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After Work With The Princesses
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  • Post Date - 5/2/2018
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Author's Note: This is my first submission. Let me know what you think? Also? Totally not Disney characters or universe. This is just a coincidence. ;-)

Chapter 1

"We should all get together and just relax and have a few drinks!"

Rapunzel was really enjoying her new-found freedom, being one of the more recently completed stories, the boredom hadn't gotten her down yet. Her youthful exuberance was getting to be a bit off-putting to the rest of the princesses. They were all glad that she didn't have that giant mop to drag around anymore. Talk about unsanitary!

"Oh yes, definitely." Cinderella droned, barely hiding her boredom from the ever more excited Rapunzel. Cinderella, being one of the first stories to be completed, had been making the rounds at all the Disney movie lots for the better part of 70 years. She'd been there. She'd done that. She'd left the marks to prove it. Cinderella was still young and beautiful looking on the outside with her long blonde hair and smooth skin. Inside was an entirely different story. Inside she was mean, petty and always after a little bit of fun at someone else's expense. Her step sisters had taught her well. Those hags. Sometimes she wondered what that Sheik had done with them, but not often.

"Great! I will go and round up some more of the girls!" Rapunzel scampered off in search of more of her fellow Disney princesses.

It was never really a question of where or when. Eventually they'd all show up at the Salty Wench. A pirate bar from that stupid Pirates of the Caribbean movie that Disney couldn't seem to stop making now that they've realized that people love Captain Jack Sparrow. How is it that all of these princesses break from their own completed stories and mystically appear in a pirate dive bar? You, dear reader, must suspend a little disbelieve. The truth is that's just how it works. If you don't like it, go sit on something phallic.

It took Rapunzel a few hours, but a very excited Rapunzel managed to coax several fellow Disney princesses from their hidey holes. She managed to get Belle, from Beauty and the Beast. Mulan from... Mulan. Jasmin from Aladdin. Elsa, from Frozen, and even the perpetually happy Snow White. She'd asked Malificent, but Mal said that she was in the middle of something. At least that's what Rapunzel figured she meant. Malificent may have said in the middle of someone... whatever that meant.

The six of them were seated at a table in the back of The Salty Wench. It was obvious that Jasmin and Elsa were uncomfortable with the cleanliness of the table. And the chairs. And the air. But were both too polite to say anything. The waiter, one of those roguish, devil may care types with a flowy white shirt and far too many lightly haired abs showing, dropped by. "Oy! What can I get for you lovely ladies?"

Mulan didn't blink. "Ale. Please." Rapunzel's smile grew. This was going great! Mulan's stare was focused. Unblinking. Off-putting. The waiter took note and moved on to Elsa, next in line.

Elsa screwed up her eyes a bit. "What kind of wine do you have available?"

The waiter was momentarily caught off guard, being so used to orders of Rum and Ale. He thought quickly and finally arrived at, "we have red... and white." Belle and Jasmin's eyes rolled in obvious disappointment. "I'll have an ale too," said Elsa. There was an audible groan from several of the ladies.

"I don't know what to have!" Rapunzel was still young and inexperienced. Cinderella, leaned over and whispered into her ear. Rapunzel listened for a few moments, then her face lit up. "Are you sure? I mean, does it taste good? Why would they call it that?" The waiter, sufficiently recovered from the wine incident, looked slightly incredulous, but prepared himself for whatever came next. "Can I have a Slippery Nipple please?" A lecherous smile crept across the young man's face. Cinderella caught it.

"Is there a problem, young man? You don't think she would enjoy it? Don't think she's old enough to drink? I'll have a Tequila. And put yourself down for a Shirley Temple, you twit. And bring it here so I can watch you drink it." The waiter's smile disappeared and he flushed. That thin flowy shirt was now being fettered by hard nipples. Cinderella could tell that he liked strong women and being humiliated in front of all these beautiful ladies did it for him. Maybe she would get to have some fun tonight after all?

Belle ordered a peach wine spritzer, and Jasmin decided to go with a China White. The waiter figured that he had the rhythm down and moved finally to the lovely Snow White.

"I'll have a Duck Fart." The entire table, then the rest of the bar stopped and turned to look at the sweet voice that had just asked for such a vulgar sounding drink. Snow White continued to smile, her eyes sparkling. "Yes, a Duck Fart. That shall be very tasty!" Once the young waiter could pick his jaw up off the floor, he scribbled down the remainder of the orders and scurried off to get the drinks.

"So how was everyone's day?" Rapunzel broke the silence and the crowd resumed what the crowed was doing. Cinderella could tell that Rapunzel was almost bursting at the seems, but she didn't want to lead right into it. So, she thought she would toy with her a bit to see if she would explode or not.

"Oh it was ok. I was thinking I might go and see that Tron guy again. All that skin tight glowing foam rubber really turns a girl's eye. Don't you think Mulan?"

"No, not really." Mulan wasn't sure where she was going with this. "I prefer the more mythical. Have you been to the Marvel set lately? That Blackwidow can sure turn a girl's eye. And she looks excellent in that skin-tight body suit. I mean you can almost see what religion she is!" Mulan's mind wandered to the curves, the sharp tongue, and all the rest of the ... "I mean Hawkeye! Yes Hawkeye, not Blackwidow!"

And I wasn't even trying. Thought Cinderella. I knew she liked girls. "Anyway, Belle, don't you like fur balls?"

"Hmm, what?"

"Fur balls? The more beastly the better."

She put down the book she was trying to hide under the table. She smiled, "No, not since the movie ended. I like them smooth now. John keeps shaved, actually. He's gotten pretty good at reaching all those hard to reach places. We've even come up with a cream that makes it so h..."

"That's fantastic dear." Said Cinderella, a little grossed out but trying to not appear too outwardly horrified. She glanced at Rapunzel. Rapunzel was beginning to vibrate, better let her get in on this. "What about you dear? How was your day?"

Eyes wide, and visibly excited, "Flynn wants to make love to my bottom!"

For the second time this evening, the entire place fell silent. Four jaws hit the table in perfect synchronicity. All but Snow White who maintained the perfectly sweet smile that she always did.

"Well that's wonderful, dear. Do you know what that means?"

"Like with my feet?"

The other four jaws managed to regain control and even smile a bit. "Oh, dear, he wants to fuck you in the ass." Snow White's eyes somehow managed to twinkle.


Cinderella could feel a giant cackle making it's way up from the depth of her cold insides. This kid was too much!

Jasmin and Elsa were both listening very carefully now. Apparently, they were interested in either Rapunzel taking it or Flynn giving it. Or maybe just the sex talk? Mulan was busily rolling her eyes. Belle had was looking over her glasses, diverting her attention from her book. It appeared she was interested after all.

"He couldn't want to do that. He's such a nice, wholesome, roguish young man."

"Of course, he is dear. He's a young man. He wants to lay some pipe through your back door," said Snow White with that sweet smile that never seemed to leave her.

"You have had sex before, haven't you? Cinderella felt that she should probably check and make sure. Wouldn't want the young lady to be taken advantage of, after all." Rapunzel was young, but she was of age.

"Sex? Yes, of course. Loads of times! Well, no, not loads. A few. Ok, twice. Never. I'm old enough though. I just haven't felt like I was ready to."

"Then why on Earth would you ever think you would be ok with letting him rail your backside?" Snow White was right. And who talks like that when they're over 70 and so sweet and obviously not innocent?

"I don't know. He just seems to get so worked up. I mean, the last time he talked about it, he almost poked a hole in his pants. Is that normal?"

"If his balls are blue, I would say, yes," said Cinderella.

"Have you had an orgasm? Have you given him one?" Snow White persisted.

"I think I have? And yes, I've given him a few, I think."

"You think? Oh dear, if you'd had one, you'd know. And if you'd given him one, you'd know that too."

Belle started to rummage in her book bag that she'd brought with her. Never without a book, she just happened to have brought an illustrated sex popup book. She liked popup books. And this one was fun because it was so off colour and naughty. She flipped a few pages talking about masturbation. On one side was a girl that was rubbing herself. The opposite page had a boy that was rubbing himself. The text under each explained the technique. Belle showed the book to Rapunzel. "Have you done this to yourself? Have you helped him do it to himself?"

If it was possible, Rapunzel's eyes grew even wider. Her eyebrows were going to have to be careful not to hit the back of her neck. "No, no I haven't. Though, I'm pretty sure Flynn has done that to himself while he thought I was asleep."

"Yes, dear. These are the basics. Have a good look and when you're ready, you should give what you see a try."

The girls at the table watched and sipped their drinks. Rapunzel looked carefully at the popup. You take your hand, and put it thus, then you use your fingers to make a circular motion... She concentrated hard. Her hand began to drift down her dress, between her legs, mimicking what she was studying in the book. It should feel good. Try not to think about anything else. Let the sensation build and build and finally when it's ready, you'll orgasm. This will be exquisitely amazing. Her fingers continued to work while she read more and more. She could feel her excitement building as she concentrated on the words.

"That's right dear. You're doing very well." Snow White was watching her, with an almost motherly smile. "But maybe this is better left until you're ready to masturbate in public? Exhibitionism can be a lot of fun, but baby steps."

Rapunzel looked up and drew her hand away. She realized that she had been developing a bit of a wet spot. She blushed. "Sorry. Can we go try now?"

Cinderella rolled her eyes. "Sure, why not?" She slammed back the rest of her Tequila, got up and went to the bar to ask for the room upstairs. And get a few more rounds for the young ones. I think we're going to need more than a little liquid courage...

Chapter 2

The barkeep, an older tired man with a bit of a twinkle of mischief in his eye, lead them upstairs.

Side note: Why do all these people have eye twinkles? Is it because we're in the Disney universe and everyone has their own personal Tinkerbell? Anyway...

The barkeep brought them to the top of the stairs where they found a heavily reinforced wooden door with a lock hanging from a latch. He produced a key from his pocket, inserted it into the lock and turned it. The lock clicked and fell open. He removed it from the hasp and gave it to Cinderella, who stood just behind him. He then pulled the door outward revealing a large attic space filled with comfortable looking couches, and large luxurious mats, all arrayed in a semicircle in front of a large fire place. The barkeep made his way to the woodpile next to it and got started setting a fire. The fireplace was a large cobblestone ordeal, with a large, heavy looking solid wood mantle above the hearth. The hearth itself would have easily let 4 people stand inside it without trouble. That would explain why the barkeep was having such trouble wrestling what turned out to be small logs into the hearth!

It was chilly in the attic, but that didn't seem to bother our princesses. As Rapunzel's eyes were wont to do, they lit up as she took in the surroundings. She wondered what a beautiful space was doing over top of such a terrible dive as the Salty Wench. Were there Vikings with a dream down there?

( link opens in new window )

Belle made her way to the wall opposite the fireplace where to shelf after shelf of books. It was dim and nobody had lit any of the other candles yet. Don't pirates know about electricity yet? The wall opposite the door played host to several large, sturdy and closed cupboards that looked big enough for several people to fit inside. The remaining wall appeared to be well-stocked with liquor and accessories. Belle began her search for a candle and a lighter. The wall of books would not remain a mystery for long!

Cinderella walked into the room and surveyed it with an approving glance. Yes, this will do nicely.

Elsa and Jasmin quickly made their way to the most pretty couch they could find. Elsa took the side furthest from the fire. It just so happened that it was a small, ornate, and cushy, two-person love seat. Jasmin was a little uncomfortable with sitting so close to Elsa, but really, if Snow White and Cinderella were going to be talking about sex to the youngster, well this was not to be missed! If only Genie would see this. At least she would hopefully learn things that even Aladdin didn't know about.

Mulan strode over to help the barkeep wrestle the log into position. He thanked her and began to grab some kindling. He retrieved his lighter from a side pocket, got down on his knees and began working under the log brace. He quickly had a small flame going, careful not to exhale too many rum fumes, and stood up again with some effort. He used a lever to open the damper above, allowing more air into the hearth. Mulan used a poker to adjust the logs a bit and before long there was a healthy crackling fire. The room began to warm. The barkeep made his way back to the entrance and closed the door behind him to give them the privacy that Cinderella had paid for.

Belle abandoned her search for a lighter after seeing the newly lit fire and just grabbed a sconce and went for the fireplace. She lit the candles individually from the fire and stood up and began making her way around the room to light the other sconces. While the room was surprisingly large, the golden light made the room feel much more cozy and warm.

The light revealed a cold box with a keg of ale inside on the wall of alcohol. It turned out to be fully stocked with all kinds of bottles of various sizes and vintages. Belle wondered idly, as she went about lighting the various sconces, what it would be like to get drunk on Aldeberan Whiskey and why there was a drink from Star Trek in the attic of a pirate bar? Star Trek isn't Disney. Now Blue Milk from Star Wars would have made more sense. I guess pirates really do get around. She passed the latched cupboards on the opposite wall, not bothering to open anything, but lighting the hanging sconces in front of them. The sconces there were positioned above and close to the opening of the closet doors, like the light was intended to allow a person to see inside once opened. That made sense. Belle catalogued it, filed it for later, and moved on.

She finally got to back wall and began to light the last of the sconces. Finally, there was enough light to start looking at the titles on the spines. There were so many to look at! "Screw the Roses, Give me Thorns? The Art of Sex? Midori's Guide to Sensual Rope Bondage?" What kind of library was this?

Snow White strode to the center of the room. Cinderella joined her. "Now ladies, we have secured this room and its abilities for the evening. We have everything we need to give you a decent education. Let's start with the room itself. Please feel free to help yourself to a beverage. If you want something to eat, there is a pull cord next to the door. Simply pull it and our waiter from downstairs will knock on the door. Request whatever it is you'd like and he'll do his best to bring it to you." Snow White paused a beat. "Anything you wish to eat."

A small smile flirted at the corner of Cinderella's lips.

"The back wall is filled with books. Anything you wish to know more about can be had from it's shelves. Our friend Genie has been kind enough to bewitch the shelves to contain whatever the occupants of this room wish to know more about.

"Finally, the remaining wall contains wardrobes that will allow you to dress in whatever way we feel would be most comfortable with for whatever need should arise in this room. Simply step inside, tell the wardrobe to dress you however you would like, or however it thinks you would like, then step out and you will be dressed appropriately." Snow White made eye contact with the rest of the room. There were some incredulous faces. "Shall I demonstrate?"

Snow White was dressed in her standard princess dress. Puffed shoulders of blue and red, a white collar, a matching blue corset and a floor-length yellow flowing dress. She strode up to the nearest wardrobe, opened it, and stepped inside. She closed the door. She could be heard telling the wardrobe to dress her appropriately. There was a moment of shaking and rumbling, and the doors popped open. While it was obvious that it was Snow White that stepped down, she was now wearing something much different.

The room gasped audibly. Gone was the flowing yellow gown, collar and corset. In it's place there was a short yellow skirt and blue bikini top. She now wore a pair of slinky black thigh boots, and white opera gloves. In place of the white collar that had fringed her neck line, there was a thin black leather choker with a large metal ring at the front. It was a very revealing outfit that showed off her smooth, toned skin in all the right places. If anything, she looked even more toned that she did before she went in! Snow White took in the attention and seemed to relish in it a moment. She turned toward the wardrobe and admired herself in the mirror, running her now gloved fingers up and down almost every inch of barely covered skin she owned. "Miss Cinderella, I wonder if you might be willing to join me for a demonstration?"

"Gladly. But I'll need to be dressed appropriately first." Cinderella was wearing a form fitting but flowing one piece dress in a soft blue cotton material. With sensible shoes and a shawl. Prim and proper, but decidedly dull. She approached the wardrobe and threw back the doors, stepped inside and then snapped them shut behind her. The room could hear her confidently telling the wardrobe to dress her appropriately for Snow White's demo. There was a rumble, some shaking and the doors few open. She stepped down and was greeted with another audible gasp from the room. She was dressed from head to toe in shiny black material with strategic sections revealing the bare skin beneath. Very high platform heels flowed into shiny leggings and straps. Straps gave way to a harsh black corset covered in buckles and zips that narrowed her waist and accentuated her breasts. Her shoulders were bare, but her arms appeared to have been dipped in black shininess. Atop her head, she wore a black officer's cap. Her makeup had been adjusted to match, with blood red lipstick and very smokey eyes. She seemed to ooze control and power.

The room was busy looking her up and down. But not Snow White. Her eyes were downcast. She had dropped to her knees, legs spread with her hands resting on each, palm up. Cinderella commanded the room. All eyes, but Snow's were locked on her. She walked confidently, her nose held high with all the haughtiness that she could muster. Right up to Snow White.

"Rapunzel. You're next. We need you dressed for the part." Rapunzel gulped. She was very interested in what the wardrobe would come with for her. Maybe a little apprehensive? Yes, definitely apprehensive. She looked around the room and found all eyes on her, except Snow White, who continued to look to the floor with that same sweet smile on her face. Rapunzel plucked up her courage and walked up to the wardrobe. She placed a hand on either knob and pulled. The doors opened. She climbed inside, finding it dark and a little claustrophobic. She pulled the doors shut behind her, swallowed her nerves and quietly asked the wardrobe to dress her for the situation. She felt motion, and suddenly fabric running across her skin. Smoothly and easily. It felt nice. Like many hands tickling her skin with soft materials. Some harder. Ooh, that's different. Oh my, I'm naked! Something harder still moved across her. Her skin tingled with the new sensations. That was fast. I'm wearing something again! And then, as quickly as it had started, it had ended. The doors flew open and the wardrobe almost spat her out.

Cinderella smiled like a cat with a cornered mouse.

Rapunzel looked down and gasped. She was wearing only underwear. Tall white platform heels, white stockings, white garters, a very small white string bikini bottom, a thin, white and magical pushup bra that seems to have tripled her cup size and she felt her hair up in a pony tail behind her head. One thing is for sure. This wardrobe was definitely a pervert. Her body was even more toned as well. Like her limbs had been lengthened slightly and features exaggerated slightly to be even more beautiful.

"Rapunzel, come here please." She teetered her way over to where Cinderella stood and Snow White knelt. "Good girl. Now, we need to show you how this is going to work. Snow White has agreed to be our stunt bottom. You will now experience what it is like to have an orgasm. Snow White, if you would?"

"Yes, of course, Miss Cinderella." Snow White got up gracefully, but not like a lady. More like a stripper, straightening her legs first, spread a little more than shoulder width apart, keeping her upper body bent over at her waist. This would have provided someone standing behind her with a full view of the goods as the short skirt she wore hid nothing. Snow strutted over to the wall and pulled one of several levers. From the ceiling lowered what appeared to be a thick wooden board with a comfortable and thin mattress on top. There were thick and well broken in leather straps at the corners. The board was suspended from the roof above by thick chains.

Cinderella took Rapunzel's hand and lead her over to the board. "Now, please get up on the bed and lay back. I promise that you will enjoy the next several minutes." Even more apprehensively than before, Rapunzel followed and got up on the bed as lady-like as she possibly could and laid back on the board, legs crossed. Snow White moved to her ankles and Cinderella moved to her head.

"Now, honey, what we're going to do is strap you to the board. This isn't necessarily required to make you orgasm, but we really don't want your body thrashing about and hurting itself. Plus, it's kind of exciting. Are you ok with that?"

"Um... yes?" Rapunzel blushed. Her face reddened, as well as her neck and a good portion of her chest. She seemed to like the idea as her nipples visibly hardened through the thin material of her bra. That bra of hers might as well have been painted on, the material was so thin.

"Good girl. Snow?"

Snow White took an ankle in one hand and positioned it at the leather strap and buckled it shut. She did the same thing with the other side while Cinderella did Rapunzel's wrists, first one then the other, buckling the straps tightly enough that she couldn't slip free, but loosely enough to allow them to still remain comfortable. Snow White moved to mid way up the table and pulled out a waist belt and fastened that as well. Cinderella produced a stretchy black bit of material. "Now honey, I'm going to put this over your eyes so you can concentrate on what this feels like. Are you ok with that?"

Rapunzel nodded and bit her lip.

"What's that honey? I didn't catch that."

"Yes, please. Thank you."

"Good girl. Lift up your head." Cinderella pulled the loop of fabric over her head and down to her neck, being careful to keep her pony tail free. She then pulled it up over her eyes and a large portion of her nose and forehead. "Can you see anything?"

Rapunzel shook her head, no.

Cinderella grabbed a nipple and squeezed. Rapunzel yelped. "I'm sorry dear, what did you say?"

"No! No, I can't see!!" She panted, trying to see herself through the pain. Cinderella's fingers were like vice grips on her sensitive nipple!

"Good girl. Now that we have you fixed to the table, girls come over here and have a look." Mulan, Belle, Jasmin and Elsa managed to pick their jaws up off the floor and walked over to the bed. Cinderella stayed at Rapunzel's head while Jasmin and Elsa took positions on either side of Rapunzel's shoulders. Snow White stayed closer to Rapunzel's feet, with Belle opposite. Mulan stood opposite Cinderella at Rapunzel's feet. "Rapunzel, I'm going to ask everyone to touch you. Are you ok with that?"

( link opens in new window )

Rapunzel got it this time on the first try. "Yes! Please, yes."

"Good girl. Now, ladies, please proceed to touch our friend Rapunzel here in any way you wish, in the manner that you would have someone touch you." Six pairs of hands began to rub Rapunzel gently, exploring tentatively at first and eventually gaining more confidence to go further. They all took care not to touch anywhere that would be considered to be naughty bits. Rapunzel's breathing became heavy. "Very nice ladies. I like what you're doing here. And I think Rapunzel does too." Cinderella was petting Rapunzel's face and neck, careful not to remove the blindfold. "Ladies, please remove your hands."

Rapunzel let out a gasp, "oh, please don't stop!"

"Ladies, notice how we've built some excitement in her? Rapunzel, how are you feeling?"

"I want more! Please don't stop!" She started writhing as best she could, secured though she was to the table.

"Excellent. Now ladies, I want you to be a little more adventurous. You're allowed to touch her anywhere. I want you to try a little in some place that would make you excited. I want you to make her squirm. I will make a drink for the person that can make her squeal. Ready?" Four sets of eyes met her gaze. Snow White was concentrating on Rapunzel's body. Rapunzel held her breath. "Good, now begin."

Cinderella went to Rapunzel's lips, inserting a finger, letting her taste her leather glove, then pulling it out and caressing her cheek with it. Jasmin and Elsa had both begun working on a breast. They were thoroughly enjoying the feel of the material of Rapunzel's magic bra, and the firmness of the breasts beneath it. They were timid with the nipples, but each time they came close, Rapunzel would gasp. This goaded them on and soon they were both tweaking the nipple and massaging Rapunzel's ample breasts! Belle had been stroking Rapunzel's thigh, up from the ankle, to the hip, working her way slowly and lightly inward with her fingers.

Snow White was doing the same, only with her tongue. Rapunzel was visibly wet now, but Snow White was making a point to not get any closer than she had to to Rapunzel's now-dripping panties. The closer Snow White got to Rapunzel's panties the more Rapunzel writhed. Eventually, Snow White managed to extract a moan and she pulled back some, allowing Rapunzel to simmer. Snow White smiled to herself, looking forward to Cinderella's drink.

Mulan was rubbing Rapunzel's feet, but taking a lead from Snow White, she began sucking each of Rapunzel's toes. Cinderella noted that Mulan's eyes seemed to be rolling back into her head slightly as she made her way from one toe to the next.

Jasmin and Elsa took note of Mulan and Snow White and began licking and sucking as well. Rapunzel panted and moaned in time with the ministrations.

Cinderella smiled to herself again. This was easier than I thought! "Alright ladies, stop."

Rapunzel screamed in frustration.

"How are you doing, honey?"

Taking a moment to centre herself and concentrate, restoring a modicum of propriety, "very well thank you. Can I have some more please?"

"More? Are you ready to orgasm already?"

"I have no idea. But this is amazing!!"

"Alright, ladies, please back up. Snow White, give her an orgasm." Snow White jumped up on the bed, between Rapunzel's legs and tore off her panties. Quick release? Excellent. She began working her girl parts with both hands. Obviously, Snow White had a great deal of experience with this. Rapunzel's chest was heaving and heart was pounding. Her back arched and she was panting heavily.

Cinderella strolled over to the liquour cabinets and found a tumbler and a small marked bottle. It smelled of berries and vanilla. There was pink bubbly liquid inside. She strolled back to the head of Rapunzel's bed and watching Rapunzel closely as Snow White worked her magic. She bent down and whispered to Rapunzel, "Do you want to cum?"

Rapunzel grunted, "yes, please, yes!"

"Ask for permission."

Rapunzel concentrated on finding the words while Snow White continued to unleash what can only be described as dark magic on Rapunzel's sensitive girl parts. "May I cum, please?"

"Yes, you may."

Snow White looked over to Cinderella. Cinderella nodded to Snow White. Snow White smiled and a switch in Rapunzel's body seemed to flip.

**Earth Shattering Kaboom**

Several minutes later, Rapunzel regained had consciousness. She was sitting on the floor with a big soft blanket. Snow White and Cinderella formed a second layer around the blanket, providing warmth and support. Cinderella sipped wine. Snow White nursed another Duck Fart, having already finished the drink Cinderella had brought her. "Wha... What happened?"

"Dear, you've just had your very first orgasm. I believe it was a pretty good one too." Snow White blushed a little. She could feel her insides getting very warm and squishy. What was in these Duck Farts? Or was it the drink Cinderella had given me?

"Honey, this is how orgasms are supposed to feel. Now, we did stack the deck a little to make things a bit more exciting for you, but this is how you should feel, or something like it, when you have an orgasm."

"It was amazing! Do you always lose consciousness? How long was I out? How did I get on the floor? Where did th..."

"Shhh, just feel. Here is some water. You expelled a lot of liquid." Cinderella smiled. Rapunzel took it and downed the whole glass. Elsa took the empty and passed her another. This one colder than the last, courtesy of Elsa. Rapunzel downed that too.

"Come, lets get you off the floor and onto a couch by the fire. We have more to show you tonight..."

Chapter 3

Once they got Rapunzel settled into a big comfy couch, Belle, Jasmin and Elsa piled into couches near by. Mulan sat on the floor. Cinderella stood and looked to Snow White. "Snow, get the waiter."

Snow White cast her eyes down in acceptance, then quickly jiggled over to the entry door where she pulled a rope. Shortly, there was a knock on the door. Snow White pushed the door out, leaning out through the door, bending at the waist, knees straight. She grabbed the visibly flabbergasted young waiter pirate and pulled him inside. "Come with me, please," said Snow White, ever so sweetly. Still smiling sweetly.

The poor waiter was dumbfounded by what Snow White was wearing. She easily lead him to the fireplace, at the centre of the circle of couches, where Cinderella stood waiting. The waiter managed to break his gaze from Snow White and was immediately sucked into Cinderella's orbit. It was really not a fair fight!

"Hello again," started Cinderella. "I'm sorry, I don't remember your name. Would you like to participate in a little demonstration? I promise you will be well compensated." Cinderella knew she had already secured his participation downstairs when she had embarrassed him. Come to think of it, he had never brought that Shirley Temple back to drink in front of her...

The waiter nodded nervously. "Yes, I would enjoy that. How can I help?"

"First, we must get you into the proper attire. I want you to get into the wardrobe and ask it to outfit you as I specify." Cinderella took his hand and lead him to the wardrobes. Snow, dear, can you please secure the door?"

"Yes, Miss Cinderella." And she jiggled back to the door and secured it with a lock. The door could no longer be opened from the inside without the key. Snow hung the key from the loop on her choker.

"I need to call you something," said Cinderella.

The waiter... pirate... nervous young man looked back at Cinderella. "You can call me Diego," he said, quietly.

"Diego? Alright, Diego. Time to get into the cabinet. Don't say anything." Cinderella opened the door and ushered Diego inside. She watched his well formed bottom and strong looking legs as they stepped up and in. She closed the door after him. "Rapunzel? Do you like your boys hairy or clean shaven?"

"Rapunzel thought for a moment from beneath her blanket on the couch. A little hair on the head and chest, a little scruff on the face, but otherwise, hairless."

"Alright, half a Chia Pet it is." Cinderella spoke several commands to the doors, providing the wardrobe with numerous instructions.

Inside the wardrobe, Diego was beginning to wonder what was going on out there. He could hear Cinderella call through the doors. "Diego, are you ready? When the wardrobe is finished, I want you to step out. I promise that there will be no judgement from any of us."

Diego's heart stopped. "Wait, what?" Too late. Any protests were immediately silenced by the wardrobe.

There was some rumbling. Some thumping. And this time there was a literal ding like from an egg timer. Jasmin and Elsa giggled. "What was that?" Belle inquired.

"When an outside user programs the wardrobe, it dings to let us know when it has completed the process." Cinderella opened the doors a bit. "Diego, are you alright?"

Cinderella heard, "uh...uh-huh..." She opened the door and she heard shackles rustling along the ground. Diego hopped out onto the floor. He was now chained hand and foot, hands behind his back. And there was a black ball gag in his mouth, secured by a buckling leather strap, and a metal collar around his neck with a ring on the front, much like Snow White's... only, you know, metal. He also wore a small loin cloth that was loosely tied at his waist. But that was it. He was now hairless, but for his head and chest as well. He seemed to have a very low body fat percentage as well, as all of his muscles were on display.

Mulan was checking out his loin cloth. That's interesting. Is that his penis I see hanging below the loin cloth? I wonder what that feels like?

Cinderella took Diego by the shoulders. "If you want to stop snap your fingers. Let me hear you snap them."


"Good boy. Now, we are going to use your body for a demonstration. Nod your head if you're still ok with that."


"Good. This will be primarily about the education of the girls here. That means that they will be examining you closely. I've had the wardrobe make you appear more appealing. You are firmer. You are larger. And..." she paused, glancing down, "...longer."

Diego's eyes bulged and he tried to look down to see, but he could not.

"Trust me, you'll do very well this evening. Last chance. You're sure you're ok? Some parts may not be pleasant. Some parts more so. But I promise you'll enjoy yourself."

Diego nodded quickly. If the gag in his mouth wasn't distorting it, his mouth would have been curled into a great big smile.

"Good. Come with me. Snow White, the lever please." Cinderella lead Diego to the centre of the room as Snow White went to the levers again and pulled another one. This time, Snow White remained at the levers, holding one down until the chain was visible. At the end of the chain was a small hoop. Cinderella walked Diego to the loop so that it dangled in front of his chest. She produced a key and unlocked one of his shackles, bringing both of Diego's hands in front. She fed the shackle through the loop and then reattached it to his wrist. With a glance over to Snow White, the dangling chain was retracted, raising Diego's wrists above his head. Not so far that it was uncomfortable, but definitely far enough that there was no way that he would be able to hide any part of his body from the group. Diego's loin cloth stirred...

Cinderella, fetched a sturdy looking box and placed it in front of Diego's feet. "Diego, I want you to step up on to this box I've put in front of you. You may want to jump and use the chain for leverage." He did so. Snow White raised the chain some more so that there was once again no slack. Diego's loin cloth stirred again.

All eyes were on Diego's loin cloth. He blushed. He drooled also, but not because he was embarrassed. "Diego, I think we need you to pay attention to what you're doing and ignore us for the time being." Cinderella once again produced the blindfold thing she had used on Rapunzel. She placed it over his head, reaching up and over, her leather-covered breasts brushing Diego's abdomen. Diego drew in breath and shut his eyes. The blindfold was brought down over Diego's eyes. Goosebumps could be seen erupting across various places of his skin. Diego's loin cloth stirred a third time.

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"Now girls, Diego here has kindly agreed to be our stunt bottom for this demonstration. I am pretty sure that everyone here knows what a penis is. They come in all shapes and sizes." Cinderella waved Snow White over. She jiggled over to the centre of the room to join Diego and Cinderella. "I am, however, not sure that everyone has actually seen one. Would you like to see Diego's?"

All eyes were on Diego's loin cloth. Except Diego's. Mulan looked at it with curiousity. Elsa and Jasmin, with a certain amount of hunger. Rapunzel wasn't sure what was going on. She had never seen one and was unaware of even how the plumbing worked.

Cinderella scanned the room and found that all eyes were on the loin cloth. Good. "Diego, I hope you've got something remarkable under that loin cloth," she purred. She ran her hands up and down his rippled abs, walking around behind him and grabbing his pirate ass. Somebody has been doing his squats - I love that wardrobe. Genie is such a helpful perve... that reminds me. I'm going to have to untie him sometime later this week... She stepped past his body, letting her trailing left hand linger at the tie of the loin cloth. She pulled and ripped it from him.

Now, Diego was a handsome guy before the wardrobe got to him. He had never had any complaints from the ladies. All the wardrobe was supposed to do was accentuate his features. Diego was unaware, but he was now the owner of a very sizeable piece of equipment. It was like an arm grasping an apple. He was uncircumcised, and he was thick. The head really did look like an apple.

The girls gasped. Even Cinderella's jaw dropped a little. Snow White's eyes widened. Diego flinched and stirred on his little podium but he continued to drool.

"Alright girls, come and have a look." With that, they all got up and gathered around. Snow White stood to one side and Cinderella to the other. They touched it, feeling the soft skin of it. It was well veined and semi firm. Belle put her hand below and raised it so they could get a better idea of how it looked from the underside. Diego breathed heavily for a moment. He then became firmer. Soon Belle didn't have to hold it anymore. The arm was lifting itself. Diego seemed to increase in girth and length. The veins grew more prominent. It soon began to look angry.

"So girls, upon closer inspection, what have you learned?"

"It appears that when you touch it, he gets excited and it grows."

"This is true of most men. They receive great pleasure from stimulation of the head and shaft. Before we try that, I need to help Diego with something." Cinderella went to the drink cupboard again and found another small draft of potion. "Diego, I'm going to remove your gag. I'm going to give you something to drink. It will not harm you. In fact, it should make things more interesting for you. Are you ok with that?" He nodded quickly. Cinderella unbuckled his gag and popped out the ball. "Open your mouth." He did and she poured it in. Diego swallowed and Cinderella quickly reapplied the gag.

"Now, Diego, you might be thinking that this will numb things or make you constantly hard for a period of time. No. That potion doesn't do that." Diego's cock began to drip. First one, then two drops. Eventually a steady stream of precum began to pour from the tip. "This potion will speed up and intensify the creation of all of your... juices. This means you will be able to cum repeatedly in rapid succession. It also increases your internal storage so that when you do cum, you'll cum a lot." Snow White began passing around safety glasses.

"Eep," was all that Diego could manage.

"Ok. Rapunzel, I want you to try this first. Place your fingers around his shaft like you were gripping a wine bottle." She did. "Good now, gently move your hand up and down his shaft. Be careful not to grip to tight. There is no real wrong way to do this, but lets start off nicely for now." Rapunzel went up and down his shaft. The precum doubled. Diego's balls seemed to swell. "Excellent. Now pay attention to him. We don't want him to go off right away, so slow down a bit. Good." Rapunzel noted Diego's breathing and how he'd begun to try and thrust to her hand to get more stimulation. "That's perfect, dear. Now, at the top of the shaft, beneath the head there is a special spot that a lot of men need stimulation on to begin to cum. Lets not touch that for now. Take your hand and lightly grip the head as you would a door not. Get some of that drool of his and use it to lubricate your fingers. Now make a polishing motion." She did. Diego moaned. "The head is packed with nerve endings. Judging from his reaction, you can see that he likes this." Diego was forming a pool on the floor. "Now, Rapunzel, would you like to make him cum? Be warned that he's going to fire a load out of the end of that thing that will drench you."

Rapunzel stopped touching the head of Diego's penis. She hesitated. "Um... no. I think I'll let the other girls try." She got up from her spot and Belle fell in behind her.

"Hi Diego." Diego grunted in reply. Had he not been gagged he wouldn't have been able to form words anyway. Belle got to work. She used one hand on the shaft, and the other hand massaged his balls. She noticed that his balls were beginning to turn a light shade of blue. Diego's cock was a wet sloppy mess of precum. Belle scooped some onto her fingers and tasted some. "Mmm, that's nice." She scooped up some more and used it as lubricant. Her fingers wandered behind his sack. To his taint. Then to his anus. She began massaging it with her lubed fingers. Diego started bucking and breathing heavily. Bell let go of his cock and kept rubbing his rosebud for a few moments. "This one seems to like when someone plays with his bottom. Interesting."

Jasmin and Elsa both went next. One on his shaft, the other on the head. Elsa went for one nipple with her remaining hand and Jasmin went for the other. Together they stroked and twiddled and twiddled and stroked. Not wanting to take a load in the face, they both stood after a time. At this point, Diego was nearly incoherent. He was drooling from his mouth and from his cock.

"Diego, would you like to cum?" He nodded vigorously and whimpered a little. I guess he's not really that incoherent. "Snow, please take care of Diego."

Snow White's sweet smile grew. She had been hoping for this opportunity. "Yes, Miss Cinderella." She moved in front of Diego, knelt down and began pleasuring Diego using both hand and her mouth. She licked. She sucked. She stroked. She fondled. She was obviously expert in the application of oral and manual pleasures. And she backed off whenever she sensed that he was about to spurt. The girls watched her technique with rapt attention.

"See, ladies, this is how you give a really good blow job. You have to engage as many senses as possible. And try to delay him as long as you can. The longer the build up, the harder the orgasm for him. It definitely affords you many opportunities to have as many orgasms as you can during the process too. Most men are really only good for one shot and then they fall asleep. Poor Snow White here is only able to orgasm with a stomach full of cum." She smiled. "Alright Snow, let him have it."

Snow White took him fully down her throat. As large as he was, the girls were all sure that he'd made it at least half way to her stomach. She used the inside of her throat to stroke him, while one hand squeezed his balls and the other's fingers went straight in his backside. She sensed it.

Diego erupted.

Like a firehose.

He pumped and pumped and pumped, yelling and grunting and sweating and gyrating. Diego quickly filled Snow White's stomach. And still he pumped. There was no room left in her stomach so it began coming up her throat and out her nose. Snow White's eyes crossed and her legs began shaking. Soon she was cumming and dripping. She would have been moaning and screaming if she could breathe with the all the cum from Diego's still-pumping cock. She disgorged it and cleared her throat for a breath. She continued stroking him all the while and he continued firing. Jasmin and Belle were in the immediate crossfire and took several pumps to the chest before they could back out of the way. Elsa laughed. Cinderella took over for a wet and sticky Snow White and began stroking poor Diego. She aimed at Elsa and was rewarded with a shot to her face while her mouth was open.

Rapunzel watched in disbelief. "Is this normal?"

"Ha! No, not by a long shot. No pun intended. Most men can barely fill a tablespoon. Poor Diego here is bewitched. He's probably got another bucket or two. Then we'll have to replenish his fluid supply." She continued stroking, careful to make sure to aim at Jasmin, Belle and Elsa. "Care to try some? It's actually pretty good."

Rapunzel looked at her with incredulity. Which sort of mixed with the disbelief. "Try it? Like in my mouth? I thought it was supposed to go ... somewhere else?"

"It goes anywhere. And really, it's good for your skin. And your mood." She aimed a squirt at Rapunzel and nailed her right in the mouth. It' splatted across her lips like a water balloon.

Rapunzel recoiled, and opened her mouth to gag. Then she tasted it, and realized it wasn't actually that bad. She licked her lips. Ok, maybe that was too much. She spit some out. She looked like she had dunked her face in white honey. It drizzled from her chin onto her exposed skin. She still wore the skimpy white outfit the wardrobe put her into earlier.

Diego was finally slowing down. His balls seemed to have shrunk from grapefruits to kiwis. He was panting and vibrating. If he'd had any liquid left, he would have been pouring sweat. He hung from his wrists, letting his legs wobble on the floor. Cinderella ran over to the levers and lowered him to the ground. He crumpled beneath the chain into a literal pile of goo.

"And that, ladies, is how it's down. Any questions? No? Ok. One last thing. Rapunzel. When Flynn asks to put it in your bum, you don't have to do that if you don't want to. As you can see, there are lots of fun things for you to do with him that don't involve that. Teasing him is a great way to show him that you really care about him getting off well. Making him take a long time to build to that orgasm also. In fact, you don't even have to let him get off at all. Tell him he's not allowed to. Making him ask and say no. If you don't trust him not to get off when you're not playing with him, put a cage on it." She smiled that cat with a cornered mouse smile again. "I think that's what I'm going to do with poor Diego here, once we get him rehydrated and... conscious again."

Cinderella began tending to Diego. The girls all got up and lined up at the Wardrobes to get cleaned up. Just think of all of the things they could learn! The night was still young, and Diego's balls were already beginning to swell again.

The End
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Friday, May 25, 2018  

Great Story! Masturbation for Sure!

Saturday, May 05, 2018  

Lot of fun. Bit clunky in places but a clever idea. Good effort. Repunzal still has a lot to learn.

Thursday, May 03, 2018  

Amazingly good story, somewhat blemished by grammatical/spelling mistakes.

Yes, you need story codes, and it's too bad you're not going to continue. Maybe a sequel?

Curtis Cook

Wednesday, May 02, 2018  

Fun and creative story. I will never look at Disney characters the same way.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018  

you should provide proper tags for your story

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