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Lara Croft's Training Room
  • Author - linksys  
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  • Story Codes - Other-f, reluctant, bondage, machine, sci-fi
  • Post Date - 3/30/2012
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"Oh bloody hell" Lara thought to herself as she looked at the what Bryce his creation had done to her this time.


Lara likes to keep herself in shape, and apart from all her time running and working out in the gym she has Bryce build her training robots. Normally they are hard to defeat, because they are slow monsters with some big gun. But this time Bryce had out done himself, he had worked on this new project in secrecy for months and months on end. Even pausing the project from time to time to rebuild one of his older creations because Lara grew impatient and just wanted to train. But what he came up with this time was unlike anything Lara had ever seen.


Lara stood in her gun cabinet, preparing to go up against Bryce his newest creation. Grabbing her trusted pistols she stood next to the cabinet holding all her bullets, pondering which ammunition to use. Knowing Bryce had been working on this project for a very long time, she was quite anxious. Lara made up her mind and decided to go for armor piercing rounds, just to have a little advantage this time. After filling up her extra clips she looked in to the mirror one last time to get her game face on, she was ready.

Bryce in the mean time went over his code one last time and decided he was satisfied. He was able to to remote editing anyway, that situation where his big robot decided it didn't want to reload had spurred him to build in the chance to make remote adjustments.

Lara and Bryce met up at the training area. It was a big area set up in a jungle scene. With high trees, thick growth, a large vertical climb and a small stream going through the middle.

"That's it?" Lara said mockingly.

"Yup, that's it" Bryce replied smugly.

"That doesn't look very dangerous to me... It's only 20 centimeters in height and it has no weapons!" Lara commented. "It doesn't need weapons Lara, it's designed to capture you. All this time I've been designing something to kill you, but I've been hold back because I don't really want you dead. So this way I don't have to hold back any punched, in the same way you don't hold back fighting my creations." Bryce explained to Lara.

"Well, I don't see how a little robot can pose a challenge to me, it only needs one bullet center mass for it to explode in to bits." "But it is cute though, with it's little head, arms and legs. Wouldn't you have been better off just playing with it in the back yard?" Lara mocked.

"Just take your head start Lara, you'll be needing it." Bryce said smugly.

"See you in time for tea!" Lara shouted while running in the training area.

"Oh... I will Lara, I will." Bryce said to himself. "A 10 minute head start will give me plenty of time to power up this bot, and it's 14 friends."

The way the training exercises are set up have multiple outcomes. Lara has a objective to find and retrieve a gem that has been hidden in the large training area, with that gem she can open the exit and win. The gem will be defended by Bryce his creations, once the gem remains in place for 6 hours they will claim victory. Or they will win when Lara activates her remote S.O.S transponder.

Lara was stalking near the stream heading for one of the locations where the gem might be, but caught movement in the corner of her eye. Pistols trained at the moving bushes within a second, but there was nothing there anymore. "It might be small, but it sure is hard to spot in here, this might be challenging" she thought to herself.

When Lara spotted the bot holding position up top a rock she decided to take it out, carefully she aimed and fired her armor-piercing round. A loud bang echoed through the jungle, the bullet flying straight and true to it's target. But it.... just stopped.. Lara looked at the little bot with wide eyes, her bullet just stopping in mid air and dropping to the ground.

Suddenly her radio clicked on: "Lara! Thank you for using armor-piercing round! The magnetic field generator repels them because of the metal in the bullets. In tests they have taken about 5 hits before being completely disabled, but these things won't hurt them."

Lara wasn't amused, she thought she had given herself the advantage! Now she had to just sneak off with the gem, but the really wanted to shoot the bugger. But it was too late, she had given her position away to the bots. They enabled their only 'offensive' weapon. It's what Bryce called a 'whip gun'. It is a high speed dispenser of a mix between latex and the material a spider uses to build it's web.

The little bots were able to lasso a bat out of the sky in the dark or use it as a whip to hit mosquito's in mid flight. But for Lara the dispenser had been set to 'extra thick' and with each strip being very flat, about half a centimeter wide and up to 5km in length. They had enough to capture the Tomb Raider. Because in field tests Bryce has been able to tow Lara's Land rover with a strip of that size. "She won't have a chance" he smiled to himself, sitting behind his wall of monitors enjoying a cold drink.

Lara threw her guns away and decided to jump for high ground by grabbing a branch, just as she was about to jump two bots shot their lasso's and managed to capture both her wrists. Lara didn't know what hit her, wide eyed she looked a her wrists when a third bot lassoed her neck, ran the strand through a tree root that had been sticking out and wheeled in. Lara was pulled forward and down and landed on her belly with a loud thump, knocking all the air out of her in the process.

The bots holding her wrists sprinted towards each other and tied her wrists behind her back. One of them jumped up and over the branch Lara was trying to reach and pulled her arms up high in the air. Two more bots lassoed her elbows and tied them together tightly. Lara tried to get up to relieve the pressure on her shoulders, but a bot jumped on her back and cut away her top and bra. Hunched up as she was the bot had enough room to tie it's lasso to the shoulder tie and jump around to complete a chest harness connected to the elbow tie.

The bot on the wrist tie jumped over again, neatly cut's it connection to her wrists and at the same time the harness bot tightened it's strands pinning Lara's elbow's to her back. The bots worked together in harmony, two new ones started to spin a big ball, the others pulled Lara up to a kneeling position. When the two were finished with the big ball, another whipped Lara hard across the chest, extracting a loud scream. The ball bots jumped at their chance, pushed the ball in Lara's mouth and wrapped long strands around her head. In less than two minutes Lara was bound, gagged and had been whipped.

Lara huffed and pulled at her bonds hard, naked from the waist up she had been humiliated by Bryce his creation. And worse still, she was at their mercy. To finish their work, they cut away her shoes, socks, shorts and panties, Lara was screwed. Bryce was almost dancing behind his monitors. They only had to hold her for six hours and he would have won for the first time!

He connected to the bots and instructed them to lead Lara to a open clearing with a soft floor. Lara saw the bot holding her leash lights flash briefly when it started pulling. Being led around like some kind of animal didn't go well with Lara, when went red with anger and started fighting her bonds furiously. When arriving at the clearing, the bots wanted to get Lara on her belly again, so the leash bot pulled her leash slightly down with a small tug.

Lara got the hint, but there was no way she was going to obey to these little monsters. She took careful aim and kicked the bot holding her leash. The bot didn't have to to react and was hit by Lara's foot. The bot took flight because of the kick, and immediately disconnected it's lasso. Heading straight for a tree Lara thought she at least took one out. But the bot engaged it's wings and small thrusters, gained control and simply flew away.

But now she had made the bots aware she was still a threat, they immediately lassoed her ankles and her upper legs pinning her to her current position. One other took aim with it's whip at the back of her knees, making Lara buckle and fall to her knees. The bots jumped immediately and tied her upper legs to her ankles, before her face hit the soft undergrowth she was frog tied as well.

Lara fought and fought the bonds with all that she had, eventually exhausting herself. Sweating and panting heavily though her nose she gave up and somehow spaced out. The next thing she knew she heard someone calling her name from a large distance. When she came too she found out it was Bryce with an enormous grin on his face. He had cut her legs free and removed her gag, also he had covered her up with a bathrobe.

"Lara... Lara.... are you ok?"

"Mumble mumble"


"You're a evil genius, that's what you are. Now, can you please untie my arms?"

Bryce cut Lara free and helped her to the exit, all the time with a huge grin on his face. Because he knew he had finally won, and because he had recorded the whole ordeal with CCTV.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Friday, April 06, 2012  

I really love the tombraider stori
Ges. Would like to see more of them. Thanks for this one. Enjoyed itt immensely!

Monday, April 02, 2012  

Betty says:

Wonderfully original. A story with a realistic reason (other than sadism) to tie up a beautiful woman. Well done!

Oh, and could you take the video of this and post it on youtube? Please!

Monday, April 02, 2012  

Keep goin wit the story

Sunday, April 01, 2012  

If this story was a brand of bubble gum it would be that small, hard, rectangular kind that's wrapped in waxy comic strips, because when you sit down to read you know that there will be a smile on your face regardless of how corny it may be.

I'm wondering what all the other 10 or so bots were doing. No good, no doubt.

I enjoyed the story.


Saturday, March 31, 2012  

Loved it! Liked the robots! Maybe some day we'll be back to the training room????!!! Thanks.

Friday, March 30, 2012  

Hey! This story is not written in a foreign language! Only problem is that foreigners are reading it :)
I liked the story - good and simple english that even I can understand. And a cute plot. Simple, fun and sexy.
Of course it's innocent! Lara Croft is for kids and this could (almost) be a movie a 10 yo. could enjoy. Still sexy for the father :)

Friday, March 30, 2012  

Feels a bit rushed, but love the general set up, great potential!

Friday, March 30, 2012  

There should be alternative end: Bryce looses control of the robots and robots went after Lara in a new way ;)

Friday, March 30, 2012  

Definitely enjoyable. I love a good robot tying up a woman story.

Friday, March 30, 2012  

I see from your other stories that English is not your native language. The story was fine, sort of vannilla, sort of lame using Lara Croft. I'm glad it was as short as it was.

Friday, March 30, 2012  

That was a neat idea, I liked it, but unfortunately it seemed to have been written in a foreign language and translated by Microsoft i.e. poorly.
This rather took away the enjoyment, I'm afraid. I encourage you to have another go if you can get a better translation service.
Jenny xxx

Friday, March 30, 2012  

awesome! chapter 2 please

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