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Bondage Reality
  • Author - Jya Byrd  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, bondage, loving
  • Post Date - 7/26/2016
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Author's Note: This is just the beginning of a long story. I really hope you like it because I'll be writing it for a long time.


Forty-seven years ago

"This sucks! Just because I got fired (Stupid boss don't know nuthin') I gotta help my stupid Uncle sort this shit.

"It will be fun, you'll learn stuff,' Bullshit. When he said it was from a castle, I thought there'd be iron maidens and chastity belts and stuff."

He continued to paw through a box of oddly shaped metal pieces. "Does this have writing on it? Hey. Maybe I can make a big discovery and get my face on Mount Rushmore!" He spit on it to make it easier to read. "Then I can pass a law so more people will have to wear chastity belts and want to be tied up."

There was no writing. Having forever changed the world, he tossed the metal back in the box and decided he deserved a cigarette break.

The D'Nor wanted to explore the universe. They also wanted to stay home. Sothey did both. Using their wonderful science, they sent portals to every planet that had life. When the ports were opened, the D'Nor would explore the world and thank the being that allowed them to visit.

The doors were small because D'Nor were tiny. VERY tiny. Planck was an optimist.

A sample of DNA from the host would be required to open the door. Sperm was best, blood almost as good.

Saliva wasn't well liked at all, but it was a slow day.

The door opened and then closed three attoseconds later. In that time the D'Nor entered, explored, granted his request and changed a number of other things they felt we had gotten wrong.

Then they returned to their homes to enjoy what we had added to their culture: Beer and spicy meat sticks.

Chapter One


Not our Now, but a now that is happening nowish.

"Moooooooooooooooooommmmmm I gotta Goooooooooooooo!" Kelly wailed.

"Just sit next to me for a few minutes. It's not every day that my daughter turns twenty-one."

"But my friends are waiting! I gotta go NOW!"

"They can wait a few more minutes. It was just about this time that you entered my life. Oh you were such a beautiful baby."

"What's wrong with your bed? The sheets are too slippery! I don't wanna..." With that, Kelly closed her eyes and fell back, asleep.

"Yes, it was exactly at this time. Girls! She's in the sleep!"

Two young women entered the bedroom. "Was I really that whiny?" The taller one asked.

"Yes Beth. If anything, you were worse."

"My mom keeps telling me horror stories of what I did." Her friend added, "My brother Bobby is only three months away from the sleep. Mom can't wait."

"Dad has the van all loaded, Monica and I will take care of Kelly. You go have fun!"

"Monitoring her through the change is thirty percent of out final grade." Monica added.

"Four weeks of non-stop bondage," The mother said in wonder, "I've waited so long for this!"

"Okay, we're jealous, now go!" They shooed the mother from the room and looked down at the sleeping girl. "What do we do first? Strip the bed or strip her?"

"I'll start on the bed," Monica said, "You handle your sister."

Kelly was wearing the garish clothes of the young; Clashing colors, feathers and yarn twisted in her hair and heavy make-up. As with all girls before the change, she did not yet possess a woman's curves.

"Wow, she has gotten really chubby!"

"It's instinct." Monica commented, "They need every ounce of fat to sustain them for the next three days." She had stripped off the cover sheet, revealing a layer of white rubber. Beth was still undressing her sister. "Did you hear? Abigail got accepted at Vassar!"

"Lucky fawn." Kelly was soon lying on the bed wearing a loose linen gown. They had removed most of the make-up but soon gave up trying to get the feathers out of her hair.

In a few hours it really wouldn't matter.

"Now what?"

"Now we...monitor." Beth said. "Write this down, 'Victim was prepared and is still asleep.'"

"Victim?" Monica asked dryly. "I'll say 'subject.' And why am I the recording secretary?"

"I supplied the sister. Besides, no-one can read my writing."

"It does look like someone gave a one-legged chicken a hot foot." Monica admitted. "Any sweat yet?

"That starts in hour six."

"So what do we do until then?"

Beth pulled a drawer open. "I'm going to snoop." In the first drawer she found a chastity bra. "This thing is vintage!"

Monica whipped off her wrap-around skirt. "This isn't!"

"You got a new belt!" Beth said happily, "Is that a Blue Belle?"

"The newest and the bluest! And you said no one ever wins those contests."

"It looks great on you, I'm stuck in a Crotch Locket."

"As long as it keeps our bodies pure and our minds dirty." Monica said, quoting a Public Service Announcement.

"Damn," Beth complained. "Now I'm getting horny and it's at least a week until I can cash out for some O time. How about you? Have you earned enough points? Last time you almost stayed locked."

"I have to have enough. Six weeks between orgasms is rough, but three months would be impossible!"

Beth looked at her friend, "Are you going to make it?"

"It's going to be close, "Monica admitted, "I just hope this new belt will help me to get my grades up.

"As your friend it is my duty to inspire you! Besides," Beth noticed, "We have to do something for the next three days."

"It's your house, you know where all the toys are."

Beth looked around the room. "Most of my stuff is in the dorm. I only have a few of the basics here...But I'll bet my folks have some great... Wait a minute...Mom is a fashion designer. That chair does not go with the rest of the room!"

"And you mention this why?"

Beth felt along the back of the overstuffed chair. A devilish smile accompanied the twin 'clicks' as the chairs secret was unlocked. She lifted the soft shell, revealing a wooden and leather punishment chair.

"My parents have the same chair in their bedroom." Monica said as she removed the rest of her clothing.

Beth examined the chair. "I'll figure this thing out. You see if you can find some headgear.

"Won't your mom mind that I'm using her gags?"

"I was racking my brains for the perfect gift for them when they returned from their cruise. New gags are always appreciated."

Monica whistled. "I don't know what this is, but I love it!"

Beth's evil grin returned. "You haven't taken Historic Restraints yet. You found a brank!"It was all metal and had a large covering for the mouth, thin straps on the side of the head and a third strap that went over the top.

"Is that a good thing?"

"It's fun for us. A few hundred years ago it was a punishment at best, but usually an instrument of humiliation and often torture. There is a rubber-covered gag plate in there that holds your tongue down. The original ones used a cutting blade. The worst one had spikes that punctured cheeks, tongue and the roof of your mouth.

"That one was put on witches as they were led to the gallows so they couldn't cast any spells before they died.".

Monica looked at it dubiously. "Now I'm not sure I want to try it on."

Beth quickly looked in the closet for the keywand. It was hanging on its hook. "It was also called a Scold's Bride or Bridle. The town gossip would be paraded around in it, teaching her to keep quiet.

"If it was not for the honor of the thing, she would much rather walk. Or something like that."

"Mark Twain?" Beth guessed.

"Lincoln!" Monica corrected. "Didn't you pay attention in..." Beth prevented any more comments by pressing the front of the brank against Monica's face. Monica's mouth opened to accept the gag and a chin plate forced her to close her mouth around it.

All three straps met at the back of her neck. A single padlock prevented the device from being removed.

After securing the gag, Beth stepped back and admired her friend. Monica shifted it a bit, trying to find the most comfortable position. She made a few grunts but soon gave up trying to talk. Beth knew from experience that even a rubber-coated gag plate was very effective.

"Your Stool of Repentance awaits!" Beth said, motioning towards the chair. Monica tilted her head a bit, indicating confusion. "You'll get it next semester." Now sit!"

She sat.

The chair did not have an actual seat. Instead the front legs made a left turn and became something to sit on. The chairs arms were attached to the legs and seat combo.

Monica watched in pleasure as Beth wrapped the wide leather straps around her limbs and buckled them to the wood. When she had finished, Monica was held at the ankles, below and above the knees, upper thighs, upper and lower arms and wrists.

"Comfy?" Beth asked brightly." Whatever sarcastic remark Monica might have made was lost to her gag.

"Oh look," Beth said in mock amazement, "More straps." Soon a length was secured under her breasts and another lower on her stomach, just above her belt.

Monica heard metal scrap behind her, followed by a collar being clamped around her neck, forcing her head up. Other than wiggling her fingers and toes, Monica was unable to move

"Can you imagine this if we weren't belted?" Beth asked enviously. "Some buck pounding us all night long!"

Monica moaned at the thought. She needed to cum now and that just wasn't possible.

As she relaxed in her bonds, her eyes eased shut, then opened widely as she felt sweet vibrations on her chastity belt. "Stop, please stop!' she tried to say but her gag garbled her words.

She wasn't just locked in a chastity, she was wearing a Blue Belle! The commercials showed a girl named Nanette trying to vibe her belt for pleasure. Everyone near her would cry: "No, No Nanette" as the belt activated.

Monica felt the spreading numbness cool her passion. In seconds she lost all feelings under the belt. Her need to cum was gone, as was her enjoyment of her bondage.

Using ASL she finger-spell 'Gag' and it was quickly unlocked. "What's wrong?" Beth asked.

"You can't vibe-cheat a Blue Belle. It numbed me. "

"Damn, I forgot about that. So what do we do now?"

"Monitor our victim." Monica said sadly.

A few hours later Monica was starting to get some feelings back. As the areas numbed were also untouchable it was hard to be sure. Beth had nothing to say on the subject

Monica smiled as she watched her friend strain to cum in the punishment chair. The Crotch Locket may have been old, but it worked all too well. It did not allow vibrations to reach Beth's dripping pussy, even with a vibrator taped to the front shield.

She flipped through her text book. "According to this chart, her temp should start to rise soon." She looked at her phone. "Nothing yet."

Beth grunted in frustration. "Didn't you see the latest ad? If anyone can cum from stimulation while locked in a Blue Belle, The President of the company will wear their full body chastity for a year!"

Monica sat on Beth's bound leg. "The only way I'm gonna cum is by keeping my grades up." Monica's thumb traced a pattern around her captive's nipple. "So I was thinking..." She leaned over and traced the same pattern with her tongue. "We sign up for the doubles program." She sucked the hard point into her mouth.

Tears were leaking down Beth's face. It felt so good! She would have agreed to anything, if only she could cum!

In the doubles program, both people had to get the required number of points or neither would be allowed to cum. The advantage was: if they both passed, they would enjoy their freedom together.

The buzzing of a phone stopped any further breast play.

"She's starting to cook!" Monica declared happily! Beth was released so the pair could watch the wonder of her sister.

Five minutes later, a few drops of sweat dotted Kelly's forehead. More blossomed as they watched. Rivulets of sweat were soon streaming down her body.

For the next hour Beth and Monica were kept busy sponging up the sweat that collected in pools beneath her body. Her sodden shift had been discarded as it only slowed them down.

"How long does this go on?" Monica panted. "She's making this room into a sauna!"

"It'll ease in a few hours, but she'll stay warm until she wakes. I put the AC on in my room, Why don't you try and get some rest? I'll take the first watch."

"I'm too keyed up to lie down. I'll probably be walking the floors all night."

"Wanna bet?"

Monica licked her lips in anticipation as she looked at her friend. "Oh?"

( link opens in new window )

"You watch Kelly while I prepare your nights destination."

Monica continued to bathe Kelly, wondering what restraint her roommate had planned. As much as she enjoyed their bondage play, she had to get her grades up. It may have been stylish to wear the hottest belt, but it was incredibly frustrating too. She needed to cum.

For the thousandth time she examined her prize. Blue tinted metal arched over her hips forming an arrow which pointed to her sex. A complicated weave of metal flowed from this point to hide her pussy from view and touch. This weave ended near her anus, becoming an EZ-CLEAN cable that melded with the rear of the belt.

As she had been locked in a hood when it was put on her, she didn't know where the lock was or how it was secured. It seemed to be a single piece.

Flat cables ran down her hips to the blue thigh bands that prevented her from spreading her legs. A ridiculously short one inch cable connected the two bands. "Look at me, I'm a trend setter." She thought sardonically.

Still, it could have been worse. This belt was the third prize. Second was an ensemble that included a locking bra.

First prize was their full body chastity. That was too much of a good thing!

Beth returned and, after a quick trip to the bathroom, Monica was ready.

The air conditioning in Beth's room was a shock to someone who had been sweating a free minutes before. The sleep sack on the bed was a pleasant surprise.

"Where did you get that beauty?" Monica asked in awe.

"My Uncle John gave it to me for my 21st birthday. Wanna give it a test drive?"

Monica wiggled her feet into the belt. The cold leather felt wonderful after all the basking she had endured. Her arms sled down sheaths that ended in stiff leather pouches for her hands. Beth reached in and buckled the attached wrist straps.

"Why didn't you bring this treasure to college?"

"Because either you would have frozen or I would have boiled every night." Beth pulled the long zipper, trapping Monica in a snug leather prison. A locking collar completed her prison. "Be right back!" She promised

Returning she said, "Still sweating a ton. When do her tits start to grow?"

Monica frowned. "Do I look like I can get to my text book right now?"

"Well if you're going to be that way about it." Beth commented and put a blindfold on her willing friend.

"How long?" Monica asked seriously.

"Four hours, so I'll skip the gag."

"Agreed." Monica raised her voice. "Self bondage monitor on!"

"Activated." Said an unseen voice.

"Go watch your sister, I'll be fine."

"You don't get off that easily." Beth said and began to attach the elasticized ropes to the side of the bag. Soon her cocooned friend could barely wiggle.

"If I don't get my grades up, I won't get off at all!"

Beth lay on top of her friend and kissed her deeply. "Thanks for helping me with sis. It means a lot to me. YOU mean a lot to me. I'm looking forward to finally getting to lick that sweet pussy of yours." Then, leaving her bound lover, Beth returned to watch her little sister become a woman.

Chapter Two (added: 2016/08/11)

In which Beth and Monica grow tired of bondage and discuss Banana Bread recipes instead.

(I add Greek Yogurt to mine)

Beth enjoyed how blindfolds had always blurred the line between dreams and reality. She was never sure if she was dreaming, or waking to a Kinbaku-bi class.

She had no doubt that this was not a dream. She remembered Monica walking into Kelly's room a few hours after she had been bound. "Do you have to escape from everything?" Beth had asked.

Monica pointed to her belt. "I haven't escaped from this...yet."

"Then why didn't you get out of the brank and the chair?"

"You were there. Coach forbids us from revealing our methods. You could have joined the Escape Team when I did."

"Escape isn't the point of bondage."

"It is for me." They talked for another ten minutes, then Monica zipped Beth into the sleep sack and went back to monitor Kelly.

Beth had snuggled deeper into her restraint. Bondage always made her feel warm and protected. Nothing could harm her, nothing bad had ever happened when she was bound. Why would she want to escape from such bliss?

And the sweet darkness always inspired her.

Beth mentally began to outline a secondary paper on deviation from the norm. She would detail The minute differences between Kelly and the average Change, and how that could affect the developing personality.

Odd that there was so little data on the second day. Beth was considering what that implied as she drifted off to sleep.

Only to awaken hours later to the smell of bacon!

She was still securely bound, She couldn't even move her head to determine the direction of the odor.

And it was all too unfair!

Orgasm denial was one thing. She accepted that it was for her own good; but bacon denial? That was going too far!

"Location Monica!" Beth said, raising her voice.

"Cancel location." Said her unseen friend, "I can edge you for hours and you don't say a word, but you crumble in seconds for a BLT."

"With cheese?"Beth asked in a small voice.

"On lightly toasted bread."

Beth thrashed on the bed. "Agony, agony, agony!"

The lights in the house turned red, "Safeword alert!" cried the house monitor.

"Cancel alert," Monica said calmly. "That wasn't funny the first dozen times you said it, and it has gotten stale since." Having unlocked the collar, she unzipped the bag, freeing her friend. "Eat, then shower." She paused, sniffing the air, "Maybe shower, then eat!"

Beth's retort was blocked by the sandwich she had shoved in her mouth. In a few minutes she rejoined Monica in the bedroom, Both of them wore only their belts. "I cleaned up the night toys. How's Kelly?"

"The rest of her hair fell out. Her temp is running a little high, but still in the safe zone. I think she might be a redhead!"

Beth looked closely at her sister's head. "Maybe....or it could be heat-flush. Too early to tell. What have you been doing all night?"

"I updated our notes and wrote the intro to our paper. You can polish it later. And I tried to study for my English Lit final. Does anybody actually ENJOY the Canterbury Tales?"

"I love that book. Had Chaucer lived to complete them, he'd have surpassed Shakespeare."

"Okay, does anybody normal enjoy them?" Monica added., "And then I might have looked into a few drawers."

"Find anything good?"

"Just a hood/armbinder combo that you are going to be wearing all day. The colors are odd: pink and white. That's probably why it was in the back of a drawer."

Beth shook her head, "That's not a good idea."

"Inside the hood, all leather is black. I'm the one that will have to look at it."

"No, no hoods, not today."

But today is Dull Day!"


Monica was confused. "Dull day means nothing happens. We get a full day to play!"

"I think it means just the opposite. I think something very important will happen and they think we'll be too busy to see it. I think today is a trap."

Monica considered this. Although she wasn't as smart as Beth, (Who was?) she was far from dense. Beth's theory explained why they always paired cuddle-buddies to watch the Change. Why would thirty percent of their grade be based on three days of bondage play?

Well...for one of her courses, that was EXACTLY what was required..but not this one.

"So, no bondage?" She asked sadly.

"Of course we can play. Does your hood have a removable blindfold?"

"Why I believe it does."

"You watch Kelly as I get it ready."

"But I wanted to tie you up!"

"I want to watch you escape from it."

"Not gonna happen."

The harness was indeed pink with a white "Fire" design. It was well made with high-grade leather. If only it didn't look like frosting.

Beth slipped the pear shaped gag into Monica's mouth and then pulled the hood over her head. The butter-soft leather stretched over her face, conforming to its curves. The smooth leather was marred by the snaps on either side of the eyes which would have secured the eye pads. As she was being bound, Monica kept a close watch on Kelly.

Beth worked on the back laces; pulling them tighter and tighter until the two sides of the hood met. Monica's hair flowed from the edge of the pink leather. Twin straps hung down her back.

Monica had been the first student in gym class whose elbows touched behind her back. She was the one the teachers used most often in Basic Bondage Devices.

So Monica stood with her elbows touching, waiting for the monoglove to slide up her arms. "Show off." Beth mumbled.

Beth laced it closed and attached the single glove to the hood. Monica looked wonderful...or would have in another color.

A few straps on her legs...just because, and she was properly bound. She continued to watch Kelly as Beth edited and tightened their report.

Two hours later Beth was struggling with anti-differential equations when Monica squealed. She turned towards her and saw she was intensely staring at Kelly. Beth almost squealed herself. Her sister's feet were gray and lifeless.

Beth had set her phone to video record. She had mentally practiced what she would do the second anything odd occurred. She snatched the phone and hit record.

After thirty seconds, the phone would freeze. That was all the time the teachers had allowed them. Beth hoped it would be enough.

The gray color sped up her legs, making her body dull. Half of her was concerned with what was happening while the other half was congratulating herself for evading the trap.

Before the color had fully drained from her upper body, another change started at her feet. This time a warm golden color raced up her body. In seconds the glow faded and Kelly was back to being Kelly colored.

Beth waited for the phone to freeze. It had all happened in twenty-two seconds.

She put down her now-useless phone, (Okay, it could still make phone calls, but still...) and unlaced Monica's hood.

As soon as the gag popped out she said, "Tell me you got that! Please tell me you got that!"

"I got it."

"Okay, now tell me, what was it?"

Savoring each word, (Oh it felt so good to be proven right,) She said, "My sister turned........dull!"

The girls hugged. Beth ignored that the armbinder had dropped to the floor without it being loosened. There was a reason why Monica was First Rope on the schools Escape Team.

Beth pointed at her still-sleeping sister. "Her arm!"


"She ripped it on a fence when she was eight. It left a long scar. The scar is gone!"

"Yeah...hey, didn't she have a some tats?"

"She had an R tattooed on her left foot and an L on her right. She thought it was funny."

"There gone now. Okay, you add this to the paper while I make lunch. And then we celebrate!"

"We'll still have to watch her closely. There may be a few more surprises. You watch her while I make us some lunch."

"Screw lunch, I'm gonna tie up your sweet ass!"

"Wouldn't you rather discuss banana bread recipes?"

Monica went to the closet and pulled out a wooden contraption.

"You found my trainer!" Beth cried happily.

"Now you, sit, stand or whatever you do on this!"

"I built this when I got home from orientation. I didn't know about all the stuff that was already out there. And I was sure that bondage would be the only thing I'd study in college. Instead I get one elective each semester."

"Well, you could have joined the Escape Team, instead..... You joined what?"

"Chess club," Beth mumbled.

"So while I am repeatedly bound in a five point restraint....You are playing with your pawns, Advantage, ME! Now show me what this thing does."

Beth knelt on the padded leather. Her knees fell into the depressions she had made from her many sessions on it. Monica buckled the straps at her ankles and below her knees, welding Beth to the base. A wooden panel was set between her legs; topped with a collar and a well-chewed penis gag.

"I thought I should get used to kneeling. You wouldn't believe how many happy hours I locked myself on this. I used to use my time-cuffs for my solo adventures," Beth said, "But I hope you can come up with something a bit more fun."

Monica flipped up the D Rings on the side of her friends belt and tied her wrists to them, cinching it properly. The final rope pulled her elbows closer.

"Girl, you have got to get more flexible. Elbows are supposed to touch, not wave at each other!"

( link opens in new window )

"Not everyone is blessed with...gupppp!"

"And how are you supposed to practice throating with a short cock?" Monica asked as she held Beth's head down and wrapped the collar around her neck. "You may be smart but you are dumb. Tell you what, I'll keep adjusting your elbow tie until you can get them where they are supposed to be. We'll get you a bigger cock gag to suck on later."

All the while she had been binding Beth, Monica had been watching Kelly. Nothing had changed, but she did need to have her sweat sponged off. "I'm the guest, why am I doing all the cleaning and the tying?" Monica happily complained to herself. "I made breakfast, now I'll have to make lunch. I saw a can of clam chowder. Yeah, that and a salad. Think I'll add the rest of the bacon to the salad. I gotta do everything around here."

Despite her promise, Monica wouldn't tie Beth's elbows closer. A tighter rope could affect her circulation. She would have to use padded cuffs or an armbinder to train her friend. Beth helped her with Calculus and Chemistry. It was only fair that Monica improved her flexibility.

Wanting to allow Beth at least an hour to enjoy her position, Monica had no choice but to return to The Miller's Tale. What the hell was a 'wrightes capp?'

After lunch the two watched Kelly slowly change. "Her sweating has almost stopped, I think we can gown her." Beth decided.

"Yes, let's pull the gown over her RED HAIR!" Monica said theatrically.

Beth looked at her friend. "Really? You're going to make a fuss over getting her hair color? Why not place bets on her bra size?"


"34D. Loser does laundry for the rest of the year."

"Deal." Kelly's waist was narrowing as her bust grew. In less than a day she'd be awake.

While Beth had been 'resting,' Monica had found a better penis gag. It was a half mask with a forehead band and several securing straps.

Beth was admiring the gag when she asked, "Do you think boys have to wear pussy gags? You know, so they can learn how to please us?"

"That sounds fair." Monica admitted. "Why don't you whip up a prototype in your workshop?"

"I took wood shop in high school. I don't think I could make it out of a two by four."

"Damn. We had no clue about the world back then."

"Kids are kids."

"So what are we?"

"Horny." Monica slid the gag into Beth's waiting mouth. Beth lifted her hair while Monica secured the buckle. Next a strap encircled her forehead. Straps connected the two parts, pulling everything tightly together. Monica didn't have to ask if it felt all right. She could see Beth's merry eyes above the leather.

Beth sat and placed her ankles and wrists in a metal yoke. Monica flipped the top portion into place and twisted the catch to the lock position.

She returned to reading The Miller's Tale...this time she tried a translation. Apparently the story was about one guy who farted in another guys face and got a hot poker up the ass....

Monica looked at her best friend bound and gagged while her sister was transforming into a woman. Then she reread the paragraph.

Monica tossed the book aside, writers must have something wrong with them. She would stick with reality.

She looked down at her Blue Belle.

Reality was a bitch.

She didn't remember entering that contest where she had won the belt and suspected that she hadn't. Somehow they knew that she was able to escape from her Maiden Pure belt whenever she wanted.

Probably because she wasn't frantic when her grades weren't good enough for her to earn a few minutes of release time. Desperately needed an orgasm was the best motivation.

But, was she locked in her new belt so she so she'd improve her grades, or was this an audition to see how good she was with escapes? If it was the former, any escape would probably result in her 'winning' a full body chastity. No one had ever gotten out of one of those without the keys and a friend to unlock it.

What if she opened it? It might mean a full scholarship to William and Mary. She only had one full year left in community college, along with the few weeks of the current one. It was time for her to apply to her next school.

Another thing, if she were stuck in the full chastity, her limited movement would get her kicked off the Escape Team. It was a gamble, either way.

Monica liked to gamble.

She pulled up the video she had made of her belt. Using the highest magnification, she searched for a lock.

Nothing. The metal flowed smoothly from one piece to the next. No joins, and of course, no keyholes.

The biggest question loomed. With Beth about to graduate and her not being able to get the belt off.....were her orgasms about to end?

Not liking that answer, she grabbed her book and got back to studying.

So the third guy is sleeping in a tub, waiting for the world to flood while his wife screws everyone.....yeah, right.

Monica finished the story and understood most of it. Well...some of it. The title of her report was "Alisoun needed a chastity belt." Maybe that was the reason the teacher had assigned that particular story. Okay, so they were needed, that wasn't going to stop her from trying to get out of hers.

Beth had been freed and was busily typing their report on Kelly. She spent a page and a half on dull day, wondering how many others had missed the dullness.

Monica needed to review molarity so Beth got the first sleep. She had found another of her home-made restraints: a wooden Shrew's Fiddle. The three holes captured her hands and neck securely: She had made it using her own measurements after all, and a padlock held it closed.

Monica added a blindfold and bit gag combo then added a set of ankle cuffs. It was simple but effective.

At 2am. they traded places.

The next morning Beth was amazed to find Monica was still bound in bed.

"You want to knock it off? We have a lot to do today." Monica whimpered as she held up her bound arms. Beth grumbled as she unlocked her friend. "You'd stay bound just to piss me off, wouldn't you?"

"Why I was helpless in the embrace of your devilish restraint. You could have had your way with my ...hot...sultry..body and I couldn't have stopped you!"

Beth sighed. "When we get back to the dorm, I'm telling Danice that you want to be spanked."

"You..." The next word died on her tongue. They both knew she would, and that Danice would act on that info, no matter how much Monica protested. "Okay, play times over...what can I do."

"Start by unlocking your ankles." Monica bent over and the cuffs fell off her. Beth saw that nothing came near the keyhole.


"Done. Now what?"

"Are her paddlings that bad?"

"You ever see her roommate able to sit?"

"Now that you mention it... Okay, You clean up around Kelly while I put everything away in here. Then a quick bite, clean the kitchen and get ready to answer a thousand questions."

"When does her orientation start.

"We have to get her there by nine tonight. It's a two hour drive so I hope she wakes on time."

The two went to work, oiling leather, coiling rope and putting all the toys in their proper spots. A fast breakfast, followed by changing Kelly into a clean shift and they were ready.


Beth checked the clock. Anywhere from ten minutes to four hours."

"Can I borrow that Shrew's Fiddle for the team? I think coach would get a kick out of it."

"So you all can get a good laugh at me?"

"No, of course not. It is a great practice piece. I'll bet the coach will have a few copies made for us to work on."

"Your joking."

"Honest! We have ....stuff we can do on metal restraints but I had to improvise to get out of yours." Beth gave her the look. "Okay, but it was a rough five minutes."

Any further conversation was stopped by Kelly's moan.

"All right sis!"

Monica beamed. "You know what this means?

"Well yeah, she's about to wake up."

"And...we'll be able to take her on her first mall run!"

"Shopping!" Beth cried happily.

"Sh..sh..shopping?" Said Kelly in a weak voice.

"That's my sister!" Beth said proudly.

"Why are you in my room?" Kelly asked, a few minutes later. "No, why am I in mom and dad's room?

What the fuck are these????" She shrieked as she grabbed her chest.

"Those are your breasts." Beth said calmly. "All women have them."

"What happened and...Kelly slowly looked from Beth to Monica. "Why are you two naked?"

"I knew we forgot something!" Monica cried as the two raced from the room. They quickly returned to find Kelly standing in front of the full-length mirror. "I have a weird new body, red hair. My parents sleep on rubber and your panties are made of metal.

"Did I hit my head on something? Repeatedly?"

Beth tried to explain, "The second you turn twenty-one you start to change into a woman. You sleep for about three days and wake up a different person."

"Speaking of being a different person: Hi, I'm Monica."

"Fine," Kelly said. "Why, how?"

"Your orientation will answer most of your questions."

"Orientation?" Kelly asked sullenly, "Another school? I already go to school. It sucks."

"Yes it is fine to meet me." Monica said as she was ignored.

"You're done with that school. Now before you go to orientation, we need to get you some clothes."

"Yeah, I can't be seen in this rag, I look just like a..." Kelly noticed that the all wore plain shapeless dresses. "Aw fuck no."

"Bit of a potty mouth." Monica said sotto voce.

"We all were." Beth answered quietly, "Remember the cure?"

"Oh yeah...that's when I decided to learn escapes."

"Hello? Shopping?" Kelly interjected, pulling at her shift. "I need something better. No offense."

They spent the rest of the day getting Kelly new underwear (36 D, no winners) and driving her to orientation. They didn't mention that she would be staying for four weeks.


A week later.

After receiving a stern lecture to never reveal the secret of Dull Day, Monica learned she had enough credits for a session of freedom with Beth.

She even got to choose her outfit. She chose a black leather corset with attached garters, shoes with three inch heels (Gym would cover walking in heels in her final year.) Elbow length gloves, stockings and a thin matching collar.

She was confused when the tech walked in without a hood for her. Was she going to see how the belt locked on?

"Sure, no problem," She was told. "Just hold a magnet to the back and strike the front like so." As her belt was hit she felt it come apart in the back. "Of course, if you use the wrong gauss it won't open for a year."

"Can I borrow your magnet?" Monica asked as the tech left. "Damn, it was worth a try." A maid entered and helped her dress. Monica knew her time wouldn't start until she was with Beth.

She entered the play room and heard the chime of the clock as she closed the door. Beth was also dressed in black leather, but hers was far more severe. A tightly laced cat-suit covered her from head to toe, leaving only her mouth, breasts and pussy exposed. Her feet were stretched by ballet boots,

She had been strapped to a series of bars that supported her, but left easy access.

Mindful of the time, Monica quickly moved forward, (It was odd to talk a long stride after months of being limited by her thigh bands.) But she hesitated before licking Beth's pussy. It was the first time she had seen another woman's crotch, and she really wasn't interested in tasting it.

Being tasted, on the other hand, was just fine.

She stood over Beth, facing her feet and lowered herself onto the open mouth. Beth's warm tongue, smooth lips, and naughty teeth that nipped at her nether lips attacked Monica's pussy. Monica was transported. This was what she had needed. She ground her pussy into Beth's face and was rewarded by a vigorous tongue.

She constantly shifted her position, they all felt great but she was hoping for perfection. Moving about also allowed Beth to breathe.

A minor but important point.

Her orgasm slammed into her: stronger than she had ever felt. Her legs were no longer able to hold her and she fell across Beth's bound body.

While Beth continued to lick.

A lifetime later she regretfully eased off of her roommate. A quick glance at the clock showed that Beth had little time to orgasm. Monica picked up a butterfly vibe and held it against her friend. The orgasm was nearly instantaneous. Beth buckled as much as her bondage would allow. Monica watched in awe as her friend submitted to the vibrations. She liked being the one to decide when Beth came.

( link opens in new window )

Monica didn't hear the chime that announced the end of their session. Instead she heard a soft 'Pssst' and felt a sharp pain in her left cheek. She pulled out a small dart from her ass then dropped it as it became too heavy and the floor looked so soft....

Monica awoke some time later to find a new Blue Belle had been locked on. Then she felt the metal bra that flowed up from her chastity.

"Aw shit." was all there was to say.

This is where we leave Beth and Monica for a while. The next chapters deal with Kelly's education.

Chapter Three (added: 2016/11/19)

In which Kelly learns the Lemon Shark grows 24,000 new teeth every year.

Okay, she didn't learn this...but you have!

Kelly looked at the building from her back seat. "What the fuck? A grammar school!"

"It was a grammar school." Beth corrected. "They found a new use for an empty building. Let's get you registered."

Kelly was used to getting her way, and right now her way was to go home...and somehow make everything the way it was. Instead she found herself alone in a small room filling out forms. She had been met by a girl close to her own age who didn't know anything either. She just gave Kelly a pile of forms and a can of soda and left her to work.

Her new underwear felt weird....nice, but weird. Her new body was just plain odd. Beth and Monica had kept promising answers as they ignored all her questions.

'Where did my sister disappear to?' Kelly wondered as the door swung open silently.

"Mildred, there you are!" Declared a dark-haired girl who strode into the room.

"No one here but us Kellies." Kelly said distractedly, trying to remember what RH Negative was and if it applied to her.

"No back talk young lady." The girl said commandingly, "You are in enough trouble as it is! Now you march right back to your room and maybe, just maybe you won't get the five demerits you deserve!"

"Listen toots," Kelly started to say, "My name is UUULLP!" The rubber coated bit gag Interrupted her reply. Kelly tried to pull it out, but there were girls controlling each of her arms. (Where the fuck had THEY come from?)

"If you keep struggling Mildred, you'll sleep in the clencher!"

The gag didn't prevent Kelly from speaking. She slowly and carefully said, "My name is KELLY!"

"Of course it is." The girl said as she adjusted the padded black circles over Kelly's eyes before buckling the blindfold in place.

Kelly stopped her useless fight as she was escorted out of the room. After a minutes walk, they stopped and Kelly felt her new panties pulled down her legs.

"Now wait just a minute!" she protested. In seconds her shapeless dress was pulled over her head, her bra unhooked and she was placed on her back on a bed.

With practiced ease, the three girls began to apply the hospital restraints to Kelly. Padded cuffs at her upper arms and wrists kept them at her side. A broad band across her body prevented her from rising. Thin wires connected her to monitoring machines.

Her legs were pressed closer and different set of panties were pulled on. These were very tight and they had to struggle to get them over her hips. Once they had them in place, they swiftly cuffed her legs to the bed at ankles and thighs.

Padded mittens were secured over her hands, stopping her from using her fingers on the buckles.

Kelly knew she should be panicking. She was all-but naked and bound by strangers, and yet....she was strangely calm.

She wasn't in any pain, the bed was comfortable, and, she had to admit, it had been a very long day. Bed felt like a good idea.

Oh well, if they hadn't realized their mistake by morning, Kelly would explain who she was and they could call her sister for proof. She was snuggling deeper into the mattress when her panties began to vibrate.

She tried to jump out of bed, but only managed a small bounce. She fought to free herself, but soon saw that it was no use.

After a few seconds, she forgot all about trying to get the vibrations to stop. She arched her back and tried to open her legs wider. She stopped trying to understand what was happening and let the sensations transport her. Her body responded to the pleasure of the vibrations. Her entire body clenched as the tightness radiated from her crotch.

She was grateful for the gag. It gave her something to bite...and she wanted to bite! She tried to grab the mattress, but the mittens would not allow her fingers to bend.

All she could do was ride the crest of sensation and see where it took her.

Her destination was her first orgasm. It smashed into her body, forcing her to fight her restraints. She needed to move, needed to flex, but all she manage were small shifts in position. She had to move, but every limb was held. It was too much. She had to escape.

Escape was denied. Her needs were overruled. Her desires were ignored. The bondage and the panties controlled her.

And so she came.

And she could not stop it.

And so the orgasm grew stronger. Pleasure like she had never felt, beyond what she could have imagined could exist: coursed through her body. She screamed, she cried, she begged, and still the panties vibrated.

When at last the stopped, her muscles turned to water and the blankness of sleep enveloped her.

Only to be shattered an hour later by new vibrations.

Throughout the night she was either cumming or sleeping. At some point her gag had been removed. Her jaw no longer ached, but still she missed it.

Hours later, she felt people freeing her from the bed. She was both sad that her wonderful night had ended and relieved that she had survived the ordeal. Her blindfold wasn't removed until after she had been led to another room and had her arms tied above her head.

She blinked in the harsh light until her vision cleared and she found herself in a shower stall. Soapy water blasted from multiple jets to wash away the night fluids. The warm air dried her, aided by soft fluffy towels that several girls rubbed against her.

She could get used to this!

A girl approached her with a band of white metal which she wrapped around her neck. The soft click of it locking gave her a shiver of pleasure. Kelly noted that everyone in the room wore a similar collar, most of them had green lines on the white.

The girl left her, only to return carrying one of the metal panties that her sister had worn. The thin belt was wrapped around her waist. The crotch panel was pulled into place.

The narrow cable felt good against her butt. She waited for the panty to start vibrating .

Well...maybe later.

Her hands were freed to allow them to pull the white linen shift over her body. Kelly wasn't happy about the clothing choice, they just had to ruin the effect.

Two girls led Kelly down a few hallways and into a cafeteria, only to abandon her there.

There were over a hundred girls, all wearing white shifts and collars.

More importantly, most of them were eating!

There were steaming pans of potatoes and meats, bowls of icy fruits and piles of baked goods.

Kelly was ready to fill a plate with bacon, and a second one with hash browns, when something made her hesitate. The only ones with overloaded plates had the shortest hair. Everyone else had just a little fruit or ...yuck...yogurt.

Deciding to be cautious, Kelly filled a small bowl with mixed fruit put half a waffle on a plate and finished with a glass of some sort of juice. She could always come back for seconds....thirds...one of the steaming pans.

As she ate, she saw that everyone finished what they had taken...excepting the short hairs. Although she hadn't filled her plate, it was still a struggle to eat everything. She could no longer pack it away.

Another thing she saw: Many of the collars had a bit of additional color. A few had bars of green on the white like the girls in the shower, many had bars of red. Some had a lot of red.

When people had finished eating, they put their dishes into a bin and left the room. Soon, only Kelly and five other short hairs were left. Four of them had heaping plates of food in front of them.

"Anybody still hungry?" One of the girls asked, "I got lots."

Wordlessly, Kelly put away her dishes and stood by the door, The others filed behind her. Someone had left their loaded plates on the table.

The door opened. They heard a terse, "Follow me." before it closed.

They followed the only adult Kelly had seen since.... since before.

The classroom was ...a classroom. This one had a lot more closet and drawers than most, but the desks for students and teachers were universal. They got the small ones, she had the large on in front.

Kelly watched the other girls enter the room. Three of them now had a red bar on their collar. One had two red bars.

The teacher was wearing a high-necked dress that reached the floor. She pointed to the smaller desks. "Sit." she commanded.

They sat.

"I have a lot to cover and I don't like to be interrupted. Open your desks. You will find a ball gag inside." She held up a red ball on a thin brown strap. "You put the ball in your mouth and buckle it behind your head."

Kelly popped the ball inside her mouth and fumbled to thread the strap through the buckle. She wondered how they managed to gag a girl with long hair.

"The strap should pull the sides of your mouth back just a little, stretching your lips across the ball. When you're wearing a deep-red lipstick and a white ball the effect is incredible."

Kelly felt moisture warming between her legs. She wondered when the panty would start to vibrate. Now seemed like a good time.

"You'll find a pair of handcuffs in your desk. Snap one around your wrist like so." The teacher locked one cuff on herself. "It should be tight enough that you can't slide it off, but it should not squeeze your flesh. Once you have one hand ready, put both behind your chair and lock the other wrist."

The teacher walked behind them, tightening one pair of cuffs and loosening two others. All cuffs were then attached to the chairs back by a snap hook.

"Good. Now to begin. You may want to take notes."

Kelly was startled. What...how?

"Sorry, couldn't resist.

"For the next four weeks you will learn about the world and more importantly, you will learn about yourselves."

All six girls protested a much as their gags allowed.

"Settle down, SETTLE DOWN! Now you understand why I gagged you. You are stuck here for the next month. Your old school knows you won't be returning. Every person has to attend these classes as soon as they turn twenty-one.

"Fussing won't help so sit still and learn.

"Forty-seven years ago Mrs. Trondl was having a very difficult birth. She had a medical condition that prevented the use of pain-killers and she was in agony. The doctors were sure they were going to lose Mrs. Trondl and her baby.

Then at twenty-three minutes and nineteen seconds past two in the afternoon, the pain stopped. Five minutes later she gave birth to a healthy boy.

But it wasn't just Mrs. Trondl. Every delivery in the world became pain-free at the exact same moment. Every religion claimed it was proof of God. Every atheist said it proved just the opposite.

"No one can say which side is correct. We still don't know why it happened. And for a while, we thought that was the only change."

The teacher changed her tone. "Anybody need me to take out their gag?" They all shook their heads. "Feels nice, doesn't it?" They silently agreed. "In the old days, I would have been arrested for tying you. Now, it's a standard method of teaching."

She went back to her lecture: "Bondage used to be shameful. We have no idea how many people practiced it, because few would admit to enjoying it. But after The Change, everyone started doing it. Hardware stores sold out of ropes, locks and chains on the first day. Adult bookstores had their shelves emptied by the third. Even the Boy Scout Manual was in high demand. You couldn't find a roll of tape anywhere.

"Every adult was getting tied up and every person under twenty-one......didn't notice."

She looked at her class. "Have any of you ever noticed adults in bondage?" They all shook their heads. "Scientists placed a box of balls in a room. Mixed in with the normal balls was a ball gag. Kids grabbed the balls to play with, but ignored the gag.

( link opens in new window )

"You ask any kid how many TV channels there are and they will tell you around two hundred."

The wall behind her became a large TV screen. "Here is channel 201." They saw a woman hanging upside down, wrapped in a black-leather strait jacket. "There are another three hundred channels and the kids don't see it. We do our best to hide it from them, but it doesn't seem to matter. They're oblivious. Just as you were until four days ago.

"It got stranger. The instant someone turns twenty-one, their young friends forget about them. You could walk up to the person who was your best friend last week and they won't know you.

"But the strangest thing of all is the chastity belt. It's the metal you're all wearing around your waist. We are an hedonistic society and the thing that we love the most is something that denies us pleasure!

"Last night you had hours of orgasms. It's our way of welcoming you to adulthood. But mainly it taught you what is now being denied. You felt orgasms. You know what it means to cum."

Her smile hardened. "And you'll do almost anything to cum again."

Kelly had never heard the words "Chastity," "Orgasm" or "Cum" before, but she understood what they meant. And she agreed, she wanted more.

"That's where your collars come in. They let others know how close you are to getting an orgasm. Once you have earned three lines of green, you will be rewarded. Red stripes mean you have failed and those lines must be erased before you can get a green line.

"As there aren't any mirrors here, you can't see what your collar is displaying: you have to depend on others to tell you.

"Hopefully, they'll be honest."

"But for right now, it's time to give your jaws a rest." The gags were removed and stowed in their desks. She then held water bottles for them to drink.

"Any questions?"

Kelly was speechless. It was just too much for her to absorb.

"Excuse me...Miss? One girl stammered.

The teacher stopped her. "My name is Mistress Anna. You may address me as "Mistress" or "Mistress Anna." Anything else may earn a red."

"Mistress Anna," The girl corrected, "Won't my parents be worried that I didn't come home?"

"Do you have any younger siblings?"

"No, I'm an only child."

"Your parents spent twenty-one years raising you. Now they get to enjoy a free month-long vacation in bondage. It's our way of thanking them for all the hard work and sacrifice involved in raising a child. "

"My parents enjoy..." She shrugged, indicating her bondage. "This?"

"Of course not," The Mistress said sarcastically, "You are the first generation to enjoy sex." Her glare drove the point home. "You may wish to add "Mistress" to your sentences, unless of course you want another red stripe."

"Another?" The girl said in fear, forgetting to say Mistress.

"You wasted food." She said simply. Kelly watched as a second red stripe appeared on the girls collar. "Now before anymore of you can get in trouble, Let's start our lesson." She unlocked their cuffs, leaving them attached to the snap hooks.

"Gather 'round girls." Mistress went to a cabinet where she removed six items. Holding one up she said, "Last night you chewed on a bit gag. This morning you used a ball gag on yourself. This is called a gag pad. You three," She pointed to Kelly and two others, "Will gag one of your friends.


"Kelly picked up the soft padded leather and went to the girl who had been talking. She dutifully opened her mouth and Kelly put the pad in place. Kelly had her turn around to make it easier to buckle it.

"Is that okay?" she asked the bound girl and got a nod in return.

Mistress then instructed the gagged girls to silence the others.

"Now return to your desks," The Mistress commanded, "It's time for a quiz." Kelly sighed, some things never change.

The desk tops were activated to display a screen and keyboard. The first question read; " (1) Compare and contrast the three gag types you have worn."

Okay, that was new. Kelly wrote that only the ball gag had affected her tongue. The other two were held between her teeth and did not greatly interfere with her ability to talk.

Kelly wrote a paragraph on each gag and continued the quiz. The questions got progressively harder but everything had been covered by the Mistress in her lesson. Obviously, hanging on the Mistress' every word would be important. That or having a great memory.

Kelly had both. When she finished, the desktop changed into a TV screen and Kelly looked at a few of the channels above two hundred. When all the other girls had finished their quizzes, the screen went dark.


"Okay girls," Mistress Anna said, "Remove your gags and put them in your desks. After lunch you will learn how to care for your equipment."

Kelly massaged her jaw, noticing it wasn't as sore as before. Was the gag pad less painful or was she getting used to being gagged?

She had a feeling she'd soon learn which it was.

Next Chapter...Lunch!

Will Kelly dare to eat a peach?

Chapter Four(added: 2017/01/29)

The reason people think carrots are good for the eyes is because British pilots in WWII suddenly got very accurate in their night bombing of Germany. They claimed it was because they ate a lot of carrots. The real reason was the US was (Illegally) supplying them with a new type of bomb-sight.

Who says you never learn anything by reading porn?

On their way to the lunch room, the girls made a side trip to the ladies room for some private conversation. After introducing themselves and assuring that they were alone, they were ready to to compare experiences.

But first, nature called.

In her stall, Kelly pulled the shift over her head and examined the belt. It looked fairly simple: a band around her waist and another between her legs. There was a button-like cylinder sticking out a little ways, so she tried pushing it.


Then she attempted to pull.

No effect.

It wouldn't twist or turn, and the waist was too tight to just pull down. As much as she hated it, she was going to have to ask the others how they got their metal panties off.

Kelly was relived to know she wasn't alone in her problem, but the problem still existed. How were they supposed to pee?

"Aw piss on it." Donna said in exasperation.

"What are you going to do?" Kelly asked.

"Piss on it." Donna said. They soon heard water splashing in the bowl accompanied by Donna's contented sigh. Then..."Son of a bitch! We were supposed to piss on it! It's got little holes for the piss to exit. What the fuck?"

Kelly bent to look at the holes, but she focused on the button instead. "Son of a bitch!" She echoed.

"See what I mean?"

"Not that. I'm looking at the push button. It's got a keyhole. These fucking things are locked on!"

"Why would they do that?" Asked one of the girls. "We can just pee through it."

"There's got to be something else we can no longer do." Said another girl.

"Aw shit!" Donna cried.

"Yup." Kelly agreed, "That!"

"These people are seriously fucked up." Donna stated.

"I'm not going to take a dump until this stupid thing is off." One girl said. "But right now...I REALLY have to make water."

Two longer haired girls walked in.

"Hey Blondie," Donna called, "What's the deal with these knickers?"

"Awww, is the newbie having twouble getting it off?" One of them said in a childish voice, "Would you like to learn the secwet?"

"Fuck yeah."

"The secret is....you're stuck. AND, every time you use the F word, you get another demerit."


"So redneck, you are going to want your collar in the green. IF you ever want to pet your pussy!" As she spoke, Kelly noticed one of the girl's green lines disappearing. Her friend must have seen it as well.

"Tracy, shush!" She commanded. "You just lost a green!"

Tracy's face reddened as she fought to control herself. Finally, in a too-precise voice she said. "Oh well, that's what you get for trying to help new girls." Then they left the room without using it.

"What the fuck did that mean?" Donna asked after they left.

"It means you better stop saying....the f word." Kelly advised.

"I don't give a fuck about their fucking demerits. Fuck that!" By now, Donna's collar was all red.

Kelly looked around the room, wondering if it was video as well as audio monitoring. She had no problem with breaking the rules, but she wanted to know what the consequences were beforehand. "For the moment, I suggest we all become the good little girls they want us to be."

"Why the.." Kelly covered Donna's mouth before the inevitable obscenity was uttered."

"They're listening!" She hissed into her ear. "Play along until we know what game they're playing. Remember, they have the keys to these panties!"

Donna scowled for a few seconds, then gave a quick nod. "Let's grab some lunch, I'm....rather... hungry!"

After a brief lunch, they returned to the classroom. At least they thought it was their classroom.

All of the desks had been removed and there were many new things added.

Things with straps and locks!

The screen behind Mistress Anna displayed the metal that was locked around each of their waists.

Okay, it was the right room.

"By now," The Mistress began before they had a chance to comment, "You have visited the ladies room, so it is time you learned about your chastity belt. She picked up a long, thin wooden rod and used it to point at the screen. "This is the front shield, it stops you from, "She paused as if searching for the right word, "Petting your pussy."

Kelly fought the urge to react in some way. 'You were listening, I get it.' she thought.

The large image rotated, showing it from the back. "This is the rod that connected it to the back of your belt."

Kelly was starting to get tired of hearing it referred to as "Your belt."

"When you need to defecate, You simply squat and pull it to the side. If it gets dirty, it is a simple matter to clean." The image changed to different belt. "Instead of a rod, some belts have flat chains or bands that go over your ass cheeks."

The image changed again. This time, the metal formed a large circle around the anus. "If any of you join the Equestrian Club at college, you'll earn this type of belt."

The screen went dark. "There are other types of course, finding which is right for you is half the fun. Now some of you are wondering why demerits are something you need to avoid."

Her smile smile never touched her cold eyes, "That is an easy one to answer. It's because you so desperately want to earn the reward. It is often referred to as The Carrot and the Stick"

She moved to where dozens of manacles were attached to the wall. "Everyone please take off your dresses, shoes and socks." The other girls looked at Kelly before obeying. Kelly wondered how she had become the ringleader.

Keeping with her decision to play along, Kelly stripped off her outer clothing. Besides, those restraints looked enticing. She wanted to feel them locked on her.

"My, what pretty bras!" Mistress cried. Her tone was light, but her eyes were intense. "You three please stand here, here and here. The rest please attach the cuffs to your friends."

Kelly stood before Donna. Her friend seemed a bit less angry than she had. She had already stretched her arms into place, making it easy for Kelly to snap the cuffs closed.

The manacles held Donna's arms and legs in a large X. Kelly was unable to open one, once she had closed it. A fifth cuff had a short chain attached and locked around the neck, above the collar. The final went around the waist and was attached to the wall by chains on either side of it.

"New gags girls!" Mistress called as she handed one to each of the free girls. "It's called a spider gag. The ring goes behind her teeth and the bent metal holds it against her face. Isn't that fun?"

Donna's eyes were glazed as Kelly fitted the new gag.

"Very nice girls," The Mistress complimented, "You're becoming experts at bondage. Now Judith, as you are the only girl with any green on her neck, you get to secure Your classmates!"

This shook Kelly. She didn't have any green? She was sure she had aced the test, and she hadn't left any food. What the fuck?

Oh yeah...the F words.

It was at this point that she found she had become part of the wall. She pulled against the unmoving cuffs.


That odd tingling started between her legs. She felt the urge to rub it, but that wasn't possible.

( link opens in new window )

And that only made the tingling stronger.

She felt a string of saliva splash into her cleavage. When had she been gagged? And why did it make her drool?

Poor design.

Kelly turned her attention to Mistress. Panels had opened in the ceiling allowing cuffs to be lowered on thin chains. Judith stood facing them with her arms stretched widely above her head.

Two small sections of the floor flipped open revealing another set of cuffs. Mistress locked them around Judith's ankles as the chains retracted, spreading her legs.

The spider gag forced her mouth to remain open.

Mistress gestured. "Judith is being rewarded while the rest of you are being punished. Can you tell the difference?"

Kelly mentally shrugged. They seemed pretty much the same to her. But as she watched a third section of the floor between Judith's legs flipp as a pole slowly moved upwards. On the top of the pole was something that looked like a fat pink finger. It stopped moving a little before it touched Judith.

"One last minor detail." Said Mistress as she took a key and unlocked Judith's belt. The three parts sprang apart, leaving Judith wearing only her bra and cuffs.

With a dull hum, the finger vibrated as it inched up, stopping as it barely touched Judith's crotch.

She immediately threw back her head and cried in anguish.

No...it wasn't pain. It was ecstasy. Kelly could see her struggle to get more of the finger, but the touch remained tantalizingly light.

As the finger rubbed against her, it began to fling about fat drops of something funky. Kelly's tingling had become an itch that she needed to scratch. She fought to free her hands from the unforgiving cuffs when suddenly the chains at her neck and waist retracted, pressing her against the wall.

The total immobility only made her cravings worse. The room was filled with the frustrated cries of girls topped only by the ecstatic screams of Judith. Small puddles of musk grew beneath each girls as their bodies responded.

It might have been minutes or hours: it could even have been days. Kelly had no idea how long they watched Judith receiving the pleasure they wanted...the SHE had to have! When the finger slowly descended it was both a relief and a disappointment. It had taken forever and yet it was over too soon.

All that was left was one girl supported solely by her cuffs and a wall of girls sobbing mindlessly in their misery.

Mistress Anna stood before her charges. She pointed to Judith and then back to them. "Obey the rules and you cum. Disobey and you don't.

"Your choice."

She moved until she was less than an inch from Kelly.

"THAT is the game we are playing!"

Chapter Five (added: 2017/04/25)

The loud SPANG! echoed around the room as all the restraints banged open. Kelly fell to her knees, desperately trying to pull the belt apart. The cool, reasoning girl had been replaced by a lustful creature who screamed in frustration. Get it off, Get It Off! GET IT OFF!

GET IT OFF!!!!!!!

She couldn't spare a hand to unbuckle her gag; They were both needed to pry that fucking metal OFF!!!! She twisted and pulled at the unforgiving metal, cutting and bruising her hands, but that didn't matter, NOTHING mattered except getting rid of the belt.

She pounded it as hard as she could, but the vibrations she created felt nothing like the pleasurable ones she had enjoyed only the night before.

She tried to slip a finger under the front shield, but there wasn't enough room! Nothing worked and being prevented from touching herself only made her want it more.

She cried, cursed, panted and wailed....it was a fraction of an inch and a million miles away.

She had to get that belt off!

A soft thump of a box landing beside her made Kelly look around. Mistress Anna was leaving tissues for each girl. But it was the look on Mistress's face that froze time for Kelly.

The smirk of satisfaction changed everything in an instant. She was enjoying watching everyone suffer. She had this all planned. Their cries of anguish must have been sweet music to her.

That fucking bitch!

Kelly felt an icy clam settle over her. She still wailed in torment and tried to squeeze a finger in: but now she was acting.

For the most part.

As much as she needed relief from her desires, she needed to defeat that smug bitch even more. She finally knew the rules of the game. Be a good girl and get pleasure. Obey their rules, stop playing the rebel.

Pretend to be broken until she could get out of this damned place and be finished with these belts..

The bitch...She would not call her that out loud, but in her thoughts, no other name would be used...The bitch calmly ordered. "Calm down and clean up girls, we have more lessons to cover."

Kelly removed her gag and blotted the drool off her face. She started to wipe her inner thighs when she was interrupted by a cry of pleasure. Magda had pushed her bra up and was squeezing her breasts as she rocked her hips. Kelly watched the bitch's face darken in anger.

Kelly felt her own nipples harden as new moisture trickled down her legs. Other girls had begun to caress their breasts as well. Could you really get pleasure by just rubbing your chest? Kelly eased two fingers under a bra cup and played with a nipple. It felt nice, but not nice enough.

It just made her cravings increase.

It was like smelling the popcorn without being allowed to eat any. She knew it wouldn't be enough and would only make her crazy again.

Kelly's hand drifted to her side.

Magda continued to caress her nipples until she gave a small cry of pleasure and settled against the wall. The rest of the class slowed, and soon stopped their rubbing.

"If you are all quite finished, you have papers to write."

'You have got to be kidding.' Kelly thought. 'On what?'

"Shall we say five hundred words on what you just experienced?" She said.

'I can handle that.' Kelly thought.

"And five thousand more on what you will do to avoid further punishment. Because this was your first day, I have removed all the red from your collars." Kelly looked around, even Donna's collar was all white. "From this point forward, a punishment session will only remove a single stripe." She stopped in front of Donna. "Just sayin'"

Kelly had collected all the tissues she had used and was looking for a place to dump them. "There's a trash can in the hall." Mistress pointed out. "The rest of you clean up your messes and follow me. You may leave your clothes in here." Kelly wondered if Judith was going to remain in her bondage. She didn't look in any shape to do much else. Kelly moved closer to her and heard a soft snore.

You can sleep like that?

The rest of them went to another classroom across the hall. This one was set up exactly like their earlier room. Donna whispered to Kelly, "Hey, you got a green!" Kelly touched her collar. When had that happened, and why?

Kelly guessed that asking the bitch would be the quickest way to lose it, instead she sat at her desk and began to type. She tried to sound like they had won, but not TOO broken to get them suspicious.

She must have succeeded for after an hour of writing, her screen went dark.

"Okay class, listen up."

'Now what?' Kelly wondered. She noticed neither Magda nor Judith had joined them.

"What you all experienced earlier was punishment. We have many ways for you to erase reds and even earn extra greens. They are unpleasant but never painful. But some people enjoy pain. You may be one and, frankly, there is only one way to find out."

A door in the back of the classroom swung open. "Let me stress this point. This is not punishment. The reason we are doing this today is because you are still changing. Today is the best time for this experiment."

Experiment? Kelly didn't know where this was leading and she really didn't want to find out.

"When you are in your fourth week here you will have to do this again....but you'll be giving the paddling, not getting one."

'A paddling?' Kelly thought. 'That's nothing. I used to get spanked all the time when I was a kid. I thought it was going to be something bad.'

"Any volunteers?"

Kelly thought it would be a good way to make them think she had learned her lesson. "I'll go." She said. The bitch handed her a blindfold and had her put it on before she walked through the door. The door closed behind her with a hiss.

A soundproof door....well okay then.

Kelly felt people on either side of her take her arms and guide her forward. She stopped when her hips bumped a cushion. Soft cuffs were wrapped around her wrists and ankles. They pulled her over the cushion and secured her hands near the floor, leaving her almost-naked ass the highest part of her body.

Kelly had expected to lay across someones lap, but the bondage was a nice touch and this way...


'Oh,' Kelly thought, 'They're actually using a paddle. Odd, I thought it would...' And then her pain hit.


WHAP!! Now she felt the pain as the paddle hit her ass.

"Arrrgh, Stop!" This was nothing like her punishment for stealing candy.


"Will you fucking stop????"

WHAP!! Every hit made the pain spread to a larger area. Her ass, her legs, her belly where it rubbed against the cushion...everything was on fire and there was no way for Kelly to stop it.


"Stop stop stop, please stop I can't...


"I'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, 'm sorry, " She had no idea what she was apologizing for.


Kelly could no longer speak, she could only suffer. The paddle kept hitting her, punishing her, tormenting her. Until finally she heard...

"That was ten. If you beg, we might stop." Someone suggested.

"PLEASE Please stop, It hurts so badly, Please!"


What the hell did THAT mean?

"Ssssggg-ggg-ggg-ggg KAH!"

Kelly turned over and in the dim light she could just make out the sleeping (And SNORING!) form of Donna.


How had she gone from being bent over and whacked to lying in bed? Where had everyone gone? Why was she almost naked?

Kelly took a deep breath and decided it was just another (Successful) attempt on their part to disorient her. Looking at her friend she noticed something attached at both ends of her bed. Her bed had them too....short chains ending in wide metal cuffs.

Kelly bit her lip. The longing was back, just as strong as ever. She felt her resolve evaporate. Picking up the manacle she fitted it to her wrist. She froze the instant before she would have snapped it shut.

'No, hell no, fuck no, eat shit you lousy bitch NO!' She screamed in her head. 'I am in control of my life. I am not your fucking plaything.' She quietly put the cuff down.

She wanted to feel the sweet restriction, the weight on her wrist, limited movement...the freedom of no responsibilities. She was never as content as she was in her few times in bondage.

It would be so easy to trap her wrist.

Easy was usually the wrong way.

The room echoed with another of Donna's snores. 'Well that should have destroyed any listening devices,' Kelly thought.

Actually, this might be the perfect time to compare notes with Donna. They might be listening...if only there were some way to test.

Working on that problem, Kelly silently went to Donna's bedside. "Donna, wake up," She whispered, touching her hand.

"What the fuck?" Donna yelled. Kelly watched as the red stripe appeared, so they were always listening.

"What the..." Donna started to say again. Kelly had to stop her from getting another red. Her hands were not an option; one was touching Donna's hand and the other was...well...playing with the manacle.

So she kissed her.

And everything changed.

Donna pulled back for a split second, then wrapped her arms around Kelly, The fire between her legs was back, burning as strongly as ever. This is what she had wanted, what she needed.

She grabbed her friends wrists and held them down. Then she reached for one of the cuffs and snapped it around Donna's willing arm.

Oh that felt great! Her fire increased, but in a pleasurable way.

It became a dance, a graceful movement of restraint. Kelly flowed from one corner to the next, stretching her arms, trapping them in metal and proceeding to her legs. Then, wrapping herself around her prisoner savoring her captivity.

Donna arched her back, a silent begging for touch. Kelly was willing...but...she had no idea what to do!

( link opens in new window )

She had been tied a few times, but never touched, She knew she wanted...something, but wasn't really sure what it was.

Other than getting this freaking belt off!

What could she do with Donna when the most interesting body parts were not available? Kelly knelt with her knees on either side of her friend. Donna's eyes were closed, her lips parted and her tongue kept darting out to moisten her lips.

She tentatively ran her fingers over the offered breasts. They both moaned at the sensation. She traced the soft mounds, savoring the tingling that started in her fingers and led straight to her groin.

Donna's nipples had hardened, puckering the skin that surrounded them. Kelly bent and sucked a nipple into her mouth. Donna arched her back even more, trying to get her nipple deeper into Kelly's mouth.

"Fuck, fuck, oh fuck that is perfect!" She moaned.

Kelly used her hand to cover her mouth and hissed in her ear, "You have GOT to stop swearing! I'm sure they'll let us both out of these frigging belts when you learn to control your mouth! Do I have to gag you?"

"Oh yes, please?" Donna begged

'Oookay.' Kelly thought, 'I should have seen that one coming.' Although the light was dim, she was able to look around the room, hoping to find something she could use as a gag. Other than pillows....shoving a pillow over Donna's face did not seem to be a .....what the hell?

There was a rack next to the door...a rack with over a dozen gags hanging from it.

Chains on the bed, gags at the door...this is Higher Ed?

Kelly padded to the door and admired the array of gags and blindfolds that hung there. She thought the bitch had already shown them all possible variations of gags.

Wrong. So delightfully wrong!

She chose a silencer with another of those odd fingers on it. This one was shorter and obviously meant to fit in a girl's mouth. She also grabbed an interesting looking blindfold and crept back to bed.

She bent over her captive and slipped the soft rubber into the waiting mouth. Donna's moans became garbled as she lifted her head to aid in the buckling. The blindfold followed.

Donna squirmed in pleasure.

Kelly lightly brushed her fingers across Donna's nipples, watching her friend's reactions. It was more than she could have hoped for. Donna twisted in her bondage, a muffled moan escaped from her gag as the air became perfumed by the musk that seeped from beneath her belt.

When she kissed the rock-hard nipples Donna's whole body began to tremble. She ran her tongue around the nipple...never quite touching it. Donna started to make an odd noise. Concerned, Kelly unbuckled the gag.


'Hey,' Kelly thought. 'I may be new at this but it wasn't THAT bad!' That was when the exhaustion hit. Kelly's eyes fluttered shut and she lay on her friend, using a breasts as a pillow.

"Well, you two certainly had fun!' Said a far too chipper voice.

Kelly blearily opened one eye and wondered why she was bothering them.

"Time to get free!" Miss Sunshine continued, flipping a switch beside the gag board. Instead of turning on lights, it opened all the restraints at once.

'Good to know.' Kelly thought.

"Okay girls. You've both had the Second Sleep." The girl who had woken them now started on a well-rehearsed speech. "It happens the second day after your awakening. All your butt bruises are gone and your hair grew about a foot overnight. There are a few other changes that you'll see in the coming days"

She lowered her voice, "Now there are going to be three new girls in the cafeteria this morn. Please don't tell them what they'll experience today." She giggled. "Unless you want a red." She glanced at the stripe on Donna's collar. "But you just woke up. How?"

"No fucking clue." Donna answered defiantly as a second red appeared.

"Oh, you're one of THOSE." She turned to Kelly, "We had one in my group. So proud of having a solid red collar until one day..." She snapped her fingers... "She broke."

"What happened?" Kelly asked.

"She broke, she........just broke. It wasn't good. Strait jackets aren't just for fun." She gave Donna a concerned look. "You can't win." She turned back to Kelly. "Stop her before...before..." The girl moved towards the door, "I have to wake your friends." she said her voice cracking.

"What is it with you?" Kelly hissed at Donna. "Do you like being punished? Do you want to give them reasons to hurt you? .......wait." Kelly looked at her friend. It all added up.

"Did you enjoy the paddling?

Donna didn't answer immediately, but finally, in a very small voice, "yes."

Kelly was at a loss. How could anyone have enjoyed that torture? She didn't understand it, but she didn't have to. She just had to accept it as part of Donna.

And she suddenly knew how to use it. She walked around their room, examining some of the restraints that were attached to the walls.

"If you enjoy being denied pleasure so much, you're gonna love this." She lifted the top bar on a set of stocks. "I'm not going to use any of this on you until you have a white collar!" She released the wooden piece and it crashed down with a satisfying bang!

"Any questions.....Oh My God...You have HAIR!" Kelly shrieked.

"Well yeah," Donna commented sourly, "That bimbo kinda mentioned it. You do too you know."

"I do? I DO! It's red. I have red hair! Why do I have red hair? It is red isn't it?"

Donna heaved a discouraged sigh. "Times like this deserve an obscenity or two."

"WHAT THE FUCK?" echoed in their small room.

"Thank you." Said Donna quietly as they hurried to see what was wrong.

In the hallway between their rooms, Magda was struggling to remove her bra. It wasn't the soft black one she had worn the day before. This one was polished metal with small brass padlocks on it.

It was not coming off.

"Who's the fucking wiseass locking on this fucking shit?" Fumed Magda.

Donna elbowed Kelly in the ribs, "Go on, tell her no more nom-noms."

"Hush!" Kelly commanded. She stared at the strange bra locked on her classmate. She rebelled at the freedoms it removed while she was entranced by the bondage. She hated the concept while loving the reality of it.

Mostly she just wanted to lock one on Donna!

"Girls, Girls!," Called out the perky visitor. "This is your dorm for the next few weeks. Here is your common room where you can study, watch TV or just chill. Your rooms have your beds and a few toys..." She winked at Kelly, "As some of you have found out."

Kelly and Donna did not react.

"That other door leads to your playroom. As long as at least one of you has a green collar, you all can enjoy the fun inside. Your group will be called Blue Fox. If you get lost, just tap any screen and say 'Blue Fox.' They will help you."

She smiled at some hidden joke, "I'm a Yellow Trout, so I just know we'll get along!"

They were hustled off to breakfast where they got to watch the three new girls pile on the food. Magda was still grousing about her new bra, and adding red stripes at an alarming rate.

After eating they put the dirty dishes into a bin and confidently left the cafeteria.

Only to come to an abrupt halt outside the room.

"Now what?" Judith asked.

"Now this!" Kelly said, touching a screen. "Blue Fox!"

"Your collar will guide you." Said an unseen voice.

Kelly took a step towards the door, "What did that...YEEOW! This f....freaking collar shocked me!"

"Take another step, see if it does it again." Judith suggested.

"No! Once is enough!" Kelly cried. "We're going that way!" Kelly's collar quickly guided them to their classroom. It only shocked her when they made a wrong turn.

"Welcome back girls!" said Mistress Anna, "I hope you have all healed from your paddling and got a good sleep.: She looked at Kelly, "No one awakes in the Second Sleep, why did you?"

Kelly jerked a thumb at Donna. "Snores!" When she saw the scowl, she quickly amended: "Mistress, my roommate snores, loudly!"

After a pause, Mistress Anna said, "Right, okay, Time for a safety lesson." The next ten minutes was spent learning when you should not gag your partner. Then they spent the rest of the morning on their computers learning about human anatomy.

Kelly remembered skinny dipping with the Smithfeild twins when she was younger. She had seen them naked, but the differences didn't seem important at the time.

NOW cocks were interesting!

Not that she could do anything about it, even if a guy were here.

At the end of that lesson came the inevitable quiz. The last question was, "How many stripes do you think are on your collar? What color?"

An obvious trap question, but how could she avoid it? She hesitated for only a moment, aware that she was probably being watched when she typed her answer.

Two green stripes.

With the test over, her screen returned to TV mode and she browsed a few channels until she found a bondage cartoon.

It was one of her favorites.

She sat back. Had she not noticed the bondage when she was a teen or had the ropes been added later? She tried to remember watching it, but was unable to find the answer in her memory.

"Something wrong?"

Kelly looked up. "Mistress Anna, I used to watch this as a kid....didn't I?" Kelly asked in a soft voice.

"You saw the censored version. These are the full original episodes." Mistress responded kindly. She pressed a few buttons and the first episode started. "Watch it again, You'll appreciate it even more." She leaned closer, "You thought Periwinkle was trouble before, wait until you see her with a whip!"

Kelly watched as the three friends were summoned by the Hargrove Sphere. The pilot episode was nearly completed when her screen darkened.


She had wanted to see how Jemima escaped from the passion flower.

Mistress was right, these stories were a LOT more fun to watch now.

That Periwinkle!

"Okay girls, you have a decision to make." Mistress said. "Those who wish to lose a red or gain a green may stay for a punishment session, the rest of you may return to your dorm until called for lunch.

Kelly and Judith were the only ones headed towards the door when Mistress Anna stopped them. "Kelly, you can't leave."

That was unfair! "Why not Mistress?" Kelly asked, keeping her voice level.

"Watching you cum is their punishment."

Chapter 6 (added: 2018/07/29)

A pretty young subbie who's eager for collaring,
Wearing a ball-gag so she'll do no hollering,
In latex stockings that mold as they cling,
These are my favorite kinkiest things.

Kneeling to worship her Mistress in leather,
Locked in steel handcuffs, her wrists held together,
Proudly displaying her gold nipple rings.
These are my favorite kinkiest things.

When the rope breaks
When the key's lost
When her maiden aunt's arrived...
I simply remember those kinkiest things,
And then I feel....


Judith paused at the door. "Indeed?" She commented. "I may have to stay for that."

Kelly was not so calm. "What the....fabulous reason did that happen?" Her fingers felt the collar, wishing she could read what was on there by just touching.

Mistress Anna motioned Kelly back into the room as Judith followed. Before the door had fully closed, it swung open again as a woman pushed a cart through it. "Girls, This is Nurse Natalie." Mistress informed them, "She will be assisting us this afternoon."

Natalie was dressed in a tight white tunic that did not fully cover her matching panties. Garter straps attached to shiny stockings. Her heels were tall and of course, white. But it was the cart that held Kelly's attention.

Five rounded boards were attached to the long cart. Each board had multiple straps attached to it, and Kelly knew they were all for her. Her resolve to not succumb was lost in a haze of lust. She kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She was going to cum, She was going to cum, She was going to CUM!!!!

Her dance of desire was interrupted by Mistress Anna.

"After a few days we all start to smell under our belts. It is Nurse Natalie's job to keep us clean and healthy. She will first take care of our Kelly here, then the rest of you girls will be cleansed,"

Whispers of excitement were exchanged by the rest of the class. Kelly just stared at the restraints and tried not to drool.

"Kelly, would you please remove your...yes, thank you." Anna said to the instantly naked girl. She motioned to the cart, "And would you...yes, like that." Kelly arranged her limbs so that everything was in place between the open straps.

( link opens in new window )

"Donna, Would you please slip this blindfold on?" Kelly waited for the welcome darkness. "No dear, on Kelly, not on you." Kelly wanted to purr as the world darkened.

"Girls, there is one aspect of bondage you have yet to experience," She paused, looking at Kelly, "Well, MOST of you have yet to know. That is the joy of making your partner helpless.

"Up to now you've buckled on a few items at my behest, but haven't really seen what you can do."

Again she paused, then motioned to Kelly. "Here is your subject, SUBDUE her!"

Kelly was overwhelmed. The other five girls quickly restrained her. Kelly had a girl buckling her straps at each arm and leg, while Donna closed the leather around her body.

They kept binding her long after Kelly was sure they had finished. Each finger was laced into a sheath that prevented any movement. Each toe had a ring on it that had small chains (Kelly could hear them chime) that held her feet immobile.

But Donna, her best friend Donna was inspired. She had buckled straps above and below Kelly's breasts. Then she used three small straps to pull those belts towards each other, squeezing her breasts in the leather. Then she pulled (The final?) strap over her blindfold that prevented her from moving her head in any direction.

Kelly couldn't move a muscle and all was right in the world.

Donna's voice was strangely husky and she was out of breath. "Mistress," She panted, "Why aren't there any straps near her belt?"

Kelly could hear the smile in Mistress's voice. "So I can do this!" There was a hum of machinery as the table under Kelly's ass fell away. "And this!" She cried as Kelly's belt split open. Kelly could feel the softest breeze on her exposed flesh. Had she not been so completely bound, she knew both hands would be busy between her legs.

"Now girls, you all have a new toy to play with. Well...a new one other than Kelly. Everyone take one." Kelly could hear her classmates whispering as they grabbed...something.

She heard them giggling as they fell into place around her helpless body.

"Turn them on by twisting the bottom." Mistress commanded.

Kelly heard the room fill with bees...no...not quite that.

"Now, use your vibrators to lightly caress her body."

Kelly wondered what a vibrator was until someone stroked her breast with one. She was already overly-sensitive because of Donna's tight leather and the purring touch made her squeal with joy.

'Yes, yes don't stop' she tried to yell but a new assault on her nipples stole the words before she could speak.

Instead she screeched her need. She wanted more, she needed to feel everything. The vibrators nuzzled her breasts, her armpits, the soles of her feet. Each was both a source of torment and pleasure at the same time.

She felt a soft touch on her legs as they slid further apart. She instinctively tried to move them back, but was unable to affect them in any way.

"Her inner thighs, girls, Show her how you love her inner thighs, but be careful. Her pussy is mine!" Mistress said.

Kelly immediately felt the vibrations stroke each inner thigh. Slowly working up her leg, but always retreating before touching her crotch.

"Closer ladies. Get as close as you can without giving her the release she craves!"

Her so-called friends quickly mastered the art of tease and torment. Time after time the buzzing device would approach her dripping pussy. Her lips could feel the air pushed about by the small toys. But they were always pulled back before Kelly could fully enjoy them.

She tried to shift her clit closer, but the straps prevented any movement.

Kelly could sense Mistress standing over her. "Another piece for pleasure." She said softly. "Open wide." Kelly's mouth shot open, eager to taste the gag.

Savoring the moment, Mistress used the penis gag as yet another torment. Rubbing over the bound girl's lips, making her stretch out her tongue as she struggled to capture it, then she slowly inserted it, allowing her to lick the bulbous head as it pushed down on her tongue.

Kelly was unable to raise her head and allow the gag to be buckled, but this gag was apparently designed to be used with her bondage.

It was secured to the board which held her head, increasing her immobility.

Kelly hoped it would never end. While at the same time, needing/fearing what was to come.

She realized the vibrators at her nipples had been replaced with tongues and lips. Her classmates were working together to give her the ultimate pleasure.

As they also prevented her from feeling it.

"Joy! Tighten her arm! She is pulling it loose! Joy! JOY!!!" Kelly felt the lips gently leave her nipple with a soft pop. She hadn't been aware that she was fighting her bonds, but the way her straps had to be tightened told her otherwise.

As soon as Joy had moved to bind her arm, a new mouth had attacked her nipple. This one licked more than sucked.

It all felt good.

Kelly felt a distant vibration from under her ass.

What the fleece?

"Mistress, what is THAT?" Donna asked.

"It's a butterfly vibrator." Mistress explained patiently. "I control the pivoting rod it is on. I decide how close I want it to poor, suffering Kelly."

"Please!" Was the only thought Kelly was capable of making.

"Watch closely girls. This is your reward for being a good girl. IS Kelly a good girl?" Mistress teased.

Kelly could feel the air move at her crotch. This butterfly must be achingly close. She tried to raise herself against...whatever it was, but she was held fast.

Then she knew the answer...

"Kelly is a good girl, Kelly is a good girl , Kelly..." looped endlessly in Kelly's mind.

She felt the soft silicone press against her and gently ease her open. "...girl, Kelly is a good girl..."

"Now it begins." Mistress said quietly.

"...good girl, Kelly is a good GHHaaaaaaaaaEEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Kelly screamed into her gag! It was too much! She tried to pull away but the straps would not yeild. The orgasm didn't slam into her, it WAS her! She twisted and turned for a few small fractions of an inch, but the relentless vibrations could not be escaped.

No, Kelly didn't want to escape, she wanted MORE!

Harder vibrations!

More Straps!

Do whatever you want, only don't stop, PLEASE don't stop! Kelly is a good girl!


Kelly gazed up at the face of her Mistress.

She loved her so.

"Do you want me to free you?"

Kelly's voice came from so far away. "Do you want me to be free?"

"Never. Why don't you sleep now?"

"Yes Mistressssszzzzz........"

Kelly is a good girl!

"Will you wake up! I got news for you girl!!!"

Kelly blinked in confusion. News?

"After you passed out, we were led into a room with the most incredible chair!" Donna gushed. "I was the first to use it! It had all these straps, (Not as many as you had, but enough!) It held me half-way up my back and legs, leaving my belt free!"

Donna took a quick breath before continuing. "When that nurse, I forget her name, took off my belt, I thought I was going to get a butterfly like you. Instead she sprayed something really cold on me and then shoved a tube up my whatever and rinsed it clean!"

Another breath. "Get this. The nurse mentioned that after our third sleep, our bodies would finally be mature and we would get our permanent belts that could wash us without them having to take them off."

She leaned in close to her drowsing friend. "Do you understand? PERMANENT! We will still be locked up even after we leave. What do you have to say to that?"

"Kelly is a good girl." She murmured as sleep claimed her.

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Monday, July 30, 2018  

Kelly may be a good girl, but Jya is a GREAT writer! More of everything, please!

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Kelly Is Very Quick Thinking! More Orgasms!

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Great writing, lot's of chastity belts and a healthy dose of humor as a bonus. I've just discovered your story and it's already one of my favorites on this site!

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The only criticism I can offer is that the carrot eyesight myth was actually propganda to hide the use of radar by the british to detect german bombers during the blitz. It wasn't about bombsights later in the war.

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