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The Hunger Game
  • Author - Some Weirdo  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, M-f, non-consensual, analplay, armbinder, bondage, chastity, latex, sci-fi, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 5/20/2013
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Author's Note: This is a sci-fi bondage story based on a very popular book and film series. This is my first story on this site, so please give as much helpful feedback as possible in the comments. If you like this I'll probably continue writing in another part. Enjoy!

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Chapter 1

Kat was woken by a harsh, repetitive beeping sound. Opening her eyes, she saw that the sound was coming from a small red timer, counting down second-by-second. 58... 57... 56... 55... Kat was very confused. The last thing she remembered was talking to a tall, shy man in her student coffee shop. He seemed pretty friendly, his name was Kevin... or was it Keith? Anyway, all she could remember after that was a stinking cloth being held to her face the moment she walked into her flat. The dull headache and sense of nausea in Kat's stomach slowed her waking, and she struggled to take in her surroundings. The timer appeared sideways in her vision and was floating, seemingly impossibly, in mid-air. Light from the opening of what appeared to be a cave hurt her eyes, and she could feel mud and stones against her left arm and bare ass. She attempted to reach out to touch the timer, to somehow stop the piercing noise in her now sensitive ears, only to find that her wrists were locked together behind her back. Looking at her naked body, she noticed a thick metal belt around her abdomen, with a large black button at the front. She could just about see that her wrists were encased in some sort of hi-tech bracelets, as were her ankles. Suddenly her senses came to life as she started to panic. Where am I? Who bound my wrists together? What does this timer mean? Is it a bomb?! 16... 15... 14... Kat sat up and squirmed away from the red display as best she could, covering her lower body in mud, until her back was pressed up against the cold rock wall of the cave. 6... 5... 4... She closed her eyes, hearing the last beeps 3... 2... 1... 0... Her arms flopped beside her as the cuffs released.

Panic over. After Kat had calmed down, she decided to test the button on her belt... nothing. With a little hesitation, but realising that there was nothing left for her here but rock and mud (noticing that the timer had apparently just disappeared), Kat emerged from the cave, attempting to hide her nudity. It was very warm outside. Sunlight beamed down from between the leaves of the forest canopy, and a warm wind snuck between Kat's legs, slowly drying the mud. There was nothing to be seen but dense forest, and nothing to be heard but the birds chirping above. Trying to make a mental note of what the cave looked like, Kat started walking in no particular direction to find help, completely forgetting about the snug metal cuffs remaining around her wrists and ankles, and the thick metal belt locked above her hips. After several minutes, Kat stopped by a small opening when she felt a sharp holly leaf press into her bare foot. As she leaned against the nearest tree to pick it off, to her surprise, a perfectly camouflaged touch-panel revealed itself from the tree trunk. Curious, she examined the three options displayed on the panel:

>Food: 100 AP
>Time: 10 AP/min
>Leave Game: 5,000 AP

You have: 0 AP

Game? Is this some kind of ultra-realistic computer simulation? Or some sort of sick TV game show? Kat decided that it couldn't be the former, because she was absolutely starving. She felt like she hadn't eaten in days. Her father had taught her to forage and hunt since she was 8, and she had provided meat for her family for years before leaving for university. There was, however, an alternative option... how could she obtain these 'AP'?

Kat froze, hearing the brief rustle of leaves behind her. Could this be her chance for food? Turning her head slowly, she glimpsed a head of white-blonde hair peeking from behind a tree, just a few feet away.

'So, a newcomer I suppose?' the blonde girl said smoothly, walking casually out from behind the tree.

'What do you want? Who are you?' Kat whimpered, the fear obvious in her voice.

The girl paced calmly, circling Kat, like a predator stalks it's prey. 'They say the only way to learn what happens in The Game, is to experience being a victim first-hand.' The girl's calm voice cut through Kat like a knife.

Frozen in fear, Kat said nothing in reply. The blonde was a little taller than her, and looked stronger. She too was naked, with identical cuffs and belt to Kat. As the girl began to approach, Kat raised her fists, preparing herself for a fight. 'Don't come any closer!' Terror still resonated in Kat's voice. As the Blonde approached calmly, Kat lunged forward and swung a punch, hitting the girl square in the face, knocking her to the ground. A split second after the impact, Kat felt an electric shock rip through her body from the belt, throwing her to the floor too. Was that some kind of punishment?

'You really have no idea, do you?' said the blonde angrily, standing up and wiping blood from her lip. Without warning, she pounced on Kat, wrestling her back down to the floor. Kat had grabbed her hands on the way down, and the girl appeared to be reaching frantically towards the button on Kat's belt, Kat fighting to keep the hands away. Confused, but thinking quickly, Kat brought her knee hard into the button on her attacker's belt, pushing it in with a firm click.

The girl's facial expression turned from anger, to that of a child that had lost her mother in a supermarket. A small red timer, identical to the one Kat saw in the cave, materialised between them, and without a second's delay the girl was whipped backwards off of Kat, her arms wide above her head, legs spread. The timer read 1:00:00. She appeared to be suspended spread-eagle by her four bracelets, feet inches from the ground. Kat just lay there staring, utterly bewildered, as the girl screamed briefly, only for a glowing blue solid to wrap around her face, filling her mouth. Without a second thought, Kat ran. She ran until her legs would carry her no further, then slumped against a tree and began to sob quietly. As she hung her head in her arms, trying to calm herself and think logically about her situation, she noticed a tiny display on the top of her belt, reading 6 AP. It was going up. Embossed in the metal underneath the display were the words 'Arousal Points Count'. Kat thought for a moment. Arousal Points? I'm not aroused. Why on earth would it be going up? Then she realised... the blonde girl.

Kat needed to eat as soon as she could, and she was already feeling weak from malnutrition. After waiting for about 20 minutes, she realised that the counter wasn't going to reach 100 in an hour, and she pondered the thought of going back to the girl. The counter read 32 AP now, but had hardly increased in the last 5 minutes. It would be easy ...just a couple of fingers would do the trick. The thought made Kat very uncomfortable, but then again, so did her hunger. Eventually, she gave in to her stomach and decided to go back.

After about 10 minutes of walking and about 5 minutes of trying to find the opening, Kat saw the blonde in the distance in exactly the position she had left her. Her head was hung, gag still in her mouth, and the timer read 0:38:50. Hoping that the element of surprise might give her a slight edge, Kat traversed around the girl, and crept up behind. Once within reaching distance of the naked, suspended girl, she almost turned back, before remembering her hunger. Remaining absolutely silent, she crouched and reached out her hand between the girl's legs, now staring at her beautifully toned, spread ass cheeks. A single middle finger touched the blonde's clit, and she jolted suddenly, a small mmmph escaping her mouth. As the girl tried uselessly to pull her legs together, Kat's finger began to rub up and down, causing the girl to pull her hips away. However, within about a minute her hips were doing the very opposite as she became more aroused, trying to push herself onto Kat's finger.

Part of Kat was feeling very uncomfortable, and since she was straight, it felt wrong to be touching this helpless girl in such a way. But another part of her was beginning to enjoy the experience more and more, as this beautiful helpless girl's arousal became more intense. Eventually, she gathered the courage to slip her finger in, resting the palm of her hand around the girls pussy, in a controlling grip. As the girl tried uselessly to hump her hand, Kat wiggled her finger gently inside her, and the girl began to moan softly through her gag. With the other hand, Kat reached around and stroked the girl's inner thigh, slowly creeping up to her left breast as she stood slightly, and she began to pinch and twist the girl's nipple. As both girls became more aroused, it only felt natural for Kat to walk around in front of the blonde and give her a long passionate kiss around the blue ball held in her mouth. Drawing away, Kat pinched the blonde's nipples as saliva dripped down from the gag onto her breasts. Their eyes locked, and a huge grin spread across Kat's face as she saw the pain she was causing in the eyes of her captive. She didn't know what had come over her! Releasing the poor girl's nipples, Kat realised that she might have gotten a little carried away. She looked down at her AP count, to see that she had 186AP! The timer now read 0:12:30 and Kat realised she should probably leave to avoid being followed. She couldn't help herself from crouching to gently bite the girl's right nipple, as a single finger penetrated her pussy one last time. Kat held this for a few seconds, then pulled out and simply walked away. Hearing the girl's scream of frustration behind her, Kat remembered that there could well be other people in the woods listening, so she started to run. 'Who knows,' she thought, 'maybe I can get turned on by girls... Oh God, what the fuck is going on?'

Chapter 2

When Kat had finished the pot of chicken and rice she'd bought for 100AP from the very tree she was now sitting in, she decided it would be worth getting some sleep. The sun was almost down, so Kat must have woken in the cave fairly late in the day. She decided to leave half the bottle of water to drink in the morning. As she closed her eyes, she tried to think of some plans for the day ahead. The first logical thing to do was explore. Walk in a single direction until she found something other than forest. And again, there was the issue of obtaining food...

Click. Kat began to wake as something brushed past her hip, and a faint red glow was visible through Kat's closed eyelids. She opened her eyes to see the digits 1:00:00, and her heart sank like a stone.

'G'morning sweetheart' came a deep, cheery voice from her right. 'Cuffs, suspend, follow.'

Kat was suddenly suspended in the air as all four of her cuffs were brought together and lifted above her. Her ass swung, barely brushing the bark on which she had been sleeping. She turned to see a naked man perched in her tree, grinning mischievously at her.

'Have a nice sleep? Oh wait, don't answer yet, unless you want the default gag in your mouth. I have something far more interesting planned for you.'

Kat stared at him, saying nothing. He seemed relatively short, but muscular and well toned, and he had very thick, brown hair. Although the smile on his face terrified Kat, a tiny part of her somehow found this exhilarating (but tiny nonetheless).

'First lets get you down from here. Sorry for the early start, wouldn't be much good if you were awake though' he said, teasing. It was still pretty dark, only a small amount of light was creeping through the tree leaves. He began climbing down the tree, and Kat's cuffs moved horizontally then followed him down slowly. Once the man had climbed down, Kat stopped about a foot from the ground, and he stood, simply staring. Kat felt fear more than anything at that moment, but a twinge of excitement rippled through her and her shoulders quivered while she hung, captured in the cool, pink morning light.

As Kat hung with her wrists and ankles held tightly together above her, she realised her pussy was completely exposed. The man approached with nothing but a grin, and effortlessly pulled Kat's cuffs apart, bringing them together behind her back, her head now resting on the leafy forest floor. Kat's hands were still locked in the position he left them in as he did the same to her ankles, bringing them together on the floor. It was as if the cuffs were completely manipulable to him, whilst remaining immoveable to Kat.

'All cuffs, turn suspension off' the man said slowly and clearly. Kat was now freed slightly, able to roll around, but her hands and ankles were now bound together.

'Now, despite the modern technology available to me here, I still like to do things the old-fashioned way' he said casually, as Kat stared up at him angrily, still afraid to speak after seeing what happened to the blonde girl when she screamed.

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'Give rope, four metres.' A blue, translucent rope snaked out of the side of the man's belt into his ready hand, and he grabbed Kat's ass with the other, holding her firmly on her belly. Instinctively Kat shrieked for help, but almost instantly her cry was stifled, her mouth filled by a thick gel that solidified into a perfect ball between her teeth.

'Don't worry darling, we'll fix that later' the man laughed. He proceeded to thread the rope between her ankles, then her wrists, pulling them together forming a hogtie. Kat squirmed, trying to resist, a sliver of drool now running down the side of her chin. There was nothing she could do, this technology simply gave no leeway. The man continued, drawing the length of rope up to Kat's elbows and wrapping around several times. With one sharp tug he cinched her (fortunately) flexible elbows together so that they almost touched. Kat was now screaming uselessly as the man rolled her onto her back, and from the elbows, he wrapped the rope several times above and below her breasts, tying the centre of the binds together in the middle, squeezing her boobs firmly.

Tim stood back to admire his work. There lay a beautiful brunette, about 5"7', tits pressed against the forest floor, squirming and moaning. The hogtie brought her ankles almost to her wrist cuffs, causing her legs to part slightly, and Tim observed her swollen pussy lips as she continued hopelessly to try to escape the cuffs. 'All cuffs, turn suspension on' he said, and instantly the cuffs were held solidly in place above Kat's body. Tim placed a single finger under the rope, raising her up to about waist height with ease. 'Gag, ring' he said, as the blue material in Kat's mouth morphed to form a large solid ring, holding her jaw wide open. The suspended hogtie was pulling painfully on Kat's shoulders, and she let out a long moan. To her own shock, her pussy was becoming noticeably more moist, beyond her control. Tim couldn't resist any longer, so he walked round in front of her, adjusting her height once more. The moaning stopped as Kat looked from the bulging cock presented in front of her, up into Tim's eyes. There was a moment of complete silence where Tim wiped his tip around Kat's pert lips. Their eyes stayed locked as Kat felt the moisture from the head glazing her vulnerable open mouth. Without warning, Tim plunged in, gliding slowly in and out against the back of Kat's throat. Kat suddenly realised that she had never been violated like this before, as her mouth was raped by this stranger. Her arousal increased as the man grabbed her swinging tits, pinching her nipples between his fingers. She began to hump the air, swinging by her painful bonds, now oblivious to the severity of her situation. After several minutes of slow pumping, Tim pulled out, leaving a mixture of saliva and pre-cum dangling from Kat's chin. As she stared up at him, mouth gaping, he walked out of her view. She then felt her knees being parted by two strong thighs. All she could think about was how horny she was, how she was so ready to be fucked.

She felt his cock press against her opening, and she tried hopelessly to push herself onto him. Before Kat's lips could part, however, she heard a shout in the distance. Both froze, then in a second Tim was gone. Kat heard him sprint off into the forest behind her, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a group of people approaching from her left. She hung there helplessly as a woman in a smooth, blue, seamless catsuit approached her.

'Well, well, well. Looks like we've found ourselves another free catch' came a soft, sexy voice. The woman had fairly short blonde hair, and a beautiful pale face. The catsuit she wore was shiny, just like leather, but appeared to glow slightly, similarly to the gag that filled the blonde girl's mouth yesterday, and the rope that now surrounded Kat. She could just about see the woman's smooth pussy through the translucent material as she stepped in front of Kat, examining her new find. The woman crouched down, inches in front of Kat's face.

'Hi, I'm Caroline. I'll be your mistress from now on' she said in a joking, but intimidating tone. The woman had a slight smirk on her small mouth that was almost cute, but her icy blue eyes showed fearless dominance that Kat had never seen before. As Kat had anticipated, the woman reached out and pressed the button on the belt. To Kat's surprise, the timer did not reset, but a sense of dread surged through her when the woman commanded: 'Add time, twenty-four hours.' Kat's eyes widened as she looked from the timer, now displaying 24:35:19, to Caroline's grinning face. After Caroline stood up, Kat could now see that the other people were mostly naked like herself, but all trapped in various forms of bondage. One man was in an armbinder with a blue contraption surrounding his cock and a bit gag in his mouth. A woman was in a skin-tight straight-jacked with straps digging painfully between her legs, her labia poking out either side. A tight hood covered her whole face except eyes and nostrils. Kat guessed there were about ten people, and all of their bondage seemed to be made of this blue glowing material, that she assumed to be generated and controlled by the belt that each person, including Caroline, was wearing.

'Let's get you in shape to go then, shall we? Remove all bondage.' Kat fell to the ground hard, as she was released from the hogtie and gag, winding herself on impact. She lay there gasping for breath, helpless to fight back, even now that she was freed. 'Cuff-collar one' spoke Caroline, and Kat's neck was engulfed in a soft collar. The material then snaked down her back, and her handcuffs were pulled back to join on. Her wrists were now hanging from the collar behind her, holding her forearms in a horizontal position. Caroline put her hand under Kat's collar and pulled her forcefully to her feet. As the two beautiful young women stood face-to-face, Caroline's face contorted slightly, as she thought for a few seconds. 'Gag... cock nine.' She smiled wickedly. A solid crawled along Kat's cheeks from the nape of her neck, filling her mouth with what was unmistakably a phallus, and a short gasp escaped her lips for the last time. To her surprise, the material did not turn completely solid once it filled her mouth, but remained flexible. Kat felt a soft, thin skin enveloping the phallus everywhere but the smooth head, which was resting on the back of her tongue. The cock felt warm, and Kat could swear she felt a gentle heartbeat as the tip of her tongue lay against the bottom of the shaft. The gag felt exactly like a real cock, not at all different from the one filling her mouth two minutes ago, except it was soft and only semi-erect.

Caroline watched, intrigued as several facial expressions crossed Kat's face as she comprehended what Caroline had put in her mouth. Pulling madly at her handcuffs, an almost inaudible scream escaped Kat's gag at her disgust for this her new intruder. Caroline couldn't help but stare at the perfectly proportioned tits swinging in front of her, before her next set of commands came slowly and clearly. 'Vibrator one, size three, strength three. Butt plug one, size four' Kat felt a wide strap snake down between her ass cheeks from the back of the belt, pushing against her pussy as it connected tightly in front, similarly to a chastity belt. Looking down, Kat noticed the number 12 now glowing on the button on the front of her belt. At her labia, a lump began to grow in the strap, which slowly pushed it's way up into Kat's vagina, then began vibrating softly. The dildo only grew to a small size, but then, what Kat could only describe as a very large butt plug, pushed hard against her virgin asshole. Caroline watched her face twist, as the material material slowly but surely parted her sphincter and slipped in, growing slightly as it finally solidified. Kat squirmed violently as new sensations took over her body, and she trieduselessly to get away from her two new friends. Kat was sure the gentle buzzing from the vibrator would drive her crazy, and her arousal began to climb as everybody watched. Kat noticed that the cock filling her mouth was beginning to grow. It was becoming hard and almost touching the back of her throat. Suddenly, she realised that as she became more aroused, so did the cock in her mouth - this horrible idea somehow turned her on even more.

Chapter 3

'Well, I think we're done here' said caroline, as she turned away and began walking back in the direction from which she had come.

Kat saw the further back of the other captives begin to follow Caroline, then she felt a jolt as her collar was pulled forwards, forcing her to walk. Another frustrated moan came as Kat's intruders jiggled around inside her, causing the cock in her mouth to push right against the back of her throat. Kat, as well as all of the other captives, appeared to be connected to her new mistress by a long invisible leash.

'Pssst' came a voice from Kat's right after about a minute of very uncomfortable walking.

She looked round to see a pretty ginger walking beside her. She was wearing a tight armbinder that pulled her elbows together, thrusting her round tits outwards in front of her. A pair of nipple clamps bit into each nipple and a blue chain swung between them. As far as Kat could tell she was the only one not wearing a gag or anything between her legs. The number 3 was displayed on her belt's button.

'She seems like a bit of a bitch, huh?', the ginger said quietly in a casual, friendly tone.

Kat almost tried to answer... God damn it, this gag was so annoying! Caroline was a few metres away, so she probably wouldn't hear anything in this quiet tone.

'If you were wondering how Caroline can afford 24 hours on your clock, she's basically found a hole in the system of The Game,' the girl began to explain, 'With all the arousal points she's racked up, she manages to buy infinite amounts of time on her captives. The question of how she actually maintains her AP count is only known to her. The system's designed so that buying a little extra time can sometimes be worth the points if you're running short, just in order to allow your captive to reach orgasm. To make The Game fair, arousal points increase much slower for quite a while after orgasm, so buying large amounts of time quickly drains your supply. I have a theory on how she keeps it up though. Since there's an AP bonus for having multiple captives, she has to maintain a certain level of arousal in a large number of captives, without letting them reach orgasm.'

Without orgasm? You mean I might never reach orgasm again?! Kat's eyes widened as she contemplated that she might actually go insane.

'That way she has a constant, steady income. Obviously she could leave The Game at any point with all that AP, but she clearly enjoys her life here. She is cruel to her captives, and not just because she has to be, but if you get on her good side she's actually alright. She even lets some of us orgasm on a really good day.'

That was a small relief. It was so weird having this one-sided conversation with this girl... Actually, it was weird having a conversation with a dildo shoved up her butt, but Kat couldn't exactly complain.

'Oh yeah, and obviously I'm her favourite because she hasn't gagged me!' The girl said proudly, followed by a cheesy grin.


The ginger turned, horrified to see that her mistress had caught her out of line. Kat was convinced she saw fire in Caroline's eyes, as she stood there, glaring. 'Gag, ball twelve!' she blared, and immediately an elaborate harness wrapped around the ginger's delicate face, filling her mouth with a painfully large ball. Caroline quickly approached Jessica and gripped her by the throat, now looking down into the petrified girl's eyes.

'Butt plug one, size eight,' Caroline growled quietly, her teeth clenched. The whole group stared as a strap, exactly the same as Kat's, snaked down into Jessica's ass-crack, and the oversized phallus began slowly pushing into her asshole. Caroline walked away, and the girl fell to her knees and moaned sorrowfully into her gag. Despite the pain she was experiencing, she was smart enough to climb to her feet after just a few seconds, knowing that she would be dragged along by her throat otherwise.

The walk lasted for about an hour, but it felt like days to Kat. Not only was she incredibly uncomfortable, but on multiple occasions she felt like she was going to hit orgasm, never quite getting there because the stimulation was too subtle. It was kind of embarrassing for her, being the only one moaning and twisting her hips as they walked, and Caroline eventually had to turn Kat's dildo down for fear of her actually cumming. Kat kept noticing Jessica walking beside her, imagining having a plug twice the size of her own in her ass. The sadness in her eyes not only made Kat feel sorry for her, but scared for what lay ahead.

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Eventually the forest ended, and there was a large opening, covered in lush green grass. On the other side of the opening, Kat saw a red cliff face tower above the forest, a small waterfall running down to form a fast-flowing river through the opening. The river appeared to be in a kind of horse-shoe shape, coming out from the cliff-face, then back round towards it. Suddenly Kat realised why she was here. The river had created a small, isolated plain of grass, surrounded by cliff and an uncrossable (or so she thought) river. Caroline approached the edge of the river and turned around.

'Group, preset 1' Suddenly everyone was freed from their restraints, except for their wrists, which were held tightly to their sides by the cuffs. Kat counted 7 other females and 4 males, making 12 including herself. She looked at the river, and now that she was closer she wouldn't have dared attempt to cross it. However, Caroline began to wade in and collars began tugging. She seemed to have found a shallow portion of the river which was crossable, despite being invisible to the naked eye. After Jessica and two others had begun to make their way across, Kat stepped into the water. Instantly she felt the sheer force of the river pounding against the sides of her calves as she trod carefully across the uneven rock bed. After only about thirty seconds, Kat was across, and she stood on the river bank, observing the other members of the group. The silence was eerie, demonstrating the power and discipline this woman had over every individual. Caroline was standing back from her captives, presumably to avoid the risk of someone pressing her button. Looking around, Kat saw a large cave in the cliff within the isolation of the river. She tried to memorise the exact location of this shallow crossing on the river, noticing that the water looked significantly more turbulent here than anywhere else. She thought about how she might reach here and escape some day, but then realised that there probably wasn't much point. She would be in bondage, and Caroline had the ability to contain her within a certain proximity by her collar. It didn't make sense... Kat's hopes fell even lower as she theorised that the river was probably just a way of keeping intruders (or potential saviours) out. Kat was already under complete control.

'Group, resume bondage'

All of Kat's previous equipment materialised around (and inside) her. The brief moment of freedom reminded her how uncomfortable it really was in bondage again. After reaching the opening of the cave, Caroline turned around with a smile, gesturing to the entrance. She looked at Kat and proudly said 'Welcome, number 12, to your new home.' The group entered the cave, which was surprisingly light thanks to a large entrance, but Kat could see it went back far deeper. 'Group, turn all stimulation off.' Caroline's voice reverberated slightly around the cave, and with that, Kat's intruders retracted, as did everything else between the other captives' legs. Kat let out a short grunt of frustration; she was not the only one. 'Number 12, preset 1' Caroline said, and all of Kat's bondage was removed, but now her wrists were held to her sides again. After the gag in Kat's mouth was gone, a big part of her wanted to scream abuse at this bitch who had just captured her. She wanted to attack her, maybe even kill her. However, fear kept her lips closed and legs frozen as she stood there, heart thumping in her chest, knowing that actually, nothing she could do would make this situation any better.

'So,' Caroline paused as she paced slowly towards Kat's bare form. The rest of the captives (still in their bondage) now faced in a circle around Kat and their mistress. 'Lets have a look eat you shall we?' With each step Caroline took, Kat felt her heart rate increase. Caroline circled her, examining her body like fresh meat as Kat stood absolutely still, staring straight forward at the dripping rock wall in front of her. She felt fingers brush across her buttocks, then her left breast was cupped by a latex-covered hand. 'Impressive. I think I'll have a lot of fun with you' Caroline said, looking up from the breast to Kat's face, Kat avoiding eye contact. Suddenly Kat's breast was squeezed, and her face forced to look into her captor's eyes by another latex-covered hand. 'I just complemented you!' Caroline growled angrily, a wild look in her eye. 'What do you say?'

'Th-thank you.' The whimper that left Kat's mouth was barely audible, and she began breathing heavily as this madwoman's grip on her breast continued to tighten painfully. 'M... mistress' she squealed, now hyperventilating. With that, her breast and face were released.

'There we go! This girl know's what she's talking about!' Caroline said as she almost danced away from the girl, speaking energetically, as if a host on a TV show. However, the silence returned from her audience was eerie, and Kat's heart sank ever further as she began to see who her captor really was.

Chapter 4

'3! Here, now!' Caroline said, pointing at the ground in front of her. From the circle appeared the tightly bound Jessica, exactly as she had been left.

'Now, since you two are such great buddies,' Caroline said, pulling Jessica and Kat together by their cheeks, patronisingly, 'I think I'll let you spend a little time together. Does that sound fair?' She looked from Jessica to Kat questioningly.

After almost a second of silence, Kat saw that look in Caroline's eye again and quickly replied 'Yes, mistress', narrowly dodging another punishment.

'Good. I think it does. 12, imitate 3.' Kat's arms were once again drawn behind her, but this time she felt a smooth, plastic-like material crawl up her arms, engulfing them and wrapping over her shoulders. Before Kat realised what was happening, blue material spidered around her head from the back and plunged into her mouth, forming a large ball-gag between her teeth. It stretched her jaw much more than the ball-gag she had experienced before (the 'default gag', she recalled) and she imagined that this could be quite painful for any more than a few minutes. Looking at Jessica, she could now see that her bondage was beginning to replicate hers. The only thing left now is... OWWW! Two nipple clamps appeared out of thin air, biting onto Kat's erect nipples, a thin chain materialising between them.

The brunette and ginger stood facing each other, bound identically, and Kat spotted a worried look in Jessica's eye. Kat felt a hand on the back of her head and stumbled closer to Jessica, as Caroline pushed the two captives' heads together. Eventually their faces touched, mouth-to-mouth, and Caroline called the command '3, 12, connect gags.' She released her grip, leaving the two girls squirming face-to-face, connected by their ball-gags. Kat was suddenly quite uncomfortable being held so close to another woman (as if she wasn't uncomfortable enough), since they were now essentially forced to maintain eye-contact. Kat could now see every detail and emotion in Jessica's face, noticing how dirty it was, and could've sworn she smelled dry cum. She shuddered at the thought. Once again, Caroline forced the two girls even closer, but this time with her hands pushing on their upper backs. Both girls' tits compressed slightly as they were pushed into each other, and then the command '3, 12, connect nipple clamps, length zero' was called. Kat felt her nipples being pulled into alignment with Jessica's, and Caroline ceased her pushing. The girls were now bound together not only by their mouths, but by their nipples too. Kat felt her clamps pull sharply as Jessica tested the new bonds, and Jessica received an angry stare from Kat. Kat could tell there was literally no distance between the connected biting heads of the clamps, and the feeling of being held so close to this beautiful naked woman was making her wet again.

The next thing Kat felt was hard to interpret for her, due to her obscured vision. First, she felt the end of her armbinder being pulled snugly against her ass cheeks, and she felt Jessica's pelvis push against her own. She could feel synthetic rope being pulled around through her ass cheeks, until eventually she felt it pass down from her belt, between her legs, and connect in back. This fiddling went of for a while, Caroline's soft hands occasionally brushing Kat's sensitive pussy, and eventually a crotch rope was formed that parted her lips and ass cheeks firmly. 'I think that's enough for now, girls. I have other business to attend to.' Out of the corner of her eye, Kat saw Caroline walk away to a far corner of the cave, and heard her call '5, 2, 11, here.' Three other captives followed over, and Kat supposed they would be receiving some sort of treatment too. She looked back to Jessica's eyes, and the two of them stood still helplessly, confused as to what to do next.

After a few minutes of stillness, all of the other members of the group had gone to different parts of the cave, and the two girls were now left alone, no spectators, not even their captor. They were held so close, by such intimate parts of their body; mouth, breasts, and pelvis. Drool that had accumulated at the connection point between the two gags began to string down, forming lines of saliva across Kat's breasts (hers being slightly bigger than Jessica's). As they shuffled, Kat felt the rope rub against her pussy, and looking up she could see a longing look in Jessica's eyes. Kat hadn't climaxed since several weeks before she had ended up in this mess, and she suspected that Jessica hadn't cummed in a while either. She closed her eyes and began to wriggle and twist a bit, feeling the pull of Jessica's nipples on her own. She pulled against her armbinder, and to her surprise a loud complaint came from her partner. Opening her eyes, she looked at Jessica, confused. She pulled again on her armbinder, this time backwards, away from her butt. Another complaint came from her partner, as well as a confused stare. Kat then realised that the end of her own armbinder was connected to Jessica's crotch-rope, and probably vice versa. A surge of lust rushed over her as she realised that she had the power to control this woman's pussy, despite her own helplessness. She continued to pull gently on the rope and Jessica began to moan softly and passionately around the ball filling her mouth. Kat started to forget what a terrible predicament she was in as she grew more horny, longing for Jessica to return the favour. Jessica now had her eyes closed and was gently squirming and twisting, causing the nipple clamps to tug even harder. Kat felt her crotch rope begin to slide up and down very slightly with the constant movement, but Jessica clearly hadn't understood how they were connected down below. Kat continued to pull rhythmically, hoping that Jessica would eventually get the gist, or at least accidentally pull on her armbinder.

This went on for several minutes, and Kat was slowly being driven closer to insanity by the lack of stimulation. She felt Jessica's legs begin to wobble slightly, and was worried that she had forgotten to maintain her balance. Kat was slowly pulled forward by her nipples, stumbling as she fought to keep balance. Kat screamed through the gag as a warning, Jessica opening her eyes in response, but not in time to save the girls from crashing to the ground. Fortunately for Kat, she didn't experience much of an impact because she landed right on top of Jessica. The only pain Kat received was in her nipples, pussy and ass, from the slight jolt as they rolled onto their sides. Jessica, however, appeared to have experienced much more of an impact, letting out a a muffled cry, whilst pulling on her armbinder. Kat couldn't help but let out a long, sexual moan from the sudden, unexpected stimulation. Jessica's facial expression turned from shock to realisation, as she finally figured that each of their armbinders were connected to the other's crotch-rope. With that, both girls began to pull gently with their tightly encased hands, rope now sliding up and down slowly. Lying on the warm, moist dirt, they entwined their legs together and began grinding against each other, their nipples pulling gently backwards and forwards. The sun was falling low, and orange light beamed down onto their naked bodies through the cave entrance. The intensity of their pulling increased, however both realised that a significant amount of force was far too painful. In frustrated lust, Jessica rolled over on top of Kat, putting knees either side of her, and began humping up and down. Kat could do nothing but lie there as Jessica increased her pulling to the point where it was quite painful for Kat. As their bodies rocked up and down, their nipple clamps pulled rhythmically with the humping. Being so close to Jessica's face, Kat could tell that her 'buddy' was getting fairly close to orgasm, but that's as far as it got. This went on for what felt like years, but Jessica eventually tired, her body slumping against Kat's as she finally lost hope of the possibility of orgasm. The orange glow of the sunlight began to fade as the night drew closer, and both girls slept deeply, bound to each other in the comfortable warmth.

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Sunday, December 03, 2017  

Incredibly Hot!

This is the first story on the site I gave 5/5 to.

There is still room for more improvement though. It needs a bit of backstory. Who are these characters. Why are they here?

Friday, May 31, 2013  

Betty says:

This fragment is surprisingly well written, but I suspect that you published it in its present incomplete state because you have no idea how to bring it to a satisfactory conclusion.
Please... prove me wrong.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013  

good story,

Saturday, May 25, 2013  

Good story can't wait to read more

Friday, May 24, 2013  

Great story! I'm hoping Kat eventually gets free, but I just read "Hunting Season" and I guess am just wistful for more like that. Anyway, this is a great premise and I am looking forward to updates!


Thursday, May 23, 2013  

Great story, can't wait for more!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013  

Hi readers, thank you so much for all of your great feedback! Particularly those giving constructive criticism and ideas for the future (I already have a plan formulating). I'm gonna be honest, this is my first ever sexual story. I haven't even written a story since school! I'm so pleased that people are enjoying this and I genuinely thought it hadn't been uploaded because it was rubbish. Keep up the feedback and ideas.
-some weirdo

Tuesday, May 21, 2013  

Good balance, nice read. Thank you!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013  

Great, really enjoyed it. I'd love to set Kat escape and become the mistress!

Monday, May 20, 2013  

Very nice. The images your story generates are quite attractive. Please continue!

Monday, May 20, 2013  

The original movie was pretty good, but I'd really like to see this story adapted to the big screen. Good work!

Monday, May 20, 2013  

Awesome story! Very modern. It would be cool if they got free and went back to surviving on their own. I'm excited for more updates!

Monday, May 20, 2013  

I like the concept of a Hunger Games type competition with bondage. I also like stories where lovers are chained together. But, here, I think the story would have been improved with a greater explanation of the rules of the game (and the rules of the "magic" as well). I was left thinking that all our heroine needs to do is shack up with a lover and they would be free in no time. I guess that I'm saying that I see a conflict in this story but I do not understand it. That misunderstanding renders the occurrences of the story as merely gratuitous, though interesting, predicaments.

Monday, May 20, 2013  

Well done, an intriguing premise. I for one would like to read more of this tale, especially if the game held some additional surprises for the heroine and her captor. Otherwise, I fear the current situation could quickly turn into some kind of AP generating routine...
Cheers Absolutist

Monday, May 20, 2013  

I can imagine Caroline in Kat's control after awhile. Bondage and humiliation are great! Great story!

Monday, May 20, 2013  

very good start ! hoping for more.

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