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Elsa's Story
  • Author - luctem  
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  • Site Rank - 2240 of 2584
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  • Story Codes - F-f, Other-f, consensual, bondage, fanfiction, fantasy
  • Post Date - 6/13/2018
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Reader's Comments (5)

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at writing a story. It is rather vanilla compared to other stories on this site, but I am still curious what you think of it.

Chapters 1

"The cold does not bother me, but it DOES have an effect."

The troll blushed instantly. It was totally inappropriate to stare at Elsa's erect nipples, not only because she was his queen, but also because they had become close friends over the last few months.

"You didn't expect me to be naked underneath, did you?"

"No, I didn't," Grand Pabbie felt caught again.

"One of the advantages, if cold does not bother you. No panty lines." Elsa giggled and gave Grand Pabbie a smile, reassuring him that everything was fine.

*** Two weeks earlier ***

"What are you doing in the dungeons again, Queen Elsa?" Elsa was so lost in thought that she neither noticed maid Mildred enter the cell, nor did she hear her at first. "Are you OK, Elsa?"

Else looked up at Mildred, as if awaking from a dream. "I was, ahm, just thinking a bit."

"If I may speak openly, I noticed you have been doing that rather often recently."

"Oh, you noticed..."

"Why do you come back to this horrible place, after all Hans did to you here? I am getting worried. What is haunting you?"

Elsa took a deep breath and sighed. "These few hours, when I was locked into these iron manacles... it sounds silly, but it was the first time I was really free. I was helpless, at least I thought I was, so all responsibilities were lifted off me. Does this sound crazy?"

"Not at all, Elsa, it does make sense and I think I understand what you mean. I hope it is not inappropriate to say this, Your Majesty, but if you desire, if you want to feel this again, I could lock you up in chains and leave you here for some time. It would be our secret, I would lock the entrance to the dungeon and noone would ever know."

"That is kind of you, Mildred, but now I know that I can break these chains, it will never be the same."

"Maybe I know who could help us."

*** back on the present day ***

The last week had been packed with appointments and visits. Elsa had long forgotten that strange conversation in the dungeons. Harvesting season was coming to an end, and Elsa had been busy rushing from one village to the other, thanking the local people for their hard work and ensuring them that their efforts were appreciated and valued in the castle. After a quick lunch, Elsa asked Mildred where they were heading next, but she replied, "Your Majesty, I have to confess, there is no more appointment this afternoon. Actually, you have no obligations for the rest of the day and tomorrow."

"What does this mean, Mildred, why was I lied to?"

"Please, Elsa, would you just trust me and follow me? I promise, you will soon understand."

Elsa was not sure whether she should be angry at Mildred for lying, or just trust her. Elsa decided that she was too exhausted for arguing, sighed and followed Mildred, who had opened the secret door in Elsa's office. A few minutes later, they arrived in the very dungeon cell where Elsa and Mildred had talked a fortnight earlier.

"Grand Pabbie?!?" The chief of the trolls was the last one Elsa had expected to see. "It's so nice to see you!" Elsa's joy was sincere, as was her surprise. "What are you doing here?"

"Mildred has told me about your conversation. I am here to help you." Before Elsa could recall the details of the talk, he continued, "I have brought a burning stone." Pabbie produced a crystal from underneath his cloak. It had a dull and dark red color. "It's not really burning, is it?" Elsa said with a sceptical look, "what is it supposed to do?"

"If you really want to feel the freedom of being bound again, as you described to Mildred, be so kind and touch the stone with your ice." Half out of curiousity, Elsa created a tiny snowball and let it float to the dark stone. The moment it touched it, the snowball melted into millions of tiny waterdrops which stood still in mid-air for half a heartbeat before being sucked into the crystal. In the same moment, the previously dull stone started to shine so strongly that the surprised Elsa had to cover her eyes. A few seconds later the shine had subsided to a flickering, red glow.

"Take off your dress, Elsa."

This was unexpected, but it was not so much the strange nature of the request that startled Elsa, but the fact that somebody was giving her an order. For as long as she could think, she had been the one giving orders, not receiving. "This is getting interesting", she said, but decided to play along. She opened the ribbon what held together her glittering dress in the back of her neck, and let the gown slide to the floor. Grand Pabbie was shocked to see that Elsa had been wearing nothing but her light blue overknee stockings and her shoes below the dress. He could not help noticing the little goose bumps on Elsa's soft, pale skin, and that her nipples seemed to get hard.

"The cold does not bother me, but it DOES have an effect."

The troll blushed instantly.

"You didn't expect me to be naked underneath, did you?"

"No, I didn't," Grand Pabbie felt caught again.

Elsa herself could not believe that she was standing nude in front of the old troll. Suddenly, she was very aware of Mildred standing behind her, and who must now have a full view of her nude ass. Elsa felt exposed, but she also felt that trying to cover her private parts would make her appear self-conscious and even emphasize her her nudity. Instead, she wanted to show that she was still in control of the situation and fought the urge to cover herself. She took a deep breath to regain her confidence, but by doing so, raised breasts, again catching the troll's attention.

It's not that Grand Pabbie was staring at Elsa out of erotic interest, it was just out of plain interest. For him, human bodies, in particular that of Elsa, were too tall and slender, the legs too long, the skin too pale and much too soft. Why human women shaved all body hair was a mystery to him.

"One of the advantages, if cold does not bother you. No panty lines." Elsa giggled and gave Grand Pabbie a smile, reassuring him that everything was fine.

Mildred had silently picked up Elsa's dress, folded it up and placed it on a wooden stool on the far wall. The troll regained his posture, reached for a small necklace and attached the burning crystal to it. "Elsa, kneel down, in front of me." For Grand Pabbie, this was just a necessity, because he was too short to reach Elsa's neck. For her, it was another command, and it sent a tingle trough her body. Elsa had never knelt in front of anybody. Surprisingly, this new experience was oddly intriguing, and the fact that Mildred was watching her every move excited Elsa more than she would have ever thought.

Elsa held up her hair for Grand Pabbie and he put the necklace around her neck. "Stand up now and put your hands behind your back. Mildred, if you please?" While Elsa rose, she could hear the noise of chains behind her, but she resisted the urge to turn around. Instead, she put her hands behind her back and stood still, until the touch of cold iron around her wrists confirmed what she had expected. It took Mildred a few moments, but then two distinctive clicks indicated that the metal cuffs had been firmly locked around her wrists. The weight that suddenly pulled down on them signalled that Mildred had let go of the chains. Finally, Elsa turned around to see that a heavy chain, only a few feet long, was linked to the metal ring in the wall, just above the stone bed.

"What a strange game you are playing with me," Elsa said, smiling to relax this awkward situation. Grand Pabbie said, "Mildred and I will leave now. I will stay in the castle and not be far, and Mildred will see after you regularly."

With that, Mildred and Grand Pabbie left the cell, closed the door and Elsa heard the heavy bolts fall into place. Left behind was their almost naked, chained up Queen, who was slightly confused, but still amused and somewhat touched. She knew that what these two had done was a gesture of understanding and friendship.

Chapter 2

Elsa explored her bonds and gave them a playful tug. The cuffs were solid, the locks were tight and the chain strong. The ring in the wall had probably been in place for centuries. No human could escape this cell. Elsa decided to play along and tried to remember that feeling of helplessness she had experienced what seemed an eternity ago. She pulled the heavy chains, tried to recreate the sensation of despair, or the warm comforting calmness of being powerless.

Soon, she started to feel stupid, even ridiculous. The queen of Arendelle, naked except for stockings and shoes, a red stone dangling from a necklace around her neck, chained to the wall, playing prisoner like a little kid. Pretending to be helpless. Actually, not even succeeding in pretending to be helpless. Her mood changed to sadness and disappointment when she realized that this theatre play was not working, and that she would have to tell her friends that their efforts were in vain.

She decided to end this sharade and guided her thoughts to icing up the metal that bound her. She created a mental image of ice crystals growing from within those chain links, breaking through the surface and tearing the iron into pieces.

Nothing happened.

"This is distracting me more than I imagined", she thought to herself. She took a deep breath, focussed on the chain, and did her magic.

Nothing. No cold, no ice crystals, no broken metal.

Instead, she noticed a strange warmth between her breasts. Looking down, she saw the red shine of the burning crystal had intensified. Her suspicion was confirmed when she again tried to summon her magic and observed how the crystal seemed to absorb all her powers and transformed them into a bright red light and a warm glow.

"This cannot be."

Again, concentration, focussing on the chain. No effect. Focussing on a single link, gathering all her powers. Nothing. Aiming her magic at the iron manacles, the padlocks, the ring in the wall, the wall itself. No matter what Elsa tried to ice up, she did not succeed. "This is impossible, how can a stupid necklace irritate me like this?" She tried everything over again, but to no avail. "This cannot be... it's impossible!" The links of the chain remained solid, the ring in the wall firmly fixed in place, and the iron grip of the cuffs around her wrists did not yield.

She began to realize that she was truly bound. Not like last time, when she had THOUGHT she was helpless. It dawned on her that this time, the bondage was real. And it was stronger than her magic. She gasped as a thought crossed her mind:

"What if someone sees me like this?!"

Looking down at herself, she became painfully aware of her own nudity. She spotted her dress on the other side of the cell and tried to reach it, but the chains went taut instantly and stopped her. In a desparate attemt, she tried to bring her hands to the front to see if she could cover herself, but it was useless. She looked around. A place to hide? The ring was built into the flat wall with hardly an edge to hide her. The stone bed was so low, it barely reached her knees. She could clearly see the window in the cell's heavy door, which meant that whoever peeked through it would easily see her exposed body. She sat down on the hard bed, pressed herself against the wall, curled up as tightly as possibly, and tried to disappear.

Suddenly, the expression on her face changed and she was up again, not worrying about her nudity, but futily pulling the chain. Fighting to summon her magic, hardly noticing that the burning stone was heating up between her breasts.


This was a real lockdown, not a game. She was the Queen, not a criminal, she had been betrayed by who she thought of as her closest friends. Left in the dungeons, chained up like an animal, how could they? In her rage, she did not notice the burning stone getting hotter. That, together with her anger heated her up to the point where drops of sweat ran down her skin, tracing every curve of her naked body.

Again, a thought made her freeze in her rage. She took a deep breath.

"This... this is what I was longing for."

One last tug on the chains. She was not going anywhere, not before Grand Pabbie or Mildred released her.

What if someone saw her like this? She would not be able to prevent it, it was out of her control.

What was happening outside these walls? It was out of her reach, she had no influence.

What if people were trying to talk to her? There was nothing she could do.

How long would she be here? She did not now. Other people would decide for her.

She stood motionless, her breathing slowed down and found a calm, deep rythm. The sweat on her skin cooled down her temper as it cooled down her body and she started to get goose bumps. She looked down on her nipples and saw they were erect as they had been when Grand Pabbie had seen her naked.

She looked at the walls and the light shining throught the window onto the dungeon's floor. She tried to move closer, but she could only see the water in front of the castle. It was as if the world outside had disappeared.

Elsa sat down on the stone bed and, almost motionless, trying to comprehend her situation. Soon, her thoughts began to drift. At some point, she lay down, looked at the window's light that slowly changed its brightness as some clouds floated by in the skies outside her dungeon cell. When she fell asleep, she slept deeper than she had for years.

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Saturday, June 16, 2018  

Are you THE luctem from DeviantArt???

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

Cute. Fantasy magic and trolls mixed with a desire for bondage. Not a bad fist try. Thank you.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

Really good! Please do more :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

A fun start. It ends before you really begin to explore the potential of the queen's newfound helplessness, though. ;)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

What a beautiful story. Thank you very much. I like the theme of the underlying contradiction in any consentual bondage.

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