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On The Way To Work
  • Author - New beginning  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, analplay, bondage, loving, suspension
  • Post Date - 8/8/2018
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Reader's Comments (3)

Author's Note: I was writing this in a chat session with my girl as she was going to work, just something to keep her amused (and get her excited) while she was travelling. She told me it had her wiggling in the back of the taxi so we thought we would share it with you guys. We haven't done this yet, we are apart at the moment, but when we are back together, we will...

To make sense of the last part - she really likes to watch me, to anticipate when I am going to hit her and feel the rush it gives her knowing it is coming...

you wanted to try reverse suspension

you lay on your back

I fixed a long pole to each ankle, the ankle cuffs are large and soft to spread the weight

so once your legs are spread very wide apart I pull on the winch and they start to be pulled upwards

soon you're on your back with your legs spread, straight up from the waist

then I help support your weight as your legs pull higher

being careful of your neck you keep going up until you're kind of doing a headstand

then just a hand stand and finally swinging free by your widespread ankles

your pussy is at my mouth height - hmm

I take advantage of that for a short while then I move behind you

pulling your wrists together I tie them tight

then I put a strap around your upper arms pulling them in as well

the final strap went around your forearms - your elbows aren't touching but you can feel the strain in your shoulders just the same

then I fix a rope from your wrists and pull you arms back away from your body

now I go back to your front, clamps for your nipples

the connecting chain between them is fixed to a heavy chair in front of you so the strain pulls your nipples forward

I put the gag in and you are completely helpless, completely exposed

I start gently, you feel the caress of the whip on your thighs

The whip falls harder

little streaks of red show where it touches soft white flesh

you breath harder into your gag, little noises escaping around it

I've moved down, your pussy is warming up under the persistent blows

not hard enough to make you squirm away yet - but you know that is to come

you relish the feel of helplessness

you can hardly move, pulled in every direction

your thighs strain against the spread of your legs, your pussy is exposed and just the right height for the whip to find all your hidden places

when a thong catches your clit you buck a little - does not help move you away and as I watch you react I start to target that area more

then suddenly the blows change - I have switched to the cane - you had not been watching and the sharp sting took you by surprise

I had waited until your attention had been distracted to surprise you, the strokes are hard, cutting into your thighs

I am slowly working back down towards your pussy

the cane is thick and hard, you know how much this is going to hurt but there is nothing you can do

your safe-word was long since relinquished, you gave that up so you would feel the complete helplessness that you craved, that you knew I loved you feeling

So as the cane gets closer to it's final destination you are frantically testing your bonds

your arms are tight, shoulders staining against the enforced tension as your wrists are pulled away from you

your legs are as wide as they will go and straining too

your nipples are on fire from where your struggling has been yanking against them

but you don't move, not enough to save you from any of the blows raining down between your legs

I've reached your pussy now, the pain is intense

you breath hard into your gag, punctuated with little grunts as you brace against the ongoing assault of your soft tender inner flesh

You can't see it but you can imagine how your pussy lips are puffing up,

partly from the beating they are getting - mostly from the excitement you feel

And then I have stopped

It was so sudden it took you a moment to realise

you feel me unbuckling your gag

"you ok" I ask

you weakly nod your head, jaw still too stiff from the huge ball that has been jammed into it for coherent speech just yet

"cool" is all I say as I step forward, swinging my hard cock towards your face

you instinctively open your mouth and pull my erect penis in as far as you can, bobbing your head to capture as much as possible before clamping your lips around it and slowly withdrawing, listening to me, my turn to make little noises now

after a few thrusts that threaten your gag reflex I settle down to a steady rythum

you feel a prickling sensation on your sore pussy lips and realise I have picked up the pin wheel, the sharp little teeth pressing into tenderise flesh of your pussy lips

I'm working my way inside, I'm holding you apart with one hand and pushing the wheel deeper with the other

all the while thrusting my cock harder into your helpless mouth

I push forward, increasing your oral penetration and at the same time sending urgent messages of pain to your still tightly clamped nipples as you are forced to move backwards or gag

gag on the cock that has decided it wants to reach your stomach if it can

the pain in the pussy, the restricted breathing, the nipple clamps refusing to let go - you know you are just my helpless plaything

and then you feel my lips on your pussy - licking and biting towards your clit

all else is forgotten as you focus on the gentle movements - straining to push me closer to my goal

I find your clit, suck hard as my finger finds your bottom, slick from your own juices I tease your anus while I lick and suck your clitoris - you're close now, pushing with everything you can to thrust yourself towards my mouth

my cock is not in your mouth anymore, a soft moan escapes your lips as your orgasm builds

"not yet", I say it almost as a whisper, but you hear it clearly, you have been expecting it

you try to hold back now, you savour the impending explosion but know you must control it

you are not allowed to cum, not without permission

I continue to lick and bite, my finger is inside your arse, gently pumping you closer to cumming

and then my cock is back in your mouth, my other hands starts to penetrate your pussy as the licking intensifies,

you're so close

'please' you gurgle around my cock

'wait' I say calmly, I'm pumping harder into your mouth now, I'm close as well

'please' you repeat, I know what you are saying even tho' the words are barely a gurgled grunt

I am pushing my fingers in to your pussy hard, I'm using something in your bottom, probably a buttplug you'll have to wear for the rest of the day now but you don't care - so close

I grasp your clit in my teeth and press down, you buck hard against the pain as you feel me start to cum in your mouth

'ok' I breath

It was barely audible but you have been listening intently for the simple word

you let the wave of passion engulf you

you writhe and buck in your bondage, pulling on your sore clamped nipples and thrusting your pussy into my face as much as you can

you explode inside and feel yourself falling

falling into blackness as your mind becomes a haze of fireworks and lights

you slump in your bondage

spunk dribbling from the side of your upturned mouth

your breathing returning to normal

everything just feeling sore now

I smile at you, upside down

'you ok' I repeat, you realise I'm talking to you

Again the simple nod, not ready to be able to talk yet

'Ready?' I say

you're confused, ready for what?

You realise - I haven't started to let you go yet - this isn't over

You're exhausted and sore

not sure if you can take anymore

but you have no safe word, no way out

you're not being asked if you want to go on, your just being asked if you're ready to start again

You feel that little rush inside - you are truly stuck - no release, no game - you have given yourself completely and this is the result, absolute and completely owned - his to do what he wants with, and right now you know you're in for more, like it or not

That little nod again, almost imperceptible but enough to win you a smile from his lips as you feel the tug on your hair as a rope is knotted into it

So, not a butt plug then, you recognise the familiar tug of the anal hook that is already embedded within you

that also familiar tug on your hair as your neck is stretched back - the tug that is mirrorred in your bottom as the rope is connected to the hook, all the slack taken out

fuck, you not even going to be let down from your suspension

you feel the excitement rising in you again as you realise just how exposed your position is

you see out of the corner of your eye, I'm picking up the dragon tail - that is going to push you, oh no, you see what else I have picked up

you bastard, no, I don't want that!

You're trying to articulate, neck pulled back makes your stiff lips struggle but you try anyway

as I wrap the blindfold around your head and tie it off...mean, just mean!!

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018  

Intense Sex Excitement!

Thursday, August 09, 2018  

Nicely written and good visual story telling. Enjoyed it a lot, please write more

Wednesday, August 08, 2018  

Though this was a simple description of bondage it was actually quite sexy given the context.

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