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The Mermaid
  • Author - FictitiousSlave  
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  • Unique Views - 11668
  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, packaging, public, toys, waterplay
  • Post Date - 8/29/2012
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Reader's Comments (18)

Author's Note: I'm not sure when I had this idea, I'm even sure how good it is. There seems a lot less sex, bondage and orgasms that I'd normally put in my stories but I think something about the situation is quite erotic.

I'd be very interested to know what you think and if you have any other ideas for these entertainers. As it is I'm not planning a Part 2, however if the response is good I may be persuaded to continue!

The sensual world of BDSM

Mermaid Model required - Excellent Rates

I looked at the advert again, the logo of an adult club in town was printed in the corner. It didn't take me long to track them down on the internet, sure enough there was the advert again.

"Model required for mermaid role for special show, must be a strong swimmer, experience preferred." I read out loud "Experience at what? Being a mermaid?" I wondered. I'd stripped casually in the past, usually to fill in for girls at the last minute. "Would that experience be enough?" Without thinking too much about it I sent the email.

It was several days later and I was running along the street for my interview, I was late and it was raining. I ran up the steps as fast as my heels would take me and knocked on the door. It was opened almost at once by a well dressed gentleman with a large smile.

"You must be Anna?" he asked "Nice to meet you. I'm Mike."

I was ushered inside through the cloakroom and into the main hall, as opposed to several venues I'd worked before this was very elaborately decorated, it resembled an old victorian theatre. A large stage dominated the front of the room, curtains lined each wall and comfortable looking chairs sat around round tables. Beside one of these tables another man was sat, he stood as I approached and shook my hand.

"Steve," he introduced himself "I'm the Production Manager."

The three of us sat around the table as the pair examined me. I suddenly felt very under dressed. As this was an interview I'd decided to come in black trousers and flat shoes with a low cut white top, it was certainly more revealing than I'd wear to meet most prospective employers however I was aware this was not a typical graduate job interview. I was proud of my natural cleavage and wanted to ensure I wasn't hiding it. I'd taken great care with my long blonde hair before I'd left, in fact that was the cause of my tardiness. Unfortunately the rain had washed away any sense of style I'd managed to achieve and it now hung wet and dripping around my shoulders. I blushed, this was not how I'd hoped to present myself when I woke up this morning.

Mike looked and Steve who nodded in reply. Apparently despite my bedraggled appearance I'd passed some sort of test. The thought of my hair's uncontrollable habit of frizzing after a shower shot across my mind. "Stay calm" I told myself.

I was so wrapped up in my own thoughts I'd hadn't realised Mike had started speaking "We present adult shows to our members, but we always try to add something a bit different. You can go anywhere to see naked girls, you can surf the web to see pretty much any fantasy or fetish you wish. To make money in the adult industry now you have to be entertainers, we create a show taking those fantasies and put them right in front of our members. No screens, no live nude girl adverts just pure fantasy and showmanship."

I didn't know what to say so I nodded silently. Mike continued "We've been doing some bondage shows recently, they've had a lot of positive reception but we'd like to introduce something a bit lighter as a segment between scenes. We'd like to do a funny sketch with an eccentric explorer capturing a mermaid. We'd have a fin costume made to cover your legs, we've got a tank. It is an adult show so we'd expect you to be topless, there'd be a fifteen minute scene with the explorer which we'd give you a script for in advance so you knew what to expect and can act the role. We'd pay you two hundred pounds."

It had been a long time since I'd been on stage, but I was tempted. It wouldn't take long and would be very nice to have a little extra cash to help pay my student loan.

"I know it's not really a lot of money," Steve explained apologetically "but we'd consider this a taster session. Before we signed you up for any more nights we'd want to see how the audience react and if people enjoyed it. I'm quietly optimistic that we could run this theme for quite a few months with several girls, perhaps a couple at a time. If we get to that point we'd obviously come back to you and talk about a more regular contract."

I paused, thought for a moment and agreed. I'm not sure why, maybe it was the frustration of everyday life since I'd graduated but for some reason I wanted to do this, I'd at least give it a go for a night!

"Sounds good," I grinned,

"Great!" Mike replied. I'll email you the details of the script and the contract once we've got them drawn up. We'll set up a date and take it from there.

Sure enough the email arrived, I scanned the contract. Briefly opened the script and hit reply. The date was set for the 21st of September!

This time I made sure I arrived in plenty of time, I had several hours before I was due on stage. Quietly I slipped through the performer's door and along the corridor into the backstage area. Pandemonium greeted me with girls running backwards and forwards in various stages of disdress. I caught Steve's eye and he greeted me warmly.

"Anna hi! Come and see what we've got for you." he beamed. He led me through the girls to the far side of the room, sure enough there was an enormous tank. I didn't know what I'd expected but I realised at that moment that this was far bigger that I'd dreamed, the tank itself was about ten feet high and a similar width, the void extended a few feet back.

"We wanted to give you plenty of space to splash about in!" Steve explained. "Here's Jeremy!" she grinned.

Sure enough another man joined us, he was dressed in a stereotypical explorer's outfit. He wore khaki boots with long socks pulled up to his pale knees, sand coloured shorts and short sleeved shirt and a wide brimmed hat with a string under his chin. He had a large bushy moustache which I wasn't entirely convinced was real and beamed a wide smile full of teeth.

"Awfully nice to meet you miss!" his voice was over the top bordering on comical but I couldn't laugh. It was so realistic I wasn't convinced he genuinely didn't have such a posh over the top accent.

"And you sir!" I replied smiling. Jeremy was quickly distracted by other things and disappeared in perfect character apparently oblivious to the amount of naked female flesh surrounding him.

"I have to run," apologised Steve "Emma will be here shortly, she'll help you get ready."

As I was nervously glancing up at the enormous water filled tank Emma indeed came to my rescue.

"You'll be fine," she assured me as if reading my mind "I checked, the water is nice and warm!"

She was carrying I noticed a suit carrier, as I watched she unzipped it and produced a rubbery looking fish tail.

"It looks better when it's wet," she assured me. I found that very hard to believe, it was almost completely lifelike and matched my skin tone almost perfectly.

"The show is starting soon so we'd better get you in," grinned the younger girl. I couldn't help but share some of her enthusiasm.

We quickly decided that it was not going to be a simple task to get into the giant fin, the material was either rubber or latex and was stretchy but incredibly tight. Down the centre was a divide creating two leg holes, at the end the material became firmer and tapered into a long tail.

Quickly I stripped off my socks, shoes, trousers and panties and sat down on the floor. Very slowly the two of us worked the material up my long legs and over my backside. The firm ridge between my legs gave me no side to side movement at all but allowed me to bend my legs working the long tail as a mermaid would. What was more uncomfortable was how high the divider came between my legs, once the tail was pulled up to my stomach the top pushed firmly onto my private areas. The rubber (as I was now thinking of it) was firmer and sculpted to a woman's inner thighs but less smooth, several rough patches tormented me with even the slightest movement.

I decided to ignore the sensations, if I was indeed going to wear the suit again then I was sure some adjustments could be made to make it more comfortable. In the mean time I would just have to grin and bear it.

The room was nearly empty now, the show had started and most of the girls were on stage. Emma checked her watch.

"We'd better get you painted and in the tank!" she exclaimed.

Slowly she helped me remove my t shirt and bra and quickly she grabbed a make-up brush and a selection of waterproof bodypaints. Quickly but methodically she began to paint the seam where the rubber tail met my skin, once she'd completed her work I couldn't tell where one finished and the next began. I was truly a mermaid.

This mermaid however was trapped out of water, I quickly realised how helpless I was as I tried to scramble onto my knees towards the large tank.

"It's ok, we'll do it!" Emma gasped "you'll damage the costume!" sure enough several strong looking men appeared and effortlessly picked my small nude frame up the tank's scaffolding frame and rested me on the edge of the glass.

My tail swished backwards and forwards in the warm water and with only a quick grin at Emma I jumped into the tank. I kicked my legs instinctively as my head vanished under the water and it took me a moment to realise why they wouldn't respond. I pulled hard with my arms and I surfaced again, this was fun!

My eyes were about about a foot below the top of the tank, I reached out with my arms and could touch each glass wall one way but not the other. A small speaker rested in the top corner, presumably so I could hear what Jeremy was saying during the act.

"Ok!" shouted Emma over the sound of my splashing "Seal her up!" The men quickly lifted a large wooden board alongside the tank, I was helpless to stop them as it was lifted into place on top of my tank. I heard drills whirring as it was screwed firmly into place.

For the first time I really stopped to consider my situation. I was trapped. There was no denying that, my legs were fastened together into a (admittedly very decorative) rubber tube which I had no chance of escaping by myself. I was in a tank of water in which I couldn't reach the bottom, the top was sealed save for a few air holes. I was in a strip club I didn't know a lot about and was about to be presented to the audience for their own fantasies. My heard was in my mouth as I heard the click of padlocks being applied through the speaker.

"Are you ok in there?" Emma's voice boomed through the little black box. I nodded uncertainly "You look great!" she exclaimed.

"I can't see you?" I replied, it was true. The glass was distorting what was going on outside, I could only see vague shapes and movement.

"We can't hear you I'm afraid," replied Emma "give me the thumbs up, let me know you're ok?"

I wasn't on my own I reminded myself, this was a stage act. There were people here to look after me. My panic subsided slightly and I gave the small figure a big thumbs up.

"Dive underwater a few times, get used to it then we're going to have to get you ready to go out onto the stage." she replied.

Obediently I performed a surface dive lifting my tail clear of the water as I submerged. I swam a few stroked underwater pausing to take in the size of the tank. I was delighted to feel the sensation of my unrestrained breasts weightlessly bouncing along with me, that would give the audience a show I thought. After a moment I pulled hard with my arms and returned to the small gap of air between the surface and the lid of the tank.

"Anna you look brilliant!" Emma shouted through the speaker, "We'll get you up to the stage!"

My world moved as the tank was rolled along the floor. Finally we came to rest and I could see the illuminated performance area on one side of my tank and surmised that we must be waiting off in the wings.

"Anna my darling you look magnificent!" came Jeremy's over the top voice through my little box. I gave someone nearby a cheerful thumbs up, I figured there was at least a chance I was talking to the right person. I shuffled slightly in my rubber suit, the ridge was still pushing firmly into me. I suspected I would be sore after this!

Suddenly the stage darkened "Ladies and gentlemen," boomed Mike's voice "there are many wonders in this world. Some have passed into legend, others into myth. However I am delighted tonight, due to the bravery of a certain Jeremy Steele to present to you... a mermaid!"

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I heard polite clapping coming from the audience as my tank began to move again. On cue I began to play around inside the glass prison, I dived beneath the water swimming strongly and making sure to wriggle a little more than was strictly necessary. I surfaced briefly, filling my lungs with air and feeling extremely satisfied as I felt my breasts bob to the surface before diving again.

I heard the show continue each time as I broke the water's surface, Jeremy was describing a long and arduous trip in dangerous parts of the world where I'd tried to seduce him with my bewitching ways. Finally he'd overcome my charms and had managed to trap me, being the brave explorer he was he'd drawn on years of courage and experience to better me. The key, he announced was the song of the sea.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to demonstrate!" he exclaimed. A piece of music began playing, it was slow and haunting and rose and fell with the crash of waves. In character I began to settle, swaying gently in time with the tune. Then, as the music began to build something strange happened.

The strong ridge of rubber which sat firmly between my legs which had been my tormentor up until this point began to vibrate gently. I'm sure I must have jumped in surprise! Instinctively my hands went towards my crotch but the vibrations were coming from deep inside the tight rubber suit. My head dipped below the water level briefly before I kicked frantically with my tail and restored my position on the surface.

"You see," exclaimed Jeremy "it's affecting her already!"

"Of course it's affecting me you idiot!" I thought "You've strapped me up in a giant vibrator. Trapped me in a tank of water and put me on display for the general public!"

As the music began to build so did the vibrations in my suit, before long shivers were washing over me as the rubber went to work firmly on my clit. The rough area which had been uncomfortable before was now furiously buzzing my most sensitive areas. Waves of pleasure and embarrassment began to wash over me. Jeremy's voice continued from the speaker, describing my most intimate moments in excruciating detail.

I was struggling to stay afloat, the vibrator was tormenting me. Just when I thought I was about to climax the music would drift off taking the stimulations with it. A few moments later it would resume forcing waves of pleasure through me, my legs would curl up and my arms would weaken inevitably leading to gasps and spluttering when I would resurface.

"Watch what happens when the music reaches it's peak!" came Jeremy's voice over the speaker, I couldn't breath. Delight coursed through me as the vibrator exploded between my legs, this was more powerful than anything I'd felt before. My clit was on fire as the sensations travelled up my spine. I knew I couldn't stay above the surface as I came, instead I took a deep breath and allowed myself to sink blissfully into the warm water of the tank.

My world was silent as the orgasm flowed through me. I had no idea how many people were watching, I couldn't tell if the music was still playing. All I knew was that delight pushed it's way out from between my legs and through every inch of me.

"Slowly I regained my senses and dragged myself up to the surface of the tank." I was in a daze as I was rolled off stage to the sound of thunderous applause. Apparently I was a success.

I couldn't talk as the lid was removed from my tank, strong arms lifted me out and placed me on warm towels. I felt warm as Emma's hands slowly began to peel back the rubber of my tail, I was vaguely aware that the vibrator had stopped. I could feel the dampness of the inside of the suit and I was sure it wasn't just the water. Once free I rested naked on the warm towel, oblivious to the world.

My mind wandered for a few moments, the orgasm, the humiliation, the fact that I should really read contracts before I sign them. Part of me was actually relieved, if I'd read the script in advance there would have been no way I'd have agreed to what I'd just done. Now I'd experienced it however I found myself hoping that Mike would ask me back to perform again.

Slowly I came to my senses to see Steve standing over me, he was beaming.

"That," he said "was spectacular!" he exclaimed "It's all I've heard about from any of our guests, seriously I thought the reaction we got to the ropes was good. All I've heard about is the girl in the tank! I've had questions about several mermaids, bigger tanks, mermaids in bondage, mermaid blowjobs..." I tuned out as he continued. It sounded like I would get the chance to play in the water again.

"Anyway, I've got to dash." he apologised, "You get yourself home, relax and we'll talk very very soon!”

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Sunday, October 20, 2013  

More of the same, including keeping for longer periods of time, slave training as mermaidesm, learger typing being used, lots of blow jobs while hanging upside down by their tails and wrists tied up so she can be arched upward and down as torture to train her as a slave and to such cock, also control treat of drowning..
No way left to cotact author with ideas.

Saturday, September 22, 2012  

love it more please :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012  

Sequel please!

Sunday, September 02, 2012  

Simply spectacular.

Sunday, September 02, 2012  

Or "Jenny and the Water Tank".

Sunday, September 02, 2012  

Great. I just started getting into the bondage aspects of mermaid costumes. There is an actual fad for women and girls to go swimming with their legs strapped to each other.

Saturday, September 01, 2012  

Yes, more please! Stephanie1963, have you read "Celia's Swim" on this site? Judging by your comment, you would enjoy it.

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

Very fun tai!! Like to read another episode if ypu write one!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

Something light and fun and different, just like the show in the story! Love it. And I personally don't mind the relative lack of bondage at all.

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

I thought it was an excellent way of describing a strange half time production.
Part 2 might be with a merman chasing her & finally reaching her or maybe she could be bound to a large rock - helpless to avoid his advances.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

Fun, light story. Best to end it here though - go out on a high.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

Enjoyed the story theme, perhaps the next episode could develop the a non-consential element when Anna is trapped in the Mermaid Tail and kept as a Mermaid against her will

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

Personally i would have likes her arms secured within the suit as well

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

Great story, and yes if it's possibile you need to continue. What you have is a great story to build on.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

fantastic please keep writing this story

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

I thought it was a good story, and agree that it was an erotic situation. There was a certain degree of restraint with the fin and being sealed in the tank, so that base was covered. Then there was the forced orgasm, so the lack of sex or further bondage is not an issue.

My vote would be to end it here. This is good as is. -Darios

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

Well, I liked it! Well-written, only a few typos, and a bit of fun. I'm not sure where you would go from here - maybe more explorer ideas (savage jungle woman in chains for the safety of the audience? Tribe acting out their human sacrifice rituals? Female explorer being lowered into cooking pot?) - the possibilities are endless. But more bondage next time please. Good luck!
Jenny xxx

Wednesday, August 29, 2012  

I think that if you strengthened up the ending with a bit of a promise of things to come, it would make for a very nice, "The End."

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