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Caught by My Neighbor
  • Author - Dawn  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, m-self, non-consensual, reluctant, bondage, caught, humiliation, machine, self-bondage, slavery, toys
  • Post Date - 8/10/2018
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Author's Note: My first try at writing a story.

Part 1

It all started out like any other Saturday, I was just sitting at the table having my coffee and pondering about my whole life and my wife, who I miss very much. She got sick and passed away almost 2 years ago. I think about how we used to enjoy light vanilla bondage, where we would take turns restraining each other and just doing whatever we felt like to each other while they were helplessly bound . We would do mostly long tease and denial sessions, and forced orgasms, we weren't into anything painful or weird. I am only 52 and have not really started dating much again yet. I guess I just haven't found the right woman yet. Sitting there thinking about this was making me horny so I decided that today would be a good day for a self-bondage session. I found a few sites on the internet about self-bondage where I could make up different ways to secure myself with a delayed action release. Most of the time I would also find a way to have something setup to give me a long teasing that I have no way of controlling.

I am a mechanical engineer, so I pride myself with coming up with new and unique ways for my bondage and timed releases. In my basement I built a table that can be converted to only 24 inches high that I use quite often for my bondage sessions. The table has clasps for restraints on each of the corners where my feet would be and clasps where my wrists will be straight out from my shoulders, and there are straps positioned where each of my thighs will be, also one for my chest, and one at my waist. When I am secured to the table and strapped down, I am in a spread eagled position on my back with my arms straight out to the sides and absolutely no way to move until my release mechanism sets me free. When I remove the straps and clasps and raise the table back up it looks just like an ordinary table, so nobody will ever know about my little perversion.

Now my release mechanism, this is a really unique piece of work. The clasp for my right wrist is secured to the table by a catch that has a pin in it similar to the one you use on a trailer hitch. All I have to do is hook up all my other restraints and as the last thing, I lay my right wrist in the catch and it closes on my wrist restraint ring and the only way to release it is to pull the pin out. Now the way the pin is pulled out is through a series of pulleys that is tied to a bucket that is suspended from the ceiling just below a pan that has holes in it to let the water from my melting ice block fall into the bucket. I put a 5 lb block of ice in the pan and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to melt and make the bucket heavy enough to pull the pin out. I also have a 30" tv that I mount to the ceiling and connect to my computer so that I can watch videos while I am waiting for my release.

So after I finished my coffee I headed for the basement to get ready for my session. I have quite a collection of videos that I downloaded from the internet on tease and denial, and fendom bondage hand jobs. These seem to give me the most arousal, so I set up approximately 12 videos to play so that I will have something to watch for the next 3 to 4 hours. I then got my Venus 2000 ready by putting a little lube in the receiver and putting it on the table where I could reach it when I was ready. I bought the Venus about 6 months ago after reading about it on the internet. It allows me to tease myself for long periods of time without me being able to stop it. I have it rigged up so that when the ice is just about melted it will lower the bucket just enough to turn the Venus on but not Pull the pin out of the clasp yet. This gives me about 20 to 30 minutes of teasing on a really slow speed. I don't know if I would ever be able to stand it on a higher speed for a long period of time. Then I proceeded to get ready. I took off all my clothes and set them neatly on a chair next to the table. I put my ankle and wrist restraints on, I have the ones that seal with a double counter wrap of Velcro, so there is no getting out of them without the use of both hands. I put my spider gag in my mouth and secured it tightly behind my head.

Everything was going as planned so now I was ready to get started. I took my 5 lb block of ice out of the freezer in my basement and loaded it into my drip pan, turned on my videos and laid down on the table. I hooked up my ankle restraints and put the straps over my thighs, and then I slid the Venus onto my cock with my little attachment that I made to keep it from sliding off. Then I laid down on my back, and I put the strap over my stomach and the one on my chest. I hooked up my left wrist, then I checked everything to make sure it was all ready and all my straps were tight. Finally I was sure of everything so I laid my right wrist restraint into the clasp and it clicked shut. Now there was no going back I was securely strapped down with no way out till my release mechanism releases me in about 3 to 4 hours. So I laid back and pulled at all my restraints, yup they were tight and I couldn't move at all, so now time to watch my videos and wait for the Venus to kick on.

I was almost through with my first video when I thought I heard someone knock at the front door, I immediately froze and started to panic. I was sure I locked all the doors, so maybe they will think nobody is home and leave; I couldn't let anybody catch me like this. I laid real still and listened, then I thought that maybe it was just my imagination. Then there was another knock at the door and then I heard somebody putting a key in the door. The door opened and I heard my next door neighbor Kelly calling my name as I heard her come in. I pulled at my restraints frantically trying to get loose, but there was no way, I had done too good of a job. So I laid there real quite in hopes that she wouldn't check the basement.

Kelly is my neighbor who is renting a little one bedroom house next door to me while she is in college. She is 21 years old and going to college to be a mechanical engineer like me, she has lived next door for the last 2 years. She lost her parents in an automobile accident when she was only 6 years old and was raised by her grandparents who are both gone now. She has been working her way through college to better herself. We became good friends and twice a week she will show up with pizza or sandwiches and I help her with her homework. When she is not in school she works cleaning houses to earn money for school and she also cleans my house for me every week. Oh my word, that's why she is here, I completely forgot that this was Saturday, and that's when she cleans the house for me. "Pete are you home, I saw your car in the yard but nobody answered the door." "Pete". I laid there completely helpless and frantic, what was I going to say if she finds me like this. Then of all the times for the guy in my video to have a fendom orgasm and scream out, it had to be now. "Is that you Pete". I heard her start to come down the stairs and I knew I was about to be caught like this, how embarrassing and humiliating. Kelly got to the bottom of the stairs, looked over and saw me lying there, she stopped there and yelled "Pete are you alright, who did this to you?" Then she heard the tv and looked up and saw the video playing. She stood there with this strange embarrassed look on her face while she looked around and assessed the situation.

Kelly is a 21 year old woman that is not your drop dead gorgeous woman, she is not ugly either, just your ordinary run of the mill average woman. She stands about 5' 4" and a relatively slim build, she has a very sweet personality, and I think that's why I like her so much. She reminds me a lot of a grown up version of Jan Brady from the show the Brady Bunch. Now she is standing there staring at me in this position and looking around at everything in the room and not saying a word to me.

Finally she spoke in a loud voice and said, "you did this to yourself didn't you?" All I could get out through my spider gag was a muffled yes, I was so embarrassed and I just knew I was red all over. What would she think of me now? I laid there totally humiliated while she walked around and looked at everything, I kept trying to ask her to untie me, but it was all muffled because of the spider gag in my mouth. When she got done looking at everything her embarrassed look was gone and now she had a sheepish smile on her face as she spoke again. "This is really quite an ingenious work; let me see if I understand this correctly. The ice melts and fills the bucket, when the bucket lowers almost to the bottom it hits this switch and turns on whatever that thing is on your cock. Then as the bucket lowers completely to the bottom it pulls the pin out of that clasp and releases your right hand so you can untie yourself. Is that correct?" I gave her a muffled yes and asked her again to release me. Then all of a sudden she reached for the switch and said "let's see what this switch does," as she turned it on. I jerked and once again turned completely red as the Venus started stroking my cock, how much worse can this possibly get. She walked over to where the control was and picked it up and said "I guess this controls the speed as she started to play with the knob. The Venus jumped up and down my cock in a real fast motion as she watched and grinned. She finally turned the speed back down and set the control down only saying, "That's cute".

Then she walked back over by the stairs and pulled her phone out and started taking pictures of me as she walked all around me from a bunch of different angles. When she was done taking pictures she started a video of the Venus sliding up and down my cock, which now I was getting an uncontrollable erection from. Now it was bad enough that she caught me like this but I surely didn't want her taking pictures and a video of me, so I started to holler through the gag for her to release me. She finally stopped videoing me and looked at me with this devilish look and said "why would I want to do that? In fact I think we need to put this chunk of ice back in the freezer for later." As she walked over and took the ice out of the pan and placed it back in my freezer. Then she walked over to where the wire was connected to the pin and removed the wire from it saying "there now we don't have to worry about the pin coming out by accident". Then she started to do something with her phone and I mumbled out what are you doing? She said "I am emailing the pictures and video to myself in case you get any ideas of trying to take my phone from me".

By now I was frantic and I kept asking her why she was doing this to me till she finally understood what I was saying. She stood there watching the Venus stroke my now gorging cock and said "I think I better turn this off before you have an accident", as she walked over and shut the switch off. Now I was a little relieved, at least I wouldn't be blowing my load with her watching me. I asked her again why she was doing this. She came up and stood by my head and looked me in the eyes and told me, "Do you know how hard it is to be a virgin in today's world and try to save yourself for when you get married? All the boys I go out with to try and have some fun only want to get into my pants and steal my virginity. When they take me out it always turns into a session where they start to feel me up which sometimes is ok, then they try and put their hands in my pants to try and finger me. When I try and tell them I am saving myself they call me a prude and I usually never hear from them again. I still have sexual desires like everyone else but can't fulfill any of them because I am trying to save myself for marriage. Then this golden opportunity comes along, you are going to be my boy toy and do exactly as I tell you. I am going to do all my experimenting and fulfill all my fantasies and desires with you, or these pictures and video will find their way to the internet and all your friends".

She stood there with this real stern look on her face and continued to tell me what was going to happen, I have never seen this side of Kelly before and it was scaring me. I couldn't let anybody know that I was doing this kind of thing, so I was going to have to agree to her demands. She told me that I was to be her boy toy and I would do whatever she asked of me without question, I was to call her mistress Kelly and under no circumstances was I to do anything that might ruin her virginity. That from now on until she got tired of it, every Saturday would be her day to use me as she wished. I very reluctantly muffled out an ok and asked her to release me. She immediately replied "not right now we've just begun today so lay back and relax, it's not like you're going anywhere too soon", as she walked over and turned the Venus back on. She picked up the controller and turned the speed down and said' "now I don't want you coming to soon, so let's slow this way down while I go next door and get a few things", and she laughed and told me not to go anywhere as she walked up the stairs.

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I heard the door close and I started to pull at my restraints trying to get free, but it was no good, I had done too good of a job. I just laid there wondering what she was about to do, meanwhile the Venus was slowly making my cock stiff again. I was going to be violated by her and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. The Venus was relentlessly stroking my cock and I could feel an orgasm slowly building and I had no way of stopping it. I don't know how long it was but it seemed like forever, I realized I was going to be forced to cum and I wouldn't be able to stop it, how much more embarrassing could this get. Suddenly I heard the door open and Kelly came back down the stairs carrying a small gym bag. I started to yell for her to shut the Venus off, but she couldn't understand me because of the spider gag. I kept trying till she finally understood me and walked over and shut it off just in time before I reached the point of no return. I was lying there all sweated up from being so close to cumming, and my cock was twitching from the close call. Kelly looked at me and saw me twitching and sweating, "I guess that must have been a pretty close call", she said laughing.

Kelly looked at the spider gag that was in my mouth and asked me if I could stick my tongue out through the hole. I mumbled out a yes. She grabbed my nipple and started to squeeze till it hurt really bad and said "yes what", then I remembered and mumbled out "yes mistress Kelly". She gave my nipple one more extra twist then let it go and told me that the next time it would be much worse. I mumbled another yes mistress. Then she took off her jeans and was standing there naked from the waist down, she wasn't wearing any underwear and I could see her naked ass from the side. She took something out of her gym bag and brought it with her as she stepped up on the table. I couldn't quite make out what it was. She set the object down by my waist so I couldn't see it, then she straddled me and walked up to my face.

She slowly knelt down in front of my face and all I could see was her pussy which was covered in hair, I wasn't used to this because my wife always kept hers shaved for me. As she continued to try and lower herself onto my face I realized she obviously hadn't done this before as she struggled to put her pussy in my mouth. When she finally managed to get situated, she told me to lick her to an orgasm, all I could think about was how nasty this unshaven pussy was going to smell and taste. As her pussy finally rested against my nose and mouth I was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't any foul odor and slowly started to lick her through my gag. I slowly licked her all around then I concentrated on her clit because I know this always worked to bring my wife to a great orgasm.

Slowly circling her clit then occasionally jutting my tongue inside her pussy I could feel her starting to get excited. I continued to lick and suck till my tongue started to get sore, as she started to tremble and shake. She started to moan louder and was pushing her clit harder into my mouth, the more I licked her clit the more she was trembling and I knew any minute that she would explode. Then all of a sudden she stiffened her back and pushed her pussy real hard into my face and she started screaming as the juices started filling my mouth. She pumped my face even harder as the juices continued to flow into my mouth and I could feel her trembling as the waves of orgasm overtook her. Finally she slumped over me and she was panting and exhausted. After she finally regained her composure she sat back up and looked at me and said "I guess you have done that before".

Then she looked back at my cock and saw that licking her pussy had given me an erection, so she got up off of me and went over to the control for the Venus and turned it back on. It immediately jumped into action stroking my cock; she watched it work for a minute while she studied it, than she turned the speed way down. It was moving at the slowest speed I have ever seen, it wasn't bringing me to an orgasm but it was keeping me really aroused and it was making me try to pump my hips to get more stimulation, but to no avail due to my restraints.

Satisfied with her setting she stepped back up on the table and picked up whatever device she had laid by my waist, and headed over to my face again. My tongue was so sore from giving her an orgasm through the gag that I didn't know if I was going to be able to do it again. She knelt over my face again and I could see that the device she had was a very large hitachi vibrator. Then she once again put her pussy in my face and told me to start licking her again, as she started slowly using the vibrator on her clit. While she was doing this she started to tell me that this vibrator was the only way she could get an orgasm before the one I gave her today. She continued to vibrate her clit as I licked as hard as I could, jutting my tongue in and out of her pussy and licking all around her lips. All of a sudden she stiffened up and started to scream again as I prepared myself for another stream of juices, only to my surprise a stream of fluid poured into my mouth. I started to choke as the fluid filled my mouth, I couldn't stop it from running down my throat due to the spider gag. I kept trying to keep up with the flow; I swallowed as fast as I could but it filled my mouth and ran out all over my face until the flow finally stopped. Kelly was spent again as she struggled to get up. All I knew was she had just pissed in my mouth and I had been forced to swallow it, I guess this was as bad as it could get.

She looked back at me and saw the look of disgust on my face and said don't worry that wasn't piss it was just female ejaculation, as she slowly stepped off the table. This has happened to me only twice, but when it did the first time I was freaked out so I looked it up online and found out that some women have female ejaculation, sometimes called squirting orgasms. My face was soaked with whatever this fluid was, and I had swallowed a lot of it, it didn't smell like piss or what I imagined piss would taste like so I guess maybe she was right. She just stood there looking at me still panting and trying to regain her composure, and finally she bent over and kissed me on the cheek and said "thank you for the two most amazing orgasms I have ever had in my whole life".

I watched as she put her jeans back on and walked over to put the wire back on my release ring. I mumbled through my gag for her to release me and she just looked at me and said "you will be free soon enough", as she walked over to the freezer and pulled the block of ice back out and put it back in my pan. She looked at me and told me she had to go upstairs and clean now, but she would see me again on homework night and definitely for sure on next Saturday. She told me that she would do some research in her spare time this week and try to find out what she needed to do to become a good mistress, and also to find some really good things to experiment with. Then as she got ready to leave she picked up the Venus control and turned the speed back up to just a little faster than my usual setting, and with a smile and a laugh as she left she said "have fun".

Then she just turned and went upstairs. Suddenly I snapped back to my predicament, the Venus was pounding away on my cock at a speed that is faster than usual. I could already feel the slight beginnings of the onset of my own orgasm, as I struggled to no avail to try and get loose. I looked up at my block of ice and realized that I had at least 2 more hours before I would be released, I started to get frantic. I had never let the Venus stroke me for that long and I had no idea of how bad this was going to be. All I knew was that anytime I used the Venus, that after I came my cock would get really super sensitive and I would immediately have to shut it off, but now I would have no way of doing that. All the previous times I had the Venus set lower and fixed where it would only come on about 20 minutes before my release, that was just enough time to give me a really good teasing. I tried screaming through my gag for Kelly to come let me go, but she was running the vacuum and had no way of hearing me. I could feel the orgasm building in my cock as the mindless machine kept stroking away and I knew I had no way of stopping it. I tried to think of things that would take my mind off of it in hopes of stopping the inevitable outcome, this too didn't work as the Venus just kept stroking away.

Then like a volcano getting ready to erupt I felt the final urge, I knew I was on the way to the point of no return. I squeezed as hard as I could but to no avail, and just as the first wave of orgasm hit me and my first shot of cum went into the Venus, Kelly shouted down "I'm done, see you next week" and then she was gone out the door just as I let out a muffled scream through my gag. The Venus kept stroking and I shuddered as wave after wave of cum poured into the Venus receiver, I couldn't even move my body or my hips as the Venus finally had milked me dry. Then to my horror I could feel my cock getting sensitive from the continued milking, I don't even know how to describe it, it was the most horrible pain that I have ever endured, but on the same hand the sensations were racing through my body in sort of a pleasant way. All I wanted to do was jump up off the table and have it stop, I almost felt like I could cry but I was trapped with no way to stop this painful and sort of pleasurable sensation. This went on for what seemed like an eternity as I pulled and tugged at my restraints, then finally the feeling subsided a bit and I was able to catch my breath, as my cock went limp.

I knew this wasn't to be over yet because the ice block still had a long ways to go to my release as the Venus kept steadily stroking my cock, yes this thing will stroke even a limp cock. Now I laid there thinking about what all had happened today and could hardly believe that this was happening to me. I knew that I didn't have any other choice but to agree to her terms, even though I have no idea of how she will use me next. Then as I lay there I started to think that maybe this isn't all too bad as long as she keeps her word and doesn't show anybody the photos, I guess some men would like this to happen to them. I guess trying some new stuff could be a lot of fun, and there is no romantic or physical attachment other than this. I started to fantasize about all the different things I have seen in the videos I downloaded and started to wonder if maybe some of these things might be done to me.

All of a sudden I realized my cock was getting an erection again, I don't know if it was from what I was thinking or if the steady stroking of the Venus was doing the job. All I know was it's been a little while since my last orgasm and I can feel another one starting to build. I looked over at my ice block and it looked like I still have a little bit to go, I hope I can hold on that long because I don't know if I can do another one of those sensitive sessions again. I started to grow more and more frantic as the orgasm started to build up in my body; I started trying to hump the Venus with no luck due to the restraints. I kept looking at the ice block wishing for it to melt faster, praying please don't let me go through another one of those tortures. No matter what I did, thinking terrible thoughts, squeezing tightly and even trying to think my cock into going limp, everything failed.

The Venus was slowly bringing me to another orgasm, I could feel it building stronger and stronger as my body started to tense up, oh no I was about to go to the point of no return. I let out a real loud muffled scream through my gag as I spurt another load into the receiver of the Venus, as it continued to milk spurt after spurt of my cum. All of a sudden I felt my right hand come loose, the bucket had pulled the pin, I reached over real quick and undid my chest strap and waist strap as fast as I could and I grabbed the Venus and yanked it off my cock just in time. My cock had just gotten to the stage where it was throbbing and sensitive, I had dodged that bullet. I laid back down and reached over and unhooked my left hand, and then my thigh straps, and ankle cuffs.

I laid there completely spent, when I finally could sit up, I got up and I cleaned everything up and went upstairs to take a shower and ponder over what I was going to do next.

Part 2 (added: 2018/08/11)

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Well it's Tuesday night and the doorbell just rang and it's Kelly with the pizza and her homework like nothing at all has happened. I opened the door and we both just stood there waiting for the other to say something. Finally Kelly spoke and said "I hope this little arrangement between us is not going to ruin our friendship, and I think we should save any discussions about it until Saturday". She continued to say that we could do this in one of three ways, I can do as she says every Saturday, and still be friends all week long, or I can do as she says every Saturday, and not be friends all week long, or finally I can refuse to do what she says every Saturday and she will release the photos and video of me. Then she looked at me and said "I am not looking for any romantic attachment, this is for my sexual experimental purposes only". I looked at her and thought about our 2 year friendship and reluctantly said I will take option one. She replied "great, then let's eat and get down to my homework".

We ate pizza, I helped her with her homework and we joked around and talked just like every other week, it was great. When she came by Thursday it went pretty much the same way except when she got ready to leave she handed me an envelope and told me to open it after she was gone. So after she left and I had shut the door I went into the kitchen and sat down to read the note. The note was real simple, all it said was I will be over Saturday at 9:00 am sharp and I want you to be just like you were last Saturday when I found you, except we won't need the ice block "LOL".

Friday after I came home from work I ate and was sitting around pondering what Kelly had in store for me, what could she possibly want to do. I fantasized a lot of things and the more I did the more excited I got, even though I was still sort of dreading it. I didn't get a lot of sleep Friday night, because I was kind of excited abut not knowing what was in store for me tomorrow. I was about to do whatever this young woman wanted me to do without question, no matter what she wanted. I tossed and turned all night thinking about it. Was it going to be something I might enjoy or will it be like some of the things I see in my videos where the sub is grossly abused and mistreated. I finally dozed off and then I was awakened by my alarm, it was 8:00 o'clock and I better get ready for Kelly, I have no idea what she will do if I am late.

I went down to my basement and got all of my restraints and straps ready, along with the Venus. I took off all my clothes and neatly put them in the chair beside my table. I put on my ankle and wrist restraints, put a little bit of lube in my Venus receiver and put it where I could reach it and put my spider gag on. Now I was ready to get on the table, I thought to myself am I really ready for this. I guess I have to be I can't take a chance on her releasing the photos of me and she sure seemed serious about doing that, so I figured I better get ready. I climbed up on the table and hooked up my ankle cuffs and put the straps over each thigh, I slid the Venus on my cock and laid back to put the strap over my waist and then the one over my chest. Then I secured my left wrist cuff to the left clasp, I checked and made sure everything was good and tight and finally I put my right wrist in the other clasp and let it shut.

It was done, now there was no turning back, I pulled hard on all my straps and restraints to make sure everything was tight and I couldn't get free, and at that moment I was struck by fear. What if Kelly didn't show up today, I had left no means of escape and nobody knows I am down here except Kelly and I. There is not a clock in my basement so I had no idea of what time it was, I knew I was a little early so I just needed to relax and wait till Kelly gets here. After a few minutes I heard someone put a key in the door, and I thought at least I'm not going to die today because I am bound to a table with no release. As I saw Kelly coming down the stairs I breathed a sigh of relief knowing it was only her.

When Kelly got to the bottom of the stairs and looked over and saw me all ready she said "great, now that's a good boy toy". She was dressed differently today, she was wearing a short skirt and a blouse, I had never seen Kelly in anything other than jeans or slacks. I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra today because I could see her nipples pushing against her blouse. Kelly was not a big breasted woman, so it was strange to see her not wearing a bra. She had her gym bag with her again, but this time it looked like it had a lot more stuff in it. She walked all around me real slowly, checking all my restraints and straps by pulling on them to make sure they were all good and tight. "Excellent" she said in a firm voice.

Then she came and stood beside my head and she told me she had done a lot of studying this week on mistresses, and she also read up on my Venus so she would know how to better use it. She said it's amazing how much stuff is on the internet when you type in "femdom", or "fetish's", some of it looks really painful and some of it looks really gross, and a whole lot of it looks like sexual fun. She also told me that she had ordered some items that we will be using over the next few months. Then she proceeded to tell me how this was going to work; that I only needed to call her Miss Kelly because after reading about mistresses, that was not what she really wants. She said that she is just a young woman who owns a boy toy, which was me and all she wants is a boy toy that is going to pleasure her sexually anyway or fashion that she so desires every Saturday without having to worry about jeopardizing her virginity. Her boy toy which was me, will do all and everything she asks of him without hesitation to fulfill her wildest fantasies and craziest fetish's and allow any and all of her sexual experimentation that she desires, and if he breaks any of these rules she will release his photos to the world. Then she starred straight into my eyes and said "you are the boy toy and do you understand what I desire". I muffled out a "yes Miss Kelly," then she replied "ok then let's have some sexual fun".

She came and stood where I could see her and told me that according to all she had read during this week that the first step in domination needed to be complete obedience training. That I was to prove to her my obedience by doing everything I was told whether I liked it or not. She looked at me all secured to the table with no way out and giggled as she said "at this point you really don't have any say anyways". Kelly said "I have been horny and wet all week just thinking about today", as she hiked up her skirt and rubbed her hand through her pussy and then wiped it on my lips and nose, "see". Her hand was soaking wet with juices from her pussy as she continued to wipe it across my face and lips. When she had lifted up her skirt I saw that once again she wasn't wearing underwear, but I also noticed that she had shaven her pussy clean. She reached down to her pussy and wiped her hand through it again and this time she stuck her fingers in my mouth and told me to lick and suck them clean. I mumbled a "yes Miss Kelly" and licked and sucked them till she finally removed them from my mouth. "I told you I was really wet". Kelly was definitely a lot more confident and comfortable today then she was last week, I don't know if that is going to be good or bad.

Kelly looked over and saw that this had started to give me an erection and said "I guess you must have liked that too" as she walked over and grabbed the control for the Venus. She turned it on at a very low speed and watched as it slowly worked its way up and down my now fully erect cock. "There that should help keep you aroused for a little bit". "If you feel like you might be getting close to cumming you better tell me because you are not allowed to cum unless I say you can, and if you do you will surely regret it". "Yes Miss Kelly" I mumbled through the gag. Then as I lay there with the Venus working on my cock she slowly stepped out of her skirt and removed her blouse. This was the first time I had ever seen her completely naked, her pussy was now cleanly shaven and her breasts were like somebody took a softball and cut it in half and put a nipple on it. They were small but cute and firm little breasts. She walked over to my face and said "I don't think we need this gag right now" as she unhooked it and set it aside.

She climbed up on the table and straddled me so that she could put one of her tits in my mouth and told me to lick and suck it. I very carefully started to lick and suck her nipple with an occasional nibble. As she started to get more excited she pushed her tit harder into my face. I guess she must have really liked this because she started to moan and was moving her nipple all around in my face. After a few minutes on that one she sat up and told me the other one needed attention too, as she switched nipples. I gave her other nipple the same treatment as the first, then she just started switching back and forth. She was definitely enjoying this like she had never had this done to her before. This went on for quite a bit as she moaned and started breathing heavy, also I could feel her pussy getting wet where she was lying on my leg.

Then she sat up and worked her pussy up to my mouth and told me to give her another one of those great orgasms, as she continued to play with her own nipples, by pinching and rubbing them. She pushed her pussy into my mouth and started grinding my face as I slowly licked around her vaginal lips and clit. She was completely in control toady and it was a lot easier to satisfy her without the gag in my mouth. I kept licking and sucking her clit as I could feel her juices start to flow into my mouth. I have only been with a few women in my life, but she definitely by far has the juiciest and wettest pussy I have ever licked. I kept licking around and around her clit, and then I would stop and lick on the very top of her clit for a while. Then when I would suck her clit into my mouth a little and every time I did she would give out a little scream and shudder. Her juices started to flow even faster, and I could feel her starting to tremble, so I picked up the pace a little. Suddenly she started screaming and stiffened her whole body as she pushed her pussy into my face to the point where I could hardly breathe, and the pussy juices flowed into my mouth as I felt the waves of her orgasm overtake her. I started to slow down and stop when she suddenly pulled my head into her pussy and said "you had better keep going". I could hardly breathe but I managed to keep going as I felt a second wave of orgasms run through her body. She continued to grind at my face and kept screaming, as the juices were coming so fast now I was almost choking trying to keep up.

Finally she stopped and slumped over my head, breathing and panting real hard. She tried to talk but couldn't get anything out. This ordeal had made me really excited too and with the Venus still slowly running up and down my cock I realized I was starting to build an orgasm of my own and I knew I was not allowed to cum. I said "Miss Kelly I think you might need to shut off the Venus". She sat up and slowly managed to compose herself and walked over and stopped the Venus, "too much for you too?" as she laughed. "That was totally unbelievable" she said as she walked over to her gym bag and picked up her vibrator. "I don't know if I am going to be able to do this after that, but we are surely going to give it a try" she said as she climbed back up onto the table.

"I want to see if you can give me another one of those squirting orgasms like last week, I need to find out if I can do this anytime I want" as she shoved her pussy back into my mouth. "Now I want another one of those and I want you to catch all my ejaculation and swallow it like a good boy toy" she commanded as she started the vibrator. She pushed the vibrator hard against the top of her clit as I started to lick around her vaginal lips and jut my tongue in and out of her pussy. She was still very wet from the first go around. It wasn't long before she started to moan and her juices started to flow into my mouth. She started pushing even harder against her clit with the vibrator so I knew she felt she was getting very close. I stuck my tongue into her pussy and just slowly started to wiggle it around the inside of her lips when I felt her stiffen up again, her juices were really flowing when all of a sudden she let out a scream and my mouth was suddenly full of this fluid again. I started to swallow as fast as I could while she kept screaming and the fluid kept coming. Finally the fluid stopped and again she slumped over breathless, but I had managed to swallow all the fluid without losing any. It has sort of a funny taste, not really bad but not good like pussy juices. She laid slumped over me for a few minutes just panting and breathing hard, it was quite a bit before she moved at all. Finally she got up and stepped off the table completely exhausted, and said "that's incredible".

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She picked up her gym bag and walked over and sat in the chair for a few minutes while she dug around in her bag, I just laid there watching her to see what if anything would be next. She finally got up and walked back over to me and put the spider gag back in my mouth, "now that I have had some fun it's time to check your obedience". She had pulled out a rubber glove, a towel, a medium sized butt plug and some lube from her bag and now she was walking over to my cock. She set the towel, butt plug and glove down and put some lube on her hands and grabbed my cock and slowly started sliding her hands up and down my shaft, immediately my cock jumped to attention. When she had it really hard she grabbed the base of my cock with her left hand. Then she took her right hand and using just her fingertips she rubbed around and around the crown of the tip of my cock. She looked at me and said "We will know if I am doing this right or not in just a few minutes," I thought to myself, whatever that means. I found out real quick what she had meant, within just a few minutes of her doing this I was trying to jump off the table but couldn't due to the restraints, it was giving me a tickling sensation just short of what it was like when my cock was sensitive last week. As I started to mumble through my gag for her to please stop she looked at me and said "I guess I must be doing this right, it seems to be working". My toes were curling and I was doing all I could to keep from getting a Charlie horse because I was so tensed up. She said "this is fun" as she just kept laughing and told me I looked so pathetic wasting my time trying to get free. After what seemed like forever she finally stopped, saying "I just needed to know if that would really work. I read about that technique and watched a video on it, and I wanted to try it on you. I guess I will save that for another day, we have much more important things to accomplish today".

She looked at me staring me in the eyes and said "have you ever tasted your precum or eaten any of your own cum?" Oh my gosh I hope that is not what's coming next, as I shook my head no and mumbled out a "no Miss Kelly". I have never done either one of those things or even thought about doing that, in fact the sheer thought of it is just repulsive. "Well then you are in for a treat today" as she laughed. I shook my head no please Miss Kelly, as I kept mumbling no through my gag. She walked over to her gym bag again and pulled something out and came and clipped them onto my nipples. It was a pair of nipple clamps that had a chain between them, and they hurt like hell when she put them on. She grabbed the chain and pulled it straight up and as she did they tightened up and I let out one horrifying scream. "Now are you ready to eat some precum and cum?" "yes Miss Kelly yes" I hollered as the pain was unbearable. "That's better" she said as she laid the chain down and took the clamps off, "I hated to do that to you, but you need to learn to obey the first time I ask".

She then started to tease my cock again very slowly by stroking it up and down, this went on for about ten minutes until I felt my orgasm starting to build and I told Kelly I was getting close to cumming. "Good" she said as she slowed down a bit and said "let's see if we can get that precum flowing". I started to feel my orgasm building and I started to panic because I was told not to come, I signaled Kelly and she gave three quick strokes and suddenly stopped. My cock jumped and started to throb due to the close call and some precum flowed out the tip of my cock. Kelly looked at it as she said "hey that technique really works" and put the precum on her finger and walked up to my face with it. She showed it to me and said "I think this looks yummy" as she stuck her finger with the precum on it into the hole in my gag and wiped it on my tongue. Then she told me to lick and suck the rest of it off her finger. I did as I was instructed because I knew if I didn't she would put the nipple clamps on again. Luckily the precum didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, but the thought of it was still disgusting and this was awful humiliating. Why did I let myself get into this situation?

Next she walked back to my cock and pulled the rubber glove onto one of her hands then she put some Lube on it and looked at me with this big shit eating grin on her face "have you ever had a prostate exam?" I looked at her with this puzzled look as I finally realized what she was talking about, I was about to be violated by what I thought was my sweet little neighbor. "I read up on this so kind of bear with me while I try and get it right" as she very slowly and carefully slid her finger in my ass. I jumped from the sudden intrusion, how embarrassing; l am lying here while somebody other than my doctor has their finger stuck up my ass, and for what reason I was wondering. She very gently was feeling around like she was looking for something, when all of a sudden I felt a sudden urge like I was going to pee, "that's the acorn" she said as she pressed a little harder and started to massage that spot. All I could think of was, she is going to make me piss all over myself. As she continued it started to feel really good but I was still getting this feeling like something was going up the inside of my cock. Then I looked at my cock and I saw a blob of cum dribble out the top. She took her finger out of my ass, removed the glove and squeezed my cock like a toothpaste tube and put the glob of cum on her finger. Then she walked over to me and showed me the cum on her finger, and said "open wide, oh yeah you are already opened wide" as she laughed and put the cum on my tongue and smeared it around. I don't know what was worse, the thought of what it was or the taste. It tasted real salty and had kind of a bitter taste to it. She finally said "lick and suck my finger clean and let's swallow like a good little boy toy". I reluctantly did as I was told because I definitely feared the nipple clamps.

Then she showed me the butt plug she had bought. It was probably about 4" long and it was about 2" wide. I have never been into any kind of anal play because I always thought of it as being pretty gross, but I guess I was about to be whether I wanted to or not. She lubed it up saying "you will thank me for this next week". Then she put a little lube on my asshole and put the tip of the butt plug against my butthole and started lightly pushing as she slowly twisted the butt plug. I started to holler as it started to hurt, and she released the pressure for a second then started pushing again. Then as she slowly slid it into my ass it went past the thick spot and suddenly slid the rest of the way in, as I yelped from the sudden intrusion. She started to laugh saying "I guess you just officially lost your virginity and are now an ass slut". I had no idea of what she meant by that, but no doubt I will probably find out sometime. Proud of what she had done she looked at me and told me it had to stay in until I went to bed tonight, but I could remove it to go the bathroom. It was very uncomfortable like a big slug stuck in my ass and I didn't know why I had to do this other than I was told.

Still laughing from the butt plug insertion, she looked at me and said "you are a good little boy toy, now that you have had a little taste of some cum it's time for the real thing, a whole load of cum", as she walked back over to her gym bag and got something else out. She came back over and had a condom in her hand and proceeded to put it on my cock, and with a big smile she said "I think this is going to be fun". This was the worst thing I could think of that anybody could do to another person, I was going to be forced to eat a whole condom full of my own cum and I couldn't do a thing to stop her. She started to torment me as she started to stroke my cock, "this is really going to taste great, soon you will know how all those women in the porn flicks feel". "I guess men think its ok for women to eat cum but don't like it for themselves, well guess what you're going to get to eat a whole load". Then she continued to stroke my cock saying "I sure hope this is going to be a big load". Relentlessly she continued to stroke my cock I could feel the cum building up again and I was about to go to the point of no return, I signaled Kelly and she suddenly stopped. My cock was standing straight up throbbing and jerking side to side from the close call, why had she stopped? "That should help make a little bit bigger load for us" she said as she started stroking again. After a few minutes I could once again feel my load building, here it comes, I signaled Kelly again, but this time she didn't stop, I was now beyond the point of no return, I stiffened as my load shot into the condom, and she kept stroking me as spurt after spurt shot into the condom. When I was done spurting she grabbed the base of my cock with her hand and squeezed the last drop out of my cock into the condom. She then immediately took the condom off and carefully set it aside where she wouldn't lose any of the cum.

As I was lying there thinking about how awful this was going to be when Kelly suddenly grabbed the base of my now sensitive cock with her left hand and then with just the palm of her right hand she started to rub the tip of my now super sensitive cock with a circular motion, like she was polishing it. Once again this was just like last Saturday, I was in the most awful pain that I think anyone can endure, and I was thrashing against my tight restraints and screaming at the top of my lungs through the gag. "Oh you poor thing" she taunted as she kept going. "I think this is the funniest thing I have ever seen in my whole life, I have total control of you". Kelly just looked at me laughing as she kept going and said "believe it or not this isn't harmful to you; it's just a very weird and sort of unpleasant feeling, called post orgasm torture if you're interested you can look it up later".

When the sensation finally passed, which seemed like a lifetime, she finally stopped and picked up the condom which she had set aside. She stood there above my mouth showing me the full condom giggling as she saw the terror in my eyes. Then she slowly lowered the whole condom into my mouth and told me to suck on it and swirl it around in my mouth. I did in hopes that maybe this was all she was going to do and that I really wouldn't have to eat it. I sucked and swirled it around in my mouth as she watched and laughed at my predicament. Then to my horror she slowly pulled it back out and held it over the hole in my gag and slowly poured the entire contents into my mouth and told me not to swallow it. Then she squeezed out every last drop into my mouth, it was a horrible slimy feeling as it filled my mouth and flowed all around my tongue. The taste and the thought of it being in my mouth was about to make me gag. Right now the only thing I could hope for was that she would tell me I could spit it out. She was laughing so hard I thought she might pee herself, as she stuck her finger in the gag hole and swished and wiped the cum all around the inside of my mouth. Then she gave me the most horrifying command I ever wanted to get, "now swallow every bit of it". I closed my eyes and quickly swallowed it as she kept laughing and giggling. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" I shook my head yes and mumbled a yes miss Kelly.

Then she walked back up on the table again with a bottle of water in her hand and said "now we need to wash it down". She squatted down at my face and I thought she was going to give me the water to drink but she put it to her mouth and drank it as she said "you don't have to swallow any of what's next if you really don't want to" and then she started pissing in my mouth. I immediately closed my throat off and it filled my mouth and started to run out all over my face and hair. I didn't think she was ever going to stop, the piss just kept on flowing as she directed the flow all over my face and hair. Finally she was done and told me I could spit out what was in my mouth if I wanted to. I turned my head sideways as much as I could and shoved as much of the piss out of my mouth with my tongue as I could, I still had to swallow a little bit. She looked at me and told me don't worry that piss was really ok to drink as long as it was from a healthy person and that it wouldn't hurt me in any way. That's all well and fine but it was still gross. Then she turned around and squatted over my face with her ass, as she told me "you know the same thing goes for shit". Oh no she was going to shit in my mouth; I went into a complete panic, thrashing and pulling at my restraints and screaming through my gag at the top of my lungs. Then she jumped up laughing and said "if you could only see your face right now, even I couldn't do that, I think it's way to gross", as she walked off the table.

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She looked at me and just started laughing, "If you could just see yourself, you are a mess". "I guess you passed your obedience test, not that you had much choice being strapped down and all, you really are a good sport". She walked over and pulled the release pin on my right hand and let me free. Then she put her clothes on, picked up her bag and headed up the stairs. "I have to get to my cleaning now so pick up this mess and get yourself cleaned up. This was really fun; I can hardly wait till next week. See you Tuesday night, and oh yeah don't forget to take the plug out before you go to bed tonight" she said as she was leaving.

Now that it was over, looking back I guess it was bad and really awful at some points but it wasn't anything I couldn't stand. I did sort of have fun at the beginning but the last half was brutal, and now I have to clean up all this piss and this mess. What have I gotten myself into?

Part 3 (added: 2018/08/11)

Well it was Tuesday again and I was waiting for Kelly to come over with dinner and her homework. As I sat there waiting I was thinking about this very weird relationship that we have. During the week we are friends like nothing at all is going on. Then on the weekend she becomes a totally different person and blackmails me into doing all her sexual experimentation. My pondering was interrupted by the doorbell; it was Kelly with dinner and her homework. We ate dinner as usual and then we worked on her homework, and when we were done we sat around drinking a beer or two and discussing all the world's problems. For some reason neither one of us wanted to talk about what was happening on the weekends. As I was about to start a conversation on it, Kelly stood up and said I have got to go home early tonight because I have final exams in the morning, and as she left she gave me another envelope. I closed the door and opened the envelope; it had a page with instructions for me and 2 pictures.

She had obviously downloaded these pictures from the net; the first was a woman in what appeared to be a dominatrix outfit sitting in a chair with her legs spread open. The chair had no bottom at the front for the first 6 inches or so, which left her pussy fully exposed to the bottom and front. That was all that was on the first picture, I turned it over and there was nothing on the back of it.

The second picture was of a naked man laying over what appeared to be a footstool but was longer, sort of like a coffee table cut in half. He was on his knees at one end with his thighs strapped to each of the stool legs and his arms were strapped to the stool legs on the other end of this little stool. I knew this was going to be me, but for what perverted reason. I looked at the back and there was nothing on it either.

I then picked up the note and started to read what she had written to me. I want you to do three things for me before Saturday. First I want you to lay face down on your table in the basement like you would be if you were restrained on it, and then where your cock and balls end up on the table I want you to cut a hole just barely big enough for them to go thru. Secondly I want you to build a chair for me just like the one in the picture. Thirdly I want you to build a stool for yourself just like the one in the picture.

I sort of figured out what she wanted the chair for, but the stool and the hole in the table had me really wondering, there was a whole lot of possible reasons and I'm not sure I liked the thought of any of them. I knew I had no choice but to do as she asked, so I guess I will pick up what I need tomorrow after work and get started on them.

Thursday when I got home from work I was waiting for Kelly to come by again, I had finished her projects and decided that after her homework tonight I was going to talk about our Saturdays. The doorbell rang and Kelly was at the door with sub sandwiches and her homework, she came inside and we sat down and ate. After dinner we sat down and I helped her with her homework, she obviously sensed that there was something wrong and when we finished her homework she said "do you want to talk about it?"

"Yes" I said as I sat back looking at her, "I would really like to know why you are doing this to me, I thought we were friends?" She got this sort of puppy dog look on her face and started to talk. "We are friends and I care about our friendship a whole lot" then she started to tell me the whole story behind her actions.

She told me that after her parents were killed in the car accident and she went to live with her grandparents that they were very strict and old fashioned. They would not allow her to date or spend any time with boys, and that she needed to save herself for when she got married. Then she said "as I grew up and got past the age when most young girls experiment with sex and masturbation and lose their virginity, I decided that yes I really did want to save myself for marriage. I truly want to be a virgin for my husband on my wedding night. I soon found out just how unpopular you can become with that kind of decision. Word got out and hardly any boys wanted to go out with me, except for the ones that wanted my virginity. I know someday I will find the right person and he will respect my decision, but in the meantime I still have fantasies and sexual desires."

She continued saying "then I accidentally stumbled upon you in that humiliating position and I saw a way to have all the sexual pleasures I wanted". "If I had asked you to do all the things we have been doing would you have agreed?" "Of course not" I replied. "And that's why I did what I did; I knew that you would never do anything against my will and that if I told you to protect my virginity, even though you were being blackmailed and mad me that you still would. Like I told you before, I have no romantic feelings for you and this is just an arrangement. Think of it as you are helping me to keep my promise to myself." "I do intend to keep doing this because I am a sex addict and I know if I don't have this outlet I will eventually fail and do something stupid and lose my virginity and maybe even something worse." "I guess in the back of my mind I had hoped that you would eventually like it and it wouldn't be so bad." Then she said "am I really that undesirable?" With that she just sat there waiting for me to respond.

I had to really think before I responded, I never knew Kelly was a sex addict, but I guess that's not something you go around bragging about. It didn't seem to make the situation any better but at least now I understood why she was doing this. I finally spoke and said "no it's not that you are undesirable at all, it's just that you are a friend and you are so much younger than me and if I was 25 years younger it might be different, and the fact that I am being forced to do something that I probably wouldn't normally do." "I still don't like being forced but I will try and look at it with a better attitude and maybe someday I might be able to enjoy it more." Then I looked at her and said "I guess maybe it really isn't as bad as it could be." Then I asked her where she had learned all this stuff.

She laughed and said "from the internet of course, there is videos and stories of everything you can possibly imagine, and some that you can't, and soon you will personally find out," as she looked at me and smiled and laughed. Then she told me she had never touched a penis before last Saturday and that she learned all that from the net. She looked at her watch and said "I have more finals tomorrow so I really have to leave, but I am definitely looking forward to Saturday, see you at 9:00 sharp. Just be in the basement naked with your butt plug in and be ready for a great time," she said laughingly as she walked out the door.

Well Saturday finally arrived and I knew I had to put the butt plug in before Kelly got here, so I went to the basement and got the lube and put a generous amount on the plug and slowly tried to put it in. My ass muscles were fighting me as I tried to slide it in. I kept slowly advancing it until it finally popped in, as I jumped from the sudden intrusion.

Then I walked over and sat in Kelly's new chair. Here I was sitting in the basement naked in Kelly's new chair waiting for her arrival. In a weird kind of way I was excited and could hardly wait for her to get here, maybe I was starting to enjoy this just a little bit. Was this making me a bad person or was I just adapting to a bad situation that I couldn't control. Anyways I felt myself starting to get excited wondering about what new and crazy thing she would have for today. I finally heard the door open and Kelly started down the stairs, when she saw me sitting in her chair naked she just started laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. "If you could just see how you looked sitting in my new chair naked with your cock hanging down you would understand," she replied as she set her gym bag on the table. She looked at me and said "I have a couple of new presents for you", as she pulled out a collar and leash.

She told me to come kneel in front of her and she put the collar around my neck and snapped it closed, and put a small lock on it. Then she attached the leash onto the collar. "That's perfect", she said as she stood there looking at me. She was dressed in a skirt and blouse again, but I think this time she had underwear and a bra on. She looked at me and told me she had a little game for me today, I was to undress her in a very sensual manner and I had to do it in such a way that it must excite her and make her pussy wet. If I succeeded in doing this I would get to eat her pussy while she sits in her new chair without nipple clamps on me. If I failed I still would have to eat her pussy while she sits in her new chair but I would be wearing the nipple clamps while I was doing it. "Do you understand" "yes miss Kelly" I responded.

I did not like those nipple clamps at all, so I was determined to win. I stood up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. Then I cupped her right breast with her bra still on and put my mouth on her nipple and started to nibble it through her bra. I then repeated this with her left breast while I reached behind her with my other hand and unclipped her bra. I slowly removed her bra as I put my mouth on her now bare nipple and started to lightly nibble it. I reached up with my other hand and lightly started to squeeze her other breast, while I started to circle her other nipple with my tongue. She started some low moaning, so I knew I was doing good. I kept this up till her moaning became louder and more audible.

I knew she should be wet by now but I was going to make sure, so I slowly worked my way down her chest with my tongue, all the way to her waist. Then as I kept licking her waist I slowly slid her skirt to the ground and she stepped out of it. She was wearing a very pretty pair of red undies and I could see a wet spot slowly forming. I put my mouth on the wet spot and started to nibble her pussy through her undies. Suddenly she grabbed my head and said "ok you win". She led me over to her chair and told me kneel down and remove her panties, and then she sat down in her new chair with her legs spread wide open. She looked at me and said, "I think you know what you are supposed to do now", as she spread her legs fully and leaned back.

I moved in real close and slowly started a slow lick from the very bottom of her pussy just above her anus all the way up to her clit. When I hit the top she let out a little gasp, she was right she was definitely extremely wet from my teasing. This was totally different than usual, I was completely free other than the collar around my neck and the leash. I was able to move around and use my hands as well as my tongue, so I put a finger on top of her clit and lightly pressed as I rotated it in a circular motion, while my tongue was still sliding from bottom to top of her pussy. She must have been really enjoying this because she started panting and the juices were already free flowing into my mouth. She started to get an orgasm already so I took my finger off her clit and slowed down a little, I didn't want to ruin it for her by being too quick. I continued sliding my tongue very slowly from her anus to the top of her clit for a while longer. Then I put my lips over her clit and sucked it into my mouth and as I did she jumped and gasped. While it was sucked into my mouth I used my tongue to circle around the top of her clit. She started to tremble and shake as I did this, then I started to suck real hard on her clit and she screamed and grabbed my head and shoved it into her pussy. This was it, the juices poured into my mouth, she started to shake and was consumed by the orgasm, as I kept sucking and licking until it subsided a little. Then as I kept licking she told me "very slowly please that made me really sensitive", so I just went really slow and licked up all the juices from her pussy and licked her clean. She sat there totally spent waiting to recover.

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"I don't know how you do that but please don't ever stop" she said as she laid back panting. I just sat there on the floor between her legs giving her a little lick every now and then to keep the juices from dripping down her leg. She laid there for a while and then got up and got her vibrator, for the usual second round. When she sat back down and spread her legs I asked her if I could have the vibrator this time. She handed it to me and said with a stern voice "why not, but you still need to catch all the ejaculation", as she lay back again. I wasn't really counting on having to do that but I guess now I will have to if I didn't want to pay the consequences. I took the vibrator and held it against her clit as I took a finger and pushed her clit tight against the vibrator. Then I stuck just the tip of my tongue into her pussy and started to lick, as I slowly rotated my finger that was pushing against her clit. This worked really well because in less than a minute a stream of fluid poured out of her pussy into my mouth as she started wildly bucking and screaming. It may have worked a little too well because the fluid kept coming, more than usual. I kept licking and swallowing but the fluid was going everywhere, it was all over my face and running down my chest. She finally stopped and lay back in the chair gasping, as I said "sorry Miss Kelly but I couldn't keep up with all the fluid". It was a few minutes before she could catch her breathe to speak, but when she did she said "it will be ok this time". I figured she must have liked it so much that she was going to give me a by this time, you have no idea how thankful I was.

When she finally composed herself enough she got up and took the leash and led me over to the new stool and strapped my legs and arms to the legs of the stool. I was now laid over this stool, completely helpless and waiting to find out what she had in store for me. It wasn't too long before I knew what my next humiliation would be. She had taken a strap-on out of her gym bag and was strapping it on to herself. She came over to my face and was showing off her new tool to me. It was a little penis about 6 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches thick. It was about the same size as the butt plug that was still I'm my ass. Now I fully understood everything she was saying when she originally put the plug in the first time, she was preparing me for this. I was going to be her ass slut; I guess the humiliation never stops. She walked in front of me and asked me "did you ever want to suck a cock"? I immediately said no Miss Kelly, and she just looked at me and said "to bad".

Then she stuck it in front of my mouth and told me to start sucking, as she slowly slid it into my mouth. "Come on suck, don't make me get the nipple clamps out" she shouted as she shoved the cock deeper into my mouth. I knew I couldn't stand the clamps again so I started to suck the cock, thinking to myself at least it's not the real thing. She kept thrusting in and out of my mouth while I was sucking on the cock. Then she pushed it all the way into my mouth and I started to gag, as she wiggled her hips around. I guess the thing rubbing against her clit and pussy must have felt good to her. Then she started to pump again and said "no wonder men love this, yee haw" she yelled as she continued to fuck my face. She kept this up for quite a while because she was having so much fun, and I think she really liked the feeling against her pussy. She finally stopped and pulled it out of my mouth, and said "it's time to become my true ass slut", as she walked around behind me.

She said "I guess it's time to take this out" as she took hold of the butt plug and slowly started to pull. She very gently pulled on it and as it started to come out, she very gently eased it out and set it aside. She took the bottle of lube and poured a bunch of it on her hand and my ass. Slowly she took her finger and slid it into my ass and spread the lube around. Then all of a sudden I felt 2 fingers slide into my ass, as she slowly massaged my asshole, pouring more lube in it. She slowly pulled her fingers out and stood behind me and put the tip of the penis at the entrance of my ass, saying "here we go", as she poured a little more lube on the cock.

She took her hand and slowly rubbed the cock around my asshole as she gently put a small amount of pressure on it. As my asshole started to open and let the cock in, she kept telling me to relax and enjoy it, as she slowly slid it in. I could feel the cock slowly penetrating my opening until it was finally all the way in, it hurt a little but not too badly. She moved very slowly while telling me to just relax and quite squeezing, while she started to stroke in and out. She laughed and said "I guess you're really not a virgin anymore" as she continued to stroke a little faster. Then she pushed it in all the way until she was tight against my ass with her hips, and wiggled her hips back and forth so the cock would push against her clit. She kept doing this and I could tell it was exciting her. Then she started stroking again pulling it slowly back and forth over my prostate gland, this was giving me the same sensation that I had when she was massaging it the last time. This was really starting to feel somewhat ok, it hurt a little but the sensations were very pleasant. Oh no I was becoming gay. Then as she could tell that I was somewhat enjoying this a little she picked up the pace and started to stroke faster, saying "my little ass slut likes this, doesn't he?" "yes Miss Kelly" I replied as she was steadily fucking me.

I think she must have read my mind because as she saw I was enjoying it she said "just have fun, this doesn't mean your gay, a lot of straight men let their wives and girlfriends do this to them all the time because it feels good". She slowed way down for a minute and slowly pulled it out of my ass and put a lot more lube on it, and then she popped it back into my ass as I jumped from the sudden intrusion. She started to stroke real fast again yelling "yee haw, I love this". She started pumping harder and deeper because it was pushing against her clit and exciting her, she started to pant and kept pushing harder and harder like she was trying to get an orgasm. Then all of a sudden she grabbed me around my waist and shoved real hard as she rotated and ground her hips against my ass, then she let go and pulled slightly back out and started stroking again as she said "just a little one, but still nice". I swear that she must be the most orgasmic woman I have ever met or maybe it's just the age. She continued to stroke and fuck my ass for at least 20 minutes and then she finally stopped and very slowly slid the cock out of my ass. She looked at me and said "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me" as she walked back around to my face.

She stared me in the eyes with this silly grin on her face and looked at my mouth then her little cock, and said "how about giving me another blowjob?" Utter fear just rushed through my body as all I could think about was this cock that had just been in my ass for the last half hour was now going to be in my mouth. I looked at her and said "please no I am begging you Miss Kelly". She walked over to my face and stuck the cock under my nose and let it lightly touch my top lip. All I could smell was shit from the cock and pleaded again, "please don't make me do this Miss Kelly". Then she burst out laughing saying "gotch ya", and started to take the straps off and let me up. She told me to reach down into the straps that were holding the strap-on and feel her pussy. When I did it was soaking wet, she either was really excited or she had another orgasm. Then she told me to get down on my knees and clean that up, as she pulled her straps down enough for me to lick her pussy clean. I immediately dropped to my knees and licked her pussy till all the juices were gone, then she told me to get up and she put her straps back in place.

She was still wearing the strap-on as she led me over to the table and said to get up on it and stick my cock through the hole I had made in it. I climbed up on the table and slowly tried to push my cock and balls through the hole, it was real tight I had to do one ball at a time, then my cock because the hole was so tight. When I was finally through she laid on her back and slid under the table, I jumped as I felt her hand grab my cock, which startled me. She slowly started playing with me sliding up and down my shaft and then playing with the head of my cock causing a real hard erection. Then she laughed and crawled out from under the table and said "that should hold you for a little bit". She was right, my cock was now so swollen that I wouldn't be able to get out until I went completely limp again, I was trapped in the hole by my erection. Then she proceeded to walk around the table and put my wrist and ankle restraints on and securing them as she went. When she was done I was face down on my table with my swollen erect cock stuck in a hole, what on earth was she planning to do now. I think I've had enough humiliation for one day.

I watched as she walked over to my work bench and picked up some duct tape and string, then she came back over to the table. She laid on her back and slid under the table again, then I felt her teasing my cock until it was even harder and throbbing. Then I felt her sliding my Venus on my now fully erect cock, and I could feel her trying to tie something to the receiver. Then I heard the duct tape being pulled off the roll, what was she doing? Then it dawned on me she put the Venus on and was rigging something up to make sure it didn't slide off. What devious thing did she have in store for me now?

When she was done she slid out from under the table and grabbed the control to the Venus. She was still wearing the strap-on as she stepped up on the table and stood over my ass. She bent over and I could feel lube running down the crack of my ass as she stuck her fingers in my ass again to lube it up. I was about to get ass fucked again, only this time she would be on top of me. I felt her lie down on me as she slowly slid the cock back into my ass. She slowly started to pump up and down and was fucking my ass when she suddenly turned the Venus on; I jumped as the Venus sprang into action. She slowly turned the speed up until the Venus was stroking me at a really fast speed, while she continued to fuck my ass making sure she was hitting my prostate gland. As it started to feel real good between the ass fucking and the Venus stroking my cock I started to involuntarily pump my ass up and down. This action was really stimulating her clit and she got into motion with me, and we were steady pumping into each other as she yelled "go with it".

Between the Venus stroking my cock and her ass fucking stimulating my prostate I could feel the orgasm quickly building. I started pumping my ass up and down faster and harder, but I couldn't go too far due to my cock being locked in the hole by my erection. Meanwhile she must have been getting very excited too because she was pumping me harder and deeper and rotating and grinding her hips against me. I suddenly felt the orgasm building and I knew I was about to hit the point of no return so I yelled "Miss Kelly I think I'm about to cum you need to stop the machine". She just laughed and said "go ahead". Then like a lightning bolt running through my body I jerked and my cock exploded, as I jerked my ass up and down as the machine continued to milk me dry. Kelly was riding me all the way as I kept spurting load after load.

Then I heard her say "wait for it". What did she mean by that? About 10 seconds later I figured it out as the machine stroked me into a post orgasm torture session. I started screaming for her to shut it off as I started humping up and down on the table widely as I felt her pumping me in time to my humping. She was panting and screaming herself as I kept asking her to shut it off. Finally after what seemed like forever, the sensations passed and I flopped down flat on the table as she slumped down on my back. Meanwhile the machine was still steady pumping my now limp cock. Suddenly the machine stopped and I heard Kelly laughing really hard "that was the funniest thing I have ever done, if you could have just seen yourself. Plus I managed another orgasm during all that, it was great." She said as she very slowly pulled the cock out of my ass and stood up. She climbed off the table and said "I better go take the machine off so you can get out while you are still limp".

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She took her strap-on off and laid on her back and slid under the table. I felt her slide the machine of my cock and I slowly and very gently pulled my aching cock back up through the hole. Then I laid there on my stomach with my restraints still holding me spread eagle on the table. Kelly walked around me and undid my restraints and told me to roll over and lay on my back as she had one more thing she wanted to do today. So like a good boy toy I rolled over and she hooked my restraints back up. Now I was on my back spread eagle waiting to see what else she could possibly want to do with me today. She walked over to my head with my spider gag in her hand and put it into my mouth and strapped it on.

She then picked up the machines receiver and unplugged it from the hose, oh no, I muttered through my gag. The Venus receiver was now full of the cum that I just had unloaded, she is going to feed me my cum again, ugggggh. She took the bottom cap off the receiver where all the cum was collected and showed it to me "well look at all this cum we collected" she said giggling. She was standing there naked, looking at me just lying there and said "this has been a really, really good morning, "I am still soaking wet" as she wiped her hand through her pussy and wiped it across my face and nose. Then she stood there for a minute gazing at me and said "know what?" "I have fantasized about doing this before and you have been such a good boy toy, I am going to try my own cum and a little bit of your cum too" as she set the cap down on the table.

She then took her finger and slowly wiped it in her pussy and brought it up to her nose and sniffed it, with probably the same look I had when I had to eat mine. Then she stuck her tongue out and wiped a little on her tongue, she pulled her tongue back in and tasted her cum. She then stuck her tongue out and repeated the process again with a little more this time. Finally she said "I don't know if the thought of it makes it not taste so good, or if it really doesn't taste good. Anyways, nothing I would go out of my way for," as she reached down to her pussy and slowly wiped it again with her hand. "Here you finish the rest" as she stuck her fingers in my mouth and told me to clean them off. After I had finished sucking and cleaning off her fingers she picked up the cap with my cum in it. She put it up to her nose and smelled it, and then she stuck her finger in and got a little bit on her finger tip. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sucked my cum off it. "The thought of eating your cum was not quite as repulsive as the thought of eating my own. It's a little slimy and definitely salty and once again nothing I would go out of my way for" she commented as she looked at me.

"Well I guess we need to do something with the rest of this cum because it would be a shame for it to go to waste" as she slowly let it dribble all over my face. When the cap was completely empty she took her fingers and just slowly smeared it all over my face and lips. She smeared it all around my eyes and nose, and just massaged it into my cheeks. When she was done she stuck her fingers in my mouth "suck them clean she demanded" as I slowly sucked the remaining cum off her fingers. She picked up her clothes and put them back on while I lay there watching her, then she came back over and touched the cum on my face with the tip of her finger. "Getting a little sticky, I think we need to let it dry a little longer."

She took the gag out of my mouth and said "I need to go do my cleaning now so you just lie there while your cum dries up". Then she turned and started to walk away and she turned and said "that might be a little boring let's see if I can make it more interesting for you" as she picked up the Venus cap and put it back on the receiver and hooked it back to the hose. Then she grabbed my cock and started to slowly tease it, within seconds it jumped to attention from her stimulation. Then she slid the receiver with my little attachment to help keep it from coming off onto my now erect cock. "This will probably be a lot more fun for you because your chest and thighs aren't strapped down this time, so you will really be free to jump and thrash around" as she just laughed and picked up the controller for the machine and turned it on. She set the speed for sort of a medium speed and watched it for a minute, then satisfied with it she turned and said "see you in about an hour when I get done upstairs, sorry I am going to have to miss this because I know it's going to be really funny" as she walked away laughing.

As she disappeared up the stairs I started to realize my predicament, the machine was going to make me cum in a little while against my will and then go into a post orgasm torture, which is the most excruciating pain I think I have ever had to endure. This time I would not be held securely down so I had no idea what was going to happen. I laid there waiting for the inevitable to happen as I heard Kelly scurrying around upstairs cleaning. It was taking a while for this orgasm to build because I had just had one not too long ago, as I was thinking maybe it won't happen before Kelly comes back to release me. Then to my dismay I felt the urges start to build in my loins, I was still a long way from cumming but this meant that I was going to have another orgasm. It started to feel really good as it kept stroking my cock, I laid there and started to breathe a little heavier and slowly licked my lips, aaargh my lips still had cum where Kelly wiped it on them. Now I could feel the orgasm starting to build in my cock, it wasn't going to be much longer. I tried relaxing to see if that would help keep me from my orgasm, but the machine was just relentlessly stroking my cock. Now the urge was building more strongly and I could feel the desire to cum, my body wanted to cum and the urge was there but I still wasn't cumming. I started to buck my hips raising my cock and ass up off the table, I kept bucking widely. It was like when you have to sneeze and can't get it to come out.

I laid there thrashing, bucking and humping as the urge just kept getting stronger. This was a feeling that I have never had before, I jerked and humped involuntarily as the sensation continued, I had absolutely no control over my body. I started to really sweat from all the exertion, my body kept widely humping, my toes were curling, and my body was tensing up. Suddenly I felt the cum rushing up my cock and I was beyond the point of no return, I slumped back down on the table as spurt after spurt of cum went into the receiver. I was so consumed with what was happening I completely forgot about what was going to happen next, but the sudden surge of pain brought me quickly back to reality.

I started jumping up and down widely pulling at my restraints so hard that they were digging into my ankles and wrist. I started screaming as I kept widely thrashing around, "stop, stop, stop, stop," I yelled as the machine kept going. I heard Kelly at the top of the stairs laughing, she must have heard me and been listening. I jumped widely for few more minutes until the sensations finally started to subside and I settled back down on the table. I was covered in sweat from my ordeal, I laid there exhausted, panting and trying to gain my breath, as that damn machine just kept stroking my cock. I figured I would be ok now because it would be a really long time before I would be able to orgasm again, probably at least an hour or so and Kelly should be done by then. I laid there for about another 30 minutes. Kelly came back down saying "all done" as she walked over and started to remove my restraints. "Had fun I hope" as she laughed knowing good and well how it went. She reached over and touched my cheek and said "yup all good and dry" then she turned and said "see you Tuesday, and here is some things I am going to need and put an envelope on the table" as she turned and walked up the stairs and left.

I slowly regained my composure and shut the machine off, removed it and started to clean up, this had been one long day and I was exhausted. When I got done I walked over and picked up the envelope she had left me and opened it up. It had a note and about a dozen pictures in it; I scanned through the pictures real quickly then read the note. All it said was you know what to do. She had downloaded pictures of dungeon equipment, obviously from the net as each one had a name and description on it. There was a St. Andrews Cross, A Bondage Horse, A Pillory Stock for Head & Hands, A Cock Stock, A Queening Chair, A CBT Chair, An Exposer Bench, A Bondage Chair and a few other items. Oh my gosh this woman is crazy, I sure hope she doesn't want all this by next Saturday. This is going to be a very long year I thought to myself as I walked up the stairs with a grin on my face.

Part 4 (added: 2018/09/01)

Well here I am sitting at the table drinking my coffee and thinking about the last year 2 years, it went by really fast. It was full of a lot of crazy things. About a year and a half ago my next door neighbor Kelly finally graduated from college and went to work for a mechanical engineering firm. We still had our special little arrangement for every Saturday even after she graduated because she wouldn't let me out of it. We did cut our friendly weekly visits down to just Tuesday since she was working now and making new friends.

Because of Kelly I now have a complete dungeon with all the kinky and crazy items you can think of in my basement. Her little arrangement (more like blackmail) with me went on till about six months ago. I can still remember all the Saturdays we had and all the time we spent together during the week. In a way I'm glad it's over but I would be lying if I said that I didn't miss all the new things she taught me. She met this really nice young man who had her same ideals of wanting to wait for marriage, I was really happy for her. I was honored when she asked me to walk her down the aisle because she said I was the closest thing she had to a father.

Thinking back on our final meetings I can't do anything but laugh. On that final Tuesday evening that she came by with pizza for dinner and we just sat around and talked. It was about 6 pm when she arrived at the house with dinner and she came in and we sat down. We talked about all the crazy times we had and how it was really over. After the first couple of months we, especially me were able to talk about our antics and what we were doing together. I guess I finally got over being mad and decided to enjoy it and accept the good with the bad. In fact I hope this doesn't sound perverted, but I actually got to where I looked forward to our sessions every Saturday. Neither one of us ever started to get romantic feelings for the other so I guess it was just truly an arrangement. When Kelly had gotten engaged I asked her if she wanted to stop our little sessions and she got real stern and told me that she would say when we were going to stop and not to forget that she still had the pictures of me.

When she left this past Saturday after our little session she had told me when she came over Tuesday that we would talk. I figured she was going to tell me our little arrangement was over because she was getting married this Saturday night. In a way I was ready for it to be over even though I knew I was going to miss it. Anyways, here we were eating pizza and sitting there talking when she drops this bomb on me. She told me she wanted to have one more session this Saturday and she wanted it to be special. She told me that she wanted me to be exactly like the first time she caught me only she wanted a 6 hour block of ice instead of 4 hour. I looked at her in amazement, and said "are you serious, you are getting married this Saturday night, it's your wedding day". She looked at me in a real stern way like I hadn't seen for a year or so and said "I told you before I would say when we are done, and don't you forget I still have your pictures". I expect you to be ready at 8:00 am sharp so we will have time to clean up for the wedding and that's my final answer." I looked at her in complete amazement; I couldn't believe what I had just heard. I reluctantly and sarcastically said "yes Miss Kelly". Then she got up and walked out the door. I had never seen her this mad before so I figured I better do as I was told and I hoped that this would be my final time.

Well when my alarm went off Saturday morning I jumped up and went downstairs to get everything ready, I was still a little mad because I couldn't believe we were doing this on her wedding day. I stripped and put all my clothes on the chair in a neat little pile, and prepared all my restraints. I made sure there was lube in the receiver and that my 6 hour block of ice was ready. I put my ankle cuffs on and secured them tightly, and then I did the same with my wrist cuffs. I put the receiver on the table where I could reach it and went to the freezer to get the block of ice. I knew I better hurry because she would be here in just a minute. I wasn't even the least bit excited like I usually am; I guess I was still too mad because we were doing this on her wedding day. Bad enough she made me keep doing it after she was engaged but her wedding day, that's a little much. I picked up the ice and put it in the tray as I adjusted the release for the bigger chunk of ice. Then I climbed up on the table, put my spider gag in and secured it, secured my ankle cuffs, then I reached over and put my thigh straps on. Then I put the receiver on my cock which wasn't the least bit hard and secured my stomach strap and chest strap. I then looked around and pulled at everything to make sure they were all tight and I lowered my left wrist into its clasp, then finally I lowered my right wrist into its clasp and it locked shut. I checked everything one more time as I heard the door open, cut that awful close I thought to myself.

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I heard what seemed to be more than one person, but when I looked up Kelly was coming down the stairs by herself as I breathed a sigh of relief. She was dressed totally different today than any other Saturday, she was in a very pretty sun dress and her hair had obliviously been done up for the wedding. She walked over and checked all my restraints by pulling on them and looked at my larger block of ice as she finally said "well done". She walked over and removed my spider gag and looked at me and laughingly said "this sure brings back memories". I looked up at her and the way she was dressed and I knew we weren't going to have a session and asked "what's going on?" She looked at me and said "you didn't honestly believe I was going to do this on my wedding day did you, but I guess from looking at you I did a really good job of convincing you." As she walked over to me and started to tell me what was going on.

She told me she just wanted me to hear her out before I said anything and she hoped that someday I would forgive her. After hearing that I was really concerned but agreed to hear her out. She told me that over the last 6 months or so at work she had gotten really close to this woman who had been divorced from her husband for over 30 years. That it had been a really short marriage because she was so young and he was an alcoholic and used to hit her. She told me this woman was about my age and never really started dating again because she has this slight fear of involvement now. So she had gotten into watching videos on the internet and masturbating for her sexual pleasure just like Kelly used to do before our arrangement. She said as they got even closer she found out that she was watching a lot of the same kind of stuff as her and was fantasizing about a lot of the same things. Kelly told me that now they are extremely close and that she never confided in her about our little arrangement untill this week. That even when she did, that she never mentioned who it was, she saw the look of concern on my face. Then she looked at me and said "don't worry she promised she would never tell anybody about it. Well the last couple of days I told her we were not doing this anymore and I would like her to pick up where I was leaving off. She didn't want to have anything to do with it but I finally convinced her to come today and try it and if she didn't like it she never had to come back. Until I led her over here today she still did not know who you were, and still doesn't yet."

"Her name is Patti and she has never done anything like this before in her life but I finally convinced her to give it a try. I told her to think of her favorite most bizarre fantasy and act it out today. So here's what I told her, I gave her my key and told her to give it a try and worst case scenario she could get a really good sexual encounter and then just leave because you would be restrained for 6 hours and unable to stop her from doing whatever she liked. I told her that she was to do whatever she wanted for about 5 hours. Then I told her if she wanted this to go on to keep my key and leave, and if she didn't want to have anything else to do with this after 5 hours just put the key on the table and leave. I told her she had absolutely nothing to lose. I also told her that it was perfectly safe that you would do exactly what she tells you to, and that you wouldn't do anything else. I told her that this was the man that helped me keep my virginity safe for well over a year. Also the plus for you is she's not a virgin. I'm sorry and I hope this works out for you, not that you have much choice as she giggled."

Then she just stared at me waiting for me to speak. I caught my composure and said "you really didn't have any right to do this to me." She looked at me and said "up until today this was my most guarded secret that I never shared with anyone, and yes I did have the right, I was the one who found you over a year ago. I hope someday you will forgive me." I looked at her and replied "can you at least delete the pictures you have of me?" Kelly looked at me and said "I can't do that". "Why not?" I replied. She looked at me and said "remember after I took the pictures of you and I was standing there playing with my phone and you asked me what I was doing. I told you I was emailing myself the pictures in case you tried to take my phone, well I was actually deleting the pictures from my phone because I didn't even want something like that to be on my phone even for a minute. I could never do anything like that to you; I just have a great poker face." Then she just looked at me and started laughing.

"So all this time you never really had any pictures of me?" "Nope she replied". I think I was about to cry when Kelly put my gag back in my mouth and hollered upstairs for Patti to come down. This very pretty woman about the same height and build as Kelly came walking down the stairs; she was probably about my age and definitely was much more endowed then Kelly. She stood there totally embarrassed as she looked at me lying there naked. I know I was at least a shade or two of red myself. She looked all around at Kelly's play furniture as she was trying to not make eye contact with me. Then Kelly piped up "Patti this is Pete, Pete this is Patti, but you will call her Miss Patti from now on", as she laughed. Then Patti looked at Kelly and said "what do I do now?" and Kelly looked at me and said "if it was me I probably would take a few pictures of him like this and email them to myself in case he tries anything", then she just started to giggle. Patti took out her phone and took a number of pictures of me as she walked around me and checked all my restraints. When she was done she emailed them to herself.

Kelly walked over to me and pulled up her sun dress and stuck her hand into her panties and then pulled it out and stuck it into my mouth and said "one last taste", as Patti just watched and started laughing. Then Kelly looked at Patti and said "you have about 5 hours so you two have fun and I will see you both at the wedding" and she turned around and left. Kelly's little stunt with the last taste seemed to be a little bit of an icebreaker for Patti because she was definitely less embarrassed. As for me I was still extremely embarrassed, and humiliated, you would almost think that by now I would be used to this. Patti walked over to me and told me that Kelly never told her everything we did but said she had experimented with about every fetish that she could think of. She did say that she drew the line at shitting in your mouth but whatever I wanted to do was up to me. I wasn't so sure that I wanted to hear that.

So she looked at me and said "Kelly told me that you will do everything and anything that I tell you without question or hesitation," "Yes Miss Patti" I replied through my gag as I thought to myself, here we go again. I could tell she was still struggling with this new role and how to get started. Then she slowly started to take her jeans off. She was now standing there in a very pretty blue pair of underwear as she stepped up on the table. She leaned over and took the gag out of my mouth saying "I don't want you to talk but this should make it easier for you" as she lowered herself down onto my face and said "lick me through my underwear" as she pushed herself into my face. I slowly started to nibble and lick her pussy through her underwear, her pussy had a really clean and nice smell to it as I kept licking and nibbling at it.

After a few minutes I could see a wet spot forming and I could tell she was really enjoying this. Then she must have gotten a little braver because she stood up and slowly removed her panties. Now I could see her completely and she had a very nice clean shaven pussy, as she slowly sat down again and put her pussy in my face. It was already soaking wet and I could see her little clit which was now slightly swollen from my teasing, so I real gently put my tongue on it and started to lick. It startled her as I did that but she really seemed to like it. She was already real wet like Kelly used to get. I thought to myself where do these extremely fluid women come from, could it be all the masturbating that they did causing it. Then I continued to lick her clit and around it as she started lightly moaning. I moved my tongue down a little and slowly started to lick her vaginal lips. Then I stuck the tip of my tongue into her pussy and this surprised her and she jumped a little, as I continued to lick and suck her pussy. I could tell she was getting really excited now; she was getting wetter and wetter as her juices started to really flow. I moved my mouth back up to her clit and sucked it into my mouth as she jumped again from the sudden sensation. I kept slowly sucking her clit in and out; as I did this she started to pump my face and yelled "faster". So I picked up the speed and started to suck faster and harder, as I did she screamed and started to tremble as her orgasm started to overtake her. She yelled at me "don't stop, don't stop" as she continued through her orgasm. Her cum was flowing like water now and filling my mouth, as I was licking and swallowing as fast as I could, she finally stopped so I slowly and lightly started to lick her clean as she sat there panting and trying to recover. I kept slowly and lightly licking her until she finally pulled her pussy out of my face and stood up. As she walked off the table she said "I have never had an orgasm like that in my entire life."

Then she looked over at the ice block and it was about 1/3 gone and she said "I guess I only have about 4 hours left so I had better hurry up." She was getting much more relaxed and confident now as she looked at me and said "I have had this one special fantasy since I was a young woman, so I think I am going to do it now," as she walked over to my head and slowly removed her blouse. Then she undid her bra and removed it, she had these two beautiful tits that were firm and large with the cutest perky little nipples that I have ever seen. She saw me staring at them and said "you like that?" As she shoved one of them in my face and told me to start licking it. I quickly started licking all around the nipple and then flicking my tongue over the tip of the nipple. Then I sucked the nipple into my mouth and started to nibble on it. She was enjoying this because she shoved it harder into my face and said "bite harder", so I did as I was instructed. The harder I bit the more she liked it, and then she pulled it away and shoved the other nipple in my mouth. This went on for a very long time before she finally stopped.

She said "I think I am starting to get ready again" as she walked over to my waist. She looked at my cock which was semi erect but inside the Venus, and then she pulled it off of me and said "I don't think we need this yet. Kelly sort of explained to me how it worked." Then she slid her hand over the head of my cock and when it jumped to attention she said "we definitely don't need that thing." She stepped back up on the table and headed to my face. She once again put her pussy in my face and told me to start licking. I did as I was told, she was still already a little wet from me playing with her nipples so it didn't take long to get her really excited. I could tell she was getting really wet and excited again as the juices started to flow into my mouth again. Then suddenly she pulled away and put the spider gag back in my mouth. I was wondering what she was going to do now as she stood up and walked over to my cock. She reached down and grabbed it and when she did I jerked a little with excitement, and then she slowly started stroking it which made it come to a really hard and throbbing erection. She looked at it and said "I think we're ready now" as she turned and slowly guided my cock into her wet pussy as she sat down on me, giving out a slight groan as I entered her all the way.

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She sat there like that for a good few minutes and then slowly started to rotate her hips which was making my cock move around inside her and making my erection even harder. This was a completely new experience for me because Kelly and I never had penetration due to her saving her virginity, and needless to say I was really enjoying this. She looked at me and saw I was really enjoying this and told me I had better not come until I was told. That I better signal her if I felt at all like cumming, "yes Miss Patti I replied" as she put her hands on my thighs and slowly started to push herself up and down very slowly on my now fully engorged cock. I could see that now she was totally into this and she started slowly picking up speed, as she kept sliding up and down on my cock. Then she would let my cock slide all the way into her pussy and just sit there and grind and rotate her pussy against me. Then she would stop and just sit totally still for about 5 minutes. Then she would start back up again sliding up and down. Then this one time when she came down and let my cock slide all the way into her she started rotating her hips again and she took her hands off my hips and started squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples. I could feel her getting extremely wet as she did this, I could feel her juices as they dripped out onto my balls, then all of a sudden she started to tremble and shudder. She let out a scream and rotated her hips a little faster, and then she kind of stopped and just sat there panting and breathing heavily, as her cum flowed out all over my balls and was dripping down the crack of my ass. She had just had another orgasm, as she sat there for quite a while with only a gentle occasional twist of her hips to move my cock around inside her. She continued to play with her nipples as she slowly recovered.

Finally she composed herself and looked at her watch and the ice block and said "I need to hurry I only have about 3 hours left", as she started to slowly slide up and down on my cock again. She would do this for about 5 minutes and then stop with my cock all the way in and rotate her hips around slowly for about another 5 minutes, then she would stop completely and just sit there for about another 5 minutes. She kept doing this over and over, it was driving me insane as each time that I would even start to get close it would be time for her to stop and my orgasm would just wane. I'm not sure but I think she was doing this on purpose. This went on for almost what seemed like an hour like this. Then this one time while she was sliding up and down I felt my orgasm start to build and I wanted to cum so bad but I remembered her telling me not to cum so I said with a mumble through my gag "Miss Patti I think I am getting close", she started sliding up and down real fast and I was almost to the point of no return and suddenly she stopped and just sat there. Then she reached over real quick and grabbed my nipples and squeezed till I let out a scream. She looked at me and said "no cumming". Then she said "Kelly told me where the nipple clamps where but I forgot to get them before we started, but that seemed to work ok" as she laughed and slowly started back up with her torturous routine.

This went on for at least another 30 minutes or so and each time my orgasm would build a little quicker, and the time between my build up was getting shorter and shorter. I knew I wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer without going past the point of no return. It was getting unbearable; all I could think about was how bad I wanted to cum. She was really enjoying doing this to me and now I knew she was doing it on purpose, watching me build and then suffer was getting her more and more excited as I could feel her getting wetter and wetter each time she was sliding up and down on my cock. My cock was throbbing and hurting from all the close calls with no release, she could feel my cock just throbbing inside her wet pussy. Then all of a sudden she started sliding up and down on me real fast as she started to breathe real heavy, I felt my orgasm building quickly and tried to shout through my gag for her to stop as she kept going faster and harder. I couldn't stop I was about to go to the point of no return. Then like a volcano I erupted and my warm cum shot into her pussy and as it did she started screaming and pumping even faster and harder as she kept screaming. I started to buck my hips but couldn't go very high due to my restraints as my warm cum kept shooting into her pussy. Finally I had no more to shoot and I settled back down onto the table and she finally slowly slid down on my cock panting and trying to catch her breath. As I laid there myself panting, sweating and trying to recover, I felt her squeezing her pussy lips to keep them tight around my cock as she sat there trying to compose herself.

"That was absolutely amazing" she said as she was trying to catch her breath, then she said "now for the rest of my fantasy, that was only the first part of it." As she slowly slid up off my cock and squeezed her pussy closed. Then she hurriedly moved up to my mouth and put her pussy right on top of the hole in the gag and said "now lick me clean" as she let her hand off her pussy. I immediately started licking without any thought, then I saw my cum and her juices start to slowly drip out from her pussy, I wasn't looking forward to having to eat my own cum again. I cringed as I started to lick and to my pleasant surprise the combination of my cum mixed with her juices didn't taste quite as bad as usual. I continued to lick and clean her pussy. She shoved her pussy harder into my mouth and said "don't stop licking" as she kept moving her pussy around which was smearing my cum and her juices all over my mouth and face. I kept licking trying to keep up as the cum and juices were starting to flow out faster, I licked and swallowed as fast as I could because her cum and mine were filling my mouth. Finally after I had swallowed it all and was slowly licking her clean she just sat there tickled and smiling.

Then she smiled at me with this silly looking grin and said "Kelly said she drew the line at shit but everything else was ok, so I guess that means this must be ok" as I suddenly felt a warm liquid filling my mouth. Oh fuck, she was peeing in my mouth, as I started to choke; I hadn't had enough warning to close my throat off. She just started laughing as she pissed all in my mouth and all over my face. Then she stopped and stood up and started peeing all over me, including my cock. When she finally stopped I was soaked from my hair to my balls. I looked up and she was laughing hysterically, as I was still coughing and choking a little on her piss. It had caught me completely by surprise and I didn't have time to close my throat off so a little went down before I could control it.

She looked at me and said "thank you I have had that fantasy ever since I was a young woman" as she slowly stepped down off the table. Then she looked at her watch and the ice block and said "looks like we still had a little time left. She walked over and picked up her clothes and put them back on, and as she put her jeans back on she felt the key that Kelly had given her in her pocket. She pulled the key out and just stared at me for a minute. Then she looked around the basement again while she held the key in her hand deciding what she was going to do. Then she looked at me, giggled, and gave me a kiss on my cheek and then with a great big grin said "I think I can do this," as she put the key back in her pocket. Then she walked over and put the Venus receiver back on my cock and looked at the ice block and said "it looks like you might have about another 30 minutes left so enjoy," as she turned it on and left saying "see you later at the wedding".

After she had left and I was just lying there I started to look back on all that had just happened today. This was supposed to be a really good day; I was supposed to be released from my sex slave arrangement today. Now while this infernal machine was steadily stroking my cock which was still slightly hurting from all the punishment it had gone through today. The only lucky part of this is; with what little time I have left before my release and the fact that I had just had an orgasm, at least I wouldn't have to worry about the post orgasm torture happening. So here I am lying in a puddle of piss and completely covered in piss from my head to my balls. My face is covered in a combination of her cum, my cum and piss, my mouth still has residue from her cum, my cum, and piss, which I can still taste every time I swallow. Also I have now become the sex slave of a new woman that I don't know at all. I guess in a really perverted kind of way this was a really great day. Then I heard the click of the clasp on my right hand release and it was time to get up and clean this mess up and get ready for the wedding.

After cleaning up and showering I headed to the wedding. It wasn't to be a very big wedding, maybe about 50 or so people, mostly from his family and a few friends of Kelly's. I was standing there waiting at the rear of the church for her to come out. Finally the small wedding party showed up and the music started, and Kelly came out of the side room. She looked absolutely beautiful in this white flowing wedding dress, as she walked over and took my arm for me to walk her down the aisle. As we slowly started to walk down the aisle she looked at me and whispered, "Well how was Patti?" I whispered back "real good". Then she softly said "don't keep me guessing, is she going to stay?" I answered "yes" just as we arrived up at the front. As I prepared to hand her over she leaned over kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear "thank you for everything, you have no idea how much I owe you, you deserve to be really happy." Then she turned and took Bill's hand, and I went and sat down. It was a real short and sweet ceremony, and then we all went to the reception.

At the reception the tables were all set up with name tags for everyone, I looked for mine and sat down. The wedding party came in and sat down at the head table and the rest of the guests came in and sat down at their assigned places. I suddenly looked up and Patti pulled up a chair next to mine, our name tags had been placed together. We both looked over at Kelly and she had this big shit eating grin on her face. As the reception went on and the awkwardness started to fade, Patricia, that's what was on her name tag and I talked and joked about how we knew Kelly and I learned a lot about her. She was an engineer and worked at the same firm as Kelly and surprisingly she didn't live too far at all from Kelly and me. When the reception was over and everyone was leaving Patti very discretely handed me an envelope, and I thought well here I go again.

Well Patti came over every Saturday for our special arrangement, and after about 2 months I finally worked up the courage to ask her out. We started dating and she started to come to our weekly Tuesday night get together. Then we started to get more serious and we were seeing each other quite a bit. Then one Saturday a few months ago when she finished our session as she left she gave me an envelope and told me not to open it till she was gone. I thought to myself this can't be good as I opened the envelope. She had put the key and a CD in the envelope, I was almost afraid to play the CD. I immediately put the CD into my player and turned it on. It was a video of Patti deleting all the pictures of me on her phone and the email on her computer. I guess this was her way of saying I was no longer bound to be her unwilling slave, and if I wanted to cut everything off I could, because she was no longer blackmailing me.

When she showed up for our get together Tuesday night l handed her an envelope that I had made up. She opened it and saw the key taped to a note that said I will see you Saturday at 9:00 am sharp, with collar and leash on, and I want you to use this key on days other than Saturday too, because I make a really mean breakfast. She looked at me, grabbed me and gave me a great big kiss and said "I love you so much" and then started to cry. Well long story short a few more months went by and I asked Patti to marry me and she said "YES". Not too long after that we were married and what about our Saturdays? Well I better get down there and get ready before she wakes up.

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Wednesday, May 08, 2019  

Are you that dumb to believe thsat a bunch of pics is a reason to be blackmailed? Seems you are living at the 18 century! Only if you are out of it!! Even its a fantasy it have to be belevable otherwise its only laughable!! She will be in prison faster then she can say UPS!!!

Friday, March 08, 2019  

Being a real life BDSM practitioner with my submissive wife and various friends in the scene, I have to say I really got invested in this story. Normally, because of my R/L experiences, I read these and chortle at the unrealistic portrayals or situations (if I'm not totally put off by them--I need quite a bit or real physics in my BDSM fantasy stories for suspension of disbelief or 'immersion'), you know, thinks like sucking with a spider gag holding you mouth open and lips apart so you can't actually 'suck' anything? Not that that part actually bothered me, so I had no issues in enjoying this--that's about my only 'nit pick'.

As a dominant male, I try virtually all of the toys I use on my partners where possible, and I've never had need to own or use a Venus, so I can't speak for that, so I have an idea of the other things of which you use. I actually came to read it thinking the story was about a young woman that got in self bondage, a genre I enjoy immensely--but because I give several paragraphs a go before I close a window, I was engaged and for that I thank you. Keep up the excellent work, I hope to read more from you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019  

Wonderful story. I look forward to updates and hope Patti will become Pete's Femdom Mistress as well as wife and lover, delving into more aspects of fetish.

Friday, January 18, 2019  

This was truly an excellent, wonderful story. The depth of emotion and realism were both completely unexpected and absolutely stunning. I am left with a strong sense that I have shared in the personal lives of real people. Very well done. Thank you for sharing this story. I hope you will continue to write.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018  

One word Excellent

Friday, October 19, 2018  

Awesome story. Loved the ending too!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018  

Great story I loved the little twist at the end hope you will write some more

Sunday, September 23, 2018  

Nonconsent consent HEA! Good Story!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018  

though it was a great story. glad you found someone be indow to for rest of your. life good luck waiting for next story

Saturday, September 15, 2018  

Really excellent story keep up the good work

Friday, September 07, 2018  

Wonderful story keep up the good work. Ready for the next one I hope

Monday, September 03, 2018  

Fantastic story, especially for a first-timer! I'm assuming this one's complete now, and am looking forward to your next story!

Sunday, September 02, 2018  

Loved how this story evolved! Simple neighborly friendship,to real relationship.

Saturday, September 01, 2018  

Well what a great first story, is this the end or maybe just the beginning, I do hope so, she could possibly use long term but loving chastity, maybe never letting him touch himself again, by keeping him in chastity and hands cuffed behind him before his cage is removed

Saturday, September 01, 2018  

Very good ending. I hope that you will continue to write more stories you have a great imagination and eye for details. This is just a suggestion but a great sequel would be to write about all the missing Saturdays before she turned it over to patti. Anyways waiting to hear more from you.

Thursday, August 30, 2018  

Great story, hope we are going to see a lot more Saturdays

Monday, August 27, 2018  

Brilliant. Really enjoyed your story and looking forward to the next instalment.

Sunday, August 26, 2018  

What I wouldnít give to be that guy

Sunday, August 26, 2018  

I should be so lucky.

Saturday, August 25, 2018  

Super! can`t wait when she began train him

Tuesday, August 21, 2018  

Really great story for you first time. Very descriptive and thorough. I hope we will hear more from you.

Sunday, August 19, 2018  

Excellent story, I hope there is going to be more.

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

if she is good in IT she can control his computer and so on to restrict access to reprehensible (porn and s.o.) content or keep him in check

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  

Sounds like fun, wish I was there. Great story

Tuesday, August 14, 2018  

Great story, hope to see a lot more from you

Monday, August 13, 2018  

Really great story. So vivid and believable, are you sure this isnít really a true story. Looking forward to future parts. Keep on writing.

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

Great story so far. looking for lots of torture.

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

Real great first story, wonderful imagination and research, chastity would be a good way to go, although you are doing a wonderful job please keep it up

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

Real great first story, wonderful imagination and research, chastity would be a good way to go, although you are doing a wonderful job please keep it up

Saturday, August 11, 2018  

prince albert piersing, dreamlover 2000 and rigid stocks can be tested on him

Saturday, August 11, 2018  

Looks like fun predicament. Hope to see more machines and other toys used on him

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Excellent story! Really fun read! Canít wait to see the update!

Friday, August 10, 2018  

a chastity cage would have been a great idea for kelly to use

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Fantastic story keep on writing. Canít wait for part 2

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Great 1st story. Imagine we will be seeing many more. Completely pulled me in. I give it a 5 star rating!

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Great 1st story. Imagine we will be seeing many more. Completely pulled me in. I give it a 5 star rating!

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Great story for first time out, hope there will be more to it.

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Very Good story, especially for a first attempt. The bondage is well described and the situation believable.

Looking forward to the next chapter

Friday, August 10, 2018  

Excellent, excellent story!

It pushed all the right buttons.

I can't wait for the next installment.

Thank you Dawn.

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