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Caught in Self Bondage
  • Author - viper  
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  • Site Rank - 930 of 2548
  • Unique Views - 12219
  • Story Codes - F-f, f-self, consensual, caught, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 7/4/2012
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Reader's Comments (17)

Let me introduce my self i am as known to all my friends as viper so we'll keep it that way. I am a georgious 19 year old with nice c cup breasts and a clean shaven body that all men dream of.

Well i've ben doing self bondage since i was 13 and have ben reading stories ever since i love to be tied up gagged and best of all naked.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

My parents live on a huge farm with several old barns and one day my friend sara and i have was walking around one day and.found an old barn we went inside and she pushed me over and pinned me to the floor and told me to take my clothes off while she went outside and i felt so. Hot under my skirt i was wearing that i riped them offf and waited for her returnand when she did she to was naked and she was carrying a black bag and i knew what she had planned she plannned to tie me up. We would take turns dominating each other and we loved it. She bindfolded me and cufffed my hands above my head to a post and then she gagged me after we kissed and i was so hot then i was in heaven she then cufffedd my feet to the post and she got down on her knees and licked my burning pussy when she finnished she uncuffed me and told me to get onn my knees and i did so so she then recuffed me and put a collar on mmy neck and she layed on the hay infront of me and forced my head into her pussy. I was in heaven.

After i finished she hooked a leash to the collar and told me to get up i did and as soo as i did we wer walking out of the barn i was her slave annd i was proud to be.

now years later i stil go to the barn and play self bondage everyy chance i get the other day i was locked up in the barn and had a blindfold on and i was gagged and cuffed to the floor and i had a viberator in mmy sweet shaven pussy Nnd a chasity belt on and all of a sudden i fellt as if someone had walked in on me. And my thought was corect because all of a sudden a female voice says well look at what we havve here and a hand hit my tit so hard i yelped into my gag and the blindfold was removed and ther before me was a girl in thigh high heels and nothing else on a i stopped breathing. It was sara and she was holding my keys. So then i knew then i would have to be a slave again and with that thought my iberator roared to life and i had three orgasms in a row. And then it was shut off and sara stod there laughing and she said so you are a little slut arent you and i was so embarest by now i didnt move and she said well beans i control ur escape look like you only have one option and ii knew wat that was i had to become her sex slave and she took out my gag and said do u wish for mme to be your mistress and i had only one thing to say and that was yes because if i didnt she would walk out with my keys so i was forced to sayy yes. She grabed a collar and placed it around my neck and locked it on with one of my small padilocks and she said what do u sayy for me putting ur collar on for you dirtyy slut and i said thhank you mistress and the gag was locked in my mouth. She turned the viberator on all the way and i thrashed at my bonds and then i past out. When i woke up i couldnt see a thing and thhen i started to mmove as iff it was a dream when i reallised the gag abd collar wer still locked on me but i was in a new posiion and reallised ten i was hogtied and i felt like i was in a car. When in truth i was going back to another barn further on the probertyy. The nezt thing i remember was being lead into a barn cuffed gagged and lead by my new mistress i was uncuffed and locked into a cage and recuffed with my hands above me. I trully was a slave now.

The next day i was lead into a nearby creek and was washed and was cuffed ti a tree to dry and then i was lead back to the barn where she tied me to a low beam so i was bent over and she whipped mme and called me names and she then stopped and left and when she returnned she had straped to hher crotch was a strap on dildo that had to be at least twelve inches long and she said your gunna learn to take the whole damn thing bitch and she inlocked my belt and fucked my ass and pussy so hard i came and i was whipped again annd she told me i was to beg her to cum i begged her to not whip me any more and she yelled you fucking slut i dont have to listen to you and whipped me more until i cam and passed out.

I will have more later hope you liked it.

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Monday, August 13, 2012  

very hot loved

Wednesday, July 18, 2012  

I find quite a few stories on this site in general that could benefit from this great feature in MS word; it's called "spelling and grammar". It'll fex evrytng writ upp.

Saturday, July 14, 2012  

Couldn't get past the first 3 sentences.

Monday, July 09, 2012  

"." Punctuation mark. Learn how to use it

Monday, July 09, 2012  

I think the basic plot is quite good. But you need to extend it to a longer, better introduction, middle part and a not so fast end. So it is really only a list of things done. Perhaps you can describe you feelings a little better, when things are done. E. g. the cage-scene. Now it's only a half sentence for a whole night.

Saturday, July 07, 2012  

OK, so I know the guidelines say not to review the grammatical content of the story, but in this case I'm afraid it prevents me from actually reading and absorbing your story. Honsestly, a spell check costs a minute of your life but makes the world of difference for your readers!

For me this is not a cohesive story, and lacks the basics : beginning, middle and end. It is a bullet list of happenings rather than a structured narrative.

It's your first story here so I will cut you a little slack, but I suggest you read some of the other works on this site before penning another piece.

Actually, more than merely read them, study them and see how a good story draws the reader in and weaves a fantasy.

I'm certainly no literary expert but I have learnt a great deal from the writings on this site which have helped me write my own stories.

Remember, don't rush to get a story out there. Take your time. Take a couple of days break from your text and come back to it, I guarantee you will spot many obvious flaws using this technique.


Saturday, July 07, 2012  

That was as painful to read as an obituary.

Saturday, July 07, 2012  

It's obvious that it's a stream of thoughts that you wrote down as you were fantasising but it's no less valid for that. That you are somewhat dyslexic is also obvious but please don't let that put you off. As a first effort it was more than ok. So please keep writing as you do have a vivid imagination and future stories from you will undoubtedly get better. Thank you.

Saturday, July 07, 2012  

I feel honoured that subGrrl mentioned me as a possible help. In my opinion, though, only a complete remake, starting at the very base of orthography, grammar and style, would do the trick.


Friday, July 06, 2012  

I don't know if this is the first story you have submitted to a site such as Utopia, and I know it can be a daunting experience; I also realise that we cannot always expect perfection from a story that probably turned you on as you wrote it.

Unfortunately, although the subject was interesting and you have a story to tell, you don't do it well enough to encourage people to read it. Capitalise, check your spelling and try to be as grammatically correct as you possibly can. This was an effort spoiled by poor presentation; rework it, with help if necessary, and re-submit it.

Thanks for trying - you must now try harder.

Friday, July 06, 2012  

Boy was that hard to read.

Friday, July 06, 2012  

Extremely short and hard to read, writing style was elementary. Liked the idea but needs some work

Friday, July 06, 2012  

I love stories about Sapphic submissives and their Dommes, but I must say that your Domme would be quite embarrassed that you have submitted this work. Could you leave her email address so that I can send her a note? I really, really do want to know your story, but this was particularly unreadable. Have your Domme proofread first, please. You are representing her. Don't shame her! If your Domme cannot help, ask a friend. Or ask someone who frequents these pages. Viper meet Venom. He can help you!


Friday, July 06, 2012  

spell check would be a plus.

Friday, July 06, 2012  

Spellcheck, and add puncuation. Then we will read it.

Friday, July 06, 2012  

Did you read the writer's guide? Under cliches, it says:
"She had an amazing (36-24-36) body" is not very creative.

You have written
I am a georgious 19 year old with nice c cup breasts and a clean shaven body that all men dream of.

All men dream of? Seems unlikely - many men like big breasts, or hairy women, or some idea what kind of body it is, or what kind of woman she is.
I didn't get any further, I'm afraid, I couldn't cope.
Jenny xxx

Friday, July 06, 2012  

Knot two bee cornfused width "Caught in Self Bondage Without a Key" by are hillbilly friend crazymike - dis Caught in Self Bondage iz equally hillarious fer all de rong reazons.

Darned goot storie ober all, but poorly written. -Darios

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