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His Perfect Slave
  • Author - Macleod  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, drugs, electricity, extreme, kidnapping, sensorydep, slavery, torture
  • Post Date - 2/28/2018
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Author's Note: A psychopath kidnaps college students, she is mercilessly trained and brainwashed into a perfect sex slave and servant, Chapter 2 is coming soon. Chapter 3,4 coming at the end of February. These are the author's fantasies, and they are fantasies alone.

Chapter 1

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

The kidnapping was easy, in a way it was almost cliched. A naïve 19-year-old country girl, moved into the city recently to study nursing. She lived alone in a small flat, didn't have many friends in the city, and most importantly her schedule was predictable.

Simon made his move on a Friday afternoon, and Ally did not suspect a thing when the man knocked on the door of her flat. Probably another evangelical asshole or annoying salesman, she thought. A stun gun and a spray of potassium bromide later, she was already lying unconscious in Simon's car. Careful not to leave fingerprints behind, Simon packed a few things from Ally's flat before he locked the doors to make it look like she had left in a hurry. It wouldn't fool any official investigation for too long, but his home was over three hundred kilometres away, she would be gone forever.

Ally slept for the next 15 hours, and when she woke she screamed. She found herself completely naked, and restrained on an unfamiliar bed. There were tight leather cuffs on her wrists as well as her ankles, wide belts around her neck and her waist prevented her from buckling her torso too much. She tested the restraints, and they were indeed as sturdy as they look.

Naked and bound in a windowless room, probably a basement, Ally tried to calm down and analyse her situation. She wasn't dumb, and she figured out pretty quickly why she was here, but the she could do nothing. Fear paralysed her as the man who drugged her entered the small room.

Much to his surprise, Simon was greeted by a barrage of profanities, he stood awkwardly while his victim went through every insult she knew. Simon simply closed the heavy door behind him and waited, the slave's rudeness annoyed him, but he had plenty of time to train his toy, there's no need to hurry. After three or four minutes of screaming and cursing, her voice became raspy, and she finally calmed down.

"Scream all you want." Simon shrugged, "Having a 10-acre property does have certain advantages.

Simon approached the girl and leaned next to her face, in turn she screwed her face in disgust at his sickening shit-eating grin.

"Oh, and in case you haven't noticed, I waxed your armpit and your filthy cunt. Now you're probably smart enough to figure out why you're here, you'll resist, but sooner or later you will break, and I will do whatever I please with you."

"Fuck you, perverted rapist shithead." Ally spat back at him, but behind her voice Simon sensed the slightest hint of defeat.

The thick leather collar prevented Ally from looking down her body, but Simon brought his hand over her crotch and confirmed what she feared, her bikini area was smooth except for one or two patches of stubble. Tears of dread and humiliation began to flow from the slave girl's eyes, and again Simon waited silently. Just as Ally managed to rein in her sobbing, Simon swiftly parted her hairless labia and began rubbing her clitoris. The young woman's sobbing renewed at the humiliating experience, but she knew better than to struggle against her restraints this time. Her body betrayed her mind, and she was getting wet.

"You should thank your master for pleasing you." Simon spoke softly.

"Than...thank you master." Ally sobbed, her face now puffy and red from the crying and screaming, her eyes dilated in fear. For what seems like an hour she lay spreadeagled while Simon manipulated her clit.

"Wait!" Ally shouted as Simon stood up and headed for the door, "Please, I'm starving, and I need to pee."

With an evil grin on his face, Simon turned around. "If I bring you upstairs and feed you, you'll just try to escape, that's just human nature. So why don't I hook you up to a catheter and a feeding tube, keep you in your bed forever while muscle atrophy wears you down, and I'll just fuck your holes whenever I please without removing you from the cell?"

"I won't run away, and you can keep me in these cuffs if you don't trust me." Ally replied, horrified by Simon's proposal

Simon raised a finger, "Firstly, you should address me as master and yourself as Rose. Secondly, a slave must always ask nicely, any poor manners from you and I'll pour a cup of chili oil on your worthless cunt."

"Master, please cuff my wrists and feed me, I beg you."

"Good, and don't forget, you're not Ally anymore, your name is Rose, because Ally is such a dumb name and you can leave your old life behind now. Come on, repeat after me, your name is Rose, and you are master's fucktoy."

"I...my name is Rose, and I am master's fucktoy."

She breathes a sigh of relief as the strict collar around her neck was unbuckled, but the replacement sank Rose's heart. Simon had just gone upstairs and retrieved a sensory deprivation hood made from thick black latex.

"I'll cuff your wrists behind your back, have you hooded, and if you behave yourself, then you shall be allowed to eat."

She looked nervously as Simon gathered her long hair in a ponytail. The hood was a beautiful yet cruel piece of headgear. It contours snugly to the shape of her head and extended to the very bottom of her neck. Two small holes allowed for breathing and a larger aperture exposed the mouth for eating and other activities. Her ponytail was fed through another painfully tight hole to the rear of her head, and once the zipper was closed behind her neck she was totally blind. The smooth black material wrapped every square millimeter of her head and neck, her facial features still vaguely noticeable beneath the tight material. Rose felt the restraints unlocked from the rest of her body, and she knew better than to resist when Simon slipped a pair of handcuffs onto her wrists.

Blindly she was led to what she assumed was the dining room, and like a dog, she ate from a bowl placed on the floor. Although the experience of gnawing up food without the help of her hands was humiliating, on the plus side, Rose couldn't complain about the taste, her psychotic captor is a surprisingly good cook. After her meal, she was led to the bathroom. Usually, no woman could use the toilet while an unfamiliar man watched, but Rose's bladder was too desperate for relief to care.

"Okay slave, sit down, I'm going to get you some shoes, they might be a size too big." Rose sat down, and the cuffs came off around her wrist before they were re-connected, thankfully this time her hands were in front of her. "Don't bother to touch the hood, the zipper is padlocked." Simon warned.

"How long are you keeping me-" Her voice was interrupted by a slap from Simon.

"You moron, did you forget what I mentioned earlier? And why do you think you're in a position to ask any questions!" Rose gasped, she forgot she had to refer to the pervert as master.

"I'm sorry Master."

"You'll stay with me for the rest of your life, and the sooner you accept that, the better. Now, since your body is so disgustingly unfit, jump on the treadmill and do a 5k run first. I won't have a pig like yours walking around the house naked!" Simon pinched the slave's squishy thighs. She was not a very fat girl, only chubby, but nevertheless there was some excess plumpness to her body that Simon disliked.

Thankfully the master was kind enough help her into a pair of socks and runners before she began blindly jogging on the treadmill, it was an utterly exhaustive run as her handcuffed arms struggling to reaching the handrails. For the rest of the afternoon, Simon supervised the slave through the gruelling exercises. While Rose could barely do two dozen push-ups under most circumstances, she managed three sets of twenty thanks to a little motivation from Simon's merciless caning. By the time Simon was finished, she was reduced to a sweaty, shuddering mess. Still hooded and handcuffed, Simon left her on carpet to rest.

After dinner, Rose was led to the bathroom and given her set of toiletries, Simon had her legs cuffed while she brushed her teeth and showered, with only three inches of chains between her ankles, he robbed her any opportunities of escape. She was led to what must be the master bedroom.

Her eyes fell on a strange bag lying on the bed. It's the most expensive piece of bondage equipment that Simon owned, and to call it a sleepsack was a huge understatement. As Rose's naked form was guided into the confinement of the matte black sack, her legs were pushed into internal sleeves which added comfort, her arms were encased in similar sleeves on the back of the cocoon. A heavy-duty zipper closed the sack behind Rose's shoulders, she found herself encased from neck to toes inside the cocoon.

"This thing is made from an auxetic polymer, as an electrical current pass through it, it will heat up and change its shape. Right now, it is tightening and solidifying around your body. Can you feel it?"

"Yes master." Rose whimpered, she had never felt such helplessness before, the material was conforming to every bit of her skin, and she could not even wiggle when her captor approached with two syringes in his hands.

"Psychedelic drugs, makes you more compliant and obedient, and frankly it's gonna make your life easier too." Simon stated as he injected the drugs into Rose's neck. "Now the drugs will work in tandem with this thing." Simon held up what appears to be a VR headset. "Now can you feel those metal contacts inside the arm and leg sleeves of your sleepsack?"

Timidly Rose shook her head, she didn't like where this is going.

"Reflection sensors in this headset will detect whether your eyes are open or not, if you keep your eyes shut for more than 0.5 second, you will be electrocuted. So, you better your eyes open and enjoy the show. The hypnosis images are pretty standard stuff, but the injections are seriously pricey. The Americans developed it, tried to use it for espionage and shit, but turns out it has the side effect of amnesia." Simon mused, "So, you'll be happily sucking my cock in a few months' time, and you'll forget your old life too."

"You're brainwashing me." Rose cried. "You're an insane fucker."

"I'm afraid so. Like I've said, it'll make your life less miserable. You know, it's actually a sad thing that you'll be so obedient, how am I gonna humiliate you? Abusing and breaking an innocent girl like you is a lot of fun, doing it to a broken slut, not as fun."

That was the last thing Rose heard before the headphone went over her ears. A sudden scream confirmed the effectiveness of the electrodes within the sleepsack as Simon switched on the headset. Rose blinked rapidly as her visor displayed spiral patterns, disorienting noises from earphones accompanied the images.

"I think this little worm's body will make a nice pillow." Simon snickered as Rose struggled against the tight bonds, unable to move more than an inch. The hypnotic program continued for three hours before Simon unplugged his slave's VR headset.

"Say goodnight, you silly girl!" He slapped both of Rose's cheeks.

"Good night master." She croaked, still feeling dizzy and nauseous.

Simon figured that his brainwashing cocoon must've been very effective, because his new slave tried to flee as soon as she was freed in the morning.

It was a pathetic attempt. The stupid little bitch already had her wrists cuffs when she bolted from the bedroom and scrambled downstairs, she struggled with the door handle just long enough for him to grab onto her. For Simon who stood a head taller than Rose, he was able to easily overpower the girl. Tears began to roll down Rose's cheeks once again as she realised the futility of her escape attempt.

Rose was drugged again, but with a much smaller dosage that made her drowsy for about half an hour. She woke up, finding herself spreadeagled on the veranda table, her wrists and ankles tied to the four corners of the table. Simon was sitting next to the table, musing at a half apology, half excuse that Rose blubbered.

"Like I said before, escape attempts are understandable. Unfortunately, there's still two months to go before the psychedelic drugs and the conditioning sessions becomes fully effective. In the meantime, physical punishments and restraints will have to do."

He cupped his hand around Rose's breast, feeling his girl's rapid heartbeat. "I won't do that again master. Please let me...I can please you."

"You'll need to be a bit more explicit than that, my sweetheart." Simon loved her naivety, so pathetically demure.

( link opens in new window )

"Please fuck me, I'll suck your dick too, I'm sorry master." Rose couldn't believe what came out of her mouth.

Simon shook his head, "Why would I fuck a nasty, disobedient and unfit bitch like you, not until you're trained." The electro-stimulation kit he held looked like a sci-fi torture machine to Rose.

A menacingly large ring gag is forced into Rose's mouth, parting her cute pink lips effortlessly. There were six medical-grade electropads, the first two flanked Rose's cunt, another pair were adhered to the inside of her soft, supple thighs, the final pair went on her buttock.

A sharp scream announced the first series of jolts to Rose's sensitive body, and Simon's erection grew at the sight of her twitching body. She fought against the thick leather cuffs surrounding her wrists and ankles to no avail, and another wave of pain washed over her crotch, followed by a hysterical wailing. Fifteen seconds later, the process repeated itself. Just three minutes into her torture session, Rose lost control of her bladder and piss freely poured out.

"Fucking hell," Simon muttered, "good thing we're not doing this indoors." He unbuckled Rose's gag and helped her to a sip of water.

"Thank you master." She croaked.

"You know you deserve more s of this, my dear Rose." Simon spoke solemnly, almost feeling sorry for her.

"Yes master." Painfully she opened her jaws again, allowing the rubber coated ring to sink in between her teeth. Thick, sloppy strands of Rose's saliva have coated the lower half of her face from her screaming, in a way she looked even sexier in this state. For another ten minutes, her body strained against the cuffs and chains to no avail.

"Do you want to suck master's cock now? Your ring gag looked very inviting."

Rose nodded enthusiastically, Yes please! Anything to stop my crotch from being fried.

Simon shook his head, he needed to get to work now. Rose's ring gag was unbuckled, and she was given another gulp of water before Simon threw a towel over her spreadeagled body. She was left restrained outside until sunset, thankfully it wasn't too cold or windy. For eight long hours her pussy and ass received merciless and random jolts of electricity. She was perfectly compliant as Simon freed her temporarily before cuffing her hands behind her back again, the now familiar leather posture collar returned too. Her cuffed wrists were raised to the ceiling, a rope pulled them towards an eyelet mounted on the ceiling. Sick fuck even has his house rigged for bondage. Rose sighed, too tired to put up a struggle.

Her wrists were pulled so harshly upwards that she stood on her toes, the leather cuffs around her wrists fitted her snugly and they were well padded, which allowed a considerable amount of weight to be lifted. Simon approached with a small container in his hand and explained that it held nettle leaves, begging and crying ensued as Simon pulled on a pair latex gloves to protect his own fingers.

"I'll do anything you want master, I'm so sorry I'll never upset you again."

"I know you're sorry my dear, but your behaviour did not satisfy me today, that means pain for you. You have not only failed to satisfy me, but managed to piss me off, so, even more pain for you." Simon wrapped an arm around Rose, almost a comforting gesture to the nearly hysterical girl. "So, it's not a matter of what you can do now to prevent this punishment, you could've prevented this if you didn't disappoint me this morning, but now you should accept the pain."

He took a nettle leaf and rubbed it firmly over Rose's breasts and payed special attention to her nipples, Simon had been on the receiving end of a nettle sting before, he knew there was barely any pain at first, but the stinging sensation built up gradually and make the skin much more sensitive. Two minutes later, Rose was inhale and exhaling deeply, her whimpers turned into a scream when Simon squeezed both her nipples. She tried to jump back, but there was barely any slack on the rope and the stretched girl received another round of rubbing, this time from a fresh leaf. Burning pain dug deep into her breasts, her skin turned into a deep shade of red.

Rose was unable to do anything as another nettle leaf was brought towards her groin, after all she is already standing tiptoed and is unable to move further away. Simon parted her labia with one hand, the stinging plant contacted her exposed clitoris. Just as when Rose thought things couldn't be any worse, her labia and inner thigh was vigorously massaged with the nettle too. Soon her groin was on fire, Simon smacked her pussy, not a very strong slap, but the effect of the nettle caused Rose to scream like a banshee. Her face was an image of desperation and shock, tears flowed down her reddened cheeks as Simon's palm smacked into her labia a second time, drawing another chilling scream.

Dinner was done, but Simon scraped Rose's portion into the bin, she doesn't deserve dinner tonight, and frankly Rose wasn't in a mood to eat either. Left hanging from the ceiling, she was still sobbing like a child, her breasts and groin continued to burn. Simon felt a little guilty, not because of Rose's suffering, she deserved that, but because of how awful he had made her look. Large swathes of her skin were now red and hot to touch, her face coated with dried tears, and her beautiful hair a messy tangle of gold and light brown.

He untied her and washed her skin with baking soda and cold water, relieving some of the inflammation. Simon wanted his slave to suffer and experience pain, but he had no interesting in causing any injuries to Rose.

Still stubbornly refusing to accept her role as master's slave, Rose sobbed that night, her tears trapped inside the tight seal of the VR headset she wore as swirling patterns of light ripped her mind apart. She squeezed her eyes shut trying to clear away her tears, but the copper electrodes embedded in her cocoon reminded her again to keep her eyes open. Slowly but steadily her fragile mind surrendered to Simon.

It was a Friday morning, which meant Rose had deep throat training while master cooked breakfast.

Simon fitted a small ring gag in between Rose's gorgeous lips and placed a small bowl beneath the kneeling slave. The dildo she was tasked to swallow was made from pliable rubber, it was not thick, but long, and marked liked a ruler to indicate its total length, 9 inches.

With her mouth pried open, Rose fought to push as much of the dildo down her throat as she could manage. The invasive rubber scraped against her tonsil, and she retched violent. Her larynx thrashed and spasmed, but she could not throw up since she had not eaten yet. All she could produce was long strands of saliva, which she obediently spitted into the bowl.

Simon placed his breakfast on the table and her breakfast on the floor, he turned to Rose to check her progress, only to see her still stuck at 4 inches, not even half of the dildo's length. Her obedience is now quite impressive, but the lack of enthusiasm is still obvious. More conditioning and more encouragements are still needed.

He grabbed a handful of her golden mane and shoved the slave's throat forward, eliciting a new wave of desperate gagging and retching from Rose. Simon's cock hardened at the sight of Rose's bulging throat and a new stream of her spit.

She managed to hold 6 inches of cock inside her with a little help, making some progress to better control her reflexes.

"Girl, are you retarded? Can't even deep throat master's cock without throwing up?" Simon scolded.

"Sorry sir, I'm trying my best." Rose replied, half disgusted, half ashamed of her poor performance.

Having finished her hearty breakfast, Simon threw Rose into a cage and gave her a book, a bottle of water and a sandwich to pass the day while Simon left for work. It was quite a luxurious accommodation, the cage was about the size of a single bed and a meter tall, allowing Rose to read in comfort and stretch a little. Her wrists were cuffed to her collar via a short chain and her knees parted by a spreader bar, since master made it clear that she would not be allowed to touch herself without permission.

It was ironic, a week ago the girl known as Ally masturbated in a daily basis, sometimes she even orgasm two or three times a day. Now Rose, that's her name now, craved any form of sexual pleasure, but the only thing that her master wanted so far was oral sex.

After master's return, it was time for Rose to hit the treadmill again. Her body is not quite at peak condition yet, but she had made good progress, losing five pounds since her capture two weeks ago. Her stomach and thighs are no longer soft with pinches of fat, soon she will be slim and extremely toned, just as Master would prefer. Simon still does no trusts her and the short chain between Rose's wrists clicked sharply as she struggles to keep up with the treadmill. Her muscles ached from the exertion, but she does not dare to slow down. Failure to complete her training regime would result in an ice water enema and plenty of attention from master's thin, but excruciating cane.

Two weeks has passed since Simon had abducted Rose, she was obedient now, but not enthusiastic and content with her situation yet.

"Rose, tonight is going to be a special night." Said Simon as they finished dinner. "Your mouth is lovely, but I think your pussy deserves some attention too." Rose knew what master was talking about, she had already taken her first birth control pill yesterday.

"Yes master." Rose replied half-heartedly.

"Have you showered and cleaned yourself up after the workout session?"

"Yes sir, very clean."

Simon wanted to make sure that Rose's first time is a memorable experience for her, an act which she is totally controlled.

He pulled a solidly built, black satin corset around Rose's waist and pulled harshly on the rear lacing. The corset could reduce her 28-inch waist by 5-6 inches, he didn't manage to close it today, but it was enough to make her gasp for air. As if breathing while wearing the tight posture collar wasn't hard enough for Rose. Six straps ran down from the hem of the corset, to which Rose attached sheer black thigh high stockings to. Lastly, he buckled a pair of ballet boots over Rose's feet. Rose had never even seen one of these boots before, she had to crawl while wearing these.

She crawled into their bedroom, her ankles and toes aching from their en-pointe position. Simon lashed her wrists and pulled them towards an eyelet mounted on the ceiling. Rose usually wouldn't be able to stand in her ballet boots, but she had no choice. Next Simon parted Rose's legs with a spreader bar, it brought down her height slightly, her holes now in a perfect height for her master. Simon circled Rose a few times, listening to the girl's groaning, knowing that the strappado position strained every part of her body.

"Sweetheart, if you cum tonight, I'll have you locked in the chastity belt for the next eight month. But if you managed to hold off your orgasm, master will be kind enough to provide one orgasm every month." Simon laughed devilishly, he already knew the two weeks of deprivation has made Rose extremely horny and sensitive, he was bound to make her cum tonight. He moved behind the strappado-bound girl, and thrusted into her gently.

Rose's cunt was every bit as tight as he imagined, and her reaction to Simon's intrusion was impressive. Despite the heavy restraints and her precarious, tiptoed and with her torso held parallel to the floor, Rose nevertheless struggled in a pathetic attempt to avoid losing her virginity. Worst of all the two weeks of denial made her pussy wetter than ever, and Rose knew she was losing her battle as Simon's painfully large cock ravaged her. She screamed and cried, fresh tears poured down her face as the orgasm ripped through her immobilised body. Eight months, eight months in chastity was too long for Rose, she would rather die than spend 240 days teased and denied by this madman.

The arousing sight before Simon was too much for him, and he too cummed a minute later, amazingly the spurt of his semen was enough stimulation for Rose to orgasm a second time, all within less than six minutes. He withdrew from Rose, her cunt dripping with a mix of his and her fluids. Simon gave her a couple to slaps to her face and buttocks before leaving Rose, still tiptoeing and bound in her stress position.

Half an hour later he returned. Rose immediately collapsed onto the floor as her wrists were freed. "Remove your ballet boots now, but keep the corset and stockings." Rose obeyed. Next, she was given her old friend, the sensory deprivation hood, with only holes for breathing and another for her ponytail to escape through.

( link opens in new window )

"I want you to reflect on losing your virginity to master, do not move a muscle before I unhood you." It was the last thing Rose heard before a pair of foam earplugs went into her ears, followed by the latex hood that covered almost all her head. She knelt there, trying to comprehend the hellish situation she has found herself. Fifteen days ago, she was Ally, the college student studying to become a music teacher. Today she was Rose, a plaything for his dick, and a pet, merely an animal for his amusement.

"Now what? Am I going to accept that?" She asked herself, "No! I'm not anybody's sex toy! I will not give into him!" She silently screamed, "But what's the point? Try to escape again and put myself through another day of torture? What do I do!"

Chapter 2 (added: 2018/04/19)

It has been three months since Rose's life took a drastic turn for worse. During her first month in captivity she argued with herself constantly. Now she had stopped, it was pointless to question her destiny and purpose in this world. She was Simon's slave; her body exists to be controlled by her master.

Every morning she would be heavily restrained before Simon left the house, he still didn't trust her.

The straitjacket came first, Simon planned to get her a custom-fitted leather straitjacket, but this ugly canvas one does the job fine for now. The mass of straps and buckles secured Rose's arms over her stomach, the collar of the straitjacket running high enough to fully overlap the tall posture collar that Rose wore constantly. It was very much an unescapable setup, her ankles were even locked to a spreader bar, so she couldn't rub her thighs together, hump a piece of furniture like the slut she had become. Feeding was accomplished by a fat, short dildo gag buckled to her mouth, if Rose was hungry she simply sucked the silicone cock, which was connected to a bottle of protein shake. A short chain ran from the floor to Rose's spreader bar, it was long enough for her to stand up and wiggle about, but prevented her from reaching near the windows or the door of her gilded cage. CCTV cameras were discreetly installed for Simon to monitor her, and much to his satisfaction, Rose gave up on fighting her restraints after just an hour on her first day in the straitjacket.

At half past five he came home, which was a relief for Rose, for she usually needed to use the toilet by now. Simon led her to the bathroom where she relieved herself under his watchful gaze. It wasn't that Simon was turned on by it, but this was about a demonstration of Rose's submission, monitoring and controlling even her most basic bodily functions.

She is freed from her straitjacket, exposing her voluptuous breasts, now grown to an impressive 36D size thanks to the hormones Simon procured. She vaguely remembers a time where her breasts were a modest 34B, and she rarely had to wear bras. During the first month she hardly wore any clothing too, for her master had demanded her to remain naked so he could fuck her relentlessly. Though his usage of Rose soon became much more sensible in frequency. On some days he wouldn't even touch Rose at all, leaving his victim feeling rather lonely, as her master is the only person she speaks to now. The only constant was her posture collar, with three inches of thick leather, it felt like a neck brace, it was well-padded and comfortable, but nevertheless it was there, a constant reminder that she was property.

The slave girl's exercise regime has not slacked off either. She had lost more than thirty pounds in weight thanks to Simon's disciplinary actions, resulting in a slender, toned body would be the envy of many other young women. After an hour on the treadmill and the yoga mat, Rose was permitted to rest outside on the veranda while Simon made dinner, her body glistening with sweat. Shower was only when her master decides to use her, and showers are always done under Simon supervision since she had been caught trying to masturbate using the showerhead's flow of water. On most days, her master would scrub her clean with a wet towel, it was enough to keep her hygienic and healthy.

Simon was especially careful when it came to cleaning her groin area, he had ignored that hole for the past three months. They were so responsive now, even the gentle touch from the soapy towel caused her labia to become engorged and swell open, revealing her hole and her clit that lied within. The towel made the slightest contact with her clitoris as Simon cleaned her pussy, it was enough to send waves of ecstasy throughout Rose's body. She whimpered pathetically, and her body twitched, but she did not speak a word.

Over the weekend, Simon even trusted her to go into town with him. It was a risky move, but he needed to get custom fitted gears for her, and to have her body hair lasered. Waxing Rose's hair was a lot of pain for her and a lot of fun for him, but Simon demanded a permanent solution. In addition to Rose's weight loss, Simon had also dyed her hair red so that she would be unrecognizable to the public. Rose's new figure demanded some new clothing, as well as custom-made bondage gears. The fucktoy's next straitjacket would be a lot more expensive, well-fitted and restrictive than her current one. It would have a 22-inch waist, to be wore alongside her corset.

Over her hips Rose wore a white nylon thong, like sheer pantyhose, the 20-denier material showed off more than it concealed. Now that Rose was wet, the translucent gusset has become almost entirely transparent, its moisture causes it to cling tightly to Rose's mound, offering Simon a clear outline of his slave's labia. Simon had purchased a dozen of these panties, one size too small and with tight waistbands, the texture of the nylon against Rose's labia kept her excited. Of course, these panties also had the added benefits of soaking up the slut's pussy juice, so her chastity belt remained relatively clean and dry.

New bras had to be purchased too, her breast kept growing thanks to the hormones that Simon had purchased off the black market. She was beginning to fill up a 36E cup bra, a huge increase compared to what Simon estimated to be the 34B, or even A cup breasts that Rose possessed previously. Her bust made even more prominent by her slender waist.

Rose was on her way towards perfection, the perfect living sex toy, the perfect pet, the perfect slave.

Needless to say, there were less happier times too, times when Rose had pissed her master off. They were mostly small mistakes, such as when Rose forgot some of her duties. (hardly her fault, memories problems were a side effect of the brainwashing drugs Simon used on her)

Then there was one time when Rose vomited all over master.

She knew she could manage 7.5 inches of dildo in her throat, so she expected herself to give Simon a wonderful blowjob without issues. Yet she forgot to account for Simon's ejaculation since Simon had never cummed so deeply into her throat before, and she was not prepared for the burst of master's semen, which tickled her throat badly. Rose threw up her dinner all over Simon as he withdrew his cock from her mouth. Immediately she began sobbing, and after Simon recovered from the shock he slapped Rose in anger.

"Rose, since your ability to please master with your mouth is so terrible, I will punish you by preparing your other hole." He scolded her like a disappointed teacher to a student who had failed her exam.

"Yes master, I'm so...so sorry." She fought off her tears.

"Now go flush your asshole first." He waved dismissively, pretending to be upset.

Rose scrambled to the bathroom to give herself an enema, several blasts of cold water later, she was totally clean on the inside.

Simon returned with a whole box of toys, most terrifying was an enormous dildo the size of her forearms. Her master took away all of Rose's senses with the familiar blindfold and earplugs beneath the sensory deprivation hood. She was led outside, where Simon had installed a small steel stock on the deck. Rose was forced on her knees, the steel closed around her neck and wrists.

Dildo #1 was a sizable butt plug, one that caused considerable pain. The stainless-steel plug was nearly two inches wide at its widest and 1.3 inches wide at its neck. As Simon pushed the widest point of the plug past Rose, she groaned and cried. After a minute Simon began to pull the plug out, doing so very slowly to prolong her suffering, and to sufficiently defeat the tightness of her anus, necessary in preparation for the final dildo. Before Rose could fully close her sphincter, Simon shoved the steel butt plug inside her again, causing another howl from Rose. Her defeated sphincter also allowed Simon to deposit obscene amounts of lubricants inside the slut. The plug was pulled out slowly again, it was time for the big one.

The second dildo was something Rose had never tried, not even vaginally. Made from high quality silicone, the menacing thing was a lifelike replica of a 'small' stallion's reproductive organ. Simon had measure it himself, the replica had 14 inches of usable length and measured 2 inches of girth, while its head was even wider. The mere sight of would've made Rose sick, it would hurt her, break her, remove the last bit of resistance from her asshole.

Except she couldn't see with the hood on her head.

The head of this cock was the hardest to get inside Rose, whose ass remained helplessly vulnerable and dripped with strands of lube. With both hands, Simon wrestled the first few inches of the dildo into Rose's ass, in response the pet girl screamed like mad the moment it pushed past the sphincter. The sobbing and screaming did not stop as Simon slowly worked the beast into Rose. She tried to thrash madly, only to realize that her body could move a few millimeters at most. It was a shocking sight, a dildo as large as Rose's forearm disappeared slowly inside her. Simon guessed it must have reached the bottom of her ribcage when she finally accepted its full length, the kneeling girl babbled and cried incoherently, to no avail.

Just as her sobbing began to die down, fresh tears fell from Rose's eyes, Simon began pumping the dildo in and out of her ass viciously. Her master pulled until the head of the dildo threatened to pass her sphincter, and then proceed to push its full length into Rose rapidly. She surprised Simon again, thrashing and wiggling with impressive vigour, but it wasn't enough to stop the horse dildo from ramming into her again and again.

In her subspace of suffering, Rose lost track of time. The only thing she felt was pain from her tortured ass and her tormented nipples. She howled and babbled incoherently, tear streamed down her cheeks as Simon removed the last bit of resistance from her asshole. After dozens of strokes, the dildo was extracted from Rose and her restraints removed. Pulling out the dildo from Rose's now not so tight hole was equally fun as inserting it. Simon yanked it out roughly, causing an audible pop as the huge head exited her ass. Her anus remained open, its muscles defeated and unable to close her sphincter. The girl collapsed onto the floor as the neck stock was unscrewed, the latex hood unzipped to reveal her tear-soaked face. "I'm sorry master, I'm so sorry." She croaked, her voice raw and ragged from the screaming and crying.

Simon pulled the girl into his arms, feeling her body still quivering in pain. "I know that, good slave, you're a good slave."

The tiny, fractured soul left inside Rose accepted his praise, a slight smile appeared on Rose's face despite her near hysterical state. "My master says I'm a good slave, I'm a good slave." She told herself, and that was all that mattered.

Simon's inheritance from his wealthy father, together with his technical know-hows, allowed him to purchase cutting edge technology not available to the general public, and re-purposing them to torture Rose. One of the more interesting discoveries he made while surfing the web was a specialized EKG monitor, one that can precisely measure and monitor orgasm. That got Simon thinking, if this machine could detect when Rose was about to orgasm, it could be used to prevent her from having an orgasm.

The EKG reader was hooked to a remote-controlled vibrator, and Simon downloaded the rudimentary software to run the setup. In short, the vibrator would decrease in power when Rose approached her climax, and increased power when she was moving away from climax. It allowed constant, digitally controlled edging for the chastised and denied girl, now having endured six months without orgasm.

( link opens in new window )

Rose was strapped into her new leather bolero straitjacket first, custom made to fit tightly against the contours of her body. It was little more than two leather sleeves attached to a web of straps and buckles weaving over her shoulder and upper body, leaving Roses breasts and lower torso exposed. Then came the remote-controlled vibrator, a cute little thing originally designed to pleasure women, but for Rose, the ultimate instrument of torment. It was pushed inside Rose, resting against her G-spot, and held in her by her skimpy nylon thongs, snugly fitted to her groin. Simon restrained her to a well-padded armchair next, with leather straps and cuffs immobilising every part of her body, Rose could barely move an inch in this setup. The familiarly terrifying earplug, sensory deprivation hood, and feeding gag obscured Rose's face again.

Rose hated sensory deprivation, it was a frustrating, terrifying experience, and easily the worst part of her day. Barely seven hours without sound and sight felt like a week, and sensory deprivation elevated any other stimulations she felt, just as Simon had intended. He went over the setup again, making sure the EKG reader was firmly taped to her skin, the vibrator trapped inside her cunt, and every part of her body locked down. A small hole was bored through the middle of the armchair's seat, just beneath her crotch, where Simon had placed a small cup to catch the girl's juice.

The vibrator jumped to life much to Rose's surprise. 160s days of orgasm denial for Rose has resulted in an obscenely sensitive cunt, which began to leak as her labia swelled. It felt like heavens, pure, genuine pleasure after so much torment. The tightness and warmth of an orgasm, a feeling she had not experience for so long, rose up inside her steadily. Her breathing became increasingly laboured, her cunt began gushing wildly as the wave of pleasure washed over her, the stimulation was no longer getting stronger, but it was enough, she was almost there, almost....

Then the vibration dropped.

For one moment Rose was about to climax, but the vibrator instantaneously fell silent. No! Simon heard her scream, not a scream of pain, but of despair. The vibration began seconds later again as Rose sobbed, her body stiffened, and her legs shuddered slightly as she approached orgasm, then it fell silent again. This time she thrashed and cried even harder, like an untamed animal. The cruel cycle repeated every minute. Rose was pushed to the edge of her climax in the first 20 seconds, then the vibrator held her there for another 40 seconds before falling silent. Every hour of edging was followed by an hour of break, and soon Rose was certain that even total sensory deprivation was better than being tortured by that damn vibrator. Simon added extra water to the bottle attached to her dildo gag, figuring that hydration would probably be important if his slave's pussy dripped all day long.

Rose stopped sobbing and fighting against her restraints mere minutes into her cycle, it pointless and exhaustive. Her cunt dripped pathetically into her cute little panties, the nylon mesh pulled over her pussy was soon drenched, and in turn dripped into the collection cup placed beneath her. For eight hours she sat there, a dehumanised thing, unable to do anything other than to be edged. The vibrator felt like sandpaper rubbing inside her vagina,

Simon did not immediately release her when he came home, instead he sat there, observing the operation of his devilish setup, and listening to the quiet 'plop' whenever enough of her vaginal lubrication has gathered on her thong to form a droplet, falling into the nearly-full collection cup below. Rose's labia have impressively expanded in size, now appearing swollen, and inflamed. The reddened flesh glowed angrily beneath the white mesh of her thong. She cried tears of relief when the hood was removed from her face, his master kissed her proudly, "Well done Rose, you're such a good girl, very good girl." He muttered into her ears. The straps were unbuckled, and the straitjacket removed from her, he allowed Rose a moment of rest on the floor before pulling the naked girl up again, the cup filled with clear, slimy fluid held before him.

She hesitated, but a firm look from Simon was all that was needed to make her obey again. The small cup of vaginal lubricant, her own pussy juice, was poured over her face. Simon poured slowly, making sure that plenty of it went into her mouth too.

"Rest now, my sweetie." He hushed, lifting her hips off the carpet so the chastity belt could be locked back on again. She grimaced as cold titanium of the belt contacted her groin, pushing the nylon on her thong deeper into the folds of her flesh. "I love you Rose, you've done well."

Being the broken and pathetic thing she has become, Rose squeezed out a smile, she leaned into her captor's embrace for a kiss. "I love you too sir." She whispered.

Simon kept his words. Once Rose's eight months of orgasm denial and teasing was up, he allowed the girl to finally enjoy herself. (He didn't tease Rose every day, the automated vibrator would leave Rose totally exhausted, so Simon only locked her into it twice a week.)

There were no tricks, no bondage restraints of any kind even. Rose was naked save for her posture collar and a pair of stockings, as Simon believed nothing matched Rose's slender, smooth legs better than high-quality nylon. The two joined in bed and made love, in a way it was no different to any other couple.

Rose cried tears of joy and relief when Simon informed her that the time was up and she could orgasm again. Shuddering in excitement, the slut lowered herself onto Simon's raging erection and began fucking desperately, nearly fainting when her first orgasm in more than half a year rippled through her perfect figure within a minute of furious lovemaking. They both took a moment to re-consolidate before hips began moving rapidly again. Simon ejaculated rather quickly, as Rose's warm, steamy kisses and her tight, desperate cunt became impossible to resist. Still, the strong spurt of his cum was the last bit of stimulation Rose needed to cum for the second time. Wracked by her second orgasm, Rose collapsed onto her master chest, her body still quivering slightly.

Simon chuckled, his vision partly obscured by a handful of Rose's golden-brown hair, they had grown so much in the past eight months, almost reaching her waist.

"Can we make love again sir?" She asked timidly, hoping that the answer would be yes.

"We'll make love all night, Rose." Her owner replied, "You'll have to be a good girl and get back into the chastity belt tomorrow, but I promise, the belt will come off one night every month." Simon grinned, for the other nights, Rose's asshole and mouth is more than enough.

She doesn't even have gag reflex now.

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/08/11)

As Simon had expected, living with a perfectly obedient sex slave had its downsides, for one, he thought dating was completely out of the question. Rose is many things to Simon, a sex toy, a maid, a pet, a lover, but not a girlfriend. Obviously, the only way he could bring another woman into the house was through coercion or deceit, though preferably the latter. Luckily for Simon, he stumbled upon someone to deceive.

A young woman with a master's degree in Civil Engineering from the best university in the state shouldn't be so stupid, still, 24-year-old Lena, a colleague of Simon's, was naïve and careless beyond Simon's belief. He toyed with silly redhead, casually mentioning that he already has a full-time slave when the two began to flirt.

"Wow, a full time slave? So is this lucky lady..."

"Not exactly a girlfriend. The things she asked me to do to her is...quite dehumanising and in some aspects, legally questionable." Simon chose his words carefully, Lena doesn't need to know that he kidnapped Rose, but she does need to understand Rose's place in the house if she was to embark on a serious relationship with Simon. Simon told her almost everything, everything except for the fact that Rose came to him unwillingly.

"Since she was an orphan with very limited social contacts, I can and did make her disappear from this world when she begged me to." Simon lied, "I can't do that with anyone else, we'd piss off families and friends, or piss off the authority. Then again, this is why Rose is more of a pet than a partner, you don't exactly call her a girlfriend when she doesn't have a life outside of bondage." He explained.

Lena asked if she could meet Rose someday, and Simon agreed, hoping that he had found a natural submissive in Lena. From what he knows, her family is fairly wealthy so she is certainly no gold digger, she could freak out and call the cops if she finds out about Rose's true origin, he could avoid that by simply taking things slowly.

Simon brought his darling to see Lena two weeks later. He explained patiently to the brainwashed and clueless girl what was going on. He made up a believable story for Rose, she would say that she was raised by adoptive parents, had met Simon in high school, and decided to disappear from the face of the earth in order to live out her dream of being a life-long slave for Simon. It was a little complicated and confusing for Rose, who could not recall her much about her own life, though she would accept anything with enough encouragement.

Simon and Rose arrived at the café first, he was dressed in a crisp linen shirt and chinos, the slave in a thin sundress, no panties. A few other guys had their eyes glued to Rose the moment she entered, eliciting an elbow nudge from one of their jealous girlfriend. With her long, chestnut coloured hair and cute, freckled face, Lena was not average-looking either. Although her gangly, somewhat utilitarian figure was no match for Rose's hourglass waist and E-cup cleavage.

"Rose, this is Lena, she's an intern from work." Said Simon as Rose leaned over to plant a wet kiss on her cheek. Lena ordered the drinks, flat white for Simon and herself, and juice for Rose.

"So how experienced are you in terms of BDSM and sex?" Simon asked quietly.

"I've tried it with my ex before, he wasn't interested in BDSM, so it's mostly just self-bondage for me." Lena elaborated. More annoying for Simon was that Lena still lived at home with her parents, as if having to hide Rose from the rest of the world wasn't inconvenient enough. Still, Simon knew his patience will certainly pay off. Lena was no prude, though she was fine to progress slowly. The master kept her a little patient, she wasn't able to get physical with Simon until a few months later. Simon had no problem waiting, for Rose was doing his washing, cleaning the house and offering herself to his master for a good fucking whenever he wanted.

Two months later, with Simon feeling comfortable around Lena, he decided get physical with her.

"Have you decided your hard limits?" Simon asked.

"Nothing involving piss and shit, no obvious public humiliations, no pain play that would be bad enough cause bleeding, no sexual contact with anyone other you and Rose without prior discussion." Lena replied, "Oh, and a minimum of one satisfying orgasms per months." She added.

"I'm glad you thought about it, we'll get your body measured next week, and buy new chastity belts for both of you girls." Simon smiled in content, "And are you okay with body modifications, some waist training or piercings?"

"Yep, as long as it doesn't affect my health I guess, corsets are so sexy."

It would be a dream for most men, but Simon now had two gorgeous young women as his sex slave. Lena's submission started off with almost all of her body hair removed permanently, she was permitted to keep a little patch of pubic hair, it meant that her status was a little higher than Rose. She had been ordered to watch her diet, and although her C cup boobs were no match for Rose's doll-like proportions, Simon thought it was a natural-look that contrasted nicely with Rose.

Today's a big day for Lena, she would have her first threesome with Simon and Rose, and Simon made sure his slave was dressed to impress.

Most gags, ball gags, ring gags and whatnots, don't actually silence their wearers, they merely prevent words from being formed clearly. To truly render a slave voiceless, one would need to fill their larynx and prevent any movement from the vocal cord. What Simon made Rose wear did precisely that. First Rose had her jaw pried open with a large ring gag, secondly, a large dildo was pushed down her throat, with its base locked onto the ring gag. The silicone intruder into Rose's mouth was just over 1 inch wide and nine inches in length, unbearable for most people, but only somewhat uncomfortable for Rose. She retches a little as the silicone rod is inserted into her, her throat flexes and protests, but otherwise accepted the dildo.

( link opens in new window )

A perfectly positioned reverse prayer is beautiful, but difficult and painful to achieve. Rose whimpered in pain as Simon pulled her cuffed hands behind her neck, another pair of leather cuffs brought her elbows together so that her forearms are tucked neatly behind her back. A single carabiner secured her wrist cuffs to the D-ring mounted on her posture collar. The effects were stunning, from the front Rose appears to be armless, her shoulders smooth and taunt, causing her breasts to thrust outwards. Next Simon dressed her into what can only be described as an armless leotard. The tight garment was made from thick latex, completely encasing Rose's upper body, resulting in an amazingly slim and streamed figure. With her arms reduced to a small bulge packed between her shoulders, Rose's corseted waist became especially pronounce. Two carefully measured holes has been cut into the latex leotard, with thick rings surrounding them so that each breast bulged outwards, another hole has been made over her crotch so that Rose's pubic mould bulged outwards similarly. Her obscenely displayed breasts were placed into a tight, sheer bra with hid nothing, but further enhanced her cleavage. The two mounds of flesh threatened to spill out of their nylon mesh.

"Wow, I seem to be a little underdressed." Lena remarked at the heavily bound girl as she stripped off her clothes, "May I get started now?"

"Yes my slave, you may." Simon grinned, a goddess in each of his arm. "Why don't you two get to know each other?"

The new girl moved onto Rose, fondling and kissing gently over her tightly bound and helpless body. Subconsciously Rose parted her slender, toned legs and wrapped them around Lena's, grinding her exposed groin in Lena. Now leaking madly due to her long periods of orgasm denial, strands of translucent juice dripped out of Rose, turning Lena's thigh slippery and wet. She tried to kiss Lena back despite the huge dildo filling her mouth, her efforts hampered further by the strict collar she wore.

"Lena, Rose here has my permission to cum today." Said Simon, "Do you want to kiss her other set of lips now?"

"Yes sir."

Simon nodded in approval. The armless, blind and mute slave parted her legs, her body forming into an inverted Y with her sopping wet pussy on display as Lena moved in. Her body was incredibly sensitive as usual, the touch of Lena's tongue felt both painful and pleasurable. The tip of her tongue parted Rose's labia effortlessly and began lapping up and down, immobilized, mute and blind, Rose came in under a minute. Even though the massive dildo filled her throat, she screamed or at least attempted to. A little spurt of her juice splashed over Lena's face, who yelped in surprise. Judging from the look on her face, Simon guessed that Lena wasn't entirely comfortable with these intimate acts yet.

The dildo gag plunged into Rose was extracted, with strands of her saliva trailing from it. The slave girl was courteous as usual and thanked Lena for the orgasm with a barrage of messy, wet kisses. Next the ladies took care of Simon's raging erection, an almost effortless job as two pair of lips wrapped themselves around Simon. Rose leaned over Simon and deep-throated his cock furiously while Lena squeezed under Rose to lick her master's scrotum. The sight of both Rose and Lena's heads over his crotch nearly made Simon drool, and in a little over a minute he came into Rose's throat, which she swallowed without hesitation. After a short break, Simon took Lena while Rose scooted under the new girl and sucked her breasts with great enthusiasm. It was a slow, methodical fuck that kept Lena on edge for what felt like an eternity.

"Round three?" Lena asked, her quivering body stretched over Simon's.

Simon nodded, "In your ass now, it's time to train your two other holes."

Lena's anal and deep-throat training proceeded slowly, Simon was not in a hurry, and had no need to push or make Lena feel uncomfortable. (Though Simon was almost certain that the slut was totally fine with it all) Meanwhile, he measured the two girls and placed orders for two new, very complicated and very expensive chastity devices. These apparently came in with a remotely-operated catheter tube, so the girls could wear them for several days without opportunity for any stimulation.

Simon was very impressed by the new chastity belts when they arrived, externally they looked identical to G-string thongs, but the stiff, cup-like panel were made to measure and perfectly covered the girls' pubic mounds. Straps made from a tough polymer ensured nearly no room for movement. Although Lena and Rose found the thong, particularly the catheter tube protruding from it, rather intimidating.

Lena had all her pubic hair taken care of with a strong hair removal gel, which was vital since Simon warned her that hair growth occurring underneath the snug-fitting thongs would be constantly itchy if not outright painful. He gave both girls a final inspection of their pussies before Lena was made to part her legs. She clenched her teeth as the chastity device was brought up to her groin, the catheter positioned carefully before Simon gently but steadily drove the long probe into slave Lena's urethra. She whimpered but did not dare to move, a few droplets of her warm urine flowed out before the evil underwear was pushed up against her labia, sealing off both her cunt and her piss hole.

"Doesn't hurt too badly does it?" Simon chuckled, that piece of gear might look intimidating, but in actuality it was well designed and caused little pain.

"No, it doesn't hurt too much...but what if...you forgot to unlock it and I can't pee." Lena asked fearfully, she gave the thong a few firm tugs, to no effects at all.

"The catheter has mechanical stress valve that will open up if your bladder is really pent up." Simon explained, "So even if I do forget or intentionally hold your piss in, the device will prevent any damage to your bladder." Simon explained as he fitted Rose with the same device, albeit with slightly longer straps to accommodate her meatier ass and thighs. Despite the assurance, Lena was still terrified by the idea of losing control of something as basic as peeing. Now, Simon could manipulate both of their bodily function with just a press from his smartphone, and he was eager to test it out.

Lena found the feeling difficult to explain, the muscles inside her felt weak, unresponsive in the presence of the catheter belt. Then, without warning and without any feeling from her, piss began to drip out of the little hole on the 'gusset' of her chastity thong. Both girls were pissing themselves involuntarily, and their faces glowed red with humiliation,

"Now, this measure will obviously not be used in public, that I can promise you." Simon explained, "However, I can't promise that you'll receive a warning before the dripping starts." He smiled wickedly, "So, my lovely college girl, you better send me a text message if you need to pee on campus."

"Yes sir." Lena muttered, she wanted to cry, but isn't humiliation and control what she asked of Simon weeks earlier?

She stood there, on the verge of tears as Rose was instructed to lick up their piss from the floor, which she did without hesitation.

The intruder into her bladder was an unnerving experience for Lena for the first few days, although she quickly learnt to ignore its presence. After all, she thought it was perfectly fitting for her master to take control of her two most basic bodily functions, submission means to be controlled. However, Lena found orgasm denial to be incredibly frustrating and refreshing at the same time. The pent-up sexual frustration gave her renewed energy and desire for more control. Just as Simon had expected, he chastity thong also helped to turn Lena into an anal slut like Rose. Lena tried to get some sort of relief from anal fucking, but even when she fucked her own ass raw with a dildo, she could not find the same pleasure derived from clitoral stimulation. The futility of fighting against her restraints soon became apparent, and Lena sank into submission.

Simon woke up on the king-sized bed of his master bedroom, flanked on both sides by squirming cocoons which contained his lovers.

He had obtained a figure-hugging sleepsack almost identical to the one worn by Rose, though this one was tailor-made to fit Lena. She was slimmer and taller than Rose, and her figure even more impressive when bundled up all in the smooth blackness. Both girls wore their standard sensory deprivation kit, a small penis gag, foam earplugs and latex hood with only holes for their ponytail and nose. In addition, chains ran from the bedframe to the D-rings on their posture collar and the end of their sleepsacks, so the girls were unable to wiggle even an inch.

The blind, deaf, mute and immobile girly-worms were a lot of fun to watch, especially when they softly moaned and fantasized about humping Simon during their erotic dreams. Rose and Lena were both sentenced to exactly one year of orgasm denial, Simon insisted it was to prove Lena's loyalty and determination. It's been only two months since then, and Lena's first week after moving into the house. Already, Lena was living her life in a constant state of arousal. She walked into her lectures with semi-erect nipples and the non-stop tingling sensation between her legs, even hugs from colleagues and friends made her legs weak.

The two girls were unhooded and unchained from the bed after Simon made breakfast, though there was one more thing to do before the girls could eat. They were empty-stomached right now, a perfect opportunity for Simon to train Lena's throat. He still preferred training the slaves with the ring gag/dildo combination, although the dildo has been upgraded to an 10-inch long monster made from firm silicone. The lengthy rod went down Rose's mouth, its shaft disappeared into her throat with much gurgling and moaning, but the slave was still trapped inside her cocoon and was unable to resist. Simon repeated the same process on Lena, who reacted much more severely. Her body twitched and struggled against its packaging as Simon gently but steadily drove all 10 inches of the dildo into her. He noted with a satisfaction as Lena's throat bulged out visibly once it was completely filled. Locking straps firmly secured the dildos onto each girls' ring gag, making it impossible for it to be dislodged.

He watched Lena with great curiosity, the new slave's rapid, panicked breathing gradually slowly down, occasionally she retched, her diaphragm spasmed and tried to vomit though her stomach was empty. Occasionally Simon with choke her lightly or force Lena to turn her head, which encouraged a fresh wave of retching that wore down her gag reflex even more, still he did so very carefully, not wanting to cause injuries. Twenty minutes later, with saliva dripping from both girls, Simon removed the dildos much to their relief. Their bodies were freed from the tight cocoons and greeted with comforting hugs.

"Not bad for your first time with the full-length trainer." Simon praised Lena as she crawled out of the sleepsack to stretch her limbs.

"Oh my...so am I ready? When will I be collared?" Lena looked lustfully to her master.

"Soon enough."

Chapter 4 (added: 2018/09/01)

Lena remembers precisely the date that Simon locked her into chastity, on the afternoon of January the 22nd, now it is late July, seven long and tormenting, but satisfying months under control. Their lives went on as usual, or at least as usual as a polyamorous, threesome relationship could be.

Her master permitted the removal of hers and Rose's chastity thongs every night, so that both slave girls could be gently teased to keep their pussies sensitive and horny. The first two or three months of orgasm denial drove Lena crazy, she was thinking about sex constantly, and she genuinely considered ending her relationship with Simon. However, as time passed, things became somewhat more bearable. The stiff polymer cover over her pubic mound and the catheter tube locked inside her felt natural now, the constant horniness was accepted as merely a part of her life. That sensitivity and lust needed to be controlled, and Simon provided control.

( link opens in new window )

Lena joined dozens of other commuters on the bus from work to home, though nobody else around her realized the young woman was wet as hell. Returning home, she found her fellow slave wandering around aimlessly, arms bound in a latex straitjacket, a stubby feeding dildo buckled into her mouth, ankles secured together with a short chain. Lena proceeded to remove the restraints, and the two girls went outside for a jog, for Rose badly needed some exercise after a whole day in bondage.

She appreciated to opportunity to actually move and stretch her limbs now that they're no longer bound, the jog was still unnerving for Rose, as her buttplug constantly aroused her. Once the two slaves got home, Lena shot Simon a message for him to remotely unlock their catheter tubes. Both girls stripped and parted their legs in the backyard as the catheter built into their chastity thongs were remotely unlocked, piss freely flowed out onto the lawn. There were no inputs or feelings from Rose nor Lena, the girls' bladders were simply drained. Afterwards, the girls helped each other with their daily enema, which they found to be a convenient though humiliating way to expel their waste without removing the chastity thongs.

Simon decided to train Lena in ballet boots as well. After all, Rose had become quite proficient in going about wearing ballet heels, able to walk in them better than most women could walk in high heels. He had read that ballet boots actually are less detrimental to the wearer's foot and ankles than regular high heels. High heel shoes strain a woman's foot, particularly her toes. On the other hand, a pair of well-designed and snugly fitted ballet heels distributes weight evenly.

Lena ended up buying four pairs of boots, two pairs being ankle-length and the other two-calf length, all were made from high quality leather. With Simon's help, Lena gingerly rose to her toes with her foot held in en-pointe position. Standing at 6 ft 2 in height, she was now as tall as her master. Though she felt a lot less confident as she stood, legs trembling as her body struggled with the new position. It was certainly a magnificent sight, the ballet boot appears to have lengthened Lena's already slender legs, the outlines of her aching calves flowed seamlessly over her feet.

She took mincing steps around the kitchen table, circle after circle while Simon watched keenly, with a whip in hand to keep Lena's posture upright. Her hips rolled fluidly and her beautifully toned legs strutted elegantly, though the sight came at a cost. Lena's legs were shaking with exhausting less than half an hour later, the latex leotard she wore was slick with her perspiration despite the cool weather. Simon had to carry her onto the sofa, where she rested for a while before getting up for another half an hour around the kitchen table. The hard work paid off, and a few days later Lena was striding around like a prima ballerina.

Lena went to get dinner started while Simon retrieved Rose's collar and leash, locking the wide band of leather around her neck. He took a moment to savour Rose's perfection, her flawless and angelic face, her firm breasts leading down to the 22-inch waist, her meaty arse and slender legs. After two years in his possession, Simon ran out of training ideas, he simply could not find any ways to improve Rose, physically or mentally. He unzipped his pants, letting loose his raging erection.

"May I?" The sex toy asked eagerly.

"Go ahead, my love." Simon leaned back on the sofa, as Rose prowled forward like a hungry predator.

She effortlessly swallowed all seven inches of Simon's erection down her throat, closing her supple lips around the base of his shaft she began thrusting up and down vigorously. Despite her well-trained throat, it was only able to expand slightly, due to the restriction posed by her collar. Nevertheless, she deep-throated master's cock keenly, ignoring the difficulty posed by the collar. The craving slut's eyes rolled back slightly in satisfaction, though the cascade of her silky golden hair obscured much her face.

Rose felt a tap on head, it was Simon signal for her to slow down. She had learnt so much from the hundreds of blowjobs given to this cock, one which she worships. She had familiarized herself with it in ways which people in vanilla relationships could never achieve, and keeping Simon pleasured for a full hour without cumming was no challenge.

And a full hour later, a copious amount of Rose's saliva had dripped down to the base of Simon's shaft. "Faster sweetie." That was all Rose needed to hear before she began throating Simon's cock as hard as she could. Her master didn't last long under the continued onslaught. Spurts of Simon's thick fluid shot down Rose's throat, she grunted and choked a little, but otherwise swallowed her master's gift happily.

She suckled Simon's cock one last time to clean up her saliva. "I love you master Simon, and your sperm." Rose inhaled deeply.

"Love you too Rose," Replied Simon, still recovering from the mind-blowing orgasm, "Now let me see your chastity belt."

He ran his hand over the smooth, black triangular piece of polymer that seamlessly covered Rose's pubic mound. It was featureless except for the tiny hole, permitting urine to flow out of her catheter probe. The T-shaped straps which locked the shield to her body was taunt, unforgiving. "Four more month to go, and I'm so proud of you Rose." Simon reminded her, the girl's eyes were filled with pure lust, the eyes of a nymphomaniac whose pussy has been sealed away for two-hundred days now.

Simon went over to the kitchen to relieve Lena, who joined Rose on the sofa. There was plenty of kissing and fondling between the two who had learnt to love each other, though neither find true satisfaction, that they had to wait.

"Lena, would you stay in the cocoon tonight? I want some time with Rose."

She nodded and unfolded her , "No worries." Lena's chastity thong was unlocked, and she grimaced as the catheter tube came out of her body. The smooth black material of her sack engulfed her body, followed by the strict latex hood. She was a vision of blackness, elegant and delicious, immobile and totally helpless, identifiable as a human being only because of her ponytail emerging from the rear of the hood. Simon secured his girl-worm to one side of the spacious king-sized bed, then turned his attention to Rose.

Her arms were cuffed behind her head to the bedframe, and her legs pulled to the end of the bed. The pair of exquisite 36E breasts still showed a little redness caused by his earlier abuse, more attractive was her smooth pubic mound and her dripping-wet labia. Simon traced his fingers in circles over Rose's incredibly flat and toned stomach, then it began moving downwards, slowly pushing into Rose's entrance. She hissed painfully as Simon massaged her clit, but it just wasn't strong enough.

Simon continued the rubbing for thirty minutes, by then his arm was feeling sore, and Rose was transformed into a quivering puddle, her pussy juice had made a sizable patch of the bedding wet.

"Good night my slave."

"Good night master." Rose replied, almost on the verge of tears.

Simon's two slaves were now so adept in their skills, that only custom made sex toys and restraints could be described as challenging, toys that pushed the girls to their absolute limits.

One example was the new gag, consisting of a 11-inch long shaft and two flaps. The monstrosity could be inflated, growing the shaft to truly terrifying dimensions. No matter how many big dildos the two girls deep-throated, a 13-inch long and 1.5-inch wide rod was guaranteed to make them struggle. Their wrists were once again cuffed behind their back in a hellish reverse prayer position, hands together, elbows nearly touching. Their wrists bound and pulled towards a D-ring on the back of their neck corsets. For Rose who had plenty of experience and naturally flexible shoulders, her wrists were pulled right behind her neck easily. A perfect reverse prayer was more or less the perfect way to bind a slave's arms, but it took its excruciating toll.

Still Rose and Lena weren't complaining. Today the two will finally be allowed to orgasm, after eight months of teasing, suffering, craving, relief at last.

He fetched the two's ballet boots and buckled them onto their feet. Rose and Lena won't be standing or walking, but the long, stiff heels of the boots conveniently served as attachment points. Once the girls' heels were press up against the back of her thighs, they were secured using leather belts, leaving Rose and Lena's legs bent severely at the knee. Satisfied with his handiwork, Simon took a moment to admire his vaguely-hogtied slaves, lying on their back, their arms folded between the shoulder and legs spread wide. Both girls would be crying out in pain if their throats weren't filled with massive dildo gags, thankfully, the anticipation was enough of a distraction away from their aching bodies.

Simon brought out a Sybian saddle. Two dildos protruded invitingly from the top, the front one just a little bigger than Simon's own cock, the rear one was much larger, enough to be painful even for the two slavegirl's well-used assholes. Simon lubed the two toys generously, then lifted Rose's bound form upright, and carefully positioned her onto the saddle. The slut gargled into her gag as Simon impaled her body onto the two dildos, filling her two respective holes. With his hands on her shoulder, Simon made sure the girl remained still on the saddle. Then the Sybian began humming. With her legs folded and spread on either side of the saddle, all of Rose's weight now rested on the two dildos vibrating furiously. After seemingly an eternity in chastity, the pleasure was a brand-new experience for Rose. She felt like a clueless virgin overwhelmed with feelings she never felt before. There was only so little thrashing and screaming that Rose could perform with all four of her limbs brutally bound and her throat filled completely, but her climax was obviously a mind-blowing one.

The tormented slave girl greyed-out temporarily, but jerked back to consciousness again to the continual, overwhelming stimulation. She fought furious to keep her breathe up, only so little oxygen for her was available between the foot-long dildo gag and the neck corset choking her throat elegantly. Simon felt her body stiffen, then shudder again as Rose climaxed a second time just two minutes later. Pleasure once again sparked across her body, her wet cunt spasmed and ached, it was getting more tiring now, but the vibration continued, and she could barely move. A third orgasm came over, Rose's throat spasmed against its intruder, the sensation was turning her body limp. By the time a fourth orgasm has blasted through Rose, she was a sweaty mess, depleted of all strength as Simon untied her.

By then, Lena had already spent twenty-minutes in her hellish situation, and it was an enormous relief when Simon hefted her onto the Sybian. Both dildos were well-lubricated from Rose's pussy juice, she plopped onto the seat easily. Pleasure flooded into Lena, even as her four limbs were tormented in their extreme positions, she struggled to breathe through the rigid, 4-inch wide neck corset. Despite the monstrous dildo forced down her throat and the inhuman restraints around her body, Lena thrashed and screamed even harder than Rose as she cummed repeatedly.

Lena was untied at last, having almost fainted. She crawled, slowly and painfully towards Rose, and the two sweat drenched slaves hugged each other in relief.

The next day was Lena's 26th birthday. Her time at work was boring and especially unproductive, the exhaustive bondage session from yesterday has made her arms weak and her hands barely able to use a keyboard. After she arrived home, master Simon massaged her arms vigorously, relieving at a little of the pain still present.

Simon can be incredibly cruel and gentle to Lena, that all depended on his mood. Now his mood moved onto how to dress Lena for dinner tonight. He got out her chastity thong again, partly because it helps to hold dildos inside Lena, and partly to play around with bladder control again.

( link opens in new window )

She got on all fours and pointed her ass up in the air as Simon smeared the two toys with lube. The anal plug was a small one, though it could also be remotely activated to vibrate. The other toy was a canine dildo, seven inches of stiff silicone, completed with a lime-sized knot near the end of the shaft. The knot proved to be the most uncomfortable part for Lena, resting right next to the entrance to her sex. Next came the strict under-bust corset, custom fitted for Lena's scant 22-inch waist. Unlike any corsets though, this one had no lacing on the back, only buckles. For Lena's waist has more or less become permanently compressed to this measurement. Suspenders coming from the bottom of her corset held up a pair of sheer stockings. Once those were in place, Simon gingerly fitted the chastity device onto Lena, carefully maneuvering the catheter into her already-filled cunt.

"How do you feel?" Simon grinned, a dog cock for a bitch, very fitting.

"Quite full my master." Lena sighed, even walking with her legs closed was difficult with such a heavily-boned corset and two plugs up her holes. He sent the slave off to dress up. When Lena returned, her unnaturally slim waistline hidden beneath a revealing cocktail dress. Bright red lipsticks, thick eyeliners and stiletto heels completed her slutty look. The thin leather collar she could get away with, it's more like a choker than BDSM gear.

They had booked a table at a classy restaurant, almost too classy. Simon looked dashing in his dark blue suit, though the waiter at the door was sceptical whether Lena's outfit was in line with the dress code. The top of her stockings clearly visible above her dress hem, showing off enough of her thighs to make a priest cringe. Other men looked at her lustfully, the jealous scowls from their wives and girlfriends made Lena smile. What the guests took as a healthy rosy glow on Lena's face was, in fact, caused by the furious vibration of her butt plug. Even better was the canine dildo helping to transmit the sensation deep into Lena's cunt. Lena ordered a winter vegetable soup and roast lamb for the main. The food was delicious, and Simon was very affectionate, though she struggled to enjoy it all given the constant distraction between her legs. After dinner, the master took her to the nearby state art gallery for a stroll, once again many men guiltily enjoyed the sight Lena's barely covered body. Still, by all account Simon and Lena looked like a couple out on a date, that all changed once she got home.

"Dress and chastity belt off now, the heels can stay on." Simon ordered her, his voice soft but authorities. Without support from the chastity belt, her dildo slipped out of her pussy. Lena licked the faux cock cleaned and placed it back into her toy drawer, she crawled back to Simon on all fours.

Her sister slave Rose came around the corner as if on cue, dressed in her usual sheer lace bra, thong and stockings. She held in her hands a small black box and passed it to Simon. A gift from master? Lena held her posture properly, knees parted, face and arms close to the floor in anticipation.

"Lena, look at me." Simon held her head up, with his other hand he produced a collar and leash from the little box. "For you, my wonderful lover and slave."

Lena gasped at the beautiful collar. Half a dozen attachment rings, plated with rose gold, decorated the wide band of black leather. A delicate chain ran from the one of the rings, also plated in gold.

"I figured this night be a more interesting purchase than any engagement ring." Simon spoke quietly, the collar closed snugly around Lena's neck.

Though her eyes were a little watery, a huge smile formed on Lena face. "I love you Simon"

"Don't forget Rose too." And how could she, Lena pulled Rose into a tight embrace, and the two ravishing ladies kissed.

The collar and leash were put to good use as Simon dragged his lover to bed. Lena found herself spreadeagled on the bed and face down, her wrists and ankles pulled painfully to each corners of the four-poster bed. It'll be another excruciatingly fun night.

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Sunday, September 23, 2018  

Simon seems to be fair to both! Great Story!

Tuesday, August 21, 2018  

Yummy! 2 'Willing' Slaves!

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

amazingly awesome story!! Thank you!!! You should make Lena get metal orthodontic braces that she is reluctant to do. and lace them shut over the gag

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018  

Dilemma? Give In-Sooner Than Later?

Friday, March 02, 2018  

an enjoyable read

Wednesday, February 28, 2018  

Good beginning. Can't wait for the upcoming chapters.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018  

Fucked up, although the brainwashing part sounds very realistic and convincing.

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