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Cammy's Story
  • Author - Mistress Lisa  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, armbinder, bondage, chastity, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 5/19/2012
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Reader's Comments (16)

Part 1

Cammy Jones sat in the Wendy's at the Airport Square shopping center across the parking lot where she worked (or slaved) as a stock person. She was 24 and thought back on her life and wondered what was next in store for her.

When she was fourteen, living in Miami, her mother Sally left to stay with her Aunt Lisa in Philadelphia area due to a nervous breakdown caused by the abuse by her father Hector. Cammy was a Hispanic looking even though her mother was Caucasian. Her father was very strict and believed in corporal punishment. He would punish her by hitting her on her panty clothed rear with his belt. Because of this she never wore a bikini as he would not let her and she didn't want anyone seeing her bruised butt. She was shy and had few friends as they were also scared of her father, who was a former freedom fighter.

When she turned sixteen, she was upset as her father refused to give her a sweet sixteen like all her girlfriends parents gave them. Cammy did not date much, but upon becoming sixteen a boy, Tommy, showed interest in her and she started to secretly see him as her father would not let her date. A few weeks after they started dating while in his car, Tommy started to kiss Cammy who slapped him and told him she was not that type of girl. Tommy got mad and continued to force himself on her and raped her.

When Cammy got home her father saw her clothes ripped and she was crying ask what happened. She confessed what occurred and her father became very angry at her and he dragged her to the kitchen and using rope tied her over the edge of the table and secured her legs spread to the table's legs and her hands to the other side of the table. He lifted her skirt and then using his belt he proceeded to whip her ass calling her a slut like her mother. Cammy cried as he whipped her and she struggled to get free fighting the ropes. Cammy was shocked as her body was reacting to the ropes and pain and she felt her pussy getting wet and her nipples were becoming swollen. She could not stop her body and suddenly she had her first orgasm and a flood of her juices flowed out of her panties. He father stopped thinking she had peed and told her she needed to reform and not be a slut, not knowing what she actually felt.

Cammy went to her room and played with herself remembering the pleasure and pain using her fingers to bring her another orgasm. When Cammy calmed down she went to her computer and web searched bondage, as she realized being tied up was that. She read articles on the subject and what she read excited her, as what her father started in her body was now taking over. She went to BDSM sites and looked at the pictures, she loved seeing a Dominatrix in leather, and the stories excited her beyond anything she ever felt. She found she enjoyed fiction stories about a female dominating another female but not ones where a male was the dominate person or the submissive. Her new favorite sites were Gagged Utopia and BDSM Library and she masturbated nightly reading the stories on the sites.

Cammy started secretly saving money and over the next year and she bought some BDSM items which she hid from her father. While it was hard to hide the fact she was getting off during the whippings he gave her she managed and she always did something wrong to get the belt. Cammy shaved her pubic hair as all the slaves she saw in the magazines were shaved. In a magazine called "Bound to Please", Cammy loved the model on the cover who was wearing a red leather bikini, had a red leather gag secured in her mouth, a red leather collar and her arms were secured in a red leather armbinder. This model was the slave of an incredibly beautiful redhead Dominatrix dressed in a black leather cat suit. One of the first things she bought was a red latex outfit of a crop top, thong and short skirt, (since latex was easier to clean than leather and she dripped in it) a 2" red leather collar and a pair of red 5" heels like the model on the cover of one of the magazines. Also from an army/navy store she bought a set of handcuffs and ankle manacles. She slept almost every night in the thong as it gripped her cunt tight while locked in the handcuffs and manacles like the slave she dreamed of becoming. She always awoke finding the thong full of her juices as she dreamed of being a slave to the beautiful redheaded Dominatrix.

When Cammy became eighteen, she graduated from high school and got a job as a waitress at the neighborhood diner. She was planning to find a way to leave home and her father as soon as she could. One day when online she saw on a BDSM bulletin board that in Lauderhill, there was a BDSM lesbian bar. She planned to visit it the first chance she got, so when her father told her he was going fishing for the weekend with his friends, Cammy decided this was the weekend to go to Shelia's Tavern to see what the lifestyle was all about and hopefully find someone. Friday night after her father left she put on her red latex slave outfit, the red collar and shoes and prepared to go to the bar.

Cammy wore a jacket over her outfit so no one in the neighborhood would see her in the revealing outfit. Upon arriving at Shelia's Tavern, Cammy parked her 10yr old Geo Metro in the parking lot and noticed next to the Tavern was an adult sex shop. She entered the tavern and was stopped by a large woman who asked her for ID. Cammy showed the lady her driver's license and was asked if she was a sub or Domme. Cammy gave her an odd look and she explained that everyone wore a wrist band and subs wore pink and Dommes wore black. The door guard asked her if she was meeting anyone and Cammy explained she was a sub and hoped to meet someone. The guard told Cammy to be careful and if she was in trouble to come and get her. Cammy thanked her and walked up to the bar and took a seat removing her coat. It was about 8pm and the bar was half full, with couples sitting at tables. Cammy ordered a margarita and sipped it while looking around. A woman wearing jeans and leather vest approached her and asked if she wanted company, and Cammy told her she was waiting for someone, which was in reality correct as she was looking for a leather clad beautiful Mistress like in her fantasies.

Cammy felt the alcohol affecting her so she nursed the drink so she would not be drunk driving home. She avoided most of the stares and looks of the women who were in the bar looking at her, as none were the dream Domme she wanted. She was about to leave thinking it was a bad idea to be here, when she heard a sexy voice from behind her say "I love a slave in a red slave outfit." Cammy turned and in front of her was her dream. There stood a beautiful redheaded woman wearing a black leather cat suit just like in the one the Domme in the B&D magazine that she masturbated to every night. Meekly, Cammy responded, "Thank you Mistress". The Domme sat down next to Cammy and asked Cammy if she was collared. Cammy said no she was not owned, but dreamed of becoming a slave to a Domme like the one in her bondage magazine, who you look like. Racheal smiled and told her, "Be careful what you wish for". Before Cammy could do anything the leather clad Domme clipped a leash to the collar Cammy was wearing and pulled her over to a table in a booth.

"So slave what is your name", the Domme asked her. "Cammy, Mistress" she replied. "So Cammy slave you look too young to be here and too good to pass up, I am Mistress Racheal". Cammy just stared at the woman with lust in her eyes and nodded. She finally spoke and said "I am 18 Mistress Racheal and I so want to discover what being a slave to someone like you is like". As she spoke, Cammy felt her pussy filling the latex thong with her juices and she blushed. Racheal realized she had just found someone she could mold into the perfect slave as Cammy had no real experience. "So slave why did you pick the lovely slave outfit you are wearing "asked Racheal. Cammy told her that the model on cover of the magazine she love the most was in red leather and that she was the model of the Domme in the magazine that looked like you except she wore a mask. Racheal laughed and asked if the model was blonde wearing a red leather bikini, red collar, red leather gag and her arms were in a red leather armbinder. Cammy told Racheal that yes, the model was wearing that. Grinning, Racheal told her the model was Monica, who I owned when the photo show was done and I was the masked Domme. Cammy's body shook as she orgasmed, realizing that in front of her was the person whose picture she masturbated to nightly.

Racheal pulled the leash and Cammy's face was in front of hers and she kissed Cammy forcing her mouth open to receive her tongue. Cammy blushed and felt her nipples get so hard she knew that they could be seen through the latex top. Racheal asked Cammy why she was here and did she know what the bar was all about. Cammy told her the long story about how she found out she loved pain and bondage and that she was looking for someone to take her away from her father and own her. Cammy hoped she was not being to bold but she had fallen in love with the Mistress in the magazine and was now in front of her and was ready to surrender to her. Racheal realized the affect she had on this lovely innocent slave wantabe and smiled. Racheal pulled Cammy next to her and slid her right hand into Cammy's latex thong and pulled out a very wet finger. Cammy nearly passed out as she felt Racheal's finger in her wet cunt. Racheal sucked the juices off the finger and smiled saying, "You taste wonderful Cammy slave". Then Racheal fed a wet finger to Cammy who licked it clean smiling. Racheal informed Cammy she was looking for a new slave to live with her as her last one had left after a year of service and her contract was up. Cammy nodded she was interested, too scared to speak. Racheal asked her what she thought her limits were and Cammy thought and said, "Anything that does not modify my body." Smiling Racheal told her that was fine and she loved training new slaves and she thought Cammy would be just perfect as her slave, maid, cook, play toy and lover. Cammy cried with joy hearing this, leaned over and kissed Racheal telling her she would love to become her slave as this was her dream.

As they talked the owner of the bar, Shelia, walked over and smiled as she said, "It didn't take you long to get the cute new slave as yours". Racheal laughed and said, "It was mutual, and I need a few padlocks for my new slave's outfit." Shelia told her you know there are plenty in the store as well as other items if you need anything. Racheal told Shelia she wanted a set of red leather cuffs for the slave's wrists, ankles and above her elbows, a red control collar and a tag for it. Also she wanted a metal chastity belt. Cammy sat there with an open mouth as they discussed her as if she wasn't there, and realized this is what being slave was all about, and it was all about ever the owner wanted. Racheal pulled on the leash and Cammy followed Racheal and Shelia through a doorway into the sex shop and over to and section of metal belts. Shelia told her assistant Wendy to engrave a slave tag for Cammy's new collar stating she was now Racheal's slave. As Wendy did this, Shelia measured Cammy for a chastity belt as Racheal told Cammy that her slaves only cum when allowed and during your training I am making sure you can't masturbate. Cammy just nodded her head in agreement realizing she was going to be this woman's slave and she was giving her complete control of her body.

Shelia asked Racheal if she wanted the new belt that she had just designed which would allow her to tease a slave without it cumming. Racheal smiled and said "perfect, show me how it works. Shelia told Cammy to remove her thong and everyone laughed as when she pulled it down her juices flowed out. "You have a lovely slut here," Shelia told Racheal. Shelia brought out a metal belt and showed Racheal the two large metal plugs attached and she lubricated the rear plug, saying no lubrication would be needed for her dripping cunt. Cammy looked horrified as she saw the large anal plug and pleaded no, saying she never had anything in her asshole. Racheal smiled and asked Shelia if she had a basic belt with no plugs, as she was looking forward to taking Cammy's ass virginity. Hearing this Cammy blushed. Racheal told Shelia to pack the new design belt and instructions for future use. Before Shelia locked on a basic metal belt, Racheal had found a mini vibrator and slide it into Cammy's wet cunt and then the belt was locked on. Cammy was excited with the vibrator in her and she was unable to do anything to stop what was being done to her.

Wendy returned and handed Racheal the control collar with the slave tag on it and Racheal then locked the collar so it could not be removed by Cammy. Cammy looked at the collar with the tag and smiled and thanked Racheal for the honor of being her slave. "So Cammy slave since you agree to be my slave and are you willing to sign a slave contract," asked Racheal. Smiling Cammy told Racheal she would sign it. Shelia opened a drawer in her desk and pulled out papers and asked Cammy what her full name was. Cammy told her it was Cammy Jones. Shelia filled in the blanks where names went and Racheal signed the contract and it was handed to Cammy. Shelia told her, "Once you sign the contract you are Racheal's slave for at least a year so only sign if you understand what you are getting into as the lonely limit listed is no permanent modification of your body. Kissing Racheal, Cammy signed the contract smiling as she was happy to be away from her father and now a slave to this beautiful Mistress. Racheal then locked Cammy's hands to the opposite elbow behind her back. Racheal told Cammy, they would be going to her house so she could get all her things and leave a note for her father, so he would not call the police and report her missing and if came after her she would make sure he understood he no longer had control over her.

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Racheal kissed Shelia good night and thanked her for her help, as she lead Cammy out of the store into the parking lot over to her Land Rover. Cammy asked about her car and Racheal told her "I own it now just as I own you. I will have it brought to my home and stored there. Now get in the back of my car, my slut slave." Cammy got in the back and was soon locked into the seat with a harness to secure her to the seat and her feet were locked to floor rings and Cammy was going to Racheal's home to start a new wonderful life as her slave. As they drove off Cammy felt the vibrator in her cunt start and she just before she came, the vibrator stopped and she cried in frustration, while Racheal smiled looking at her new toy in the rear view mirror.

Part 2 (added: 2013/02/16)

As she sat secured in the rubber lined seat of Mistress Racheal's Land Rover heading toward the home she was giving up, Cammy thought about what had occurred in the last few hours after she had entered Shelia's Tavern. While she had hoped to find someone to dominate her, but she never thought she would meet the Dominatrix whose picture she had masturbated to every night for the last two years. Things were going very fast as she was giving her body, mind and soul to the woman now driving the car.

Cammy's body was in a constant state of arousal from the bondage and the mini vibrator that was locked in her now dripping cunt by the steel chastity belt. Her nipples were as hard as she could ever remembered them getting and as the vibrator was being turned on and off by the beautiful and cruel Mistress Racheal and while she want to scream for release she knew she was a slave and was at the mercy of her new owner.

Racheal looked at the bound slave in the back of her Land Rover and smiled knowing she had a novice slave to train, and the fact this slave was in love with her would make it easier. Racheal used the remote to bring Cammy close to an orgasm only to stop it just before she reached the peak of an orgasm. In the mirror she could see that Cammy's nipples were hard and were clearly visible through the red latex top she wore and smiled knowing Cammy was enjoying everything.

They arrived at Cammy's home and Racheal released the restraints so Cammy could go in the house with her to get her clothes and other items that Racheal thought were acceptable to take with her. From Cammy's closet, Racheal pulled out two dresses, one red that was very stylish and had matching 3" heel shoes, several pairs of hot pants and some crop tops. Also Racheal found a pair of ballet shoes and asked Cammy if she could walk in them. Cammy said that she never tried to stand in them. Racheal had Cammy go get a suitcase for her things and while Cammy was gone she looked at the BDSM things Cammy had in the closet. Racheal found the magazines and several books one titled "Lesbian bondage slave". Cammy was told to pack her clothes and BDSM items together which included her bondage gear. As Cammy started to pack her undies, Racheal told her to leave them as they were "granny wear" and would be replaced. Cammy showed Mistress Racheal a red velvet bra and thong set telling her she bought these for her Mistress to be. Racheal looked at the bra and thong and seeing the bra was a 34A she said you really don't need a bra but it is cute.

Cammy said she was sorry her breasts were not large enough and wished they were as big as Monica's. Racheal told her that Monica had implants as she loved a D size breasts on her slaves, but since Cammy signed for no modifications that wasn't going to happen. Hearing this Cammy said she would change her limits to allow implants as it would please both of them. Smiling Racheal said that would be ok.

Finally they were done and Cammy wrote a note to her father telling him she was leaving to serve as a personal assistant to a wealthy woman. They returned to the SUV and Cammy was again locked into the rear seat and they drove off.

Cammy was shocked as they drove to South Beach and as they approached a large mansion on a slight hill, the gates of the fence opened for the car. Racheal told Cammy this was her new home and as the slave housekeeper she would be very busy cleaning it and she would learn how to cook like a real chef. Cammy was very impressed with the house and could not believe she would be living in such a place.

Racheal clipped a lease to Cammy's collar and lead her into the house, down the hall where Cammy saw a large living room, dining room and entertainment room, as they entered an elevator and they went down a level. As the door opened Cammy saw in front of her a large dungeon with things she could not recognize and some things she did. Racheal pulled her over to one end where there were several cells (all empty) and to the largest she pushed Cammy and told her this was her cell. Cammy was to unpack her things and put them in the closets and dressers. She was told there was a sink and toilet in her cell and a shower was nearby.

As Racheal unlocked the chastity belt, the mini vibrator fell to the floor and Cammy was told to make sure she cleaned it and the chastity belt (both were dripping from her juices).

Racheal then told Cammy to strip and kneel on the floor with her legs spread open and hands palm up in each thigh. Cammy was informed this was the standard slave position she would be in whenever Racheal entered a room unless she was in bondage and could not.

Cammy was the told the rules of the house.

1 She was to obey any and all commands without hesitation or delay, as long as they did not require her to do anything excused by the contract.

2 All tasked were to be completed on time and properly.

3 slave will not cum without permission.

Cammy was told that besides her slave, she was also the maid; cook and she would be trained to assist Mistress when other slaves were here.

Cammy asked Mistress what she meant by other slaves? Racheal explained she was a professional Dominatrix and wealthy slaves visited her to serve since they could rely on her not to say anything. She also trained slaves for others.

Cammy was informed as her house slave she would be getting a tattoo of a red heart with "Racheal's slave" in the middle of the heart on her right ass cheek. Other visiting slaves had a pink circle with the letter "R" in the center.

Cammy was asked if she had any other questions, and she said "no Mistress Racheal".

Racheal removed the leather cuffs and told Cammy to shower and be in position as she would be back in twenty minutes.

Cammy went to the shower and used a scented bath lotion to bath with and was very careful when she washed her breasts and pussy as not to excite herself. When done she found a shelf with perfume on it and decide to use "very sexy" as that is what she wanted Mistress Racheal to find her.

Cammy went to her cell and assumed the required slave position and made sure her legs were spread apart as far as possible showing her swollen labia.

Racheal appeared five minutes later wearing a black shear baby doll nightie with matching thong panties. When Cammy saw her she was excited and told her Mistress that she was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. Racheal smiled as she saw the affect she had on this young slave knowing she had found someone to train that was worthy of being her slave.

Racheal handed Cammy the wrist and ankle cuffs and told her to put them on and they should be tight enough, but not too tight as to cut off circulation. Once Cammy put on the cuffs Racheal locked them with small padlocks.

Racheal told Cammy to stand under the hanging chains and attach the wrist cuffs to them. Cammy saw the spring clips on the chains and used them to attach the cuffs to them and once cuffed she felt herself getting excited. Racheal told her to spread her legs apart and then Racheal clipped her ankles to floor rings 3" apart. Cammy was embarrassed as she was dripping wet and could not close her legs. Operating a wench, Racheal pulled Cammy's arms higher until she could not lower them, but could still stand carefully on her feet.

Racheal stood in front of Cammy and fondled her breasts, playing with her nipples until they were nice and hard and Cammy was breathing fast.

Cammy was getting so excited by what Racheal was doing and the tight bondage. She was falling in love with the woman in front of her. Cammy moaned deeply as Racheal then inserted two fingers in her dripping cunt and could barely refrain from cumming, but knew it was against the rules and tried hard not to.

Racheal teased her new slave with her hands and soon knew Cammy was extremely excited and since she was a new inexperienced slave, Racheal whispered in Cammy's ear "cum my slutty slave".

Hearing Racheal give permission, Cammy had the most intense orgasm in her life and as Racheal continued to play with her nipples and frig her cunt, Cammy had several more orgasms, flooding the floor with her juices.

Racheal stopped playing with Cammy's lovely body and placed her fingers in front of her and told Cammy to lick them clean and enjoy her taste. Cammy cleaned them tasting the slightly salty juices for the first time.

Cammy watched as Racheal walked to the wall that was full of BDSM items and took down a very nasty flogger. Racheal told Cammy to relax and enjoy the feeling as this was to give her pleasure not a punishment. Cammy was confused but trusted Racheal and relaxed.

Racheal slowly and gently whipped Cammy letting the flogger caress her body telling Cammy to think of the flogger as a lover caressing her.

Cammy felt the flogger hit her and it was getting her excited as the slight pain was turning her on. Racheal slowly increased the strength of the whipping and could see in Cammy's eyes that her new slave was enjoying it.

Cammy was in heaven as the flogger hit her. She knew her back, ass and breasts were wearing red stripes and it felt so good to feel the leather hit her. Cammy realized the stokes of the flogger were getting harder and the increased pain only made her more excited.

Racheal increased the strength of each stroke, watching Cammy's reaction and finally when she knew Cammy was ready to cum, Racheal brought the flogger up between Cammy's legs, very hard, right into her cunt and said to her "cum pain slut".

Cammy could not believe the pleasure she was getting from the flogging and as it hit her directly between her legs, striking her clit and hearing Racheal give permission to cum, Cammy had an even more explosive orgasm and passed out.

Racheal lowered Cammy and held her close to her knowing Cammy was in sub space from the pain.

When Cammy awoke she found she was in Racheal's arms and was looking directly at one of her tits and she kissed it gently saying "I love you Mistress". Racheal smiled and said "I love you also slave".

Racheal clipped the leash to Cammy's collar and pulled her to her feet and they took the elevator to the second floor, where Racheal explained were the guest bedrooms and her master bedroom which had a room attached for Cammy, once she was trained.

Racheal asked Cammy if she ever made love to another woman and Cammy replied she had never done that. Racheal told her to relax and just think of how the lesbian slave in the books she read did to please her mistress.

Racheal removed her night and lied down on the bed and told Cammy to worship her body and to start with her feet. Cammy got on the bed and lifted her right foot and using her tongue, bath it and suck on each toe. When down with the feet Cammy moved up Racheal's legs and could see that her mistress was getting excited as her labia was swollen and juices were flowing from her cunt. As Cammy got near Racheal's cunt she felt a pull on the leash and heard "now my breasts slave". Cammy moved to her breast and sucked on each nipple until it was hard as a rock and Racheal was moaning. Finally Racheal pulled Cammy's head between her legs and to Cammy to lick and suck and make sure she worshipped the clit also. Cammy dived into the wet cunt licking the delicious juices and her tongue flicked the clit pulling it in her mouth trying to remember what she read on pleasing a woman. Racheal was close to cumming and reached down and shoved three fingers in Cammy's wet cunt and started to frig it. As Racheal could hold back no more she wrapped her legs around Cammy's head and told her to drink everything, as she came squirting her juices into Cammy's mouth and shouted "cum also my slut slave" as she drove her fingers deep into Cammy and heard Cammy scream in pleasure flooding her fingers.

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Racheal pulled Cammy next to her, put her arms around her and kissed her pushing her tongue into Cammy's mouth and then they fell asleep in each other's arms.

In the morning Racheal awoke and smiled at a sleeping Cammy congratulating herself on finding a perfect slave to train. Racheal slapped Cammy's ass and woke her saying it was time to get up slave. Cammy smiled and said thank you for the best night of my life and hugged Racheal telling her again she loved her.

Racheal smiled and told Cammy to go down and shower and be in the kitchen in thirty minutes with her cuffs and chastity belt.

Cammy left to do as told as Rachel went and showered and dressed in white linen Ralph Lauren pants suit and went down stairs.

As Cammy entered the kitchen, Racheal pointed to the coffee maker and told her to make a pot. As Cammy moved around the kitchen she heard Racheal tell someone to be in his office with his wife at 3pm and she didn't want any excuses.

Once the coffee was started Racheal showed Cammy how to lock on the chastity belt and cuffs on her wrists and ankles.

Cammy was told they had a doctor's appointment at 9:30 followed at 11 at the tattoo parlor and then a 3pm appointment. They would also be shopping, so after breakfast, Cammy was to go down and put on her red dress and matching shoes.

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Wednesday, March 06, 2013  

Enjoying this story can't wait for more.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013  

Great story my friend

Monday, February 18, 2013  

A nice story so far. But please don't take nearly a year again for the next part(s).

Sunday, February 17, 2013  

Nice story can't wait to see where it goes, but I do run into a small problem. The contract she signed says "no permanent modification of your body", but later on "Cammy was informed as her house slave she would be getting a tattoo of a red heart with "Racheal's slave" in the middle of the heart on her right ass cheek. Other visiting slaves had a pink circle with the letter "R" in the center." The only thing there is to counteract the limit in the contract is " Hearing this Cammy said she would change her limits to allow implants as it would please both of them" you may want to rework it a bit, maybe getting an amendment to the contract or something.

Sunday, February 17, 2013  


Saturday, February 16, 2013  

Cammy and Mistress Rachael are building a great Dom/sub life together!

Monday, November 26, 2012  

BION I'm imperssed! Cool post!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012  

Mistress Lisa, I like your style. Classy and showing a cunt for what she is. Can;t wait to read about the trial and tribulations she will find with you. Some hauntingly hot for her and some hard for her to take in. Great story so far,

Monday, May 21, 2012  

A outstanding story. Please, more about Cammy and her new Mistress Racheal.

Sunday, May 20, 2012  

I hate to be a downer on this story, but to have child abuse as the genesis of a BDSM lifestyle is something I would not promote. Making a conscious choice to live the way we do is different than having it forced on someone. Personally, as a kid, I experimented with experiences and found that tie up games gave me a strange pleasure. That discovery has lead me here. This is the path I chose for myself. It was never forced on me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012  

I must say I love Mistress Lisa's stories. They are wonderful. I look forwards to reading more.

Saturday, May 19, 2012  

nice story so far looking forward to reading more on Cammy's training

Saturday, May 19, 2012  

Ah! What a nice little submissive fantasy! Hopefully Cammy spends the next year well-chained and doubly loved!


Saturday, May 19, 2012  

Nicely written. Kept me interested all the way through. Hope you write more.

Saturday, May 19, 2012  

I always like Mistress Lisa's stories. They are just great.

Saturday, May 19, 2012  

Looks like you've been working on getting your paragraph size down. Good for you. The story itself reads like a teenager's wet dream and over all lacks emotion and a sense of reality. Still, it was interesting and thankfuly short. Thanks for the effort. -D.

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