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A Dog Rack Trapped Me
  • Author - altpaul  
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  • Story Codes - bondage, caught, chastity, tricked
  • Post Date - 5/1/2018
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Reader's Comments (4)

Author's Note: Authors note: This is a revision of the story I originally submitted. I apologize for the format and poor writing of the first. I know that my English and writing skills are poor. I sent the story to my friend John in New Jersey who helped me with the rewrite it. We all have different skills. English and writing are not mine. On the other hand I can fix anything electrical or mechanical. Hope you enjoy my story and leave good comments.

Part 1

My name is Paul. While attending college I had a many friends, acquaintances and classmates, both male and female. A person in one group, many or may not know a person or persons in another group depending on any interaction overlaps. Most of the students at my college were the study hard and play hard types. Course study groups, parties, and other activities were generally well attended.

Students loved to play jokes on each other. The jokes were nothing ever dangerous but could be quite humiliating. As students got to know each other they learned just how far push and what type of a joke they could pull on each other. All the jokes, tricks and other shenanigans were generally just fun things but some could get a little weird.

If you wanted to meet with another student the norm was to just email or text. Sometimes this communication would be from a student who just noticed you but you did not know. This could be to just meet for coffee or in a dorm room. Some meetings like this led to marriages. It made life fun.

One afternoon I received a text requesting to meet the sender and just signed "K". I responded back that I would be happy to meet them and asked how they knew me. The response text had the location, a room number, and time. It also said that if no one answers the door just go in and wait and in all capital letters, PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING!

I arrived at the prescribed time and knocked on the door. When no one came to the door I decide to try the door. Finding it unlocked I went inside. In the middle of the room was this metal thing. At first I thought it was some type of weird upside down workout bench. In my mind I imagined it turned over and determined it had the correct side up. On the bottom was a heavy square steel beam with two adjustable horizontal lighter beams near each end. One end beam was shorter than the other and both had round padded metal loops that opened at the end beams. Part of the way back from the end with the shorter beam was a vertical beam with a considerably larger padded metal loop, than the others, at the top. Further back was shorted vertical post with a horizontal ten by four-inch horizontal padded part. Everything was adjustable for height and position. I examined the beams and I closed the loops on the larger and then the smaller beam loops at the end of the long horizontal beam. Once the loops were closed they would be held shut by inserting metal pins. The same was true of the larger loop. At this point I still didn't know what this device was.

I just sat there staring at the device trying to determine what it was for and how it worked. I moved close and kneeled down next to it to get a better look. With my body in this position I realized it was to hold a person. I moved down so my legs were back and arms on the floor. My kinky side kicked in and I imagined myself trapped in it. I then thought what if my host came in right now and found me down on the floor?

I was startled out of my fantasy when the phone rang. It was my host. The voice was husky and I could not determine if it was a man or a woman. The caller apologized that they would be last and see me in about forty-five minutes, but for me to please be patient and wait.

What an opportunity! Now I could really examine the device and see how it worked. Maybe even get in it? I determined that loops were for ankles, wrists, neck and the pad was a chest rest. I opened and close the ankle and neck loops. The inside of the metal loops were lined with surgical foam. I tested them and inserted the metal locking pins. I hastened to try it. My mind flashed, I must be nude! It was summer so off with shirt, shorts, underpants and flip-flops.

Kneeling down I adjusted the ends and other parts so it would fit my body. I positioned my ankles into the steel loops, closed and put the pins in. I leaned forward with my chest resting on the padded part, I closing the loop over my neck and inserted its pin. Now it was time to put my wrist in. I just want to put my wrists in the bottom of the loops to imagine what it would be like to be locked in, at least on one side. Leaning on my elbows I slowly put in one wrist to the bottom of the loop. I look for the wrist-locking pin but could not find it. In my haste I decided just to rest one of my wrist in the open loop. Now I closed my eyes and while fantasizing what it would be like to be locked in I slowly put my other wrist in a loop.

Then, to my shock and horror, both wrist loops snapped shut. I panicked and tried to pull one wrist up, then the other. I was locked in! I tried everything but to no avail. I thought, what my will host think? I thought that he or she might be surprised or what they would say seeing me like this, nude and bound. I didn't know how I would be able to stand, well kneel, trapped in this thing for at least forty-five minutes. The foam in the loops and chest rest made my position just bearable. I tried to stay calm, but forty-five minutes would be a long time.

Then I heard something from the door behind me. I attempted to move my head to look behind me but was unable. Then a man's voice, "Well K what did I tell you?" Then a deep throaty woman's voice, "You were right! He is just so kinky he could not resist trying it out. My text did say not to touch anything. You did a great job installing the automatic wrist locks Bill."

K continued, "What do you think I should do to such a bad-boy Bill?" Before Bill could respond K said, "I feel that a few very hard slaps on his ass cheeks would be appropriate." Bill commented, "I think you read my mind K." Then K continued to spank me to the point I started to cry out and yell. Bill said, "What are you going to do about the noise K?" "Oh, I can fix that Bill." All was very quiet and I am blindfolded from behind, then K commanded, "Open your mouth."

I attempted to speak just as a ballgag is pulled in to my mouth and buckled behind my head by two straps. Now I cannot see or speak, just mumble. I can hear movement around me that sounded like more people coming in to the room while speaking in low whispers. K asks me, "How do you like my Dog Rack?" All I can do is mumble. My chest is caressed then nipples are pinched, hard. Then the smooth woman's hand caresses and kneads my bottom interspersed by spanking and more nipple pinching. In spite of my burning bottom I am getting really turned on.

All this time I can hear whispers of many people. The whole situation was so bazaar I am not sure what was real except that my penis was getting hard. K noticed the state of my penis and commented, "The bad boy seems to have a growing problem. Let me see if I can help with that." K then flicked my penis with her finger over and over. Ouch! Now my penis does not know what to do.

K says, "Should I milk the bad-boy?" I hear hushed multi-voiced yeses. I hear the slapping noise of a rubber glove being put on. Then my ass hole is smeared with lube and a finger inserted. I have had prostate exams but nothing like this. The finger moves around and around, in and out, over and over again. All I can do is moan. My dick is rock hard, I feel shaky and then I cum like never before.

As I orgasm I hear applause and a few bravos from the apparent assembled audience. I have no idea who is there or why. Even though I am exhausted I feel very much alive. My feelings run the gamut of anger, rage, used, and totally humiliated, wanting to hit someone. I just wanted to run out and hide and also felt a weird sexual pleasure.

As warm towels clean my bottom and cleanse my body K whispered in my ear, "You were spectacular. Please remain calm as you are among friends. We are going to release you from your predicament. Just remember Paul that you put yourself into the Dog Rack. Be quite as I remove your gag, and then release your neck and ankles. As we release your wrist a friend of yours and I will help you up. Once standing up and steady on your feet you may remove the blindfold."

I remained calm and did not say anything during my release from the Dog Rack. It took me a minute or two until I was standing steady. Still feeling rage as to what had just happened, I slowly removed the blindfold. Suddenly my rage turned to confusion. There were many of my friends and fellow students but like I never seen them or imagined I would see them.

The woman that helped me stand said, "Hi. I am K." She was dressed as a Dominatrix, all in black with a tight corset that pushed her breasts up and showed her nipples. She also wore very short tight pants, long thigh high stockings and long high heel boots. It was Kathleen from my chemistry class. I was surprised because she was the most reserved, mousy woman I had ever known. I scanned the rest of the people there. No one was dressed in any type of normal dress. I never knew that there were so many varieties of kinky dress or outfits.

Some men were leading women by a leash and some women were leading men around by a leash. Many people of both sexes were only partially dress with some totally naked.

From my engineering class were the Canon identical twins. Locked on the twins were totally identical polished metal outfits. They wore polished metal very high-heeled platform shoes. Above that were five-inch wide thigh bands attached together by articulated eight-inch rods. The rods kept their legs spread limiting their mobility forcing them to only take short steps. The effect of not being able to close their legs accentuated the visibility of their polished metal chastity belts. This exposed the crotch, with chastity belt's perforated secondary shield. Next were the metal bra and neck collar. Chains held all of the components together.

Jane from my biology class was dressed as a horse. She wore everything a horse would. This included saddle, blinkers, stirrups, harness, bit, reins, tale and hoof-shoes with metal horseshoes. Her trainer had her walk, trot, slow gallop and winnie.

A more mundane display, but very popular, was the female pig in a rolling cage. She was naked except for her snout and tail. Several other people were dressed as animals. Most you could not tell if it was a man or a woman, except for a dog-man man with his penis sticking out.

My good friend Fredrick, the manliest of men on campus, was on his knees naked, except for some device on encasing his penis, with Susanna holding his leash attached to his metal collar. I had gone on several double dates with Fredrick and Susanna. During our time together she would defer every decision to Fredrick. Now here she is in total control of Fredrick. I later learned she not only controlled him during their play session but his sex by the device on his penis, a male chastity cage. Susanna required him to wear the chastiy cage full time and only she could let him out as she held its keys. Who would have known?

K explained that everyone belonged to a long established secret club BDSM at the college. On a shared computer some members noticed I was on the Internet looking at different nudist and BDSM sights. To see what my reaction would be club members would mention things and activities related to nudist or BDSM during casual conversation. When I showed interest and seem to know what they were talking about they pushed it further offering little tidbits of what they were doing. I never noticed how far this had gone but K said the general consensus of club members was that I was "in to it" and I would be a very good candidate to join their club. K went on further saying, "This was our little initiation to see if you want to join. It can be a lot of fun!"

Then K stared at me and asked, "Do you, Paul, want to join our club?"

With out hesitation I answered, yes.

K announced, "Paul has just joined us."

As members applauded I saw Susanna lead Fredrick to the Dog Rack and lock him in it.

Such was my introduction and start into my bondage life.

Part 2

That day I made a great number for kinky friends. Most of the week

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Thursday, July 26, 2018  

Quite nice. I liked that it wasn't a group of mean jocks having non-consensual fun at the unpopular kid's expense, but by a group of consensual friends.

Friday, May 25, 2018  

Great Story!

Monday, May 21, 2018  

Can't wait for the update!

Tuesday, May 01, 2018  

I found this story very interesting that Paulís friends would first suspect and then become convinced that he like kink and bondage. Then to setup to trap him by Paulís own curiosity was great. I like the descriptions of other peoples dress and kinks at the ďtrapĒ party. Am hoping continuation of Paulís adventures.

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