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Belltown Birthday Spanking
  • Author - kinkracer  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, non-fiction, public, spanking
  • Post Date - 2/6/2012
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Reader's Comments (7)

Author's Note: I was just thinking about this incident, and it still excites me 10 years later. This is a little different fare than what I usually write. This is an absolute true story, it really happened. Not in a Penthouse "I never thought this would happen to me" sort of way, but in actuality. The names are changed, and if the exact order of events aren't 100% correct, bear in mind that it was 10 years ago, and there was a lot of Jack and Cokes involved.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

In Seattle's Belltown there is a bar called "The Frontier Room". Like all of Belltown, it is an upscale hipster place. Like all of Belltown, it used to be not so nice. In the 90's it was the prototypical dive bar and a Seattle institution. The drinks were strong, the décor was shabby and the times were fun.

Like all good things, it came to an end. It was sold and was to be remodeled into the hipster dreck it is today. My a group of my friends decided to have one last drunken night during one of it's final evenings to say goodbye.

The Frontier Room at the time was run by an infamous bartender named Nina, who poured her drinks strong and with an attitude. As a friend of mine once said "I remember going to the Frontier Room many times, but I can't ever remember leaving it."

As it turned out to be a Tuesday night, many couldn't show up, including my girlfriend. I ended up there with several buddies along with our friend Dee Dee. Dee Dee is a local artist that specializes in metalwork. She is now a well-known personality in the local community, and quite successful. At the time she was just starting out, as were we all.

From both her profession and a previous career as a firefighter, Dee Dee was muscular, direct and not shy. Dee Dee played (and still does) by her own rules and very few apologies for anyone.

Dee Dee was about 5'8", with long blond hair that she let hang straight, or put in a ponytail. She always rode her GSXR back then so usually wore jeans and boots and had a very distinctive custom riding jacket that said "Dee Dee" on the back. She had broad, hips and nice b cup breasts that were rarely encumbered by a bra. She never wore makeup of any kind.

I had just turned 30 a week before and Dee Dee had been unable to make it to my party. She was sorry and apologized profusely.

Nina's strong drinks flowed and we were all feeling pretty good when Dee Dee leaned over to me and gave me a pouty lower lip and announced that she missed my birthday spanking.

I laughed "I guess you can owe me one."

"Oh? How about I give it to you right now?" She leaned in smiling, and looped her arm through mine. I could smell her distinctive shampoo combined with the smell of cigarettes that used to follow her around.

"What, you mean you want me to just get over your knee right here?" I was laughing now, but my deep seated sub desires were making my stomach churn and my cock start to grow hard.

My deepest secret was my kinky side, especially my love of being tied up and dominated by a powerful, decisive woman. I had never had a woman truly take charge of me before.

"Hmmmm," she put her finger to her lips in mock thought, "No, that will never do." She looked around and then brightened with inspiration. "The bathroom!"'

She grabbed my hand and started pulling me. I resisted. "I am not going to the bathroom with you!"

We were both laughing now, but she pulled harder "Come on. What are you, chicken? Afraid of this little girl?" She was hardly little, and yes, I was a little afraid.

I also wanted to follow her more than anything, but was worried about all of our friends and what they would say. All other things being equal, I would have gladly dropped to my knees right there and begged her to spank me!

"Where are you taking him?" James asked.

"He didn't get his birthday spanking. I'm just taking him to the bathroom to give him one!"

Everyone laughed and catcalled and started chanting my name. I finally relented with a wave and sheepish grin.

With a gleam in her eye, Dee Dee led me into the "ladies" room. Like the rest of the joint, it was dirty, shabby, with graffiti on the walls. It's one working fluorescent bulb was flickering a pale yellow color of the peeling green paint. The grunge and hard rock that was omnipresent from the juke box at the time was muffled back there and you could actually talk in a normal tone.

I had been in there on several occasions to help extract drunken ladies who needed help out for one reason or another, and was always surprised that it was no better than the men's.

I hesitated at the door, having the instinctive resistance to the ladies bathroom, but Dee Dee laughed and pulled my by the hand inside "Come on, don't be a chicken."

Once inside the squalid little 2 stall bathroom, she walked me against the mirror on the back wall and said "stick your butt out!" She started spanking me, but through my tight jeans I could barely feel her. We both laughed.

"You need to be bare assed to have a real spanking" she announced and started undoing my belt and buttons. I fought her off a little, halfheartedly. This was dangerous ground, but I found myself letting her do it anyway.

"HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK!" She commanded in a mock stern tone that made both of us laugh.

I complied and she clamped my wrists together in her vice like grip. Metal workers have very strong hands! She whipped my belt off and before I knew it my hands were secured together.

She roughly pushed my chest up against the timeworn mirror and whipped my pants down around my ankles, stepping through on them with one leg. With my jeans caught on my boots and her standing on them, I was pretty effectively hobbled.

Suddenly I felt a sharp tug between my legs as she authoritatively took hold of my balls! She firmly wrapped her thumb and forefinger around my scrotum and pulled down sharply.

My male pride and my secret submissiveness collided, I protested, but my heart wasn't in it. I didn't seem to have much choice, and that was ok with me.

"This is just so you don't squirm." She said. "No squirming! I'd hate to accidentally pull something." A twisting motion made me hiss in pain a little.

With no warmup, she started raining blows on my unprotected ass. The first hard one landed with that skin on skin smack that I knew would leave a burning handprint. "Owww!" I cried out involuntarily, which earned me another sharp tug on my balls.

I heard a feminine "Ohh!" and a giggle behind me and saw Monica, my friend's cute little wife, in the mirror. She was standing at the door covering her giggles.

"Come on in and give the birthday boy his spanking!" Dee Dee called to her. Monica was a bit of a little priss, so she gave me a few light swats and then stepped off laughing.

I heard a deeper voice "Ohhh, my, what have hear?" I looked up and saw the reflection of a slightly dowdy woman in her mid-40's with an ironic smile on her face.

Dee Dee informed her that it was my birthday and invited her to grab a spank. "Don't mind if I do!" She clapped and practically danced over.

I felt her up against me, the extra roll of her stomach pressed into my bound hands as she cupped one of my rock hard buttocks in each hand and squeezed hard.

"Hey, no playing with the merchandise!" Scolded Dee Dee.

They all laughed and the newcomer reached around and gave my rock hard cock a squeeze. She started stroking it "Ohh, it's been way to long since I held one like this." She cooed.

Dee Dee slapped her hand away, but pulled down hard on my balls at the same time. "Okay, okay, let's get on with the spanking."

The lady giggled and gave me one more petulant stroke before pulling her hand back and giving me light swats with each one followed by a a rub and squeeze.

Dee Dee lost patience with her. Clearly she had the wrong idea.

I saw another figure stop walk in and stop short at the sight before her. I was really worried for a minute, because she was clearly a dyke. My worry was misplaced, though as she burst out laughing and, ignoring me, asked Dee Dee what was going on.

"It's our boy's birthday spanking. Want to join?'

"Hell yes!" She walked up and looked around and noticed the grip Dee Dee had on me. "Wow, talk about having somebody by the balls!"

She, too, took the opportunity to grab my cock. She wasn't gentle, just grabbed it and squeezed it hard. "Huh, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Ewwww!" She pulled her hand back in surprise and disgust. She had some of my dripping on her hand. She wiped it off on my shirt and stepped back

That angry dyke beat the hell out of my ass. She was not a dainty girl and she got her whole weight behind blow after blow. I tried to squirm out of the way, but Dee Dee gripped me harder and pulled down to hold me still. All the girls were laughing raucously at my distress.

Finally Dee Dee called an end to the angry dyke's treatment. She patty my ass and wished me a happy birthday. She asked Dee Dee if we would be done soon, and Dee Dee said it depended on how many more wanted to wish me a happy birthday!

"Okay. I think that's enough." I said, trying to free my arms from my belt.

Dee Dee roughly pulled my nuts down and laughed, "Oh no, nothings too good for the birthday boy, and if you don't stop squirming I might damage something. Tracy will not be happy with me if I do! It looks like you are enjoying yourself, anyway!" She brushed the tip of my hard and dripping cock with her free hand to illustrate her point.

"Hi Janet, come on in!" I looked up to see Janet come walking in. I'd known Janet for years, she had always flirted with me, but was a late forties mother and I was young stud. She always flirted outrageously with me at her coffee shop and often gave me free muffins and such. I flirted back, but never really considered anything else.

She recently had started dating someone else, another friend of mine, and they were happy together. But, she still did little to disguise the little cougar crush she had on me.

She was clearly quite drunk. She stumbled in and grabbed my cock in one hand and my ass in the other. She leaned her drunken body against mine and wrapped her arm around my tight stomach as she started stroking me.

I was not prepared for this and almost came right in there in her hand by the third stroke, but I still had thoughts of being faithful to my girlfriend and said, "Hey! Easy!"

Dee Dee scolded her and she took her turn on my now sore and I'm sure red ass.

Next up came Karol. Karol was a voluptuous, but not fat, 6ft tall brunette. She was married to my friend James but was not shy and they two of them had a pretty open relationship. I had even fingered her to an orgasm in a hot tub once. It had been a year earlier and James had watched and gave me tips.

Karol reached around and lightly stroked the head of my cock with the palm of her hand. The feeling was so intense that my knees started to buckle, but Dee Dee kept a firm grip!

Karol started working my shaft as the party continued in the little girl's room around me. She was really trying to jerk me off, but Dee Dee stopped her, too and made her get on with the spanking.

Her spanking was sensuous, slow, but very hard. Each one was a distinctive *smack* followed by cheers and laughter from the other girls. She very deliberately but 5 on each cheek, before grabbing my head and giving me a deep, tongue filled kiss and wishing me a happy birthday.

Word must have gotten around the bar, because several other women were lined up. Dee Dee gave them all a turn for their shots at my ass. The pierced goth girl. The two giggling sorority girls. The plump, tattooed girl wearing mans pants with a spiked belt and wallet chain. It was like I got worked over by every downtown Seattle cliché. Most just took their swats, but a few took quick liberties with my raging erection. All drew cheers and laughter from the growing gallery.

Finally it was over. I was laughing, squirming, beet red from humiliation, but also as sexually excited as I'd ever been in my life. Honestly I was planning on pulling my pants up, heading home as fast as possible and fucking my girlfriend as soon and as fast as possible.

Dee Dee had other ideas, though. She asked all the laughing girls to step out. She asked Monica to watch the door for a minute.

The girls lined out, giggling, waving and wishing me a happy birthday.

She tugged on my balls to turn me around and looked up into my eyes as she started slowly stroking me. "Soooo, faithful are you to Tracy?" She asked in a soft voice. She stroked me once, twice, a third time as my breathing quickened.

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"I've never cheated, but..." her stroking continued.

"All you have to say is 'stop'" She said, gripping harder and stroking deliberately.

"Please, I don't want to be unfaithful"

"I know", she said in a mock sympathetic voice, "just say 'Stop'".

She dropped to her knees and took me deep in her mouth. She did a thing with her tongue and I exploded almost instantly with a loud groan that I know they must have heard all the way in the bar.

She swallowed with a satisfied little smile. Then she wiped her lips, stood up, reached around and untied the belt from wrists.

She smiled, kissed me on the cheek with her still moist lips and whispered in my ear "Pull your pants up birthday boy."

She walked out.

I hurriedly pulled my pants up and followed her. Monica and the other women waiting to actually use the bathroom all game me little knowing smiles as I walked out past them. For the first time I understood the phrase "walk of shame".

I rejoined our group at the table and we continued the party. Dee Dee was surreptitiously groping me under the table, but everyone else continued the party unabated.

It didn't take me long, thinking about what had just happened to grow hard again. She certainly helped and when no one was looking would lean over and nibble my ear, or lick my neck.

The evening ended and we all went our separate ways. I rode my bike home (carefully) and Tracy was asleep. Boy was she surprised! I woke her up and without a word took her hard and fast. She didn't complain!

She asked me what that was all about, and I actually told her the truth. Sort of. I did leave out certain key details. She thought the PG13 version of the story was pretty funny.

Two funny things happened from this incident:

First : Janice, cougar friend with the coffee shop, told me later that night had been an epiphany for her. She had discovered that spanking and domination were a giant turn on for her. It was something that she and her boyfriend integrated into their sex life immediately. I'm told that he spanks her a few times a week now.

Second: Tracy's brother turned 21 not long after this incident and we all went out to another hangout of ours, the Bad JuJu Lounge. Tracy asked Dee Dee to give him the same treatment as she gave me on my birthday, obviously not knowing what that really meant. According to Tracy's brother, Marty, Dee Dee delivered in spades in the ladies room of the Bad JuJu lounge and made his 21'st a birthday to remember!

Both bars are gone now, as is the bike subculture we used to belong to. Many of us are still friends, and Dee Dee and I get together sometimes for a little harmless fun

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Monday, November 21, 2016  

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Monday, February 25, 2013  

Those places are gone but never forgotten till we die! The birthday spankings may or not have happened but many sexual events and fights did happen! Salute to everyone!!

Tuesday, February 07, 2012  

Haha. I admit I had to Google that one. I suppose I could have picked a less corny fake name for my friend. Thanks for the good feedback!

Monday, February 06, 2012  

This is fantastic, but all I could think as I read it was "DEEDEE! GET OUT OF MY LABORATORY!"

Monday, February 06, 2012  

Sounds like a much better birthday surprise than an ice cream cake!

Monday, February 06, 2012  

What a great birthday! Thanks for sharing. -D.

Monday, February 06, 2012  

Nicely done. Happy birthday indeed!!!

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