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The Chastity Maid
  • Author - bunny1  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, chastity, cross-dressing
  • Post Date - 2/19/2013
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The slave named by Mistress Cordelia as Bunny waited patiently outside her house in his car. Or, rather, waited impatiently. But the impatience wasn't because Mistress was late, it was because the almost two months (one month, three weeks, four days and six-and-a-half hours since his last orgasm , he calculated) spent in the chastity device was now really beginning to get to him. The first couple of weeks had been a bit of a joke and he had achieved the objective of one month which Mistress had set him, but now the whole thing was beginning to grate. He was going to have it out with Mistress (no pun intended, he told himself) and within a few hours at most he'd be out of the hard, unforgiving chastity device and into the soft, wet pussy of that local escort he'd struck up a regular 'arrangement' with, Sally. He had even already booked dinner and 'afters' with her that evening. As his cock tightened within the confines of the device the little bumps on its inside bit and caused him to squirm. He flushed, fidgeted and thumped the car steering wheel. How had he got himself into this?

The truth was, he'd asked for it, in both senses. He'd been seeing Mistress Cordelia on and off for several years. He enjoyed the pony training, hated the CP (although had grown to accept it because Mistress told him it was necessary for his training), had become quite good though he said so himself at foot massage and had pleaded (yes, pleaded) to become Mistress's chastity maid. The maid part hadn't been realised (one thing at a time, all good things come to those who wait, Mistress had insisted, teasingly), but after experimenting with plastic and silicone devices, the chastity part had. He'd had the frenum and PA piercings (after consulting friends in the know, Mistress advised that he had both on the basis that if he was having one he might as well have the other at the same time). He'd ordered the Lori's tube with the locking accessories which fitted through the piercings. Mistress had also advised on the device size (snug, she insisted) and that he must have the optional internal studs. These were not sharp and would not damage the penis, she explained, but if he was to be in chastity to her she definitely wanted maximum discouragement to erection where not authorised by her personally. That was what he wanted, right? Bunny had agreed, if somewhat reluctantly.

The six month delivery time on the device had allowed the piercings to heal, as was necessary. Mistress had explained that he'd have to be prepared psychologically as well as physically and during the six months he had been for regular monthly sessions. In addition to the regular BDSM play, Mistress had ensured that these sessions included what she called "confession time". This involved Bunny being strapped down tightly to Mistress's bench and she'd put on thin rubber gloves, lube his cock and stroke - very slowly. This, she explained, would help to loosen his tongue, and it did.

During this teasing, what was inclined initially to come out of Bunny's mouth most, was begging to cum. Quelle surprise! However this was easily rectified when Mistress immediately stopped the stroking and provided a quick whack (not too hard - it didn't need to be!) with her crop across his balls, a procedure which invariably stopped the begging in its tracks. This enabled the dialogue to move on to Bunny's fantasies. Mistress Cordelia already had a pretty good picture of what these were and the one she encouraged most was the chastity maid scenario. She had long seen potential in Bunny as a maid and if he wanted to be chaste as well, that was totally fine by her. "Mind you", she thought to herself, "he should be careful what he wishes for."

In the second of these monthly sessions he had blurted it out: "I love you Mistress. I know it's stupid using the 'L' word. But I adore you, I worship you, I love you." Whilst Mistress Cordelia knew that slaves frequently fell head over heels with their dominatrix, Bunny's expression of affection seemed particularly passionate. It was just the teasing, she convinced herself, after all when you've got a man's cock in your hand, as well she knew from bitter experience, they'll promise you anything. Nevertheless she was genuinely touched. She laughed it off there and then, but it didn't stop her putting her boobs right up close to Bunny's face (although not quite close enough to lick) and looking deeply into his eyes as, as a special reward, she finished him off. As Bunny came she fixed his gaze and murmured: "OK lover boy, chastity maid you want, chastity maid you'll get. Then we'll see if you're serious about me."

In the fourth monthly session, Bunny could now see in hindsight that he'd made a mistake. Mistress has been especially attractive that day, even flirty. She'd asked him again if he loved her. He'd said of course he did and he'd do anything for her. But because this was confession time (right?), while Mistress was stroking him he'd also confessed his infidelities. Mistress had immediately paused. "What infidelities, Bunny, and to whom?" then she started to stroke again, very slowly. Driven by the stroking which seemed to promise so much, Bunny explained, grovellingly and apologetically, that he'd had sessions with another domme, Mistress Donatella. Then there was Sally. And the occasional buddy-fuck with Karen, the ex-colleague with the big boobs. And of course Joanne, his ex-wife with whom he remained on good terms. They didn't know about each other, but now Mistress knew about them all.

He knew Mistress would understand (wouldn't she?). After all, he told himself, all women know that men aren't naturally faithful, don't they? Bunny felt better with the confessions out rather than in. Mistress Cordelia looked into his eyes and made a polite excuse. She'd be back in a minute. In the adjacent room, she paused for thought. "The little bastard." she thought, "Men." She shed a little tear, but her resolve was hardened. Chastity maid. Yes, that suited Bunny. He deserves to be a chastity maid and he was going to know what it was like to be a chastity maid to a dominatrix scorned. Oh yes. The session continued on her return to the dungeon room but Mistress Cordelia was, Bunny thought, somewhat colder than usual and with what seemed to him like a little glint in her eye, she explained that there would be no orgasm for him that day, at least not by her hand.

By the sixth month, Bunny's piercings were healed and the Lori's tube had arrived. The fitting session had been, it seemed to Bunny, friendly and professional. Mistress Cordelia had of course kept the keys. She hadn't been able to see him though now for almost two months. A series of excuses, all believable. Bunny was frustrated, tense, even irritable. This was going to be a big (indeed explosive, he hoped) day.

Mistress appeared at the door and Bunny leaped out of the car to take her bags which he placed carefully in the boot. "Hi Bunny. Pleased to see me?". She was gorgeous. More gorgeous than ever. "Y-Yes, Mistress, very much so. As always, of course." He stammered slightly. "I bet you're even more pleased than usual to see me today Bunny. Today is the day you get what you're begging for!". Mistress Cordelia was pleased with herself. They made small talk as he drove her to Notting Hill, but not to Mistress's usual chambers.........

"Here, turn left into the driveway after the junction. We're going to spend the day with a friend of mine." Mistress Cordelia beamed. And she thought to herself "..... and maybe some friends of yours, Bunny".

It was a nice place. Somewhere like that in Notting Hill - worth a few million, Bunny thought to himself. It turned out to belong to Daniel, a friend and slave of Mistress's. Daniel became Daniella when Mistress required and today, she required. S/he was already dressed. Full maid's uniform including short skirt, frilly knickers, seamed stockings, black courts shoes, black wig and a little hat. S/he was also made up immaculately, thought Bunny. All in all, quite sexy he thought, leaving aside his determinedly hetero outlook and that he was looking at a tranny.

Mistress kissed Daniella on both cheeks (mwa mwa), thanked for the use of her large house for the day and introduced the two slaves to each other. Then she turned to Bunny. "Bunny, I want you to go with Daniella who will dress you and provide you with what you'll need for the day. Do as Daniella says, no questions please. Our guests will be here in an hour."

Bunny hadn't known that there would be guests. He had discussed multi-Mistress, multi-slave parties with Mistress before. This sounded exciting! His cock twitched momentarily but only until the chastity device did its work and caused Bunny to grunt with frustration.

Daniella took Bunny upstairs to a large bedroom. Laid out on the bed was an outfit not dissimilar to Daniella's, except that the maid's dress looked longer. Bunny wasn't sure about this but trusted Mistress and, with a little hesitation, got dressed with Daniella's help. His wig was auburn and it turned out that the maid's uniform he wore also had a few differences from Daniella's. The footwear was boots, not shoes, boots which locked in place and had little D rings on the inside of each ankle. There was also a belt, locked at the rear and again with a D ring on each side. And a posture collar. The dress itself was made of thick rubber and indeed was considerably longer than Daniella's, and much tighter and more restrictive. When Daniella zipped it, Bunny's legs could only move in short steps below knee level. He wasn't going to be running anywhere.

Daniella also made Bunny up. The makeup seemed to Bunny to take ages. When he looked in the mirror he was shocked to see a rather attractive (so he thought) slut looking back at him. "Daniella, isn't this a bit over the top? I'm not sure about this now you know." "Shh, you know what Mistress said," replied Daniella, "and we need to get on now because I can hear the doorbell again. That must be everyone arrived by now." Bunny sighed and decided to go along with Mistress's game. He did need to ask Daniella something though: "I guess you're in chastity too, right? What kind of device do you wear?" Daniella looked at him askance. "Me? Good God no! I like sex far too much. I think you're very brave to sign up to chastity with Mistress. I think we both know how strict she can be! Anyway, let's get downstairs quickly now."

At the bottom of the stairs, Daniella gave Bunny another little surprise - she placed a blindfold over his eyes. "There, I'm going to lead you into the library to meet our guests. Mistress insists on the blindfold and she thinks it will make the surprise she has for you even more exciting!"

Daniella attached a chain to the D ring on Bunny's posture collar and led him through the large double-doors into the library and into the middle of the room. She added a cuff to each of Bunny's wrists and fixed these to the D rings on the belt. Lastly she attached a six inch chain between the D rings on Bunny's boots.

Mistress was next to speak: "Ladies, I present to you my sub, slave and, chastity maid, Molly. Take her bindfold off please, Daniella. Thank you. Ta-da".

Bunny stood transfixed. He couldn't have run if he'd wanted to. He didn't know where to look. Before him sat, champagne in hand and beaming from ear to ear, Joanne, Karen, Sally and Mistress Donatella.

Mistress again: "Sally I take it that your appointment with this wretch tonight is now off? Karen I'm guessing that the hotel-room dalliances are unlikely to be required in future? Joanne I will happily let this lowly male out of his chastity device - as soon of course, as you and I both think that he's learned his lesson. My own guess is that it will be a year or so before he's really come round to the right way of thinking, but if you think it will take longer that's also fine by me. And Donatella, it's great to see you again. I hope you'll join me in cropping this useless and unworthy maid before she serves us tea and biscuits."

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Sunday, December 03, 2017  

Loved the story. I hope you do continue it.

Thursday, February 21, 2013  


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