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The Latex Lure
  • Author - Alcazar  
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  • Site Rank - 329 of 2646
  • Unique Views - 17453
  • Story Codes - f-self, MF-f, non-consensual, bondage, kidnapping, latex, self-bondage
  • Post Date - 11/8/2012
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Author's Note: This story has been published as part of the bundle 'The Cyber Trap and other BDSM stories' (available as e-Book in various formats)

'Have a nice day, Miss MacKay!' the agent said as he left.

She breathed deeply and looked around her, still not really believing her luck. Finding a completely furnished semi-detached on a short term lease; immediately available and at a fantastically reasonable price!

The sensual world of BDSM

'The owner works on one of the oil rigs in the Gulf' the estate agent had said 'and he won't be back for a year at least. So he instructed us to lease it to someone who could be relied on not to muck the place up...' She had hurriedly signed the contract and had assured the agent she would treat the house and furniture as if it was her own.

And now she was the mistress of the house....

An hour later she had unpacked her scarce luggage and stored in the various wardrobes and cupboards. Her business suits had suffered a bit from being packed tightly. And she would need them nice and crisp next week during her job hunting.So she had made a mental note to find dry a cleaner quickly.

The kitchen was nice and clean but the fridge was empty. She remembered the agent had told her a supermarket and some shops were a few blocks away. 'Three minutes walking' he had said; very convenient indeed, because she did not have a car yet.

After dinner she sat down and tried to relax. She knew nobody in this part of the country and the thought of a long, lonely evening did not really attract her. Feeling restless she stood up and had another look at the rooms. She gave just another glimpse to the master bedroom and bathroom upstairs. There remained what looked like a guestroom. It was smaller and empty, except for a little pile of collapsible cardboard boxes, the type used by furniture movers. Two of those boxes stood apart, obviously still filled, on top of a little four wheeled dolly that was about a foot high. It looked like the movers had overlooked them.

The interior of the little room was a bit puzzling. A large wall mirror, about 4 feet wide ran from the ceiling to the floor, while there was a white, soft rug in front of it. What could it be for? She also noticed various lamps attached to the ceiling. On an impulse she tried the switches and the little room was instantly filled with a bright red-golden glow...

She closed the curtains to shut out the grey evening light and the little room suddenly became warm and intimate. She could not resist the urge to open one of the boxes. Peering inside she noticed the contents were covered by a piece of soft black cloth. She removed it and stared in puzzlement at a tangle of shiny black things. Taking the topmost out of the box she held it out in front of her and smiled. It was a latex cat-suit, very nice and shiny and probably skin tight! She looked in the box again. Black patent leather ankle boots with six inch heels, a latex sling-under bra on top of what looked like an open crotch slip...

She picked the cat-suit up again and turned towards the mirror, holding it in front of her. She would look unbelievably sexy in it, like a fetish model. Her breath went a little shorter and she felt some faint stirrings in her loins. She HAD to try it on...

After shedding her clothes in the master bedroom she came back and looked at the latex garments. A faint, nagging thought flitted through her mind '...why are these things left behind?...' but it disappeared the moment she slipped into the latex bra. It fitted quite well and nicely pushed her pert breasts up. After putting on the open crotch slip she paused for a moment and then, with trembling fingers, picked up the cat-suit and struggled into it. It really was skin-tight, with an open crotch and two openings from which her breasts jutted out. Turning the box upside down, a pair of shoulder length latex gloves fell out. They were so tight it was a struggle to put them on. As a final touch she quickly stepped into the ankle boots and laced them up. Then she stood up and walked a bit unsteady on the very high heels in front of the mirror.

Whatever doubt she might have had vanished as soon as she looked at her image, now encased in shining black latex. She was like a stunning fetish picture that had come alive. Like a photographers model she turned this way and that, jutting out a hip, bending over to expose her pussy...

Standing close to the mirror she realized there was something still lacking and went into the bathroom. There she made her face up with heavy mascara and eye shadow to match the latex outfit. She quickly went back to the little room and stood in front of the mirror.

The result was dramatic. She looked like a fetish queen from one of the internet sites she sometimes furtively visited. The red golden light in the room gave her latex skin a soft, sensual gleam. Her face seemed to shine in a mysterious way, with the pale lipstick nicely offsetting the heavy mascara.

She radiated sexuality!

Looking at her exciting image while she was pivoting on het six inch heels she became aroused. A warm glow started in her loins and her nipples were swelling up. She touched her pussy with her latex covered hand and started rub her clit. Soon her fingers were covered with cunt juice.

Fingering herself and kneading a swollen nipple she yearned for something to shove up into her. Ahh, imagine lying on that rug in front of that mirror, in her fetish suit and shoving a large dildo up into her pussy! She nearly came at the thought alone!

On an impulse she walked over to the dolly and removed the now empty topmost box. She opened the other box and gasped. In it was a tangle of leather things and gleaming chains. And on top of it all a black strap on dildo harness!

She picked up the harness and looked at it. A dildo shaped like an eight inch black cock protruded from the soft leather harness. And the bottom part of the harness had an extra dildo sticking up. She realized it would go up into the Mistress cunt, to provide double pleasure, no doubt...

Standing in front of the mirror and slowly moving her hips, she rubbed the dildo against her pussy lips. After a few moments she could not restrain herself any longer and slowly, gently pushed the bottom dildo all the way up into her wet cunt. She fastened the straps around her waist and looked into the mirror again. She now was the fetish Mistress, a Dominatrix approaching a bound and frightened slave, helplessly bent over and waiting to be fucked from behind...

Almost without noticing it her hand went backwards and forwards with the eight inch black cock that jutted out stiffly in front of her. Each pull and push moved the dildo inserted in her pussy and rubbed the harness against her clit. Breathing heavily she sat down on the soft rug in front of the mirror and looked at the unbelievable image of herself. A veritable fetish queen, sitting wide legged while jerking a large black cock, kneading one of her swollen nipples. The jerks became quicker and quicker and her fingers kneaded her nipple harder and harder. Flames of pain and waves of lust seemed to ignite her dripping wet cunt, until she squirmed and moved her hips up and down and suddenly came in a sobbing orgasm....

After some time she recovered her breath and stood up. There was more stuff in that box and she now was fully committed. Turning the box upside down, a tangle of cuffs, chains and other stuff fell onto the floor. A piece of paper fluttered out and when she turned it around it showed a girl in a similar cat-suit. But this girl had a spreader bar between her ankles, a gag in her mouth and her handcuffed wrists were over her head, attached to a chain from the ceiling. She looked up. The chain was there, ending in what looked like a simple, sturdy hook.

She looked at the picture, then at the cuffs and chains and at the hook again. A sensation she had never had before crept over her. How would it feel, being cuffed and gagged and standing there with the dildo up her cunt?

In a mounting wave of excitement she picked through the tangle of leather stuff. A wide leather collar studded with D-rings fell aside and almost without thinking she picked it up and closed it around her neck. Next she put on a pair of ankle cuffs with a short chain between them. She picked up a pair of nipple clamps and held them in her gloved hand, weighing them and testing their tightness. Then she cringed when she put them on and they bit into her swollen nipples. She tightly fastened a pair of leather cuffs on her wrists and finally pushed a red rubber ball gag into her mouth.

Walking over to the mirror was not easy because of the chain between her ankles but the sight was worth it. She had transformed herself from fetish queen and dominatrix to helplessly bound sex slave. The chains between the wrist and ankle cuffs gave off a hard steel glint and made tinkling noises as she moved. She was wet and horny and constantly moved the strap-on dildo harness against her clit to excite herself even more.

When she tried to reach the hook from the ceiling she found it was just too high for her. Removing the now empty box, she moved the dolly right underneath the hook and gingerly stood on it. Raising her arms high above her head she slipped the short chain connecting the wrist cuffs over the hook. Excitement gushed through her as she stood almost helpless. She wanted to have a look in the mirror because she must look exactly like that girl in the picture. Shuffling her feet on the dolly she tried to turn around.

With a crashing sound one side of the dolly suddenly collapsed. As it shot out from under her high heeled feet, she tumbled forwards but the taut chain from the ceiling prevented her fall. The jerk on the chain was followed by a snapping sound and she looked up. A pawl in the hook had been pulled out, locking the cuff chain inside...

She was trapped!

She was stretched to her full length, with her six inch heels barely touching the ground. The tight wrist cuffs held her arms high over her head and her grappling fingers could not reach the buckles that would release her. The locked hook prevented her from jumping up to slide the cuff chain off. And the gag in her mouth made it impossible to cry out for help. She was completely helpless.

As she moved and writhed in her panic the dildo harness constantly rubbed against her clit and the clamps bit even harder in her nipples. In the large mirror she saw a cuffed and gagged latex clad slave helplessly suspended from the ceiling and she completely lost control over her body. She moved her hips wildly forward and backward. The obscene eight inch black cock swept up and down and around while the nipple clamps on her breasts danced on their own and bit hard with each bounce. Moaning behind her gag, she tried to open her legs wide, the chain between her ankles stretched taut and she arched het body as she came in another enormous orgasm....

It must have been an hour later or so when she heard a car stopping in front of the house. She tried to shout but the gag made it impossible. Standing absolutely still she listened, desperately trying to find a way to attract attention. Then, to her amazement, she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. She moaned around the gag and heard the footsteps approaching. 'My God' she thought 'I'm saved!' but at the same time she started to feel utterly embarrassed. To be found like this...

The door opened and to her surprise the estate agent came in, followed by a portly female carrying a black bundle.

They came towards the girl and the woman looked her over.

'Good work, Tom!' she said in a hoarse smoker's voice. 'This is the quality I am looking for!' Then she felt with her finger under the dildo harness and smirked while she said 'She seems to have enjoyed it!'

The girl stared at her, a cold fear creeping over her. They could not, would not...

The female unrolled the bundle. It was a kind of body bag with a zipper down its length. She rose and laughed at the girl. 'We're going to take you to a nice place. There you can wear this all the time!' while she smacked the girls latex covered bottom with a pudgy hand.

The estate agent quickly let the chain down and unlocked the hook. The woman quickly cuffed the girls' hands behind her back. She tried to resist but it was no use. The female was much too strong. She expertly rolled her into the body bag and started to zip it closed. When the zipper had reached the girls chin the woman said: 'You might be curious how we knew we had you trapped...'

The man grinned and said: 'there's a little Bluetooth transmitter in the wrist cuffs. It is activated by a current the ceiling hook gives off once it's closed. And in that dildo harness is a transponder, activated by body heat. If it gets the Bluetooth signal, it sends us a text message...'

Laughing the female touched the bulge in the body bag caused by the dildo and said 'the thing you jerked off with is the antenna!' as closed the body bag over the girls head.

They dropped the body bag in the back of an estate car and covered it with a blanket. Lying helpless in the dark of the bag she heard the female say laughing: 'The only time it went wrong was when that girl had cuffed her boyfriend to the chain and was fucking the hell out of his ass with our strap-on dildo!'

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014  

Great story I would love to be in her place, kidnapped in latex and tight bondage and IO would love to have been tricked in this way. IO love the part where it is said We're going to take you to a nice place. There you can wear this all the time." because I would love to be wearing this all the time complete with gag

Tuesday, May 21, 2013  

I would LUV 2 have all that happen to me 4 real except the foldout part of the story

Saturday, December 22, 2012  

I liked it.
More please

Tuesday, December 18, 2012  

Keep going!.. Don't stop

Tuesday, November 20, 2012  

Illogical. Uninvntive. Not very erotic or stimulating

Monday, November 12, 2012  

A little hesitation before diving head first into the suit would've added some realism, but otherwise, a really good story. I didn't see the ending coming, and the electronics seemed plausable enough. In this day and age you can you can do about anything with a phone.

Good job! ....... -Darios

Saturday, November 10, 2012  

Silly girl. Putting on all that latex like that... :-D Okay, this was fun.

Friday, November 09, 2012  

Great story so far, hope you continue this

Thursday, November 08, 2012  

A short but fascinating and exciting story. Your excellent writing made it a pleasure to read.

Thursday, November 08, 2012  

Rather far fetched but amusing enough. Would like to read more.

Thursday, November 08, 2012  

Well its a nice story ! and it must be continued............

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