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The Reform Program
  • Author - DaXter  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, chastity, slavery
  • Post Date - 6/14/2018
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Author's Note: Well, the goal of prisons should be to reform. How is this for reforming?

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

The four ladies were more than just slightly tipsy when the taxi dropped them off in the dive way of the impressive house in the hills about half an hour drive north of Los Angeles.

Susan was a brunette, full bodied, beautiful but more like a Rubens painting than a model by today's standards. Anyhow, she was a beautiful lady, hair down to her butt, about 175 tall, long legs and a posture like she owned the world. She only wore designer clothes, though during the evening they had become slightly disarranged through her intensive dancing, and she by now seemed not to notice.

Renate had short dark hair, she was very light skinned, face looking almost as if made of vax. She wore no makeup and her hair was cut in a modern style, just covering her ears. Her clothing was a combination of black and white, with the exception of a colourful neck scarf. She wore elegant but "sensible shoes" with no pronounced heel.

Linda was the least glamorous of the group, she was neither full bodied, nor skinny. Her red hair had been up in a bun at the beginning of the evening, but was now gathered in her neck in what could best be described as a "messy bun". Her hair colour was very unusual in combination with her copper toned skin, indicating that at least one of her ancestors were from somewhere substantially south of USA.

Gina was the owner of the house. She was seemingly a blonde, although a closer inspection of her hair roots would reveal a much browner colour. Everything she wore was from top designer stores. She had her bright red nails done at a Beverly Hills saloon twice a week.

They paused outside the door. "So how does this work?" Susan wanted to know.

"Peter will be just inside the door, just as I left him, kneeling, forehead pressed to the floor, arms stretched out over his head, on the floor, palms up," Gina answered.

"How can you know?" Renate asked.

"Believe me, I know. Believe me, he would not dare to have moved. Are you ladies ready?"

Gina opened the door without waiting for an answer. As promised, they found Peter inside the door, just as Gina had described.

"Whow! This is insane. He must be cramping," Susan said.

"Well, cramps or no cramps, if he breaks the position, it get thousands of times worse. Do you see the chastity belt? It has electrodes inside. In the small of his back you see the power pack. If he sneezes, he gets shocked. And we are talking about shocks that will have him babbling incoherently. He would rather deal with the cramps."

"What if he needs to pee?" Linda wanted to know.

"Then he better hold it, because if the chastity belt detects unauthorized peeing, he will be a very, very, very sorry man!" The ladies giggled at that statement.

"He is not gagged - why? I mean, men should be gagged at all times," Renate asked.

"There is no need," Gina explained. "If he utters a single word, his penis will be electrocuted to a charred stick."

"This can't be legal," Linda said.

"It is fully legal. Peter has been sentenced to two years under my control. He did it all to himself when he slapped my face. Too bad for him the security camera at the club caught it. He was given the choice of two years in prison, or two years in the reform program. The fool chose the latter. The courts don't take lightly on violence in close relationships. I guess the thought of being ass raped in a normal prison was too much for the wimp. "

"So he is locked in a chastity belt, you have the remote, he is not allowed to speak and you control every aspect of his life for two years and it is fully legal?" Linda sounded sceptical.

"That about sums things up, yes. Peter, you may go to the bathroom, be quick about it dear," Gina said as she clicked a button on the remote. Peter did not waste a second getting up. He ran to the bathroom. Less than a minute later, he was back in his kneeling position.

"So if you order him to service you orally, he will do it without hesitation?" Linda could not let the theme go.

"Yes, me - or any of you, or a man - or a dog. He has no say, though out of kindness, I am not involving him with animals, after all, we must protect the animals against abuse." Gina smiled. Peter was shaking. Four ladies standing around him, discussing him, was not in his opinion a good omen.

"Stand for inspection," Gina ordered and pressed a button on her remote. Peter got on his feet, folded his hands behind his neck, pushed his chest forwards and stood motionless, staring into thin air. "You may feel him out. He is still rather ticklish," Gina said. This caused the other three to giggle.

"So he can't say a single word?" Susan wanted to know.

"Well he can - it is just that it will trigger a rather severe 30 minute punishment sequence. It seems like he wants to avoid that," Gina said. "Mind you, he has tried to speak several times. The last time was more than a month ago."

The ladies moved up to the immobile man. They felt him out. They teased him by pinching his nipples. Still he did not move. Gina brought out a feather tickler. Peter lost it and flinched. The moment he moved, something happened. His hands went to his groin, and he fell to the floor. But he never uttered a sound. On the floor he twisted back and forth, obviously in severe pain.

"Position!" Gina ordered. He once more resumed the position. It was clear that he was hurting by the ripple of his muscles and the sweat running from his body. But he never made a sound.

"So he is all yours for two years - then what?" Linda asked.

"Well, we will see. According to the terms of his sentence, he can't be released before the chance of him becoming violent is zero. There are therefore always possibilities for extensions. However, by the end of the two years, I believe I will have a perfectly trained man, one that will cater to my every whim without hesitation. An extension may not be needed," Gina responded.

"Where does he sleep?" Renate wanted to know.

"Well, of course he sleeps in the basement, where else? I am not that cruel. He has a mat down there."

"This is insane, really insane. I want my Richard controlled like that. That will stop his screwing around," Renate added.

"Well, I can provoke him to attack me if you can set up the video recording," Gina offered. "He will probably opt for the reform option as well, especially if you tell him you are concerned he will be ass raped in prison," Gina said snickering.

Renate gave out a mix of a snort and a laugh. "Deal. That cheating fucker needs a lesson, and what better way than through the court system?"

The four ladies giggled. Peter moved a little, but said nothing. Susan got down on the floor in front of Peter and looked him in the eyes.

"Oh my God - he is crying! I so want to get my Larry into this program. Then he will be very sorry for his rough sex. But tell me one thing - what about sex? I mean - his penis is well locked away?"

Oh that is the beauty of it, I get all the sex I want. I mean, his mouth is accessible. And his chastity belt comes with the most impressive dilldo. Thrust, shake, pulse, vibrate, expand. Much more than his biological penis can't do - well that is except thrust."

"But what happens when the batteries run down?" Susan's face was flushed.

"They don't. As soon as they get low, he is ordered to the thread mill. Running on it recharges the batteries. That is automatic. If he refuses, the batteries will still have enough power to make hell seem like a nice place to him. He tried toughing it out once. He lasted less than ten minutes. The batteries have enough juice for 6 hours. He does not stand a chance! But enough of this, let us go have some good wine. I am sure Peter will be pleased to serve us."

The ladies left the hallway and headed for the living room. Peter remained motionless. He was waiting for the buzz that would signal that he could stand and go serve on them, praying that Gina did not forget to press the right button. He was so sorry for choosing the reform program, but he could tell no one. All he could do was cry. At least that was still allowed him.

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Saturday, September 01, 2018  

When can I read chapter 2?

Monday, July 09, 2018  

Hurm. Well, not long enough to explore or even understand how such a reform program would work in practice. Just the one scene. Meh.

Thursday, June 14, 2018  

wrong storycode

Thursday, June 14, 2018  

The tag should be F-M, not M-F. The victim is the second letter

Thursday, June 14, 2018  

Somebody needs to retag this as it is certainly not M/f.

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