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When Gabby Met Carrie
  • Author - thepinkbishop  
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  • Post Date - 6/20/2018
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Author's Note: A teenager on her gap year is carrying some surprising baggage.

Carrie was from New Zealand, here on her gap year. She was everything you might expect of a confident, pretty eighteen year old out to see the world; blagging a ride here and a few nights on a sofa there.

This was how I ended up offering to take her to London.

I didn't mind, I work there and some company in the car was a pleasant change for one of my CDs on the trip down from Manchester.

She was easy to talk to, or rather she talked a lot, an awful lot, but at some point did stop to ask me what I did for a living.

'I'm a photographer.' I told her.

'Cool ! What do you take pictures of ?'

'Glamour stuff mostly, usually fetish and bondage shoots.'

I wish I could have found a way to look at her face to see her response but I had to keep my eyes on the road.

There was a pause but, irrepressible as ever, she suddenly came back.

'Do you need any models ?'

I had to smile.

'I always need models for the bondage stuff.'

'Bondage...as in getting tied up ?'

'Yeah, bondage usually involves being tied up.' I grinned but then felt sorry for her. Most people I meet outside the circuit do a double take when I tell them what I do. I'd only told her the full story to see if I could knock her off balance and now I felt guilty. I'd just got one up on a girl half my age. 'It can involve straps and chains too.'

'How much do you pay ?'

I told her and heard her whistle.

I pay good money for pretty girls, ones I'd like to sleep with; not that I ever do; it's part of my work ethic.

'Would I have to be nude ?'

'I pay more if you are.'

As far as I'm concerned nudity is overrated but the models seem to expect it.

'Ok, I'll do it.'

I wasn't aware I'd made her an offer but I suppose it was implicit and she was pretty and slim and blonde, and probably would look good nude; anyway, she was fun to be around.

It was going to be an interesting afternoon.

A few hours later we were in my studio and Carrie was standing between two chromed pillars I use in a lot of my work; she had a black leather cuff buckled round each wrist and each ankle and these were clipped to rings on the poles so that she was standing spread eagle. She was also naked, apart from a thin black leather collar buckled around her throat.

She had a nice body, that nubile look at the very end of adolescence when the curves are all smooth and the skin tight and flawless; her waist was slim and she had very pert breasts and buttocks.

She had shown me her passport, I knew she was nearly nineteen.

'So, what happens now ?' She pulled on the cuffs making the metal clips click and her breasts stand out even more.

'I need to set the lights and then I start taking pictures.'

I moved the lights and took a reading while she stood, quiet for once, examining the studio and watching what I was doing. Then I took up the camera and started to shoot.

'Are you just going to take pictures of my head ?'

'Just getting the light right, besides, I want you to get used to it first. Relax.'

She looked at her right hand where it was fastened to the pillar.

'Yeah, I guess it does take some getting used to.'

I pulled back and took the shot.

This is the kind of stuff I like, the expression and the reaction to bondage as much as the bondage itself. I don't like 'gynaecological' porn though my pictures do include a girl's whole body and some girls do have very pretty pussies. However, mostly for me, photography is about capturing the moment, every picture should tell a story.

Carrie would thus be a perfect subject to explore the concept of bondage, if I could just get her to relax and forget the camera was there or, at the very least, relax in front of it; something which, fortunately for me, she was began to do after a few minutes.

That's when, suddenly, these was a noise outside.

I saw Carrie jump.

'Who's that.' She hissed, unsettled, I think, for the first time since I had met her.

'It's ok, that'll be Gabby.'

'Gabby ?' She still wasn't completely reassured. 'Gabby's a girl, right ?'

'My assistant.' I smiled reassuringly. 'Very definitely a girl. I like to have her round when I've got girls in bondage; kind of a chaperone.'

'Chaperone ?' Carrie grinned starting to relax again. 'That sounds really English.'

'Yeah.' I shrugged. 'But it makes me more comfortable.'

I think it makes the girls more comfortable too, mostly.

There was a knock at the door.

'It's open.' I called out.

I might not have seen the surprise on Carrie's face when I told her what I did for a living but I certainly saw it and got a shot of it when she saw Gabby.

Saying that Gabby is my assistant is true; saying that I have her there as a chaperone is also true and I do think she helps get the best out of the girls.

What I should also mention is that she is my tame dominatrix, if such a creature exists, and when Gabby appeared at the door in her full regalia Carrie's jaw dropped to the floor.

Gabby is a striking woman, she's about six feet two and has red hair that seems almost untamable; I like to think this is why she has a thing for bondage and domination, it gives her something she can control. Dressed in her 'working clothes' she's a complete knockout; on this particular afternoon she was wearing a black leather bodice with a little leather skirt, knee boots and a studded collar; in her gloved hand was a coiled bullwhip.

'Gabby.' I tried to sound as casual as possible. 'This is Carrie.'

Gabby strutted towards us on her six inch heels and looked Carrie up and down, mostly down.

'Very nice !'

Carrie just stared at her then, finally, managed to get her jaw under control.

'Hello Gabby.'

'That's Madam Gabrielle to you, dear.'

Carrie took a deep breath. I'm sure her cheeks were flushed.

'Hello, Madam Gabrielle.'

There was something in the way she said it, something in her posture and then her silence that told me Carrie's attitude had suddenly changed.

Gabby went quiet too.

'We were just getting started.' I made an effort to break the silence.

'Were you now.' Gabby purred exerting control while looking intensely at Carrie. Carrie was staring back at her but then suddenly dropped her head in what came out on film as a beautifully submissive gesture.

'Ever done anything like this before, Carrie ?' Gabby brushed the coils of her whip down the side of Carrie's neck and over her shoulder.

'No, Madam Gabrielle.' Carrie kept her head down as if she was staring at Gabby's shiny boots, perhaps she was.

Another great shot.

Gabby looked at me and then walked around our new model taking in the obvious delights of Carrie's pert body and tight bottom. I stepped back and took in the action. The light wasn't perfect for this but I wanted to capture the moment and I could sort it in post production.

Carrie kept her head down looking beautifully submissive as Gabby inspected her. I got a lovely shot of Gabby moving Carrie's long heavy plait and stroking the whip down the girl's back.

'Ever been spanked ?'

Carrie gave a short laugh. 'Only a couple of times.'

'It sounds like you enjoyed it.'

I saw Carrie blush in the viewfinder.

'It was fun.'

'Ever been whipped ?'

'No.' It was clear the question frightened her.

'You'd better look after this then.' Gabby held her whip up to Carrie's mouth and I was surprised to see the helpless blonde open her mouth and take the leather coils between her teeth.

'But that doesn't mean I'm not going to spank you.' Gabby smiled. 'You don't mind do you ?'

Carrie hesitated for a moment and I saw her swallow then she shook her head a tiny amount. Her cheeks were really quite red now.

'Good girl.' Gabby winked at me. Carrie's head was down again and she couldn't have seen.

'But first I think we need to play a little dressing up game. It seems unfair to keep you naked all afternoon.' Gabby emphasised the word 'all'.

I saw Carrie look up at her, the whip a rather elegant symbol of her submission in her mouth. She watched Gabby stroll over the costume rack and look through it. Every now and again I saw her look back at Carrie as if appraising her body. For her part, Carrie seemed torn between playing the obedient submissive and her natural curiosity, sneaking glances at the leather clad dominatrix.

I captured another great moment then had a quick fiddle with the lighting. I really didn't want to interrupt but photography is mostly about light though with portraiture there's a balance with keeping things natural.

By the time I'd finished, Gabby had chosed a leather body harness, simple, yet somehow rather elegant. She might not have wanted Carrie naked but his was something with which to adorn a submissive, it certainly wasn't clothing.

'What do you think ?' Gabby held up the harness. 'Is it your colour.'

Carrie's face was glowed red, as did her chest; the confident young traveller was gone, replaced now with a woman who's deeper layers were being exposed. Even for someone with the self assurance of Carrie, this must have been quite an ordeal. I saw her tremble slightly and, for a moment, thought she was going to cry.

Gabby was there first.

'I don't suppose you have a safe word.'

Carrie shook her head the whip swaying as she did so.

'But you know what I'm talking about, right ?'

Carrie nodded, the whip moving again.

'Well, if I go too far I want you to say Adelaide; I don't expect that will come up in conversation.'

'She's from New Zealand.' I can be pedantic if I want to and Gabby shot me glance that would probably have melted a lesser man.

'Just do whatever it is you do.' Though she tried, Gabby couldn't quite hide the amount of fun she was having. 'And make sure you get some good shots.'

I grinned; a successful shoot was almost a certainty.

Gabby turned back to Carrie. 'Adelaide. Understand ?'

Still holding the whip between her teeth Carrie nodded again, it really was a beautiful gesture. Somehow she seemed to have regained her confidence though, again, I saw her swallow. When you put something in a girl's mouth she's almost certainly going to drool. This is something I like and something my clients like too. In the past photographers pasted honey on girl's gags to make them drool even more.

'So, I'm going to buckle this on and then we're going to have some fun. Ok ?'

Carrie nodded and Gabby started the strap the harness onto her. It was a pretty simple affair, composed of thin black leather straps, one over each shoulder, vertical front and back (joined between the legs) and several horizontal straps. Like I say, mostly for ornamentation; nudity is over rated.

'There we are.' Gabby smiled at me over Carrie's shoulder as she tightened the last strap. 'Don't you look the perfect little submissive.'

The black straps were sharp against her skin, dimpling the flesh just enough to show.

Gabby waited for me to get a picture then patted Carrie on the bottom and the helpless girl gave a little gasp.

'So how does it feel to be all tied up with no place to go ?'

Carrie turned her head slightly to look round.

'Eyes front !'

Carrie's head snapped back again.

Gabby grinned and began to stroke her fingers down Carrie's back. When dominating, Gabby always wears a fingerless glove on her right hand, the one she uses the whip in. Her left hand is bare. Her nails today were bright red and almost an inch long.

Carrie shuddered.

'Now, young lady, I think I promised you a spanking.' Her hand hovered over Carrie's bare bottom but I was too busy getting a shot of her face; Carrie's expression was priceless; or at least it was going to earn me a pretty penny; photos of women who enjoy bondage, I mean really enjoy it, are few and far between; we can all take pleading looks and many officionados enjoy expressions of real pain but give me a lustful submissive any day; wide eyed, slightly anxious and desperately eager to please.

I'd noticed too that, despite swallowing repeatedly, Carrie was about to start drooling.

Gabby knew what I was up to and gave me a few moments to get a shot of her gloved hand and Carrie's behind too then she wound her right hand in the back of Carrie's harness and pulled the helpless girls bottom towards her.

The first slap is always the best and Carrie's face did it justice, the bead of saliva on her lip spilling over and running down her chin, then she quivered all over.

( link opens in new window )

Gabby gave her a second slap, slightly harder and Carrie looked directly at me, a sort of pleading look that, when I reviewed it later, clearly meant 'just let me enjoy this'.

I backed off and took a few more shots of the two of them 'playing' together.

The spanking was gentle by any standards, even the kind Gabby gives to girls who don't enjoy BDSM, girls who just want the money; Gabby says they should earn their pay. However, by the sixth one, Carrie was trembling so hard Gabby stopped and let go of the girl's harness.

'Are you ok, dear ?'

Carrie shook her head uncertainly.

'Adelaide, remember.' Gabby prompted.

Carrie nodded forcefully.

'I'll tell you what, let's take this out shall we ?' Gabby reached round and took the whip out of Carrie's mouth. 'Afterall, we don't want you drooling all over the floor.'

There were a few drops of saliva on the floor and quite a bit on Carrie's chest.

'Thank you, Madam Gabrielle.' Carrie's voice was surprisingly resolute, almost back to her old confident self.

I wondered what exactly she was thanking Gabby for.

Gabby grinned. 'Shall we carry on ?'

In response Carrie pushed her bottom back and I knew the answer.

'Count for me.' Gabby slapped her quite a bit harder than she had before.

There was a moment's pause.


'Good girl.'


Gabby took her to six by which time Carrie's voice was developing an edge and she was panting rather hard. Gabby pulled on the harness again and I saw it press against Carrie's sex.

'Ready for a little more fun ?'

'Yes, Madam Gabrielle.' Carrie closed her eyes and took a deep breathe; her face and neck were bright red and I could see that her nipples were stiffly erect. I could also smell her scent.

Gabby was breathing quite hard too and there was definitely some colour in her cheeks showing though the heavy make up she tends to wear for this sort of thing.

'So, what should I do with my little submissive now ?' Gabby slipped her arms round Carrie's body, her cheek brushed Carrie's ear and her fingers gently stroked the skin between the blonde's breasts.

Carrie opened her mouth to speak but Gabby put a finger to the girl's lips.


'Yes, M....' Carrie panted and I'm sure tried to move so Gabby's fingers brushed her nipple.

'Perhaps I should play with these.' Gabby had clearly picked up the movement and gently began to tease Carrie's nipples with her nails. The blonde's pink nipples swelled further.

'Have you ever tried nipple clamps ?'

'No, Madam Gabrielle.' Carrie looked down.

'I bet you've tried putting clothes pegs on your nipples though.' Gabby pinched Carrie's right nipple. 'Just to see what it feels like.'

Carrie's silence and the burning red of her cheeks told us what we expected and Gabby winked then released her grip stepping away from the panting blonde.

Carrie's look of disappointment almost broke my heart and I'm sure she opened her mouth to beg but managed to stop herself.

Gabby looked at me and mouthed her gratitude to me, 'thank you !'

Then she went all professional again.

'Lets try a little obedience training shall we.'

Gabby reached up and unclipped Carrie's right wrist from the pillar; she pulled it behind the girl's back and clipped it to the back of the harness so it was fixed in the small of the blonde's back, then she did the same with the left. Then she bent and freed Carrie's ankles.

'Down you go.'

Carrie looked round and but then realised she was supposed to kneel. She looked at me and then dropped rather awkwardly to her knees.

'I can see I'm going to have to train you.'

Carrie looked up sharply.

'But for now I want you to kneel back on your heels and spread your legs.'

Carrie did as she was told.

'Back straight...chest out...head up.'

Carrie knelt looking straight ahead.

'Now look down just slightly.'

I think John Norman would have been proud.

Leaving Carrie in the pose of the famed Gorean pleasure slave, Gabby went to collect the toys she needed. Carrie didn't move though at one point she did glance up at me, just her eyes moving.

Gabby started with a pair of clover clamps on the ends of a short chain.

'Ready for these ?'

Carrie looked at them, clearly anxious but her eyes showed she was indeed ready.

'Yes, Madam Gabrielle.'

She lowered her head a fraction, perhaps to watch what was being done to her nipples.

Gabby used the clamps to tease Carrie's swollen nipples then she put the first one on.

'How does that feel ?'

Carrie gave a little shudder and then shook her breasts.

'It's not too bad, Madam.'

'Good girl.'

Gabby applied the second clamp and I saw Carrie smile. Then the dominatrix hooked her finger in the chain and pulled it gently.

'Oh !' It wasn't a sound of pain, or really of pleasure; more like an acceptance that this is what nipple clamps felt like.

Then Gabby took a leather dog lead and clipped it to Carrie's collar.

'Obedience training.'

Gabby stepped behind the kneeling girl and released her hands.

'I want to down on all fours crawling at my heels.'

'Yes, Madam.'

Carrie leaned forward and put her hands on the floor, coming up onto her knees and then, as Gabby led her off, she followed, crawling beside the redhead's shiny boots. She didn't look at me at all as they did a circuit of the studio and I'm sure on a couple of occasions Carrie brushed up against Gabby's boots on purpose.

When they came back to the pillars Gabby stopped and Carrie sat back on her heels.

I noticed she slipped her hands behind her back as if there were once again restrained there. She made no attempt to remove the clover clamps from her nipples.

Carrie's hair was still mostly in the loose plait in which she typically wore it and with the girl kneeling, Gabby began to undo it, spreading it across the her shoulders; when she had finished she came to stand in front of the kneeling girl.

'Shall we go again.'

Gabby knows I like to see a girl's hair down when she walks to heel and this time Carrie crawled right next to Gabby, her lithe body brushing the leather of the boots with almost every step giving me some great shots of a very submissive Carrie. At one point Gabby caught my eye and I saw her mouth 'she's delicious'.

At the end of the circuit Carrie continued to rub herself against Gabby's boot.

'I think I need some more exercise, Madam Gabrielle.'

'Do you now ?' Gabby couldn't keep the pleasure out of her voice. 'First I think you need to thank madam for looking after you.'

Carrie crawled in front of her mistress and knelt up her hands sliding behind her back in a beautifully submissive gesture.

'Thank you, Madam Gabrielle.'

'I think it needs a little more than that.'

Carrie looked up confused but when Gabby pushed her foot forward I saw Carrie's eyes widen.

'I think I might be able to thank you better if my hands were cuffed behind my back.'

'Really ?' Gabby looked as if she could barely contain her joy. 'I'm sure Terry wouldn't mind.' Then she mouthed 'I owe you.'

I didn't mind at all. Tying girls up is one of the things I do for a living and though I've done it many times, I still enjoy it. I put my camera down and clipped Carrie's cuffs to the back of her harness. I then took a moment to adjust my lights.

'Better ?' Gabby grinned at me. I'm not sure who she was addressing.

'Yes, Madam.'

Gabby and I both looked down as Carrie bent forward spreading a carpet of blonde hair across Gabby's boots and began to apply her lips and then tongue diligently to the shiny black leather. The girl was completely lost in subspace now, focussed on the task in hand. I heard the clips on her cuffs click occasionally as she moved her position working across the boots to reach Gabby's stiletto heels and then took a beautiful shot as she ran her pink tongue up the spike of black steel.

When I finally dragged myself away I looked up to see Gabby looking as flushed as her new slave.

'Are you ok ?' I normally don't interfere when Gabby is working.

Gabby nodded.

'Carrie, darling.'

Carrie lifted her head and knelt up, doing a wonderful manoeuvre of her body and neck to flick her long hair behind her. The chain on her nipple clamps danced wildly for a moment and then swung between her little firm breasts as she came to kneel in the position Gabby had just taught her. I saw her look down; I think she had forgotten that she was wearing the clamps.

'Madam and Terry are going to step outside. You'll be ok on your own for a few minutes, won't you.'

Carrie looked up.

'Yes, Madam.'

Gabby pointed to the door and I nodded.

'Madam Gabrielle.'

Gabby turned.

'Would you mind gagging me before you go.'

'It's not the sort of thing my sub usually ask but since it's your first time...'

Gabby couldn't keep the grin off her face as she selected a black rubber ball gag.

'Anything else you'd like me to do for you ?' Gabby's gentle sarcasm was evident.

'Perhaps when you come back, Madam.'

I wished I could be part of what they were sharing.

'Open wide.'

Carrie obeyed and Gabby pushed the gag in place then buckled the strap tightly.

I love watching girls being gagged. This is one of my favourite moments in a shoot and having Gabby to do it meant I could take plenty of shots.

Then Gabby lead me out of the studio and pushed the door shut behind her, leaning against it with a sigh. I could see she was very flushed.

'Where did you say you get this girl ?'

'I told you on the phone. Friend of a friend. I offered her a lift.'

'Can I have her ?'

'She's not mine to give.'

'Then you don't mind if I keep her ?'

'She's a bit of a free spirit, I'm not sure she'll want to stay.'

'I could keep her tied up.'

'I'm sure she'd like that.' I grinned. 'For the first couple of weeks at least.'

Gabby glared at me.

'I'm sure she'd be happy if you offered her a place to sleep.'

'Can we stay here ?' Gabby looked at me suggestively. 'You've got lots more toys to play with than me and I'm not sure I can get her home without doing something I'd regret in public.'

The way Carrie had been acting I suspected she'd be quite happy if Gabby lead her through the streets naked and on a lead.

'Sure.' I took the keys out of my pocket and gave them to Gabby. 'But remember she's only eighteen. Don't go too far.'

'I'm sure she can take care of herself. You don't mind if I use the bed do you ?'

'Be my guest, it's still made up from that shoot you did with Christina.'

Gabby doesn't often play submissive but one of my other regular models, Christina, had hurt her back the day before the last shoot so Gabby went down and we found out just what Christina thought about when Gabby strapped her down.

Gabby hugged me.

'I think I've got enough for today.' I was still holding my camera to could only use one arm. 'Unless you want me to photograph all the naughty things you get up to later.'

'In your dreams, Terry.'

We turned to go back in and I went ahead of Gabby into the studio.

Carrie had moved from where we had left her. She knelt with her back to us facing one of the chrome poles to which she had been cuffed earlier and as we entered I heard her mewl into her gag; she was squirming in her bonds, her hands writhing pulling up her back frantically against the wrist cuffs and the straps of her harness; her skin was flushed and she was bathed in sweat even though we had only left her alone for a few minutes.

I started towards her, fearing that she was in pain and regretting leaving her alone, helpless and gagged, something I usually made a point of not doing to my models. As I approached I could see she had managed to hook the chain of her nipple clamps over a fastening on the pillar and was leaning back as if trying to pull herself free; however, the clamps on her nipples were clover style and the more she pulled, the more they pinched, they were thus stretching her little breasts and nipples quite painfully.

She mewled again, leaning back, her head back, eyes closed; she was drooling all around the big black ball in mouth, panting hard.

I was about to bend down and release her when, suddenly, Gabby grabbed me from behind warning me away. I looked at her in surprise and it was only then that I realised what was happening.

( link opens in new window )

By this stage, Carrie had realised we were back in the room and I saw her open her eyes and look up at us in surprise. She face was already red but not for the first time this afternoon she blushed furiously, heat spreading across her face, neck, shoulders and breasts.

'Someone's been a very bad girl.' Gabby pushed in front of me looking down at the kneeling girl and I saw Carrie look up at her, eyes pleading.

'You won't get round me like that.' Gabby reached down and gently lifted one of the nipple chains.

Carrie whimpered but not because of pain.

'And you can stop that.'

Even though she had been discovered, Carrie had still been pulling her hands up behind her back, drawing the crotch strap against her sex. I saw her drop her hands and bow her head.

'So, young lady.' Gabby's voice was stern. 'We're going to start with another spanking and I can assure you it will be considerable harder than the playful one you had earlier. Then, when your bottom is as hot and red as your face is now, I'm going to have to find some tighter restraints so that you won't be able to misbehave when I turn my back. And, if you are very contrite, I might then take pity on you and give you that bed you're after for the night.'

I saw Carrie smile.

She leant down and whispered in Carrie's ear and the kneeling girl nuzzled against her cheek. I guessed Gabby must have said something about the sleeping arrangements.

It would have been fun to stay and take a few more shots but I felt I'd got a pretty good session out of the meeting between Gabby and Carrie. I picked up my stuff and left them to it. This way I wouldn't feel I was taking advantage of Carrie and, as she'd probably have blagged a night on the sofa anyway, I was hardly interfering with her plans.

I was pretty sure that, if they got that far, Carrie was going to get a night in a very comfy bed and, if Gabby had her way, there was no way she was going to fall out of it.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Wednesday, February 06, 2019  

A fun read. Sexy and clever.

Saturday, September 15, 2018  

Superb! Perfectly balanced between erotic and kink.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018  

Hey! A fun photo shoot story that doesn't devolve into rape! How refreshingly original

Tuesday, July 10, 2018  

Hurm! Quite the delightful story and a very pleasant change of pace. A "meet cute", if you will, that really reads nicely. One suspects that Carrie will get quite a few pleasant memories from her vacation.

Sunday, July 01, 2018  

Lovely, sweet D/s between the ladies. This is my new favorite story of yours.

Sunday, June 24, 2018  

Lovely story. it excites me when someone finds a D/s relationship she's been seeking. I understand that.

Friday, June 22, 2018  

As always seems to be the case, you write a great story.

Thursday, June 21, 2018  

i did enjoy this story and hope you are motivated by the positive responses to continue writing.

Thursday, June 21, 2018  

Very well written with a believable premise. Well-paced and over all a fun read. I rarely award five stars, this time, I had little choice!

Thursday, June 21, 2018  

Great work. Now I'm asking myself too, if Carrie stayed more than the night... ;)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018  

A neat and fun read, perfectly executed. Maybe a little tame for my tastes, but that's only me.
Cheers, Absolutist

Wednesday, June 20, 2018  

Very good story, but we need a follow up, what happened that night and did Carrie stay on as Gabby's slave?. Please write another chapter, or story.

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