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Gag Sentence Day 2
  • Author - Danlaura  
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  • Post Date - 8/6/2018
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The cell door opened with a creak. It would take a much louder noise to awaken her after the day she had yesterday. She had fallen asleep quickly despite the considerable pain she had been in. Once asleep she hadn't moved a muscle.

"Wake up Ms. Thompson." Mr. Carson said

No reaction she was still sound asleep.

The sensual world of BDSM

"Ms. Thompson, wake up!" he nearly shouted "Or you'll get another day."

She was not sure it was the shout or somewhere in her sleep she heard and understood the terrifying threat but she woke up and slowly became aware that it was day two of her sentence.

"Please don't do that to me again, I can't take it. Please."

"I am sorry Ms. Thompson but it is the law. You have eight more days of your sentence."

"Oh God please I'll do anything you want. Please, please, please don't do it to me again." I pleaded. The idea of exactly the same torture, and torture is exactly what it was, filled me with terror and dread. My mind could not fathom the amount of suffering I was about to endure, once was previously unthinkable, twice...well...

Ignoring my begging "Please stand up Ms. Thompson."

"No, no, no, no, no, no you can't I'll die I can't take anymore!" I begged, still lying on the pitiful mattress.

"That will be one more day Ms. Thompson. Would you like to try for two?"

Hearing that I had earned another day I got up as quickly as my agonized body could but I continued to implore him for mercy. My entire body ached. My feet once I was standing hurt so bad I nearly fell down, standing on pointed dowels for eight hours will do that. My arms and shoulders were nearly useless. "Please no more. I am in so much pain. I'll do anything, anything. I'll suck your dick! You can fuck my ass! Anything but please stop. Please!"

"That's a very tempting offer Ms. Thompson. After your sentence is completed if the offer is still good I would like that very much. Very much. But for now let's get started. Open wide please."

Utterly terrified and defeated with tears streaming down my face I slowly and quite painfully opened my mouth as wide as I could. My jaw was so stiff and in quite a lot of pain.

He shoved the giant ballgag with the thin breathing tube sticking out in my mouth once again. He held the back of my head with one hand and with the other hand he pushed the ball past my teeth. I grunted as the pain in my jaw doubled.

"I know it very painful to have that ball in your mouth again so soon but this is as good as it gets I'm afraid." He said as he pulled the strap as tight as he could. The skin was so tender from yesterday's gagging the strap felt as if it were cutting into my face. He finished with the ballgag by placing the padlock on the strap again. Just like before drool immediately began to flow from my gagged mouth.

Now before he began the tape wrapping he pulled another bag over my head so the tape wouldn't rip my hair out when my punishment was done for the day. He again cut a small hole in the bag for the breathing tube and one for my nose. The same stretchy tape as before and he wrapped it just as tight as before. This time before wrapping the tape under my chin he went behind me pressing the tape onto the side of my head and before he began the wrapping he pulled up sharply under my chin crushing the ball tighter in my mouth then he began the wrapping. Incredibly the awful tape gagging was even tighter than yesterday! Then he finished the tape hood with more cruel windings of tape.

I was now retching and gagging wildly. It was all I could do to not fight him and try to escape this torment but I knew if I resisted at all I would get another day. I just stood there and accepted my fate with tear-stained eyes trying not to imagine the suffering I would soon be forced to endure.

The evil leather hood was next and when I saw it in his hands I couldn't help myself I began screaming and begging him with my eyes. My wild-eyed panic meant nothing to him he simply pulled the hood over my head and began the process of lacing up the cruel hood. Once the hood was as tight as he could make it he gave me a choice.

"Ms. Thompson, I know this is a strange question at a time like this, you being so severely gagged and all, but, have you ever heard of the old game show called Let's Make a Deal?"

I thought "Oh my God I don't know just please let me out of this!"

"Yes? No? Anyway, it was a game show where contestants were given a choice of a prize they already had and an unknown prize behind a curtain or a door or something. It was great. Lot's of fun. So I want to play Let's Make a Deal with you Ms. Thompson.

He was so cruel, I was in so much pain and he wanted to play a game. I was living a nightmare of my own doing.

"So Ms. Thompson would you like to have me carry out your punishment today without the pegboard under your feet or would you like what's behind door number one." He said with a game show host flourish followed by a little giggle.

What the fuck was behind door number one? I had no idea but it couldn't be worse than the pegboard, my feet were in so much pain. Since I had been standing I was constantly shifting my weight from foot to foot in a poor attempt to relive the pain. Not standing another eight hours on the pegboard seemed like a good choice to me.

"Nod for once for the pegboard and nod twice for door number one"

I didn't to want play this game at all but I was terrified by what I might "win" but my feet, I thought would get some relief so I slowly nodded twice.

"Well now, how very sporting of you Ms. Thompson! I guess that pegboard must have really hurt. Johnny show her what she's won..." after a long pause he said, "I am sorry for mocking your pain Ms. Thompson that was very unprofessional of me. You will receive a significant reduction in your ability to breathe for the entire eight hours. Your nose will be sealed with a nose clamp and a plug with a tiny hole will be fit into the end of the breathing tube in your gag."

What! God no! No! Breathing last time was nearly impossible! Please! I'll take the pegboard. I was screaming for the pegboard from behind the huge gag.



"But before your choice is applied I need to finish the gag. The harness is next as you know."

I did know, all too well. It was of course applied with the same cruelty as before. My head was throbbing with pain and a river of noise was rushing in my ears when I wasn't screaming due to the incredible tightness of the gag.

"The final touch is the collar. This time it will be one notch tighter to make sure your breathing is as restricted as possible. Don't worry I have done this hundreds of times and I know how to restrict the flow of air just to before the point of passing out and not beyond, well sometimes beyond." He said with a faint smile

He wasn't lying, when the collar was fastened in place my breathing was really labored, I had to take long slow breaths to get enough air. I was in for real trouble if my air was anymore restricted and it soon would be.

"Ok let's get you tied up."

He re-tied me in exactly the same way as yesterday, arms wrenched up in a sort of reverse prayer and my wrists were then connected to the top of my gag via the pulley. I was again nearly suspended by my head. My ankles were also strapped together again. My screams were now constant. A steady stream of drool was pouring out of the tube in the gag and snot was pouring out of my nose as well. My eyes were filled with tears and blood red. "Here comes door number one Ms. Thompson."

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Wild panic now took over my mind and body. I was jerking and struggling with all my strength against the inescapable bondage. I was only making my pain worse and breathing more difficult but I was out of control.

He just stood and watched for a few moments and then he clipped a sort of C-shaped spring type clamp with pads on the ends on my nose instantly shutting of all air from my nose. The hiss from the tube became quite loud now.

Please don't do it! Please don't please no you can't I'll die you'll suffocate me please no no no please nooooooooo!!!

He held the plug up to my pleading eyes "Here's the plug. See how small the hole is? Pretty small. So stay calm and take very long slow breaths if you don't I promise you will suffer more than you can imagine." He said as he fit the plug into the end of my breathing tube greatly reducing the airflow to already tortured lungs. "Either way I'll see you in eight hours Ms. Thompson."


The door just closed and I HAD to get out of the terrible gag right now! There was no way I could stand this for eight full hours, I could barely breathe. Panic was causing me to desperately try to get more air but none came. I had to calm down but uncontrollable panic had taken over. My mind simply went into a fit of terror. I was no longer thinking in words mind was now only a long scream of terror and agony. And then...

Black. No pain

Then the smell of ammonia and horrific pain.

Mr. Carson was standing in front of me just watching. "Passing out won't help you Ms. Thompson. I am closely monitoring you by closed circuit camera from the other room. If I see you pass out or anything else that is not suffering I can be in here in seconds to make sure you are not in danger."

I can't even pass out for relief! Help me someone. Please let me out. Please! My mind screamed as the pain and panic once again took over.

After what seemed like an eternity I began to calm down enough to form thoughts in my head. Through the pain and panic thoughts would fade into existence and it seemed once recognized, would quickly drift back into blind panic. It was as if I was somehow beyond suffering. If I had been fully aware of the level of my suffering I might not have survived the first few hours of my torment.

As my mind began to slowly to comprehend the level of suffering I was undergoing I began to focus less on the panic and began to feel the incredible pain I was in. My jaw felt as if it was wrenched so far open it was dislocated, it throbbed with a sharp ache that was beyond human tolerance, or so I thought. My jaw muscles were so sore from unconsciously trying to chew the huge rubber ball and perhaps swallow it, I didn't have any idea that was impossible but my body was acting on it's own trying to end the agony.

Saliva was now pouring down my throat. I could not swallow fast enough to keep up with the flow so I was endlessly gagging and retching. My attempts to stop the God awful retching only made breathing that much harder.

My shoulders were in a constant state of cramping. I felt the pain all down my arms and in my back. My hands were almost numb but not quite enough to stop the pain, my fingers felt as if they explode from the pressure.

The soles of my feet hurt a lot but I barely noticed. The lack of air made the pain in my feet inconsequential to say the least. I jerked and squirmed in my cruel bondage in a vain attempt get air. My lungs burned like fire with no relief in sight. Panic overwhelmed me. The combination of the tight gagging and suffocation were too much for me to stand.


Ammonia and the awful pain.

Please Please Please stop this Please! Let out! I can't breathe! Help Help Please Pleeeeeease... then once again the panic took over. No thought. No memories of life before this moment of terror. No walks on the beach. No senior prom, just unimaginable panic overflowed into my being. Terror again filled my mind, my spirit and all the empty spaces in between. I just stood stretched taut in bondage, horribly gagged and utterly helpless beneath the multiple layers of the horrendous gag.

My panic was overwhelming. My heart was beating much too fast. If I didn't get free of this horrible torment I would surely go insane. The pain seemed to be a physical thing that put its slender fingers around my throat and slowly cut off my air as efficiently as the suffocation devices I was forced to endure. My mind had only one thought, to be free of my punishment. If someone had told me that the human mind could withstand such panic I wouldn't have believed it. On and on I screamed but I was completely and utterly silenced. My screams now came in rhythm with my gasping for precious air.

In a moment of relative clarity I noticed the clock in front of me read 4:07:16. Oh my God four hours to go! Please make it stop. God Please make it stop. I can't take anymore. Please make it stop. All my begging was only in my head. My mouth was totally filled with rubber and covered in layers of tape and leather and even if it weren't and he could hear me, it wouldn't matter it was his job to make me suffer. I would be tightly gagged and cruelly bound until the time was up. On and on my seemingly endless torment continued. My terror and pain growing every moment I remained in the awful bondage.

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I had hours left to suffer bound, gagged and unable to take in just the smallest amount of air. As my fear rose the multiple layers of my gag seemed to be getting tighter and tighter with every passing second. My mouth felt as if it were being pried open with a crowbar and at the same time being crushed I from all sides. The pounding in my ears from the unbearable pressure of the brutal gag made the thumping of the blood in my head seem like a bass drum. My head felt as if it would explode. My chest burned and all my muscles constricted at once. My lungs ached for air. Air seemed as far away as the bottom of the deepest ocean.

Trying in vain to get even a bit more air I sucked in through the tiny hole in the plug with all my might but the same tiny amount of air reached my starved lungs. I was going crazy, struggling and shrieking into my gag. I never thought I could be so scared. The idea that one day I would be tightly bound and gagged for hours on end was beyond any nightmare I could have ever imagined. I just couldn't accept it, but I had to because it was happening and had been for hours. I was desperate to be free of this terrible bondage. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I would literally do anything to be able to just speak the word please. Still I continued to beg silently for mercy while I fought for air but no one came and none cared.

Then once more my mind just became one long continuous scream, no thought, just a white noise of panic and pain. On and on my mind screamed. The awful gag continued its cruel assault. I just stood there, all muscles flexed at once and screamed. My pain was a living hell.


Between my strained gasps for air and the pain, from time to time I was able to calm myself just enough to think, "I've got to relax. Relax. Just breathe in and out. In and out. But it hurts so badly! I've to get out! No wait relax," I reminded myself with as much calm as I could. "I'll be ok if I can just relax and breathe in and out. Breathe Anne breathe...just take the pain and stay calm...God! Please help me...

Nooooooooo God Nooooooooooooooo I have to get out of this now. I can't take it. I can't stand any more. Pleeeeeeeeeeease..."

Painless black.

Ammonia and agony.

I lost count of how many times I blacked out. It became hard to tell the difference after a while. The final hour or so I sort of grayed out. Pain and living became the same thing, I had become living pain. I no longer thought about release, pain was all I had, all I knew.

As if in a dream I saw Mr. Carson standing in front of me. He was saying something. He made no sense to me he seemed to be speaking gibberish and he seemed very far away and at the same time too close. The clock read 0:00:00.

He released my arms and head from the taut bondage and I fell to the ground unconscious. While I was unconscious he ungagged me and must have carried me to the mattress where I awoke sometime later to Mr. Carson standing over me once again.

"Welcome back Ms. Thompson. I have brought you some food and water. Please eat it as best you can I know your mouth and jaw are in a great deal of pain but you will need your strength for tomorrow."

I tried to speak but my jaw was locked open and a stream of drool was my only response, that and a whimper. I realized had eight days left. Oh God no...

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Thursday, August 16, 2018  

Loved it as Iíve had Dommes tie and gag me for days

Monday, August 13, 2018  

Jumps from third to first person too much. No tags to warn of the torture/torment. just not a good story.

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Not breathing is not sexy. This story makes practically no sense. Thank you for trying but please try again.

Thursday, August 09, 2018  

how about the rest of the 8 days

Tuesday, August 07, 2018  

please add tags

Monday, August 06, 2018  

Good story would not mind hearing how the rest of the 8 days play out.

Monday, August 06, 2018  

"Let's Make a Deal" has been back on the air with new episodes continuously since October 2009.

Monday, August 06, 2018  

Great! i hope we get day 3 eventually.

don't know if this is fixable, but there's a logic error in the game question: "without" should be "with"

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