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A Puppy Finds Himself a Home
  • Author - Eszorohart  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, consensual, bondage, slavery
  • Post Date - 5/3/2018
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Author's Note: A lost man finally finding the right place, in total submission

Chapter 1 - A Rainy Night

"So, not even one week. I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

Zeinab's face showed no surprise, just an expression of exasperation and fatigue. She was tired after a long day, and part of her had hoped that the man who was kneeling before her doorstep in the cold rain would actually realise what was best for him and stay in the best relationship that he could ever hope for. His presence here, wearing nothing but a t-shirt and a pair of torn jeans even though it was late October, proved that those hopes were crushed.

"Please Mistress Z, I have nowhere else to go. Just let me come in from the cold for a while."

He was crying, but the only sure way to tell was his bloodshot eyes. The shivering could have been from the cold, and all of his tears was diluted by the rain. She had seen him cry lots of times before, sometimes from the incredible pain she loved to inflict, sometimes from emotions when they talked about his life. She had never showed him much emotion, their relationship had been purely professional, he was just a client among many who found that their sexual and emotional needs could only be met by a strict, caring, controlling and very very sadistic professional dominatrix. A woman like Zeinab, or Mistress Z to her clients.

"You have always been a dog, in all the bad ways a person can be one. You bite the hand that feeds you, and you always follow your basic impulses, never thinking about the consequences. I actually thought that you moving in with her would change that a little, but I figure there's nothing to do about it."

She stood with her arms crossed, still with a frown on her face. Still in the doorway, away from the rain, she wanted him to beg a little more, and he would never knew that she had already prepared for this eventuality, that her decision to let him in was made a long time ago.

He lowered his head, pressing his forehead to the ground before her. His shaking increased.

"Mistress, without you, I would be nothing. You know I always come back to you. Please don't leave me out here! I need you, I need your control. Please!"

She allowed herself a smile, now that he wasn't looking. This was highly enjoyable to her, being worshipped like this. It was something different than all the reviews and testimonies from very satisfied customers that she posted on her site.

Straightening out her face, she told him to lift his head again. When he had done that, she slapped him hard, harder than she ever had done before (this wasn't a session, she didn't have to hold back), spat in his face and kicked him in his chest, making him sprawl backwards. Some of the tears in his jeans got bigger and the pants wouldn't last long.

He rolled over on his side, breathing heavily and sobbing.

"Please... what am I supposed to do without you?"

She waited a few seconds before calling him back, telling him to kneel before her as before.

"Are you seriously focused on yourself right now? On your needs? On what is best for you? I honestly thought you had learned something about the dominant women you claim to worship. If I'm your only hope, wouldn't it be better for you to try to convince in what way it would be good for me to help you? To explain how it would better my life? Seriously, I know that you're not that stupid."

The shock of her words cut deep, and he fell silent. He looked at her now angry face for a second or two, then he couldn't keep his eyes focused anymore and he looked down on the wet stone steps.

"Mistress, I am so sorry. There is nothing left for me anywhere, I am here because all I have left to give is myself. And there is no one better than you to take what I have left. You can take me and use me however you want. Mold me into what you want and control every aspect of my life. I remember you talking about that a long time ago, when we first started talking, that you wanted a slave you could control without restrictions or limits. That's the best thing I could do with my existence."

He was still sobbing, and his eyes never left the ground. So he couldn't see the impact his speech had on the young woman before him, the smile that she now couldn't conceal if she wanted to.

"Look at me."

Her voice was still in a strict commanding staccato, not really in tune with the smile on her face. It wasn't really intentional, but it caused a fair bit of confusion in the poor man out in the rain.

"Take off your clothes and give them to me. All of them."

"What, out here, in the..." She cut him off immediately.

"What the fuck? Didn't you JUST say that I could control you without restrictions? And yet you question what I tell you? Now TEAR those clothes off your body and if you're not naked within five seconds you're dead to me. GO!"

It was a good thing for him that the clothes really were on their last legs, they were easily torn to shreds when he furiously ripped them away from his limbs and torso. He wasn't wearing anything except the t-shirt, jeans and a pair of old sneakers, now soaking wet.

"So, she didn't even leave you any underwear? Or socks?"

"We were supposed to go shopping for new clothes tomorrow. She didn't like anything I had, and she wanted to start fresh. These were the only ones I could get from the bin before she started throwing heavy stuff at me and I managed to get out."

"Stupid, stupid dog. A fresh start, and you blow it. And I supposed you didn't manage to get your wallet?"

"No, just my phone. I hope it still works after getting wet."

Zeinab poked the shreds of clothing with her toes until she found one with a little weight. Picking it up, the phone fell out of what had once been a pocket and landed on the hard stone. She picked the phone up and showed the now cracked screen to him.

"Maybe it did, it's mostly useless now though. But I guess it's a chance to have some fun. Whatever you do, stay still until I tell you to move."

With a large swing of her hand, she used all her strength to once again smash the phone against the stone of her front porch. Glass, plastic and metal pieces went everywhere, and she let out a laugh.

"Stay on your knees, and bring me all the pieces you can find. Ten seconds, GO!"

The cold and wet stones scraped his bare knees and palms as he rushed around looking for pieces of his last possession in the dimly lit front yard. They also caused him to slip, and hurt his wrists.

Mistress Z counted the seconds, and when she reached zero, he was in front of her, on his knees with most of what had once been an iPhone in his hands. He was bleeding, his hands from being cut by glass, and his knees from scraping the stone tiles.

"Put it all here, at my feet."

She was pointing, her index finger sporting a long black finger nail, with a sharp point. He put it there, trying to make a neat pile of it. After he was done, he straightened his back, put his hands on his lap and looked up at her. She had not yet said anything about what would happen to him, and his insecurity showed on his face.

"Stay still and be silent."

With those words, she lifted her right foot, and he could now see the shoes she was wearing. Except for the kick in the chest, they had been concealed by her long coat that she had put on when she answered the door.

They were black ankle boots with a thick 6 inch heel and sharp spikes covering most of them.

She brought her foot down hard on the pile of electronic debris, smashing it into even smaller bits. She kept stomping on it with both feet, trying to make it into a fine dust of what had once been a smartphone.

The man was trying to make some sense of what was happening. He still wasn't sure about the future, but he was also very turned on by the sight before him. It wasn't the first time she had crushed something that belonged to him, he had a huge fetish for high heels, trampling and crushing. His dick was getting hard and he instinctively moved his hands to cover it up. She laughed when she noticed that.

"What, why are you hiding that little thing from me? Both me and you have lost count on how many times I've seen it, touched it and abused it. No one apart from yourself have given it more attention than I. Are you really ashamed of it, now?"

"Sorry Mistress."

He put his hands back on his lap and looked down in shame.

"Crawl over here, and start kissing my boots. Don't stop until I say you can. And the only words I want to hear out of your mouth from now on is Yes Mistress."

He crawled towards her, and she took a small step back to make sure his knees ended up in the pile of phone parts, some of which were still quite sharp.

"Listen, to make things clear. Yes, I am going to take you in."

He forgot his orders and spoke.

"Thank you Mistress Z! Thank you so..."

This time she cut him off with a kick to his head, making sure at least one spike cut across his cheek, drawing more blood.

"Keep quiet and listen. Keep kissing, I didn't say you could stop."

"As I said when I opened the door, you've been acting like a dog your whole life, and I am not going to try to change that. I am going to embrace it. You're going to be my pet, and I will treat you like a dog and nothing more. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress."

He had learned his lesson.

"You will not be able to speak. You will eat when I feed you, you will drink when I allow it, and you will do your filthy stuff when and where I say, mostly outside. No safe words, no going back. You will not be able to leave unless I decide it, you have been running around enough in your life. This is your home now, and your place will be where I point to. It may be at my feet, or it may be in a corner. It depends on my mood and how well you behave. Do you understand, puppy?

"Yes Mistress".

He kept kissing her shoes, trying to avoid the spikes.

"The last of your stuff is in pieces, spread out here across my front yard. You will come into my house without any of it, only with your naked body which is now all mine. Gather this all up while I get something to collect it in. And don't forget the pieces stuck to your knees and hands."

With that, she quickly withdrew the shoe he was kissing, again making sure to cut him with a spike.

He ran around the yard trying to find all the pieces he could have missed before, and gathered the stuff on the porch in a tidy little heap. He was just about finished when she came back, with garbage bags, an old worn wooden brush and a dustpan. She also had a cup of coffee in one hand.

"Okay, I want everything in this bag."

She tossed him a bag and he managed to get it all into the bag. He finished by scraping off his knees and brushing his hands together, then making sure everything from there got into the bag as well. While he was doing it, she was sipping her coffee.

"You were a big coffee drinker when you had your last job, right?"

That was an understatement. During some of their periods of more long term power exchange, she had limited and directed his meals and his drinking habits. But coffee had been a hard limit, that amount had always been entirely up to him. So there were days when he had nothing but coffee, not even a glass of water, because she would forbid him from drinking or eating anything except that black gold.

"Yes Mistress." He wanted to say so much more but he had his instructions.

"Well, dogs don't drink coffee. Hard limits don't exist anymore between us, you just gave them up. But you will be able to smell it lots of times, I promise you that."

When he was done, he knelt before her and pressed his forehead to the ground.

"Done, are we? Let's see."

She stepped inside briefly to leave the cup and fetch a torch, which she used to check the porch.

"Looks good. Take the bag down to the bin at the pavement, you may walk there but crawl back."

He did as he was told, when he returned, she was holding both the torch and the cup. It smelled so delicious, and he almost started to cry at the thought that he would never again drink coffee. Or any hot drink, probably.

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"Stop. Stand up. Arms out, palms up."

He took the position, and when she illuminated the hand, there were still small fragments of glass in them. The knees were also not entirely clean. She gave him another bag.

"Stand in this bag, hold it up with one hand. Use the brush to clean yourself off, first your hands, then your knees, then your disgusting crotch. I want you as clean as possible when you come into my house. Throw the brush in the bag when you're done."

She braced herself for the smell when he did that last part by keeping the cup close to her mouth and nose. She took a sip when he released the brush into the darkness of the bag and stepped out of it.

"Right, same procedure. But this time, crawl to the cellar door instead, I won't let you in another way."

She watched him go down, then stepped inside and closed the door when he got down on his knees and started crawling back. He crawled to the side of the two-storey house Zeinab lived in, and crawled down the stone stairs to the metal cellar door. It was closed, so he knelt there, in the small puddle that had formed.

There was a few minutes until he heard the locks engage from the other side, and he was cold and shivering.

The room he crawled into was a bare concrete room, with one more door opposite the one he just came through. It was illuminated by a naked light bulb. It had a drain in the middle and a hose attached to the wall just beside the entrance. There were also a cage on wheels in there, with thick black bars, and a few leather items as well as a towel on top of it. The cage was a cube, one metre to each side.

He had just gotten inside when she told him to stop. She closed the door, and locked it. It locked with a key from the inside as well as from the outside.

"Stay like that. Don't move a muscle."

Suddenly, she turned on the hose. High pressure cold water hit his ass, and she made sure it got in good. Then she also cleaned his dirty feet.

"Roll over. Grab your legs and spread them."

She made sure to clean everything from that angle too.

"Listen, it's late and I have a lot do tomorrow. I'm just going to get you secure then you'll have to spend some time alone, but don't worry. You'll be okay."

He didn't know what to do so he just stayed in position. She went to the cage, about halfway across the room, and took some of the things from it, throwing them at him.

"Put those on." It was a small black buttplug, a pair of leather shorts with several D-rings, and two open padlocks.

"No lube. You haven't deserved it yet. And you've taken bigger stuff so it shouldn't be a problem."

He inserted the plug, then put on the shorts. They were snug but he could close the zipper in front. They kept the plug firmly pressed in and also had sewn in cup in front so that any manual stimulation would be impossible.

"Lock the zipper and then the legs together." There was a D-ring at the inside of each of the short legs, and he locked them together. Now they couldn't be removed without the keys to those locks.

"Crawl over here."

When he came there, she held out the towel for him.

"Clean my shoes. I know you'd like to do it with your mouth, but that's not happening today. When you're done, put it on the floor of the cage with the clean side down. It's not for your comfort, it's to protect the cage."

He couldn't help smelling the towel as he bedded the cage.

"Alright, I have to finish this. Hands, ball them up."

She put on bondage mittens on his hands, tied them tight so he couldn't open or use is hands in any way, then locked them around his wrists. The last piece was a hood, with only nose holes and a built in open mouth gag, a metal tube three centimeters in diameter going into his mouth. It also had a plug. She drew the laces tight around the hood, and locked the attached collar around his neck.

"Now, into the cage. Get your ass on the floor, and then back up until you get to the cage."

He did as ordered, and when he felt the cage behind his back, she snapped something to the back of his hood.

"Now, lift that sorry ass up and put it in the cage, and make sure your head gets in there too."

He had to bend his back to get everything in. She lifted one of his leg, and at the same time, the rope or chain or whatever was hooked to his hood pulled it in so he was lying on his back in the cage. She pushed his legs so they got inside two, then slammed the door closed and he could hear how the lock to it engaged.

She took his hands and fastened them to the top of the cage, making it impossible for him to shift position. His legs were uncomfortably bent and his ass was slightly higher than his head. That rope was still attached to his hood and apparently the cage, since he couldn't lift his head at all.

"Almost finished! Just one more thing."

He heard her heels go over to where the hose was, then she came back. She removed the plug at the tube in his mouth, then a small plastic tube was fed into his mouth.

"Can you suck on that? It's the only way you'll get anything to drink for the coming day or two."

He could use his tongue to suck on the tube, getting cold water into his throat.

"Great, then you're all set. I'm going to go sleep in my comfy bed now, and I'll be back to check on you as soon as I can find the time. Sleep tight, puppy!"

She stepped out of the room, and the door closed with a bang, followed by a key turning in its hole. Then nothing but silence.

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