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Heidi's Way
  • Author - Andrea Jordan  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, loving
  • Post Date - 4/27/2018
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"Oh how can I thank you?" Heidi exclaimed.

She had been made redundant three months earlier and had spent most of that time moping around her house as she was right now in a dirty white tee-shirt and old blue denim shorts. Her long brown hair was a mess that she had quickly pulled up into a rough ponytail.

But her ex-boss had just called by unexpectedly to say that he'd got her an interview for a fantastic job, and she knew that with his recommendation she had every chance to get it.

Jack was a cool, good looking guy, but unfortunately he knew it. Right then he was sitting on the old sofa in her small house wearing an expensive dark grey suit over a blue shirt, no tie and with one too many buttons undone. He somehow managed the rugged look despite long hours in the office.

"How can I thank you?" she repeated, trying to hide her excitement.

Suddenly Jack's eyes changed from their usual dreamy confidence to something closer to nervous, flicking around the room as if unsure on how to proceed. Heidi as always was hanging on his every word.

He finally spoke, "This is going to sound weird."

Heidi was intrigued as she looked at the guy who had done so much for her and who she had looked up to for so long.

"I've always meant to ask, "he stuttered, "Why do you have a cage in your bedroom," he pointed towards the heavy cage with intricate bars of shiny steel that he had seen in the corner of the woman's bedroom.

"It was in the garage when I bought the place, it looks cool doesn't it?" she replied.


"What do you use it for?"

"Just throw my clothes on it really," she giggled as she gestured around her less than tidy house. The cage itself had several pairs of old jeans and tops strewn over it right then.


Heidi was confused.

Jack was looking uneasy, "Can you lock me inside for a bit?"

"What?" Heidi laughed out loud, "Why?"

"I know it's a strange request."

"Yeah," she replied, "It sure is."

Jack tried to laugh along.

"I saw it at your party last year and it looked cool," he tried to explain," I just kinda wondered whether you used it to lock people inside."

Heidi was now on her feet, "Not usually," she laughed with a slightly bemused look on her face.

She had looked up to this guy for so long and had only asked if she could 'do something for him' in the vague hope that he might ask her out. She hadn't expected this, but she was intrigued to see where this would go.

"I guess I could lock you up for the night," she replied slowly and then kicked herself for using the words 'for the night'. Those words were from her fantasy.

"Cool," he replied, trying to sound just that.

The cage was an unusual arty object, four foot long, three feet wide and just over two feet high, but despite its decorative appeal, it was hugely heavy and obviously escape proof.

Jack stood at over six feet tall and towered over Heidi's own five foot ten figure.

"Will you fit?" she asked.

"Let's see," he replied, his confidence returning.

Heidi pulled open the barred door that opened on hinges and formed part of the front of the cage. Jack climbed inside and lay on the bars that formed the bottom of the cage with his arms and legs crunched up in the confined space.

"Tighter than I thought," he smiled, using the space in the open doorway to manoeuvre himself.

"You sure you want to do this?" she asked.

Jack pulled his arm inside and she swung the heavy steel door closed. A strange feeling of power ran through her body as she watched him try to get comfortable inside the tiny cage.

"Perfect fit," he panted.

"You sure you want me to lock you in?" she asked, flicking a stray hair back behind her ears.

He nodded.

With one bare leg propping the cage door closed, Heidi reached up for the large padlock that she used to lock her bike. Then in a totally matter-of-fact way, she threaded the padlock in place through the cage door and locked it.

"Shit, I should have checked I still have the key," she smiled.


"Only kidding," she giggled.

Heidi stood up and watched Jack struggle to get comfortable in the small confined space. He had always seemed so intimidating at work, but in the cage with his wide eyes gazing up at her he suddenly looked vulnerable and so fucking sexy.

"What do we do now?" she asked.

"Well me, not very much," Jack said as he clanged painfully against the bars and peered up with obviously aroused eyes.

Heidi looked down at his eyes with a little resentment. He was using her to fulfil some crazy fantasy, but she wasn't sure what was in this for her.

"So you're giving me permission to keep you in there until morning?" she checked.

"Yes," he breathed, his cock throbbing, "Even if I beg you to let me out."

"Should be easy, you always told me I was stubborn," she replied.

Jack was now swallowing on a dry throat as he looked out on his ex-employee with a totally different perspective. She was standing right by the cage and her legs seemed even longer than usual and her old denim shorts seemed almost offensively short.

He moved to hide his obvious erection, but again the bars that formed the base of the cage dug into him.

"Can I have something to lie on?" he asked.

"Yeah ," she said as she unbuttoned her shorts and watched his startled reaction. She slowly slid them down her long legs, picked them up and dropped them into his cage.

'Maybe this would be fun,' Heidi thought as she moved forward and used the proximity of her black silk underwear to intimidate her uber cool ex-boss. He didn't know what to say or where to look and the look of panic in his eyes was making her tingle.

She picked up her phone and took a photo of Jack crunched inside the cage holding her shorts.

"You can use them as a pillow," she smiled.

"Thank you."

"Good, now I need to shower."

Heidi walked to her bathroom where the mirror told her that he was staring at her butt. She closed the door behind her and turned on the hot water.

'Fuck' Jack whispered as he watched her incredible legs walk away. He had often daydreamed about this timid brunette when they had worked together and he had been intrigued by what the cute girl in the tight skirt might do with the cage in her bedroom. This had been such a sexy fantasy, but the reality was scary because in reality she was ten times sexier and he had absolutely no control.

Heidi was buzzing as she rushed her shower and redressed in her shortest black negligee with black panties beneath. She blow dried her hair and applied a little discrete make up. She had spent several years trying to impress Jack on a professional basis and now she had the chance to impress him personally. This was also her chance to repay some of her frustration.

"You still there?" she asked in her huskiest voice as her damp bare feet padded back.

"Wow," Jack replied, as he viewed her outfit from a unique position.

Jack's hand had almost reached through the bars to touch her leg, but then stopped at the last moment. With entrapment on her mind, Heidi stepped forward, her legs now touching the bars and waited.

Jack's mind may have been able to figure out the company's strategy, but he had no idea how to deal with her body.

He finally reached through the bars and his fingers brushed against the outside of her left thigh. She had always loved his hands and their touch on her skin didn't disappoint. She felt his fingers slide up and around and trace the hem of her underwear.

Heidi still hadn't come to terms with her power and what she should do with this arrogant sexy man and she just stood there enjoying his touch as he continued to incriminate himself.

"I should report you to HR," she breathed.

Jack pulled his hand back inside the cage.

"Take off your shirt and trousers," she ordered, her legs opening just a little.

The man beneath her struggled and fought to remove his clothes. He had just removed his cufflinks and she held out her hand to take them from him. Silver with black swirls; very expensive and very sexy.

Jack finally passed his clothes through the bars from where Heidi used her bare foot to flick them away out of his reach. He was slim with muscles shaped in the gym and now completely naked apart from black briefs.

"You look kinda cool in there," she smiled down as she turned and perched on the edge of the steel cage.

"You look gorgeous," he called up.

"Thank you," she glowed, "And you have all night to watch me."

"Maybe I can do more than watch?"

It was the wrong thing to say and Heidi could feel the resentment welling up inside her, "First you want me to play out your crazy fantasy and then you change your mind and expect me to sleep with you."

"What, no that's not...." Jack started but then stopped as his words didn't seem to form.

Heidi stood up, turned a full circle and then looked down at him.

"Why do you assume I'll want to sleep with you," she asked with purpose, "Fucking guys."

Jack would have left if he could, but he couldn't.

"I'm sorry."

Heidi stared down at him, well aware that she was making him feel uncomfortable.

"I'll go to the interview in the morning and if I get the job then 'maybe' I'll release you from the cage."

"What?" Jack looked up with pleading eyes.

"Assuming you don't spent the rest of your life in this cage... then maybe you can ask me out to dinner," Heidi continued with the tiniest trace of a teasing smile in her eyes.

Jack was in shock. This wasn't how Heidi was supposed to react.

Heidi continued, "If I accept your invitation to dinner who knows where things may lead. But sleep with me tonight? Sorry darling... no chance."

Jack was embarrassed as he read the hurt and frustration in Heidi's eyes.

"I'm sorry Heidi, just let me out and I really will make it up to you."

A smiled slowly crept across her face, "Oh Jacky, if only it was that easy."


Jack started to push at the padlocked door, but then stopped as Heidi pushed her bare foot through the bars. His lips automatically kissed her foot sending a wild sensation up her leg and into her body.

"Goodnight Jack," she breathed before walking back to her bed, taking a sleeping tablet and passing out.

Heidi was soon asleep, lying on her bed with no sheets covering her body. She was lying on her side, her knees drawn up slightly.

Jack couldn't sleep, he was both too uncomfortable and too turned on. With his head pushed up against the underside of the bars forming the top of the cage, he was just high enough to see Heidi's feet, her legs and her bottom. The rest of her body was hidden. He watched intently as he breathed in the scent from her shorts.

Maybe he had taken advantage of the woman who had seemed so quiet in the office, so obedient and so vulnerable. In real life she clearly wasn't the timid woman that he had known. She was strong and confident and now had a hold over him. She had taken several photos of him in the cage and he had no idea whether they were now on Face Book.

He grabbed the padlock and pointlessly tried to break it with his hands. His hands then touched his erect cock and within seconds he had climaxed and he panicked as he tried to clean himself up. He then used the bottle of water that Heidi had placed by the cage. He first drank its contents before filling it up again with his pee.

Heidi was still asleep and he was still her prisoner and neither of those things were likely to change until the morning. He pulled his jailers shorts over his head to cut out any light, made himself as comfortable as possible and tried to sleep.

The next morning, Heidi woke as the sunlight streamed into the bedroom. She stretched, combed back her wild hair and knelt up on the end of the bed.

The sunlight hadn't woken Jack, partly because he had barely slept all night and partly because he was wearing Heidi's denim shorts over his head. 'Okay' she thought to herself as her eyes moved down to his erect cock that pushing out of his designer briefs. Her eyes moved down to his legs that were bent and contorted, his feet unable to push between the narrow centred bars.

She showered and brushed back her shoulder length hair which she wore loose. She dressed in her best white blouse and tightest knee length grey skirt. She had often worn this outfit when she worked for Jack and she was looking forward to his reaction when he woke.

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"Hi," she almost shouted as she tapped his cage with her shoe.

Jack turned, knocked against the bars and pulled the shorts off his head.

"I know that some people wear a blindfold at night," Heidi smiled, "but my shorts?"

"Heidi," he replied in a daze.


"Nothing," his voice trailed off.

He knew that Heidi had far too much dirt on him for him to try anything. He just had to hope that she got the job and let him out of the cage. Then he would take her out to dinner; staring at her barely dressed body all night had made him see her in a whole different light.

"I have my interview with your friend Julie at 9am," Heidi checked, rereading the email on her phone, "I really hope I get this job," the stress in her voice was clear.

"So do I," Jack replied.

Heidi knelt down as far as her skirt would allow and looked at him through the bars; she had enough dirt on this guy to do what the hell she wanted.

"I assume you're happy to stay in there until I get back?"

Her clear blue eyes pierced him through the bars, "Good luck?" he smiled.

"Don't worry I have a good luck charm."

Heidi pulled on a fine silver chain that encircled her neck until a key that had been hiding between her breasts popped out.

"That should bring you luck," he replied.

"If it doesn't, this key goes down the nearest drain."

"Oh fuck, I'm taking you out tonight."

"We'll see," she smiled.

Picking up her handbag, Heidi left her house, engaging the alarm and the deadlocks. If Jack did somehow manage to escape from the cage he would be picked up by the police. She dropped her house keys into her purse and walked to the train, her black heels clipping noisily on the pavement.

Jack struggled to a kneeling position and started to think. This had been fun and he was definitely going to sleep with the woman, but first he was going to break out of the cage. He pulled back his right leg and kicked out at hard as he could at the end of the cage. His bare foot ached from the impact with the bars, but the cage remained solid.

'This is ridiculous', he cried as this time his hand struck the bars.

He then hit the padlock which bruised his hand and then kicked out and punched with both hands and both feet. 'Fuck!' he cried as the bars seemed to close in even further around him. He had to close his eyes and control himself, there was no way he could get out of the cage until Heidi unlocked him.

Why had he asked this woman to lock him up? To satisfy a kinky fantasy; he had just assumed that he would be in control. Heidi wasn't the pushover he had anticipated. She was confident and more than a match for him.

He pulled her used shorts back over his face and breathed in her scent. His breathing calmed as he pictured the body that had previously filled the shorts. He started to laugh out loud and touch his cock.

Heidi returned less than two hours later. She unlocked the front door and deactivated her alarm; Jack had evidently not strayed from his cage. She returned to her bedroom and used the cage as a seat.

"You look amazing," Jack breathed as he looked up at her tightly wrapped butt perched on top of him.

"Still glad you asked me to lock you up?" she asked.

"Did you get the job?"

"Yes! Thank you so much!" Heidi exclaimed, the relief of earning money again so she could start paying the backlog on her house was just too much to hold in.

"And thank you for this," Jack smiled, "I know it's kinky, but fuck its sexy."

"My pleasure."

"Can I come out now?"

Heidi shook her head as she stood up and unzipped her skirt. Jack looked up, his body aching and his eyes begging. She let her skirt slip off her hips and into a pile on the floor. Jack's eyes were aroused as he became an even more desperate victim of Heidi's Stockholm syndrome.

Encouraged by the look in his gorgeous, but now desperate eyes, Heidi unbuttoned her blouse one button at a time and dropped it to the floor. She was now naked other than for her black bra, which contained the key to the cage and her black panties which strained to contain her curves.

"My shorts please," she asked, a teasing smile dancing on her lips.


"My shorts please Jack."

His cock was telling him to hold out, but his body was screaming at him to do whatever it took to get out of the cage.

She took the denim shorts from his outstretched hand and stepped into them, "Still warm I see," Heidi smiled as she eased them up her legs and into place.

"I thought you were... I mean we were..." Jack breathed.

Heidi raised her eyebrows and stared down, "You were thinking what?" she asked.

"You know... You and I?"

I'm just getting changed Jack," she gave him her best teasingly innocent look.

Jack smiled and sighed, burying his head in his hands as Heidi hid the rest of her toned body beneath an old white tee shirt. She crouched down in front of the cage and smiled.

"Leant your lesson?" she asked.

"If I say yes can I have those shorts back?"

It was Heidi's turn to sigh as she sat on her bed, crossed her legs and looked at his crumpled aching body. He was just as sexy, but also just as annoyingly arrogant.

"You do ever hope to get out of there?" she asked.

"What do you want me to say?" he cried out in exasperation as he painfully inched around to face her.

Heidi walked back to the cage to stand almost above his head.

"Maybe don't ask me to strip before asking me out?"

Jack looked up at her short shorts.

"So near and yet so far," she breathed,

"I'm sorry... Stockholm syndrome?" he offered as an excuse.

"Try again."

"Heidi, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?"

She rested on the edge of the cage and pulled the key from its hiding place and unclipped her chain to free it from her neck. She could see Jack's hand twitching, desperate to touch her, but as much as she wanted that, she had a point to make.

Jack passed the test and waited patiently below her, resisting entrapment by her long tanned legs that were tantalisingly close. In return, Heidi slid her bare foot between the bars and pushed against his cock. It only took a minute.

She spun around and knelt down by the cage.

"Thank you Jack, I'd love to," she smiled with her big blue eyes and partly red lips.

Jack was transfixed on the key that she twirled between her fingers before finally inserting into the large padlock. Click. She removed the lock and swung open the door.

Heidi stood provocatively close as Jack eased his aching body through the small door and out between her legs that were almost baring his way. She watched with growing arousal as his strong body unfolded, twisting and stretching, careful not to touch her legs. He was now on his knees, resting against her bed for support, and finally up on to his feet.

He looked just as sexy, but way less arrogant as he smiled at her and caught his breathe. Lesson one had gone well.

"I'll see you tonight," she whispered as she gave him a kiss on the lips and pointed him towards the door.

That evening Heidi and Jack met in the restaurant. Heidi had spent most of the afternoon getting ready and was wearing a new white dress, with a pale embossed flower pattern. It had sleek straps over her tanned shoulders and then traced the curves of her body down to her mid thigh. Her long brown hair had been brushed and brushed and hung freely like a curtain of silk.

Jack had come straight from work. It had been a busy day, given the late start, and he was wearing a gray suit and white shirt. The night at Heidi's house had taken its toll on his body, with a trace of exhaustion in his eyes that even coffee and a run hadn't removed.

"You look fantastic," he smiled as he kissed her cheek, "Although I barely recognise you without the bars."

"The bars that you asked me to lock you behind?" Heidi smiled.

"That's our secret," Jack reminded her.


"And no denim shorts tonight?"

"Did you want to wear them on your head while we have dinner?" Heidi giggled.

"Not really that sort of restaurant..."

"Shame, cos you looked cute in them."

Jack ordered for both of them in French and then poured the wine, "How am I doing?" he asked.

"Are you still scared of the cage?" Heidi smiled in the candlelight.

"When I close my eyes I still see you semi naked body through the cage bars."

"Have I scarred you?" she smiled, her lips still touching the glass.

Jack's eyes were too much to take and she focused on her wineglass instead. She knew that she had no chance of a long term relationship with Jack and was determined not to fall under his spell.

After dinner Jack walked her back to her house and waited expectantly on the doorstep as she unlocked the various security locks.

"I could come in?" Jack suggested, his hand resting on the door beside her.

"Do you want to see what's under this dress?" Heidi replied teasingly.

"How did you guess?"

Heidi thought for moment. She sure as hell wasn't going sleep with this arrogant guy, but yet she really didn't want the evening to end.

"I'll show you... for a price."

Jack smiled.

"You let me lock you in the cage," Heidi spoke slowly, her blue eyes shimmering in the streetlight."

"That's what I asked you for last night."

"So it should be an easy decision to make," Heidi replied, moving provocatively closer to his lips.

"But it turned out that I wanted what was outside the cage even more."

"Mmm... you mean you wanted what's under this dress," she checked, taking his hand and placing it on her butt.

Heidi felt giddy as Jack followed her inside and on her order undressed to his black boxer shorts. His perfectly shaped physique still had two red lines across his back from where he had slept on the cold hard steel bars of her cage.

She stood next to him, their lips only inches apart, his lips about to kiss her.

"Get in,' she breathed.

Heidi pulled back out of reach leaving Jack to contort his body into the highly secure cage, which was now turned on its side so that the hinged door was at the top. Heidi could feel her heart speed up as his body willingly disappeared inside and lowered the hinged door into place above him.

She hung the padlock from her little finger, parading it above him.

"Still happy with our deal?" she asked.

Jack was trying to look up her dress, but its tight curves hid everything from view.

"Sure," he replied, "I'm sure you'll let me out soon enough."

"Really?" she replied as she locked the cage, "You sure about that?"

She pulled the key out of the lock leaving the empty keyhole swinging against the bars and walked away with swaying hips. She pulled open her underwear drawer and tossed the key causally inside. She then turned and used her butt to slam the drawer closed.

Her underwear seemed to be trembling on her hips, heating and arousing her. It was an amazing sensation. Jack was watching her so intently that she felt as if she was on a stage, surrounded by an adoring audience.

"You look gorgeous," Jack panted, his erection once again evident.

"Thank you... now to show you what's was underneath this dress...."

Heidi's voice was dreamy from the wine and the power. She knew that neither of them could ever tell anyone about this and so with anonymity assured, Jack would see her without any inhibitions.

There was no way in or out of her figure hugging dress while she was zipped inside, but as soon as she reached behind to pull the zipper, the garment just fell from her body. The scent from the black lingerie that adorned her body now escaped into the room.

"Worth losing your freedom for?" Heidi asked shyly.

"Oh fuck yes, let me kiss you."

Heidi shook her head as she walked up to the cage, legs apart and hands on her gently thrusting hips. Her eyes were closed and her body was moving with the music that played from her phone. She threw back her head and with it a wave of brown silky hair.

She watched his strong body working hard inside the cage, his arms flexing to hold his head up against the bars. His lips were shaking and desperate to kiss. It was like a gym workout, but with cruelly little result.

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"We didn't need to lock the cage," she mused, "I can trap you by just sitting on the door."

"Going to unlock me?"


Her sadistic side loved the look of hope in his eyes.

"Do you like my body?" she asked.

"Of course I do!"

She could feel her bottom wobbling slightly as she strutted around the cage, but for once she wasn't embarrassed. For once she could be herself.

She climbed on to the cage and was just able to reach and steady herself on the ceiling. An old Britney song was now playing and she started to dance, her hips moving with the music. With two bare feet now standing on the cage door, her body started to dance with flowing hypnotic movement.

She unclipped her bra and felt her breasts move in their new found freedom. Heidi had always found dance a way to relax and her smooth and graceful movement was now taking her to another level, with her adoring captive audience looking on.

Looking down between her feet, Heidi could see his pleading eyes wash over her. For once she had a guy who loved everything about her and would do anything for her.

She moved her foot and placed it on the bars directly above his face and giggled as he contorted his body to another part of the cage to escape her feet.

Perspiration had now formed on her body and she was breathing fast. Balancing carefully on the bars, she crouched down to look at Jack.

"Like the show?"

"That was so cool,"

Jack's face was now pressed hard against the underside of the bars.

"Do you want me to let you out?" Heidi looked down with teasing menace.

She turned and slowly sat down on the bars directly above his quivering lips. She could feel herself resting down between two of the bars, her panties being forced up between her cheeks. Maybe she thought her hips were too wide, or her bum too big, but right then she didn't care.

She felt his lips touch her, sending a jolt of emotion through her body as again Jack's lips were worshipping her ass. She opened her legs even though her clit was way out of his reach.

"You sure you can't kiss me there?" she breathed, as Jack's lips contorted between two bars but were still an inch away for where he wanted to be.

His lips returned to her bottom, pushing between her cheeks, looking for the most intimate recesses.

"Did I give you permission to do that?" she whispered.

"Fuck Heidi, what did you expect me to do?"

"Expect? Do you always kiss a woman's bottom on a first date?"

He looked away and laughed, "Is this some form of entrapment?"

"Yes entrapment," Heidi repeated as she climbed off and knelt next to the cage, "And you failed."

She pulled a small box from her handbag and unwrapped a pair of hinged handcuffs. She had always had a certain fascination with handcuffs, but only now did she have a man whose wrists she could lock.

She crouched down very close to the end of the cage, pulled his wrists out through the bars and chained his gorgeous hands together around one of the bars.

"Well I guess I don't have anything else to lose," Jack sighed as he ran his hands up the inside of Heidi's thighs.

Heidi cried out, closed her eyes and shuffled further forward. His fingers were now tracing around the hem of her damp underwear and brushing gently across her clit. She had to steady herself against the cage.

"Oh if only I could kiss you there," Jack begged.

Heidi moaned out loud at the thought.

Now his fingertips were sliding under the hem of her panties and Heidi's body was trembling. She both needed him to stop and continue. His fingertips were venturing deeper. The stimulation was too much for Heidi and her manicured hands inadvertently pushed down tightening his handcuff. She was already on the edge.

"Let me out and I we can make love," Jack was now pleading.

"Sorry, but you've given up your freedom... sweetheart."

Jack knew that she was a dangerous woman to disobey, but the close up view of her over aroused, trembling body and her cries of pleasure were too cute and he left his fingers inside for a few more second before pulling back his hands letting the elastic of Heidi's panties snap back into place.

"Did you like that?" he asked hopefully.

Heidi smiled and looked down through a mass of now tangled hair.

"It's time to put my shorts back on."

"But I love those panties."

"Good... because seeing them has cost you your freedom for the night.

Heidi climbed to her feet and walked dreamily around her room looking for both her shorts and the keys to the handcuffs. Everything felt so sexy when Jack was watching her with those eyes. She found the two keys, joined with a small ring, and knelt back down by the cage and double locked both cuffs.

Jack watched her as if his world depended on it, "You keeping me in the cuffs all night?"

"Yes... that was the price of touching my thighs."

The look of lust in Jack's eyes made her feel even hotter. If they were lying together on her bed right now she would make love to him all night, but for some reason she felt even more aroused with him locked in the cage. She had all the photos she needed to blackmail him and keep him in there as long as her horny female body wanted, but instead of being angry, Jack seemed to be more and more obsessed.

"You are the first man to learn 'Heidi's Way'," she breathed.

Jack looked up at her quizzically.

"How to treat a woman," she explained.

"I can tell you what a guy wants..." Jack asked bravely, already resigned to his fate.

"This?" Heidi asked, her hands running from her hips and down between her legs.

"Oh god yeah."

"Good, cos they're all yours sweetheart."

The wine, the music and the sense of power was overpowering as Heidi removed her panties and stood facing her ex-boss completely naked. Jack now looked like a bear in a cage that would do anything to escape and claim his prey.

"As I said, they're all yours," Heidi panted.

She reached in through the bars and wrapped her dirty underwear over his face, the silky black fabric stretching across his once commanding eyes. And with his hands cuffs around the bars of the cage, Jack could do nothing to remove them.

"I meant your body," Jack smiled from inside his blurry scented world.

"Silly me... and now for your favourite... my very smelly shorts."

Heidi reached in again and pulled her short denim shorts over his head and secured them in place.

With Jack now blinded, she ran her fingers across her clit. Jack's head was moving, trying to find a position where he might be able to see out to her soft tanned body and see what she was doing to herself to make those playful cries.

"Don't try to escape from them," Heidi breathed, "I've padlocked the belt loops around your neck."

"Oh that is cruel, I really want to watch you!"

"Really," she smiled, "Is being locked inside my shorts worse that being locked in the cage?

"All I can picture is your naked body," he panted from inside the worn denim.

"Well then there's no need to remove the blindfold, as that's all there is to see out here."

Jack was straining to look through both her black underwear and the worn denim, but despite both of them having spent hundreds of hours rubbing against her body, they were still more than enough to cut off all his light.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Naked, legs apart and only inches from you."

Jack was still fighting against the shorts.

"If they can contain my butt... they can easily hold your head," she breathed, her heart pumping.

Heidi lay on her back on the floor with her spread legs resting on the cage and guided Jack's handcuffed hands back between her legs. She squeezed some lubricant on to his strong hands and let his slippery fingers explore her body.

"Is this how girls are supposed to behave on a first date," he panted, the air inside her shorts barely enough to service his high heartbeat.

"When they have the key to the cage.... and the key to the shorts."

"Oh god please let me out after this, I really want you."

Heidi didn't answer as she became lost in her train of thought and drifted off into the most gentle and amazing orgasm as Jack's hands work magic on her body.

When she finally opened her eyes, she found that she had rolled on to her side and that Jack's hands were now searching the floor where she had been lying. Silently, she rolled on to the balls of her feet and tiptoed around to the side of the cage and reached in to stroke his cock.

Jack reacted immediately, crying out in pleasure and knocking his head against the bars.

"Calm down sweetheart, you know you have limited air in there."



Jack's denim covered head turned left and right, unable to pinpoint the woman's location.

"Tonight?" he asked breathlessly.

"You know that you traded your freedom for a glimpse of my body."

Heidi's denim shorts turned to look at her and deep muffled cries of pleasure drifted out from inside. She squeezed lubricant into her hand and continued to stroke.

Heidi had never had such total access to such a sexy man and her other hand traced a path up his toned body to his chest and then up to his neck until her fingers were stopped by the waist band of her shorts that encircled his neck.

"How does that feel?" she breathed.

"Amazing..." Jack panted on his third try.

"You know I went for a run in those shorts today."

"And I'm starting to learn what you do in your panties."

"Well then that's our little secret..." she smiled.

Jack's cries became louder as he climaxed and again clattered heavily inside the tiny cage. The locked padlock swung gently against the bars.

Heidi stood and rubbed her hands over her exhausted body, desperately trying to disperse the constant aroused tingling that flowed through her. This was her perfect relationship, a world away from her last drunk abusive fuckwit. Why couldn't more guys entrust her with their secret fetishes?

"Heidi? Are you there?"

She tiptoed around the cage before answering, "Aha."

"Can I see you one more time before we sleep?"

She reached into the cage, unzipped her denim shorts and lined the small opening up with his face. Heidi then slipped her fingers inside and pulled her black panties to one side to reveal his left eye.

"Oh fuck you're beautiful," he panted.

Heidi glowed.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Tomorrow maybe... but now I'm going to zip you up for the night."

She pulled out her finger and her underwear snapped back into place across his face and she zipped up her shorts to seal him in.

"I'm sleeping on top of you tonight," she called as she collected up pillows and lined them up on the top of the cage.

"You think I might escape?"

Heidi was now curled up on top of him her aroused body beneath a single white sheet.

"My hips are resting on the doorway, so good luck getting out without waking me."

"I can't even get out of your pants," he moaned.

"I wonder what you'll dream about?"

"Heidi's Way?"

Heidi giggled and looked down to see Jack pushing his penis against the side of the cage. Without his hands it would be impossible to climax but still she listened as she drifted off to sleep.

Jack woke the next morning to the feel of hands caressing his neck. He stared into the darkness of Heidi's underwear and shorts that had so completely taken away his sight.


There was no reply, just the constant clinging of the silk and denim that enclosed his head and removed his senses. Heidi's used clothing was also limiting his air, forcing him to lie still and behave, conserving every last drop of scented air.

The hands were now on his chest, tickling and teasingly him, but with the handcuffs and the confines of the cage, he was totally unable to protect himself. Jack strained to hear bare feet pad away, leaving him once more in his isolated world.


The hands returned and this time they reached for the padlock that was threaded through the belt hoops of the short denim shorts that had held him hostage all night. A small click and the shorts were finally unlocked and the soft damp material removed from around his head. A second later and Heidi's used panties were also pulled clear, their damp silky fabric peeling away from his face.

"I've let you out of my shorts... but I can so easily put you back inside." There was an edge to Heidi's voice.

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Jack turned his aching body to look through the bars of the small locked cage. Heidi looked different. The slim young woman looked intimidating as she prowled around her bedroom in white tee-shirt and white lacy panties.

"I think it's time I got out of this cage," he stuttered, pulling pointlessly at his wrists that were cuffed around the bars of the cage.

"Life isn't all about what you want Jack."

She had never stood up to him before and it scared her.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Heidi's expression was a mix of anger and frustration. "You asked me to lock you up so you could live out some fantasy and now you're telling me to let you go?" Heidi paced back and forth, towering above his tiny cage, "What about what I want?"

"What do you want?" Jack asked, his pained body desperately trying to unlock this woman's mind.

He tried to sit up as high as the cage would allow, but even then his head was barely above her knees. With Heidi standing close to the cage, her shapely legs and slim barely clad body soared imposingly above him. It was a terrible position from which to negotiate, made all the worse when Heidi turned and sat down above his head.

Heidi was struggling with her emotions. At first, the kinky request from her ex-boss had intrigued her, but the text messages from another woman that she had just read on Jack's phone made it clear that these games wouldn't bring her any closer to the man that she'd fantasised about for so many years. Her wide dreamy eyes were fighting between arousal and anger, and yet again she was feeling used.

What she really wanted was Jack, but if that wasn't possible then maybe she could take advance of the situation and do something else that had crossed her mind on many a slow day at the office. If he was living out his fantasies then why shouldn't she?

"What do I want?" she repeated.

Heidi stood up and walked nervously to her underwear drawer to retrieve the key. She could see his beautiful eyes willing her to push the key into the padlock, his total attention reminding her of the power she had over him. If she and the key were to disappear then he was fucked.

She unlocked the padlock and heaved up the heavy steel bars. Jack contorted his body in an attempt to get out, but because his hands were still cuffed to the bars, he could only get his head up through the opening.

"Maybe I want this," Heidi said as she placed some cushions around the opening to the cage, knelt down on them and sat back on her haunches. Her round butt was now perched just above the cage, her body longing for Jack's attention before she had to let him go. She looked down at Jack's head that was seemingly dwarfed between her open thighs.

"You want oral sex?" Jack asked.

"Fuck you Jack, why shouldn't I?" she snapped.

"Hey Heidi...."

"Why can't I live out my fantasies too?"

Jack was already overcome by the scent and warmth of Heidi's body, enjoying his first opportunity to kiss her thighs without heavy steel bars separating them. Heidi sat motionless above him, watching impatiently, waiting for him to move deeper between her legs. She shuffled forward a little until Jack's lips were in kissing distance of her lacy lingerie.

Heidi was embarrassed and she could feel the heat in her face, but still she kept her panties pushed up against his face.

"Why the fuck can a guy do what he wants, but a woman..."

"Hey it's okay," his voice was smooth as he interrupted her, "I've wanted to do this to you ever since you locked me in here."

Jack waited to make sure she had finished and then gently kissed her, barely making contact, but already fire was pulsing through Heidi's body. As the fire reached her mouth she cried out. She was almost shaking as his lips circled her vagina, again with a touch so gentle that there was barely contact. His tongue was venturing deeper, slowly and tenderly and Heidi had to grab his head to hold herself steady.

She climaxed and cried out.

"Fuck," Heidi breathed in a barely audible husky whisper.

Heidi's legs snapped shut, her thighs tightening around his neck. Her trembling body had locked him in a vicelike grip making it difficult to breathe. With his air running low, she finally opened her legs, her perspiring skin peeling away from his face.

Jack's lips retreated to her clit, licking and breathing warm air against her trembling body.

"I think this may be both of our fantasies," he panted.

Heidi looked down and smiled.

"You just had to ask."

Heidi climbed off the cage and swung the heavy barred door down until it rested on Jack's head. The feel and taste of Heidi's body had had kept him on edge, prolonging an incredible sexual feeling that pulsed through him, even though his body was in agony, unable to stretch and relieve his aching muscles.

"If you don't lower your head I'll sit on the lid," Heidi whispered hoarsely.

Jack swallowed on his dry throat. He didn't want to ruin Heidi's moment and so crumpled his aching body back inside the cage. He was desperate to make love to her, but that now seemed an impossibility as the cage door clanged into place above him and Heidi sat on top of it.

He wanted to ask her to make love, but remembered what she had said about taking advantage. He twisted his body so that he could kiss her bottom in the vague hope that she might change her mind. She didn't. He was still kissing along her panty line, trying to get closer to her clit, when Heidi locked the padlock.

"Was that what you wanted?" Jack asked hopefully, looking up at her lacy butt.

Heidi didn't answer but instead pushed her feet through the bars and closed them around Jack's erect cock. She curled her toes and squeezed. Jack's chained hands and aching body were powerless to stop her as she ran her soles back and forth, rolling his helpless penis between them. She felt the cage vibrate as he climaxed in his cruelly restrictive cell.

She stood up and stretched her arms above her, arching her back and standing on tiptoes. That had been fantastic, but it really didn't change anything. She stretched down to pick up Jack's phone and dropped it in reach of his manacled hands.

"You'd better reply to Lisa," she sighed.

Jack could read the disappointment in Heidi's expression, her downturned pout and eyes that were glistening with moisture. Without even reading his messages, he tossed the phone across the bedroom and out of his reach.

Heidi used her bare feet to kick the phone back towards the cage.

"It's okay, I'll still unlock you," she sighed.

Jack was annoyed with himself; he hadn't intended this little kinky game to lead Heidi on. He hated to see her hurting. He had always used his position in the company to look out for her and now she was almost in tears. He was also surprised by how much he loved being in her cage. Heidi looked so fucking sexy.

"She wants to see you tonight," Heidi persisted, kicking his phone back in reach.

"You can stop me," Jack replied breathlessly.

"Don't think I can rely on a cage to keep a man."

Heidi perched on the edge of the cage and looked down at the crazy guy locked up beneath her. He was gazing up at her and still seemed intent on kissing her butt.

"Think you could shrink me and put me in your pants?" Jack smiled, now totally besotted with the woman sitting above him.

"You're crazy!" she replied, although the very thought caused a smile to break out on her lips.

"Well then it's just as well you have me locked up."

Heidi giggled.

"You really sure?" he asked again.

Heidi paused and played with her hair as she thought, "What would you do in my panties?"

"Mmm... I'm guessing I'd be in there for a while," Jack breathed, totally lost in the moment.

"There'd be no escape!"

"Okay... In there for life..."

Heidi shuffled back and opened her legs to get a better look at the guy who was now trying to push his face up through the bars, with steel running across his cheeks.

"Well I'm sure I could please you," Jack continued.

"Your life would depend on it..."

Heidi was now stroking herself strangely at ease masturbating in front of her ex-boss. Her touch felt nice, but could only take her so far. Jack meanwhile was again struggling against the cuffs; trying anything he could to get closer to her trembling body.

"I'm going to shower," she said simply as she stretched her keyed up body and bounced away to the shower.

When she had finished showering, Heidi returned to her bedroom still completely naked. A combination of arousal and resentment meant that she no longer cared what Jack thought of her. She dressed in a pale flowery summer dress that she hadn't worn for years. It was too short and too tight and required more self confidence than Heidi had ever had.

She paired it with tight yellow tartan panties with lace top and bottom. Underwear designed for show as it was high cut around her buttocks and was shaped to disappear deep between her cheeks. With the material nestling in its place, she perched on the edge of Jack cage and slowly brushed her long damp hair.

"I probably need a shower too," Jack's deep voice seemed to resonate beneath her.

Heidi didn't reply, hoping to delay the inevitable time when she released him and watched him run off to Lisa or whoever was next.

He pushed up at the locked cage door which was now being held closed by both the padlock and Heidi's bottom. His fingers pushed through the bars, gently massaging the back of her thighs.

Ever so slowly, Heidi stood up and retrieved the single padlock key. She popped open the lock and watched despondently as Jack climbed out and hobbled to the bathroom. He showered and dressed and was sending a text as Heidi returned.

Feeling like a small boy who had been caught misbehaving, Jack immediately stopped typing and hid the phone behind his back.

Heidi's heart sank as any slight chance that he didn't want Lisa evaporated in an instant. In a strange way she also felt angry that he had violated her body, even though she had as good as forced him to go down on her. The bastard was now checking his hair in the mirror.

"Get back in the cage," Heidi snapped, resentment welling up inside.

"What?" Jack stood in shock.

"I've changed my mind," she tried to sound confident, but she was shaking, "And I assume you don't want the world to see the pictures I took?"

Jack held his hands up in surrender, but was too shocked to move.

"Now!" Heidi cried.

"Okay," he whispered as he started to undress.

Why was he doing that? She hadn't asked him to strip. The gorgeous guy was now completely naked again and climbing back inside the cage. Heidi was shaking, false imprisonment was a crime and blackmail was a dangerous game to play. Again she was confused, his obedience and the look in his big brown eyes had once more stripped away her anger.

She felt hot and was grateful for the moisture from her damp hair that was seeping into her dress. She had to follow through. Heidi slammed down the cage lid and locked it once more with the padlock. Jack's freedom had lasted less than ten minutes.

"Why did you take your clothes off," she shouted, "I'm not sleeping with you!"

"I'm sorry, I thought that's what you wanted."

"I want you locked in the cage!"

"I am..."

Heidi was taken aback by his reaction, his gently spoken words and his adoring eyes. Why wasn't he shouting back or threatening her? The padlock key was between her fingers, but she seemed at a loss as to what to do with it.

"Put it away," Jack whispered, looking at the key, "I don't want it."

Heidi opened her wide painted lips to shout at him, but then stopped. When she finally spoke it was in a bemused whisper, "Where are you taking Lisa?"

Jack used his eyes to give her permission to check his phone.

She sat down on her bed, sniffing back the tears as she read his texts. Jack had turned Lisa down, a decision that Lisa hadn't taken well, especially when he'd told Lisa that he was with 'Heidi'. Lisa had been dumped for Heidi! She turned off the phone and placed it carefully on Jack's jacket.

"I'm sorry," she sniffed.

"I'm not," he smiled, "Would you like to have dinner tonight?"

"Maybe," she replied, a nervous smile on her lips.

Jack turned to watch the woman who was once again sitting on top of the cage and he cried out in pain as he knocked himself yet again against the unforgiving bars.

"You must think I'm crazy," Heidi said nervously, a false smile on her face.

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"I love crazy."

"Oh my god, I'd better let you out," Heidi suddenly exclaimed.

"No rush... the restaurant won't be open until this evening."

"You wanna stay in there?" Heidi exclaimed, nervously hooking her hair back over one ear.

"Can I have 'pissed' Heidi for a little longer?"

"She's gone," Heidi smiled, "But regular Heidi can keep you locked up for as long as you like."

Heidi had shuffled backwards on the cage, her short dress had ridden up and she was looking at him through her open thighs. Her fingers were inadvertently brushing against her thighs that were teasingly perched on the opening, intimidating and immovable.

"I think you want me to stay in here too," Jack replied, trying to reach what he could of her body.

"That would be mean and cruel," Heidi giggled.


She smiled and nodded slowly as she stood up to leave. Her short pale dress fell back into place, but from Jack position it hid nothing from view.

"The label on your underwear is showing," Jack observed, lying back and enjoying the sight of his barely dressed jailer.

Heidi's underwear had also ridden up even further between her cheeks and she stepped closer so that Jack could reach through the bars. He pushed the small label back inside and then straightened the lingerie on her hips.

The feeling of power as her ex-boss lovingly smoothed her underwear and then her dress was almost indescribable and she just waited, enjoying his touch.

"Thank you," she said with glistening eyes as she stepped into some heels and left for a much needed coffee with her girlfriends.

Heidi closed and locked her bedroom door, leaving Jack alone in the small cage. The air was still and dark and filled with Heidi's scent. The padlock that locked the cage was dangling above Jack's confined body. It usually secured Heidi's bicycle, but now it secured him. Jack was just one of Heidi's possessions, under her lock and key until she decided otherwise.

Jack ran his fingertips over the empty keyhole and imagined the key sliding in and turning. In his mind he was climbing out of the cage and making love to Heidi. It was easy to imagine as he could still smell and taste her body. He closed his eyes and pushed his hips forward as he imagined them making out. With one hand on his cock, he massaged himself as he daydreamed until he climaxed and cried out in pleasure.

He opened his eyes to the cruel reality of being locked in the cage. His mind then turned to Heidi walking down the street in her cruelly short dress, her taut curves and long legs on view to everyone except him.

Heidi was sitting outside the cafe with her two friends. Having tried to answer their questions as to why she was wearing that dress, as opposed to her usual jeans, she spent the next hour trying to hold it in place and stop the breeze was revealing even more.

She had excitedly explained that she was seeing Jack and had barely been able to stop herself telling them that he was locked in a cage in her bedroom. That would have been too much for them and they would probably have stolen her keys and run to her house to see.

Heidi felt strangely shy as she returned home, opened her bedroom door and peered inside. The very thought of seeing Jack was bringing back memories of meeting boys as a teenager. The skimpy dress she was wearing was about the same length as it had been back then. She stepped bashfully inside, her heels neatly together, her manicured hands clasped in front of her.

She stood for a moment waiting for Jack to approach her, but that wasn't going to happen. Jack would never be going anywhere again unless she unlocked his cage. That in itself made her tingle. Her heels clipped on the wooden floor as she slinked up to the cage, deliberately close so that Jack could see the key handing from a garter belt high up on her right thigh.

"How was your morning?" she smiled apprehensively.

Her cool demeanour was then spoilt as she looked down and her sunglasses slipped from her head and clattered to the floor.

"Just waiting for you," Jack replied with a relaxed smile.

"It's beautiful outside," Heidi purred, her body already tingling.

Heidi had a dilemma that even a morning drinking coffee with her friends hadn't solved. She was desperate to make love with Jack, the sexy eyes and gorgeous body that were now obeying her every command were just too much to take. Unfortunately, she'd told both herself and Jack that she wouldn't sleep with a man after just one date. And anyway that would mean he'd won, wouldn't it? Fuck, if only society was different.

"What are you thinking?" Jack asked, her expression as usual giving too much away.

"It might be quite nice to..." she looked around nervously, "You know, make love?"

"It would," Jack's replied, trying to hide his conspicuous cock.

"But I don't like being used."

"Well use me," Jack offered, "And maybe use the key that's hiding under your dress?"

Heidi closed her legs and tried to smooth down her dress to hide the key.

"I don't know... this is all so new," Heidi replied.

She sat down on a chair, crossed her legs and tried to stretch her dress as far as it would go down her thigh.

"What did your friends say?" Jack ventured.

Heidi looked up and smiled, "I didn't tell them everything."

Jack had reached his hands through the bars in a hopeless attempt to reach her and it was all too easy for Heidi to read his mind. She elegantly stood up, reached for her handcuffs and within seconds had snapped them closed around his wrists.

"That's for thinking those thoughts!" she cried.

"And you're not?"

Heidi was now squatting down in front of him, her legs apart and her arousal on show. She reached and touched his biceps that were already tensed and straining from his attempts to break the handcuffs.

"I didn't say I'm not thinking that, but I'm not locked in the cage..."

Heidi stood up and unzipped her dress in one flowing movement, the thin material slipping to the floor, tickling her body as it fell.

"I could help with the bra and panties.. And garter belt," Jack offered, getting increasingly frustrated by the locked cage.

"No need," she smiled sweetly.

Jack watched in disbelief as Heidi then squeezed back into denim shorts and a pale patterned blouse that exposure her taut waist. She removed the garter belt and attached the cage key to her hair elastic and used it to tie her hair back in a ponytail.

"What's the point of foreplay if we don't make love?" Jack begged.

She ignored him and pushed her feet into some beat up trainers while stuffing both her phone and handcuff keys to her pocket. She then squatted down to watch Jack fighting against the cage.

"I doubt anyone can escape from that cage," Heidi breathed, "So save your energy... cos when I come back we'll make love."

Heidi's eyes were smiling. The feeling of control was overcoming her inhibitions and allowing her at last to take what she wanted. She would fuck Jack all afternoon, but first she had to buy something to ensure she stayed in control. Jack would have no choice but to make love 'Heidi's way'.

She returned an hour later with a large package and a mischievous smile. She pulled it open and unfolded a bondage body bag made out of thick black and with heavy straps fixed at intervals along its length.

"Still want to make love... my way?" she asked.

Heidi hadn't made love to many guys, but each time she had felt vulnerable and scared. The thought of making love on her terms, being in complete control, was sexy.

It had taken a long and convoluted conversation with the guy in the shop, but she had finally chosen an inescapable body bag which she had paid for with Jack's credit card.

"I can leave you in the cage," she continued, walking back and forth above him, hoping that her tiniest of denim shorts would work their magic.

Jack's eyes had already given her his answer and she untied her ponytail to retrieve the key that was hidden discretely from sight in her thick brown hair. She then breathed in and dug into the front pocket of her denim shorts to retrieve the handcuff keys that surely must have given up any hope of ever seeing the light of day.

She unlocked her would be lover and watched discretely as his fantastic body unfurled and hobbled to the bathroom. Less than ninety seconds later Jack had returned and stepped into the black body bag, placed his arms into the tight side pockets and was listening to the ominous sound of his body being zipped up.

The bag fitted him like a glove, following his masculine curves and ending up by tightly encircling his neck. Heidi took the small padlock from her suitcase and used it to lock the zipper in place. She turned and tossed the small key on to her dressing table where it skidded across the smooth white surface and disappeared behind the heavy furniture.

"Opps," she giggled.

"What about the key?" Jack asked, concerned that he could barely move a muscle.

"The key's no good without a girl to turn it," Heidi breathed as she tightly buckled the six sets of straps that surrounded her lover.

The final strap encircled Jack's neck and they stared into each other's eyes as Heidi decided whether to tighten the strap by a further hole. Jack was breathing fast as Heidi helped him to lie down on her bed.

"Oh fuck Heidi, I can't move at all!"

"I know... turns out I'm good at tightening straps."

"I can't even roll over!"

"You still want to make love to me?" Heidi asked with big innocent eyes.

Jack nodded.

Heidi then unzipped a small window in the middle of the bag and eased out Jack's genitals, his erect cock protruding conspicuously from the tightly buckled bag. Jack struggled with all his strength which only made his cock stand even more to attention.

"Oh fuck this is so cool," Heidi breathed in a husky whisper, her eyes darting out from behind her long freely hanging hair as she crouched on all fours above him.

Heidi was now popping the buttons on her shorts and running her hand down the inside of her lacy panties. Some things she would have to do herself now she had reduced her lover to nothing more than a cock. Now completely naked, she rolled on a condom and sat astride her helplessly bagged man.

With her trust issues now buckled away she could enjoy the feel of a man inside her. She took it slowly and gently, but she was so open that Jack was soon deep inside. Jack pushed his hips up into her, enjoying the only movement that she hadn't taken from him.

The pleasure built slowly until Heidi orgasmed for the first time in her life. It was only as she finally came down from the high that she kissed his lips for the first time.

"I can't stop shaking," she moaned, gripping the bag tightly with both arms.

"I would hold you, but..."

Jack kissed various part of her face, but soon ended up with a mouthful of hair. Heidi kissed him back. Again he kissed her and she was losing the kissing fight until she leap forward and placed her naked bottom on his face.

"I win!" she exclaimed.

Jack was struggling to breathe, she could see that, but she tightened her thighs to lock him into place beneath her. His cries were muffled by her cheeks and his eyes were bulging by the time she released him from her leg lock.

Heidi was on a dangerous addictive high.

"Again!" she cried, wild hair being pushed back over her shoulder.

"Fuck yeah!" he panted.

The second time was even more intense with Heidi sitting up straight and riding Jack like a bull. Only when she climaxed did she flop down and enclose him in a tangle of hair and lips.

"You like Heidi's Way?" she panted, her brown eyes wide and dreamy.

"Fuck, I want to hold you."


Heidi held her finger to Jack's lips and then traced seductively around his features. Only once he was silent again did she roll off his bound body and giddily hop and wobble back into her panties and then squeeze back into her tiny shorts.

Jack was struggling again inside the tightly buckled body bag, unable to even bend his body. Heidi was now dressed and about to leave the room with seemingly no intention to release him.

"Can I take you to lunch?" he tried.

Heidi was tying her hair which swished as she turned.

"One more word and you go back into these shorts."

"Lunch?" Jack asked again.

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Heidi seemed annoyed as she undid the buttons on her shorts which had been on her hips for less than a minute. Now naked from the waist down, she secured her panties around his head with a hair elastic and then padlocked the shorts back around his neck.

"Now I've nothing to wear!" she complained.

"Heidi? Where are you?" Jack called.

He lay back knowing better than to fight the solitary confinement of Heidi panties when he felt her warm body drop back down on to his cock. With no other senses available, he lay still enjoying the feeling as he eased deep inside her, feeling only the thrust of her hips and hearing only her cries he brought them once more to orgasm.

"Oh fuck Heidi, that was so nice."

Heidi kissed him through her shorts before climbing off and walking to her wardrobe.

"What are you wearing?" Jack asked.

"That short dress you like," she whispered back, "The dress all the guys like..."

Jack looked around blindly, "Can I see?"

"No, this one's for the other guys," she teased.

There was more futile struggling from inside the locked bag.

"Don't worry," she breathed into the crotch of denim shorts, "I only like guys who do things 'Heidi's Way'."

Heidi put her hand to her mouth to stop herself laughing as Jack tried to kiss her, his lips pushing lovingly against her used underwear, her denim shorts moving slightly as he kissed.

With Jack otherwise engaged, Heidi locked her bedroom door and walked into town to buy lunch, with much of her glowing thighs on show.

An hour later Heidi returned, unlocked her room and sat astride Jack's waist, her butt resting on his constantly erect cock. After much pleading, Heidi had unlocked her shorts from his head, but no amount of begging had made her release him from the body bag.

"I'm going to get out of here," Jack breathed as he struggled beneath her.

"No you're not."

Jack stared into her gorgeous commanding eyes and relaxed, eating the small piece of cheese that she dropped into his mouth.

"Where are you taking me tonight?" she asked with excited anticipation.

"Are we still going out?"

"If you want to..." Heidi looked a little disappointed.

"Of course I do! I guess I'd just given up any hope of getting out of here."

Heidi could see his confusion; after all she'd held him prisoner for the most of the last twenty four hours and she had to think back to her earlier resentment and jealously to remember why this had started.

"This is just Heidi doing what Heidi wants... for a change," she breathed, her lips hovering above his.

"When do I get released?" Jack asked, his throbbing cock frustratingly crushed beneath her butt.

"Ask again and you go back in the shorts..."

"Toilet?" he asked nervously.

Heidi started to tighten the strap around Jack's neck, just for a teasing moment, before releasing the neck strap and all the others down to his ankles. With the body bag itself still zipped up tightly, she helped Jack jump and shuffle across to the bathroom.

"How convenient that your cock is already sticking out," she giggled as she left Jack to pee into the toilet. She then took hold of his exposed penis and pulled him, half jumping and half shuffling, back to her bed.

She studied his frustrated eyes for a few seconds, "If you don't want me to accept your invitation to dinner I can unzip you right now."

Jack had intention of losing the attention of this cute woman, no matter how crazy, "I love the bag," he smiled as he lay back on the bed and watched the brunette in the short dress straddle his head.

"Time to buckle you up."

"Can you do them tight this time?" he teased.

She stopped and looked down at him.

"You know how tight my shorts are... you really want them on your head?"

Jack smiled to himself as he watched Heidi's slim manicured hands strain and tighten each of the straps. She looked happy; the act of tightening the straps almost seemed therapeutic. She finally lay down next to him so that he could enjoy the loving and uninterrupted gaze of her eyes.

It was a slow afternoon of teasing interspersed with love making interspersed with YouTube clips. Heidi had changed back into her shorts just so she could more graphically illustrate what would happen if Jack asked for his freedom.

"Do you want me to unzip you?" Heidi asked, now sitting on his neck with Jack's head between her thighs.

"I can't win, can I?"

"Would Lisa have tied you up like this?"

Heidi's pulse quickened as she tightened the buckle around Jack's neck by one hole. Jack's cock was even more erect as Heidi undressed and sat astride him, watching carefully to ensure he was breathing. This time was amazingly intense and Heidi cried out before flopping on to him.

"Heidi?" Jack croaked, her strap painfully tight around his neck.

"Are you asking me to release you?"

They stared into each other's eyes, on a high from the power and control, both knowing that if Heidi chose to wrap her panties around his face it would probably kill him. She lovingly kissed him one more time before quickly unbuckled all of the straps.

Jack was breathing hard as he watched the naked girl lying on her front on the floor, her butt wriggling, trying to reach the key to his body bag that had fallen behind her dressing table.

"Is spending the rest of your life in the body bag a problem?" she called, "The key's a long way under."

"Might be a problem for dinner."

"Oh yeah," she giggled, as she scrambled back to her feet, her hair a mess, her nipples still erect and the small silver key in her hand.

"So you still taking me to dinner?" she checked.

Heidi was now dressing in old yoga pants and a baggy jumper and only once she was completely covered up did she unlock the small padlock and pull the zip all the way down.

"See you tonight then," Heidi smiled as she put a finger to his lips to prevent his advancing lips and pointed to the door.

The End
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Monday, May 14, 2018  

wow ... much of that is included in some of my fantasies. Super story about being locked in a cage and hand cuffed. ... and getting to have sex with a woman I find sexy!!! It's a definite win/win. I had my locked cock (it is locked inside a Carrara Chastity belt, and has been for quite a while) was quite aroused much of the story, but ... of course, my cock is as helpless as Jack was in the cage.

Friday, April 27, 2018  

Hurm. Wasn't this story just posted a few days ago?

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