waist in tight. Sue felt her last bit of significant movement vanish. She could move her hands and feet. Her neck and head were free to look around. Everything else was tight against the frame of the cross.

"This is a lot easier with you wearing the corset than it was when we tested this out on Cindy. I had to really crank the straps for her. She obviously isn't into bondage, quite a poor sport."

Sue could only imagine how much Cindy appreciated being test subject. They must have gagged her pretty good. Sue slept through it all and the other side of the annex wasn't that far away.

Maya walked around and did a final check. She was very thorough, pulling at straps, trying to stick fingers in behind the straps and asking Sue if she could still feel this or that. She was clearly not in a hurry. She seemed almost professional in her approach.

Maya went around behind the cross again. Sue could hear something metal like a pipe rattling. She felt her legs move a little accompanied by a ratcheting click. The sound and movement reminded her of a car jack. Her legs would move further apart and then a tiny bit back as the ratchet engaged, click after click. She tried to hold her legs together, not entirely liking where this was going. She couldn't resist the hydraulics in the slightest.

As Maya kept jacking, Sue's legs where forced wider and wider, soon felt her feet came off the floor. Her weight slumped heavily into the straps. If she had any movement before, it was gone now. She couldn't fight her own weight and the straps. After several more pumps on the lever, Maya paused and rechecked the straps. She tightened the ones around Sue's hips and chest a little more now that Sue's body had shifted downward. She retested that Sue could feel her extremities and had no circulation difficulties. She had to test Sue's ankles since her feet were unavailable behind the lusterite heels.

After more cranking, Sue's legs were spread a couple feet wider than shoulder width. It was a bit of a stretch, but within her range of flexibility. She did not feel any real strain--at least not yet. Her weight was distributed across her restraints so she actually felt a lot more comfortable than when standing feet together. She would have thought it impossible, but her arousal was rising even higher. Her clit was throbbing. Something about having one's legs pried apart tends to do that. She was very conscious of her wide open crotch, so was Maya.

"Oh my, I'm going to have to wipe up the floor before someone slips on pussy liquor. I love the shape of your firm little mound. It's so cute. Your lips are parted nicely and very inviting while your clit buds just the right amount. I want to eat you up my little trainee."

Maya was obviously looking at her with a bit of desire. Sue was suddenly realizing that more than one pair of nipples was rather erect and more than one face was a bit flushed with arousal.

"If you start to have any kind of problem, just hum a little tune to let me know, anything. Cindy seemed to like using 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.'

Sue tried shaking her head to let Maya know that she couldn't even hum with the numbness caused by the gag.

"I know sweetie, but you'll be super horny like that for at least few days. I'm not sure it ever goes away completely, but it will be a lot better after that. You'll feel better after a few climaxes, just wait and see. When I went through alignment, I must have stayed on the horse for 3 days straight. I would hardly walk for a week."

Of course! It would only make sense. If Maya was the daughter of Maggie Barnes, then she must have been the logical choice to replace her. Maya would have trained to be a priestess too. What happened?

"They told me that you responded to pain a little. I haven't ever met a true masochist. While this could be fun, it's really a test. I need to make sure you aren't going to move at all."

Maya pulled a small device out of the cardboard box. It looked like a large fat pen made of chromed metal. Maya uncapped the end revealing a short glass probe. She came over to Sue and twisted the end of the device.

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"It's sort of like a violet wand. It produces a painful electric shock without damaging anything. I'll be as fast as possible."

Sue didn't know what to expect as Maya raised the glass probe. A slight touch to Sue's left nipple felt like hellfire. The electric shock was completely intolerable. She would have screamed if she could. Maya didn't seem to notice the lack of sound. She tried thrashing every way she could to get away. Nothing. Maya kept the probe on her nipple for a good 5 seconds. Sue wanted to kill her.

"Pretty good, I didn't see any movement outside your breathing. I'll give you a minute before I zap the other tit."

Really? One side of her chest wasn't enough? None of her upper body moved.

Once again the probe unleashed its fire. Could it feel even worse this time? Maybe just because she knew it was going to feel like. Sue pulled and twisted. Maya stopped early, thankfully.

"Looks like your right arm is a little loose."

Maya went up and down Sue's whole right arm. She loosed and re-tightened each strap one at a time. It did feel tighter now.

Once again Sue's silent scream tensed within her body. Maya was completely relentless with the probe. Five seconds of hell repeated on her right nipple. Maya twisted something on the probe and continued, each thigh, each side of her abdomen, but now? No! Maya was heading towards her vulva! The pain was horrific. Sue broke out in a cold sweat and felt faint, but Maya kept up the contact. Just when Sue thought she would collapse, Maya stopped.

"Oh shit, sorry sweetie, I forgot to turn the probe down for your little clit. Well, at least I know the straps are tight enough for sure now. I guess that's one of the numbing Nuymean gags too. I should have remembered. That must be why I was supposed to use it."

Maya turned the probe off then put it on the table. The throbbing pain in her clit was subsiding and Sue was already horny as hell again. No matter what she thought of the science, alignment was clearly a real phenomenon. She could never deny how she felt. Something was making her body respond.

"OK sweetie, time to take you for a ride."

Maya stepped down on a foot pedal near the bottom of the bondage frame. Sue felt the whole frame rise up an inch or so. Maya grabbed a handle on the side of the frame and started to roll it across the annex floor with Sue attached. Where was Maya taking her? Perhaps the surprise was something a lot different than she would have guessed?

Maya kept going clear across the annex nearly to the back behind the Nuymean circle and the sex maiden. The frame rolled easily over the asbestos tile floor. As they approached the back of the room, Maya spun the whole frame around facing Sue towards the wall. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Sue didn't like the idea of being left alone and didn't like facing the wall even more. She couldn't turn her head enough to see anything. She heard Maya's steps echo across the floor to her left. Now the cold air was starting to catch up with her. The museum definitely didn't waste any extra money keeping the annex warm for mostly naked women. Her mind drifted while waiting. Even after all the sleep, she still felt tired. The image of being a fly trapped in a web came to mind. She did feel a bit like that. Except in this case, a fly that was waiting to be fucked by the spider. Damn, she felt so lewdly displayed this way. She could feel her heart racing in anticipation.

A bunch of rattling keys drew Sue's attention back to reality. Maya was unlocking a door to Sue's right at the very back of the annex. It wasn't long before she was rolling again. Maya spun her back around. Sue could see the door to the boiler room was open. Maya had that grin again as she started reaching towards Sue's eyes.

"I want to see the look on your face when you first see it," Maya said. Sue didn't try to resist the leather blindfold. There didn't seem to be much point. She immediately regretted that decision. Something about now being blind on top of everything else seemed to be the final breaking point for her, the point of overwhelming helplessness. Something deep inside her surrendered. The tension in her body faded and she just hung in her bonds like a limp rag. She didn't necessarily hate it though. She wanted out badly, but she also felt incredibly alive too.

Again movement. Sue felt the wheels roll over the threshold of a doorway, presumably into the boiler room. Yes, definitely, the air was a lot warmer and there was a musty old concrete smell. She felt the frame being turned and then worked back and forth into position. Lastly, she felt the whole thing sink back down an inch or so as the wheels were disengaged.

She felt one of Maya's breasts press against her own left breast. As Maya unbuckled the blindfold, Sue could feel Maya's warm breath on her ear.

"OK sweetie, here you go. 1..2..3..."

Maya pulled the blindfold away. Sue's eyes took a moment to adjust. A flash blinded her, fuck, Maya took a picture on her smart phone. She had a hard time registering what she saw in front of her. It was some kind of bright yellow robot arm, big and industrial. Rising from the floor about 5 feet tall, the robot seemed like something from an automotive assembly plant with three progressively smaller arm sections connected with rotating joints. At the end of the whole arm was a large molded rubber cock that was positioned directly in front of her crotch. If Sue could come just from a thought, she might have done it right there.

"Just as I thought, priceless," Maya said. "Oh yes, it does work, and oh yes, it's going to rock your world. Dr. Susan Kensington meet the Eager Beaver 250F."

Chapter 16: Invention (added: 2013/06/30)

The industrial robot in front of Sue's spread legs was...formidable. Her eyes were glued on the intimidating black rubber cock in front of her. Any closer and it would be a hopeless blur since Maya took her glasses. A pincer claw held the cock upright at a suggestive angle. The thick girth, black nubs and clitoral stimulator showed it meant business. Yes, intimidating was definitely one word for it, exciting was another. She had never had anything like that up inside her that's for sure. She didn't see any lights on the control panel. Is the robot on? She relaxed for the moment. The cock was more a threat than an eminent attack, then, but she was not convinced.

Positioning sensors, cameras, probes, and a red sighting laser were mounted around the end of the arm behind the three metal fingers of the pincer. The laser was sighted low. She couldn't see it, but she suspected its red dot was aimed right at a rather delicate and sensitive target. At the back of her brain, alarm bells went off. This was too much. Her inhibitions may be compromised, but she knew this was beyond her limitations. She suddenly didn't like this game. Maya's face had a scary mad scientist look to it that caused Sue to get a chill of fear despite the warm boiler room air.

The Eager Beaver 250F was mounted and braced on a wide steel floor plate. She couldn't tell if the plate was bolted to the floor, but it probably was. Hydraulic hoses and cables ran from the robot arm into several different industrial looking devices, motors, pumps and computers. This thing was definitely welding car frames at one time, a half dozen faded decals on the tired paint of the supporting machinery were from automotive companies.

An area around her and the machine was marked off on the floor with black and yellow striped tape. Now she understood why Maya had strapped her to the rack so carefully and so tightly. That thing was built to work with steel, not flesh and bone. Any contact could seriously injure her or perhaps even kill her. She was bound and positioned for some precision robotic attention, but she was also strapped down for her own protection.

Maya was sitting on a tall chair outside of the marked area, behind the control panel. She turned a key at the upper left corner with one hand and pushed a recessed button that had a protective metal guard with another. A loud array of sounds started up immediately, but soon died down leaving behind only the sounds of some cooling fans and faintly humming motors.

Maya's excitement was evident. "Not surprising that we had to wire it up in here near the main electric panel is it? You'll be amazed at how precise this thing is. It looks big and clunky, but it can easily pick a flea off a dog. Are you ready to see how well it can fuck?"

Sue panicked and her eyes shot straight to the cock in front of her. When she looked back towards Maya, she could see her grinning ear to ear. Bitch. It was just her way of reminding Sue that she was gagged and helpless.

"You can thank Marty for this one. It was a pet project of the late robotics expert George Englevol. His family donated quite a few prototypes and one-of-a-kind models. As usual, most of them went into storage and Not for Display. A few of them were a bit naughty, in a genius, mad scientist, sexual deviant, kind of way. You'd hardly know it though by looking at the machines themselves. I'm sure his family didn't know what they were donating. Dr. Martin managed to get his one transferred to his department classified as 'Rock sample processor, non-functional.' The man knows his bureaucracy."

Maya hit a button that started blinking immediately. Several others followed in sequence on the control panel. The arm retracted and spun 180 degrees away from Sue, in one smooth, very fast, motion. It moved towards a low metal bin with high protective sides, and gently placed the rubber cock inside, out of sight. Sue desperately wanted to know what else might be hidden inside. The arm then spun back around facing her with the pincer claw up. An orange light near a sign with the some blurry words lit over a gray air tank. Between her bad eyes and the faded paint, Sue could only make out that the first letter was an "S." Maybe for "Safety" or "Stopped?"

Maya cautiously crossed the black and yellow tape to a small machine that looked a bit like a small vacuum cleaner. She untangled a cable and unhooked some kind of short metal tube about the diameter of a vacuum cleaner nozzle.

"This thing is only a few years old, but the technology still can't figure out nipples on its own."

Maya pressed the end of the tube against Sue's chest, low in the "V" of her cleavage, below her Nuymean tattoo. She pressed a clear button on top of the device. The button blinked red and Sue felt something warm on her skin along with a weak suction. Maya let go and the tube stayed in place. What the hell? She started to pointlessly struggle again. This could not be good. In less than a minute, her breath was wheezing from her exertions.

"Calm down Sweetie, just a little calibration. These markers are like those yellow and black circles on crash dummies. You know what I mean? A plus in the middle with black and yellow checkered quarters? The robot uses them to find it's bearings."

Somehow it wasn't very reassuring to Sue that she was being intimately mapped. If the first circle was low in her cleavage, where would the other ones go?

"Stickers can fall off, so they use some kind of sweat-proof thermal ink. It just takes a few seconds to bake on."

Maya noticed Sue's alarmed reaction and smiled. Not surprising that she didn't like the idea of baked on marks. Maya decided that she was going to wait a few days before telling Sue that they can easily be removed with acetone. She can enjoy her little souvenirs for a while. Besides, the most important one will be under the chastity belt anyways.

After the light stopped blinking, Maya removed the tube. Sue could see a round yellow and black blur, but that was it. The angle was too steep a slant even without her visual limitations. Maya checked the marker and seemed satisfied. "That isn't coming off any time soon." What?

Maya seemed to be in full blown professional mode now. The artist and cosmetologist in her coming out, but she changed tactics. Next, she knelt slowly, cautious of her knees on the hard floor, in front of Sue's open legs, to place the end of the warm tube directly above her slit. The bottom edge was as close as she could get it to the apex of Sue's opening. Sue would like to have denied that the warm ink baking onto her skin was erotic, but in truth it felt very intriguing.

Maya kept at it. Each bicep got a marker on the front, facing out. Each thigh came next, a bit high on the inside, but Maya was careful to position them precisely, her steady hands serving her well.

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After double checking the markers, Maya picked up two pairs of safety glasses with red lenses. "I would have just put your blindfold back on, but I know that you want to see everything for the sake of science. Watch carefully so you don't miss anything."

Sue never thought of Maya as an obnoxious tease before, but she was starting to think that way now. Maya put one pair of glasses on Sue then put on her own pair.

"Don't look into the laser."

Maya picked up what looked like a TV remote short a few buttons, then reached for the robot arm. She grabbed a handle near the head of the robot and started moving it towards Sue. The whole arm seemed to respond and track under power. Maya guided the red dot straight to the marker in the middle of Sue's cleavage and kept going until a small rod projecting from near the laser lens touched the middle precisely. A soft beep from the console echoed between the concrete block walls of the boiler room. Next, she did each of Sue's nipples, then the arm and thigh markers as well as the base of her throat and each of her major joints. The whole time, Sue felt an increasing dread, but was still more anxious to get on with it than anything else, excitement overcoming fear.

"This is my favorite part."

Maya set aside her safety glasses then knelt in front of Sue's open legs again.

"There are probably other ways of doing this, but I like this way most."

Sue was repulsed a little when she first felt Maya's tongue teasing her outer labia. She really had never figured Maya as gay before. Maybe she was bisexual? Either way, Sue had never had any interest in sex with other women. The thought of being taken by a cock inside is what made her start juicing in her panties. Wait, no, Maya wasn't bi. That's why she could not be a Nuymean priestess. How simple. The Nuymean gods are all heterosexual fuckers. It's probably nothing more complicated than that.

She thought over what she had seen and read. The Nuymean people embraced all forms of sexuality. This was a simple matter of parts compatibility. One thing Sue realized for sure is that you better enjoy a cock filling your cunt if you want to be a Nuymean priestess. Truly, enjoyment should be part of enlightenment. A priestess would have to enjoy what she was doing, eventually. Sue was learning that. Again, the acceptance. Being part of things, but more. Embracing them, enjoying them and being aware of it all, those are the key factors. She needed to teach herself to enjoy.

In fact, she decided to take her own advice. Sue closed her eyes and let Maya do her thing. Yes, this was no different. She should have realized before. Another test. This robot could be a test of her resolve as well. Shit, how religion can mess with the mind. Was this really all part of some larger plan? Now she was really a mess. There is no science here. No proof. Did she believe it or did she not? Fuck it. She was going to get a grip. Open-minded? Yes, but she needed evidence. Until then, it really doesn't matter. That's the point. Why is this happening to her? Because it is. Stop analyzing, get fucked. That's the only plan I need right now.

Oh! Maya penetrated her a little with the tip of her tongue and was licking her juices. Sue was starting to enjoy the feeling. Maya obviously knew was she was doing. Oh so good. Sue would have been writhing and thrusting if she could. What an evil bitch. Any time Sue started to get close to coming, Maya backed off to a slow tease again. She was deliberately tormenting Sue. Her lips where so engorged now that they were parting on their own. Her clit was firm. Close, very close, just a little bit more!

"There, that ought to do it."

Maya stopped and went back to scanning. Sue tried desperately to scream, "NO!" It came out of her nose more like a snort. You tongue ravish me and then leave me hanging! Cruel. Mean. Bitch!

"Sorry sweetie, just needed a nice, easy-to-find target for the laser. See what you've been missing? Your cute little clit is ready for the crosshairs now. Besides, you aren't the only one aching for a tongue on her pussy right now and suffering is better shared."

She took several rather intimate readings and directed the laser right to Sue's swollen bud. "There, locked on target."

Maya put the laser away and walked back toward the other equipment. She came back with a small probe with a flat plastic end piece. Sue recognized it as a hospital ultrasound probe. Sure enough, as soon as she got the probe cord straightened out, Maya squirted some gel on Sue's mound. Shit that's cold. There was no screen to watch, instead, Maya just ran the probe slowly up and down over Sue's mound.

"This tells the computer everything it needs to know about what's inside. It needs to know how far it can jamb that big rubber cock up inside without tearing anything."

Maya had that sinister mad scientist look again. Sue got even more nervous, not realizing that more nervous was possible. After a little while longer running the probe up and down, there was another beep from the control, a pause, then a double beep.

"There you go sweetie. All measured, calibrated and recorded."

The whole time Sue was in torment. Her arousal was refusing to fade. She knew Maya saw it. How could she not? As Maya wiped the ultrasound gel off, Sue's arousal was back to full force completely just from the paper towel. Just a little more pressure on the towel was all she needed. Please?

"Nothing like alignment. My Mother would have said you are in full flowering right now. I can tell by how your body responds. Earlier than we thought. Glad I have you strapped down right now when it happened. It's really an incredible feeling isn't it?"

Maya sharply flicked her middle finger directly onto Sue's engorged clit. Sue's whole body spasmed within her bonds, reacting to the pure evil pain of it. It took her breath away. Overcome by a feeling of shock and faintness that made her head swim, she didn't even snort a suppressed scream from behind the gag. Maya did it two more times, each feeling more horrible than the last. Sue thought she was going to black out from the last one, struggling to breathe around the gag, gasping in what seemed like a fight for her life.

Maya just stood back and waited. No grin. She knew just what she had done.

No sooner did Sue's breath start to return than she could feel her clit throbbing again with arousal. Her body was transforming the pain into lust--intense, fierce, lust. She almost orgasmed from it. Sue couldn't believe her body was responding the way it was.

"Definitely flowering. Sorry sweetie, but I had to test you to know for sure. The way your little nub reacts says it all, bouncy like rubber. You're in the final stretch now, it should all be over within days. Flowering is the peak and alignment ends shortly after it's over. You'll be a horny little bunny in heat until then, ready to fuck anything. Orgasm will only bring some temporary relief. Strapped down like you are, I could leave you here for hours and you'd still be just as horny when I got back. You won't be able to come without stimulation. Poor little fuck bunny."

Maya was pushing other buttons on the console now. The robot arm was starting to move in a routine, apparently a warm-up and test cycle, moving, pausing, moving again. No, Sue was definitely not liking this game.

Maya came over closer to Sue while the robot worked. "After a while, you will do anything to come. Trust me. In fact, you probably are already desperate, aren't you? Should I let you?"

Sue shook her head "yes" somewhat frantically.

"If your arms were free, you would soon find out that masturbating with your fingers is useless. With just fingers, you can't bring yourself off enough for the aching lust to cool for more than a few minutes. I fucked myself with a dildo for hours until I couldn't even hold the plastic any longer. That was went my Mom found me, a crying, hopelessly horny, a come-soaked mess. I didn't know what was happening to me. I didn't know how to control it. I was just a crazy naked lust zombie."

The console beeped. Maya checked the lights and hit a couple other buttons.

"I'm here for you. I almost forgot how hard this can be. None of us would let anything like that happen to you. Alignment is much harder after puberty. Just listen to what I tell you and I'll get you through it. We know what to do now. The cause and the cure are the same."

A loud motor sound kicked in as an air compressor pumped up on of the tanks. Soon, it wheezed and stopped.

"Not long now, little bunny. I'll have this machine fucking your brains out shortly and you'll feel better. We'll get some of those excess hormones burnt off. Before long you'll be wishing you could stop orgasming. I'm just glad we caught you when we did."

Maya reached under the console and came closer with a sports bottle. She recognized it from the vending machines upstairs. She squirted a little liquid around the gag. Sue had to admit, it did feel good, but citrus mystery flavor? ugh. She didn't get much of a drink though.

"Must keep your hydration up there little sexlete. No cramping."

Maya returned the bottle then pulled another bottle with a pump dispenser out. Sue recognized it as well. Her bottle of sex lube, not much left of it. It was almost full before.

Maya pumped some of the lube onto her fingers and smeared it on Sue, right where it mattered. She was very careful and delicate. Again, a tease. She could easily have helped Sue reach climax. Why won't she let me come? Maya dispensed another pump and ran her fingers inside Sue's gaping slit.

Something in Sue snapped. She wanted it so bad. The teasing was impossible to tolerate. Arrggh! I would fuck anything right now. I'm such a slut. My cunt is wide open just asking for it. My body has never been like this. How is this happening? What are they doing to me? I can't even think clearly. Fuck me, please, by all that is sacred fuck me. Oh, those fingers!

For the second time Maya stopped. Fucking bitch! That evil grin. No, no, no. Bitch, bitch, bitch! Sue tried to thrash, but got not satisfaction from the effort at all.

"Should we start with that big black rubber cock? Maybe working up to that latter would be better. Maybe we should start out slow and small instead."

Sue felt a surge of lust and a surge of fear at the idea. She didn't care. Something. Anything. Stimulation. Bring it on, whatever it was, she would fuck it.

Maya was busy dialing something up on the console.

"The machine doesn't know if you orgasm or not. It just keeps going regardless. I could watch and count, but I'd probably get it wrong. So, to appease the gods, for the sacred number 9, I think we should go by time. I've set it for 9 hours."

What! No! Sue shook her head "no" frantically. How could she take 9 hours just being strapped like this? Her jaw alone was killing her.

Maya hit the button and the Eager Beaver surged to life. The arm swung rapidly to the bin and dipped inside. She heard a couple noises from inside as her heart thudded. 9 hours, I can't take 9 hours.

The arm swung around with amazing speed. Startled, Sue actually blinked and turned her head, afraid it might hit her. She briefly saw the laser on her chest. With two quick moves, the arm was starting to press a clear plastic dome over her left breast. The base had some kind of goo on it. Not what she had in mind at all. Where is that cock?

"Don't worry my little bunny, I've set the big bad machine to a slow careful speed. I programmed the first few selections, then set it to go into a random selection mode."

She heard a motor start from behind the arm. Instantly, she felt pressure under the dome. Suction. No, wait, shit, strong suction! Ow! Just about the time the full sensation reached her, the robot disengaged a short black hose and its pincer claw from the dome. It stayed on her breast like it was glued there. Her whole breast extended into the vacuum under the plastic, stretched by the suction. It was painful, but tolerable, maybe. She sure didn't like it either way. Her hard nipple throbbed inside. If she could reach the dome, she would tear it off in a second.

"I figured I'd introduce you to some of the possible attachments first. I didn't give you the grand tour of the capabilities and options, but I think you'll figure it out."

The arm was back again with another cup for the right breast before she was even done registering the effect of the first one. It whirred away to the bin again, with a short puff of discharged air, leaving her with two aching plastic-covered breasts. With the second dome, the feeling somehow seemed four times worse. Why did Maya feel the need to torture her breasts? Surely that's what this was. How could this feel good in any way?

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The arm swung back again. Another cup? It was shaped differently, smaller and more oblong. The laser was pointed lower down this time. NO...

The suction on her vulva was a feeling Sue wouldn't forget soon. It seemed to pull her lips back in on themselves while drawing her clit out harder than ever. She couldn't see the dome at all, but it felt like her love bud was probably turning purple like her breasts had. The robot arm was just sitting there in front of her. All she did was ache with lust. Still unable to come. Just enduring the pain.

Maya was carelessly sitting behind the console texting on her phone. She looked up and saw the machine stopped. The evil smirk was back. She hit a button on the console. The red digits of the countdown clock stopped and started blinking 8:51.

Maya came to Sue and crossed the yellow and black tape. She ignored the robot and reached up to check the clear plastic domes, pulling and wiggling each one.

"My, my, they are sure on there good. My little bunnies' titties are starting to turn purple. I'm a little more interested in her other bunny parts though. Oh yes, on there good as well."

What the hell is with her? Is she sadistic? Sue was frantic at this point with anger, frustration and the needs of her body.

Maya steps back. With that evil grin again, she starts to undress, shoes first, then top. She turns around and wiggles out of her tight jeans like she's trying to put on a show for Sue, trying to torment her. She's wearing a tiny thong. Never had the nerve for one of those. Off it comes too. Maya undoes her bra, but holds it to her chest like a stripper. She turns to face Sue, but what Sue notices is not her striptease but her tattoo. She has the same one as Sue does. At least it looks like it's the same. She can't be sure without her glasses. However, she also has another lower down, above her bare pussy. Sue can't make it out well enough to know what it says. She gets a solid look for only a second. One of the runes is for servant. Definitely. Not the good one either. The Nuymean language can have different levels of attribution on certain words. They imply status to some degree. This was the low status form of "servant." Yes, it had to be. This rune effectively meant "slave."

Maya's breasts were magnificent, like a fertility goddess. Sue couldn't help but stare. She always wondered just what they might look like. One need not be a lesbian to wonder about such things, do they? They hardly sag or bounce. They had a "full of milk" quality to their shape, for lack of a better way to describe it, but not the shape pregnant women can get. Sue always her bra was the reason, evidently not.

Maya noticed Sue's stare and just stood there with a smile and a predatory look in her eyes. Suddenly Sue was very uncomfortable. Maya chuckled a little and turned. She exaggerated the wiggle of her hips as she sat back on the tall chair at the console. She reached under the console top and pulled out a vibrator. Hey, that's MY vibrator!

Again, her office had been invaded. Maya must have seen the anger in Sue's eyes.

"Don't worry little bunny. I used my Mom's old key. You little sanctuary and it's drawer of goodies is safe. You see, that used to be her office."

Somehow Maya having the only other key wasn't very reassuring. The confirmation that her private space was invaded hurt. How could Maya be doing all of this to her?

"I hope you don't mind me borrowing your little fuck buddy here. I don't think you'll be needing it anymore."

Maya plugged it in to an outlet on the side of the console and turned it on. She kept staring at Sue's body the whole time she masturbated. Well, not her whole body. Sue never felt so objectified and humiliated before, but her body was still in sexual overdrive. She needed to come herself and not just watch Maya. He breasts were aching even more now. Her cunt felt like it had been tied in a knot.

After what seemed like an eternity, Maya reached over and pushed a button on the console. The countdown resumed. Maya then pushed another button and the robot arm started to move. Sue still couldn't believe how fast it was. With some kind of twisting pull, it popped the dome off her left breast. The sudden release of pressure caused a rush of pain that she was not expecting. Before she could even catch her breath, the arm was emerging from the storage bin again. The laser flash zipped from the middle of her chest to her freed left nipple: her painfully swollen, exposed, left nipple. The pincers grabbed it and pulled gently. It didn't feel very gentle, in another second, as it stretched her tissue further. She felt something extra though. From between the pincers, something of chrome metal emerged. As it was released, it clamped down on her nipple painfully. She felt a brief tug as something disengaged from under the pincer, then the arm was off to her other breast.

Sue stared in disbelief at the nipple clamp. Oh fuck it hurt! How had the arm released that? She answered her own question when she realized that the arm would be able to do all sorts of things like clips, clamps, hoses and the like when it worked on cars. In fact, the clamp wasn't all that different looking from a clip that might go on trim of a car.

Maya turned up the vibrator and was leaning back, clearly enjoying herself. Sue could see Maya watching the arm intently as it popped Sue's right breast free and proceeded with clamping it the same way. As the other clamp went on, Sue noticed the flush on Maya's skin. She must be getting close. The arm zipped to the bin again and came back with a little silver bell which it delicately hung from the nipple clamp. Two seconds later, the other clamp had a bell as well. Sue could barely move, but she could hear the damn bells tinkling.

The robot arm swung straight down after releasing the bell. Sue heard a hissing and felt a pop over her cleft. The returning blood flow was a mix of pain and pleasure as a warmth spread, but she was still without climax and now ached even more for sexual release.

Maya looked over at the countdown clock while working the vibrator on herself. She was clearly ready to climax on her own soon. Sue could never remember being so jealous of anyone.

The robot arm came up out of the bin with the black rubber cock. Finally! Sue's breath was increasing involuntarily at the sight. The robot brought the cock over to a small shoebox-sized metal compartment that was bolted on the outside of the front-most machine. A small plastic tank on top and clear plastic hoses made it look a little like something from an aquarium. The robot thrust the cock inside of the device and started spinning the pincers. Pulling it out slowly and carefully, Sue could see it was now covered with lubricant. The spinning seemed to prevent drips. The arm moved very slowly, presumably to keep the lubricant from being shaken off. Maybe it was just another tease?

Maya was watching the whole thing, her breath getting faster. Sue's reactions were so precious; she seemed so scared. She watched the cock like it was a circling shark. Still, she was doing OK. Charlie and Martin said to test her, make sure she's tough in every bit of her intimate geography. So far so good. No hysteria. No hyperventilating, at least not much. No passing out. Best of all, no crying. She was proud of her semi-crazy act to keep Sue off balance. A friend wouldn't be so mean and Sue would have felt too safe. She needed to put that academic mind of hers completely off balance. The resulting reaction was so delicious. My little fuck bunny.

Working the vibrator harder, she had a front-row seat as the big knobby cock inched towards Sue. The laser took its reading. The arm lined the cock up. Now was the fun part, a little tease for Sue. The arm just held there. She knew it would be below Sue's range of vision. The cock spinning slowly just below her pussy. Maya could see the anticipation. Sue had no way to know if it would penetrate her any second, in an hour, in a minute or was just another tease.

Maya watched the countdown. She could see the sweat on Sue now. Oh, what a horny little bunny alright. 3..2..1... The robot pushed the cock home using the precise force vector, stopping with firm pressure from the clitoral stimulator perfectly on target. The activation of the vibration feature was also timed to the millisecond, right as the cock settled into place it started buzzing like a swarm of bees from hell's garden. Damn, it was loud. Maya smiled in satisfaction as she heard Sue gasping out her long awaited orgasm. Oh my sweet little bunny, crying tears of happiness. The spasms went on and on. So did hers. Maya couldn't remember coming so hard in months.

Chapter 17: Togetherness (added: 2014/10/24)

Maya was bored and killing time while Sue watched with contempt from the rack. For Sue, the whole boiler room had become a cyclical time bubble of constant fucking. She had no concept of whether she had been racked and "serviced" by the Busy Beaver robot for an hour or 5 hours since she could not see the countdown clock anymore; Maya had turned it sideways to face the console where she sat catching up on e-mail, texting and even playing video games on her tablet computer and smartphone to pass the time

Sue could only wonder what her own inbox was like and had no idea what happened to her tote bag and phone. Were they preventing her from getting to such devices for some reason? Actually, she didn't really care all that much and was glad to be free of technology for now. With everything that had happened in the last several days, being helpless and controlled was a relief at the moment. She needed some time to think and get her head together.

If not for the nipple clamps and the damn bells dangling from them, Sue might even have been able to enjoy her predicament. Instead, every jingle reminded her of the painful clips. It was probably her imagination, but it seemed as if they were getting tighter and heavier over time.

Maya was taking pictures on her phone again. "Your expression is priceless. Poor little rabbit, I know the nipple clips are really unpleasant. They're damn hard to get off too. The clips used to hold trim on a car apparently. Dr. Englevol's notes on the machine say they're safe for a while yet but that the machine doesn't have a removal feature for them. We found out the hard way with Cindy. I guess it only assembled and didn't disassemble back when it put together cars, but don't worry I have a brand new set of wire cutters for later--only used once. Bill can squeeze them hard enough to cut the clips off when he gets back. You'll just have to wait."

Maya didn't seem to notice that Sue wasn't really paying attention and not feeling right. She felt light-headed and had a queasy stomach. An unusual energy was coursing through her body making her insides warm--like she had just drunk an extra large coffee on a cold day. It was also hard for her to concentrate. Her mind was racing, and she was completely wired. All of it seemed fueled by hormones and lust. Sue wasn't worried, though, since she knew what it was. The intensity of sensation and consuming lust could be nothing else; the effects of alignment were increasing.

The pain in her nipples grew more distant as her attention focused on following every little movement of the black rubber cock as it slowly and methodically probed in and out. After a while, the pattern changed again, and she was drawn to the texture of the small rubber knobs twiddling her labia as the cock slowly thrust up and down. The effect caused her to be keenly aware of every millimeter of the shaft and the mechanical exploration to which she was subjected.

The robot seemed to move the little clit stimulator in and out independently of the cock next to it. She couldn't see down there to figure it out. She just knew that sometimes the cock would be deep inside yet she would still not feel the stimulator. Most of the time, the stimulator made just a whisper of contact--no doubt a planned and calibrated amount of contact. The vibration of the cock was dialed back as well, as if to be more of a tease. Even though the robot was running slow and steady, her sexual frustration level was building with no end in sight. Also, no doubt, a carefully considered effect.

The squid had taught her plenty about the frustrations of tease and denial. The robot's attempts to tease her seemed almost tame by comparison. She knew how the game was played. She was intended to dwell and obsess over when (or if) she might eventually be allowed to cum again so that a pattern of build up, need, desire, and delayed gratification would fuel a crescendo of excitement before she was driven to an earth-shattering orgasm. Been there, done that. Her body definitely was subject to the technique. Oh, it worked alright. She was looking forward to that programmed orgasm like a crack-whore waiting for her next fix. Mentally, however, she was strangely devoid of emotional involvement. The drama was too contrived to be convincing after what she had already been through. The robot would get around to fucking her in earnest eventually...hopefully it would be soon.

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With no end in sight, Sue was in conservation mode. Accepting her helplessness begrudgingly, she stopped her pointless struggling against the straps awhile ago in order to save breath and energy. Struggling to catch her breath with her mouth plugged by the Nuymean gag was its own form of torture, especially with the relentless squeeze of the corset adding more resistance. She knew all too well the physical toll that the constant fight for breath would eventually exact on her after her experience in the sex maiden. She had to remain calm and breathe through her nose. Still, she couldn't help clenching, relaxing and shifting in response to the internal probing.

The probing seemed awkward. The Eager Beaver robot might be a high precision machine, but it was not sensitive to her responses and knew nothing except bits and bytes. Her responses were just anticipated input parameters to the programming done by the good Dr. Englevol. The methodical bastard made sure that among the variety of motions, random sequences and variable timing every millimeter of her vagina was probed and prodded. Nevertheless, Sue began to recognize the patterns even though the information was of little use. She had no means of reacting on her own, immobilized on the rack, but she had cracked the code. Sue waited for one particular move; the only previous pattern in the set which stimulated her to orgasm.

She had that special pattern memorized. The robot cock would start to circle, counter clockwise, a little wider each time. As it circled, the thrusting would move in and out bringing the clit stimulator closer and closer. Soon she would feel it brushing a little harder each time. After 6 circles and 18 thrusts, she would start to feel a stronger touch. By the 18th circle, her clit would be aching for release. The magic would start as the rubbing on the outside paired with the probing on the inside. The cock vibrations would speed up and the thousands of nerve endings bundled in that special little bud of flesh would consume her being. By the 42nd circle, it would start to hurt a bit as she finished cumming her brains out. The 46th circle was somewhat painful with little pleasure. She didn't get much post-orgasmic sensitivity, but the machine simply kept going either way. She would ride out the overload then could feel more comfortable. After the 52nd circle, the robot would switch to a new program in the random sequence. The problem was that there had to be at least 40 different techniques programmed into the thing. Of all of them, this pattern was the only one which really did it for her. The only sequence of programming that hit the right buttons on her biological machine.

The latest tease was interrupted as the robot unexpectedly pulled the cock out. It re-coated the rubber thoroughly using the lubing compartment then slowly spun the knobby rubber rod back towards her without spilling a drop. After a quick scan of the targeting laser, the cock was thrust abruptly back inside, clit stimulator in position. Another glob of excess lube was squeezed off the cock as her pussy lips enveloped it, adding to the puddle on the floor beneath her. The whole process took under 4 seconds.

As soon as she was intimately repacked, the robot switched to the next program. Fuck! She hated this pattern. The cock started pounding in and out like a piston, fast and hard, twice to three times a second. Her belly was shaking from the vibrations and her nipple bells were playing a jolly tune. If not for the gag, her teeth would be rattling. Back behind the robot arm, the cooling fans were kicking up, and the air compressor came on. All she could do was hold her breath and wait for it to end, a cruel and rough kind of fucking that really set off more alarms than fireworks for her. This program seemed to be an attempt to intimidate her, and she didn't have any use for such drama anymore.

Finally. The cock stopped, and she exhaled through her nose with a bit of a snort. She practically wheezed as she tried to get her breath back. The robot, however, was already starting the next program, a slow steady pumping. She could really feel the penetration in and out, deep and forceful, knob-by-knob. Each thrust had a brief hold before changing direction. Her body was trying to push her hips back against the thrusting without her conscious direction. Strapped tight, that wasn't happening, but her body kept trying anyway. She realized she should stop the compulsive attempt at movement to save energy, but she didn't want to. The struggles were turning out to feel good.

Sue was starting to enjoy the way being bound increased the intensity of sensation, helpless to escape the cock inside her, but liberated from choice and action. From a rational point of view, the futile struggling should just create a negative feeling of pointlessness. From a physical point of view, aroused as she was, the struggling ignited Sue's dysfunctional lust like jet fuel. She had gone full circle from curious to kinky without even trying. How had it happened so fast? Do you learn to have a fetish or are you born with it? †Regardless, she was starting to love bondage. She tested the straps, and they felt...comforting.

Sue had not climaxed during the last dozen or so different programs, but the current program was definitely getting to her. Her body was more than ready and letting her know. Again a beep and the cock was quickly gone, back to the lubing compartment, leaving her pussy dripping and abandoned. Could this thing be any more annoying? She waited as the arm returned only to hover below her slit. Is it a malfunction? After at least 5 minutes, she was still waiting. Go ahead, tease me some more, think I care? I'll still be here waiting when you get around to it you fucking pile of scrap. Right there! Empty hole! Go ahead, fuck me you piece of shit. Better turn up the horsepower, I'm not fucking impressed!

Sue was shocked at her own anger. The pressure of seething frustrations was too great to hold back any longer; the cork had finally popped. It wasn't just the endless teasing from the robot. †Everything felt like it was coming down around her, from the Director hounding her about publications to the freakin' snow outside trapping her at the museum--even her asshole landlord. Charlie, Bill, Martin...all of them. They were treating her like a child, and she was sick of it.

Her shattered composure was only a bellwether for the transformation overtaking her. Her rage disappeared as fast as it came, but it had ignited a hidden passion. She could feel her blood at a low boil while every hormone she had surged from her glands. Alignment had won. She couldn't fight its energy. Instead, she embraced the liberated passion like a long lost friend. She would not argue with the other part of herself any longer. She was a depraved slut, spread open, getting fucked and loving it, even longing for it. OK. Fine. A label. A role. Cunt. Whore. Slut. Bring it on. All of it was a dimension of her--not an identity. She was also Dr. Susan Kensington the scientist, scholar and so much more. Why could they not co-exist, each part of who she was? No conflict was necessary. Society could shove its narrow-eyed judgments of culture and religion up its ass. Fuck it all. She denied that artificial morality of sex, those constraints of supposedly normal behavior: the chains of others trying to control and manipulate her.

She knew how wrong she had been; the battle of viewpoint was not just observer and participant. Dignity must balance with depravity; mind and body; sensual and intellectual. Who she was; what she did; what she knew, even what she had accomplished in life, suddenly seemed trivial compared to what she could discover and what she could learn; what she could experience, and what she could become. It was about passion and being in the moment. Now the moment at hand was erect and waiting just in front of her pussy. That's what the Nuymeans were trying to teach. How had she never realized just how devoid of feeling her life had been?

The robot was still waiting to shove another lesson in overcoming inhibitions and acceptance up her cunt, but she now knew that lack of inhibitions was not the goal of Nuymean training. It was the first step in the process. Inhibitions block the passion of the deeper self so need to be removed. It was as simple as that. She needed to find that passion in all aspects of her life and learn to follow her heart without fear, let her body have crazy make-up sex with her mind. Mutual forgiveness for past wrongs would be balanced with mutual acceptance. Right here, right now, she felt a moment of that perfect balance. In that moment of peace and calm, those last obstacles of inhibition and social conditioning exploded like a stick of dynamite, fucked out of her. Their illusion was shattered. She was ready to define herself now, not be defined. She reclaimed the part of her sanity that had been slipping away. No...more than that. She had an epiphany. She was aligned and knew it. Maya was right, it probably was the greatest thing that ever happened to her.

Aaahh, holy fuck! With a smooth precision thrust, the robot rammed the cock up inside to the full and calculated depth. One second her pussy was empty, the next tenth of a second filled, penetrated and stretched. A small shockwave rippled through her flesh from the abrupt and forceful insertion. The corset helped to channel it upwards to set the nipple bells ringing again.†In response, she felt a hint of an orgasmic contraction, but the stimulation was over too quick to set off the big O.

The Eager Beaver followed its schedule and started a new program. One circle, the circle? Oh yes, the pattern. Her eyes widened. By the 5th circle, she was ready, desperately ready. Her emotions shifted instantly to hope. Maybe, for once, please...yes, keep going...please...this feels so good. Oh, yes...

Suddenly the console beeped, and the cock stopped. Sue looked over towards Maya to see her just sitting there playing a game on her smartphone. She looked up, just as surprised by the beeps as Sue. A couple lights on the console shifted, and the robot pulled the cock out. What the hell? Did it break? Instead of going to the lube compartment, it went all the way back to the bin.

Sue almost lost it completely. Now of all times? She might have let loose a maniacal laugh if she could have. Drama. Fuck it. She knew it was just a mindless machine, and she also knew it would be worth the wait. The game was almost boring now--despite its utter effectiveness. She was actually enjoying it on some level, but for how long?

The arm reappeared with a golden phallus in its grippers, a Nuymean phallus! Maya and the others must have loaded it in the bin. This wasn't denial torture, just an equipment change. She couldn't tell which phallus it was without her glasses, but it didn't matter. Less than 3 seconds later, the Eager Beaver had it lubed and targeted.

Holy shit! With a smooth precision thrust, the robot rammed the cock up inside to the full and calculated depth. The lusterite was warm as if heated in the bin. It was one of the larger cocks. The Nuymean guide would have rated it at difficult. She closed her eyes, following the motions. The robot was resuming the same program. Go! Do it!†Each circle and move was within established tolerances, programmed by a completely obsessive engineer who decided that this machine was somehow the ultimate way to fuck a woman senseless. She couldn't help but wonder about his motivations. No...his passions. Yes, she was experiencing the results of the kind of passion she did not have--even if his passions were more than a bit odd in a mad scientist sort of way. †

Gradually, the motion started to change while the amplitude of the thrusting increased. The robot had never done that before. Sue noticed Maya was fiddling at the console almost as if in a trance. With each thrust, it pulled a little further out, just a bit, but it was hard to discern. The speed shifted as well, out slow, in fast, out gently, in hard. Oh, yes, oh... Soon it was pulling all the way out except for the very last millimeters of the tip. Each thrust opened her up anew followed by deep penetration up to just short of her cervix. She had never felt anything like it. It wasn't entirely pleasant, but it did feel like she was getting thoroughly and completely fucked like she had never been fucked before, roughly and utterly.

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Maya was watching her the whole time with a blank stare. What happened to her playfulness? Something is wrong with her. She kept adjusting the controls as she watched Sue's responses. Sue no longer recognized the program. Whatever Maya was doing had kicked the Busy Beaver into overdrive. The fans and motors were running louder and faster as the arm picked up pace. Yes, hell, fuck, yes! Each thrust was met with an intimate contraction. Her muscles squeezed compulsively in reflex from the invasion, fighting to protect themselves.

As the phallus was moving up and down, she suddenly felt something odd. No, maybe not. The machine continued with some slow and steady thrusting. There it is again. †She could swear the phallus moved on its own. How? Suddenly Sue's awareness detached and shifted from participant/victim to observer/scientist again. Could the phallus be obtaining power from the machine somehow? Magnetic field? Loose wire? Does it need to be powered? Maybe it was still charged up from before? Apparently, Nuymean stone, whether Nuymenite or Nuymenide, was not the entire picture.

Now Maya seemed to be cranking every knob on the console up to max. Sue was grateful for Maya's careful setup earlier. If she moved even a bit while the robot arm was operating at this speed, it would certainly injure her. The Busy Beaver was thrusting in and out like a jackhammer, but it was not unpleasant like the other program. Suddenly, the robot was expert in its ministrations. The movements were smooth and fluid. Even if inhumanly fast, each thrust was like that of a skilled lover. Like Bill when I was in the stocks. How?

Sue was taken to the edge of climax but didn't want to come just yet. She just wanted to stay in this state of bliss for a few more minutes first, but it was impossible. Her endurance was no longer up to the challenge. Her breathing was out of control, and she was starting to hyperventilate. The vigorous fucking was irresistible. No woman would be able to hold still and take it. She struggled and reacted. Nose breathing alone was simply not enough anymore, and she could feel herself starting to get faint.

Maya was there in an instant undoing the straps on the gag. She ran right past the yellow safety line into range of the robot arm without a second thought. Sue would have screamed for her to stop if not for the gag. Fortunately, the robot was too busy fucking Sue to swing the arm anywhere else. When the ball came out, Sue immediately started to feel some relief. Within a minute, she was back in control and only out of breath from her own exertions. The robot never slowed down during the whole process, and Sue's nerve endings were quick to remind her of it.

The thrusting started to move higher and more forward almost as if trying to lift her from inside her vagina. Abruptly, it hit a certain spot and the sensation was off the charts. Her G-spot! To her surprise, she actually had one. Sue had never been able to find it and had questioned the truth of the concept. Apparently, she hadn't been forceful enough. The orgasm was strong and powerful, so powerful, in fact, that her tired muscles ached deliciously as they spasmed for what seemed like forever.

Sue opened her eyes after the throbbing joy stopped. The room had a faint trace of smoke that smelled like burnt plastic. She could see the smoke rising from one of the big motors of the robot. Without warning, the arm thrust deep and hard into her. The pain was horrific. At the same moment, she heard a crackle and saw a shower of sparks then the whole room went dark after a loud pop.

Chapter 18: Confluence (added: 2014/10/24)

Sue shook her head reflectively trying to clear the images from her mind. During the last throes of her most recent climax, as the circuits popped and the lights went out, she experienced a brief episode of being elsewhere, as if she was driving a car, looking out through the windshield on a dark, snowy night. When the car started to slide towards a snowbank, everything suddenly went blank as the windshield was buried in snow.

The images were vivid, but vision wasn't the only sense affected. Faintly, she heard and felt the impact of the crash. The air was cold with the odor of spilled coffee and pine tree air freshener. If it was some kind of dream, it was exceptionally realistic, yet it was over so quickly that she still wondered whether she had imagined the whole thing. Sue wasn't playing that game, though. Her Nuymean journey, thus far, had taught her one lesson she would never forget: nothing can be ignored, no matter how unrelated or insignificant it might seem. She would not allow herself to be careless with minute detail.

Despite such convictions, Sue didn't have the presence of mind to consider the vision--if it could be called that. When the robot failed, the final upward thrust of its arm rammed her hard in the crotch. At first, she thought she was going into shock from the pain. Never having been hit there so hard, she would not have guessed how much it hurt. She felt faint, then her body got cold and clammy, but, after a few agonizing minutes, the shock transformed into a queasy, sickening feeling in her belly, and she realized she was going to live after all.

Fortunately, the pincers on the end of the robot arm gripped the phallus from the side so their width had helped diffuse the impact. More importantly, they had prevented the phallus from spearing her up the vagina. Even though the damage inflicted was not significant compared to the potential impalement that could have occurred, the pain was still horrible; the arm was stuck in an upthrust position which rammed the oversized Nuymean phallus painfully deep, against her cervix. Strapped to the rack as she was, she could do nothing to relieve the pressure. An attempt to scream for help proved useless. Her voice was still well numbed from the effects of the Nuymean gag. All she could do was wait for Maya, wherever she was, to do something.

The boiler room came back into view as her eyes adjusted to the dark. Light from a small emergency exit sign combined with that of a red warning light on the electrical panel prevented total darkness. The air was smokey, yet no flames were evident, so whatever had burnt seemed unlikely to erupt into a larger fire. Regardless, the smell was awful, like burnt plastic, rubber and motor oil.

With all of the machines off, the tinkling of the little bells dangling from the metal clips pinching her nipples seemed to echo through the room like a clarion call, "Jingle, jingle!†Helpless, nearly-naked woman over here!†Jingle, jingle!†Watch her squirm!†Jingle, jingle!†Strapped tight†and spread wide for your pleasure!" Strange how something so simple could be so humiliating.†Thankfully, the bells had no audience.

Eventually, Maya appeared at her side as if out of nowhere, coughing from the smoke, but made no attempt to free her. Instead, she pressed the foot pedal at the base of the rack to lever it up onto the wheels. The difference in height was just enough that Sue felt relief from her impalement yet was still well penetrated. Leaving her in place, Maya returned to the console, then after a short time investigating, went to the electrical panel.†Is she trying to lower the arm?†A few circuit breaker clicks later and the lights came back on while a couple lights on the Eager Beaver robot's console started to blink red. Some parts of the robot were definitely damaged; a trail of smoke was still rising from one of the metal cabinets as well as from a motor.

Sue was beginning to think that Maya had no intention of releasing her. Instead, she appeared to be trying to restart the robot. With Maya completely silent, her face showing the same distant, zombie-like expression, Sue could not deny the conclusion that Maya was being controlled or at least influenced somehow. No other explanation seemed possible--at least none that Sue was willing to accept.†Not for the first time, but in a way more chilling than before, Sue was afraid of what was going on around her. She was also starting to believe more and more that recent events were being orchestrated.

With the pressure relieved, Sue was feeling much better, except that now she was having a hard time not fixating on the pain of the nipple clips. Before, she had almost forgotten about them. After all, the pain they caused was minor compared to the robot's previous outputs, both pleasurable and painful. Now, however, it was hard to put the clips out of her mind--which did seem to be the intention of them to begin with.†Fucking jingling.

Maybe she could get through to Maya. She tested her voice and could make a few sounds, but still could not speak meaningfully. Her attempts, however, immediately triggered a panicked look from Maya who hurriedly grabbed the Nuymean gag. Sue frantically shook her head to signal "no fucking way" and to resist Maya's efforts to put it back on when, unexpectedly, Maya harshly tugged a bell. The nasty little clip twisted on her swollen nipple but held firm. As Sue reflexively cried out in pain, Maya shoved the gag ball into place and quickly did up the buckles, leaving Sue to chomp at the gag like an angry racehorse resenting its bridle. She was not only mad at Maya, and frustrated by the gag, but she was also mad at her disobedient body with its mindless reactions: uninvited lust was rising from deep down within her.

Maya had no luck with the robot so picked up an extension cord from the console rack and went behind Sue. Soon, she circled around in sight again with Sue's vibrator in hand.†Seriously?†That was the last thing Sue wanted right now. She was more than ready to be done, despite her body's growing urges. She could have been seriously injured, maybe even killed. She was tired and in pain, but her renewed head shakes and attempts at hand signals went ignored. Maya simply held up six blurry fingers, then touched the vibrator lightly above Sue's overworked clit--at least the indirect stimulation was gentle, if still cruel.

Realization dawned on Sue--six! She hadn't been counting, but despite everything, Maya was dutifully completing the training session in Nuymean custom.†Maya had only removed the gag earlier because†she†was having trouble breathing, a safety measure, not an act of kindness. Sue now knew she would not be released until she had her full nine orgasms. She would have to cum her way to freedom.

Even under the circumstances, Sue marveled at how Maya moved so gracefully in her super tight jeans as she lifted a leg to straddle the robot arm then sat on it facing Sue. The heavy steel arm barely moved in reaction until Maya proceeded to rock up and down on it using her full body weight, see-saw fashion, boobs bouncing. Each time she pressed down against the strong tension, the arm moved a tiny bit then abruptly snapped back up in compensation--with a corresponding thrust of the phallus inside Sue. The hardest upthrusts brought a ring of the bells. The whole thing felt like a game, and her life did seem like a circus lately. "Step right up! Test your strength! Swing the hammer, hit the bell and win a prize!"†Or maybe I could be in the knife throwing act. I'm already strapped helpless and scantily clad to distract the audience. The little bells would jingle when each shining blade just misses and thunks heavily in the target. The last one, right between the legs...

Sue refocused to find Maya's cold eyes staring back with the steady, blank focus of a camera lens. She tried not to think about it. The†real†Maya had to be in there somewhere. Despite the bruises and the lingering effects of the robot ramming her, Sue's body was succumbing to Maya's improvised technique. The hyper-sexual responsiveness affecting her had not lessened in the slightest, even if her enthusiasm had. Her clit had been spared from damage, and it was impatient for its needs to be met, as was the rest of her body. Contrary to the disconnected zombie look, Maya had an uncanny ability to read Sue's body instantly. She noticed even the most subtle reaction as she got more aggressive with the vibrator.†

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Sue tried to evade the over-stimulation but was restricted to mere millimeters of movement by the tight strapping and rigid corset. Regardless, each of those millimeters mattered as her pussy played cat and mouse with the vibrator.†Maya was toying with her, circling the area of her clit with the vibrator head like a cat circles its injured prey before closing in for the final kill.†Maya had turned up the speed, so anything close to touching her clit directly was painful in intensity. Sue was waiting for the inevitable when something changed, and Maya backed off without warning.

It took her a moment to realize that the robot arm was moving slightly without Maya's help. Glancing at the control panel, one solitary green light was now on even though there was no accompanying machine sounds. The lusterite inside her was stirring as well. It felt...rubbery.†I know I'm not imagining it. I†can't be imagining it.

Maya tossed the vibrator aside and began to focus on her own pleasure. She spread her legs wider as she leaned forward slightly so that her pussy was riding in contact with the end of the robot arm. Even through her jeans, the movement of the arm must have been doing the job as her see-sawing turned into a self-centered grind. Her breathing was faster, and her zombie expression had softened. Abruptly, Maya grabbed Sue at the hips as if to tackle her, but the grab was just for stability. The main assault was directed at Sue's left nipple.

Maya's mouth came to life. There was no gentleness in her now as she bit, sucked and licked hungrily around the clipped nip and tiny bell. She even took the whole bell into her mouth a few times. The sensations of pain and pleasure coursed through Sue's body like a wildfire burning its way steadily downwards towards her highly volatile pussy, now aching to combust.

Sore, Sue wished Maya would switch to the other nipple. A second later she did. Sue thought about what it might be like for Maya to bite a little harder, and she did--only to release a second later when Sue decided that it hurt too much. The scientist within Sue noticed the pattern, woke up, and went to work gathering evidence. She experimented by giving several other mental directions in order to eliminate the possibility of coincidence. She thought about Maya kissing her cleavage on the yellow and black laser targeting marker, then licking and blowing on her nipples...flicking a bell with her tongue...teasing the other nipple with her index finger...kissing the black and yellow marker over her slit...kissing--yes, why stop there?†Then, a minute or so later, the big one, she thought about Maya stopping to release her...no response. Apparently, there was a limit. Nevertheless, Maya's responses had been telepathic. Bound and completely unable to speak, there was no way for Sue to communicate by any other means.

Logically, the results of her experiments were undeniable, though scientifically, they were unprovable.†Thinking of the implications, Sue once again felt a chill run up†her spine. Could the mind really be capable of telepathy? Is that really what happened? Current scientific knowledge had no proven precedent, but most ancient people believed in such possibilities; nevertheless, she wasn't ready to believe some occult or supernatural capacity had been tapped.†In ancient times, they would have attributed it to the work of the gods, but Sue just couldn't believe in miracles--despite the lack of empirical evidence.†There had to be something she was missing. If she could just concentrate, she might be able to piece everything together, but its hard to do scientific analysis when you are close to the point of no return on your seventh climax in so many hours.

Her clit was receiving little direct stimulation even though the phallus within her was throbbing forcefully. It felt like a man was pumping her full of cum--at least how she imagined it might feel. The throbbing, accentuated by the regular thrusts of the robot arm, seemed to radiate through her body. The throbbing continued to grow and grow as her climax originated from deeper within, a full vaginal orgasm. As her pussy exploded with pleasure, her body twitched uncontrollably against her bonds, as if trying to dissipate the energy. However, the confining tightness of the straps and corset reflected any outwardly directed energy back towards her vagina like ripples of water bouncing off the sides of a swimming pool. The ripples rolled back and forth increasing in amplitude and growing in strength.†Sue would have cried out in ecstasy and strain, if able. Instead, the nipple bells rang out the proclamation and announced her climax. Thirty-six jingles later, just as she thought she could take no more, the spasms started to ebb, ever so slowly, until the bells fell silent again.

Sue's head spun, and she felt faint as the last spasms faded. A dreamlike quality pervaded everything. Suddenly, she was kissing someone--a man based on the facial stubble and smell of cheap aftershave. She could feel his rough, calloused hand slide up under her skirt to grab the left cheek of her ass. He squeezed and fondled it possessively while his other arm held her close at the hips, drawing her in so that her breasts pressed against his chest. His movements to lift her skirt higher caused her to struggle for balance in her high heels, but he kept her from falling with the strength of his embrace. Sue heard something that sounded like words, then she pushed him away with her hands. He reluctantly released her as if to see what she was going to do next. When Sue looked into the man's face, she wanted to vomit. It was her skeevy, voyeuristic landlord.

What the hell?†The vision faded, and she found herself back in the boiler room shaking her head, trying to clear the images, while Maya, oblivious to what happened, was still going to town with her tongue. The vision seemed so real for a minute there. Her ass even felt freshly groped. Stunned, she searched for an explanation. The telepathic link with Maya could be small potatoes. There could be something much more significant going on with her mind. Regardless, the whole thing was disturbing. So much so, that she wanted to pretend it never happened for the moment; it was just too much to think about. Thankfully, the clarity was fading quickly, like a dream after awakening--as if it never happened--which it didn't.†Did it?†

Maya had been playing with her the whole time. She started to toy with one of the nipple bells, flicking it to make it jingle then tugging at it, while she teased the other clipped nipple with her tongue and teeth. The pain was harsh enough that Sue caught her breath. At the same time, the constant movement of the phallus was starting to hurt. Her vagina was starting to get dry, and her muscles were sore from straining against the thick penetration.

Looking miffed, Maya stopped her sexual exertions and got up from the robot arm. Even in the dim light, Sue could see that the crotch of Maya's jeans was soaked through, and her legs were wobbly as she went to the small shelf beside the robot console. She seemed to have been close to orgasm herself yet still had the same cold-eyed robot look.†What is she really feeling?†She dutifully returned with Sue's big bottle of lube, and firmly spread Sue's labia with her fingers (ow, ow, ow),†inserted the squeeze pump spout as far as it would go (more†ow, ow, ow),†then administered several strategically placed squirts up alongside the phallus (shit! cold, cold, cold).†Sue had no doubt at all about Maya's ability to read her mind now, but, evidently, that mind reading did not include Sue's desire to stop.

Sue couldn't help feeling like she had been serviced like a machine. Maya, her zombie mechanic, left her feeling much better "under the hood" after the seven orgasm re-lube using the pump bottle grease gun.†Here I am racked up at the service station, dip stick inserted. High beams on. Motor running. Working parts repacked with grease. Haaahhaa!†Sue knew she was getting silly, perhaps delirious, but it helped her cope. Before working at the museum, she could barely imagine three orgasms in the same day. That felt like years ago. Nine orgasms was still like running a marathon in terms of physical endurance, but such levels of sex did not seem completely absurd and terrifying to her like they once did. Was the responsiveness of her body a new level of conditioning or a temporary holdover from the†alignment†business? Both possibilities were cause for concern.

She was hungry, thirsty and very tired as Maya herded her towards the finishline of her sex marathon, but the thirst was the worst.†Maybe that should be the next experiment?†She concentrated on how much she wanted a drink. After a couple minutes, Maya stopped her attempts at personal satisfaction a second time, and went back to the console for the sports drink. Despite the zombie poker face, Sue thought Maya seemed angry as she worked the straw around the gag.†Amateur. Try some real pleasure and denial sometime.†Sue couldn't help but to be amused.†Though now warm, the sports drink was still incredibly refreshing. She kept thinking, "all of it, all of it." Maya did indeed keep going until Sue drank the rest of the bottle. It could have been coincidence though.†Experiment inconclusive.

As Maya renewed her attempts at dual gratification, Sue's mind kept working. If Maya's tattoos indicated she was marked as a slave, then who was she a slave†to? Her first thought was that she would be a slave to the Nuymean gods. That would be the expected context with most ancient cultures. The Nuymeans were definitely unconventional, though, so it could mean something else. Maya had responded to her wishes, but not all of them.†Wouldn't a slave obey regardless?†Maybe her interpretation of the glyph was off. She needed a closer look.

Sue wasn't sure how Maya's own sexual satisfaction had slipped into the training rite, especially if she was controlled by something...or someone.†Perhaps I'm supposed to enjoy Maya's behavior? Or...maybe it's a test?†Maya adjusted her position briefly.†Oh, oh, oh, do that again.†Maya obeyed. She shimmied back up the robot arm close to Sue, tightened her legs around the metal supporting her, somehow keeping her balance, and wedged the vibrator between them both--right on target. As Maya ground against the vibrator for them both, Sue grew more and more frustrated that she was not able respond in kind. To make matters worse, Maya never seemed to stay where it felt best for more than few seconds.†She must be doing it deliberately.

Sue tried to telepathically instruct Maya to the precise place she wanted the vibrator, but it wasn't really working. There was too much of a delay, and it was too hard to formulate the directions. Her attempts just seemed to confuse Maya. If only she could speak and tell her to...oh!†It was one of those†eureka†moments. Now she knew the real reason for silence. It wasn't about ritual, sanctity and reverence. It was about power and control--more than just the typical implications of domination and submission with gags. Much more. Perhaps the†actual†power to command someone was being suppressed.†Who knows what commands I could give Maya if I could speak?

Once again, Sue's body was surprising her with what it was capable of doing. She grew more and more heated by the minute, but Maya was way ahead of her. Sue heard her breathing hard and making little grunting sounds of enjoyment as she pressed her chest into Sue's and leaned in close to nibble playfully at her ear. The pressure from Maya's boobs was painful against her clamped nipples at first, but the pain was well worth the accompanying silence it brought as the bells were muffled under soft flesh.

Maya's warm breath tickled, just a little, against Sue's neck, yet it was the last bit of sensory overload needed to make Sue cum.†The climax was not profound, yet there was a feeling of interconnection and intimacy with Maya that changed the whole experience and more than made up for it. Sue felt†fucked by someone else. She felt†made love to.

Maya kept working towards her own satisfaction, but Sue desperately needed a break from the vibrator. It was simply too much after her orgasm. Thinking about it had no effect. Sue couldn't tell if the telepathy was not reaching Maya or if it was being ignored.†Maybe a change of approach is in order.†Sue thought about seeing Maya naked, about how she wanted nothing more than to see Maya's luscious body completely nude, about how she wanted to see those beautiful, full breasts. Sue wasn't entirely insincere in those thoughts, some curiosity was behind it--even if she wasn't entirely sure how much of that curiosity was founded in her own insecurities and how much was about Maya's body.

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Was that a hint of a smile? Sue wasn't sure. Regardless, Zombie Maya must have gotten the message. She backed off smoothly and seductively, stretching almost cat-like in the process...only to take her clothes off in routine fashion without any playfulness, teasing, or hint of the earlier Maya. Nevertheless, Sue watched anxiously as Maya's boobs were revealed with their already hard nipples. Her†Trust in the Gods†tattoo was clearly evident. Sue knew it would be there, but actually seeing it was reassuring.†I'm not entirely alone in this.†When Maya worked her tight jeans off, her boobs swayed back and forth.†I can't imagine what being that big must be like.†As Maya pulled down her thong, Sue's eyes were glued on her pussy--in the name of science.

The experiment worked, and Sue got a squinty, yet definitive, view of the Nuymean glyphs tattooed neatly above Maya's smooth, mound of intimate flesh. There could be no doubt, glasses or not. Maya was marked as a slave of the lowest status, but the declension of the glyph, indicated by a small symbol near the border, was not "of the gods" or anyone else. She was marked as a slave to†herself, whatever that meant.

Sue's bi-curiosity was satisfied too, and she was confident there were no sudden realizations to be had, regardless of the intense reactions of her body. Yet even if the sight of Maya's body did not fuel her lust, her touch clearly did, and there was no avoiding that touch now that the invitation had been sent. "No" and "stop" were demonstratively not in the vocabulary of Nuymean telepathy tested thus far. As Maya moved in close, her blank expression hid her emotions, but Sue was sure she could still feel affection and desire radiating from deeper within. At least part of the real Maya had to be there underneath.

Without hesitation, the now naked Maya returned to her position straddling the robot arm and pressed against Sue, chest to chest, pussy to pussy. The intimacy of their contact had an intense sexuality to it that caused Sue, in her nearly exhausted condition, to feel lightheaded for a moment. Whether out of concern or for her own reasons, Maya undid the gag and dropped it, heedless of where it fell.

The distinctive herbal aftertaste of the gag felt like it was stuccoed all over the inside of Sue's dry and sticky mouth. As she worked her strained jaw and struggled to moisten her somewhat numb lips with her very numb tongue, Maya planted a gigantic kiss on her. The fact that she was kissing another woman was not lost on Sue, but in the present moment, she also failed to see why the sex of the owner of the lips kissing her mattered. Instead, the connection to another person was a whole lot more important. Despite her distinct disadvantage in ability to react, she closed her eyes and tried to follow Maya's lead in their dance of tongues.

Maya pressed closer, and Sue felt the rounded head of the vibrator sandwiched between them. Her whole body tingled for a moment when Maya turned it on, at a slow, throbbing setting. With their bodies so tight, the vibrations were amplified by an order of magnitude and seemed to travel all the way up to Sue's neck. At the same time, the phallus continued its slow, scientifically impossible, movement from the inside. The combined stimulation was impossible to resist. This time she had wanted to take it easy and savor the pleasure, but there are no brakes on a roller coaster.

Maya stopped kissing and put her head against Sue's shoulder. She was clearly exerting herself and working against the vibrator with a fluid hip rolling motion. Sue knew it was a matter of moments before one of them would cum, but Maya was faster, and her reactions were surprising. Her whole body twitched violently as she came. The twitching stopped and started a few times, then she immediately backed off, taking the vibrator with her.

The sudden loss of intimate contact left Sue feeling angry, cold and abandoned, but Maya was only switching tactics. The robot's gripper claw formed a circle between its pincers as it held the Nuymean phallus. The circle was slightly smaller than the widest part of the tapered vibrator handle, making it a perfect holder. After unplugging and rerouting the cord through the gripper, Maya pushed the vibrator into place, head up, until it wedged tight.†How clever.†The angle of the claw positioned the vibrator head so that it lightly touched Sue's vulva and the base of the phallus at the same time, sending vibrations straight up the lusterite shaft. The nipple bells jingled merrily away in melodic accompaniment to the percussion of the vibator head rattling loudly the metal cock.

Without the gag, Sue was free to strain against her bonds all she wanted without fear of hyperventilation, yet all she could manage was to push and pull for a few millimeters of movement.†The phallus inside her transferred even those slight movements to the robot arm which held it and indirectly to the vibrator. She could do nothing to evade its buzzing stimulation in the slightest.†She was nearly ready to cum, yet Maya wanted more. She reached down and turned the vibrator speed up two clicks, then stepped over the arm to join Sue. She held the rack on either side of Sue's hips, legs together, and leaned back as she pressed her weight and pussy against the other side of the vibrator.

Sue felt her whole body tense as she started to climax. The tension turned into a series of powerfully throbbing contractions that radiated out from deep within her pussy clear to her feet and head. She couldn't help but to close her eyes, arch her neck and point her toes (as much as the Nuymean heels would allow) in ecstasy. She couldn't tell if she was having a long orgasm with slow powerful contractions or series of individual climaxes. Soon, however, her body was overdoing it. Her muscles started to cramp up, and the contractions were becoming painful. She was begging for them to end, and would have screamed if able, as one last exceptionally long, jaw-clenching contraction finally ended it.

When her body relaxed,†Sue felt lightheaded again as she tried to catch her breath. The blackness of unconsciousness closed in from the sides of her vision, but when it met in the middle, she didn't pass out. Instead, she seemed to plunge towards the small remaining light in the middle of the wall of black. Once through the light, she was walking down one of the upstairs corridors of the museum, where the offices are. Her body was taller. Her high heels were lighter and clicked with a wooden resonance on the marble floor. She felt frustration and worry--actually, much more worry than frustration. Someone was with her, a man by the sound of his voice--even though the words he spoke seemed like a foreign language. There was a faint floral perfume smell that seemed familiar. Within seconds, she started to feel better, and both the blackness and the vision receded rapidly.

Sue blinked to clear the vision, wishing she could rub her eyes. As the room came back into view, she saw a rather puzzled looking Maya standing in front of her. The robot arm had been lowered, and the disengaged vibrator was buzzing away noisily.

"What the hell? What happened to my clothes?" said Maya.

Sue tried to answer, but her voice was not back yet.†Maya shut off the vibrator and looked around, trying to get her bearings--and find her clothes. She obviously had no recollection of her activities as Maya the horny lesbian sex zombie. She seemed startled when she noticed the lingering burnt smell, so quickly checked the robot and supporting equipment, before shaking her head in disbelief at the inoperative control panel. Satisfied that there was no danger, she turned to Sue, but suddenly paused then turned towards the boiler room doorway.

"Did you hear that?"

Maya held up her finger for quiet (as if it were really necessary). Sue did manage to still her bells a few seconds as she listened intently, holding her breath, getting increasingly more nervous all the while. They heard running footsteps echoing in the cavernous main room of the annex. Sue started to panic, and long ingrained feelings of guilt and shame associated with sex and nudity shattered her emotional composure.†I can't let them see me like this. I'm naked...helpless...legs open wide like a whore--I've got bells hanging from my nipples!†All Sue wanted to do was run and hide. Instead, she may as well be in a display window.†Look at me!†As the footsteps grew closer, they seemed to go back and forth as if someone was searching. Sue couldn't help jingling the bells as she squirmed.†Why should this turn me on?

Maya picked up her jeans and struggled frantically to get them on, sans thong. She dropped to the floor, then arched up on her back and tugged like mad while wiggling her hips--an obviously well-practiced technique.†So that's how she does it.And they†are†as tight as they look.†Just as she stood up, Cindy burst into the room breathing hard.

"Cindy! You scared the shit out of me!" shouted Maya. "You could have warned me, you know."

"Sorry, I was expecting you at the live-in suite and got a little twisted around looking for you," said Cindy to Maya's bare boobs, gawking openly. "Now I know why you weren't answering your cell phone."

"I wish I could say." Maya looked at Sue quizzically, with, perhaps, a dash of accusation. "Last thing I remember, I was at the console--and my clothes were on."†Maya made no move to cover herself further†while she looked around for her bra, showing a confident disregard for modesty which Sue envied. "Hopefully, Sue will be able to tell me what the fuck went on when she gets her voice†back."

"Another blackout?" asked Cindy.

"I guess."

"I wished you'd get checked out. I don't care what Nuymean mumbo jumbo you†think†is the cause."

"Trust me. It's not a medical problem," insisted Maya.

Blackouts?†Sue had a pretty good idea when at least one of those blackouts occurred; the missing piece fit nicely into the puzzle of recent events.†Maya†had to be the one who put the wooden crate back.But how did she know that Sue was stuck on the chair? Was she sent by someone--or something?

Sue wasn't sure what she wanted to tell Maya about her earlier behavior, or if the strange, compelling urge to tell the truth that affected her before would leave her any choice, but outing Maya's inner zombie didn't seem like a good idea. Everything Nuymean seemed to have a specific rationale behind it; Maya's inability to remember, no doubt, included.†Slave to herself, what does it mean?

"Looks like you two went all Barbarella and out fucked the machine, whether you remember it or not," said Cindy. "The Eager Beaver doesn't look so eager now."

Maya wasn't amused. "It probably just shorted out somewhere. I hope it's nothing too serious after all the work Martin put into it."

Cindy sniffed the air with a disgusted look on her face. "My hair dryer smelled like that when the fan went. That's the smell of a dead motor."

"Looks like my cell phone is dead too. Weird. I just charged it last night. What time is it anyways?"†

"I have a quarter after six."

"Wow. Really?"

"When I saw how late it was getting, I picked up a veggie pizza on the way back. The roads were a little better," said Cindy.

"I'm pretty hungry now that you mention it. Tony's?"

"No, the place at the mall, Dominick's. I still get my mall employee discount there. I got some great prices on the clothes, including a couple lucky finds on the clearance rack. She'll look great."

"Plus it's a lot cheaper when you don't need shoes," Maya laughed.

Veggie pizza? Bleck. And I can only imagine what clothes she bought.†Sue†was tired of being left out of the conversation and of being treated like a child. She†tried her voice again, but the words that came out sounded like baby talk.

"Looks like she's getting her voice back a little." Cindy watched closely as Maya finished getting dressed, as if taking notes--or sizing up the competition.

Maya winked covertly at Cindy. "Yeah, we should hurry. I want to get the chastity belt back on her before she can try to talk us out of it or whine too much."

Sue recognized Maya's twisted style of teasing, regardless of catching a hint of a smile. Yet since she was still strapped down, with the chastity belt the logical reason behind her continued helplessness, the attempted humor fell flat, seeming more gloat than tease.

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Taking her turn at sardonic humor, Cindy came over to Sue, who, in her helpless state, interpreted a mischievous grin as a menacing smile and had to resist cringing. "I bet she'd much rather get these off first." Cindy casually flicked one of Sue's nipple bells with her middle finger, her grin turning to a mocking smile when Sue sucked in her breath from the pain. "I hope you're enjoying them a lot more than I did."

Fuck! What's her freakin' problem?†Sue's nipple throbbed, but Cindy's attitude rankled.

Cindy flicked the other nipple with unveiled spite.†"I still don't get it. What†is†it that makes†her†so special? It's not like it takes a PhD to get your brains fucked out. I could be the acolyte and she could study†me."

Sue really hadn't considered why any presumed higher beings would choose her--or might not choose her--assuming someone, or something, even cared. It had been irrelevant. She thought of herself as a victim: everything changed after being trapped and impaled on the ancient chair. Nuymean culture would have deliberately selected candidates in ancient times; now, perhaps, any lonely archaeologist might come along and give it a go.

"She†can read the book my Mother hid in the annex for one thing," said Maya.

"The pages aren't blank?" asked Cindy.

Wait a minute. Blank pages? What are they talking about?†The book had looked entirely normal.

"Not to her," said Maya.†

Cindy was incredulous. "What did it say?"

"I didn't ask, but she was clearly reading it when I first arrived at the suite."

Sue felt that unnerving chill again: a book readable only by certain people was essentially magic, yet Maggie wrote it in modern times. She reasoned that it must be some kind of mental phenomenon. There was no physical difference between her act of reading and their attempts. She had just opened the book, and they all, apparently, did that. She hadn't even known that reading the book was something special. Ancient Nuymeans aside, uncovering the truth behind such phenomena is the kind of thing that scientists dream of. Now Sue was more anxious than ever to be free of the rack and to get back to her investigations.†Come on girls, let's get on with it.

Cindy stared at the glyph tattooed on Sue's chest, as if considering it for the first time. Abruptly, she grabbed Sue's right foot and attempted to pull her shoe off.

"AAhheieey," said Sue (sort of said, that is, given the numbness).

Cindy was not gentle, trying all manner of pulling and twisting, short of inflicting lasting injury. Eventually, she seemed convinced that the shoes weren't coming off.†"Sorry, I needed to do that. Someone has to be the doubting Thomas. Imagine what ancient people thought; these shoes would have been a miracle."

Or a curse,†thought Sue.

"But not much proof in the age of super glue," quipped Maya.

"I can't believe you're so casual about this. We could be on the verge of the greatest discovery--ever!"

"Sue, could be on the verge of--"

"Ok, ok. But think about it. I don't care if it's aliens or this ancient religion shit you believe in, if any of this means there's†something†more, if it can be†proved†that humans are not alone..."

"I hope you're right. I think everyone hopes you're right. But keep in mind that we don't entirely understand what we're dealing with. For all we know, everything we've seen is leftover phenomena that only works because some ancient device happens to still have juice left in its batteries; its creators long gone. This could even be something purely human in origin. After all, the government has always shown a lot of interest. They could know more than they are saying, in theory."

"That's not what you think, though, is it?"

"No, but what I think means very little."

"Beliefs are more important than facts for a lot of people."

"And sex is more important than beliefs for others," countered Maya.

Cindy smiled. "I like that. Could be useful material for my psychology thesis."

I've always hated theology. Are they just about done? Sue's body was transmuting her frustration and impatience with Cindy and Maya into compulsive struggles against the straps and deepening lust. She had to come up with something; the idea of being forced back into the chastity belt was intolerable. While her supposed friends and allies were talking, Sue tried to telepathically influence Maya several times without a hint of success.†I need another option. Should I fake being sick?†She tried acting like she was about to pass out.

"Did you bring that first aid kit like I asked?" questioned Maya.

"What? Yes, Charlie had one of the bigger laboratory ones in the storage room. I left it up in the suite too."

"Good, it should have those ammonia inhalants they use for smelling salts. We might need them. I think Sue has had enough."

"Maybe we should unstrap her?" asked Cindy.

Yes! That's the idea.†Sue let her head slump forward dramatically. Eyes closed in mock faint, she never saw Maya's finger flick coming. When her swollen clit erupted in stinging pain, Sue's head snapped up while a crackly, half-muted screech of pain accented the tinkling alarm of her nipple bells.

Maya said something, but Sue couldn't hear it over Cindy's laughing.

Unceremoniously, Cindy followed Maya's lead as she grabbed the rack and started to wheel Sue sideways out of the boiler room while Sue tried to come up with another plan.

"Wait. Is it safe to leave this Nuymean cock here?"


"Over here. This monster," said Cindy, trying to pull the phallus out of the robot claw unsuccessfully.

"Holy hell. I didn't know Martin or Charlie loaded any of those in the machine, least of all this one. Just leave it for now, Martin will know how to release the gripper."

Sue's eyes widened as she watched her clamped, protruding nipples barely clear the door frame as she was rolled sideways out onto the exhibition floor of the annex, each little bump jingling the bells in accompaniment. Outside the boiler room, the air was so much colder that Sue felt like she was being rolled into a refrigerator like a rack of meat. She tried to complain, but only the "c" in "cold" and "k" in "fuck" came out clearly.

Cindy started to hum "Jingle Bells" while they rolled Sue across the floor.†

Maya laughed. "Stop it! You're so bad."†

Sue, begrudgingly, found it amusing too, but nowhere near as funny as Maya and Cindy.†AC/DC, "Hell's Bells," would be more like it.†She would have tried to hum it, but couldn't really remember the melody.

As they wheeled her closer, Sue could see the ancient metal parts of the Viking chastity belt laid out on the table along with the ridiculous, industrial padlock. Maya pressed the foot pedal to lower the rack and lock it in place.

"I can't believe women were forced to wear shit like this," said Cindy. She fingered the vaginal shield on the table, fascinated, as if petting a snake, uncertain if it might strike.†

"Back then, it was, most likely, a voluntary thing to prove loyalty," said Maya. "Chastity belts in ancient times were more myth than fact."

"This one looks like the real deal, though. Thick, solid, freakin' steel. But†I still don't get how the belt works,"†questioned Cindy. "I mean, I understand how the belt would hold this metal dildo in place and keep her locked up, but I don't get how it's supposed to protect the guys."

"Phallus, not†dildo†or†cock.†What kind of scholar are you?" taunted Maya.

Cindy stuck her tongue out at Maya.†"Phallus schmallus. It's still just a metal dildo if you ask me."

"Try saying 'dildo'†on the next school tour of the Nuymean exhibit."

"OK, I get it, but you still didn't answer my question."

"I don't know why it works, but the lack of sexual access blocks the effects of†alignment†caused by the lusterite phallus."

"Oh, yes, that whole thing--if you say so. I still don't get what it's about. How much longer is it supposed to take? The alignment thing?"

"It took me a few more days than this. Alignment is hard to explain, but a suitable woman will have a kind of sexual awakening that's very powerful. She attracts the sexual power of the Nuymean gods. Her body and that energy have to find a balance. Until then, all that energy can do some pretty strange things."

Sue didn't need a few more days, no matter what Maya thought.†Without a doubt, she knew she was†aligned,†or whatever--they can make up whatever name they want for it. Something had definitely happened, and her body was far from normal, but it didn't feel out of control anymore.†That confusing, raging, and wildly hormonal feeling was hardly noticeable now. Exhaustion aside, she felt better than ever. She felt charged with sexual energy from head to toe, yet it was more than that: her thoughts had a lucid, rapid quality; pain felt different--the pain of the evil nipple clips was starting to feel more stimulating than painful; even the relentless embrace of the leather corset was starting to seem comforting--perhaps reassuring is a better word. She knew that she had progressed way ahead of Maya's presumptions of alignment and its effects, and well past the point where the chastity belt was necessary, if it ever had been. She questioned, more and more, just how much Maya and the others really understood about Nuymean training and what she was going through. It seemed more superstition than anything else.

Sue's emotions were jumbled, so much had happened, but she could feel her mind coming together now too--call it†alignment†if you want. She knew psychologists disagreed on how many basic emotions people feel, ranging from merely four to over seventeen. Synchronistic with Nuymean numerology and the sacred nine, she had her own definition of nine basic emotions swirling in her head: fear, anger, happiness, contentment, relief, shame, pride, surprise and, the queen of them all, lust. She embraced each one, facets of herself and reactions to circumstances that were easy to accept. Acceptance was they key.†How could they possibly understand?†It was time for her to control. They could argue their theology later.

Sue's favorite Nuymean phallus was still on the table sitting in a puddle of fluids, like a used bar of soap sloppily set aside after washing. Seeing it made Sue realize that Maya was unaware of the zombie-making Nuymean Bokor and the vodou spell cast by lusterite, lust and cunt. It gave her an idea.†But will it work? The key has to be†inhibitions and what people really want to do--I better be right about Cindy.

Sue winced at the touch of cold steel as Maya lined up the waist portion of the belt, then, once satisfied, reached for the phallus. Sue held her breath apprehensively. Her plan would require precise timing despite the unavoidable sensory distractions--including an energy infused lust so volatile that it was already rising. As Maya pushed the phallus home, Sue saw the change. Just as she thought, the phallus inside her was the catalyst: Maya's eyes lost their spark and diffused to glassy zombie eyes. The Bokor had cast his spell; now, could she cast hers?

The thrill of being penetrated almost broke Sue's concentration, and she nearly came, but her adventitious training kicked in; she was able to manage her reactions and shelve the intense desire and burning lust she felt, yet as the†shaft of cold metal warmed inside her, she knew that the strength of her willpower and ability to concentrate would not last long.

Maya held the phallus in place with her upturned palm as she reached for the other half of the Viking belt one-handed.†Sue knew that looking at Cindy might break her concentration, so she kept her focus entirely on Maya.

Maya suddenly forgot the belt and started to move closer for a kiss; the desire to do so rapidly becoming an all-consuming need.†Message received.†As she acted on her telepathically encouraged desires, Maya's hands strayed from their original duties.†With a metallic clatter, the waistband popped open and the belt fell to the floor. Sue attempted to tighten her vaginal muscles to hold the phallus in, but it was far too heavy. Even as it fell, the uncanny gaze in Maya's eyes shifted, and Zombie Maya was gone, the spell broken.

When the phallus bounced off the hard tile floor, leaving a chip in the marble, it rang out like a tuning fork, just for a second, yet the clear note was unmistakable.†Why would it be tuned like that?†Sue knew it had to be important, another of those small details she would not ignore.†Tuned metal vibrates at specific frequencies...could it be?

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"Doesn't the rack lay back flatter?" suggested Cindy. "It would make things easier."

Maya nodded and started pumping a lever on the side of the rack. With each pump, Sue tilted further backwards until she reached the 32 degree limitation of the rack. The new angle was neither upright enough nor flat enough to be comfortable. It made her feel off balance and all the more helpless.

Cindy picked up the fallen items and handed Maya the phallus. "That thing could break a toe."

Maya automatically looked around for something to clean it with, then eventually wiped it with the corner of her shirt after finding nothing else suitable. "I wonder if the five second rule applies?"

Sue grit her teeth as Maya proceeded with the detestably dry phallus. Working it in and out, a little more each time, Maya made sure it was slick with Sue's natural lubrication before firmly pushing it all the way in. Regardless, Sue didn't appreciate the difference in coefficient of friction and wished for lube, but quickly suppressed the thought. The last thing she needed was for Maya to leave to go find some.

This time, a new approach was in order. She concentrated on her redildoed pussy (which was rather easy) and how much she wished someone would caress it, kiss it, treasure it. Sue never saw Maya's face or the zombie eyes return, but she did feel a greedy lesbian zombie tongue, right where a lesbian tongue is best, challenging her ability to concentrate. At the same time, Maya's fingertips never left the phallus.

With a deep breath and renewed willpower, Sue resisted Maya's skillful ministrations and lifted her head to see a puzzled Cindy holding the chastity belt. Maya's spontaneity seemed a little much for her.†Perhaps Maya's expecting a threesome? Cindy opened her mouth as if to speak, but couldn't seem to find words.

Sue stuck to her plan: she concentrated on the chastity belt and tried to convey the thrill of being locked inside it--the strange frustration-induced lust from being unable to touch one's own intimate flesh; the raw emotion of waking up to discover a barrier of hammered Viking steel denying probing fingers.

Cindy was frozen in place, staring at the belt, perhaps intrigued, perhaps conflicted, perhaps considering. Sue wondered, rhetorically, if the chastity belt fit Cindy.†Or is she too fat? Did she even know how to work it?

Cindy†had been wondering too until her vanity demanded action,†of course I'm not too fat!

The†logical way to prove it is to try on the belt--isn't it?†Sue fought down a feeling of renewed frustration, spiked with a double shot of envy, as Cindy kicked off her shoes (must be nice). She watched her closely, trying to anticipate each thought. Though her eyes remained unchanged, Cindy was clearly acting in response to Sue's telepathic communications.†Holy hell,†Maya is working the phallus with her fingers!

Cindy modestly turned to the side before removing her black tights and short skirt--trendy, but not-so-practical in winter. Lifting the belt, she marveled at the weight of the overly thick steel, then, without further hesitation, started piecing the belt into place.†Is it supposed to be this tight?†After sucking in her stomach a bit more, Cindy was able to close the waistband.

Anticipating Cindy's reaction, Sue continued,†It should be very tight. It's a chastity belt after all.†Yes, trying that other phallus would be a good idea†(wherever it came from).

Cindy hesitated after picking up the extra phallus. Sue had no idea exactly what gave Cindy pause, so she tried to project horny thoughts. Perhaps raw lust could be transmitted across the telepathic connection. Whatever the reason, Cindy continued, after a further bit of apparent deliberation. All Sue could see was Cindy's naked bottom as she wiggled back and forth on her tiptoes, her legs spread slightly, to insert the cold metal. Sue wasn't sure if the resulting gasps were a reaction to the cold or the heat between Cindy's legs.

Cindy held the phallus in place as she lifted the front shield. She couldn't believe she was doing this, but it all seemed like a good idea. She wanted to show that Miss Smarty PhD hadn't done anything all that spectacular, and she wanted to show off how she could wear the belt without a corset to hold in her waist, but, most of all, the very idea of being locked up was making her horny as hell.†

Sue continued to project her thoughts, however weak or strong of an influence they were.†It's bound to be a little uncomfortable at first, don't you think? Locked? Of course. It isn't real if it isn't locked. It doesn't feel the same if you know you can get out.†Yeah, the lock is big, but it fits doesn't it? CLICK. See?

Cindy started pawing at herself, feeling along the edges of the metal, pulling at the waistband, trying to get her fingers underneath the shield. Sue knew that feeling and that it would shortly lead to panic followed by an attempt to get the key--which Sue reasoned was in Maya's pocket since didn't see any key-shaped blurs on the table.†Oh, that feels amazing.†Sue's bells were ringing constantly as Maya steadily increased the pressure of her tongue.

"Oh my, it looks a little too tight. Maybe you should try walking? You might settle into it. Besides, walking is the real challenge anyways. On top of the penetration, the phallus shifts and moves from the weight, but I bet you still won't be able to cum. It's a bitch," said Sue, her voice returned, in an attempt to dare Cindy's vanity, play to her sense of competition and challenge her pride in her own sexual prowess.

"I don't think it's†that†tight." Cindy turned to look at Sue with bedroom eyes, no zombie gaze evident. With a careful, yet awkward, attempt at dignity, she managed to pick up her heels on the third attempt to bend down. Wearing just her blouse, high-heels and the chastity belt, she started to walk gingerly towards the far side of the room, past the sex maiden and on towards the Nazi vibrator table. About eighteen steps away, she stopped and swiveled her hips around to make some kind of internal adjustment before continuing. Soon Sue lost sight of her, presumably as she ducked behind one of the displays to cast all dignity aside.†

Maya's oral skills were undeniably good, generating a build up of sexual tension just beyond the edge of Sue's mental focus that was getting steadily harder to ignore. At the same time, the strange sexual energy had banished all feelings of fatigue. An orgasm was building. She could sense it there like a predacious feline, stalking ever closer, ready to pounce. After a particularly well-executed series of tickling tongue tip touches, her concentration slipped; Maya's little tongue rabbit twitched just right, and the predator pounced. It was all over--her whole body was caught in the mighty jaws of the orgasmic beast, primitive and wild, and racked with shuddering spasms, dozens of aching, delicious,†little deaths.†

After it ended, Sue immediately realized her mistake. Now Zombie Maya, resuming after a pause, was already determinedly working on orgasm two of nine. Cindy would soon return to discover the source of Maya's blackouts and would be unlikely to fall for her simple manipulations again. She didn't want to risk losing Cindy's trust with lies, assuming she could even invent some.†Trust in the gods. Yes, same answer, just a different question.

Somewhere around orgasm three or four, Cindy did return, sweaty and frustrated looking; her surprise at seeing Maya still pleasuring Sue barely masked with a quick smile. As she scanned the table, presumably looking for the padlock key, she was smiling and almost laughing. "You're right, Sue. This thing is horrible. I wouldn't have believed it was so bad."

"I bet you'd give about anything to cum?"

"Oh, I see where this is going," Cindy laughed. "I guess I have it coming."

"You certainly do, but before I decide what price you will pay," Sue teased. "I have one question."

"OK, what?"

"Did you really need to fuck my landlord?"

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Sunday, February 17, 2019  

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Yes, the squid has definitely been a controversy. I've discussed it here and there on deviantart. Most people like the device itself, but question the use in the setting. I had in mind something, much as you mention, where it is just a part of what happens. I didn't intend for the story to be completely nice and neat. Instead, I was trying for something closer to a real world effect where things happen more out of circumstance. I probably would change some details in how I handled it within the story now in retrospect, but not eliminate it.

Hopefully the robot arm was close to the range of believability enough for most people. I know I stretched the technology in some respects and downplayed it in others. I'd probably flip them and characterize the robot arm as the more realistic and the squid as the less realistic of the two. I could see either one becoming closer to a reality as technology develops.

I have been thinking about splitting the story into another part here on Utopia because of length. However, it is also an awkward site for linking story parts together so I'm not sure. When I map it out in a PDF, it comes out about 117 pages currently. Regardless, I would want to get to a spot in the story where it would make a good breaking point. It's definitely turned out to be a lot longer than I would have though. Part of the learning process for me.

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November 1st,

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My concerns about identity were a little different. I'm aware of how everyone in the adult industry and pretty much all authors of erotic fiction use alternative names. It's a side effect of our often disapproving and judgmental society. In my case, my spouse is one of those judgmental and disapproving types.

I originally set about using erotic fiction as a vehicle for me to hone my craft and develop some skills before attempting to write a mainstream work. I have been second guessing that and thinking about whether I want to just write erotic fiction directly instead. It's encouraging to hear from people like you about how I should really give it a go.


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Not to get too off topic but if you were to visit www dot pinkflamingo dot com, you might come across the names of some very interesting and well known authors, and believe me when I say that your story will easily fit in with the titles there. (With a little polishing by a professional editor, not that you need that much polishing. Your book, not you. I'm sure you're very well polished. That didn't come our right). By the way, you do know that J. G. Leathers's last name is really not Leathers, right? I'm certain that your real identity can be kept secret if you chose to. As long as they print your real name on your cheque.


Sunday, October 26, 2014  


Yeah, I feel the same way. Finally! It's been a combination of a number of things. Real life instruction being a big one. Another was that I got highly distracted by other projects. Sometimes other ideas are very insistent and I can't even concentrate on the project I planned to be working on. I also got so far off track that I had to go back through all of the older chapters to get my head back to where I was before.

You're just about right on all accounts with what I mean with Maya and the "slave to herself" statement. Too much of her own desires control her for her to be a priestess.

I don't really want to comment too much on your other speculations, but I think I can safely say something about Cindy and some of the museum characters. I originally tried to create this environment for Sue with the museum itself and the people in it. They all have their own reasons for doing what they do and being where they are. I got off on a lot of tangents on them which have really all been helping Sue to find her way within that environment. (The "great squid debate" being a separate issue.)

I hadn't heard of Pink Flamingo before. Looks very intriguing. I'm not sure if I can pull it off though since I'm a secret writer and it would probably be quite dramatic if my spouse suddenly found out.


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Hurrah!!!Finally another update!!!!! Where have you been?????? What a turn of events!!!!!!! And it's certainly foreshadowing the growing powers of The Curator. By the way, "A slave to herself"? Do you mean that Maya is a person who is so self centered that she can't control herself sexually or that she might have the potential to abuse her powers if she had become the priestess? Or perhaps she is simply a person more susceptible to mental manipulations? Humm... And Cindy is in on this too? Is everybody connected to the museum in on this? Wow! That might be a way to work The Squid Corp. back into the story! Museums are notorious for being white elephants in terms of paying for their own survival, which is why they're always sucking up to rich patrons. Perhaps the missing Dr. Maggie went off and started The Squid Corp. with technological advances in sex toys she learned from her Nuymean research. Intriguing! More story please! And it would be wonderful if you were to submit this to Pink Flamingo Press for publishing when you're done.

Welcome back,


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Oct 25:

Yeah, I sure bit off a lot more than I would have guessed. I must have had a serious case of first story optimism. It definitely more towards book length now.



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I've tried keep the pace and chapters at some level which makes sense to me in accordance with the master plot. I hope that it works.


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Wednesday, June 04, 2014  

Zip and June 3: Thanks! Feeling good again, just struggling for time, but I'm about 1/2 through chapter 18.

Since this site doesn't do updates, I'll mention that my most up-to-date version with corrections is on deviantart (neglected2much.deviantart.com) for anyone with a (free) account there. I'll be posting updates here too.


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Patiently waiting.


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Thanks May 5! I've been dealing with a lot of time constraints, including an illness (2 to 3 more weeks they say), but I have been working on the story when I can. Thanks for everyone's patience.

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The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.

So far u have done this perfect :-)
Thank you for this story, cant wait for the next update.


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Wednesday, December 18, 2013  

Yes, I posted the all of the content here with edits for typos, minor corrections and such on literotica as well (my arm is still sore from all the previous twisting I got from a few people). I'm on deviantart as well.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013  

Hey Neglected,

I saw the update on Literotica-Great job! it was admittedly short, but a great opener for continuing the series. Hopefully work goes well for you so you have some extra time. (no pressure though!)

Monday, December 09, 2013  

I've been dealing with a lot of work issues, but have been squeaking out a little writing time here an there. Sorry I've been so slow.


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Nov 15: Cool, typos are one thing, story elements another. But you're right that there is a "good enough" level more often than not. It's mainly the story elements that I care about even if typos annoy me.


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m8, skip the perfectionism, get it out, correct it later. I love it so far, as long as the next chapters are readable, it doesn't have to be perfect.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013  

Nov 10: Thanks!

Yes, those are past chapters on literotica containing quite a number minor corrections and fixes over the version here. While I really like this site and started writing here, resources are limited and lack of editing as well as the long posting times are a problem. I plan to continue posting here regardless.

I got a little sidetracked there (it's a long story), but do plan to keep going all the way to the end with this story.

I have a new chapter written, but it's kinda short. I should have another one done and will post again then.


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I noticed that your story is being re-posted to literotica. Does this mean that you intend to keep going with it? I really like where this story is going so far!

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013  

I haven't had much writing time lately, but my plan is to push out the first part of the other story I'm working on and then pick back up with this one.

I have another chapter mostly done, but will probably include a second shorter chapter along with it in the next update. I think I'll have it posted within a couple weeks. After that, it generally takes between a few days to a few weeks before the webmaster has it up on the site.

Sorry the updates it's been so long between updates. With my summer effectively over now, I should be picking up the pace. I get a few hours to write every week and will get there eventually.

I've started using twitter ({at}neglected2much) for anyone who wants to check in with me about timing and such.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013  

when 's the next installment???

Friday, August 23, 2013  

It's been a pretty busy summer, but I do have an update about 70% done. I also have about 70% of the critical mass of another story done which I plan to post. It's been a pretty busy summer (including vacation), but I do have an update about 70% done. I also have about 70% of the critical mass of another story done which I plan to post. My vacation is just about over and I'll be digging back into writing.

I've been having trouble getting other ideas out of my head that interfere with my focus on specific stories. Spending time writing up those other ideas seems to be the best way to get them out of the way, but it's still a sidetrack.


Thursday, August 22, 2013  

I loved the story. Please keep writing. I want to know how everything ends :D

Overall I like certain parts of the story as they satisfy certain tastes ;) Other that are not so ... tasty ... for me still are written well and entertaining so overall a very nice piece of work.

Thanks you very much for sharing and writing an outstanding mixed story of sci-fi and ancient bondage as well as all the little twists in the plot that kept me reading ;)


Thursday, August 22, 2013  

S t i l l n o u p d a t e..... D y i n y.... D o n ' t k n o w h o w m u c h l o n g e r I c a n h o l d o u t... G a s p..... A r r g h....


Saturday, July 20, 2013  

Wow, thank you very much. I set off writing online with the intention of testing myself, learning, developing skills and the like with an eye towards doing some professional writing eventually. I'm overwhelmed when people suggest that I should start right now (happy dance).

Here's some context to explain what I was thinking (good or bad) that led to the robot:

I let my mind kind of run wild with the museum idea when originally conceiving the story. I could think of lots of different ideas of what sexual objects might have been "censored" effectively in museums (most people don't have any clue about the overt sexuality all through Pompeii for example). I wanted to give a sense of that in the museum.

The idea that the museum might have some more recent artifacts seemed in line with what real museums do. Next thing I knew, the robot idea came to mind. It would be from the Aerospace part of the sex museum so to speak.

A side note, I do have a set of notes for another story to use the ideas for other objects and artifacts that didn't fit into this story.

All that jumping around has been good and bad. I've certainly ended up with an enormous amount of content out of that museum. Anyways, that's where the robot machine came from.

In retrospect, I'm torn of what lessons I've learned about plot and scope from writing The Curator. The broad and involved plot has been challenging at times. Some people really seem to appreciate it and I was trying to do something different so I'm mainly happy with how that has gone. However, I might have some sections that seem like a weird sidetrack to other people (some people thought the squid just a sidetrack as well).

The question is whether a narrower scope would have been better. I'm not really sure. What tipped the balance for me was that I was trying to make the story seem natural and realistic. No gauntlet of narrow challenges for Sue. I wanted her story to take place in the wider world around her. Hopefully it would give the sense that this is all sort of happening within the museum as she figures it out.

Maybe it was a good choice, maybe it wasn't. I figured I'd just go with what I wanted and learn from it. See if it worked or not. How big a milieu, as they say, would fit. I sure don't see many stories of that kind in erotica so knew from the outset it would be something different. The diversity of items might paint a better picture when the story starts pulling together as the story concludes.

Another side note is that I have already started another story and it has a tighter focus. I also plan some stories that are more short and direct to practice different styles. Since I can't even write short comments half the time, those will probably be the most challenging!

Thanks for the highly motivating comments!

Saturday, July 20, 2013  

Wow, just fantastic. It is rare for an author to add one novel plot device, you have added three: Nuymeans, the squid and the iron virgin. GREAT JOB! Clearly not an M-f situation.

1) please quit your day job and write full time. I need more of this :)
2) I totally don't get the robot machine--if she is training for the Nuymean priesthood, why not just strap her to the horse again? Or another new Nuymean device

More. More squid. Just more.

Thursday, July 18, 2013  

I've considered the M-f tag a few times myself. I look at the tags as a way for people with specific inclinations to find what they like and as a way for people who are disturbed or don't like certain things to avoid them.

My rationale from the author's point of view was that the M-f wasn't a good fit because Charlie and Martin (the Geologist) don't really play the mental domination game specifically. I didn't feel that people into M-f stories would really be satisfied. I also didn't think I included anything that would bother anyone still with the story at that point so I didn't think I needed to warn anyone away.

My intention was that Charlie and Martin feel more like they are doing what they should for Sue and don't really "get off" on dominating her. From Sue's side, I tried to convey that she was surprised, shocked and aroused by their actions, but that she really had mixed feelings about what they are up to and what she felt. In the end, she mostly thought that they were acting on what they thought they should do "for" her not specifically "to" her. Hopefully that comes through in the text.

Further into the story (the annex part), there are some other cases where the domination considerations resurface and the case for adding M-f is stronger. I assumed you haven't read that far yet since you didn't mention Bill. I don't want to drop any spoilers. I have additional mixed feelings about whether to add the tag for those sections of the story.

I mainly didn't add M-f after adding those other parts of the story because I still questioned whether the domination aspects where "juicy" enough to interest M-f readers. That's hard for me to judge so I would defer to what readers think. Feel free to use the little "suggest tags" box on the form if you have other thoughts. (It goes to the webmaster of the site.)


Wednesday, July 17, 2013  

Still in the midst of reading it, but great story so far, I think "M-F" tag should be applied, as Charlie and the Geologist both kind of dominate her.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013  

Summer has been kind of crazy and I'll be away again in a few weeks for a couple weeks, so I'm trying to fit some writing in when I can in the meantime. I have a good start into the next update at this point.

Feline and Neosteeled,

I see both of your comments fundamentally reflect my intended portrayals with Sue and Maya. Since you both always have great insights, I was glad to see that. The mental interplay was a goal while writing this chapter (16). I'm still building on what I'm trying to do with that interplay so I won't drop any spoilers, but I was trying to present Maya mostly from Sue's perspective and Sue is a little confused about Maya right now--the idea being that someone like Maya is little beyond Sue's comfort zone and level of experience.

The opposite side of the coin is that Maya is not quite sure what she thinks about Sue either sometimes. I'm not sure if that came out. I didn't really want the characters to be pre-defined and perfectly consistent. I wanted them to seem like real people and to give the story a "natural" quality. I think that's what I like to see in a story myself.

I've been trying to end each chapter at what seems like a logical point but not take a tremendous amount of time between updates. Cliffhangers seem to jump out at me as a result. I never set out for that effect at the start. Goes to show how much about my writing style is based on the moment and the process versus a formal plan. I'm definitely learning about my own style and which approaches work better for me through all of this. I need to find ways to write faster, but I find that if I rush things I end up with editing problems and leave out elements I wanted to cover. Overcoming those obstacles are the big challenge in improving my methods now.

I'm also finding that alternating between stories is helping my writing. I've jumped around a few times between stories, but I am currently settling into an alternating pattern between The Curator and a new story I'm working on with a working title of "Tasha's Infiltration." When it reaches enough critical mass, I plan post it and then follow up with updates like I've been doing with the Curator vs. wait for the whole thing to be done. I'm expecting it to be less than half the size of The Curator based on my outline.

Feline, I'm smiling that you liked the ultrasound. I had a lot of fun with this chapter and that was one of idea that I really liked as well.

Here some "answers" to some of the other issues raised in your comments:

Sue doesn't really know what might happen if she fails ("backup plan") and I've been trying to let the story unfold as she figures things out. The fear of the unknown what it could be is one of her motivators.

Feline has it right about the "slave" mark on Maya (at least in how I intended it). The marks are from the perspective of the Nuymean religion so a "slave" to the gods is effectively a mark of her role within the priestesshood but also something she would proud of within Nuymean society. I could get into some more details here, but I don't want to take a chance on spoilers.

Once again thanks for the support, positive insights and bolstering my confidence with the wonderful positive comments.


Monday, July 08, 2013  

*quiet whimpering from the corner*

Yep, I think that sums up my initial reaction to this new chapter quite well :)

I thought you were just being an evil tease when this new chapter appeared, and seemed fairly short, when you consider the massive cliff hanger you left us with!

Size really is not everything, this chapter is a massive and very intense roller coaster! I am so heavily invested in all of this, this ride was amazing, yet still managed to leave me with as many questions as I had going in, even when a few answers have been given.

Stickers falling off... now that is a seriously ominous concern to have, what sort of wringer is Sue about to be put through?! By the sounds of it, an even bigger one than expected! WooHoo!

You really have kept me wondering and guessing about Maya most of this chapter. She is suddenly so incredibly wicked, so inventively evil, manipulating the situation, Sue's mind and emotions as well as her body, pushing her, keeping her off balance. Every time I think I have some reading of Maya she does something unexpected! Even with this wonderful insight into Sue's emotions and mind, I cannot really picture what all of this is doing to her! Amazing work!

I do wonder how Maya's sexuality fits into all of this, but given the reveal at the end, I also wonder if we even know her real sexuality.

The ultrasound, to know how far up inside things can do, now THAT is inspired evil genius!!!

Alignment? Flowering? How much do people really know about what is going on here? Things are clearly going on here, and I am wondering, I have been for a little while, if Sue's start on this road was really so accidental after all. There is a slowly forming sense of a master plan, an overarching plan behind everything here...

Leaving Sue in a state where she cannot get relief with her fingers, this process is brutal! And yet again, these mixed messages from Maya, one moment so concerned, loving almost, totally gentle and concerned. Yet the next moment, like the pure embodiment of a sadistic mistress!

Testing Sue, finding out if she is up to what is coming, that makes sense, but so far there has been no real sense of a backup plan. Sue is passing the test, she looks like she will be ready, but I do wonder what would have happened if Sue had failed the test.

Neosteel, on the question of the slave mark on Maya, my thought is that Maya is a slave to the gods. There is a strong sense of the god's being very demanding, so given this, given the transformation that takes place, the idea of these women becoming "property of the gods", no longer being people with their own free will or rights, becoming "slaves" and more, the lowest of the low, but also the must exulted for they are servants of the gods makes sense to me. A bit like the dichotomy of submission, where the submissive normally has all the power.

Now where is the next chapter?! I want to see more of Maya's preparation of this machine, I want to see more of its amazing, wicked capabilities, I want to see more of Sue's amazing erotic suffering and torment!

Thinking of suffering and torment, and Maya "borrowing" things from Sue's office, I have this wicked mental image of two chastity belts, one for Sue and one for Maya, with Sue's amazing remote control vibrator locked inside Maya. After all, as Maya so accurately said, suffering is better shared... *evil smirk*


Friday, July 05, 2013  

Eager Beaver??? Oh My!!! I feel faint!!!
All kidding aside, Feline pretty much covered all of the main points I had picked up on with this new reading of your story. What puzzles me though is the situation with Maya, Sue, and the issue of Maya's tendency or not for Bisexuality. How can Maya's lack of interest in women disqualify her for the Nuymean priestess job, when Sue professed the same disinterest?
Particularly if the Nuymean gods embrace all forms of sexuality?

The other puzzle is the second mark on Maya. If that mark relegated her to the roll of "servant/slave". Why does she not appear more subservient? Particularly to Sue? Or is it because Sue hasn't attained the office yet? But if Sue can already affect the men within close proximity to her already, why not Maya?

By the way, have you given any thought about the particular brand of C.B. you're going to use yet? Not that I'm trying to be pushy.

Again, great update!


Thursday, June 13, 2013  


I've exchanged a number of e-mails with people who feel the same way about bondage, the background, emotions, circumstances and journey getting there. We're not the only ones. I just don't think very many writers try to capture that. In fact, that approach to bondage is really what I want to explore in the various stories I'm working on, different ways the character arrives to where they are. We could probably open up a forum topic on that one and have all kinds of discussion.

I think different people key in on certain parts of a story based on their own tastes and kinks. I keep trying to create those certain special little elements when I can. That's the spice and seasoning to a story to me. The more interesting stops along the journey. I loved the high heels part and was glad someone else liked it.

I do intend to follow the story to its natural conclusion without deliberately trying to shorten things up. I still see longer ones on the site, so hopefully I'm not going to blow any file sizes out on the server.

I should make a little inspirational calendar with your comments. Once again you've made my day.

I thought about opening something up on the bound forum for this story, but it doesn't seem to be very active so I didn't know.

I did post the next chapter last night btw. Hopefully it won't take too long to get posted.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013  

But, but, but... its time for the very cute sad face! Only another 8 to 10 chapters to go?! I am not sure I am ready for this amazing story, this wonderful journey to be over so soon!

Still, it is very reassuring to read that you are going to keep on writing, you really are showing a real talent for it :)

As for support for your ideas, another point that I was thinking back to with my comments about the outfit was shortly after Sue got locked into the high heeled shoes for the first time, and was having to walk across the public spaces of the museum, her feelings of exposure and embarrassment at having to walk, having to show herself in such a sexual manor, the effect of being forced to show herself off, being unable to hide her body and her motion, making a sexual show of herself and being powerless / helpless to do anything about it.

Sometimes it is the little moments that stick in my mind, since they speak so strongly about her emotions, how her interaction with the world around her is being changed, and how decisions are being taken out of her hands :)

For me, personally, good bondage in a story is impossible without a strong insight into the feelings and emotions that it evokes and provokes. If someone is not challenged or placed outside of their comfort zone, then can they even really be said to be in bondage? If they don't discover how powerless they are, then how can they have actually given up any power or control? So these are themes that really resonate with me here :)


Tuesday, June 11, 2013  

Diane, thank you very much. Refining my writing skills to potentially do something more mainstream, to borrow your words, was one of the things I had in mind. Most of my ideas keep coming back to erotic lately though. Anytime someone says the read your story to the end (especially one this long)in one sitting because they liked...wow. What can I say. That's happy dance time.

Feline, once again, you seem to be reinforcing my ideas and making me feel like I'm on a good track with a few things. Thanks for the support. Oh yes, not running out of plot any time soon. I'm a bit worried that I have too much plot in fact. I'm currently thinking my outline has about 8 to 10 chapters left.

I've been working on some other stories. The problem with a story of this length is that it is holding me up from spending time on some of my other ideas. Lately, I've been experimenting with working on more than one story at a time, going back and forth. It's really helping me see typos better and pick up on things that I missed better. It's slower on the output of individual items, but I think my total output is about the same. I have half a dozen different fragments of other stories started with what seems to me to be a wide range of content. While I wouldn't rule out a sequel to The Curator, I'm eager to spend time with some of my other ideas as well so I'll definitely be posting some other material.

I feel like both of you have given me some positive energy and useful feedback, thanks!


Monday, June 10, 2013  

Neglected, I hope you have plenty of plot still in hand, since when you call this story finished, a campaign is going to start demanding a sequel :)

I don't feel the "loose ends" are an issue, they are just something to keep an eye on, and resolve as and when the story gets there. I just wanted to make sure you had your eye on them is all :)

Sue's tights, we cannot wear these at all, since the shoes are locked on, permanently, or so we were led to believe :) The reason I mentioned her outfit was actually a little different. Sue has been stripped "naked", left with just her shoes and the chastity belt, and no access to her other clothes. So at this point if an outfit that is chastity belt friendly, but also rather more suggestive, more sexy than normal, or even more sexy than Sue would ever actually wear, well, she is left with dressing outside of her comfort zone or staying "naked".

I see a parallel here with when she was giving the tour of the museum with the squid inside of her, and had to hide down behind the display case to have her enforced orgasm, since she could not wait any longer. Control, backing Sue into a corner, and showing her that things that she considered impossible are suddenly not only possible but inevitable :)

A core part of the process Sue is going through, and the mental challenge, the upturning of her world view, is being forced into positions, being made to do things she would never normally do or consider. Sue does not seem to really think of herself as a very sexual woman, not where other people are concerned. She masturbates, looks after her own needs, but this seems quite hidden, disconnected from the rest of her life. So to me a core part of her journey here is the unleashing and channelling of her innate sexual desires and energy.

So having her clothes controlled as well, in addition to all of these other points of control, seems like a good fit and a natural extension :)


Sunday, June 09, 2013  

If it wasn't for the general public attitudes, this would make great "mainstream" fiction. It's well written and, forgive the pun, captivating. I've only just sat down to read this story, and read it through from start to its current ending. I'm really looking forward to your next 70,000 words.

Diana Gold

Wednesday, June 05, 2013  

Thanks Feline, you get my aims completely. Are there little kitties picking up my bread crumbs? How will I find my way home now? I'm smiling right now that my story elements seem to be working and received as envisioned. A major plot line of the story is intended to be Sue's psychology in relation to the interplay of events.

I'll plead the 5th completely on the upcoming plot elements, but I do think some of them are probably apparent to careful and/or experienced readers. Wink, wink.

With regards to the "loose ends," I'll admit a screw up. I thought the story would turn out a lot shorter and faster so the loose ends would be explained more quickly. Instead, they seem to be dangling forever to me. I'm hoping when the story is complete, and can be read straight through, that they won't appear to hang so long. All the loose ends you mentioned are on my outline for upcoming chapters. I think it's safe to say that without it being a spoiler.

Cindy is out to get new clothes because Sue's tights don't work very well with the viking chastity belt. I should probably have clarified that a little better. One of those things in my head but not "on the paper." There are some other reasons as well. I'll let the story tell those.

Thanks Feline, you've made my day.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013  

NO, please don't say that you got carried away with the squid, it was, and remains brilliant! One reason I say this is because of how well it shows, and teaches the concept of a loss of control, of not being in control of your destiny.

To me I see a parallel here with the squid and its computer, and the actions here of the gods and the transformation, they are relentless, unavoidable, and any attempt to avoid your fate or change direction will be resisted and punished.

Given the upcoming ceremony, and the other changes, and all of the mysterious lotions and creams, how about something like a very specific growth hormone, something to increase breast size? After all, all of the bras that were found were the same size, a rather large size. So there must be a way of having the women fit the bra's, since the dildos come in assorted sizes, for the different women, for their different bodies.

After all, these metal items are just begging to be locked onto her, so we can learn something of their secrets and wicked torments!

Thinking of wicked, I note with deep interest that someone has been sent off to buy her new clothes... now why is that? Aren't her current clothes suitable any more? It would seem not, so I wonder why, and what more wicked surprises are in store?

My main thoughts on what "does not work" are the odd hanging questions, like the fact all of the bras are one size, the fact that the Numeyan underwear has never been used, the way the squid was updated for her body, but then never returned to. The fact she has to produce some research to keep her place here, but this has not yet been sorted out.

So not problems, just things that are ongoing, points that I am still wanting to see resolved and explained, not simply ignored or swept under the table.


Friday, May 31, 2013  

Yes, I agree the squid kind of sidetracks the story for a while there. I think I got a little carried away with it. If I writing it again with hindsight, I think I'd drop much of chapter 4. I don't want to have an spoilers, but the squid and other artifacts will make more sense by the end of the story.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm definitely interesting in thoughts on what worked well and what doesn't really work in the story.


Thursday, May 30, 2013  

The squid truly distracted me from the storyline.

Also, when is she going to put on a numeyan bra?

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  

One of the lessons I have learned (other than that I suck at spotting typos and spend a little too much time being a perfectionist sometimes) is that a little bit of plot goes a long way. So when someone says that they have been reading form the beginning, it makes me feel really good. I completely understand the time commitment associated with that. Thanks for that. I thought I'd lose most people due to length.

I did set out to write as a way of improving and testing my writing skills with an eye towards, perhaps, attempting to write something professionally. I didn't expect such positive feedback on my first story. I know most comments are generous, but the support does wonders for my motivation. Constructive feedback is very welcome as well. I'm always concerned about descriptions making sense, dialogue and use of grammar. I have zero formal training other than a lot of reading and a couple standard courses with fantastic English professor.

Thanks again. I welcome e-mails.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013  

I've been reading from the beginning and I must say that you are a very good writer. I think you could probably continue this, expanding it greatly and get it published into a book. With things like fifty shades out in stores maybe you can introduce book lovers to a new world of sci fi bondage. I absolutely love this story.

Saturday, May 25, 2013  

Yea!!!!!! New Update!!!!! And it all makes perfect sense to me!!!!! The lack of males in the rituals had to be significant. And the alignment effect would explain why there were so many of the Nuymean CBs laying about. Now more questions start to flow. Where is Dr. Maggie Barnes? How does the corporation which created the squid figure in all this if it does at all? Will the success of the rituals lead to our heroine needing the "cork" effect of a CB on a full time basis? And I wonder which model CB is going to be used. Hint, hint...

More Story Please!!!!!


Friday, May 24, 2013  

Thanks Feline (I'm a fan by the way). I love to hear from other authors with insightful perspectives. I wonder how my visions are being represented by my efforts at wordsmithing.

I really liked that comment with Cindy too. I'm glad it seems to work in the story. I was a concerned I was overly fond of the image at the expense of the story.

The next chapter seems to be falling into place smoothly so hopefully it won't be too long.


Thursday, May 23, 2013  

Wow, a wonderful new part, and a very teasing point to stop!

This is showing Maya in a whole new light, this tells us quite a few new things we did not know before, but also raises a whole load of new questions about what is going on here, and low long it has been going on for.

This mechanical arm sex toy, the frame Sue is strapped to, the access, this is not some "on the off chance" equipment, there is some serious long term planning and organising at work here!

How many women have been through this process before Sue? Clearly very few if any of them were considered suitable candidates to go all of the way, but the scale and scope of this keeps on increasing! I love it :)

I really love Maya's "passing comment" about when they tested the cross on Cindy, this calls up such wickedly delightful mental images, an entire story in just a few words, drawing on all of the history that has been established so far!

I just hope the next chapter gets posted soon, I really don't want to have to wait to long, I am a little bit eager and desperate to read more of this! :)


Wednesday, May 22, 2013  

It just gets better and better!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013  

Damn cursed typos! The plague me like a rusty chastity belt. A few bad ones this time, sorry.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013  

Next chapter was submitted last night


Tuesday, April 09, 2013  


Oh yes, Jura and the similar single malts from other islands, in particular Highland Park, Taliskar and Scapa, are quite well liked by gremlins and authors a like, but then we aren't hard to please. It's hard to find a single malt that won't do.

Usually my writing style comes up with all kinds of flags if I try to run it through any kind of grammar checker or the like so I edit in a text editor with no such features and use only a spelling checker. That's good and bad. It preserves my style, but allows some really bad sentence construction to slip through once in a while.

I do this because I think some of my unconventional style is what people like and it makes my writing seem more natural to me. If you are game for proofreading in that kind of warped world and have no gremlin allergies, please drop me an e-mail (I monitor and answer on the e-mail posted with the story).

It really does make my day when I read comments like yours. Thanks.


Monday, April 08, 2013  

Sir (or Madam? couldn't quite work it out from the comments) you are a scoundrel! I have lost an entire day of work, drawn into your world and fantasy. At times it has made me hot, at times intrigued; throughout captured by the pace and detail, needing to know what comes next. Having got to the readers' comments, I would say ignore completely the early ones demanding a quick five knuckle shuffle at the expense of detail and plot, for they lack the staying power that our dear Dr Sue is clearly developing! Iíve never commented on anyone's work before, but have to say yours deserves this little response and if in doing so I encourage you to continue then it is at my own selfish benefit to read more that I turn! Aside from my day of work, as the evening has drawn on I have also done for a third of a bottle of Jura Ė something that should ring true to you? My work is in documentation and if I can help with a proof read, or a grammatical guide, then I would be only too pleased to add another malt boggled mind to your gremlins! If so, let me know and I will email you privately. Iím sad that Iíve only just found your work yet equally frustrated Iíve already found your work with the story a long way to go! Keep writing. Merrick

Sunday, April 07, 2013  

this is getting better as it goes on!!

Sunday, April 07, 2013  

That's excellent news! I'm always glad to hear positive progress reports on a story I thoroughly enjoy. As for the gremlins, maybe they simply like the whisky? If it was an appropriately aged Scotch single malt, I could sympathize...
Cheers Absolutist

Wednesday, April 03, 2013  

Thanks for the generous comments. They really help my motivation and I am sincerely flattered. The story is rather long and complicated (to read and to write) so I'm happy that people are deterred.

I see that I'll need whip my gremlin proofreaders for all their mistakes. They must have gotten into the whiskey again. Sometimes I think they like being whipped.

I have started the next update. It'll be a little longer chapter, but I should have it fairly soon. It seems to be falling into place easily.


Wednesday, April 03, 2013  

Tuesday April 2, 2013
I believe this is the finest story available on this site to date. Often it is not difficult to know ahead of time where a story is headed. Not the case with this story and that is part of what makes it so enjoyable.


Tuesday, April 02, 2013  

As plot twists go, this is verrry interesting! Although the issue of skin compatibility with the Norse metalworks might be a sticking point for any sort of prolonged wearing of the chastity belt, as well as the leather corset. I would have thought the use of a Nuymean CB would have been more of a logical choice for extended wear. But then that would require our good Doctor be brought into close proximity to a Nuymean shrine/altar in order to lock or release the belt. The idea of a keyed CB is just traditional and somewhat more acceptable for most folks. Besides which using the Nuymean CB would possibly place our heroine under direct control of the Nuymean gods. Which brings up a rather disquieting thought for me. I wonder if the good Doctor has thought of the possibility that having the trust of the gods may entail a cost she may not be willing to pay. Could the condition for attaining the office of Priestess require that our heroine maintain her lack of carnal knowledge permanently? Gods have been known to be the jealous and possessive type. "Gasp!".
As the expression goes, "The suspense is killing me, I hope it lasts".


Monday, April 01, 2013  

Dr Sue looks to be on her way, with help, to becoming a sexual priestess. Great story!

Sunday, March 31, 2013  

Great fun, and hoping the next update will be with us soon!

Friday, March 29, 2013  

I just finished re-reading this story and can wait for the next update. I love the plot lines as well as the idea of "loss of control and at the mercy of a machine". My only complaint would be that it has been too long since the last update. I only hope that the author manages to find some time to write the next chapters and get them published.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013  

Follow-up on updates: They've been submitted for a while now so hopefully will post soon.


Sunday, February 17, 2013  

I've been working on the next two chapters (one short one done and the next about 1/2 way). I've had a lot of outside distractions lately, but rest assured I am still progressing with the story.


Saturday, February 16, 2013  

One of these days, we'll find out what happens next for Sue.

Thursday, January 03, 2013  

What a MASTERFUL story! I simply cannot wait to read more of Dr. Sue's adventures. Please do not keep her fans waiting too long. sPECTACULAR!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013  

excellent work, can't wait for updates. Don't rush them though, I'd much rather wait if it means retaining the great quality of your work!

Monday, December 31, 2012  

-- I have one thing phrase to say ... Loving the Story :3

Monday, December 31, 2012  

Dec 30 commenter:
Thanks for the kind words. The story had been a lot of work so hearing from people who appreciate it is great.

That's a good observation. In my mind Sue has been enjoying things and excited, if a little overwelmed, by her adventures, but that doesn't come across very well in the actual text.

I'm working on the next two chapters (reasons are complicated) and will see if I can make her feelings a little more apparent.


Sunday, December 30, 2012  

Wow. Excellent.
I like that this has an interesting plot; suspense, mystery... hell, even minor characters and subplots. In addition to liking all the hot juicy details, I'm curious to see what becomes of all the characters. What is the destiny of Sue?!

I have one critique, and unfortunately it's pretty vague. The sex doesn't seem ... um, fun. For Sue. You know what I mean? She's having all these mind blowing erotic experiences (yes, without consent and under extreme circumstances) and it doesn't seem like she's enjoying any of it. Not even a little bit.

Do you agree with my view point? I'd like to see her find some happiness in her trails, even against her better judgement. Hell, especially against her better judgement -- nothing hotter than a woman enjoying an experience she's ashamed to admit she likes.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012  

I took a look at that section and added some additional wording that will hopefully prevent any confusion as to which concept of virginity the characters were discussing. It should be included in the next update.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012  

It never occurred to me to use a different definition for virginity than "been penetrated by an actual man." Regardless, I would say that Sue considers herself a virgin since she's never slept with a man. She doesn't consider her use of devices as actual intercourse.

Neosteeled: Thanks! Sorry for the suspense, but then again forced abstinence can have it's rewards after all can't it? :-) Was dying to say I had a chastity belt planned a few updates ago in response to your comments, but didn't want to spill the beans.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012  

This just keeps on getting better and better, but I agree, this is quite the moment to stop at, to pause at!

I do wonder what "fee" Bill will insist on for this kindness. I am assuming Bill can be talked into giving Sue her much needed and desired orgasm, but it seems wrong to grant her this release for free. So I am now picturing Bill putting the squid into Sue and wandering off with both the manual and remote control, while Sue is locked into the chastity belt, with the squid still inside of her *evil grin*


Tuesday, December 25, 2012  

Try to find a young woman that hasn't tested the equipment before her first time with a man.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012  

As in she's never been with a man. In terms on unicorn handling, she would still qualify.


Monday, December 24, 2012  

So, let me get this straight - she's a virgin, but she's had various devices and phallus's pumping into her??

Sunday, December 23, 2012  

Great update by the way.


Saturday, December 22, 2012  

This story keeps getting better and better!

Thursday, December 13, 2012  

I'd like to work with a good illustrator, but don't know illustrators. If someone with those skills is interested, please email.


Monday, December 10, 2012  

Thank you for writing. Your story is very engaging. Unlike most of the submissions, yours reads like a professional novel. With that in mind, have you thought about working with illustrator? I'm sure that most of us would love to see sketches of the devices, which you've described to well.

Monday, December 10, 2012  

Just wanted to drop a quick line to say that I've been working on an update and should be able to post it to the site shortly. Hurricane Sandy and the impact of the holiday season on my job and have had me off track.


Monday, December 03, 2012  

Outstanding work. It just keeps getting better.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012  

Thanks for the kind words. I do feel like I'm learning a lot writing this story and starting to hit a better stride.

The plot probably is a bit involved compared to other stories of this type so I'm glad that it isn't burdensome. I hope other people feel the same way. My imagination tends towards the more complicated. Whether that's good or bad is hard for me to tell. Either way, I've always felt like some story context makes the erotic content more meaningful and substantive.


Wednesday, November 07, 2012  

Love the story. Excellent plot excellent characters and great use of words to create pictures. Truly a great work. Please continue, I cannot wait to see were you take the story.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012  

Each new section continues to improve the story. I can't wait for the next chapter. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012  

It's so long since I started reading this, I've forgotten most of the plot. But I don't care! I read the last part without reading back in, and it worked just fine, forced orgasms everywhere, and a debate about aliens - brilliant! I hope to read more soon!
Jenny xxx

Tuesday, October 30, 2012  

Thanks Ol'Phart. I would love to sync up with someone good at doing illustrations. I've toyed with drawing a few times and learned that I have a lot to learn.

I'm still waiting for the next update to be posted myself. Hopefully soon.

Sorry about the typos. For some reason I often don't see them even when reviewing the text multiple times. The site has been supportive or some reposts with corrections. If you see any particularly bad ones, I'd be happy for you to (or anyone) to e-mail me with them--especially on the older parts of the where I think I've found most of them.

I'm not sure what you mean about the terra-cotta background. Maybe something specific to your browser or such. I see black letters on white with something like a muddy purple on the edges for the whole text in mine.


Sunday, October 28, 2012  

Love the story & would love to see it illustrated. Other than typos or occasional word that don't fit the sentence. I do find it hard to read the updates when the black letters are on terra-cotta background. Hope to see next update soon! Thanks Ol'Phart

Sunday, October 21, 2012  

I love the story... great idea... please keep going

Tuesday, October 16, 2012  

Fabulous! Diabolical! Delicious! Please don't let the occasional odd comment discourage you. The only criticism I can think justify is that this must. keep. going.

Friday, October 05, 2012  

This story has gotten to be so good I go into withdrawal between updates

Friday, October 05, 2012  

In the spirit of constructive criticism, I feel I should respond to one of the recent comments because it is quite a bit different from other feedback so far. I want to understand more about the specifics so if the poster or someone sharing the same opinions is out there, I hope you answer or email.

The posting mentions: too long, not believable, squid not an original creation, and comical male characters.

I've received more positive feedback supporting the length than anything else. Most people seem to check length first and skip over long stories unless they are drawn into the plot somehow. As a result I'm not sure what to think of the length feedback.

Believability is rather subjective. Almost all stories of this nature expect a certain amount of suspension of disbelief. Was there something specific in the story that went too far?

The originality of the squid comment surprised me. I haven't read a story with an object like that before so I could not have been deliberately derivative. However. I'm not sure why it would matter. Lots of stories use ball gags, chastity belts, dildos and tons of the same items. I could easily see someone else coming up with that idea.

Lastly, the depth of the male characters was not something I was trying for. In fact, Sue was the only character I tried to add any extra detail with. I'm not sure how Cindy or Maya are all that different from Charlie, Bill, or Martin. I'm not exactly working on Literature here. Their character development would just make it all less erotic than it already is would it not?

Thanks, Neglected

Thursday, October 04, 2012  

I haven't seen any other stories with a similar squid. Where is it? Sounds like something I'd like.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012  

too long, not believable. The locked in squid phallus was done in a previous story in the archives. The men are cartoonish clowns.

Wednesday, October 03, 2012  

Really enjoying this story, keep it going. Can't wait to see how this goes

Wednesday, September 05, 2012  

This is clearly the best story I have ever read... great imagination... cant wait for the next part.

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

I have been hitting this site for the past few months off and on, mainly to see if this story has an update. I hope there are still many more chapters to come.

Thanks for everything so far.

Monday, August 27, 2012  

A truly great story, and I join all others in waiting for the next episode!

Friday, August 24, 2012  

Thank you for staying with this story and continuing to make it more complex and interesting! I wish you could find an illustrator to allow you to express your story in pictures as well as words.

Thursday, August 23, 2012  

Yea!!!! Another chapter!!! I'm not trying to second guess the storyline, but I can't see my particular interest being merged into the existing story unless it's to act like a cork for all the energy being generated. I DON'T CARE! Just keep writing please!

Respectfully yours,

Thursday, August 23, 2012  

Awsome. Im always so happy when this story updates.

Shes walking around with the squid so I am looking forward to someone being helpful and wondering what it will do and put it back were it belongs.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012  

I love this story. Put the damn squid in!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012  

Can't wait to see what happens next. Hope you release the next part soon!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012  

Correction, the last posting just had the two new chapters but not the corrections in the previous text. My submission format created some issues so I'm working with the webmaster to use a more compatible format for the next update.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012  

This story is great. I love how you are developing the plot line. My only wish is that the updates ould't come faster since I can't wait to see what happens next.

Monday, August 13, 2012  

Finally have an update ready. Submitted it last night. It has corrections for botches my whiskey soaked proofreaders missed and the next two chapters.

Friday, August 10, 2012  

I'm looking forward to more updates.

Friday, June 15, 2012  

This story is great. I really am liking to a lot and hope it keeps up its pace!

Saturday, June 09, 2012  


I hope that poor Sue gets a rest soon.

Although, my father used to encourage me by saying, "Dust yourself off and get back in the saddle."

Looking forward to more. As always. Keep those gremlins in line!


Thursday, June 07, 2012  


Thursday, June 07, 2012  

Yea!!! Another chapter! Keep them coming!


Thursday, June 07, 2012  

This story is great. I find that I can't wit or he next installment and only wish that they came loser together. I have lready read the story multiple imes to make ure I aven't misse anything.

Monday, May 28, 2012  

I love the "ancient relict" theme, as well as the "merciless machine" theme. However, this story seems to dabble too much in both...
Just the relicts without all that squid stuff would have been good enough.
Or make the squid another story.

Friday, May 25, 2012  

Ornately intimate. Can't get enough!

Monday, May 14, 2012  

Oh, and thanks subGrrl


Monday, May 14, 2012  

I know what you mean subGrrl. Yeah, my editors are little gremlins more fond of whisky than doing their job. I'd be happy to receive e-mails pointing out the error of their ways so that I can fix any problems.

I posted that last one twice--one with tons of errors and another much better one--amazing what the gremlins will do if you give them a fine single malt. Looks like the earlier version was posted. Apologies. I have the next chapter ready, but I'm not completely happy with it so I'll give it another look and repost the corrections.


Monday, May 14, 2012  

Thanks to everyone supporting the length and story flow. My goals were down those lines and I'm really happy not to have bored people to death with too much story.


Good spot on the tattoo. I have it covered in the next chapter so didn't notice the detail would be missing at this time point, but suffice it to say they did notice.

I don't want to spoil anything but let me just say that your particular "interest" is part of the storyline a couple chapters or so away and I'll be adding another story code beginning with "C".


Monday, May 14, 2012  

re: 120510 update

I always get a little excited when I see that this story has been updated. What new twists and turns await the protagonist, Sue, and the reader? Certainly, this chapter does its job of add new questions as well as further taking Sue's control. - Can't wait for the next chapter to see what happens! Although, I must say that I feel that Mr. Much's editing department is struggling a bit with all the downsizing in this economy. Still, not enough to affect the storyline, so no big deal.

This chapter made me start to wonder about these "Olympic athletes of sex" and what kinds of games they might play. Is there a Toe Curling event? Synchronised Orgasm (think of the skill involved - mind boggling...)? Pole Vault? Beach Volleyball? Of course, on the men's side of the games, there will be the standard, age-old Pissing Contest no doubt.

Ok... enough... Look forward to the next chapter...


Sunday, May 13, 2012  

A thought just occurred to me. Why didn't Martin and Charlie notice the Nuymean tattoo on her chest if she was topless already?


Friday, May 11, 2012  

Very interesting turn of events! But I guess a chastity belt showing up now would only spoil the storyline. Darn.


Friday, May 11, 2012  

I love all the pseudo-scientific hokum, all to justify having the woman bound, gagged and made to cum over and over. Brilliant, keep it coming :-)
Jenny xxx

Thursday, May 10, 2012  

Getting Better with time.
Keep it comming and Her also...lol


Thursday, May 10, 2012  

Very very nice. I just hope the squid doesn't start punishing her for not following its instructions.

Saturday, April 21, 2012  

With my short attention span, I don't normally read stories this long. Something about it just kept drawing me back in.

Great job. I look forward to seeing where you take this.


Saturday, April 21, 2012  

This is the first story I've felt the need to comment on.
I think that the story stands as a work of fiction in its own right. The fact that it's also erotic makes it even better.
I can't wait to see how the herione is led/discovers her future with the Nuymean artefacts. I'm not sure how the squid links into the main part of the story, or if it's just a conditioner for her, but the wait for the outcome will be worth it, I'm sure.

keep em coming

Friday, April 20, 2012  

I will admit that I did ask myself the question, "If sex where a positive part of a belief system what might it be like if it were right out in the open unashamed." That question then found the context of the story which is New World before Christianity or other religions were introduced since that is when the Nuymeans lived. Sex wasn't meant to be the religion or to be the reason for the religion. Simply what could happen? Maybe Sue will figure it out yet.


Friday, April 20, 2012  

Love it!!!! I can't wait for more installments!!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012  

I am not a fan of organized religion (witchcraft for me;)). However, I think that I could aspire to the priesttesshood in the Nuymean society. Certainly, it is different than many of our oddly popular religions. Just yesterday, in fact, one of a major adherents to a major religion said this: "...it's about the fidelity to the call to be faithful to the Gospel and have that so unseen and to have this edict never mention the Gospel, never mention the responsibility to be God's arms and hands with people who are poor and suffering, the people at the fringes, people who suffer injustice, to have that not at all seen is extremely painful." Why would she say that? In being "faithful to the Gospel" (you know, planetary peace, universal healthcare, equal opportunity, and acceptance) she and her group were labeled "radical". Why? Because of her gender. Indeed, she says the "leadership doesn't know how to deal with strong women and so their way is to try and shape us into whatever they think we should be." Pbtbtbtbt!!!

Oh, shit! Lisianski warned me about not writing about politics and religion, she's Polish, and she's carrying a flogger. Peace be with you, Sisters!


* running away *

* in a circle *

Goddamned tether!! Sorry!! Yoww! Oww!!

Friday, April 20, 2012  

Great story so far. Really want to read what's next!

Thursday, April 19, 2012  

Loved the horse!!! Can't wait for the next parts...

Thursday, April 19, 2012  

I am loving the ancient technology parts with spectators. Well done, looking forward to more!

Friday, April 13, 2012  

I am looking forward to finding out more about the ancient culture she is studying.

Please keep the updates coming

Tuesday, March 27, 2012  

My intention was that the 10 minute pauses be activated for 4 hours total time leaving Sue in whatever state she happened to be in at the end of lockdown mode (pauses then shifting back to the original 30-90 minute intervals). She could be "saved by the bell" at the end. With the extension for trying to remove the squid, she's over 5 and a half hours total time now in the latest chpate before she can attempt release.

Thanks for the careful read and comments

Sunday, March 25, 2012  

i want to say i am enjoying the story so far and looking forward to the next installment. i wish tech would catch up with imagination and something like the squid could actually be built. does the timer keep running so the time it takes her to orgasm count to her 4 hours or is she going to be surprised to discover
that if it took her ten minutes to belly dance to an orgasm put the timer on hold and the only time the timer is running is during the 10 min interval?

Saturday, March 24, 2012  

OK, I re-read my post and realized that I meant to type "thong" instead of "thung". Sorry, I was typing with one hand only. (It's not what you think, I fell off a ladder and broke my arm so it's now in a cast). To expand on my point, the sudden appearance of the mark of the gods was an interesting twist which could lead to a plot where our curator becomes the high priestess of an extinct religion with really cool toys. (Did I mentioned that I'm into chastity belts?). Certainly, the squid angle is interesting as well, since it is very effectively controlling the curator and making her jump through hoops with it's relentless programing, but honestly, the price tag on the blister packaging was straining my credulity. For that amount of money, I would have thought that you would at least get a high quality water tight and dust proof pelican case with custom foam liners. (I tend to be a packaging geek too). While both plots are very interesting, I'm not sure how the two can be combined since the squid will interpret the presence of any object, in this case, any of the Nuymean phalli attached to the Nuymean panties, as an intruder and zap the heck out of our heroine. (I'm assuming that the panties also have attachment points for a phallus like the chair since so much emphasis was placed early in the story about the large number of phalli in the collection. One angle I thought of was if the Nuymean religion was not so much about achieving a dramatic climax so to speak but more of a tantric bottling up of energy generating psychic force which the gods might feed off of from their worshipers. Leastways, the high priestess could be in that situation, where she is suppose to have this energy contained/restrained within her to serve as the conduit of the gods. In this light, perhaps then, the Nuymean chastity belt would interpret the presence of the squid as an upgrade! (But how would you change the batteries?)

Anyway, I really like your story and I certainly hope that you don't think that I'm being too pushy and that you will continue it and did I mentioned before that I'm into chastity belts?


Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

Now, now, no spoilers.

An author needs a certain amount of ego to have the confidence to create since to do so requires the overcoming of a certain amount of fear--various kinds of fear. Thanks to everyone who has helped me overcome that fear with this first story, sincerely. However, in the end, such an author needs to stay openminded and learn from the process, the people around them and their own inner voice. Unfortunately the openmindedness is often a casuality of building the confidence. subGrrl, I hope that I never forget that.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

Now, now, no spoilers.

An author needs a certain amount of ego to have the confidence to create since to do so requires the overcoming of a certain amount of fear--various kinds of fear. Thanks to everyone who has helped me overcome that fear with this first story, sincerely. However, in the end, such an author needs to stay openminded and learn from the process, the people around them and their own inner voice. Unfortunately the openmindedness is often a casuality of building the confidence. subGrrl, I hope that I never forget that.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

Excellent story, in the top 3 of erotic stories i have ever seen.

Keep up the good work.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012  

Any chance tne curator might decide to try on one on the golden thungs after she ditches the squid? The gods angle seem more interesting. The new high priestess on a long dead religion???

Tuesday, March 20, 2012  

Mr. Much,
I thought long and hard about my response today as I sat through therapy sessions and group time. There were all kinds of lectures that I was going to write about the portrayal of women in erotica, the nature of a submissive, the work of a critic. Lots of soap boxes were involved. (Where did all these soap boxes come from? Should I have been using them to scrub some part of the trailer? If so, Lisianski is going to be pissed when she gets home...)

But really, I only comment so that I can have a small voice somewhere, even if its an anonymous, bottom-feeding comment whore. I never have an expectation that anyone will read my comments, much less appreciate them.

So, thank you for letting me participate in your process, Mr. Much! It really makes me very happy.

I would have continued reading your work anyways, of course, but now, particularly... Yea! *unmitigated joy*


Monday, March 19, 2012  

Wow, the power of a single Whiskey fueled sentence. I agree with you subGrrl. That section has some potential directions in meaning far different than intended. I was trying to convey submissive feelings without getting into the whole domination/submission thing. Rather Sue was rediscovering the more feminine side of herself--long suppressed in her more masculine field. I need to rethink that a little and see if I can get it better. Thanks for speaking up subGrrl.


Monday, March 19, 2012  

Fabulous, just great, please keep writing.

Monday, March 19, 2012  

You've certainly achieved your goal of originality. I know the squid is a diversion making it difficult for Sue to concentrate on her quest to understand the artifacts, but please make it malfunction during one of her intense orgasms and drop out of her!

I do like that she has come to terms with having to cooperate with it in order for it to continue its program and someday end. Submitting to a machine is a direct hit on a lot of peopleís fantasies, Iím sure.

Sorry, Iím being impatient for
the Ďrealí story to proceed. Iím looking forward to the next installment. -Darios

Monday, March 19, 2012  

Comments re: 120318 update
Sadly, my enthusiasm for this story has waned with the last update. Sure, I am entirely impressed by the creativity of this author particularly in the variety of program settings available in this little device. Also, overwelming as it may be, I can handle the intertwining of three diabolical agents interacting at the same time (squid, lube, artifact) - a genius idea although its execution causes distracting context shifts from time to time.

No. The bit of antarctic ice shavings that squelched the fire for me sprung from a single sentence: "It settled her restless doubts about what it really meant to be a woman."

Oh, dear.


Monday, March 19, 2012  

Great story! Please keep it up. Looking forward to unlocking more ancient secrets!

Sunday, March 18, 2012  

I have a mixture of devices and situations in upcoming chapters, technological and ancient, so please bear with things if the plot shifts around. I'm trying to be true to my goals of originality and planned twists in the storyline. The writing has been more time consuming than I thought, but I did submit a new chapter a couple days ago for those waiting. I will not leave off the story unfinished, but thanks for the encouragement to continue--very much appreciated.


Sunday, March 18, 2012  

Hi Neglected,

I really enjoyed your story. I just love this type of ancient artifacts erotica. Looking forward to the next chapter, so many kinky directions it could go in.


Monday, March 12, 2012  

You _need_ to continue this. Your pacing and detail are just fine. Keep at it. This is very promising, enjoyable work.

Monday, February 20, 2012  

I wasn't sure if authors replied to comments pn this site or if it was considered bad form, but I see responses on other stories so here goes

For the comments related to the long background section at the start: didn't seem that long when I was working on it but I agree and will spread out exposition more next story. Thanks

Dario's commented on Sue having the squid at work: I dropped some unnecessary commentary on her apartment and nosy landlord which would have explained that. I've added a couple lines back in to correct that in the next update. Thanks, I too like to see such details right.

Regarding the second chapter diverting plot on the squid: It will link up in the next chapter. I've noticed a lot of readers on the site take issue with sequences of events that aren't directly linear thematically. Was kind of surprised by that but will definitely take it into account in future stories.

Thanks again for reading and for the meaningful feedback. The compliments helped me get over some "stage fright" especially. I'm trying not to rush things but will have chapter three in a few days.

Saturday, February 18, 2012  

thanks for this story, I enjoyed it very much. Please keep writing!

Monday, February 13, 2012  

Great stort but I can't see how the second half of part two, the part with the squid, fits in with the rest of the story about the chair. Apart from being about the same women in the same museum it could be written about someone else in another location and be a seperate story.

Monday, February 13, 2012  

When one lays in an amorous manner with a friend or two, one generally knows that the almighty orgasm shall be the destination of the night's affections. It is not the destination that is important but rather the means by which one is transported from "merely interested" to "back-arched and screaming". I'd argue that a major key to that transport is the skill of your partners' tease. I believe, this idea is also true with erotica and, I'd say that Ms. Much has mastered her ability to tease very well! Consider for example, Sue's fastenerless shoes and their current state, locked. 'Tis but a step down a path that we are being so well led with a myriad of other hints lighting the way into the distance. I shall fire up my battery-powered assitant and consider each tease until morning's first bird call. So, tease on, Ms. Much, slow and wide.


Sunday, February 12, 2012  

Very hot continuation of the story in Pt2. It's odd that Sue would have the Squid in her office, but I'll try to overlook that for the sake of the story. -Darios

Saturday, February 11, 2012  

Very good part two was as good or better than part one. Bravo keep it up and write on.

Monday, January 30, 2012  

I can only say in my most awed tones, WOW! Just a great erotic imagination using Sci-Fi and eroticism extremely well. Thanks and please do more.

Sunday, January 22, 2012  

It captured me. i want more.

Saturday, January 21, 2012  

This is a very promising start to the story cant wait to see how it plays out in the next part.

Saturday, January 21, 2012  

Well, a very nice setting and beautifully described. But you owe your readers some explanations!

Friday, January 20, 2012  

This story pushes a large number of my buttons, and I like that! I certainly enjoyed it thoroughly. Thanks for your effort.

Thursday, January 19, 2012  

A very well written story. I have always been intrigued by the medival/ancient device type stories. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more from this story. Thanks again.

Thursday, January 19, 2012  

wow i haven't been that drawn into a story in ages continue this ASAP PLEASE!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

fantastic, best new story I've read in a long time, please continue

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

I thoroughly enjoyed this. The setup was a bit slow, but did a great job of setting the scene for just how fucked Sue is now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Enjoyed it greatly. This could be a screenplay! Great storyline. Looking forward to new chapters!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Excellent. I enjoyed the plot and am really looking forwards to hearing all about her research.

Keep writing

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Completely agree with entry below. If you could precis the first two thirds of the story then get to the erotic content, you will be on a winner, Enjoyed it. A very good first story.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

WOW! Amazing start! I hope you continue this story very soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Betty says:

My mom told me to become an archaeologist, but would I listen? No...

A little long for what actually happened, but that's much better than the sketchy lack of detail that's common among the stories here. Overall, a good read.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Very good I hope dearly that there is more to this I can't wait for it

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

that was great it held my attention!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Nice one. can't wait for continuation

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Well? You can't stop there, you know. :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Your first story?! This was amazing - an excellent story anyone would be proud of having written! You really have a most awesome talent - more please! Five stars, by the way!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Nicely written story for a first go at it. Zero erotic content for 9/10 of the tale. Still, well thought out and given 4 stars for effort. This story could get real kinky going forward, making all of this setup worth reading. -Darios.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

If that is your first attempt at writing, I have one word for you. WOW. And another comment would be keep writing, that was well written easy to read and a really good story over all. Well done.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

More please

Wednesday, January 18, 2012  

Really good can't wait to read more

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