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I Truly am Blessed
  • Author - inky  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, non-consensual, bondage, caught, drugs, incest, slavery, teen
  • Post Date - 6/19/2018
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Reader's Comments (10)

Author's Note: (The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people and places are coincidental.)

"Have you forgotten anything?" asked Sonia as she saw her mother Gwen off at the door of their house. "I know you're worried that I can be a little scatter-brained at times Sonia, but I can assure you that I packed everything I need for the trip in my suitcase down to the last outfit and toothbrush" Gwen reassured her, though Sonia was not so sure given that she once forgot to pack her medical cases. Gwen was a nurse, a skilled one at that, and every year or so the busty blonde with an hourglass figure attends an optional week long medical conference to discuss patient cases and practices in the field in California, which is a long trek from their home in Rhode Island and therefore inconvenient if she ends up forgetting something. "Just don't hesitate to rush back if you do forget something. That's why I suggested you leave earlier in case the inevitable happens". Sonia was a diligent girl of 18 years with light brown hair, brown eyes, but a pure heart and a figure comparable to her mother, clearly showing that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Sonia's father Will followed his daughter's suit and gave her a kiss goodbye wishing her the best of luck at the conference. "I trust you'll keep things tight and sound while I'm away, right Will?" Gwen asked with a smile on her face. "Of course, it's not like the house is going to fall apart without you. I'm a dependable man who can look after things" Will stated with a certain gleam of pride. "I'm not so sure about that" Sonia chimed in, pointing to the kitchen faucet in reference to the fact that the house had not had running water since this morning. "I'm sure I just have to turn the water valve and it will be problem solved" Will said in his defense, though Sonia still doubted her father's competencies. "Well I'll see you two in a week. I love you both and hope you will use this opportunity to spend some father-daughter quality time with each other." With that, Gwen headed out to her car, started up the engine, and drove off toward the airport to get ahead of her scheduled flight, leaving the house occupancy at two.

"I was serious about what I referenced earlier" Sonia clarified, "You need to get the water running in the house, because frankly I'm getting a little dehydrated and Mom will kill you if I keel over the first day she's away". "No need to get so impatient, there's a pitcher of lemonade in the fridge for you to sip on in the meantime" Will said trying to put her daughter at ease. "You should have said that sooner! Frankly I'm starting to doubt your caretaking skills more than Mom's level-headedness". With that harsh statement, Sonia headed into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of what was remaining in the pitcher and guzzled it down not having completely satisfied her thirst, all while her father kept a close eye on her. And Will's focused gaze did not escape his daughter's notice... "Is there a reason you're just staring at me? The lemonade helped but you really should get on the water problem ASAP". "Sorry, I guess I'm just waiting for the right time to head downstairs". Sonia was confused by the statement, wondering if her father was just being lazy, but before she could postulate any further into what he said, Sonia began to feel light-headed and faint. "You...really should fix the water" Sonia said holding her head, "I think I'm...about to...pass......" but before she could finish her sentence Sonia fell over and was knocked out cold, falling over right into the hands of her loving father.

Some time had passed between then and when Sonia woke up. She felt groggy and stiff as she slowly regained consciousness, but she quickly realized that something was off. She was in the basement of her house for some reason and was sitting on a sturdy chair, albeit not of her own power, because she found that she was tied strictly to said chair with rope tied above and below her breasts and her legs tied to each of the chair's legs. Sonia jolted at this realization and at the box of miscellaneous bondage gear nestled to the right of her and tried to force her way out of the bind with no luck thanks to the skillful ropework of whoever did this to her. More concerning was the fact that she had been stripped of all of her clothes minus her pink panties and bra, the latter of which was only barely hanging onto her body thanks to the ropes pinning down her chest given that her straps had come undone at some point when she was out cold. Sonia desperately scanned the basement for any means of escape or at least some kind of explanation as to what was going on, she soon picked on someone walking towards her from the shadows...her father. "Mm Mmpff!?" Sonia exclaimed only just now noticing the pink cloth tied tightly over her mouth and nose gagging her. The cloth alone likely would not have been enough to ensure her silence, but Sonia's mouth had also been stuffed with some kind of cloth making the gag more effective. Were they rags? Socks? Underwear? Her questions were put on hold however as the more pressing concern was why she was in this state in the first place and why her father seemed to be in no rush to untie his helpless daughter.

"Good to see you're finally awake Sonia" Will gleefully stated, "I was worried I got the dosage wrong with the lemonade and that you might not wake up". "Mm Hmf!" "Yeah, I'm sure you've figured out that I drugged the lemonade and purposely shut off the water to prompt you to drink it" Will said calmly as he turned the water valve in the basement restoring all water utilities in the house. "But I had a feeling you would not be very receptive to my affections without the proper setup and environment, hence the ropes and muzzle". Sonia's eyes widened with fear as she put the whole situation together with frightening realization. "I am blessed to have such a beautiful daughter" Will said with gratitude as he stroked his daughter's uncovered face with his hands, "and I feel more love for you than any father could feel for their daughter. Ever since you came of age and blossomed into a fine young woman I found myself yearning for your body and your affections. I certainly have your body" Will said as he slowly ran his fingers across Sonia's exposed arms, "but the look of fear in your eyes tells me that I don't have your carnal affections...for now". "MMPPHH! MMFFF!" Sonia yelled into her gag as she violently thrashed against her binds with no avail. Will then held Sonia in place in response to her resistance and whispered into her ear, "Don't worry, I'm very good at gently breaking a girl's willpower. Your mother won't be back home for a week, but I assure you that I can get you on board with the idea of me being your lover and master willingly in just four days. As for your mother, she doesn't have to know about the change in our "relationship" so you can just act like we're still just a normal father and daughter when she's around, though I suppose we will have to tiptoe around exactly when we can have relations".

Will then unzipped his pants revealing an exceptionally large member that was propped up and ready to go, prompting Sonia to flail in her chair and mouth off unintelligible pleas for mercy. Rather than go straight for her crotch, Will pulled off Sonia's bra with a gentle yank revealing her sizable mams which only made her father's dick harder having seen them for the first time outside of his dreams. He got on top of Sonia and positioned his dick in between her breasts which caused Sonia to flinch in fear and disgust as he cupped both of her boobs in his hands and rubbed them against his member repeatedly. "Mmmff! Mmmph! MMMPPHH!" Sonia screamed as she shook her head over and over, horrified by what was happening, the sexual stimulation she was receiving, and the inevitable conclusion that this would lead to her father's DNA being sprayed all over her mask and face.

"Would someone mind explaining what's going on here?" Both Sonia and Will were shocked by the sudden voice coming from the basement stairs, and upon turning their heads their eyes met with Gwen's judgmental gaze. Will immediately jumped off of Sonia and the euphoric look on his face was replaced by one with guilt and shame. "So...you're back. Did you...forget something?" Will said passively clearly trying to avoid what was going on. "Forgot my plane tickets" Sonia's mother said bluntly. "Seems Sonia was right about me being an air-head and leaving for my flight early". Sonia dropped her head as a wave of relief washed over Sonia having been potentially seconds away from being on the receiving end of a non-consensual cream pie. "Now would you be so kind as to explain what's going on between the two of you?" Gwen said maintaining her monotone. Feeling the pressure, Will's dick went limp and he had to think on his feet. "I can explain. I know this looks bad, but the relationship is 100% consensual. Sonia came on to me and was very persistent about her affections and fetishes, I gave in to temptation once, and we've had this kind of BDSM relationship ever since." "MMMPPHHH!" Sonia objected with what little speech she had in response to her father's bullshit temptation explanation, and by the look on Gwen's face she did not seem to buy the story either. Gwen then turned her gaze to her bound and gagged daughter and approached her, kneeling down to eye level. "Is this true Sonia?" Gwen said inquisitively. "Of course it is" Will said defending his case "It was heat of the mo..." Gwen turned to him, "I wasn't asking you! I was asking Sonia." Will went silent having been backed into a corner, and Gwen returned her attention to her daughter. "Are you in a consensual sexual relationship with your father?" "Mmphh." Sonia shook her head adamantly at the question. "Are you in to BDSM?" "Mmmff." Sonia once again shook her head. "And are you enjoying any of this?" "MMPHHH!" Thrice she twisted her head in opposition to her father's story, however Sonia felt a little uncomfortable by the fact that her mother did not bother removing her pink cloth gag during the questioning.

Gwen sighed with disappointed at the state of her family, collected herself, and addressed her daughter once more. "Sweetie, you don't have to lie me. I won't judge you on your interests or tastes". "Hmmpf?" Sonia responded incredibly confused by her mother's statement. What in the hell makes her think that she actually wants this? "I'll ask again" Gwen said resuming her questioning "Are you in a consensual BDSM sexual relationship with your father?" "MMFFF! MMPHH! MMMFF!" Sonia fiercely muffled repeatedly shaking her head. Once again Gwen sighed in response to her daughter's answers, prompting her to dig her fingers underneath the cloth covering Sonia's lips...but not the one covering her upper lips. Instead she dug into Sonia pink panties and rubbed them against her crotch. "MMMMFFFFFFF!" Sonia jerked in response to her mother's invasion of her pussy, a place that not even her deviant father had the chance to touch yet. Gwen then pulled out her soaked fingers and showed them to her daughter's face. "If you really weren't enjoying any of this you would be dry as a desert down there. Instead you've got quite the lush oasis hidden in your panties". "Hmmff!?" Sonia exclaimed in shock at her mother's assessment. She's a nurse! She of all people would know that getting wet down there is an involuntary response to sexual stimulation even if it's against the women's consent! It's not proof that she's enjoying any of this!

At that moment however, Sonia felt the cloth wrapped over her mouth starting to come undone from the rigorous struggling she had done since this debacle started. Seeing this as her opportunity to properly join the inquisition and defend herself with her own words, Sonia vigorously jerked her head to wrestle the gag off her. With one last struggle the cloth began to fall from her lips, but before the muzzle could even finish falling, Gwen swiftly grabbed the cloth with her thumb and index finger and yanked it back over her daughter's mouth and nose. "MMMFF!?" "I'm not letting you talk your way out of this young lady! You are going to give me an honest and straight yes or no answer!" Gwen exclaimed as she reached her hands behind Sonia's head and retied the loose muzzle to its former glory, killing her daughter's chance to tell her side of the story, and leaving Sonia feeling betrayed. At which pointed Sonia shifted her attention to her father. Though cowering in fear just moments ago, his face let loose a brief smirk before speaking again.

"You'll have to forgive Sonia for her dishonesty. She doesn't mean any harm, she's just really immersed into the act is all" Will stated calmly with the same demeanor he had prior to his wife's intrusion. "What do you mean act?" Gwen asked curiously now shifting focus completely on her husband with her back to her daughter. "She's really into rape-play, force-play, "non-consensual BSDM" and the like. 'The father forcibly drugs and restrains his nubile daughter in the basement where he acts on the urges he has been holding back for years much to the daughter's terror' or something along the lines of that role-play setup. Even now she's incorporating your walking-in on us as part of the act". Sonia could not believe what she was hearing. Surely her Mom was dense, but even she would know that this isn't some kind of Father-Daughter BDSM incest role-play scenario but the real deal. "Oh, I guess that explains a lot" Gwen said holding a hand over her chest feeling a sense of relief. "I thought I had raised a dishonest daughter there for a second". "MMMMFFFFFFF!!" Sonia wailed at her mother's gullibility and tolerance to this kind of relationship.

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"But now that we've cleared some things up, you're still not off the hook for going behind my back and cheating on me with my own daughter" Gwen accussed with her sights on her husband. "I'm your wife, and we have known each other for the longest time. I even became your BSDM slave because I love you, I trust you, and I know you." "Mmf?" Sonia squeaked surprised that her father had apparently already worked his "magic" and turned her own mother into his personal leather toy long before she was even born. "You should be well aware that I'm open and accepting of all kinds of romantic relationships, even the incestual ones, and I feel betrayed that you didn't think I would be okay with the kind of love the two of you share, or that you would think I wouldn't be able to share you without getting jealous. I'm your wife and slave, so never doubt my trust in you, and never doubt your trust in me." Sonia was dumb-founded at how her mother could convey trust in bondage slavery that sounded like a line from cheesy romance novel. "You're right" Will thoughtfully responded, "I should have trusted you more to be open about my relationship with Sonia. She insisted that you would not understand our love for one another, that we needed to keep it a secret, but I should have trusted you over her right from the start, and I won't make that mistake again. Going forward I promise to be 100% open with the both of you so that there is no betrayal". Gwen smiled affectionately at Will's response. "Mmmmm..." Sonia murmured feeling an overwhelming sense of despair come over her.

"Well, now that that's settled, we're going to have to make a few changes in this house to accommodate everyone's needs and desires" Gwen stated happily. "We can iron out the fine details as we go along, but the first matter of business, speaking from a health professional's standpoint, it will be problematic if Sonia gets pregnant, so it will be important to put a date on the calendar some time after I get back from the conference to get Sonia's tubes tied". "MMMFFFF! MMMPHH!" Sonia screamed in a panic to her mother's proposal." Just a few minutes ago she was focused on escaping her father's perverse grasp, but at the rate she was going she would be lucky to make her own medical decisions about her own body. "Umm...don't you think that's a little extreme?" Will stated passively. "Would you prefer getting a vasectomy?" Gwen said while clutching his balls. "Point taken" Will stated as he was forced to put his fantasy of one day fathering a child by Sonia off the table indefinitely for the sake of preserving his jewels. Sonia on the other hand was on the verge of tears which caught her mother's eye. "Sorry sweetie, but consider this your punishment for convincing your father not to disclose your relationship with each other to me. And look on the bright side! After the procedure you'll be able to go at it with your father without any worries or protection!"

At that moment Gwen's wristwatch beeped, indicating it was an hour until her flight. "Whoops! Looks like I lost track of time there, but if I rush I should still make the departure time." Gwen then fumbled through her pocketbook and produced a condom which she then gave to Will. "I'm sure I don't need to tell you this, but be sure to wear protection until the tubal ligation is performed, and I hope the two of you have fun together this week". With that she kissed Will on the cheek and gathered her things. "HHHFF MMMFF!" Sonia pleaded towards her mother not to walk away from her and leave her with this sexual deviant.

And at that point Sonia began to feel her gag loosening again and made no hesitation this time to flail as much as she could to get the muzzle off of her. She quickly managed to wring the cloth off her mouth with furious effort but was having trouble spitting out the saliva caked cloth that had conformed to the shape of her mouth. But before she could even muster a strategy for removal she felt a cold strip of duct tape being pressed against her mouth once again trapping the stuffing. When Sonia looked up she saw not her perverse father, but her permissive mother smoothing the adhesive strip over her lips. Not content Gwen continued to apply strip after strip to silence her daughter. "You know Will, you really need to be more diligent in gagging your submissive. Sonia slipped out of this twice already" Gwen said educating her dominant husband. "Ah, and what does the submissive master recommend then?" Will stated somewhat sarcastically. "Hmm..." Gwen pondered as she glanced over the box of bondage gear that Sonia had not paid much attention to up until now. Gwen then pulled out a Gwen hood and before Sonia even had a chance to react the hood was pulled over her head, tethered from behind, and her long hair pulled out as a ponytail from the top. Sonia's entire head was encased in black leather minus the bridge over her eyes creating a tight grip that was especially tight over Sonia's taped mouth. "And there you have it! A Gwen hood gag from mother Gwen" Gwen stated proudly having thought up such a terrible pun. "MMMPPHHH!" Sonia cried testing out the new muzzle only to find it much more effective than the cloth and nearly impossible to remove on her own. "An erotic choice" Will stated. "My hard-on is returning in record time" referencing his member now even more erect than when things began.

"Alright I really have to get going get going" Gwen stated, and she leaned in to kiss goodbye Sonia over her tape and leather covered lips. Gwen then whispered into Sonia's ear, "I know I sounded strict before, but I'm actually looking forward to when the two of us will get to know each other more "intimately" as a fellow submissives". "MMPHH!" Sonia moaned in fear realizing ever her own mother wanted a piece of her. "Glad you're on board with the idea as well" Gwen responded taking her daughter's muzzled moans as a mutual agreement. Before leaving, Gwen pulled off the pink cloth resting on Sonia's collarbones that was used to gag her beforehand and tied it over her hair and under her chin creating a stylish bonnet for her flight. "I think I'll hold onto this as a reminder of you during the conference Sonia, and as a reminder to how much fun we're all going to have once I come back." Gwen then headed up the stairs not even bothering to look back at her daughter, because after all, she had to focus on catching her flight on time. Sonia could only simmer and cry as she heard her mother's car pull out of the driveway leaving her daughter to an uncertain fate.

Once the sound of the engine had faded away, Will looked up at the basement ceiling and resumed his speech. "You know, I truly am blessed" he stated with a great deal of thanks and appreciation. "To have a wonderful wife and slave that is so understanding, and to have a lovely daughter and slave-to-be all living under my household. I should remember to never take what I have for granted again." Will then turned his attention to Sonia and approached her with his throbbing member pointed squarely at her. "I know I promised your mother to wear protection" Will then grabbed hold of Sonia's pink panties. "But I want our first time to be special!" and in the blink of an eye Will tore off his daughter's panties with a single forceful yank exposing her clitoris for all to see. "MMMFF! HMMF! MMMPPHH!" Sonia exclaimed in a panic as he got into position back on her lap, but this time he aimed straight for the sweet spot and began teasing Sonia's pussy lips with his cock which served to stimulate her as he had done with her before. Sonia made one last ditch effort to free herself, but the ropes were tight and unyielding, the weight of her father's body pinned her down to the chair, and as far as her cries for help went, it was her own mother that applied her tape gag tied the restrictive hood that silenced her pleas no matter how loud she tried to scream. "Alright, let's begin!" Will proclaimed, and with a single thrusting motion Sonia's fate was sealed. Everything in her life had been torn to shreds. Her future, her hope, her normal family, and finally, her hymen.

Will proclaimed that he could break his daughter Sonia's resolve in only four days, but in reality it took only three.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018  

We really shouldn't accept nor enjoy this kind of incest - still taken as purely fantasy, I do like the story.

Friday, July 13, 2018  

The idea behind the story is decent, however the execution of this idea was poor. Too many unanswered questions and illogical aspects to ignore. How could someone working as a nurse be so oblivious and have such blatant disregard for safety? How was Will going to actually hide this relationship with Sonia? The story itself lacks vital information

Monday, July 09, 2018  

Hurm. I find it hard to imagine the type of person that would enjoy this story. And I thought I was pretty jaded.

Friday, July 06, 2018  

Incest is Close and Deeply Personal! All Good! Great Writing!

Thursday, June 28, 2018  

So sad

Sunday, June 24, 2018  

Incest, amputation, and scat leave me cold. The story is creative but I hated it.

Sunday, June 24, 2018  

Just plain wrong.

Friday, June 22, 2018  

Nice start eager to read more.

Thursday, June 21, 2018  

Pretty good, adequate description of the scenario. Abrupt ending but it a minor point.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018  

Can't read. A paragraph break is required every time the speaker changes.

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