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In the Tavern
  • Author - Shadowby  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, Other-m, non-consensual, bondage, slavery
  • Post Date - 6/15/2018
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Author's Note: A Tavern Girl describes her life of slavery

Part 1

As you can get used to anything, Caroline soon got used to the life of a tavern wench although it would be longer before she could get as comfortable with the metal 'T' frame. This was strapped to her back by two shoulder straps and a waist strap and lay tightly against her spine. Two bent flat metal arms were rivetted to this that came out sideways to her shoulders and then bent out and then down. To each arm were attached two padded straps one came just above her elbow and the other at the end was for her wrist.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

When her upper arms and her wrists were tightly strapped to these metal pieces her arms were held immobile away from her sides and her shoulders were held firmly back. Thus held she was open to the attentions of anyone who wished to fondle or use her body. If she manoeuvred her torso carefully, she could caress a penis with her hands if it was required of her. If however she were placed on her back on the floor she was exactly like a tortoise, quite unable to get up on her own. A thin leather thong was tied around her hips to which two small flaps of cloth about 9" square were sewn so they hung in front and behind. A loose bolero fastened with a single button in front completed her costume and hid very little of her large breasts, her nipples were still tender from being pierced with steel rings.

Held securely in bondage like this, she loved the feeling of utter helplessness it gave her, she was so available and so open to abuse by anyone who cared to use her.

The men could see that she was newly broken into slavery and treated her gently, but of course her arms were fully immobilised and a man had the full use of any girl here in any way he wished without hindrance. To help in their subjugation the end wall of the tavern was hung with tethering rings and fine chains to which a collar or a nose ring could be conveniently attached, dildoes, either on stands or attached to straps were here together with a good selection of whips. A girl who did not please a customer could find herself chained to the wall with a well-used dildo strapped into her mouth to suck. As she had not yet learned skills like carrying beer for her customers she often found herself tethered by the collar to the ring at the end of the table sucking her customers' pricks for them. She soon learned to be welcoming with her mouth and lips for once she remembered being gagged with a bar gag for six hours and fucked and then whipped as she wore it.

The ring through the septum of her nose still felt large and heavy as it rested on the filtrum of her upper lip, she still trembled to remember how shocked she was when they pierced her for it but now she felt strangely glad of it for it marked her out most definitively as an instrument of pleasure. It made her look barbaric and the thought of it being used to tether her filled her with a certain fear and yet a pleasurable anticipation. She loved to feel men nudge it as they kissed her full lips, it still hurt and brought tears to her eyes but it again underlined her true status. It often acted as a strong aphrodisiac to the men because it made her look so vulnerable.

The tavern was never without at least one girl being available and today it was her turn, the barman on duty was busy in the back room so she couldn't be left untethered by an open door. A slack chain connected her nose ring to a ring set in the wall for that specific purpose and she sat on a bench against the wall, awaiting the call to pleasure her visitors.

Two young boys came in from the street, A tall, confident, dark one and a more hesitant blonde boy. The taller one approached and sitting on the bench beside her put his left arm around her shoulders. This was the most poignant moment for her, with her arms securely held to her bar she was completely available to his every craving and eagerly awaited his touch as a slave should. He slipped his hand inside her bolero and skilfully and softly caressed her nipple cruelly pierced by its new ring. It rose engorged and aroused. She arched her back, opened her legs widely and in a low voice breathed,

"Does my master want to use my body?"

The boy felt between her legs and his fingers softly stroked her shaven pudenda and then strayed down her slit to her engorged clitoris. Under his gentle ministrations she felt herself grow wet and he slid his finger straight up into her vagina. A thrill of lascivious desire went through her as it always did, she wriggled around his inserted finger with carnal pleasure and she ventured a kiss on the side of his neck.

The boy motioned the other boy over,

"See Harry, you can feel them up, you can do anything you want to them. You can fuck them up the cunt or the arse, or they will suck your prick for you if you want them to."

"Whatever gives you most pleasure master." she said in a low enticing voice.

Harry said,

"But why would you want to enslave Arlene like this woman, why would she want to be a slave?"

"I know she will, it will frighten her but the idea will draw her. She will do it for me you know and she will love it, I have tested her by tying her up before making love to her. It will make me feel so powerful to know that she has done it for me. Go and bring her in while it is quiet."

In a few minutes, Harry came in accompanied by a tall, slender, 16 year old blond girl dressed in a silk shift, she had slim hips but her breasts were large and fully-developed. When she saw Caroline's body, openly displayed and tethered to the wall with the boy's hand between her legs, her mouth dropped slightly open and her eyes widened.

"Well Arlene, how would you like the slave masters to do this to you? All your charms would be available and any stranger could use you in any way he wanted to."

"Is that your desire, Robin, you want me to be a common tavern slave?"

"With all my heart, I want you to feel the full extent of this bondage, I want you to undergo this kind of suffering and humiliation. I want you to do it because of your love for me."

The girl walked over to Christine and carefully inspected every part of her aroused, harnessed body. She looked into her eyes and said,

"How do you like being a tavern girl?"

"I like it very much mistress."

"How can you like having all your freedom taken away from you, strapped to an iron frame and helplessly tethered to the wall like an animal."

"I love it mistress, I suppose that I am really a whore at heart. I must be really depraved because I delight in it so much. I have a constant need for humiliation that runs deep in my nature, for many years I fought against it but eventually I acknowledged to myself that my deepest need was to be mastered and that slavery was the only destiny sublimely suitable for me. Once I was able to face that I could finally abandon myself to the indulgence and the joy of being a slave and the property of men."

"Would I be able to enjoy it as you do."

"All you have to do mistress, is to face up to your true nature. All women are born to hardship. If this kind of hardship feels right for you, no matter how repulsive it seems to others, it must be right to surrender, even to complete slavery."

"So you really have a need to be used this way then."

"I need it with all my heart Mistress."

The girl took Robin's hand still damp from caressing Caroline's slit. There was a slight tremble in her voice as she spoke.

"Very well Robin, I must confess that just the prospect of it makes me feel sexually aroused, if you truly wish me to be enslaved I will obey you and it will be done. Please make all the necessary arrangements."

"You won't be able to change your mind afterwards you know. You really mean everything the same as this girl, the brand and the rings through your nose and nipples too?"

"I suppose there has always been a deep need within me, just like this wonderful girl here. You must make sure that everything is done properly or the tavern owner will not want to own me, will he?"

"Good then tomorrow would suit me fine, I can't wait to see you in bondage and under restraint and especially to know that I have been responsible for it."

Robin kissed Christine full on the lips stroking her naked breasts as he did so. Taking Arlene's hand he started from the tavern. At they door Arlene turned and looked fully into Caroline's eyes and her face took on a haunted and forlorn look.

"Good luck Arlene, I hope that it will be the right choice for you, and thank you Masters", said Christine to the boys' departing backs.

Later that evening, she lay on her back in the centre of the barroom floor holding her mouth open. Four drunken customers were standing over her, wanking themselves off and aiming for her open mouth, they had shared payment for her body and were competing for the first fuck by seeing who could shoot his spunk into her mouth. She knew that none of them would be able to raise a hard on after that little exhibition and later she would suffer a whipping instead. Thank God it would be across the arse, bar girls were never whipped across the back because the iron frame would take all the blows, so she resigned herself to her fate.

All four missed her mouth but spread their seed across her face, forehead, neck and breasts. She lay there and felt the semen drying on her skin. True to her prediction they lay her over a bench and whipped her backside severely with a riding crop. She thanked them humbly and they gave her to a dirty beggar with a gigantic rampant penis which he lost no time in sinking into her ready slit and bringing himself off to a gushing climax, making her lick his penis clean afterwards. This humiliation gladdened her slavish heart as she licked and revelled in the utter degradation of it all. Washed, changed, tethered against the wall and waiting for the next call on her services, she mused upon her position and looked forward half in fear, half in excitement, to her next client.

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Friday, July 06, 2018  

Great Story! Slave to her Heart , and ; Everyone Else! Love It!

Monday, June 18, 2018  

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WRITE ARELENE's ENSLAVEMENT AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE HER REGRET IT. Have her tell her former love that she regrets it and wants out and have him enjoy it all the more and make a big deal out of telling her so.

Monday, June 18, 2018  

oh my god one element of this story turned me on so much I have reread the whole thing several times now. Arelenes entire life being sacrificed for an erotic thrill by the first love of her life. A young teen taking her first crush way to seriously ending up in her life becoming a painful humiliating whoredom.

Friday, June 15, 2018  

Interesting start, would like to see more of Harry (and bondage)

Friday, June 15, 2018  

This story sounds consensual to me, so wrong tag used.

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