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Daughter And Her Best Friend Tied Up Games
  • Author - zenetx  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, analplay, bondage, breathplay, chastity, electricity, games, humiliation, loving, spanking, suspension, teen, tickling
  • Post Date - 6/13/2018
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Author's Note: Due to the positive feedback from my first story, here is another one. Please let me know what you think.

Part 1 - The Perfect Plan

Mother: "This is enough Stefanie!! Where is the key?!"

You may think: why is my mom so mad? Well, let me summarize, it's all because of a specific collar, a very special one; a massive solid steel collar, 1.6"/4cm wide and 0.40"/1cm thick! There is a hidden hinge in the back and a padlock in the front which merges perfectly with the collar, making it seamless and looking like a permanent one. Since the first time I saw my mother wearing it I thought: How would it be the feeling of being stuck with such oppressive collar? The humiliation... the frustration... It made me dream...

The sensual world of BDSM

First let me make something clear, I'll never forget when I finally managed to convince my mother to tied me up for the first time and all the emotions I felt, since then I fell in love with bondage. She not only showed me everything about it, leaving me restrained for hours (sometimes even for days!), as also taught me how to tie someone, even letting me practice on her. This has been incredible so far, but on the other hand I suspect my mother had also taken quite a liking to dominate me. Whenever she get serious she doesn't hesitate to discipline me harshly, pushing my limits of how much pain and humiliation I can endurance, and leaving stuck there for as long as she wants, doesn't matter how much I beg to get out. I really don't know if hate or love these moments... but anyway since I saw the heavy steel collar it make me think, until I have this crazy idea.

Me: "Come on mom! It's part of the game; you're supposed to stay locked until you tied me up and force me to say where I hid the key and then it's my turn."

Mother: "Daughter you are playing with fire. Now give the key already, I need to go to work."

Me: "I can play the dominant if you want me to ..." Making a pose, I speak with a commanding voice: "No more complaints slave! You stay locked until I say so."

Mother: "Oh please. You are so dominant as I'm the Pope."

Dropping the acting I say: "Come on!! I'm not a child, I can take it. It'll be fun! Please?"

Mother: "Now you hear me; if I leave through that door locked in this collar so we have a deal; you will take whatever bondage I choose and after it you'll wear the collar for as long as I want, no chicken out, no regrets and no complaints. Are you sure?"

Her serious voice and her threatening eyes gave me a chill down the spine, feeling the danger my inner voice screams: back off now! But ignoring my fears and already shaking knees, I give a deep breath and say: "We have a deal."

Mother: "Ok then. Be prepared."

All this happened five days ago. My mother has been wearing the collar since last monday, she never said when she would tie me up, but I predict that probably it will be this weekend. I'm already nervous thinking about what she'll do with me.

My plan worked perfectly so far, instead of a very boring (and hot) summer weekend, now I have a very interesting one ahead! And I can keep it as intense and exciting as I want, I just need to say where the key is hidden when I want to stop. This is brilliant, I actually have control of the situation! I giggle a little thinking about my own cleverness.

I promise to myself not to give up too easily, I'll show her that I'm very experienced with BDSM now. Maybe I won't say where the key is at all unless she keeps me tied up all weekend. This is so fun!! Daydreaming about the possibilities, I got very excited.

It's late night and lying on my bed, but I don't think I'll be going to sleep being so excited as I'm now. Ok maybe It's a good time to play a little ... I stood up and went to my toy box.

I have some new toys to try, It's shameful to say but my mother bought them for me. Last time she got very mad because I went through her stuff, so she recommended some toys for my own. The first time I opened the package, a few days ago, I got shocked, it was a steel buttplug! If this wasn't embarrassing enough, it was a really huge one! When I look back in the website I saw it's actually the biggest size available! There were also some large steel clamps, strong and very heavy, it seems they are some kind of .. nipple clamps? The thought of have these monsters biting my delicate nipples send shivers down my spine. Maybe this is some kind of revenge from my mother? Since then I didn't have the courage to try them out, I guess today is the day to try or forever give up. At least the plug isn't inflatable so it can't get any bigger, unlike the last time.

Time to get ready! Now completely naked, I pickup my favorite leather slave collar and buckled it around my neck. This is always so exciting! The light in my bedroom is off but the window is open and the full moon outside provides enough lighting for me to see. I pose in front of the big mirror and stare at my own naked reflection for a few moments. Although being short and petite, I work very hard to keep my body in shape! I'm looking good and I feel proud of my athletic appearance.

Picking up my toys, I put the nipple clamps aside on the bed. Further examining the buttplug I notice some kind of holes in the bottom... as it were for plugging something in? But there is no cables! Weird... well, whatever. There is also an user guide which came with it, but I don't feel like reading it, after all I went through so far, I'm pretty sure I know what I'm doing by now.

My mother is probably sleeping right now, I must be careful not to make too much noise. I move around quietly and grabbed some lubricant. I generously poured the lube over the buttplug and standing up near my bed, I relax myself and start to push the plug home. Like the last time I shove it gently but also very firmly, I learned not to panic at a little pain but it's tremendous size is really not helping ... When I reached the thickest part I unwittingly let out a loud moan: "Aaaaahh!!!" I immediately cover my mouth with one hand while holding the buttplug with another. I froze in place for a few minutes, listening to my surroundings.

Looks like no one heard. I hope. Maybe it's better to give up, it seems this buttplug is way too much big for me. I sit on the bed and start to think how it would feel inside me ... its monstrous size deep inside my little body ...

Without even realizing, I quickly open a drawer of my dresser and grab the biggest folded pair of socks that I could find and shove it inside my mouth. Almost in a hypnotized state, I use even more lube and start to push the plug inside me again, this time even more forceful! Reaching the thick part again I let it out another moan, only this time a muffled one: "Mmmhh!!" I close my eyes, relaxing my body and muscles as much as I can, ignoring the pain. I lean my body forwards and lay one hand on my bed while still pushing the plug in. Almost there!! I give one last very hard push and It seems this was enough to overcome the thickest part, then the plug gets abruptly sucked in: "MMMMHHH!!!!"

It feels really huge! Even at its base it feels thick and uncomfortable, making my lower muscles involuntarily and violently clench, and sending shivers all over my body. "Hhh Ghhd!" (Oh God!) Panicking a little I try to pull it out, but the plug is completely stuck, it'll be very hard to removed it, probably impossible being agitated as I am now. I lay both my hands on bed trying to cope with the sensations. Already regretting my actions, I have a break to catch my breath.

After a few moments I stand up straight again and take a few, and very tortuous, steps. Each step I'm forced to feel the plug ominous presence in my ass! What hell was my mother thinking when she brought me this?! Well anyway, I'll just finish what I started and make the best of it. I pick up some rope and my favorite remote controlled bullet vibrator and lie on the bed. I easily insert the vibrator and begin to tie a crotch rope.

Just as my mother taught me I looped the rope several times around my waist, knotting it on my front, passing the rope end between my legs to my back, and then guiding the rope under and over the waist loops on my back and bringing the rope to my front again. I took a deep breath and give the rope a hard pull: "MMMHHH!!!" Curse you buttplug! Maybe would be better to not do it so tight, otherwise it will be very hard to relax. Another good idea is to keep the gag, so a grab a scarf on my nightstand and use it to do a secure cleave gag, holding the thick socks inside my mouth.

Everything set! I pick up the vibrator remote and choose a very soft and continuous vibration mode, which immediately gave me waves of pleasure. Not wanting to rush my enjoyment, I relax my body, savoring each sensation. I moan quietly: " ... mmmmmmmhhhh ..."

With the intention of further delay my climax, I change the vibration to spaced pulses: "mmhh ... mmhh ... mmhh ..."

Laying on my back, I raise my hands above my head pretending they are tied to the headboard.

I close my eyes and begin to daydream my bondage fantasies ...

what will my mother do to me?

she seemed very mad when I forced her to go outside with the locked collar, for sure she'll make me pay for that ...

will she hogtie me? Spank? Probably both, probably this and much more ...

I'll do my best to defy her, resisting as much as I can ... I can't wait!!

Almost reaching an orgasm, I turn aside and see the menacing nipple clamps on the bed. Not thinking straight I take one clamp and begin to bring it closer to my breast.

Its spring is so strong ... what I would feel if I let it bite my nipple?

My delicate and sensitive nipple, for sure will be painful ... so very painful ...

Deep breaths, I press the opened clamp against my right breast, my nipple already very hard ...

Probably another poor decision, my heart beating fast, it's too late now, I can't control myself ...

So I finally let the clamp go: "MMMMMMHHHHH!!!!"

Oh God! It really hurts!! Resisting to not immediately remove it, I toss and turn on the bed.

The pain ... it's so strong, it hurts so much ...

I try to pretend again that my hands are tied above my head. Sadly it didn't work out. I finally chicken out and removed the clamp.

Massaging my aching breast, I decide to take a few moments to caught my breath. Feeling a little frustrated, I imagine what would happen if my hands were really tied. The agonizing pain, so mind numbing, I would probably go crazy ...

I can't wait for tomorrow ...

Now very tired, and relaxing to recover myself, I inevitably fall asleep ...

Voice: "Rise and shine!"

I slowly wake up, opening my eyes and looking at my alarm clock ... 6am?! You gotta be kidding me! I roll over to my side, pulling the blanket and going back to sleep.

Mother: "Not a chance! Today is the big day!" She says while abruptly pulling my blanket off.

Realizing my shameful appearance, I try to cover myself with my hands in embarrassment.

Mother: "Looks like someone had some fun last night. Well, this makes things easier, I only hope you saved some energy for today. Now lie with your face down and put your arms behind your back." She says while placing copious amounts of black nylon rope by my side.

There is no turning back now! I begin to get excited and follow her orders. She waste no time tying me up; she crosses my arms horizontally behind my back and does a tie near my crossed wrists, then using the same rope she coils it up several times above and below my breasts. I recognize this tie, it looks like the rope chest harness she did in the past. As before, she brings the rope end to my front and over my shoulder, then behind my neck and symmetrically down again, preventing it from slipping down. Ultimately she cinches everything tightly, pinning my arms very strictly behind my back.

Mother: "I was going to ask how it feels so far, but it seems you are gagged already." She undoes my cleave gag just to tie it again even tighter double knotting it!

I let it out a annoyed moan: "nhh!" Struggling and shaking my body but there is no slack at all. I have learned so far; if my mother wants me to stay tied, there is nothing I can do to prevent that. I can speak from experience, I've already spent an entire day tied like that before, struggling and doing everything I could but I could undo or even each a single knot. And whenever I give up and ask for my mother for help, she would only laugh at me and give reasons to try even harder!

Mother: "And not only that. You also decided to try your new toys! I knew you wouldn't resist. Hahaha!" She says laughing while giving me a hard slap on my butt! "Do you like your little buttplug?"

( link opens in new window )

Me: "Mhhmm!!" I cry out, shaking my head vigorously and feeling completely humiliated, redoubling my struggling efforts. Unfortunately, this little outburst backfired on me, the crotch rope forces me to remember how annoying and uncomfortable the huge plug feels inside me! Then I stay still, blushing in shame.

Mother: "I hope so, because it won't go anywhere anytime soon. This will teach you to not do stupid things again, like snoop in my wardrobe. Now stand up!"

With her help, I carefully get out of the bed. She fixes my hair in a ponytail and stares at my naked body, making me blush even more.

Mother: "You did the crotch rope well but didn't tighten it enough, let's fix this."

I replied shaking my head: "Nnh! Nnh!"

Mother: "No? Well I guess you didn't get the point. Wasn't you who said to 'force you'? So you have not choices here bondage girl. And don't even think about give up already or I'll make it much worse!"

My heartbeat accelerate and my knees starts to trembling a little. I submissively lower my head nodding.

Mother: "Alright, now for your punishment, let me see ..."

I wide my eyes in panic, she quickly turn me around, grabbing another piece of rope and doing a noose between my breasts, linking the rope above and below them, twisting the rope a few times and guiding each end towards each side above my shoulders. Then she pulls it hard on my back, harshly squeezing my boobs. I held my breath, resisting bravely, so to not give her the satisfaction.

Mother: "Being brave? Good, so we can make it more interesting ..."

She does a evil smile and forces my crossed wrists upwards towards my shoulder blades. Knotting the end of the rope bra around my tied wrists, she guides the rope behind my neck, then all the way down to my waist, linking to my crotch rope. Finally she gives one last hard pull, knotting it there and making the bra and crotch rope agonizing tight! The buttplug pressure make it impossible to not let out another loud moan: "MMMHHH!!!" Struggling hopelessly for a few seconds, I further pushed my wrists upwards to relieve the rope tension on my crotch and breasts. I'm already panting heavily.

Mother: "So today we gonna see how you aren't a child anymore right?" She says with a devilish expression while tugging the steel collar locked in her neck. "Where are your new little nipple clamps?" I wide my eyes in panic! I was able to endure only one clamp, and just for a few moments, how would be if she put both of them on me? With my hands tightly tied behind my back and no way to remove them, it probably will be pure hellish torture!

I shake my head trying to say that I don't know where they are. Please God don't let her find them!

She approaches my face, my heart is beating fast, then she says: "Ok, let's make up for it later. Follow me! And try to not disappoint me." She clips a leash in the O ring in front of my leather collar and, taking the rest of the rope, she walks away, tugging the leash to force me to follow her.

I try to walk carefully to not let the plug and ropes torture me (too much), but my mother doesn't care and don't have patience to wait, she keeps pulling the leash and says: "Come on bondage girl! There is no time to waste!"

This is really humiliating! Forced to walk around the house naked, strictly tied and lead in a leash! Either she is taking this dominant acting very seriously or she really must be very mad because of being stuck with the steel collar all week.

We arrive at the basement's door, then she goes behind me, resting her hands on my shoulders, she whispers in my ear: "Go downstairs and watch your step."

I frozen in place! This hasn't even started yet and I'm already very scared!

She says: "What? Don't tell me this is all you got ... After you talked so much to convince me to do this. I guess in the end you are only a foolish little girl."

I close my eyes and take a deep breath ...

I'll show her!! It Doesn't matter what she does to me I'll not give in! She may be stuck with her steel collar forever for all that I care! Now it's a matter of honor. With renewed confidence I went down.

Mother: "Great, let's begin then. We have the whole weekend ahead." I ignored her and waited downstairs.

The basement used to be the laundry but now it's empty, which makes it seem to have more space, the stone walls also help with the frightening atmosphere. There are a couple of small windows very high on the wall, the lights are turned off but there is enough daylight already.

My mother comes down too. She grabs an old bedroll, putting it on the ground and says: "Lay down on your belly."

As I did, she uses the remaining rope to tie my left leg, folding it and coiling the rope up several times, binding my ankle to my thigh and cinching it very tightly. Then she does the exact same thing to my right leg, putting me in a secure frogtie.

Mother: "Feel free to enjoy your bindings, I'll be right back." She goes away leaving me alone in the basement.

Just moving around a little is enough to notice how tight my bondage is! Also, the uncovered surface of the old bedroll is very rough and itches my delicate skin, especially my exposed breasts, making it much more uncomfortable. To Tired to keep pushing my wrists upwards behind my back I let them rest down, which made my crotch rope super tight! On top of that my poor boobs got squeezed hard too! I struggle hopeless, shaking my body and screaming in my gag: "MMMHHH!!!"

I lay with my face down on the bedroll and stopped struggling because it's making it a lot worse. If want to defeat my mother a better way is to relax and get used to these punitive ropes. Panting and with my heart beating fast I try to calm down and reflect about my situation. Weird enough, despise all this fear, humiliation and helplessness, even after all that, I still love this! I hate and love it so much!

A sudden loud sound breaks my self reflection, I look forward and see a large and heavy basket being put on the ground next to me.

Mother: "We gonna try something new today. Have you already heard about suspension bondage?"

I reply with a puzzled expression: "Hhm?"

Mother: "At this point it's easier to show you than explain. Hold on."

She pick up some heavy chain from the basket and, climbing on a stool, she fixed it on the ceiling, right above me. Then she grabs me, one hand holding in the middle of my chest harness in my back and the other on my waist rope, lifting me from the floor. This make me panic a little, moaning in fear: "Hhm!!" She ignores me and swings my body around, further increasing my despair.

Mother: "Ok. This looks good enough." Then she put me back on the bedroll.

More chains are brought from the basket, there are connecting links in the ends of each one, which she uses to fix each rope that she was holding with her hands before to the heavy chain on the ceiling. She adjusts the chain length, removing all the slack and says: "The more anchor points the better because it distributes the weight evenly, decreasing the rope tension and allowing you to stay in bondage longer."

She grabs yet more chains and connects the cinch rope between my ankles and thighs of each leg to the heavy chain, only this time she adjusts its length considerably shorter, forcing my chest forwards and arching my back a little.

Mother: "But this doesn't mean I'll go easy on you at all. Speaking of that, It's a shame that you didn't choose your ballgag harness this time. Well, I guess I'll have to improvise."

My hair is fixed again in a high ponytail, then she ties a rope to it, pulling the rope back forcing me to raise my head. I moan in discomfort: "Hhm!!!" She keeps pulling it and says:

"Come on, you can do better than that, all the way up, come on .... there we go!"

She knots my hair to the heavy chain, leaving me in a very strict position. Finally I hear some chain noises, like a pulley being used, and suddenly my body is slowly lifted a few inches from the floor. The tight ropes bite into my sensitive skin, a permanent reminder of how strict and helpless my bondage is. Panting heavily, fear and excitement assaults my mind. Being suspended like this, hanging in ropes and chains, further increases the helpless feeling. I try to find a more comfortable position but it's useless, even using all my strength I only manage to shift my body for a few seconds until the ropes quickly bend my body back towards the centre of mass on the back of my rope harness, making sure that I keep this agonizing and restrict pose, also with my head cruelly pulled backwards, swinging in the air entirely hopeless...

Mother: "That is it. Did you like it?"

Once again I panic a little, moaning in fear: "Hhm! Hhm!!!"

Mother: "Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to get used to it. All the weekend if you want to, I'm not in a hurry."

Damn! She really know how to distress me!

Mother: "Now do me a favor and see if you can get out."

I shake my head: "Nnh! Nnh!"

She slaps my butt very hard, making my body swing around and says: "Do it!"

I scream in pain: "MMMHH!!"

Not wanting to receive another slap I obey, struggling hard against my restraints, but there is no slack whatsoever. On top of that there is always a present fear of falling which makes everything much harder. Not only I'm stuck in a very strict pose, as also any way I move make the ropes torture my body even more! Just trying to use my hands is enough to pull on my already super tight crotch rope, disturbing my wicked buttplug and cruelly squeeze my breasts, which makes me involuntarily struggle around even more, contributing to the self torture cycle. The best I achieve was to barely touch the chain on my back with my finger's tip. Panting heavily, I choose to remain still for while to catch my breath.

Mother: "It seems unlikely that you will get out any time soon by yourself, but we shouldn't take any risks. We don't want you to fall and hurt yourself, right?" After saying that, she takes something from the basket and shows me: "I have something for you. Do you see these leather gloves? They are like normal gloves, except they don't have fingers. They are called thumbless mittens and are perfect for naughty girls like you."

My hands got inside which seems like normal gloves, with my fingers slipping into their respective slots.

Mother: "The first layer is fixed to another one made of leather which can be folded over your hands, so we can secured it like that... Then we pull the mittens over."

I'm forced to fold my hands into fists. I can feel heavy padding all around, even on my wrists, making it very comfortable to wear, but at the same time very restrictive! Now I can't use my hands at all!!

Mother: "They also have a nice reinforced buckle to make sure that they'll stay in place no matter how much you struggle. There you go. Try to get out again." Then she gives me another hard slap on my butt in the exactly same spot as before, becoming twice as painful due to my already sensitive skin, and making me scream even more: "MMMMHHHH!!!" I try to struggle my way out once more, only this time I can't even use my hands, which stay folded and completely useless behind my back. It would be very hard to remove the mittens getting free, let alone with my arms so strictly tied!

Mother: "Much better now."

I look at her with puppy begging eyes and moaning quietly: "Plmhfm, nh mhrm." (Please, no more.)

Mother: "Dear, we've been through this before, these eyes don't work on me, I already told you. I guess I have to punish you again to make you learn."

She picks up a wide black scarf and covers my eyes, knotting it tightly and twice behind my head. I heard the pulley chain being work on again and feel my body being raised again, more and more, which together with my lack of vision, tripled my fear. After several minutes, and who knows how high, she says: "Let's give you some time to get used to it before we start the real fun. See you soon."

Oh God! Her voice seems coming from down below. How high up am I?! Already in panic, I beg for mercy: "Whnt" Dhn't lmhvm mm!"" (Wait! Don't leave me!")

After that, I heard walking steps fading in the distance. She just left me like that! A helpless little thing, entirely naked and exposed, cruelly tied and humiliated, gagged, blindfolded and hanging from the ceiling. Trembling in fear for what is yet to come.

After several minutes(?) no sign of her, only silence. I got impatient and begins to call for her:

( link opens in new window )

"Mhm! ... Mhm! ... Mhm? ... Mhm?! ... MHM!!!"

I try to use my hands again, but the mittens are super restrictive, no matter how much I struggle, I don't get to move my fingers even a fraction of inch inside. They won't come off without help, that's for sure. Giving up on using my hands, I try to dislodge my blindfold, but it seems another impossible task, it's knotted very tightly and I can't even shake my head with my hair cruelly tied, forcing me in a very strict pose. On top of that I can't see absolutely anything, the blindfold is wide and completely opaque, leaving me in total darkness.

After all my unsuccessful attempts, the frustration got the best of me, I stubbornly begin to struggle, frenetically shaking my body and wiggling my legs. Hopelessly screaming in my gag: "Plmhfm lmt mm gh! Plmhfm!!" (Please let me go! Please!!) Not even the ropes torturing my whole body or the fear of my suspension hold me this time. I keep struggling ...

and screaming ...

and fighting against my restraints ...

being punished and tortured by the ropes ...

for several minutes, until I have no strength left ...

My heart is beating like crazy, my breathing absolutely chaotic, now I remain at a standstill, with my body swinging in chains and entirely defeated.

Mother: "Having fun already? Don't worry it's about to get even better."

Her suddenly voice scared me a little. For how long has she been there?

Mother: "Now take a deep breath. This will pinch a little."

Me: "Hm?"

Then a feel something being clamped to my skin! And another, and another, repeatedly! All following a line around my chest. Each pinch makes me twitch and scream: "Hhm! ... Hhm! ... Hhm! ..."

Mother: "This is called zipper. Although there is no relation with that one used in jackets and jeans..."

I can't pay attention to what she's saying, the pinching is very distracting.

Mother: "... clothespins which are held together by a cord ..."

Did she say clothespins? Oh god!

Mother: "... causing a 'zip' sound. Ready?"

Me: "Hm?" All of a sudden, all the things clamped to my skin were pulled abruptly and all at once! My skin feels like is on fire!

Me: "MMMHHH!!!"

With my arms tightly pinned on my back and unable to touch my skin to relieve the burning sensation, I instinctively struggle and shake my body like a wild animal. For a few seconds I lost my mind ...

The pain is overwhelming, I keep struggling, the rope squeezing my breasts, the crotch rope almost cutting me in half, my heart beating like crazy ...

After a while the worst passed, leaving only a tingling sensation on my skin. My tortured body trembling ...

Even after I struggled so much and so hard, not a single rope got loose or shifted position. I'm still stuck in this restrict and agonizing position, hanging in chains from the ceiling and completely helpless ...

I'm totally done. She is too good playing this. I was stupid to challenge her. I had no chance ...

Mother: "Did you liked it? Let's try it again."

Me: "Hm?!"

Not having enough time to even recover from the last assault she begins to clamp the clothespins on my skin, one by one, making me twitch and scream again: "Plmhfm nh mhrm! Nhh wnn! Hm gnvm hp!" (Please no more! You win! I give up!)

Mother: "Stop making so much noises or I'll punish you again."

How am I supposed to tell her where I hid her collar's key? She doesn't give me enough time to even think straight, she keeps adding more and more clothespins, twice as many more than before! This time she not only put them around my chest, but also from my armpits to my thighs!

Mother: "Well, this one is really gonna sting when goes off! Be prepared."

Me: "Nhhh! Plmhfm!!!" (No! Please!!)

Mother: "I have something for your big and noise mouth." She pushes my whole body forwards, holding me there and preventing me to swing back. "Bite this."

Feeling a rope being firmly pressed over my cleave gag, I follow her orders, biting it hard. Then I feel all the clothespins on my body being pulled, she must have tied the string linked to them to the wall in front of me. She removed all the slack, to the point that the clothespins are almost coming off already!

Mother: "Don't let it go or else ..."

She releases my body, this time the only thing preventing me to swing back is the rope between my teeth. It's very hard to keep biting the rope, my mouth is so stuffed already, with the thick pair of socks inside and cleave gag, not mentioning that I also have to support some of my weight, so I need to use all my jaw strength to have a good grip. This combined with my strict pose and my head cruelly pulled backwards, makes me tremble because of the tremendous effort.

Panting heavily, I don't dare to speak, fearing let the rope slip. She giggles a little and says: "Daughter, you are such a masochist. Even after all of that. (giggles) Well, since you are practically begging for it ..."

What hell is she talking about?? My doubt was quickly answered ... by a sharp pain on my nipple! She clamped a clothespin there! The other nipple soon shares the same fate. Using all my willpower, I do my very best to not move or scream. Biting as hard as I can on the rope in my mouth: "mmmmmhhh!!!" Only now I notice how hard my nipples are, in fact, all this humiliation and torture so far built up a intense heat deep inside me, my heart is beating like crazy and my body sweating profusely.

Mother: "Good job holding in there. Sadly, I don't think you will last much longer."

I hate to admit but she's right. I'm trembling very hard. All the clothespins on my skin are driving me mad, especially these last two. The only thing that still keep me going is to know that will be much worse if I let the rope slip.

Mother: "You know, there is something that I always wanted to ask you; are you ticklish?"

Oh God! Please have mercy!

Mother: "It's a shame that you can't speak. Let's find it out, shall we?" Then she starts to gently caress the sole of my feet. I desperately try to dodge her assault, curling my feet and moving it away. She giggles knowing this is useless...

Mother: "Putting up a bit of resistence, aren't you? (giggles) Let's see how much you can do."

My heart is beating so fast that seems like it's gonna go through my chest. She slowly increased her assault, each time fondling harder and faster, to the point she is frenetically tickling me. Not able to hold it anymore, I start to wiggle my legs and laugh, which inevitably made me let the rope in my mouth slip away ....

All the clamps were abruptly pulled away from my skin again. My brain was unable to register the full sensation ...

it's like my whole body was electrocuted ...

never in my life I struggled so much ...

screaming in my gag ...

at some point I manage to shake off the clothespins on both of my nipples, which caused me even more pain ...

my breathing chaotic, I almost fainted ...

Entirely exhausted and defeated, I stay completely motionless ...

Mother: "Didn't I say to you don't make so much noise? I think you do this on purpose." She undoes my cleave gag.

That's it, it's over. I'm completely broken, I gonna tell her everything, I'll do anything she wants ...

She removes the scarf holding the socks inside my mouth, then she abruptly shoves it inside of mouth too!

Me: "hm?!"

Pushing it very hard inside my mouth, she makes my cheeks bulge, then I heard adhesive tape being unwrapped and soon after, a large piece is stuck over my lips! Then another two making a X over the first one, everything is being thoroughly smoothed! How the hell am I supposed to confess anything now?!?

Mother: "One more time?" Immediately she begins to clamp the clothespins on my body again!!!

In total panic I start to scream: "nhhh!! nhh wnn! nhh wnn! hm'll dh hnnthnng! plmhfm fthp! Sthp!!" (No!! You win! You win! I'll do anything! Please stop! Stop!!)

I'm entirely ignored, the tape gag is too much effective I almost can't make any sound! If not for my blindfold, tears would be running on my cheeks now. I hopelessly continue: "Plmhfm!! Thnf Hmf thh mhgh! Hm ghn nht thgm Hmt hnnmhrm!" (Please!! This is too much! I can't take it anymore!)

She adds more and more clothespins, maybe even more than before! I keep struggling and screaming hopelessly, until she finally stops and says: "You really don't know how to stay quiet, don't you? What's the problem?"

Me: "Hm tmll nhh whmrm Hmf thm kmn!" (I tell you where is the key!)

Mother: "I don't understand you bondage girl."

Me: "Thm kmn! Thm kmn! KMN!!" (The key! The key! KEY!!)

Mother: "Key?"

I nod with my head as best as I can.

Mother: "Oh! Did you mean the key of the steel collar? Hold on." She removes my blindfold.

Took me a few seconds to focus my eyes. My mother is in front of me, she gesticulates with her hands pointing to her neck and there is no steel collar locked there anymore! What is happening?!

She shows me the key and says: "Did you really think that was a good idea to hide it below your mattress? Me, who changes your bed sheets."

I feel completely stupid, she played with me the whole time!

Mother: "Speaking of that." She approaches me, carefully unbuckles my leather collar and says: "I also found something you may like. There is a thing which you can fit to the collar before closeing the padlock. See?"

Focusing in her hand I saw a large metal ring, like 2"/5cm in diameter.

She picks up the steel collar, places it around my neck and says: "You do this ... then put it here, the padlock and ... listen to this."

An ominous click sound indicates that it's now locked.

Mother: "And now the ring is also seamless locked in the front. See?" She tugs the ring and the collar with it, making my body swing a little. "Now It looks a lot more like a slave collar, like your leather one, except it's secure locked. Did you like that?"

It feels really weighty on my neck, cutting in my neck at the back, my mother is making it even more noticeable when she tugs it. I already can tell that I'll never be able to remove it unless my mother let me. I reply with an annoyed moan: "nhh!!"

Mother: "Well, It really stands out, even more now with the ring. But don't forget you forced me to wear it for a whole week! Including going outside. So don't think you get out of it any time soon."

This is so unfair! She didn't have this outrageous metal ring locked on her! How am I gonna hide it now?! And for how long will she leave me locked up?

Mother: "I mean.. If I ever." She giggles tugging the collar again.

A chill goes down my spine. She is joking...right?

Mother: "Now let's finish this."

She goes to the basket to pick up something again. I can't stand this anymore, all the clothespins clamped to my tortured and sensitive skin are making me crazy, I'm exhausted, I can barely struggle, but it's completely hopeless anyway, I can't even make a sound, given so harsh my mouth is stuffed and tape gagged. Although I was entirely defeated and all my plan went down the drain, deep inside I'm more excited than ever! The thought that now I don't have any control over the situation and that I can't stop anything, increase exponentially the heat building up inside me. What else can she do to me?

Mother: "At last look what I found in your bed."

My question is quickly answered, my heart starts racing immediately, in her hands I see the monstrous nipple clamps! She found them!!

Mother: "For a moment I believed they would arrive in a different package or something. Tsc, tsc, tsc ... Bad girl, lying to her mother. Initially I meant to only frighten you with them, but I guess you need some more serious punishment."

In panic, I try to shake my head as best as I can: "nhh! nhh!! nhh!!!"

Mother: "I don't know what you want to say bondage girl. But don't worry, these are a lot stronger than the clothespins. Since you like to struggle so much, now you can wiggle to all your heart's content and they won't come off."

Oh God, please no!! Then suddenly, a maddening pain in my nipple hit me like a truck. The pain is ten times worse than before. The soul piercing pain make me scream and struggle with everything I have: "mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh!!!" Not being able to think straight, I thrash my body violently, not even caring about falling down... After a few moments my second nipple soon follows the same fate: "mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

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The excruciating feeling almost make me lose my sanity, my brain keeps commanding my hands to remove the clamps like I did last time, not realizing that it's impossible now! I stretch my body to the maximum that the chains allow me, trying to move my arms, but my only achievement is to make the ropes torture my body even more, particularly on my crotch, pushing the huge buttplug deep inside! On top of that, not only the clamps bite fiercely strong, as well they are pretty heavy, cruelly pulling my nipples downwards and increasing my suffering. Wasting all the energy I had left, I stop moving, so the ropes quickly pull me back to my restrict arched pose.

Mother: "Do you like your new toys?"

I can't even answer given my soul crushing agony.

Mother: "You are welcome. Enjoy."

I close my eyes tightly, trying to control my breathing. My body trembling due to the unbearable pain.

Mother: "Let's make a bet, if you manages to hold the rope for a few minutes this time, I lower you to the floor, otherwise you will be stuck in there for quite awhile" She pushes and holds my body again like before, only this time backwards. Then she places a rope end between my restrained hands and says: "Hold this."

Without enough friction due to the bondage mittens, I'm forced to press it between my fists with all of the little strength I have left. Once more she ties the cord linked to all the clothespins to the wall to the point they are already almost being pulled off and releases my body.

Mother: "I gonna check you soon. Good luck!" Then she walks away and goes upstairs.

This is insane! I can't even think about letting the rope slip, I won't be able to handle another round of hellish pain! With my body trembling in fear and exhaustion I try to calm down myself down. Without the blindfold, I start to investigate my surroundings, I must be really high above the ground, I can't directly look down due to my head being harshly pulled and tied backwards, but it's easy to tell, looking at the wall. I have no way to measure the passage of time, but I believe at least a couple of hours has passed since I came to the basement, given that the sun is getting very strong outside.

I close my eyes and my mind start to drift away ... despite my hopeless situation; the ruthless ropes binding and groping my whole body, the strict pose, the oversized plug still stuck in, the cruel gag, the dozens of clothespins pinching and torturing me, the agonizing pain on my nipples, besides all that, my body still seeks the release for my burning desire.

Suddenly the rope starts to quickly slip away, and by pure muscle reflex, I bluntly pushed my wrists downwards to catch it again. I got it, but by a fraction of inch the clothespins almost went off, also my crotch rope and rope bra became super tight! "mmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!"

Weird enough, my body starts to change pain with pleasure, every moment more and more intense ...

I hear someone going down the stairs and getting closer.

Mother: "Sorry for take so long. So, how are doing?"

I can barely answer.

Mother: "Hey! You are still holding it, you did it! Who could guess. Ok, now you can let it go and, as promised, I'll get you down."

Me: "nhn!"

Mother: "This is an order bondage girl! Don't make me repeat myself!"

Me: "Nhn!!!"

Mother: "Stubborn until the end." She grabs one last clothespin, approaches my behind and says: "(sigh) The things I'm forced to do to my own daughter ..." She goes behind me and slowly spreads my legs...

Oh God! What is she gonna do now? In panic, I try to keep my legs closed with the very little mobility and energy that I have left.

Mother: "You really wants to be punished today, don't you? Ok, I gonna fulfill your wish later. Now be a good and obedient bondage girl and stop resisting so much!"

She very easily defeated me, forcing me to spread my legs. Then my heart skip a beat, as if it already knew what was to come...

An absurdly strong feeling hits me! ... She clamped the clothespin directly to my clit!!!

I immediately let the rope slip, pulling everything off at once ...

my body spasm uncontrollably ...

my mind isn't capable of straight thinking anymore ...

waves of pain and pleasure hit me violently nonstop ...

until I inevitably pass out ...

I slowly regain my senses ... I'm lying with my stomach down, most likely on the bedroll, my arms are still tightly tied behind my back, also my legs are still frogtied, at least it seems there is no more clothespins on me, well except the two clamps on my nipples, which now are tingling like crazy ... My head isn't tied anymore and now rests comfortably on a soft surface. Opening my eyes I see the basement's floor, there is no one nearby, it looks like my mother left me here to rest, trying to call her I quickly realized that I'm still gagged. I close my eyes and go back to sleep...

Part 2 - The Unexpected Visit

Voice: Hey, wake up, hey!

I heard a soft voice calling me, she gets closer and gently caresses my face.

She says "Daughter, are you alright? Do you feel any pain? Any numbing?" while gropes my arms and legs.

My body feels heavy and sore, but there's nothing really hurting. I can feel and move my limbs, or rather struggle around, with just some effort, but at this point I prefer to stay motionless and admit my defeat.

Mother: "You seem ok. No sign of poor blood circulation or any problem... That's great! It means we can continue having fun!"

I look at her, my eyes pleading for her let me go.

Mother: "Or maybe just me having fun. (giggles)"

I reply with a annoyed moan: "Mhh!"

Mother: "I know you are getting tired but I don't want to see you resting, what's the fun of that?" She gives me a hard slap on my butt and says: "Show me a good struggle. Try to get out."

The slap make me squeak in surprise, but I don't react. I don't care if she leaves me tied, gagged and humiliated like this for the rest of the day.. in fact I believe I could even enjoy it.

Mother: "Come on!" She gives me another slap in the exact same place.

I moan again, this time sounding a little bit more sexual than I intended to: "Mmmmmhh.." Paying close attention to me, she seems to notice that, giving me a small wicked smile.

Well, I have no choice. I slowly wiggle my body and hump forwards, crawling over the bedroll. I hear chains clanking and thereafter my body feels being dragged to the exactly same place again. It looks like I'm still chained to the ceiling! It just happens that now the chains are loose, so I can lie down and rest but nothing more. Then I struggle a little, trying to release my arms or legs, and as expected, it's entirely useless, I'm stuck and helpless.

Mother: "Alright bondage girl. I know what you need."

She kneels next to me, positioning my lower body over her lap, with my butt high up.

Oh my God!!! I quickly begin to struggle much harder than any attempt before.

Mother: "Too late now bondage girl."

Easily holding me in place, she slap my rear with strength, making a loud sound. And again, and again, and again... I keep struggling wildly, but my sore muscles quickly get tired, leaving me defenceless and without offering any resistance. However she is merciless, she keeps hitting regardless, if not even harder than before! With each blow my whole body bounces, due to my mouth being so stuffed, my muffled screams sound even lower than the noise of the large O ring clicking against the steel collar!

Mother: "Don't worry, I'll give you a very nice spanking, extra harsh, the way that you like it."

My butt cheeks feel like are on fire! My body squirms and writhes uncontrollably, trying to find a way to relieve the pain.. but there isn't only that, at same time a burning desire begins to grow inside me again, with my heart beating fast, I surprise myself also wishing that she keeps going...

Mother: "Now let's make it interesting again, shall we?"

She abruptly shortens the chains linked to my legs, lifting them up, and pushing my chest forwards. The clamps on my nipples get caught on the rough surface of the bedroll, twisting them and making me scream: "mmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!" She keeps adjusting the chain until my back is so arched that only my belly touching the bedroll, like a very strict and cruel hogtie.

Mother: "There you go, bondage girl. Tight and secure. How about a struggle now?"

The piercing pain makes impossible to stay still, I cannot avoid to keep squirming and struggling, the ruthless bondage and strict pose adding to my discomfort.

Mother: "Good, this is way better, isn't?"

I shake my head while still fighting my restraints.

Mother: "No? Are you sure? You're much more active now and seem to be having so much fun."

Me: "Nhh!!"

Mother: "Well, at least is very entertaining to watch. (giggles)"

I close my eyes, blushing in shame, then she gently caress my face. I look at her, begging for release, but she just smile back. She touch the nipples clamps, sending a wave of pain over my body and making me scream: "MMHHH!!!!!"

Mother: "Are these hurting that much?"

I slowly nod.

Mother: "Too bad they won't come off, bondage girl. They are your punishment, remember? So they'll stay on until you remove them yourself. Speaking of that..." Showing a clothespin close to my face, she says in a devilish manner: "Since you are such an unruly bondage girl, I think these two clamps aren't enough, don't you agree? So how about that last one between you legs that you seemed to like so much?"

At this point I don't know if she is being sarcastic or not. I shake my head in panic: "Nhn!! Nhn!! Nhn!!"

She grabs the rope still tied to my ponytail, pulling my head backwards as far as it can go, and once again she knots it to the chain, fixing my head in a very strict pose. Whispering in my ears: "No? Are you sure? Think about all the excruciating pain that you'll be forced to endure... the soul crushing agony.. It's what you want, isn't it?"

Her words echo in my mind, making my heart races each second faster just thinking about it. What scares me the most is... she is not far from the truth.

She replaces the blindfold, knotting it and double knotting it tightly again. Whispering in a very devilish tone: "Well, isn't like you have any choice after all."

I have an adrenaline rush, my body starts shaking, now blind and panting heavily, I try to resist, keeping my legs close with the very small mobility and energy that I have left, which is hopeless.. I'm easily defeated. Trying to close my legs again I quickly realize that now I can't, she is holding them with her knees! Entirely vulnerable, I feel the clothespin tip touching my groin and gently sliding towards my crotch, very slowly.. The extreme anxiety makes panic! I struggle with everything I have, wiggling my whole body and screaming in my gag: "Nhnn! Plmhfm!! (No! Please!!)

With the clothespin almost arriving at its final destination, she suddenly stops. My heart beating so fast that seems it's about to come out from my chest. Then I hear a faint sound in the distance... a phone ringing.

Mother: "You got lucky little girl."

She walks away and once more leaves me behind completely helpless.

I must get out now! I struggle once more with all my strength, my legs swing helpless in the air, my arms stay tightly secure behind my back with my hands folded into fists and completely useless. The severity of the hogtie makes everything worse, I can't even move my head! Shaking and wiggling my body madly, the O ring attached to the steel collar makes clinking noises, my whole body is drenched in sweat, the old and uncovered bedroll makes my sensitive skin itches like crazy!

Please God! The fierce pain in my super sensitive nipples, the insane burning feeling in my butt which also causes my lower muscles to spasm involuntarily clenching at the thick base of the buttplug, the tight ropes digging into my skin all over my body, specially the ridiculous super tight crotch rope, the half suspend hogtie keeping me in this extremely restrict position, my sore muscles in agonizing pain, everything is maddening!! Please, I can't endure this any more. Despite all my effort, not a single rope shifted or got loosened. If not for my blindfold, tears would run on my cheeks... This torture continues for several minutes (hours?), trapped in my own world I lost the perception of time, my body becomes a quivering mess, despairingly seeking release, in more ways than just one...

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Mother: "You really love this, don't you?" Her voice surprises me. She approaches and whispers in my ears in a devilish tone: "Let's see how much you can take, shall we?" She goes behind me, spreads my legs and holds them open like before.

I scream as loud as I can, which is not much since my mouth is stuffed and taped so roughly: "Nhhh!!!"

Mother: "This gonna be intense, but I don't think that you'll pass out again... perhaps you'll piss yourself though..."

Oh God!! I close my eyes tightly, my heart almost coming out of my chest. The anxiety is unbearable, time freezes and seconds take ages...

Then, all of a sudden, my body drops on the bedroll.

Mother: "I was just teasing you, bondage girl... Don't get me wrong, I was really going to clamp you, lift you high up to the ceiling again and left you suffering for hours, most likely the whole day, but unfortunately I don't have time to watch you. Maybe next time."

She finishes untying my legs and helps me to stand up. It's very hard, being in bondage for so long, my legs are trembling and don't obey my will. My mother stop for a moment and give me some time to recover, she even gives me a massage to speed up the process, this always feels so relaxing. Then she clips the leash into my steel collar.

Mother: "Let's go back to your bedroom."

With my arms still tightly tied behind my back, she escorts me upstairs, her right arm hugging me tight, so there is no risk of me falling. I try to keep up the pace with her, but it's extremely hard, I'm still weak and being tortured all over; the ropes cruelly squeezing my girly parts, the oversized buttplug shifting inside me with each step, the merciless clamps on my tingling nipples, even my blindfold is still on! At least she is being very patient with me this time.

After what appeared to be a very long (and tortuous) journey, I finally arrived in my room. My mother shoves me on the bed and says: "Now behave yourself. I'll be back soon." Then she left me and closes the door.

After resting for a few moments, I slowly try to stand again, but without help, and with my arms tightly tied behind back, it's really hard! A few failed attempts later and I got very frustrated, making me struggle helpless on my bed, abruptly wiggling my body, which I regret immediately; the heavy clamps swing around, pulling on my nipples: "mmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!"

My poor nipples, throbbing and tingling so much, the clamps keep biting with all their might. When I get up is even worse, because I also have to bear out their heavy weight. There is no way to gently remove them with my hands tied, any other way and will be inconceivably painful. I'm doomed to suffer for however long my mother wants.

Calm down! Calm down. I've been in a similar situation before, I just need to not panic.

I carefully go into the corner of the bed using my legs, then shifting my body weight, I slip out the bed and kneel on the floor. Ok, done. Now what? Not only my hands are still crossed and tightly tied very high behind my back, but also they are encased and forced into fists, making them entirely useless. My legs are so weak that I'm forced to walk on my knees, on top of that I'm still strictly gagged and blindfolded!

Daydreaming for a few moments, I start to think about all the things I went through today, all the teasing and excitement, pain and pleasure. Slowly squirming my body, I test my restraints, trying to open my hands and bite my gag, but it's useless, as expected from my mother's ropework, even after all my struggling during the day, not a single rope loosened, in fact, it feels more tighter than ever. I'm forced to endure my inescapable prison and relentless tormentors.

Although weak and tired, I'm still feeling an unfulfilled desire which resides deep inside my body.. What if in that moment she had placed the clothespin in.. there? I instinctively press my thighs together thinking about it. My breathing starts to accelerate.. Oh God!

Cleaning my mind, I decide to attempt to remove my blindfold. I press my head against the bed, rubbing my face on the bed sheets. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work, the blindfold is knotted too tightly and doesn't move a fraction of inch out of place! Why is this always so hard?! Controlling my frustration, I take a deep breath and keep trying... After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally was able to partially remove it, just enough to unblock one eye. Now that I can see, I walk on my knees to the mirror.

Shocked and mesmerized by my own reflection I stay still looking myself. The first thing I notice is the huge steel collar locked on my neck! After all the pain, I forgot about it. It stands out so much, even more with the large ring attached on the front and the leash dangling from it. I turn around analyzing every inch of the collar and it look flawless, you can't even tell where the lock is, it looks like it was perfectly welded on my neck. This thought sent chills in my spine. There is no way I can go out like this, I would die of shame. How long does my mother intend to leave it locked? Not less than a week for sure, knowing her, probably it will be a lot more than that. I'm so stupid, what did I get into?

There are tears marks on my face, and red marks all over my body. I'm looking so abused and fragile, helpless and humiliated. The ropes cruelly squeezing me, so tight and strict. My cheeks bulges obscenely because of so much stuffing inside my mouth, and there is so much tape holding it shut that I can't even see the skin on my lower face. I can barely make an audible sound, let alone call for help. I must have gone crazy because even after all that, even now, I am sure, deep inside this is what I always wanted, the mind numbing sensations, the never ending teasing and frustration, I love it, I hate and love so much. With my heart beating fast, I think of how I would feel if my mother really left me tied and suspended all day.....

Look around mindless, my eyes see something that makes me freeze in place;

the vibrator remote controller!! I totally forgot it! Just thinking what would happen if I turned it on now with all its power, make me tremble in anticipation. Completely mesmerized with the idea, my body moved by itself, walking on my knees toward the controller. The only way to reach the top of the bedside table is with my foot.

Gathering all the energy that I have left, I change to a squat position, one foot at a time, taking great care to not lose balance, and finally, after a deep breath, I stand up. With my legs trembling, I suddenly raise one foot over the table, reaching the controller and dragging it to the ground. Although successful, my maneuver had a devastating side effect; the buttplug abruptly shifted inside me! The absurdly tight crotch rope pushed it as deep as it could go, making me cry out in pain: "mmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!"

My lower body goes numb, my legs collapse, dropping me to my knees again. I look the controller in the floor in front of me, my whole body shakes involuntarily. Not thinking straight anymore, I lie down on my belly. Panting heavily, I hit the controller with my chin, setting it all the way to the max!

The bullet vibrator suddenly gets alive inside me!

Getting ready for what I thought would be an insanely intense stimulation, I was surprised, despite being set to maximum intensity, it isn't vibrating like such, actually it's vibrating medium low! Oddly enough, I'm sure I have set it to the max. Anyway, the way as I'm now this should be enough. Getting close to a climax, I roll on the ground, fighting my devilish bondage and moaning in my gag. That's it, almost there!

Then, the worst thing possible happened; the vibrator gets even more weaker... and weaker... and weaker... holding me in the edge of an orgasm! So I realized, it's because there is no battery left. I slept with it turned on!!

NO! NO!! NO!!! This can't be happening! Please God!!

I never been so horny in my life, the idea of being denied now is beyond my comprehension... It keeps torturing me vibrating so weakly, my mind is melting! I need to stop this or I'll go crazy!

I try to move but my legs don't work, my body trembles wildly ...

My breathing is so chaotic, I'm so hot and sweaty, I can't even think clearly ...

The climax seems so near, yet it never comes ...

Struggling with all the strength I have left, I fight my restraints, but there is no escape from my hellish teasing torture ...

I was about to lose my sanity when I heard a voice ...

Mother: "What are you doing? I can't take my eyes off you even for a few moments and you already up to something!"

I can't answer, I just hope she will help me out.

Grabbing the vibrator controller from the floor, she says: "So that's it. Although I said to you behave yourself and wait for me, you decided to have fun on our own. (sigh)" Then she turn it off, I lie still on the floor, my body still trembling.

She picks me up, placing me on the bed and says: "What do I do with you, bondage girl?" Walking around and thinking for a few moments, she hesitantly says: "I don't want to spoil the surprise, but this is the perfect opportunity. Hold on." Redoing my blindfold and somehow making it even secure than before, she goes away.

I don't know what she's talking about, but I'm having a really bad feeling. I can't let her do whatever she's intending to do, knowing her, it'll be the worst thing possible, I need to run away! I try to get up going to the corner of the bed again, but I'm exhausted, my body feels very heavy and my movements are slow. When I finally touch my feet on the ground, my mother has already come back.

Mother: "As you may know, your birthday is near and I ordered a special gift custom sized just for you. It was really expensive!"

I try to resist but it's useless, I'm still totally helpless with my arms tied so tight. She holds me and begins to undo my crotch rope. I'm very scared! What will she do with me?! I start to wiggle my body to disrupt her and she rewards my efforts with a slap on my sensitive butt. I cry out: "mmhh!!!"

Mother: "Stay still bondage girl."

After the crotch rope has been undone I feel a little relieved, it's been so tight for so long, I can finally relax a little. Then suddenly, my mother fastens something rigid around my waist. It's cold, giving me chills.

Mother: "Hold your breath."

This is tight! She pulls very hard on both sides, squeezing my waist. Then something else presses very tightly between my legs, pushing the buttplug deep inside: "mmmmmmmh..."

Oh my God! Is this.. what I think it is?! I shake my head and double my struggles: "Nnh! Nnh! Nnh!!!" Unfortunately it's too late, a loud "click" sound indicates that everything is connected and fixed in place. My heart skip a beat.

Mother: "This lock is very special, it's high security, cannot be picked or cut open, and it's impossible to open without the correct key. In fact the whole thing is very escape-proof, also the size seems to be perfect for you! I'm glad that the custom order worth it, otherwise it wouldn't fit this tight on you."

The only thing I can think of right now is how I'm already sexually frustrated! I close my eyes and bury my face in the bed sheets, trying to hide my blushing.

Mother: "Did you like it? It is designed for long term use therefore If there is any discomfort let me know so it can be adjusted. Of course the key will stay with me for the time being. Now let me help you with the rest of the ropes."

She turns me over on the bed and unties my arms. Lying face down, I stay still with my numb arms on my sides.

Mother: "Daughter, are you alright?" She says while gently massages my arms.

I nod.

Mother: "Ok, I'm leaving now. Don't even waste your time looking for keys, I'm taking them with me. Go rest a little. I come home at night."

After she goes away, I slowly turn to lie on my back, thinking about my situation. I'm still quite helpless, with my hands bound into fists and harshly gagged and blindfolded, but above all, the first thing I need to do is to get rid of these damn nipple clamps! Carefully, I hold one of the clamps between my trembling restrained hands and, after a deep breath, I pressed them together to open it. As soon as the blood came back to my numb nipple I scream in pain: "MMMHHH!!!!" Taking advantage of the adrenaline rush I quickly opened the second clamp, making me scream again: "MMMMHHH!!!!" I press my gloved hands very hard against my breasts, massaging them, trying to relieve the acute pain. Only after several minutes, it starts to feels better.

I try to get out of bed and stand up. However even if it's a lot easier now that I can use my arms, my legs are still very weak. Walking on all fours, the hard material pressing tightly between my legs remember me the sexual release that I'm craving for. After take several minutes to remove my blindfold, due to my gloved hands, I sit on the floor and look down: It's really a chastity belt! Made of steel, it looks very sturdy and secure. The metal belt around my waist is about 2" wide and very strong, at least it's rubber coated on the edges, so it doesn't hurt my skin. The metal plate between my legs covers my crotch completely, even if my hands were free, I don't think I could even put a finger underneath, it is so tight! As well it seems impossible to slide down, the metal band around my waist is very tight and stuck above my hip bones. The sturdy lock in the front is the ultimate reminder of how inescapable the chastity belt is, it merges perfectly with the belt, pretty much like the collar, I can't even tell where the keyhole is at first glance! One thing is for sure, it won't come off unless my mother let me.

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Looking at my bondage mittens up close I notice the belt straps around my wrists, they are thick and about 2" wide, the buckles are reinforced and they go through many loops. I hopelessly rub a mitten on each the other, trying to get them loose but it's useless, they are too tight and too secure. I try to bite the wrists straps, but I'm immediately reminded of all the tape stick on my mouth. I rub my restrained hand on my mouth, trying to remove the tape, but this is also useless, I can't get enough friction. Looking very closely in the mirror I see how perfectly smooth the tape on my mouth is, there isn't a single edge loose. This is so frustrating!

Back on all fours, I turn my back to the mirror and look behind. The metal plate also covers my buttplug, trapping it inside, ending as thin metal strap going between my butt cheeks, and connecting to the back of the waistband. Knowing that I cannot remove the buttplug is so humiliating, it's so huge and invasive, what was I thinking when I decided to try it out? Now it's completely stuck in my ass!

All the frustration of not being able to reach climax before, and of not being to remove any restraint at this moment, added with all the humiliation so far, fuels my sexual desire, making me absent minded. Resting my head on the floor, I lift my butt up, my hand instinctively go between my legs just to find an impassable barrier. Moaning as loud as my gagged mouth allows, my whole body swings back and forth, my breasts rubbing on the floor, the metal ring in front of the collar making clicking sounds. Stuck in this self inflicted teasing torture, my body keeps going...

Why can't I have a orgasm? Why?! This is pure torture. Every girl in hell must have a chastity belt like this locked on her. At very least the vibrator completely stopped, otherwise I could be admitted to a mental institute by now.

After several minutes, and using all my willpower, I cease my self teasing torture and slowly try to stand. Laying both my hands on the bed, I get up, my legs are still trembling, but I was able to keep myself on my feet. Taking small steps, I leave my bedroom. Although I have already walked around the house naked and in bondage several times before, this always make feel naughty and ashamed, I'm sure there's nobody home, but I still go swiftly, trying to hide myself and covering my body with my hands.

Now in the bathroom, I manage to open the tap after a few attempts. Looking at water I realize how thirsty I am, unfortunately it is impossible to drink anything due to my tape gag. Putting my head into the sink, I let the water falls down on my face, it's warm and feels nice. Very patiently, I wait the water runs over the tape, then rubbing my hand over my mouth, more water, more rubbing, until finally, I was able to take off the tape. Spitting out the stuff inside my mouth, I work my sore jaw to recover its movements. Lastly I bite the belt strap on my wrist until I get it unbuckled. I release one hand and immediately the other.

I celebrate my feat: "Finally!" Although I know that I won't have the same luck with the steel collar and chastity belt, by the way, I wonder if I can take a shower with them. Well, if my mother did it with the collar, I'm pretty sure that I also can with both. So I unclip the leash and proceed to wash myself.

I take my time bathing, soaping my body and relaxing, I also wash my hair with my favorite shampoo. Daydreaming in the shower, I think of all the things that happened today, all the emotions and sensations, all the fear and excitement, all the pain and pleasure, and how I loved all of this. Fiddling with the O-ring in my collar, I giggle thinking of the idea that this steel collar will be forever locked on my neck. The chastity belt seems indeed expensive, it's beautifully crafted and perfectly matches the collar, under different circumstances I would definitely love to try it.. If only I had not been so aroused .. and frustrated..

Shaking off these thoughts, I come out of the shower, wrapping myself in a towel, then drying and fixing my hair. I go back to my room, taking the bondage mittens with me, arriving there, I sit on the bed, thinking about take a nap. Then I hear the house bell. Who could be? My mother? But she said she would only come back at night.

I hear a female voice calling me. Approaching the front door I hear it again: Steffi, are you there? Steffi!!

This voice ... I recognize this voice ... and there is only one person in the world who calls me like that; Michelle?! What is she doing here?! I cannot let her see me like this! What do I do? I stay still silently, pretending I'm not at home.

Michelle: Steffi, are you alright? I'm going in!

But ... how? ... wait, she knows about the extra key that we hide behind the flower pot!!!

Me: Michelle? Just wait a minute!

Still wrapped in a towel and panicking, I run to my wardrobe. Without time to think I grab the first shirt and shorts that I see. Oh my God, the chastity belt is barely covered and the collar is fully exposed, I need another outfit.

Michelle: Is everything ok? Steffi?

I shout from inside: It's ok! I'm coming!

I have no time! Running back to the front door, half way I remember all the bondage stuff scattered on my bed! Fuck! Fuck!

Me: Just a second now!!

Hastily grabbing everything and throwing it in a drawer.

Michelle: "Steffi, what are you doing? I'm gonna .."

I interrupt her mid sentence opening the (already unlocked!) door. Trying to disguise my shortness of breath I say: "Hi!"

She responds with her usual, super enthusiastic and captivating greeting: "Steffi!!!!" Hugging me tightly and wiggling with happiness. It's been a while and she hasn't changed at all ...

Part 3 - My Best Friend

Michelle and I have been friends since childhood, back then we used to do everything together, we went to school together, came back home together, played all day, and we even took turns sleeping in each other house. She was the sister that I never had, and we had a lot of fun together.

As we got older, our contrasting personalities began to stand out, me being the the introverted type, who prefers to stay at home and relax, Michelle however always was energetic and extroverted, she always wanted to get out and do stuff. Despite our differences, Michelle never stopped talking to me, always very impulsive, but also very kind. Whenever she felt sad, I was the very first person who she looked for, somehow I always manage to make her smile.

Sadly, once we went to college, she moved very far away and we stopped seeing each other, over time we also stopped talking altogether. At first it didn't bother me much, but now looking back I realize how I actually miss her and the old good times.

"Steffi! I missed you so much!!" She says while still hugging me tightly.

Me: "Michelle? What are you doing here?!"

Michelle: "I phoned you earlier but your mother answered saying that you was a little tied at the moment. I asked her if I could pay a visit, and she kindly invited me to stay the weekend! She said you would love the surprise."

I facepalm myself thinking: God dammit mother, you could have told me!

Michele: "She also said to keep an eye on you, and check if everything was okay. I didn't understand very well, but I got very worried when you took a long time to respond. Are you alright Steffi?"

Me: "It's okay, don't worry. Well, come in Michelle. Let's talk inside."

She opens a big smile and enters the house carrying her luggage. Michelle explains that she is changing college and moving back in town, it'll take a few days for her to find a new place to stay, so she really glad for the invitation. A little chit chat more until the inevitable subject comes up..

Barely able to disguise her curiosity she says: "Soooooo ... about .."

Trying to prevent it from getting even more awkward I say: "The collar? You see ... I ... I made a bet with my mother and I lost ... so this is my punishment."

Michelle: "Can I ... see it ... closely?" She says gesticulating her hands.

After a deep sigh I nod my head, better get over with it as soon as possible. She gets close and gently lift the collar with her two hands.

She says: "Oh! It's heavy!"

I reply: "Yeah, a little." She seems completely fascinated with the collar, examining every little detail. I do my very best to not get even more embarrassed.

Michelle: "How do you open it?!"

Me: "There is a hidden padlock in the front, behind the metal ring."

She further examines the lock, grabbing the O ring with her index finger.

Michelle: "Do you have the key?"

Me: "No... My mother has it."

Michelle: "So are you entirely stuck with it!? How long does she intent to leave you collared like that?"

Not knowing what to say, I start to beat around the bush, trying to change the subject, however Michelle doesn't seem to pay attention, she tugs at the O ring while smiles playfully, each time pulling increasingly harder, obviously to tease me, until my whole body is dragged next to her..

Me: "Michelle!!"

She: "Sorry, but you look so cute and sexy that I couldn't resist."

Michelle always was very flirty, even towards other girls, over the years she got quite tall and with a very voluminous and curvy body, unlike me small and petite. She has a naturally tanned skin tone, making me look very pale in comparison, beautiful amber eyes and short dark brown hair. Michele is pretty popular among the boys, not a surprise since she is very gorgeous and her clothes and makeup are always on point. During high school rumors said that she might be a lesbian, but she never confirmed that, anyway is no doubt if she ever want a girlfriend she'll have no problems getting one

She pulls on the collar closely watching my reaction, looking straight into my eyes she smiles seductively. I try to resist pulling back and moving away, however she very gently drags me next to her again. I don't know why but I don't feel like fighting back, so I stay close and looking down with embarrassment. Grabbing her hand gently I say shyly: "Stop.." Then she finally releases my collar. If I wasn't already blushing before, now I'm for sure.

I asked her if she was dating someone, to which she sadly replied no, apparently she hasn't been lucky lately, being all the guys she met selfish jerks.

Me: "Pfff, don't worry Michelle. Someday you'll find someone nice, I'm sure, you'll see."

She opens a big smile and hugs me tightly saying: "Thank you Steffi!"

Michelle understands why I don't want to go out like this, also she is a little tired due to her trip, so we agreed to eat something and relax at home.

After some talk, I invite her to my bedroom, entering in she says: "Oh! It's been a while."

Me: "Make yourself at home."

Michelle: "Don't mind if I do." She removes her shoes and says: "It's so hot today! It's killing me." Then she removes her bra under her tank shirt and lies on my bed with her arms stretched and an expression of relief.

I'm ashamed to admit, but I always was a little jealous of her breasts, mine are so small compared to hers ...

Michelle: "This reminds me of the old days. Do you remember the times we slept together?"

Me: "Do you mean when we fooled around the whole night instead of sleep?"

We look each other and start to laugh loudly.

Me mimicking my mother's voice: "Girls! Go to sleep already!"

Michelle says out of breath: "Hahahaha, y-yea, hahahaha, exactly like that, hahahaha ..."

We keep talking and laughing together for while. Then Michelle asks for a pair of slippers.

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Me: "Sure, is in that wardrobe."

Michelle: "Thanks!"

After a few seconds I realize my critical mistake, I get up as fast as I can, running to the wardrobe:

"I gonna get them for you."

Michelle, already opening the door, says: "Don't worry, I'm on it."

Please don't be there! Please don't be there!

Michelle: "Found them! ... Wait, what is this?"

In her hands; the leather armbinder! God dammit! I forgot about it for a moment. While I think about what I gonna say, she meticulously examines the armbinder and says: "This ... this is for binding the arms inside, isn't it? I have only seen it on the internet ... it's an armbinder, right? "

Me: "Yea .. well .. you see ... my mother threatened me to use this on me if she catches me snooping in her stuff again."

Michelle: "I see .. interesting ..." She approaches me, bringing my arms behind my back, and places the armbinder over them, measuring its length. I frozen in place, a shiver went down my spine thinking what is about to happen. I better do something and fast!

Me: "Here, let me show you." I grab the armbinder from her hands and, moving to her back, I say: "Press your arms together behind your back." As soons as she did, I shove her arms inside it. She squeaks in surprise. Feeling a little naughty, I think: you know what? I gonna give her the full experience! I cross the shoulder straps over her chest and buckle them, then I do the laces super tight, forcing her elbows close together.

Michelle: "Ouch! Steffi, not so tight please."

Me: "You will get use to it, just push your chest forward as best as you can."

I re-buckle the shoulder straps, making them even more tight than before. Lastly I knot the laces and shove them inside the armbinder. She squirms in discomfort. Triumphantly I say: "That is it! How does it feel?"

Michelle reluctantly struggles a little, she blushes and says: "It feels very ... snug and secure. Now let me out ... please."

Her big breasts almost bursting out her tank shirt. I decide to enjoy my little revenge some more: "Not yet, you have to struggle more to get the idea. See the crossed straps over your chest? This means you won't be able slip them over your shoulders doesn't matter how much you try, so you will have to find a way to unbuckle them first."

She struggles again, this time more violently, shaking her body wildly, and doing her best to hold her moans and embarrassment. Taking deep breaths, she gets tired and stops to rest a little. As expected, she didn't make any progress.

Me: "Oh! I almost forgot. Hold on."

Grabbing two leather belts, I buckle them around her wrists and elbows, making sure to make them as tight as they can be. This time she moans loudly: "Ahhhhh!!"

Me: "These should make even harder to escape, but you have all day to try if you want to."

The super tight leather makes cracking sounds every time she moves slightly. Totally defeated, she kneels on the floor and lower her head. Grinning in satisfaction, I prepare myself to let her out already.

Then all of a sudden, I get an unexpected reaction, in a very submissive tone she says: "Please forgive me Mistress Steffanie." She actually begins to play along! Got completely off guard, I stay still with mouth wide open. Pulling myself together I try to act my dominant role: "Get up and go sit on the bed."

She does as ordered, obediently awaiting her next command. Enjoying being in control, I push her chest, forcing her to lie on the bed and over her restrained arms. She moans in discomfort. Then I crawl over her body, approaching her face and placing my index finger over her lips like a 'be quiet' gesture. I imagine how many guys would love to be in my position right with such beauty like Michelle completely helpless and vulnerable. I smile to myself, today she is all mine for me to do whatever I want.

Looking at her chest closely, I see something odd under her tank shirt. She notices the curiosity stamped on my face and nods: "It's ok Steffanie, you can look." Dropping my acting and legitimately curious, I lift her shirt, exposing her breasts. She pierced her nipples! Each nipple has a straight metal bar going through, with a bead on each end; a barbell piercing! Without thinking, I touch them. She moans very sexually.

Realizing how far I had gone, I panic, apologizing myself: "Oh sorry Michelle! I did not mean to ... I ..."

Breathing deeply, she says: "Don't worry Steffanie, I'm not mad."

I fix her shirt and looked her in the eyes. She smiles indicating that no harm was done. I smile back and say: "Very well. If you behave yourself I'll let you out."

Michelle: "And If I don't?"

I say in a dominant tone: "In this case I'm forced to ..." Getting close to whisper in her ears, she suddenly turn her head and kiss me! More surprised than anything my body instinctively reacts kissing her back deeply for a few moments, until I realize and move away.

Me: "Michelle!"

She bites her tongue playfully: "Oops, sorry."

My dominant acting is completely ruined. I say: "Alright, just .. just kneel and stay still, ok?"

She: "Or else you gonna kiss me more?"

Me: "Yes ... I mean NO!" I facepalm myself. She smiles joyfully.

Maybe I should gag her.. Although already giggling thinking about her surprised expression if I decide to shove the huge ballgag in her mouth and buckle it tightly, I chose not to do, at least not now because I still want to talk to her. I help her kneel on the bed, then I rest my head on her lap. With my notebook on my belly we proceed to watch some videos together. I never imagined that this position could be so comfortable, her thick hips make such a perfect pillow. After a while I feel drowsy, since I woke up so early and didn't have a proper rest, then I inevitably fall asleep.

Slowing recovering my senses I look up and see a girl smiling at me. Who is she? Michelle? What is she doing here?

Michelle: "Did you sleep well Steffi?"

I slowly begin to remember everything and then I realize: she is still wearing the armbinder!!

Me: "Oh my God Michelle! Why didn't you wake me up? I gonna release you immediately, hold still."

She: "You seemed to sleep so peacefully ..."

Quickly removing the armbinder, Michelle reacts with disappointment: "Ahhhh ..."

Me: "Lay down on your belly." Then I continuously massage her arms, back and shoulders as best as I can. She lets out moans of relief.

Michelle: "Thank you Steffi, I'm feeling a lot better."

Although she has already forgiven me, I still feel bad for what I did, she seems to notice this, so she says: "If it makes you feel better I can ask you something in return."

Me: "Yes, anything, just say it."

Michelle: "Anything huh? I'll think about it."

Only God knows how much I would regret these words.

Later that night, Michelle proposes to tie me up before going to bed. I have already slept in bondage before, this is not a problem, but I have mixed feelings to let her do it. Not to mention that I'm a little mad after the incident during the dinner. I still feel the shame over my mother's words: "Steffanie a dom? Not at all. She was probably just teasing you Michelle. In fact she loves to be tied up." My jaw fell on the floor.

This is so unfair! I can be a dom if I want to.. I'm very experienced you know! Being tied up and teased for hours and hours.. the sweet agony of seeking release and not being able to.. the fear of not being in control.. so scary and painful, but also so intense and addictive... I mean.. ok , fine, I admit, I love being tied up, but this doesn't mean that I cannot be a dom, right?

Michelle: "I'm sorry Steffi. I didn't want to embarrassed you in front your mother. It's just that I always thought you were more of a sub type, so I was in doubt because of your acting earlier, and I thought you would be too shy to answer me honestly if I asked you directly."

We made another bed for Michelle next to mine on the floor with a spare mattress. The lights are already off, the only lighting comes from a lamp on the nightstand and from the moon shining outside. Michelle took a shower and came to my bedroom wearing only panties, she is sitting on the edge of my bed with her legs crossed.

Michelle: "I don't want to force you to do anything, but if you are willing to try, I have something really cool to show you."

I close my eyes thinking; I've already admitted for myself that I love being tied, there is no point to deny that now, but it's one thing to trust my mother and another completely different to trust a strange person. Ok, to be honest Michelle is far from being a strange person, she would never hurt me, I can say that much, but to trust her to have complete control over me ... I don't know. Then the kiss comes to my mind; thinking about that, it wasn't just a little kiss ... I really felt something behind it ... and this scares me. This is the problem; I'm afraid. I'm afraid of the things she could to me that my mother would never. How far would she go? Would she get mad if I ask her to stop?

She keeps sitting still, waiting for my answer and smiling.

In the end the curiosity takes the best of me, I take a deep breath and ask: "Ok Michelle, what do you want to show me?"

Her eyes shine with happiness, she goes to her suitcase and picks up something. It looks like some kind of body harness made with several nylon straps connected by tension locks and a metal O ring. The straps are very wide, about 2.5", the O ring is big; around 3", the whole thing seems very strong and secure.

Michelle: "Do you wanna try? I promise it'll be fun." Taking advantage of my hesitation, Michelle gets very close, grabs my shirt and whisper in my ears: "It feels better if you go topless." Giving me no time to react she takes my shirt off. Almost complaining, I remember how I also removed her shirt while she was wearing the armbinder, so I decide to let it be.

Michelle: "Now cross your arms horizontally behind your back."

A bit afraid, I very reluctantly obey her request. She gently pets my head and says: "Don't worry Steffi, I won't do anything weird." Then, with the metal O ring on my back, she fixes the first two straps over my shoulders, crossing them in front of my chest, and says: "Bring each hand closer to your opposite elbow as far and comfortable as you can."

In the heat of the action, I went all the way to grab my opposite upper arms with each hand. Michelle giggles a little and says: "Ok then!" She loops one wide strap around each of my upper arms and yanks very hard, making them very tight. Then she loops the last strap vertically around my forearms behind my back, fixing my arms in this restrict position.

Michelle: "How is it?"

I test it struggling around trying to release my arms, but only being able to move my wrists up and down a little behind my back.

Michelle: "It seems a little loose, hold down." Without giving time to react, she adjust the last strap again, yanking very hard, and making it extremely tight! I try to stop her but it's too late, now my arms are frozen in place!

She mimics me saying: "See the crossed straps over your chest? This means you won't be able slip them over your shoulders doesn't matter how much you try."

I stick my tongue out at her. She smiles and tries to tickle my sides. With both my arms securely bound behind my back, I wiggle my whole body to dodge her and run away. She says: "Come back here!" I reply: "You wish." She runs after me and we keep playing this for awhile, we both laughing and having fun... until she unintentionally grabs the metal waist belt behind my shorts! I frozen in place.

Michelle: "What is this?" I don't react. She gently grabs my shorts and, as I don't resist, she slowly pulls it down, exposing my chastity belt. I bow my head in shame. She stares at it with her eyes shining with excitement and totally mesmerized.

Michelle: "Steffi, this is .. a chastity belt?" I keep looking down and don't reply. She says: "You also don't have the key to open it, do you?" The embarrassment is unbearable, I try to hide myself crouching down. She kneels in my front and caress my face, resting her hand on my chin and gently raises my head. Looking me in the eyes, she says in a sad tone: "Steffi, didn't we always share our secrets with each other? Or you don't trust me anymore?"

Me: "Isn't this ... it's ... just .." I got lost in my words.

Michelle: "Let me show you something." She gently helps me to stand up and guide me in front of the mirror. She hugs my back, pressing her bare breasts against me, laying her head on my shoulder, and whispers in my ear: "What do you see?"

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With my heart pounding hard I look at the mirror and see my humiliating reflection; a small girl wearing a chastity belt and a large steel collar, with her arms tightly bound behind her back and blushing with shame.

Michelle: "From my point of view I see a cute little girl, who loves to play tied up games and (She grabs my chin again and gently make look directly in her eyes) being teased, or am I wrong?" Words fail me once more, but apparently they are not necessary since Michelle seems able to read me like an open book.

Instinctively I look at her lips, she notices it and smiles, approaching me to kiss me once more. Even so I'm not mentally ready, my body react on its own, closing my eyes and offering no resistance at all, a million thoughts going through my head. Thinking about earlier, when Michelle was wearing the armbinder, helpless and vulnerable lying in my bed, I wonder how would she react if I took the initiative? How far she would let me go? How far do I want to go?! After a short moment, which seems to last for eternity, I feel her kissing my forehead. I open my eyes in surprise, she smiles again and places her index finger on my lips.

Michelle: "Let's make chasing you more fun." She goes to her suitcase again and grabs another strap. There is one loop with a tension lock in each end, which resembles like cuffs. She places one loop in each one of my ankles, tugging them hard to make them tight. Then she says: "Try to run away now!" and starts to tickle my sides again.

The hobble strap is about 2 feet long, forcing me to take small steps. This makes everything more difficult to me, I wiggle my body trying to run as best as I can. We played for a while again, this time she was able to tickle me a lot more than before, but I did my best to fight back. Having fun and laughing together, I stopped bothering so much about my previous insecurities.

After several minutes both of us are out of breath. Michelle says: "Oh I almost forgot, there is something in bathroom that I think it belongs to you. Hold on!" She quickly goes away and comes back. "Here." She clasps a leash in the front of my collar! I completely forgot about it when I quickly ran to open the door earlier. She adjusts my hobble strap making it super short, not even 1 feet long! Michelle smiles and says: "Good luck!" Then she starts to tickle me again!!

I cry out: "It's not fair!" She ignores me and tickles me mercilessly. This is impossible, I barely can walk, I'm forced to stand on my tiptoes just to be able to take super short steps. On top of that, she keeps holding the leash tightly close to her! I laugh loudly and hysterically: "HAHAHA .. P-Please AHHAHAHA .. no more!" Completely out of breath I jump on the bed trying to defend myself with my legs. She grabs me, rolls my body on my belly and sits over me. Then she grabs my helpless tied feet and starts to tickle them!

Me: "NO!!" She keeps tickling my feet, making me struggle violently, but the strap harness holds my arms tightly behind my back. In this position the only thing I can do is to struggle hopelessly and beg for mercy: "HAHAHAHA .. I'm dying ... HAHAHAHA .. I give up ... HAHAHAHA .. y-you win!" Finally we hear my mother yelling: "Girls! Go to sleep already!" We stop and reply back: "Sorry!/Sorry!" As the nostalgia feeling hit us, we look at each other and smile at same time.

Exhausted, I keep laying on the bed. Before getting off me; Michelle says: "Ok, let's check your arms." I fight back wiggling my body and trying to shake her off, but this works against me, as she pulls the straps tight, until I cannot move my arms at all.

Michelle: "There you go, nice and tight. Good luck trying to get out. (giggles)" She fixes a pillow under my head and a blanket over my body. Kissing me on the forehead, she says: "Good night Steffi! Call me if you need anything." Then she proceeds to lay in her mattress besides my bed, turning off the lamp on the nightstand.

Closing my eyes, I try to get some sleep, but it's hard to relax. All my previous physical activity together with the fact that I still have a huge buttplug stuck in my rear overstimulated my body beyond that I can ignore. I turn around on my bed, trying to find a better pose, but struggling around in bondage just increases my desire even more. The body harness and its wide straps holding my arms behind my back feels comfortable, but also very secure. Even If I manage to free my arms somehow, I still have to deal with this cursed high security and escape proof chastity belt. Dammit! This is so frustrating!

My body gets incredible hot, I close my eyes and everything I can think of is my vulnerable state; I'm nude, bound, aroused, helpless and my best friend is sleeping on the floor besides me!

The way she nonchalantly clasped the leash on my collar and pulled me around ...

even begging her to stop she continued to tickle me madly ...

my breathing gets deeper and my body sweaty ...

what if she decides to jump in my bed ...

what if invite her to do it ...

Lost in thought, I unwittingly let out a moan full of frustration and desire.

I panic! Did she hear that? Is she sleeping already? A few minutes passed and no reaction, I sigh in relief. Then, when I thought I was safe I see Michelle standing up!! My heart starts to beat like crazy.

She whisper: "Steffi .." Her hand hovering my bed but not daring to touch it without my permission, her eyes begging me to let her.

A turmoil of feelings hit me, I close my eyes, a million thoughts cross my mind, then, defeated by my own desires, I nod.

Her eyes shine like a child on Christmas morning, she raises my blanket and gets inside.

Adjusting myself to make room, she suddenly hugs me tight, big spooning my little body.

I frozen in place, my heart beating fast ...

She adjust herself to make me comfortable, her presence feels very intimate but not in aggressive way, in fact, she holds me like a little kid holding her most loved plush toy. Involving me in her caring and gentle embrace, she grabs my leash, while still hugging me from behind, and fix the blanket over me.

Noticing how she stopped moving, I calm down, regaining the control of my breath again. She whispers almost sleeping already: "I missed you ..."

I feel completely stupid. After being so afraid, not only she did nothing, as well as now I wish she had! Feeling like her little teddy bear, I stay still to let her sleep undisturbed and eventually I fall asleep myself.

The Nightmare

I'm laying on the floor, my body feels heavy, my vision is blurred, where am I? Trying to stand up I notice how my arms are tied high on my back, there are excruciatingly tight ropes all around my body, even between my legs. Also I'm harshly gagged, there is tape all over my lower face and with my mouth almost bursting so stuffed it is.

Besides the ropes and tape, the only thing I'm wearing is a heavy collar on my neck, apart from that I'm completely naked! I struggle trying to get up, the ropes are punitively tight, particularly between my legs and around my breasts, digging and squeezing viciously!

Getting up is very difficult; I can't use my arms and my ankles are tied and limited to stay 1 feet apart. After several frustrating attempts, I was able to at least get on my knees. It looks like I'm inside some kind of storage room; there are balls, mattresses, jumping equipment, volleyball nets and so on, all around me. It reminds me the PE storage of my own college.

I hear voices, it seems like there are people playing outside. I need to get out here without anyone seeing me, but how? I struggle in my restraints trying to free my arms but it's useless, I'm entirely helpless, I only manage to torture my body and run out of breath. The voices are getting closer, they are two girls coming, I need to hide!

I desperately search a place to hide but there is none. If only I could pull one of the mattresses but there is no time! The door are opening! Oh God! I crouch in a corner and stay still, my heartbeat speeding up.

Bossy Girl1: "Come on! Stop dragging your feet!"

Complaining Girl2: "Why always has to be me to put the things back after the training!"

Bossy Girl1: "I don't want to hear complaints."

Sarcastic Girl2: "Yes captain. Sorry captain."

Bossy Girl1: "What's your problem?"

Complaining Girl2: "I'm starting to think all this work is not worth it."

Seductive Girl1: "If all you need is a reward, I can think of something..."

Curious Girl2: "What are you talking about .. exactly?"

Seductive Girl1: "Well, If you are willing to find out you must accompany me to the shower."

Excited Girl2: "I hope it'll be worth."

Seductive Girl1: "I assure you ... it will."

Peeking from the corner I see both girls getting inside the storage room with me and then passionately kissing each other! The first girl is the volleyball team captain and the second one is another team star, both are well known from my college. In my first year I signed up for the team but they called me shorty and laughed in my face. I've hated them since then.

It looks like there's no one else around and the girls didn't notice me, maybe I have a chance to escape while they're distracted. All of a sudden, I lose my balance and almost felt on the floor, fortunately I was able to recover it and prevent that. I barely did any noise other than the clicking sound of the O-ring in the front of my collar.

Girl1: "Huh?"

My heart skip a beat.

Annoyed Girl2: "Why do you stop?"

Girl1: "I thought I heard something."

Annoyed Girl2: "Must be a kitten or whatever, who cares, let's get going..."

I close my eyes and hold my breath.

Girl1: "You're right .... wait a minute."

Suddenly, my body is dragged by the ropes on my back, forcing me to get up.

Girl2: "What a hell?!"

Girl1: "A little kitten indeed."

She holds me tightly while I'm completely exposed.

Girl2: "Are you ok little girl?"

Me: "Lmt mm gh!" (Let me go!)

Both girls inspect my body thoroughly.

Girl1: "Interesting. It doesn't look like she was attacked or something like that."

Girl2: "What do you mean? Did she cooperate to get into this?!"

Girl1: "Very likely, this seems too much elaborate, check this out ..." She grabs my collar, lifting it.

Girl2: "This is some serious shit! Do you think she was blackmailed, or maybe lost a bet?"

Girl1: "Or she might as well asked for this." She whispers in my ear while tugging my crotch rope: "Did you?"

My body betrays me, the arousal makes me jump on my tiptoes and moan very sexually: "mmmmmhhh"

Girl2: "Wow! This is so hot!!"

I struggle hard trying to get free from her but she is clearly way more stronger than me.

Girl1: "Shhhhhh, stay still little girl."

The second girl holds me from the front, while the first still holding me from the back.

Girl2: "We not gonna hurt you."

Girl1: " and we not gonna spoil your fun either."

I stop resisting and lower my head in shame. The first girl gently moves my head up again.

Girl2: "Do you know her?"

Girl1: "Isn't she that little girl who sign up for the team in the first year?"

Girl2: "Oh! The shorty one!"

I let out a annoyed moan in protest: "mhh!"

The first girl hugs me from my back and whisper in my ear: "Why did you never show up again? Huh?"

The second girl hugs me from my front, resting her hands on my butt, and whisper my other ear: "You could be our little mascot.."

Due to her skimpy gym clothes, I can feel their whole bodies touching mine, it's incredible warm and soft, my mind starts to get dizzy.

Girl1: "Here is the deal, we are the last persons here today, so we can lock you in here, all tied up and helpless, or ..."

Girl2: "you can come with us."

Girl1: "and if you behave like a really really good little girl.." She grabs my breasts from my behind and begins to squeezing them. "we may even untie you ... eventually."

Girl2: "or do you prefer the boys to find you tomorrow morning?" She presses her body against mine with her hands on my butt groping very hard.

Panting deeply, I shake my head.

Girl1: "Would you be our obedient little pet?"

Not being able to think straight anymore I slowly nod. Both girls smile mischievously and increase their assault, squeezing and rubbing my body all over ...

The feeling is overwhelming; they give little bites on my neck, one in each side, the first girl gropes and squeezes my breasts so hard that she even goes so far as to lift me from the floor, meanwhile the second girl places one of her legs between my mine, trapping my hobbled ankles behind her heel, and rubbing her thigh against my crotch, forcing me on my tiptoes.

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Girl1: "Let's teach you a few tricks pet girl: jump!"

The second girl begins to spank my butt, making me jump and consequently increasing the rubbing on her thigh. I fight back hopelessly wiggling my body, trying to get my arms free, but it's useless. They punish me even more; pulling and twisting my nipples cruelly, making each jump a hellish torture, while the spanking continues with brutal strength. I scream at the top of my lungs, but it barely make out of my tape gag. Both girl laugh sadistically, my mind goes haywire ... I start to lose my senses ...

My dream becomes a tangle of feelings and sensations, so insanely intense that my mind couldn't keep up. I wake up abruptly, my body burning with heat and desire. The sun is shining outside, It's already morning. I try to get out of bed and realize my dreadful situation; I'm extremely horny, naked, bound, helpless, my best friend is holding tightly, and on top of that, the bullet vibrator is agonizingly buzzing weakly inside me!!!

My heart feels like it's gonna come out of my chest ...

My body is trembling uncontrollably ...

Looks like she is still sleeping, I try to break free without waking her up, but at each attempt she instinctively hugs me with her arms and legs even tighter than before!!

My bare skin in contact with hers seems to melt like butter ...

Taking deep breaths with my mouth wide open, my mind gets dizzy ...

There's no other way, I need to wake her up. My first attempt calling her and my voice didn't even work. I try again: "M-Michell.." She doesn't react.

Me: "Mi-chelle."

She does some drowsy annoyed sounds and reposition herself, her breath blowing directly into my sensitive neck.

Me: "Michele .. p-please wake up!"

Michelle: "(yawn) just more 5 minutes ..."

Me: "I c-can't ... p-please!"

Michelle: "Huh? ... Steffi?" She finally wake up. "You're trembling. Are you ok?"

Me: "the b-belt .."

Michelle: "What? Your chastity belt?"

I nod.

Michelle: "Is it bothering you?"

Me: "p-please!"

She says in a teasing tone: "But you are locked so tight and secure, besides.." She slides her hand provocatively over my body, resting it over my groin near the chastity belt: "how would you protect yourself from me otherwise?"

My body writhes uncontrollably, I can't talk anymore, just moan.

Michelle: "Steffi ... I didn't know ... I thought ... I ..." She seems very confused and tries to remove her hand, but I squeeze my thighs tightly, trapping her hand between my legs.

I look at her with pleading eyes, she acknowledges that and begins to caress my body very gently ... Her hands feels so soft and nice ... She does a trail of kisses from my neck to my shoulder, I close my eyes enjoying the sensation ... her legs rubs against mine.

Michelle: "Like that?"

I don't even need to answer, my body flinches with her every little move. Getting more aggressive with her fondling, she places her foot between my ankles, trapping the hobble strap behind her heel, and folds her leg, dragging my legs along with. Then she gropes my breasts with both of her hands.

I'm so close to reach climax, but the vibrator locked inside me is so weak that only makes me extremely frustrated. I wonder why did it turn on right now?! Is it a malfunction or did someone else use the vibrator controller? Where is it by the way?! Oh my God, what if Michelle found it!! I don't know, I can't think straight anymore. I'm being teased so badly, but never letting me go beyond the edge... I beg her: "harder.."

She smiles naughtily, pushing her hips forwards and flexing her leg as far as she can, bending my body and forcing me in tight hogtie inside her embrace while she squeezes my breasts vigorously. I let out a loud moan filled with sexual desire: "AAAHH-..." which is cut in half due to Michelle quickly covering my mouth with her hand.

Michelle: "Psshh, not so loud."

I do my best to control my breathing with my mouth covered.

Michelle: "What do I do with you?"

She lies down my body on my back and gets up, stretching her legs and arms while I stay tied and helpless on the bed.

Michelle: "Let's see what I can find." She starts looking around in places like under the bed and such.

What is she searching for? I only hope she doesn't open that drawer.. She does a evil smile and says: "There?"

Dammit! I shouldn't have look in that direction, she noticed it immediately. Michelle opens the drawer and says: "Bingo!" She analyzes its content with a intrigued expression, picking up the ballgag harness. Not being able to figure out all the straps, she even tries to wear it herself, but give up in the end.

She takes the roll of tape and says: "This will do for now." Approaching me, she whispers in my ears: "How about a naughty gag to a naughty little girl?"

Turning around, she slaps her butt with one hand and holds the waist of her panties with another, pulling it upwards and giving herself a wedgie, the scene is very erotic. Then she takes a few moments to catch her breath and, smiling at me, she slowly removes her panties. She sits on top of me, completely naked, with her legs parallel to my sides and, wrapping her panties around a pair of cotton socks, she says: "Open up!"

I shake my head, closing my mouth tightly.

Michelle: "Steffi, you're so stubborn, but I know that deep inside you're loving this." She holds my nose tightly, forcing me to open my mouth to breath, then she quickly shoves her panties inside my mouth. Even pushing the gag with both her thumbs, it tooks a while, given the thickness of the socks.

Michelle: "Come on, I saw that ballgag size, you can do it." After filling every nook and cranny inside my mouth, and bulging my cheeks, she finally was able to shove everything inside. A weird taste invades my mouth, panicking I try to spit it out, but she gives me no time to react, immediately covering my mouth with tape!

She quickly loops the tape around my head, pushing the socks deep inside. "MMmhh!!!" Then she cuts several strips of tape and smooths them over my mouth, placing a big strip crossed on my left cheek to bottom right, right cheek to bottom left, one low down over my mouth and chin, and a last one right up under my nose. She makes sure that all the tape is perfectly stick on my face.

Michelle: "There you go. Try to say something." She squeezes my breasts hard again.

Me: "mmhh!!!" I barely can make a sound and, whenever I try, the taste of her dirty panties becomes even more evident inside my mouth! This is so humiliating!! Yet somehow, make me want her to abuse me even more.

Michelle: "Perfect! Now let's continue. Get up!" She grabs my leash and leads me out of bed, I do my very best to follow her, although is very difficulty to move around with my arms tied behind my back and my ankles so close together. Michelle doesn't seem to care, tugging the leash whenever she thinks I'm taking too long.

Michelle: "Since you are borrowing my panties I guess you don't mind me borrowing your clothes."

I look daggers at her to show my discontent and wiggle my upper body wildly trying to free my arms. She calms me down by gently caressing my face and kissing over the tape. I stay still, holding my frustration.

She wears my shorts and shirt, then opens a window, tugging my leash, she leads me to the mirror, where she fixes my messy hair.

Michelle: "Thank you for letting me sleep with you Steffi" She hugs behind me and keeps holding me tightly, I can even feel her heartbeat. "I have a little secret to tell you." She shows me a key. "I have your chastity belt key!"

I wide my eye in surprise!

Michelle: "Your mother gave it to me without saying what it was for, at first I thought it was your collar key, but the lock didn't match, then I was sure when I saw your chastity belt." I try to reach the key with my hand behind my back, but she raise it high above my head.

Me: "Plmhfm, gnvm hmt th mm!!" (Please, give it to me!!)

Michelle: "Do you want it? I don't know if I should, your mother said to keep it safe, besides you look so cute locked in your tight little chastity belt, I love this expression of pure frustration of yours."

Avoiding trying to speak, and consequently taste her nasty panties even more, I stomp with my foot in protest.

Michelle: "I can remove it for a while if you ask me pretty please."

Me: "Plmhfm!" (Please!)

Michelle: "What? I didn't understand, do you want to stay locked?" She grabs the belt padlock and shakes it. "You can do better than that. On your knees."

Fighting my shame, I slowly get on my knees, while she still holds my leash. I say: "Prmttn plmhfm!!" (Pretty please!!)

Michelle: "I love you trying to speak gagged. Say: Please unlock my little chastity belt."

Me: "Plmhfm hnlhgg mn lnttlm ghhftntn bmlt."

Michelle: "Put your head on the floor, raise your butt in the air and say as loud as you can: I beg you, unlock my tight little chastity belt."

This is so humiliating! But since I reach this far there is no turning back now, I do as she ordered. With my head on the floor and wiggling my butt, I say: "Hm Bmg Yhh!! Hnlhgg Mn Tnght Lnttlm Ghhftntn Bmlt!!"

I stay still awaiting but nothing else happens for awhile.

Me: "Huh??"

Michelle: "A-Ah, yes, yes, right! I'm opening the key, I mean, the belt, I .. hold on." She finally unlocks and removes the darned belt.

I feel a little relief for a few seconds, then I realize my critical mistake!

Michelle: "Oh my!!"

I forgot about the buttplug! I try to hide myself, but she holds the back of my body harness, preventing me from moving.

Michelle: "What do we have here.." She touches me down there, sending chills down my spine.

I let out a moan: "mmmmmmmmmhhhh.."

Michelle: "Now I see what is bothering you, stay still."

She starts to pull the buttplug out, but it feels so impossible big..

Being teased for so long I can't hold anymore, my heart is beating so fast, my body drenched in sweat.

Michelle: "What naughty little girl."

My legs tingle, my breath is out of control ...

She teases me endlessly, pulling the plug out a little bit then stop and let the plug slowly sink back in. I try to break free with all that I have but she holds me tightly in place..

I struggle, cry, beg, all in vain ..

Michelle: "I said stay still." Then she begins to spanking me!

My body writhes uncontrollably trying to keep up ...

One slap hits the bottom of the plug, sending chills up my spine ..

I swear I gonna throw this accursed plug away as soon as I get the chance, it seems impossible to expel it out! Only God knows how much time and effort later I finally did it, making me cry out loud due its massive size: "MMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

After the mind numbing sensation, I lay on the floor entirely defeated. I feel very relieved, but at same time extremely frustrated, and burning with sexual desire. Then, Michelle starts fastening the metal band around my waist again.

NO! NO! Please!! Anything but that!!!

I try to fight back, but weak and restrained as I'm now, I offer little resistance, in no time I'm wearing the tight chastity belt once more. I struggle and moan with everything that I have, I can't conceive the idea of being denied now, I just can't ...

Michelle: "What's the problem Steffi? The chastity belt is still bothering you this much?"

I nod with tears in my eyes.

Michelle: "Well, we can make a deal."

Me: "Huh?"

Michelle: "You see, I got very interested in this.. tied up game of yours. If you let me play along, I'll give you a chance to earn the key. What do you say?"

This might be a trap but I'm too much desperate at this point, without thinking twice, I nod.

Michelle: "Great!! We'll have lots of fun!"

She helps me get on my knees and pets my head. I hear someone knocking on the door.

Mother: "Girls, it's time to wake up."

Michelle: "You may come in, the door is open."

What? Wait! My mother enters the room and sees me naked, bound, gagged, on my knees and with my best friend holding the leash fixed in front of my collar!!

Dying of shame, I try to hide behind Michelle.

Mother: "The breakfast is on the table."

Michelle: "Thank you! You shouldn't have troubled yourself."

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Mother: "You're welcome. Are you girls coming?"

Michelle: "I think I'll take a shower first.. Do you want it too, Steffi?"

I nod.

Mother: "Alright. I'll wait for you girls in the kitchen." She goes away.

Finally I'll be untied! I turn my back to Michelle so she can releases my arms.

Michelle: "What? Don't worry, you can wet the nylon straps." She pulls my leash, forcing me to follow her up, I do my best to keep the pace with my ankles hobbled so close together.

Michelle: "Come on!"

I cry out in protest: "Mmhh!!"

Part 4 - The Game

I do my best to fight the shame of being bathed like a spoiled and helpless princess. I stand still bound and gagged while Michelle gently wipes liquid soap on my whole body, hot water running down, it would be so relaxing if I am not also so aroused and frustrated. Michelle seems to take her time, slowly exploring every inch of my body, especially when she finds a weak spot, she makes sure to exploit it until I began writhing. I need to stay strong! I must endure her little game.

After we finished, she gently rolls a towel around me and guides me to my bedroom, never letting go of my leash, which now is tied to her wrist.

Michelle: "Steffi!! I need you to raise your arms higher, otherwise I won't be able to dry you properly!"

I try, but I barely can move my arms because of the tight body harness.

Michelle: "What a pity, I guess I have no other option, I'll have to set you free."


Mother: "Are you girls coming for breakfast? Is there any problem?"

Michelle: "I cannot dry her like that."

Mother: "How about you use the bondage mittens before you unstrap her arms?"

Michelle: "Bondage mittens?"

Mother: "Let me show you.."

I struggle and shout in protest: "Mmhh!!" But they ignore me completely, my mother ibserts my hands inside the leather gloves and then folding them into fists, pulling the restrictive mittens over, its heavy padding doesn't let move my fingers a fraction of inch inside, making my hands essentially useless. Lastly they buckle the attached wide leather cuffs around my wrists tightly, preventing me from remove anything on my own.

Mother: "By the way, where did you get this harness?"

Michelle: "I did it myself, It was supposed to be a gift for my boyfriend, but we break up before that. So I got really happy when Steffi agreed to give it a try."

Mother: "Oh! It's very well made."

Michelle: "Thank you!"

Mother: "Although I have a few suggestions, do you see this gap between her forearms and her back? She can exploit that to maneuver her wrists and release the tension lock pressing it against a wall or something."

Michelle: "Really?"

Mother: "Show her Steffanie."

Both look at me with attention.

Michelle tugs my leash and says: "Do it Steffi."

I reluctantly goes near to a wall and try to get my wrists free as was told, but It seems isn't that easy, no matter how much I rub my arms against the wall, I cannot find the buckle around my wrists. I struggle and wiggle my upper body without success.

Mother: "The buckle is facing downwards Stefanie, try to crouch and move your arms away from your back."

I try again; crouching, bending my chest forwards and raising my arms. It's very difficult to maintain balance in this pose though.

Michelle: "Almost there Steffi!"

I feel the plastic lock rubbing against the wall.

Mother: "Now flip the tip of the lock and stretch your arms."

Using all my skill and flexibility, I'm able to flip the tension lock. Stretching my arms while still maintaining this uncomfortable pose makes me yell due to the effort: "MMMhhh!!!"

Michelle: "You was right, she really freed her wrists! I thought it was much secure."

Mother: "Don't worry we can easily fix that. Now let's have breakfast."

Michelle smiles mischievously to me and says: "Do you want to taste something different Steffi?"

I look daggers at her, she laughs removing the rest of the body harness and giving it to my mother. She finishes drying me with the towel and lend me one of her t-shirts. Wearing only the chastity belt and a very loosen shirt, my hands trapped inside the bondage mittens, ankles still hobbled and tape gagged, Michelle leads me to the kitchen tugging my leash.

A very well served table is awaiting for us, making me realize how hungry I am. Michelle is aso very impressed: "Oh thank you! This look great, you shouldn't have troubled yourself."

Mother: "Please help yourself."

Michelle tugs my leash and taps her lap, signaling me to sit there. Very embarrassed, I did as she ordered me. Adjusting herself in the chair, she hugs me with one arm to make me comfortable.

She begins to talk with my mother while savoring a slice of cake, It looks delicious! I'm want to eat it too, but with my mouth severely gagged and my hands still trapped inside the bondage mittens, there is no way how. I await for a while, hoping for her notices me, but even after several minutes, Michelle still eats happily ignoring me completely!

Me: "MMMhhh!!!"

Michelle: "What's it, Steffi?"

I touch my taped mouth with my bound hands.

She smiles maliciously and says: "You need to speak loudly for me to understand."

I give her an angry look, she's playing this game again. I have no choice unless go along: "Plmhfm, Rmmhvm Mn Ghg." (Please, remove my gag.) The taste of her disgusting panties spread inside my mouth once more.

Michelle: "Huh? Do you mean your gag?" She rubs her hand over my mouth.

I nod.

Michelle: "Do you want to remove it? But you look so cute like that." She keeps smoothing the tape, making sure that it's completely stuck to my skin.

I struggle to show my discontent, trying to remove the tape with my bound hands, but it's useless, I can't take off even a single edge. She keeps watching me while I continue in my worthless effort, her eyes shining with joy, until I finally give up, completely frustrated.

Michelle: "Ok Steffi. I'll remove it, but you have to promise me that you will stay quiet, not a single word ok? Otherwise I'll gag you again."

I nod and stay still. She very gently pulls the tape off, so it don't hurt me, even after all the tape was removed, it took me a while to spit out all the stuff jammed inside my mouth, since Michelle didn't help me with that, including her dirty panties. Then she serves me her orange juice in a straw. Oh God! It tastes so good and refreshing! I drank almost the entire glass in one go.

Michelle: "Poor thing, you really was thirsty, aren't you?" She gently caress my face. Then she starts to feed me with the cake, one bite for me and one for her.

Michelle: "I'm having so much fun. I wish Steffi had told me about these tied up games before!"

Mother: "Stefanie loves it but she is very stubborn."

Michelle: "I want to make it fun for her too, but I feel like I have a lot to learn.."

I don't like where this conversation is going to, but I don't know if Michelle was serious about gagging me again, so I think it's better to take this opportunity to quench my hunger first. My mother watches Michelle with attention and interest while she feeds me. In a moment of distraction, I steal a bite which otherwise would be for her.

Michelle: "Hey!!"

I give her my tongue.

Michelle: "You will pay for that!" She begins to tickle me.

Me: "Stop!" Michelle smiles, hugs me tightly, tickling me even more and with more intensity.

We both smiling and laughing..Then my mother interrupt us saying: "Michelle, would you be willing to learn if I decide to teach you?"

The relaxing atmosphere abruptly ends as my mother asks Michelle in a very serious tone and also with a serious look, intimidated we both stay quiet and completely still.

Stuttering a little, Michelle replies: "O-Of course, I would do my very best to learn."

After a few intense seconds, my mother says: "Very well, meet in the living room you both when you're ready."

We finish our breakfast and, after a bathroom break, we go meet my mother, with my expectation building up the whole time. As soon as I see the bondage gear waiting for me in the living room, my heart starts to beat fast. Michelle notices my reaction and smiles, tugging my leash to force me following her.

Holding it, my mother says: "Let's start showing you a proper bondage harness."

It kind looks like the harness which Michelle got me into, but now it has so many straps more, and even more metal O rings connecting them! Then, like every time before being tied up, I feel the adrenaline running through my body.

Michelle: "Are you already excited, Steffi? (giggle)"

Acting tough, I reply: "This is nothing, I've been through a lot worse."

Michelle says in a more devilish tone: "In this case, let's make it more interesting.." Then suddenly, she grabs my shirt and abruptly pulls it off! Leaving me practically naked!!

Me: "Hey!! Give it back!" I instinctively try to cover my body with my hands still trapped inside the bondage mittens.

Mother: "Don't need to be shy Steffanie. Now turn your back on me"

I hesitantly obey..This is so embarrassing.. but at same time, Michelle is right, my heartbeat doesn't stop accelerating, I'm getting more and more excited every second!

Mother: "Cross your arms behind your back and push them up as far as they can go."

I take a deep breath and do as was told, going even further than just grab my opposite upper arm, this time even raising my hand towards my shoulder blades. My mother quickly loops a strap around each of my wrists, symmetrically bringing each strap below my opposite armpit, then crossed in the front, over each shoulder and to O ring on my back, she also loops the vertical strap around my forearms, fixing everything in place.

Mother: "Steffanie, try to move your arms."

I struggle a little for awhile. Although there are still plenty of loose straps around me, I already can't free myself as it is; It seems as every attempt makes the harness even tighter than before!

Michelle: "Oh, I get it! Those are slip ties around her wrists, so they get tighter every time she pulls against them."

My mother proceeds removing the very little slack that showed up while I was struggling, pulling the strap holding my forearms super tight, then she does the wide straps around each one of my upper arms, making them even tighter than Michelle did.

Mother: "Do you see these straps connected to the O ring in front of her? First we fasten these below her breasts and over her arms, then these extra shoulder straps, bringing them over her shoulders and over the previous crossed straps, drawing a "V" on her chest, and fixing them on her back."

She pulls them tight, squeezing my breasts and creating a push up effect, which is accentuated whenever I struggle.

Mother: "Lastly we do the strap around her above her breasts. This way not only it makes everything secure, but also it creates a nice pentagram pattern."

Michelle: "She looks really cute!"

I already can tell it'll be very hard for me to free my arms on my own, with this new harness on top of the bondage mittens, most likely impossible. My chest feels so restricted that is even a little difficult to breath!

Mother: "Make sure there is nothing hurting or pinching her and now you wait for her to try to struggle free. This will be quite a challenge for her, so it can take awhile."

Michelle: "Won't hurt her being restrained this tight for too long?"

Mother: "Don't worry, she's already used to it, as long as you can keep an eye on her, she can stay like that the whole weekend if you want."

Michelle: "Wow! This is amazing! And what happens if she can't break free like .. not at all?"

Mother: "Well, in this case you can always set a punishment, or even give her some incentives to succeed."

Struggling and still trying to act tough, I reply: "Just you wait Michelle, as soon as I get out of this your turn is next!"

Michelle: "Well, speaking of punishment, I found a ballgag earlier with a lot of straps but I didn't figure out how to use it."

Mother: "Her ballgag harness? Sure, bring it to me and I show you how."

Michelle: "Right! Let's go Steffie!" She walks away tugging my leash and forcing me to follow her.

The fact that I'm still hobbled with my feet so close together doesn't prevent Michelle's enthusiasm, who vigorously tugs my leash saying: "Come on Steffie! We have no time to lose!"

Arriving at my bedroom, Michelle says: "Let me grab it real quick and let's go back."

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Standing in front of the mirror, I get mesmerized seeing myself wearing all these nylon straps around my petite body, the contrast between the wide black stripes and my pale skin looks so intense, not mention the intricate pattern over my chest, pushing my breasts up and holding my arms so tight behind my back.

Michelle suddenly hugs my back and says "Do you like what you see?" while adjusting a few straps to make them perfect symmetrical.

I shake my head and struggle in my bondage trying to deny it, but it's so obvious. Michelle smiles and whispers in my ear: "How does it feel?" She pulls a few straps, making it tighter.

Me: "Stop!"

Trying to shake her off, I wiggle my body. Michelle retaliates grabbing my chest, drawing a gasp from me.

Michelle: "You're craving for something, don't you?"

She begins to tease me, gently groping my breast with one hand while the other slowly runs along my body...

Michelle: "Here is the deal Steffi; I gonna say to your mother that you need more discipline. If you agree with me, I'll give you the opportunity to earn your chastity key. What do you say?"

I barely can speak as she continues to assault my over stimulated body, playfully biting my neck and rubbing her hand against my groin.

Me: "P-Please... you don't know my mother.. she is.. (moans)"

Michelle: "Oh I see.. I'm starting to understand you now." She abruptly pinches my nipple.

I can't avoid cry out loudly, but Michelle quickly cover my mouth with her other hand, muffling the sound.

Michelle whispers in my ear: "You like it rough, don't you?"

My mind gets foggy with arousal, without thinking I nod.

Michelle: "Don't worry, I can also be a very cruel domina. Is that what you want?"

My brain can't even register the full meaning of her words, as she keeps teasing me non stop, all I can do is beg to her: "Ohh.. yes.. please.. more.."

Michelle: "Alright, if you insist so much, I'll make it excruciating agonizing.. just for you."

Suddenly she releases me, I fall on my knees, trying to catch my breath. After a few moments my mother shows up.

Mother: "Girls? Why are you taking so long?"

Michelle: "We were just talking, but we are ready now." She tugs my leash forcing me to stand up.

Mother: "Did you find the ballgag?"

Michelle: "It's here."

My mother nonchalantly grabs my hair and roughy pulls my head backwards, saying: "Michelle, hold her nose with one hand while pushing the ball inside her mouth with another."

I try to resist but suddenly my mother give a hard slap on my butt, taking me by surprise and making me open my mouth, Michele doesn't miss the opportunity and shoves the gag in.

Mother: "You need to squeeze it to get it behind her teeth."

Michelle pushes and squeezes the gag with strength, forcing me to open my mouth as wide as I can until the huge rubber ball finally lodges inside. Then my mother forces my head forwards, letting Michelle buckle the straps tightly behind my head.

Mother: "First the strap behind her nape, make sure her hair didn't get caught.. Second the one over her forehead. And last under her chin, make her bite the gag for this last one."

Me: "MMHhh!"

Michelle quickly follows the instructions.

Mother: "Let me see.. You can make the first buckle two holes tighter and the others one more, push her head forwards harder, so the gag gets deep inside her mouth, don't forget to watch out for her hair."

As always my mother makes it unnecessarily tight, the straps dig on my face: "MMMHHh!!!"

Michelle: "This gag seems so big for her, It's amazing how she can manages it! Try to say something Steffi." She also gives me a hard slap on my butt.

Me: Fthp thht! (Stop that!)

Michelle: "What did you say? 'Another one'?"

Another slap even harder than before, leaving my butt tingling.

Me: NHHh!!! (No!)

Michelle: "It's so fun to tease Steffi! Even though she denies, it's so obvious she love it."

My mother looks with attention while Michelle begins to tickle me. I try to dodge her but she doesn't give me a chance, hugging me tight she makes me suffer all her attacks, completely ignoring my muffled protests.

Mother: "Is there anything else that you would like to know?"

Michelle stops tickling me and replies: "Actually.."

My heart skip a beat. She was just kidding earlier to teases me, wasn't she?

Michelle: "I was talking with Steffi and it seems she's still very sorry about what happened yesterday. I think she'll feel a lot better if I punish her somehow."

Mother: "I see."

Michelle: "In fact, she said she wants a very harsh punishment from both of us."

Mother: "Very harsh huh? Are you really sure Steffanie?"

A shiver runs down my spine, I know this serious look very well, Michelle on the other hand is begging me with her eyes. I can't think clearly, my body is still burning with desire. Then Michelle reaches her pocket and show me the chastity key, her lips silently spelling 'please'. I close my eyes and, defeated by my own desires, I slowly nod.

Mother: "Alright."

Michelle seems about to starting jumping for joy.

My mother is thoughtful for a moment looking at Michelle while she begins to tickling me again, despite my muffled protests.

Mother: "Michelle, could you follow me for a moment?"

Michelle: "Sure!" She finally unties my leash from her wrist, guides me on my knees, and ties it to the bed's foot. Caressing my face she says: "Don't go anywhere Steffi, I'll be right back."

After my mother goes away, Michelle quickly whispers in my ear with devilish tone that I've never heard before: "Prepare yourself little girl." and also leaves.

Alone with my thoughts and restraints, I can't decide if I'm more afraid or excited for what is about to happen.

Part 5 - My Mistress

I'm left alone in the basement, with my hands still encased in bondage mittens, they roped my wrists together, cinching them tight and then fixing to the chain dangling from the ceiling, stretching my arms high up above my head, with the back of my feet barely touching the floor. Except for the ever present steel collar locked around my neck, the cursed chastity belt and the huge ballgag shoved deep inside my mouth, I'm completely naked, my whole body exposed and vulnerable.

This is so unfair, although I have agreed to be in this position, they left me tied, gagged and completely helpless. If at least I could do something about this heat between my legs, this craving sexual desire which is slowly driving me insane.. just thinking about it make me press my thighs together.. After being teased so much and for so long, I can't take it anymore, I need to get ridden of this chastity belt and finally receive my relief, I can't think of anything else.

Hold together Stefanie! You need to be strong!! What the heck are they doing now anyway and why is it taking so long?!

After many unsuccessful attempts to release my arms, trying to jump and unhook my wrists, I finally heard steps going down the stairs.

Michelle: "Sorry for the delay Steffi."

I widen my eyes in amazement, Michelle looks gorgeous! She is wearing a jaw dropping leather corset with a huge V neck going all the way to her navel, tight laces hold it together, compressing and exposing a great deal of her voluptuous body, there are also attached straps on top linking to a matching laced neck corset. On her arms leather gloves goes from her upper arms to her wrists, with cuffs at each end holding them in place. A black leather thong with metal buckles on the sides and 5" heels thigh high laced leather boots with spiked cuffs on her ankles complete her outfit. Not only does her attire looks surreal, also her dark makeup, with black lipstick and eyeshadow, makes her look like a dominatrix model about to go to a photo session. Carrying a basket, she put it on the floor and takes a cat o' nine tails whip from within.

Striking a sexy pose she says: "Do you like?"

Mesmerized, a have no reaction, I just can't believe what I see.

Michelle giggles and approaches me, her heels clicking as she walks, slowly raising my chin with her index finger she says: "I'll take your silence as a compliment.. But you see.." She goes around me and whispers mischievously in my ear. "This isn't just for show you know... Do you see this whip?" She holds it in front of my face.

Getting a little afraid, I nod obediently.

Michelle: "I'm really gonna use it on you until you can't take it anymore."

My heart starts to beat faster. I struggle in my restraints to show my discontent.

She give a hard slap on my butt, making me stop, and says: "So do your best ok?"

My mother also comes downstairs, making me looking down in shame.

Mother: "We're all girls here Stefanie."

I stay still looking down.

Mother: "Well if this make you feels better, Michelle."

She responds immediately: "Yes mam."

Mother: "Take the cloth rag and blindfold her."

Michelle: "Sure thing!" She does as ordered, giving a devilish smile before tying the rag tightly behind my head.

Mother: "As I said you must always pay attention to the sub reaction, she's now what we used to say 'cold' so you'll have to start slowly."

I can't hear my mother's voice very well, she speaks low and directed to Michelle, also my lack of vision great increases my disorientation. Before I realize what's going on, I hear one loud whip striking sound, quickly followed by a sting sensation on my left butt cheek.

Me: "Mmhhhhh!"

The second one hits on the right, then, quickly moving my body out of way, I dodge the third strike. She suddenly stopped.

Michelle: "Naughty naughty little girl. You're supposed to stay still, didn't you know? I'm really trying my best but what if I hit you in the wrong place and hurt you, huh?"

I feel cuffs being buckled around my ankles..

Michelle: "I guess you really do like to be restrained, don't you?"

Suddenly my legs are pulled away from each other, forcing me to stay on the tip of my toes! Without wasting time she hits me again, this time behind my thigh, just below my butt. Not being able to move makes it so much worse.. Then on the left side, and then on the right again, the sensation is twice as intense!

Me: "MMmmhhhh!!"

Michelle: "Don't get too excited yet, we're just starting."

She keeps hitting me on my thighs and butt, sometimes I can hear my mother giving her some instructions; "stir your wrist more", "move your right foot forwards". Michelle develops a rhythmic, hitting me in regular intervals, and making me yelp every hit.

Mother: "Try to don't press down too much, lift right before the impact."

The strikes start to feel much more stingier than before! Not only that but she also start to explore my inner thighs, near my crotch!

Me: "MMMMHhhhh!!!"

My leg inevitably loses balance, making it very difficult to stay on my tip toes. I try to close my legs but it's impossible, the ankle cuffs keep them far apart and vulnerable. At least for the first time I'm glad that I'm wearing a chastity belt, I can't even imagine what would feel if she hits me in a more.. intimate area.

She keeps going until every inch of my bottom is tingling, when a place finally starts to feels better, she hits it again to make sure the burning sensation stays in place! I beg her to stop, but my distress seems to greatly pleases her, since now she uses the whip with twice the enthusiasm.

At some point I think I lost my mind because with each strike, my body seems to pump adrenaline more and more, sweating profusely, my mind gets foggy and I slowly start to get addicted to this feeling..

Mother: "I'll be right back." Michelle stops and I hear steps going upstairs.

I feel Michelle hugging me from behind and whispering in my ear: ""It's just us now..I have a proposition for you."

Me: "Huh?"

Michelle: "Sadly, I think we're about to finish here.. You're being a good girl so far, but I think you can go a extra mile."

She gropes my breasts, stimulating my body and increasing my arousal..

Michelle: "You can take more, can't you? I'm also far from satisfied.."

Her hand runs all over my body, finishing on my groin, my mind is a mess of emotions and sensations..

Michelle: "If you agree to play with me some more, I promise you, I'll make it worth it."

I hear steps approaching, Michelle moves away.

Mother: "Try this one."

Try what? My doubt is quickly answered as Michelle hits my butt again, this time the pain feels much more fierce than before!

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Me: "MMMHHHhh!!!"

A second time and also a third time!


Michelle: "It's easier to control, but she seems to respond better with the flogger."

Mother: "She'll get used to it. Very well, you learned a lot today."

Michelle pets my head and says: "I hope you don't plan to wear a bikini any time soon Steffi (giggles)."

I groan in protest: "Mhh!!"

Mother: "Ok, put her down and let's go upstairs."

Michelle: "M'am, I really think Steffi will get disappointed if we end it now."

Mother: "Is this true Steffanie?"

Not being able to think straight, I nod, just because it feels like I shouldn't contradict Michelle.

Michelle: "Also I think she would like to try something more.. interesting."

Mother: "Excuses us for a moment Steffanie."

They talk to each other but I can't distinguish more than a few words.

Mother: "Very well you'd better be ready Steffanie."

Anxiety and adrenaline makes my heart goes even faster than before.

Michelle: "The rule is simple; you have to stay still, otherwise you'll regret."

Oh God! What did I get into? I hear chains rattling and then my arms are raised even more! This added to the fact that my ankles are restrained far apart from each other, causes my feet to barely being able to touch the floor, I can barely maintain my balance as it is!

Without warning, I get a hard strike on my butt, the sudden pain on my already very abused bottom inevitably makes me lose my footing. Almost immediately I receive another strike, but this time on my breasts! Not only it sounded really loud but also feels very intense as well!!

Me: "MMMHHHhh!!!"

Michelle: "Told you."

Another one on my butt and inevitably another in my chest.

Me: "MMMMHHHHh!!!"

Michelle talks to my mother: "It's like you said, I really can tell the difference."

Mother: "You see."

Then I realize, isn't not only Michelle that is flogging me this time, both her and my mother are!!


On top of that, they aren't going 'easy' on me, they are whipping me for real this time!! There is no way in hell for me to keep still, Michelle seems to make sure that with every strike, she makes me stumble, so I also get hit by mother, also giving me no time to recover whatsoever. I can also tell how experienced my mother is, just a couple of strikes and every single place on my poor breasts are already tingling like crazy!

They manage to work in rhythm, hitting me one after the other in quick successions, greatly increasing my torment...

My heart seems about to come out through my chest..

The agony becomes unbearably, I panic and try to break free, abruptly wiggling my whole body...

Michelle: "You're only making it worse for yourself Steffi."

While I struggle, Michelle aims for my sides, the flogger hugging all around my thighs and its tip hitting my groin. My mother doesn't stay behind and chooses the sides of my upper torso, also hitting my shoulder blades on my back. Both causing me the maximum amount of pain. Their work combined also forces my body to rotate with every hit, in a vicious cycle of maddening agony impossible to get out!

Michelle: "Unless of course this is what you want, in this case feel free to suffer to your heart's content."

They both speed up the pacing, hitting me non stop! Biting the ballgag very hard, I cry out muffled moans of despair, drool starts to drip over my chest.. I must be going crazy because with every passing minute, even though all the pain and suffering, deep inside me that addictive feeling grows stronger more and more intense, making me want to keep going. It's like throwing gasoline on the fire, my body feels like an insanely intense blaze...

The hypnotic sound of the whip striking me again and again without ever stopping...

My mind begins to drift away and I lose track of time...

Someone rubs my face gently. Realizing that my blindfold was removed, I slowly open my eyes. It's Michelle, she holds me by my waist.

Michelle: "Firm your foot Steffi, it's not healthy to stay hanging only by your wrists."

I try to move my legs but they don't obey me anymore..

Michelle: "What a pity, I guess the fun is finally over."

They unhook me and slowly put me down on all fours on top of the bedroll, with my wrists tied in the front.

Mother: "Michelle, could you take care of Steffanie?"

Michelle: "Sure! Leave her to me."

My mother goes away and closes the door behind her.

Michelles pounces on my body, hugging my back she says: "You were amazing!" She draw moans from me, running her hands over my sensitive skin. "And it seems you also had your share of fun (giggles)". She pinches both my nipples, making realize how hard they're.

Me: "Mhhhhmmmmmmm.."

Michelle: "Time to fulfill my part of the deal.."

The chastity belt key! She insert the key in the lock and the dreadful belt releases its tight grasp. Oh God finally!! Without even thinking I bring my restrained hands closer to my crotch.

Michelle: "Not so fast!"

She grab my wrists and unties them, after that she moves my arms behind my back. Still weak and exhaust, I can't fight back. Michelle proceeds restraining my arms with the chest harness again, bringing them crossed high up on my back, she tightens the individual straps around my wrists, holding them in place, then the straps above and below my breasts and around my upper arms.

The nylon straps embraces and squeezes my whole upper body. Even though the already super restrictive harness binds my arms in such uncomfortable and borderline painful way, Michelle tugs the straps as tight as she can, making them dig on my skin, my restrained hands are pressed hard against my just whipped shoulder blades, moans slips from my mouth, for which she smiles devilishly. I feel so vulnerable, It's so tight that is a little harder to even breath, I can already tell that these straps will leave quite a showy marks.

Michelle: "You look so cute, good luck trying to escape from this." She finishes the adjustments and removes the chastity belt.

Michelle: "Look at you.." She touch my lip with the tip of her fingers. "Drooling everywhere." Using the cloth rag, she slowly wipes around my ballgag.

I can't take it anymore, I look at her with pleading eyes: "Mnghmllm.. plmhfm.." (Michelle, please..)

She smiles and, bringing the basket full of stuff closer, she picks up a bullet vibrator and whispers in my ear: "How long can you still hold it?" She vigorously starts to play with my body, groping my still tingling breasts and rubbing her body against mine. Like in my dreams, I completely surrender.. I don't have any fear or shame anymore. Michelle bites my earlobe while rubbing the buzzing vibrator against my nipple, panting very heavily, I can't hold my moans. Running her hand over me, she rest it on my crotch. Her perfume smells so good and her body is so soft..Intoxicated with lust, my body moves by itself.

The vibrator slides down agonizingly slowly along my belly and towards between my legs...

Oh God it's so close! I'm so close...

A millisecond before the vibrator arrives at its final destination, what probably would instantly launches me in a mindblowing orgasm, Michelle suddenly stops, holding me with one hand and pinching my nose with another.

She holds me very tightly, blocking my air, and making me let out a cry: "MMMHHH!!!"

With my lungs burning, I panic struggling wildly trying to breath, but she keeps holding me in place, after several seconds and almost fainting, she finally let me go. Panting heavily, I just try to control my breath again.

Michelle: "I wanted to tease you just a little more but it seems that you already are at your limit."

Looking at her with puppy eyes I beg her to finish me off..

She gives me a big diabolical smile and says: "What's the problem Steffi, didn't you want a ruthless mistress? Leaving you maddening frustrated is part of it you know.. "

Me: "NHHH!!!" Wiggling my upper body wildly, I try to free my arms, the O ring in front of my collar making loud clicking noises, but my despite all my effort, it seems I just managed to make it even tighter around my wrists.

Michelle: "Since you like to struggle so much, let me tied you up nice and tight."

Completely helpless and exhausted I can't do anything to stop her. Leaving me lying on the bedroll, she comes back bringing some rope. First she loops two coils around each of my thighs and, crossing my legs in front me, she places my right foot on top of my opposite thigh with its sole facing upwards. She ties the end of rope around my thigh to my ankle, cinching it tight, then she does the same with my other foot in a symmetrical way. Lastly she ties another rope halfway between my knees and ankles, fixing my legs in a restrictive lotus position.

Michelle: "Now about your punishment for being such lewd girl."

She turns me over carelessly, making me land on my tortured breasts and with my butt high up.

Me: "MMMHHHh!!!"

With my face buried on the bedroll, Michelle comes closer and shows me a huge buttplug "How about shove this monster up your cute little butt again and turn it on?"

Turn it on? I look at her eyes with doubt and fear.

Michelle: "What? Don't you know?..Wait, you don't know what this is for, do you? Oh, I can't wait to see your reaction. But don't get too excited, it may not be what you're thinking."

Oh my God! What is she going to do with me? She leaves the buttplug resting in front of my face, and goes around me.

Michelle: "First things first."

A cold feeling hits my butthole. She's pouring lube! After that, she inserts a finger inside me.

Me: "Mmmmmhhhhmm.."

Michelle: "Clench it as hard as you can."

I do as she ordered then a slap hits my already very abused bottom.

Me: "MMMMMHHmm!!"

Michelle: "Come on, you can do better than that."

I repeat, this time using all the strength I have.

She adds another finger and says: "Do it again."

This so is humiliating.. Then she adds a third finger!


Michelle: "Again!"

I try my best but I barely have any strength left.

Michelle: "I must say you impressed me Steffi, I wouldn't have believed if I had not seen it with my own eyes, look at the size of it!"

I look up with tears in my eyes, with the buttplug just a few inches from my face, it indeed seems more enormous and intimidating than ever! I have no idea how I manage to put it in the first time, and I promised to myself to never do it again.. Yet another slap.

Me: "MMMMHHHH!!!!"

Michelle: "Ok, I think you are as prepared as you can be."

She finally removes her fingers and pick up the plug, then its tip touches my butthole, I start to panting heavily again.

Michelle: "I wonder why a girl so small like you would choose a buttplug extra large.."

Then all of the sudden, she presses the buttplug firmly against my butthole, It seems so impossible big. Michelles pulls back and then pushes in again. My body is still try to prevent that outcome but is not as bad as when tried it all by myself. Back again, she pauses for a few seconds and then she shoves it inside, not stopping this time. The monstrous plug goes all the way inside me.. even with all the previous preparation it still hurts quite a bit, which I guess it's inevitable given its massive size, but the pain quickly fades and it's replaced by a tingling feeling.

Michelle: "There you go Steffi. How does it feel?"


It feels so absurdly huge inside me, it's like my insides are about to burst! My tingling asshole clenches around the base of the plug, which is already so uncomfortably thick that is a constant nuisance on itself! The whole thing is as maddening as I remember!! I wiggle my butt instinctively as trying to shake it off, even knowing that no way in hell I would be able to, which only serves to increase my torment.

Michelle: "You really like to suffer, don't you? Well, you'll have plenty of time for that."

Me: "Phll hmt hht!!" (Pull it out!!)

Michelle: "Be aware that you'll have a hard time trying to expel a buttplug this big, and I won't help you again. Just imagine you having to ask your mother. (giggles)"

Me: "Nhhhh!!!"

Michelle: "Speaking of that, let's make sure isn't gonna happen any time soon."

The metal belt is fasten around my waist...

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NOOO!!! Anything but that! If I get denied again I'm gonna go crazy!

I struggle with everything I got: "NNNNNNHHHH!!!"

Michelle: "What's the problem Steffi, it isn't like you will be able to remove the plug anyway."

Me: "Plmhfm!!" (Please!!)

Michelle: "Oh I see.." She touches between my legs, making my heart skip a beat. "It's like a river down here. You really can't wait anymore, can you?"

I try to rub against her hand but she quickly remove it, leaving me super frustrated.

Michelle: "Maybe I can help you..." She grabs a whip, but not the cat o' nine tails that I saw before, it looks like a riding crop. Is that what she used on me in those very sharp and painful blows?!

Michelle: "Repeat after me: 'I'm a very lewd and very naughty girl."

Me: "Hm hm h vmrn lmwd.."


She cracks the riding crop on my butt, causing me a insanely fierce pain: "MMMMMHHHH!!!"

Michelle: "I don't care if you're gagged, open you mouth and speak as loud as you can."

Me: "Hm hm h vmrn lmwd hnd.."


Me: "MMMMMHHHH!!!" The pain is so intense and persistent that I can clearly draw in my mind where she hits me.

Michelle: "Faster!"

Me: "Hm hm h vmrn lmwd hnd vmrn nhhghtn gnrl."

Michelle: "Please always keep my chastity belt locked tight."

My hesitation earned me another strike.



With tears in my eyes I repeat: "Plmhfm hlwhnf gmmp mn ghhftntn bmlt lhggmd tnght."

Michelle: "Please never open it again, no matter how much I beg you."

I slowly shake my head: "Nhh.."


Me: "MMMMMMMMMHHHH!!!" This is insane, the acute pain doesn't decreases at all, four strikes and I still can feel the first one as intensely as the last. Crying out as loud and fast as I can: "Plmhfm nmvmr hpmn Hmt hghnn, nh mhttmr hhw mhgh Hm bmg nhh.!!"

Michelle: "I'm so glad that I was able convince you. Don't worry Steffi, I'll grant your wish."

She takes her time adjusting the chastity belt on me, making sure that it's tight and secure, also pushing the huge buttplug deep inside me.

Michelle: "Are you enjoying your bondage so far?" Repositioning my body, she makes me sit.

My abused butt stings like crazy, not mention the plug increases the discomfort. With each of my foot tied on top of my opposing thigh and my arms still bound crossed high up on my back I can't move a inch! I'm completely helpless, not to mention the huge ballgag shoved inside my mouth.

Michelle: "I hope you're comfortable, because you probably will stay like this for awhile..."

I shake my head with indignation: "NHhh!!"

She goes back to assault my body, this time she goes even more aggressive, lightly scraping her nails on my skin. Grabbing my breasts with vigor, she almost lift me from the bedroll. My sexual desire, now wild and uncontrollable, slowly becomes my worst punishment, I can't think of anything else besides how to surpass the stiff steel between my legs. Why does this feels so good?

Michelle: "Your heart is beating so fast Steffi...and your nipples are so hard." She pinches them again.

Me: "Mhuuuuummmm.."

Michelle: "I know exactly what you need."

Me: "Huh?"

Before I understand what she means, something bites my left nipple very hard.

Me: "MHHHHhhmm!!" The dreadful steel nipple clamps!

Me: "Nh.. plmhfm.." (No please..)

Michelle: "No? But Steffi, you practically begging for it."

The right one soon follows the same fate: "MHHHhhhmm!!!"

Michelle: "See?"

Panting heavily, I hold still trying to cope with the pain, which I know from experience it won't go away while the clamps stay there.

Michelle: "And since you ask it to be really punishing.."

Oh God! Please no more!

She uses a very short chain connecting the two nipples clamps and then she shows me a heavy padlock.

Michele: "Try to guess where it goes."

My eyes widen in panic as she hooks the padlock in the middle of the chain. Both my nipples are suddenly pulled down and my body instinctively reacts leaning forwards, resting the padlock on the bedroll to relieve the weight, but this leaves me in a very difficult and uncomfortable pose to maintain. The clamps alone are already a nightmare, but this is even worse!

Michelle: "Ohh, you drool all over yourself again." She picks up some panties from the basket. "The last time you seemed to like it so much, it's a pity that your mouth is already so full... but at least I can do is this."

Suddenly she covers my whole face with her panties, I can immediately tell they are far from clean! I try to resist but I can barely move, she pulls the underwear tight over my head with its insides directly over my nose.

Michelle: "Let's make sure that you can't rub this off."

With my vision partially blocked, I can't see what's she's doing. Suddenly I feel another piece of cloth being dragged over my head.. it's so snug. Then I realize; she's tucking my head inside a pantyhose! Removing the cloth rag still hanging around my neck, she pulls the pantyhose down until my head goes all the inside one legging, squeezing her dirty panties tight around my face!

Michelle: "Nice and snug."

I shake my head trying to dislodge her disgusting panties from my face! Meanwhile Michelle presses some kind of controller against my thigh and loops duct tape around it, holding it in place. Then, grabbing some wires coming out of my rear, which I only realize just now, she plugs them to the controller.

Michelle: "This will be so much fun.. Are you ready Steffi?"

I widen my eyes in fear as she turn it on! Then, my body flinches as I suddenly feel a small electric pulse up my ass, a few seconds later another one, and another one, then I realize; the buttplug is a electroshock toy!

Michelle: "There are so many options! How do you like it Steffi?"

She increases the intensity more and more until it made me scream: "MMMMMHHHHHHH!!!"

My body reacts stretching my back backwards, which causes me a great amount of pain due to the heavy padlock pulling on my nipple chain.

Me: "Fthp!!" (Stop!!)

Michelle: "How about a different pattern?"

Panting hard, I sigh in relief as she changed it to very long intervals between each pulse, although each one is still unbearable strong and painful, making me scream every time. I try begging to her to turn the intensity down, but she just smile at me as if she are hiding something, then I realize, very slowly, the intervals start to become shorter!

Me: "Plmhfm Mnghmllm! Nht thnf hnm!!" (Please Michelle! Not this one!!)

What I feared the most happened; one minute later the pulses become ridiculously fast, virtually shocking me non stop! My muscles involuntarily contract around the plug with intense strength, making it feel more huge and intrusive than ever!!

Me: "MMMMMMHHHHHHHh!!!" I struggle furiously trying to break free.

Michelle: "It seems you really like this one. (giggles)"

My brain barely registers what she says, until the shocks slow down again. Just one cycle and my body is already a quivering mess, trembling uncontrollably..

Me: "MHh ... Nh mhrm ... MHh ... plmhfm... MHh ..." (no more, please)

Michelle: "Oh Steffi, your little moans are so cute."

With my sight blurred due to my teary eyes, my mind fills with despair as Michelle clearly has no intention of make it easy for me.

Michelle: "So this is the deal; to earn your freedom all you have to do is go upstairs and the chastity key will be yours."

The shocks start to speed up again.

Michelle: "Of course I'll leave you all tied up, otherwise it wouldn't be fun, right?"

Agonizing strong and fast electroshocks assault my rear once again, on top of that Michelle plays with the padlock hooked to my nipple chain, making it swing from side to side.


She must be kidding me, I can't move an inch, it's hard to even breathe! Looking at the stairs, it seems more like a unsurpassable mountain, with me tied and helpless at the bottom, climbing it like this is completely impossible!!

Michelle: "Not challenging enough? Don't worry I'm not finished yet."

Oh God! What can she still do to me?

She picks up the duct tape and, pulling a big strip, she sticks it over my mouth! Not satisfied, Michelle decides to loop the tape several times very tight around my lower face, pushing the huge ballgag deeper inside my mouth. Then, giving me a big sadistic smile, she kisses me on the gag and proceeds looping the tape over my eyes. In no time, my whole head, besides my nose, is covered in tape.

Michelle: "Can you see anything?"

The claustrophobic feeling makes me panic for a few moments, I shake my head wildly, there is so much tape that even Michelle's voice is muffled. The shocks accelerates again and, due to my restricted senses, they seems more intense than ever! The pain is so intense that I can't avoid struggle, shaking my body widely and crying out: "MMMMMMHHHHHHhhhh!!!"

Michelle: "Hey! You can still hear me Steffi?"

I nod very slowly, my whole body trembling uncontrollably.

Michelle: "Normally I would think this is good enough for a naughty girl like you, but since you asked me to be really merciless.."

She runs her hands over my sensitive skin.

Me: "plmhfm... nh mhrm..." (please, no more..)

As she reaches the sole of my feet, so exposed and vulnerable, and scratching them with her nails, I react instantly, flinching hard.

Michelle: "I have an idea."

I feel something being put on the sole of my right foot and being held in place with tape.

Michelle: "What do you think?"

The thing starts to vibrate, tickling my foot. Then I realize: she has taped a bullet vibrator there! I start squirming around, as it quickly becomes very annoying.

Michelle: "Good thing I brought another one."

She does the same thing to my left foot.

Me: "MMMMHHHHhhhhh!!!"

In panic, I struggle and shake my legs wildly, trying to dislodge them.

Michelle: "Is this good enough for you?"

On top of the increasingly fast and intense shocks on my rear, the non stop tickling becomes maddening!! I can't imagine even survive this, much less being able to endure it. Losing my mind, I struggle with everything that I have, and screaming as loud as I can: "MMMMMMHHHHHHhhhh!!!"

I keep involuntarily trying to stretch my legs and arms, but it's hopeless. Between my furious struggles I lost balance and fall on my back.

Michelle: "You're still so loud, let me try to fix that."

She adds yet another gag layer, most likely the cloth rag, tying it very tight and over my nose! Making it even harder to breathe!!

Michelle: "How can you climb the stair lying down like that? Go back to sitting."

All tied up and weakened like I'm, there is no way how?

Michelle: "Let me give you hand."

When I thought that Michelle would finally have mercy, my hope is shattered as she hits me with the riding crop!



She hits below my thighs, causing me a great amount of pain! I try to propel my body forwards but because of my legs being tied so close to my body I don't get enough momentum, falling on my back again.


Me: "MMMMMMHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!"

Michelle strikes very hard on my thighs again. The fierce pain is so intense.. My body reacts trying to stretch my legs, but it fails due the tight ropes holding them in place. Not thinking straight anymore I react by pure adrenaline, propelling my body forwards again with everything I have. After milliseconds of sheer panic, as for just a fraction of inch I was close to fall backwards once more, almost like by pure luck, I manage to land sitting again. The padlock bounces abruptly, pulling my nipples viciously, my mind gets foggy, panting very heavily, my lungs burn due to my very restrict breathing, the smell from her dirty panties is now so ridiculously strong that I can also taste it inside my mouth. My rear and thighs sting like crazy

She abruptly grabs my hair and pulls my head backwards, making me stay erect. Forcibly pushing my body around, the heavy padlock swings freely, making me cry out in pain: "MMMMHHHhhh!!!"

Michelle: "I gonna leave you now, but doesn't forget that I'm waiting for you upstairs."

Me: "Thmrm mf nh whn.." (There is no way..)

Michelle: "And don't even think about just stay still if you hope to get any sexual relief ever again."

I shake my head crying out: "Nhh.." (No..)

Adjusting the tape around my feet and loosening the grip around the vibrators just a little bit, so it can move more freely, Michelle says: "I'm very glad that you asked me for this, I didn't know I could enjoy it so much!"

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Lastly she set the vibration to the max! The tickling became unbearable!!

Michelle: "Feel free to struggle to your heart's content. Good luck Steffi."

I barely can hear her heels clicking away as my mind goes completely haywire.

Part 6 - Bondage Hell

I can't tell how long I keep screaming and struggling by sheer panic, hopelessly trying to get free, but the unforgiving restraints, the soul crushing sexual frustration, the mind numbing sensations assaulting my body all over, everything continued to torture me non stop. Lost in thoughts and emotions, my mind drifts away.. In my dreams, I was arrested and accused of committing several hideous crimes, then I was sentenced to spend the rest of my life severely restrained, teased and denied, gagged and blindfolded, I would always be locked in a tight chastity belt, whipped, clamped and shocked. Forever stuck in this living hell...

At some point in between my never ending agony and desperate struggles, gathering the last remnant of sanity that I have left, the last drop of hope, I try to reach the shock controller tapped to my thigh.. I can barely touch it with my big toe, if my legs weren't tied so tight.. I do my very best squirming and stretching my foot, trying to reach it, but the fast and insanely strong shock pulses, the non stop tickling, the fiercely painful nipple clamps, everything is maddening!!

Almost fainting and nowhere near to reaching any controls, I keep trying hopelessly as the last command that my brain gives to my body before shutting down... Biting the huge ballgag shoved deep inside my mouth, I pray to the bondage God: Please! I beg you!!

Then, just by pure luck, one wire got tangled around my big toe and, just seconds before passing out, I manage to pull it off, stopping the the electric torture. Thank you! Thank you!! Now if only I could also do something about this hellish tickling..

With the intention of dislodge the bullet vibrators taped on the sole of my feet, I try to rub them against something, but it's useless, I can barely move my legs and my feet are forced in this very restrict and vulnerable pose; resting over my opposite thigh with their sole facing upwards. Each attempt seems to just increases the already unbearable feeling more and more, almost like if it's taunting me!

After several moments trying without success, I went crazy! Screaming in despair behind my suffocating gag, I wiggle my legs madly. The vibrator keep buzzing and tickling me at full power non stop, I can't take this anymore!!

Me: "MMHHH!! MMMHHHhhhhh!! MMMMMMHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!"

But no matter how much time goes by, with me crying and struggling in sheer agony, no one comes to rescue me, instead I'm punished even more with the excruciating pain on my poor nipples due to the heavy padlock bouncing and tugging the nipple chain. Not mention the huge and uncomfortable thick buttplug stuck up my ass!

Completely broken and exhausted, I sit still taking deep breaths through Michelle's panties, which are now so sweaty that they are practically glued over my face! I think would it be better if I just faint than continuously being forced to endure this hell..

I can picture in my mind Michelle laughing at me, her delicious sadistic smile..

If only she was still with me maybe she would keep teasing me, toying with my helpless little body, but never letting me go over the edge..

Maybe she would tied me up even more, leaving hanging by the chains on the ceiling again in a nice and tight hogtie...

Or who knows, she would be very mad because I disconnected the electric shock controller, so she would turn it on again, setting it even stronger and faster than before!

yes please.. and of course, a couple of fierce whip slashes, I can still feel the last ones on my butt and thighs... this would teach me not to try to cheat my way out from my well deserved punishments..

she would unmerciful hit me with her whip whenever I stop struggling and screaming, never letting me rest, always pushing my suffering to the limits and beyond...

With my mind busy, I unconsciously keep rubbing the rope looped around my left thigh with my right foot, pushing it towards my knee, although because it's so tight, it doesn't seem I'm accomplishing anything, but I keep trying.. over and over and over again..

After only God knows how much time later, the rope holding my right ankle gets loose, letting me stretch my right leg to some extent. Lying on my back, I immediately press the sole of my left foot very hard against the bedroll, trying to ease the tickling. It helps a little, however, on my still tied right foot, it becomes much more noticeable! Frantically trying to do the same thing to my right leg, I fail miserable as the rope seems tighter than ever!!

This is it...

I can't..

Most likely hallucinating I hear Michelle voice, she says: "What's the problem Steffi? You're almost there. Don't give up now. Here, follow me." Picturing her in my mind, she holds the ring in front of my collar and gently leads the way...

I'm exhausted and my body feels so heavy, not mention that moving around with only a partially free leg seems like a almost impossible task, but somehow I'm motivated to try my best.. "Now watch out for the first step."

Dreaming about climbing up an endless stairs, I keep following that voice, crawling very slowly and resting one step at a time. It seems like this dream will never going to end..

Michelle: "Steffi. Steffi. Open your eyes."

Slowly regaining my conscious, I notice a warm and soft feeling as if someone is gently cuddling my petite body.

Michelle: "Can you see?"

The tape over my eyes was removed, but the pantyhose and smelly panties are still tight over my head, making me barely able to recognize Michelle's face.

Michelle: "You did it! You actually climbed the stairs!"

It took me a little while to understand what she means. Looking around I realize that in fact I'm sitting on the floor at the top of the stairs. Oh my God! I can't believe it!!

Michelle: "As I promised, the chastity belt key is yours. Unfortunately it took you so long that is very late at night. I had a fun little game planned, but I'm afraid that will have to wait for tomorrow."

She gently help me to get on my knees. My arms are still restrained very tight on my back, but at least both my legs are free. Because of the heavy padlock hooked to my nipple chain, I lean my body forward, so it can lay on the floor.

Michelle: "Let's go to bed Steffi."

Clipping a leash in my collar, she forces me to follow her.

I complain as loud as my gag let me: "MMHhh!!"

Michelle: "What's the problem Steffi? The nipple clamps are still bothering you?"

I slowly nod.

Michelle: "Alright."

She unhooks the dreadful padlock, making me sigh with relief. Then, when I thought she would finally have mercy, Michele hooks the padlock to the O ring in front of my collar and, giving me a sadistic smile, she brings the nipple chain up and locks them together! The chain is so short that I'm forced to keep my head lowered, otherwise It would tug the clamps painfully. Even after all that, Michelle didn't drop her cruel domina act, her smile made me sure that she still will do anything to make my life a bondage hell.

Michelle: "Don't worry, the fun isn't over yet. Now come."

Due to my legs being tied up so tight and for so long, not mention my thighs still tingling from being whipped from all sides, I'm barely able to walk on my knees. However Michelle doesn't care, tugging the leash hard whenever she thinks I'm taking too long. After a long and humiliation walk we finally arrive in the bedroom.

Michelle: "I hope you don't mind switching places tonight, I'll take your cozy bed and you can take my mattress on the floor."

I normally wouldn't care about that, if at least the mattress had some bed sheets! I moan in protest as my exposed and sensitive skin gets itchy from being rubbed against the raw mattress: "MMHHh!!!"

Michelle: "What's it now?" She approaches my ear and whispers in her devilish tone: "Want some help to make it comfortable?"

I want to nod my head, but this would mean to tug the nipple chain now linked to my collar.

Me: "mmf, plmhfm" (yes, please)

Michelle: "I can't understand what you're saying. Do want some help yes or no?"

I quickly nod my head, causing pain to my poor nipples: "MHhhhhh!!"

Michelle: "(giggles) Ok then."

She goes to the wardrobe and start to toss stuff on the mattress; pillow, blankets and then a lot of rope! Oh God, what is she going to do with me now? With me lying on my belly, Michelle loops some rope around my ankles, then after cinching them tight, she does the same above and below my knees.

Removing the bullet vibrators taped on the sole of my feet she says: "It seems they finally run out of battery. Do you want me to change them for you?"

Me: "NNh!!!"

She giggles and rubs her nails on my sensitive skin, causing a shiver runs up my spine. Michelle checks my restrained arms, adjusting a few straps of the bondage harness. Lastly, she knots a piece of rope to my ankles and, using the harness O ring on my back as a pulley, she ties my legs in a tight hogtie! Turning my body aside, she gently places the pillow under my head.

Michelle: "You look so vulnerable and sexy like that.."

She runs her hands over me, inciting my latent sexual frustration.

Michelle: "I almost can't hold myself."

I feel like melting to her every touch, making me to want more and more.

Fixing the blanket over me and kissing my forehead, she says: "Good night little bondage girl, have a nice sleep."

As she leaves me I yell: "Whnt! Dhn't lmhvm mm!" (Wait! Don't leave me!)

Michelle: "Do you want me to sleep in your bed again?"

Without thinking twice, and ignoring the pain on my nipples, I answer nodding my head: "MMff!"

Michelle whispers in my ear: "Are you sure?"

On a adrenaline rush, I nod once more: "MMMff!!!"

Without being able to hide her excitement, she sits in front of me, making sure that I have a clear sight, and slowly starts to take off her clothes. First she undoes the laces of her leather corset, sighing in relief as she frees her ample breasts from imprisonment, then her leather gloves, unbuckling the cuffs on her wrists and upper arms, and lastly her thigh high leather boots, quickly massaging her feet after, probably easing the pain of the 5" heels. Wearing only a leather thong and a delicate neck corset, she grabs her pillow and also, giving me her devilish smile, the riding crop. I can hear my own heartbeat so fast it is pumping!

She lies on her side and, hugging my behind, in a big spooning round my petite body. Then Michelle resumes her assault, taking all the time in the world. My heart gets faster.

Michelle: "These things really turn you on, don't they?"

Not being able to think straight, I can't even deny it. Slowing running her hand to my groin, she makes me moan and wiggles wildly in my tight restraints by uncontrollable lust.

Michelle: "I bet you can't wait to get rid of the chastity belt."

I don't even need to answer that, I simply cannot think of anything else..

Michelle: "Well, I can't wait too, so I'm thinking about getting the key and remove it for a little while.."

She gently rubs the riding crop on my exposed skin, slowly sliding it from my thighs to my breasts, very slowly, making my body tremble with fear.

Michelle: "but since I promised you that I would be really unforgiving.."

Suddenly, she strikes my breasts! I panic screaming and anticipating some fierce pain.. which doesn't happen, making me realize that she just let the riding crop own weight to fall in.

Michelle: "this leaves us at an impasse."

I look at her begging with my eyes..Please! For the love of God!! Give me relief, I can't take it anymore.

Michelle: "Alright, let's do this, I gonna put you in a nice bondage and, by the time I come back, if you're still awake, we keep playing. What you think?"

Panting heavily, I nod.

Michelle smiles and whisper in my ear with her most evil voice yet: "Not that you have a choice, and if you think that last time I left you in the basement was the worst, just you wait little girl."

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She abruptly rolls my body on my belly and gets up. In a panic I try to get away from her, but because of my tight hogtie, I can't do anything besides launching myself forwards a fraction of inch each time. Watching with amusement, Michelle gives me plenty of time to perform my pathetic attempt.

Michelle: "You better move faster!"

Poking my butt with the riding crop, she laugh out loud, knowing this is completely futile, and fueling my fear even more. Shortly after, I stop, breathless and exhausted.

Michelle: "Naughty little girl trying to escape huh? I guess I'll have to take care of that.."

She takes my pillow, placing it under my legs, and pulling the rope tied to my ankles and going through the O ring on my back, she says: "Alright Steffi, arch your back as much as you can."

With no choice, I'm forced to obey as she pulls the rope, making the hogtie excruciating tight! Still not finished, she ties my big toes together, cinching them tight and pulling my feet towards my back.

Michelle: "Now where do I knot this to?"

She fondles my head as if looking for some anchor point. Predicting what could happen, I shake me head trying to disrupt her, but to no avail, as she quickly finds the ballgag harness D ring on top of my head, just under the pantyhose. Ripping a little hole, Michelle guides the rope end through the ring and says: "Lift your chin up Steffi."

Begging for mercy, I moan meekly: "Nh, plmhfm" (No, please)

Michelle: "This is an order. Don't make me say it twice."

At very least Michelle let me take my time as I lift my head slowly, trying to cope with the acute pain of the short chain pulling the nipple clamps.

Michelle: "There you go." Pressing my feet downwards, she knots the rope, fixing me in this precarious position.

Michelle: "Can you move now?"

My body trembles due to the cruel hogtie, I don't even dare to answer shaking my head.

Michelle: "Let me give you some incentive.."

Before I could understand what she means, she quickly reaches the shock controller still taped to my thigh, shortly after one electric pulse comes from the buttplug. She turn it on again! It catches me by surprise, making me flinch and moan: "MHhhhhmmmmmm!"

Michelle: "How about try something new'?"

Suddenly a sequence of fast shocks hits me, they aren't very strong, but given their high frequency and being nonstop, it makes me writhe in agony as it feels like a maddening tickling inside me.

Michelle: "Struggle for me little girl, see if you can crawl like before."

Very quickly the shock torture becomes unbearable... The trembling gets worse, my whole body shakes uncontrollably.

The ruthless hogtie seems absolutely inescapable, I can't move a fraction of a inch...

Impatient, Michelle strikes the sole of my feet with the riding crop!


Me: MMMMMMHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!

Michelle: "I want to see you struggling again, a really effort this time, or else I gonna make it a lot worse."

The already unbearable shocks make me writhe in pure agony as it seems to tickle my very soul, I can't even imagine how it can be any worse! In panic, I being to struggle with everything I have; despite my unbeatable restraints, the back breaking hogtie, the choking multi layer gag, the skin biting chest harness, the maddening nipple clamps, the outrageous huge buttplug stuck up my butt, despite all that, I keep struggling as if my life depends on it.

Completely out of my mind, I keep wiggling my legs, swinging my torso, shaking my head, everything that I can! Oddly enough, all the pain and discomfort seem to vanish as I let my most primal instincts take over..

My turmoil reaches its peak as somehow I manage to fall on my side..

With my lungs burning and my heart about to get out through my chest, I gasp for air..

Michelle: "Are having fun little girl?"

I can't even reply as I'm fighting really hard trying to breath.

Michelle laughs overjoyed as she rubs the whip menacing over my trembling body, watching me panic due to my soul crushing distress.

To relieve the searing pain on the sole of my feet, I hopelessly try to rub them on each other, but I'm tied so tight! Because of the rope tied to my big toes, I only manage to pull my head backwards even more, which results in tugging the nipple chain very painfully. Abruptly moving my head forwards again, I force my feet to be completely stretched, letting the burning feeling makes me go crazy!

Me: MMMMMMHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!

Michelle: "It seems you cannot do much, being all tied like that.. But unfortunately for you, this only made me want to make you suffer even more. After all, this is what you really want, isn't?"

In full panic, I try to run away, rocking my body forward while yelling: "Nh! Nhhh!! Nhhhhh!!!"

Michelle takes her time laughing and watching my futile struggles again. When I couldn't move anymore, she whispers in my ear: "Ready?"

Suddenly the electric pulses become insanely intense. It's so strong that feels like it's vibrating inside me and running up my spine.. Not able to think straight, I instinctively try to reach the shock controller with my big toes again, however unlike the last time, there are not only tied and cinched super tight together, but also any attempt trying to move my feet make my tortured nipples to pay dearly! The hogtie seems more tight and merciless than ever, I can't breath! I shake my head trying to dislodge the choking gag to no avail.. my vision goes black..

Milliseconds before I almost passed out, a breeze of fresh air brings me back.

Michelle: "Not a chance little girl."

The cloth rag over my nose was undone and the shocks decreased, I mean; from maddening to just unbearable. Unsticking the pantyhose and panties (now drenched in sweat) from my face for a few moments, she says: "I'm keeping a close eye on you. Take deep breaths."

I do my best trying to catch my breath. She replaces the pantyhose and panties, letting them hug my face tightly again, and uses the cloth rag to blindfold me, knotting it tight and double knotting.

Michelle: "You earned a harsh punishment, little girl. This first one is for try to run away for me."


She strikes my breasts with the riding crop!! The fierce pain assaults my chest after she hit me diagonally just below the nipple clamps.


Michelle: "This one is for almost fainting on me."


Again! Drawing a "x" over the previous strike. I struggle desperately trying to free my hands and grope my breasts screaming in pain!


Michelle: "This very special last one is just because you're such a naughty little girl "


She strikes me absurdly hard under my boobs, making them bounce abruptly, and even causing metal clicking noises as the oversized metal clamps, chain and padlock swings around.


My body writhes wildly in pure agony trying to relief the maddening pain.

Michelle whispers in my ear with her most evil and sadistic tone:

"Here, excruciating agonizing just for you..." Setting the electric pulses as insane as they were before!!


I immediately lose my mind as my body is drowned by tsunamis of overwhelming sensations, which are so intense that I can't even differ pain from pleasure.. Being teased so hard and for so long, my body goes over the edge in the most soul crushing way possible!

The waves wreck my body as they travel from the tip of my curling tied big toes to the top of my head, making my muscles convulse into spasms uncontrollably.. Biting the huge ballgag shoved inside my mouth, my eyes roll behind into my head.

My pain threshold is being pushed to the limit so many times.. I'm denied even the quick relief of fainting, being forced to endure the bondage hell far beyond what thought being possible.. breaking my body and mind due the insufferable agony..

After what seemed like an eternity, I finally pass out...

Person: "Steffi wake up..Steffi"

Slowly regaining my senses, I notice that I'm not hogtied anymore. I'm lying on my back, with my arms stretched above my head and my legs spreaded apart. Feeling a hand gently caressing my face, I open my eyes. All the tape together with the pantyhose and panties over my head are gone, the only remaining item is the ballgag harness.

Michelle says with her usual friendly voice: "Don't you want to play with me anymore?"

It's seems early in the morning as the sun just begin to rise outside. She's lying by my side, cuddling my little body. It feels so nice..soft and warm...

After relaxing for a few moments, I remembered everything that happened, and how Michelle was so cruel to me! As a gesture of protest, I abruptly move my face away from her hand. At least that's what I wanted, but actually I can barely move, my body is broken, I cannot even tell if I'm tied or not.

Michelle: "What's the problem?"

I look at her eyes, she seems to pay attention to my every little reaction.

Michelle: "Are you mad at me?"

She holds me so gently and looks at me so passionately that is impossible to feel real anger.

Michelle: "I brought your key as I promised, but I think it isn't available yet."

Wondering about what she means by that, she reaches a bowl on the bedside table and shows me the chastity key, frozen inside an ice cube.

Michelle: "Would you forgive me if make you feel better?"

She licks the ice cube and then rubs it on my lips, just around the oversized rubber ball stuck inside my mouth.

Michelle: "You look so cute gagged like that, I hope you don't mind wearing it for a little longer."

Blushing a little, I turn my head, trying to hide my feelings. She smiles and continues the assault, dripping ice cold water over my chest and drawing moans from me.

Michelle: "Now just relax and leave it to me."

She rubs the ice cube over my breasts, exactly where she hit me with the whip before.

Me: "mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh.."

Michelle: "Too cold?"

She reposition herself over my body and start to lick my body directly! Her tongue in contrast to the ice, seems hot as lava! The constant shift between cold and hot makes my head goes dizzy..

Michelle: "I didn't hit you that hard, the marks are already fading away, in just a couple of days won't be any."

As if having whip marks that'll last for days isn't absurd enough!

Michelle: "Hey Steffi, I know that you just love your tied up games and all but..."

I look at Michelle in awe as she sounds very seriously.

Michelle: "Don't you wanna be my little bondage slave?"

Totally taken aback, I just don't know how to react.

Michelle: "I can keep you tied, locked and frustrated all the time..."

Dripping ice cold water on my sides, she smiles seeing me squirming.

Michelle whispers in my ear: "And I can be your vicious and unforgiving mistress."

Saying that, she grabs another ice cube from the bowl and hold, one in each hand, against each nipple clamp. My eyes wide in fear as the extreme cold runs through the metal clamps and reaches my tingling nipples. In panic, I try to move my hands, confirming that in fact they're tied in place! With no other options I twist my torso trying to shake her off..


Even after she let it go, the metal clamps become unbearable cold themselves! The nipple chain makes metal clicking noises as I keep struggling hopelessly trying to get them off. Michelle smiles deviously, deeply enjoying my distress.. After several moments struggling in vain, I look at her begging with tears running down my face.

Michelle: "Alright, I guess you spent time enough wearing those. I'll remove them but you'll have to hold completely quiet. Any cry or moan and they immediately go back, understand?"

I slowly nod. She quickly remove the clamp on my right nipple, then as the blood flows back in, a excruciating pain hits me! Not screaming my head off seems virtually impossible, yet I try my best, bitting the ballgag as hard as I can. At least Michelle helps doing a gentle massage, causing the pain to fade away a little quicker. I try to catch my breath when she quickly remove the left one, this time the pain even makes me lift my back from the bed.

Me: "..... M!!! ...."

Michelle: "Did you say anything?"

Unable to control my breath and with my body trembling, I shake my head vigorously, fearing she may clamp my poor nipples again. Looking at me like a predator to its prey she whispers in my ear: "Not a single sound, ok?"

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Then, not just doing a little massage this time, she starts to lick and suck my nipples as well! Her hot twirling tongue, provoking much more than just pain, quickly causes my mind to go crazy. Curling my feet and biting the ballgag, I try to hold back with everything I got, but it's impossible, every now and then I let slip a shorty high pitch moan.. Michelle takes great delight in seeing how much I suffer trying to follow her order.

Michelle: "I guess I'll have to punish you again.."

I shake my head in protest; No! No!! Everything but the nipple clamps again! Please!!

Michelle: "Pssssh, calm down little girl."

With my body still trembling, she gently rests her hand on my face.

Michelle: "Let's do the this; since you were so curious about my pierced nipples earlier, I'll bring you where I did mine and we get yours pierced too. Deal?"

I nod hesitantly.

Michelle: "Great!" Then, maliciously swinging the nipple chain in front of my face she says: "Of course, we'll choose an appropriate one for a naughty bondage girl like you."

I regret my decision immediately. Michelle chuckles a little.

Michelle: "The ice is almost melted now, just hold a little longer."

Moving down between my legs, she starts to rub it against my thighs! I instinctively try to close my legs just to realize that they are also tied spread apart! My body writhes in agony as she also licks and gentle sucks at every whip mark...

I close my eyes, completely lost in my own world of overwhelming sensations.. Everytime when I thought they can't be more intense, Michelle prove me wrong; grabbing more ice and rubbing it near my groin and even going as far as giving me small bites and also licking around the crotch plate of the chastity belt...

Michelle: "This chastity belt fits so perfectly. See, I can't get even the tip of my tongue under it.."

My heart beats furiously, I can't think straight, my sexual desire seems about to burn me alive!

Leaving the key over my belly, she says: "As I promised, here's your key bondage girl."


Michelle: "I didn't say that I would help you out, did I? I'm just going to give you the key, you'll have to figure out the rest yourself."

She can't be serious!

Michelle: "I have no idea how you'll make it, being all tied up like that, but you better hurry up before your mother take the key back again."

In panic, I struggle trying to free my arms. On top of being entirely helpless, also the key slips on the bed, making me lose sight of it! I cry out of frustration: "Nhhhhhhhh!!"

Michelle: "What's the problem little girl? Do you need some help?"

I nod my head desperately.

Michelle whisper in my ear: "You cannot wait any longer, can you?"

Me: "Plmmmmmmmhfm!!!!!" (Pleeeeeeeeeease!!!!!)

Holding the key near my face, she says: "Beg to me bondage girl, beg and struggle with all your heart."

Shaking my head and wiggling my body wildly, I scream begging for mercy: " Plmhfm! Hm ghn't thgm Hmt hnnmhrm!! Plmhhhhhfm!! (Please! I can't take it anymore!! Pleeeease!!!)"

She makes me stop holding my face and saying: "sshhh" My eyes filled with tears.

Michelle: "Alright, I'll give you a treat, but it'll be only this one time. And after this, the chastity belt goes immediately back on and it'll stay as long as I want, understand?"

Completely defeated, I nod.

With a wicked smile, Michelle says: "Alright."

She inserts the key into the chastity belt and after a very satisfying click sound, it finally loosen up, disengaging the tight crotch plate from the metal waist belt. My heartbeat getting faster each time.. What's she going to do with me?!

I got my answer as she grabs another ice cube from the bowl. Holding the ice above my crotch, she let it drips over me. My body feels hot like lava, the ice cold drops makes me moan loudly. Trembling, I twist my body sideways, diverting the drops to my groin. Panting hard, my abdomen goes up and down quickly. Michelle gives me a sadistic look and goes down between my thighs, holding them firmly in place, she places the ice just below my belly button and watches with delight as it slowly slips down! Very afraid, I try to hold my breath and freeze in place, but it's useless, the ice inevitably runs over my clit and the shock makes me scream:


Then, just like before, Michelle starts to lick me! My mind goes crazy as her soft and hot tongue runs over my groin. Squirming involuntarily, my restraints hold me tight in place. Oh God! I'm so close...

But just before her tongue reaches where I want it the most, what would instantly gives a mind blowing orgasm, she suddenly stops! Leaving me lying on the bed, panting hard and extremely frustrated!!

Michelle: "Not so fast. Turn on your belly while I look for something."

I try to comply but with my ankles tied spread apart to each bedpost I can barely move. Michelle proceeds untying my legs, giving me hard slap on my butt and saying: "Go on." With my wrists tied and my arms stretched above my head, it took a few attempts until I finally manages to turn my body over. Then she quickly ties my ankles again, fixing me in this position. With her sadistic smile printed on my mind, my body trembles with fear, while I awaits.

Michelle: "Tell me, have you ever seen a rabbit vibrator before? "

Me: "Huh?"

Michelle: "Great!" She fixes a blindfold over my eyes. "Let's make it a surprise."

She unties my wrists and brings my arms behind my back, with my hands still trapped inside the bondage mittens, she ties my wrists together again, cinching them tight. Then she places a big fluffy pillow under my belly, lifting my butt high up.

Michelle: "Now press your arms together behind your back."

Not wasting any time, Michelle quickly loops several coils of rope around my arms, just above my elbows, then cinches it painfully tight! When I thought it couldn't get any worse, she pulls the end of rope upwards, forcing my wrists on the back of my waist and making my elbows stick out. She ties the end of the rope to the bed headboard, fixing me in a strict and very vulnerable position. Completely exposed, and looking for a way to relieve the stress on my arms, I find myself burying my face on the bed and sticking my butt up as high as I can.

Michelle: "Oh! I forgot about this monster up your ass."

Playing around with the buttplug, it shifts inside me, making me very aware of its unbearable presence. Trying to make Michelle stop, I wiggle my butt wildly.

Me: "MMMMHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

Michelle: "Still very uncomfortable it's seems. Well, the size being so absurd it's no surprise, but don't worry, I'll leave it stuck there so you can have plenty of fun trying to pull it out yourself."

Biting my ballgag, I try to cope with my ass clenching very hard around the thick base of the plug.

Michelle: "But we have a problem now.. You see, the vibrator is also quite big, so trying both at same time, especially for girl so small like you, it'll be pure hell... Huummmm... Well, since you like to suffer so much.."

Me: "Nhh! Plmhhh!!"

Suddenly, my gagged protests are cut short by a very loud and intimidating buzzing sound, make me freeze in place.

Michelle whispers in my ear in a serious tone: "Let me tell you something, this toy is no joke. Even for such little slut like you it'll be insufferably intense."

Before I could even react she shoves the ludicrous buzzing toy inside me with one swift move, being as horny as I'm, it immediately pushes me over the edge. The stimulation is insane!! The huge dildo, thicker than anything I've ever had inside me, vibrates absurdly strong. Being teased so much and for so long, it provokes me into multiple orgasms, each one so intense that almost makes me faint.

On top of that, there is also a protrusion from its base, which presses directly against my clit and also vibrates! This overkill stimulation is nothing less than an agonizing torture at this point. Curling my feet, I pull against my tight restraints, trying to endure the intense orgasms wrecking my body.

Then, I realize my real situation in sheer terror as Michelle keeps shoving the vibrator inside me..This is just the beginning!!!

What seemed like a barely tolerable situation, suddenly becomes a true nightmare. In total panic, I scream and struggle wildy, trying to hamper Michelle progress, but firmly holding my hair and harshly pushing my head against the bed again, she forces me to keep still, and also muffling my gagged screams. Given how lubricate I got, Michelle has no problem to keep shoving the ridiculously huge toy all the way inside me. Stuffed beyond what I thought being possible, it feels like it's about to coming out of my throat!

Michelle: "I'll leave everything set to the max, just let me know if you heart suddenly stops, ok?"

The vibrations which I had thought to be absurdly strong, now are more like a total mind break, to the point where I don't even know if I'm the one trembling or if it's the vibrator shaking me! The thick shaft has several beads and also rotates! Brushing mightily inside me!! Lastly my clit is now so deeply trapped that it feels like it's being chewed!!

The overstimulation now is nothing more than an excruciating agony. Pleasure and pain becomes the same once more. What once were very intense orgasms, now are no different from the most agonizing feeling. My mind goes haywire.

In my last remnant of sanity, I try to pull the vibrator out with my hands. Full of adrenaline and ignoring all the pain on my arms tied elbows touching, I arch my back as much as I can.. Pull it out! Pull it out!! But even so, due to my tight and restrictive bondage, not mention my hands still trapped inside the bondage mittens, I can barely reach it.

Michelle on the other hand doesn't stop there and begins to loop even more rope around my waist. Bringing the rope between my legs, to the front and back again multiple times. I can't even believe; she is doing a crotch rope! Crying and begging for mercy, Michelle ignores my pleas and pulls my hands to the small of my back, forcing them above my waistline, and ties the end of the rope to my wrists, giving me an uncomfortable and very punitive chicken-wing tie.

Mocking my precarious situation, Michelle gives me a hard slap on my butt cheeks using both of her hands, and again and again and again.. I hold in place, no daring to move my hands, but she keeps going each time faster and harder. Using every ounce of my willpower, I try to stay still while she gives me the most vicious spanking from hell..


Not being able to resist any longer, I struggle wildly, moving my hands down trying to stop her, but this not only proves to be completely useless, as she continues to spanking me insanely hard, but also pulls the rope tied to the base of the vibrator, making it shifts abruptly inside me and pressing both toys very hard against each other.

I completely lost it.. Multiple agonizing orgasms and crazy inducing feelings rip my body apart..

My eyes roll to the back of my head as my muscles spasms uncontrollably..

Michelle finally stops, leaving my butt burning like is on fire, just to pull my hair and lift my head from the bed, so that to make sure I keep breathing..

With no apparent intention of releasing me any time soon, my mind drift away, lost in an ocean of overwhelming feelings and sensations, not sure if it ever will be able to come back again....


Two weeks passed before Michelle moved to a new home, in the meantime she kept me busy playing her tied up games. She also kept her very dominant and sadistic behavior, which to my misfortune, she learned to really enjoy.

At some point she offered help with the cleaning as a token of gratitude for let her to stay. That would be very nice of her if it wasn't me doing all the work! Wearing just an apron, the chastity belt and the ever present heavy collar, Michelle tied all my torso with my arms on my back and hobbled my ankles. In her full domina outfit and whip in hands, she made me dust the whole house! After a full day of work and dozens of lashes on my rear I finally finished. Very happy with the result, my mother thanked Michelle and wondered why she had never thought of this idea before. I looked daggers at Michelle after my mother said that she would definitely try it again in the near future.

By Michelle suggestion, my chastity belt got modified, changing the rear plate to make long term use possible. Also becoming a second keyholder, she says with a devilish smile:

( link opens in new window )

"Aren't you happy Steffi, now you can wear it practically all the time! (giggles) You better be a really good girl from now on if you want any chance of ever be released again."

Borrowing my clean panties every morning, as she says that 'I won't need them anymore', Michelle gives them back to me at the end of the day, stuffing them inside my mouth. Keeping me stripped naked, gagged and strictly tied on the floor, while she sleeps comfortably on my bed. Any complain and she make it a lot worse!! But despite of spending countless hours strictly bound, gagged and frustrated, these two weeks went by in the blink of an eye..

Michelle: "Thank you for everything Steffi!"

Me: "You're welcome Michelle."

Michelle: "Come visit me anytime! I still have lot of things that I wanna try on you. (wink)"

Me: "I bet."

Michelle: "Seriously though, come see me even if only for spend some time.. I mean if you want to play some more I'll love to.. but If you don't it's okay too! You know.. I really missed you Steffi.. so.."

This is the first time I see Michelle so insecure. After a deep breath, I conclude that would be very stupid of me to end this on a bad note, then on a whim, I replied with playful tone: "I would love to play with you again Mich..Mistress!"

She freezes in place with no reaction. Fearing that I did something bad, I try to remedy the situation, but before I could say a word, she quickly hugs me. Tight and longer than usual, her embrace feels so sincere and heart warming that I can't help reciprocate her emotions.

Michelle: "Take care Steffi."

Later this day, I ask my mother: "Mom, it's been two weeks already, could you unlock the collar now? It's so humiliating!"

Mother: "Sorry, I don't have the key anymore."

Me: "What?! Where's it?!"

Mother: "I gave it to Michelle."

I look at the mirror in total disbelief, mesmerized by the heavy steel collar around my neck and it's showy O-ring dangling on the front.

My mother speaks with a sarcastic tone: "If this is bothering you so much, I can give you reasons to take your mind off it."

Defiant, I reply: "After Michelle, I highly doubt that you can distract me with anything."

Mother: "You never learn, don't you?"

Me: "Why don't you make me then?"

Already thinking about the possibilities, I try to hide my excitement.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019  

Great story.

Monday, November 19, 2018  

I hope you continue with these stories. Really love them. You should make another where your mom is tying up and Michelle comes back and ties her up as well to enjoy some of the fun too

Wednesday, October 24, 2018  

I really hope you continue this story. It's really well written and an enjoyable read!

Monday, September 24, 2018  

I really hope we will see more parts. Liked the first one, the second one is also great.

Wonder how long she will be in het belt, since she sees her again and those three can play again.

Friday, September 07, 2018  

Wow i've read a lot of story's but this is one of the best its you have done a great job it took me a while to read it all but it whas worth it i realy love it

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

Lovely story, a 3rd part would be appreciated by me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  

This one was even better than your first. Hope you think about continuibg this. Would love to read more. I love chastity stories and tease and denial. It was perfect. Sadly it endet.

Friday, July 27, 2018  

I absolutely loved this! At first I was wondering why the title, since there was no sign and no mention of a friend, and I was feeling a bit disappointed, since I had just come from the wonderful high of your first story, and was hoping that by adding another character, a friend, you could somehow take this to new heights. Then I got distracted by how wickedly fun all of this way, by the emotions, the interaction, and the very wicked way a mothers love for her daughter shows up and turns into such wicked torment.

Then Michelle, the friend, I was thinking there is no way she could be as wicked as the mother, but no, she really was able to be very bit as wicked!

One of the things that shines through for me is that no matter how serious this gets, how heavily punished she is, she never backs down or away from pushing her tormentors to do even more to her, to push and to take her even further!

The emotions and feelings are so very strong here, I feel swept up and swept along by all of this, which is exactly what I am looking for an hoping for in a story.

I do so hope you keep on writing, perhaps even returning to these characters, since you have a real flair for the emotions and the power of the ride :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2018  

I was enjoying it until Michelle suddenly shows up and, surprise, surprise, she just so happens to be a dominatrix. This is such an over used trope that it turned me off. Next, dad will show up or, hang on, Michelle's old boyfriend, right? Or one or 10 of Michelle's old school friends? That's what everyone else writes.
Then she turns out to be a psycho and mum is down with it? Not to mention that mum vanishes for the most part?
First story was fantastic, this follow up dropped far below the bar.

Friday, July 13, 2018  


More please

Tuesday, July 10, 2018  

I read your first story after this one. Both are really addictive. There has to be a next part.

Monday, July 09, 2018  

Hurm. Wow. Hurm! Oh, Stefanie is a perfect masochistic bottom. As I'm reading I'm sympathizing with her struggle to stop the torment--and what torments!--but not quite yet because it feels so damn good.

Yeah, some grammar problems. Feh. (handwave icon) The story is so damn compelling I couldn't break from reading it. (Compelling. Such a vanilla word.) Okay, dammit, a few screens in and I was hooked and aroused while reading it and seeing Stefanie's bondage/suffering continue in new and even more arousing ways.

Saturday, July 07, 2018  

GREAT !!!!

This story is begging to be continued.
Steffi must visit Michelle.

Saturday, July 07, 2018  

Great story. Nicely told and crying for update after update!!!

Friday, July 06, 2018  

Very Exciting, Very Well-Written!

Monday, July 02, 2018  

Wow. Loved the relentless intensity of the bondage. Yes, you could criticise it for grammar etc but it really doesnít matter. The story is so engaging. It reminds me of the Aventures of Jennifer and Teresa.

Sunday, July 01, 2018  

This story cries for a next part. Something like Daughter and best friend - live as a bondage slave. ;)

And we haven't seen the nipple piercing too...

Thursday, June 28, 2018  

Absolutely awesome!
If you have more stories to tell, please get to it.
Can't wait for more from you.
Stories like this is the diamond among the glas imitations.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018  

More please.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018  

Major Psychology work on bondage girl. More please. Incredible story. Crying to be continued.

Saturday, June 23, 2018  

Me: Unreadable.
Me: Seriously, is grammar that hard?!
Me: This is the style of a court reporter, not a sex story.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018  

Exelent story i wish i can read more of your stories .please this so hot

Monday, June 18, 2018  

amazing story and details. I hope there is a lot more to come.

Monday, June 18, 2018  

Most intense story I've ever read! This is beyond awesome. Just as everyone else I would love to read a second part.
Personally I expected more from the breathplay tag. But that's obviously personal preference and takes nothing away from the exceptional story.
Thank you for this!

Saturday, June 16, 2018  

Part 2? Bondage girl visits Michele to try the new things she has for her.

Saturday, June 16, 2018  

Terrific stuff! The bondage was especially great, and never-ending at that! I had only a few minutes to spare when I started to read; needless to say, I was 20 minutes late for my appointment, and was punished accordingly ...

5 Stars ... no, 10. More, more, more, please.


Saturday, June 16, 2018  

absolute amazing.

Friday, June 15, 2018  

Absolutely amazing!!! I do hope it continues very soon!!!

Friday, June 15, 2018  

One of the top 5 stories I have ever read.
Would really like to see more of Michele and bondage girl. Great work.

Friday, June 15, 2018  

amazing story.

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The story was amazing I hope you continue it, and keep up the amazing work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

Love the story, the characters, everything! Would love to see more from the characters again too! XD

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

The story goes from sexy to kinky to cute and again to very, very sexy. Love the characters and the narrative.

It would be too much to ask for more from those characters?! XD
Although the ending is very good too if you wish to keep it like this.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

Once again an eminently entertaining tale. I certainly hope we haven't seen the last of intrepid bondage girl and her nefarious friends & family...
Cheers, Absolutist

Wednesday, June 13, 2018  

I stopped reading after the first few paragraphs. A mother and child playing bondage games turns my stomach. Sorry. Maybe the rest of the story was better. I do not know

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