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Rita: A Different Kind of Pleasure
  • Author - Michael Farout  
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  • Site Rank - 34 of 2658
  • Unique Views - 76164
  • Story Codes - f-self, consensual, reluctant, bondage, chastity, machine, toys, tricked
  • Post Date - 11/5/2013
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Author's Note: This is a multi-part story starring Rita - a young woman leaving home and coming to a big city alone. Being shy and somehow introvert, she still enjoys sexual activities, but mostly on her own. Her life takes a huge change when she runs across the newest innovation of the fetish sex-toy industry - a device that promises a different kind of pleasure...

The sensual world of BDSM

Chapter 1

I had always been a rather shy girl. My parents tended to be very protective, most likely because I was their only child. I was also said to be calm and well-behaving. Being of very slim build and slightly pale skin I did not attract too much attention: not from my classmates, friends or teachers. We lived in a small town and our house was on the countryside. My father had a good job and money was never a problem. I had my own room, but since my mother was at home most of the time I did not really have a lot of privacy. When my sexuality started to develop and I found out about masturbation I had to be very careful not to be surprised by her. She had a habit of coming into my room without knocking and bringing some clothes or whatever. This led to some situations where I was nearly caught in an embarrassing situation.

Regarding boyfriends I had some guys that I was interested in, but somehow they did not seem to notice and apart from that I had very limited possibilities to see somebody in private. This led to the fact that I remained a virgin technically during high-school. The term technically meaning that I never had sex with somebody else, but I actually had as much sex as possible with myself alone. Although it was tricky to get privacy, I still managed to fulfill my needs myself. I used all different kinds of household tools, like hair brushes, screw drivers or shampoo bottles. So my pussy was well used by myself, but by nobody else. I even experimented with my fingers and some thin things anally. I had access to my own PC and Internet access. So I could get information on sexual things and all sort of sex-toys and I would really have liked to get some more professional toys, but I could not manage to buy or order them on-line without somebody noticing. The whole situation left me being rather horny and somewhat frustrated sexually most of the time.

In school I was always with the best of my class. The question came up what college I should go to when I graduated high-school. My parents would have preferred to have me somewhere close in a local college, but I had the strong wish to study in a big city and finally a little out of reach from their constant control. Not that I did not love them, but I had the feeling that my introverted manner came from them being too close to me all the time. Of course I was also afraid of moving to an unknown environment where I did not know anybody - but I somehow felt that it would be best for me. And I really longed for having my own place where I could do what I liked. My horniness regarding the possibilities to pleasure myself were also an issue here admittedly. After some mild discussions with my parents I finally had their approval to move away for studying. I would still live in driving range, but the trip would take around 8 hours, so I would not come home every weekend. I had chosen a good university and we checked a small apartment not too far away from it, located in the city. The surrounding was not the best, but the pricing was reasonable and it did not seem to be a really dangerous neighborhood.

Several weeks passed with various preparations, registering, moving furniture from home to the apartment and buying some new things. It all ended when my parents finally left on a Sunday in the early afternoon, my courses starting the next day. I really enjoyed myself in the afternoon and in the evening of that day by masturbating like crazy. The built up energy from a long time let me have a row of orgams and I did not have to be careful about making noises or being caught at all. I fell asleep in my bed with a happy smile and was very satisfied with myself indeed.

The next week was filled with getting to know the university, new colleagues, teachers and was generally very busy for me. In the evening I was tired and went to bed early. So time flew until my last course for this week ended on Friday noon. Being a good child I called my mother and chatted with her for some time on the mobile phone while traveling to my apartment.

When I came home I quickly put my bag with books away and sat in front of my computer. I had had this slight feeling of excitement all day long already and I definitely knew where that came from. On the Internet I searched for a sex-shop that was close to my location. It was definitely time to take care of certain needs of mine now and find some better equipment for that! There were several hits - the closest being only some 5 minutes of walking distance away, it´s name being: The Fetish Emporium. There were some pictures of the inside. It seemed to me that it was well equipped with sex-toys of all sort, with special focus also on fetish wear and fetish equipment. Feeling very naughty I did not do much more searching, but decided to make my way there and see what I could get. I grabbed my purse and keys and put them in my handbag. The weather was quite nice, so I did not need a coat. Thus I immediately went out of my apartment and headed for the street where the shop was located.

I arrived there in even less than 5 minutes. It was located in a small sideway and looked innocent enough from the outside. Nevertheless my heart was beating wildly and I passed the entrance two times before I could get up the nerve to enter. With a quick look to my left and right I finally pushed the door open and went inside. It was much darker in there than on the bright lit street. But the interior looked clean and orderly. There seemed to be no other customers apart from me inside at the moment, which was a great relief for me. My concern had been to be looked upon by a heap of strangers for being a young woman entering a sex-shop. I only saw a woman in her early forties, obviously running the shop, standing behind the counter. She saw me and greeted me with a nod, not saying anything. The whole shop was more like a small super market with several stands where items were on display. Obviously the customers could walk around, look and chose what they liked. There also seemed to be a changing room located in a corner with a curtain that was open at the moment. I was still very nervous about the whole situation and first took some deep breaths to calm down. Only now I realized the low volume lounge music that was played here.

Feeling my heart-pace slowing down I walked towards a shelf that seemed to display the things I wanted to buy. A number of very realistic dildos was put up there. They were in very different shapes and sizes, but all made from roughly the same silicone like material either black or flesh colored. I touched one of them and thought that they felt very nice. Soft on the outside but still rigid enough to keep their shape. But I moved on, since there seemed to be a big selection on other stuff available here. Slowly making my way through the shop I saw more dildos from other materials. Also a big selection of vibrating toys, a rack full of lubricants, anal dildos and plugs with very different shapes and some metal toys too. Then there was a big selection of fetish wear, mostly made of rubber, latex and vinyl. Some leather equipment was also there as well as ropes, chains, clamps and all kinds of different whips. I also saw hoods and gags - all as it seemed made of good quality material. I took a closer look to find out what the prices of all these nice things were. Unfortunately it seemed that high quality also meant high price for the displayed stuff. I did not see a dildo below 150 dollars and some items like the fetish wear cost up to a thousand and more. Not that I had not planned to spend some money on my fun, but I was dependent on my parents to pay for my expenses and I could not afford to spend so much in my first week away from home immediately.

Looking around to perhaps find some items that were reduced in price, I suddenly saw that the saleswoman came towards me. Since I was the only customer it was not a surprise that she approached me, yet I felt a small panic coming up, because I was quite embarrassed to be here. But she gave me a smile and greeted me friendly with the words

"Hello my dear, can I help you?". Somehow I stammered out

"I w-was just looking around".

She smiled again and asked "What is it that you are looking for? Is it more a toy or something to wear or anything else?"

I looked around a little and said "I would like a toy, but the clothes also look very interesting".

This was true in fact, since I actually came here for getting a sex-toy, but I found all the fetish clothing also appealing. It somehow fit to this naughty and slightly forbidden dildos, vibrators and butt-plugs.

"So how about a combination of both?" the saleslady asked in a friendly voice.

"Y-yes that would be very nice!" was my response. "Please follow me!" she said.

She lead me to a female looking display dummy that wore an awful lot of fetish wear - a hood, a gag, a collar, a leather bra and some chains around her waist, as well as cuffs and boots. Apart from that she wore some short pants that had a small bulge around the area of her genital area. The other side of the pants did not cover her behind, but only covered her tights and had something like a belt around her hips. I was taken by surprise from all that and it seemed that this also showed on my face.

"No need to worry, you do not need all this stuff on the doll of course, but I want to direct your attention to the so called ´Different pleasure pants´, that are on display here!" the saleswoman pointed out.

I took a closer look at the strange pants. They seemed to be made of rubber or latex material and were deep black and very shiny. "This is a brand new equipment that was just brought last week by a representative of the company that manufactures them. It is made of a new high tech material and has a built in pleasuring device that is said to be an earth-shattering innovation which could revolutionize the whole adult toy industry!" she exclaimed with vigor in order to impress a potential customer. I was of course a little skeptical, since I doubted that my budget would allow me to buy such a fancy thing. So I had to explain that to her.

"To be honest I was l-looking for something not so special, with a price that..." I started, but was stopped by the saleslady.

"My, my, I already thought that a young lady that I see here for the first time is not going to spend a big amount of money without knowing that what she buys is also worth it. But since this toy is brand-new I have an offer for you that I am sure you cannot reject. The company that makes the ´Different pleasure pants´ is still looking for persons to make personal tests. They told me that this is the first version that goes to the market and they want to improve it with the help of users - they call this crowd testing. So by that way you can have the piece for a testing period of 3 months for free. All you have to do is register on their homepage and fill out some test forms. After the 3 months period you can either give it back or keep it for a decent price, or even free, depending on how pleased they were with your testing testimonials. So what do you say?"

I was rather dumbstruck by this offer. I did not have to pay anything and could eventually use and perhaps even keep this very expensive looking device? It sounded of course too good to be true.

Eventually I said "What is the drawback here? I cannot believe that you give this away so easy."

"Well I need you to register immediately here at my counter via their Internet homepage. They require no credit card, but some personal data about you. Of course I guarantee you that this is absolutely confidential! And I have to check with some ID-card you show me, but that´s it!" she said smiling reassuringly.

I felt a little cornered, but on the other hand I did not want to be impolite to her. I was not too happy with giving away my identity, but what bad could they do to me apart from sending me some advertisement material? If somebody saw that I could always explain with the strange habits of the city and addresses were anyway sold around from one company to the other. So I decided to give it a try and agreed to her offer.

"Magnificent!" the saleswoman declared and showed me the way to the counter where she opened a homepage on a PC that was located there. She filled in some data in an on-line form and then made room for me to use the keyboard. The questions that were asked were actually decent enough. They only wanted to know my name, address, age, some approximate measurements and how I became aware of their product. When I had finished this, the friendly saleswoman asked me to show her my ID-card for verification. I showed it to her and she just quickly rechecked it with what I had written on the screen.

( link opens in new window )

"You have a small size, but I think I have one pant that should fit", she said and vanished in a back-room for a minute. "Yes we have the right one!" she gleamed happily when returning and handed me a package that was around the size of a shoe-box. "Please follow the instructions inside, most of the documentation is on-line, so you can look it up on their homepage." she explained. She put the box in a plastic bag and handed it to me. "Can I do anything else for you?"

"No thank you!" I answered politely, just as if I had just bought a pair of sandals. Yet what I got was somehow more scandalous than that.

But I had something to play with and I really wanted to leave the place now, eventually before any other customer would come in and see me. I said goodbye and left the shop. When I came out of the door I saw a man approaching from my left side on the sidewalk. Although I would have to turn left to get home on a direct route, I quickly started to the right, walking in a fast pace, so that I could quickly get away from the man that had seen me come out of the ´Fetish Emporium´. No need to get any looks from somebody. This situation once again let my heart beat fast and my face blush, but I quickly reached the main street and took my way home on a slightly longer route.

I came home to my apartment and slammed the door shut. Actually I felt very horny - this whole episode, although very unnerving had also excited me. The feeling of doing something nasty and now getting away with it seemed to be a big turn-on for me. I put the plastic bag on the sofa and first headed for the bathroom. After taking a pee I decided that it would be nice to come even more into the mood of testing the pants by taking a shower and shaving my pubes. Having not too much pubic hair, I quickly shaved my privates clean with shaving foam and a lady shaver inside the shower, so nothing would interfere with my new toy.

I dried myself and went out to the living-room where I grabbed the box and pulled it out of the plastic bag. A tiny sample of some personal lubricant fell out from the bag. I put this away in a drawer of my desk, since I did not want any visitor like Mum or Dad finding this on the floor. Then I put the box on my desk and started to remove the tapes that held it closed. Inside the box were the neatly folded pants, wrapped up in some plastic material and also a sheet of paper. Printed on that was an URL for the instructions to the device on the company homepage. I turned my computer on and typed in the given link. A homepage popped up, that congratulated me for buying the product and then showed a picture of the box just as I had it laying before me. The instruction below was, to remove the pants from the plastic wrapping, which I did. Then it was shown how to arrange the pants on the floor and then step into them. The pants seemed very small, even for my small measurements. But I proceeded as shown. Then they should be pulled up. I did this and found that they were elastic enough to achieve that. Before i moved them over my hips I looked at the place which would come into contact with my pussy. There was no dildo or anything but only the same smooth shiny surface as on the outside. I was a little disappointed, but I was still very curious what this device could do. I pulled the pants up and in place. Then I clicked on the ok button on the instruction homepage. On the screen the word ´connecting´ showed up. This surprised me a little, since I could not imagine what was connecting here to what when suddenly...

I felt something strange going on with the pants. Two things seemed to happen at once. There was a feeling of heat on the whole surface of the pants that was in contact with my skin. It was not exactly painful, but it caught my attention and I did not understand why this was happening. At the same time I had a feeling just as if my pussy was felt up. Very strange indeed, and then I felt something like a suction on my pussy and had the feeling that my nether lips were pulled apart. As quickly as everything had started it was over again. Everything felt normal and the screen read ´Thank you!´. I was again a little disappointed because I had expected some explanation how the device was actually working, but that was it. Reloading the page did not change anything, the ´Thank you!´ text remained.

I felt the material of the pants I felt between my legs, but there was nothing happening. The area of my pussy actually felt a little numb, which i found somehow irritating. But then I registered something. It was such a faint feeling that I was not sure in the beginning if my mind was just playing tricks with me. There was something going on with the device on my pussy. I could not discern what it was exactly. There was no sound coming from the pants, but it was a little as if there was a feeling of vibration. I had done some experimenting with an electric tooth brush there, so I had experienced a comparable feeling. Although it was very faint I felt increasingly horny. My nipples went harder and harder and I started to feel up my breast. They were only a handfull, but my nipples were very sensitive. Starting to play with my nipples felt fantastic and my arousal grew steadily. I was not sure but the vibration seemed to increase a little. It felt so good so I moved one hand down between my legs and started to caress the spot where my pussy was located behind the padded region of the pants. There was no feeling there! It even seemed that the vibration inside was stopping. I gasped for air, since my horniness had increased before and I was really ready to go for my pussy and give me the pleasure I needed!

"Damn this fancy stuff, I should have bought a normal vibrator or just a dildo" I said to myself and grabbed the pants to pull them down. I couldn´t do it. First I was only surprised and just tried a little harder - I could not even move the pants a fraction of an inch away from my body, it was as if there was no difference between my skin and the material of them. I almost freaked out when I realized that. I started to rub, to tear and to move my legs in all direction. No effect at all, zero! After some minutes of panic I tried to calm down a little and to start thinking. I looked at the computer screen. The ´Thank you´ had disappeared and more text had appeared - thanks God! The text read:

Your different pleasure experience has start now. WLAN connection to your device was established. Please note that the material of the pants is now bonded to your skin. I will only be removable after the remove signal has been sent. Data recording has been initiated. Please push the proceed button to continue to the tutorial for your training program.

Damn, this thing made of that new high tech material had somehow attached itself to my skin. I could not believe that this was happening. Feverish I tried to think about a way how I could get out of this. Should I return to the Fetish Emporium and complain about the device? But that would be so embarrassing! I had agreed to test the device - had taken it without paying any money. What would happen if I returned to the shop? I really doubted that they could get me out of it. Perhaps they would only contact the company that sold it anyway. That would not be much better than trying to find out how to get it off via the homepage I was on.

With a sight of desperation I pushed the proceed button and a new screen appeared. It showed a number of different boxes that were labeled with "training level 1" to training level 15". A description said:

´This is the inventory of training levels. You start with training level 1 and when you have mastered it you will be able to move to the next level and so on. Please note that only one level is active at a time. The active training level is marked in green. Click on it to open the training inventory´

I clicked on training level 1 as indicated. The screen now showed a window containing some text and a progress bar. A describing text was located next to them:

´The text window explains what you have to do in this phase of training to advance further. The progress bar below indicates how far you have proceeded and when you have this training stage completed. Please note that the progress bar can also diminish if you do not comply with the training demands. Now start your training session if you like to - and have a lot of fun with your different pleasure experience!´

The whole concept seemed to be some sort of sexual training procedure. I was irritated by the way this sextoy thing that was meant to be so simple had developed. But on the other hand I was also curious and still horny anyway. Yet I did not know how to remove these pants. My only option seemed to follow the on-screen instructions and eventually get a clue how I could remove this thing. So I clicked on the screen and was in the first training level session. I looked at the text which read:

´Sit upright and push your legs together. Spit on your fingers and play with both of your nipples until they are hard´

This seemed easy enough. I put my legs together and proceeded to play with my nipples as I had already done before after putting some saliva on my fingertips. Closing my eyes I felt the flesh of my breasts and took my nipples between thumb and index finger rolling them softly. It felt soooo good! I moaned softly and once again felt something like a very soft vibration from the pants on my pussy. Opening my eyes the text on the screen had changed and the progress bar had moved up to about one fifth.

´Pinch your nipples hard and turn them a quarter of a full turn clockwise and then counterclockwise every second´

This did not seem to be so pleasant! I did not like that idea at all. But the progress bar had advanced so nicely before and the feeling from the pants was a very good one. I did as I was told, not pinching too hard, because my nipples were kind of sensitive. I found a rhythm of turning them and did this for a minute or so. The feelings in my pussy seemed to get stronger. Every time I turned my nipples a stimulating blow seemed to erupt from the pants. I made my grip harder and this seemed to make the vibration much stronger. This was really turning me on! I watched the screen and the progress bar had increased to almost halfway. Almost involuntarily I sped up my turning motions trying to make the corresponding feeling in my pussy also increase in frequency. Immediately the progress bar went down a little and the text changed to:

´One turn every second! Do not move faster!´

I could not understand how the machine could know the speed of my movement. But I fought to control myself and slowed my pace down. Nothing seemed to happen, but the progress bar started to increase again very very slowly. I started to feel some sweat on my face and between my breasts. Nevertheless I could not deny that my arousal grew slowly but steadily. My breathing became faster and a certain feeling of light-headedness came over me. The progress bar had moved up to 75%, 80%, 85% and then 90%. I felt that I was approaching an orgasm actually and it felt really, really good. The text changed:

´Pull your nipples away from you hard!´

I did not want the feeling to stop, so I pulled hard. Panting from pain and excitement I saw the progress bar fill up fully and then I suddenly exploded. It was like a fire racing through my whole body, mostly centered in my breast and especially in my nipples. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced before. Short high pitched cries came out of my mouth and I lost focus of my sight for several seconds. When it was over I crouched on my chair and folded my arms around my upper body. I was shaking slightly, but had a wonderful warm feeling in my whole breast area. After some time in that position and when my senses slowly came back I watched the screen again:

´Congratulations, you have completed training level 1. You can rest now - minimum time required to start training level 2 is 24 hours. Hint: The different pleasure pants do not interfere with peeing or menstruation.´

Chapter 2 (added: 2013/12/18)

Still very shaky I stood up from the chair. What had happened with me right now? The pleasure had been so intense, I could not believe it. All I had done was just messing around with my nipples and the rest had somehow been initiated by these strange pants. I had completed training level 1, so what secrets did the other levels hold? What should the hint mean that the pants did not interfere with peeing or menstruation? Should that mean that they were meant to remain on me for an extended period of time?

( link opens in new window )

I was really curious what would happen during these further training lessons. But could I keep the pants on? Was there no way to remove them? I went to my tiny kitchen and got a pair of scissors from a drawer. I looked at the lower end of the pants where they ended just above my knees. The material was like glued to my skin. Moving the scissors around close to the pants surface I was unsure what to do. Could I hurt myself if I tried to cut into this shiny latex like material? It did not appear too strong, so I think I could do it. But what if this would damage the device? That would ruin it and I would not get again these unbelievable feelings it produced. Licking my lips I put the scissors away. At least I wanted to see the next training level and explore what this would hold up for me!

Heading back to my computer I realized that the text on the screen once again had changed. It now showed a form that was somehow similar to the one I had filled out in the shop, although this one seemed to be much more detailed. The heading read:

´As a test user we ask you to fill out this form. It is mandatory to give all information as exact and complete as possible. Only then you can continue with your next training level.´

So this was one of the testimonials that I was meant to give. Well that did not seem a big problem. I started to scan through the questions. Back in the shop the questions had been quite innocent - the questions here were the absolute contrary!

They wanted to know each and every detail about my sexuality. When had I started to masturbate, what kind and size of sex-toys had I used? To what maximum length had an object or body part entered my pussy? To what maximum width had my pussy been dilated? Had I discovered my g-spot? Could I squirt? Did I enjoy anal stimulation? What size of things could I put in my ass? Did I have experience with enemas? All these and much more things were asked.

I tried to answer everything while my face turned red. What if this questionnaire ever was made public? Never had I told anybody all these secret things about me. Then I came to the question, when I had had my first sex with a man. I put in ´never´ as an answer. When the first sex with a woman? Same answer from me. Below that a bunch of questions about sexual positions and things like ´How much do you like to eat cum?´ were positioned. These suddenly greyed out when I typed the second ´never´.

"Well" I thought, "at least they have foreseen that a technical virgin like me could actually be using their device!"

That seemed to be the end of it for now. The training level screen appeared again. The box with level 1 was marked as completed. Level 2 was in green color. I clicked on the level 2 box and a window with a counter opened. It read :

´23 hours 03 minutes until training level can be started. Please have a small amount of lubricant available when you start this level!´

Almost an hour I had needed to fill out all the questions. And some lubricant was required for the next level. Where should I get that from? Did I have to go to the ´Fetish Emporium´ once again? But then I remembered that I had gotten the small amount in that trial pack. At last I got lucky once in this whole story! So all I needed for the next level was some 23 hours of time. I took a look at the clock. It was shortly before 5 pm, but I felt extremely tired. The week had been demanding already and now I had had all these stressful and exciting experiences.

"What I need is a short nap" I said to myself.

But I had to use the bathroom before. The pants were said not to interfere with peeing, but what would that mean? I had to find out by trying myself. So I headed to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I just tried to let loose, but I couldn´t at first since the feeling was so strange. It was just like pissing in my pants, and that was it I actually did! I took some deep breaths and closed my eyes. Thinking about a soft rain, I finally managed to relax enough and heard a sprinkling noise down in the toilet. I opened my eyes and looked down. There was a stream of piss coming from exactly the same place between my legs as usual - just like the pants did not exist. I let it finish as usual and then cautiously felt the spot where it had originated from. For a second I had the feeling that the surface there felt a little rougher than normal and also wet. But both feelings quickly disappeared and the material felt perfectly smooth and dry again. Some kind of high-tech miracle indeed! Although amazed with what these ´Different pleasure pants´ were able to achieve, I went to the bedroom. I laid myself down on the bed and closed my eyes.

I awoke and was disoriented for a moment. Lying on my bed I felt that I had some clothes on. "Of course these pants" I remembered again. Taking a look at the alarm clock I saw that it read 9:20 am. I could not believe that I had slept for 16 hours! The sun was shining brightly again through my bedroom window. Getting up I felt that I was extremely hungry. First I went to the bathroom - doing this with my pants on still felt strange but I was getting used to it, because this time it went smoothly as usual.

My appetite was huge and I made myself a good breakfast. After finishing it I felt much better. When I had satisfied these basic needs, I slowly began to feel a slight upcoming of sexual arousal. I had been naked apart from the pants and the bare skin of my bottom was touching the chair I was sitting on. My nipples had hardened a little and I felt for my breasts. Just to check I also felt my pelvis area where the pants covered my tender pussy region. The feeling was dampened, just like numbed in fact. I registered that something touched, but only very faintly. So I had to wait, no doubt about that.

Trying to kill time I went out to do some shopping for food and household stuff. I came back and tidied up my flat. Then I watched some TV and even got out my university books and tried to repeat some of the stuff from the lectures of last week. But my thoughts kept wandering back to what would happen in the next training level and my eyes checked the countdown on the computer screen again and again. I got something to eat and when it was finished I still had 3 hours to go. Damn, I was getting hornier and hornier every minute. Time seemed to stand still. I started to walk around in circles. With a sigh I finally sat in front of my computer and started to surf the internet. Searching for some clue about the ´Different pleasure pants´ did not provide any new information about the device I had on me. I only found links to sites where sex-toys and all other kinds of sexual content was offered. That did not help to distract me from my horniness, quite the contrary! When I thought that I would go crazy with this increasing arousal and not being able to satisfy myself, I went back to my training level overview. The timer was down to 19 minutes, what a relief.

I opened the desk drawer and got the lubricant sample out. Then I got a large towel from the bathroom and put it on the floor in front of the computer. Following a sudden idea, I put the whole computer with screen, mouse and keyboard down from the desk and put it on the floor also. Thus I would be able to make myself comfortable down there and not have to look up to the screen on the desk. The last minutes ran down, as was my excitement increasing.

Finally it was finished! The screen changed and showed the same window and progress bar as last time. The display text reading:

´Welcome to training level 2. Please position yourself on your knees with your head down on the floor, one side of your face touching the ground, so that you can still see the screen. Arch your back.´

I did as I was told.

´Put some lubricant on your right hand´

The test pack was easy to open and I spread some of the contents on my fingers.

´Apply the lubricant on your anal region by reaching there from below.´

This was going to be an anal training session! I had already thought that it could be like that. Not that I was totally new to this kind of feeling, but I had never had a real professional lubricant to use on myself. Spreading it on my ass felt actually great. It was very slippery indeed and I moaned softly when I felt the wetness on my butthole.

´Slowly insert your forefinger into your butthole´ was the next instruction.

I followed it and was amazed how easily my finger disappeared in my hole. It seemed that I was very relaxed down there and it gave me a feeling of great pleasure. Another moan escaped from my mouth.

´Move your index finger in and out of your butthole, but take one second time for the move in every direction!´

That meant a very slow pace of finger-fucking myself. It was amazing how good it felt. I was sure that juice was oozing out of my pussy, but was invisible because of the pants I had on. The text changed again:

´Feel with your left hand between your legs´

Surprised from that order I felt there and found a very wet spot on the pants just where my pussy was located below. So the material was transparent to liquids from the inside!

´Taste the pussy juice from your hand!´

I had never tasted my own juices before and the idea of doing so did not appeal too much to me. But I wanted to move on in the training and therefore I pulled my hand in front of me and made a cautious lick with my tongue from it.

In the moment I registered the taste a burst from my pussy hit me. It was like a strong pulsating that seemed to open and close my vaginal walls several times. That was absolutely awesome, such a sweet and intense form of pleasure! But it subsided quickly. Taking a look on the screen I hoped that I was meant to repeat that action, but it read:

´Move your index finger in and out of your butthole and take one second time for the move in every direction!´

I had to control myself hard not to reach for the wetness from my pussy. The progress bar was still on the low side, perhaps some 10% not more and I could not see it increasing, although I kept moving my finger in and out numerous times. Finally a new message appeared:

´Curl your finger in a come-here type of motion and straighten it out again. Keep the same pace as with the pumping before!´

This was like a massage of my g-spot through my anal tissue. It was good and I wriggled my butt-cheeks in the rhythm.

´Apply more lube and insert a second finger inside your butthole´ was the next order.

Up to now I had not had anything bigger than one finger inside my anal hole. I was not sure if this would be so easy for me, but of course I was willing to try. Taking some more lube on my middle finger I tried to squeeze two fingers inside of me. It worked out much easier than I had expected. It seemed that the action before had relaxed my muscles a lot back there.

´Get your upper body up but stay on your knees and spread your legs wide. Pump your asshole with two fingers with increasing speed.´

Now the action took up speed and so was my excitement level. Also the progress bar was moving up now with noticeable speed.

´Start to hump on your fingers additionally to moving in and out´

Ohhh yes, that did it for me!

´Insert a third finger in your asshole, bitch!´

Without hesitation I pushed another finger in and it fit. I was in heat now - a bitch in heat, moaning loudly in the rhythm of my humping on my fingers.

´Feel your pussy and lick the juices from your hand´

My hand went down feeling the soaking wetness from my pussy and then moved to my mouth. I greedily licked the sweet juices, which seemed to send sparks through my body.

´Tilt your head back and lick your pussy juice up again and again´

That was almost too much to bear for me! My hand went back and forth and I sucked up my juices. At the same time my legs started to shake and I had to fight hard to keep up the humping on my fingers. Then I felt a sudden tightening in my pussy and the next thing I felt was that a stream of liquid spurting out from it. Like in a frenzy I kept taking up the liquid with my hand and delivered it into my mouth. I squirted and squirted, it must have been more than a dozen of spurts. Not able to control myself I screamed loud in sheer ecstasy. When it was over I just slumped forward and lay there in my juices panting heavily. I could not move for several minutes. In the beginning my limbs seemed to have changed to pudding, I could not even raise a finger. When this feeling slowly disappeared I also got the strength back to look on the computer screen:

( link opens in new window )

´Congratulations, you have completed training level 2. You can rest now - minimum time required to start training level 3 is 24 hours.´

I had completed the level! Having lost all control of myself I had also lost track of the progress bar or the text on the screen. But it seemed that I performed correctly, as the mess that I had made on my floor also showed.

Heaving myself up with some effort I saw that I had produced a small pool that reached even to my computer desk. The computer screen itself was also soaked. I got some towels and cleaned the mess up. Then I took a minute to gather my senses and think about what had just happened. I had not known that I was able to squirt. Was that caused by the pants or had the ability been there and never shown up before? What feelings and experiences would the next training lessons unfold? I was already hooked to this unique device. My eyes wandered to the screen. The list of training levels was displayed. Session 3 was now marked in green. I clicked it.

´23 hours 29 minutes until training level can be started. Please acquire accessory bag 1 from your local ´Different pleasure pants´ provider before you start this level´

"WHAT??" I cried out. This meant I had to go to the ´Fetish Emporium´ again and buy this accessory bag from them. They would know that I had used the pants and used them good. I could feel the embarrassment already when I just thought about it. And would they even have the equipment on stock and what would that cost me? All these thoughts made me feel uneasy to say the least. But then I looked at the clock and saw that is was already almost 7 pm. If I remembered correctly I had seen in my internet search for sex-shops that the ´Fetish Emporium´ was opened until 8 pm on Saturdays and closed on Sundays. I quickly started to gather some clothes and hurriedly get dressed. Much worse than any humiliation when going there would be that I could not start my next training lesson in time tomorrow...

Chapter 3 (added: 2013/12/18)

I hurried down the stairs of my apartment and out on the street. It was getting dark already. The way to the shop was not long and I walked at a smart pace. My urge to re-experience the unbelievable good feelings from the last training level or even enhance them quickened my steps.

The backstreet where the ´Fetish Emporium´ was located was only dimly lit. I was a little worried walking around there anyways, and now in the dark especially. Approaching the entrance it took me a little to get up the nerve to enter, but I knew that I did not have too much time and thus I pushed the door open.

Nothing had changed in the interior. Only the lighting seemed brighter today, but that most likely only appeared to me since I just came from the twilight outside. Unchanged was also the fact that no other customers were present. Noticing this fact relaxed my tension slightly and I started to look out for the saleswoman. She was hidden behind a shelf and just put some bottles of lubricant in there. She saw me and seemed to recognize me immediately.

"Hello my dear, I see that you are back again! I hope that it is not to make a claim about your new Different pleasure pants?" she asked and gave me a friendly smile.

"N-no, the pants are alright I guess" I stammered. Could it be that she did not know enough about the device to be aware of the fact that I was most likely here to get the accessory bag?

"So what else is it that I can do for you then?"

There was no reason to pussyfoot around what I wanted, so I spoke out directly:

"I need the accessory bag number one for the pants!"

The saleswoman seemed a little surprised.

"You want the accessory bag? Interesting, since you only bought the original equipment yesterday. But this means that the product really was to your liking! This makes me very happy, since I suggested it to you!"

"Yes, I quite liked it" was all I could murmur in return, my face starting to get red when I relived the experiences I had had with it in my head. This was definitely the understatement of the year!

"We have the accessory bag here, the representative of the manufacturer provided it to us. My opinion was that it was a little too early for that, but he said that there will be a demand for it and he was obviously right!"

That information really was a great relief for me.

"I will get it out for you immediately!" she said and went out to the room in the back of the shop and came back with another shoe-bag sized box, quite similar to the original one where the pants had been in.

"Let me see what the price of this is. I only kept them on commission, since I was not sure if these would sell..."

She looked at some papers in a folder under the counter.

"Ahhh yes, here it is, it costs 990 Dollars!" she said with a happy smile on her face.

That was by far more than I had expected and also more than I could afford! My heart sank and I could not believe that the thing I needed so much was abruptly out of my reach. I was in a shock for a moment, but then I had an idea that could possibly help me out:

"I am a test user and I need the accessory bag to continue with my testing!" I proclaimed and tried to sound as sure about myself as possible."

The saleslady looked skeptically but started to scan through the papers in her folder. After she had done some reading she said:

"Hm, I am sorry, but I can only find a test user agreement and vendor instructions for the original equipment. I have no information about that for the accessory bag. Let me clear this up for you at the producing company. Most likely I can do this on Monday morning already!"

That was really disappointing. Not only that I had to wait until Monday for an answer, but I also thought it very unlikely that they would give away the additional equipment without charge. Why would a company waste the possibility to earn good money and give away something for free, when the customer was crazy for the stuff you sold? I think my disappointment also showed on my face.

But it did not help, I said "Thank you" in a hushed tone and turned to go.

When I had almost reached the exit the saleslady came after me saying "Wait a moment!"

I stopped and turned around. She looked at me with some pity and said:

"I cannot give you the equipment for free, but perhaps there is a way for us to come to a bargain anyway!"

I gave her a questioning look.

"Let me explain. You see there is an advertisement photo shooting here tomorrow where pictures of our equipment are taken for the new homepage of the shop. The original plan was to show the stuff as it is or on mannequins. But it would of course be much better to have a human model to show it and especially a young female one!"

I was somewhat shocked by this proposal. How could I be a fetish model? Apart from the fact that I had never been photographed in any erotic or sexual context at all, how could I explain that if somebody I knew, accidentally saw me on the homepage?

The sales woman seemed to have guessed my concerns.

"You will of course wear a mask or a hood so that nobody can recognize you!"

My answer still was that I had absolutely no experience as a model and did not have the looks to be photographed and that I felt uncomfortable to show off like that and...

"My, my! You cannot really believe that you are not pretty enough for this. A young girl with such a nice slender body! And then dressed in some fetish clothes! You will look hot as hell and nobody with a bit of good taste would not love to see you like that. Please believe me, I would not offer this to you if I did not think that your pictures would look breath-taking and attract customers to buy from us!"

That was flattering and I felt a little more like perhaps I could really concern doing it.

"The photographer is a woman, a good friend of mine. She is a real professional and has made advertisement photos and fetish photos that are outstanding in my opinion. You don´t have to be afraid about the shooting at all!"

My resistance was slowly disappearing but I was still unsure.

"I tell you what: You come here tomorrow at 3 o´clock in the afternoon, have a look at the photographer and talk to her. Then you can still decide if you want to do it or not! Nobody will be angry with you if you then decide not to do it, ok? Is this a deal?"

There was no argument I could mount against that offer. I finally agreed and the saleswoman seemed very happy about my decision. Then she said that it was time for her to close the shop now and that she was looking forward to seeing me again tomorrow. I went out on the street and headed home. The visit to the shop had turned out to be completely different to what I had thought!

Arriving home I realized how tired I was. I went to bed and fell asleep soundly within a short time.

The next day began late for me once again. I had always liked to sleep long in the weekends, but my need for sleep seemed to have increased a lot in the last 2 days. It was noon when I opened my eyes. I took a shower, which was urgently needed. I had not washed properly after my sexual adventures the day before, so I could only hope that my smell had not been noticed in the shop. Discarding these thoughts, because I anyway could not change what had already happened, I cooked myself something to eat. My appetite was very healthy once again! Of course I had skipped dinner yesterday.

I was well rested and well fed and the clock indicated that it was approaching 2 pm. Being distracted by doing everyday life things, time had passed quickly and the appointment at the ´Fetish Emporium´ was approaching already. Perhaps it was lucky that I had not had too much time to think about it. Not going there seemed to be no option for me anyways, so I started to look for clothes I could wear.

"How do you dress yourself for going to a fetish shooting?" I was asking myself. A question that I never ever had thought would come up in my life. After trying some things on, but finding nothing that really fit to the situation I chose a normal jeans, a blouse over a sports bra and a thin jacket together with sports shoes. Really nothing bold, but I was not the type for overly eleant or sexy clothing anyway.

I started my walk for the shop. When I arrived there I looked on my phone and saw that I was a little too early. But I decided, that I better be too early than too late and I checked if the front door was open already. It was in fact and I stepped inside.

A little something had changed in the sales room. Some shelves in the center had been removed and a screen was set up there, surrounded by three large spotlights and a camera on a tripod. A woman in her thirties was busily moving around with some sort of measurement instrument. She looked up and greeted me.

"Hi, you must be Rita my model today. My name is Clara"

She extended a hand and I stepped closer to her and got a closer look. Clara wore some sort of short leather dress and was into alternative styling obviously. She had several piercings in her nose, eyebrows and tongue and was heavily tattooed on her arms and legs. Her hair was shaved at the sides of her head and the rest in the center was colored in a bright pink. But apart from her wild looks she seemed friendly and open to me.

"Hello" I greeted back in a little shy voice.

"So Andrea told me about you. She is not here yet, but gave me the keys to prepare everything. You are a little early - however I am almost finished with the preparations anyway and we can start in a minute."

I did not quite know what to say. So the saleswoman´s name was Andrea and it seemed that she had not properly informed the photographer that I had not yet decided if I would really be the fetish model here. But there was no discussion about that detail at all. Clara changed some position of one of the lamps, used her measurement instrument in front of the screen again and then declared:

"Ready, we can start. You can get undressed so we can get the first outfit on you!"

I was very unsure what to say or to do so I just stood there and looked a little helpless. Clara looked at me with a smile and pointed towards the changing cubicle.

"You can change there. The outfit is in the cubicle. Just let me know if you need any help with the dressing!"

I was so taken aback, that I just nodded my head and went to the small changing room. Inside there was a latex outfit that consisted of a mask, a bra, a pair of long latex gloves and high heels. The whole ensemble was colored black. It somehow fitted to my black pants that I had on and that would stay on of course. I took off my clothes and started to get dressed in the fetish outfit. The bra could not be opened at the back or front and I had to pull it over my head and shoulders to get it on me. As a compensation for that it had two small zippers that were located directly above my nipples. They were closed now. The whole bra was fitting very snuggly and embraced my breasts in a tight way. Next I put on the mask. It mostly covered my face, leaving holes for eyes, nose and mouth and was fastened by two rubber straps that ran over the back of my head. The gloves were a little difficult to wriggle my arms into. Finally I succeeded by inverting them mostly and then inserting my hands and pulling the arm pieces up. The high heels were easy to get in when I sat on the bench in the cubicle. But when I got up I realized that it was quite difficult to balance on them since they had thin heels of more than 4 inches.

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I stalked outside of the changing room slowly and carefully to avoid falling down. My appearance was a little helpless in these boots. Clara was waiting there already and scanned me from tip to toe.

"Yes, that looks nice indeed. Andrea told me that you would have a special kind of pants on most likely and chose an outfit that would fit to that. I´d say that she did a great job, also by getting the right sizes of it. Please have a look in the mirror over there to see yourself!"

I went in front of the large mirror in the corner and gazed at my reflection. My appearance had nothing to do with the shy and innocent girl I normally was. It looked much more nasty and daring, especially with the latex mask on me. I turned around and the curves of my bare ass showed that were emphasized by the shiny dark material of my Different Pleasure Pants that surrounded them. A hot sight indeed, I was even somehow turned on by what I saw.

Clara gave me a sign to come to where she was standing in front of the screen she had built up in the center of the shop. I followed the invitation and stood there in front of the camera. The high heels were forcing me to stand upright and squeeze my butt together, so that I did not fall.

The photographer immediately started to take pictures. She ordered me to turn around slowly, to put my hands on my hips, then on my breasts and then on my ass cheeks. Then she wanted me to bend over, show my behind to the camera, kneel on the floor, raise my arms high and many many other poses. In the beginning I felt that I moved very awkward, but after some time I got used to the situation. I even started to enjoy it. This was when she came to me and opened the zippers on my latex bra. This was a surprise, especially when I realized that my nipples were hard.

"Good, now please play with your nipples!" she commanded, busily standing behind the camera and taking pictures.

It was all moving so fast, that I did not think too much about it, but did as I was told. Damn, this felt really good. The whole situation also seemed to add to my excitement..

"Now we switch to the presentation of more equipment from the shop!" Clara exclaimed.

She took a red ball with a leather strap on it and approached me once again.

"Please open your mouth wide" she said to me.

When I did so, she started to push the ball inside my mouth. It was a little flexible, but rather big. So it did not fit easily and when it popped inside my mouth my cheeks were bulging out. The strap of the gag was closed behind my neck and the shooting went on.

I had difficulties with swallowing, so in a short time saliva was drooling out of my mouth and running down my chin over the latex mask and on the bra. Since I had to turn my head for posing, some of it was also dripping on my exposed nipples. That slick feeling made me really horny. I was getting absorbed in the situation and lost most of my inhibitions I had had about this photo-shooting just a few minutes ago.

"So we should get a little bit more serious now with your outfit." Clara announced.

She got a pair of cuffs made of leather and put them on my wrists by closing the buckles. Then she moved my hands behind my back and locked them together with a padlock. That made me feel really helpless and I noticed that I liked that. Next came a pair of nipple clamps. She gave me a somewhat wicked smile when she pinched them on my nipples. It caused a fiery sensation in my breasts that was actually fueling my lust even more. I could not believe that I was developing the traits of a nasty slut as it seemed!

More photos were shot.

"Get down on your knees" and "Shake your tits for me!" were the commands I heard next. I followed them. Feeling so helpless was amazing. The dangling clamps were stimulating me just as in the first training lesson with my Different Pleasure Pants. If only the pants would work there magic on me now, or if I could get some other sort of additional stimulation.

Clara was approaching me again and crouched down to me.

"Are you willing to go some way further?"

I looked at her with big eyes and gave a quick nod.

"I was just thinking that since you had these pants on that put your ass on perfect display... A buttplug would look just great in there. Would you like to do that?"

Wow that shooting now went from sexy to pornographic. But I longed for additional stimulation so much that I nodded my head once again and made some grunts in agreement.

"Magnificent!" Clara happily exclaimed and softly patted my head "I would not have believed what a kinky little slut you are when I saw you walking in here!"

She went out of sight for a moment and then approached me from behind.

"Bend over my little slut" she ordered.

I did as I was told and closed my eyes. A buttplug was going to be shoved in my ass from that photographer woman. How could this get any more kinky?

"Take a deep breath and relax" Clara told me and then I felt something cool and wet at my butt-hole. The lubed up plug was obviously twisted and turned around at the entrance of my back entrance and then was shoved in oh so slowly. I moaned through the gag, but not from pain but from the intense pleasure I felt. The plug was spreading my hole so nicely. Clara was moving it back and forth some. That sent shivers up my spine. Then she finally shoved it in all the way and I purred from pleasure. Clara smacked me on my bare ass.

"Would you believe it, that you enjoy this so much! Amazing!"

With these word she got back to the camera and continued taking pictures. I wriggled around a little which increased the feeling of the plug in my ass. I looked down on the floor and saw a small pool of liquid that could only be pussy juice that had dripped down through the pants.

Then suddenly I heard the door of the shop being opened and somebody entering. I felt exposed so much in the situation I was in. It could only be the saleswoman named Andrea as I had just learned from the photographer, but I could not be sure since I could only see a dark shape against the strong spotlights approaching the scene. Then I heard:

"Sorry I am kind of late! What´s going on here? Is that Rita in the outfit there?" It sounded very much like Andrea´s voice.

"Yes and she is doing very well. We are almost finished actually and she is great! From which agency did you get her?"

Andrea seemed somewhat disturbed and answered "But you misunderstood. She is not a professional model. I wanted to explain the details when she arrives, but I could not do it in time. She was not even sure if she wanted to do the shooting at all and I said we can decide on short notice when she is here."

"Ups, I was not aware of that. When we arranged the shooting we talked mostly about the pants she wears and what items would fit to that to represent your assortment. But don´t worry! She is a natural talent and also enjoys very much to show off - I could tell when I put that butt-plug into her."

Andrea stepped closer to me and now I could clearly recognize her while I looked up from my kneeling position.

"She was okay with a buttplug too? And also the gag, the cuffs and the nipple clamps we discussed? I am surprised, she seemed so innocent and shy when I met her." and turning towards me Andrea asked: "Are you really comfortable with that? Do you like it?"

My face was anyway blushing from excitement, but now it must have become even a tick redder when I closed my eyes and nodded. She was not totally right I was not necessarily comfortable, but I surly liked what was happening very much. It was turning me on more in fact than anything else I had ever done so far in my life.

With a small sigh of relief, Andrea gave me a smile and turned towards Clara.

"Then finish your photos. I surly think that they will do great as an advertisment for the ´Fetish Emporium´!"

Clara was taking control again and demanded a few more poses from me. Some minutes later she announced that she was finished. I was still on my knees and she made me straighten up my upper body. She warned me that it could hurt a little now and then she removed both of my nipple clamps at once. This sent a spark through my whole upper body. I was screaming into the gag and crouching down, putting my head on the floor. In that moment my ass was sticking up in the air and Clara used the possibility to pull the plug out of it in a swift motion. That gave a terrific bit of additional stimulation and for a moment I thought I would be able to reach an orgasm. But the feeling subsided too quickly and left me only panting from the situation but not finding relief.

Then the cuffs on my hands were unlocked and the buckle of my gag opened. I spit out the gag which caused another load of saliva to drip down on my body. Clara handed me a small towel so that I could dry me up. She praised me once more for doing a great job and said that I could change to my normal clothes again.

I went to the changing cubicle and got out of the latex wear and the high heels. In there I also used the towel to get away the pussy juice that had run down my legs. There was a lot of it, I was wondering if it had really been the situation only that had produced it or if the pants were also somehow involved in this. I put my street clothes back on. My horniness had reduced a little, but I still felt a strong need for release.

I went out to the shop. Andrea and Clara were standing next to each other and waited for me. Andrea held the accessory box in her hands.

"Thanks for your posing for me" she said shaking my hand. "Here is the reward as promised. I hope you enjoy it." I took the box and almost felt dizzy when thinking about what might be within and how it would feel to use it.

Clara also shook hands with me and handed me a business card.

"Give me a call when you would like to do another modeling job. I think you kinda like that business. So you can also contact me when you have more interest in the fetish scene here. It would be a pleasure to introduce you to some interesting people and they surely would also love to get to know you!" she told me.

I took the card and thanked them both. But then I quickly made my way out of the Fetish Emporium. I urgently wanted to get home to see the contents of the box. Out on the street I had to control myself not to start running to get home quicker. I reached my apartment and immediately put the box on the desk. Ripping it open I looked inside.

Chapter 4 (added: 2014/03/19)

Inside the box were two clear plastic bags and a transparent plastic bottle that contained a thick liquid of perhaps half a liter. The first bag was much larger than the other and contained a soft black somehow phallic shaped item. I unpacked it and realized that it indeed resembled a cock in soft state. The material felt very realistic, almost skin like and the piece was richly veined and circumcised. I unconsciously licked my lips when I weighted it in my hand. It felt quite heavy, like it somehow had a core of metal inside.

The cock had a length of about 8 inches and was thick, almost 2 inches in diameter. At its base it had something like a suction cup. I looked at the bottom side and saw a small hole in the middle of the suction cup about the size of my small finger.

I put the thing away and grabbed the second bag. In comparison to the first it was tiny, not bigger than a box of matches. when I opened it I found a device that looked like an earplug, also black in colour.

This was all very exciting! My mind was wandering around what the stuff could be used for. I definitely was expecting some surprises! But now I had to check the ´Different Pleasure

( link opens in new window )

Pants´ homepage. Looking at the watch I saw that it was 5.30 now. The photo shooting had taken quite a while, but there was still one hour to go. I started my computer and opened the homepage. In the training inventory I chose the 3rd level box.

'1 hour 3 minutes until training level can be started. Please acquire accessory bag 1 from your local ´Different Pleasure Pants´ provider before you start this level'

So the text had not changed, just the time had depleted. I was so horny, this one hour was like torture for me. I got undressed and started to play with my nipples. Then I reached around and touched my ass and started to stimulate my anal region. It was all feeling so good. A quick check with my fingers on my pussy that was covered by the pants showed that no feeling was coming from that area. I licked my finger and put it inside my butthole. Thoughts about me showing off in front of the camera came to my mind again. Locked up in cuffs, gagged and helpless while Clara was shoving a buttplug inside me, oh my god! I was panting and saw that pussy juice was once again seeping through the pants.

The time was moving so slowly. 45 minutes to go. I searched the apartment for cloth pins to put on my nipples, to simulate the feelings I had in the shop before. 30 minutes to go. I got the rest of the lube and put it on my fingers. Going down on my knees I started to pump my ass with my fingers like in the second training session. 15 minutes - oh my god I was going crazy.

But finally the time was up. The screen changed towards:

'Welcome to training level 3. Please open your accessory bag 1 and unpack your earplug device from the smallest plastic bag. Insert the earplug into your left ear.'

I did not hesistate, I just did as I was told. The plug vanished almost completely in my ear canal and was soft enough to fit very well. A moment later I had a warm feeling in my ear.

Then to my surprise I heard a gentle female voice:

"You have switched to audio commanding. WLAN connection was established. You can now fully concentrate on my voice and need not read the on-screen instructions any longer."

This was interesting, the verbal part made this training thing much more real than just reading the text on the screen. The voice continued:

"Open the bottle that is placed in the bigger plastic bag in your accessory bag 1"

I had unpacked the bottle already and now screwed the cap off.

"Unpack the black dildo in the bigger plastic bag. Squeeze some of the contents of the bottle inside the small hole in the base of it until it is full. Then recap the bottle."

That was a bit more complicated. My mind was clouded from pent-up sexual energy and now I had to do all these manual operations. But I did as good as I could, inverting the artificial cock and squeezing some liquid from the bottle inside.

"Place the dildo upright on a smooth surface on the ground" the voice in my ear commanded next.

I did as I was told. A soon as the suction cup made contact with the tiles on my bathroom floor a faint humming started and the base of the dildo attached itself to the ground. It looked as if the connection was a very strong one. The cock itself was still very soft, it did not stand erect, but hanged limply down, it´s glans touching the floor. What was this cock in the condition it was good for?

Almost it seemed as if the female voice from the earplug could read my thoughts. It started to explain:

"You need training to develop some skill in performing oral sex. In this training level you will learn how to give pleasure to a penis and how to give a good blow-job. The artificial cock will react in a realistic way. It is limp now, so you have to start with pleasing it to produce an erection. Start with careful licking with your tongue on the underside of the glans."

The concept of this training level seemed different than the ones before. Getting stimulation and pleasure had been the main focus up to now. Training for giving pleasure was another story. Yet I hoped that in the end of it I would get my reward. Apart from that I was so horny already, that performing a dirty deed like giving a blowjob, even if only on an artificial cock, was turning me on immensely.

I knelt in front of the dildo and carefully took it in my hand. Very gently I started to lick it as ordered. Almost immediately I felt a reaction! There was a throbbing and the cock started to get stiffer. I increased the pace of my licking and the effect was a full erection of the dildo.

"Well done, now take the penis in your mouth. Move your lips up and down the shaft slowly!"

I found this very exciting. Opening my mouth wide I took the top of the penis in and started a back and forth motion with my head.

"Move your tongue from side to side to give the cock additional stimulation!" I was ordered from the voice.

When I moved my tongue I could clearly feel that the cock was throbbing inside my mouth. The head even seemed to swell a little in size.

"Take the cock out of your mouth and spit on it!"

I did it.

"Take it in your mouth and suck on it!"

"Take the cock out of your mouth and spit on it!"

"Take it in your mouth and suck on it! Faster!"

The commands came rolling in. I had to suck, spit, lick and suck again in always faster and faster succession. I was like in a frenzy! A faint feeling of vibration started inside the pants and in my pussy region. The feeling was so amazing, I got lost in the course of action.

Then a new command was issued:

"Open your mouth wide and take the cock in as far as you can!"

I did as I was told and gulped in as much of it as I could. It felt huge in my mouth and also in my throat as it triggered my gag reflex.

"Take it in deeper!"

I felt tears in my eyes, but I pushed myself further and gulped in some more. There were still some 2 inches missing towards the base of the cock. Now I realized that I could not

breathe any more. Suddenly the stimulation from the pants increased significantly. What had been only a very faint feeling before was now a strong vibration and some pulsing motion inside myself. But I had to breathe! I raised my head and I had to cough from the irritating feeling in my throat. Saliva was running down from my lips - it was a little like in the photo shooting in the ´Fetish emporium´ when I had been gagged.

"Take it in deep again! Then start to move your head up and down to give a good throat fucking. You will only get pleasured when you provide a good performance!"

The voice spoke the truth, since the vibration in my pants had stopped immediately as soon as the dildo had left my mouth. It felt degrading to give a blowjob to this artificial penis, but I was so horny by now that I did not care. On the contrary: the fact that I was forced to do this even fueled my horniness and I started to deepthroat the cock once more. I moved my mouth up and down on the shaft again and again. There was still some of it missing that I could not get in fully. The pleasant feeling in my pussy remained on a constant level.

Somehow it was linked to my blow-job performance. The faster and the deeper I took the cock in my mouth, the more intense my stimulation was.

"Take it in deeper! Move faster! It is close to cumming!"

I tried to increase the pace and to swallow the thing fully, but I was at the limit. Already I worked on the cock like crazy. I could not get enough air, since the break when the dildo was out of my mouth far enough to let me breathe was just too short. Then a throbbing inside the cock started. It became stronger within seconds. But my gag reflex become overwhelming and I was forced to get off with my mouth totally for a second.

Exactly in that moment the artificial cock started to spurt a thick liquid and it hit me all over my face. I shrieked from surprise but also because I could feel that the throbbing and pumping motion of the cock was somehow reproduced by my pants. A huge and crazy orgasm was

building rapidly and I started a long moan...

Then all of a sudden it was over! My whole body was tensing and knew that just the last trigger was missing to bring me over the edge. But the pants had stopped to produce any feelings at all. I panted heavily and reached for my pussy region with my hands. It was all slick down there but when I rubbed it felt numb and I did not get stimulation from it. I grabbed my tits and rolled my nipples harshly. This felt sooo good, but it was not enough to make me come.

In panic I started gulp the cock in my mouth again. It had lost significantly in stiffness and was becoming limp once again. The thick white liquid tasted a little salty. But even when I tried to take in as much of the dildo as possible, I was not rewarded by any stimulation from the pants whatsoever.

"Your performance was not totally satisfactory so you could not reach an orgasm yourself. But you did well enough to complete training level 3. Congratulations! Better luck for your own satisfaction in training level 4!"

I could only cry: "Noooooooooo!"

My body was shaking, my face was covered in cum-like goo and I was totally out of my mind.

The voice in my ear continued:

"You can rest now - since the first three training levels are completed the minimum time required to start training level 4 is 5 days."

I just slumped to the ground.

Chapter 5 (added: 2014/09/24)

Lying on the ground for at least half an hour I felt that I was close to crying. I was totally spent from my ordeal, but totally unsatisfied at the same time. How could this thing be so cruel to me and deny me my much earned orgasm? Especially after all the effort I had taken to get this accessory bag in my possession! But all the mourning did not help me at all. I felt terribly tired and went to bed, where I fell asleep almost immediately.

I woke up the next day and saw the sun shining brightly through my bedroom window. Looking at my alarm clock I saw that it was already a few minutes past 9 am. I was going to be too late for my university class! Quickly I got up - there was no time for breakfast or for taking a shower anymore, so I just grabbed a few clothes and went out of the flat.

I ran for the bus station and made the trip to university. Although I missed the first course of the day I caught the second one. When my class colleagues asked me what the problem was I said that I had been on a party last night and overslept. Given my deranged looks, this was a good excuse. If they only knew what was the real reason!

During the day I was distracted by my courses and did not think much about the pants I had on. After finishing at university I took the bus home. I got a seat at a window and next to me sat a middle aged woman who was soon busy reading a magazine. I looked out of the window and did a little daydreaming when I suddenly heard a whispered voice,

"Think back to yesterday, when you sucked that cock. Did you enjoy it? Did you like it when it came into your mouth?"

For a moment I was in shock and looked at the woman sitting beside me. But of course she was not the one talking to me. The voice originated from my earplug. It was the same female voice that spoke to me during yesterday's training session. But there was no training session ongoing now. The voice kept talking,

"You liked giving head, you slut! It made you all horny and it still makes you horny when you think about it!"

With these words I felt a sudden feeling of pleasure in my pussy. It was like the faintest vibration still noticeable, but it was there and it seemed as if my horniness from yesterday came back to me.

"Does it feel good? How much better would you feel if you could suck a cock now! Tell me that you would like to suck a cock right now!"

My heart rate quickened and I could not help but moan slightly. But then the good feelings stopped.

"Say it, or it will end!"

I did not know what to do, the stopping of the stimulation felt almost painful. Holding my hand in front of my mouth I whispered softly,

"I want to suck a cock right now!"

The woman next to me looked up from her magazine and gazed in my direction, because she was not sure if I was talking to her. In the same moment the vibrating in my pussy returned - much stronger than before. I sucked in air sharply and got a strange look from the unknown woman next to me. This was so embarrassing! There was nothing in the world I wanted more than this stimulation, but it had to happen here in public. So I could only do one thing.

"Sorry, I have to leave here!"

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I hissed with a weak voice and more or less jumped over the woman and headed for the exit of the bus. Luckily we were just approaching a station and I could get out without any further questions. When I was through the door and on the pavement I needed a moment to catch my breath. Then I realized that the feelings from the pants had ended. I had to give it a try and said out loud,

"I want to suck a cock right now!"

The good thing was that nobody was close enough to understand what I was saying. But the bad thing was that also nothing was happening. I had to walk the rest of my way home and did not hear anything from the voice in my ear any more.

When I came home I went to the bathroom where the dildo still stuck to the ground. Around it was a small pool of gooey liquid that had been spilled. With a sigh I cleaned the floor, then picked up the cock-like device and cleaned it in the washbasin. It was totally limp now and I stored it in a drawer outside. Then I took a long shower. When I applied some soap to my body and came into contact with my nipples during washing I immediately became horny again. But there was no relief in sight, so I turned the water to cold until all excitement had gone away.

The next day went by without anything special happening. I was a little afraid when I entered the bus towards university and also on the trip back, but the journey went by uneventful.

On Wednesday I thought that I was going back to a normal state of mind and almost forgot about the pants for the moment. But then in the afternoon in the middle of my chemistry course it happened again. I was sitting in the quite full lecture room close to the wall with a bunch of my colleagues next to me. At first I thought that my imagination was tricking me, but then I was sure that I once again felt some stimulation from my pants. The already familiar voice spoke to me,

"Stick a finger in your mouth!"

I complied by acting as if I was thinking hard and put the tip of my finger between my lips. The reward was an immediate increase of intensity.

"Suck on your finger, do it in a sexy way!"

There was no way I could do that here in class without being noticed. I excused myself at the students sitting next to me and indicated that I had to visit the restroom. It took me less than a minute to get out on the corridor. There I sucked my finger like crazy, but it was too late. The voice and the pants remained silent. I cursed the device - it seemed that it only wanted to tease in order to humiliate me in front of others. Although this was frustrating an embarrassing I could not deny that it also turned me on and reminded me of my sexual needs. It took me half an hour to cool down enough to reenter the chemistry lecture. Even when I was back I seemed to be unable to follow the lecture because I was having sexual thoughts all the time.

On Thursday something similar happened again. During my course the voice started to say naughty things to me. This time I was supposed to open my legs wide and stroke the insides of my tights. I decided to ignore the voice this time totally although it was very hard for me. After arousing me for some time the action stopped. I thought that I had found a way to avoid the teasing. But I was wrong. Only 10 minutes later I heard the same words in my ear as before and a faint vibration started in my nether regions. When I tried to ignore it, it increased in intensity a little. It was just enough to torture me with excitement but not enough to bring me off by far. I felt the wetness between my legs that was oozing through the pants. I had to leave the room once more, ending the spook as soon as I was alone again.

Friday came and I felt that I could not manage to go to university in the state of mind I was in. In the night my dreams had been full of sexual contents and I awoke aroused and unable to think straight. I called a fellow student I had exchanged numbers with already in the first week of university and explained that I did not feel well today. She was a friendly and polite girl and agreed to lend me her notes from today's classes next week.

I stayed in bed in the morning and tried to sleep. But I only drifted away in a shallow slumber several times. Time seemed to stand still. It was noon when I got up and visited the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage. A countdown was showing:

'5 hours 53 minutes until training level 4 can be started. We suggest to have your anal passage cleaned with an enema before starting this session!'

The mentioning of an enema caused some concerns to rise up in my mind, but also made me feel naughty and excited me. I knew about enemas, but had not tried one so far. Yet it was something I should do and also it would keep me occupied a little until the training session started. I knew that there was a drugstore close to my flat and I made my way there. Buying the enema equipment was less embarrassing than I had feared - or was I hardened by my latest experiences already? Whatever the reason, I acquired an enema bag with a nozzle and a hose.

When I returned home I filled the bag with some lukewarm water. I hanged it up in my bathroom, attaching the hose and nozzle. Then I lubed my asshole up with some of the test lubricant I still had. Wow, it felt great when I put the lube back there and spread it, also on the inside by inserting a finger. The nozzle went in easily and I got down on all fours. As soon as I turned the flow of water on, I heard the voice in my ear again,

"Relax and take it all in! It feels great when you get filled up, this makes you soooo horny!"

And with these words the stimulation started. I let out a long moan because it felt extremely good indeed. The water gurgled in and expanded my belly already slightly.

"Now play with your tits and pinch your nipples"

I did as I was told and it felt amazing. But then I felt some cramping in my belly and I stopped the water and got up.

"Wait a little longer; you will be rewarded for it!"

Immediately the pants came to life much stronger and it felt like something was expanding and moving inside my pussy. It applied pressure to some internal pleasure point of mine. Looking down I actually saw a drop of wetness dripping down from the place where the pants covered my pussy. I pinched my nipples harder, and the pain from my belly was forgotten. I leaned against the wall and felt like in heaven. But then the stimulation stopped and I was ordered,

"Evacuate your bowels!"

I squatted on the toilet and let everything run out of me. The process was accompanied by a slight vibrating feeling that seemed to help with relaxing and avoiding cramps. I was ready a few minutes later. Then the voice in my ear ordered me to repeat the process once more which I did. After evacuating my bowels I was guided through a third cleaning out. When this was finished, the Mistress in my ear continued to give instructions,

"Get the dildo from accessory bag 1 and put it on the floor with the suction cup. Place the bottle with liquid from the bag next to it. Then get on your knees in front of the dildo. Put your hands on your back and your head on the floor. Remain still in this position. 2 hours 25 minutes remaining for training session 4 to start. If you remain totally still, time for session to start might be shortened."

Hearing this I immediately got under way and ran to the drawer where I had stored the items. I hurried to the bathroom and stuck the dildo on the tile floor there, the bottle of liquid next to it. A moment later I was in the required position, panting heavily both from running so fast and heavy excitement. I could not remember wanting anything so much in my life as this session to start.

Trying to remain absolutely still was not so simple, because the position was a little uncomfortable. My knees started to hurt after a few minutes and I had to concentrate to avoid changing my position slightly to get more comfortable. I closed my eyes and started to think about the situation I was in. How could it be that these devices had gained so much power over me? I was ready to do so naughty things to myself now without hesitation that I did not dare think about some two weeks ago. Yet I felt so excited about it and could not imagine anything sexier now then following the commands and earing my pleasure. It was crazy!

The pain in my knees became excruciating and I did not know if I could stand this much longer. Then the voice spoke to me,

"Hold on just a little longer! Hold on and you will be rewarded!"

That was enough for me. I clenched my teeth and endured the pain. A moment later I felt almost a little lightheaded. The pain remained, but it was like I embraced the feeling and absorbed it in my mind. Then finally,

"Welcome to training session 4! To complete this level you have to follow all orders without hesitation. Failure to obey will result in stopping of the session and a time penalty on when you will be allowed to restart it. So answer me, will you do as you are told slut?"

"Yes!" I answered, but that did not seem to be satisfactory. The voice yelled.

"You slut! First of all you have to address me as Mistress. Second you have to convince me that you mean it serious. Say: Yes, Mistress, I am a needy slut and I will do as I am told!"

I gulped because of the harsh words, but I repeated.

"Yes, Mistress, I am a needy slut and I will do as I am told!"

"Good girl, now fill up the dildo with the lube bottle as you did in the last session!"

I complied, picking up the dildo and squeezing some contents from the bottle into its base.

"Put the cock back on the floor and start to suck it. I want to see some deepthroating, take it in as far as it can go!"

Doing as I was told I opened my mouth wide and gulped the cock in. Immediately the pants started to vibrate and my legs trembled from excitement. The cock seemed to discharge some small amounts of the slimy juice I had filled in. This made my throat feel somehow strange. I managed to take the cock in very deep, although still not to the base fully.

"Remove the cock from your mouth! Now place your hand on the head of it!"

I spit the cock out from my mouth and placed my hand on it as I was told. The reason for this action was not comprehensible for me. But it became clear soon enough. The cock spit out some goo sticking to my hand. Then the Mistress from my earplug said,

"Smear it on your ass and into your asshole!"

Now I understood that this was meant to be a lubricant for my asshole. I smeared it there. It felt slimy and soon got a little warm.

"This liquid is a powerful muscle relaxant and will enhance blood circulation and sensitivity at the same time! Now turn around and sit on the dildo, put it in your ass!"

That seemed utterly impossible to me. The cock was two inches thick and I had never had anything half as big in my anal hole. But I was in a strange state of mind, focused on following the commands, because I knew that hesitation meant failure. And failure meant that I could not finish my training session and would be teased so much more.

I turned around, took the cock in my hand and squatted above it. Then I sat down with a grunt. I had expected to fail or at least to feel some intense pain, but it was quite the contrary! The dildo slipped in with a slurping sound and I came to sit on the base of it. Apart from that there was no pain, but only a feeling of absolute fullness and a crazy amount of pleasure from this penetration.

"Remain still and breathe deeply. Enjoy the feeling of something so big in your ass!" the voice said and then when I had done as ordered,

"Do you enjoy having your ass stuffed to the maximum? Do you like to have a huge dildo in your anal hole, tell me!

I was like in faerie land, my face blushed from excitement and my body was trembling. I answered,

"I am a slut and I love having my asshole stuffed. It is the best feeling in the world and I want it so much. Thank you Mistress!"

That answer seemed to please her, because I was rewarded with a wriggling movement of the dildo inside my butt. It felt as if it was pushing towards my pussy from the rear, while something inside my pussy pushed back and gripped me inside. Then the voice whispered softly,

"Now you are allowed to fuck yourself on the dildo, do it now!"

I did not need to be told that twice. Immediately I started humping my ass up and down on the huge shaft. Before that I would not have believed such intense pleasure originating from my ass possible. I was like in a frenzy, fucking me mercilessly and approaching orgasm or more exactly the mother of all orgasms. But it was not to be.

"Stop it and raise yourself from the dildo!"

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I had to clench my fists to stop it, but I followed the order. Somehow following these orders had become the center of my life right now, just like I had lost my own will totally.

"Now suck the dildo and take it into your mouth deeply!"

An action as disgusting as sucking the cock that had just been in my ass should normally have alienated me: But I found myself just doing exactly that. And I found it exciting!

"Tell me that you like it!"

I quickly raised my head to be able to speak.

"Yes Mistress, I like it very much! I love to suck the cock that has just been in my ass!"

"Very good to hear that, now take it in to the base. Leave it there until I say that you can stop!"

I pushed my head down. Last time I could not take it all the way in to the base, but now it seemed different. Perhaps the special lube from the cock had also dilated my throat - I did not know. But now I succeeded! The dildo went all the way in. I could still feel my gagging reflex, but it was manageable. The other thing was that I now could not breathe with the cock totally blocking my epiglottis. But I was distracted by a buzzing and twisting in my pussy like never before. Yet the lack of oxygen seemed to make a climax impossible. I started to feel lightheaded.

"Remove the cock from your mouth!"

After I did so I gulped in air greedily. I felt all shaky and totally out of breath. A few seconds later the next command came,

"Now turn around and sit on the dildo, put it in your ass once again! Fuck yourself with it"

Automatically I complied. The stimulation from the pants had stopped, but I got my stimulation from the anal fucking - almost more of it than I could handle. My orgasm was coming closer, but I was just not there yet.

"Pinch your nipples for me, pinch them hard! You have to feel some pain to entertain yourself some more!

I did it - ouch, but it still intensified my feelings.

"Tell me that you like to have your nipples pinched while you are fucking your ass, tell me that you love all the things we are doing here!"

"Yes Mistress, I love the pain in my nipples! I'll go out of my mind from the pleasure and the assfucking! Thank you, thank you so much!"

That finally seemed to be satisfactory.

"Very good, you are allowed to come, COME!!!"

The voice shouted so loud that my ear rang. It was just like a lightning bolt had struck me. I experienced a series of spasms throughout my whole body. Then I cried out loud,


I squirted from my pussy, so that the jet hit the opposing wall. I fell back with my upper body, but stayed impaled on the dildo. Another squirt from my pussy almost hit the ceiling. The orgasm kept rolling over me like an ocean wave. I experienced some more spasms, before another series of squirting started. When this ended I was lying on my back and panting like I had finished a marathon. Then the voice from within my ear proclaimed,

"We are not finished yet, COME AGAIN, SLUT!"

And the dildo in my ass as well as the devices of the pants on or in my pussy sprang to life once again. The stimulation was more intense than anything I had ever felt from the device, it seemed supernatural. I came again. And again. And again. I could not discern if it was a series of orgasms or just a big one that did not end for a long time. Crying, moaning and spurting juices I laid on the floor and could do nothing but endure the experience. The amount of pleasure was unbelievable; it seemed to spend up all energy within my body.

After what seemed an eternity it finally ended. I could not move, could not even raise my butt from the anal dildo. Mercifully it seemed to have gone limp and perhaps a little smaller again. The voice in my ear said,

"Training level 4 completed! Congratulations, you performed well as a slut!"

The praise brought a smile to my face.

Chapter 6 (added: 2014/11/14)

I felt so spent and relieved after the finishing of the training session that I could not describe it with words. After just lying on the floor for the better part of an hour I finally managed to stand up, have a very quick hot shower and went to bed. My sleep was deep and relaxing and I awoke the next day refreshed and full of energy. Spending the morning with a little cleaning up, I later went to the shopping mall. There I had a nice lunch and did some shopping for clothes in the mall afterwards. I was in good spirits and enjoyed myself very much.

On Sunday I spent some time online and downloaded contents of my lectures from the university homepage. I also used the time to call my parents (they of course complained about not hearing from me for too long) and made a walk through the city. In fact I needed an opportunity to show the pretty new clothes I had bought.

Out of curiosity I had a look at the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage in the evening. Looking at the progress page I saw the fields for training sessions 1 to 4 marked in green color and with the tag 'completed'. For the next session number 5 I read the indication:

'5 days 22 hours 6 minutes until training level can be started. Please acquire accessory bag 2 from your local 'Different pleasure pants' provider before you start this level'

Unbelievable! They required another accessory bag being bought before the session could start. I decided that I would ignore this craziness. I would go to the 'Fetish Emporium' and make a complaint. I would demand that they should find a way to remove the pants and the earplug. Another thing that I had to think about was the way these items actually worked. Somehow the voice from the earplug had seemed to know what I was doing. When I complied with the orders, I was rewarded and otherwise punished with - well, sexual frustration mostly. It gave me the creeps, because the items I had got could monitor my actions so closely. Was this all an automatic computer program or was some stranger controlling this? How was this related to the questionnaire I had filled out? I was more than a little worried where this was all leading to.

Otherwise: The orgasms! They were better than anything I had ever felt before... I decided that I should not rush things, but that I would take my time to think about it.

The next day went by quickly with studying at university. Also my newly found student-friend Melissa introduced me to some friends of her that were fellow students and I had a nice time. In the evening I came back to my flat and felt a very slight horniness coming back to me. It was not much, but if I had not had the pants on I would perhaps spent a little time masturbating. But it was not to be, so I distracted myself with some watching TV and then went to bed.

On Tuesday I woke up and remembered some strange erotic dream from the night, but I could not quite grasp the exact contents. During the day I was sometimes a little distracted and realized that it came once more from sexual excitement. My thoughts were wandering around the last training session I had and how good it had felt. Also I started getting curious what the next accessory bag might hold?

After my lectures I decided to visit the 'Fetish Emporium' once again. Although I had been there a few times already and did some things there that could be rated very naughty, I was still nervous when I approached the entrance door. But I gave myself a push and entered the shop. Once more I was the only customer. Slowly I started to wonder how this business was working at all. Behind the counter I spotted Andrea who recognized me immediately.

"Hello my dear! Nice that you come by once again. How are you?"

This woman had seen me in a way that I would not have believed anybody would ever see me, during the photo shoot. So I was slightly embarrassed, but knew that this was ridiculous, when all I wanted now was ask her a question. Clearing my throat I asked,

"Fine thanks. And how are you?"

"Magnificent my dear, magnificent! I even have a little present for you! You see I got the photos that Clara made from you to choose those I want to use for my homepage. Since they all show you I think it is only fair that you also get a copy of them. I put them on a USB stick - here you are!"

And with these words she handed me a neutral looking USB stick. I was surprised, but found it very nice from her to provide me with the photos. Slipping it in my pocket I thanked her. But then I had to ask this other question that was the actual reason why I was here.

"I come here also because... because I heard that another accessory bag exists for the special pants you sold me. Can you tell me more about it?"

Andrea smiled at me once more and said,

"Yes, I got it delivered just yesterday. Did not expect to have anybody asking for it so soon. Just a moment!"

She picked up something from underneath the counter and showed me a small package, only the size of a card game. I glanced at it and had no clue what might be inside of it. Surely such a small thing could not cost as much as the first bag? Andrea somehow seemed to have read my mind.

"The price is 1980 Dollars!"

I was shocked to hear that. There was no way that I could afford that much money. Had it only been a trick to give me the original equipment for free and then earn the money with the additional stuff? My facial expression must have shown my concerns, because Andrea noted,

"This is very expensive indeed. I am very sorry, because I was not told by the company that provides the 'Different Pleasure Pants' that more costs would arise for the testers. I feel responsible for that - please accept my excuse!"

These were pleasant words, but they did not help me in my dilemma. I had enjoyed the orgasms the devices had given me so much - the thought that it would be over now was very hard to accept. All I could do was to cut the pant off. But how to remove the earplug? I would have to make an inquiry at the producer! Andrea seemed to have another option for me.

"I talked to Clara and she thinks that your performance at the photo shoot was outstanding. You are very talented and you seemed to enjoy it too, isn't it so?"

My faced blushed very slightly and I had to admit to her that I liked it. In fact I had liked it a lot, also because I had been so tremendously horny - but that was something I for sure would not say openly. Andrea continued,

"Ok, listen to me. Clara said that she would like to book you once again. I think she gave you her card? But I can also call her and ask for the details of the job if you want? She did not tell me what the new job was about, but perhaps this is the way for you to get the money together? I cannot even give you a discount on the accessory bag, because the producer has fixed the sales price for me. I am very sorry about that!"

Another modeling job? It sounded a good possibility, but on the other hand the coincidence that once again I was offered this just in time to get the accessory bag made me a little suspicious. At least I wanted some more time to think about the whole issue. I answered,

"Thanks for the offer, I have to think about it. It is not so that I need the accessory bag right now. I can call Clara on my own!"

"Of course, I understand fully! I just hope that you are not unhappy with the device and that I keep you as a satisfied customer!"

When saying that Andrea seemed truly concerned that I might be unhappy with her service. I almost felt bad about that because she was really eager to help. So I thanked her once again and promised to keep her informed about what I would do. Then I left the shop and headed home. Thinking about the whole matter on my way back I came to the conclusion that I was probably just too worried. Why should somebody make such a huge effort with the pants only to have me perform in a photo shoot. This was a ridiculous conspiracy theory at best and nothing to be considered realistically.

Wednesday morning I got up early. My sleep had been uneasy because of my dreams. This time I remembered them vividly. It was like a replay of the training sessions I had completed so far that took place in my mind. Yet the orgasms somehow did not happen. The action was very exciting and I felt that I had gotten totally wet between my legs. But when I reached for my sweet spot down there I could not feel anything of the touch on my pussy, only the wetness of the pants. I cursed this unfulfilled need I had once again!

My courses were starting late today so I spent the morning hours with different tasks to distract myself. Then I got out Clara's card. It was a simple card with no business name written on it, just her name, address and phone number. Looking at the clock I saw that it was 9 am now, so I thought it would be okay to call her. I was nervous, what to say but I dialed the number anyway and heard the ringing tone. It rang several times and just when I wanted to give up the call was answered.

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"Hello, who is it?"

The voice could be Clara's, but it seemed that I just woke her up. Apologetically I said,

"Good morning, is this Clara? Sorry for the disturbance it is me, Rita"

"Who? Rita?" then after a small pause, "Ah yes, Rita from the 'Fetish Emporium'?"

I was glad that she remembered me and that I was not forced to explain in detail where we had met. So I confirmed that I was the girl from the photo shoot in the shop and that I called her because I had heard that Clara had an offer for me to do another one. She explained to me some more details.

"I showed the photos from the 'Fetish Emporium' shooting around a little and got very positive feedback. I hope you do not mind, but your face was not recognizable anyway. So a business friend of mine wants to have an advertisement video made in his location. Only a little performance of yourself in front of the camera, you can choose how much you want to show and what you will do. I do the filming and editing. What do you say?"

The offer sounded innocent enough, but there was one question that I had to ask.

"How much would I get paid for this?"

"Coming straight to business, this is something I appreciate! Well I thought about the same payment as for your last job."

This meant that I would get around a thousand dollars, but I needed twice this amount! It was horrible for me to discuss about money, but I had to do it. So I blurted out,

"What would I have to do to get paid 2000 dollars?"

"My, my, that is much more than I usually offer. Let me think... just a moment please, I call you back in a few minutes"

And with that she ended the call. I was startled that she had hung up so quickly. What was it she was thinking about? What would she ask me to do? 2000 dollars was quite an amount of money. Before my imagination could provide with too many scenarios what would be required, my phone rang already.

"Hi Rita, Clara here. So I can give you the 2000 bucks, but then you have to give me permission to offer the video also to other customers. You have to show your face and you have to give a bit more of an explicit performance - but that you did last time more or less already. "

This was something I did not like to hear at all. What if somebody recognized me? I surely would die of embarrassment if that happened. But Clara seemed to guess my worries and continued,

"Look, you can wear a wig and some fancy makeup. Nobody will recognize you for sure. You would not believe how different this will make you look. I can do the styling myself, you will not even recognize yourself in the mirror, trust me!"

It sounded reasonable. Well perhaps not reasonable in terms of what a good girl would do, but nothing to be too worried about in the situation I was in. I was still hesitant, but my concerns were getting smaller and smaller. So Clara finally said,

"Look, you do not have to decide immediately. Give me a call later today when you have made up your mind. By the way: Did Andrea give you the stick with the photos I took from you? You look magnificent - have a look and then decide! Hear you soon!"

That ended the phone call and I was left with my indecision. By now it was time to head for university, so I made my way there. I could not concentrate on my lectures the whole day but had to think about what I should do. I was very distracted and did not talk to Melissa too much. She must have thought that I was in a bad mood.

When I returned home I was still unsure what to do. I switched the computer on and plugged the USB stick in that I had got yesterday. It contained several hundreds of photos. When I clicked through them I remembered the embarrassment I had felt back then, but also how extremely horny I had been. Unconsciously I started to play with my nipples a little when I saw me wearing the clamps. I looked really hot with the ball gag in my mouth and my hands handcuffed behind me. Then I came to the photos on which I wore the buttplug. Remembering the feelings I had experienced then I started to touch and slightly finger my asshole. My nipples were rock hard and I had the vain impression that I felt some stimulation from the pants in my pussy too. I was extremely horny now once again, but the stimulation was nowhere enough to bring me even close to an orgasm.

I sighted and stopped my self-exploration. But I had come to the decision that I wanted to go for the video shoot. So I called Clara and confirmed. She seemed delighted to hear that and gave me an address where I should come to on Friday at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. It was a bit too early because I had a lecture that would go until 3 pm but I decided that I could afford to skip that just for once.

So I went to bed but could not fall asleep because of my anxiety. Thoughts about what might happen ran through my head. Also I was horny as hell. I touched myself and once again tried to squeeze some feelings from my pussy that was covered from the pants. But it was to no avail, I could not feel a thing and I remained terribly unsatisfied.

The next day was Thursday and I had some difficulties to get up. I only fell asleep in the morning hours and so the night had been too short for me. I made my way to the lectures and was in a foul mood. Time seemed to creep as slowly as never and I was just happy when the day finally ended. When I came home I just took a shower and fell asleep. This time I was tired enough so that drifted away quickly. Yet my sleep was light and disturbed by several wild dreams of sexual nature.

When I woke up I knew that I could not stand this much longer. I was shaking slightly when I remembered my dreams from last night. I got ready to leave home, when suddenly the well-known voice in my ear started to whisper to me,

"Take the dildo and the liquid bottle from you accessory bag with you."

I was taken by surprise and had no idea what this was about. Why should I take this stuff with me? The voice did not want to make me do something with it at university, did it? But I felt unable not to comply with the order, because I was afraid that this might deny me starting the next training session. I craved this next session so much, especially the orgasm that it hopefully would provide me with. So I grabbed the two items from the drawer where I had placed them and put them in my bag. Then I left home.

My concerns that something might happen at university were without any reason. The voice remained silent and I was glad about it. My plan had been to leave from my lectures early and head for the address that Clara had given me. I had looked up the route and got there more or less directly by bus. The trip was fairly quick and I arrived half an hour early. The address I was given belonged to an unremarkable house that seemed like a small office or apartment building. There was a door sign indicating the so-called 'Golden knob club'.

I waited a few minutes before the entrance, when I heard the door being unlocked. Nervously I stepped back a few steps, but then I saw that Clara was opening the door and waving me in. So I followed her invitation and stepped in a luxuriously furnished hallway. I still had my everyday clothes from university on and wore my bag with student stuff and the more delicate items - I was feeling a little stupid to have this with me. Clara was all busy and straightforward as always. She led me further into the building and explained,

"We go downstairs to the special club area. This is something like a Swinger club here, but for well-paying customers only. It is closed at the moment; guests will only arrive in the evening. I have prepared the cameras and everything in the cellar where the main BDSM playroom is located."

Main BDSM playroom: That was a place I had not expected to be the location for this promotion video. Perhaps I was making a mistake to do this? But I did not have much time to think about my situation, because Clara was quickly leading me a broad stairway down and then into a surprisingly large room. It was equipped with comfortable chairs and tables in the middle and different installations at the walls. Furthermore there was something like a stage located at one side. The lighting was mostly focused on the walls and on the stage with very bright spotlights, keeping the center of the room much darker.

Clara showed me the way to a chair where she had set up some make-up items on a small desk nearby. She indicated that I should take a seat, which I did. Then she started to apply some makeup to my face and made a lot of positive remarks about my looks and how good I would fit into the video. I tried to look around a little more what items were set up on the walls, but Clara asked me to remain still so that she could paint my eyes and lips. She finished her job after a few minutes. Then she said,

"Ok honey, now please get undressed. We need to find a fitting wig for you!"

I removed my clothes as I was told. Last time I had undressed in the changing cubicle, but that was not available here. Of course it would have been kind of stupid to ask for something like this, since Clara had already seen me in much different ways. My pants had to stay on of course, so my pussy was covered, but my ass was fully exposed. This somehow made me feel more naked, than with no clothes at all.

"Very sexy!" Clara commented, "Try this wig on. I think black suits you well and fits to your pants!"

I put on the artificial piece of pitch black hair she was offering me. It was only a little longer than my own, close to shoulder length. Clara adjusted the fit a little and then brought me to one of several body sized mirrors that were mounted on the walls all around the room. I gazed at my reflection and was surprised how sexy I was looking. Also I realized that it would be really difficult to recognize me when compared to my everyday-look. That I found very relieving. Clara seemed pleased too. She obviously wanted to get things going and stated,

"Please, step on the stage now! Let's see if you can do a little teasing! Move around and do some playing with your tits and show this nice little butt of yours!"

I was still quite unsure and climbed on the stage. The bright spotlights were blinding me. But then something totally unexpected happened all of a sudden. The pants seemed to start a massage and vibration in my pussy region! I could clearly feel it and my god it felt so good! Involuntarily I had to moan from the pleasant feelings. Then a well-known voice was whispering in my ear,

"Grab your tits! Take them in your hands and use your fingertips to play with your nipples. Clench them hard!"

Now I was torn between embarrassment and pleasure. But I had been horny all week and could not resist. It was the first time that I obeyed the orders from the earphone with somebody around. I closed my eyes and did as I was told. My nipples felt super sensitive and I could really feel my juices starting to flow almost immediately. Like from a far distance I heard Clara,

"Great, you look so super-hot! You are really talented for this! I start filming now, just continue and forget about me!"

That command was easy to follow, because I had forgotten where I was standing and what I was doing almost completely. The voice started to give instructions one after another in rapid succession and I somehow greedily complied.

"Reach between your legs and feel your juices!"

"Lick the wetness from your fingers!"

"Bend over and show your ass to the camera!"

"Grab your ass cheeks!"

"Smack your ass!"

"Say that you are a horny slut!"

I did it! My head was spinning and it was like I had lost all my own will. Then it got even more severe!

"Get the dildo and the bottle from your bag!"

Oh my god, where was this leading to? I hesitated for a moment but a strong wave of pleasure from my pussy made me forget my inhibitions. With a small jump I left the stage and headed for my bag that I had put on the floor below. The voice ordered me to fill the dildo with the thick liquid from the bottle as I had done it before and then to return to the stage with the dildo. When I had added the liquid the dildo changed from being limp to super-stiff. The game that was then starting seemed familiar to me.

"Put the cock on the floor and start to suck it. Deep throat and take it in as far as it can go!"

Taking the dildo in seemed easier than the last times. I could take it almost to the base quickly and I worked my head up and down furiously. Then the orders continued,

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"Say that you love sucking this cock deeply! Say thank you Mistress, that you are allowed to suck this cock!"

My humiliation knew no limit now, but my wicked horniness washed away all my concerns. I mumbled the words that were required from me.

"Say it louder!"

"Thank you Mistress that I am allowed to suck this COCK!"

"Good slut! Now you are allowed to fuck your ass with the dildo, sit and hump on it!"

The dildo had spurt out some lubricating and desensitizing liquid. Kneeing I positioned my ass above the artificial cock and slowly pushed it in me. I had to suck in air sharply, because the feeling was so intense. It filled me out completely and stretched my butt to the limit - yet it felt wonderful, I was totally delighted with how good this felt. Slowly I moved up and down on the shaft and it massaged my g-spot through my anal passage. The pleasure was overwhelming! My pussy seemed to contract in rhythm with my pumping in and out.

My eyes were half closed and I was like in a state of trance. But then I faintly recognized that a figure was approaching me, climbing on the stage and came to stand in front of me. I looked up and realized that it was Clara - she was standing there but something had changed... she was naked! Then the voice of the Mistress from my earphone was giving another command and I did not understand what it was initially. I was too taken aback by the appearance in front of me. But then I realized what was said,

"Stick your tongue out and lick that pussy!"

And then it happened very quickly. Clara grabbed my head and pushed my face on her moist shaved slit. As soon as my mouth made contact a massive wave of pleasure shot through my body that was centered on my own pussy. The pants worked their magic on me by applying deep vibrations inside me that were intensified by the fullness of my butt. My senses were clouded and I just reacted like remote controlled. I started licking and to my surprise I liked the taste and the act by itself very much. I felt so nasty and humiliated at the same time. Her juices tasted sweet and salty, unlike I would have imagined them to be.

My breathing became heavier and my heart raced. Now I realized that Clara's pussy had a clit piercing and I started to lick and suck there like in frenzy. She moaned deeply from pleasure. Then I felt that Clara's pussy was suddenly contracting and she let out a long moan of pleasure. Her legs were shaking and I instinctively knew that she was orgasming. She experienced what I wanted to feel, what I absolutely needed to feel right now. And then the dildo in my ass started pulsating and I felt that it pumped it's artificial cum inside me. All that together did it for me: I was about to have a crazy orgasm myself, I could feel it building deep inside me. I was going to explode, to go straight through the ceiling from an unbelievable climatic eruption...

"You are not allowed to come, slut!"

The voice said it and I felt a sudden numbness in my abdominal region. It was just like my pleasure had been deep-frozen within a fraction of a second. Yet my horniness had not disappeared fully. I needed more stimulation and started to hump my ass on the dildo faster. That felt good, but was nothing compared to the feelings a moment ago. I was desperate, but it did not help.

So I was not allowed to come myself? That was almost too much for me to bear. Also I was spent from the restless humping and only now I felt that the muscles in my legs were on fire from the strain. I simply slumped on the ground and the quickly limping dildo slipped out of me. My head was spinning and I recovered only very slowly. I think it took several minutes before my mind had cleared up a little and I was looking up.

Clara stood there with a big smile on her face. She was obviously in an orgasmic bliss and looked happy and satisfied. When I gazed at her face she leaned down and kissed my forehead.

"Thank you!" she purred and then, "Sorry, but I could not resist! Watching your performance made me so extremely horny myself. I hope you do not mind that I took some advantage of you - but I had the feeling you liked it yourself very much!"

I did not know what to reply. There were too many feelings I had right now so I could not sort out what I was feeling about her making me lick her pussy. Most of all I was desperate, because I had not been able to get relief myself. That was by far outweighing any anger I might have against Clara for using me for her own pleasure. Of course I felt strange having had my first real sexual experience with another person in a way like this! But in fact I had to admit to myself that I had not disliked it at all. Right now I was even turned on when I was thinking about it. So I just shook my head indicating that I did not mind having given some oral pleasure to her.

Clara seemed relieved and went down to get be a bathing robe. She helped me rise up and put it on. Then she showed me the way to the showers which were located a little outside the large cellar room across a hallway. There she left me alone and I took a long hot shower. Having the warm water running down my head I started to feel a little better and began to think about what had just happened. The pants and the voice from the earphone had taken control over me, just by fueling my sexual needs. It seemed impossible for me to resist that power and I realized that still my thoughts were fixed on how I could possibly get my satisfaction. Leaving the shower I saw that Clara had put my clothes inside the small bathroom. I got dressed and walked back to the stage room.

Clara was standing there and seemed to wait for me. She was fully dressed again. When she saw me she approached me and gave me a short hug. I was very unsecure on how to behave given what I had done with her. She did not seem to be too shy about this herself and just handed me an envelope stating,

"This is your payment, as agreed! I think you really did very well and the video will be a great success for sure. I could see that you liked what you did and that it was not just acting - believe me that makes the difference! I really hope that you will are willing to do some more work together with me, it would be huge fun! I will call you when I have something new, ok?"

For her everything seemed so easy, I envied her. I felt unable to cope with any decisions or discussions now, so I just agreed that it was ok for her to call me. I grabbed my stuff - getting the dildo from the stage and putting it in my bag was very embarrassing for me indeed. Then I accepted the envelope, left the 'Golden knob club' and headed home. My legs were still shaky and I had to walk slower than usual. My ass felt well worked and I faintly tasted Clara's pussy juice in my mouth.

Chapter 7 (added: 2015/03/27)

When I opened my eyes I had a feeling of slight disorientation. I was lying in my bed and the sun was already shining through my window. Looking at the alarm clock I saw that it was a few minutes past 9.00 o'clock in the morning. Only slowly the memories of what had happened yesterday came back to my mind. My visit to the 'Golden knob club' would actually be something for me to remember for a long time. Not only had I totally exposed myself and fucked a dildo anally in front of a camera, but I had also licked Clara's pussy to orgasm, the first time ever I had real sex with somebody! I said to me that this was something really depraved and that I should feel bad about it. Even more so, since I was not even allowed to have an orgasm myself, the damned pants had denied it to me. Yet I had to admit that thinking back to the events gave me a warm feeling inside. And I was still horny as hell!

I had felt tired and spent yesterday, so I had gone to bed soon after I had arrived home. But now I was wide awake and quickly got up. My gaze fell on the envelope with the money I had earned for yesterday's performance. So this was my well-deserved payment and I knew exactly what I needed it for! I got dressed, grabbed the envelope and immediately started towards the 'Fetish Emporium'. I needed the new accessory bag that would allow me to finally give me the orgasmic pleasure I craved.

The way to the shop was already familiar and I hurried to get there. This time I just walked straight in, no more shame from my side just for visiting a fetish store. When I entered the dimly lit shop, I realized that this time I was not the only customer. In fact a small group of people of two women and two men was inside, busy with trying on some fetish wear as it seemed. Andrea was standing next to them and giving some advice. When I entered they all quickly looked in my direction, but then continued with their business.

I did not quite know what to do so I walked around and had a look at the various equipment on display. But it only took a few minutes until Andrea left her customers and approached me.

"Hello my dear, good to see you again so soon!"

"Hello!" I greeted her back. Andrea really seemed to be delighted to seeing me again, or was she just happy about every single customer?

"I heard that your appointment with Clara was a full success! She said that you have are really talented and that it was a pleasure to work with you!"

To hear that made my face blush. I did not know if Andrea knew all the facts about that video shooting, especially the part when I had licked Clara's pussy to an orgasm. But if the two were indeed close friends, it seemed likely that they had exchanged all the details of this adventure. Yet I did not know and I certainly did not want to discuss this embarrassing topic any more. So I blurted out,

"Thank you, I am just here to buy the new accessory bag now."

"Of course you are! Please come with me!"

Andrea went to her counter and got the card game sized package that she had shown me on Tuesday already. I licked my lips and got the money from the envelope I had taken with me, handing the 20 fresh looking 100 dollar bills to her. Andrea gave me the box and the change. Then she said something, but I did not understand what she meant at all.

"This price includes also the piercing. Here is a voucher for the tattoo parlor on the other side of the street. They are good at doing piercings too. Just a moment I must take a look at the other customers!"

I was dumbstruck and my facial expression must have shown it. But Andrea was hurrying to the other side of the room and I could not ask her what this was all about. I took a look at the piece of paper she had handed me. It read,

'Wicked Ink Studio. Voucher for 2 separate nipple piercings. Not refundable in cash'

Still I could not understand what this was all about. There was only one way to find out, so I slowly opened the accessory bag / box and looked inside. It only held two coins sized pieces with a slight cone shape. They were made of a material that was a little similar to the fabric of the 'Different Pleasure Pants'. I investigated them closer and saw that a metal rod was passing through each cone on the backside. That was it - the pieces really did not look like they were worth the almost 2000 dollars I had just paid for them. But what bothered me much more than the high price was that I was obviously required to get pierced in order to get on with the training sessions. That worried me more than just a little!

Andrea seemed to be busy with her customers and I needed some time to think about the situation, so I decided to leave and head home. I left the shop unnoticed. Then I went back to my flat holding the small box with a firm grip in my hand.

When I arrived I shut the door behind me and took a deep breath. I sat on the ground and once again opened the small box and inspected the two small objects that were meant to be attached to my nipples. I got up and went to the bathroom. There I undid my shirt and bra and watched my reflection in the mirror. I saw a pair of perky tits, not large but nicely shaped and firm. My aureoles were also rather small. Out of curiosity I held the two pieces over my nipples. The rounded shape seemed to fit over the top of my breasts and cover them, only the metal rod was in the way. Then I heard a voice originating from the earplug I wore,

"Mmmmmmh, that looks so nice and sexy and it feels good as well..."

Just when this was said I sensed a tingling feeling in my nipples. I felt somehow warm and arousing. My eyes opened wide and I moaned - partly out of surprise and partly because it felt so good. Yet the great feeling only lasted for a few seconds. When it had disappeared the voice spoke to me again,

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"Time to get them pierced on your nipples then you can have much more of this nice feeling. It will be such a pleasure to have them on you. You will come like you never have come before! I promise!"

I removed the devices from my nipples and felt my knees getting weak. All of a sudden my arousal level was sky high and I could only think of the fact that I desperately needed relief. What just a minute before had seemed unthinkable suddenly became an option in my mind. I could go to the piercing studio and get the job done. So many people got pierced nowadays, how bad could it be? I looked at the voucher from the piercing parlor I had got. I did not know how the procedure was when somebody got piercings. Doubts started to come to my mind once again.

But then I felt a brief pulse of stimulation coming from the pants I wore. It was only an impulse for a split second, but the intensity of the pleasure I experienced got me on my knees.

"You can do it! It will be great!"

The voice encouraged me and I could not resist any longer. I swept aside all doubts and fears I had and jumped to my feet. I slipped the shirt on and almost stormed out of my flat. This time I was faster than ever at the 'Fetish Emporium' because I almost ran my way there. When I arrived I immediately spotted the tattoo shop on the other side of the street. It was rather small and unflashy. The only advertisement was the name of the place written in broad black letters above the entrance. The windows were non-transparent, so it was not possible to look inside. But I was still full of self-confidence and so I just approached the entrance and marched straight inside the 'Wicked Ink Studio'.

Although I had never been inside a tattoo shop, the appearance of this one seemed to be exactly as I would have envisioned it to be. It was rather dark inside. The walls were almost fully covered with pictures of tattoos and tattooed people. Some magazines were lying around which gave the place an untidy appearance. Behind the counter stood a man that seemed to run the shop. He was tall, very muscular and heavily tattooed and pierced as well, just like a member of a biker gang would look like. My newly acquired self-confidence immediately suffered a heavy setback.

The man looked at me with a raised eyebrow. It seemed that I did not look like the usual customers he had. But he offered me a greeting,

"Hello, my name is Nick. What can I do for you?"

I started to speak but suddenly I had a big lump in my throat. My nervousness because of the strange situation took over and I just reached for the voucher I had got and handed it over to Nick. He took the piece of paper and inspected it thoroughly. Then he looked up and eyed me carefully. Finally he stated,

"You want to have your nipples pierced?"

I had to fight my nervousness down and finally succeeded so I could whisper,

"Y-Yes, please!"

He seemed satisfied with my confirmation and grinned at me. It seemed that the thought of piercing a young woman's breasts appealed to him.

"You have any experience with getting pierced?"

I shook my head and once again felt a wave of fright mixed with shame rolling over me. But I had to admit that the whole situation was also strangely exciting. The fact that my horniness had brought me here and that I was willing to do all these naughty things to satisfy my needs was arousing me. What was happening with me?

Nick started to explain how the piercing procedure was working and what I had to do afterwards to tend the wounds. It was obvious that he had given this lecture to many customers already. I was a little distracted, but that seemed to be no problem because he handed me a brochure where the important details were summarized. Then he wanted to know which kind of jewelry I would like to have. I explained that I had it with me already. He did not seem surprised to hear that and just quickly inspected the two pieces and nodded his head. With an inviting gesture he directed me towards a small door that lead to a separate room in the back and proclaimed that we could start.

I headed towards the door, when suddenly an unexpected feeling started to emanate from my pants. It was like a pulsing and vibrating motion that seemed to be located deep inside and around my covered pussy. I was surprised so that I let out a short cry and had to lean on the doorframe to keep my balance. At the same time I heard the voice in my ear,

"You will get your nipples pierced in this filthy studio by that strange man, just because you are such a needy slut. Are you excited about what is going to happen now? Say it!"

Why was this voice now torturing me like this? I was embarrassed beyond belief but what should I do? My mind was racing to find an escape from this, but I could not find a solution. So I weakly whispered,

"I am excited about getting pierced."

This did not seem to be enough. In a sharp commanding voice I heard from my earphone,

"Say that you are excited and that it makes you so horny. And say it louder, so that the man can hear you!"

I could not say it, this was just too much. What would this stranger think of me? Was it not enough that I had to get these piercings, was I also forced to give the impression that I enjoyed it so much and that it aroused me? But the voice was unforgiving,

"Say it now or I will make you climax before him! I will not stop it, until you have done as I demand!"

I could not resist. Who could say what would happen if he saw me orgasming right in front of him, without any obvious stimulation? He would believe that the thought of getting pierced alone was getting me off. Saying these few words seemed now the smaller evil. I stammered,

"I-I am excited about getting pierced. It makes me so horny!"

Nick looked at me and was obviously surprised. Yet he gave me a smile and said,

"Don't worry, this is not so unusual. I just did not expect you to be of that kind. You will enjoy it, I am sure!"

With this statement the stimulation stopped as quickly as it had begun. Also the voice seemed to be satisfied. The only thing I still felt was my heart racing and my face blushing in bright heat.

I entered the backroom where an upholstered couch was positioned in the center. I also saw some low benches with various tools for tattooing and others obviously intended for piercing purposes. Nick told me to have a seat and immediately got busy with preparing his equipment. It seemed that he did not want to lose too much time, almost like he wanted to have his job done before I could change my mind. He asked me to get off my shirt and bra. I swallowed hard, but did as I was told. Only now I realized that my nipples were somewhat erect. I tried to convince myself that this was only because of the temperature in the room, but I could not be sure that the stimulation before was not the main reason for this reaction. Anyway it did not help to reduce my sense of shame. Nick addressed me,

"Ok, just relax and lay back!"

With these words he gently pushed me back on the couch and applied some alcoholic solution to both of my nipples and breasts. While my nipples had been erect before they now became really stiff from the cooling effect of the antiseptic. And then it happened once more. While the stimulation had been only faint before, the pants now started with an almost harsh vibration that I could sense from deep inside of my pussy all the way to the outer lips and up to the place where my clit was hidden from the fabric of the pants. I knew immediately that I would not be able to withstand this long before I would come. A part of me craved the orgasm that was approaching, but another part was still not able to let go before that stranger and in the situation I was in. So my whole body stiffened and I fought the feelings that were almost overwhelming.

Nick took a pencil and marked two points horizontally on each of my nipples. He looked me in the eyes and seemed to notice something, but kept quiet. Next he took a pair of pliers and grabbed my left nipple with it. With a swift motion he grabbed a needle and pierced it right through my tender flesh.

In that moment I saw a flash of bright light exploding right inside my head. Somehow it seemed that for a split second the pain had overcome my fight for control. Yet this was enough to break all dams: My whole body shook violently and I had to fight for air because I came so hard. It was so intense, that it almost felt painful - not from the pain in my nipple, but because the muscles in my legs, my stomach, my jaw cramped from the orgasmic contractions coursing through me. My body was bucking violently and I had to watch out not to fall from the couch. Unable to move deliberately or speak anything intelligible, I could do nothing but make my way through it.

After what had seemed more than a minute the spasms finally eased and I slumped back and relaxed. Nick had stepped back from the couch and watched me with a large grin on his face. The bulge in his pants told that he liked what he had seen very much. I was still in orgasmic bliss and a bit dizzy - the shame about what had just happened started to sink in only very slowly. Before that could even happen the voice in my ear commanded,

"Ask him if you can suck his cock!"

I thought that my mind played tricks on me and that I must have misunderstood. But the order from the earphone was repeated,

"Ask him if you can suck his cock! Beg him for it! If you do it you will be rewarded once more. Just think how good it just felt..."

The vibration in my pussy started once again. If I had thought that the orgasm I had just experienced had satisfied me and reduced my horniness I was totally wrong. My body wanted more and my own free will seemed to be gone. I could not resist.

"C-c-can I, can I ..." I began, my voice too hoarse to speak clearly. "Can I - SUCK YOUR COCK?" I had to force myself to say it and almost shouted the last words.

I was shocked about what I had just said, but I did not have much time for regrets. Nick looked at me with some disbelief, but regained his composure very quickly. He lowered his pants and took his cock out. It looked fairly big to me, although I lacked the real-life comparison. And I was not able to look at it for too long, because he approached me and shoved his member in my mouth with a swift motion. I gagged slightly on it, but he withdrew it quickly and started pumping in and out. The amazing thing about this was, that I felt a corresponding stimulation emanating from my pants. Whenever he pushed it in the vibration and pulsing peaked. When he pulled back it decreased slightly.

This made me greedy to take his member in my throat more. It felt like in the training I had had with the dildo. Only now I had the real thing. It tasted much different than the artificial one. In my state of arousal I found this new taste extremely exciting. I opened my mouth wide and gulped the cock down as far as I could. Immediately I felt the response in my pussy, it was sooooo good!

Then Nick grabbed my head and forced me to take his cock in my throat fully. It felt extreme and I could not breathe, but strangely my body started shaking from the intense feelings of pleasure I experienced from it. Another orgasm was close, I felt it building inside me like a landslide. What happened next triggered something nearly impossible to describe with words.

A few things happened at the same time. I was not the only one close to orgasm, also Nick reached the point of no return. He started spurting cum in my throat and at the same moment grabbed the nipple he had just pierced. The piercing needle was still in it and I felt a searing hot pain when his fingers closed around it. But the pain was just like fuel for the outbreak of uncontrollable sexual explosion that hit me in this second. I could not scream, because my mouth was packed full and even my throat was blocked so I could not breathe. All I could do was let the feelings run through my body and make my body convulse in uncontrollable spasms. I started to squirt, liquid was gushing out from my pussy through the pants' strange semi-permeable fabric. Had Nick not held my head with one hand and my nipple with the other, I would for sure have fallen to the ground because I was shaking so hard.

The experience seemed to last forever. One orgasmic wave after the other ran over me. My eyes were opened wide but there was not much to be seen because my face was pushed into Nick's crotch. The amount of semen he injected into me seemed huge. I felt dizzy from lack of oxygen and heard my blood rush in my ears. Just a moment before I passed out, he finally pulled out of my mouth. I gasped for air and spit some saliva and cum out. All this seemed to be too much for my body to bear - I felt blackness overcome me...

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I awoke what seemed only a moment later. Looking around me I saw that I was still lying on the couch. Nick was nowhere to be seen. I raised my head and looked down on my body. What immediately catched my eye were the two black pieces of black fabric located over my nipples. These were clearly the piercings from the latest accessory bag. Nick must have pierced my second nipple and attached them while I was out cold. My latest sexual experience seemed totally unreal to me now. The only thing I realized was an unusual salty taste in my mouth. It had not been a dream, I really gave a blowjob (and an extreme deepthroat blowjob in fact) to this more or less stranger. And this all happened while I got my nipple pierced. I could not believe what I had done!

Looking around in the small room I saw my shirt and bra lying on the floor below me. A puddle of my juices had formed next to them and they looked a little soiled. Nevertheless I picked them up and put them on. It hurt a little when the material of the clothes touched my new piercings. Then I decided that I should use the opportunity and leave as fast as possible, so I headed out of the small room.

Nick stood behind the counter and talked to a guy that was most likely a newly arrived customer. When he saw me he waved in my direction and shouted,

"Already leaving? Too bad, it was so nice to work on you - hope to see you again soon!"

My face blushed deeply and I only nodded quickly and almost ran out of the shop. Back on the street I covered my face with my hands and felt just like I would have to die from shame. But then I felt a short jolt of vibration in unison from the pants and the two new piercings I wore. I jumped in the air briefly and waited if more was to come. Yet the devices were silent again and I started on my way home. Somehow my feelings of guilt had been replaced by something else - it could only be a slight arousal and perhaps a bit of anticipation of what was to come next.

Chapter 8 (added: 2018/08/11)

I returned home and found out that it was 3 o'clock in the afternoon by now. My ordeal at the 'Wicked Ink Studio' had taken a while and I was totally exhausted. But I needed to know how my breasts looked like with their new adornments so I got my shirt off and inspected the two new additions to my nipples for the first time a little closer. When I ran my finger over the places where my nipples were hidden I could not feel a thing. This was a little strange, because I would have expected to be sore from the piercing, but this was not the case. On the other hand I had no experience with piercings, so could it be that I experienced some numbness and that was totally normal?

After what had felt like an eternity my sexual needs were finally satisfied right now. I felt extremely tired and spent, so I headed for my bedroom. Without even getting out of my clothes fully I slumped on the bed and must have been fallen asleep within seconds.

When I woke up, I realized that it was the next morning already. Once again the orgasm that I received from these mysterious pants had exhausted me so much that my body needed a great portion of sleep. But just as last time, I felt well rested and was very hungry. So I went to the kitchen and got out all food stuff that I could find and had a very good breakfast. While eating I recapped what had happened yesterday and the day before. The memory of all the things I had done made my face blush. How could I just do such depraved acts willingly? Yet when I only thought about it, I felt this tingling in my pussy that was all too familiar and told me that in the end I enjoyed it more than I might admit to myself.

So out of curiosity I started my computer and went back to check the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage. On the progress page I saw the familiar fields for training sessions 1 to 4 marked in green color and with the tag 'completed'. Training session number 5 must have been ready yesterday evening, but now it read:

'Session overdue. Next possibility to start in 6 days 9 hours 11 minutes.'

My eyes went bigger and my mouth stood open. After all the waiting for it, the effort to get the accessory bag and the piercing I was now locked out again for a week. It was just not fair! Although my forced chastity did not bother me too much right now, I knew that it would be totally different in a week from now. Just as if the damned things had read my thoughts I felt a short vibrating pulse in my pussy and correspondingly in my nipples. The pants were starting their teasing actions once more. But that was not enough it seemed, the familiar voice from my hidden earplug mocked me,

"Too bad that you missed your opportunity. Now you have to bear the consequences my kitten!"

Sunday went by slowly and I tried to distract me by doing some physical exercise. I went out for jogging and realized that I had a lot of energy for running. Also cleaning my flat proved to take my mind of the situation I was in, so my home became cleaner and tidier than ever before. The start of the week was filled with lectures and on Monday I was busy enough and the pants remained quiet. I already thought that I would easily make it until next weekend, but on Tuesday everything changed.

On the bus ride to university it started all over again. First I felt a faint tingling in my left nipple that slowly increased in intensity. Then it stopped, only to start again at my right nipple getting stronger and stronger over a period of several minutes. I secretively tried to cup my breasts, hoping that nobody of the other passengers sitting around me would notice. But this did not change the feelings that were produced by this stimulation. As much covered and locked away as it might be, I could feel my pussy getting moist and I had to bit my lower lip to avoid a moan coming from my mouth.

It continued like that during lectures. It was only so much that I could bear it if I pulled myself together, but it needed all my willpower. Meanwhile the stimulation was constantly rotating from left to right nipple to my pussy and then starting all over again. Sweat was collecting on my forehead and I had to visit the restroom several times to rinse my face with some cold water.

Cold water seemed anyway a good idea, so when I came home in the late afternoon I went under the shower and tried to cool my overheated body down. Unfortunately the effect only lasted for a few minutes, because then this maddening pulsing continued, driving me crazier every minute. Again I switched to physical training to get my mind off the continuous stimulation.

'If this goes on like this further I will soon be able to participate in a marathon!' I thought by myself.

I don't know how, but I managed to make it through the week. I was just lucky that I did not have any tests to do, because my concentration level was somewhat lower than usual to say the least. By Friday I was so desperate, that I had to stay at home. My horniness had reached a level that I had not thought possible. I could only think of sex all the time. Somehow I had to get some stimulation no matter how and there was only one possibility left for me. So I got the enema bag out that I had used in a previous training session and went to the bathroom. I cleaned my bowels with it thoroughly. It felt great and super-hot, most likely also because I remembered the great feelings I had the last time I did it. So I got the dildo from the first accessory bag and filled the strange lubricant into its base. It was limp but it had this strange lifelike surface. Perhaps if I...

Putting the cock down on the floor I started to lick and suck on it. This created images in my head from the last time I did this. Back then it soon became stiff and ready to be used, but now?

Yes! It happened the same way as last time! The realistic dildo stiffened and seemed to increase slightly in size. It felt so good in my mouth that I had to gulp it down doing a deepthroat; just like when I swallowed the cock of this guy in the tattoo parlor. My head was spinning and I felt juices dripping down through the pants on the tiles of my bathroom floor. I felt my wetness when I put my hand there. Spitting the cock out I smeared my pussy juice on it and immediately sucked it in again licking them up greedily. I was out of my mind and my horniness was flying high.

I needed something in me now! So I stood up and kneeled over this nice black dildo, pointing the tip towards my anal hole. Pushing down there was much more resistance than last time. There was some of this miraculous lubricant missing! I squeezed it out of the bottle on my hand and smeared a generous amount on my ass and especially on my butthole. This felt very slippery and created a nice tingling sensation too. Now I felt ready for it and pushed down once more. My anus expanded easily and the cock disappeared in me. I was full and the dildo seemed to reach through the anal membrane up to my g-spot. I groaned loudly and started to move up and down on the shaft. It was all so nasty and dirty but right now I loved it very much.

Trying to make the feeling even better I kneaded my breasts, but my nipples were out of reach and it did not do much for me. So I switched to sucking on my fingers which before I swiped up my juices with that were running freely from my covered pussy. My humping became faster and faster and some lovely pressure was building up inside me. This could actually do it for me! I was panting heavily already and my legs started to get tried, but I furiously fucked the artificial member. The depravity of coming from anal only spurred me on even more now and I was approaching the point of no return when suddenly,


An extremely painful shock shot through my nipples. My upper body seemed to cramp as a whole and the shocks seemed to course through my body, traveling through my legs down to my feet and ending in my toes. When my legs cramped I fell to the ground the dildo leaving my anal hole with a slurping sound. I hit the ground hard and my head slammed on the tile floor. For a few seconds I was dizzy, only slowly I regained my senses and sat up.

My breasts felt like they were on fire. I reached for my nipples, where the pain concentrated but could not reach them because of the dammed nipple caps that were solidly pierced on them. What had just happened? The answer was soon given by the voice from my earplug. With a wicked laughter she exclaimed,

"HA, HA, HA, you think that you can fool your Mistress and cum without permission? What do you say you dirty whore?"

I was confused and did not know what to do. A few seconds later another shock shot through my nipples. It was by far milder than the initial one, but it still hurt especially because my tits still hurt. In panic I shrieked,

"Sorry, SORRY, I am very sorry!"

These words were not the right ones. I received another shock. I let out a cry of surprise, pain, frustration, all these at the same time.

"How dare you not address me properly? Who do you think you are slut?"

I tried again,

"I am sorry MISTRESS! I am so very sorry"

"What are you sorry for?"

"I am sorry for trying to have an orgasm!"

I said although I did not mean it - I had been teased for so long I earned an orgasm very much. The voice again

"You can do better than that! Say that you are a useless dirty scumbag and that you like assfucking too much! Say it, SAY IT!"

Another shock ran through me. I was desperate to let them stop, so I yelled,

"SORRY Mistress! I am a dirty wanton anal slut! I wanted to get off from assfucking although I did not deserve it! I am a useless scumbag and I am very sorry that I am such a horny whore!"

"Yes, you are! I hope you learned from this lesson! No orgasm without permission!"

And this was it. The shocks ended and I just felt a feeling of emptiness. The burning feeling soon ended, but I was left with a big emptiness inside me. I got up, still shaky and cleaned everything up. At least this experience put my mind off my horniness, at least for some time. Just when I thought this was the case I felt this slight tingling in my left nipple...

Chapter 9

Somehow time passed and Saturday 18.00 o'clock approached slowly. My god I was so extremely, crazy, infinitely horny! The teasing had continued since my useless attempt to reach an orgasm and had not even stopped during the night. My sleep had been shallow and I was haunted by vivid dreams of getting fucked. It was just that: getting fucked, no kissing, caressing or fondling, but only the act of in and out from my mouth pussy or ass, preferably all at the same time.

( link opens in new window )

I was sitting naked in front of my computer and watched the count-down on the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage. A faint stimulation alternated from the pants and the nipple covers back and forth and was really driving me crazy. Finally the clock had run down to zero and I clicked the 'Start' button that became available. A familiar voice from my earplug stated,

"Welcome to training session number 5! This is an interactive session. You can make your choice what will happen, but you must also bear the consequences!"

I was very, very excited. Some pussy juice was leaking out of the semi-permeable crotch of my pants. My heart was beating fast and my mouth felt dry. I could not await the training to begin. The voice continued,

"Speak up my little slut, do you want your training to be moderate, hard or extreme?"

Thoughts were coursing through my mind. What should I choose? What did the choices mean? Was the orgasm I could earn described by the choices or was it something else? It felt as if a drop of my juices was oozing from the pants and running down my leg - I could not resist.

"Extreme!" I shouted, but corrected myself immediately to "Extreme, Mistress!"

"Good slut, I like your attitude! Now tell me do you want a short, medium or long session to take place?"

Again such a difficult question! I was horny and wanted to get relief, but if the session ended too soon it as bad for my satisfaction perhaps? Also it could take a week after the training to get the next opportunity, again so...

"A long session Mistress, please" was my answer.

"A fine choice my puppet! So my last question to you is: What do you choose, pussy, ass or nipples?"

My pussy had been out of reach for so long, I could not touch it and it ached to be taken care of, so the choice was easy this time.

"I choose my pussy Mistress!"

There was a chuckling and the voice said with what I could only describe to be malicious joy,

"Ok, as you wish! Your pussy will be excluded from stimulation this time! Have fun!"

I looked dazed and stammered something about making another choice, but it was obviously too late. There were sharp zaps, like electricity in each of my nipples, that seemed to make both of my breasts slightly numb and hurt like hell. My Mistress ordered,

"Get your dildo from the accessory bag! And better be quick you useless piece of horny meat!!!"

Another sharp pain in my nipples made me jump and I ran for the bathroom where the accessory bag was stored.

"Put the dildo on the floor and start licking it! "

I did as I was told. It became hard almost immediately. The size was fairly big, for sure bigger than the cock of the tattoo artist I had sucked, came to my mind.

"Spit on it good, because it will go in your ass! You chose the extreme training so this time you will not have any of the miracle lube on it to make it comfortable for you!"

I was shocked when I heard this, because the miraculous lube from the accessory that was filled in the dildo had made the penetration easy. But without it I could not believe that this monster would fit in my poor asshole at all. But the time for me to make choices was obviously over. Accompanied by yet another shock in my nipples the voice ordered,

"Sit on the dildo! Force it in you slut ass now, I want to see you stretched!"

I gulped hard and squatted over the huge cock that was placed on my bathroom floor. Reaching back I positioned my hole exactly above it and pushed down. Immediately I felt a rough stretching of my anal hole, but the head was just too big, it did not fit in.

"I see you need some incentive to make you try harder! Very well, you will get you nipples heated, until you have the dildo in there. And mind you the temperature will increase over time!"

Another evil laughter was accompanying the threat from my Mistress, which made me very uneasy to say the least. Immediately I could feel a burning sensation in both of my nipples. I doubled my efforts to push down and get the dildo in. But the progress was slow and a searing pain started to evolve in my breasts. I put my fingers on the damned pierced on pieces, but they felt rather cool. Yet I just could not bear it any longer, so I forcefully slammed my butt down, thus stretching my anus painfully open. I could not say what hurt more for a moment and a sharp shriek escaped my mouth. Thank god a moment later the burning feeling in my nipples stopped and was replaced by a cool feeling and even some soothing slight pulsating. But there was no time for relaxing. The voice shouted,

"Come on lazy bitch, start to hump on the dildo!"

I gritted my teeth and started to move up and down on the shaft. My poor asshole was stretched a lot and it was not lubed up sufficiently. As if reading my mind the voice ordered,

"Get off the dildo and suck it, so that it becomes more slippery!"

I did as I was told, not sure if I should be relieved or disgusted from sucking the cock that had just been in my ass. Although the situation was so depraved I felt a tiny bit of arousal developing in my loins. What supported this feeling was the fact that my nipples were once again buzzing with vibrations that sent good feelings into my otherwise recently bad treated nipples. The orders continued,

"Spit on it and then shove it in your ass once more!"

I did as I was told, it entered much easier by now.

"Fuck yourself, fuck yourself for good"

Complying to that I once more moved up and down. With my breasts being still stimulated I could definitely feel my horniness returning. A soft moan escaped my lips and I slightly closed my eyes. The voice uttered words of encouragement,

"Yes, you like to fuck yourself in the ass! Do it faster and deeper, it feels so good! I will make your nipples feel good too! You need it so much you wanton slut! Accept it, get into it!"

Almost as in trance I continued with fucking my butthole. My movement became faster and faster and it felt better and better. Just when it was getting really nice - ZZZAAAPPPPPP!

Again I got a shock from my nipples which almost let me fall off the dildo. I could just barely keep my balance but had to cup my breasts with my hands because of the painful shock I had received. My mistress in my ear shouted,

"Who said that you should stop fucking yourself? Go on, or you get another punishment!"

I was helpless and had to comply. My horniness was gone, but to my shame it built up again after some more fucking myself on the dildo. How should that end? There was another slow build-up of my excitement, but I feared that another shock was to come. How true, only a few minutes later the whole story repeated itself. Shock, pain and then another order to fuck, shock, pain, more fucking, shock, pain,...

It felt like it went on like this forever. I silently cursed myself for choosing the long duration. I got ordered to get off the dildo from time to time and do more sucking. Also I had to do deepthroating again and again until my throat felt sore and I got a lightheaded feeling from lack of oxygen. Slowly I was thinking that it would never end, but it could not go on forever, I was starting to get totally exhausted and my legs were shaking. My tits hurt already between the shocks too and there seemed to be no escape for me! started to beg my invisible Mistress,

"Please, please I cannot stand it anymore. The shocks are so painful and I am endlessly horny. Please, please Mistress, make it end!"

The voice laughed and asked,

"You want it to end? But if I make it end you will not have an orgasm and I guarantee that I will tease you all the next week!"

I was frustrated beyond belief. Then I clenched my teeth and started to fuck myself faster. I humped down on the dildo until it was all the way in and increased my speed more and more. I prepared myself for the next shock and when it came I only grunted slightly but concentrated on not stopping, but to continue with my anal fucking. The pain was sharp, but I did everything to ignore it. This did not stay unrecognized.

"Good, my little slut! I see that you get used to it slowly. This is what you have to do, you have to ignore the pain and only concentrate on assfucking!"

It was not easy, yet my excitement was building and although the shocks could reduce it again and again, there was still some progress. My only problem was that I was already panting heavily from the strenuous activity, but there was some light at the end of the tunnel. Increasing my efforts I slammed down on the floor with my butt even harder and the good feelings in my lower body were getting stronger. Yes, I think I was on the right way, I could do it, yes...

"Ok, that is enough. Training session finished!"

I could not believe what I just heard; I was so into it now! But a moment later the stiff cock in my ass got limp. That was beyond cruel! The dildo even slipped out from me because it had shrunk considerably too. No way to get any more penetration from it. I slumped to the floor and only now realized that my legs were almost cramping from overexertion. But what hurt me much more than my legs was the emptiness in me and the frustration that I could not get any satisfaction at all. Some tears swelled in my ears and I tried to start begging again.

"Please Mistress, pretty please can I...!"

ZZZAAAPPPPPP - was the only painful answer I got and I shut my mouth. Unable to do anything else I got up and went to the bedroom. I fell on the bed and closed my eyes in defeat. What had I gotten myself into? What had started so good had ended up in this disaster. At least the teasing had stopped and I slowly drifted into an uneasy sleep.

Chapter 10 (added: 2019/02/09)

I woke up the next morning and felt disoriented. My sleep had once again been haunted by various dreams, but I could not clearly remember what they had been about. For a moment I had forgotten the situation I was in and just lay in my bed, but the memory came back a second later. Looking down on my body I saw the cursed pants exactly where they had been for some weeks now. I felt that my butt and breasts were somewhat sore. The only positive thing was, that my excitement level seemed normal again. The teasing had stopped for the moment and this was my only relief; otherwise for sure I would go crazy soon.

What could I do? Like on similar occasions before I cleaned everything up from yesterday's ordeal. The damned dildo was soft and seemed to laugh at me when I cleaned it and put it away. My computer was still running and I checked the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage. Session 5 was indicated as finished (the session was but I had not been allowed to finish!!!) and the countdown was running for session 6. It would start next Saturday evening, same time as usual 18.00h. Perhaps I should go to the 'Fetish emporium' and make a complaint about the pants - tell them that I wanted to get rid of them and finish it all. But today the shop was closed, so I had to wait at least for tomorrow.

Somehow time passed quickly and I spent my day at home being lazy. The next day I originally had planned to visit the shop, but I was busy at university and since the teasing had stopped, I somehow did not find the courage to go there. What should I say anyway? Should I describe what had happened to me? This was so embarrassing! I decided to postpone my visit for another day.

On Tuesday nothing had changed about my situation. It was as if the pants had been turned off. Could that be? Was there some malfunction or was this just all part of the training? I could not say, but on Wednesday the situation changed a little. During the day everything was silent again, but during my sleep I experienced some vivid sexual dreams. It was very realistic and I woke up several times being out of breath and with a definitely wet spot in my crotch area. Yet in the morning I could not remember any details and was not even sure if it had been from the pants or just a normal dream.

I visited the homepage on Thursday morning and time was running down continuously. Only 2 days and a few hours left - I was already excited what would come next, perhaps I could do it easily this time?

What a mistake! It started on Thursday evening just when I came home from the bus station. The teasing did not start slowly this time. A super strong vibration suddenly commenced in my crotch area, just around my clit. Almost immediately an orgasm approached my hungering pussy and I was forced to go on my knees from the intense feelings.

But of course it was not to be: The stimulation ended and an evil laughter emanated from my hidden earphone.

( link opens in new window )

"Did you think that Mistress was gone? You could not be more wrong! You are mine to play with again, better accept it!"

I was close to crying from frustration. What could I do to get out of this nightmare? The only thing I could try was to beg for mercy, so I begged from the bottom of my heart,

"Please Mistress, pleeeaaaase! Do not tease me so terribly, I cannot stand it. Please, please, please..."

The answer I got was not fully to my liking.

"I can make it stop, but you have to earn it! Get yourself a leather belt and smack your naked ass with it. Then perhaps I will grant you a break from the teasing, but I want to see some deep red cheeks!"

I was not sure if that was what I had wanted, but the stimulation just increased again and I had to do something about it. I ran to my wardrobe and got an old belt out of it. Then I went on all fours and stuck my butt into the air. Pulling down my trousers I unveiled my butt and started with some soft strokes on it. A loud laughter indicated that this was not sufficient.

"Ha, ha! You think that this is enough to earn you a break? Surely not! Hit yourself harder, hit yourself much harder you bitch, or I will torture you endlessly!"

The vibration from the pants even increased and I was soooo close to cumming. But then it stopped and there was even a slight shock from my nipple piercings, to bring me down. Only a second later the humming started anew! I was desperate. My hand gripped the belt harder and I started to beat my poor behind in earnest.

Smack - smack - smack - smack. One blow after the other hit me and I cried out from the pain I felt. Yet it helped, because the teasing finally stopped. I was relieved and put my hand down, only to sense the stimulation to start all over again and Mistress shouted,

"Not red enough my dear, I think you can give some more nice color to your pretty behind!"

I had to resume the smacking and I felt my ass getting super-hot from the harsh treatment. But when I even only slightly reduced my speed or the intensity of the blows the vibration started all over again. So I continued until my arm was getting weak. Still no end to the stimulation, so I had to change hands and use the other arm for my self-beating. It felt like an hour until it was over and I was totally spent and my ass was on fire. After the beating I got up and looked at my bottom in the bedroom mirror. It shined purple, but it was not seriously bruised. I decided to better go to sleep immediately before anything like this could start again.

On Friday morning everything seemed normal again. Only a slight pain from my butt remembered me of yesterday's beating. I went to university and spent a normal day without any incidents. My butt was hurting slightly when sitting for longer time, but that was all that reminded me of my last ordeal.

So Saturday approached again and my anxiety rose once more. Logging into the 'Different Pleasure Pants' homepage I looked at the countdown for Session 6. The minutes were ticking down slowly but steadily. Around 17.00 there was only 1 hour left and I felt the first activity from the belt since 2 days. It started with pleasant pulses from my crotch area that increased in intensity over a period of several minutes. I was so starved out for satisfaction of my sexual needs, that this small stimulation was sufficient to make my whole body shake from anxiety. My face flushed deep red and I was panting as if running a Marathon. I could not sit still, but started walking back and forth in front of my desk with the computer screen. Short moans of frustration escaped my mouth again and again and the time seemed to stand still.

Finally, finally the clock showed 18.00 o'clock and the countdown was down to zero! I licked my lips and immediately a familiar voice in my hidden earphone exclaimed,

"Welcome to training Session 6 my dear! I hope you will find it entertaining! Please put your items in accessory bag 1 and get out of your flat down to the street. You will get more instructions there!"

After all that had happened to me in the last weeks I should not be easy to shock any more, but I was shocked nevertheless! All training sessions so far had taken place at my home. Okay, I had done some nasty things at the 'Fetish emporium' and the 'Golden Knob Club' and of course there was also the incident at the tattoo parlor, but the session itself had always been a private matter! But what could I do? I felt some more faint stimulation in my pussy region that was definitely starting to drive me crazy. So I grabbed the accessory bag with its contents and put on my coat. With mixed feelings I left my flat and went down the stairs and out of the building.

The sun was slowly going down and the weather was reasonably well for beginning of fall. Nevertheless the temperature was so that wearing a coat was already a good idea. Not too many people were on the street, yet I was not alone either. I immediately got my next instructions,

"Head to the left, walk to the end of the street and enter the park there!"

That was all information I got. I knew the park that was located there fairly well, because I had done some walking and jogging there. The park was quite big, but not very well kept. Some roads were running through it with an occasional park bench here and there and a lot of bushes growing more or less wildly everywhere. In the night it was a place that did not seem really dangerous, but also not necessarily totally safe. Additionally it was only dimly lit by very few street lights.

I approached the park entrance. The voice in my ear gave directed me to an empty bench that was just a few meters away from the main dirt road that ran through the park area. There I took a seat and waited what was to come next. It did not take long for my miraculous Mistress to address me again,

"Take the dildo out of your bag and fill it with the lube from the bottle as you have done it before!"

I made a quick look to my left and right. At the moment nobody was in sight, so I opened the accessory bag and grabbed the black cock that was inside and the bottle that had come with it. Just as I took out the two items I spotted an older couple entering the park, slowly walking on the road in my direction. My heart skipped a beat and I quickly put the stuff back into the bag. But this did not seem a good idea.

"Take the dildo and the bottle out of the bag, NOW!"

I felt a shock in my nipples that made me jump off the bench more from surprise than from pain. Yet the two elderly people noticed it and looked in my direction. But I had no choice now, so I got the items out again. My face flushed deep red from shame, but I filled the dildo up with lube as I was told. I could not look at the couple that was standing a few meters away from me. It was clear that they saw what I was holding in my hands. There was something like an amused laugh to be heard from the man and then an annoyed comment from the woman. Then they quickly went on and left me alone again.

I was very happy that I was alone again, but the next instructions followed and I almost could not believe what I heard!

"Get out of your trousers!"

That could not be serious. I was in a public place and every moment somebody could enter the park and see me with only the not-removable pants on that left my ass totally naked. This was just too much, I could not do this. I was almost expecting to be punished again, but this time something else happened. A very, very pleasant vibration started in my pussy region and the nipple covers pulsed in a delicious rhythm just as if somebody was softly pinching them. That made me extremely horny, but it only lasted for seconds. The voice encouraged me,

"Do as you were told and you will be rewarded by much more pleasure!"

I was like in trance from the so desperately needed stimulation, so I submitted. Opening my belt first I slipped out of my jeans first and then removed them totally by slipping the legs over my shoes. But that was by far not all...

"Very well my dear! Now bend over the bench and put the dildo in your ass!"

This was too much, I couldn't do that! Again vibrations started in my pussy to encourage me, but I was just too afraid to do it. Soothing words tried to push me forward,

"Come on, it will feel sooooo good! You will like it! Are you not horny? When you do as you are told I will make you have an orgasm in no time!"

My resistance was melting away, and I nervously looked around if I could see anybody. But there was no one at the moment and it was so hard to resist the temptation to just do what the voice said and give in to the great feelings that the pants bestowed upon me. 'What the fuck!' I said to myself and quickly got on my knees. Leaning on the bench I grasped the dildo - my god it was fully erect and had itself lubricated generously - and pointed towards my rear hole.

With a soft push it seemed to be sucked inside without much resistance. My god if felt terrific! It was like a jolt of pure sexual energy coursing through my whole body, starting from my butt and raging towards my pussy back and forth. I could not resist and started to move the cock in and out, pussy juice started to drip down through the pants onto the ground below. It was pure bliss and I knew that I was approaching an orgasm that would be earth-shattering for sure.

But from the corner of my eyes I saw that somebody was approaching! I could not even clearly see who it was, but like out of reflex I jumped up and ran away towards some bushes nearby. I crawled into the undergrowth there. Totally out of breath I spied from my hideout to see who had interrupted my loathsome actions. There was a group of three young men and they had just arrived at the bench where I had been some moments ago.

I horror I realized that I had not only left my jeans there, but also the accessory bag was still lying on the seat. Only the dildo I still held in my hand. The only thing I could hope for was that they would leave my stuff alone and get lost again soon. But the opposite was the case!

They inspected the trousers and then opened the accessory bag that still contained the bottle with the strange lubricant. In the same instant I heard the voice from my earplug, but it sounded unfamiliar almost mechanic,

"Warning, security breach! Unknown person in contact with equipment! Immediately reclaim or countermeasures will be taken!"

What could that mean? I was totally clueless what I should do, but only a few seconds later I found what the countermeasures were. I felt a stinging electrical shock in my nipples and in my pussy at the same time.

"Warning, security breach! Unknown person in contact with equipment! Immediately reclaim or shock intensity will be increased!"

There was no other way out of this for me. I stepped out of my hiding place and slowly walked towards the small group near the bench. Luckily my coat was fairly long and reached at least halfway down to my knees, thus covering me more or less decently. I approached the three guys and they noticed me immediately. They seemed to be in their early twenties and were slightly unshaven and dressed in work clothes. I gathered all my courage and uttered,

"These are my things, please give them back!"

They seemed surprised and looked at each other. The one who was holding my bag even slowly raised it, as if he wanted to hand it over to me. But the one in the middle, who was shorter than the other two stopped him by raising his arm and asked with a cheeky grin,

"Wow, wow, slow Chuck! How do we know that these items belong to her? Everybody could come here and claim this. Can you prove it that they are yours?"

I felt deeply humiliated, but I felt the shock intensity slowly increasing, so I had to act! In a desperate voice I explained,

"There is a bottle in the bag with a thick liquid in it!"

The shorter guy grabbed inside the bag his companion was holding and pulled out the lubricant bottle. He did not seem satisfied with this result yet. So he stated,

"This is no prove that it belongs to you! Explain what this is for and why you have it with you!"

That I could not describe for sure! My thoughts were racing to find a way out of this terrible dilemma. It was not helpful that I was receiving shocks all the time. I helplessly raised my arms in a gesture of resignation. That was when I realized that I still held the damned dildo in my hand and thus presented it openly to them. I thought I would die of shame instantly!

The jaws of all three of the young men dropped in unison. The first one who recovered from his astonishment was the short guy in the middle. His facial expression changed towards a huge grin and he stepped towards me. He stood in front of me and before I could react nabbed the dildo from my hand and looked at it closely. I was beyond shame and could only look to the ground, feeling like I could not stand this embarrassment any longer. But this was in fact only the smallest part of my problems! With an audible 'ZZAPPPP' a huge shock was administered to my pussy and nipples. It was strong enough to make me cringe and sent me down on my knees.

( link opens in new window )

The three of them stepped back a little and watched me in surprise, while the electricity coursed through me. I was desperate now and started to plead,

"Please give me my stuff back. I will do anything you want!"

That offer seemed to bring great delight to the short guy who approached me and looked at me a little closer. He noticed that my butt was quite naked and concluded,

"This is some sex game you are playing here isn't it? I think you enjoy this and hope that somebody like us joins in, perhaps?

What could I do? I feared another shock and I could not do anything else anyway. So I admitted,

"Yes! It is a sex game! But I will be punished for real if I do not get my toys back, so PLEASE..."

Now all three were smiling and they surrounded me. They put the bottle back in the bag and put it on the ground. The one having the dildo in his hand held it towards me. Yet he did not just give it back, but told me,

"Well you want this one back you have to earn it! Show us if you are a good slut and suck on it!"

With these words he just shoved the thing in my mouth and moved it back and forth, keeping a firm grip on it by the other end. The other two started to feel me up, especially touching and groping my naked ass. I was on my knees and was too occupied by the face fucking to show any resistance. The only good thing was that the shocks had stopped totally. And another thing was also happening: I was very much ashamed, but I had to admit that the situation also aroused me a little. Being the center of attention and not being able to escape was fueling some secret desire that made my pussy wet behind my Different Pleasure Pants.

But there was more to come! Suddenly the dildo was removed from my mouth. I looked up to see what was the reason, but a moment later the artificial cock was replaced by a real one. The short guy had dropped his pants and did not hesitate to shove his quite erect member down my throat. I coughed a little, but then a deep vibration started within my pants that forced a low moan of intense pleasure from me. I was so needy already because I had not been allowed to have an orgasm for such a long time that even the situation I was in did not prevent me from being overwhelmed by joy of this so much needed stimulation.

And this was not even yet all! One of them had the idea to direct the dildo towards my anal hole. It was still well lubricated and seemed to slip in there almost without any noticeable resistance. This additional penetration made me forget totally where I was and my nerve endings were now only sending waves of ecstasy through my body. The vibration from the pants slowed somewhat but I was fucked in mouth and ass in a constant rhythm that increased my arousal more and more.

A moment later the cock in my mouth started to spasm and sent wave after wave of hot sperm into my mouth. The taste was salty and the stuff was sticky, but in my excited state I greedily sucked and swallowed everything down. I was very close to an orgasm now, but he had not lasted long, so I was not at my peak yet, but I knew that it would not take much more now. From the corner of my eye I saw that another one was just taking his pants down and a low moan escaped from my lips...

But then there was some turmoil suddenly and before another cock was shoved in my waiting mouth the three young men quickly scrambled away from me and started to run to the park exit. I was flabbergasted and did not understand what was going on immediately. But then I spotted a park security man with a shiny uniform running in my direction. To say I was shocked was a total understatement, seeing this caused my heart to skip a beat. Yet the shock also somehow made me act super-fast and I just quickly grabbed the dildo (it had slipped out of my anal hole with a slurping sound...), my bag and even my trousers and just ran away as fast as my legs would carry me.

Looking back while running I saw that luckily the security was quite overweight and was by far not as fast as me. I outran him easily and he gave up and chasing me quickly. I headed to the park exit and ran on now without looking back any more, only stopping right in front of my apartment. There I took out my keys from the trousers I still held in my hand and quickly slipped inside. I was breathing heavily and let myself sink on the ground behind the entrance door. It took me several minutes to catch my breath and slowly come down enough to start thinking clearly again. Only then I heard a gloating voice speaking to me from my earplug,

"Congratulations, training session 6 completed!"

No orgasm, only a maximum of humiliation, especially since I had been ready to orgasm with three strangers having their way with me in a public area. I could not believe what was happening to me, it could only be a bad dream. I cried out loudly in utterly helpless frustration.

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