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The Good Education
  • Author - Onkana  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, non-consensual, analplay, bodymod, bondage, chastity, humiliation, incest, loving, packaging, public, teen
  • Post Date - 5/4/2018
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Not bad for being forty four. Other moms at my age are fat, puffy-eyed, semi bald and depressed. I was fit, B cups, dark brown eyes one meter sixty-five. I keep a good tan as I use an UVA sunbed on a beauty parlor. My dark brown hair was very short, boyish, with a very short fringe. Like a young Kate Beckinsale in Uncovered. Dian is the name. The key is keep doing exercises. I was thinking about thess things while I looked at my reflection on the mirror.

I woke up at seven o'clock with the sound of my alarm. I took off my sleeping attire, a full body lycra catsuit covering all but my head and hands. The catsuit was deep black with a zipper from the waist at my back to the top of my neck just below the scalp. Around my neck a black leather two cm wide strap buckled at my back. A small padlock joined the zip tie and the strap, the key on my key ring with all the rest. I had several catsuits like this for sleeping, all of them in dark colours.

Next the exercises. On my wall there were a electronic plastic vagina and a electronic plastic cock. Both of them had tiny buttons where a normal vagina and cock have their points of interest. The points that make anyone close their eyes and open their mouths. The "g-spots". Well, so, everyday I had to make them both "cum". "Cum" means that a timer activates and I have electric power on my room for a full day plus two more hours. It was my idea, I didn't want to lose practice.

Then the static bycicle. I laid down face down on the horizontal table part and with my legs and arms made spin two separate wheels below me. On my mouth and ass were the tips of two fifteen cm long three cm wide penis shaped plastic dildoes. When the wheels spun the tow dildoes fucked my ass and throat. Also for not losing practice. I kept going for about fifteen minutes.

As a mom I was not allowed to have any sexual intercourse. I'm not sure if that rule includes toys, but surely includes persons. Because of that my clothes musted be the less sensual possible. Other moms preferred gaining weight but I wanted to be healthy. So my clothes, always covered my full body except my head and hands, the same as my lycra catsuits pyjamas. Trousers, fully closed to the neck shirts, turtleneck t-shirts, sweaters..., always thick loose fitting cloths, dark colours and long sleeves. The rare opportunities I weared skirt, always was under the knee with thick leggins. I used to put under the loose garments lace underwears and a grey leather waist cincher. Only for me, my little secret. On my feet I used flat shoes, trainers and boots, heels not allowed.

Once dressed I opened the door's bolt and locked it from the outside with a five digit combination padlock. I didn't want my daughter to know some things about me. Well, more than daughter was an asset as we both were born slaves. I only had to take care of her until she was eighteen years old and then begin the first part of her training as a slut.

When I arrived to the kitchen-living room she was already there. She was really beautiful, wish I know who was her father. She was fit, C cups, olive green eyes with tiny spots of violet, one meter seventy. Her hair was light brown long to just below her chin with a fringe past her eyes. Because of her eyes I named her Violet. Today was her eighteenth birthday. This afternoon, instead of jog as we use to do we were going to get her an IUD and after that we were going to get her tree tattoo.

My mom was so beautiful. Shame she was always covered. She was pretty wild when she was young and after I did born she controled herself. I loved her so much. I wanted to be like her. I, even, dressed like her but with much more colour. I always did what she told me. She was my best friend and confident. She was very understanding, I could talk to her about everything. I totally trusted her.

Today, after coming back from highschool begins my training as a slut, just like her. I'm excited but also scared. I'm a virgin and mom is going to teach me to do things right.

She's only an asset. She is nothing for me. Yet, she came out of my uterus and I've lived with her her whole live. I helped her with her homework. We played a lot of games. I even slept with her from time to time.

My owners were very powerful people. They got me a work in the city council. They took more than half my salary every month, and we had very little from ourselves, so we spent a lot of time together in our very small apartment. Two bedrooms, a bath, and the kitchen-living room. No TV, no internet and only books allowed by our owners. We used to make a lot of jigsaw puzzles, jogging and promenades together. It's difficult not to feel some affection in these circumstances.

At the afternoon we went to a doctor who worked for my owners and he gave her a especially effective IUD. After that we went to a tattoo parlor also property of my owners and gave her the tree tattoo. The tattoo is a eight cm tree on her mound. We shave our mounds four times a year with a depilatory cream and also did that the previous day.

The roots of the tree were touching the pussy lips and seemed to enter there. On top, the branches had some gaps for putting in there leaves with symbols. The gaps were in two concave rows. The first row was for the elementary slut technique. Whenever the slut achieves an important success like giving two hand jobs at the same time or finishing a blow job in less than two minutes she gets a new leaf with a specific symbol. Once the first row is finished the slut becomes a expert slut. The second row is for bigger achievements like having a twenty cm cock deep balls in the ass or making a full slut, like those two poor young women on that trial (read What the fuck?, only in the best websites). Once the two rows are full the slut's training is over. All the tattoo is made with a special ink only visible with special neon light bulbs. Each leaf has a different symbol: hieroglyphs, greek letter, runes, etc.

I finished my training eighteen years ago, when I was twenty six, and I had to choose. Being a professional whore, a mistress or a mom. Each has different characteristics. I chosed being a mom. Professional whores have a lot of medium quality sex and with a little luck earn some money. They also donate a part of their salaries to our owners. Mistresses train expert sluts born slaves, or kidnapped young boys and girls into being sluts. The advantage is that they have always one slut in training, at least, for serving them and pleasuring them all day. Moms give birth to born slaves with assisted reproduction without knowing the father, and train them until they are expert sluts. The problem is that we have to renounce to all kinds of sex until the training is finished. That was my choice. Violet, though, is going to be a mistress.

When I was in training I liked masturbating. My mistress allowed that because it kept me horny. Orgasming, though, was completely forbidden without permission. As I did it several times a surgeon took out my clit and killed most my nerves inside my vagina with some type of acid. As I couldn't enjoy sex being a mistress or a professional whore didn't have any sense. Sadly I can't be a mom again because of my age. The same month we give birth our pussies are locked. Our lips are joined together by six two cm wide plastic rings in a row. Each ring is welded shut and pierced in both our lips at the same time. Through the slit only can pass our blood in those special days of the month and our piss. Other moms can rub their clits, I guess. Some others don't do it because of loyalty and the strict observance of the rules. I only had my bike in my bedroom. I decided Violet's life was going to be better. Period.

I couldn't see my new tattoo, what a shame. The next day was beginning my training. Mom had prepared my first test. But, for the moment, a milkshake at the mall.

I had to finish highschool. Unprepared sluts are unworthy sluts. Mom was sad that morning during breakfast.

-Why are you sad? I'm going to be like you.


-You don't want to?

-What I want doesn't matter.

I hugged her and kissed her on the lips as we used to do.

Working at the city council I've met many types of people. There was a co-worker who always was giving me small presents like coffe or snacks. He wanted to go with me to places like cinemas or restaurants. What a weirdo. What the hell did he want? Why was he kind? I couldn't understand. Another co-worker was always calling the others "useless shit" when they couldn't listen to him. My mistress also used to call me that, but when I was listening. Maybe this guy was also a master.

Anyway, I met some people who said that all men and women were created equal. A bunch of idiots, surely. Some people is born to rule and others, like me, are born to obey them. Certainly some of my owners were stupid, or ugly, or fat, or repulsive. But they were my superiors. I guess. They musted be if I had been all my life obeying them. Where they superior?

Maybe all of this it's only a matter of good luck and bad luck. Being born in the wrong family. Maybe all is just a lie and the people like me are educated for believing we are inferior. Maybe all our lives are just a very twisted role playing game, where no one knows that the game can have and end.

It didn't matter. My asset..., sorry daughter..., sorry asset was going to be a great slut and a great mistress. And that day, the day after her birthday began her training. She kissed me again during breakfast. I was not sure if kissing her was breaking the no-sex rule, but my toys maybe were also, so...

She was a branded slut and her clothes musted show that clearly. Therefore, underwear was totally banned and all the rest had to be shorter. I cut off some jeans and a tank top so she had only covered her legs from her waist to just below her pussy and her chest over her navel. How strange, she was not very different from a normal teenager.

-From now on whenever you talk to a man you call him sir, and the women are ma'am. All of them if they are eighteen years old or more.

-You also do that all the time. I was wondering why.

-Now you know. Today you're going to suck your first cock, and your first pussy. The youngsters that are coming are sons of one of our owners. You must be obliging. When sucking them you must be on your knees. When they cum you swallow as much as you can, their cum is a gift for you, a reward for your effort, so you must smile.

-That sounds horrible.

-Not always is horrible. Sometimes is..., less horrible.- She was right, horrible.

-Did you do all this?

-In eight years of training? A lot. Tomorrow you're losing virginity front and rear.

-With them?

-No, with me. I've brought a strap on.- She liked this a lot. She hugged me and kissed me again on my lips.

-Thanks mom. I love you so much.

-Trainer, not mom.- She was offended.


They arrived just before dinner.

-Sir, ma'am.- I said to them after opening the door.

They sat in the couch without answering to me, and took off their trousers and skirt. Violet began with the boy. I had given her some advices, but she was having troubles, anyways. It was her first time and she was nervous. The boy took her head and fucked her face. She cried and had breathing problems. Then choked as the cum entered her mouth and the boy got mad. With the girl was slower but she felt more comfortable. She possibly was a lesbian. That would explain the kisses she used to give me.

-What a waste of time.- Maybe the youngters expected something more as I had certain fame at my youth. They left without saying goodbye. Violet was crying.

-Next time you will do it better.

-I don't want to do it again.

-It doesn't matter what you want. You were born for this.

I hugged her while she slept that night. My first day as a trainer was a mess. And those motherfuckers had insulted my baby...

-Next day I went to highschool with a midthigh skirt and a thin blouse tied between my tits and with all the buttons cut down. On my feet I weared high heels. I felt like a cheap whore, which I was, I guess. My mothers instructions were clear. I had to suck at least two cocks and lick two pussies. I had to ask for it saying the word "please" and also had to say "thanks for helping me practice" after swallowing. Only adults. I had to ask like if it was normal for me without caring about who might be listening, including teachers. After sucking them I could not clean anything that was on my face.

The day was hellish. All my teachers looking at disgust the cum on my chin and shirt. My roommates laughing at me. All my friends lost in a day, except the one I had licked, whose respect I had lost. Mom picked me up in her car and I cried all the way home.

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-Please mom, make it stop.

-I can't.- She was sorry about me.

Arriving at home I cleaned my face.

-Take off your clothes. From now on you will be naked always when at home. And I have to punish you for cleaning your face without permission.


-You're a slut in training. You must look like one.

We went to my bedroom and she spanked me on my ass five times on each cheek. My ass hurt but my pride was destroyed. She went to her bedroom and got out with one of her lycra pyjamas and collar, and a housecoat over it. On her crotch pointing forward a fifteen cm long two cm thick was a penis shaped dildo. The black leather harness was a three cm wide belt with a two cm strap between her ass cheeks joined to a big triangle that covered her pussy. On her hand she has two big syringes.

-Does this mean that tomorrow I will have cum running down my thighs?

-You can clean it with your fingers and put it in your mouth but in public and smiling.- I cried again-. If I'm going to fuck your ass you'll need an enema.

The two syringes where plastic and big like a medium litre bottle, with a plastic tube instead of a needle. One of them had water for my ass inside. The other one had a especial solution for my vagina which smelled like some type of flower perfume.

-What for are these?

-For being clean before someone fucks you. You're going to use them several times each day as you won't always know when and how much you're going to be fucked. That includes every morning after your breakfast.

The cleaning was trather uncomfortable. The water getting out from the ass was surprisingly dirty. Ugh.

-Now,- We were already finished on the bathroom and we went to my bedroom. She was lay down face up on my bed with the plastic dildo pointing at the sky.- I cannot fuck you. I'm not allowed to fuck anyone nor let anyone fuck me, so you're going to climb on top to do it yourself. First, your pussy until you orgasm, second your ass until it hurts, and third your pussy again until you're on the verge of orgasming.

My first time was like this, with my mother and a platic cock. I climbed and put the tip inside my pussy. I was very nervous.

-Moments like this one, a toy only for you, permission to cum, no rush, these are the best moments you will have from now on. Enjoy them. Trust me. If you cannot enjoy these moments you better suicide. Now, slowly, in and out, as far as it can go, deeper with each thrust, and enjoy.

I did it like she was telling me. I hurt a little. Appeared some blood which we cleaned up with some napkins. But I enjoyed it. When I orgasmed I fell forward and barely hit my mom in her face with my head. She catched me and we looked at each others eyes for a moment. My brain had to be shut down because what I did was totally illogical. I grabbed her head and tongue kissed her deeply for a while. I was about to move away when she did the same to me, so we kissed several minutes with the plastic cock inside my pussy.

-I'm sorry mom.- I was deep red when we stopped.

-No, you're right, kissing is a part of the training. I'm not sure if I've broken any rule, but I really don't care right now.

-Ok, but I haven't kissed you beacuse of the training.

-I know why have you kissed me. You're a lesbian. It dosn' matter as long as you fulfil your obligations. Now your ass, the same, in and out, slowly, as deep as possible. The cock doesn't need more lubrication right now.

I did as explained until my ass hurt. I don't know how much did I have inside but I really felt very full and uncomfortable.

-Most of the men and women only want to cum, so they won't need to enter inside you very deep. The rest, well..., you better learn how to get big things inside you.- My mom was caressing my thighs while saying this.- Some persons only want to see your suffering. We will buy bigger cocks during the next weeks. Now your pussy again.

I repeated the same procedure as before.

-Stop!- She said when I was about to orgasm, and I stopped.- Remember this feeling, fast heartbeat, muscles in tension, tears forming in your eyes. You're on the verge of orgasming. If you don't have permission to cum, whenever you are feeling like right now you stop whatever you're doing. You have permission to orgasm whenever you're being fucked by a cock or a toy, or any of our owners or your mistress/master allows it. Otherwise is forbidden. Sometimes it will be totally forbidden for no reason other than torture you and watch your suffering. Do you understand?

-Can I cum, now?- I was already trembling.

-Wait for a full minute. Then you can.

After the training and cleaning the cock we were hugging each other on her bed.

-I'm not a lesbian. I like you.

-I saw you last night with that high-class idiots. You liked the girl much more than the boy. You don't have any boy among your friends. You're lesbian. Also you like me.

-Beacuse you're my best friend and really hot under all those garments.

-I guess so.- We stayed a moment in silence.

-Kissing you is against the rules?

-I'm not sure.

-So I can keep doing it.

-I'm not going to complain.- We laughed and tickled each other for a while as we used to do.

-What happens tomorrow?

-There are new rules. You must suck a cock and a pussy. Then you must let one person fuck your pussy and other one your ass. Four different persons. You got it?


-You can carry the harness in your purse if you prefer girls fucking you.

-I do.

-No problem. All this is for training, so you must thank them for helping you improve your technique. You understand?


-Then goes the second part. You need to learn to obey strangers. If someone orders you, or asks you for in a serious tone, to suck them, or lick them, you must accept without hesitation. The same if someone wants to fuck your pussy or ass. Again, four different persons tops from now on. If someone asks you it politely, you say you want to, but you don't do it until they order you so. You must swallow all the cum and pussy juices on your mouth. If something leaks to your face you leave it there or you put it on your mouth, no napkins. If something leaks out your pussy or ass, cum or your own juices, also goes to your mouth or stays there. You must do this without caring if someone can see you. You're a cheap slut and you must look like one. If someone rapes you it also counts as ordered sex. Any adult can touch you wherever he wants except inside your pussy and ass, because it counts as sex. Any adult can order you to show him your naked body and you must do it without hesitation.

She was already starting to cry. I wanted to do the same as I couldn't believe I was telling her all this.

-Eight persons each day.

-Until you finish highschool, yeah. Only adults, it's very important. Also, you can't repeat with any person in a full week.

-I don't think there are so many eighteen years old in highschool.

-You're right.- Good point.- Then I'll take you somewhere else by car after classes. The university or some pubs. We'll see.

-What if no one orders me anything?

-Better for you, I guess.

-You did all this?

-In nightclubs instead of a highschool.

-And you liked it?

-We are slaves, Violet. What we like or not doesn't matter. We obey or we get punished.

-Punished how?

-Slaps, whippings, worst assignments, genital mutilation, death..., and so on.- She was horrified.

-Do you know someone with her clit cut out?

-Yes, I do.

-Poor girl. Tell her I'm sorry, if you meet her.- I smiled. What else could I do? This was the first time that someone was sorry for my clit. How sad is my life?

-I'll tell her.

Next day my clothes were even shorter. A wrap around pleated skirt, covering a few cm below my pussy, which showed a lot of my left leg and my lack of underwear; A cut-off tank top just below my tits and one size samaller, which left my tits poking and my nipples clearly outlined; and high heeled shoes for making me sway my hips. Again a lot of laughs and a lot of hard cocks.

At the recess I talked with some lesbians and showed them the harness. I managed to convince them to fuck both my holes in a toilet stall. I was lucky as they were very kind and gentle. After that, one of them licked my pussy and I enjoyed it a lot. I made a good friend that day.

I left the sucking and licking for the end of the classes at the afternoon. I had lunch there alone as the previous day, but no one requested me anything. The rumor had not yet spread, I guess.

-Do you know what has been doing your daughter?

-I've heard, ma'am.- I was waiting for Violet by the car at the end of the classes and one of the mothers was complaining about shit that wasn't none of her business.

-You need to talk to her, Dian.

-Yes ma'am.

Violet came a ahort while later with wet pussy juices on her face and dried ones between her legs. I took a napkin and cleaned her face. We got in the car. I had put some towels on her seat.

-Are we done for today?

-The training it's done. The rest I'm not sure.

-You're not sure?

-A girl has licked my pussy after fucking me with the harness. I had asked her for the fucking, not the licking, it was her idea. Does it count as forced sex?

-It's fine for me.

-I've enjoyed it.

-Well done. You must enjoy as much as you can.

We got back home and Violet undressed and cleaned herself per my request. I didn't like to see her as a cheap slut, which she was, I guess. I showed her a cat o nine. Nine strings of leather joined by a handle.

-Today we have your first whipping. Whippings usually are punishments. Sometimes, though, you will be whipped for someone's amusement or for no reason at all, and you must be able to take it.

-I don't like this.

-You will get used to it. Some trainers and master even can make you enjoy it.

-What kind of people loves torturing others?- She was scared.

-Well, is strange because most of them usually want to see pain on our faces, but they don't want tears, nor screams, neither us enjoying it. So, what kind of people? Idiots. Some others only want some role playing. They want to feel powerful by whipping someone or feel weak by receiving it.

-Why do you do it?

-I'm preparing you for people much worse than me. On your feet, open your legs, hands behind your head, elbows up. There will be five in front and five on rear.

-Wait, I have a bet for you.- She said while putting herself in position.

-A bet?

-If I endure all without crying you show me your body.

-We'll see.

While whipping her I realized what I was already suspecting. I was going to be a very bad mistress as I wasn't able to hurt her, nor humilliating her more than the strictly necessary. I was not cruel. I loved my..., asset. Even in my youth, with all that anger boiling, was very difficult for me mistreating other slaves when my mistress requested it. I received some very hard punishment for being kind to others. So, she didn't cry and I lost the bet.

-I've won. Show me.- She was very happy.

-I'd prefer not. I'm not sure I can do that.

-Come on, nobody is here. You can trust me, I will not let anyone hurt you. All your secrets are safe with me.- I really don't have words for explaining how sad and ashamed of myself I was while hearing those words from her. Even after I had whipped her. She was loyal to me while I was loyal to a bunch of psycho snobbish imbeciles.

-It will not like you.

-Please, mom, trainer, friend, my love..., whatever you want. Please.

I closed all the curtains, locked the door with keys and undressed fully. She didn't like it.

-What are those rings on your pussy?

-The price for being a mom. Chastity.

-Why don't you have a clit?- She was crying. She was crying because of my pain, not hers. First time in my life I saw such a thing. Someone worried for a slave's fate? Absurd.

-I orgasmed while masturbating too much without permission.

-How many times? One hundred?

-...Four.- I said after thinking a little. Her jaw dropped.- Do you think I'm harsh with you? You've not met my mistress.

-And those white stripes all over your body?

-Scars from hard whippings. Some people gets horny watching others bleed.- She had her hands on her face trying not to puke.- Don't worry, it was a long time ago.

-How can I not worry? It's horrible. Why did you endure all this?

-I was born for that, the same as you. Also, no one helped me. I was alone. I had no money. No place to go. I tried to kill myself several times but they also punished me for that, so... Oh, come on, don't cry.

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I hugged her until she stopped. Both of us were fully naked but it didn't felt weird. Well, not too much. We sat on the couch.

-I have a symbolic revenge.

-Do you?

-Well, I'm watching you right now and despite all this you're truly beautiful. Like a supermodel. So, if you don't mind, in going to masturbate looking closely at your pussy for showing them that you are powerful. A kind of power they cannot understand. Then I'm going to kiss you for showing you what kind of power you have.

-I'm not sure I understand your reasoning.- Was she flirting with me?- But go ahead, I guess.

She knelt on the floor and put her face a few cm from my pussy. I could feel her breathing on my skin. After masturbating she ahowed me her hand and I licked her juices from it. Then we embraced and tongue kiss a good while laying down on the couch.

-Do you undertand what kind of power do you have?- She said between kisses on my neck.


-They power of being happy and make others happy without them being able to avoid it. The power of being better than them. They have not destroyed you. You're still fighting. You will never be alone again.- Now I was crying. My heart was playing heavy metal. I kissed her in the forehead.

-I like your taste.- What a moronic reply. My brain was not working well. That was true, though.

After that, the week was pretty much the same. The next day, showed me the bike in her room and asked me for using it at least five minutes each day. She didn't tell me why, she only said that would be useful soon.

We visited each day several places with young single open minded people. I showed a lot of skin every day. By friday I was almost accustomed. It all depends on how kind is the people, I guess. Saying "thank you" is very easy and helps to create durable relationships..., or a more willing blow job.

At the afternoons she whipped me a little more. One day she requested me to whip her. It was supposed to help me understand better the force of the blows and its consequences. It was very uncomfortable and unpleasant for me.

-Also is unpleasant for me whipping you.- She said with a smile after we finished. Then she kissed me on my lips bitting slightly on my lower lip.

The first saturday night after my eighteenth birthday we had a party with some of our owners for showing them what had I learnt that week. We went by car to their mansion. I was supposed to undress fully before getting in the house so I only weared a housecoat.

Mom weared a full cream colored tuxedo with a cream vest and a black sash. Her shirt was white satin with laydown collar and black bow tie. Her feet were covered in black flat leather shoes. Under all that a waist cincher and laced underwear. Boring on the outside, sexy on the inside. I couldn't help myself staring at her all the time.

-They're going to do to you what we've been doing all the week, but worst.- She said once we were about to park in front of the house's door.- It's some kind of test. Then they will modify your tree relying on your behavior. Keeps your legs spread and your hands behind your back, hands grabbing elbows.

-What happens if I fail?

-I get a warning, the first time. The second you go with a mistress and I become a very cheap whore in a shitty brothel.

-They're going to punish you?

-Don't you worry about me, you...

-Of course I worry about you.- She interrupted me. I didn't remember having interrupted my mistress ever.- What's wrong with you?

-I've been there! I've lived all this! Worry about yourself!


-It's an order. I'm not your mom, I'm your trainer, and you are and asset for this people, nothing more. The sooner you accept it the better.- I had offended again my only friend in the world. Hurray.- Worry about yourelf, please. I will be fine.

-So if I fail you get a warning and the training gets worse for me.

-That's right.

-Then I can't fail.

-You shouldn't.

We got into the house. It was a very luxurious party with expensive food, and a lot of fake smiles and fake friendships. She was fully naked and holding my arm, my hand below my chest, my elbow pointing at my side. Our host greeted me with a kiss on the back of my hand. As a fully trained slut I didn't have to kneel and Violet had to obey me only, so she didn't kneel neither. That was my small pathetic revenge for what was about to happen.

-Obsidian.- My full name.


-You're still rebellious.

-Sir.- This moron didn't deserve full sentences. Fuck him and fuck them all.

They took her to the basement, and I walked among the guests. Not all of them were part of the club so I talked with some of them until Violet had returned.

-Very hot your daughter.- Several of the guests said similar things.

-Sir.- I wanted to answer something like "shut up" or "I'm going to kill you all", but I didn't think it would be a good idea.

They tied me spread eagled to a table a little smaller than my back in size. My limbs stretched and tied to four verical wooden posts about one meter something in height with a chain with a leather cuff hanging from the top. My head was over a separated plate a few cm under the table. This way my mouth was aligned with my throat. My mother's advice about bike training had some sense at last.

There were about ten persons. Five men and five women. The men fucked my ass and pussy while I licked the women. Then the women with slightly bigger harnesses to the one at home fucked my ass and pussy while I sucked cocks. I couldn't avoid crying a little as they were treating me like a piece of meat. No one talked to me, not even a greeting.

After all of them had cum several times, while myself didn't have, not once, who seemed the boss tried something new. He fucked my mouth slowly and deeply, his balls slapping on my face with each thrust. Then he entered deep balls and stayed there a full minute. I almost choked to death. His cum entered directly to my stomach..., or lungs, I'm not sure.

After that each of them whipped me three times on my back and three more on my front, including tits and pussy, while I was on my feet with my hand on my neck like at home. The beats were noticeably stronger than mom's. With every blow globs of cum leaked out of my ass and pussy. At the end I had some small bleeding wounds. Once the whipping was finished a tattoist put the pertinent symbols on my tree, which I couldn't see. There were tears on my eyes during all the whipping and also after that.

One of the went upstairs to look for my mom. I tried to clean out my tears. Mom was not happy when she saw me.

-I'm very dissappointed with your slut, Obsidian.- Said the boss.

-Sir.- Mom was trying to keep as much of our pride as possible.

-You're not skilled enough for being a mistress.- I was about to cry again but mom made me a gesture with a hand.


The fat-cats left us alone.

-I'm really sorry, mom.

-We don't have time for apologies, cause we have to go get some pizzas.- She smiled.

She put on the housecoat inside the car. We went to a pizzeria. I got in for making the request and she stayed on the car. When I had returned with the pizzas I saw her on her knees giving a blow job to a youngster while the other was fucking her pussy.

-There's the mom. Do you want to join the party?- Said one of them

-No, sir, thanks.- My anger was boiling. I had already run out of patience. I was about to do something really stupid. They finished and left.

-They've ordered me to and I didn't do it this morning.


-Are you mad at me?


-Are you sure?


She cleaned me with the enemas and we started eating. She had undone the top part of the shirt and taken off the jacket, so her breasts were showing a bit. We were in silence because of how uncomfortable had been the night.

-So, the training is going to be worse.

-We'll see.

-I don't want you in a brothel.

-Shut up.

-I'm sorry, mom. I tried, but those persons were so disgusting.- I said after another silence.

-I've not blamed you on anything.

-You must be more harsh with me.

-Are you fucking kidding me?- My anger was being used very wrongly.


-Shut up and eat.


-I'm not your mom! I'm not a mistress! I'm a useless shit like my mistress said! Maybe I should send you with her.- There. I was blaming Violet for the mess I had gotten myself into.

-What? Why?

-Maybe you obey her a little.- Now her sadness had turned into anger.

-I want to be with you.

-I've told you, what slaves want doesn't matter. I'm supposed to train you, but I'm not good at that. Neither you are helping me.

-Helping you? I don't like any of this! I do it because of you! I want to run away with you but you keep saying that's impossible. You didn't even try. You're a coward, stupid sheep!

-How you dare?

-I do all of this for you! You're tired? Am I too much for you? Do you want to be a whore until you're so old that nobody wants to touch you? Then call your fucking mistress. Clearly you prefer her over me.

-I may do it.

-What are you waiting for, traitor?


-You have chosen your old life over a possible better one with me. You betray me and yourself. Therefor, traitor.

-Okey then, I'll call her. You will learn how is real life. Real life is aboout suffering. She will teach you to love suffering.

-Real life is about suffering because of the people like you.- I didn't realize at that moment on how stupid had been the whole conversation.

Next morning arrived the truck who would take Violet to her new life. The driver left a cage in our front door. I was supposed to put Violet inside. The cage was strong wood padded on the inside and was big enough for a girl about her size to be inside with very little movement. On the floor was fixed a fifteen cm long penis gag with straps, and four leather cuffs with short chains, one on each corner for her wrists and legs. She would travel like a dog, on all fours, her chest over the floor. Inside the cage also was a leather harness with two ten cm vibrating dildoes which would keep her distracted and uncomfortable during the trip, more than four hours. The dildoes were too small for anything more than that. She was going to be naked during the trip as her clothes were already prepared on a suitcase. I was so angry with myself and the world than I wasn't even thinking about what was about to happen.

All of it was for real. I was going to life with mom's mistress, and she didn't even care. I was so angry that I couldn't talk to her. She put me inside the cage with all the items, gag, cuffs and dildoes. Then they closed the cage with nails and hammer. It was so small that I was pinned down to the floor with my knees pressing on my tits. I had only a couple of holes for breathing, not enough for seeing anything. She didn't talk to me in all the morning. I couldn't believe all this was real. I could feel how they put me in the truck's trailer. When the truck started the journey I felt like if I wanted to die. I really wasn't sure if all this was mom's fault or mine. I didn't hate her, though. I was just too much confused to make any decision of any kind.

My mom died during my birth. I lived eighteen years in an shitty orphanage property of my owners. Well, more like a shitty jail. My eighteenth birthday they put me on a cage similar to Violet's and sent me with my mistress. I endured it. She also will.

That's not true. I cried all the journey. I was alone and terrified. I hated my mom for dying and my dad for not looking for me. My first month with my psycho bitch of a mistress I wanted to die. I didn't even know my mother and I already hated her for making that to me. Violet had a mother. Me. We were friends. She hugged me every day. We talked about everything. She was the only person in the world who had cared about me. And now she was in that fucking cage, because of me. I put her there. Her best friend and mom had put her there. How could I be so fucking cruel? How could I betray her like this? She was not a good slave, so what? I didn't want her to be so. I wanted...

For the first time in twenty six years I wanted to die again. I was kneeling on the floor hyperventilating. I wanted to pull out my eyes. I had gifted my baby to those sadist motherfukers. Why? Cowardice? Stupidity? Loyalty? I was a monster. She didn't deserve that. I deserved to suffer. I deserved to die. She deserved to be happy.

( link opens in new window )

I grabbed a knife and was about to cut my throat when, suddenly an idea came to my mind. I drived fast to a public library for searching info about the trial about those two girls. I found their phone number and called them.

-Here's Sam.

-Are you one of the two girls who escaped that farm?- I was trembling and crying like a river.


-My name is Dian. I was born a slave and...

-Another joker... Dido! We have a joker! Look...

-I'm not a joker. I was born a slave and...- She had interrumpted me and I did the same.

-Tell your teenager friends that they can go fuck themselves...

-Listen to me! They have my baby. They're going to take her very far and I...- I was broken, I barely could keep talking.- Please. I have no one else. Please. Don't let her become like me. Please...

-The police...- the girl said after a brief silence.

-They own the police.

-...Where are you?- she asked after a pause.

-The public library.- My voice was already a whisper.

-Don't move, we're coming.

A jam on the brakes, a quick fight, the driver covered in blood and mom crying. That's all I can remember about my escape. Mom told me that the driver killed himself for avoiding the punishment, so there are no witnesses.

We're not coming back to that city again. We only have mom's money plus the two thousand Ä those kind young women gave to us. Enough for living several months in a very cheap apartment.

We've cut out her pussy rings. We've bought dildoes of several sizes for helping her to recover her vaginal muscles. She has offered herself for being a whore again. I've said no. We're doing it together until we can find another job.

We sleep in the same bed. Her body is so beautiful that I can't help myself from kissing it everywhere. I've sworn to her that I will make her orgasm. Surely I will try. We have friends now, a strange cult of lesbian farmers in the midle of nowhere, or something like that. We're together. We're going to be happy.

We've bought some cyanide capsules and put them in our mouth disguised as teeth. Just in case. I don't think our story has yet finished.

The End
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