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Teen Fire and Frost vs The Sorority Slavers
  • Author - The Bad Lieutenant  
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  • Site Rank - 124 of 2737
  • Unique Views - 9343
  • Story Codes - F-f, bondage, sci-fi, slavery, torture
  • Post Date - 7/16/2016
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Chapter 1

Kara and Tara Bishop had both modeled growing up and had been pursued by some of the top agencies; it amazed most people that they were just stepsisters because they looked so alike. Both were 18 years old, 5'6" tall and about 120lbs, both were extremely attractive girls with flawless tan skin and playmate looks. Both girls had perfect breasts, if not large for girls so petite and pert, toned, heart shaped asses. They could very well have been sisters, even twins; they even shared the same birthday. They both were currently Freshman College students attending City College on gymnastic scholarships; both girls won dozens of trophies for fitness competitions and loved to play beach volleyball. Team Bishop was ranked nationally in the sport.

The sensual world of BDSM

They lived together in a small apartment off campus; both of their parents had died in a car accident two years before their transformation. Insurance and the selling of their father's business had left them both financially secure for life.

Their true story began while the girls, traveling across the desert to a gymnastics competition found the crash site of an alien ship. After helping the alien, called Mesha, contact its people, the being bestowed gifts of power gem stones to both girls.

A small Red stone was given to Tara. Upon touching the stone her hair turned a brilliant red and she was endowed with the ability to manipulate fire.

A small white stone was given to Kara. Upon touching the stone Kara's hair turned a striking silver blond and she was endowed with the ability to manipulate cold.

Both found that the stones increased their physical strength and speed as long as the gem stones touched their skin. They also were resistant to physical pain and their bodies could not be physically damaged. They discovered that even when they did not have the stones touching their skin, the residual energy from the stones kept their bodies resistant to physical damage: they could feel pain, even be injured, but the injuries would heal instantly.

They decided they would use their powers for good and became super heroines. They found that each could call her stone to her by touching her hand together in front of their faces and whispering the word mesha it would transform them into their new superhero personas Teen Frost and Teen Fire; it would also bring the gem stones back to them if they were taken or lost.

Mesha explained that the material used to contain their power stone possessed amazing properties. Both girl designed costumes bottoms from an alien fabric provided by their alien benefactor. The amazing material was impervious to damage of any kind; and resembled wet metallic latex, feeling slick to the touch and fitting the girls tone bodies like a second skin. The girls designed their costume to match their beach volleyball outfits but tinier and much sexier. The costume consisted of a top that resembled a sports bra, with a circular area in the front revealing the amazing cleavage of the girl's prefect 34 C breasts, the alien material bottoms were beach volleyball bikini style, very tiny and tight and high on the hip, showing off the round, firm cheeks of their amazing butts. A black belt low on their hips and snug on their waist with a symbolic stone for a buckle and A pair of thigh high boots rounded out the costume. Each girls' gem stone was worn as a belly ring. Tara's costume was colored metallic red with Kara's metallic snow white. Once the girls were dressed in their costume only they could remove them from their bodies.

After wearing their new costumes the new super heroines found there were side effects when they wore their costumes: the alien material that the costumes were made of would begin to cause the girls to become sexually aroused. This feeling became more intense the longer they wore their costumes. Also the girls had discovered that if heat was applied to Teen Fires costume bottoms this sexually aroused was ten fold. Cold had the same affect on Teen Frosts costume bottoms.

Now the story....

Kara and Tara Bishop AKA Teen Fire and Frost were investigating several disappearances at the state university campus: many freshman girls had gone missing since the beginning of the school year, prompting the super heroines to investigate. The investigation revealed that all of the missing girls had recently pledged the same sorority. Tri Kappa was known to be the most difficult sorority to pledge, their members were the richest and the most beautiful girls on campus. The red and white wonders decided to sneak in to their castle-like sorority house and snoop around.

As they approached, Kara stared in awe at the massive structure. "Wow," she whispered to Tara. "This is a sorority house? It's huge; a person could get lost in there for days! How are we going to find what we're looking for?

"Most of the secret stuff always happens in the basement," Tara whispered back. "We'll start there."

The teen heroines found an open door and made their way to the basement of the massive house. Hearing strange noises and chanting, they found a large circular room where a bizarre ritual was taking place: watching from the shadows, the heroines saw several hooded figures lead two bound girls to the center of the basement room. The two bound girls looked as though they were under some kind of spell or trance.

Teen Fire and Frost began to move to save them when the teen crime fighters were overcome by sickly sweet smell. Before they could react the sexy heroines were rendered unconscious.

The girls awoke to find themselves bound in the center of the same large circular room. The teen heroines stood back-to-back, there round muscular bottoms touching; their legs spread wide with their ankles chained to the floor while their wrists were tied together and stretched over their heads, stretching their bodies tight as they hung suspended by their wrists with their toes 3 inches off the ground. They couldn't speak with both heroines' mouths filled with thick bit-gags.

As Kara surveyed her surroundings, she saw a dozen girls seated around the room; dressed in school uniforms, laughing and talking amongst themselves. With a start, Kara recognized the two bound girls she saw earlier were sitting with the rest. It had been a trick, she thought to herself as a tall blond noticed Kara was awake. She stood and moved to stand in front of the bound blond heroine. Kara noted that the girl was absolutely beautiful standing at least 5'10" tall with long blond hair, a perfect body and face. Kara thought to herself that the beautiful blond was staring at her like she wanted to devour her. This sent shudders down Kara's spine and a tingle through her sex.

The blond smiled at the captive teen heroine. "I was wondering how long you would be out. Welcome to your little "welcome" party," the blond said in a cheery tone. "I was beginning to wonder how long it would take for you two to stumble on to our white slavery operation, we left enough clues for you to follow; I was beginning to wonder if we were going to have to kidnap a coed right in front of you to lure you here. But here you are and you're just in time." She reached up and gently stroked Kara's cheek, making the gagged heroine moan and flinch away from her touch. "You see my beautiful heroine," she said, not minding Kara's reaction. "Not only are we the most exclusive sorority on campus, we are a very devoted coven of black witches and our most sacred holiday is in one week. This holiday culminates in a black mass and sacrifice to our gods at our reaping bonfire; normally we would capture two hapless girls for our sacrifice, but now that we've captured you and your delicious sister, you will be the guests of honor. Such beauty and such power..." she said musingly. "You'll make the most desirable sacrifices."

Kara struggled in her bonds staring into the blue eyes of her captor.

"Isn't that right ladies?" the blonde called, smiling deviously; the room erupted into cheers of approval. "But until the bonfire we have many rites that must be observed. As our sacrifices you'll have to be purified through pain involving all of the four elements." The blonds eyes gleamed wickedly. "So you both will be tortured with fire, water, earth and air. Sooooo, burned, drowned, buried alive and suffocated. Fun, huh?" she laughed. "Many of our sisters are engineering majors and have devised some excruciatingly exciting devices to torment and torture you two beauties," the blond beauty said. "As our sorority has no pledges currently, you two are now honorary pledges and hell week has begun. Hazing time sisters!" the blond shouted, and again the crowd of women erupted into cheers. "This is going to be so much fun ladies; our members as well as being dedicated black witches, are all lesbian sadists. " Kara involuntarily began to struggle in her bonds again. The blond moved closer to her captive. "I'm sorry," she said. "But I have not introduced myself: my name is Buffy Farnsworth I am the president of the Tri Kappa sorority but you can call me the pledge mistress." The blond laughed out loud. "I have heard many interesting stories about you two. It will be interesting and indeed entertaining to find out if they are true. Many stories, especially interesting are those tiny, tight costume bottoms that you both are wearing." The blonde's eyes twinkled. "I wonder if it's true what they say about them..." The blond captor ran a finger over Kara's thinly covered pussy causing the teen to groan despite herself. The blond stared into Kara's eyes. Kara attempted to look defiant but it was difficult.

Breaking eye contact with this sadistic beauty, Kara looked up at the ornate ceiling.

Buffy followed her gaze. "Our sorority house once belonged to a eccentric billionaire," she said offhandedly. "The basement alone has dozens of rooms." Buffy caught Kara's eyes again. "All containing delicious torture devices for you sexy heroines to explore. These areas will guarantee you ladies a full week filled with nonstop excitement. Your torment will be epic!" The blond captor's eyes gleamed again and Kara felt the unmistakable tingle in her sex.

Buffy turn to the crowd of amazingly beautiful women. "OK ladies," she called. "Let's prepare our guests for their party. She then turn back to Kara smiling widely during the six days until the reap night our 12 members have paired up into teams. Each team has devised a diabolical and devious torture to keep you ladies occupied during each day. At night you two will be tormented and tortured by the group as a whole. Some nights will be dedicated to tortures consistent with the rights of our preparation for reap night, otherwise the skies the limit." Buffy laughed out loud, staring into Kara's blue white eyes. "Well, since this is a party, pledges normally provide the entertainment; I see no reason for tonight to be any different."

Kara noticed a redheaded Asian girl coming forward with a thin chrome metal rod in her hands. A very petite blonde followed her with a small metal stand. Kara's trepidation grew as the women began to erect the stand below her and her sisters spread crotches. The chrome bar was placed on top of the stand jutting out about 8 inches from between Kara's spread legs. Kara groaned, struggling in her bonds as the women continue to erect the device beneath her crotch. Kara looked up and saw that Buffy was staring hungrily at her thinly covered pussy. The blond beauties, captive and captor locked eyes as Kara's sex tingled wildly.

"This is an interesting little device created by some of our more scientific sisters," Buffy remarked. "The device is as simple as it is complex. When it is engaged, it will emit a focused cold beam directly onto those wonderfully tiny bottoms you wear." Buffy smiled at Kara. "I understand that cold causes them some delicious reactions." Kara stared defiantly but knew her body and the alien material of her costume bottoms would soon betray her. Buffy went on: "Under your sister, a focused heat beam will go to work on her bottoms as well. These beams are very, very intense, so not only will they be hyper stimulating, but very painful. So to reduce this actually agonizing experience it will be necessary for you to force your hips back at the same time your sexy sister forces her hips forward. But be careful, if your crotch extends over the bar even a little bit you will receive a nasty punishment shock. The only way to limit your agonizing pain is to move your hips together quickly and continuously over the bar until the party's over. This should be a snap for teen super heroines like you; there's only three more hours till daylight." Buffy looked Kara's body up and down. "At dawn you be turned over to the first team for your day's activities; Brittany and Kassie are cheerleaders, I understand they have some devilish balancing predicament perils for you two ladies." Buffy smiled widely. "Lots of bending and flexing ...and suffering. I can't wait! Well let's get this party started."

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The redheaded Asian girl, smiling and never taking her eyes off Kara's thinly covered crotch, handed Buffy a small remote control.

Buffy laughed out loud, pressing a button on the remote. "Let's get those hips moving, ladies!"

With this Kara felt the stinging and burning sensation in her thinly covered pussy. The painful sensation was mingled with the reaction of her alien costume bottoms to the cold. She knew Tara had been listening to the conversation but messaged her anyway explaining what they must do. The teen heroines began to thrust their muscular hips back and forth across the diabolical device. With their bodies hanging inches off the floor and their legs spread wide the girls were forced to flex the strong muscles of their tummies, thighs and asses to begin thrusting their hips forward and back. Both girls bumped butts and were repeatedly shocked before they were able to adjust into a rhythm. Their captors, these sadistic beautiful women surrounded the tormented teens and began shouting catcalls and making lewd remarks. The two beautiful heroines continued to thrust their pussies forward and their amazing round bottoms back in unison to the laughter and cheers of this evil group. Kara groaned as music began to play and the women began to move their chairs closer to the tortured heroines. Kara looked back at her tall blond captor catching Buffy again staring hungrily at her thrusting crotch. Kara's tortured pussy throbbed as she was forced to thrust it forward towards her beautiful captor. Kara's mind raced at the thought of being continually sexually tortured and tormented by this group of beautiful women especially the blond leader. As her hips moved forward and back she had only one thought: we must escape.

Chapter 2

The three hours seemed like an eternity to the girls. Teen Frost's pussy throbbed and threatened yet another orgasm; this would be her fourth as a result of this ordeal. Her previous three had resulted in cheers and catcalls from her assembled torturers. This was deemed an infraction by the assembled women and several of her tormentors had retrieved riding crops and wooden canes and punished her by slapping and whipping her firm breasts for each orgasm. Kara well knew Tara had been cumming as well and receiving similar punishment.

Buffy Farnsworth had placed her chair directly in front of Kara's thrusting crotch during her ordeal. She alternated between staring into Kara's eyes and at Kara's thinly covered pussy, a devious smile on her lips. When the music finely died down the device was removed from between the two heroes' legs, then Buffy Farnsworth stood, leaning close to Kara's tightly bound body. She reached forward with her hand and began to massage Kara's throbbing sex. She smiled at the beautiful hero as her skilled fingers attacked Kara's tiny clitoris. Kara groaned despite herself as Buffy continued her assault and smiled her devious grin.

"It's morning and time for you ladies to start your day," Buffy said.

Buffy's smile grew as Kara, so close to orgasm, felt a cloth being placed over her gagged mouth and nose. The sickly sweet smell of chloroform invaded her nose as she instinctively held her breath, needing to cum. Looking into Buffy' smiling face while feeling her fingers tormenting her pussy, Kara exploded with ecstasy. When she did, she inhaled large breaths of the sweet smelling liquid. She could hear Buffy laughing in her ears she was swallowed in darkness.

Kara awoke, and sat up, staring wildly around at her and Tara's bedroom. Her head pounding, she instinctively reached out and felt for where her beautiful sister lay next to her in the bed. As she did so, she momentarily felt something around her wrist, but the feeling disappeared as soon as she registered it. She felt her sister's firm body next to hers, then quickly turned on the light next to their bed. Kara felt disoriented as she looked around her bedroom, then realized that she was wearing her full Teen Frost costume. She tried to get up off the bed, but as she attempted to lift her legs she felt as if her ankles were bound together. She quickly looked at her legs and ankles, but saw no restraints there.

Confused and increasingly disoriented, Kara stood and walked into the bathroom. She looked back at Tara, seeing that she lay on her side and also wore her full costume. Kara looked at herself in the mirror; she looked tired. She ran water into the sink, then she reached down and splashed some water onto her face. She looked up back into the mirror and saw the face of Buffy Farnsworth behind her. Kara quickly spun around with a cry, but saw no one there. She immediately turned back to the mirror and only saw herself looking back--but unbelievably, in her image in the mirror, she was wearing a large red ball gag.

Closing her eyes, Kara reached to her mouth and found nothing; when she opened her eyes the gag was gone. Kara walked back to her bed and sat down. What happened? she thought. Had they been to the sorority? Had they been captured? Or was it all a dream? Why were they wearing their costumes at home in their bed?

She called out to Tara but her half-sister just groaned. Looking at the clock, Kara saw it was 4:30 AM. She removed the top of her costume, her firm breasts popping forward. She instinctively rubbed her pert nipples, feeling an instant tingle in her sex; she moved her hand down her body to her pussy and began rubbing on the outside of her costume bottoms when she felt a sharp pain shoot through her head. Looking down she saw that her wrists were bound with manacles connected with a short chain. But as quickly as the manacles had appeared, they were gone. Kara stared at her wrist. "What the hell?" she said out loud. "I must be losing it."

Karta shook her head to clear it, then, Absently, she stood to remove her costume bottoms. As she did this she glanced at her sister still lying on the bed, then gasped in horror, seeing Tara was bound and gagged. Without thinking, Kara immediately attempted to move to her sister's aid but found she could not move her legs: as she fell forward she saw to her amazement that her ankles were bound together. She struck the floor with a thud, realizing instantly that it wasn't the carpeted floor of her and Tara's bedroom, but a stone floor. As she watched in disbelief, their bedroom melted away around her to be replaced by a windowless, stone-walled room. Kara quickly realized that her wrists were bound together with a short chain and she now had a gag in her mouth. Astonished, Tara looked up into the smiling face of Buffy Farnsworth.

"Oh we were so close," Buffy said in a mockingly sad tone.

Kara stared into her blond tormentor's eyes not understanding what had happened. Seeing the confusion on Kara's face Buffy explained. "Some of our more scientific sisters have created a unique drug that, with some subliminal prodding, allows complete mind control. But alas, it is only temporary and it does not work as well on those with strong wills and minds. But we were able to get these."

Kara groaned as a smiling Buffy held up the Wonder Teens' costume tops. Kara looked down at her firm and now very bare breasts. She stared back into deviously twinkling eyes of her captor. Buffy's smile widened. "I guess we have two new things to play with. Hmm, make that four things to play with," she said, eyeing the half-sisters' naked breasts. The sadistic blond laughed out loud as Kara futilely struggled in her bonds. Buffy looked at the girls around her. "Shall we get started?" she asked.

The girls cheered and seized Teen Frost, placing a chloroformed soaked rag over her nose. The beautiful blond hero did not resist and was soon enveloped in darkness.

Bound on her back, her arms stretched and secured over her head, Kara attempted to look around the room. She realized that both she and Tara were each secured to a square device which resembled a torture rack. She noted electric wires trailing from each rack to a small box between her and Tara's heads. Two small metal rods protruded from the top of the box, each crowned with a small metal ring. Kara tested her bonds though she knew full well that escape was unlikely. Kara looked up as Buffy Farnsworth stepped over to her struggling body. Buffy grinned down at the beautiful blonde teen hero. "Are you ready for your day, my sexy little pledge?" Buffy asked.

Buffy's smile broadened as she watched Kara struggle in her bonds. Another incredibly beautiful blonde woman stepped forward and stood so both Kara and Tara could stare up at her. The intensely fit blond bestowed a malicious grin upon Teen Frost that shook her to her soul. "I am Kassie," she said. "Head cheerleader and lead trainer for the squad; I have developed an intense training program for you two do-gooders, starting with some intense stretching." Her maniacal grin never left her face as she spoke.

Kara shuddered again at the evil gleam in the sadistic cheerleader's eyes. Two of her fellow sorority sisters began attaching thin metal rods to a hole in each of the bound heroes' gags. Kassie explained that Teen Fire and Teen Frost would be forced to keep the thin metal rod inside the metal ring above the box located between the girls' heads.

"It's simple," Kassie said. "As long as your rod does not touch the ring itself, nothing will happen. But, if your rod makes contact with the ring, a crossbar under each of your backs will be raised giving you both a nice stretch. Blondie, if you touch your ring your sexy sister will be stretched and vice versa for you, Red!" Kassie called to Tara. Kassie laughed sadistically. "So the trick is to keep your heads very still. Piece of cake, right? Oh, one more thing, throughout this exercise the girls and I will be using vibrators and electric prods on your bodies' sweet spots." Kassie laughed out loud. "We can't make it too easy on you brats."

At this, the rods were pulled down and inserted into the metal rings. Kara strained her neck focusing on centering the rod in the ring. Her mind raced with the thought of her and her sister's ordeal.

"Okay, ladies," Kassie said, "time to get started."

With that the other tormentors began laughed and cheered. Before Kara knew what was happening a powerful shock ripped through her thinly covered pussy; her head jerked, causing the rod to touch the top of the ring. Kara groaned as a small bell rang and she heard the sound of a small motor spring to life under her sister. 'I'm sorry!' Kara telepathically messaged to Tara, but before she received a reply she heard a sharp cry of pain from her sister followed by the sound of the bell. Instantly, Kara felt a round bar push her back upward.

As this happened, she felt a vibrator pressed to her sensitive pussy. She could not raise her head to see who was tormenting her but somehow she knew that it had to be Buffy. Sexual energy crashed through her bound body like waves. The thought of the beautiful blonde sadist torturing her pussy sent Kara over the edge: she came in a massive orgasm, almost losing consciousness. Dimly, she heard the bell on the machine continually ringing, but her ears were filled with the laughter of her blond tormentor. Kara telepathically sensed that the sadistic sorority girls had started to use a small gas torch to torture Tara's pussy. This caused her severe pain and extreme sexual stimulation, a combination which made it extra hard to keep her head still.

This torture went on for almost two full hours: by that time both heroines were stretched in severe back bends. Teen Fire and Frost's ligaments and tendons were pulled to the breaking point. Their thinly covered pussies had been shocked and vibrated constantly, causing both girls to have multiple orgasms, much to the delight of their tormentors.

When they were finally released, both heroines could hardly move. Nevertheless, their wrists were bound behind their backs and, without pause, they were led into another room. The two teen heroines were stood against a mirrored wall, each girl standing on a pad three feet square, then a thin noose was placed around their slender necks. Kara noticed several laser emitters pointing at them from the front and from their sides. As the sadistic sorority girls moved back to stand in front of the bound heroines, Kara could not help but anxiously wonder what their next torment would be.

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Sunday, September 04, 2016  

Sadism Can be Fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016  

Love it, could you add more chloroform with longer struggles?! Please?

Wednesday, July 20, 2016  

Yes I know.....and his drawings, along with others that have also paid tribute to his work are outstanding! Fantastic plot and great reading!
Thank you T.B.L!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2016  

"Bad lieutenant" is also a frequent author on deviantart. Good to follow his drawings over there!!!

Sunday, July 17, 2016  

Great Start!

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