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Mistress Madeleine and Master John Training School
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  • Post Date - 5/5/2018
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Author's Note: This is the seconf story about Madeleine and Master John. It has been a while in the writing but it's herte now, I hope you like it.


David and Mellany had been together for four years and married for nearly two, but recently things had been going wrong. They had a long standing love of bondage, unfortunately they were both naturally submisive in nature. Before their marriage they had only experimented a few times with bondage games, but after they married the games became a regular part of their sex life. Initially they took turns at being tied, but as time past Mellany took less and less interest in tying her husband, things had recently reached the point were she had outright refused to play the Domme part of the relationship. This left David feeling letdown and he retaliated by in turn refusing to play the Master to Mellany's sub. As a result their marriage was starting to fall apart.

The sensual world of BDSM

Eventually they reached the point of no return, as a last resort David suggested they seek help, when Mellany asked what exactly he had in mind, he explained he had seen an ad in one of their bondage mags. It was offering training for people who wanted to be subs or doms, he fetched the magazine and showed Mellany the ad, it read,

'To ALL would be slaves, Masters and Mistresses. Do you lack the skills to be a success in your chosen roll? Does your partner refuse to accept you?

We can help. I am an experienced Master, and my current slave is a former Mistress we have many years of experience in the B&D lifestyle. We offer training courses to would be slaves and doms, slave have the choice of being trained by myself, or by my slave. Masters or Mistresses would be trained by myself, with my slave serving the trainee.

For further information contact Master John, on 77 555 4344'

Mellany read the ad several times and eventually looked at her husband and said,

"I suppose it might work, and it wouldn't cost anything to enquire. You know the sort of thing, what's the cost, what would they actually do to us, and expect us to do. OK go ahead and give them a call, but we both have to agree to go on the course".

David nodded his agreement, and picked up the phone and dialled the number, as soon as the number started ringing he put the phone on speaker, so they could both hear, and join in the conversation. After a few rings the call was answered and a female voice said,

" Hello, you are through to B&D Training, how may I help you?".

David quickly explained that he had seen the B&D Training ad and he and Mellany were looking to book a training course. The female voice asked him which course they were interested in, the sub or the dom David started to explain that they were both sub, but wanted to try the dom course, the voice stopped him and said,

"What you're suggesting sounds a little unusual, I think it would be better if you booked an appointment and came in to see Master John, and he can offer the best solution for your needs.

Do you want to do that, if so I can book you a date and time right now?".

David looked across to Mellany, who nodded, and he said,

"Yes that would seem to be the best way forward, so what appointment slots do you have? I think an evening early next week would suit us best".

The female voice tutted before saying,

"I'm afraid you misunderstand, Master John will set the appointment, you will take it or leave it, if you choose to leave it then we say goodbye right now, and no further contact will be made. So the Master can see you, for half an hour, tomorrow, at 6.30pm, there will be a, non-refundable, charge of £75 for this initial assessment, if Master John decides to enrol you on a training course he will discuss the course fee at your assessment.

If you want to take up the assessment meeting you can give me your credit card details now and I can confirm the appointment".

David hesitated before replying and before he could say anything Mellany spoke,

"That will be fine, I'm Mellany by the way and my husband's name is David. Our card number is 7781 6238 0034 9814".

The female voice said,

"OK, just let me put that through the system. Yes the payment has gone through. So we will see you tomorrow at 6.30, the address is 221 Oakfield Road, Ashford Industrial Park, do you know it, or do you need some directions?".

David confirmed he knew the area and they would be OK getting there, he thanked the voice and hung up. He turned to Mellany and said,

"Well we've done it, no going back now. Let's see what this Master John has to say. I have to say it seems a bit OTT, all this being told when he will see us, don't you?".

Mellany shook her head and replied,

"No I don't. If these people are really serious players then they are just setting us up, so we know what to expect. It gives me a bit of a buzz, just thinking about tomorrow".

Chapter 1

The next day flew by, David was at work and Mellany met some friends for lunch and passed the afternoon window shopping. By 5.30 they were both ready to leave for their appointment, they arrived at the address, which turned out to be a three story office block. There was no indication of the name of the occupiers but when they reached the front door they saw an intercom, David pressed the call button and after a few minutes they heard the familiar female voice,

"This is B&D Training, do you have an appointment?".

David spoke into the grill,

"Yes, we're David and Mellany, we have an appointment for 6.30".

There was no answer but the door buzzer sounded, and David pushed the door open and they both walked into the building. As the door closed behind them they again heard the female voice,

"Welcome to B&D Training, please walk down the hall and enter the second office on the left, and I will take a few details and start your assessment".

David and Mellany walked down to the indicated office and David knocked on the door and walked in, with Mellany following close behind him. The sight that greeted them stopped them both in their tracks, sitting behind a desk was a stunningly beautiful young woman, but the thing that shocked them was that she appeared to be completely naked except for a set of handcuffs, as she stood up they saw she was also wearing a set of ankle cuffs with a short connecting chain. As she came round the desk, to greet them, they saw, she also wore a metal chastity belt and a pair of ankle boots with ballet heels, forcing her en point. They also noticed her breasts, and thighs were stripped with the bruises from a recent whipping. Despite all this she was smiling and seemed to be completely at her ease, she indicated a couch and asked them to sit, when they were seated the naked woman pulled up her desk hair and sat with them, then she said,

"Hello, my name is Madeleine, I'm Master John's assistant and slave. I used to be a full time Mistress but then I met Master John and all that changed. He showed me I was also a slave, so I now serve him and also act as a Mistress when needed".

As she paused David spoke,

" Please forgive our starring, but your appearance is a little surprising. If it was intended to shock us, it worked, especially the whip marks, they look very realistic".

Madeleine smiled before answering,

"They should look real, since they are, I received a punishment whipping this morning, from my Master, for failing to obey an order quickly enough. As to the rest of my ' clothes ', well as I'm currently operating in my slave mode, I don't get to wear clothes, and the items I am wearing are also part of my punishment.

The restraints are a reminder of my servitude, and the boots are very difficult to walk in and make my feet ache. The chastity belt prevents me touching myself, and also holds two vibrators in place, my Master has the controller for the vibs, which, thankfully, are switched of at the moment. So you see, my appearance has nothing to do with you at all.

Now shall we get down to business, first I'll explain what you can expect from our course, then, if you are still interested, I can take your details and set up your training programs, but I'm forgetting my manners, would you both like something to drink, I can offer you, tea, coffee, soft drinks, or a glass of wine. What would you like?".

Both David and Mellany, settled on coffee, Madeleine shuffled out of the office and returned a few minutes later with a tray with two cups, a coffee pot, cream and sugar and a plate of biscuits. When Mellany had poured the coffee and she and David were again settled Madeleine said,

"Now, our training course, is designed to teach you how to be a good slave and how to please your Master, or Mistress. Or if you want to be a Master, or Mistress, then we train you in Domination.

So if you David wanted to be a slave then I would become Mistress Madeleine and I would train you in obedience, and also instruct you in ways to please a Mistress. However there is no sexual contact between you and your trainers, so that part if the training is theoretical.

If you Mellany wanted to be trained as a slave then both Master John and myself would be your trainers.

If either of you wanted to be a Master, or Mistress, then Master John would be the trainer and I would be the slave.

Now the question is, do you still want to be trained?, and If so, what as, Sub or Dom?".

David looked at his wife and when she nodded he spoke,

"Firstly Madeleine, can I thank you, on behalf of both of us, for your time in explaining the training program, and also for the coffee. However I think the program might be a bit too full on for us, your treatment by your Master seems a bit extreme to me, and I know neither Mel nor myself want to go that far. So I think we will decline your offer of training".

Madeleine tried to stifle a laugh as David finished speaking, but she was not very successful, when she had managed to stop laughing she said,

"I'm sorry, but neither of you would be expected to be treated as I am. You are both obviously novices in B&D, were as I'm a very experienced Mistress and slave.

If you enrolled on a course part of your assessment is the setting of your limits, the things you want to happen and the things you don't want. Also you would set hard and soft limits, for example, David if you set a hard limit that you were not to be gagged, then you would not be, but if you set it as a soft limit, then we might push your limit, by using a very simple, and gentle gag, to see how you responded.

So, now that you know that, do you want to go ahead?".

This time it was Mellany who spoke,

"What David said was right, actually your whip marks terrified me, I had an image of me being flogged by two sadistic maniacs. But now you've explained that the training is set to our own limits, I think we might go ahead. Do you agree David?".

David looked very relieved and quickly nodded his agreement. Madeleine smiled at them both and said,

"OK then , I'll just take your basic details, name address phone number, then what training you both want, sub or dom, and then I'll pass you over to Master John, and you can start to set out the details of your training, including those very important limits".

Madeleine quickly took down the information she needed and then asked who wanted training as a slave, both David and Mellany indicated that they wanted to be trained as a slave. Madeleine frowned and looked a little unsure. Then she asked which of them wanted to be trained as a dom, again both of the clients said they wanted dom training as well. Madeleine again looked unhappy and said,

"Look let me get this straight, you both want to be trained as slaves, and you David want to be trained as a Master and you Mellany want to be trained as a Mistress, as well! Is that right?".

David said it was correct and he went onto explain that they were both naturally submissive, but that they tried to be Master, or Mistress to the other, but while he found he could act as a Master, Mellany found it impossible to play the Mistress, hence the need to be given training in both rolls.

Madeleine smiled, and looked relieved, by David's explanation, she made a note on the form she was filling in and then said,

"OK. You had me worried for a moment, but I understand now, your situation is a little unusual, to say the least, but I'm sure Master John will be able to help you. The only problems I can see are the cost, to you, and the time it will take.

To give you some idea, a course in slave training usually lasts three months, with one training session a week, and the cost is about £3000, training as a Master, or Mistress takes a little longer, about 4-5 months and costs in the region of£7000.

( link opens in new window )

Now to train you both in both disciplines, is going to take about a year and cost close to 20,000. So do you want to go ahead?".

Mellany answered quickly, saying,

"I think we definitely need to get some training, but can we have a few minutes to discuss what you've told us?".

Madeleine nodded and replied,

"Of course you can, take as long as you need. I'll just go and pass the forms over to Master John and then if you want to enrol he can take over your assessment".

As she finished speaking Madeleine stood up and shuffled out of the office, leaving David and Mellany to talk in private.

Madeleine went down the hall to another office at the back of the building, she knocked on the door and waited, shortly a voice in the office called 'enter' she went inside and walked to the desk and dropped to her knees, bowed her head and waited. The other person in the room continued working at the desk, when he closed the folder he was writing in he turned his attention to Madeleine, his slave, and said,

"Well slave, have you interviewed the new clients".

Madeleine answered,

"Yes Sir. I've carried out the basic interview. They seem an odd couple, they both want to be trained as slaves, and he wants to train as a Master, and she wants to train as a Mistress. They are both Submissive, but that means they have trouble, because neither of them likes to be the Dom.

Do you think you can help them?".

Master John thought for a few moments before saying,

"I think WE can help them. Do they want to do both the sub and dom courses at the same time, or maybe one does the sub course and the other does the dom course, then when they finish they switch.

Did you tell them the likely cost for two people training as sub and dom? Well I suppose we better go and see what they've decided".

John stood up and walked out of the room, Madeleine quickly got to her feet and followed her Master back to the first office, and David and Mellany. John walked straight into the office and sat at the desk, Madeleine followed him and knelt at the side of the desk.

Master John looked both David and Mellany over before saying,

"Well it seems you have made a decision, what's it to be, what training are you opting for?".

David looked at Mellany, who nodded and he said,

"Thank you, John, for your time, and that of Madeleine as well, we would both like to take a slave training course and also train as Master and Mistress. Is it possible to do both courses at the same time?, that way we could help each other, by practicing at home between visits to you and Madeleine".

Master John's face had clouded while David was speaking, when he finished john quickly said,

"Before we go any further, you will never again call me John. I am Master John to both of you at all times, as I'm sure Madeleine told you".

Madeleine coughed quietly and almost whispered,

"I'm sorry Master but I failed to tell our visitors how you should be addressed, your slave begs your forgiveness for her failure".

John looked at Madeleine and said,

"You stupid slut, how can I expect visitors to show respect when they are not given the information they need. As to forgiveness, you know I never forgive a slave anything. Go to the dungeon and fetch the inflatable penis gag, the one you hate, and a pair my special nipple clamps, and you had better be quick. Now move bitch".

Madeleine had gone a little pale but she quickly got to her feet and left the room, while she was gone John returned his attention to his visitors and said,

"My apologies for snapping at you, the error was not your fault, and I will see to it that my slave pays for her poor service to both of you, and to me. As an added punishment, for her you can both be witnesses to her punishment.

But to return to your own training, yes we can run the sub and dom courses at the same time, your suggestion that you could practice what you learn at home is quite a good idea. I would suggest you both start the dom course first, as I believe you both have a little natural slave training already.

Each session of training will be 2 hours, you will have to be trained separately, so say one of you on a Monday and the other on a Thursday, would seem sensible. Then after a month or so of dom training we could start the sub training, say on Tuesday, for the dom from Thursday, and Friday for the Monday dom ".

As John finished speaking Madeleine arrived back in the office carrying a leather strap and a pair of shinny metal clips. She placed them on the desk in front of her Master and quickly went to the side of the desk and dropped to her knees facing her Master. John opened a draw in the desk and removed a hank of rope and a rubber bulb pump, he looked down as his slave and said,

"Students, David and Mellany, will you excuse me a moment, while I administer a little punishment to my slave. As I told you, before slave Madeleine returned with the items I sent her to fetch, you will witness this punishment, and your presence, watching, will add to the slaves humiliation.

I'd like to show you both the umm 'tools' I will use on her, this first item is a gag, it consists as you can see, of a wide leather strap with a shaped pocket, the pocket has a heavy gauge rubber balloon, deflated at the moment. When the strap is fastened around the slaves head the balloon slips into the mouth and the leather pocket fits over the mouth and under the chin".

While he had been speaking Master John had offered the gag upto Madeleine 's mouth and slipped the balloons into her mouth, and pulled the strap around her head and fastened it tightly. Protruding from the front of the pocket was a short metal tube with a built in screw valve, John picked up the bulb pump and attached it to the end of the valve, as he did so, he continued his description of the gag,

"This little stub of metal, is a valve and allows for the balloon to be inflated, this particular balloon is penis shaped, to the desired size, then the valve is closed sealing the inflated balloon in the wearers mouth".

John again paused in his description, and began pumping the bulb and inflating the balloon, as it expanded, the balloon filled Madeleine's mouth and the observers could see Madeleine's cheeks bulge over the gag strap. When Madeleine started showing signs of genuine discomfort,John gave one more pump of the bulb and then closed the valve and disconnected the inflater, and then continued speaking,

"This miserable slave hates this gag, because, when inflated to its maximum, it renders her virtually silent, and the penis shaped balloon reaches to the back of her throat, making her gag if she is not very careful.

Now look at these nice little clamps, they are made to my own design, see they are similar to crocodile clips, those things used by electricians to make temporary connections, but the teeth on these jaws are more like small needles and the springs in the clips are far stronger than in conventional crocodile clips. So the needle teeth mean they grip very well and even penetrate flesh, and the strong springs mean they have a very secure grip, the result is they give a vicious bite, and they're going to bite this slut's nipples.

But before I put these on I need to move her hands, and cuff them behind her back, to make sure she doesn't try to remove the clips, or the gag".

Master John grabbed Madeleine's wrist and released one of the handcuffs, the pulled her hands behind her back and refastened the cuffs. He then looped the rope around her upper arms and drew her elbows together, he continued pulling the rope tighter until Madeleine's elbows touched, then he cinched the elbow rope and tied off the ends. Madeleine was looking very nervous, and as John grabbed one of her nipples and gave it a pinch she tried to pull away, and made whimpering noises, but John just tightened his grip and Madeleine gave up her futile struggles.

John then opened the jaws of one of the nipple clamps and applied it to the nipple he was pinching, as he released the jaws, they closed on the nipple and produced an immediate reaction from Madeleine, she was obviously trying to scream, but the massive gag prevented almost any noise escaping. Madeleine screwed her eyes shut as John applied the second clamp to the other nipple and as the jaws closed on her tender flesh a shudder ran through her body. John gave each clamp a flick with his finger and then said,

"Right bitch your period of punishment is set at 1 hour, you are to remain in position for that time, but I think you need one further addition".

As he finished speaking John produced a small fob, similar to a those used to unlock car doors, immediately Madeleine began shaking her head and making soft mewing noises through her gag. John gave her an evil smile and pressed a couple of buttons on the fob and David and Mellany heard a low buzzing start up from Madeleine's chastity belt, John had activated the twin probes she was wearing. The buzzing sound increased several times and then stopped, only to restart, at the low level again, and then go through the same cycle repeatedly. To David and Mellany the effect, of the twin vibrators, on Madeleine was shocking and fascinating, her eyes were shut and by the start of the third cycle the mewing sounds had been replaced by soft moans, and a series of shudders ran through her body, when the buzzing stopped Madeleine's eyes flew open and she managed to snort a cry of frustration through her nose. Satisfied with his slave's torture John returned to his two new students, and said,

"Now let's get down to the details of your training course. Are you both happy to start as I've suggested, Yes, good then let's get down to some of the nitty gritty. Now I get the feeling that the two of you are really only wanting to use B&D as a game, something to add a bit of spice to your sex lives, am I right?, Yes. Good now that would mean that neither of you wants to enter into a permanent state of servitude, so we can pitch your dom training at a relative low level. I will be your trainer and my slave, Madeleine will be your slave for the sessions.

Now I won't be teaching you the high level of discipline, as Madeleine and I indulge in, your training will be far more gentle, and will depend on the limits you both set. That is because there is a common misconception that the Master, or Mistress, is in charge of a B&D session, they're not, the slave is in charge. They will set the limits and a Master, or Mistress, will always stick to those limits, if they don't, then they will find they no longer have a slave.

So although I'm training you as doms we will be sticking to the limits you set for yourselves as subs, so our first job into set those limits.

The first limit is one that WE set, it's quite simple, there will be no actual sexual activity between you and either Madeleine or myself, the rest of the limits are up to you, so what are they?".

Mellany spoke first,

"Well you're right about our wanting a low level of training, and we are very happy to hear your first limit, as we were a bit worried when we first contacted you that we might be expected to be sex slaves to you.

Our own limits, well we are both OK with bondage, we've used rope, leather straps and leather cuff. Gags are also OK, although nothing as severe as the one Madeleine is wearing right now, also I wouldn't want to have those clamps attached to my nipples, David has put clothes pegs on me a few times and they hurt quite enough, but I would accept clothes pegs.

Blindfolds are OK for me, and I'd like to try being played with, while I'm tied, with a vibrator, but I want to keep my underwear on, I won't be naked. I think that covers my limits, unless you have some questions".

When Mellany finished, John said,

" Yes I do have some question. Your list of limits is fine, but you didn't give any indication of the levels of punishment, spanking, whipping, cropping, etc. or how far you are happy to go with the bondage. For example, crotch ropes, hogties, suspension, breast bondage, or how long the bondage is to last.

My second question is, why are you answering for David, you said we are both OK with bondage. Are you, you might be OK being hogties, but David might not be, so you do not answer for your partner, just for yourself. I think this will be better if you are separated, so David come with me".

Master John led David out of the office and into a small room opposite, he turned on the light to reveal a small room with a chair and a school desk. He opened the desk and removed a pad of paper and a pencil and said,

( link opens in new window )

"David sit down and write a list of your limits, for both your sub and dom training, use a separate page for each list and also include what you want to get out of each training course. Take your time and don't leave anything out, as this list will be used to set out you training. I'll come back shortly to see how you are getting on".

With that John walked out, and David sat down and looked at the paper for a moment and then began to write. Meanwhile John had returned to the main office and found Mellany looking intensely at Madeleine, he walked round the desk, giving Madeleine's nipple clamps another flick with his finger as he passed, causing a very muffled squeak from his slave he sat at the desk and picked up a pad and tossed it to Mellany, followed by a pencil, and gave her the same instruction she had given to David.

While Mellany was writing Master John took the opportunity to play with his tortured slave pulling the clamps and switching the two vibrators on and off, to tease Madeleine.

Chapter 2

As he continued to play with Madeleine, John kept an eye on Mellany, he noticed that she repeatedly took sly glances at Madeleine, John smiled to himself. After a short while Mellany said,

"I think I've finished my list, would you like to check it and see if I've covered everything?".

Master John took the pages from Mellany and after a quick look he said,

"You seem to have most of the things covered, although you seemed more interested in Madeleine's punishment, I think you might like to experience her position. That will have to wait though, as your training starts off with Mistress training. Maybe you want to treat Madeleine the same way I have, we can see about that later, for now you can wait here while I go and check on David".

John stood up and walked out of the office, Mellany sat looking at Madeleine, and eventually said,

"I know you can't speak, but you can move your head, so I'm going to talk to you.

First off you look as if you're in real pain, those nipple clamps must be horrendous! and that gag is really keeping you quiet. Do you really enjoy being treated this way?".

Madeleine looked straight at Mellany and gave a slight nod of her head, Mellany continued speaking,

"Well I suppose I can understand that, as a sub myself, I enjoy being 'punished' but this is a bit extreme for me. Is it very painful, with those clamps on your nipples?".

Again Madeleine nodded, this time instead of speaking Mellany reached out and gently flicked one of the clamps, causing Madeleine to give a little squeal from behind her gag. Mellany smiled and said,

"Sorry. I just had to do that, I watched Master John do it and I really wanted to do it as well. Maybe I'm not such a sub as I think, I'm really starting to look forward to being your Mistress".

Madeleine still looked straight at Mellany, and her eyes seemed to crinkle as if she were smiling behind her gag, then she slowly pushed her chest out, so her breasts and nipples were being offered to Mellany. Mellany took the hint and reached out and gently stroked Madeleine's breasts and played gently with the clamps. Madeleine closed her eyes and Mellany noticed Madeleine's breathing quicken as her breasts were played with.

While Mellany was conducting her own Mistress training, David was talking with Master John, when John returned to David he found David too had finished his list. John checked it over and said he was satisfied with the information, he then asked David about Mellany's attempts to play the Mistress.

David thought for a moment and then said,

"Well she doesn't like being the Domme, at first she was a little reluctant, but would try to please me. Then she started to make excuses to avoid playing the Mistress and now she outright refuses to even try. It's true she was never a natural, and her attempts were always a bit weak, but she was getting better, then she just stopped. Do you think you can help her to overcome her reluctance?".

Before John replied he looked at David, then let a slight smile break across his face then said,

"I think you might be in for a surprise. You see I think your wife has very real Mistress tendencies, but she wants to be a Mistress to another female".

David's jaw dropped, but before he could say anything John continued,

"While she was writing her list of limits, I watched her, and every few minutes she would steal a glance at my slave Madeleine. She watched me playing with her breasts and nipples, and judging by her reaction, eyes glistening, and the constant lip licking she wanted to play with Madeleine herself. In fact I'm willing to bet if we go back to the other office, quietly, we will catch her doing just that. Do you want to see if I'm right, yes, OK, then follow me but keep quiet".

John led the way back to the other office and when they reached the door John took a look and saw Mellany playing with Madeleine, he stood back and motioned for David to take a look. David followed John's lead and took a quick look, he was so shocked by the sight of his wife, obviously, enjoying acting as a Mistress with another woman, he couldn't avoid making a noise. Mellany glanced around at the sound and saw David looking at her, she quickly sat back on the chair and tried to act as if nothing had happened, but the deep blush that covered her face made her actions a lie.

John walked into the office and David followed, he couldn't keep his eyes off his wife, and Mellany was blushing furiously. John went straight to Madeleine, and deflated the gag and unfastened the straps and pulled it from her mouth, then he said,

"Well now slave it seems you have further disgraced your Master. You allowed this client to play with you, and not only allowed but encouraged and enjoyed it. All without my permission.

Now such behaviour can not be tolerated, so after our clients leave you will present yourself to me in the dungeon for a very long, and painful, punishment session".

As John finished speaking and before Madeleine could reply, Mellany said,

"Please Master John, please don't punish Madeleine, it was not her fault, I took advantage of her position, to play with her. She really could not stop me, and I felt an overpowering urge to dominate her.

I don't know what happened, I've never felt that way before. It was all my fault and I apologise for my behaviour, please don't punish Madeleine, you may punish me in her place if you wish".

Although she was still blushing, there had been a very slight change in Mellany's manor, she was sitting straighter in the chair and holding her head high and looking straight at Master John, her breathing had also quickened. John looked at Mellany and then at her husband before speaking,

"Well now, this is very interesting, we seem to have a, supposed, submissive who likes to Domme other women, but she is concerned that justice should be done and the, er, 'innocent' should not be punished. She is even willing to take the blame, and the punishment that is due.

Let me tell you something Mellany, I was certain you wanted to be Mistress to Madeleine here, I told your husband you did, but he didn't believe me, until he saw with his own eyes. Now I'm still going to punish my slut slave, because she should have stopped you trying to play with her, but I will take your plea into account, and reduce the punishment. I can't take up your offer to replace Madeleine, but I will bear it in mind for when you start your slave training.

Now I think the two of you should go home, and talk about what just happened, and why it happened. Then if you still want to be trained phone me and we can set the dates and sort out the payments. Madeleine please escort our guests to the door and see them out".

John finished speaking and immediately returned to studying the forms David and Mellany had filled in. Madeleine stood up and walked to the office door and said,

"Please come with me and I will show you out".

As the two client stood up and started to leave Madeleine continued speaking,

"Master may I have your permission to thank Mellany for interceding on my behalf, to try and save me from punishment?".

Master John looked up and gave a slight nod. Madeleine turned to Mellany and said,

"Mistress Mellany, thank you for speaking up and asking my Master not to punish me, and also for offering to take my place in the dungeon. You seem to have the makings of a fine Mistress, but you must learn that a slave's always to blame for any failures. Master John is right I should have resisted you and not allowed my own desires to cloud my judgment, I will take my punishment, and think of the pleasure you gave me while doing so, as it will lessen the pain".

As she finished speaking Madeleine lent forward and kissed Mellany lightly on the lips. Mellany tried to return the kiss, but Madeleine quickly stepped back. David equally quickly took his wife's arm and pulled her gently out of the room. Shortly Master John heard the three of them going down the stairs and then the door opening and closing, a minute later Madeleine returned and went straight to the desk and dropped to her knees at her Masters side. John looked at her and said,

"That was a very interesting interview. You seem to have awakened something and caused our little subbie wife to turn into a full on Lesbian Mistress. I'm not sure David appreciated your effort, or the discovery that his wife is very willing to play the Mistress with another female, but not with him.

Now what was your opinion of them both?".

Madeleine thought for a moment before saying,

"Well you're quite right it was a bit of a surprise when the little bitch started playing with me, although she lacked some basic skills, I think she will make a very good Mistress, but I'm not sure if her Domme side will translate into a Mistress for her Husband! He on the other hand seemed far more the full on slave, despite being willing to play the Master for Mellany.

All in all I think she is probably a bi switch, even if she doesn't realise it, and he is a switch with a major leaning to the sub role".

John nodded and said,

"I'm pretty sure your right. When they first arrived and talked about what they wanted, I felt David was going to be the easier one to train, as he seemed willing to play the Master role and she would be the problem. Now I'm sure the opposite is true, it will be quite easy to train Mellany to be the Mistress, although she might prefer to play with another girl, and he will be more difficult to train as a Master. Both of them will be easy to train as submissives, as they both lean that way naturally.

Now I think it is time to deliver your punishment, for your allowing 'Mistress' Mellany to play with you. I think another whipping is called for, so go along to the dungeon and wait for me by the sawhorse".

Madeleine quickly got to her feet and walked out of the office and went up the stairs to the dungeon room on the floor above. Once in the dungeon she went to the sawhorse and dropped to her knees beside it and waited for her Master to arrive. John left Madeleine to fret on her impending punishment for over ten minutes, before he followed her to the dungeon.

On entering the dungeon John found his slave, as he had instructed, awaiting his arrival kneeling at the sawhorse, John walked around the dungeon, collecting the items he needed to use in Madeleine's punishment, when he returned to his slave he said,

"Right bitch first off I need to remove your hand and ankle cuffs and your chastity belt, then use rope to tie your wrists, so up on your feet slave".

When Madeleine was standing John unfastened the cuffs on her wrists and ankles and quickly bound her wrist with rope, the he unlocked the chastity belt and removed the belt and it's twin probes, satisfied he continued speaking,

"Right bitch get up on the sawhorse, I want your crotch right on the centre board of the horse".

Madeleine struggled up onto the wooden sawhorse and then adjusted her position till she was straddling the horse. When she indicated she was in position, John tied ropes to each ankle and then fastened them off to top of the legs of the sawhorse, pulling Madeleine's feet off the ground and forcing her weight forward so she was crushing her pussy onto the edge of the centre plank of the horse. He then tied a rope through her wrist bondage and pulled a short ladder over, climbed the ladder and threaded the rope through a pulley in the ceiling, returning to the ground he pulled the excess rope through the pulley and then threaded a second rope through her wrist bondage through a hook fixed to the base of the sawhorse. Finally, John pulled on the length of rope from her wrist to the sawhorse, in the process pulling her arms towards the ground and forcing his slave to sit straighter. Satisfied he knotted this rope off, to keep it tight and hold Madeleine in position.

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John then picked up a heavy flogger and stood in front of his bound slave and said,

"I promised you a whipping for your failures today, firstly not telling a client how to address me and secondly for allowing a client to play with you, and to encourage them to do so, without my permission.

Now you are going to get your whipping, I intend to whip your front, bound as you are you will make a very open and easy target. Each time you move during the whipping you will cause your sweet little cunt to rub on the edge of the sawhorse and that will add to your suffering. Then of course you are still wearing your nipple clamps, so it is inevitable that the tails of the flogger will catch the clamps occasionally and give the clamps a nice hard tug, which I will enjoy seeing, but you, I fear, will not enjoy at all.

I think 20 lashes is a suitable punishment, and when I have delivered them I will release the rope holding your wrist to the wall and then pull the rope from the ceiling and pull you into a very tight, and uncomfortable, strapado. You will be forced to lean forward, putting all you weight onto your crotch and grinding your pussy into the plank you are straddling. I will then leave you for.....Oh an hour, maybe two, before I return and release you.

I hope this punishment will be sufficient to remind you of you duties and responsibilities to me, your Master, as an added pleasure, for me, I will not gag you, as I want to hear your screams, as I whip you, and your begging and moaning while you ride the horse en strapado. Do you have anything to say before I start?".

Madeleine had gone quite pail, as her Master had told her what she was to suffer, but she shook her head slightly and replied,

"I have nothing to say Master. I know I failed you with your clients and I am deserving of whatever punishment you think fit. I only hope my suffering will give you pleasure and also help me to be a better slave to serve you".

John smiled evilly and moved to the side of the sawhorse and said,

"Well said bitch, your humility is good to hear. It will however not reduce your punishment in anyway".

As he finished speaking he swung the flogger and delivered the first lash, of the promised twenty. The tails of the flogger landed right across Madeleine's stomach, and produced a cry of pain, it also caused her to jump slightly and this in turn rubbed her pussy hard against the edge of the sawhorse, producing further cries of pain. Before she could adjust to the whipping John delivered the second lash, this time across her breasts, catching the clamps in the process, and as he had predicted tugging on them.

This second blow produced an even louder cry of pain, as the tugging of the clamps added to the sting if the whip it's self. The whipping continued with John switching targets from Madeleine's stomach to her breasts and then her inner thighs and pussy, each lash caused increasing pain for Madeleine. When he had delivered ten, of the twenty promised, John took a rest, Madeleine was sobbing and moaning, and her head had dropped forward as far as her restraints would allow. John left the dungeon and returned shortly with a glass of wine, after taking a couple of sips he said,

"Well you have received half your whipping another ten to go, I'll give you a choice, you can have the second ten now, or I can leave you for, say half an hour, to recover then deliver the remaining strokes. The rest period will of course be spent as you are now, and you will still have your one or two hours en strapado to look forward to.

So bitch what do you want to do, finish your whipping, or take a rest?".

Madeleine raised her head slowly and after a couple of false starts managed to whisper her answer,

"Please Master I would like to get my punishment over with as quickly as possible. So please deliver the remaining whip strokes, then leave me to my suffering, as you have promised".

John smiled, evilly, and nodded, as he did so Madeleine's head again dropped forward,

picking up the flogger once more John started on the rest of Madeleine's whipping. John varied the rate of the whipping, sometimes delivering two strokes in rapid succession and then leaving a gap of a couple of minutes before he struck again. By the end of the whipping Madeleine was screaming loudly as each stroke landed and the moaning and sobbing, continually between the blows.

When John finished the whipping it took Madeleine several minutes to realise that it was over, and it was only when John started to release the rope holding her wrist down that she revived sufficiently to again raise her head. When her wrist tether was released, she gently moved her arms and quietly asked,

"Master, please may your slut slave beg a drink of water, before you put me into the strapado position?".

John didn't say anything, but he left the dungeon and returned a short time later with a bottle of water, he opened it and pushed a straw in the bottle and held it up to Madeleine's mouth. Madeleine drank about half the bottle before pulling away from the bottle, John asked if she had finished, and when she nodded he replaced to bottle cap and put the bottle on the floor.

John then quickly started to pull the ceiling rope, raising Madeleine's arms, and forcing her into a strapado position. As her arms passed the horizontal Madeleine was forced to bend forward and put more of her weight onto her crotch, this produced a hiss of pain from the bound girl. John continued to pull the rope until Madeleine's arms were almost vertical, pointing at the ceiling, to ease the strain on her shoulders Madeleine was forced to lean further and further forward, finally satisfied John tied of the rope.

Madeleine was now leaning so far forward that her face was mere inches from the sawhorse and her breasts actually hung each side of the central plank, this position meant that almost her entire weight was resting on her pussy and crushing it into the sawhorse. Madeleine was already in a great deal of pain, and knew things would only get worse the longer she was on the sawhorse, John delivered a stinging slap to her arse, causing her to jump and crush her pussy even more. Finally satisfied he said,

"Well bitch, I hope this punishment will teach you to be more obedient and pay more attention to my orders. I'm sure leaving you in this position will help to concentrate your mind on your failings today, and to further help with your learning I'll record your time here and allow you to watch it over and over tonight. You will stay in this position for two hours, I'll drop by from time to time to see how you are dealing with your pain, and also to add to it with a few swats on your arse and maybe add a weight or two to your nipple clamps.

So I'll leave you now, you can think about your failures today, while I get a drink and start planning the training for our new clients".

Master John returned to the dungeon after half an hour, he found Madeleine as he had left her, only now she was sobbing quietly and making soft moans as she tried to ease her position. She was so focused on her pain she did not hear John enter and she only became aware of his presence when he delivered a stinging slap to her rear, this in turn produced a jump from Madeleine followed by a long drawn out scream, as her pussy suffered further punishment from rubbing on the sawhorse.

In fact John was quite amazed at Madeleine's ability to move about, considering her strict bondage, she managed quite an entertaining dance before she managed once again to calm herself and come to rest on the sawhorse. Satisfied John announced that Madeleine had another hour and a half of punishment, this produced a loud groan from the bound girl and she seemed to slump slightly further forward. John delivered a gentle pat on Madeleine's rear and then left her again.

When John next returned to his slave he found her moaning and whimpering in pain, but she had also managed to get hold of the strapado rope with her hands and was trying to pull on the rope and lift her pussy off the sawhorse. Unfortunately when she did manage to lift herself a little, the strain on her arms and shoulder quickly proved too much and she had to release the rope, this caused her to drop back on to the sawhorse. This repeated lifting and dropping back was the cause for the whimpering.

John decide he could not allow Madeleine to try and avoid her punishment, even if the attempt failed. He selected a short length of chain, from one of the cabinets in the dungeon and knelt alongside Madeleine and clipped one end of the chain to one nipple clamp. He then threaded the chain under the top of the sawhorse and adjusted the length of the chain, so that if she tried to lift herself off the horse she would pull on the nipple clamps. When he was happy with the length of the chain he attached the other end to the other nipple clamp.

Madeleine had been shaking her head while John had been attaching the chain, but she said nothing, satisfied with his latest addition to Madeleine's torture, John delivered another hard slap to his slaves rear. When she moved, in response to the blow,this time she not only rubbed her pussy on the horse, but also tugged hard on the nipple clamps. The result was a long, drawn out, very loud scream, satisfied with the result, John produced a ball gag, from a pocket and forced it into the bouind girls mouth and fastened it tightly in place, and said,

"Well slut you have about 45 minutes still to go. I'm sure you will enjoy the time trying to ease the pressure on your cunt, without pulling on your nipple clamps, but I don't think there is any way you can do both, so I'll leave you again, I'll be back when it's time to release you, so enjoy your 'me' time".

John then walked out of the dungeon, leaving Madeleine mewing through her gag, shaking her bead and trying to plead with her eyes, all to no avail.

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/07/29)

John was as good as his word and after exactly two hours of riding the saw horse he returned to the dungeon to find Madeleine, as he had last left her but now she was screaming as loudly as she could, without moving her body.

John moved to the strapado rope and released Madeleine's arms,Madeleine tried to lower her arms slowly, but the tight bondage she had endured meant her arms felt dead and they dropped as fast as John fed the rope out. As her arms hit her back they caused her to lurch forward slightly and this movement caused further soft screams and moans. John then released the nipple clamps, and although this meant she could have sat up Madeleine was too exhausted and stiff to even move.

John released the ankle ropes and pulled his slave up into a sitting position, this caused Madeleine to rub her pussy on the top of the sawhorse and resulted in a hiss of pain. John finally released the wrist and elbow ropes and then gently pulled Madeleine to her feet and eased her off the sawhorse, he had to support Madeleine as her legs were like jelly, and she was unable to stand unaided.

John helped her to a chair and let her sit down, even this produced a further hiss of pain, John looked at Madeleine and said,

"Well slut I hope you have learnt your lesson, and will be more obedient in future. Now I'll leave you to get your strength back, you have half an hour, then tidy the dungeon, put the ropes and equipment away and then join me in the main office. I expect you to be kneeling at my feet in 45 minutes, fail to be there and I may put you back on the horse over night".

A shudder ran through her body at the thought of spending the night on the horse, but Madeleine nodded her head and said,

"Master I will be in your office, kneeling at your feet in 45 minutes, and the dungeon will be tidy and everything put away".

John returned to the office and continued to work on the training plan, for David and Mellany, he heard Madeleine walking down the corridor and as she entered the office he glanced at the clock. Madeleine was 5 minutes early, she quickly came to his side and dropped to her knees, she seemed to have recovered well in the time he had allowed her, he noted she had washed her face and even repaired her makeup, he was certain if he went to the dungeon he would find it clean and tidy.

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John continued writing for a few minutes and then sat back in the chair and said,

"Well slut I hope your period of contemplation, on the sawhorse, has concentrated your mind, and I can expect better service from you in the future. Right now though I feel the need to employ your mouth, to give me some relaxation after all my efforts.

So when I stand up you will undo my trousers and pull them down and likewise my pouch, then I will sit down again and you will service me with your mouth. Oh and one other thing you will not use you hands to undress me, only your mouth. Do you understand?".

Madeleine nodded and John stood up and turned to face his slave, Madeleine quickly unfastened her Masters belt and then the top of his trousers, she then took the fly zip in her teeth and pulled it down. She worked his trousers down to his ankles and his pouch followed quickly, John then sat down at the desk and turned the chair so he faced Madeleine.

Madeleine shuffled forward and took John's semi erect cock in her mouth and slowly began to suck it and work her mouth up and down his shaft, as his cock stiffened she sucked harder and took more of his cock into her mouth and quickened her pace. Soon her head was bobbing up and down the full length of his cock, and her activity was producing moans of pleasure from John. As he neared his climax John grabbed Madeleine's head and pulled it onto his cock, driving his full length deep into her mouth and down her throat, he held her in position for a moment before he came, shooting his cum down her throat. Madeleine greedily sucked on his cock and swallowed everything John shot down her throat, as his cock started to soften John released Madeleine's head and allowed her to pull away, as she did so she licked his cock until it was perfectly clean, when she had finished she said,

"Master, thank you for my punishment, I will try to be a better slave. Thank you also for using me as a fuck slut, and for allowing me to feed on your cum. I hope my performance was satisfactory and gave you pleasure".

John patted her on the head and said,

"Your 'performance was satisfactory, and yes I did enjoy it. Now get up off your knees and pull up a chair, we need to sort out a training plan for our new clients".

As Madeleine pulled up a chair, alongside the desk, she said,

"Master do you think they will still want to be trained, after David discovered his wife likes to play with other girls?".

John laughed before replying,

"Oh I'm sure they will call tomorrow. David will be a bit annoyed that his wife will be Mistress for another girl, but not for him, but he will quickly realise if that's true then it is only a small step to being a full on Mistress. As for Melany, she will be too eager to get back here, to continue playing with you, to even think about not being trained.

Now when they call I want you to deal with them, we will start their training next Thursday, and bring David in first, that will give him the impression he is getting first crack. Also it will make Melany think she is being punished for playing with you, which is partly true

We can start with him giving you orders, you know the sort of thing, 'get me a drink', 'fetch me some rope', then we can move onto some bondage, so we can see how good he is at tying a girl. Remember if his rope work is sloppy you are to escape and then I will show him what he needs to practice. He can then have another try at tying you and if that's OK then we can call it a day.

Do you agree, or is there something else you can think of to add in?".

Madeleine though for a moment before saying,

"Yes I think that all sound fine, but I think he should be allowed to play with me when he has me tied, as a bit of a reward, and as an apology from me for letting Melany play with me today, but only with your permission, of course".

John nodded and smiled at his slave and said,

"Yes I think your idea works, and I'll overlook the fact that you will probably get off on being played with. Now I think we can go home and have a relaxing evening".

The following day Madeleine was going over some paperwork, when the phone rang, when she answered it she heard David's familiar voice she smiled to herself and said,

"Good morning David, Master John said you'd be calling. I take it you want to enrol for training, yes?".

David stumbled in replying,

"How did Mast.... Oh yes of course, I think I see.

Er yes Madeleine, we both want to be trained, do we pay for all four courses at once or is there some sort of payment plan?".

Madeleine laughed and explained that as there training was so extensive Master John had decided to offer them a discount, she then said,

"So the normal fee for the four courses would be £20,000, but Master John has decide to offer your a special price of £16,000, that's a 20% discount, but you have to pay it all today, if you opt to pay for the individual sessions then you will pay the full fee of 20,000. So what do you want to do?".

David replied straight away,

"Well we would be foolish to reject such a generous discount, the only problem is we would need to pay the 16,000 on two separate cards, say 8,000 on mine and 8,000 on Melany's. Would that be OK".

"That will be fine. I already have details of one card, yours I think, you gave me them when you paid for your assessment, so if you have Melany's card details with you I can take them and sort the payment".

Madeleine said.

David gave her the details of Melany's card and Madeleine entered both payments into the bank's system, after a few seconds the payments were confirmed and Madeleine said,

"OK David those two payments, each for £8,000, have gone through. Master John wants to start your Master training as soon as possible, can you come to the office next Tuesday, at say 7.00pm?, and he will want to see Melany on the following Thursday, at the same time, is that all OK for you?".

David replied that Tuesday was fine for him, and he thought Thursday was OK for Melany, but he would tell her the arrangements and get her to confirm they were OK. David said goodby and hung up. Madeleine returned to the work she had been doing and 5 minutes later the phone rang again, this time, when she answered it, Madeleine heard Melany's voice.

Melany quickly confirmed her appointment for Thursday, she then asked how Madeleine was, and if Master John had punished her, as promised. Madeleine replied,

"Thank you for confirming your appointment, and I'm fine this morning. Yes Master John did punish me after you left, as he promised. As you asked I take it you want to know the gory details, do you?".

When Melany said she would like to hear about the punishment, Madeleine told her what Master John had done to teach his slave a lesson. Melany seemed quite excited by the details and was a little reluctant to say good by to Madeleine.

After She hung up Madeleine returned to her paperwork and shortly she was joined by Master John, she quickly related the details of the two phone calls and after hearing about Melany wanting to know how he had punished Madeleine he smiled evilly before saying,

"You know I think you are going to be in for a hard time from your 'new friend' when she starts her Mistress training. I have a feeling she will turn out to be a real bitch, David on the other hand strikes me as a bit of a soft touch, I might have problems getting him to be a real Dom".

Madeleine nodded in agreement and then they both settled down to working out a training plan for David.

The remaining days passed quickly and soon it was Tuesday, Master John and Madeleine spent the afternoon getting everything ready for David's first training session, with everything in place by mid afternoon the pair relaxed and chatted over a light meal and a glass of wine. As the clock ticked around to 7.00 John told Madeleine to go and get ready for David's arrival, she dashed off to dress in her slave outfit and was back in the office a few minutes before 7.

At exactly 7.00 the door bell rang, John used the intercom to check it was David, when he was satisfied he buzzed David in, as they heard him climbing the stairs, John sent Madeleine off to the dungeon, and waited for David alone. David came into the office, he was wearing black leather trousers, a leather bomber jacket with a white t-shirt underneath and black shoes, he stopped in the doorway and said,

"Good evening Master John, I hope I'm on time for my appointment, I was unsure how to dress for the evening so I hope my choice meets with your approval?".

John smiled at David's comments and replied,

"My approval is of no importance, how a Master, or Mistress, chooses to dress is up to them, contrary to the opinions, and ideas of the ignorant, there is no set uniform for a Master or Mistress to wear. Yes, it's true, many do like to wear black, and like leather, PVC and latex, but I know several who wear jeans and a tee shirt, being a Master is a state if mind. You have to be able to dominate your subject whatever you're wearing.

You and your wife may like to set a style of dress, or uniform, if you prefer, so that you each know your roll for the day, that's up to you.

Now our slave, Madeleine is waiting for us in the dungeon, so I suggest we go to her and start your training".

Master John stood up and walked out of the office heading for the dungeon and David followed along behind. When they entered the dungeon they found Madeleine in position, kneeling in the centre of the room, her hands rested, palms up on her thighs, and her head was tilted down so she was looking at a pointing the floor about two feet in front of her. Her choice of outfit gave her the perfect slave look, it consisted of a series of leather straps and chains, that went around her body, a leather thong and half cup bra, and finished off with 5" black stilettos. John smiled and said,

"Good evening slave, we have a visitor this evening, another Master and you will be his slave for the time he is here. Do you understand?".

Madeleine didn't move but quickly replied,

"Yes Master John, I understand. May a humble slave beg to be introduced to her new Master?".

John said,

" If you wait a moment your new Master will introduce himself and tell you what he wanted you to do, and what to expect if you failed to please".

John then stepped to one side and indicated that David should take over. David was unfortunately still looking at Madeleine, with his mouth hanging open, he could not believe the site before him. Madeleine, in her slave outfit made him weak at the knees. Eventually, after a cough from Master John, David tried to speak,

"Er, yes. Er hello Madeleine I'm David, Um, I, Er, will be your Master for tonight. Er...".

Chapter 4 (added: 2018/08/11)

When David tailed off and stood looking at Madeleine, John called a stop to proceedings and said

"Dear God, what on earth was that all about. Slave please tell us what you though of Master David's introduction, you may look up at us while you speak, and be completely honest".

Madeleine looked up from her kneeling position and said,

"Well Master John it was a bit pathetic really. Master David was far to friendly, he used my name, instead of simple calling me, slave, or bitch, or slut. He introduced himself as David, not Master, and he was far too uncertain, there was no authority in his voice. I'm sorry Master David".

John nodded and said,

"Yes slave everything you said was true, so do not apologise, it's Master David who should be sorry.

David, what were you thinking, let's look at what went wrong, I don't know we're to start.

OK, firstly you never call a slave by her name, as Madeleine said you address her as slave, slut, bitch or some other insult. You always introduce yourself with your full title, ie, Master David, in you case, remember you are not friends, but Master and slave. You don't Um and Er, you must be decisive when addressing a slave and speak with authority.

Let me show you.

"Slave, this is Master David. He will be your Master for the next few hours. You will do what ever he orders you to do, and if you fail to obey, or fail to please him, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?".

Madeleine dropped her gaze back to the floors and quickly replied,

"Yes Master John, I understand. Master David is my new Master and I will obey his orders and try to please him".

John then turned back to David and said,

"OK David try again, and remember what I have told you, and what the slave said as well".

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David stepped forward, took a moment to get set then said,

"Hello slave, I am Master David, and that is how you will address me at all times. I will be your new Master, for the rest of the evening. I expect absolute obedience from you at all times. Fail to obey me, or fail to please me and I will string you up by your thumbs and whip you as a punishment.

I will, of course, punish you anyway during the evening, but that will be for my own pleasure. Do you understand slut".

Madeleine tried to hide a slight smile as she replied,

"Yes Master David I understand, and I will try to please you at all times, but I will also accept any punishment you deem necessary.

How may I serve you?".

David was starting to get the feel of the role he was playing and said,

"You can start by fetching me a drink, on your feet and move yourself, you have 5 minutes to be back here with my drink".

Madeleine scrambled to her feet and then stopped and said

"I'm sorry Master David, please forgive an ignorant slave, but I do not know your preferences as to refreshments. Could you tell your slave what you would like to drink?".

David looked at Master John, who just gave a slight shrug, so David said,

"You are correct slave, you do not know what I drink, and you were also correct to ask for guidance.

I would like a glass of wine, white and dry, now on your way, your 5 minutes are running".

Madeleine started for the door, but before she reached it David called for her to stop, as she did so he said,

"I'm forgetting my manors, Master John, would you like something to drink as well".

John nodded and David continued speaking,

"Right slave you will fetch a drink for Master John as well, I assume you know his preferred drink, so unless you need further orders get moving".

Madeleine nodded and quickly left the dungeon to fetch the drinks, David let out a deep breath and looked at John. John nodded and said,

"Much better David, although you should not tell a slave what punishment you intend to inflict for failure, as letting them imagine the horrors that you might inflict is often a very effective punishment in its own right.

You were right to offer slight praise for the slave when she asked you what you drank, and also for giving her a time limit to fulfil the order. Now let us see if she manages to get back here in time, did you note the time she left?".

David's face took on a look of panic before he said,

"I'm sorry Master John, but I didn't notice the time, do I guess the start time, or just assume she gets back in time?".

John gave a slight smile before answering,

"It really doesn't matter, this time, as I'm sure the slave will be on time, but in future remember if you give a time limit, you need to know whether the slave meets it.

Now while we wait for our drinks, what do you intend to do with our slave, remember although Madeleine is a very experienced slave, and could take anything you dish out, your wife might not be so willing to suffer. So let's have an outline of your plans".

David looked a bit worried but eventually spoke,

"Well I was thinking of just trying a bit of bondage, and maybe a spanking, nothing too hard to start with, as I'm a bit unsure exactly how far I can go with Madeleine, and as you say I have to think about Melany's limits as well.

Does that sound OK to you, or am I bring too soft?".

John quickly nodded and said,

"No you're not being too soft. The level of pain, discomfort or punishment that you decide on is up to you, and provided you deliver it with authority it is fine. I think some bondage and mild punishment, such as a spanking, is fine, but remember if the slave fails to obey you, or displeases you she must be punished, on top of the spanking.

I think I can hear her returning, so are you ready to get back in to 'Master Mode'?".

As John finished speaking Madeleine came back into the dungeon carrying a small tray with two glasses. She went straight to David and dropped to her knees, taking care not to spill anything and offered the drinks to him, he took one glass and then said,

"Well done slave you got back here in time, now offer Master John his drink. You should have offered him the first drink, so I think you need a little incentive to be more attentive to etiquette in future.

So when you have served Master John you will receive your first punishment from me, move yourself my patients are already being tested, by your failure".

Madeleine quickly turned towards John and offered him the drink, when he took it David continued speaking,

"Right bitch, put the tray down and fetch me a selection of ropes, and a chair. I'm sure you know we're they are stored, better than I do. Move".

Madeleine scrambled to her feet and went quickly to a cupboard, opened it and grabbed five or six ropes of various lengths. She closed the cupboard and put the tray down next it, and then quickly grabbed a wooden chair and returned to David and again dropped to her knees and held the ropes out to him. David took the ropes and selecting a short length dropped the rest on the floor and said,

"On your feet bitch, and get your hand behind your back, palms together".

When Madeleine had obeyed he doubled the rope and wrapped it around her wrists and threaded the ends through the bite, forming a larks head, he took several more wraps around her wrists, before cinching the rope down tight. He bent down and selected a second rope, again doubling it and passing it around her arms above the elbows, and repeated to tying, pulling her elbows tightly together, and nearly touching, again he cinched the tie.

He then grabbed hold if Madeleine's bra and pulled her over to the chair, he sat down and again pulled her bra till she bent over his lap, and then ordered her to lie on his lap. After a slight struggle she managed to lie across his lap, he then hooked his leg over hers and pulled her thong down and delivered a hard swat to her bear rear, producing a little jump from Madeleine, he then said,

"Now slave, I'm going to give you a hand spanking, after each swat you will count and thank me for the punishment. I'm thinking you deserve, Oh, let's say 20 swats, if during the spanking, you fail to count, or thank me, or cry out, or struggle, then I will double the number of swats.

Now let us begin".

As he finished speaking he delivered the first swat, to her right arse cheek, Madeleine quickly said,

"One. Thank you Master David".

The second swat arrived, on her left arse cheek, and Madeleine again counted the swat and thanked her Master. The punishment continued, with David alternating his target and Madeleine counting and thanking him each time. When he had delivered the promised 20 blows, Madeleine had managed not to wiggle about too much, and not cry out, so David pulled her thong back up and slide her off his lap and down onto her knees. He then stood up and turned to look at Madeleine and said

"Well slut did you enjoy your punishment?".

Madeleine remained looking at the floor and replied,

"Your humble slave thanks her Master for her punishment, which I did not enjoy, it was painful, but deserved, for my failure. Your slave has learnt a lesson and will try to do better in the future".

David quickly said,

"Well I hope you have learnt your lesson, but I think, Master John and I will adjourn to the office, to discuss your further training, and while we are away I think you should spend some time contemplating your behaviour.

I think you should remain in bondage while we are talking, but you are far too comfortable in you present position. So I will add to your restraints before we leave you to your contemplation. Now you obviously can't fetch me the things I need so you will tell me were I can find the items I want, understand?".

Madeleine replied,

"Yes Master David, I understand, if you tell your slave what it is you want to restrain me I will tell you were to find it".

David nodded, and said,

"I thinking I have enough rope, and I saw were you got this selection from, so the other things I want are, a pair of nipple clamps, but I'm feeling kind, so I'll accept a simple set of clover clamps, and not those special ones Master John uses on you. Also I want a gag, let's say your dirty panties stuffed your mouth and some tape to hold them in place, and a nice bandage over the tape. So were do I find these things?".

Madeleine took a moment before replying,

Master David, you will find the clamps you need in the top draw of the small chest of draws in the far corner. Master John keeps a selection of my soiled underwear in a box in the cupboard by the window, there is also tape and VetWrap bandages in the same cupboard. Is there anything else you wish to use on me?".

David had already moved to the chest of draws a found a selection of nipple clamps, he picked a pair of clover clamps and moved over to the cupboard Madeleine had indicated, while he was examining the contents, for the items he wanted he said,

"No slave I think that is all I'll need".

As he resumed his search, John spoke,

"Wait a moment, Master David, were you happy with your slave asking if you wanted to use anything else on her?".

As David started to answer, John continued,

"I hope not. After all it is not up to a slut slave to question a Master's decision, as to her treatment, also her tone seemed a little mocking to me".

David though for a minute, obviously replaying the events in his mind before replying,

"Master John, thank you for bringing these things to my attention, I have to admit, being a 'new' Master, I had over looked the sluts behaviour. You are right, of course, it is my decision how my slave should be restrained, it is her job to accept my decisions. You are also right in saying her attitude did seem a little mocking, so can you suggest anything I could do to teach her more respect?".

John smiled before saying,

"I'm sure your plans are fine, but you could add a distraction to her position, to make her contemplation harder, and force her to concentrate more on her failings. For instance you will find a very powerful vibrator in the second draw down of the chest of draws were you found the nipple clamps".

David finished selecting the gagging materials he wanted and returned to the chest of draws and found a large Magic Wand vibrator in the draw John had indicated. David pick up the vibrator and pressed the power button, immediately the vibrator sprang into live, and he could feel the very strong vibrations as he held the toy. He played with the mode switch and found it could be set to a variety of vibration modes, turning it off again he returned to his slave.

He ordered Madeleine to stand, with her legs apart, he then looped a rope around her waist and ran the ends down her front and through her legs and then back up to the waist rope and pulled the crotch rope tight. He passed the rope back through her legs and up to the waist rope twice more, pulling each pass as tight as he could, forcing the rope tight against Madeleine's pussy, and each time producing a groan from his slave. Finally he tied the crotch rope off in front.

He then ordered her to sit on the floor, with her legs straight out in front of her, when she complied he crossed her ankles and selected another ropes and tied her ankles. Madeleine was now looking a little worried, David's rope work was very tight, and Master John's suggestion of using the Magic Wand was causing her some concern.

Satisfied with the bondage David turned his attention to a gag, he pulled Madeleine's head back and as she opened her mouth he began forcing a pair of her own soiled panties into her mouth. When he had all the cloth in her mouth he ordered her to keep them in place, while she did so he pulled the end of a roll of duct tape and stuck it across her cheek. He then ordered her to open her mouth and quickly wound the tape across her face and between her teeth, this forced the panties deep into her mouth and made it next to impossible for her to spit them out. He continued to wind the tape around her head and again across her face, overlapping the layers until he had laid down five or six layers of tape, and Madeleine's face from just under her nose to under her chin was covered in tape.

He smoothed all the tape down and then picked up the roll of Vet Wrap and covered the tape with the bandage, he continued wrapping the bandage over the tape until he had used the whole roll. Satisfied with the gag David pushed Madeleine over on her side and then rolled her onto her front. He then tied another rope to her ankles and pulled her feet up and back towards her thighs. He threaded the ends of the rope around her wrist bondage and pulled the rope sorter and shorter, drawing her feet closer and closer to her hands. When her heels were touching her hand he tied the rope off, leaving Madeleine in a very strict hogtie. As her ankles were crossed the hogtie forced her to open her legs and expose her pussy.

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David gave her a few minutes to adjust to her new strenuous position before saying,

"Now just a couple more things I want to add, firstly your nipple clamps, and then this lovely vibrator, that Master John was kind enough to suggest. I imagine you are well acquainted with both items, but it will be nice for you to meet them again".

As he finished speaking her rolled Madeleine on to her side and clipped one clamp to each nipple, producing a very muffled squeal from Madeleine. After giving each clamp a playful tug David turned his attention to the vibrator, firstly he turned it onto a low speed and played the head around Madeleine's breasts and nipples. This activity produced a mixture of squeals and moans from the bound girl, and soon her breathing quickened as her arousal mounted.

David suddenly turned the vibrator off and Madeleine began humffing into her gag and pleading with her Master, but David ignored her. He then started to push the vibrator, under the waist and crotch rope, working it down her front till the head was pressing against her pussy. Madeleine knew what David was going to do and madly tried to move to resist his plans and also resorted to wildly shaking her head to say NO.

David again ignored her protests and continued pushing the vibrator down until he was happy with its position, tight against her pussy, and held in place by the crotch rope, and soon by her own weight. He smiled evilly at his still protesting slave and turned the vibrator on again to a low speed, this produced an immediate response from Madeleine, she snorted and started trying to buck her body to try and move the vibrator. Soon the protests turned to moan and her attempts to move the wand turned to humping moves as she tried to get more stimulation, David stood back and said,

"Well I think I've finished. Master John, shall we go back to the office and have a drink, while this slut slave contemplates her failures, and fights her bodies responses to her vibrating friend, or should that be fiend".

Master John went over to Madeleine and gave her bondage a quick check, but found every rope was tight, and the vibrator was held tight against her pussy, he stepped back and looked at David and said,

"A very good job Master David, and I think your suggestion is a good one. This piece of trash will be kept busy for some time, but I would suggest one more thing, not an addition to her position, but a simple warning, that she isn't allowed to come until we return and give her explicit permission, and if she does come while we are away, then she will be subjected to even harsher punishment".

David nodded and said,

"What a wonderful, and truly evil, idea. Right slut you heard what Master John said, you are not allowed to come while he and I are away. If you do come then we will both punish you most severely on our return.

Now Master John I think we can leave the bitch to struggle".

John nodded and both Masters turned and walked out of the room, ignoring, totally, Madeleine's whines and pleas for mercy.

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very creative! Thank your for sharing your wonderful work with the world! I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

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