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Blackmailing Younger Sister
  • Author - Yours master  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, blackmail, reluctant, analplay, bondage, humiliation, incest, loving, public, slavery, spanking, teen, toys
  • Post Date - 8/20/2012
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Part I - Background

"Kathy, what the hell is this?" asked Rex.

Kathy was shivering at the moment unable to saying anything so just looking at the floor, still in her school uniform.

"I'm asking from you again bitch, what the fuck is this."

A DVD, the film, 'story of O' was on Rex's hand.

"Please Rex don't say about this to our father. You know about him right? He will burn me alive if he finds this out." said Kathy in a shivering voice, tears falling down from her eyes, still looking at the floor.

Rex didn't say anything immediately. He thought for a moment and saw the innocent look of his younger sister.

"Tell me then, who gave this to you?"

"Yuni gave that to me".

Yuni is the leader of the basketball team in Kathy's school. She is 21 years old and therefore two years senior than Kathy. Because of Kathy is also in the school basketball team, she is her best friend since Kathy came to the school, even though she is two years elder than Kathy.

"Ok Kathy, I will not tell about this to our father. But I want something in return."

"What do you want from me Rex? You know I don't have any money. But I'll do anything. Just please don't say this to our father or my mother."

"Ok sis, listen carefully. I want you to totally surrender to me today onwards. That means you have to do whatever I told you to do and whenever I told you to do. Is that clear?"

"What the hell? What are you talking about Rex? Do you think I'll be your servant?" Kathy asked in a doubt and a fear.

"Ok then. Our deal is over. I'll report this incident to our father and your mother" said Rex and started to go out from Kathy's room.

"NO Rex. Please don't."

Rex turned to face Kathy again.

"O..K.. Are you agree to obey me then little sister? If you say no this time, there is no turning back. I'm going right over to meet our Dad" Rex said in a joking manner but in a tough voice.

Kathy thought about it few seconds and thought it would not be difficult since she is already doing most of the house chores for Rex as he is her older brother. So she inhaled deeply and said.

"Ok Rex. Ok. I'll do everything you told me to do. It seems like I have no other choice".

She thought it will be easier to obey him rather than facing her father and mother with that sex DVD thing.

"Ok darling, don't worry. I'll not report this to anyone as long as you obey me. It will be our little secret. Ok?"

"Ok Rex. I believe you. I know you will not report me if I obey you." said Kathy trying to make a smile on her face.

Rex smiled back and said "Ok Kathy. I have to go to the computer class now. My students are waiting. I was searching my lost office 2010 CD in your room. But I found this instead" he said showing the DVD.

Kathy hung her head in shame trying to avoid Rex's eyes.

"Ok now. No need to worry. Do all your school home works now and finish it before 5pm. I'll come home at 5 and I'll send you an email saying what I'm expecting from you. So finish all you homework's and wait for my email. Obeying me or not obeying me is your choice Kathy. If you are going to choose to obey me, you must comply with all the instructions I'm sending you via the email and, send me a reply. I'm testing you today. If you fail the testing or if you do not wish to obey me, that's ok with me. I'll just give this DVD to your mom and our dad. Think carefully before you take a decision. I'll send you all the instructions after I come home. Expect the email by around 5:30. Understand?

Kathy looked at her elder brother and nodded sheepishly.

"Ok. Bye sis." He went out closing the door smiling to himself.

Rex is 26 years old and has a muscular body about 6 feet tall. He is doing his own computer class near to his home. He is writing blogs and once in a while he is getting a check from Google. He owns enough money for his age. He has blogs about kinkiest side of sex. So the visitors' rate and ad clicking rate is very high.

Kathy is 18 years old blonde and indeed a very pretty girl with a babyish face. She is 5' 2'' tall and had an average size of body. Her body is Not very thin and not very fat, but a somewhat sexy and nice, warmth body.

Rex's mother died in a car accident when he was young. After that his father, Bill, married another woman named Bailey. Kathy is the daughter of Bailey. Bailey is not like other step mothers. She loves Rex as her son. Moreover, Bailey is so much afraid for Rex's father. Bill is a retired Army officer. They came to an urban area right after Rex graduated from his university, because the town air is not good for Bailey's health. Kathy transfer from her town school to the urban school. But she loves it. She is the queen of the new school. Her father is very rich compared to other students' parents. Since they have sold their old house in New York, before they moved into the urban area, they have got lot of money with them. Bill spent that money to buy a mid-size big house and a Volvo car for them and deposited the rest of money in bank. So they didn't have any financial problems. Rex had some qualities inherited from his father, such as the hardness and the smart way when giving an order to somebody. He had seen his father giving orders to his step mother and Kathy. To clean the dishes, mop the floor etc. He is even ordering Kathy to when to have bath and when to have a wash. Kathy is a very lazy girl like most of the other girls in her age. She is dolly, pretty and don't take any kind of responsibility at all. She lives her life like a bird. So the father has to take care of her manners and order her to do even brush her teeth at night. She is such babyish.

Part II - Blackmailing

Kathy finished all her home works by 5pm and switched on her laptop. At the moment, she heard the footsteps of her brother coming home and heard the voices of her mother and father greeted him.

All the 3 bed rooms in the house are in the upstairs and all contained attached bathrooms. Bill and Bailey using the master bed room which is close to Kathy's room. Rex's room is far away from those 2 rooms and it is facing to Kathy's room. Only dining area, living room and kitchen is in the downstairs.

Kathy checked her emails. But there was no email from Rex yet.

He may be composing it after he took a bath. She thought. She is excited about the upcoming email from her step brother and little bit nervous from the evening incident. She heard the Rex entered his room and closed the door. After a while she heard the water falling noise from shower in the Rex's room. She squirmed on her chair nervously, waiting for the mail from Rex. Finally she heard the sound of water dropping stopped. Now she knew Rex is going to compose the mail. She thought of having some skipping exercises with her skipping rope to reduce her tension while Rex composes the mail. She didn't change her clothes from her black mini gown with small flowers printed on it, which came 3 inches above her knee, and did the skipping for longer than 10 minutes and found herself wet from sweat. She stopped the skipping and put the rope back to her drawer and sat down on her chair to check the emails again. And she fixed her gown straps on her shoulder which was misplaced from her exercises.

She took a deep breath and hit refresh button on her laptop. A mail with (no subject) came in to her yahoo inbox from Rex. Finally, she thought, and clicked to open the email.

"Hi step sister,

Hope you finished all your home works. Now I need your full attention.

As you have promised me, you will be my SLAVE, today onwards. That means you have to obey me without questioning and hesitating. If you do not meet with what I demand, our deal is over and I'll show you little kinky DVD to our parents. Obeying me or not obeying me is completely up to you. I'm not forcing you.

Today I'm giving you a little test to see if you would like our agreement or not. If you don't like it, you can just ignore my instructions, and live as you used to be. But remember this is your last chance.

Here is the list of instructions for now:

1.You may call me Rex whenever others are around us. When we are alone, you must call me 'Sir'.

2.When I asked you a question, you must give me a detailed and complete answer.

3.Remember always to address me properly as I mentioned in the point 1, when you send me a mail.

4.At the end of your every email, you must put the word 'Slave Kathy'.

Those are the very simple and easy to follow instructions for now. If you would agree to take this, I will tell you further instructions and rules you must obey, later. If you are taking your only chance to prevent me from telling about the DVD to our parents, send me a reply saying you are agree to be my slave.

And to prove your submissiveness, I need you to remove your panties and keep it on the table which is on our corridor (I'm talking about the outdoor table which we are using to have our evening tea). I'll take it from there before mom and dad arrives to arrange the tea. That's all, for now. If you are going to agree, you can start composing your reply now and remove your panties. Otherwise you can see our parents with the DVD, when you come to have the evening tea.

And one another thing, do not wear a panty when you come to have the tea today. You must not wear any panties for the rest of the day. And don't try to bully me by putting a new panty on the table. I know the odor of female sex mixed with sweat. I need the panty you wore for the day at home. Understand?

See you at the tea table little sister.



Kathy can't believe what she is seeing, for seconds. She was stunned for a moment, and re-checked the sender of that email to make sure it is from Rex. She just looked at the mail over and over again and was very furious about her brother. How can he demand such slavery from his younger sister? After all I'm his younger sister even though our moms are different. Kathy thought and sent him a reply saying

"What the fucking fuck is with you Rex? What a disgusting pathetic creature are you to demand such low things from me? You give the DVD to our parents. I don't care."

She hit the send button, pushed away her chair, went to her bed and cried cuddling to her pillow. She doesn't know what to do at this moment actually. She called Yuni, her best friend and told her that her elder brother is threatening about showing that DVD to her parents.

"Shit" said Yuni and thought for a while. Then said "mmm... I don't think it will be a big deal if you agree to submit to your brother Kathy. I don't think you have any other choice. Just tell him sorry and tell him you will do whatever you are being told to do. You may have to make him tea, wash his clothes or may be wash his dish after he took the meals. So what's the big deal Kathy? I think you are already doing some of those stuffs for him" Yuni said in a comforting voice.

"Hmm... Ok Yuni. I'll call you later. Byeee.." said Kathy hiding the part which he tells her to remove her panties and all those stuffs. She purposefully left out that part. How can she tell such a thing even to her best friend?

She hanged up the phone, sat on her bed and think. Then, she rose up from the bed and went to compose a mail saying she needs some time to think before taking that decision. But, at the time just as she rose up from the bed, her hand phone rang indicating she had received a text message. She took her phone and looked at the message. It was from Rex.

"Ok then bitch. Listen carefully. I'll tell everyone including our maid, aunty Lusia and our gardener, Mr. Chet, about your sex DVD. I hope it is enough to ruin your reputation and loose the love from all. I can't imagine what would be the reactions of our parents after they see this. You know this is not a normal sex film. This is rated to BDSM category. So they will most probably report this to your school and may tell about Yuni and the DVD."

Kathy's heart began to shivering slowly and all her body was wet from sweat again. Not only from the exercise she had recently, but also from the fear of losing her best friend she has. If her parent reports this to the school, Yuni will definitely not even look at her again. Kathy thought carefully. She understood this is her only chance to save her friend and save her image. Otherwise she will lose everything. She sat down in front of her laptop and started to compose a mail to Rex. She rethought about getting submit to Rex and before sending him a reply, she read the email one last time. She checked the time. It is almost 6. Oh my god! She thought. It is almost time mom and dad coming upstairs corridors to have the tea. She had to be quick. She took the decision finally and sent the reply...


( link opens in new window )

I agree to be your slave.

Slave Kathy."

Short and simple. She sent the reply and began to remove her panties...

Part III - All started like this

Usually they are having their tea about at 6:15. She doesn't have much time left to think. She must put her panties on the table immediately, before her parents come up. She held her panties from the waistband and began to inspect it. It is a white color cotton panty illustrated with small flowers printed on it. She felt the tenderness of the cloth and meanwhile also felt the warmness. But it's not what she worried most. Warmth of the cloth is ok. But she also felt it is utterly wet from her sweat. Her white color panty is actually has turned to ash color now, because of the dampness. She did not need to inhale it by getting it close to her nose. She can almost smell the odor coming from the cloth. But she's not sure if the odor is coming because of her sweat or her sex juice. It is like both smells are mixed together and got a very strong odor. She was nervous. How can she give that damp piece of cloth to her elder brother? Thinking about it shivers Kathy. Oh god! Time is running! She has to put that on the table. She needs to hurry.

She wadded up the panties as best she could in her hand and hurried out from her room. It is almost 6:10! She directly went to the tea table on the corridor without thinking about what she is doing. Right after she got there, she heard the door unlocking sound from Rex's room. She put her panties on the table and went away immediately before her brother arrives to the table. She is so much afraid and shy to meet him now. On her way back to her room, she saw from the corner of her eyes that Rex's room opened and he came out of the room. Thank God! She thought. Rex came before her parents come there. She hurried into her room, afraid that Rex will call her and she will be humiliated more.

She went to her room, locked the door and sat down on the bed. She began to think what she had just did and what will happen next. She thought, now Rex is inspecting her panty. Thinking about it makes her deep red. She began to cry softly. How can she face her brother now? It's utterly humiliating that he is inspecting her undergarments. How can he demand such a thing? It is so humiliating. She remembered the warmness and the strong odor of her panties and she is damn sure Rex is having very much of fun from her underwear. She is sure Rex will inspect it so closely and may be even inhale it deeply. She tried not to think about it because thinking about it makes her face turn beet red.

"Kathy..... Come here darling". It was her mother's voice. She realized her mother and father is coming from downstairs to have the evening tea.

"Coming mom...." replied Kathy standing from the bed.

She walked towards the door. As soon as she began to walk, she realized that she has no panties on and she felt the nakedness under her gown. She remembered Rex's mail. She is not allowed to wear a panty for the rest of the day. So, she continued walking to the corridor feeling the air moving over her damp pussy.

Part IV

"Hi mom, Hi Dad" Kathy said.

She tried to act normal as she could, even though she could feel her pussy and ass was bare under her gown. Rex is on her side, so, she tried hard to not look at him. All of them were enjoying the evening tea except Kathy. Her mind is on fire. All others use to talk normal. Even Rex is acting very normal like nothing happened between him and Kathy. He said some jokes to Kathy and asked if she is ok. He patted her upper thigh with his hand while asking that. Others can't see it because of the table cloth. Actually Rex didn't want to ask whether she is ok or not. He knows that she is not ok. He wanted to check whether she has worn any panties. His fingers went over her upper thigh feeling her waist. Kathy bit her lip trying not to make any sounds. For Kathy's relief, Rex took his hand from Kathy's waist after he satisfied with his check. He checked for any lines of panty waistband. When he realized she had obeyed him and she didn't have any panties on her, he let out a satisfied gasp and took his hand from the Kathy's thigh and patted her head like a little child. Their parents enjoyed their tea meanwhile.

"Darling" Bailey finished her tea and started to talk to Kathy.

"Can you clean the table as me and daddy has to go downstairs to prepare the dinner?"

"Oh.. Ok mom" Kathy said smiling faintly.

"I'll help her" Rex said enthusiastically.

Their parents went downstairs leaving Kathy and Rex alone. Kathy tried to leave Rex. But Rex held by her hand and said to stop. She did stop but face turning away from Rex. Rex held her face from her chin and turned her face to him.

"Look at me slave." said Rex in a very tough voice.

"You need to be punished bitch".

"Wh.. why Rex? I did what you have told me to do? What now?"

"Do you forget my instructions this easily? Hah bitch. How should you address me when we are alone? You need to be punished and your punishment will be a severe one because at first, you choose not to obey me. It must never ever happen again. Now you are completely mine. Do you understand that bitch?"

"Yeesss... Yes sir" Kathy said unable to think what is happening to her.

"Good." Said Rex and let go of her chin but held her by her hair instead.

"I'll decide your punishment and you must accept it right after you come from the school tomorrow. Understand?"

"Yes sir" Kathy said trying to hide her tears.

"Ok. Now show me".

Kathy looked at Rex confusing and asked "Show you what sir?"

"When I told you to show me, you must grasped the hem of your skirt or gown or whatever dress you are wearing and raised it to the waist. If you are wearing a jean, you must take down it and lower it to your knees. I'll send you all the rules you must obey from today onwards. There will be around 10 rules. Let's see. I will work on it and let you know by tomorrow night. And remember those rules are subject to change at any time. I'll modify old rules and add new rules whenever I want. You must remember all those rules. Is that clearly understood bitch?"

Kathy looked at him for a while unable to believe what she is hearing, mouth wide open but managed to say yes sir.

"Show me now then".

Kathy grasped the hem of her gown and started to raise it. But she stopped when it comes just below her pussy.

"Pl..Please sir, why are you doing this to me. I'm totally humiliated."

"Because I want to make sure you did obey my orders and you are an obedient bitch. I want to check whether you are wearing any panties. Show me NOW!" said Rex and released the grip of her hair.

Kathy grasped from the hem of her gown and started to raise it. But unfortunately, she couldn't meet the requirement. She didn't have enough guts to do that. She let go of her hem and started to cry. Rex gave her a hard slap across her face and grabbed her right nipple through her bra and gown.

"Listen slave, I don't like disobedient bitches. You will only increase your punishments by disobeying me. Now you agreed to complete submission to me. Aren't you?"

Kathy nodded looking at the Rex's hand which grabbed her right nipple, in fear.

"mmm.... I thought of modifying the showing rule a bit to make it easy for you. You have two choices. You can face me and show your pussy or you can turn around and show your ass."

Kathy thought. Rather than showing her pubic area to him, it's better to show him her ass.

She turned around crying and raised the hem of the gown to her waist.

"Higher..." Rex demanded.

She raised it more and tucked the cloth just above her navel, holding the heap of clothing from both hands.

"Good girl. That position is much more appropriate. Today onwards, when tell you to show me, you must comply immediately and get this position. It doesn't matter where we are or who we are with. Hold your gown and move to the corner of those two walls. Stand still and hold that position while I clean the table. Don't drop it. If you drop it, you will wish you have never born. Understand?"

Kathy said yes sir and moved to the corner of the corridor and stood facing the wall shivering slightly. Rex looked at the way her ass was moving when she walked. She could feel the nakedness from her waist down and hung her head from shame.

While Rex is cleaning the table, he said Kathy is a fast learner and it's lucky to have such a pretty slave in his home. Kathy didn't respond him. She was afraid that anyone could come here at any minute. But she was on the corner where the incoming person cannot see her immediately after entering to the corridor and also Rex was cleaning the table. If someone is coming, Rex can see it before entering to the corridor. But still it makes her very nervous standing in the corner of the corridor showing her ass to her brother. It makes her sick.

Rex understands how humiliated Kathy is. He loves it. He finished clean the table and looked at his younger sister, still holding the gown above from her waist, showing her rounded ass cheeks to him. She is gorgeous, Rex thought. He owns her now. Oh my god. He can't believe his luck. This young goddess is going to obey every instruction he is going to give, no matter how hard it is. He took his time to watch at the precious ass in front of him. There is no hurry! She is all mine now, Rex thought. Kathy is unconscious about what is going on. There is no sound from Rex. She thought he is having a good time looking at her ass. How humiliate? Kathy thought.

"Ok Kathy, let go off your gown hem and come over here." Rex said finally.

Kathy turned to face him but couldn't look at him in the eyes. So, she hung her head.

"It's only the beginning Kathy. But you can always have your freedom back anytime you want. But the rest of the world will see what a slut you are when I tell them the story. You choose it Kathy. Is it good to show you are a slut, to the world? Or just to me? Which is better slut?"

"I'll be your slave Sir. Please don't tell anybody about the DVD" Kathy said in a low voice.

"Ok Kathy. Good bye. I'll stop the slave training for today. But remember my mail. You may have wash and change to your night dress, but no panties. You are not allowed wear any for the day."

Kathy nodded her head and went away to her room.

Rex smiled to himself, looking at Kathy's ass when she walked away and walked to his room to masturbate. He is so turned on by all the incidents happened today. He had not only the memories about Kathy to masturbate, but also had her panties.

Rex removed all his clothes after he went to his room and locked the door. Then he get Kathy's panties from his drawer. The wetness of the cloth has gone, but not all. Still the panty is wet from Kathy's sweat. He took it to his nose and sniffed. His nostrils filled with the aroma came from the girl's panties. Oh my god... He thought. What a lovely smell Kathy has. The odor came from the panty is very strong and Rex came in few seconds after inhaling it deeply. He went downstairs to take the dinner after having a wash and washed the Kathy's panties also. He had a very good inspecting and inhaling one more time before washing the panty, and masturbated again.

Part V

Kathy waked up in the morning, panty less, and went to the school. At the school, she thought about what kind of punishment Rex will give to her. She couldn't think of a punishment he will give to her, but she is sure, it will humiliate her. But for the Kathy's surprise, her pussy is tingling when she ever thought about the incidents with Rex. She cannot understand why. But whenever she thinks about the punishment, she gets very excited and her pussy is likely becoming wet. She kept that thing apart from her mind and focused on her studies.

The bell for the end of the school rang. She went to the home by her school bus. She was wearing her regular uniform, black skirt which came to knee length and white shirt. When she is at the door, she slowed down and thought about what might happen now. She knows her mother and father is going to their shop at the day time. They will come home around 5:30 in the evening. So, most probably, she and Rex are alone at the home most of the time, unless, the gardener, Chet is having some works to do. Aunty Lusia is their nearby neighbor, who is not very rich as them, and had some financial problems. She came to their home every day in the morning just before their parents go to the shop, and prepare the meals and, go to her house before Kathy comes from the school.

( link opens in new window )

Kathy knocked to the door. Rex opened it and said hi. Kathy barely managed to say hi to him and entered to the home without looking at him and started to go upstairs, to her room. When she passed him, Rex asked.

"Where are you going Kathy?"

"Uh.. mmm.. I'm going to have a wash and change my clothes, Re...uuhm.. Sir";

"Didn't I tell you that you have to accept the punishment right after you came from the school, slave?"

Kathy's heart began to pound.

"Yyyess sir, but I thought.."

"I don't care what you thought bitch. Just come over here and ask politely for a punishment. Beg to receive a punishment"

Kathy looked at him in surprise


"See little sis, I'm becoming boring with you now. If you can't comply with my commands at once, I'm thinking about adding more humiliation to your punishment. If you do not obey me, you know what will happen to your best friend and to your image. Don't you? So, I'm not saying again. Do not make me repeat things. If I found myself repeating, it will not be definitely made good to you. You can request a spanking as the punishment now. I decided, today your punishment will be a severe spanking. You owe me lots of faults now. So it will be 20 hard spanks with my bear hand. Because you are a beginner, I'll use my hand to spank you."

Kathy looked in fear and despair. She knew there is no other way. She must obey him.

"I'm sorry sir. I don't think I understood you completely. Can you please explain what do you mean by 'Request a punishment'?" Kathy asked in an innocent voice. "I'm so sorry sir. Please do not add anymore spanks to my punishment. "

Rex looked at Kathy and smiled.

"No Kathy. It's good that you asked what you didn't understand. The way you are talking to me is now much more acceptable." said Rex in a satisfied tone.

"You have to ask 'Please punish me for my faults, Sir'. And end of the spanking you have to say. 'Thank you for punishing me and correcting me, Sir' Do you understand that now, eh umm, little sister? " asked Rex.

Kathy took a deep breath and said yes sir.

"Ok then. You better not to forget those things. Now ask me politely to spank you."

"Sir, please punish me for my faults" Kathy said hiding her tears.

"Ok slave. As you asked so nicely, how can I refuse that" said Rex winkling at her.

"Go to the kitchen and bend over the kitchen table. And before that, I forgot you to say, for today's spanking session, I decided that, your ass will be cover no more than one piece of clothing. I hope you are intelligent enough to understand what I said. Now go to the kitchen table and bend over. You must grab the other end of the table after you bend over all the way down. Is that clear bitch?"

Kathy nodded.

"Good. Now go and wait for me."

"Sir, can we please use the dining table or the living room table for spanking. If I get bend over at the kitchen table, the people passing by the kitchen window can see my bottom."

"Fuck you bitch" said Rex in furiously.

"It's me who decide how should you be punished. I don't care whether other people see it or not. In fact, I want other people to see your punishment sessions. Now go there before I add some more spanks and humiliation to your punishment."

Kathy looked at him in disappointment and started to make her way to the kitchen. When she came to the kitchen, she noticed that kitchen window is open. She was too afraid to close it. Then she looked at Rex who was in the living room, now taking his lunch."

"Wait there until I finish my lunch. Hold the position during that time. Do not try to close the window." He shouted from the living room.

Before bending, Kathy thought for a while. Staying only with her panties will be more humiliating. Instead, she thought of removing her panties and staying on her skirt. And also, staying only on her skirt in front of her brother is not new to Kathy now. She removed her panties and put it on a chair at the kitchen table. Then she thought again. Facing to the window will be much more relief rather showing her read end to the people who are passing by. Then her rear end can see only by one person. That's her bro. It's ok compared to showing her ass to anyone passing the window. She lay down flat against the kitchen table and grabbed the other end of the table by both her hands. She was very nervous at this moment. Thinking about her position, she began to cry slowly. This is so fucking humiliating. She can almost feel that her ass is sticking out so nicely from her school uniform and Rex will be looking at it definitely. For Rex's part, he studied her rear end thrusting out beautifully as she bent at the waist. He took his lunch while looking at his younger sister's magnificent bottom.

Finally, Kathy heard the footsteps of her brother coming into the kitchen. Kathy closed her eyes, so she cannot see the expressions of her elder brother. She knows Rex is enjoying from this very much. Rex looked at the ass in front of him for a few seconds, which Kathy felt like hundred years.

"You really have a very sweet ass Kathy. I like your ass very much. Now there is no need to close your eyes. Open them now. I have already seen your naked ass. So, this must be easier for you." said Rex in a convincing voice.

Then Kathy opened her eyes. She can see out from the window. There are some other school girls are passing the window, at that time. Both Kathy and Rex saw them. Kathy shivered in horror, thinking that what may happen if her elder brother starts to spank her right now? She is pretty sure, that if they hear any spanking sound, they will definitely look at the window and they will see her grabbing the end of the table from both her hands and bending over the table sticking her ass out, receiving spankings. Rex understood, what she is thinking right now. He started to rub her ass with his right hand. At the moment, he contacts his hand with her ass through her skirt, she felt like an electric shock gone through her whole body. Her black short skirt is a loose one. Rex clenched her ass cheeks, feeling her body tense as he caressingly grabbed her ass cheeks in his palms. His fingers went all over her ass, inspecting curves.

"You know what Kathy? You are an intelligent girl. You have removed your panties. Didn't you?"

"Yyess sir" Kathy said in a low voice. Now the girls have gone. But it is possible that, anyone can pass the window anytime.

Rex felt the crack between her ass cheeks for a full minute. His prick is very hard now and even jerked with pre cum few times. Then without warning he landed his very first spank on his step sisters' plump ass. It landed on her left cheek. Kathy jumped and her hands flew back to protect her ass.

"Get your hands out of the way bitch. You must learn to take your punishment without interrupting me. Get back to the position now."

As soon as she returns her hands, she felt another hard spank contacted with her right buttock. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Kathy gritted her teeth to not to make any sounds, afraid that someone might look from the window. She looked out from the window to make sure anyone didn't see her punishment, while Rex continued with the spanking. The spanking continued for twenty steady smacks.

Even though the spanking has stopped, Kathy continued to lie over the table, as couldn't find the strength to pull her upper body from the table.

"Thank you for spanking me, sir" Kathy said defensively.

"Very good Kathy, you are making a good progress. Don't move from the position Kathy. Hold it until I say you to let it go. I need to clarify the rules and instructions you must follow with every spanking session. So, listen carefully. From today onwards, you must obey those, whenever you are receiving spanking as the punishment. Is that understood?"

"Please sir, don't make it hard." said Kathy still looking out from the window.

Rex laughed.

"Ok darling. You can release the table now."

She righted herself and turned to face him.

"Sit down on the chair." said Rex and both sat down at the kitchen table facing each other.

"You must understand that I'm in charge to decide what kind of punishment you will get for your faults. If I decide your punishment is a spanking, you must prepare and receive it like this."

Said Rex and looked at the dreaded anticipation expression in her face. Then continued talking

"You must grabbed the other end of the table from both of your hands and don't let it go, just like you did today. You must raise the skirt up to your waist, and then tucked it beneath your bellybutton so that it stayed in place. If you are wearing a jean, you must lower them to your knees. This is just like the SHOWING rule which you are already familiar with except you have to bend from your waist and lay on a table. Very simple, Huh?"

Kathy didn't say anything immediately. Then responded

"Yes sir. I'll try my best to comply."

"Very good Kathy, before you go, I want to give you something yours." said Rex and took the panties which she gave him on the other day out of his pocket.

"Here" he said giving her panties. Kathy took it from his hand in deep embarrassment.

"I washed it for you Kathy. I must say you, that you have a very sweet smell." said Rex smiling at young beauty that looked away with blush at the comment about the smell. In fact, she knew what the smell Rex was talking about is.

"Oh Kathy, don't be shy. Now show me the panties you wore today. I want to inspect it". Rex said in a strict tone.

Kathy looked at him like a deer caught in lights and saw the hardness in his face. Then she understood she is lost and she has to submit him. She rose slowly from the chair and gave him the panties which were on another chair. It was a pink panty. Rex took it from her and opens them up so he has got a clear view. Then he lifted them to his nose and inhaled her aroma. She shuttered at the raw sensuality of the act.

"I'll wash them for you Kathy." said Rex smiling at her and put her panties in his pocket.

She cannot look him in the eyes. She was so embarrassed by all the events. To make matters worse, he took her panties which was soaked from all the sweat she had in the school. How can she let him wash her panties which she wore for the school? It's wet from her love juice and sweat. Oh my god, this is so embarrassing.

"You may go now Kathy. I'll send you your new rules for the 'slave life', at night. Expect a mail from me before the dinner." said Rex and he leaved the kitchen. Kathy went to her room panty-less, thinking how hard it will be to her. This is only the beginning.

Kathy had a wash and changed into a beautiful orange color sundress with matching panties and a bra. Then she came to the downstairs to take her lunch. She saw, Rex is watching the TV at living room, so she decided to take the lunch at dining room. She can't face him now. After she finished her lunch she started to march to her room. On her way to her room by the stairs, Rex said her that he is going for his classes and said her bye as nothing unusual happened. She managed to say bye and went to her room for studies, trying hard to forget the afternoon incidents.

Part VI

Kathy finished all her home works from the school. Kathy is a nerdy girl even though she got lot of attention from boys and she was at the school basketball team. As she had studied hard after she came from the school, she almost forgot about the 'slave' part of her life. But as her clock chime the hour, she looked at the clock. It is almost 8 o'clock. She had studies for more than five hours! Did Rex send her the mail with rules? The fear began to rise in her slowly. She closed all her books and turned on her laptop to check the mails. As she clicked on her inbox, her heart began to pound heavily. Here it was. There was a one mail from Rex and its subject is 'Rules for slave Kathy'. She opened it, her heart pounding more than she can't imagine. Her fear increased as she started to read it.

"Hi slave,

You must understand that you are a slave now. Every slave is required to obey her master. Here are the rules; you must obey, from today onwards.

1.You must not wear any panties at home. If mom and dad are not at home, you will never, ever, sit on the back of your dress. It will get all slimy.

2.Sluts like you, don't have hair on their pussy, so, shave your cunt. I want it as bald as a baby's bum."

3.If mom and dad are not around, whenever you are walking and wherever you are walking, you must sway your ass.

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4.When you are sitting, if mom and dad are not around, you must never ever cross your legs. You must keep your legs parted at least shoulder width apart.

5.You must masturbate at least 5 minutes before you go to school. But don't come. You can come only with my permission.

6.Before you go to sleep, you must come once. It doesn't need my permission because it is my rule.

7.Tomorrow, I'll present you a butt plug. I want to control your bowel movements. You must shit exactly one time a day. You are not allowed to use the toilet to shit whenever you want. Butt plug is not to be removed; under any circumstances until I take it out. You must wear it all times except when you shit. And you must shit only in the morning unless otherwise I told you to do.

8.When you are at home, if you want to shit or pee, except in the morning, you must ask from me for permission. I'll decide where and how you are going to do that business, in case if you want to do those other than in the morning.

9.You must not wear any bra or panties to sleep. Butt plug must stay in you even when you are sleep.

10.Whenever I call you, you must come and kneel before me, if mom and dad are not around.

Remember, the only exception for rule number 1, 3, 4 and 10 is when mom and dad are at home. Otherwise you have to follow those rules, it doesn't matter who are with us. That means you must follow 6 rules whether our parents present or not. If you fail to follow any of these rules will lead you to severe punishments.

You can disobey those rules if you want. But for your information I'm saying that I have recorded all the spanking session and you're SHOWING, from a hidden camera. If do not want to obey me, don't send me reply. If you want to obey me, send me a reply and knocked at my door. Bye Kathy.

Loving Rex."

Kathy stood up furiously. She didn't send him a reply, but went to his room door and knocked it.

"Hi Kathy, come in" said Rex.

"What the fuck is with you Rex. After all I'm your younger sister. I think this is going too far. Why do you have to embarrass me so?" she said without taking breathe, fire in her eyes.

Rex smiled at her calmly.

"Sit down on my bed and for god sake, relax Kathy" said Rex locking his room door.

"No Thanks. Yes.. I'm very relaxed. You are trying to blackmail me and do everything you want to do with me, so I'm very relaxed" Kathy said still breathing heavily as she said each word.

Rex got a DVD out of his drawer and inserted it to his laptop. Then DVD began to play. Screen came alive with Kathy holding her skirt around her waist. The next seen showed, Kathy gone to the kitchen and holding the end of the table from both her hands. Then she was receiving a spanking. But in any screen Rex wasn't there.

"So Kathy" Rex started to talk. "Do you want this video to be sent to your school mates and show this to our parents and all?"

"But.. sir you have taken every part of my life with those rules." said Kathy crying and sobbing.

Rex went and hugged his younger sister. Kathy cried and cuddled between her elder brothers arms. He kissed her forehead and said

"Ok Kathy. If you don't want to do this, let's stop this, but only if you are able to prove that you are not enjoying from this. Do you agree?"

"No Rex, no. I'm not enjoying from this. Please let's stop this." Kathy said sitting on Rex's bed, a ray of hope in her face.

"Ok Kathy. You are telling you did not like this and you want to stop it, but I need to test you in that case. Do you agree to take a challenge? If you pass the test, I'll give you the video and will not tell anybody about your DVD. You have my word on that. You know I'm not breaking my promises. Don't you?"

Kathy knew her brother had a very good quality of not breaking promises which was inherited from their father. If he tells he won't, he surely won't do that.

"Yes Rex, I know that" said Kathy hoping she can have her life back now.

"If you fail the test, that means you have lied to me by telling, you don't really enjoying from this, which will cause more punishments and, you have to be my slave. Do we have a deal then?"

"What do I have to do Rex?" Kathy asked half confused, half surprised.

"Very simple. Tomorrow, after you came from the school then had a bath and after you take your lunch, come to the living room. There will be no other one at home tomorrow except me and you."

Kathy listened to him without interrupting him. So Rex continues speaking

"I'll play a BDSM DVD. You just have to watch it. You can wear panties, as until you face the test, I'll free you from the rules. You can call me Rex. You have to obey me only if you fail the test. Isn't it fair Kathy?"

"Seems fair, Rex. But I can't understand what you are expecting by, me looking at a DVD. How can it be a test?" Kathy asked confused.

"Yes.. I'll be inspecting your panties after you watch the DVD. If I notice your panties are wet from your love juice, which means you are enjoying from this, you fail the test. It will really be not hard for you, if you really don't enjoying from BDSM. The girls who don't like it will not get excited from those acts. You said you don't like it. I just want to check it. You can have your life back completely if you really said the truth." said Rex smiling.

Kathy thought for a while. Then said

"Ok Rex. I agree."

"Before you go I want to give you your panties. But Kathy, it was utterly wet. Are you sure it was not wet from your juicy.. ehh.. ummm.. pu..ssy?"

"nnnoo Rex I think it's because of the sweat.. I guess" said Kathy, not very steadily and tried to make a smile to her face to convince him the answer she gave.

"Hmmm... I see. Good night Kathy, see you tomorrow sharp at 2:30 at our TV lounge."

"Good night Rex" said Kathy and went out from the Rex's room with her washed panties in her hand. Both closed their room doors and went to sleep.

Part VII

At the school, Kathy didn't think much about the challenge she has to face when she get home. She thought it will be an easy challenge. She went home directly after the school. Rex was already at the TV lounge taking his lunch while watching TV.

"Hi darling, how was the day?" asked Rex in a kind voice.

"umm.. It was fine Rex. I'll have a wash and come downstairs to take the lunch." said Kathy hurrying into her room and smiled at Rex. She was relieved about the kind tone of Rex.

Kathy came to the downstairs after having a wash and she also sat at the TV lounge to take her lunch. While they watch the TV, they didn't talk much. Rex asked about how the studies going on and they talked about Kathy's basketball practice. Kathy almost forgot about the test, she has to face after a while. After she finished her lunch and clean the dishes, Rex started to talk

"I went shopping, while you were at the school. Here is a one I brought for you" said Rex handing her plain, white panties.

"You must wear them for the test. White panties are easy to inspect." said Rex.

"Ok then, I'll change into those and come back" said Kathy and started to go to her room.

"Wear it right here Kathy."

"See Rex, I haven't failed the test yet. You told me I have to submit you only if I fail the test. Right?"

"Very well then. Go and change to those underwear" said Rex having an evil grin on his face.

Kathy went away with new panties. In her room, she change into her new underwear, her brother had brought and came back to the TV lounge. She was wearing a white color skinny and a three quarter, dark blue skirt. Her hair is hanging down freely over her shoulders which made her look like a doll.

"Did you change to the panties I gave you?"

Kathy nodded.

"Let me see it."

Kathy grasped the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it. When she came to the critical point of showing her panties she closed her eyes and raised it more, to her waist, to show the panties.

"Good girl. Now you can let go your skirt and sit down here." He pointed to the chair which is directly in front of the TV. She straightened her skirt and sat down on the chair, Rex pointed. Then Rex played the DVD while sitting on the chair next to Kathy. He can see Kathy and the TV very well in that position. Kathy looked at him. Rex pointed a finger to the TV, so she looked at the TV. Kathy just watched it, trying hard to not to think about it. She watched at it steadily, without saying a word or without even looking at Rex. Rex looked at Kathy. Kathy saw it from the corner of her eyes and she smiled still looking at the TV. More than 5 minutes had gone from the film. Kathy is still seems ok. Rex looked at Kathy again. She was just looking at the TV. Rex gave up watching at Kathy and started to watch the film.

Women are stripped naked, bound in varies positions, humiliated in the film. Rex enjoyed the film for more than an hour. Now the film is nearly end. Rex's prick is harder than a broomstick. Even though it is an old film, the actress was very beautiful and she got a very lovely body. Seeing her naked can easily brake the good conduct of nearly every man. He looked at Kathy to check how she is doing.

What Rex was expecting seems like coming true! To the Rex's happiness, Kathy was squirming on her seat. On Kathy's part, it was not easy to ignore the sexual feeling she is getting when she looked at the actress's breast and the humiliating punishing parts. The film was not like a normal sex film which fucked and sucked and over. This film has got its unique way to arouse a person's sexual feelings. Kathy felt the familiar tingling warmth in her pussy which she had the past several days, when Rex did those stuffs to her. To Her absolute horror, she could feel her clit began to throb and she began to breathe rapidly. Rex could hear her breathing, struggling to not to wet her panties from her love juice.

Now there are no more than 15 minutes left in the film. There were some parts where girls are making sex, which made Kathy's pussy began to wet. There were some scenes where women are bound and whipped hard. Kathy cannot understand why she is sexually stimulated by those scenes. All the actresses had great pair of tits. Kathy is sexually aroused at that time to a point, where she can wet her panties, even from hearing scream of a female. Rex could see her discomfort from her face. They didn't talk while watching the film. Rex saw Kathy bit her lower lip to trying hard to not to make her panties wet.

There was a part which shows a girl is striped waist up and bends from the waist on to a table in front of 3 men. That scene hit the Kathy's heart which made her pussy juice leaking from her pussy to her panties. After that scene, every scene made her love juice continue to flow like river. She understood that now her panties are soaking wet from her juice. Her pussy betrayed her.

The film stopped. Kathy was shivering from fear. Now Rex will check her. To convincing her guess, Rex asked

"Shall we check now?"

Kathy was looking at him in a horror.

"Please Rex, c..cc.an I go to the washroom before.."

"No Kathy. Deal is a deal." said Rex cutting her off mid-sentence. "Raise your skirt to your waist."

Fearfully Kathy raised her skirt to show him the damp panties with a large wet spot at the crotch. She already knew she had failed the test. Rex noticed the damp spot in the crotch of her panties.

"You are wet Kathy. The wet spot is clearly visible on the crotch of your underwear. Come here so I can reassure it."

Kathy came to the Rex holding her skirt still. She is trembling and breathing rapidly. Rex looked at the wetness, now, more closely than before and shook his head disapprovingly.

"Your cunt is soaking dear. Look at your panties, the stain is spreading, now it is a huge wet spot, bitch. You lied to me!"

Kathy looked at her panties in horror and saw the moisture had already soak her panties. It was utterly humiliating that her brother point this out and she saw it with her own eyes. Every second it seems like, wet spot is getting even wetter. Kathy hung her head from shame, but still managed to hold her skirt to show the big wet spot at the crotch and her glistering white plump thighs.

"You are wet Kathy. You fail the test, which means you are mine now."

"Nnnoo Rex"

"Why not Kathy? Aren't you wet from watching the film? "

"I just watched the film Rex, but... I.. cannot understand hhow it happened.. Just believe me, I just watched it freely and.... And... my pu... Oh god.." Kathy felt numb and couldn't talk further.

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Each of them waited. Rex smiled at her but Kathy didn't smile back. Tears are falling from her eyes.

"Kathy, listen to me carefully. You must agree to the fact that you was turned on from the film" Rex paused for a second expecting a reply from Kathy.

Kathy nodded and said "I couldn't help it Sir, I was just... You know.." she thought calling him 'sir' would please him.

"No. I don't know Kathy. Tell me that you are wet. Then I'll reduce the punishment I'm going to give you after a while. Anyway, you have lost now, means you will definitely going to completely obey me" Rex said smiling. But Kathy could also felt the hardness that voice has got.

"No sir, please. Don't make me do that. I don't want this. I want to die. I was getting excited by the film. That's true. But for god sake I cannot do whatever you want."

"Oh. That's ok honey. I'll send the 2 videos to your school and will publish those on my blog. And I'll tell about the 'Story of O' DVD to our parents. How that it sounds? And listen to me carefully bitch. I know the true excitement a woman can get through submission. I can lead you to that submission and give you the gift of pleasure you are getting from submission. I love you Kathy. I'll not do anything bad to you. Believe me. If you want, you can be my sex slave. If you don't want, you can have your life back darling, but remember your life will not be normal, after I publish your videos to the web sites. You are an intelligent girl Kathy. Why are you loosing so many advantages you can get through submission and ruin your friendship and all?"

Kathy didn't understand the part which Rex told as she can get advantages from the submission. But she already knew that she has an interest in that area. Her heart knew she is enjoying from the submissiveness.

"It seems like begging will not do me any good. I'll be your sslll...aaavve.." said Kathy sniffing.

"I'm afraid that I can't accept you as my slave. I'll do distribute your videos and tell all about the DVD. I'm sorry" said Rex enjoying from looking at the astonishing 18 years old girl.

"What? You asked me to be your slave! Now what are talking about?"

She gained a hard slap across her face by asking that.

"Beg to be my slave bitch. Beg like you really want to be my slave."

Kathy hung her head in shame. Without looking at him, she hardly managed to mumbled "Sir, I need to be your slave. Can I be your slave?"

"Hmmm.. I'll accept you as my slave, Kathy. How can I refuse such a great offer?" said Rex having an evil grin on his face.

"Get rid of those panties first. Bitches don't wear panties. Do they?"

"I'm not a bitch!" Kathy protested.

"Oh, I see, you must understand that your disobedience will only increase the humiliation you will get. Shame is a very important part of punishment. So, most of my punishment will involve lot of shame than physical pain. I don't like to beat you as you are my sweet little younger sister. But, do you remember, at our 1st grade, teachers are not giving any corporal punishments, but giving punishments like stand up on the chair etc. Now you're a grown girl. Standing on a chair would clearly not enough to throw dirt at you. So, your punishments will not be focused on any physical damages, but on mental damages by humiliating you. Do you understand that thing very clearly my dear?" Rex said slowly so each word goes into Kathy's mind.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry sir. Please be gentle with me as I'm new to this. I'm sure I can do better."

"When I asked who you are, you must tell me that you are my slave, it doesn't matter where we are or who we are with. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir"

"Ok then. Let's try it. Who are you Kathy?"

"I'm your slave, sir"

"Indeed you are. Do slave wear panties?"

"No sir" said Kathy knowing, she will lose her panties very soon.

"Take your panties off and give it to me" said Rex reaching out his hand toward her.

Kathy began to slowly inch her panties by grabbing the waistband of her panties with both hands. Actually the panties were semi-transparent from the wetness. She didn't think much about the fact that she is revealing her pubic area to him. She had some black hair on her pussy. Her black pubic hair was clearly visible from the white cotton panties. Her panties went southward, down over her smooth thighs; down past her knees and suddenly fell around her feet. Her thighs were wet by the sliding of her panties. She was nearly crying, but held up her tears. Her sweet young smell filled the room as soon as she kicked the soaked panties off from her legs. She bent down and picked them up.

"Here" said Kathy handing him the panties.

"Good girl. Now we have to move onto the next part. You know that you must be punished for what you did. Don't you bitch?" asked Rex putting Kathy's panties in his trouser pocket.

"Oh... Yyyees Sir. But please.. Oh.. Please punish me sir" said Kathy remembering that she has to ask for the punishment.

"Hmmm... yes slave you must be punished. You must be severely punished. Clearly you need a hard spanking. But I don't think just another spanking will set-off for the faults you have done so far. I have to add some more humiliation and submission to it. So, before we begin spanking, I want you to dance for me."

Kathy stood numb for a minute and asked "What do you mean by dance, Sir, you mean I have to dance right here, right now, in front of you, even without a song?"

"Didn't you hear me? I said simply dance. I don't think you are that stupid to not to understand such a simple command. Come on, dance now."

Kathy was beet red. She slowly began to sway her hips. Oh god! When will he say to stop this? She knew Rex is looking at her each and every movement. Rex's eyes went all over her sweet young body.

"Wait. Stop. Don't you know how to dance bitch? Don't try to bull me. Ok? Wriggle your upper body. Put your hands on your hips. It will add more beauty to your hip movement. Use all your talent Kathy. Now let's try it again."

Kathy started to dance again, as he instructed. She twisted her hips more, fearing he would punish her more, if he didn't satisfy from her dance. So, she decided to do her best to satisfy him.

"That's a good wriggling sweetie. Now I want you to turn around, but keep dancing."

Kathy turned around to show her precious, skirt-wrapped bottom. Then she began to wriggling her bottom for him.

"Good Kathy, very good, now bent over little bit so I can spank you."


As soon as he finished his speaking, Kathy felt a hard slap on her left bum cheek. Kathy was frozen by the unexpected slap on her bottom.


Kathy hardly started to wriggle her ass again. Tears started to falling down as spanking started to hurt.

"Wriggle your ass more bitch. More more more.." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Oh it hurts! Kathy thought. She managed to wriggle her ass faster and more playfully. She just wanted to stop the spanking, so, she did her best by, leaning forward which cause her bottom sticking further out towards Rex and rotating her hips ignoring the pain.


The slaps continued to land on her each cheek, interchangeably. She managed to wriggle her skirt covered ass more than he wanted.

"Come on bitch SMACKK! Wriggle your ass for me SMACK! Rotate wider arcs bitch, I want you to dance faster SMACK!.

"That's my good bitch. You danced really well Kathy. Now stop dancing and go to the proper way you must receive a spank. I hope you remember how you must receive a spanking. If you do forget it, I can remember it again, but I need to punish you more for forgetting it."

"NNo sir. I can remember it very well." said Kathy stopping the dancing and grasping the hem of her skirt and raising it to her bellybutton.

"Bent over Kathy, so, I can have a good look at your precious ass. You don't need any more spanking, do you?"

"I think it's up to you to decide sir" said Kathy, hoping, saying so will be good.

"You are really a nerd girl Kathy. But you know how to do things with people. I really like your fast learning ability." Said Rex touching the Kathy's ass as she bent from her waist and stick her ass for him.

"Good good good. Now hold your skirt up and come with Me." said Rex and started to go to upstairs. Kathy followed him with her skirt around her waist. Rex let Kathy in to his room.

"Go to my table and bent over."

Kathy remembered the proper position she must take. She went to the table and bent all the way down until her chin lying on the table, and holds the end of the table from both her hands. Bending from the waist caused her read end thrusting out sharply and beautifully. Rex came to her and started to rub her ass cheeks up and down. Her ass cheeks are now turned to a bright red and hot to the touch. Rex had a very good time touching all over his younger sister's plump ass. Kathy closed her eyes and wish it will all stop soon and Rex will let her go for the rest of the day. But Rex enjoyed looking at his sister's ass. He saw that handprints are on her ass. He laughed to himself.

"Hold this position honey. I brought a butt plug, when I go shopping today. I think it's time to insert it into you." said Rex getting a black color small sized butt plug from his drawer.

"Sir, I don't know what a butt plug is and I don't know how to wear it" said Kathy fearfully.

"Oh. It's not a problem honey. I'll help you with that. Don't worry." said Rex smiling.

Rex placed the butt plug in front of Kathy's face, on the table. Then he went to her behind.

"See young bitch. I can almost smell your women-scent down there."

Rex started to rub Kathy's pussy as he began to speak. Kathy started to cry. She knew how vulnerable she is in this position and how much she is exposed. Thinking about it makes her deep red. She knew Rex is having a good view of her secret area.

"Kathy, do you want a description about what is in front of you, my dear?"

Kathy didn't reply immediately. Then said "Ummm... Yes sir."

"Ok. Listen carefully. The butt plug I'm using for you is a beginner's size. It's only 3 inches long and has a 1.5 inches diameter. This is comparably very small butt plug. This is made to a special design, so the wearer can sit, walk and even squat while you have the butt plug in place. This type of butt plugs are using for women who wish to move around with the plug because if you insert this once, it will stay there, so you don't need to worry that it will fall while you are standing in public. This is made with silicon." said Rex, all the time rubbing Kathy's pussy for full length.

"Before I insert this in to you, you need to be prepared for this. Did you shit after you come back from the school?"

"Eh.. emm... No... Sir" said Kathy thinking how humiliating that question is. How on the earth can someone ask such a humiliating question from a 18 years old girl. It's more humiliating, because she knew she is showing him her ass.

"When did you shit, last time?"

"In this morning sir, before I go to the school."

Rex patted her ass like it is full with shit. Kathy hid her face on the table, still clutching the end of the table.

"Ok Kathy. This time I'll allow you to shit. Today onwards, you must shit exactly one time per day as my rules said. Before I insert this butt plug, you must shit and your rectum is likely to be empty. So go to your room and shit and come again. I have to soak this plug in warm water. I'll give you 10 minutes to do your business, and remember to remove your skirt before you come back. We have to do some serious business with your down area. So, your skirt will be an obstacle. You can have your skinny, if you come back in time. So, go now." said Rex coldly while the poor girl listened to it in disbelief. Then she slowly rose up from the table and went away from the room righting her skirt which must be removed when she come back to his room.

Part VIII - Butt Plug

Kathy went to her washroom and did the business. She made sure that all the dirt has gone from her ass. She can't believe she is going to let see her asshole to Rex, after few minutes. She removed her skirt and went to the Rex's room. Then knocked at the door

"Come in Kathy" Rex yelled from the room.

Kathy went into the room, naked from waist down. She was so embarrassed and knew her pussy is clearly on view. She hung her head in shame, without looking at Rex.

"Hi, you are on time. So, you are allowed to keep your skinny. I prepared the butt plug for you. I think it's time to put it in your ass. Bent over Kathy." said Rex smiling.

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Rex took the KY and butt plug while poor girl bent from the waist. Then he applied the KY on the plug and lubricated Kathy's' asshole. She jumped from the shock. She is going to have a butt plug in her virgin asshole. She had never had anything in there before.

"Did you shit Kathy?"

"Yes sir..." said Kathy in a low voice.

"Good. I'm using lubricant, because this is your very first time. But a slave doesn't always have access to KY. She must learn to lube her plug by sucking it. Do you understand that?" asked Rex inserting a finger in the little blonde's ass.

"ehhmm... Yes sir" said Kathy biting her lower lip in shame.

"Sir? May I speak?"

"Yes Kathy. What is it?"

"Sir, I don't think this will fit inside me. It's too large" said Kathy begging.

"Oh why is that sweetie? You will get used to it. I really need to insert this into you. Having a butt plug is a very good way to discipline a slave. It will remind you that you cannot shit whenever you want. You must understand that your body owns by me and I can do whatever I like to do with your body. So, you must take whether you like it or not." Said Rex shoving two finger in Kathy's exposed ass.

Rex pulled the fingers from her ass and applied some KY jelly again on his fingers. Then he pushed two fingers in, as far as it would go in her ass and then asked from Kathy how she is feeling. She didn't say anything but groaned.

"Ok sweetie, now it is the time to insert it. Be relaxed. You have a nice little asshole and I want it to loosen so you can accept a cock into it soon."

"Oh.. no.. pleaaaasssee sir, I don't want a cock inside my ass. Pleaaaassseee sir" said Kathy crying, tears running down her face.

"Oh sweet heart, don't cry darling. You will love it when someone fucking your sweet little ass. But before that we need to stretch it so you will feel no pain." said Rex while placing the tip of the plug on her asshole and began to push.

Her asshole was really tight. Rex had to work hard to get past her sphincter.

"Oh my.. Kathy.. I'm waiting to fuck you in the ass darling.. Your ass is so cute..." said Rex pushing the head of the plug into her ass.

Suddenly, Kathy felt, the widest part of the plug slipped past her tight ring and the plug was locked into place. Tears of pain and humiliation ran down her cheeks.

"We are done. Now stand up Kathy. And for god sake stop crying. I will make you walk outside like this, if you don't stop crying. Understand?"

Kathy stood up and felt her ass was so full. She tried to stop crying as she was afraid that Rex will make her to walk with plug in her ass and naked from the waist down. She sobbed slowly.

"Now I want to check whether the plug fits in you or not. So try to have a bowel movement while you are standing bitch. You know what I mean" said Rex having an evil grin on his face.

Kathy couldn't believe she has sunk to this low, trying to have a bowel movement in front of her step bother. But she had no other choice. She did it closing her eyes while tears rolled down her cheeks.

"mmmmm... seems like it fits in your tight little hole. Isn't it Kathy?"

Kathy hung her head in shame and managed to say yes.

"You may go now Kathy. But remember my rules. You are not allowed to pull this butt plug out without my permission. In fact, I want you to remember all those rules by tomorrow. If you forget at least a one, you will receive a punishment. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" she said brokenly between sobs.

"Ok then. Now onwards you must obey all the rules I have sent. Remember, I will change those and add new rules as I needed. Now go and dress." said Rex smiling.

Kathy went out showing her abused ass to Rex. Rex saw the base of the butt plug from her ass. It is clearly highlighted in her ass as it is black and Kathy has a white ass.

"Sway your ass bitch! Did you forget my rules?" yelled Rex while looking at his younger sisters' precious ass and smiling to himself.

Kathy began sway her ass side to side slightly as she walked. She felt like a cheap whore as she walked towards her room.

"MORE... BITCH! SWAY IT MORE!!!" Rex demanded.

Kathy started to sob again as she started to swing her hips for HIM. OH MY GOD. I love this little girls' ass so much. I can't wait to fuck this cute ass. It's so cute and it moves nicely as she walks. Rex thought. His mind is driving crazy by looking at young girls' plump ass with the butt plug in. How beautiful Kathy is? Rex hasn't noticed that Kathy is beautiful and cute until he saw her naked from the waist down. Swaying her ass like a whore, Kathy went in to her room and shut the door.

Rex was so eager to go to washroom and masturbate. Soon he can use his younger sister, when he wants to do that. But for now he saved it for later. He shut his door, removed all his clothes and got the white panties Kathy wore for the test. Then directly went to the washroom and inhaled the panties deeply while masturbating. He came within few minutes by remembering how he felt while he inserts his fingers into young girls' ass and how sweetly his younger sister swayed that naked ass for him.

Kathy went to her room naked from the waist down. She removed all her remaining clothes and went to her bathroom, feeling the recently inserted butt plug as she walked. She had a wash and then came back wearing a wraparound skirt and a black top. She thought wearing panties can't be seen from outside, so she wore panties. There is no way to Rex to recognize that she is wearing panties, as her parents came to the home while she had a wash. She thought she will never get caught for breaking that rule, unless their parents are out. She thought about not to wear any panties only when she and Rex is alone. She also wanted something to support to her newly inserted toy and she was afraid that base of the butt plug will engrave through her skirt. She checked her back from the mirror in her room. There was a little lump in her skirt where the base of her plug contacts the skirt. But with her panties on, it is nearly invisible under her skirt. If she removed her panties, then it will show more. She was afraid to think about that scenario, so she made her mind and went to do her studies.

She studied nearly 1 hour and she heard her mother calling her to come to the evening tea. As she had done all her homework, she had no worries to study again, so she was planning to watch a film after coming back from the tea. She hoped that watching a film will reduce her tension about the "training". She closed all her books and went to the evening tea table.

At the evening tea table, nothing unusual happened. They all had their tea happily. But as soon as Kathy sat on the chair, she felt the extra pressure the butt plug brought on her ass. She knew it is really hard to forget what is happening to her. The butt plug is a constant reminder of Rex and the 'training'. It didn't hurt badly as it is a small size, but thinking about her new life and her new 'owner' makes Kathy's heart pounding and she hardly managed to hold up the tear at the tea table. She also felt the excitement by leaking some juices into her panties. She cannot understand why her pussy doing this to her. Soon after they finished their tea, Bailey asked Kathy to clean the table. Rex agreed to help her. Bill and Bailey were happy that Rex is helping his younger sister even though she is his step sister. So, both of them went down stairs happily leaving the Rex and Kathy alone. No need to say that Kathy don't like getting alone with Rex as she know whenever they are alone Rex might do something 'bad' and also excites her.

Rex started to clean the table, didn't wait for Kathy to start. They are sure that their parents are in downstairs because they can't hear any footsteps more and can hear the sound of the TV coming from downstairs, which is a clear sign that their parents are at downstairs.

"Did you finish studying darling?" asked Rex in a kind tone.

"Ah.. Yea.. Yes si..r" said Kathy surprisingly from the Rex's tone. He is talking like nothing unusual happened.

"If you need you can go and watch the TV. I'll clean the table for you. You were obedient in the evening. So I don't want to tire my darling, younger sister. Go and do your stuffs sweetheart. I'll clean the table" said Rex smiling. It was not an evil grin. Kathy could almost feel that he is saying it in very adorable way.

"Thank you.. Sir" said Kathy happily from the kind tone of her brother.

Kathy went to her room happily. Rex cleaned the tea table and went to his room. At the dinner time they all sat in the table and took their dinner while watching the TV. Kathy felt so free at the dining table. She laughed loudly at the jokes which her dad and brother made. After the dinner Kathy and Rex went to upstairs, to their rooms.

On their way to the rooms, on corridor, there is an area which can't be seen from the downstairs. When Kathy and Rex reached to that area, Rex grabbed Kathy's arm and started to talk.

"Do you remember the rules, slave?"

"umm..sir..to be honest with you.. I didn't have time to revise those again as I studied in the evening and watched a film after we had the tea. Now I'm going to read those." said Kathy, fear rising in her heart.

"Very well then Kathy. Read those. There are some rules you must obey at night. You better follow those rules after reading it. I'll be checking whether you remember those rules or not, in tomorrow. If you forget at least a one, you will see what will happen to you then. Do you understand that?" said Rex in a tough voice.

"Yyes sir. I understand that.. I will revise those now.." said Kathy in a low voice, fearing their conversation would hear to others.

"Ok then. Before I let you go, I want to check whether you are obeying the rules. So I need you to come to my room before you go to sleep"

"Eh..em.. sir, can I go to my room before I come? I'll come to your roo..."


Kathy knew there is no way to hide her panties from her brother, now. She is so sure Rex is going to check whether she is wearing panties or not. Oh my god! How I can slip from that, thought Kathy. She knew that she is caught now. She had no other choice other than following Rex to his room.

"I knew that you were disobedient bitch. That's why I want to check. Do you think you can fool me, step sister? Hah?" asked Rex, fire in his eyes.

Kathy entered in to the room and slowly shut the door.

"Sir can we lock the door before.."

"Of course slave. Lock it"

Kathy locked the door and turned to Rex, then slowly raised her head so her eyes met with Rex's. Then quickly looked away as their eyes met, and Rex said her to remove her skirt. Kathy removed her skirt shivering in fear, that she already knew she had lost and there is no way to hide her panties. Her heart began to pound rapidly as she removed the skirt. She hung her head in shame and fear. She can't look at the Rex's face knowing he must be blast from anger because of the panties she wore.

"Look at me Kathy. Don't worry I'm not going to punish you now as our parents are at home. But you will definitely be punished for breaking the rule number 1. It was the simplest of all the rules. How can I assure that you are going to be an obedient slave, if you can't even obey the simplest rule among the 10 rules I have sent to you?"

"I..'am sorry sir. Please... don't do anything now. I'll accept the punishment tomorrow right after I come from the school." said Kathy crying. She knew she made her elder brother furious.

"Ok then. You need to wear panties right?"

Kathy didn't answer; she was confused by the question. She didn't know what to say. All she knew is she will definitely get a hell of spanking tomorrow right after she come from the school. She didn't know how to answer him, so she stood there numb.

"Are you dumb bitch? Didn't you hear the question?" asked Rex gritting his teeth.

Kathy is in more danger now. What should she say? If she says yes, then she will most probably get the spanking till her ass gets sore. If she says no, Rex might think that she is a slut and she will most probably have to go without panties almost everywhere.

"Yes sir.. please listen to me sir.. I wore panties because it gives the butt plug an additional support. I was afraid that it will fall down when I walk. That's why I wore panties sir.. Please forgive me.." said Kathy trying to stop crying.

She was very much afraid because her parents are at home now. If they finds out that she is crying, Rex will tell about the DVD and by tomorrow he will publish the videos of her, to the internet. She would rather die than letting Rex to publish those nasty video to the internet. How can she face to her classmates after it got published? On the Rex's part, he thought for a while and said

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"Very well Kathy, I like that you told me the truth. But I must say you that I really pissed off from your dishonest behavior. At least you should have told me that you need to wear panties. Do you wanted to check me bitch? Hah?"

"Nnoo sir.. it's nothing like that.. I just.."

"Remove those god damn panties now!"

Kathy quickly removed her panties and let it fell around her feet.

"Grab it and come here"

She bent down and picked them up. She is now naked from the waist down, just like she was in the evening, in the same room as she is in now. She came near to Rex, holding the offending garment. Rex took the garment from Kathy's hand.

"Open your mouth bitch." said Rex holding the panties up to her face.

Kathy opened her mouth and without waiting a second, Rex inserted her panties inside her mouth. He made sure that her pussy juice is made contact with her tongue, through her panties. In Kathy's part, she felt like her pussy is tingling from the excitement.

"You broke the rule number 10 too, bitch. Do you remember what the rule number 10 is?"

Kathy thought. She really can't remember the order. She just can remember those in random. Meanwhile Rex went to the backside of his sister and began to pat the base of the butt plug. While telling his younger sister to remember the rules, he began to push the butt plug in and out. Kathy closed her eyes to remember the rule number 10. But it was really difficult as her step brother is working on her butt plug in and out.

Rex's prick was so hard. Here his younger sister, showing her body naked from the waist down and her hair hanging freely over her shoulder. She was only wearing a black skinny. The 3 black things, her top, her panties and her butt plug is clearly and nicely contrast from her white body. Rex knelt down facing Kathy's ass and pulled aside her left ass cheek. He jerked pre come into his pants. What a lovely goddess his younger sister is? He can't control his self. He kissed Kathy's round ass lightly. Kathy, still closing her eyes, moaned softly as her brother kissing her ass cheeks. Then Rex asked one more time, that can she remember the rules. Kathy managed to say no sir, through her panties, still closing her eyes from the excitement. She was getting wet from the feeling her ass is getting by moving the plug in and out. Kathy was in a wild world for minutes, she almost forgot about the punishment she would receive tomorrow.

Suddenly, Rex stopped pushing butt plug in and out. He pushed it all the way in and stood up. Then he came to the in front of Kathy.

"Your pussy is leaking honey" said Rex while running his fingers through little girls' bush. Kathy quickly reopened her eyes and looked down. Rex was right! Her pussy is leaking her love juice like a honey leaking from a skep. Oh my god this is so humiliating. She was turned on by the feeling in her ass!

Rex grabbed some of her pussy hair and pulled them. Kathy let out "awwwfffffppphhh" and tears started to rolling down her cheeks from the pain.

"Tomorrow morning, you must shave this bush off. Understand?"

Kathy nodded still crying from the pain feeling in her pussy. Then Rex slowly pulled out the panties from her mouth and asked can she remember the 10th rule. Fearfully she said no and began to sob again.

"I'll ask you tomorrow what the rules you must obey are. It will be not good for you, if you forget at least a one. The 10th rule was you must kneel before me whenever I call you. Do you remember it now?"

"yees sir"

"Then what the fuck are waiting for bitch? Do it now!" demanded Rex with a quick slap across her face.

Kathy was feared that if he made more sounds, their mother and father will knock at the door. What will happen if they see her like this, having a butt plug in her ass, naked from the waist down? She quickly assumed the position and waited.

"Good. Now do you remember the rule number 9? I hope you don't. So I'll remember it for you, only in this time. Rule number 9 is you must not wear panties or bras when you are sleeping and you must keep the butt plug in. Understand?"

"Sir, I will not wear panties or bras. But sir, can I remove the butt plug when I sleep? I don't think I can make my mind to sleep with plug in my ass. Please sir... please...." begged Kathy.

"I could have been rethinking about that. But as you have already broke the very 1st rule, all the rules must not change until I decided. I don't think you are in position to bargain? Do you bitch? Do you think just because I cleaned the tea table for you, I'll be easy for breaking my rules? Hah?" asked Rex.

Kathy didn't tell anything. She looked at the floor.

"Now you can dress up. Remember the rules. Now get lost!" said Rex

Kathy quickly stood up from the kneeling position and dressed up her wraparound skirt and looked at the Rex before she leaves. Rex was holding her panties up and inhaling it while looking at Kathy and smiling. Kathy's face turned beet red from the act and she quickly unlocked the door and got out from the room. She ran to her room and closed her door. Then turned on her laptop to see the email Rex has sent to her.

Kathy checked about the rules that she must obey at night. If she didn't obey those rules, Rex will add more punishment to her. She didn't want that happen. So, she read the rules. According to those rules she must bring herself off once, before she sleeps. And she is not to wear any panties or bras to sleep. According to rule number 8 she must ask permission to pee and shit. She doesn't need to shit as she shit in the evening as Rex instructed. But she needed to pee. She usually pees, before she goes to sleep. Kathy begins to think. There is no way that her step brother will know, that she peed in her bathroom and she is wearing panties to her bed. She is already not used to wear bras when she sleeps. But she remembered the incident just happened now. It was also like; she never thought she will get caught. But she got caught before even spending one day without getting caught. She can't sleep without peeing. She was afraid to pee without asking from her brother. The only choice she got is she must ask permission to pee.

Kathy took her checked her online chat list. Thank god! Her brother is online. She quickly asked from Rex, can she pee before she goes to sleep. Her step brother quickly sent her a reply,

'Yes sweetie, pee before you goes to sleep. Good night bitch!'

Kathy was upset from the word 'bitch'. She really doesn't like Rex calling her bitch, so she quickly turned off her laptop and removed all her clothes and went to bathroom to have a quick wash, before sleep.

She sat on the toilet then started to rub her clit as she must masturbate and cum. Before long, she was out of her mind with lust. Within few seconds she had a wonderful orgasm. She had never cum like that. When she comes to normal, she peed, had a wash then changed into her pajamas. She was afraid to wear panties even though there is no way Rex can inspect it when she is sleeping.

Kathy remembered that she has some 'duties' to do in the morning. So, she turned on her laptop again to check those once before she goes to sleep. There were 2 rules; she must obey in every morning. She must shave her pussy hair and she must masturbate 5 minutes before she go to school. She read the 10 rules again and went to sleep thinking how can she go to school after masturbating and holding her urge to cum.

Part IX - Punishment

Kathy woke up in the morning then remembered the two tasks she must complete in the morning. She quickly removed her pajama suit and then grabbed a towel, then went to bathroom and closed the door. She looked at the hair that would soon be gone. Then she got the shaving cream and razor which she is usually using to shave her armpits. Then she spread the shaving cream across her pubic hair. After having a good amount of shaving cream down there, she began to run the razor over her pubic mound, very slowly. She removed all her pubic hair, to the naught.

While having a bath, Kathy felt her pussy lips. She felt like a little girl. Her pussy didn't have any hair at all. She was shocked when she saw her naked pussy from the bathroom mirror. She saw that her pussy lips are clearly visible now, without any hair on. She cried little, and then made up her mind. Her pussy cannot see by others except Rex. At that moment, she had no idea how wrong she was.

Kathy couldn't believe what she had become, having a butt plug in her ass all the time and shaving her pussy every morning. She noticed that her pussy is becoming aroused by thinking about that. Now she is familiar with that feeling. Kathy thought it for a while. Why is she getting excited by those things? Is she a slut? Slowly, she began to masturbate as the 5th rules states. She looked at the clock, hanging on her bathroom wall, before she starts to rub her pussy. She must masturbate 5 minutes before she go to school. That's what 'his' rules say. So she looked at the clock while masturbating. She knew that Rex cannot check it. But she was afraid to break any of the rules after the yesterday incident. She remembered how furious Rex's face was, after he caught her for wearing panties. Thinking about that made Kathy's urge to cum rose. But she concentrated hardly on the clock. She must do it only for 5 minutes, and then she can stop it.

Kathy masturbated for 5 minutes. Her mind was racing with lust and her pussy is on fire, when she stopped masturbating, but couldn't bring herself off. As Rex's rule states, she can cum only with his permission.

Kathy wanted to shit. She ran her hand to her backside to grab the base of the butt plug. She pulled harder by holding from the base of the plug as her ass muscles kept clamping on it. After she finished with her business, she reinserted it.

Kathy came from the bathroom and switched on her laptop to read the rules once again as she has to remember those when she come back from the school. Then she found another email from Rex! Her heart began to pound. She quickly opened the email.

"Hi slave Kathy,

As you want to wear panties, I'll allow you to wear panties only when you go outside. So, you can wear panties to the school. See you in the afternoon little baby sis!"

Kathy was extremely relieved from the fact that she is allowed to wear panties. She was worried the whole night thinking about how she can go to school without any panties on. She wore her uniform and before she goes to school, she looked at the rules once again to make sure, she didn't miss any rule she must obey in the morning and she can remember the every rule very well. After, she is satisfied that she can remember the 10 rules very well, she switched off her laptop and went downstairs to catch the school bus.

At the school, she did all her studies as usual and almost forgot about the butt plug in her ass. The butt plug had become so much a part of her life. Finally the school was over and she was on her way back to school. Then only her fear began to rise as she remembered she has to accept a punishment. What will he do to her today? Oh my god! She caught for breaking one of his simplest rules. She cannot think what kind of punishment he would give her today. All she can think was how furious Rex was and she is sure, the punishment will be a severe one and will include more humiliation. To her absolute horror, her pussy was getting excited by thinking about the punishment. She knew that she has to show her panties to Rex anyhow and she knew that she will show it with a large wet spot at the crotch. She thought about what could be happen if Rex didn't allow her to wear panties to the school. Then she is sure her skirt would get wet from her love juice and may show a large wet spot to the outside. She was afraid to even think about that. She silently thanked Rex for allowing her to wear panties. Finally, the school bus came to the Kathy's house. Kathy got off from the bus and went to her house. At the moment she knocked at the door, Kathy was shivering from the fear and excitement. Rex opened the door

"Hi, come in"

Kathy didn't say anything. She just barely smiled at him and entered into the house. She remembered the day she received her first spanking, Rex was angry when she tries to go to her room before accepting the punishment. So, she waited for Rex to speak first. She waited. But Rex doesn't seem to bother about her at all. He continued watching TV. Kathy thought he may be forgotten about the punishment. So, she started to walk toward the stairs, to go to her room. But then she remembered she has to ask for the punishment. How humiliating this is? How on the earth a 18 years old girl ask from her step brother to punish her? But she had no other choice. She turned to Rex and find courage to beg for the punishment.

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"Yes" replied Rex without even looking at her. Kathy was not sure he is angry or not. But she must ask for the punishment.

"Please punish me for my faults." Kathy said in a very low voice.

"What? I didn't hear you Kathy."

Kathy was astonished. Then she again asked to punish her, this time loudly so Rex can hear her well.

"Oh. Why should I punish you Kathy? Did you done anything wrong?" now Rex turned to face Kathy, but still sitting on the chair.

Kathy was surprised. What the hell is with Rex? But she knew about her step brother. He is always like that. So, she began to talk again

"Yes sir. I wore panties and disobeyed you." said Kathy.

"Very well then, you can go to the kitchen table and take the appropriate position to receive the punishment."

"mmhm... ook sir.." said Kathy and went to the kitchen.

Kathy remembered the proper position she must take to receive the spanking. Then she lowered her panties to her knees, and bent over the kitchen table. She noticed that, to keep her panties in position, she has to spread her legs farther than her shoulder width. She thought Rex wanted to lower the panties to her knees for that, otherwise he should have told her to remove the panties without lowering it to knees. Then she pulled up her skirt to her waist and tucked it beneath her belly button, as required. Then she grabbed the other end of the table, from both her hands, which creates her rear end thrust out sharply. How humiliating this position is? Kathy thought. She is sure, her butt plug and newly shaven pussy is clearly on view. She cannot disobey him. If she disobeys, she will receive more punishment. So, she stuck into the position. She looked at the kitchen window. It is open as the previous day!

She heard the footsteps. Rex came to the kitchen and the very first SMACK landed on her butt plug, without any prior notification.

"aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Ohhhh it hurts... please stop it sir...."

Then the next one landed on her exposed pussy.

"Oh.. Noooo... You are killing me.."

Rex rubbed Kathy's pussy lips. They were wet as Rex suspected. He smiled to himself and smacked the little girls' wet pussy again. He continued to land 10 hard slams on young girl's pussy and once in a while he didn't forget to land spanks on the base of the butt plug too. At the end, Kathy was panting heavily. Rex came to see her face. She was crying.

"Oh baby, don't cry. Do you think the punishment is over?"

Kathy looked at Rex in horror. What he meant by that? He can't spank her more. Her pussy is already swollen and turned to red color. But she managed to grab the end of the table as required. She didn't dare to stand up. She slowly cried.

"Please sir.. I'm begging you.. I don't think I can receive any more punishments. My pusssyiii is already sore. Please sir.. Let me go.."

"Stop crying now. Look at the out Kathy, there is a boy looking at you. Do you know him?"

Kathy looked from the window quickly. OH SHIT! There, standing out from the window, was a boy who was living near to their house. He is 19 years old. He is so girlish. He was blushed from the seen. But he is still looking from the window.

"Do you know the boy who is waiting at the road? Shall I call him to come in so you can have a better look at him, in case you forget him?"

"Noo no sir. Please... Please sir..yea I know him" Kathy told quickly.

Rex waited patiently for Kathy's answer.

"hhee is also going to the same school as I'm going.."

"Oh. I see."

Rex started to go to the kitchen window. Kathy is looking at him not knowing what will happen next. She was so afraid to protest or even stand from her position.

"Hi. Do you know her? Kathy told me both of you are going to the same school." asked Rex, from the boy, increasing Kathy's heartbeat.

"Ah.. hmmm.. Yes. I do know her.. But.." The boy began to slack his voice.

"Yes?" Rex asked in anticipation.

"But.. why she is laying on the table? I heard a screaming, ssoo I lllooked from the window. I'm sorry. I didn't want to disturb you guys. You know.... I didn't mean to rude... I'll go then.. See you" said boys without even taking a breath. Both Kathy and Rex are sure, the boy is upset from the seen.

"Oh, never mind young lad, its ok. She was receiving a punishment. That's why she is bending like that." said Rex smiling.

Kathy was so embarrassed. How on the earth can she face to the boy now? He is one year older than Kathy. Even though he is senior than her, in the school, she knows him very well because he is living near to their home. He is very prudish boy. Kathy didn't even try once to talk with him.

"Ohh.. I see.." said the boy trying to pretending he is not upset from the scene.

"Come in boy. Do you like to see how she is punished?"

"eehmm.. No.. no thanks.. I already saw ttthaatt.."

"Oh.. so good..But please come in. I want to have a word with you. I think you would like to know, why she is punished like that. Don't you?" said Rex increasing the young girl's fear.

"Ahh.. yeeaa..ehmm.. ok then.. I'll come" said the boy and gone away from the view of Kathy.

"If you try to stand up or try to protest, I'll let that boy to spank you? Do you understand bitch?"

"Sir, please don't let him see me like this. I'll die from shame." begged Kathy.

"I told you darling, shame is a very important part of the punishment. I intend to shame you out of your poor behavior. Do you think spanking is just enough for breaking my rules? Ah bitch?"

"Sir.. but.."

Rex raised his hand indicating her to stop talking further and it gave a kind of warning that, if Kathy continues to try to protest or argue, she will receive more punishments. So Kathy stopped talking and hid her face as much as she could, from the lying on the table. She is pretty sure that boy will surprise from the plug in her ass and he will most probably ask what it is. Then she heard the knocking at the door. Then she heard Rex calling the boy in and both of them are coming to the kitchen. Kathy closed her eyes shut and tried her best to not to cry in front of her colleague. Kathy heard the gasp from the boy. She knew he saw her nakedness and he is wondering about the black thing in her ass and panties around her knees. He may also wonder that why on the earth there is no any hair on 18 years old grown girl's pussy! Kathy wanted to die. She was so humiliated.

"So.. Do you know each other? What's your name?" asked Rex.

"Ah yeah.. I'm Rodney. I... know her.." said the boy in shivering voice.

"Oh.. very well Rodney, you may wondering why she is like that? Aren't you?"

"Yes.. of course" said Rodney, at once.

"Tell him why you are receiving a punishment like this, Kathy"

The worst thing that can happen to increase her humiliation now is, making her talk to a stranger while exposing her utterly private parts. She knew that Rodney is having a good view at the base of the plug and her hairless pussy.

"Eh.. ummm.. I was neglected some rules that I must have followed." said Kathy turning beet red from the shame.

"Rules?" asked confused boy, "But what is the strange thing in her ...eee..mmm.. ass..? and why her ehhhmm...ppprivate area is completely hairless?"

"Oh. There are some rules Kathy is following. She is a slave now. Well, kind of a sex slave. So she must obey her rules. The plug in her ass and shaving her pussy hair off is included to that." said Rex chuckling. He was sure that Kathy is humiliated to the death, in front of her colleague. He wanted to humiliate her more.

"Oh.... I have seen the butt plugs in porn films. Ehmm.. I think I should get going now...I'll not tell about this to anyone" said Rodney unable to believing what he had just seen.

"Aha.. yes. I wanted to make that point also. If you spread that around I'll get my fathers' gun and kill you. Do you understand that?" said Rex in a much stiffed voice so the boy trembling with fear as same as Kathy.

"Noo.. no.. I promise." Rodney managed to say shivering.

"Ok then. Before you go, do you need her panties so you can masturbate while inhaling it?"

"No.. no no. I don't want that. I'm sorry for looking from the window. I'll just go."

"No need to fear, Rodney. I'll not do any harm unless you tell anybody about this. In other hand I know that boys like to inhale girls' aroma while they masturbate. Don't you like to know how your school friend smells like?"

Kathy wanted to crawl into a hole so her naked thighs and all her private parts are invisible from the boy. She is sure that the boy will ask for her panties now. How can she give it to him? Giving the panties to Rex is ok with her now. But this boy? Oh my god! What will he think about her? What a shame? He will notice about the wet spot in her panty crotch.

"ah.. yes... I would like to.. But will she give her underwear to me?" asked Rodney in astonishment.

"It's not a problem. She don't care about that all. She had already shown her pussy and ass to you. So, giving her panties is not a big deal. But you must return the panties to her, after wash it. Ok?" said Rex.

"Oh.. Ok.. I can give it to her. I'll wash it for sure." Boy said in anticipation.

"Very well then. Kathy, remove your panties and give them to this nice boy. He will wash them for you."

Kathy let out the grip from the table and stood up. Then by slightly bending, she grasped the waistband of her light orange panties, which was at her knees and lowered them to her ankles. Then she took the panties from her leg and quickly gave that to the boy without thinking what she is doing. The boy took the soaked undergarment with trembling hand. He cannot believe the fact, the most studious and prettiest girl in the school, who didn't even bother to look at him at the school, is giving the panties she wore for the day, to him. At the moment he took her panties from her hand, he jerked pre cum into his underpants.

"Very good, Kathy. You may go now Rodney. Before you go, open the panties up. I want you to show something."

Kathy looked away as Rodney held her panties up to see the crotch. She knows that Rex wanted to point out that she was wet.

"Can you see the wet spot at the crotch Rodney?" asked Rex confirming the Kathy's guess.

"Ah.. yeah.."

"She is such a terrible slut. Wait." said Rex and turned to face Kathy. "Raise your skirt, so this young gentleman can see your pussy" commanded Rex.

Kathy didn't want that to be happen. How can she show her newly shaven pussy to a boy she know? But she obeyed.

"Look at her pussy. Oh my... She is running her love juice through her legs. Can you see the glistering? Such a terrible little slut!" said Rex pointing to the Kathy's white thighs.

Both Rex and Rodney got closer to Kathy to have a better look. Kathy didn't dare to move. She cannot risk that her step brother will humiliate her more in front of this boy. She just hung her head in shame and looked down to find out that her brother was not lying. Then to her ultimate horror, Rex dragged his index finger from the bottom to the top of her slit and held it up for see. Both boys saw the wetness of the finger. Rex just smiled at Kathy and Rodney. Kathy didn't dare to look at Rodney. She was hoping all will end very soon and Rodney will go home. Finally her elder brother starts to speak.

"Come here Kathy, smell this"

Kathy looked at her elder brother like a deer caught in light. But there was no any kindness in Rex's eyes. She saw only the stiffness. It's doesn't matter how hard it is, she has to obey him, even in front of her colleague. She came close to her brother's finger, now pointing toward Kathy's nose, so she can inhale it. She took a deep breath, closing her eyes. Her nostrils filled with her own aroma. To her utter most shame, her pussy becomes wet by smelling her own juice. Rex took off his finger from there and suddenly placed between Kathy's lips, trying to insert it inside her mouth. Kathy opened her eyes wide and tried to protest. But Rex pushed his finger inside her mouth with such force so she had no other choice other than sucking the finger. He forced her to suck the love juice off from his finger. She cleaned his finger like sucking a lollipop.

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"Ok. That's for today. You may go now, but remember what I have told you and I want you to wash her panties and give them back to her by tomorrow. Understand?" said Rex while sweeping his finger from young girl's skirt.

"Yyess. I'll definitely do it. Bye Rex! See you Kathy.. I'll give your eh.. ehmmm.. your panties... to you by tomorrow" said Rodney and faintly smiled.

Kathy slowly raised her head and gave a quick slight smile at her colleague. She cannot believe the fact that she gave her utterly wet panties to her male colleague. Finally, Rodney began to step to the door. Even before Rodney could open the door and get-out from the house, Rex started to talk loudly, so Rodney can hear him clearly.

"So, bitch, tell me what your cum juice smells and tastes like?"

Kathy looked at him in horror. She wasn't sure how she should answer for that question. How humiliated that question was? How on the earth can she explain her smell and taste while two boys are listening. But she managed to tell him about her sex juice.

"It tastes thick and little bit creamy sir. It smells like the juice which falls from a girl, when a boy making love to a girl." Kathy managed to say holding up her tears.

"Good girl." with that, Rex heard the slam of the door. He smiled to himself.

For Rodney's part he put Kathy's panties inside his school trouser pocket and hurried to his home. He has almost jerked by the feeling that he has the panties of a girl, inside his pocket. And to make the matter worse, it was the prettiest girl in the school and he has got the panties, she wore for the school! Rodney cannot believe his luck. His heart is pounding rapidly from the excitement.

Kathy started to cry slowly. How can she face to the boy now? How can she go to the school tomorrow and get her panties from him? Kathy looked at the floor while, her step brother smiling at her. Then Rex started to talk.

"Ok bitch. No more crying. Now I want to check that you remember the rules or not. So tell me all the rules in detail and address me as Sir where you want to mention about me. You are not to call me you. And you must tell the rule number, before you tell the rule. Do you understand? And for god sake, kneel down as the 10th rule states, you fucking bitch."

"Oh.. I'm sorrrrry sir." said Kathy and immediately kneel down on the kitchen floor, still in her school uniform, but without her panties. Then she looked at Rex, who is waiting to hear the rules, from Kathy.

Rex pulled out his shaft from his trouser. He unzipped his trouser and, pulled out his cock from his underwear. Kathy looked at him in horror. She had never seen a cock before. Not a real cock. Kathy began to talk

"What... what are you ddoii..ing?" asked Kathy, her eyes and mouth open wide from the shock.

"Oh. Don't mind me bitch. Haven't you seen a cock before?" asked Rex.

"No. I mean... not for real.."

"Oh is it? I'm sure; a dirty girl like you may have seen thousands of cocks in the internet. Don't think I'll just stand there hearing to you. I need a relief, so I'll masturbate as you tell me the rules. So, tell me the rules now or... I'll push this thing inside your mouth!" said Rex and started to stroke his cock with his right hand, he has now removed his underwear so he is naked from the waist down.

"And another thing. I need you to look at what I'm doing, while you are telling me the rules. Put your hands behind your back and start to tell your rules now. Don't mumble. I want to hear those clearly. If you didn't tell those loud enough, I'll punish you."

Kathy focused her eyes and looked at the Rex cock with horror. It's so big! Kathy thought. But still, it's better to look at the cock and say the rules other than to look at him in the eye and tell the rules. Those rules are nasty! His cock is with her eye level, as she has knelt down. So she does not have to raise her face to look at the act. While watching what Rex is doing, Kathy started to tell the rules...

"Rule number one. I must not wear any panties at home. If mom and dad are not at home, I must never, ever, sit on the back of my dress. It will get all slimy."

It is so humiliating. All the rules are designed to humiliate her. It's even more humiliating when she has to tell it in front him. But she managed to continue.

"Rule number two. I must shave my pussssy... every morning, before go to school."

"Rule number three. If mom and dad are not around, whenever I'm walking and wherever I'm walking, I must sway my a...ass."

Kathy can't talk without trembling. Rex has now speeded up his stroking process. It's so good to hear those humiliating rules from Kathy's voice. Kathy saw, the tip of the Rex's cock is glistering with the pre cum. His tip was light red color. Kathy focused hard on his cock and continued her humiliating task.

"Rule number four. When I'm sitting, if mom and dad are not around, I must never ever cross my legs. I must keep my legs parted at least shoulder width apart."

"Rule number five. I must masturbate at least 5 minutes before I go to school. But I'm not allowed to cum without permission."

"Stop now and stand up." said Rex interrupting her.

Kathy was surprised, but didn't dare to ask any questions. She stood up and waited.

"Remove your skirt and give it to me." said Rex quietly.

Kathy was beet Red by telling the embarrassing fifth rule. To make her upper chest reddened more, her step brother is now demanding her to take off her skirt. Then she will be naked from the waist down. Kathy was so embarrassed, but she noticed that her pussy is becoming so wet. Kathy unbuckled her black pleated skirt and let it fall. Then she bent down to pick it up and gave it to Rex. Rex grabbed it and inhaled it deeply while Kathy looked at the act with disgust. Rex likes to inhale girl's odor, Kathy thought.

"Kneel down again." said Rex while he putting the young girl's school skirt under his cock, with other hand.

He is going to cum on the skirt! Kathy started to protest, but Rex saw that she is going to protest, so he held his hand indicating Kathy to don't try to protest.

"If you don't want me to cum on your skirt, I'll use your mouth to cum. Do you want me to do that bitch?" said Rex while still holding Kathy's skirt under his cock.

"Ehh...mm.... No Sir.." said Kathy and looked down with shame.

She saw that her hairless pussy is glistering from her juice. Without any hair, she cannot hide the fact that she has turned on from all the acts. Her love juice is running from her pussy.

"Then continue what you were doing before I cum on your face!" growled Rex.

Fearing that Rex would cum on her face, Kathy continued to tell the rules from rule number five. Now, it's more humiliating because she is completely naked from the waist down, except for the plug in her ass. And Rex is going to cum on the skirt, she wore for the school. But she managed to continue through her humiliation.

"Rule number six. Before I go to sleep, I must cum once." Kathy took a deep breath before telling the rule number seven.

"Rule number seven. I must shiiittt exactly one time a day. I'm not allowed to use the toilet to sh..it whenever I want. Butt plug is not to be removed; under any circumstances until Sir take it out. I must wear the butt plug all times except when I shit.... And I must shit only in the morning unless otherwise Sir told me to do."

Kathy paused for a second. She has to tell the most embarrassing rule of all. That was rule number eight. But there is no way for her to escape from Rex without telling him all the rules. So, she made up her mind and started to speak again.

"Rule number eight. When I'm at home, if I want to shit or pee, except in the morning, I must ask permission to do so. Sir will decide where and how I'm going to do that business, in case if I want to do those other than in the morning."

Rex was so close to cum hearing those most embarrassed rules from a girl. Her voice is very sweet and Rex wanted to push his cock in her ass but managed to hold that feeling.

"Rule number nine. I must not wear any bra or panties to sleep. Butt plug must stay in me even when I'm sleep." Kathy continued.

"Rule number ten. Whenever Sir calls me, I must come and kneel before him, if mom and dad are not around."

With that, Rex came so fast like he was holding the load until Kathy finish speaking, but managed to get all the drops on to Kathy's skirt. His mind was racing with lust. He cannot bear the fact that drop-dead gorgeous girl, naked down from the waist down, told him all the embarrassing rules, kneeling in front him. Kathy looked at him, unable to determine what she must do now. Rex is breathing heavily. Kathy was so sure that Rex was having a very good time by hearing those rules from her. At last, Rex started to talk slowly.

"Good. Now you may stand up if you want. Here is your skirt, wash it before dress." said Rex and laughed at his joke, which Kathy didn't share.

She stood up and took her skirt from Rex quickly, before he further humiliates her with the skirt.

"Mmmmm.... Seems like you have to go to your room, naked from the waist down, you can't wear your skirt now. If you want you can. I'm not forcing you. Now you can go. You better remember all the rules and make sure you are obeying them all, all the time. Do you understand that slut?"

"ehm.. yes sir." said Kathy, her pussy is so wet, her love juice is clearly visible on her hairless pussy.

"If you wish, you can break the rules. You know that, you will be severely punished if you break any of the rules. If you want to test me, break any of the rules and see what will happen." Rex said it in a kind of a warning.

"No sir. I promise to not to break any rules and obey the rules all the time. Do not punish me, sir. Please"

"So, do you understand what is going to happen to you when you break rules? I need you to remember the punishment I gave you today, so I can assure that you will not break any of the rules in future." said Rex and began to think.

"No no. sir please, I can guarantee that I will not break those rules in future. I think there is no need of reminders. The punishment you gave me today was so humiliating. Even though I forget the physical pain I received, I will not forget the humiliation. I had never become so embarrassed in my life, like today."

"Ok then. This time, I'll let you go. But If I caught you for the second time for breaking any of the rules, I'll not be gentle. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"

"Yes. Sir..."

"You can go now"

Kathy started to go to her room, with her skirt in her hand. She has to walk naked from the waist down.

"Stop bitch" Rex's voice came from behind.

Kathy was surprised. She stopped instant and turned to face and saw the furious face of Rex. She was still surprised and fear from the look of her elder brother. What now? She was allowed to go to her room. But suddenly Rex stopped her. What's in his mind? Thousands of questions came to Kathy's mind.

"So, did you comply with the rule number three?"

"OH MY GOD" Kathy gasped.

Then only Kathy remembered the rule number three. She almost forgot to obey 'his' 3rd rule. She cannot think what will happen to her now.

"Ok ok. Don't worry. You haven't even taken your lunch yet, darling. First of all go to your room and have a wash. Then we can discuss about a workaround to remember to obey the rules. Even though you could tell all the rules without missing any, seems like you have problem with obeying those. Let's see my little younger sister." said Rex in a kind but tough voice.

"I hhhmmm... so... so... sorry sir.." said Kathy and burst into tears.

"Oh. Don't worry darling. I'll not spank you again. Do not worry. First of all go and wash your skirt, then, you eat my little slut. You must be thankful to me, I found you a person to wash your panties. Let's see. After taking your lunch, we will talk. Ok?" said Rex smiling.

"Oo.. ok sir. Thank you." said Kathy trying to smiling at him.

Kathy turned away from him and started to walk towards her room. She began to sway her ass like a slut. She knew she is presenting a good view to Rex, with the black base of her butt plug in her ass. She doesn't have much choice now. She has already pissed off Rex by breaking that rule. She knew Rex has a severe punishment in his mind for breaking that rule. So, she doesn't want to make him more furious. So, she thrust her ass nicely and swayed it side to side, as she climbed the steps. She only has her white shirt from her school uniform which came just above her pussy lips from front and just above the base of the butt plug from back. She has lost her panties and skirt. All her secret parts are on show now. She was humiliated to the death. But still she managed to sway her ass nicely, for Rex. Rex looked at her younger sister's magnificent ass happily as she walks away from him, to her room. The young gal was scared to death when she entered into her room. She closed her door quickly and removed her shirt and bra. Grabbing her cum covered skirt, she went to the bathroom to have wash.

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Kathy came out of her bathroom after having a bath and washing her skirt. She felt disgust at the moment when she touched the dry cum covered part of the skirt, but managed to wash it. It's much more better than to taste his cum, Kathy thought.

She didn't want to make her brother angry by breaking anymore rules. So she quickly revised the rules once again, before she goes downstairs. Kathy wore no panties as she is required. She wore a long light blue pleated skirt and nice matching white blouse and bra. She must not sit on the back of her dress. So, if she wore a short skirt, she cannot raise the back of her skirt without showing a considerable naked skin from her thighs.

Before she went downstairs, she review the rules again and make sure she remembered the rules she must most probably has to obey when she go downstairs.

She is not wearing panties and she applied that she will pull up her skirt from the back, when she sits down. So the first rule is okay. She already shaved her pussy in the morning, so there is nothing to fear about breaking the 2nd rule. 3rd rule is the one, she just broke and going to discuss what is the punishment she must accept for breaking that rule. So she thought she will sway her ass from her best now onwards to reduce the punishment. As 4th rule says, she must not to cross her legs and must part her legs to shoulder width apart. She thought she has to remember that before she pulls up her skirt from the back and sitting down. She masturbated before she went to school today and didn't bring herself off. So she obeyed the 5th rule. She has to worry about 6th and 9th rule, only at night as those says that she must cum once before she go to sleep and she must not to wear any bra or panties to sleep and she must have her butt plug in her ass even when she sleeps. Her butt plug is already in her ass and she didn't need to shit or pee. That means she has nothing to worry about obeying rule number 7 and 8. She thought about 10th rule. Rex didn't ask her to come directly to him. He said her to eat. So, Kathy thought she has to go and kneel before him, after taking his lunch. He clearly said that they will talk about her punishment after she takes the lunch.

She got out from her room and followed her way down the stairs. She let out a sigh and began to sway her lower body when she starts to climb down the staircase. She saw Rex is watching a magazine. Kathy was so hungry. She directly went to the dining table and before she sits down she looked at Rex, who has now put down the magazine and carefully looking at her. She knew what he is looking at. Kathy pulled up the back of her skirt and sat down on her bare ass. When her naked skin touched the rough surface of the seat, she let out a soft moaning. The pressure of sitting on

the plug, drove it deeper into her ass. Then she parted her legs to shoulder width. When she began to eat Rex came to the dining table increasing her fear. He sat down opposite to her and smiled. Kathy sheepishly smiled at him knowing Rex is satisfied with how she sat down. However, while she eats, she remembered that still she had a punishment to accept. Rex asked about her studies and asked is there anything she wants. Kathy was surprised that he didn't talk anything about breaking rules and the punishment.

She finished eating and carefully rose from the chair, so her skirt was back in place. Then she washed her hands and plates then came back to where Rex was sitting, and then kneel down on the floor besides Rex. Then Rex started to talk,

"See Kathy. I'm not having much sexual feeling for you. But I really wanted you to train as a sex slave. A woman can learn how to obey men and how to please a man sexually. You will be well disciplined and very obedient by the time. I wanted you to become a girl who is not only nerd. Otherwise you can't find a good person to marry. You are not a child anymore. You are 18 years old now and next week you will be nineteen. By that time, you have to prepare yourself for dating and flirting. You are pretty. It's a waste if you focused only to study. Don't you think you are also excited from all the things I'm doing to you? Every time I noticed that your pussy is wet. I'm not your real brother. I'm your half-brother. So this is not a wrong thing to do. Don't worry honey; I'm not going to fuck you in the pussy. I know you are still a virgin and even though you're not a virgin, I'm not going to fuck you in the pussy, as I'm your half-brother. But still I want you to do something's for me to make sure you are learning to be obedient, and for my pleasure. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" said Kathy.

"Ok. Now we have punishment to discuss about, don't we?" asked Rex directly looking at Kathy's eyes. He saw Kathy is in fear.

"yyeess. Sir.. but please don't make it hard.. please sir.." said Kathy and tried to cry again.

"No darling. You must be well punished. Don't worry, this time the punishment will not involve any physical pain." said Rex smiling at her. But it was an evil smile.

"You mean you are not spanking me again?" asked Kathy bit confused bit surprised.

"No way honey. Do you think just another spanking will help you to remember to obey the rules? No. I don't think so."

"Soo.. what will be the punishment?"

"Ok. Here it goes. I need you to give your panties every day, you wore for the school, to the boy we found today. He will be happier to wash them for you. In that way you will also free from washing your own panties."

"MY...Oh.. no...I already gave the panties I wore today. No I can't do it again. Not everyday sir.. please.. It's so humiliated.."

"Yes. It is humiliating. I agree with you in that part. But what's the point of wasting your time to wash your panties while we found a one to wash those for you? It would not be much difficult, Kathy. I'm sure now he is having a good time with you panties and he is inhaling and inspecting every millimeter of it. So, there is nothing to hide now. From tomorrow onwards, you must remove your panties just before you left from the school and give those to that boy."

"But sir, how do we know, whether he will agree to that or not" asked Kathy quickly as Rex finished talking.

"Don't worry. I'll talk with him tomorrow morning. All you have to do is give your panties to him tomorrow afternoon and take the washed panties from him. Do you understand that?"

"Yes" said Kathy and earned a quick slap on her face.

"How should you address me? Is that the way you should answer me?"

"No sir. I'm sorry. I was terrified from the fact that I have to give my panties to that boy after I wore them for the school. I'm wondering will they clean enough for to give to another person, after I wore them for the school. I mean, you know that sweat and other thiiinngggs can wet my ppantiess."

"Ohoo. Is it? Yes. Then you will remember to obey me, every time you humiliate from that task."

"Yes sir. I understood and I will do as you said."

"Very good Kathy. You may go now and do your studies. Don't mess up your studies. Do you understand? If you mess up your studies, I'll punish you for that also. Now go."

Kathy stood up and wiped her tears from the back of her sleeve. Rex came to her and gave a chocolate smiling at her. Kathy looked at him and took it from him.

"Don't cry darling." said Rex and hugged his younger sister.

Part X - Punishment Continues at the School

Kathy woke up in the morning, without any underwear and with butt plug in her ass. She took a shower and shaved her pussy hair as required. Then removed the butt plug and did the business and reinserted it quickly. Finally she masturbated 5 minutes as she has been ordered.

After coming from the bathroom, Kathy thought about what she should wear today, as she knew, she has to give her panties to Rodney. And to make matters worse, she has to remove those at school. How can she remove it without others noticing? It's a problem she must address later on the day. Now the biggest problem she has is what she is going to wear today? She ran through her panties in the cupboard for choosing a desirable one. Finally she made up her mind to wear light blue, non-sexy pair of panties. She dressed for the school and went.

At the school, she did all of her studies without thinking about what she has to do after the school. Finally the bell rang and she waited at the school gate to catch Rodney. Her whole mind is racing and body is sweating from the fear, but found she is excited from the fear. Finally Rodney appears increasing her fear. When Rodney comes to her, he noticed that she is waiting for him.

"Hi, Kathy, are you eh ummm waiting for me?" asked Rodney very politely.

"Oh.. eehmmm yes Rodney. Would you mind if I take few minutes from your time?"

"Oh. That's perfectly fine Kathy" said Rodney and walked closer to Kathy, so others can't hear what they are talking.

"Rodney, you know that I have to give my.. umm panties to you today. Did Rex talk with you?" asked Kathy turning bright red from the embarrassment.

"Oh yes. Yes he talked with me"

Kathy didn't tell anything. She waited for Rodney to continue.

"Ehmm... He told me, you know, he told me that yoouu will give me your ehemm... your panties every day after the school.. and..."

"And what? And did you agree to that?"

"yeah. Yes of course Kathy... I... why should I ... you know... disagree with that... you know..." said Rodney smiling, but bit shaky.

"ohh.. okay. What did Rex told you other than that?" asked Kathy looking around to make sure others is not listening to their conversation.

"emmm.. He told me that I can use you in any way I want to fulfill my sexual demands but do not take your virginity." said Rodney with much more confidence.

'OH shit' Kathy thought. She is really embarrassed now and same time she feel the familiar tingling sensation in her pussy. She is breathing heavily now. Rodney was very shy at first but now he seems like having bit confidence when talking. Kathy is upset with that. What can Rodney do to her now? Thinking about that made Kathy shiver from the fear.

"Emmm.. But Rodney I'm not so sure with the latter part. I'll talk it with Rex. I don't think he will allow you to do such things. You know.. Anyway I need to give you myyy paantiess now, so can you wait in the class room at the end of G building? It's located at a very silent place and it's empty, you know. Soo... I think we can have some privacy there."

"Why should I wait there, Kathy? Aren't you going to come with me?" asked Rodney having an innocent smile at his face.

"Oh no way Rodddney. I will go to ladies restroom and remove my panties there and get back to you. Okay? So please wait for me." said Kathy trying to smile but feeling afraid at the same time.

"I cannot wait there. Also Rex said that I can command you to how to remove it and so on. If you want I can call Rex and hand over the phone to you. He gave me his mobile number to me in case if you disobey." said Rodney, who is now in a serious mood.

Kathy is shivering from the fear and embarrassment. How can her step brother say so to a totally stranger? Kathy knew that Rodney is not lying. Rex must have said so; otherwise Rodney isn't a guy, who has guts to say such a thing, especially after Rex threatened him. If she makes Rodney to call Rex, it will make matters worse. So she made up her mind to agree to whatever Rodney say. She had no other choice.

"Okay Rodney. So...?" Kathy asked fearfully.

"You come with me to that class room. There you will remove your panties and give them to me and I'll give you the panties I washed. And after that you will do as I say. Agree?"

"Oh no way. Who the hell are you think you are? I'll talk to Rex. I don't think he will allow you to command me" Kathy blasted.

"Very well then, I'm going now. I do not have time to waste with your panties. You can do whatever you like." said Rodney.

"No wait! But... please... let me go to the ladies room and remove my panties. Anyhow it seems like I have to give my panties to you at the end of every day." said Kathy in a very low voice because other students are already looking at them.

They are wondering because Kathy is talking with a boy. Kathy is not a girl who normally talks with boys in the school. So other students are curious to know what is going on between Kathy and Rodney. Kathy has to be quick or otherwise she will get lot of attention and it will make the job she has to do soon, harder.

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"Yes it is Kathy. I'm afraid that I cannot wait until you come. Either you remove your panties where I instruct you to remove it or you can go back home with panties and face Rex."

"No No. Please Rodney. Don't talk like that.." Kathy started to beg.

"Shut up bitch. I don't want to hear anything. You never gave me a smile or even a look even though I'm your neighbor. You were so fucking big head bitch. Either you can remove your panties at the class room and give it to me now or you can go home!" said Rodney in much more furious, but luckily others couldn't hear it.

Kathy is in a big trouble now. She wanted to give the panties to Rodney in order to avoid punishment from Rex. But to make it hard, Rodney is demanding to remove it in front of him, in a class room. It's too risky. What if others see that she is removing her panties in front of that boy? Her mind is raising thousands of questions. But she really don't have time to answer those questions, so she said

"Okay Rodney, let's go to that class room..."

"Very good, walk in front of me so I can have a good look at your ass"

Kathy thought Rodney is joking, so she stood still looking at him, but saw the hardness in Rodney's eyes. She understood that Rodney know about her little secret. She has nothing to do now, other than obeying Rodney. She slowly turned to the school building and started to walk to the classroom. She hardly managed to not to cry. If someone sees, she is crying, they may ask why and she knows that she cannot answer for that question! Her eyes were teary, but could manage to go to the classroom without crying on her way. When they reach there, there was no one at the classroom area. So she directly entered to the classroom and looked back to see the smiling face of Rodney. She blushed deeply from the thought that, Rodney had a nice look at her ass. She never thought Rodney can be this cruel. Rodney closed the classroom door quietly and waited patiently. Kathy started to raise her skirt.

"Wait Kathy, come near to me, so I can have a better look" Rodney stopped her and ordered her to come closer.

Kathy don't have much choice now and she knew there is a less chance that they may caught because the classroom is locked now, but still Kathy is shivering from the fear. She had never done such a thing in a school classroom. She came near to Rodney and ran her hands through her skirt and grabbed the waistband of her panties. Then she quickly lowered her panties to ankles and removed it. When she met her eyes with Rodney's, a quick shock ran through her body. Then she handed over the WET panties to Rodney. She could feel the wetness of her underwear on her palm. She was embarrassed to death but felt her pussy is leaking juice at the same time. Rodney got the wet cloth from Kathy. Kathy is sure, Rodney can also feel the wetness of the tender cloth same as she felt.

"Thank you Kathy. I'll wash them for you. Before you go, I have to give you your washed panties." said Rodney and put his hand in his trouser pocket.

Rodney took out her panties from his pocket and put the panties she gave him today, in his trouser pocket. Then he slowly handover the washed light orange panties to Kathy and she quickly grabbed it from him. She turned to go. Then Rodney awakened his voice.

"Very well Kathy, ehmmm... I'll wash the panties for you. Rex told me to tell you that not to wear the panties I gave, on your way back home. He said you must come home without any mmmmm..... uh..unnderwear...I know that you are his slave and all. And before you go.... I think you should give me a hand job"

Before Rodney can finish the sentence, Kathy turned very fast to him and grabbed his shirt collar. But Rodney was much faster. He tackled Kathy, so she felt on the floor. She could have been fallen very hard if Rodney wasn't holding her tight. Then he made a phone call to Rex without Kathy's approval.

"Hi Rex, It's me, Rodney. I'm having a bit trouble controlling your sister."

Kathy looked at the Rodney with horror, still lying on the floor as she fell. She cannot believe Rodney can do so many things to her. It's not the Rodney she knew. The Rodney she knew is prudish and very shy in front of girls. But here, he tackled her and is demanding her to give him a hand job. She listened to Rodney as he talks with Rex. She doesn't know what Rex is saying.

"No Rex. She gave me her underwear to me and I returned the washed panties to her. That's not the case. I asked her to give me a hand job but she is refusing. Mmmm.. I'm wondering what I can do. You know, I asked it because you told me I can have a little fun after she gave me her panties. Oh ok. Hold on."

Rodney didn't say anything, he just handed the phone to Kathy. Kathy looked at Rodney and took the phone.

"Hello" said Kathy expecting Rex will burst at her. But to her surprise, he didn't.

"Hi Darling. You better do as Rodney says. I don't think you want him to call me again. Do you?"

"mhpp.. No sir. But.."

"From now onwards, you must fulfill his desires like hand jobs, blowjobs etc. And you must call him respectfully all the time. You don't have to call him Sir. But you better talk with him politely so he won't call me again. Understand?"

"Yeesss sir."

"Good. Now give him the hand job he wants and come home. I'm waiting for you honey."

The line went dead leaving Kathy scared. She slowly handed the phone back to Rodney and said she will give him a hand job. Rodney took out his prick from his trouser zipper and waited for Kathy. Kathy took it by hand and started to massage it gently.

"Kathy, I'll give you some tips to make it quick. I know that you want to finish this as soon as possible. If someone see us like this, it's not good for you. So let's make it quick." said Rodney to the girl kneeling in front of him and milking him.

"For god sake! Tell me, how the fuck can I make it quick!" said Kathy in angry.

"What? Is that how you talk to me when I think about you? Okay then. I'm not in a hurry. Take your time and milk me."

"Oh no... no no no no. Please tell me, how I can do that Rodney. You know that I don't like this." said Kathy looking at the closed door to make sure it's really locked.

"Don't lie to me bitch! Stand up and show me your pussy"

Kathy was astonished by the harsh words. But she slowly stood up and raised her skirt to the waist showing the bare pussy.

"Ah, I can see you are excited from this. Aren't you slut? Your shaved pussy is leaking that juice." said Rodney and commanded Kathy to continue with the hand job.

"Now listen to me carefully Kathy. I really don't like to keep you with me for longer. I have other business to do. So I'll ask you some questions. You better answer those, if you need to go home now. Then you can catch your school bus."

"Yes Rodney. I will and I'm sorry. Please tell me how I can make it quick."

"Well. You can make it quick by making me horny. Don't expect that I'm already horny by seeing your dirty panties. I already know your scent very well. So that's not enough for me now."

Kathy turned beet red by that remark. Oh my god, now how can she make him horny? What will he demand now? Kathy was sweating with fear.

"How can I make it then Rodney?"

"Very simple. You just have to talk with me while rubbing my cock and don't forget to touch my sensitive tip with your tender fingers once in a while. It will make it really quick. Understand?"

"Mhhmm.. yes.I think I understand" said Kathy.

In whatever way, she needs to make it quick. Otherwise she will miss her school bus and it will lead to a set of questions from her parents. She doesn't want that to happen. She wants to milk that boy quick as possible and go home.

"Good. Start by grabbing my balls and squeeze them really slow"

Kathy grabbed his balls with disgust and squeezed.

"Slowly bitch! Are you trying to kill me?!?"

"Oooppsss..." said Kathy and looked down with fear.

"Look at me in the eye. Very good. Did you shave your pussy today?"

"Yes... yes I have to" said Kathy rubbing his balls and massaging his balls slowly.

"I know. Every day you must do that in order to avoid punishments from Rex. For the curiosity I'm asking, do you have the butt plug with you now? Stop rubbing my balls. Now get to the cock. While focus on what you are doing, answer my question."

"Yes. I do have that." said Kathy with deep embarrassment.

"I told you to touch my tip once in a while. Okay. Where do you have it now?"

"Inn.. my assss... of course" said Kathy while feeling the pre cum on his tip.

This is the very first time; Kathy has touched men's genitals. She felt bit disgust about the task she is doing and also felt she is smiling while she is doing that.

"Ha ha. Why are you smiling Kathy? You like this, aren't you? Come here so I can feel your butt plug"

This time Kathy didn't try to resist. She wants him to touch her. She went near to Rodney. Rodney's prick is now very hard and Kathy is touching his sensitive tip more. He felt that Kathy is not disgust with his cum any more. He caressingly touched her ass and felt the base of the plug. He had a full minute touch of her ass plug. He gave slight slaps to her bum cheeks and plug. Kathy was embarrassed but she didn't resist. Part of her doesn't want to make Rodney furious and part of her like what Rodney is doing. So she didn't say anything and massaged his cock fast. Rodney inhaled her deeply. His nostrils filled with the smell of sex juice he and Kathy is leaking, mixed with sweat.

"Oh my god I love your smell Kathy. Even though you are sweating, your smell is so sweet and natural. You are... so .... Damn..." with that, Rodney hold from her shoulders very tight and hugged her, she almost lost his prick between their bodies but could feel it's rubbing on her tummy now.

She is sure his pre cum is all over her shirt now. Before she could resist, Rodney took her lips between his lips and started to kiss her, very affectionately. He ran his fingers through her hair. He could feel Kathy is also responding to her. She began to suck his tongue.

"I'm very close to cum baby. Take my cum on to your palms." Rodney whispered in Kathy's ear.

Kathy stopped kissing him and gaped. She couldn't believe what she is hearing. How can he get such a disgusting thing on to her palms?

"Are you serious?" asked Kathy letting out a gasped.

"Of course I'm. I don't think taking my cum on to your palm and walk to the ladies room with it will be a big deal to you after you already felt my pre cum on your fingertips. Now continue rubbing my dick. As I said, I'm close to cum now. Take every drop of my cum on to your palms. We don't want to spill cum on this nice class room. If you drop at least a one drop, I'll make you to wipe that cum from the floor, using your tongue. Did I make myself clear on that?"

"Yesss.. I understand that" said Kathy and started to milk him using both hands.

Rodney took out the panties in his pocket. Then he opened it so he and Kathy have a better look at the crotch. He pointed to the crotch and asked

"What's this?"

There are pee drops in her light blue panties. After she peed in the school, even though she wiped her pussy well, there was some pee drops, managed to get in to her underwear. It's dry already but it had leaved the marks on her panties.

"mmm... those are pee drops. Oh my god, can you please cum quickly Rodney?" said Kathy in a very low voice, turning deep red.

"Are you nuts? We cannot cum whenever we want. We have to wait till the time comes. That's why I'm making myself horny. I'm helping you Kathy... I see...Those are pee drops right? Let me have a smell of your pee." said Rodney and inhaled the panties by taking it to the closer of his nose.

Rodney inhaled the crotch, deeply, few times. Kathy looked away but Rodney told her to look directly in the eye and if she fails to keep the eye contact, he would punish her. Kathy was embarrassed to death. But she had no choice other than looking at Rodney while he inhales her panties. Kathy was leaking juice from her pussy as she watch at the scene.

"Wow. It's nice Kathy. I really like your smell."

In Kathy's part she thought, How on the earth can a guy like to the smell of pee? The thing Kathy still cannot understand is why guys like to smell girls' private smells. It's so disgusting and embarrassing. To make her embarrass more, Rodney is doing that in front of her.

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Kathy doesn't know why her pussy is so wet from this. But she is sure about one thing. That is the sensation is different than with Rex. Rodney is from a very rich family. He is the richest boy in school; there is no doubt about it. But still he is very silent and prudish. But Kathy likes his personality. May be that's the reason she likes to obey his orders. Rodney came quickly on to Kathy's hand and Kathy got all the drops on to her palms.

"Lick your palms clean." said Rodney in a calm voice.

"What? You can't mean...thaa..." asked Kathy in astonishment.

"Why I cannot Kathy? Lick my cum from your palms." said Rodney while cleaning his prick from a paper he tore from his exercise book.

Kathy thought, she cannot take the cum on her palms, to the ladies restroom. So it's better to clean her palms before she go out from the classroom. Kathy slowly licked off the cum from her palms. She loved the taste than she thought.

"See you on Monday then. Come near to this class room and wait for me. I think it's better if you wash your hands before you go home. Otherwise the mates in your school bus will notice the smell." said Rodney and unlocked the class door.

Kathy passed him quickly and got out from the class room and looked around to check whether someone is looking. Fortunately the area is deserted at that time.

"As today is Friday, I have two days to enjoy with your undies. I'll give them back on Monday after you give me new ones. Wear yellow color panties on Monday. Understand?"

Kathy didn't respond him immediately. Rodney is now telling her what color of underwear she must wear. What will he tell her in future? She stayed still and nodded and went quickly to the ladies room before Rodney can embarrass her more. After she washes her hands, she quickened her steps toward her school bus. She is in a big trouble now. She must try not to wet her pussy. If she got wet, there is a much possibility that her skirt can show it because she doesn't have any panties on now. But she is already leaking her juice. She quickly looked at her thighs that whether juices are running through her legs. Fortunately it's not. She went to catch her school bus thinking what can happen more in this awful day.

Part XI - Sodomy

Kathy reached to the school bus thinking whether others will notice that she smells cum or she is panty-less. She got in to the bus blushing from the thought what she has done today. So she didn't look at others in the bus fearfully that others may notice something wrong with her if they see her face. She sheepishly got in to the corner seat in the bus and sat down. She was fear that her wetness could be visible through her skirt. She feels the bus is taking long to reach her home than other days. But finally when it reached to her home, she thought it's better to be in school bus rather than spending time alone with Rex. She is a slave in her own house when she and Rex are alone at the house. She got out from the bus and waited until the bus disappeared from the view then rang the bell. Rex opened the door and smiled at her, ushering her in. Kathy brushed past him, but Rex stopped her by holding her hand and he locked the door.

"Take you lunch now but don't change your clothes. Today you must take your lunch in school uniform. You are not allowed to change it until I tell you to. Understand?" asked Rex

"Um.. Okay sir. I understand" said Kathy looking away from Rex.

"You gave your panties to Rodney?" asked Rex and let go her hand.

"Yes sir. I gave" said Kathy in a low voice.

"Take your lunch now and come to me after you finish your lunch."

"Yes sir" said Kathy and went to have the lunch swaying her ass as required.

Rex looked at her ass smiling knowingly he is going to have a great fun with that ass today. Kathy didn't have any idea about the idea Rex is having about her ass. Today Rex has got something very special to do with that young girl's ass. Not knowing that, Kathy sat down at the kitchen table, raising the back of her skirt and parted her legs to shoulder width. Rex looked at all of her acts. He is getting turn on by just seeing the young beauty, who is obeying his humiliating rules to the point. Kathy started to have the lunch while noticing if she is going to sit longer there, she will most probably wet the kitchen chair. So she had her lunch quickly.

"Finished honey? Come here and kneel before me" commanded Rex.

Kathy compiled immediately and knelt down near to where Rex was sitting. She adjusted her skirt and looked at Rex for her next command.

"Your panties were soaked when you gave those to that boy?" Rex began to humiliate her.

"Yes sir. It was." muttered Kathy.

"And you got the washed panties from him today, right?"

"Yes sir I got it from him"

"And you are not wearing it as I ordered?"

"No sir. I'm not wearing any panties"

"Very good. Now stand up and bend over. I like to check it" with that Rex stood from where he was sitting and waited for his step sister to comply.

Kathy let out a slow gasp and stood from the kneeling position. Now she knows she is going to be inspected by her step brother, most probably her ass and her pussy. She bent over thrusting her ass and waited in anticipation. Kathy felt a hand on her buttock. She didn't move. Rex felt the tender buttocks of his younger sister through her school uniform. He massaged her ass while patting the base of the butt plug. Kathy didn't move for the entire time. Now Rex's prick is very hard. He had a good time rubbing his younger sister's magnificent ass. Kathy is like a goddess with her black skirt wrapped around her plump buttocks. Then Rex grabbed the hem of her skirt and very slowly raised it so he can embarrass Kathy more. Kathy felt her naked ass is revealing more with each second passing by. Then she felt Rex is touching the base of the butt plug and going to pull that out. She was surprised bit but didn't say anything. Rex grabbed the butt plug stiffly and moved it in and out several times, before he took that out completely. Then he ordered Kathy to open her mouth which Kathy did immediately. Rex came to the front of the young girl and put the butt plug in her mouth ordering not to lose it.

Kathy could feel the gamy taste of her butt plug. She wanted to retch but she was afraid that Rex will get furious, so she held the butt plug with her teeth thoroughly. She cannot understand why Rex wanted to humiliate her like this, having something in her mouth which has recently been in her ass. She grimaced from that feeling, but she knows that she is already wet!

Rex took off his trouser and t-shirt with underwear. Kathy looked at him in horror. That's the first time she saw his step brother fully naked. Why Rex removed all his clothes? What he is going to with me? Thousands of questions raised in Kathy's head. Kathy looked at the floor. She couldn't stand the naked body of her step brother. Rex went behind the Kathy and pulled up the skirt more until her ass is on full view. Rex ran his finger on the tender, spotless skin of Kathy while having a good time watching at that young plump ass.

Then, Suddenly Kathy could feel some wet stick is touching her ass crack! Oh my god, Rex is going to anal rape her! Now only Kathy realized what Rex is up to. She thought Rex will touch her ass as usual or may be spank her at most. But now, she got the feeling that Rex is up to something else which Kathy is surely not happy about.

Kathy looked back at Rex. He is pushing himself against Kathy's ass cheeks. Kathy tried to protest but she couldn't talk because of the butt plug in her mouth. She looked at Rex's face pleadingly. Rex got harder by seeing the young beauty struggling to get her ass away from his prick.

Rex spread her buttocks with both hands. He could feel the smooth firm flesh of her buttocks. Pre cum came to the tip of his prick. Kathy could feel the wet tip is touching her asshole. She wasn't sure whether that big cock of Rex will fit in to her tight little asshole. Kathy felt Rex is pushing his cock in her ass slowly, inch by inch. She grunted through her butt plug. Tears came out from her eyes, not because of the pain, but because of the fear.

"Oh what a feeling my darling younger sister!" said Rex holding from his stepsister's hips so he can push her towards him.

Kathy thought it will hurt her when Rex fucks her in the ass. But to her surprise it didn't hurt as she thought. Butt plug had done its job. Rex's head is spinning now; he has his cock buried in his pretty step sister's magnificent ass! Kathy couldn't resist the feeling that she is feeling so good when Rex start to move his cock in her narrow passage. She touched her pussy and found she is dripping wet and to her utterly embarrassment, Rex laughed loudly as she touched her pussy. 'Oh god! Rex may think I rubbed my pussy. Damn it! I was just checking!' thought Kathy. She is deeply embarrassed and has already turned to red from the humiliated treatment her elder brother is giving to her backdoor. Rex looked at the young beauty who is bending from her waist, her blonde hair swung as he thrust her ass.

Rex placed his hand on her pussy and found her clit. A shock shivered through Kathy's body when Rex touched her clit. She couldn't resist because she had butt plug in her mouth. Part of her wanted to Rex to touch her clit. The feeling is so great.

Kathy remembered the very first time she had something in her ass. It was her best friend, Yuni's finger. It was a day which they had basketball practices after the school. In the evening after the basketball practices, when they were at the changing room, all the girls went leaving two of them alone. Yuni and Kathy were playing Kinky games and talking kinky whenever they get alone. This time Yuni asked to insert a finger in Kathy's asshole and Kathy reluctantly agreed. Kathy remembered how tight and resistant her asshole was back then. But now she could take the large cock of Rex's without even hurting. Part of her glad that it didn't hurt but part of her was upset that she is turning to an anal whore.

Now Rex's cock is all the way in her ass. It seems like Kathy's sphincter muscles are not clenched to the prick, and Rex could feel Kathy is having spasm once in a while. He is not sure why she is having spasm exactly. May be it's from the pleasure or maybe it's because of the fear. But he doesn't have to care. Kathy is his sex slave and she will do as he said. Kathy must understand her whole body is owned by Rex now.

Rex is so close to cum now. Kathy felt he is fucking her ass so hard and breathing heavily. Kathy also found herself that she is running her love juice over her legs. But this is not the time to wipe it or to be embarrassed. She is afraid that Rex will cum in her ass. Rex thought about what he is doing. He is fucking her drop dead gorgeous step sister in the ass, still in her school uniform, in their own house. Thinking about that made Rex's urge to cum to an unstoppable point. He shot his hot cum spurt after spurt in to her younger sister's ass. Kathy could feel it and she was aroused by that feeling. She also came with Rex.

Rex took out his prick from his, cum dripping younger sister's ass. Kath also try to straightened herself. She was bit week by coming so hard. Oh shit! Then only it hit her! She cannot cum without permission from Rex! She was afraid to tell anything so she stood silently waiting for Rex to talk. Rex came to her and took the butt plug out from her mouth leaving the rancid taste.

"How are you feeling honey" asked Rex while stroking his semi hard cock.

"emmmhh...It didn't hurt as I imagined, Sir" said Kathy rubbing her cum dripping ass crack.

"Can I go and clean myself sir?" asked Kathy straitening her uniform skirt.

"No honey. I think I have something to do before you go as you didn't ask for my permission to cum" said Rex coming near to Kathy.

"Yes sir. I'm sorry I came without your permission and I really forgot that."

"Yes hun. I can understand, but however I must punish you for breaking that rule. So your punishment will be not very severe one, but still it would be a punishment which makes you feel bit uncomfortable"

Kathy waited with anticipation. She knew Rex has very good humiliating ideas for punishments and thinking about her punishment make her pussy wet again.

"Your punishment requires reinserting your butt plug and kneeling down in our garden. You must keep my cum in your ass for 30 minutes before you are allowed to wash it off. Also, I expect you to think about what have you done wrong to be like that while kneeling."

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Kathy was to protest, but Rex raised his hand ordering Kathy to wait till he finish. Rex handed her the butt plug and Kathy reinserted the butt plug and waited for the further instructions on accepting the punishment. She knows better to obey Rex than disappoint him. She knows what exactly her Elder brother wants. Rex is getting excited by humiliating Kathy. And it's not a secret that Kathy is also getting excited by humiliation. She wants to accept the punishment perfectly so she will not face any further punishments and can wash out her ass.

"I know what you are thinking step sis. You are wondering how you can kneel in our garden. Aren't you? Don't worry. We can use the back side of our house, so anyone can't see you are kneeling there."

"Fair enough sir. I will do it." said Kathy.

"And darling, you must go to the corner of the wall and face the corner. Go there now and I will make the further adjustments for your punishment" said Rex pointing to the back door of their house.

'Did he say further adjustments?' feared Kathy. But she nodded and slowly walked to the back side of their house and get to the wall. She looked at Rex and saw he is waiting for her to kneel down on the soil. So she did. Then she heard the footsteps of Rex coming closer to her. She didn't dare to look back. She just stayed still facing the corner. Then she could feel the back of her dress is revealing her ass.

Rex grabbed the skirt from the back and tucked it in her waist so her ass is on clear view. Then he went away saying he will come back again in 30 minutes and don't move until he comes. Kathy nodded sheepishly. Her knees began to hurt already. 'Oh god! How can I survive 30 minutes with that pain? My knees are already killing me' thought Kathy. As Rex could read Kathy's mind, he chuckled and went away leaving the young school girl in her uniform showing her precious plugged ass.

Part XII - Transferring the ownership

Kathy waited 30 minutes outside, back of her skirt raised to her waist, tucked beneath the waist line, showing her freshly fucked magnificent ass. She knows that no one can see her from her backyard. But still she is deeply embarrassed from the feeling of Rex's cum in her ass. She silently thanked Rex for telling her to insert her butt plug back in her ass. Otherwise cum inside her ass could have leak down her legs. Finally she heard Rex's voice.

"Come inside Kathy" called Rex from inside the house.

Kathy slowly rose to her feet and wiped away the dirt from her knees. Then she started to walk to the house. When she reached the door, she could hear voices inside the house. She opened the door.

"Hi Kathy"

It is Rodney! What the hell he is doing here?!? Kathy had no idea.

"Hi Rodney" she was deeply embarrassed because her skirt is still raised to her waist from the back and she has to walk swaying her ass. Then Rex started to talk

"Sit down Kathy, you can let go your skirt back into place"

With that, Kathy grabbed the hem of her skirt from the waist and released it from the elastics so it fell back. Then she sat down facing Rex and Rodney while pulling the back of her skirt so she is sitting on the bare ass as required. She could feel that Rodney is watching her carefully entire time.

"I called Rodney to come over because I had some important matters to discuss with him. Since I'm busy with my work, I may not have enough time to properly train you. So I'm going to hand over you to Rodney...." Said Rex and looked at Kathy.

Kathy was astonished by what Rex has just said. But she didn't tell anything. She partially liked the fact that Rodney is going to take over the authority over her. He has a surprising personality. She had never seen that before until today. He was the richest boy at the school and his father owns a car sale. Actually, Rodney is a very good guy. While Kathy thinking about that, Rodney waked up his voice

"Kathy, we talked a lot about your training, over the phone and now. So as Rex said, I decided to take control of you from today onwards. While you are at home, you are still under the instructions of Rex. But he won't interfere much with us but he will help me to ensure that you are obeying my instructions at home. So for today, you will still obey his rules. From Monday, you can forget those and start behaving like usual until you come to school and I tell you the new set of rules."

Kathy was speechless while Rodney continued talking. He was gentle yet knew what he is talking about.

"I love you Kathy, I would treat you both as my girlfriend and my sex slave. You can count on me that, I won't do any harm to you. But you must understand that you will be in a sexual training which will include a lot of humiliation and punishments. I will protect you and train you if you would like to be my slave from next Monday. What's your choice Kathy? You can choose me as your master or you can choose Rex. If you choose me as your master, most probably we will end up in marriage because I don't only have lust for you. I love you too... So choose wisely. Neither me nor Rex will force you."

Kathy began to think. Her heart is beating very fast. Rodney has just said that he loved her. It's true that she don't love him back. But still there is something she feels about him whenever she thinks about him. She never used to even look at him. But now? She thought. Rodney is a very good guy. Actually there is no reason for her to dislike him.

"Rodney, I can't promise you about the marriage now as I haven't even thought about it.... But if you are talking about something like dating, I would.... like to be your date" said Kathy said sheepishly, smiling at Rodney.

"Very well then.. See you on Monday at school Kathy. Remember that there will be new rules from Monday so you don't need to follow the old ones." said Rodney, having a big smile at his face.

Part XIII - New owner

Kathy waked up in Monday morning with much more energy and feeling fresh. She didn't have to remember Rex's old rules for her life anymore. She is also very happy with the fact that she has got a new BF now. But since she know what kind of relationship that would be, she also got excited at the same time.

Her butt plug was placed inside her drawer and she didn't need to shave her pussy hair while at her morning bath. She didn't masturbate either as it was Rex's old rule. As usual, she wore her school uniform with matching light yellow bra and panties. That was the panty color she was instructed to wear by Rodney on the other day. She was so relaxed and when she comes downstairs to leave the house, Rex was there.

"Take care honey. See you" said Rex and pecked her.

Kathy wasn't feeling afraid of Rex anymore. She could feel the kindness and tenderness in Rex's voice. She smiled happily at Rex and waved him and leaved to the school.

At the school, till their break, she didn't even see Rodney. She did her studies as usual. At their break, she went out with her friends and then spotted Rodney. He waved her and gave her a big smile. She was feeling nervous as other students began to watch at them. But she waved back and managed a faint smile at her face. Then Rodney signed her to come over to him. Kathy walked to him very slowly and could feel all the eyes were spotted on them.

"Hey Kathy. How are you doing? Hope you are feeling way more relaxed" said Rodney with a big grin.

"Hi Rodney... Yepppp." said Kathy and laughed. She was feeling happy and nervous at the same time so couldn't speak much than that.

"Kathy, I need you to meet me at the end of the school today. We have to discuss some important things about your training." Said Rex and saw that Kathy is frowning. So he continued to say "Do not worry Kathy. You won't be feeling the same way as you obeyed to Rex. I'm your BF and its good anyway that you should learn to obey me. Also, if you don't have anything special in the evening, I would like to take you for a dinner at night..." said Rex smiling and saw Kathy's face is again shining with happiness.

Then the bell rang indicating the end of their break and both Kathy and Rodney went to their classes. Kathy was struggling with what she should wear for the dinner with Rodney. Since her parents know Rodney's parent, they will allow her to go out with him. That won't be a problem. Kathy felt like she was beginning to wet by thinking what kind of things Rodney will make her to do tonight. But she wasn't feeling afraid as she used to be. She was excited. The bell rang again indicating the end of the school for the day has arrived. Kathy walked to the school gate expecting Rodney and saw that Rodney is already there with his friends. He indicated showing a bench at the far in the school grounds and mouthed "Wait there for me". Then she waited at a bench which was bit farther from the school buildings. She too wanted to have some privacy with Rodney. She didn't have to wait much longer.

"Hey....so how was your day?" said Rodney and sat next her.

"It's good. How was yours?" said Kathy smiling.

"Ah I'm feeling like I'm the luckiest boy in the earth. My mind is full with happiness" said Rodney and moved a bit closer to Kathy.

"Really?" said Kathy and laughed loudly.

Then she found herself touching Rodney's hand. Rodney grabbed her hand and kissed her outer palm. Kathy smiled sheepishly. Then he kissed her cheeks and moved away from her face to talk with her.

"So Kathy, I hope you are not following Rex's orders anymore"

"No. I haven't follow any of them after last Friday"

"Good. But, you need to know that there will be new rules for you"

"Yes Rodney. I understand that" said Kathy in a submissive manner.

"Very good. I'll discuss your new rules with you tonight. I'm still working on them. I need to be sure that the rules will ensure your discipline. Most importantly I need to ensure your safety while you becoming an obedient and submissive woman. All of the rules will be either for your own good or for your pleasure. Those will ensure you are a well-disciplined girl while having the pleasure of BDSM. Do you understand Kathy?"

"Em....Yes Rodney. I know you won't do any bad for me" said Kathy and smiled.

"Never darling." said Rodney and gave a quick kiss on her lips. "So are you ready to begin your new training Kathy?"

"Yes....I guess so" said Kathy in a low voice.

"Very good. Stand up in front of me now"

Kathy rose from the bench. Rodney's voice hasn't changed from his caring voice to commanding voice. Yet, it's a voice which can't be denied. He knows how to get someone do what he wants. May be it's something he has inherited from his father. Otherwise how can his father be an owner of car sale with tons of workers working under him?

"Come closer Kathy. So I hope you aren't wearing your butt plug today"

"No Rodney" said Kathy.

"Where it is now?" asked Rodney cupping Kathy's buttocks through the skirt. He has wrapped his arms around the Kathy hip.

"It's in my drawer..." said Kathy turning red from the touching Rodney is giving to her.

"We might want it again. Anyway keep it there until I tell you to get it back. You better keep it safe. Do you understand?" asked Rodney who is now running a finger up and down on the skirt, where her ass crack is.

"Yes Rodney" said Kathy who is now burning with shame and fear that someone can see what Rodney is doing to her.

"Good girl. Now, jump up...."

"Wh...what?? What do you mean?!?" asked Kathy astonished.

"I didn't think I told you something complex Kathy. I need you to jump on the spot so you will sweat. You know that I like your smell when you sweat. So jump till you are sweating..." said Rodney in a calm voice.

Kathy slowly began to shift her body from the ground. She felt that she is already beginning to sweating from the humiliation. She needed an extra effort on her feet to lift her body. She pushed to the ground with her feet and started jumping.

Rodney relaxed his self on the bench watching at the girl. He watched every part of her body when she jumps, with much interest. Now that pretty body is owned by him. He took his time to look at bouncing boobs and the naked thigh reveal when Kathy jumps up. He loves the way her skirt goes up when she jumps. But he didn't want to get her really tired, especially on their very first day.

"Stop!" said Rodney and Kathy stopped, breathing heavily.

Rodney gave time for girl to recover from the tiredness. Then he spoke

"Kathy, I need to have a look at your panties. Take off them now."

Kathy gape her mouth and looked at Rodney with horror. "Here???"

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"Yes right here, right now and today, you will carry your panties in your hand on your way back to home. You aren't allowed to wad up them in your hand. You will carry them on plain sight and you will sway the panties as you walk. You better do it now or...." said Rodney looking at her.

Kathy didn't say anything. She quickly let her hands go inside her skirt and grabbed the waistband of her panties. She didn't care that anyone can look what she is doing. She just needed to take off her panties quickly. Then finally she managed to get her panties to her feet. Kathy fearfully bent down looking around and got the panties and gave them to Rodney. She stepped back and looked what Rodney is doing.

Rodney got the panties and opened them up so he can have a good view at the crotch. As he has suspected, it got a wet spot. Kathy's face was turning to red from the humiliation. Rodney closed his eyes and to increase the Kathy's humiliation and embarrassment, he took the panties into his nose and inhaled once.

"Your musky aroma. I love it...." said Rodney in a dreaming voice.

Kathy was deeply embarrassed. Rodney gave her panties back. She took her undergarment from Rodney and looked at Rodney who was now standing from the bench.

"Let's go. Otherwise you will miss your school bus" said Rodney and grabbed Kathy from hand.

"Make sure you are swaying your panties hun. I can still smell your sweet armoma" said Rodney smiling.

Kathy was deeply embarrassed. But she didn't have any other choice. While grabbing Rodney's hand form one hand, she took her panties from her waistband on other hand. What a humiliation? She was feeling like she is taking her pussy on her hand and showing it to the whole world. She walked close to Rodney because of the shame. She wanted to hide, but she is sure that panties which she is carrying on her hand are visible from one side. She was feeling like walking naked when they came back near to the school gate. She could feel that couple of students is already looking at them, not because she was hanging up with a boy, but because she is carrying her panties on her hand! Then she walked up to her school bus with Rodney. There, Rodney leaved her saying Goodbye and promising her to give a call when he goes home.

Kathy was leaved with her panties on her hand. She quickly got into her school bus and had a seat. She didn't have time to look at others. When she sat down, she looked around to see that anyone is looking at her. To her relief none of them seem to notice her panties. She let out a sigh. But she has to keep her panties on plain view as Rodney's instructions. Fortunately there was a girl on the left side to her. So she took her panties to her left hand kept her left hand on her bag so only the girl who is next to her can see it clearly. The bus began to move. Kathy could feel the wetness of her undergarment. She knew it's from her sweat, but she was afraid that the girl next to her can smell sex from it. While she is thinking that, to increase her fear, the girl next to her began to speak with her.

"Emm....Kathy? Is that panties on your hand?" asked her in a very low voice so others can't hear them

Kathy was deeply embarrassed. But she tried her best to not to show it and act like it's not something weird.

"Oh...ye..s..erm...I got it dirt...so...can't wear it.." said Kathy smiling to the girl

"Oh I see." said the girl and looked away from the bus window.

Kathy is pretty sure what that girl is thinking. Why can't Kathy put the panties inside her bag? Why she is carrying it in her hand so anyone can see it? Kathy was feeling ashamed. She was feeling like a cheap whore, but she could feel her pussy is becoming wet! She then noticed that the bus has come near her home. So she stood up and quickly got out from the bus, still holding her panties from the waistband. She was feeling so humiliated. She didn't dare to look at the bus. She quickly went through her fence and went inside the door.

Kathy let out a sigh when she closed the door behind her. She was so embarrassed but also so turned on by the incident. She removed her clothes on her way to her room. She directly went to the attached washroom and came so powerfully. She couldn't even stand on the ground so, she sat on the bathroom floor and had a good bathe. She was so relieved to cum. Since she doesn't have to follow rules for now, she dressed as usual and her evening went out without much special incident.

Around 5 O' clock, she awoke from her nap and found out that there are two messages waiting in her phone inbox. Both of the messages are from Rodney. She quickly read those.

First one says "How are you my darling? I talked with Rex and he said he will drop you by the restaurant while he is going somewhere. Hope you are ready for the dinner out with me. Love you. XoXoXo"

Kathy's heart was heaping with happiness. Rodney actually loves her. She could felt it from the beginning. She hurried to the second message

"Wear a dress, when you come. "

Kathy could feel the familiar tingling sensation in her pussy. Every time she gets a command or an instruction from someone, she gets excited. She went to her dress cupboard and found a very elegant black dress with thin shoulder straps. She went through her underwear and got a matching set of pink bra and satin panties. Bra was a strapless one. Now all are set for her dating...By then, Rex tapped her door and came in.

"Hey Kathy, getting ready for the dinner" asked Rex smiling.

"Hey..yeah...Rodney told me that you will drop me to the restaurant"

"Ah yes...I'm going out tonight so I can drop you there. I'm going at 7 O' clock sharp. Now its 5:30, right?"

"Yes it is. Okay cool. Then I can have some time getting ready. Thank you bro" said Kathy smiling.

With that, Rex leaved Kathy's room saying her to come downstairs at 7. Time passed on, making it 6:15PM. Kathy finished studying and started to get ready to for her date. She had a bath and let her hair fall freely over her shoulders. She dried her hair wearing only her panties and bra. Then she dressed up with the dress which she has picked in the evening. It came to her knees making her even more beautiful. The dress snugged nicely to her curves. She applied a bit of makeup and she is done. She went downstairs to meet Rex. Rex was already there chatting with their parents.

"Hey, you ready?" asked him.

"Yepp. Shall we go then?" asked Kathy while climbing down the stairs.

"Yeah let's go" said Rex and grabbed the car keys.

"Bye Mom, Bye daddy" said Kathy

"Bye honey, come home before 10" said Bailey

"So your date will drop you home, after the dinner, right Kathy?" asked her father, laughing.

"Ha ha. Yes daddy. He will" said Kathy having a big grin on her face.

With that, she went out with Rex. She was so happy that her parents allowed her to go out with Rodney. They seem to think that Rodney is a very good boy. Indeed he is rich, respectful and all, so there is actually nothing wrong in their thought. Kathy is excited too. She knew that tonight Rodney will introduce new rules for her life. Finally, they have come to the restaurant which Rodney said he was coming.

"So, here it is Kathy. Hope your boyfriend is already here" said Rex looking out from the car window.

"Thank you brother" said Kathy and get off from the car.

She waved to Rex as he drove away. She slowly began to walk towards the restaurant. She could feel that her pussy is becoming moisture just thinking about her new rules. She is sure that her panty crotch is getting wet from her love juice. But she has nothing to do to deny it. With her feelings soak her satin panties, she walked in to the Restaurant.

Just as she entered to the restaurant, the doorman asked whether she needs a table or there is someone waiting for her. Before she could reply, she saw that Rodney is sitting at a table which is in the far corner of the restaurant. So she replied the doorman saying she found the one she was looking for and began to walk towards to the table where Rodney is sitting. Just as she became close to the table, Rodney stood up from his chair with a smile and pulled out a chair for her.

"Hi darling" said Rodney still smiling at Kathy.

"Hi Rodney, were you waiting a long time for me" asked Kathy smiling back at him.

"Yeah... About few years" said Rodney while sit.

While laughing at Rodney's joke, Kathy sat down on the chair Rodney has pulled for her and settled down. Rodney is handsome tonight, thought Kathy. On Rodney's hand, he secretly admired Kathy's beauty. She is really beautiful with her hair hung freely over her shoulders. Her black dress adds more beauty to her. They sat opposite of the table so they can talk face to face. It was a small table for two persons. While they had nice chat about upcoming movies and all, the waiter arrived and Rodney ordered very delicious foods and drinks for them. As the waiter went away taking the order, Rodney started to talk

"So Kathy, you know that today I'm going to introduce you some new rules for your life. You must obey all the rules no matter what. If not, you will be punished. You know that almost every punishment will include a lot of humiliation, may be in public too, right?"

"Ehmm...Yes Rodney" said Kathy in a submissive voice. Her smile had faded away. Instead, her face looked more concentrated on what Rodney is saying.

"And also, you must understand that all the rules are subjected to change anytime I wish. I'll add new rules when I feel like those are necessary to train you. Understand?" now his voice has become a bit tuff.

"Yes sir..." said Kathy.

Rodney didn't even ask her to call him 'sir'. But Kathy seems like learning her position and the training Rex has given to her seems very good. Rodney smiled.

"Good girl, I'll tell you the rules now. Don't worry, those will not be hard to remember" said Rodney smiling at Kathy.

Kathy smiled back at him.

"Rule number 1 - You will either wear a skirt or a dress when you are with me unless otherwise I give you permission to wear jeans. While you are with me, whenever you are sitting, you must raise the back of your dress or skirt before you sit. I'll allow you to wear panties. So the only cloth that can be touched the seat, is your panties." said Rodney smiling at Kathy.

Kathy was relieved. She felt more comfortable to listen to the rest of the rules. She smiled back at Rodney.

"Rule number 2 - when we are out in public and only if strangers are around us, you will address me as 'Sir', as you are already doing. You will always call me respectfully or I have to punish you."

"Rule number 3 - You are not to have any sort of sexual contact with any person other than with Rex. If he needs you, you must obey and fulfill his desires. Other than him, you are not to have any kind of sexual contact unless you are directed to. You will cum only one time per day."

"Rule number 4 - If the butt plug is not in your butt, you must always have your butt plug with you, may be in your school bag or in your hand bag. I don't know. But when I ask, you must have it with you."

"Last rule - You must always obey me, it doesn't matter who we are with or where we are."

With that, Rodney leaned on his chair and looked directly at Kathy. Kathy was astonished and was so relieved that there are not much hard rules. Then Rodney began to talk.

"See Kathy, there aren't any hard rules. Are there?"

"No sir" said Kathy shaking her head.

"Yes. I don't want to overwhelm you with a list. But my last rule is enough to cover most of the things I wish to do to you. Also, keep in mind that I'll modify the existing rules as required. First rule is basically to remind you your position. As it adds humiliation to you, you will always remember that you are my submissive. Second rule is there to teach you some manners." said Rodney and Kathy laughed.

By that time, their food has arrived. Rodney indicated Kathy to help herself and pour the drinks for him and Kathy. After the waiter went away, Rodney began to talk again

"And Kathy, third rule is there for your own good and for your own pleasure."

"Yes sir I can understand that" said Kathy while tasting her foods.

"Well, the fourth rule is the only rule which is actually a rule" he emphasized the word 'rule' when he said the last word.

"Yeah. It's not easy if I'm not carrying any bag" said Kathy in a concerning voice.

"Then you can always put that in your pocket, silly" said Rodney smiling at her.

"Oh yeah" said Kathy smiling back sheepishly.

They were having a very lovely time. Kathy was feeling so relaxed when she is with Rodney. They continue the rest of the dining without talking about her training. After they finished their dinner, Kathy started to talk

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"Sir, I have to go to the restroom." and she started to stand up. Then Rodney wake his voice

"For what Kathy?"

Kathy was both astonished and embarrassed from his question. But she managed to reply him in a low voice

"To...ehmm...pee.. sir"

"Alright, you can go but you have to pee through your panties. You are not to remove your panties until you finish peeing. Also, don't wipe your pussy after you pee. After you pee, you are to remove your panties and bring them back here"

Kathy gasped in horror and opened her mouth to say something. But then Rodney said her to do it now or, she has to pee right here, at the table. Kathy slowly rose from her chair. Thousands of questions coming to her mind, how can she pee in to her panties and bring them back? Will anyone notice when she carries her panties on the way? Will she wet the restaurant floor while her way back? What will Rodney do with her panties after she bring them back? Will others notice the smell? Oh gosh! Kathy thought. But she had no other choice other than obeying Rodney. So she walked towards the ladies restroom.

Kathy went inside a cubicle and raised her skirt up to her waist and bunched them. Then sat on the toilet. She took a while looking at her panties and think how will it soon looks like after she pee in to it. She tried to pee. She was having difficulty with peeing in to her panties. Somehow, the urge to pee went away after Rodney told her to pee in to her panties. But now she must do it whether she want to pee or not. Otherwise she is sure that Rodney will punish her and it will include more humiliation than this. She pushed so hard and started to pee into her panties. She felt so weird. She had never done something like that. She could feel that her panties are filling with her liquid. She was deeply embarrassed by thinking what she is doing. First, her pussy lips could feel the warmth. After few seconds, the spurt of pee was shooting through either side of her panties and her upper thighs could feel the warmth of the pee. Her pink panties were turning to dark as she soaked it with her pee. Tears of humiliation ran through her cheeks. She is not feeling sad; she is turned on so much that brings tears to her eyes!

Finally Kathy finished her bladder and let out a deep sigh. Now is the hardest part. She has to carry back the pee soaked panties to Rodney. She has no bag or anything to carry them. She knew that she has to carry them in her hand. She slowly removed her pee soaked panties by pushing the waistband of her panties. She carefully let them down so her legs do not get ruined from the pee. She could feel the wetness when she touches it. Her pussy is totally wet. She is not sure that it's solely from her pee or whether her love juice made that wet too. But she knows that it's so wet as well as her thighs. She let her undergarment fall down to her ankles and slowly stepped out from it. Then she washed her hands but she remembered that Rodney said her to not to wipe after peeing. So she didn't pick up the toilet papers. She could feel the strong smell of her pee filling the cubicle. She quickly flushed the toilet and got the fallen panties by her hand. It was dripping wet!

She slowly opened the cubicle door and look out to make sure there is no one out so she can quickly go out from the restroom without letting anyone to feel her smell and see her panties she is carrying in her hand. Fortunately, there was no one at there at the moment. She quickly but silently got out from her cubicle and looked at the panties in her hand. It was dripping her pee drop by drop to the floor. "Oh god! How can I take this dripping piece of cloth back to the table without anyone noticing?"

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012  

I think that it is a pretty good story and although it as some grammar mistakes it's readable, can't wait for the rest of the story.

keep the good work.

Friday, August 31, 2012  

I too could not finish this story as the grammar and present/past tense issues were just too distracting.

The author wrote that he composed this a couple of years ago and now he his grammar has improved.

There is no reason that an author must publish the story as originally written if the writing skills have improved in the mean time. Rewrite the story and find someone to proof read the story before publishing it. Typically when I write a story I will let it sit awhile to 'age' and then I can come back and read it with fresh eyes, often spotting issues I missed or finding better ways of expressing myself.

Friday, August 24, 2012  

Hello all,

I'm the author of this story. :)

Thank you very much for your comments. I agree that my grammar is not good. Honestly, I wrote this story about two years back so my grammar was not good back then. I went to some English classes and I think now my Grammar has improved. :)

Thank you again.

Thursday, August 23, 2012  

Betty says:

Well... competent use of punctuation.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012  

I'm also not a native speaker - hence I wouldn't dare to publish something in English - still, with all due respect, I think my grammar is somewhat better than yours...I know, I'm not supposed to judge the grammar here, but this time, it really stopped me from finishing a story that might have been great - I'd strongly avise you to have someone proofread this story

Wednesday, August 22, 2012  

Past tense, present tense - you're treating them as one and the same. I got halfway through Part II and gave up.

Even if English isn't your strong point, that doesn't mean you should post it without someone proofreading. "Could be better" is an understatement.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012  

I suggest you try to find a site where you can express yourself in your mother tongue.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012  

Horrible grammar. I couldn't finish it. Please have someome proofread your next story.

Monday, August 20, 2012  

Good story everyone thinks they are grammar experts the pleasure is not in grading grammar but in the spirit of the story good job!

Monday, August 20, 2012  

A hard read.. I can tell English wasn't the primary language. I try not to judge on that, but it made it really hard to read. I think the story had potential. Maybe have an editor?

Sadistic Nerd

Monday, August 20, 2012  

Worst grammar ever... I couldn't finish reading it.

Monday, August 20, 2012  

Very good writer, but the plot is just undesirable. Surely a better plot, void of family incest, will make for hotter and more intense action.

Monday, August 20, 2012  

couldn't take it. get a proof reader

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