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A Boy at St Annes Girls School
  • Author - Gymslipus  
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  • Story Codes - F-m, bondage, cross-dressing, spanking
  • Post Date - 8/11/2018
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Author's Note: This story was sent to me by a good friend. It is not complete, but I hope to get the complete story soon

Chapter 1 - The Message from the Headmistress

I had been at St. Anne's Boarding School for girls about three months when I was in a Religious Education class taught by the headmistress, Miss Martindale. As I was leaving the classroom she said "Oh, Michelle, after school class's end this afternoon I would like you to run over and see Matron, she has some questions regarding your file. And don't worry, you are not in trouble" she smiled.

Of course I was worried. The last thing I wanted was a formal visit to Matron. For a start my name wasn't Michelle, it was actually Michael and Matron was the one person most qualified to spot the difference. I had been at St. Anne's for the past three months and my disguise was apparently working out well. Although I had been incredibly nervous the first few days at the school, the fact that I had made it this far without incident was encouraging.

Let me state categorically here and now that I didn't want to be a girl. In fact when the subject had first come up with mother about six months ago, I was horrified and I still was. The problem was that all our family money had been left to an aunt who had had a wicked sense of humor. She had had always given Mother and me a bad time, but the final insult was that when she had died she had specified that Mother and I would only get the inheritance if I were to graduate from the same grammar school she had. In the meantime until I was eighteen and had successfully graduated, we would only get a monthly allowance. True the allowance was very healthy and in fact paid St. Anne's outrageously high fees but Aunt Sophie had really stuck it to me. St. Anne's was an exclusive girl's only boarding school.

When it was first put to me by the solicitor who had worked Aunt Sophie's will that I would have to go to St. Anne's and graduate, Mother and I had been horror struck. Another solicitor we had contacted had given us little hope of challenging the will and had said unless the school rules were changed to accept boys; our only option would be to have me go as a girl. It wouldn't be illegal or anything like that though if I were found out the school would have every right to expel me. The question had been how was I to go to a girls school as a girl and my manhood not be found out.

I had initially posed these questions to Mother and pointed out that in games I'd be quickly found out as I would also be if I showered or bathed with other girls. She had consulted a doctor friend who had concocted the idea of me being somewhat of an invalid. If it turned out I had a congenital heart problem I wouldn't be fit enough to do sports, also we could pass the story that an infection would risk damaging my heart further so showering and bathing with the other girls would be out.

One advantage of St. Anne's was that it was an old and traditional school. Because of that the uniform was very old fashioned. It consisted of a navy blue box-pleated gymslip over a starched white shirt and striped gold and black tie. In Victorian times girls wore gymslips as part of their school uniforms very similar to the St. Anne's uniform - they were supposed to make girls look very unattractive to men - the school authorities were deathly afraid that if girls dressed provocatively they would lose their virginity - and so the gymslip was supposed to make them almost look like boys (shirts, ties and the gymslips hid the curves). Thus the fact that I wasn't built in the curves of a girl was much easier to hide. Over the summer I had grown my hair fairly long and didn't need to use a wig. Yes I was flat chested for a girl of fifteen and I would have to deal with that later but for now I wouldn't worry about it. There were other flat chested girls in my class anyway.

One unanticipated problem with the uniform was that when I first wore it - Mother had made me wear it throughout the summer so I could get used to dressing in girls clothes - was that despite my hatred of it, it was also quite sexy and had turned me on so much that I had had problems with erections that sort of poked the box-pleats of the gymslip at my groin. Why the gymslip was so stimulating was puzzling to me, of great amusement to mother but required a lot of practice at looking at myself in the mirror before I overcame it. By the time summer had ended and I was ready to go to school, I was essentially over it - or so I thought. However on the first day of school when I had seen the older, senior girls at the school in their gymslips the erections had almost destroyed my disguise within the first few minutes. Only a few quick runs to the bathroom for some stimulatory relief had kept my secret safe. I had otherwise so far successfully avoided any other give-a-ways and I hoped I could continue the ruse until I graduated.

Little did I realize that afternoon how wrong Miss Martindale could be when she mentioned I had nothing to worry about with Matron, though at the time it did put my mind at rest. Matron was not only the school nurse - the very person who was most likely to see through my disguise - she was also the school disciplinarian. She was in charge of all corporal punishment at St. Anne's and a visit to her, for non-medical reasons was something that was only quietly whispered about. It was well known that she would regularly take the junior girls over her knee and smack them on their bare behinds and sometimes even use a strap. The older senior girls, those over sixteen, were not only known to be spanked over her knee but also caned over a special stool.

The Matron was a good looking attractive woman who I guessed to be in her forties. She was well built, but athletic. She always wore an immaculately starched uniform consisting of a starched, dark blue dress, stiffly starched white collar and when in her office performing medical examinations, a stiffly starched white apron held up in front by a fob watch on one side and a name badge on the other that simply said "Matron". She always wore black stockings, and there was a starched white nurse's cap over her long blonde hair that was tucked up underneath it. She habitually wore a stethoscope around her neck. Although I hadn't really met her, I thought she was very good looking in a severe sort of way and usually smiled when she passed by in the corridor. However it was also easy to imagine her wielding a strap or cane which the other girls said she did often.

In fact I had already witnessed her twice in action. One morning in assembly, after the lesson was read, the headmistress announced that two girls had been caught smoking and that they were to be punished by the Matron. I had assumed that it would be done in private yet immediately, Matron had put the stool up on stage and had called out the name of the first girl. In an absolute silence, in which you could have heard a pin drop in that assembly hall, a senior girl had been led by a prefect onto the stage. The girl was absolutely white with fear and the Matron had taken her by the hand, forced her over the stool and then somehow fastened her head, wrists and ankles into attachments on the stool - from where I sat I hadn't been able to see how exactly it had been done. Matron had then lifted her gymslip, pulled down her panties so that her bare bottom was on full display to the entire school, and then savagely beat her with a cane. She gave her six strokes with a whistle and crack that could probably be heard in the school yard; however the screams of the girl were probably heard all the way to the village. The stool held her perfectly still for the punishment which took about two minutes because the Matron had paused about 20 seconds with each stroke. When the punishment was over she fussed with the stools fittings and pulled the now almost limp girl to her feet. The girl was still crying desperately, wiping her tears on her starched shirt sleeve and led away by the prefect. The Matron then called out the second girls name and another prefect brought a second senior girl forward.

The second girl went through the same procedure and was similarly devastated by her treatment. After it was all over the headmistress thanked the Matron for her efforts and then turning to the assembled girls warned of the dire consequences for breaking the school rules. Only a few days later yet another senior girl was similarly punished for apparently being rude to a passenger on a bus when she had taken the bus to the village on the weekend. Apparently the passenger had made a complaint to the headmistress, Miss Martindale, and the Matron had done her disciplinarian act on stage, in front of the whole school again. It can only be said that after these displays the whole school was in shock for several days.

This last event had occurred about three weeks ago yet was still fresh in my mind. According to some other senior girls I spoke to, these formal and public punishments were a fairly regular occurrence for the senior girls for school rule infractions. However the Matron apparently gave out many more canings to the senior girls over the stool in private - these were apparently generally for poor quality school work.

The junior girls like me also got private visits to the Matron for corporal punishment either for rule infractions or poor quality school work - the latter was when the teacher would send you or typically the prefects for rule infractions. As far as I has been able to determine however, girls younger than sixteen had never been fastened on the stool for the cane. In any case nothing had happened to me, I had been very careful about school rules and my school work was of a very good quality.

Chapter 2 - The Stool

So as I made my way to Matron's office I was a little worried about her reputation but somewhat reassured by the Headmistresses words. Of course if I was to see her about medical matters I might be in even deeper trouble. On arrival at the medical office I knocked on her door and was rewarded by her voice telling me to come on in.

I hadn't been to her office before and was surprised it was rather a large room that was divided down the middle by a curtain that was currently pulled back. Immediately in front of me was the back of a chair that was facing her desk. Matron was in her full starched uniform complete with her starched cap on her blonde fastened up hair, and starched white apron. She sat in a leather chair behind the desk. To her right was the dreaded senior caning stool and behind her in an area that would be hidden if the curtain had been pulled back was the sick bay. I could see three beds, currently unoccupied, a table along the back wall holding several scary looking medical implements including silver, kidney shaped bowl holding hypodermic syringes and needles. A cabinet filled with allsorts of bottles for drugs and pills was off to the far right.

She told me "I'm sorry Michelle, I'll be with you in a moment but first I just need to look through your file. Just sit down in that chair for a minute or two." I was relieved to see that she was smiling in a nice way and didn't seem to be anything like as menacing as I remembered her. She was actually very good looking in an older mature sort of way and I found her starched uniform very attractive - almost stimulating. I glanced around the room and the caning stool again caught my eye. I had seen it in use on the school stage in the assembly hall but had never seen its details before.

The stool was quite tall, about 3 feet high I judged, and wider than it was deep. Its top was slightly curved to accept the chest of a girl lying over it and was made of slats of wood, evenly spaced. Because the stool was fairly narrow in depth, a girl's shoulders would be over the front edge, leaving her arms to hang straight down. At the point where her wrists would be, a wooden crossbar was situated between the stools legs and attached to it, near each stool leg, was a wooden handcuff arrangement to secure her wrists in place. A similar wooden crossbar with cuffs was fastened between the back legs which were meant to hold the girls ankles. Perhaps even more nerve-wracking than the wooden cuffs was the circular wooden collar that was mounted on a wooden cross piece that was itself suspended from under the stool seat. The collar was built from what looked like two semi-circular pieces of ply-wood that were hinged together. The bottom semicircle was secured to the crossbar and was clearly meant to accept the neck of a girl lying on the stool. The top part would then hinge down - it was currently open - trapping and securing the girls neck in place. Even without the ankle and wrists cuffs, the neck collar alone, once fastened, would hold her onto the stool.

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And if all the above was insufficient there was one final piece to this terrifying contraption - the cross bar which supported the neck yolk extended all the way under the stool and came out below the back side of the seat and extended for about a further five or six inches. It had been thinned out and sanded smooth at this point and was clearly meant to go between the poor victims legs. In this way the girl would have to straddle this short protruding beam before laying her chest over the stool seat. It would thus prevent her from moving her bottom sideways during her punishment. There was a final piece of wood directly beneath the ankle cuffs that presumably acted as a step up to help the girl get up on the stool and straddle over the cross beam.

When I had previously seen the stool from a distance up on the stage I had never realized that it was so fiendishly designed to lock its victim so securely. I had supposed that the girls I had seen punished over it, had just remained still and it hadn't occurred to me to wonder how girls that had screamed so loudly in pain, had remained motionless. Now I understood. The device at once horrified and fascinated me and I resolved to never be its victim.

"I see that my caning stool fascinates you", said Matron, suddenly interrupting my reverie.

I looked back at her almost guiltily and found myself flushing in embarrassment.

"I ... err...have never seen it close up before", I stammered.

She smiled at me and said "Well I suppose that is good since most of the girls who have had the opportunity to view it have behaved badly. And they haven't exactly enjoyed the experience of seeing it up close."

"We haven't always used it at St. Anne's" she continued, "my predecessor was also the school disciplinarian and she used to just have girls bend over to receive their punishments. She had a rule that if the girl moved when she was caned then the stroke would be repeated. This led to the practice of most of the weaker girls getting a lot more than their allotted punishments while the tough girls who could take it tended to get off lighter. When I first started I saw how this practice was very unfair - especially to the girls who were often generally well behaved but had made one slip. They had rarely - if ever - been punished before and were terribly unprepared for severe stokes of the cane. And yet the jumping up and down as well as putting their hands behind them in feeble attempts to block the cane only resulted in them receiving much worse punishments."

"After I had given the first few punishments when I first came to the school I experimented with tying the girls over a chair. Although this was relatively uncomfortable for them although a few were able to thrash around in the simple restraints it did show the way. One evening I discussed it with my brother who by the way is a cabinet maker, and together we devised the stool you see now. We have had it here for about eight years and it has served its purpose admirably. Punishments are now fair for everybody and with it holding the subject very firmly I am able to concentrate on my aim, giving an effective and therapeutic stroke - each landing exactly where it is most needed and does the best good without her having to suffer unduly."

"Well I didn't invite you here to discuss the St. Anne's caning stool; instead I wanted to discuss your medical condition to see if I could help. I know that you haven't been playing in any sports or games with the other girls and I was curious to know why."

I answered, "Err - Matron I have a heart condition that makes me very short of breath when I exercise ..."

"Yes, I know about your heart" she interrupted, "your file says you have had a ventricular septal defect, a so called VSD or hole in the heart, since birth. I also know that those who survive childhood, but are symptomatic, are short of breath with the least effort - so can you please explain to me how you were able to run from the dorm to the refectory last Thursday morning?"

As she said this I suddenly remembered that the previous Thursday morning I had been late because I had to root around in my belongings for a clean gymslip - I had accidentally got ejaculate on it when I had relieved myself the previous evening. I routinely relieved myself in my uniform because the starched, immaculate and smart school girl uniform of St. Anne's was still an incredible turn on and it made it very easy for me to come. Unfortunately I hadn't noticed until I had gotten dressed in the morning the white patch on the front of one of the box-pleats and realized I had to change into my spare gymslip. It was still packed in my trunk in the back of my wardrobe. The whole thing made me late and because it was my favorite breakfast day - bacon and eggs - I had run over to the refectory hoping that nobody had seen me.

Now I realized that Matron must have seen me from the window of her office that was situated just across from the refectory. Before I could formulate an excuse she continued, "And while we are on the subject of puzzles can you also explain why you do not shower with the other girls?"

"I know your mother has paid a premium to the school so that you could have a senior girls private dorm - something about her not wanting to risk an infection from the other girls because of your heart. And I know the headmistress went along with this slightly unusual request because of the doctor's stipulation in the chart. However, although I am not a doctor I have had considerable medical training and have never heard of an infection risk to heart patients from using public showers. It is true that patients with certain heart conditions including VSD and heart valves do require prophylactic antibiotics when having simple surgical procedures such as dental cleaning etc, yet showering bathing or even using a public swimming pool is not contraindicated."

I was suddenly very scared. This authoritative woman who radiated power in her starched uniform looked like she was going to expose me and I knew the consequences would be severe. And curiously, in my fear, the site of her, with her stiff collar, apron and nurses cap thrilled me. My mind was a whirl of confusion as I tried to make up excuses. I said "Err Matron it must have been somebody else you saw ... I'm unable to run and I only do as the doctor told me ..."

She suddenly looked fierce.

"Stop lying to me", she commanded. "I am not a fool, I clearly saw it was you and I know my medical facts! Stand up and loosen your tie and unbutton your collar"

Confused, I stood up and started to unloosen my tie. As I did so she too stood up, came from behind her desk over to me and reached for her stethoscope that was draped around her neck. "Come on, come on, unbutton your shirt" she demanded and she adjusted her stethoscope in her ears. I continued to struggle with my collar - but as usual the top button was incredibly stubborn, the fact that girls clothing buttoned backwards from boys clothing always gave me difficulty.

As she came over to me she said "How come you are having so many difficulties with the buttons ... I wonder ...."

She reached me and brushed my hands out of the way. She quickly unbuttoned my collar and reached further into my gymslip and undid the next two buttons. Somehow with her standing so close to me, me in my uniform and she in hers I was powerless to stop a huge erection forming down below. She reached into my chest with her hand and placed the bell of the stethoscope on my skin and listened intently. I knew the game was up.

She stood listening and looking past me, then with the rubber tube of the stethoscope dangling free inside my gymslip she suddenly pushed both hands inside and felt my chest and breasts. She said,

"I see no bra and you are the flattest chested girl I have ever met. How old are you?"

I answered "fifteen, Matron".

"Well, well, you must be an underdeveloped record" She pulled her hands out of my school shirt. She said "You have some explaining to do. You have no heart murmur at all therefore you do not have a hole in your heart. I wonder ..."

Suddenly she ran her hands down my gymslipped waist and I felt them explore my pelvic region. My hard on was raging now and I felt her hands clasp onto the bulge through my gymslip. She grinned, almost evilly and suddenly she whipped up the hem of my gymslip and yanked my panties down!

"So Missy, you are a boy! A dirty, dirty little boy who has inserted himself in to this glorious and famous, all-female, educational institution. There will be hell to pay for this."

"Please, please don't tell anyone I can explain. If you tell I'll lose my inheritance ... mother will kill me. It's not my fault, it's not my fault ..." I began to stammer.

"Look you filthy, lying boy who even now has a disgusting erection, I can't begin to tell you how much trouble you are in!" and with that she dragged me by the arm, as I almost tripped over my panties that were still pulled down around my knees, over to a chair, sat down and with pure strength, forced me down on to her lap. She wasted no time in hoisting the hem of my gymslip over my behind and began to spank me heavily with her hand.

I wriggled in embarrassment but her free arm wrapped around my waist, pulling me even more firmly over lap and the spanks rained down from one cheek to another. Almost immediately a wonderful, delicious fire began to burn, deep within my butt and my erection became even larger. I was hurting but I'd never felt so wonderful in my life. I stretched my shirt sleeved arms out in front of me placing my hands flat on the carpet. I held my legs straight and pushed my toes onto the carpet on the other side of her lap and arched my butt towards her. The spanks rained down and I began to go into a deep haze. I ground my pelvis into her lap and felt my penis stiffen against that wonderful serge material of the gymslip which itself slid over her white starched cotton apron.

I cried out, but not in pain but in shear ecstasy. It was guttural, from deep within. I had never been spanked in anyway before and I had always assumed it would be terrible. A terrible pain and yet, here I was, almost a mature boy, hoisted over this female disciplinarian's lap as though I was an infant and instead of pain there was only burning pleasure. And although I was barely coherent I kept saying "Oh Matron, Matron, Oh, please don't tell anyone, Oh God that hurts, God that's wonderful, please stop, its not my fault, I'll lose the inheritance" etc.

The Matron started by saying I was disgusting, trying to impersonate a girl that I was a dirty, perverted sissy boy who was in a sissy gymslip. That I wasn't telling her what to do, that she was going to expose me, my mother and that even our doctor friend would lose his license. She said she would bring my Mother in and discipline her over her caning stool. She kept telling me I was a lying little sissy boy and that she'd make sure I wouldn't be able o sit for a month.

Suddenly the spanks stopped and she placed her hand between my legs and I felt it wrap around the shaft of my penis. She said, "I don't believe this, this is not a punishment, you are enjoying it, you disgusting sissy boy! I'm going to give you something you won't enjoy!"

She pulled me to my feet and as the folds of my gymslip in back fell into place, while in front the box-pleats stuck out over my raging erection which was no longer held in by my panties. Even that course woolen starched serge material draped over the head of my shaft felt wonderful yet I was crying and still begging her not to tell and reveal my secret.

She said "It's over the stool for you - lets see how many of the cane you can handle"

I said something like "But the stool is for senior girls and I am only fifteen, you can't put me over that!"

She gave a nasty laugh and said "Are you telling me what I can and cannot do, sissy boy?"

I replied, "No Matron - please don't hurt me, please, please don't tell any one, and please don't put me on the stool, not over the stool, I'm too young, please, please ..."

She took no notice of my pathetic pleas and dragged me by my arm over to the caning stool. She made me stand on the step and forced me by lifting my butt, to straddle the short crossbeam whereupon my weight was on my crotch with my feet barely touching the step. Before I could adjust my penis in the gymslip that was now forced against the cross or crutch bar she pushed me over so that my chest lay across the wooden slats of the seat. My shoulders extended over the front edge of the stool and my neck rested in the open wooden collar yolk. As soon as my neck touched the wooden yoke, she closed the top half down and I saw her slide a wooden peg into the yolk to lock it down on my neck. I could barely move my head and with my thighs straddling the crutch bar and with hardly any weight on my feet I could barely move.

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Quickly she knelt down and positioned my ankles into their respective wooden cuffs and closed the wooden gates locking them tight on my ankles. It probably only took her twenty seconds and then she came around to the front and secured my wrists similarly in the wooded wrists cuff. It wasn't really uncomfortable but I could only move my head - which was limited by my school shirt collar and toe being forced into my neck by the wooden yolk, and my fingers and toes. I was absolutely trapped and held in perfect position for her to cane my utterly exposed backside. There was nothing I could do but wait there and let her do her worst.

Chapter 3 - The Cane and the Clips

I was now truly terrified. I had witnessed those girls on the school stage, had seen them led in terror to the stool, I now understood why they hadn't appeared to struggle and watched how they had been caned. Above all I had heard how they had screamed in agony. I knew for a certainty that I was in for the same treatment and that there was nothing I could say or do to stop it from happening. This didn't stop me. I screamed and pleaded for her to let me go, to not hurt me or cane me even as I felt the tap of her cane on my buttocks. The tapping continued for quite a while, punctuated by her rubbing it against my skin, almost as though she were trying to decide where to hit me first. Suddenly I heard a loud "swoosh" as she whipped it through the air and then a crack as it hit me in the crack between my buttocks and thighs. I found it faintly puzzling that I heard the noise and the crack because there was a definite delay between hearing the crack and the onset of the pain it caused. In fact I was initially surprised that it didn't really hurt but it was a short lived surprise.

Suddenly there was an overwhelming, almost brilliant burst of pain that erupted where the stroke had landed. It caused me to suck my breath in sharply and I desperately tried to flinch. I had never in my life experienced anything like it. A knife cutting me in half couldn't have been as bad. The fire burst through me like an explosion that started where the cane hit and the shockwave roared clean through me and spread from my head to my toes. However within about ten seconds the terrible fire had subsided to leave a deep warm penetrating glow that was almost pleasant. However before I could really appreciate it a second stroke landed causing the intense searing pain to explode again across my body. This time I almost screamed but instead just moaned and begged her to stop. As the pain began to fade to that incredible penetrating warmth she said,

"You don't tell me what to do; you are not in position to have any say whatsoever in what will happen. I decide when and how to punish you. Do you understand?"

I started to say "Yes but pleeea ....Ahhhhh!" as a third stroke landed a little higher up... My brain almost couldn't cope with that incredible surge of pain and I had to wait hoping it would subside - yet even before it faded she hit me again in what felt like the same place followed almost immediately by another stroke and then another which were scattered between the first three. The pain was unimaginable. I desperately tried to use my toes to squirm up the crutch bar, anything to change position, to move my butt out of that terrible burning fire but it was useless. My buttocks were absolutely locked in place - I couldn't move a millimeter. I think I was screaming for forgiveness, begging her to stop and pleading with her to keep my secret. At that point I realized I would do anything for her. Somehow it didn't matter if she kept on caning me, telling the world my secret - I just sort of resigned myself to her. Looking back on it now, I think she felt it too. She said,

"Perhaps I won't involve your mother. Perhaps I shall keep your filthy secret after all providing you can obey me. Can you obey me absolutely?", and she punctuated it with another stroke that seemed to land where the first stoke had landed.

"Aaaaaghhhh! .... Yes I'll do anything, please don't hit me again ....Ohhhhhh! Oh God not again!!! Aaaaaaaaaghhhhh!" as the blows came quickly.

"You don't tell me when to stop!"

"Oh no, I mean yes, please it hurts so badly"

"Yes I believe I shall keep your secret, but only while you do as I tell you. You will obey my orders absolutely. Can you do that?" and she caned me again.

I screamed again and sucked in my breath. It was taking longer now for the pain to subside between strokes now and I could barely think clearly. But it didn't matter, I suddenly wanted to obey this powerful woman, she could take control of my life if she wanted. I didn't care. I marveled that after the terrible stinging subsided the pain wasn't too bad. My ass was burning with a deep warm sensation that was not exactly unpleasant. I just said, "I'll do anything you want Matron, please keep my secret and stop".

"Remember," she said, "You don't give the orders I do, and to help you remember who is in charge I shall give you another eight strokes. Are you going to be a good sissy and remember who is in charge?"

"No, no more, I mean Yes, Yes! You are in charge; please don't hit me ..... Aaaaaaaaaggghhhhhh ....." I screamed. The strokes came at ten second intervals, barely enough time for the pain to fade to background level before the next stroke hit. It was unbearable yet there was nothing I could do. The fear welled up inside of me that I would scream the place down and I desperately tried to avoid it but still the screams escaped my lips. Suddenly I realized the caning had stopped and after about twenty seconds the terrible stinging had subsided. My ass was on fore with that deep burning pain. But now it was tolerable and not altogether unpleasant.

The Matron left me locked up while she replaced her cane in her cupboard and then she came over to me and asked me how I was doing.

"Ohh God", I mumbled, "It hurts, Oh god it hurts like hell, but it's .... Wonderful, it feels sooo ... good? I've never felt anything like it before. I'll do anything you want."

"Good, very good." She smiled, "so you like the cane too, my you really are an unusual girl. And you are going to do exactly what I want!"

"Oh yes Matron, what ever you want".

"Good." She repeated.

Gradually the stinging and my crying subsided. Only then did she walk to the front of the stool and patted my head and stroked my hair. She leaned over and kissed my cheek and bound as I was, it felt wonderful. She leaned over in her starched uniform and I could smell her perfume. She undid the screws that held my wrists and then walked in back and released the screws holding my ankles. She then kissed me on the cheek again and unlocked the bolt holding the neck yolk.

She helped me straighten up but I was suddenly weak, everything was hazy and I had to hang on to her as she moved me to the back of the room and dropped the curtain.

She sat on one of the beds and had me kneel in font of her. She told me;

"From now until you graduate you are going to obey me absolutely. If you make the slightest mistake I shall punish you over the stool. In return your secret will be kept. But to keep that secret we shall have to work together, you will be subject to my inspections at least every other day. These inspections will check your appearance and uniform to make sure you still appear like a girl. I shall examine you in every detail and will punish you for the slightest flaw. Do you understand?"

Although I didn't really understand, then I none-the-less said "Oh yes Matron, I shall do everything you want and I know you will punish me for the slightest mistakes."

"All right then, just so you understand what this means, I am going to demonstrate for you what it means to obey me absolutely; I shall show you the absolute power that you have given me."

She got up and left me kneeling by the bed and went over to a cupboard behind me, retrieved something and came and stood behind me. She said,

"Put your wrists behind you, and keep them there."

She stood behind me and leaning over she buckled a leather belt around my waist the buckle being fastened in front. Next I felt her fastening my wrists into leather cuffs that were attached to the belt. I was so scared of her that I didn't dare resist, I knew she could just as easily put me back over the stool, and I didn't want that. Once my wrists were secured she had me stand up and then lie on my back on the bed, lying on top of my hands. I was powerless to resist her.

She knelt by my side on the bed by my legs and lifted the hem of my gymslip over my waist, stacking the material on my belly so that I couldn't see anything down below. My genitalia were now subject to her gaze because my panties were still around my knees. She reached for my shaft which was still very erect but instead of just touching it, she struck it hard with her fist and I flinched. I tried to sit up in pain but she quickly pushed me down saying,

"You'll stay on your back. You belong to me now absolutely, every part of you and you will have to remember to do exactly as you are told or suffer the consequences. This means I shall punish you severely. Do you want me to punish you now?"

"On no Matron," I whimpered, "Please don't punish me again. I won't sit up".

She looked at me and as I looked back into her blue eyes I saw her smile in silent victory and as I realized that she had total domination over me I also understood that I wanted it that way. Everything about her, her quiet determination, the starched cap, the stiff white collar on her starched dress, the stiff white apron that rustled when she moved, the way she moved, commanded my absolute obedience and turned me on so that my shaft strained to stretch itself larger than ever.

She opened a small medical bag and took something out that I couldn't see. I felt her stroke my penis and then I felt a small bite on the foreskin. It didn't really hurt and she looked almost questioningly into my eyes. She did something else out of my sight and each time I felt a bite on the skin of my shaft. It was painful but stimulating and I felt my erection grow even more. She continued working on my genitals, hidden by the folds of my gymslip, and I felt even more of the bites, now on the skin of my testicular shaft. As she continued to work the pain become more intense which made my erection stiffen more. And as the skin tightened it became more and more painful and I desperately tried to think of something else, to make the erection go away. But I couldn't. The pain was increasing faster than I could fathom, it demanded my attention. I needed to know what she had done to me but she wouldn't let me sit up and I couldn't explore with my hands since they were still secured behind my back. I was becoming desperate but she just stood up and smiled. She said,

"Now we shall find out how well you follow my instructions. You are to lay there. Do not sit up; if you sit up and look I shall immediately lock you on to the stool and the next time I won't stop with the cane until your butt is bleeding. Now just lie there and relax ... if you can!" she laughed.

She walked over to her desk, and opened a drawer. From my position on the bed I couldn't see her. But I didn't care. The pain was becoming excruciating. It was a pain of erection, the strongest erection I had ever felt. The skin was tight beyond belief; it felt like it was ripping open and it just caused the sensation to increase all the more. I could do nothing I was helpless, caught in an incredible cycle of pain, stimulating an erection which caused yet more pain. I was going almost mad with agony.

Suddenly she was back by my side. She said, "Here let me help."

I turned my head to see, but not really looking at her because I was so distracted by the pain. She was bending over my legs and I vaguely noted she had something in her hand. There was a sudden sharp crack and felt a sear of pain on my inside right leg, very close to my crutch, then there was another slap and I yelped as the strap cracked on my left inside leg. She looked pleasantly into my now watering eyes and then there were two more sharp slaps that stung badly on each leg. The pain did distract a little from the sensations on my penis but I began to cry. The sensations were overwhelming and I couldn't cope. She sat next to me and I thought I saw a little sympathy. She said,

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"I'm a little sorry for you, your life has changed and you are only just beginning to see how much. If you think it hurts on your "slug" now, just wait until I release the clips!"

And with that she suddenly placed her left hand near my testicles, did something and a jolt of pain shot through me. I screamed and almost leapt off of the bed and as I did so I saw small metallic clips fastened down the length of my penis and over my testicles. My eyes watered more and I twisted and turned on the bed. Slowly the pain ebbed and just as I began to think about what was happening, her hand moved and another surge of pain in my penis made me scream in agony. I couldn't believe it was possible to experience anything like this but again as the pain slowly began to subside I realized that the stimulation was continuing to maintain my erection.

Gradually I began to breathe a little easier when she said, "Well my little sissy girl, you are doing quite well but there are six more clips to go. You see the clips stop the blood flow in the skin. When the clips are removed, the blood flows back in causing a searing agony to course throughout the area. It is painful and if you can, you could roll over and take them off yourself, though somehow I doubt you'll want to try it. But you must get used to it. This is one of many sensations that you will experience regularly from now. I enjoy doing this immensely, I love to see you struggle against the pain and I love the noises you make. This will be my payment for keeping your dirty little secret."

She laughed and said, "So you see you are really going to have to earn that inheritance after all." And with that she removed two more clips.

I curled up and then writhed in the sudden shock. I moaned out and there were tremors coursing through my body. Within a few moments however the excruciating nature of the pain resolved and I was left with just a residual pain that was more like a continual fierce erection. This time she gently stoked my shaft and it was so pleasant I didn't mind the knowledge that there were still clips to remove. She stroked some more and I gradually began to relax. Somehow she knew exactly when this happened because again she whipped of two more of the dreaded clips. I doubled over in agony and begged her to stop. I pleaded and pleaded and she said, "Just two more to go!" and with that she removed another one.

This one wasn't so bad but she must have seen that I didn't writhe as much because she reached down and removed the last one. This time the pain almost made be jump off the bed. I howled and cried, the tears welling in my eyes.

"There, there," she soothed. "That wasn't so bad. Eventually we shall be able to double the number of clips. And you do make such lovely sounds. Well I suppose you deserve a little reward."

She stood up and went over to the cabinet and returned with a black jar of something I couldn't identify. She manipulated it cap and emptied something into her hand. She then placed her hand on my penis and I realized she had coated it with some sort of cooling jelly. She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft and my erection almost reached bursting point. My legs started to move as I worked up to an orgasm, but just before I reached the point of no return she stopped. The disappointment was almost too much for me to bear and I moaned in frustration.

She laughed and said, "That was just to show you that you are in my total control. And your secret will remain a secret provided that I remain in control."

I moaned, "Yes Matron, you will always be in control. Please don't stop, please massage me."

"Are you giving me an order?", and she gave my penis a hard smack.

"No, no ... I'm sorry."

"I'm the only one who gives orders, if you can't remember that you'll be over the stool!"

Then she resumed massaging my cock again and I was in ecstasy, but again just as I began to reach an orgasm, she stopped and again I was frustrated. She did this two more times and said "You are not going to control this, only I will control it. You must never again touch your penis. It belongs to me. If I ever catch you even touching it you will be over my stool and you'll wish you had never been born." And again she slapped it hard.

"Yes Matron, only you can touch my cock, I won't ever touch it again. Oh please massage it now. I need it, I need it!"

"You need it? It's not what you need you stupid sissy boy, it's what I want!"

This time she dug her fingernails into my shaft and rubbed it hard and long. I found my legs moving on their own. The motion caused by still sore butt to rub into the serge of my gymslip and suddenly I was gushing like never before. I screamed in ecstasy. I had masturbated many times before and more of late because of my wearing the girl's school uniform and seeing adolescent girls dressed in the same clothing. The clothing was a terrible turn on for me and initially had caused such problems for me since the gymslip never seemed to hide my erections. However this orgasm was unlike any other. It gushed and gushed and my penis jerked and jerked in her hand.

"Well!" she said, "At least the equipment seems to work." Now that you've had your little relief roll over while I remove your cuffs!"

I did as I was told and she soon had my wrists and waist free of the leather restraint. She fetched a wet towel and had me clean up. She then ordered me to bend over so she could inspect the welts on my butt. As she ran her fingers in the deep grooves they stung and made me jump. She ordered me back into position and for a time she traced her fingers over the outline and I could only moan in pain. Eventually she sighed and told me to pull up my panties - which I did - jumping in pain as they slid over the welts. She then had me straighten my uniform and tie and then made me face her. She kissed me on my cheek and I found myself suddenly placing my arms around her starched uniform and buried my head into her aproned chest. I was in ecstasy as I hugged her. Almost unbidden my penis began again to expand in my knickers. She hugged me back for a while then pushed me away and said,

"You'll report to me at exactly four o'clock in two days for your next physical examination. Make sure you shower before you arrive and that your uniform is properly pressed and your tie is straight. Above all you will be a perfectly good girl, not get into trouble and no more silly mistakes like running in the school grounds. I shall talk to the headmistress and make sure you are permanently relieved from all sports games and the necessity to shower with the other girls."

With that she turned me to face the door, slapped me hard on my still extremely sore backside and bade me goodbye.

Chapter 4 - The Personal Assistants

I returned to my dorm a little confused. I looked at my clock and saw that only one and a half hours had passed. Yet my life had changed. I was now a slave to be punished and God knew what else. There was nothing I could do to prevent it. And if I believed Matron, I couldn't even touch my own penis anymore. I was going to have to be totally obedient to her, with none of my own opinions mattering in the slightest. A part of me was horrified that this had happened but another part of me was actually intrigued if not well and truly happy at the prospects. Yes I was scared of her cane and her stool, they hurt like crazy and it had been truly awful when she had had her clips on my penis. Yet the pain in my ass now was pleasant, even stimulating and the memory of those clips caused me to start yet another erection. Even the thought of obeying her was actually exciting. In her uniform - which I had to admit - really turned me on, she radiated power and I craved to obey her and please her. The thought of her examining me in two days was actually exciting and even if she did want to put me on her stool perhaps she would massage me afterwards and give me another orgasm. Another aspect of this affair was that there was also a huge weight off my mind. The person I had been most afraid of finding my secret now knew it and was not only going to keep it, but also help me keep it. I didn't know what that might entail yet but I thought it might be interesting.

With these thoughts I started to massage the bulge in my panties and just as I started to lie on the bed and flip up my gymslip I saw the clock again and realized it was time for the evening meal. Miss. Jenkins, our form mistress, was a stickler for punctuality and if I were late, without a good excuse I might be punished - perhaps even sent to the Matron. The thought made me smile yet I realized I was in no shape for another beating. I quickly tidied myself up and set off for the refectory.

I needn't have worried, I was actually five minutes early and my best friend Amanda Perkins, a good looking brunette, who also happened to be in the same class as me and as good at me in schoolwork, was already waiting in line for the refectory doors to open.

She said, "Where did you go after class, Michelle?"

"The headmistress sent me to see the Matron."

"You had to go see the Matron?" she exclaimed, "What have you done?"

"Nothing" I laughed. "She wanted to give me a physical exam because she had been reading my chart, that's all!"

"Is that because of your heart?"

"Yes, she wanted to check me out for sports but she said that it is my heart that causes my shortness of breath when I try to run, so for now no sports. Physical games are definitely out."

"Oh" she said, "I'm sorry, it must be a bummer to sit out on PE and all the other games."

"It is," I smiled, "though I'm sort of used to it. Why are you in line so early?"

"Oh, I came directly from Miss Jenkins - I had to go see her after class."

"You aren't in any trouble; you are the best girl in our class."

"Well thanks, even though it's not true, except for the medical thing, I think you will be if not already are, the smartest and perhaps best liked," she laughed, "even if you have been here only two months.

"No, the reason she wanted to see me was that she wants me to be her PA."

"What is a PA?"

"Oh you know - or perhaps you don't since you are relatively new. Have you seen the girls wearing the striped girdles instead of the red, green, yellow and blue of our houses?"

"Yes, you mean the black girdles with the two thin yellow stripes?" I answered a little uncertainly. Every girl in the school wore a girdle or belt around her waist, over her gymslip that was the color of the house they belonged to. The entire school student population including the prefects was divided up into four houses - St. Bernadette's house, St. Catherine's house, St. Mary's house and St.Theresa's house. Each house was represented by a color, Yellow for Bernadette, green for Catherine, red for Mary and blue for Theresa and a girl's girdle at her waist bore the color of her house. Amanda and I were in the same house, St. Theresa's.

Over the school year, girls were awarded points for their house for good school work, performing extra service, charity work etc. Sometimes demerits were awarded which took points away from your house which was a big dishonor. Nearly all the girls were keen to collect good points for their house and were a big part of the sporting events which were always held between the houses. At the end of the year a Gold cup was awarded to the house with the most points.

I had however noticed that a few of the senior girls wore a girdle that was black except for two thin yellow stripes. I had actually thought it looked a little special since it matched nicely with the school tie which was of yellow and black stripes. I didn't know what the girdle meant though I had once heard a senior girl pointed out to me as being "the one in the St Anne's girdle". At the time I hadn't known what it was but I assumed that was what Amanda was referring to.

Amanda continued "Yes that's right, the girdle with the two yellow stripes. Well PA's - some call them the St. Anne's slaves - are the personal assistants to their designated member of staff. All members of staff who have been with the school five years are permitted to choose a girl from our year who will become their personal assistant for their remainder of their time here - that is until they graduate. It is a big honor. The girls who are usually chosen are good in school, are neat and well respected by the teachers and their classmates. Unfortunately they have to leave their houses and wear the "St. Anne's" girdle. But they get to live in the cottages of the teachers which are very luxurious and they thus save the dorm fees for their parents. They usually do very well in their exams and they get fabulous references which gets them into the best universities. In return they live with their designated teacher and do odd jobs for them."

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"How many are selected," I asked.

"Well new girls are picked at the end of August which is next week and only those members of staff who lost their PA's when they graduated last year will get to choose, oh and I think this year Miss Brown, the music teacher, and Miss Halliwell, the Art Mistress, will choose one because I think they have now both been here for 5 years. This year it will therefore only be about four girls. Miss Jenkins wants to pick me and I have to let her know by Monday."

"Do you have to do it?"

"Oh no", she answered "but like I said it is a big honor and I would like to do it. My only problem is that I won't be living in the dorm any more or eating in the refectory. Oh I'll still play sports and games though any points I collect don't go to any house. I won't see you and Susan as much."

Susan was our other friend - the three of us hung together a lot of the time. And I would surely miss Amanda. Amanda was not only my friend but if circumstances had been different I would have been hot for her. She was my height, very good looking and perfectly proportioned. She was very smart but not overbearing, on the quiet side and thoughtful. She shared a dorm room with Susan who was a tall blonde who was stunning to look at and knew it. Susan was always laughing and outgoing and tended to be the leader. She probably knew everyone in the school and was the life of any party. Susan wasn't keen on sports and was always talking about boys. She was down to the village every opportunity she could get and often dragged us with her. She of course hated our uniforms because as she pointed out, "How am I going to attract a boy in this 18th century outfit". It didn't help her that our uniform had to be worn whenever we were off of school grounds.

Susan didn't understand my reticence to discuss boys - if only she knew the crush I had on Amanda, she would have been surprised. I was obviously the quiet one in our group. I suppose we had got to know each other because the three of us were the best at school work although I probably scored the highest most of the time. This wasn't because I was smarter but because I had to keep myself to myself much of the time to prevent being found out. This meant I spent a lot of time in my room and since there was only a TV in the common room I had little to do but read. It was therefore relatively easy for me to study and usually had my homework and assignments done in record time. Also because I couldn't involve myself in sports (besides I didn't really like girl's games) this gave me even more time. Of all the girl's games that were played at St. Anne's there was only tennis that I would have loved to have played. I was actually fairly good at soccer. Cricket and tennis and would have easily made the tennis team however the tennis season wouldn't start till March and we were only now going into September. Obviously I couldn't play tennis anyway, since it might have given the game away.

Amanda suddenly said, "Actually I'm surprised that both you and Susan haven't been selected. You are both better than me at schoolwork and are very neat and tidy. In fact I think it is still likely that next week you'll be approached and asked."

"How come only four will be picked, surely there are more teachers than four who have been here over five years?" I asked.

She said, "Oh there are but it's because the other staff, still have their PA's from last year - they only lose them when they graduate. For instance Marilyn Harrison was only selected to be a PA last year for Miss Henderson the Mathematics teacher, so she has two more years to go. On the other hand Lisa Reynolds was the PA for Matron last year but she graduated and got in at Oxford so I suppose Matron will pick a new PA this year."

"So what else will you have to do?"

"Actually it's not bad. As you know most of the staff live in the cottages on the far side of the school grounds. I've never been over there but from what I understand they are smallish but beautiful inside. There is a lovely garden complex that Marilyn told me has its own stream and waterfall. Marilyn said that she does a little cooking and laundry but also said that Miss Henderson does her fair share too. She also does a little of Miss Henderson's paperwork and some of the other PA's do marking of homework and test papers that their teachers would otherwise have to do. But it's not onerous work and there is plenty of time for homework and games etc. Most of the PA's really enjoy it and their staff often takes them into the village or even town to the cinema and such on weekends. Weekend curfew rules don't apply to the PA's when they are with their staff. The major downside of being a PA's is that you tend to lose touch with your classmates. The PA's do get together though often the staff hold parties for each other and then the PA's get to party too. Say if Susan and you were picked I wouldn't feel so bad!"

We had by this time already started eating and suddenly Susan breezed in. I noted that Miss Jenkins down the table frowned at her late entry but Susan as usual didn't seem to notice. Susan always let everyone know she was present - she was relatively big and for what I lacked in the breast department she could have made up double. While gymslips were originally designed to flatten out the curves in girls, in her case it emphasized them. The box pleats over her chest were pushed out so far they opened up emphasizing her curves. She was also quite tall and her long blonde hair made her stunning. She was always neat and tidy but she was always getting told that her gymslip was too short. We were supposed to maintain it below the level of our knee high socks but she claimed her breasts pushed it up at the waist and when she pulled it down it did (barely) reach to the top of her socks.

As she sat at our table she said, "Guess what?"

"I can't," said Amanda, "I'm all guessed out! That test in geography this morning used up all my guesses for the entire week. Spill it - it must be something good telling by your face".

"Miss Halliwell has asked me to be her PA! What do you think of that?"

"I'd had thought it might interfere with your midnights sneaks down to the village," laughed Amanda.

"Yes" said Linda Thompson, "If Miss Halliwell finds out about your nocturnal habits she'll have you seen to by Matron and the next thing you know, you'll be over that stool!"

Linda and Colleen Smith also shared the Dorm with Amanda and Susan. Linda had a great sense of humor and was the class clown - but there was no fear that she would ever be selected as a PA if good school marks were criteria. Linda, as she liked to put it was the foundation of our great class, and it was true she was usually at the bottom of all test scores. In fact we knew she had been to see Matron at least once already and apparently she had visited her several times in previous years. Whether she had been on the dreaded stool we didn't know but the last time she had been quiet for a couple of days and we had noticed that she had been studying more.

Colleen, a gorgeous redhead who was forever untidy just smirked. And then said, "Yes Susan, if you accept a PA slot, the boys in the village will all be depressed and may petition the school for your release." Colleen was unlikely to be chosen as a PA either - her hair looked permanently wind blown and her tie loose and crooked. Her gymslip always looked crumpled, the box pleats having disappeared in the other creases which to me made it all the less sexy, unlike Amanda's. Colleen was relatively quiet but like Amanda, was superb at Hockey and all things sporting. She was also in St. Theresa's house and was the lead scorer in all games points though she was also continually getting demerits for being untidy and late. She continued, "What do you think Michelle"

I shook my head and said, "Up until ten minutes ago when Amanda told me she had been asked, I didn't even know what a PA was."

Susan looked at Amanda in surprised and smiled, "Amanda, you sneak, you weren't going to tell me that you had been picked too? So who are you going to PA for?"

"Miss Jenkins," said Amanda.

"Wow, that's great," said Susan. "Halliwell and Jenkins are virtual next door neighbors with only the Matron in between, so we'll still get to see each other all the time. And since you are so good with the laundry you can help me do it while I sneak off to the village!" She laughed. "Mustn't let the village lads down, after all!"

This banter continued throughout the meal and we were still laughing about Susan and Amanda being PA's until we made it to the common room to watch TV. It wasn't until later that night at curfew that I returned to my dorm room and sat on my bed when I winced from the pain of my still sore butt that I remembered the more unusual details of the afternoon. I especially enjoyed being with Susan and Amanda. They were my best friends at school and I found I could relax in their presence. Susan was always so full of herself in the nicest possible way that I didn't have to worry much about her thinking about how peculiar I was. Amanda on the other hand was my secret crush. Although Susan was a great looker in the classic sense, she was a little too big for me - I preferred girls who were less imposing. Besides I'm sure even if Susan had suspected I were a boy she wouldn't have been interested. She preferred older more mature boys - especially the seniors at High Cross Grammar School for boys in the town five miles away who would often come to the village on weekends.

Amanda was much more my type and I loved the way she looked in school uniform. She was my height, weighed a little less and was all curvy, especially when she was in her games gear. And the gymslip somehow made her look even better and she was quite a turn on. I had often gone to sleep dreaming of making out with her in the woods, the two of us in our gymslips, wrestling on the leaves in the grass. Of course Amanda never knew how I really felt and probably would have been shocked to find out I was a boy. I think she would have kept my secret but for now I knew that I had been impersonating a girl for too long for her to forgive me. Still as I fantasized about her I began to have an erection and I started to massage it under the folds of my skirt.

Then I remembered that Matron had told me not to touch it anymore and felt a little guilty. This made me irritable and angry and I remembered that in any case I would be missing Amanda all the more in the near future when she became a PA. God, I thought. Life really sucks - still I thought, the time with Matron hadn't been all bad and the orgasm I'd experienced had been incredible.

I got off the bed, removed my clothes and took a shower. I had just climbed into bed and turned the light out, when suddenly my door, which I had locked, opened. In the light from the hallway outside I could see the silhouette of Matron, unmistakable because of her cap.

"Hello Michelle, I had to come over and see one of the senior girls who is having some menstrual cramps and since I was passing I thought I'd look in on you."

She closed the door and turned on the light and walked over to my bed.

"Let's just take a look at your backside. I want to make sure your stripes are bruising properly so I know my work is satisfactory. That's it, pull back your sheets, roll over onto your belly and pull up your nightie."

I was embarrassed of course and wondering how she had managed to open my locked door but then I realized she probably had a key to every room in the school. However I decided not to argue and just obey her.

I pulled the sheets down, hitched up my nightgown, turned over and lay face down while she inspected my butt. She ran her fingers several times over the tramlines that were deeply rutted in there causing me flinch at every touch. It was still quite painful but in a very good way. She then pulled out a tube of some cream from her uniform pocket and started to massage it all over. It felt really wonderful, it was cold and very soothing and she was very gentle the way she massaged it in.

"There," she said suddenly giving me a hard smack across my right butt cheek. "You'll do. The marks have now taken on a wonderful shade of purple and I am sure you will be sore for the next couple of days. I doubt they shall have gone by Saturday which is when you will see me at 4 PM sharp and your butt will be receiving some more attention. However I shall tell you something else so you can help take your mind off of the unpleasantness I have planned for you.

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Today, after you left," she continued, "I called on Miss Jenkins, who I learned from your file is your form mistress. I wanted to discuss your performance in school and I was delighted to learn that academically at least, you seem to be one of the brightest in your class, with particular aptitude in math and sciences. She said that foreign languages were a bit of a challenge but otherwise you are excellent. She also told me that your best friend seemed to be Amanda Perkins who she has asked to be her PA next year. Apparently she was thinking of choosing you but was worried that you might not be able to do everything required of the job because of your heart condition.

"Anyway, It occurred to me this afternoon that you would do nicely as my PA - my previous girl, Lisa Reynolds, graduated last year and went up to Oxford. She was a truly excellent girl and we shared some good and "special" times together. However the PA's have to be good academically which is why I went to check on you. You can give me your answer on Saturday if you like and you don't have to say yes. I want another PA like Lisa was. One who would enjoy being my PA however there are certain advantages I could point out to you.

"First, I already know your secret and by living at my cottage I can help take you a little more out of circulation which will lessen your chances of being found out. I can help you dress and be more feminine and as your hair becomes more problematic, help you take care of it. Whether you choose to be my PA or not you are certainly going to be seeing much more of me and you had better believe that no matter what you choose, my stool is going to become a big part of your life - just as it was for Lisa. Lisa learned to enjoy it and from what I saw this afternoon I know you will too. I will be expecting you to serve me in many "special" ways anyway and being in my cottage will be more pleasant for us both. Also living in my cottage will save your mother the expense of this single dorm and naturally you will be showering at my cottage anyway in the complete privacy of my home. Finally your good schoolwork combined with your supposed medical condition makes you perfectly qualified to be my PA since everyone will know that I am the best prepared staff member to care for you.

"There are other advantages which you can work out for yourself - for instance Miss Jenkins is my neighbor along with Miss Halliwell so you will still be able to see quite a lot of Amanda. However you must expect me to be very strict with you and if you think I am a tough disciplinarian for the school, it will be nothing as compared to what I will be for you. You will learn some sensitive information and you will be punished incredibly if I find that that information becomes public including your own secret will be in jeopardy. So between now and Saturday think carefully on what I have said."

With that she stood up, turned me over, pulled my nightie back down and pulled my sheets up tucking me in and said, "Any questions?"

I said, "No Matron, thank you for keeping my secret, and thank you for massaging the cream into my bottom. Today was incredible, although I was very scared and I still hurt a lot and the caning on the stool was pretty bad, I did actually enjoy it. I can give you my answer now. I'd love to be you PA - in fact I'd consider it an honor. Thank you Matron."

She smiled at me and I remember how beautiful she looked, still immaculate in her uniform and said "Good, but think it over till Saturday, you can still change your mind until then."

I asked, "May I tell Amanda and Susan?"

She looked a little puzzled, "Susan?"

"Susan Davis. She and Amanda are my best friends and Susan has been asked by Miss Halliwell to be her PA."

"Oh that's right. Sheila Halliwell has been here five years now and is entitled to a PA. Did you know that Margaret Jenkins, Sheila and I live almost in a triangle? If the three of you all accept you'll still be able to stay together - sort of," and she laughed that evil laugh as though she knew more than she was letting on. "Well goodnight, Michelle, sleep tight and I hope you burning butt doesn't keep you awake - and don't try to touch yourself or I shall have to be ordering you some sleeping restraints."

And with that she turned out the light, and closed and locked the door behind her.

As a general rule I didn't like weekends - or at least, not since I had come to St. Anne's. Particularly Saturdays. The main reason was clothing. On Saturdays we were allowed to wear our own clothes while on school grounds. The trouble was I hated wearing girl's clothes. I was not a transvestite, and got no pleasure from wearing dresses. We were expected to look smart and skirts and dresses encouraged. Jeans, which I wouldn't have minded too much (although girls jeans aren't styled like boys) were forbidden. I had a few long skirts to hide my legs, but felt silly in short skirts and I couldn't abide myself in the few dresses I had. Although it was perfectly OK to wear school uniform on Saturdays and actually it was mandatory if we were leaving the school grounds to go to the village (it was forbidden for the junior girls to take the bus to the near bye town) the girls all frowned on it and you were considered peculiar.

On the other hand by now I loved wearing the school uniform. It was comfortable, generally hid my manhood and flat chest pretty well and actually turned me on. I especially liked to see the other girls in it, particularly Amanda who somehow looked incredibly attractive in her white collared school shirt, neatly tied tie and immaculately pressed gymslip. She wore it with pride and looked to be the perfect schoolgirl and I always had to think of something else to avoid the inevitable erection when I saw her.

But Amanda too avoided her uniform like the plague on Saturday's unless we were going to the village. And because I didn't like wearing frilly girl's blouses, tops and dresses I either went to the village by myself or stayed in my room wearing either jeans and a "T shirt" or my uniform shirt and a plain skirt. Sometimes I just wore my uniform and was happy like that; though I had to stay in my room less I receive cutting comments from the other girls. The trouble was winter was approaching and it was turning colder and raining more. The village didn't hold much to keep my attention and it was no fun walking through the woods in the rain. The village consisted of only two streets, and a coffee shop and I couldn't stay there all day. There was fortunately a local library that was open on Saturdays which was handy if it was raining, but I had already looked at most of the magazines and many of the books.

Saturday dawned reasonably sunny and over breakfast I asked Amanda if she wanted to go to the village. She said "Oh Michelle, you go there every weekend, honestly, I don't see the attraction. If we were allowed to ride the bus to town I could understand it but two streets, a coffee shop and a pub don't really do it for me."

"I agree with Amanda for once said Susan, town would be great - though not in stupid uniform - the boys from High Cross are always there. However I do have to go to the library and return a book. I've conned Mr. Jenkins, the librarian into getting these Harlequin romances for me since there is nothing fun to read in the school library but I have to return a couple today and see what others he has managed to obtain. So this once Michelle, I'll do the unthinkable for you. I'll pull on the dreaded St. Anne's suit of Armor or boy repellant on a Saturday, and come with you. You might as well come too Amanda and the three of us can get some coffee and begin our long goodbyes to Michelle."

"What do you mean?" asked Amanda. "Why are we saying goodbye?"

"And I thought you were the third smartest girl in the school after me and Michelle, because of the PA's you dope!"

"Ooh I'd forgotten that," said Amanda. "Although it's not definite that I'm going to agree yet - I have till Monday to make up my mind. Anyway I suppose I could use a nice walk and the weather is OK so I guess I'll join you both. What say we meet at around 1 PM in the school lobby - I have to do some reading and then change back into the boy repellant outfit!"

I nodded agreement, though privately thought that if Amanda and Susan only new of the gymslips effect on me they may have reconsidered their opinions. I also wondered if other boys were similarly affected by good looking girls in smart school uniform.

I went back to my room and for want of anything better to do I changed into my gymslip in which I was more comfortable any way and had just finished changing when there was a knock on my door. I answered it and found to my surprise that it was Amanda. She was still in a miniskirt and Tee shirt but was clearly surprised to see me already in uniform.

"Cripes Michelle," she said, "I haven't left you for five minutes and you are already back in uniform, complete with tie and yet we aren't leaving till 1PM!"

"Oh," I stammered, "I don't mind it as much as you and Susan seem to but in any case, I wanted to read a book myself and didn't want get distracted and be late so I though I'd change now."

"You are a strange girl," she laughed. "I've never seen a girl who wears the uniform as much, nor as well as you, yet you do have some pretty clothes. But the main thing I wanted to see you about was this thing about my having to tell Miss Jenkins about being her PA on Monday. Susan was right, I won't get to see you as much, and wonder if you will be all right. You don't seem to have as many friends as the rest of us - I know you've only been here two months but it does seem like me and Susan are who you hang with mostly. Will you be dreadfully lonely if Susan and I go off and be PA's, will you be upset?"

"Of course not," I replied knowing that if it weren't for the fact that I too was going to be a PA for Matron, I'd actually be feeling quite lonely and depressed. But I hadn't told Amanda yet or anybody and had decided over breakfast I'd beak the news to the two of them on the way to the village. This way if there were any other girls like Colleen or Linda listening they wouldn't feel left out.

"Look" I said, "Don't worry, we still take pretty much the same classes so I'll see you lots and we can still go down to the village together if Miss Jenkins allows it. You must take the offer, you'd be crazy not to accept - I know I would if I were offered."

"Oh Michelle, you are so understanding, and you can rest assured I'll hang with you as much as possible," and with that she suddenly surprised me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek.

I was so shocked and I really wanted to hug her back but instead just brushed her cheek with my lips. She then said, "OK I'll see you in about an hour," and with that she was gone.

I was pretty dazed for the next hour thinking I had just kissed the first girl I had ever loved and yet she didn't even know I was a boy!

We met as planed at 1 PM in the school lobby and now Amanda and Susan were dressed like me. It was a warmish day so we just wore our school blazers over the shirts and gymslips. I never really understood Susan's dislike of the uniform. Although she was on the larger size and certainly looked older than her fifteen years, she was a sight to behold. Her long platinum blonde hair sparkled in the early afternoon sun and at 5 feet 10 inches seemed to tower over Amanda's and my 5 foot eight. Her beautiful breast thrust out at her gymslip spreading the box pleats open, and she radiated a warms sexuality that was almost palpable. I believe any male would have boggled at the sight of her - of course I thought her uniforms made her look even better and still wondered how other boys felt about it. Amanda also looked stunning. She was more my size and somewhat less intimidating than Susan. She was perfectly proportioned and her chestnut brown hair also glinted in the sun. She too wore it long though not as long as Susan. But it was thick and luscious. When in uniform we were supposed to keep our long hair tied in a pony tail which I always did since I could never get used to my long black hair dangling in my face and blowing around in a breeze. However most girls ignored the rule and there was seldom repercussions. As always Amanda's uniform like mine was immaculate, her starched shirt collar was crisp and neat, just snug on her neck, the black and gold striped tie tied symmetrical and the knot perfectly positioned. The creases in her gymslip were sharp and perfect and it fell down to the perfect, at least by school regulations, height of one inch below the top of her socks. The blue girdle of St. Theresa's house was tied just right with the tails coming to the exactly proper length down her left side to match neatly with the hem of her gymslip. Her white socks were immaculate and even her black Mary-Jane strap over shoes shone to perfection. Yes Susan was stunningly beautiful, but Amanda was my secret love.

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We strolled leisurely to the village enjoying the afternoon sun and waited in the library as Susan exchanged her novels. Amanda and I were much amused to see her flirting with the librarian, Mr. Jenkins whose eyes seemed to boggle at her through his thick pebble glasses. She flashed him her smile and you could see him almost melt. When she bid him good bye, he almost groveled and his face cracked into what he thought was a smile - though Amanda and I who had never seen him smile before, both believed that his face didn't know how to do it.

Laughing about it we went to the coffee shop and leisurely discussed everything that happened over the week. Susan did most of the talking as usual, Amanda and I content to listen though occasionally rolling our eyes at each other in disbelief at some of the outrageous statements she made. The two of them talked excitedly about being PA's and I listened interestedly since I wondered what is was going to be like with Matron. They both expressed concern that I would be left out and they both promised to see me as often as possible and also persuade their respective teachers to let me come and visit as often as possible. I let them rabbit on this way in my anticipation of letting the two of them have it when I told them my news but decided to wait it out to see what else they would say.

It was about an hour and a half later as we were walking back to the school that during a small gap in a conversation, that was of course mostly dominated by Susan, that I sprang my surprise.

"Look," I said, "You know how full of yourselves you two have been regarding this PA thing? Well you should know you aren't alone!"

"What do you mean?" cried Susan. "Do you know of any of the other girls who have been asked?"

"Well as a matter of fact I do!" I exclaimed. "Me!"

"Huh," said Amanda, "You must be joking!"

"Why not me?" I asked pretending to sound hurt.

"No reason, hurried on Amanda "but ... but you never mentioned it before, not even this morning when I asked you if you'd mind me being a PA." she said accusingly.

"Well I didn't want to spoil the surprise, I wanted Susan to know at the same time." I answered.

"See Amanda, at least Michelle thinks of both of us," said Susan " though for the past two hours you have let Amanda and me gush endlessly making fools of ourselves and never said a thing. That was a pretty cruel thing to do, but don't keep us in the dark Michelle, who has asked you to be their PA?"

"As a matter of fact the Matron asked me the other night. She actually came to my room after she had previously seen Miss Jenkins to enquire about my school work."

"Oh that's the best news I've heard this year!" shouted Amanda and once again threw her arms around me and gave me a big kiss on my cheek and a huge long hug. This time it was incredible. Amanda was in her uniform and that fact alone stirred emotions that I couldn't believe. I hugged back tightly and though we had our school blazers on over our gymslips it didn't spoil the effect on me. Suddenly Susan pried Amanda off of me and in a display of emotion that I'd never seen in Susan she too hugged me and I could see there were tears of joy in her eyes.

We finally disentangled ourselves and it was Susan who said, "Oh this is gonna be great! The three of us will remain together after all, Matrons cottage is right next to Halliwell and Jenkins so we'll be able to hang out all the time. And I'll have Michelle as well as you Amanda to do all the laundry!" She joked.

"So when do you have to confirm by?" asked Amanda.

"Well I'm supposed to see her at 4PM this afternoon and let her know."

"Well in that case I have some bad news for you," laughed Susan, "It is five minutes to four-o-clock now so you are gonna be late. And it serves you right for holding out on us. Bet she hoists you over that dreaded stool of hers!"

I looked at my watch in shock and realized she was absolutely right. It would take at least another ten minutes to reach the school if I ran and I couldn't really do that because Susan and Amanda would wonder at my sudden athleticism - I remembered the trouble it got me into the last time I had run. I said, "Oh my gosh! I'll have to hurry, Matron doesn't like you to be late - she might even withdraw her offer. Come on girls lets get a move on!"

I didn't believe Matron would withdraw her PA offer but I knew full well that the stool was likely to be a part of the next hour, and I wasn't looking forward to it - well I suppose deep down a part of me was, but I hoped, forlornly, that she might take it a little easier on me because my bum was still sore from Thursdays cane treatment.

The three of us did start to walk a little more quickly to the school and I suppose I was a little quieter in the conversation because I was nervous about the punishment I would receive. I think Amanda and Susan assumed that because of my heart I was just conserving energy and they respected that and chatted between them about what a poor sport I was leaving them out of the good news.

So it was almost 4:15 PM when I finally knocked on Matron's door.

Chapter 5 - The Saturday Visit to Matron

I expected her to shout "Come in!" but instead there was a long pause and I couldn't hear a sound. I started to wonder if she had left and that scared me because I didn't know what I would do. Then I thought if she had left on a medical emergency she might not know I had been late and so I might be off the hook. I though I'd knock again when suddenly the door opened and she stood there glowering at me.

"Well well, little Michelle! What time do you call this?" She almost whispered in apparent anger.

"Err ... I'm sorry I'm late," I stammered, "I was in the village and didn't realize how late it was ..."

"Come in and shut up! I don't need to hear your pathetic excuses! I told you to be here at 4 PM. That doesn't mean 3:59 PM or 4:01 PM. I do not accept excuses and never will. You clearly didn't learn a lesson on Thursday and I'm now wondering if you ever can. For me to carry out our bargain will put me in severe jeopardy if you cannot do as you are told. Perhaps I should re-think our bargain, let everybody know who you are and get rid of you. You are clearly without respect for my orders and are not to be trusted. Trust will have to be the essence of our relationship and at the moment I am at a complete loss of how to restore it."

I was now very scared. She was talking almost calmly and I really believed she was prepared to carry out her threat. If so, all would be lost and I might as well pack my bags now. It suddenly didn't matter that she would probably punish me in any case. I would lose everything and I realized that that included spending time with her. I wanted to be her slave; I didn't mind that she would punish me and do other things to me. Yes I did want to graduate from St. Anne's and collect my inheritance for mother and me, but I realized that losing the opportunity of being with Matron was even more important. I was for the first time looking forward to the three more years at being at this school. Even dressing as a girl was nothing as compared to being with the likes of Amanda, Susan and the other girls and especially this incredible woman in front of me.

I dropped my head and said, "I'm sorry."

"Sorry doesn't really cut it. Does it?"

"Look I know you think I'm only concerned with my inheritance and until Thursday that was certainly the only important thing in my life. But Thursday changed everything."

"Oh and how was that?"

"Since Thursday I've thought of little else except being with you as your PA, your slave if you like. Yes I am scared of you, your stool and your cane and other things that you have mentioned. I want so badly to be with you and also to remain at St. Anne's irrespective of the stupid inheritance. And I am usually very punctual too but today I was with my two best friends who are also going to be PA's and we were so thrilled at our good fortune that I completely forgot the time. By the time I realized it I could have run back to the school and made it on time, but running got me into trouble once before and you had ordered me not to do that again. I had to make a choice and so I was late. I'm sorry but I'll try my hardest to always follow your orders to the best I can, in future."

"You mean IF there is a future? That was quite a pretty speech. I see that Miss Jenkins wasn't wrong about your intelligence. But the question is, how do I know you are not feeding me a line. You must understand how serious this is. Not only for you, but for me too.

"Forget the PA thing for a moment, if I were to keep your secret I become as vulnerable as you. Who do you think is mostly likely to learn of your secret. It's me. If I don't reveal it, I'm as guilty as you. If you screw up and give yourself away, you give me away. And if you can't obey a simple order to show up on time on a day when you have nothing else to do, how to I know if you can be reliable about the more complicated issues that will come up."

I hung my head in shame. She was right and I knew it. On Thursday she had stressed the importance of my obedience to her commands but I didn't really understand all the implications. I thought I was generally a pretty reliable but now realized that I had blown it on the very first chance.

I said, "I don't know what to say. I suppose I never realized how important and dangerous this was, not for me but for you. I can only say I'm sorry and will try very hard in future to follow everything you say and in the event of a problem, get word to you as soon as possible."

"Look Michael," she said using my real name which caused me to look her in the eye. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tremendously disappointed in you. I wanted to help you and I think we could have had fun together. If you had been able to follow my commands I think you would have enjoyed being my PA. Yes I would have punished you a lot but I believe you already know that you quite enjoy pain. I would have taken you to places in your mind that you have never imagined, you would have had experiences that few men ever get to try and all I would have demanded in return would have been your obedience and trust. And finally you would have left here in three years with your inheritance intact and bound for any university that you desired. I would have made sure your academics were perfect so that you could have done anything you wanted in your future life.

"Instead I think that it would be best for both of us if you just went back to your room, packed your bags, and call your mother to have her come and pick you up."

I started to cry. This woman held such power over me and now she was discarding me, almost like putting me out in the trash. I felt terrible, alone. This afternoon everything had been perfect. Now it had all come crashing down over a silly matter of being just fifteen minutes late. Suddenly I was angry.

I said, "OK I'll leave. I realized how it must seem, but before I go please know that I'll never, ever forget you. I know how it seems like you can't trust me but you can at least rely on me never to let anyone know how much you enjoy disciplining the girls. Yes I screwed up over 15 minutes and I know the risks you would be taking by taking me back and even though I think it would be worth it for both of us, I can't make that decision for both of us. I think you could rely on me and I'm pretty sure you would have enjoyed having me as a trusted PA, one who could satisfy you and provide you with other services you will find impossible to get from another girl. I would promise you that now I understand the seriousness of it I would never knowingly screw up again and I will gladly do anything to convince you. But if that isn't enough, I'll go and pack my bags."

Throughout my speech she seemed to soften, and said, "So how do you propose I should regain my trust in you?"

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"Give me one more chance! I understand that time is a factor here and that if you are going to spill my secret you would have to do it soon but it wouldn't have to be today. Apparently the PA's will be announced next Friday to the whole school so you have until Thursday night. You could let the headmistress know that you have taken my medical history and that you plan on doing a little research before you do a physical exam on me on say Thursday. It would give you time to safely reconsider and in the meantime put me to the test.

"Before," I continued, "I didn't understand totally how serious it was that I obey you absolutely, but now that I do I really believe I can make you proud of me."

She walked back to her chair, sat down and looked me in the eye, almost shaking her head in disbelief. She said, "I don't believe it. You must be very smart, perhaps even brilliant. I never change my mind, and yet here you are, a boy in long hair and a gymslip, convincing me, of all people, to take a risk that I would never dream of. Did you know that I own 50% of this school with the other half owned by the headmistress? No of course you didn't. Imagine the scandal that would hit the papers if this story were ever to come out. St. Anne's is nearly a hundred and fifty years old, and was in terrible financial difficulties eight years ago until Annabelle Martindale, that is Miss Martindale, the head to you, and I got our family wealth together and bought this institution. It's now back on it's feet doing very well with our girls going on to the best universities in the country and here I am about to put it all at risk again.

"OK, you have till Thursday evening to prove to me that I can trust you. Just one more screw up and it will be definitely over. There will be no second chances. Do you understand?"

I let out a huge sigh of relief, though it was short lived. I started to thank her but she cut me off with the simple words;

"Move the stool into the center of the floor and climb up there immediately. I don't want any more conversation with you. I had intended to give your bottom a warm up hand spanking first but you may as well learn what it is like to receive the cane on an untreated butt. This time let's see if your discipline is sufficient to take it without a lot of noise. We'll also find out how tough you are. The record for a senior girl is eight strokes before she let out a cry. And that was Lisa Reynolds after she had had a lot of practice. Let's see what your best is".

My elation at getting a second chance evaporated in an instance and I walked over to the far wall where the stool was, lifted it and placed it in the center of the room where she pointed with her hand. I went back and fetched the step stool placing it under the ankle cuffs and without hesitation or giving myself time to think what I was doing, hoisted my self over the crutch bar, letting the front part of my gymslip drape itself over the wood so that my penis would be a little padded by the serge material, and lay across the wooden slats with my neck resting in the open yolk.

Matron got out of her chair, came over and quickly closed the wooden neck yolk locking it closed with the bolt. This single restraint was all that really was necessary to prevent me from getting off of the stool however she soon had my ankles and wrists secured in their wooden fetters. I then felt her lift the back hem of my gymslip over my back and her hands reached on either side of me and I felt her fingers grope in the elastic of my panties. Efficiently she pulled them down to about my knees and I shivered as my buttocks were exposed to her gaze in that cold sick bay.

As I lay there exposed and helpless I felt her fingers trace over the marks from just two days ago and I actually relished her touch and the sensation of bondage. As a finger crossed over each line I felt a small tremor of pleasure shake my entire body.

She said, "I see that you at least appreciate my efforts from Thursday. Perhaps that is a good sign. I'm going to warn you that the next ten minutes are so will be pretty bad for you but at least you can be assured that when the initial sting has worn off; it will be much more pleasant. Are you ready?"

I replied, "No, but does it matter?"

"Michelle, I am only going to call you Michelle from now on so that neither of us ever accidentally makes a stupid mistake. Michelle you are very intelligent and I think there is a chance that we still might be able to make this work, however you have a smart mouth that will either lead you into more discomfort or you will learn to control it."

With that she walked over to her closet and I could hear her choosing a cane and there was a single light tap on my buttocks. In the next second it lifted and I heard a mighty "swoosh" and then a crack as it hit my backside. Again there was this relatively long delay and then I was suddenly overwhelmed. The pain rocketed through me. I tried to buck on the stool but it was impossible. The only thing that happened was that my toes arched steeply downwards and they pushed the stepping block away from the stool so that all my weight was supported on the crutch bar or wooden slats. It was awful, I couldn't think of anything but that terrible pain. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't even just unbearable. It was a ten on the Richter scale and I wanted to scream my guts out.

Gradually it began to fade and after about fifteen seconds I could start to think. I couldn't possibly take another but I knew she was going to hit me again. I started to tense my muscles together but then I remembered that when I had started the school a senior girl had spent the first day with me going all over the school rules. When the subject of punishment came up she mentioned that the cane was used extensively at St. Anne's. And the one thing she told me that I must remember was that f I were ever caned, I should never tense my muscles. The subsequent bruising would be much worse and take much longer to get over. If I were ever caned she said, you must remember to relax, force yourself to relax.

Easy for her to say I thought but gradually I did and almost immediately Matron struck me again. This time it was higher up and I screwed up my eyes and tensed every single muscle in my body, so tight I almost vibrated. I sucked the breath in through my teeth and then panted in long deep grunts.

Eventually the dreadful sting began to ease and I forced myself to relax. Once the terrible sting subsided it actually felt quite nice but oh how that initial sting burned. However the almost pleasurable was short lived. The third strike caught me at the crack between the butt muscled and the top of my thighs. My toes thrashed uselessly in mid air and I bucked hard in the neck yolk. I wanted to scream so bad it was all I could do to clamp my jaw shut. I tried to shake my head but the neck yolk was clamped down on my school shirt collar and the attempt almost made me suffocate. My hands thrashed back and forth in their cuffs causing me to bruise my wrists and my fingers clawed in mid air. The fourth stroke was the hardest yet catching me on the meat of my behind. My knees vibrated as my legs tried to shake but they were held between the crutch bar and the ankle stocks. I was panting in and out trying to keep to grunts at the most but I was on the point of losing the battle.

With the fifth stroke a very short groan escaped my lips. It had followed the forth stroke so rapidly that I hadn't had time to relax and prepare. I quickly shut it off with the last of my self control but Matron had heard it and the damage was done.

"Was that a groan or a small scream my pet. I don't think you are going to break Lisa's record just yet. Let's see how you do with this."

This time the cane fairly screeched through the air and it fell just below the middle of my butt. I lost it altogether and screamed for mercy. I was desperate, I cried and cried begging for mercy and asked her to stop.

She said, "Are you telling me to stop? I thought you understood that you don't give orders to me. I give orders to you and I do what I want. And you were doing so well little Michelle."

And with that she hit me twice in succession without hardly a gap in between. I writhed and writhed in the firm embrace of that terrible stool, crying and shouting for forgiveness, promising anything of only she would stop.

Instead she said, "Now Michelle, it's time you gave some more thought to being my PA. I want you to know that I have another stool at my cottage and you know what that means? It means that you will get to become more familiar with the cane and maybe you too will be able to take eight strokes the way Lisa used to. If you can't take it then perhaps you should rethink what you want. I shall cane you for all infractions of my rules and also whenever I feel like it so if you don't like the cane, now is the time to say so."

And with that she hit me again. I yelped and tried to squirm but all my movements were in effective. I couldn't move more than an inch which was ineffectual as regards giving me relief. I was too distracted in my agony to analyze her words and in any case all I could think of was to try and get her to stop. For that I would have promised to let her cane me as much as she wanted to in future if only she would stop now. But the weird thing was that after each devastating stroke that she gave me, once the sting had shrunk to manageable proportions, I wanted more.

In a way I can't explain, I liked the stool; I liked being fastened on it. It was a love hate relationship almost the same as wearing my girls school uniform. I hated wearing girl's clothes yet somehow I really enjoyed wearing my school shirt, tie and gymslip. When I wore them with panties and my knee high school socks and Mary-Jane strap over black shoes, I was turned on. And now the after glow of the cane was turning me on even though I was crying in agony.

Another stroke and I screamed! She said, "Well Michelle, do you still want to be my PA. Are you like Lisa, she was a pain slut too?"

I screamed and cried and yelled out, "Oh yes Matron, I want to be your PA and let you cane me but can you stop now? Please?"

"Yes my dear I shall stop but we need to reach twenty today. Only by taking more each day can we grow, and obviously we need to toughen up you skin," and with that the cane bit in again."

I howled at the top of my lungs but it was no use. She did wait for me to quieten before the next stroke but by now my butt was almost numb with the pain. It was all merging into one terrible fire and the difference between the terrible stinging that immediately followed a stroke and the what was previously a pleasant burning sensation, was now beginning to merge. I had lost count of the strokes, they came one after the other, all terribly hard but she did wait for me to recover a little between them. I was screaming so much that I was now gasping for breath and I felt like I was being strangled by my shirt collar crushed inside the neck yolk every time I tried to move my head.

Suddenly I realized she hadn't caned me in quite a while. My legs had stopped shaking and the pain in my butt was starting to change from the agony of the sting to the throbbing warmth that was still unpleasantly painful though not as bad as before.

Gradually I realized she was releasing my ankles and then my wrists. She slid the stepping block under my feet and then finally released the neck yolk. Slowly she pulled me upright and with me leaning heavily on her she carried me over to a sick bay bed. As I lay down, I flinched with a stab of pain as my bottom hit the bed. The itchy, serge wool gymslip covering it did nothing to help.

I don't remember very clearly what happened immediately, my mind was a million miles away as though I was on drugs. Part of me was euphoric and I was thrilled that the beating had stop and that now the pain was turning to intense pleasure. After laying me down she got up off the bed and then I realized she was fastening something behind on my wrists. They were made of soft material with Velcro fastenings but also had a canvass tape that clipped around them wit the tape trailing off of them. As soon as she had them on my wrists she pulled my arms up above my head and fastened the tapes to the iron railings of the hospital bed head.

Then she went to the foot of the bed and fastened similar cuffs over the top of my socks at my ankles and then tied those taped to the railings at the foot of the bed. In my daze I realized with surprise that I was spread eagled on the bed, unable to get up or even sit up. Finally she pulled a leather strap that must have been fixed to the bed, up over my waist. She fastened the two ends of the strap through a special buckle that clicked when she closed it. I didn't realize it then but it required a key to open it, but my waist had held firmly down on the bed. I wasn't uncomfortable but I was secure.

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She said, "You are now nice and secure so you can rest and recuperate for a while I take care of a couple of things. Don't try to get up and I'd advise against even trying to sit up. Relax and enjoy your bondage for a little while."

I did as she said and let my mind float off. Even as a child I'd always liked being tied up. Several of my friends, one summer, had played a game of using rope to tie each other up and seeing how long it took to get free. One of my friends was a girl across the street who was my age had been exceptionally good at getting free and also exceptionally good at tying me up so I couldn't get free. We'd played the game together many times and on the whole I liked it best when I couldn't get free. As I lay back on the bed I gradually fell of to sleep dreaming of that long lost summer.

Suddenly I was awakened to the feeling of my gymslip being pulled up. The Matron was bending over me and asking how I was doing. I thanked her and said the pain was subsiding and there was a warm delicious glow in my bottom. She laughed and said,

"You were snoring a little while ago but the interesting thing is that your slug, which was hard all through your caning, initially went soft after you fell asleep and then re-erected itself. So I though I'd uncover him and see what was going on. Besides I have a toy here he might appreciate."

She settled down, sitting on the bed by my knees but I couldn't see her hands very clearly because they were below the folds of my gymslip. I felt her touch the inside of my thigh and then my testicles and shaft. Suddenly I felt a peculiar buzzing sensation in my penis. It was actually very pleasant and caused my erection to stiffen. She stroked it with her hand and then the buzzing suddenly got more powerful. It caused me to try and sit up but I was spread eagled and so was only able to buck around. She laughed and said, "Ok so I know you are feeling it. Is it pleasant my dear? I used to do this to Lisa and it would make her all wet. I can see that you are dribbling too."

She did something and it got a little better but my erection seemed to grow and grow and she seemed to be pleased. She said, "I've connected your little slug to an electrical unit that is giving him some electric shocks. Don't worry, it won't cause any permanent harm and can actually be therapeutic. The strange vibrations increased again until it was just barely uncomfortable. I found I was tensing my muscles in anticipation that she would make it hurt again but then I realized that it was tiring to remain tense and she would do what she wanted anyway. So I forced myself to relax in my bondage and really began to enjoy the sensations.

While it was going on she got off the bed, went to a cupboard and got some rubber gloves and a jar of Vaseline. She said, "I might as well do another part of your medical exam while you are distracted, and one that I can only do on you Michelle out of all the girls in the school. Aren't you lucky? Having Matron feel your prostate under your gymslip. You might not like it but it really is necessary."

With that she snapped on her rubber gloves, spread Vaseline on the fingers of her right hand and began to stroke the area around my anus. At first her just touching the area made me buck but gradually she positioned her finger up against my hole and then pushed it in. I suddenly felt an incredible urge to take a dump and I tightened my muscles to try and expel her finger. She said,

"Naughty, naughty Michelle. Relax! That is an order. If you don't relax I shall turn up the electricity. The setting is currently on 3 and it goes up to ten. Now don't be a naughty girl, relax and let Matron examine you properly."

I said, "But I can't help it Matron, it feels like I'm going to the toilet and I can't stop it.

"Is this another example of how you are going to obey me?" and suddenly the pain in my penis became excruciating.

I screamed out "I'm sorry Matron ... Aaaaaghhhhh! ... Ohh please turn it down ...aaaaaghhhh! ... I can't help it ... Ooohhhhh!"

The pain gradually decreased to a slightly more tolerable level and then she pushed her gloved finger up my back passage. It felt terrible and I had to fight the incredible urge to go potty. It took all of my will power but although I writhed around in my restraints she seemed satisfied and then it was over.

"Good," she said. "You can behave when you try but you must keep trying harder. I do these things to toughen you up so that you can grow. I know they hurt but they are good for you. You must trust me as I will have to learn to trust you if this is going to work."

With that I felt a sudden tearing sensation like she hard torn tape of my legs and penis which in fact was what happened as she removed the stick-on electrodes. Next she unlocked my waist belt and undid my restraints. Then she had me stand up while she smoothed out her immaculate uniform and removed her cap. As she did I saw her long gorgeous blonde hair cascade around her shoulders. She looked incredible - similar to Susan in stature she was much more mature. What Susan wished for, I realized Matron had in full measure. I knew she could eat me alive. Suddenly she jumped on the bed and with me still in a daze pulled me on top of her. She said,

"Well since is the first cock at St. Anne's I might as well try it out. And be warned, if you fail me I'll have you back on that stool before you'll know what happens."

I had never done this before. Except for masturbation I was a virgin but though I was new at it I knew what to do. With the caning, electric shock and finger up my back passage she had made my slug as hard as possible and now seeing this immaculately uniformed mature woman, a uniform that turned me on when I saw her from the other side of the school forecourt, I felt I had gone to Disneyland. I lifted her starched apron and dress, , pulled down her silk black panties which were wringing wet, and pushed what was now the largest erection I had ever seen inside her wet and drooling pussy. She moaned in ecstasy and I kissed her where her tight starched collar met her neck. Within a few moments she was bucking in frenzy and screaming in ecstasy. I was thrilled and watched her in unbelievable orgasmic fulfillment. I ceased my motions and we rested with me still hard inside her. Suddenly she smacked my incredibly painful butt with her hand with a power I wouldn't have believed possible and then told me to thrust again.

There followed another period of incredible, almost violent, lovemaking and again she was wracked in orgasmic tonic movements. Even after she had climaxed she still had little shakes but still we weren't finished. Another crack of her hand on my butt signaled her desire for more and this time as I realized that I was doing this to a uniformed nurse while wearing a girl's school uniform I came in perfect synchrony to her. I gasped and squeezed my self into her, pushing myself into her starched apron and spent every last ounce of myself. To say it was incredible does no justice to the word. I had never dreamed that such was possible, and never in my wildest fantasy would I have believed it even possible.

The two of us lay there for a long tie and I realized her tongue was still in my mouth and I was still kissing her. I'd never kissed a girl like that before but it was incredible.

Slowly, after what seemed like eons, she gradually eased me off and smiled at me.

"Michelle, that was wonderful for a first attempt. It has been a long time since I rode some real cock and I know this was your first real fuck. Don't worry - it can be better, much better provided you can truly obey me and not have any more screw ups. But now you had better get cleaned up. You may use the shower in back of the sick bay and then you must try and make yourself look presentable before you go back to your dorm.

I began to strip off and noticed that she just lay back on the bed and relaxed. She had a contented smile on her face and she looked incredible. Despite the fact that she had just orgasmed three times she had pulled her panties, dress and apron back into place , smoothed them with her hand and looked as though nothing had happened. I showered , by which time she was up and moving around and had shaken out my own clothing into some semblance of neatness. As I toweled off she said, "I see the slug has gone home for the night and the bruises on your bottom are starting to look wonderful. Now get dressed, go back to your dorm and get you clothes laundered by tomorrow. I want to see you in church looking immaculate. If there is a mark on your Shirt, socks or shoes, if there is a crease out of place on your gymslip, if there is a hair on your blazer, or a hair out of place, I shall punish you again tomorrow. And then after church you are to meet me in the churchyard and from there we shall go to my cottage. Once there I shall give you some tasks to perform so I can better evaluate whether you can be trusted.

I dressed and saw that she was tidying up her desk as if nothing had happened. When I finished she said, "Not bad considering, however be aware that in future our activities are no excuse for untidiness. Although we shall rarely be interacting in the sick bay again, remember that you will always keep spare immaculate school uniforms available. If necessary we shall purchase more but I will not be having you look like the untidy girl Colleen Smith in your class. If I ever see you looking at all untidy you will know my wrath and that little experience you had with my cane will be as nothing. Do you understand?"

"Yes Matron," I replied. And with that she gave my fanny a final smack, opened the sickbay door and sent me on my way.

Chapter 6 - The Dungeon and the Paddle

I was suddenly very hungry and started to walk to our form common room where snacks were provided, the refectory being closed on Saturday. But then I realized I was still in uniform and didn't want another ribbing from the other girls. I went back to my dorm room, changed into kilt and Tee shirt and went back to the common room.

"Well our wandering hero returns," said Susan. "How did it go with Matron? She sure kept you a long time. Did she warm your butt for being late?"

I said, "Well she wasn't exactly pleased. In fact she was very angry and told me that if I wanted to be a PA, I had better get my act together. Eventually she sort of forgave me because I was still new at St. Anne's and didn't know as much about PA's as you guys did. She said she wouldn't make her mind up until Thursday night however - and I think she said that to keep me on my toes. As you know the actual selection of PA's isn't until Friday morning in assembly."

"But it's not in doubt really, is it?" asked Amanda. "She is going to select you I hope?"

"I think so." I replied. "I think she was angry at me being late but really wanted to teach me a lesson by threatening me."

"Wow," said Susan "Matron sounds pretty mean and I always though she was so nice. I remember when I was sick last year, she took such wonderful care of me. And even though she is the school disciplinarian, whenever she has to punish a girl she always seems so sad."

I privately thought that if Susan could have seen Matrons glee when she put me over the stool she would have thought differently. Come to think of it there were a few girls I'd love to see over the stool myself. And Amanda was one of them.

That thought suddenly checked me. I think I loved Amanda and I certainly didn't want any harm come to her. So why had the thought of Amanda in her pristine uniform trapped on the stool getting caned by Matron suddenly popped into my mind. When I had first formed the thought I was actually thinking of a rather nasty and mean prefect Martha Anderson, who was known for dishing out lines to junior girls but the image changed to Amanda almost unbidden. As I explored the thought and imagined Amanda in my mind the slug began stirring and an erection started forming under my kilt. I quickly picked up a magazine pretending to read it and stated to watch the TV.

Conversation thankfully turned to something else and then a movie came on the TV. When it was over we all excused ourselves and went to bed. As I changed into my nightie thoughts of Amanda came back to haunt me and I drifted off to sleep in a pleasant euphoria.

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I got up early, showered, and then got dressed in a fresh shirt, leaving the collar open while I finished the History essay I had started yesterday after Amanda left. I also completed the reading assignment for Geography and a short comprehension exercise for English. This took about two hours and then I finished dressing after ironing the creases back into my gymslip. This was always an irksome task and most girls hated it. The material was quite good and held the creases fairly well but if it was left un-ironed (as I privately though Colleen did) then it became much harder to line the pleats up and iron them. It was better to iron it every day as I knew Amanda and I both did as did Susan though she denied it. Except for her gymslip being too short she took incredible pride in her appearance which is why she always looked stunning. Susan always professed hatred of her uniform yet she was always immaculate.

Anyway, properly dressed I went to breakfast and then it was time for church. Church was mandatory for all girls and we had to be lined up in our forms while out form Mistress - Miss Jenkins in our case, performed a uniform inspection. Again because it was another excuse to not wear other girl's clothes, I quite liked the church outing, except for the stupid felt hats they made us wear. I liked to see all the other girls in their best uniforms, again it turned me on. As usual I sat with Amanda and Susan and they both surprised me by saying they had received summons from their respective teachers who they were to PA for. Susan was annoyed since her homework wasn't completed and even Amanda, who was never late with anything said that her English assignment was unfinished.

After the service we left as usual in orderly lines across the churchyard when I saw Matron. She was also in her uniform which was not unusual for Sunday Church service but what she wore afterwards I didn't know. She waved me over and I looked at Miss Jenkins who was leading our class and she nodded in assent. I said to Amanda and Susan, "looks like I've been summoned, see you later. Good luck guys."

I left and was soon in Matrons car and instead of going up to the school we took a side lane, detoured around the school and wound up at the staff cottages. I had never been there before and the cottages were hidden from the school by a line of trees. I was surprised to see that they were in a gated community, well spread out. There entire community seemed more like a garden with trees streams, even a waterfall with cottages scattered here and there

We pulled into a well trimmed driveway and I got my first look at her cottage. It was actually two stories and quite large. I had lived in some large houses but this was actually bigger. It was red brick along the bottom which changed to white plaster that was outline in black wood. The windows were leaded glass and the entryway had double doors that were some polished dark wood, each with a small leaded glass windows.

As soon as we got inside Matron turned to me and said, "You might as well go and explore for a couple of minutes while I take some shopping into the garage. You room will be the first left at the top of the stairs - assuming I offer you the PA position. "

The front door let into a hallway that led to the kitchen in the back. A door to the right led to an elegant dining room that held a large table with seating for eight. It was richly furnished and I liked what I saw. There was a hatch in one wall where I assumed that food could be passed from the kitchen. A door on the left of the hallway led to a nice reception or drawing room. It held a baby grand piano as well as two sofas, a fireplace and two easy chairs. There was a cabinet against one wall with closed doors that I assumed held a TV. Just before the doorway to the kitchen a set of stairs led to the upstairs room. I passed them by and went through to the kitchen. This was large with a central island, Most of the kitchen was to the right of the hallway and I noticed the serving hatch that would lead to the dining room. On the left side of the hallway the kitchen ended and led into a den. The den had a sofa in an "L" shape facing a large TV. A beautiful mahogany fireplace against he left wall made the room look cozy and since there was no wall between the den and the kitchen it just seemed so friendly. A set of French windows led into the garden which consisted of a large lawn surrounded by trees. There was a beautiful fountain in the center of the lawn and at the bottom of the garden was a low wooden fence with a small gate which I could see led into other gardens of two other cottages.

I turned and ascended the stairs. After only four stairs there was a right angle which led to the remainder of the stairs that led to a central landing. The landing ended in a small corridor where you could go left or right. I went left and opened the first door on the left. It was a largish bathroom complete with toilet, bath and walk-in shower. It was nice illuminated with a leaded window that was mostly bubbled with three clear small diamonds in the leaded glass. Through a diamond I could see it looked over the front of the house and I could see Matron unloading bags from the back of her car.

The door to the right led to a large bedroom with a beautiful large bed. It was complete with head and foot boards and a post came up at each corner. Curiously and possibly ominously, there was a ring bolt secured into each post. There was also a desk and bookshelf, currently empty, against another wall. The wall opposite the door held a beautiful large bay window with room to sit in the windowsill. The window overlooked the garden and I could see the other two cottages one to the left and one over to the right.

The wall to the right had a small but ornate fireplace that held a small but neat gas fire.

I retraced my footsteps down the corridor and opened the door down the end. This was clearly Matrons own bedroom. It had bay windows at either end, the one on the right overlooking the driveway and the one to the left over looking the garden. Between them a huge mahogany bed covered with dark blue fur bed-spread that looked luxurious.

The wall on the same side of the door was lined with mirrored doors hiding a large closet and there was a large desk under the window overlooking the garden. A door in the she same wall as the door I had just entered led to a nice bathroom with toilet, bathtub and walk-in shower. It was a lovely bedroom and the furnishings were superb. An original oil painting of a café street scene at night with wet streets looked filled with light.

I turned around and went back downstairs to the kitchen and helped Matron unpack bags, stacking groceries on the granite topped island in the center of the kitchen while she placed them in cupboards and in the refrigerator.

"Well," she said. "Did you like what you saw? One of your jobs will be to help keep it clean and tidy and I shall not stand for any untidiness anywhere. Any discarded clothes that aren't neatly folded and placed either in your closet of in the laundry basket will result in severe discipline. I don't really believe that will be a problem for you since while you were out of your dorm yesterday afternoon, enjoying the village, I inspected your room and fount it neat and tidy. I was a little disturbed to see the remains of some cum on the inside of one of your gymslips but since I don't know when it occurred I'll let it pass this once. However is strictly off limits for you now."

I said "Matron, honestly the last time I masturbated was last weekend, honestly."

"Well just make sure it was THE LAST time," She said and continued, "Now the groceries are all put away I should show you the remainder of this cottage. This cottage, and an identical one owned by Miss Martindale on the other side of the stream, are actually slightly larger than the others. That is because they both have a basement or cellar. In my case I've had this cellar converted to a sort of hobby area. Let's go and look."

At the back of the kitchen and opposite the den was a fairly decent breakfast nook. In the same wall that was behind the dining room though probably past the dining room was a regular looking door. The Matron took a key from a hook on the wall unlocked this door and went through. I followed her down a set of stone steps until we came to a thick very heavy door at the bottom. This was protected by another very secure looking lock which she opened and she stepped inside. Curious I looked in and gasped in surprise.

If this was a hobby room it certainly catered to weird hobbies. The room had stone walls and seemed to extend under the entire house except for certain stone columns that I assumed supported the cottage structure. There was light from narrow high windows that must have faced the garden. The windows actually hard bars across them and in any case the glass was bubbled so although they let light in you couldn't really see out. Against the wall where the windows were there was what could only be described as a prison cell. It was exactly like you might have seen in a cowboy movie. It contained a bed, a wash basin and even a small toilet. The front was all made of bars and the door, also of bars slid in a track in the floor. The wall to the right of the door when looking in was all of bars and the back wall seemed to be of stones. The left wall seemed to be of concrete block construction painted light grey. That wall formed the wall of another cell which had a closed front and a solid metal door. And next to that was another cell that looked almost identical. These two cells were different however, since their doors were open I could see inside. The first one held another small bed, toilet and wash basin and had a small barred window again set up high. The last cell was dark and what I saw when I looked inside took my breath away. Although there was no window I could see the walls seemed to be made of quilted canvass. It really was a padded cell. The floor, all the walls and the ceiling were padded, even the door. As I stood looking in astonishment the Matron flicked an old fashioned light switch that was on the wall outside the cell, by the door. A light came on at the ceiling that consisted of a naked bulb inside circular glass housing. Interestingly the housing was protected by a wire cage as if to prevent an occupant from breaking the glass.

I turned to inspect the remainder of what I can only describe as a dungeon. Against the wall with the door through which I'd entered, was a stool. It was identical the one Matron kept in sickbay and whose grim purpose I now fully understood. Against one of the columns was a cross, like a St. Andrews cross with chains and cuffs hanging from its top and bottom corners. Clearly a victim was meant to be shackled there in a sort of upright spread-eagled position. There was also a sort of up-to-date medieval rack which consisted of a narrow wooden bed with a chrome mechanism at one end with chains and leather cuffs, meant to hold the victims wrists. There were similar chains and cuffs for the victim's ankles and also a set of wooden stock presumably for the same purpose though they looked like they would be much more painful on the victim's ankles. Against the far wall was what looked like a wooden saw horse similarly equipped with cuffs and straps to secure its subject. There was even a medical examination table complete with stirrups as well as various chairs that were well equipped for bondage.

The Matron said, "Although Lisa loved her bedroom this became her favorite play area and yes she at various times experienced all the facilities here including every whip, strap, crop and paddle in that cupboard over there. I don't want to frighten you, much at least, if You do agree to be my PA you'll be responsible for this recreation area, you will keep it clean and tidy, experience and hopefully enjoy it's amenities and even help me play with my friends who use it. And of course you will maintain absolute discretion at all times. Are you up to the challenge?"

I smiled and shook my head, "Oh God, Matron. I've never seen anywhere like it in my life. I would love to play down here and have you use some of these devices on me. I can hardly wait to start being your PA."

"Good," she smiled. "Unfortunately we don't really have time to play today but I do want you to bend over right now and pull your panties down. I need to see the marks from yesterday and then I promised you a test of obedience."

A little nervously I did as she asked and even hoisted the hem of my gymslip over my back to make it easier for her. She flipped a switch and the whole dungeon was bathed in bright fluorescent light and she bent down to study my marks. She seemed please and I flinched as she ran her fingernails down the grooves that wee still there.

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"Good, it is as I had hoped. You can stand up for a minute. There are still purple lines visible but the whole area seems to have merged into a one large bruise. At least it's good for me, less so for you. I need to see how determined you are to obey me. I'm going to give you a tremendous test of will power and determination. You have learned a few of my secrets as I have learned some of yours. But I need your absolute obedience for the foreseeable future. I now know for sure that you actually like pain as punishment and in a general sense, corporal punishment won't really work for you. Oh I know you don't really like the immediate sensation of corporal punishment but the after effects I know you love. I'm pretty sure you like bondage too - it's written on your face and I realized it as soon as I first saw you on the stool. I have actually caned several girls in your class and none has the reactions you do. I would have loved to have caned Amanda Perkins and Susan Davis, your friends, but unfortunately, so far they haven't given me any opportunity. I was quite fortunate to see you running across the quad last Thursday which got me to wondering why you never play sports. There was even something peculiar about the way you ran which I couldn't put my finger on but now I realize it's because you are a boy.

"Anyway I need to know your determination to bare something that will be pretty horrible even though you know that it will be quite wonderful afterwards. If you can pass this test then I shall feel reassured that you are serious in your desire to become my PA especially having seen what you have seen here. But there are a few ground rules. I am going to spank you with a paddle on your bare bottom. The paddle is made if wood that is fairly heavy. Unlike the cane that stings a lot it usually causes large surface area bruising that is deep and its effects tend to last much longer. It will hurt, in fact it will hurt a lot and it takes longer, much longer for each stroke to go from unpleasantness to even bearable, than the cane. That said I am not going to restrain you. Instead you will bend over and grasp you ankles. You will not let go of your ankles no matter what. Do you understand, this is very important, you must not let go of you ankles and you are not to collapse on the floor?"

I said, "You want me to bend over, hold on to may ankles and not let go. May I ask how many times you will hit me?"

"When I tested Lisa, I gave her eight full power swats and I had caned her three days before and her butt was sore, though perhaps not a sore as yours is now. However you are a boy and you already like some of the pain. Lisa wasn't quite as advanced at that stage as I think you are so I'm going to give you ten swats. These will be full power swats, using my full arm. Now you are free to cry out and scream as loud as you want. This cellar is very well soundproofed. I have tested it many times; you would not be heard anywhere in the house or even on the cellar stairs. Those small windows are double glazed and are very thick so you wouldn't be heard even in the garden. So again you may scream as loud as you need however, and this is also part of the ground rules, you may not ask, beg or plead with me to stop, take it easier, make the blows in anyway less painful and you are not to swear, use foul language or blaspheme! Again you can scream all you want but you will remain still and in no way ask or tell me what to do. I expect you to take it well and it will go along way to helping me decide on your trustworthiness. Can you do it?"

"Did Lisa make it?"

"Yes as a matter of fact she did. She actually did very well, only crying after the fifth stroke but she held her position and didn't beg or plead."

"Well," I said, "I really do want to be your PA, especially now I've seen all this and I'll certainly try my best. I want to serve you with all my heart and if you want to tear my butt off, ... well I give it to you. I'm not sure I can hold position though. You see I've never even being spanked by anyone until last Thursday and I always thought even that would be awful. Now I have learned it can be pleasurable and something deep inside me wants to take it - to let you do anything you want. I will do my absolute best but actually I don't even know if it's possible not to move."

"Michelle, you are a very clever girl but I need to know, can you do this for me or not. You either promise me you can or it will be over. And I don't want to force a promise from you, I want you to decide here and now that you will accept this from me, that even if you feel like dying you will stand there and take it. I need you to promise me and mean it so that I will know if you can be trusted!"

I now understood what she wanted. She needed me to commit to her in a way that said I would do anything including go through the fire for her and mean it. Then she would make me go through the fire and see if I'd lived up to my word. I understood.

"Yes," I said, "I will take the swats and stick to your ground rules. I promise."

"Very well," she said, "We might as well do it and then we can have lunch."

So in the middle of that well lit cellar that was really a dungeon full of torture equipment I gave myself to her. Matron , a uniformed blonde Goddess. She was in that dark blue dress with its stiff white collar, and starched white apron held in place by a broad elastic belt with its silver buckle. Her blonde tresses beautifully pinned up smartly beneath her starched nurse's cap. And me, with my long black hair tied up in a pony tail, dressed as a perfect schoolgirl in her white shirt, tie and immaculately creased gymslip, my white socks and shoes.

She helped me off with my blazer and fetched the paddle from a cupboard along one wall. A cupboard I saw that was full with all sorts of torture implements. I bent over and grasped my ankles feeling somewhat scared. Somehow I liked doing this for her, knew that it would hurt unbelievably but not really caring. I just wanted to concentrate on her instructions.

She stepped behind me, carefully lifted the hem of my gymslip over my back and pulled my shirt over, tucking them both in under my St. Theresa's blue girdle. I felt her fingers in the elastic waist of my panties and suddenly they were down at my knees. I could feel the cold air of the cellar playing over my exposed cheeks.

"Are you ready?" She said.

"Yes Matron, I'm ready."

And then she hit me. Unlike the cane where there is a slight delay between the stroke and the pain, this time it was instant. I couldn't believe how much it hurt and before I could breathe she hit me again. Instantly tears welled up in my eyes, and I desperately tried to clamp my mouth closed. I wanted to scream so badly but, Lisa had taken five before crying out and I wanted to do at least as well. Even as I was desperately trying not to cry out she hit me again. Each stroke had hit both cheeks and the strokes were all landing on top of each other. Each stroke seemed to cover all my butt ant once and there was just this incredible river of pain. Then bang, another stroke and I felt my head begin to swim. I desperately clung to my ankles as though I was dangling from a cliff and my life depended on it. The fifth stroke came and despite my strongest effort a moan escape my lips and the sixth stroke came straight afterwards and it was like that moan had opened a gate. I screamed agony and I had barely breathed in when the seventh and then eighth stroke came. I screamed and screamed and screamed. My knees were starting to bend. Through my haze I knew I was near collapse and I realized with sadness I probably was not going to make it. However she paused and said,

"You are doing well my pet, don't pass out on me, only two more to go."

Suddenly it hit and I thought I'd lost it but then I realized I had only one to go. Surely I could make it. But my fingers were now limp on my ankles, my weight on the cliff face had become too much and I was starting to let go. But just as I was failing, falling, the last blow hit and I screamed mightily, gasped for air and screamed again. My fingers were leaving my ankles and my knees were starting to sag when I suddenly heard her shout.

"No you don't, you are not going to feint on me! Stand up! I said Stand up! Stand up straight!, Now, This instant!"

Her words began to percolate through my haze and I started to straighten up. I staggered a little and she caught me and pulled me to her chest.

"That's a good girl, Michelle my pet. That was wonderful. Well done, "and she hugged me tight.

She said, "Well my pet, lay on my table a moment while I treat your bottom. It's blistered and bleeding in a couple of places and you are going to find it will be a challenge to sit for a couple of days. But you did it!"

I don't remember much for a while except that she lay me face down on that exam table and rubbed some soothing cold cream in. After about 20 minutes or so I started to come to my senses and started feeling elated. I asked her for a drink and with a smile on her face she said of course, helped me off the table and out of the cellar, up the stairs back into the kitchen.

She took me into the den area off of the kitchen and I gently eased myself onto the L shaped sofa. It was deliciously soft but my butt was killing me. She handed me a glass of lemonade and told me she was going to change. I relaxed back in the sofa trying to take my mind off of my butt and wiped the tears off of my cheeks. I had never cried so much and I thought at fifteen I was beyond it yet I knew I had howled like a baby. I almost felt ashamed - I had almost passed out and if I had had done then I knew my chances of being Matrons PA would have been in jeopardy. On the other hand I had managed to hang on so I hoped my chances had improved.

I looked out of the French windows and I could see clearly another cottage to the left of the garden. I wondered if it was a cottage where Amanda or Susan would be staying. I didn't have to wait long. Almost as soon as I had the thought, I saw small woman and a tall girl in a shirt and gymslip, the square neckline of the penguin-like uniform, instantly recognizable even at that distance. And together with her blonde hair, I knew it was Susan, Susan and Miss Halliwell walking together up by the fence. At first I got the urge to wave and go outside and greet them but then I had second thoughts that won out. I realized my face was still tearstained and could hardly walk anyway. There would have been too many unpleasant questions and in any case there would be plenty of time in the days ahead.

Matron reappeared in five minutes but she had changed. Oh how she had changed! She was no longer in uniform. Instead she wore a pair of tight-fitting jeans and a Tee shirt. It was almost unbelievable. I could see she was incredibly well proportioned and the long blonde hair that reached below her shoulders made her look like a beauty queen from the pages of some fashion magazine. I could hardly believe what I saw.

"She said, "You can close your mouth, you look like a stranded fish! Yes I do have a figure and yes the nurse's uniform hides it - deliberately. A nurse who is too curvaceous loses the respect of her patients and girls who need discipline do not respond correctly to a fashion model. You and a few other PA's will be the only ones privileged to see me out of uniform but this is something else you will not be talking about. For reasons of discipline I cannot have you ever talking about me to the other girls. If you ever need to discuss me, you will consult with me first. Understand?"

"Yes Matron," I answered meekly.

"Now what would you like to eat?" she asked. "I plan on making sandwiches for now and have cheese, ham, turkey and some other cold meats in the fridge. If you like you can sit there or if you feel up to it you can help yourself and start finding your way around the kitchen and refrigerator."

Although I ached dreadfully I didn't want her to see me as a baby so I got up and with her pointing the way made myself a couple of cheese sandwiches. We chatted through lunch, mostly about the school and I was interested to hear her admit to a mistake. She told me she had wanted me to bring my books over with me so I could finish my homework but when I told her that I had got up early in the morning to finish everything she seemed very pleased.

She was able to laugh and joke and she helped with the cleaning and washing up which vaguely surprised me. She then told me that before she took me back we had some work to do. Thee was a significant weed patch on the left side of the garden that she wanted to clear and decided that my help would be useful. She at first suggested I wear a pair of her old jeans but when I pointed out how painful it would be she relented, brought me an old skirt that was a little too big as well as an old Tee shirt that was way too big especially in the breast department. We both laughed at how ridiculous it looked on me and then told me to remind her about something - she didn't say what - before she took me back to school.

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The weed patch was rather large but I was used to digging with a spade in my mother's garden and with me on the shovel and Matron pulling on the weeds, we finished the job in two hours. I could see that she was pleased and seeing her wonderful smile made me feel all good inside. When we were done, we both went to shower, her in her own bathroom and mine in what I hoped would be my bathroom next week.

It was while showering I noticed some more oddities. There were certain peculiar fittings cemented into the shower wall that looked like ring bolts and I couldn't really fathom their meaning. There were other similar attachments in the wall by the bathtub and also the toilet. It was strange but it didn't make any sense to me. Having showered I found that she had laid my uniform out on the bed and almost with relief I started putting it on. When dressed, I went downstairs to find her in a pleated back skirt and white blouse. She looked incredible. I said,

"I must say Matron that I have never seen woman as beautiful as you, but you did want me to remind you of something before we went back to the school."

"Oh that's right. Looks like I can trust you after all... Look remove your gymslip, shirt and tie - I'll be back in a moment. I was a little disappointed and hoped that she wasn't going to thrash me again. I stood shivering in my panties, socks and shoes, when she suddenly returned holding a white bra. She said from now on you will wear a bra, I shall give you some more tomorrow, don't worry I'll leave them in your room while you are in class. You are not to go anywhere without wearing a bra. I shall gradually be increasing the padding so that your breasts can "grow" normally. If I catch you, ever, not wearing one, there will be hell to pay. Understand?"

"Yes Matron," I answered. She showed me how to put it on and then I re-dressed. It felt extremely weird and I saw that there was just a hint of curvature in my gymslip. Perhaps I would get used to it.

Before we left for the car she hugged me one last time, and as we kissed I felt her tongue probing my mouth. It was fantastic, and though I preferred her in that incredible uniform I realized I was happier than I had ever been before. And even though she was slightly taller than me she too melted in my arms and I felt her relax.

Suddenly she sighed and said, "I'd better get you back to school and give you your final assignment for Thursday. Between now and 4 PM you will write a one thousand word essay to me about why you want to be my PA. I expect you to knock on my door in the sick bay at exactly 4 PM on Thursday afternoon and deliver it to me in a sealed envelope. You will know on Friday morning in assembly whether you have been selected. And in the event that you re not selected, it means I cannot trust you to do exactly as you are told and your secret will no longer be safe. Do you understand? In that case you will have till Saturday morning to voluntarily leave the school before things will become very hot..."

My heart sagged. It had been a wonderful day and I thought after the paddling I'd received I was safe, but now I realized I would have to wait till Friday morning. I said "Matron. I understand and whatever you decide, I'll always love and respect you. Your secrets will always be safe with me."

"Well let's hope Friday morning will be good for both of us," and with that she drove me back to school.

Chapter 7 - The Essay

I slept poorly that night because every time I rolled on my back I had shooting pains in my butt. Eventually I got up and took some Aspirin which mom had given me in case I ever had a headache. It seemed to help but I spent a relatively restless night.

I had my one thousand word essay to Matron finished by Tuesday night and I knew it was quite good. It was two and one half pages in my best handwriting and there were no ink blotches or messy marks on the paper. And it was titled "Why I would like to be Matron's Personal Assistant." I was very careful about spelling and grammar and overall had been quite pleased with it. In fact I had outlined it in my head on Monday morning in my first period class which was mathematics. We had started calculus and even the better girls in my class were struggling whereas fortunately I had learned it years ago from my uncle who had been an engineer.

I had seen some calculations on a paper in his study and asked him what they were. For fun I suppose he had explained it to me and then had become amused that I soon understood what he said. I was fascinated by it and he had loaned me a beginners book which within a week had mastered and the following Christmas he had given me and an advanced text book of Engineering math which I had read on my own without difficulty. I was already at university level math and probably knew more than our math teacher Mrs. Roberts, but she was very nice to me and the math classes allowed me time to daydream.

It was Wednesday night that I had the nightmare. I was dreaming I was on Matron's stool and couldn't get off. There were no bolts on the cuffs and so there was no way to release them. Matron wouldn't cane me because she kept saying "That doesn't mean 3:59 PM or 4:01 PM. I do not accept excuses and never will." The clock on the wall was stuck at 5 minutes past 4 PM.

I woke up in a bath of perspiration with the words "That doesn't mean 3:59 PM or 4:01 PM." ringing in my head. I turned the light on by my bed side and saw that it was 2:30 AM. I got up to go to the bathroom and rinse my face and on the way back to the bed I saw my essay lying on my desk. Again the words "That doesn't mean 3:59 PM or 4:01 PM." Hit me again and I suddenly realized what my brain was trying to tell me. My essay was actually 1038 words - I had counted them. Matron wanted 1000 words, not 999 or 1001 words. She had said it was a test of discipline. She wanted to see that I was honest and careful. She didn't want me ever making stupid mistakes that could get us both in trouble. She wanted to make sure not just that I could obey her but obey her exactly. Matron had even said if I wasn't selected it was because she couldn't trust me to do exactly what I was told. I suddenly broke out in a cold sweat at thinking how I had almost blown it.

I sat down and looked at my essay again. 1038 words including 9 in the title. Should I include the title? That was a thought! Would the title be cheating on a thousand word essay when Matron herself had given me the title? I decided not to risk it.

I didn't really want to rewrite the entire essay but I had to cut exactly 29 words out of the text. I counted back on the last page and it took quite a while but after half an hour I had a solution where I could cross out exactly 29 words out of the last page, and still have it make good grammatical sense and it ended nicely. Of course the crossings out messed up its neatness so then I had to copy out the entire third page. When I was done I had a clean, exactly 1000 word essay with a nine word title. However I needed something else to help ensure I was safe. After some thought, on a separate piece of paper I wrote:-

Dear Matron

Please find enclosed my 1000 word essay "Why I would like to be Matron's Personal Assistant." I didn't know if I should include the Title in the word count but since you gave me that, it was not my own work so the essay is exactly 1000 of my words plus your 9 word title. I dearly hope this is satisfactory.

Yours sincerely,

Michelle Morton

I read through the entire thing one more time and recounted the words. It was as perfect as I could make it so I sealed the letter and the essay in a pristine white envelope and placed the words "Matron" in bold print on it's outside.

It was now almost 4 Am and I was tired but happy. I crawled back into bed and the last thing I remember was hearing Matrons silky voice saying "Well done, Michelle."

I was able to position myself outside of sickbay at one minute to 4 PM, Thursday afternoon and waited for the school clock to go through its chimes. When the bell struck the first "bong" of 4 PM, I knocked on the door. The door immediately opened a short distance and Matron stood in the crack with her hand out. I gave put the envelope in her hand and just before she closed the door I heard some moans coming through the door as the clock chiming ceased. At the moan Matron smiled, and her eyes sparkled. She winked at me and said, "Thank you Michelle. Perhaps I'll see you tomorrow." And with that the door closed.

(PS. the above chapter, not including the chapter title was exactly 1000 words)

Chapter 8 - The Assist

As we stood in-line to go into the assembly hall on Friday morning I was nervous. Over breakfast Amanda had commented that I was even more quiet than usual and asked me if I wasn't happy I'd been selected as Matron's PA. Actually I was ecstatic - IF indeed - I had been selected but I still didn't know for sure. I hadn't told either Amanda or Susan of my doubts - or come to that my worry that I might be packing my bags within a half an hour with everything lost! I had smiled and said that I was looking forward to it very much. Meanwhile Susan and Amanda had chatted endlessly about the problems of packing and getting ready to clean their dorm on Saturday with Amanda grumbling that she would miss watching the big hockey game on Saturday.

Linda and Colleen were saying that they would expect some peace and quiet now that Susan was leaving their room and that she would no longer be monopolizing their telephone. I actually thought they were both a little sad, possibly envious that Amanda and Susan would be moving into much more stylish accommodations while two other girls, not yet decided, would be moving in with them.

There was one other topic of conversation and that was who the fourth PA would be. We knew that Matron had (probably - at least I hope she had) picked me, Miss Jenkins had definitely selected Amanda and Miss Halliwell had selected Susan. Miss Brown was the music teacher had been with the school now just over five years but so far we hadn't heard if she had selected a PA. She didn't have to but Susan, who besides excelling at art was also an accomplished pianist had seen Miss Brown moving into one of the cottages near the front gate of the staff housing complex. It wasn't a requirement that staff live there, though most looked at it as a perk of the job. And Amanda she wasn't aware of a PA who didn't live with a staff member over there. This suggested that Miss Brown may have selected a PA but if she had, the five of us didn't know who it was.

The doors to the assembly hall eventually opened and the school filed in and we took our seats. After the usual hymn with Miss Brown providing the Organ accompaniment, and short sermon by Mrs. Lewiston, Miss Martindale, the headmistress took the podium.

"Good morning girls," she began. "I know for many of you today there are mid term exams ... " a collective sigh seemed to go round the hall and Miss Martindale smiled "well at least Monday is a the half term holiday. But we have a short little ceremony today.

"Most of you know that senior staff members who have been with us for five years get to select a girl from the fifth year to be their Personal Assistant through the remainder of their time at St. Anne's. This year Miss Brown and Miss Halliwell get to choose their first PA's and Miss Jenkins and Matron get to select new PA's since their previous girls graduated last year. Generally girls selected have demonstrated aptitude in schoolwork and this is important since besides their own work they will also spend time pursuing what ever interests they have already developed but also be expected to assist their staff with their duties. In return the girl gets to move in with their staff leaving their dorms and thus pay no dorm fees which their parents clearly appreciate. Finally the girls will leave their houses and instead of wearing the house girdles, will instead wear the black and gold girdles of St. Anne's. However girls, although any points awarded from now on are no longer part of the house cup, the points they have gained so far (and they are actually considerable) will stay with their current houses.

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"So it's time to name the chosen girls. Girls, when your name is called, please make your way to the front and come up on the stage, where you will give up your current house girdles and I shall place the new ones around your waists. First Miss Brown has chosen Eileen Chow. Come forward Eileen. For those of you who don't know her, Eileen has been playing the violin since she was four years old and many of you have seen her play at school concerts. What you may not be aware of is that Eileen also plays the piano, and, though I'm not sure her parents would approve, the electric guitar. In fact, although I was unaware of this till last night when the final list of names was given me, Miss Brown has informed me that Mister Henderson, who some of you might know as the headmaster of High Cross Grammar, has requested that Eileen be permitted to play in a Rock band being formed by the boys of that school.

"Besides being an outstanding musician, Eileen has managed to remain in the top five percent academically in her class. I know she will be a severe loss to St. Catherine's house. Eileen, please give me your girdle."

Eileen, a shy small Korean girl who was very well liked, though very private, smiled and handed Miss Martindale her green girdle and lifted her arms as Miss Martindale wrapped a dark navy girdle with its two gold narrow stripes around her.

"And now it's my pleasure," Miss Martindale continued, "To introduce Susan Davis who has been selected by Miss Halliwell to be her PA. Come forward Susan. Many of you may be surprised to learn that Susan, besides being a very accomplished artist is actually the great granddaughter of Violet Erickson, one of the schools two founders. Susan's family has been associated with St. Anne's for many years, her grandmother and mother also having graduated form here and Susan has informed me that her youngest sister will be starting next year. Susan will be a significant loss for St. Mary's house"

Susan was tall and very striking on the school stage and I saw, as she removed her red girdle the hem of her gymslip dropped almost three inches so that it finally hung way below the top of her socks. Perhaps I had misjudged her; her outstanding breasts were responsible for her hemline. Miss Martindale again performed her duty with the St. Anne's girdle. I had always seen Susan as the outstanding beauty of St. Anne's but the red had always clashed terribly with her blond hair. In the St. Anne's girdle she looked like a wet dream and I was breathless in admiration.

"Many of you Hockey fanatics are aware of the big game tomorrow against Notre Dame Grammar School tomorrow and many of you know Miss Jenkins out senior geography instructor is also the school Hockey coach. Perhaps this is why she has selected Amanda Perkins who although is not a senior and will not be playing tomorrow, is non-the-less an outstanding prospect for the senior hockey team next year. Come on Amanda."

I was starting to feel very lonely since there was an empty seat on my left where Susan had got up and now on my right as Amanda stood up and made her way forward. I looked to see if Matron was looking at me and was actually surprised to see her staring at Amanda, as though she was sizing her up - for what I didn't know. As Amanda removed her blue girdle and handed it to Miss Martindale the head continued,

"Amanda Perkins besides being a fantastic sportswoman and captain of the under sixteen hockey and tennis teams was, for four years running, the academic winner outscoring all girls in her year."

Amanda smiled graciously as she accepted the St. Anne's girdle and she stole my heart. And I was gratified to see her smiling at me, but I also saw Matron noticing that she smiled at me.

"There is one more Personal Assistant to name," said Miss Martindale, dragging out my agony. "Matron came to St. Anne's the year after I did and although many of you know her only as the school nurse - though an unfortunate few also know her in an another capacity ..." at this there was a titter of giggling through out the school which the head waited to die down before continuing "however she also has played an unbelievable role in keeping this school viable, making it the very strong institution it is today. Last year Matron's PA, Lisa Reynolds graduated to read Physics at Cambridge and those who knew her were not surprised since Lisa had been academic winner, every year she had been at St. Anne's.

"This year however Matron has selected a new girl who has only been with us at St. Anne's for two months. However in that time this girl has threatened to unseat Amanda Perkins (who I happened to know is her best friend) as the academic winner. I'm sure not many of you know that Michelle Morton, come up Michelle, has a medical condition that prevents her participating in sporting activities however for what she lack in sports she has more than made up in academic brilliance. I also happen to know that Michelle is also a stunning electric guitarist so, Miss Brown," she said, turning to look at Miss Brown, "if the proposed union between High Cross and Eileen doesn't work out, then perhaps St. Anne's can form its own rock band!"

I sort of staggered forward and noted Amanda's sparkling eyes on me and she gave me a brief hug that almost electrified me as I groped to undo my St. Theresa's blue girdle. Next I could smell the perfume of Miss Martindale as she bent over to wrap the last St. Anne's girdle around my waist. I took my position next to the other PA's as the head returned to the podium and said,

"I see that this is rather a sad moment of St. Theresa, they are ahead in the cup but with two top scorers taken out, the other members are going to have to pick up a little slack. Well that's it, girls, don't forget the Hockey match tomorrow, we want a huge turnout to help us repeat our upset victory of last year which helped us reach the semifinal. And girls, please make sure you are on your best behavior we need our school to maintain our reputation as one of the finest girls schools today. All of the school prefects will be out in force and though I hate to say it, will be forwarding names to Matron of any girl who lets our school down. Thank you, good luck in your exams, have fun tomorrow and enjoy your day off on Monday. Oh and will the new PA's remain behind for a moment"

The school filed out of the auditorium and on her way out Matron whispered in my ear, "I shall see you briefly in sick bay this afternoon at 4 PM and at the cottage at around 10 AM tomorrow and well done!"

After everyone had left, Miss Martindale smiled at us, shook our hands and repeated her congratulations. She then explained that after school today, we should pack up our belongings into cardboard boxes that would be left in our dorms and then after breakfast in the refectory in the morning they would be picked up by a team of removers. The headmistress would drive us over to our new homes, meeting in the lobby at 9:30 AM. She apologized that we should be moving early but she wanted to see us safely in our new homes before she had to go to Notre Dame for the Hockey game.

The rest of the day was uneventful except for quizzes in mathematics and chemistry which were very easy for me. I also noted that Amanda seemed unruffled though Susan took a long while to finish. At lunch the three of us sat apart from the others in the refectory, it was raining but we were still excited about or becoming PA's. I was incredibly relieved and tried not to show it but Susan, who always had a sharp eye on things commented that at least I was participating in the conversation again.

At exactly 4 PM I made my way over to sick bay but when I knocked, I heard Matron's voice saying, "Please wait!"

I remained outside and then I heard the sound of the smack of a hand and some really loud crying. It sounded like somebody wasn't appreciating Matrons ministrations. After a period of yelling and screaming the door opened and Matron ushered me inside. Glancing round I saw the cause of commotion. There were two girls from the first year in the room besides Matron. One girl in a red St. Mary's girdle was standing in a corner, with her hands on her head, facing the wall and crying profusely. Her panties were around her knees and the hem of her gymslip and shirt tail were tucked up inside the girdle revealing a red butt whose radiating heat I could almost feel. The second girl was also in the corner facing the room with the yellow girdle of St. Bernadette's house and her gymslip in place. She was fairly pale and her eyes were wide in fear. Both girls seemed to have mud on their shorts and gymslips

Matron said, "Michelle, meet Sandra McPherson," nodding at the girl whose panties were down, "And Janet Stewart". Sheila Marsden, the prefect, caught the two of them fighting behind the bicycle shed - some nonsense about the hockey game. After treating a small graze on Sandra's cheek I gave her a thorough spanking over my knee although I think you may have heard that she didn't really appreciate it. It is now Janet's turn and I'm glad you can witness it. I fear the hockey game tomorrow will bring us some undesirable trade so you might as well learn what is involved. I may need your help during the proceedings."

She went down and sat on the chair in the center of the room, smoothed her apron and then said, "Bring Janet over to me and position her on the left side of my knees."

I did as I was told and then she said, "Please raise the hem of her gymslip and tuck it in with her shirt tail and be careful not to get your hands dirty on the mud on the gymslip. You'd be surprised at how often I have to discipline girls for untidy uniforms although this much mud is a little unusual. Lisa got to be very good at it but unfortunately I can't use you for that part of it till you are a senior next year. That's good, now put your hands in the elastic and pull her panties down to her knees."

I did as she requested and felt my slug growing in my own panties. I had to act nonchalant yet I was excited beyond belief. I was breathing hard desperately trying to prevent my eyes bulging out of my head. Matron said, "Alright Janet, bend over my knees, put your hands on the floor and keep your toes on the ground on the other side. If you try to kick your legs up I shall have Michelle hold them down. Sandra, Janet saw your spanking so it is only fair that you turn around and watch hers. Keep you panties at your knees please and maintain your hands on your head."

Sandra did as requested, keeping her legs wide she performed the ludicrous ballet of a half pirouette with he panties maintained at knee height. Then Matron began to spank Janet. She started slow and was, I thought, surprisingly gentle. Her eyes were on Janet's upper body watching the body language. Although Janet was very scared she seemed determined to keep quiet but Matron seemed to have infinite patient. She didn't hurry, merely kept a rhythmic spank, one cheek than the other. Most spanks were on the meat of the cheeks but every now and again she would direct her aim for several blows either at the joint with Janet's thighs or higher up. I was surprised at how slow it all seemed to be. I thought a good spanking was supposed to be hard, painful, and an energetic affair yet Matron was taking her time. But slowly I could see Janet's butt go first a nice shade of pink and then gradually a darker red. Every now and then, one of Janet's legs would twitch and I could hear her breathing hard. Interestingly I noted that her shirt below her collar was starting to become damp with perspiration.

Gradually Matron was stepping up the power of her swats and also gradually Janet would give up small moans. Janet had to work harder and harder to keep quiet and her determination was beginning to break down. It was almost a psychological battle, a battle of determination and I realized it was no contest. Matron had been the schools disciplinarian for over eight years and was a true professional. Janet was eleven years old - how could she think of taking on years of experience. I noticed Matron's accuracy was incredible. Her hand would hit the same spot over and over. Sometimes she would hit the same cheek for a count of ten before giving equal attention to the other cheek. I also noticed that she was not being truly symmetrical. She had started equally but I noticed as the spanking proceeded she was giving more attention to Janet's left cheek.

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Gradually Janet began to break. The moans turned to sobs and gradually I realized she was crying. But it didn't affect Matron in the slightest. She was almost a robot. Her face was impassive, almost emotionless, like a machine. The speed of the blows remained the same but the power was relentlessly increasing. Janet's sobbing continued to increase and she started to plead for forgiveness, she said she would never fight again, that she was sorry, that Sandra was her friend that she had started it and gradually she started to scream. It still made not the slightest impression on Matron. Janet started to struggle and Matron did the first thing that was different. She put her free arm around Janet's waist and pulled her further up her lap. But the rain of blows didn't stop. The screaming became louder and almost continuous as Janet became more and more desperate.

Besides my own brief over-the-knee experience with Matron, I had never seen it done before. Matron was neither speeding up or slowing down. Instead she was pumping her right hand up and down hammering it's its blows into the unprotected flesh. Janet was now jerking but her entire body was no match for Matrons other arm wrapped like a vice around her. Gradually, almost surprisingly Janet began to tire, her screaming turned to despair, and became just loud crying, with huge sobs gasping for air. Even her legs began to relax and I supposed she was becoming numb. Her rear end was bright red except for some darkish blue, particularly on the left cheek. The slug was erect and only the tight panties prevented me having a flagpole poking under my own gymslip.

Suddenly it was over. Matron stopped, she wasn't even breathing hard. With no inflection in her voice she said, "Sandra you may turn around and face the wall." Michelle, help Janet over to the other corner and Janet, You will keep your panties at your knees."

I helped Janet off of Matrons lap, she seamed dazed and confused. She was crying profusely, the tears streaming copiously down her cheeks mixing with the mud stains already there. Matron turned back to her desk and I saw my essay was there. She turned to me and smiled.

"I didn't get to congratulate you earlier and that was a beautiful essay that was just right. I note with relief that you are, at least sometimes, capable of carrying out my instructions correctly. Did I scare you?"

I nodded and looked to see her smiling. "You weren't really in danger," she continued, "But I did want to see how you could perform. Anything other than one thousand would have led to some immediate training, which may have been a little difficult for you under the circumstances," and she nodded over at Sandra and Janet.

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow around 10 MA when the head brings you over. Then we'll unpack and have a good chat. Unfortunately I have a ... (rally?) ... well whatever I have to host a function tonight that will use the facilities tonight," she said cryptically and continued, "so we can't meet tonight. Well have a good evening with Amanda and Susan and we'll discuss your duties tomorrow."

She kissed me on the cheek and I hugged her back and she whispered, "Nice to see that something enjoyed my little demonstration," as her hand felt my groin. "But keep your hands to yourself tonight." And with that she led me back to the door. In a daze I returned to my room and started packing.

The weather was cold and foggy the next day as I packed up my dorm room into the cardboard boxes. Unusually most of the school except for the new four PA's including me, was in uniform. I knew that because of the hockey game with most of the school going that nearly everyone would be in uniform and would have gladly used the excuse to be in uniform myself but I knew Amanda and Susan would give me a hard time. Instead I wore a school shirt, open at the neck and some slacks. They were girl slacks but at least comfortable under my tight panties. I felt ridiculous in the bra which although small pushed a little against the starched cotton of my shirt. Still Susan said "Oh my god Michelle, you are wearing a school shirt today of all days, you look like a boy."

"But at least she's finally starting to develop a chest," laughed Amanda. "By the way I heard from Sheila Marsden that she sent two first years to see Matron last night and I happen to know you went there at four, did you see what happened?"

As yet I had no instructions from Matron how I would handle such enquiries in future but for now I was stomped. I didn't want to lie to Amanda or Susan but it really was none of their business. Trouble was to say that isn't something you want to say to your best friends, especially if you want to keep them.

I laughed while I fought for time. I said, "Assuming I saw Susan being disciplined by Matron, would you want me to discuss it with you?"

Amanda laughed in return, and said, "You bet! I would want all the gory details of how Matron pulled Susan's panties down and placed her on the lap and she pulled her gymslip up - not that she will have to pull it far," she grinned.

Susan threw a magazine at Amanda which knocked Amanda's beaker of orange juice over and into her lap.

"Serves you right!" said Susan. "Michelle is right; it's none of your business, though if Matron ever puts you on her stool I want front row seats."

The clean up of the orange juice distracted further conversation and I was al little relieved but then Susan noted through the window, "Hey look, our boxes are leaving. Good by dorm and good riddance I say. At least I won't have Colleens dirty washing spread all over my bed."

"And at least Colleen won't have you oil paints on her desk!" laughed Amanda.

Just then Miss Martindale came in and said,

"I'm sorry girls, I have to run you over to the cottages a little early, and the rain is affecting the arrangements for the hockey game. Amanda, as you know, Miss Jenkins is already at Notre Dame with the team. She gave me the keys for her cottage and she told me to help you find your way around. She will try and come back to pick you up around 10:30 AM so you can help her coach the game. You are to settle yourself in as best you can and try to be ready for her to pick you up. Shall we go girls?"

Eileen was already in the passenger seat and the three of us climbed into the back. Eileen was dropped off first and then me. Matron hugged me as I got out of the car and said, Michelle, you certainly don't know how to dress! White school shirt and slacks indeed - Yuk - you look like a boy and we shall have to stop that!" Surprisingly she was in uniform and I wondered at that.

As we walked into the house I could see my boxes of belongings stacked up in the hallway. She said,

"What do you like to wear?"

I said emphatically, "Boys clothes, jeans tee shirts, shorts and such. I hate these girls' clothes."

"Hmmm, well there is not much we can do about that. What do you like to wear in your current wardrobe?"

I said, "Well nothing really except perhaps the school uniform. I always found girls in their school shirts, ties and gymslips a heck of a turn on. I don't like to see myself in it but I do find it comfortable and until last week I used to masturbate in it."

"Well Masturbation is strictly off limits for now. I must see if there is a way to lock your cock up so that you won't be tempted to play when I'm not around. Well you can put your uniform on, and if anyone says anything you can say truly that I ordered it. Are you turned on by my uniform too?"

"Yes," I answered. "I do think your starched uniform looks fabulous on you and whenever I see it or any nurse's uniform I get an erection."

"Good," she said. "We are learning about your perversions. That is OK. From now on you shall wear your school uniform continuously unless I give other orders. Now dress quickly and then we have to put the boxes away. I am in uniform because I have to go to the stupid game in case there are injuries. Since you enjoy uniform you might as well come and carry my bag."

A little relieved I put my uniform back on and then unpacked the boxes which I first took to my new bedroom. It was while I was putting my clothes - mostly school uniform items in the closet that I got a surprise. There were several canvass jackets hanging up in the closet on hangers. They looked peculiar because they had straps for fastenings instead of buttons or zippers. Also the ends of the sleeves were closed. There were also several long black dresses that had stiff white celluloid detachable collars hanging loose around the neck and similar celluloid cuffs with press-stud fastenings at the end of long sleeves. They looked incredibly like Victorian maid dresses and I wondered if I would be stuck having to wear one. They didn't make any sense to me so I pushed them off to the sides.

Later, with me now smartly dressed in my full school uniform and feeling much more relaxed, we went to the hockey match which we won quite easily. I wasn't much interested. About the best thing was just before half time when one of our players hit the one of theirs on the leg and the injured player was hauled off. Our player was sent off by the referee. Matron had to go over and check on the other girl's leg which turned out to be broken in two places. I didn't get to see the damage, she just told me to stay with her bag. Frankly except for the busted leg, I was bored with the whole thing and mostly watched Amanda on the other side of the field with Miss Jenkins. The two of them cheered endlessly and seemed very relieved after we had won. Personally I though it was silly and believed if I had played we'd have won by a lot more. I cursed the phony story that kept me a prisoner from sports.

Matron returned during the second half telling me how bad the leg was; somewhat enthusiastically I asked if there was a lot of blood. She turned and looked at me and she said "Is that all you can think about, blood? The poor girl will be lucky to be walking again by the time she graduates in the summer."

I privately thought she shouldn't be playing such a crappy game with wooden clubs if she didn't want to get hurt. I also thought the player on our side had done a great job, but I kept my thoughts to myself.

It was only on Monday that I learned from Amanda when we were talking across the garden fence, that the girl who had committed the fowl was none other than Martha Anderson, the mean prefect who was always dishing out lines to the junior girls. Amanda seemed to think it was very serious and that Martha was in danger of expulsion from the school. I thought it was rather silly, it had just been a fowl, that was all, but Amanda was almost offended, saying that Miss Jenkins was simply beside herself in anger and the fact that we had won made it worse. The school was in danger of losing its reputation and when the governing authority of girl's hockey learned what had happened, St. Anne's may be suspended for future games. I could see how that would affect Amanda since she was hoping to play for the senior team next year.

It was later that night over a wonderful evening meal that Matron had cooked, when I learned just how serious the hockey fowl had been. Matron had been gone most of the morning, first to the hospital and then the headmistress's cottage. Many phone calls had been made including several to Martha Anderson's parents.

As we were finishing desert, Matron said, "Well Michelle, you are going to be busy tomorrow morning. It will be your first assist in the performance of my duties and you must do exactly as I command. Martha Anderson and her parents were given the choice of either expulsion for the severe injury she inflicted on the Notre Dame girl or suffer a public correction during tomorrow's assembly in front of the whole school. She chose the latter. As my PA you will be directly involved. Because this is a very serious matter it's very important that you do everything right, exactly as tell you. Are you sure you can do this?"

"Wow," I said laughing, "you mean I get to cane her?"

"No I don't mean you get to cane her, She is a senior prefect and if I get any more stupid suggestions like that you too will find yourself up on that stool in front of the school and once your panties are down I think most of the school will know what you are!

No, you will be responsible for having the stool and cane placed correctly on the stage, and then leading Martha onto the stage and securing her properly and safely on the stool.

"She will be guarded by two other prefects who, if necessary will drag her onto the stage and then you will secure her. I doubt that that will be necessary; Martha is a tough girl though you never can tell. After the punishment and the school has left the auditorium, you will release her and bring her to the sick bay where I shall treat her wounds. There must be no slip-up. Do you understand?

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The thought of me putting Martha on the stool was so wonderful that I could barely hold in my excitement. But trying to remain calm I said, "But I'm not sure exactly how the stool works."

She said, "Well you should be, you've been on it twice yourself but no matter, as soon as we have washed up here we'll go down to the basement and practice, you can play Martha's part!"

Matron drove us to the school early and we went straight to sickbay. Once in sickbay I carried the stool out and to the next door hallway through a door which led up on to the stage. I placed it carefully where Matron and told me, onto four yellow faded dots that were painted on to the floor. Funny I had never noticed them before. I had to position the stool so that the neck yolk was facing the back of the stage so that Martha's bottom would be facing the whole school. I placed the stepping block below the ankle cuffs and opened all four sets of cuffs and the neck yolk. Finally I placed the cane, which Matron had placed standing in a glass of water overnight to prevent it splitting, on a hook on the wall near the stool.

I then went to the refectory for breakfast. As usual Amanda was ahead of me and smiled as I sat down. But I could tell she was troubled. She said,

"I suppose you know that Matron is going to cane Martha this morning?"

I nodded and said, "I suppose she should be punished but the cane? I thought they might have suspended her from hockey, but this seems a bit over the top."

Amanda said, "Well no, it's actually be a school tradition that winning wasn't important. It was playing the game, enjoying the game for the game's sake, not winning at any cost. We didn't use to win as much till Miss Jenkins took over but even she is horrified at this. It was very rare that any fowl was committed by a St. Anne's girl and now to have not just fowl or even an injury but to have actually crippled an opponent is unbelievable."

Amanda shook her head. Just then Susan breezed in and her skirt seemed oven shorter than usual. "Why so glum Mandakins?"

Oh I was just wondering about Martha."

"Oh phooey," said Susan. Who cares, it was only a stupid hockey game. I was glad I didn't have to go and freeze my butt off. So who cares if Martha busted a head or two? Now if we could have gone to the boys soccer match - well there's some great looking guys there!"

Amanda looked disgusted and they started arguing about sports while I was preoccupied with my dreams of putting Martha on the stool. And it was funny that every now and then, in my imagination, it was Amanda who I was helping up on the stool.

Instead of lining up in out form like I usually did for assembly, I had to go to the back of the stage and sit behind Matron. Like all the other PA's who sat behind their staff member in the back row of seats on the stage. Our uniforms had to be perfect since we were up on stage and we inspected ourselves for imperfections.

As the girls filed in to the auditorium, there was a palpable feeling as the normal muttering died away as soon as the girls saw the stool sitting just on the right of the stage. A few times I caught the words "Martha Anderson" and "Matron" but it was soon deathly silent. Having taken our seats we all had to stand as the senior staff including Matron filed in followed by Miss Martindale. A hymn was sung as usual, though there was a noted lack of enthusiasm and then Miss Martindale read the lesson - about honor, duty and maturity. Then as she closed the bible, I got quietly from my seat at the end of the row behind Matron and quietly went back stage.

Martha Anderson guarded by two prefects was waiting. Martha's eyes looked puffy and red. Clearly she had recently done a lot of crying and she was pale as a sheet, but surprisingly she smiled at me when she saw me. She said softly,

"So you are the new Lisa. Don't worry, I won't make any trouble." And again she smiled.

I was relieved and as I looked at her I had to admire her. Here she was a school prefect who yes, was very strict, especially with the younger girls, but who now had to face her own punishment with her backside on display to the whole school. It would have been normal for her to be terrified and she probably was but none-the-less she was prepared to go through with it and make the best she could. I could hear Miss Martindale's voice through the curtain that separated us,

"And now we come to a sad event. As you probably all know by now, our hockey team won on Saturday against a very good team from Notre Dame. But the success of the entire team was marred by a dreadful fowl on an opposing girl, committed by one of our own players. Any fowl brings dishonor to the entire side and that schools reputation. St. Anne's over the years hasn't been very successful in relation to sports yet we have built up the finest reputation in fairness and honor. It has stood St. Anne's in good stead, with its reputation intact we have had many of our girls go to the finest universities in the world. Many ex St. Anne's girls have gone on to do great things, we have had two Nobel prizes, in literature and chemistry, and we have politicians, doctors and judges amongst our alumni. Thus any fowl committed by any member of any team brings our good name down and affects us all. And this wasn't just any fowl; it didn't even just cause an injury. The girl affected is currently a cripple and it is not even sure she'll be able to walk in her own graduation next year.

The girl that committed this egregious act has in fact between one of our best pupils. She was deputy head prefect, with a string of academic as well as awards for outstanding hockey achievements to her name. It is unfathomable how this could have happened. The case has been discussed at length with the governors of not only this school and Notre Dame, but also the parents of the girl who is now lying in hospital as well as the parents of the culprit. At first there was strong feeling that this girl should be expelled, but after long conversations with everyone concerned the culprit was offered the chance to accept a public caning with the understanding that she will never play hockey again until the girl in the hospital also plays again. To this end she has agreed to help the other girl in therapy which will probably begin, with luck after Christmas.

However providing the culprit accepts this punishment all further references to this unhappy event will be expunged. Therefore I ask that Martha Anderson be brought forward now and accept her punishment from the schools disciplinarian."

This was my cue. I held my hand out and Martha took it and I led her onto the stage, over to the stool and pointed for her to mount the stepping block. She did and I was glad to see that she hoisted herself up onto the crutch bar. I swiftly walked to the front of the stool and helped position her neck into the bottom of the yolk as she lay down, brushed her hair to the slide and quickly lowered the top half of the neck yolk in place and pushed the wooden bolt home. Matron was very insistent that I lock her neck in place quickly. Apparently it was not unusual for a girl to start struggling as soon as she lay down but once she was over the crutch bar with her neck locked down there was nothing she could do. I whispered, "Thanks for making this easy," as I positioned her wrists into the wooden cuffs, closing the gates snug on her wrists and screwing the wing-nuts down so that they were locked in position. I then walked to the back of the stool and positioned her ankles into the receptacles and closed the gates snug and locked them into position.

Martha was now utterly helpless. My next act was to lift the hem of her gymslip over her waist, along with the tail of her school shirt and then grab the elastic on either side of her waist and lowered her panties. At his point my slug was desperately trying to pry himself from the confines of my own panties and I was almost trembling with anticipation. Finally I lifted the stepping block out of the way so that Martha's full weight descended on to the crutch bar and stool top. Her ankles bent down at a 45 degree angle but her feet were just too short to let her toes reach the floor. I heard Martha make an "Oomph!" sound as I removed the block and then I saw her make a conscious decision to relax, to accept what was about to come."

As I moved off to the side I revealed her gorgeous butt to the whole school and I could see necks arching to get a better view.

"Thank you Michelle," said Miss Martindale, "and now Matron of you would be so good as to administer the punishment."

Matron took the cane that I had carefully placed on the hook by the wall and took up her position to Martha's left. She tapped Martha three times in what looked to be the exact center of her butt, and then raised the cane and with a mighty "Swoosh" struck the exact spot she had tapped. From my fabulous vantage point to Martha's right I was fascinated to see a perfectly straight white line appear where the cane had landed. Within a mere five seconds it had turned from white to red and as I watched it began to go purple. What surprised me was that Martha barely flinched. I saw her fingers wiggle in their cuffs as though they were reaching out for none existent support but that was all. I waited what seemed an eternity but was only about twenty seconds. Then I saw Matron tap the spot exactly at the crease at the top of her thighs and then she struck the exact spot. Again the white line which soon turned purple to match the one above. Again there was no sound from Martha but I did see that she tried to arch her back for a few seconds before relaxing back into position. He neck, locked in its shackle, seemed to twist and flex but the yolk didn't give at all.

A third stroke landed at the top of her butt, just below the spine and again Martha flexed, almost bucked against the neck yolk, but there were still no sounds. Her ankles flexed and her toes bobbed up and down and the fingers were almost clawing in the air.

The fourth stroke bisected the first and second strokes and after the initial buck and foot movements, I noted that the same perspiration on her back that I had seen on Janet's shirt below her collar when she was over Matron's knee. Although she drew a deep breath as she began to relax for the next stroke it was the only sound she made. I could see that Martha had had the same instructions as me regarding keeping the muscles relaxed.

The firth stroke exactly bisected the gap between the second and third stroke and though Martha shook her head up and down she still made no sound. I was starting to be impressed. I had forgotten how many I had taken before I had cracked the week before though I think that second time she had challenged me with Lisa's record, I had moaned at the fifth stroke and lost it at the sixth but for now I was just impressed. And these were no love taps. Matron had an impassive almost sad look on her face but she was hitting Martha with everything she had and concentrating exactly where the strokes landed.

The sixth stoke was a little different. Instead of being parallel to the stool, Matron angled it up from the bottom of the left cheek to the top of the right. It was so deft that there was hardly any reduction in power yet the stroke was so precise it began exactly where the bottom or second stroke began on Martha's left butt cheek and finished up exactly where it bisected the right upper cheek purple line from the third stroke. Martha's butt now had an absolutely perfect five bar gate painted on it in red and purple stripes and I knew it was no accident. I began to appreciate the skill that Matron had used and began to wonder exactly how many people she had ever caned.

Its effect on Martha this time was more noticeable. She bucked in the neck yolk and a moan finally escaped her lips. She was losing it and she probably knew it. Her hands and arms were starting to thrash quite violently in the wrists cuffs and I feared that her head movements would bruise her neck. I hoped for her sake that with having six of the best that it was over, but Martha was not to get off so lightly. As the bucking subsided and she began to relax I saw that Matron had lifted her cane and the three taps came again. I looked at the intended spot and saw that it was exactly over the first spot, in the exact middle of the butt. Sure enough the crack of the cane echoed again in that hall and the first line which was now purple suddenly blazed white before sinking back to that awful purple color. I expected Martha to scream, it was the seventh stroke and she had already let out the moan which usually signaled breakdown, but there was only silence except for the sucking in of her breath.

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Matron's face remained impassive and I heard the sleeve of her uniform dress rustle as the arm raised again. Another dreadful stroke, exactly over the second strike at the bottom of Martha's butt and Martha finally lost it.

"Aaaaaaghhhhhh!" she cried. The thrashing on the stool was violent but again subsided just before the tapping cane showed that the next blow would land on the uppermost line. And I could already see that through the stripes, streaks of Martha's blood were now visible on the surface. It came crashing down, that whip-like "Swoosh" and "Crack" exploding through the dreadful awed silence of the auditorium. And this time Martha shrieked "Aaaaagggghhh! oww! oww! aaaaaaahhhh!"

I knew from recent personal experience what Martha was feeling an empathized with her agony but I was so aroused by now I was almost ready to come in my panties. As much as Martha was struggling on the stool, I was equally fighting to keep my hands from rubbing my groin, from giving myself away in front of the whole school up on that stage. My panties were always tight to prevent the slug from sticking out of my gymslip but he was leaking and I was terribly wet. I suppose I should have been disgusted that I was getting off on Martha's agony but all thoughts that I'd once had of seeing her punished were gone. And my admiration for Martha was not dampened by seeing how she started to struggle desperately on that stool. She was desperately trying to move her butt as though to destroy Matrons aim yet the crutch bar held her like a vice. I even began to wonder if the spasmodic movements of her clitoris on the crutch bar was making her wet. And the stool, the dreaded stool did not even creak. Her wild thrashing attempts might have been made against a stone wall. It didn't give or move a millimeter.

The tenth stroke repeated the pattern. Again a small splattering of blood where the cane bisected the space between the original first and second strikes appeared at the point of impact. The strike had landed after the usual twenty second pause, but even that was not enough time for Martha to relax. And this time she screamed and screamed. I felt so sorry for her, she had performed so well but now she was broken, surely Matron would stop? But no, after the twenty second pause Matron again measured a stroke to cover the original fifth blow and with Martha still sobbing delivered an incredibly cruel stroke. Martha's head seemed to bob as she sucked in breath after breath to keep the screams going but suddenly she seemed to bring it under control and I actually saw her shudder and then relax for what she seemed to know would be the last stroke.

And sure enough the twelfth stroke was the last and it repeated the previous diagonal stroke. It was viscous and unbelievably cruel and so loud it was almost an explosion in that packed house. Poor Martha screamed, and screamed and screamed. It must have been almost a minute before she had some semblance of control where upon, Matron with that infinitely sad expression on her face, returned the cane to its hook on the wall and sat down.

As Martha's screams died down to sobs, the headmistress walked back to the podium and said softly to me,

"Michelle, if you would be good enough to wait until we have all left then you can take Martha to sick bay," then louder in the microphone she said to the assembly.

"Well girls, it was important for Martha to expiate her sins in front of you all since she let you all down. However she has now paid that price and I am restoring her to deputy head prefect with full prefect privileges and this incident will be cleared from her record and no more will be said. However let this be a lesson to you all. Winning in life is important of course however it is nothing as compared to living life to the fullest with honor and dignity. One day you will all go out into the world and you will not only be remembered for what you win, but how you played the game. Thank you. Dismissed."

I waited until everyone, including Matron had left and then I slid the stepping block under Marta's feet so she could place them flat and take some weight off of that crutch bar. I then unscrewed the wing nuts on the ankle cuffs releasing the gates and then did the same to her wrist cuffs. Finally I slid the bolt from the neck yolk and lifted the top portion. At first she barely moved then she placed her hands on the cross bar of the stool by her handcuffs and began to pry herself off of the slatted seat. I helped her up and watched her wince as she struggled to get off of the crutch bar.

Having her straiten up, I eased her off of the stepping block and then paused as she clutched me around my waist for support and she buried her head into my neck. She lay their panting heavily sobbing deeply which vibrated against my chest. I was worried in case she could feel my hard on in my panties and I carefully backed my pelvis away. However it was deeply moving and I knew that she had temporarily at least lost her natural inhibitions.

Slowly she straightened up, smiled at me through her tears and said, "Aren't you supposed to take me to sick bay."

I said, "Of course if you are ready but I want you to pull your panties up first in case you fall!"

She actually managed to laugh through the tears and said, "Yes I suppose that would be a good idea!" She bent over and tried to pull them up wincing as they covered her terribly mutilated cheeks. I helped her straighten up and smoothed her gymslip down and carefully guided her off of the stage, through the curtain and through the corridor to the sick bay.

Matron was waiting for us there and she guided Martha over to a bed and had her lay face down. She very gently eased her gymslip up and her panties back down and then began to massage what I could see were thoroughly bruised cheeks with that cream. She said to me,

"Michelle I know this is the first time you have helped me, and I really appreciate it. It helps maintain dignity for everyone concerned if it is somebody other than the disciplinarian who secures the subject for the punishment and you did an excellent job. Unfortunately I'm certain it won't be the last time, however I want you to know that I have rarely seen a girl as brave as this," nodding at Martha, "take a caning so well.

Martha, you can be proud of yourself. I've always known you were something special and today you certainly proved it. You set a terrible example to the school when you hurt that girl, but you have repaid in full the pain you have caused her and you did it in a way where the whole school can be proud. And I have some more good news, Susan Baker, the girl whose leg you broke, successfully underwent surgery late yesterday afternoon and while Michelle was getting you down off of the stool, I received a phone call from the hospital that she is doing much better than expected and should be walking within three weeks!"

Martha, whose head was turned in my direction, smiled and said, "Oh thank goodness for that. I never meant to hurt her and would gladly have taken another beating if only she could walk again."

"Well it seems your prayers have been answered so why don't you relax. And Michelle, please go back and retrieve the cane and the stool because we are going to have to give it some more business today. There was another altercation that broke out between two fourth years after the match. That will be later this afternoon and I shall send for you."

So I went and retrieved the stool and cane and had to make a second trip for the stepping block. Matron gave me a final smile and I walked happily off to class.

Chapter 9 - The M.I.T. on Probation

I got back to sick bat at 3:30 and would have been earlier but in Chemistry lab I had been pared with Linda Thompson and poor Linda could never do anything right. I finally got the experiment working despite her and was able to use the time finishing the write up. I was worried that Matron would wonder that I was late however I noted two fourth years waiting outside the door on the two chairs and they looked a lot more worried than me. I knocked on the door and Matron opened it, let me in, closed the door and smiled as she said,

"Don't worry Miss Hornsby had already passed word to me at lunch and that you were going to be paired with Linda for lab since she needs help so I knew you might be delayed. Anyway I had to deal with a first years nose bleed and she nodded to the back area where the curtain separating the sick bay beds was drawn and besides it good to let the girls outside wait - it allows them to better contemplate their fate! Perhaps you would be good enough to move the stool and stepping block to the center stage."

"Are you going to cane them over it?" I asked, a little surprised, as I moved the items into the room, just in front of her desk. Except for myself I wasn't aware that girls younger than seniors - sixteen year olds - were caned over the stool.

She smiled and said, "Wait and see, the stool as a lot of uses besides the obvious. Why don't you invite them in and then stand off to the side and watch. It will be educational for you"

I did as she requested and invited the two fourth years inside. They were clearly terrified and their eyes opened wide when they saw the stool in the middle of the room. Matron had them walk in and pointed to where they should stand, about three feet in front of it and they both looked as white as sheets. Just looking at them I could imagine what they were feeling and my slug was stirring in anticipation. They had both taken the trouble to clean up, comb their hair, there school shirts looked immaculate and their gymslip creases were sharp. I loved it!

"This is my PA, Michelle Morton." she began, nodding at me. Michelle will assist me if necessary. You were sent to me by Christine Fowler, a prefect, because the two of you were seeing being raucous on the bus to the hockey game. There was a significant argument between the two of you that had already descended into pushing and hair pulling when Christine interrupted and separated the both of you."

One of the pair a pretty brunette who I didn't really know said, "We can expl ..."

"Did I say that you could talk?" smiled Matron sweetly.

"Err no but ..."

"Are you stupid?" continued Matron, "You are not here to explain. Where do you think you are? Some sort of debating Society?"

Both girls looked down, suddenly having developed a fascination with their shoes.

"Please have the decency to look at me when I'm talking at you!" commanded Matron in a very loud voice.

Both girls almost jumped out of their skin and it startled me too. If the girls were terrified before they were now close to messing their panties.

"You are here because a prefect saw you behaving in a manner that was neither ladylike or in a fashion likely to bring respect to this school. This denigrated every girl in and of this school, from the youngest junior member to every girl who has graduated from here and is still alive. That sort of behavior never has and never will be tolerated. Finally there were girls junior to you on that bus for whom you are required by school rules to set a good example. Instead the example you set was abhorrent.

"You should know by now that this school; is an autocracy. The head mistress is in charge, below her, as deputy head is me. Below that is the staff, the prefects and finally anyone who is temporarily placed in charge of a group by any of the ones above. There are rules which have to be obeyed and when they are broken there are consequences. Sometimes there is fact finding sessions but these are not trials. There is no jury. And unfortunately for me, I carry out the discipline.

"In this manner I am a teacher. Instead of teaching one of the regular school subjects, it is my job to teach you how to obey rules, how to behave so that when you leave here you can behave in a manner in society where you can succeed and continue to bring honor and admiration to the school. My tools are not books, blackboard and chalk. They are the tools of discipline, one of which you see before you. It is my job to determine exactly how the tools will be used, to see that their application is reasonable, note I don't necessarily mean fair, but that the desired results are obtained.

"Are there any questions?"

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Both girls, almost trembling by now said in unison "No."

"No what? Have you lost all respect?"

"No Matron," And then one girl started to halfheartedly raise her hand.

"Yes, Christine? You seem to have a question."

She said, "Please Matron, I thought the stool was only for senior girls?"

"Really I don't know how these ideas get around! There are no age limits to any discipline at St. Anne's and certainly if you had been seniors and that your performance had been in front of members of the public, then tomorrow morning you would have been on that stool in front of the whole school. However the art of discipline is much more about teaching than it is punishment so because of that and the fact that your disgusting behavior was not with in public, I am going to attempt a little teaching experiment.

"Instead of having Michelle put you on the stool now, I am going to award you an essay. This may sound like an easy out instead of being over the stool but I assure you, you may think differently by the time the assignment is over. I am going to give you Christine a green pen and you Marjorie an orange pen. You are both to write this essay.

"The essay will be titled simply "Why public Displays of Anger are not Tolerated at St. Anne's". This essay will be ten pages in length and will be delivered to Michelle next Monday morning before the school assembly.

To help you learn the value of cooperation you will each write alternate paragraphs. Any attempt to cheat such as one of you writing the essay with both pens will result in consequences that do not bare thinking about. You will both write approximately the same number of words and the quality of the writing is up to you. The essay will flow nicely, with one idea flowing into the next. I don't care if you are both present when you are writing or if you want to pass it back and forth. It will not however be done during any of your classes and should not interfere with any of your homework.

"Finally failure of the essay to be delivered to Michelle on time, or if it is of poor quality in either the orange or green sections then there will be extremely serious repercussions in which your idea that only senior girls go on to that stool may be tested. I've no doubt Michelle's assistance will be required, but if I were you I wouldn't count on her being gentle with either of you.

Do I make myself clear and do you have full understanding of your task? This will be a tandem essay. If I even suspect that just one of you wrote it then you will both receive the alternate discipline!"

Both Christine and Marjorie seemed incredibly relieved - though I confess to feeling a little disappointed - that the stool wasn't in their immediate future and neither seemed predisposed to ask any questions. In fact they gave every appearance of wanting to make for the exit as fast as possible. Matron waved them to the door and they almost tripped over themselves in their haste to make their escape.

After they had left, Matron packed up her briefcase and then went to check on the nose-bleeding first year. She was OK and I noted how Matrons demeanor had changed from stern disciplinarian to one of compassionate nurse as she fussed over the young girl. Matron walked her back to her dorm and while she did, I finished off my last home work assignment for physics - some simple problems in mechanics. The problems had two possible ways of solving them - one involving pages of tedious algebra or about four lines of calculus. There was no specification not to use calculus so naturally I chose that even though I knew I was the only one in class who would have that type of solution. I was therefore feeling more than a little pleased with my self when Matron returned. We were soon in the car driving home.

"Disappointed?" she asked.

I looked at her and grinned. "Does it show?" I asked.

"Only that the bulge I that I'm sure was there when you were standing against the wall, admiring the uniforms that both Christine and Marjorie had manage to make look immaculate, has now gone." She said glancing at my pelvis. "One of the beauties of a gymslip on you my dear Michelle is that when you wear your tight panties, the natural weight of the gymslips as well as the box pleated folds, hide your bulge pretty well, one reason why I kept you standing through my little lecture. However when you are seated, even though your panties hold it in place, your gymslip folds don't hide it.

"I am a little curious though"

"You mean while I didn't physically beat them?"


"Several reasons actually. Christine Thompson and Marjorie Lawson are generally not trouble makers. I don't know what their fight was about and I care even less. They could probably use a lesson in cooperation and giving them a Tandem essay seemed like a good ploy. Those essays are quite painful to write and since they don't share a dorm it will be even more difficult for them. It should at least ruin their weekend. Besides if it isn't up to snuff I shall still attend to their backsides. By-the-way, make sure you collect it from them on schedule Monday morning and that it is of the desired quality. If you decide it's ok then fair enough, I don't need to see it. If you believe it is below par then bring it to me and we shall decide what is to be done.

Another reason I didn't want to physically beat them was that there was the first year behind the curtain. They didn't know she was there but I really didn't want that first year blabbing to her class about how she heard two fourth years screaming like babies."

We pulled up the drive and while Matron drove into the garage, I unlocked the door and went in. I removed my shoes and coat which I hung up in the closet. I was already cleaning my shoes for the morning when Matron came in. "Be a dear and clean mine Michelle, while I start dinner."

I took them to the back porch where it was still raining so I could see her in the kitchen.

"Michelle," she said. "Tonight is our first school night together and I want to explain some things. Some of these things are about what I want from you, what I expect and what I shall not tolerate. I actually think you are smart enough to figure out what the latter is but - well let's start at the beginning.

Usually we when we get home of an evening I shall expect that the first priority will be to get ready for the morning. I like the way you started on your shoes and you should get any laundry sorted. I shall usually cook dinner, I like doing it though you may help and even cook f you wish. The next priority is homework. I expect all homework to be done on the night it is given - except Fridays and that will normally be attended to on Saturday mornings, preferably early and before lunch. Next there will be extra assignments from me. As my assistant you will immediately begin the study of human an atomy and then we shall begin a crash course in physiology. It will of course be supplemented with First Aid including CPR and ACLS. Finally I already know you play piano and guitar, you may be in Eileen Chow's shadow, but that is no excuse to not keep it up. I shall expect you to keep up on the piano and you will start private lessons with Miss Brown in Piano and classical guitar.

"This may sound a lot and it is not for nothing that I chose the most academically qualified in the class. You will remain at the head of your class in this respect - any challenges from your friend Amanda will not be tolerated. She is bright and very motivated too but you will remain even more motivated - my disciplinary skills may be tested but I shall not fail you, I promise.

"Now you'll note I mentioned Fridays will be a little different. You can generally expect that Fridays will be discipline night. On that night in particular all though also on any night that suits me, your body is going to be available to me to do with as I please. As a minimum you can always expect a trip over my knee. However, the facilities in the cellar are at my disposal to make your evenings very entertaining and memorable. You will develop considerably under my tutelage and as a first priority you will become at least as proficient at taking the cane as you saw Martha was this morning.

"And this brings us to a subject to which you must become accustomed. Besides an institution of academic learning, St. Anne's has some activities which are not of general knowledge. We also train Dommes for the community. Do you know what a Domme is?"

I was beginning to suspect that there was something a little unusual about St. Anne's and particularly about Matron. I mean it was one thing to be school disciplinarian, although I was not aware of any other school having one but to have all the toys and tools she had was another. When I first came to St. Anne's, like many of the new girls I was intimidated by the thought that one member of staff was designated to carry out most of the punishments. As I had got used to the school I had become accustomed to the idea and thought it actually worked quite well. Clearly there was excellent discipline throughout the school, much better than any other institution I'd been to, though the first time I'd seen that girl on the stool and on the stage I had been shocked. I hadn't been particularly worried since I was an excellent student and for other reasons I wanted to behave myself and keep a low profile.

Yet my experience, first over Matron's lap and then her stool had started to make me suspect that there was something even more unusual. After the caning she had secured my wrists and tortured my testicles and I had even lost my virginity to her. I was absolutely OK with this and even the prospect of being over her stool was actually exciting.

But the I hadn't heard the word Domme before so I answered, "No, but I am curious"

"Well a Domme is a person who provides for their clients a specialized environment where the client can be freed of all responsibilities. At St. Anne's we only deal with females and although there are males in the community at large who Dom, they are not part of the activities here. Our Domme's, and yes I am one, also provide a range of stimulation to their sub's - a sub is the person who obeys the Domme, - usually for sexual gratification, though not always. Besides providing a sense of freedom in a highly structured environment, the sub's tension can be relieved from their basic inhibitions. This maybe as varied from crying like a baby or struggling in total safety, or allowing the sub to generally escape the ardors of real life, even if only for a brief time.

"In case you haven't realized it yet, I am a Domme and you are my sub, though in our case it is a little more than that. Perhaps you haven't realized it yet but you are in fact much more than my sub. You have in fact become my absolute slave. You obey me, you have minimal objections (and soon there will be none) to my punishing you because you actually like it. Some people would consider it strange but only because they are ignorant. Although the sting of my cane may cause you to suck in your breath and scream, the truth is you enjoy it - especially once the sting dies and the fire begins. You like following my orders and you will enjoy it when I bind you up so that your movements are limited and your limbs restricted.

"Does this make sense, do you understand now?"

I nodded, "I was curious. The first time I saw you cane a girl on stage I, on that stool; I was shocked, even horrified, yet I was curiously turned on by what I saw. Yet a part of me wanted to be that girl, I wanted to feel what she felt. I don't think I realized she was actually fastened on the stool but even now the idea of being restrained so that I can't move excites me."

She said, "I'm not surprised, I knew it the moment I fist put you ever my knee which is incidentally how I usually first identify many of the girls who are likely to become subs. I don't actually have much experience with boys, which was why I put you on my stool so quickly. I'm happy to say that I wasn't disappointed. While you were screaming from the pain of my cane, I saw you trying to hump that stool so I knew what you were. I knew you were a sub. You are attracted to pain both your own and as voyeur. The community would probably call you perverted and that isn't your only perversion. You are clearly attracted to girls in uniform, particularly school uniforms and my nurse uniform has similar attraction for you. I don't think you actually like wearing it too much but the strong attraction you have to the gymslip makes you able to tolerate it. You have even picked up the female habits of smoothing it when you sit down, and like some other girls you are for ever straightening and smoothing it - almost like you like to feel it. You are doing it even now and you don't even know it. Susan and Amanda in your class are actually the same though possibly for different reasons."

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"Yes, I have always had a thing for girls in school uniform, particularly a girl in a shirt, tie and gymslip. Even shirt, tie and pleated skirt but somehow the box pleated gymslip is the best," I answered.

She laughed, "So I had started to realize, well that's ok, it's kind of fortunate that we are able to accommodate you at St. Anne's because of your predicament. Although I'm surprised you didn't give yourself away seeing all these gymslipped girls in the first few days of being here."

"It's funny you should mention that," I answered. The first few times I wore the gymslip at home when I was practicing I would always get these raging hard-ons and my penis would stick out like a witches broom, pushing the front of my skirt out. However I hated to see myself dressed this way so all I had to do was look at myself in the mirror and it would go away. Even when I grew my hair long so I looked more like a girl I still was able to control it and I thought I be so nervous when I first arrived that it wouldn't be a problem. However the trouble started as soon as Mom left me at the gate when I got out of the car. Seeing all the gymslipped girls around, particularly the seniors, I had a hell of a time. I was forever running to the bathroom, locking myself in a stall and rubbing myself off so it would go limp. Those first few days I was very exhausted.

She almost fell on the floor she was now laughing so hard, much to my embarrassment. "Oh my poor pet," she said, "I wish I'd have known. I'd have whacked it with my cane a few times."

"I doubt that would have helped," I said ruefully. "Eventually," I continued, "I started tying a not in my panties to make them tight, then if I got an erection it would hold it in. Then I telephoned mom and she got me new panties with a much smaller waist. I had even tried one of those disposable diapers that I got from the village, but they only got in the way. You could hear them when I sat down and I couldn't risk anybody noticing anything."

"I'm sorry you had so much difficulty she said and at least I can help you by directing that you remain in uniform as much as possible.

"Anyway now that you know what a Domme is, and by-the-way, I really prefer Mistress over the word Domme since it is usually confused with the male term that sounds the same though spelled differently - D-O-M, you should know that I train new Mistresses."

"Wow, how do you select a girl to be a ... Mistress?"

I try to identify material early when girls first join the school. I research their records carefully and their families. Many are daughters of past Alumni who are also Mistresses. They are usually the leaders of their class, tidy - especially in their uniform and neat in their work, academically smart, and don't seem to care if they are liked or not. Occasionally they are bullies though here I have to be careful. I don't want girls who are mean spirited but if they are bullying out of simple frustration then they just need educating. It sounds like there are a lot of them. There aren't, they are quite rare, rarer than subs - especially the good ones.

"I don't actually recruit them until they are seniors in the sixth form but usually by their fifth year I know who to pick. It is generally the same for the subs. Because Subs aren't quite as rare I have a better choice but they, like Mistresses in training, have to be very discreet and reliable. Occasionally as sub is also a Mistress, a so called switch and I suspect that that may be the case with you. But you are the exception in so many ways," she laughed.

"How do you mean?"

"Besides the obvious? Well for starters I usually review all the girls very early on. It is true that when you first came you struck me as an oddity but I was so busy with the first years in just my normal duties that I didn't really have time to research you specifically. I was trying to pick out my PA too and since I had to choose from the fifth year I had pretty much made my selection too, when an unforeseen event occurred that prevented me from making my choice. I had Lisa picked out in her first year knowing she and I would both be eligible at the same time. I watched and nurtured her carefully and was ecstatic with the outcome. She was and is an incredible sub as well a genius.

"It was a very lucky break for both of us when I saw you make that run across the courtyard. After that first time over my knee I knew that you were definitely a sub and so I almost ran to the files to check on your academic standing. I would have kept you as a sub if you did not make the academic grade because you truly had what it takes. The fact that your academics are beyond reproach meant that I had the perfect PA and even better you "heart problem" gave it the perfect cover

"So now we come to the interesting bit. As you know your genitalia are strictly off limits to you. I will take care of all your needs in that department as you will take care of most mine. Any night of the week you may expect to be over my knee and the little affairs that you saw with the two girls this morning are not comparable. On Fridays and weekend nights you should be prepared for more serious treatment. And as my personal assistant your services will be required to help me teach the girls that are MIT's - i.e. Mistresses in Training. Fortunately you will not be the only sub taking part, nor will I be the only teacher. St. Anne's has a very nice group of MIT teachers as well as subs to help with their education. You will be just one more sub in this activity though you are special in that you are also my PA.

"How does that sound and are you interested?"

As she was talking my eyes grew wide. I had never remotely guessed that these activities were part of St. Anne's. The slug was surprised too but he was making an extreme effort to let me know his vote. I said,

"Matron, you should know that I have a terrible crush on you and would say yes to anything - especially since you "treated me" last week. However I can't tell you how excited and pleased I shall be to help you in anyway I can as your PA and as a sub. I believe your "training activities" with the MIT's will be incredible and only wish I didn't have to wait until Friday to begin."

"Don't be in too much of a hurry." She said. "And sorry to disappoint you but this week I only have one sub coming around on Friday and she is on probation. You will sub for her and you had better be good because I have already invested a lot in her and at the moment she is in danger of, well shall we say she is in need of extra education. Of course all these activities are in strictest confidence and periodically I may ask you to perform certain tasks that are strange. Often they will be part of recruitment which even after the girls to be recruited as either subs or MIT's requires very delicate handling to bring them successfully into the program. For now lets eat and then you must do your home work and before bed tonight we can discuss it a little more if you like."

Matron was actually pleased that my homework assignments were all complete so she showed me the two books, one in basic first aid and one in gross anatomy (emphasis on gross!) that I had to read within a month, telling me would test me on my reading every weekend till I had them down. Finally when I suggested that I would like to watch a little TV she laughed and said,

"I think a little guitar practice wouldn't be a bad idea, show me what you know!"

So I played some riffs from Jimmy Page as well as a few Beatles tunes and about 10 PM we made out way to bed.

I was very happy and Matron seemed fairly happy too. She gave me a very long kiss goodnight at the same time feeling my groin. The slug responded and I hoped for a little action but she said,

"Remember, he's mine. I'll be very upset if you play with him." And with that she went down the corridor to her bedroom and closed the door.

The next morning, on the way to school I asked Matron who the MIT on probation was. As she was driving she looked and me and said,

"Hmm, she said that's a fair question but I think I'll keep it a secret for now. You are clever and you may be able to find out for yourself, but if you try, please be discreet."

Nothing much happened over the next two days. I helped out quite a lot in the sick bay, tending to nausea and vomiting and the cold weather was starting to bring girls down with the flue. I was easily keeping up with my homework and found Matron's books to be very absorbing. I was really looking forward to Friday evening which in itself I found strange. Tell any other girl that she would be getting her ass whipped on Friday and she would be terrified. Unless of course she was one of the mysterious subs Matron had talked about. It was really exciting. Who were the MIT's and the subs? Matron had maintained her silence though of course I would find out eventually about the MIT's at least - unless they blindfolded me of course. Now that was also an exciting idea!

It was Thursday lunchtime when I found out who the MIT on probation was for Friday. It wasn't really anything clever I did. I had been wracking my brain to come up with a plan to reveal the mysterious MIT when it sort of fell into my lap!

It was sunny and warm for a change and I decided to sit outside with my lunch. At the far table on the patio area outside the refectory I saw Martha Anderson sitting out there alone. Most of the other tables were full and I a little surprised to see her sitting alone. She was a senior and deputy head prefect and all the prefects usually ate together in the common room at the back of the refectory.

"Mind if I sit down?" I said.

She glanced up at me, surprised and muttered, "You sure you want to?"

"Of course," I said. "Why wouldn't I?"

"Well you are usually with Susan Davis and her Amanda friend, and besides I'm a bit of a pariah right now."

"Amanda is doing some hockey thing and Susan is PA'ing for Miss Halliwell so you are my best hope for company through lunch," I laughed. "Why are you so glum?"

"Err duhh!" she exclaimed.

"Oh I thought that was all behind you now - sorry about the pun!"

She winced, and then grinned. "Not quite, I'm the prefect that everybody wants to hate and the girl that tried to kill an opponent with a wooden club! Not the sort of best friend's material that most girls want!"

"I'm sorry; personally I don't really see what all the fuss was about. You tackled somebody in a silly game where everybody has a club and somebody gets hurt. So what! Soccer players break legs all the time. There is even something called a professional fowl!"

She said, "Well I see you are not a hockey fan; but then you can't play because of your heart!"

I didn't say anything and she went on, "But the thing is I really agree with the rest of the school. What I did was outrageous and I should be banned for life!"

"Huh?" I replied.

She said, "Look I live for hockey, it's a wonderful game and I don't think I've ever fowled anybody, at least deliberately, before. I wouldn't, it's against everything I believe!"

"So why ..."

"So why did I fowl her?" she finished," Well actually I didn't, at least I didn't deliberately!"

"Well I don't mean to be argumentative but it sure looked like it!"

She smiled and said, "Oh of course you are right but the truth is, yes I do play hard. I'm probably good enough that next year in college I would have been chosen for the all England under twenty one team, though that's not likely to happen now. Because everybody knows I play hard it looked deliberate but the truth is as I was about to strike the ball, some mud from the pitch, remember it was raining?"

I nodded.

"Well this clump of mud, probably from one of Susan Baker's spikes, flew up and into my eye. It blinded and surprised me just as I was striking, and I turned my head away as I flinched and then I heard this sickening crunch and the rest, as they say is history."

"But that's terrible, why didn't you tell anybody?"

"Well if you remember all the concern was for Susan and rightly so. There was a huge commotion while they hauled her off of the pitch. People weren't interested in talking to me. I was in shock myself and naturally wiped my face without thinking. By the time anyone wanted to speak to me they had already formed their opinions and were yelling at me. Nobody would even listen!"

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"Does anyone else know the true story?"

"Several know the story but I think only Matron and Miss Martindale and my parents, oh and oddly enough Susan Baker believes it."

"So why did Matron and Miss Martindale have you so horribly punished in front of the whole school?"

She laughed at this and said, "Michelle perhaps you haven't been here long enough. However Miss Martindale and Matron always preach that life isn't fair. The universe isn't fair and it isn't fair outside of this school. Some are born rich, others poor, some are ill and some are healthy. Sometimes you have choices and sometimes you don't. Its better that you learn to live with it as soon as possible, take your lumps and move on. St. Anne's train's girls for the real world, not some make belief place where everything is fair. We are stronger and more honorable because we know it and do the best with what we've got.

"Matron understands and so do I. I don't like it exactly but there it is," and she stood up picking up her tray as she did. Unfortunately her plate slid off the tray and fell onto my glass of Coke, knocking it over and into my lap, drenching me.

"Oh God I'm sorry!" said Martha. "It was a stupid, stupid thing to do," and she tried to rub her serviette into my gymslip, to mop up the spilled drink that was all over my uniform.

I stood up too and laughed, "Doesn't seem to be your week!"

She laughed too and said," Oh I'm sorry and your beautiful PA girdle is all drenched in that sticky mess too, and your salad is now floating in Coke! Look do you have any spare clothes here?"

I said, "Look don't worry about it, I'll be fine. My clothes are all in the cottage, I moved out of the dorm this weekend."

She said, "Don't be silly you have to get out of your wet clothes, besides the sticky coke will ruin the gymslip unless we put it in soak. Look we are the same size; you'd better come with me to my dorm and change. You can grab a quick shower and then change. You still have time before classes.

I tried to get her to leave me alone but she insisted and dragged me by my hand in the direction of her dorm. When we got there she ushered me into her bathroom and started to untie my messy St. Anne's girdle. I was a little worried incase she undressed me too far so I said, "Look I haven't needed help undressing in at least the last year so why don't you leave me, close the bathroom door and when I come out of the shower you can pass me some clean clothes through the door." Of course it was a lie about not needing help in dressing in a year but not in the way she thought. Just last week Matron had had to help me put the stupid bra on!

While I took my sticky panties off, I surreptitiously threw the lock on the door and took a very quick shower. Martha had the courtesy to knock on the door and then said, "Open it at bit and I'll pass the clothes through."

"Just a sec." I put my bra on wrapped a towel round my waist, silently unlocked the door opened it and thrust my hand out. I felt her pass me two hangers, one containing a shirt and tie, and the other a gymslip. She also passed me a fresh pair of school regulation panties and a clean bra - which was way too big. I shouted through the door, "My bra is ok but there are stains on my panties and shirt and tie and my socks."

I put her school shirt on; it was a perfect fit, and her tie. The gymslip seemed a little long, it was halfway down my knees and I was a little surprised since we were about the same height but then I realized she was much better endowed in the breast department and so it hung much lower on me. I came out of the bathroom and she gave me a pair of socks. She handed me a clean St. Anne's girdle and said "I borrowed this of Patricia Mayhew, she is a PA for Miss Hensley and she had a spare. I'll get your stuff cleaned tonight."

I said, "Don't worry, you've already gone to way too much trouble, I can get it clean myself tonight."

"I wouldn't hear of it, it was my fault, I'm such a klutz. This is been a bad week for me and my butt is still killing me," she smiled, "besides I can bring your stuff over with me tomorrow evening ... oh damn!"

I looked at her, startled.

"There I go again!" and she suddenly looked embarrassed.

"Go on," I said.

"I shouldn't have ... please, Matron will kill me."

"Matron doesn't have to know. You are coming around to morrow evening to spank me, aren't you?" and the penny dropped. Matron's words "...And sorry to disappoint you but this week I only have one sub coming around on Friday and she is on probation" rang in my ears. It could only be Martha. In fact if I knew Matron right, and I admitted to myself that I really probably didn't -yet, though I was learning, I was in for more than a spanking. It was likely that the stool would be in my future tomorrow and highly probable that Martha would get to cane me the way she had been caned two days ago. Didn't she say on Tuesday that I must be Lisa's replacement, wasn't it likely that she had disciplined Lisa in the past?

The truth was I didn't mind. I doubted that I would do as good as Martha had, but as I looked at her I realized I wanted to do it for her, to let her cane me. She had had such a lousy week and she had been so nice to me with the clothes. I was growing increasingly fond of her. She was honorable, tough on the juniors I supposed but I now believed she probably had their best interests at heart.

"Look Martha, I didn't know you till today." I suppose I had sort of resented you for the way you seemed a bit of a strict prefect to the juniors, but now I have seen you I'd love to get to know you better and be your friend. I was terribly impressed with how you handled your punishment on Tuesday, from the moment I put you on the stool till I took you down, you were incredible. Those weren't love taps, I should know.

"Don't worry about tomorrow. You still haven't said anything even though I've figured it out. I'm already looking forward to the evening and Matron won't find out from me that I know you are the MIT that I shall sub for tomorrow."

She smiled and said, "Michelle you are something special yourself. And outside of tomorrow evening and similar events I would be proud to have you as my friend."

With that, we gave each other a brief hug, schoolgirl to schoolgirl in our uniforms. And then I told her I must get to the Physics lab and she said she had homework to do. As I left I wondered what Martha would say tomorrow when she had me over her knee and felt a bulge in her thighs. The slug was already bulging just thinking of it and unless Martha was a really incredible actress or I was pretty dumb, I was betting that she didn't know ... yet!

Chapter 10 - The Training of Martha Anderson

It was six PM when the door bell rang. I answered it and there was Martha on the door step. Matron already had dinner prepared and she had told me that her "probationary" MIT would come for dinner. I showed Martha in and then took her to the kitchen/den area and Matron made formal introductions. I said truthfully we had actually met yesterday over lunch when I congratulated Martha on how well she had taken her caning. Martha didn't really comment and Matron didn't push the subject, The meal was actually fairly light for which I was glad since I didn't really want to lose my lunch so to speak with a full stomach.

During dinner Matron and I made small talk with Martha only commenting occasionally as though she were nervous. I actually felt the opposite, I didn't really care what would happen but I couldn't get the image of being over Martha's knee out of my mind. I was really looking forward to it and curious to what she would do and say when she found out I was a little differently equipped than Lisa.

Eventually dinner was done and as always I cleared up and washed the dishes while Matron took Martha aside. I think they went to the living room for a discussion or maybe it was Matron's bedroom. It was about 7 PM when I had finished and was sitting on the sofa, still in my uniform, reading my anatomy text when the two of them came in. Matron had ditched her nurse's uniform but I was pleased to see that Marta looked spectacular in her uniform. It was crisp, starched and her brown hair was tied back in a severe pony tail. Matron was in a white blouse, whose ends were tied at her belly and short black leather skirt. She wore black stockings and her hair was similarly tied. She moved to sit on the sofa and said,

"Michelle, please put that book down and come kneel in front of me. Place your wrists behind you and please don't talk until I give you permission."

Feeling now incredibly excited I placed the book back in the bookshelf and did as she commanded. She then said,

"Martha, why don't you place that chair," pointing at a plain straight backed chair that was at the table in the breakfast nook, "Over there," pointing to the center of the den. "Then I want you to take control of Michelle and show me what you learned last year and Michelle you are now to obey Martha until I command you otherwise."

Since Martha arrived in her uniform the slug had been interested. Although dinner hadn't been exactly stimulating I had kept his attention by glancing at Martha who was after all a senior girl of eighteen dressed in that incredible school uniform. She was a prefect as well capable of disciplining me even independently although if she ordered corporal punishment it would have had to have been carried out by Matron. Now as I gazed into Matron's glowing tawny eyes, I was on the threshold of being disciplined by a senior girl prefect directly. I was almost breathless in anticipation.

Martha suddenly said, "Michelle you will continue to remain silent though if I ask you a question you are to refer to me as Mistress. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress," I answered.

"Very well, come and stand by my chair on my right side, and don't dawdle." Her voice was clear and stern with no trace of humor. I wanted to giggle at the silliness of it but I really wanted to do my best for Martha and was able to hold it in check.

"Now you will raise the back hem of your skirt and bend over my knee."

The slug was now at full attention he was starting to dribble a little. As I bunched up the rear hem of my gymslip the box pleated folds wrinkled in front, bulging outward and effectively hiding any trace of him from her gaze. I started bending over her lap and she relieved me of the need to further hold the back of the gymslip and I placed my arms in front of me as I settled onto her lap. I placed my hands on the floor on her left side while my feet rested lightly on the floor on her left.

This is the so called nursery position and is used to make the subject feel small and childlike, under the commands or their authoritarian superior. I reveled in this. Yes I loved Matron and would obey her every instruction but for now she had given me to Martha who I had seen take a very strong punishment with bravery. I respected her and somehow wanted her in command of me.

Martha suddenly spoke again, "Michelle, the two of us have a very long night ahead and this is merely the warm up. I do hope I can count on you to behave yourself, and not act like a little baby while I warm you up. I warn you that I do not tolerate silliness and any attempt to struggle will result in a much more uncomfortable period."

With that I felt suitable chastised, or so I tried to act but actually I just wanted her to get started. Then start she did. She began to spank my panty covered bottom at a rate that was considerably faster than that Matron had used on Sandra and Janet earlier in the week. It hurt a little bit but actually felt more wonderful than unpleasant. I didn't even grunt, pant or make any noises but the slug loved it. He made me try to grind him into her pelvis. After about 50 spanks, she stopped to pull my panties up the crack in my butt so that she could examine the damage she was causing. I don't think she was too impressed because the spanks started again, at the same rate but harder. It still didn't really hurt but I didn't want her to get discouraged so every now and then I put in a few grunts and moans. But the slug wasn't content with that he had me grind harder into her leg and so suddenly she stopped again. It was then that she tried to pull down my panties. She could only get them part down because they got hung up in front on the slug which was pointing in the opposite direction. The more she tugged the more he screamed at me to get her to stop and I started bucking at her efforts.

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"Stop that Now!" she commanded. Then, fortunately for me she said "Stand up!" I did and she said "Michelle pull your panties down to your knees!"

I did and as I did my gymslip dropped down. She didn't see the slug before he was covered and her view was at my front. She then commanded "Resume your position!"

Which I did. She pulled me firmly across her lap and resumed the spanking. She must have given me about ten spanks before she suddenly stopped again and said,

"What the ... oh my god!"

"Martha!" shouted Matron. "There will be no blasphemy. What is wrong? Can't you carry a simple over the knee spanking?"

"But ... err ... Michelle ... err... is ... err ..."

"Speak up girl, stop gibbering! What is wrong?"

"But Michelle! Michelle is ... a ... boy!"

"So what!"

"Well ... I ....can't ..."

"You can't! Are you prohibited from spanking a boy, is it against your religion? Ok Michelle, we aren't going to get much further until we break down Martha's silly inhibitions. Stand up on Martha's right side and lift your gymslip up in front and show Martha your slug."

A got up, a little disappointed because I was really enjoying my spanking over a prefects lap. Even the slug wasn't thrilled that the stimulation had gone away though I think he was enjoying the sudden attention.

"Martha." said Matron, "please look at Michelle's penis." You will note its shape, size and that it is very erect. When you see this on a subject the proper thing to do is not comment about any of those things, merely note it that it is there. The subject should neither be belittled nor praised for any size or condition unless it is dirty or weeping. Merely take it in your right hand and use it to guide your subject into the position you require, whether it be to lead the subject to a piece of equipment, to have them kneel or go over your lap. A well trained subject - which admittedly this isn't - should follow docilely and without comment. Occasionally you may have to use some force but you should not allow the subject to resist in anyway. Your determination is generally all that is needed."

I gave Martha full credit as a pupil, she did exactly as told, grabbed my cock with her right hand, knuckles towards my pelvis, and guided me back to her lap with my penis held firmly in her right hand and once positioned she gave me a couple of quick squeezes of encouragement. And then she recommenced the spanking in earnest.

Almost immediately I was in seventh heaven. The slug was erect and I ground and ground him into her thigh. I imagined myself as that first year girl, Janet Stewart who I'd witnessed Matron spank over her knee on Tuesday but instead being spanked by Martha, the Deputy Head Prefect. One gymslipped little girl being spanked over a senior gymslipped girls lap.

I reveled in the embarrassment and humiliation aspects of it. I had really become the little girl and I was being physically disciplined by a senior girl. It was so erotic I was soon leaking and I realized that I was actually leaking into Martha gymslip, not the one she was wearing, unless it was going through but the one I was wearing which still belonged to her.

After a couple of hundred spanks she started to massage my buttock and I loved it. Then she started to spank again. She paused briefly after every two hundred and by bottom became hotter and hotter. After a while she started to hit much harder and soon she began to run large runs on just one cheek before providing equally long runs of spanks on the other cheek. It began to burn and I started to moan and as I began to sink deeper and deeper into the part of a fist year gymslipped schoolgirl being spanked by a senior girl prefect, I actually began to cry. In truth they weren't tears of real pain, I was just imagining what it would have been like if I had have been Janet Stewart or Sandra McPherson. I even began to kick up my legs a bit, almost to encourage her to spank harder. Somehow the tears made it seem even better, I wanted to cry like a little girl. It some how made it even better but I was still grinding into her lap. The slug was really enjoying it but it wasn't enough to drive me over the edge.

Finally after several more sets of two hundred, she stopped. She was breathing heavily and I suspect her hand was hurting. She told me to stand up but I found to my surprise it wasn't easy to do. It was almost as though I was drugged, in a sort of enchanted haze and I had to hold her onto her, around her chest as she pulled me to her sleep. I suspected that Matron had given her a signal to stop

Just then the doorbell rang. Matron got up off the couch but I was still lost in my own world, holding onto and hugging Martha. When Matron came back she had another girl in tow. It was Christine Fowler the senior girl who was a prefect and also the PA to Miss Martindale. I had seen her earlier in the week but couldn't remember where. She seemed in good spirits but although she looked at Martha, very briefly they didn't say anything and Christine began looking at the floor. Again the doorbell rang and Matron, said, Martha why don't you take Michelle and Christine down to the basement and I'll see who it is. While I'm gone you can secure Christine and put Michelle on the stool until I get back. I wasn't really expecting anyone else tonight.

I was a little puzzled by these remarks since she hadn't even mentioned Christine to me but in any case Martha lifted up the hem of my gymslip that had fallen partly back into place, Grabbed my Penis and said,

"Michelle, please keep your panties at knee height as we walk down to the cellar but be careful you don't trip on the cellar stairs. Keep your wrists behind your back at all times. Christine, you can lead the way.

Christine walked in front and then suddenly saw what Martha had in her hand and her eyes almost popped out of her head. However she recovered incredibly quickly and moved to the cellar door. Just beside the Cellar door, Martha reached up on to a hook which held a large ring of keys took them down and held them in her left hand while she maintained control of my penis in her right. The cellar door was already open and we went through, Christine in front, and Martha leading me by my shaft, down the stairs. At the bottom cellar door, Christine had to stand aside while Martha inserted a large key that she had picked of a hook just inside the kitchen door, ground it in the lock and opened the door. She turned on the lights then after walking me into the room, let go of my penis and grabbed Christine by the shoulder. She led her over to the barred cell and stood by its door while Christine, docilely, went in. Martha then pulled the door to, and locked it with another key on the ring. Christine didn't say a word but just went and sat on the bed, almost happy with the imprisonment imposed on her by her fellow prefect.

Still leaving me in the middle of the room, Christine went and picked up the spanking stool by the wall and placed it in the center of the room and as she similarly retrieved the stepping block I heard Matron in the kitchen giving muffled orders.

Martha positioned the stepping stool and had just pointed to me to begin mounting it when another person walked into the dungeon followed by Matron.

This time it was my turn for my eyes to bulge! There dressed only in a school shirt, open at the neck, was the headmistress, Miss Martindale. She had no socks, stockings or shoes and was shivering a little in the dungeon. Her only other attire consisted of a pair of handcuffs which were locked to a chain around her waist. Usually she wore he hair up in a bun but now it was loose around her shoulders and it shone in the fluorescent lighting of that cellar. I did a double take to be sure it was Miss Martindale and she smiled at me and said,

"Hello Miche ...!"

She was suddenly interrupted by a slap across her face. It shook me too. Matron had slapped her with the flat of her hand and left a red imprint of it across the right side of her face. Miss Martindale immediately felt silent and she looked a little downcast. Matron said,

"Annabelle, I won't have you setting a bad example to the other girls. You weren't expected tonight and the least you can do is behave yourself. Martha open that cell and put Miss Martindale in with Christine, they can sit on the bed and watch your efforts with Michelle. Annabelle, Christine, you may touch but I expect you to remain silent or I'll separate you and one will go in the cooler!" As she said "cooler" she nodded at the cell next door, the one like the barred cell, except it had solid walls.

Martha left me standing on the stepping block, took the ring of keys of the hook close to the cells where she had temporarily hung it, walked over to Miss Martindale and taking her by the left arm led her over to the cell. Miss Martindale waited patiently to unlock and slide open the door and then shuffled inside unbidden. Martha slid the door to with a clang, re-locked it and hung the key back in its place.

Christine stood and briefly hugged the headmistress who with her cuffed hands couldn't do much, though she smiled. Then Christine helped her sit on the bed because she couldn't use her hands and then sat next to her, one arm around Miss Martindale's back.

I suppose I was stunned. Never mind that the number of people at St. Anne's that knew I was a boy at St. Anne's was about to quadruple. Seeing Miss Martindale act as what I could only suppose was a sub seemed too unbelievable for words. However I soon realized that I was the only surprised person in the room and then it dawned on me that Matron was enjoying my reaction.

Martha didn't waste time any time however and said,

"Michelle, what are you looking at? By now you should have climbed on the crutch bar, bent over and have your neck in that support yolk. Nothing but Matron, I and that stool is anything to do with you. You should know by now that anything else is outside of your purpose and existence and concentrating on anything else will only lead to unpleasantness."

I felt stupid and immediately climbed onto the crutch bar and bent over. She quickly smoothed my hair to one side, guided my neck into the bottom of the wood collar and then quickly closed the top half of the yolk and slid in the bolt. Form my vantage point I could only turn my head to either side and to my left I could see Miss Martindale and Christine Fowler watching me.

Suddenly I heard Matron say "Stop! Martha undo the bolt and open the neck yolk, and help Michelle stand back upright on the stepping block. You seem to have forgot some of your lessons and after all this is a training night so I'd better start doing some teaching."

"Martha, you are doing quite well, but as I told you earlier, Michelle is a very willing but inexperienced sub. You cannot expect her to behave like Annabelle or Lisa. You must not ever require a sub to think for them self and though if this was Christine or Annabelle you were putting on the stool I wouldn't interrupt until the session is over, but this is Michelle. Michelle is brand new and terribly inexperienced. She is also my PA and slave. She is incredibly valuable. Partly she is brilliant seems to love pain, and has placed herself in a position that she is not wholly comfortable with and yet that discomfort is also giving her pleasure. Also while she is showing very early that she has potential to be a great sub, I actually think that underneath it all she may be a switch. Lisa was ultimately a fabulous sub but I really believe that Michelle will become priceless. For this reason I cannot allow you to do anything that may hinder or harm this process.

"So let's review. During a scene you can never allow a sub to think for them selves. It is something you must break a new sub of as soon as possible. Neither you nor your sub can ever be properly involved in the scene unless the sub is forced to terminate all though processes. The sub must at all times be directed by you.

"Michelle, you already agreed to become my slave and you have so far done very well. But to become a great sub you must learn to obey absolutely rely on me and not think for yourself during a scene or when I am directing you. And incidentally since I didn't explain it to you yet, the scene begins as soon as you kneel and place your hands behind your back.

"So Martha, what did you do wrong?"

Martha thought about it but eventually she gave a puzzled shrug to her shoulder and then looked questioningly at Matron.

"Michelle, where were your hands prior to mounting the stool?"

"Behind my back?" I answered slowly.

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"Why were they there?"

"Because Martha had me place them there when she brought me down stairs." And now I understood. When I mounted the stool I had used my hands to get myself on the crutch-bar. In fact I doubted I could have got on it without using them.

"Exactly!" said Matron. "Did Martha or I give you permission to move them anywhere else?"

"No Matron."

"So you see Martha, you never gave her permission to move her arms when you had previously given a direct order to put them in a given position. She could probably not have got on the stool without using them so she did what Lisa would never have done. She thought for herself and did what she thought was needed to obey your order. And that is the problem. You gave her an order which caused her to think. If you had given the same order to Lisa, or Annabelle then you would have expected them to try to follow your order and probably fail though Lisa would probably have kept trying to mount the crutch-bar all night until you had stopped her. In Michelle's case there is an additional issue which you should have taken into account although I can to some extent forgive you since it is your first experience. It is also a relative novelty for me though that doesn't give any of us an excuse to ignore it.

"Michelle is equipped with a penis. Mounting that crutch-bar is going to provide an extra challenge for her because it has to be positioned with care. You must think of this ahead of time. You should never cause or allow through negligence any harm to come to a sub. Remember they are abrogating to you their complete well being. They gain total freedom while you gain absolute control. You may decide you want to cause discomfort to the penis by having the sub position themselves such that there is genital discomfort however it must be through a conscious, predetermined decision.

"Now back to Michelle's arms. Both of you must remember an order to position the wrists behind the back is tantamount to physically placing handcuffs locking them there. It is inviolate. In your case Michelle you broke a direct order."

"Now sometimes a sub will deliberately break an order to see if the Domme really cares for them. This is not unusual and is to be expected. It is a way for the sub to reassure themselves that their Domme really cares and is watching out for them. Really experienced subs may even play a game with themselves and will in fact become incredibly depressed I the Domme doesn't correct them.

"Let's see if Christine has been paying attention. What example of this have we already seen even though the evening has barely started."

Christine, looked up, almost guiltily and said "Err ... I ...emm ..."

"Christine, you are not just here to be a subject for Martha. You are here to learn as well. The answer was of course when Annabelle tried to say hello to Michelle. And Martha, you noted my reaction. I did not strike her in anger. I merely let her know that she had my full attention which is probably what she wanted. If Annabelle had been your subject Martha, you would already be losing it and neither of you would have a satisfying time.

"Finally Michelle, since this a training session, I do not intend to leave your training un- attended to. This is your very first scene so to speak so there is something you must know. You must understand what a safe word is. Every sane sub has limits which must be discussed when meeting a new mistress of Domme for the first time. Some limits are meant to be extended, but some limits must always be respected by the Domme. These are called hard limits. I shall discuss hard limits with you in future however one immediate one that must be attended to before we continue is the safe word. This is a word that either you are the Domme will select. If you utter this word then the scene will end immediately. It means that you have passed your limit and you can no longer be an active participant in the scene. You will always use it in the event that you are in serious distress. You may not use it to test the Domme or Mistress. Over use of the safe word will dismiss you as a serious player in the scene. Again you and I can discuss this more in future. Tonight you will use the safe word Charlotte which is my real first name. If you utter the word Charlotte then the scene will end for you and for you, the event tonight will be over. Remember, what you experience tonight is a play session, a scene. It is not for punishment. If I decide t punish you the safe word will not apply. In that case you may expect serious discomfort since it will indeed be a punishment. However while you are my PA and slave only I can punish you, I shall only give you to others for play and your safe word will be respected.

"Is that clear Michelle? Do you understand?"

I said I did and truthfully felt a little easier that at least I had an out.

"So let's begin again. Michelle, remember! Stop thinking! And Martha doesn't permit her any chance to think. Let's continue."

At this point I suppose it would be fair to say I was stunned. I was only beginning to realize what I had let myself in for. Yes I knew I was Matron's slave and understood that I loved pain and that I really wanted to be Matron's sub. But I never knew there was so much depth to it. I suppose when I was obeying Matron there was a part of me that knew she was watching out for me in such a way that I no longer had to be responsible myself. It was only later that I really realized how profound this was and how much Matron took the job seriously.

Martha commanded, "Michelle mount the stool and you may use your arms to position yourself. Place your neck in the yolk and when you are comfortable you may stretch your arms out straight down in front of you placing your wrists near the cuffs."

I did as requested and found myself enjoying the sensation of Martha locking me safely up. She closed the neck yolk and closed the bolt and then moved behind me to and secured my ankles in the cuffs. Then she moved around to the front and I relaxed as I let her secure my wrists. Finally she returned to my rear and withdrew the stepping block so that my feet now dangled in their shackles with my toes barely able to touch the floor. All my weight was resting on my chest and pelvis. The slug was loving it since he was being squeezed by the material of the gymslip between my pelvis and the crutch-bar.

Suddenly I felt my bottom being exposed as Martha raised the hem of what was actually her gymslip and smoothed it over my back folding with her shirt that I was wearing over my back. I felt so excited and thrilled that I wanted to buck on the crutch-bar but instead I forced myself to relax, again hearing those words in my head that said a caning was easier to take over a relaxed butt. I wondered whether she would give me some sort of warm-up since so long had passed since she had spanked me that the beneficial warming effects had virtually worn off. I also wondered how much and of what I would receive. I knew Matron had many, many corporal punishment implements in her cupboard in the dungeon and wondered which one would get the work out. Somehow I was really thrilled when Martha said,

"Michelle, earlier this week I received a dose of the senior school girl cane from Matron. I know you are not yet a senior but I did notice that your eyes were shining as you fastened me to the duplicate on the stage. I believe I took two five bar gates with it so you will do the same. Feel free to scream as you need but I don't want any blasphemy or fowl language."

I was a little nervous about this, the slug seemed happy but I knew I couldn't handle what Martha had taken, especially with no warm up. I had been thrilled at Matrons praise, words like brilliant, valuable and priceless were still wringing in my ears so I hoped she would intervene if she knew I needed it. I trusted her immensely and in any case would have taken anything for her. But Martha? She was now my friend but I hadn't given myself to her - but wait a minute I checked myself. I had already given myself to Matron. It wasn't up to me any more. She had clearly loaned me to Martha and I was thus available for Martha to do anything she wanted up until, Matron intervened.

All this flashed through my mind in an instant yet somehow this knowledge helped me feel better and I relaxed in my bonds on that stool. I tried to force myself to welcome what was about to happen and decided to try and not make a sound for as long as I could. Martha had taken eight strokes before she had lost her composure, yes she had thrashed a little before then and had moaned after about six strokes but it was the eighth stroke that did her in. I really hoped I could approach that number.

Martha retrieved the senior girls cane from Matron and then walked to my left side. I couldn't see her without struggling with my neck because it was so well clamped in the neck yolk which trapped me in my shirt collar. Instead I closed my eyes and realized by butt had become tense in anticipation. I fought to determinedly relax those muscles again. Then I felt her tap with the cane. The taps were random, all over my butt and I even felt her stroke the cane across my bum. It left me with no clue where she was to strike.

Suddenly I heard her swish the cane through the air - but felt nothing. She had just taken a practice swing in the air and hadn't struck me. I was annoyed. I was prepared, yet nothing. I was disappointed dreadfully. I wanted to feel the bite, not be psychologically taunted with the dam thing. I felt her tap again and again the taps were all over. "Come on, Come on" I mentally screamed inside myself and there was a sodden whoosh and I felt the cane hit more or less in the middle of my right cheek and off around my side. It missed my left cheek all together. It hurt but wasn't so bad. The sharp pain on my side was more annoying.

"Stop!". Shouted Matron.

Oh not again I thought. I just wanted to take my strokes. Instead Matron said,

"Martha if you can't aim better than that then you are going back to the cushion. Tapping is OK but they should be where you plan to hit. To allow the sub to try to anticipate the sensation they are to feel. Whipping at the air is melodramatic and does make for good theater and is appropriate in certain circumstances, but it looks like to me that you don't really know what you are doing. And a sub that loses confidence in her mistress is in trouble, especially when you have physically made them helpless in bondage. Finally your aim was terrible. You rushed the stroke as though you felt it was time to hit her - somewhere. Instead of planting a firm stroke on both cheeks, your arm was twisted, the cane moved in your hand because your grip was not firm and you wound up wrapping it around her butt. Instead of leaving her bruised you cut the skin with the tip as it wrapped around. If you can't do better then we'll stop and you can do some more cushion practice. Now get a grip, literally and show me what I know you are capable of!"

This time I relaxed as I felt Martha tap me three times at the crease between my thighs and buttocks. There was another loud swoosh and a crack and this time the cane found it's exact mark, right where the taps had been. The shock was sudden and almost unbearable. I clamped my jaw shut but some air found its way out through my lips. My head jerked in the neck yolk and my bum bucked on the crutch-bar. But slowly, after about ten seconds, the pain subsided to tolerable levels and then began to feel good. I forced myself to relax and took a couple of breaths.

Then I felt three more taps, this time higher in what I judged to be the center of my ass. This time I though I heard her school shirt sleeve rustle as she lifted it up high and again there was a mighty swoosh and the cane again hits its mark. My head buzzed and my ankles vibrated in the stocks. The fingers of both hands groped for support but found none. The cane had seemed to penetrate the core of my being and I felt the shockwave course through me.

The next series of taps were high and again Martha scored a direct hit. The slug was erect but the rest of my body wasn't in so great a shape. I tried to think of the fact that I was being punished by a prefect, an older good looking girl in a gymslip, a girl who had forced me to wear the same belittling outfit and it helped, but the pain was horrendous. For those ten seconds following each stroke I was consumed by it. I was bucking strongly on the crutch bar and desperately trying not to make a sound. Martha was still giving me a good twenty seconds between strokes so I was able for about ten seconds to prepare for the next blow, and during those ten seconds I really relished the experience but then fifth stroke bisected the second and first and as my mind cleared again I realized she was going to give me a five bar gate. And I numbly realized that she was not counting the very fist wild stroke. Not that it bothered me, - I was too busy trying not to scream. The sixth stoke was also followed the series of taps and bisected the middle and top most strikes. It was incredibly hard and I hear the swoosh and crack well before the searing agony began. Had it not been for the manacles and yolk I would have hit the ceiling. I couldn't help myself but a moan did escape my lips. As the wave of searing pain descended to just an intolerable level I cursed myself for making the sound and I knew that the screaming would begin on the very next stroke. I didn't want to scream, I didn't want to embarrass myself before Miss Martindale and Christine but above all, I wanted Matron to be proud of me. I had slightly longer to prepare for the seventh stroke because Martha had to position herself for the dreaded diagonal stroke, the one that would cross and therefore implant itself on top of the others. I actually prayed that she would fluff it. But it was not to be. I felt the taps, down low on my left cheek and high on my right butt cheek. She must have practiced! From her point of view it must have been a perfect strike. From my perspective it was perfectly hellish. My fingers stretched almost clear of my hands, my toes arrowed down and virtually reached the floor. My legs would have kicked violently but the wooden restraints held them fast. I pulled desperately on my hands trying to break them free of their imprisonment causing my shoulders to buck violently against the neck yolk. It was all to no avail. I didn't even cause that damn stool to creak. My entire strength was as nothing, Matrons brother who had apparently designed and built it had done a flawless job.

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This time it took more than ten seconds for me to get back on an even keel where I could start to relax. I had barely started to breath easy when I felt her tap me again. I realized with horror that she intended to hit me at the buttock crease again where that first strike of the five bar gate had been. I wanted to tell her no, I wanted her to stop but barely had the thought registered when she hit. I didn't realize it at the time but I think she actually missed her spot; but not by much. The traces that I later saw in the mirror showed she was about half a cane width high. It blazed through me and I had to stifle the scream that was begging in my throat to force its way out. My legs kicked futilely against the wooden ankle cuffs and my neck felt the firmness of the yolk. I tried to buck from side to side but the crutch-bar did its terrible work of keeping me pinned in place.

The ninth stroke did me in. I had barely stopped thrashing on the stool when I felt the taps in the meat of my ass. I didn't have time to realize that she was going to hit me in the same spot as her third strike when "whack" it cracked down. I lost it. My screams echoed round the dungeon. A hot poker had pierced clean through my being and I lost the control that I had barely maintained. I was still crying out when I felt the next series of taps across the top of my ass. The cane was withdrawn and I found out later it was because Matron had signaled Martha to slow down. What ever it was I was grateful and soon the pain had faded again to almost bearable level. I waited some more and then forced myself to relax. Even longer I waited, and then I heard Martha move and assumed she was coming to release me. Instead I felt the three taps as before and I resigned myself to the next stroke. It was magic I didn't tense or anything but I heard the swoosh and felt the pain rip into the top of my butt. I actually managed to hold onto my scream this time, whether it was because I was becoming numb or whether it was that this stroke wasn't as hard, I wasn't sure.

The next two strokes did cause me to scream short yelps as I felt her fill in the middle bars of the gate. The agony was intense and I was now bucking almost uncontrollably. My hands were desperately clawing at thin air, if I could have reached the bolts holding the cuffs I would have done so but they were absolutely beyond my grasp. I was almost desperate. I considered using that safe word, I wanted to but I didn't want to let Matron down. Surely she didn't want me to receive that terrible last cruel diagonal strike. Maybe Martha would take pity on me and go lightly.

Sure enough I felt the taps as she lined it up, exactly over where the other diagonal strike went. Oh no, she couldn't, she wouldn't ... Matron must stop it oh my Go ...

I heard Martha's sleeve rustle again as she lifted the cane and then the deluge of unmitigated agony. This time I screamed and screamed and screamed. It was absolutely unbearable. It took an eternity to even begin to ease to just nightmare levels. I bucked with all my strength. I tried to tear the ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs from their supports fastenings on the stool. Nothing budged. I was sucking in great gasping breaths of air and screaming them out until finally it began to subside. I was spent. Every fiber of my being was exhausted, but I was also somewhere else. I was euphoric. Some how the terrible pain was fading into that incredible erotic warmth, a deep burning pleasure that totally enveloped me. I had no idea where I was. A part of me wondered if Martha was going to continue to cane me, but I no longer cared. It was almost like I had orgasmed and I didn't care.

There were times in the recent past that I had masturbated in my gymslip dreaming of Amanda in her gymslip. On some of those occasions I had spent my sperm in great blobby masses, which had spread themselves on my gymslip. When it had happened, I knew what a terrible problem I had t get it out and the terrible ironing job I would have to do to put the immaculate box pleats back into place, but those orgasms were so good that at the time I didn't care. That's how I felt now. No, I hadn't orgasmed, but like those other times I didn't care. Didn't care if Martha, Matron or anybody else caned me ever.

I was in a special space. I was floating barely aware that Martha was now releasing me, releasing ankles, wrists and neck. I hung on to her neck as she pried me off that stool and carried me over to the barred cell while Matron unlocked its door.

I heard Matron say Martha, "Normally it would be absolutely unthinkable to leave your sub at this moment but tonight Annabelle can watch out for Michelle while we continue our lesson with Christine."

I remember looking up and realized that I was lying on the bed in the cell with my head resting in the head mistresses lap. She was cradling my head gently up against her bosom with her handcuffed hands. She was smiling at me and there were tears of happiness in her eyes. She kissed me gently on my forehead and I smelt her sweet perfume as her beautiful chestnut hair fell across my face.

She said, "Oh Michelle, that was incredible, you were so wonderful, I was so proud of you. I've never seen anybody do half as well on their first time. You are so special, I'm so happy that you are here with us."

I felt so happy. It was so wonderful be cradled in her arms. I was at peace and content as I'd never been since early childhood. I didn't sleep but just lay there for about twenty minutes, virtually unaware of my surroundings. It was only the next day that Matron told me what happened during these next twenty minutes.

When Matron had unlocked the cell door to pass me inside, Martha, after laying me on the bed had then taken Christine by the arm and marched her to the center of the room. Matron had then re-locked the door on Annabelle and my self. Matron had then said,

"Well Martha, after a shaky start, you did a very nice job indeed with the cane on Michelle. The two five bar gates you laid on her were almost as good as the ones I gave you in the week. Your technique was virtually flawless and you seem to have mastered those diagonal strokes very well. And I must congratulate Michelle later. She absorbed them nearly as well if not actually better than you did even though your own performance was under discipline in front of the school.

"However there is more to scene play than just waving a cane or flogger around. The stool is really a tool of discipline in that it is a total restraint. It allows for only minimal interaction between the sub and her Mistress. And Michelle is too inexperienced to play as anything other than the recipient of discipline. Now it's time to show how you can play with Christine. We have talked about this and Christine has now almost two years of being a sub. So let us see how much more you can do besides just flog her.

"You want me to fully put her under my control?" asked Martha.

"Yes." Said Matron, "She is older and taller than your self and although she is a prefect like you, she is also a PA, which you are not. So now I want to see you take charge, to take responsibility for her life and give her the freedom from that same responsibility that she craves. Rather than merely flog her you are to show me that you can absolutely dominate her."

Martha smiled; she told me later that this was what she absolutely craved. She had been training for over a year into the techniques of flogging, using ropes, and bondage and had watched how Matron herself dominated all she came into contact with. This time she had Christine Fowler, not just merely to flog which was in itself a turn on but this time she had the green light to literally own her. She walked over to Christine who was standing there, hands behind her back head bowed as she had been commanded, and walked around her in a circle.

"Well, well," she said, "The great Christine Fowler. Smartest girl in the class. Miss Goody-Two-Shoes who isn't good enough for the rest of us! Did I give you permission to turn your head?" Christine had tried to watch Martha as she walked around her. At this Christine snapped her head forward, turning a little red with embarrassment.

"Are you deaf?" Asked Martha silkily. "I asked you a question."


"No? No what?"

"I'm sorry Mistress, I meant no Mistress."

"So if I didn't give you permission to turn your head, what were you doing? Sub!"

"I'm sorry Mistress."

"I'm sorry Mistress." mimicked Martha. "Sorry doesn't cut it! You are here to obey me, you may think you are miss high and mighty when on the playground or on the school bus threatening the junior girls as a prefect, but here you are mine." And with that she had stopped behind Christine and with a sudden jerk of her right hand had grabbed a hold of Christine's two plaited pigtails and pulled them so hard so that Christine had to bend her knees to scrunch down and look at Martha in the eyes from over her shoulder. Martha had done it so cleverly that Christine's eyes were below the level of those of Martha causing her to look up into her tormentor.

"Let's face it," continued Martha, without that prefect badge and that prissy St. Anne's girdle you really are a no-body. A pathetic excuse for a disciplinarian. Inwardly you crave to belong to someone who can really take charge. Don't you? Well Don't You?"

Martha had let go and had completed another circle around Christine and was now in front of her.

"Yes Mistress," said Christine in a rather pathetic voice.

"You realize, you sound pathetic," said Martha. And as she spoke her she reached up slightly and undid the two left shoulder buttons on Christine's gymslip causing the bib on that side to fall down to her waist. It suddenly looked like the eighteen year old had lost ten years of age. She almost looked like a pathetic eight year old who couldn't dress herself. Martha rubbed it in.

"Now you look pathetic, the junior girls would love to see you."

Martha was still continuing to circle her and when she was behind her she reached up and undid the gymslips buttons on the right shoulder. The entire bib fell down front and back. Martha continued to circle and when she reached the knot of the St. Anne's girdle on her right waist, she undid it and pulled the woolen navy girdle with its two golden stripes free. The box pleated gymslip, that just a few moments before had looked extremely sharp and smart on the good looking young woman, now released from its bonds fell in a crumpled heap on the floor, all semblance of smartness having vanished in an instant.

Christine looked crestfallen. Her school shirt was still in place with its smart collar and neatly tied tie. Her pert breasts looked shapely under the starched white cotton material but her shoulders were humped, her head bowed and she looked ridiculous with her crumpled gymslip at her ankles.

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Martha continued to taunt her. "Now you look a little more as I see you, a pompous little know-it-all in a school girl blouse, but you don't deserve that tie." And as she circled again to the front she pulled Christine's tie from around her neck. The smartness of the uniform again disappeared. You could see her collar button and the left half of the collar was lifted up with the right side down and Martha roughly removed the tie. Martha dropped the tie onto the gymslip and started undoing the buttons of the shirt, starting from the bottom. Christine looked like she was about to cry.

Martha undid all the buttons on the front of the shirt but left the collar fastened. Instead she pulled Christine's bra down exposing her nipples which were surprisingly hard. "Well, look what we have here. The little prefect PA has got hard nipples. What a slut. Are you a slut Christine?"

In a voice of shame Christine answered, "Yes Mistress"

"Do you want me to tell the junior girls how your nipples get hard when another prefect undresses you?

"Oh please don't tell anyone Mistress, pleeeease!"

"Michelle has already seen you and Matron and the headmistress already know."

"I know... please don't tell anyone else", Christine actually sounded pathetic.

Martha bent down and eased Christine's panties down around her knees and stood back to admire the effect. Christine now stood shivering with her shirt collar fastened but the collar was up one side and down on the other, the rest of her shirt was open at the front, showing her white school bra now pulled down her waist, her panties at her knees and her gymslip around her ankles.

Martha suddenly shouted "Strip! Now! You look so ... pathetic! What are you waiting for? I want all your clothes off ... Now!"

Shocked by the suddenness of Martha's outburst, Christine, reached up, undid her collar button, tried to pull the shirt over her arms and got wrapped up by the fact that the cuffs at her wrists were still buttoned up. Martha kept berating her,

"Are you so pathetic you can't even undress properly? Even the most junior girl in this school knows how to take her shirt off; your panties are at half mast girl! Get them off now! And step out of the gymslip!"

Christine, now naked except for her shoes and socks stood in the cellar, trying to hide her clit with her hands. Martha looking disdainful and now enjoying the total humiliation she was inflicting on an older girl said sweetly, "Christine, do you leave your shoes and sock on when you take a shower?" Then louder she said, "I said strip! I meant strip! Take everything and I mean everything off this instant!"

Christine shuddered and bent over, removed her shoes and looking very silly balanced on one foot precariously while she removed one sock and the other. Finally she stood surrounded by a pile of discarded clothes like a silly little girl, trying to cover her naked breasts with one hand and her pelvis with the other.

"Christine Fowler!" Yelled Martha. "You are almost eighteen years old. Do you mean to tell me you still don't know how to pick up and fold your clothes? Do you expect me to pick them up for you or perhaps you expect Matron will do it? It is her basement after all. Have you no shame? Pick them up now!"

By now I was stating to be aware of my surroundings again. I looked up and saw the headmistress staring at the two girls with almost tears of admiration in her eyes. I could see her nipples standing proud in the school shirt, the only garment she wore. She was clearly aroused by the scene. Form our vantage point in the cell I could see Christine through the bars in the center of the dungeon. She was attempting to pick up her school uniform from the dungeon floor while Martha looked on in disdain. Having picked up the crumpled ball of clothes she had to look questioningly at Christine as to what to do with it... Instead of helping her, Martha grabbed one of her pig-tails and pulled hard, forcing Christine to put her head below the level of Martha's eyes,

"So the little swat doesn't know where to put her clothes," and she used her free hand to reach below the bundle of school uniform that Christine held and grab a hold of Christine's crutch. "Here let me help guide you, and still holding onto Christine's genital area with her left hand, and a pigtail by the other, she marched her over to a chair by the wall. "Put your clothes there my little smart one," and as Christine dropped them on to the chair Martha slapped her across the face. The smack was loud and Christine looked shell shocked. Martha glared at her, "Surely even a little girl like you doesn't leave her clothes in an untidy mess. Fold them up neatly and lay them over the back of the chair!" Christine, with tears in her eyes and a new red mark on her cheek muttered, "I am sorry Mistress," and picked up her clothing, folding everything neatly and placing the items carefully over the back of the chair.

Martha let go of the pigtail and now marched Christine over to the wooden St. Andrews Cross. As she passed by our cell I could see tears of humiliation in Christine's eyes. I was now sitting on the bed next to the headmistress and we were both lost in what was happening. The fire in my butt was incredible but it was a good pain and the slug was standing proud under my gymslip and I noticed with some surprise my panties were still around my knees. Annabelle Martindale seemed unaware of my penis and instead was watching as Martha, leaving Christine by the cross, had walked over to the wall closet and retrieved a set of leather cuffs.

Christine, who still appeared to be crying, stood unmoving while Martha methodically applied the cuffs to first her wrists and then her ankles. Then raising each wrist in turn, she fastened a cuff to an arm of the cross and then caused Christine to spread her legs while her ankles were similarly affixed. Christine was now standing spread eagled facing the cross and far wall in her bare felt and I wondered what Martha would do now.

"Now Miss high and mighty, I saw how you smiled when I was placed on the caning stool on Tuesday. You loved it when you got to escort me back stage for my caning that morning." I remembered when I had collected Martha backstage for her punishment she had been guarded by two prefects. I hadn't really noticed them at the time but one had been Jennifer Dempsey but the other had indeed been Miss Martindale's PA, Christine Fowler.

"You and Jennifer Dempsey guarding me to make sure I didn't run away of cause a fuss, continued Martha, "I'd love to see Jennifer's face if she could see you now. I'll bet she'd be more than a little surprised. Not guarding much now are you, and you are the one who is going to get your little tush beaten. I wonder how wet you are, you little slut"

I saw Martha again pull Christine's Pigtails from behind causing her to arch her back with her head over her shoulder as Martha reached into her clitoris and began to massage it. And as she massaged she pulled Christine by her hair and began to lick Christine's eyes and cheeks. Almost bent over Christine kissed Martha, and began to moan, Martha released her hair but Christine maintained position, almost bento over continuing to kiss Martha while Martha's free right hand went to Christine's right breast and massaged the nipple. As Christine arched over even more being supported by almost suspension from her wrist from the arms of the cross, Martha let go of Christine's clitoris and now moved the left hand to the left breast. Both her hands twisted their respective nipples and Christine almost stood up in pain. Martha planted her lips on Christine's neck and Christine almost yelled in pleasure. I could see the tablot clearly; the slightly shorter girl in her schoolgirl uniform was now starting to show signs of perspiration through the stain on the back of her shirt below the collar. The taller girl was naked and bound to the cross, helpless to prevent the torturous manipulations of the one in uniform behind her.

After what seemed an eternity Martha pulled her self away and walked to the rack of floggers and whips and selected flogger made of fine rubber strands. Christine almost sighed and her chins rattled as she fought herself upright to stand and wait for the flagellation to begin.

I was awestruck as Martha began to lay the flogger on Christine's back. She started gently aiming at one shoulder then the other and Christine moaned softly at each blow and as I watched I could see her start to thrust her back out to Martha, almost as if she was straining to make it easier for her. Gradually the strokes became harder and Martha began to lay it on all over the back of her body except the spine and neck. Slowly, very slowly the whole of Christine's back began to take on a red hue. Every so often she would stop and move in close to Christine, hugging be from behind. She placed the delicate strands of rubber from the flogger over Christine's shoulders so that they draped across her breasts, and she gradually drew it back as its sensuous touch caused ripples of pleasure to course through Christine's body. Martha continued to feel Christine's vaginal area with her free hand and mocked her for being so wet, calling her a pain slut and more.

Martha switched to a flogger consisting of nylon ropes each ending a small tight knot. This started to cause deeper marks on her back and Martha especially began to concentrate on her but. Each little knot began to burry itself in Christine's unprotected hide and she began to yelp in pain. Martha continued to mock.

"Come on you pain slut, this is nothing, a few little strands of nylon plinking your butt are nothing to what little Michelle just went through. Wait till I take that cane to your thick hide. Then I'll give you something to cry about!"

Every now and again I could hear Christine voicing through the moan's "Oh nooo ... Mistress ... pleeeease .... Ohhhh Mistress ... that huuurts .... I can't ... take it anymore ... ohhh ....owww!"

Martha took no notice of the pleas. Instead she pick a succession of different floggers, some with many tails of heavy leather which thudded into the helpless Christine with a "Whump" which often caused a similar deep "ooomphhh!" sound from Christine. Her back and ass had now moved from a delightful shade of pink to an angry shade of red. But still the blows continued.

Suddenly Matron, who had been leaning up against the opposite wall said, "Martha, you must maintain your full 100% awareness to everything. You are starting to get carried away but you haven't once checked her wrists. Never forget you are absolutely responsible. She may not be able to tell you where the dangers are."

I had no idea what she meant by this but Martha gave Christine another belt with the flogger and then moved in close again to hug her but instead of clamping on the nipples as she usually did, she reached up and felt Christine's hands. "Matron," she said quietly, "all her fingers are warm." And then said more loudly, "Yes my little bitch. Your hands are good enough for at least another hour of this but I do detect you seem to be enjoying this a little too much!

"Ohhhhh nooooo Mistress," begged Christine, "It hurrrrtd do baaaaaad ... no more pleeeaaaase ... I can't take any mooooreeee!"

"It's a little late for that Miss Christine." And I now saw that Martha had taken a whip from the rack. It had a single tail and was about 3 feet long. Holding the handle in her right hand she held its tail carefully in her left and cracked it loud "CRACK" in the air. She was well back from Christine and it missed though the noise alone made Christine jump.

She moved in closer and repeated the action catching Christine high on the left Shoulder. Christine screamed and almost jumped into the air, pulling on her chains. Within seconds a red whealt appeared where the tail had stuck her. I expected Matron to intervene but instead I saw her lean against the wall and nod to herself, almost in satisfaction. Martha reloaded her arm and with another amazing flick caught Christine on the rump. Again she writhed and jumped, hopping on one foot supporting herself from the chains at her wrists. Martha waited until Christine; by shear force of will power fought to relax and then gave her a couple of light ineffectual strokes across her back.

"Martha, remember to stay away from the spine my dear," called Matron softly and Martha nodded.

"Yes Matron, You here that Christine?" she said louder. But Christine seemed in another world. "You hear me miss perfect?" and Martha emphasized it by again yanking on her pigtails.

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Christine said, Yes Mistress ... errr emmm ... err ... no Mistress. I mean .... Ohhhh!.....ohhh ... whatever!"

Martha nailed her with another lash across her shoulders and even before Christine had responded to the sudden pain had given her two more on the butt. This time the reaction of Christine was amazing. She leapt as high as her ankle chains allowed hanging from her wrist chains screaming in agony. Three clearly defined welts burned into her flesh. She shook on that cross, quivering while the waves of pain coursed through her. Eventually they spent themselves on the shore of her being and Martha went close behind her, hands on her ponytail to help pull her down. Again Christine arched over and their lips met. Martha's free hand found her pussy and massaged deep seeming to revel in Christine's wetness. Martha hugged her for a while and whispered into her ear but Christine's only response was to moan. Gradually the moans of pain subtly changed to deep expressions of utter pleasure.

Slowly Martha, pulled herself away and measured her distance for another throw of the whip. It cracked again across Christine's buttocks and she twisted in agony and Martha waited until she saw her relax. Incredibly Christine, I her bonds, pushed her ass out towards Martha for more. Martha took her time but obliged. Again Christine's screamed but a part of it was a scream of pleasure.

This went on for perhaps twenty minutes, Martha would crack strokes of the single tail across her back and buttocks and then hug Christine from behind, sometimes massaging her pelvis and sometimes puling and torturing her nipples. Eventually I could seal weal's covering most of Christine's back and buttocks and Christine was now crying fairly constantly. Suddenly Martha, after checking her suspended hands again, laid the whip back down and picked up what appeared to be piece of fur. She began by rubbing it up and down Christine's legs and inside thighs and then around her front. Across her tits, around her genitalia and over her back. Christine's crying turned to deep animal moans almost of lust. They were deep and guttural and her whole body began to quiver in her chains. Martha kept it up and I could see her painting in lust herself, the back of her shirt was soaked in perspiration as were her shirt sleeves. Her shoulder length brown hair was starting to stick to her forehead and face and she was rapidly losing the smart schoolgirl look. Finally she whispered I Christine's ear and I heard Christine moan,

"Oh noooo, ...no mooorrrre, ...I can't take any mooorrre."

"You are doing ok." said a suddenly more sympathetic Martha. "Just six of the best, you know you want them."

"Yes Mistress, I do ... but ... ohhhhh!"

Martha made another trip to the rack of corporal punishment instruments and selected a crook handled school cane. She swished it through the air a few times and walked over to Christine's left side. And amazingly I saw Christine spread her legs and bent over as far as the chains securing her wrists would let he, and thrust her but out to Martha. I couldn't believe it. Christine had taken a hell of a flogging, there were even small trickles of blood running down her back from the cuts inflicted by the whip and also down her leg from the cuts in her butt.

Martha tapped her a few times and then raised her arm and brought it whistling down on Christine's rump. I expected Christine to jump through the roof but instead she merely grunted, wiggled her butt and tried to stick it out further. Again Martha caned her and again there was little reaction on Christine. The next tow strikes caused her to jump and she moaned. She pulled her butt in and leaned against the cross but eventually she started to relax and again pushed it out to her tormentor. The fifth stroke was unbelievable. It seemed to whistle louder than any I'd yet heard, more powerful than almost anything that Matron had delivered to Christine and this time Christine jumped up on the cross and screamed. She hung there for a moment or two and then her arms began to relax and incredibly she settled herself in for another stroke. Martha was panting in lust. She brushed the sweat soaked hair from her brow with the back of the wrist that was holding the cane and then stroked Christine's flagellated buttock cheeks with her other hand, feeling the deep ridges of the welts. Each time her fingers crossed a welt, Christine moaned and the waves of tremors crossed her back.

Martha inspected her work and decided on the location for the last stroke. She picked her place and taped it three times, with the cane. She lifted her arm and whipped it down, the cane trailing in an ark behind her. The last foot of it was traveling at incredible speed as it met the exposed flesh of Christine's buttocks. It buried itself deep and the shockwave washed through Christine's almost bent over frame. There was that half second of delay while the already activated nerve fibers of the pain receptors suddenly all blazed at once causing a high voltage surge to spread through Christine's spine. It reached the part of the brain where the pain is interpreted and every circuit went into overload. Christine screamed and screamed, she almost climbed to the very top of the cross and was suspended for what seemed like an eternity.

Slowly, so very slowly her body started to go limp and instead of returning to the support of her legs, she continued to droop until all her weight was suspended from her wrists. Martha almost looked as spent herself. She put the cane carefully away in it's place in the rack and went back to Christine. She gently lifted Christine's face to hers and smiling she kissed her on the lips. Christine was still moaning but she was smiling through the tears. Martha placed her arms below Christine's shoulders and lifted her so that Christine was now leaning against the cross and gently with one hand supporting her released Christine's left wrist from its chains. She waited until Christine used the free arm to support herself by hugging the cross and then freed her other wrist. The two of them paused and then slowly Martha walked Christine slowly towards the sofa by the far wall and eased her gently down. Martha sat next to her and hugged her till Christine's head was resting on her chest, Christine's face and nose pressed in to her shirt and collar and the front of her no longer so pressed gymslip.

Matron stood smiling for a while watching the scene and said, "That was beautiful girls." A very nice little scene. You have both come such a long way in a year. Martha, you will stay with Christine for a while till she becomes coherent. I need to check upstairs for a moment but before I go, does anyone want a drink?"

Miss Martindale said, "Please Mistress, I could do with some water after that little demonstration and I'm sure Michelle needs some. Why don't you bring several bottles of water for us all."

A good idea said Matron. "I shall return in a few minutes." And she turned and I heard her going up the dungeon steps. Miss Martindale Stood up and walked over to the bars of our cell. She said "Are you OK Michelle? I think it is about to me my turn and I need to stretch out a little. I was never overly fond of steel handcuffs but Charlotte does seem to have a thing for them. At least on me," she smiled. She said, "Why don't you lie on the bed for a few moments, and stretch out so that you can be ready for the main event of the evening!"

Chapter 11 - The Main Event

Matron seemed to be gone a long time and when Matron returned, I was surprised to see that she was wearing her nurse's uniform. Complete with starched apron and cap. She usually changed from her uniform when we arrived home though I honestly loved to see her in it. I suppose it turned me on the same way the girls wearing the school uniform did. She was also carrying several bottles of water and a frown on her face.

She placed the water bottles on the coffee table by the sofa where Martha was still cuddling Christine and then came over to the cell in which Miss Martindale and I were secured. She unlocked the door and waved us both out. She directed me and Miss Martindale to sit on the sofa and we took up our positions on the other side of the "L" from Martha and Christine. She said,

"Michelle and Martha, I think you may have a little explaining to do." Martha and I looked at each other questioningly. She continued,

Michelle, I asked you earlier tonight when we came home if you had found out who was coming over for training tonight and you told me you hadn't. Martha, as I recall I gave you specific instructions when you started your training that under no circumstances were you ever to discuss it outside of the circle who already knew for sure that you were involved. Did you consider Michelle to be one of these people who already knew?"

Martha answered, "No Matron."

"So you didn't tell or communicate in any way any possible clue that could have indicated that you were the MIT coming over tonight?"

"Err ... no! I mean ... well ...err"

"Martha did you or did you not give any indication to Michelle that you were coming over tonight?"

"Well maybe ... err ... I"

"Marta you sound as Pathetic as Christine was acting! I saw the two of you at lunch time together through the refectory windows and I saw you spill something on Michelle. I noticed last night Michelle wearing a gymslip that was too long for her and I checked its label while Michelle was in the shower and surprise, surprise that name was Martha Anderson. And tonight I just checked you car Martha. And there on the backseat is another gymslip, shirt and tie all neatly laid out and pressed!

I'll tell you what happened. You invited Michelle to your room and you offered a clean uniform to her since her spare uniforms were so far away at the cottage here. You offered to clean hrs and bring it back tomorrow evening and then Michelle, being the bright girls she is guessed who the MIT was. Am I right Michelle?

I hung my head in shame but nodded in the affirmative.

"And Michelle, you told me a lie this evening because you didn't want to get Martha in trouble?

Again I nodded.

"And you Martha gave the game away when you said you'd deliver her clean uniform back this evening?"

This time Martha nodded guiltily.

Matron said, "Well I'm a little disappointed in you both. Michelle, you told me a lie, it was a small lie admittedly and you did it to protect Martha. And Martha you made a slip. A slip that in this case didn't really matter. I wanted Michelle to try and find out because I wanted to see any weaknesses in the system that keeps our secret. There are already too many people that know secrets at St. Anne's and we are very vulnerable to accidental slips. Martha, when you realized that you had made a slip you should have reported it to me. It's not the punishment that matters here. Its understanding how these errors occur so that we can all understand them and help us all prevent them in future.

"In your case Michelle, you are very new. You don't understand what is involved yet so I can't blame you in the same way that Martha is at fault. However, you did lie to me - yes it was a small lie - but you have to learn that you must never lie to any in our group. For now that means everyone here, especially me. There will be others you will also learn about but for now, never ever lie or deliberately mislead me again. I thought you already learned this lesson but apparently it needs reinforcing.

"So, before Annabelle and I have some fun together I suppose we had better take care of some business. The both of you had better take your clothes off, I want you both completely naked. And Annabelle, since tonight has a definite school feel to it and you did come in a school shirt, why don't you complete the outfit by putting on Christine's tie, gymslip and girdle over there. Christine, my dear, you can slip your shirt on if you feel up to it and if you are cold you may run upstairs and in the kitchen you will find the headmistresses pleated skirt in the kitchen over a chair.

Matron walked over to Miss Martindale and taking a set of keys from her uniform pocket unlocked the handcuffs and chain from around her waist. Christine retrieved her shirt from the chair where she left it put it on fastening all the buttons except the collar and then helped the headmistress on with her tie and gymslip. She then left up the stairs to return a couple of minutes later wearing a long pleated black skirt. While Martha and I were undressing, Matron went to the cupboard and retrieved a set of wrist and ankle cuffs extra set and when Christine returned, she removed the cuffs that Christine was still wearing. She then fastened one set of cuffs on my wrists and ankles and the other set on Martha.

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Martha and I now stood in the center of the dungeon naked except for our restraints. She had us face each other and I noticed for the first time how nicely developed Martha's breasts were, she was about an inch taller than me and I couldn't help admire her figure. She didn't look nervous or scared but she didn't exactly look happy. I didn't know what to expect but the slug seemed very happy with the proceedings and it was almost as though her were reaching out to her.

Matron went over to the wall and pressed a button that caused a winch system, built into the roof that lowered a cable and hook arrangement from the ceiling. Once it was at her head height she attached a steel bar about three feet long to the hook via a loop of metal welded to the middle of the bar. She then attached my wrists to either end of the bar via snap rings on the cuffs to similarly welded hoops of metal on the ends of the bar. I was now attached with my hands stretched out on either side, slightly above my head. She then attached Martha's wrists in the same fashion with us face to face. I actually loved it, Martha's breasts were tight against my chest and my penis seemed to be desperately searching for her vagina.

Matron then picked up my panties, had me step into them and she raised them, firmly grabbing the slug, causing me to almost bend over in sudden pain and she lifted the material over the slug putting any further ideas of his interacting with Martha out of my head! Next she hooked my left ankle to Martha's right ankle and vice versa and finally hooked them to eyebolts and chains set in the floor. Our legs were spread about 3 feet apart. Next she went back to the wall and activated the electric winch in the ceiling. The cable first picked up the slack and then slowly lifted us both in the air. The strain on my arms seemed to be terrific and Martha's body became forced into my own. Her weight was similarly supported and the two of us became stuck to each other as though magnetized. The winch continued to lift us until our feet were clear of the floor and our ankle chains taught. We were both spread eagled vertically and taut, almost welded together. I could feel Martha breathing heavily in her discomfort as I was myself.

"Since you were looking out for each other," said Matron, I think it's fair that you should be punished together. As one of you received pain you will find that the other gets to experience it. And Michelle, you will find that not all pain is necessarily fun. The two of you are suspended in a fairly erotic pose and the flogging that we some time's give in this position is often quite erotic though usually requires an intensive warm up. This time we will forgo the warm-up since it is to be a punishment.

Matron went over to the rack of whips behind me but I couldn't see what she chose. I don't know what she was going to do or where it would hit but I wasn't scared. In fact except for the tension in my arms I was very excited by the ordeal.

It didn't last.

There was suddenly a loud crack and I thought I felt my back split open. It wasn't pleasant, it wasn't at all pleasant. In fact I knew that I'd had enough pain to last me for eternity. I had screamed when Martha caned me from the pain but this was a thousand times worse. I screamed and tried to struggle but all I did was sway a little and bang my knees and chest into Martha. She tried to duck her head but I was in so much pain that as I screamed my head shook back and forth and I caught Martha in the eye with my forehead.

I was still screaming when there was another loud crack and Martha was suddenly screaming. She shook violently and it seemed like her full weight piled into me and her head hit mine. Another crack and another gash seemed to appear in my back. I couldn't help myself again; I screamed and at the top of my voice yelled "Charlotte".

Matron said, "My dears, this is not a scene. This is discipline. It is to help you next time remember there are consequences to disobeying rules. The punishment could take many forms but I happen to be quite good at this and besides it is educational for you both to realize that not all pain is pleasant."

Here was another loud crack and Martha bucked, her head shook violently and it collided with my nose, almost knocking me out I could smell the blood in my nostrils but I didn't have time to think about it because the next stroke hit me on the buttocks on the left cheek. I shrieked and shrieked and I tried to buck but the suspension system barely caused either of us to sway. Instead my body merely crashed into Martha's and then it was Martha's turn to crash into me.

There was no pleasure, the pain didn't fade in twenty seconds and besides the strokes were hitting me at ten second intervals with only a five second gap between us getting hit. Martha again caught me in the eye and it was through my one good eye over Martha's shoulder that Matron was tearing us up with a bullwhip. It was the most horrendous experience of my life. By the time Matron lowered us back to the ground we had both received ten licks of that whip. Martha and I hugged each other and where my hand brushed across her back there was blood. My panties were actually torn in four places and likewise I was bleeding from four places on my ass as well as another six places on my back. I had a bloody nose and a cut on my forehead. Martha had the beginnings of a black eye, as well as numerous cuts on her back and buttocks. The two of us looked like we were refugees from a war zone.

Matron led us back to the sofa and sat us on either side of Christine who was now recovered, and removed our cuffs. "Well girls, I can't honestly say that you took that well but it was supposed to be a punishment so enough said. There are towels over there as well as some alcohol and peroxide. Why don't you clean each others cuts and when they've stopped bleeding you can get dressed.

I won't describe the agony we both went through, dabbing the cuts with alcohol but it did wake us up and the activity did give us something to do other than cry about ourselves. Christine came over and helped and finally we put our uniforms back on. Except that Martha who still had tearstained face told Christine that she wouldn't be allowed to dress until the evening was over since until then Christine was still her slave. Christine merely smiled but docilely went back to the sofa and we sat down. Or at least Christine sat down relatively easily and Martha and I took great care to ease ourselves down gingerly.

Matron placed the chair that had recently held Christine's' school uniform, in the center of the room and said,

"Alright Annabelle, you obviously wanted to play tonight and since it was a teaching night it is only fitting that you are wearing a school uniform. It is a good job that you and your PA are almost the same size and I do mote how fetching it looks on you. I expect many of the pupils at this school would love to see you dressed as you are now - especially since many of them call it the boy repellant outfit. Michele, perhaps you are the most qualified to give an opinion of this subject. What do you think?"

I thought I saw our headmistress squirm at this remark but said, "Matron you have just punished me for not telling the truth tonight but I don't want to get into trouble with the head."

Matron laughed and said, "You have no need of fear of retribution from the headmistress tonight. She isn't here. In her place is Miss Annabelle Martindale, a fourteen year old girl who has been sent to me for poor performance in mathematics."

Miss Martindale seemed to shudder at these words and it's true that although Christine's school uniform fitted her very well, because the uniform did tend to belittle a grown girls figure, it was easy to imagine that the headmistress was now indeed a fourteen year old girl sent to the school disciplinarian for punishment because she was weak at mathematics. I said,

"Matron, I believe I have already told you that though the shirt and gymslip worn by the schoolgirls is supposed to suppress sexual urges in males I actually find it just the opposite. Just seeing Martha dressed here in her uniform is an incredible turn on for me, I love looking at all the senior girls who wear it. The headmistress - I'm sorry I mean Annabelle Martindale does look a little older than fourteen but she looks absolutely incredible, though it would be easy to imagine her in the class below me except that she is a little more developed. But I must admit that I would love to see all the staff wearing shirts, ties and gymslips if it were possible.

Matron laughed again and said dryly "Yes. I'm sure you would Michelle, but seeing how you are so perverted, now that you have given us your opinion, I'm not sure it is valid as regards most other males in this world. Anyway Annabelle, it seems you might have an admirer."

I blushed as I saw Miss Martindale smiling at me.

"Now come on Martindale, enough time has been wasted," said Matron. "If I remember correctly this is the second time this year that you have been bottom of the class in a mathematics test. Mrs. Roberts has sent you to me again as well as giving me a report of how you behave in class and the quality of your homework preparation. The interesting thing to me is that you are very intelligent. You may not be interested in mathematics but it's not talent you lack. It is merely motivation. Before I tried a motivational speech but apparently it didn't work. Well fair enough, since I have your best interests at heart we shall try a little something else." As she had been talking she went over and sat in the chair in the center of the dungeon.

"Come here Martindale and get yourself over my lap. Martha, if she doesn't obey then as senior prefect you will force her over my lap."

Amazingly the headmistress really did look like a naughty schoolgirl and she actually appeared nervous and scared. She took one look at Martha and then seemed to decide that she would obey Matron without argument. She walked over to Matron and then I saw a site which excited me more than anything I had yet experienced, the school headmistress now properly attired in the school gymslip started to drape herself over Matron's lap. I was mesmerized by Matron who lifted up the hem of the Headmistresses gymslip and smoothed it over her back, tucking it and her shirt tail into the St. Anne's girdle. Miss Martindale wasn't wearing any panties and I could see the hair on the underside of her pubis and it stirred the slug to expand to untested limits.

Matron began to smack her rhythmically and I noted these were much heavier than those she had handed out to Janet Stewart. She was also hitting at a much faster rate, but there was minimal reaction from the head. Her legs didn't kick, she didn't moan, her hands that were touching the floor on the other side of from what I was seeing, didn't move. After two hundred or so I heard Miss Martindale whisper softly, "Harder ... oh please ..., Charlotte harder ... oh, oh, oh ... harder."

Matron did indeed seem to spank harder and faster and after a while I thought I could hear our headmistress again asking for more and harder strokes.

"Charlotte, I think you'll need something a little harder than your hand!" said a new voice. And there stood in the doorway was Miss Jenkins. By now my eyes were getting pretty good at boggling out of my head, but my surprise was only matched by the lack of surprise of everybody else. She was wearing of all things a black leather bustier and black leather skirt. And almost ridiculously she had a grey beaver hat on her mop of short brown hair. Despite that she looked incredibly sexy and my pulse raced some more.

Matron looked up. "I thought you were going to be her half an hour ago, what took you so long?"

Well I would have been but Amanda was still up and around and I didn't want to raise any suspicions so I had to get her to go to bed and then wait till she was a sleep before I left. And to be sure I brought this outfit in my bag and changed when I arrived though seeing how everybody is in uniform, I see I needn't have bothered. Anyway what are you doing? I thought Annabelle had passed the OKT stage years ago.

"Well of you must know I was putting on a little show for the girls," said Matron nodding at Christine Martha and I. "And I was just about to have her over the stool. Why don't you sit for a while and let me give her an old fashioned school caning and then you can take over?"

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"Go ahead. Haven't seen Annabelle in school uniform in years and she looks quite fetching in it. Be interesting to see she handles what Martha here received from you last Tuesday, though I think you should use the heavier cane."

At this the headmistress murmured, "Please Matron, not the heavy cane!"

But Matron and Miss Jenkins appeared not to notice. Matron made Miss Martindale stand up and Miss Jenkins placed the stool and stepping block back in position and led her by the arm to the stool that had recently held me. Clearly Miss Jenkins was no stranger to the stool. She made Miss Martindale straddle the crutch bar and with no ceremony at all pushed her down on the shoulder until she was lying horizontal with her neck in the yolk bottom. Almost like lightening Miss Jenkins closed the top yolk and slammed the wooden locking bolt home. Almost a soon as she let her hand up off her shoulder Miss Martindale began to kick up in the air with both legs and her hands started reaching for the bolt and she was crying to be released with words like,

"let me go ... I am going to write to my mother ... you can't put me on this stool it is for only the senor girls ... don't hit me ... this is not right, I haven't done anything ... I'm going to scream for help."

"Oh do be quiet Martindale!" said Matron, "You've had this coming to you for years. The stool is for who I say it is."

Before she could reach the neck yolk bolt, Miss Jenkins had expertly caught her wrists and quickly secured first her left, and then her right wrists in the wooden handcuff restraints on the front of the stool. Then with the speed and agility of a small wiry woman who after all was the school hockey coach she captured each of the headmistresses legs and secured it in its respective cuff, tightening the bolts making sure Miss Martindale was secure. Finally Miss Jenkins pulled the stepping block away and I saw the head mistress settle down on the crutch bar although her toes easily reached the ground since she was taller than I.

Miss Martindale screamed like a fourteen year old but neither Matron nor Miss Jenkins seemed impressed.

While Miss Jenkins had secured the headmistress to the caning stool Matron had retrieved a larger, thicker cane than the one Martha had used on me and walked up to the headmistress on her right side and said,

"Ok Martindale, either shut-up now or I swear I'll break this Dragon cane on your bum.

Miss Martindale yelled in protest and then quieted down. And then I saw her relax her buttocks, just like I had been taught to do.

I expected another screaming fit from her after the first stroke but curiously, even though Matron gave her a terrific stroke, there was barely a sigh. There was no movement on the head's part, her toes didn't wiggle and her hands remained relaxed. I thought I saw her lead lift slightly but that was all. The swoosh of the cane bit again but there was still no reaction. I could see that Matron was not in the slightest way surprised and instead of the twenty seconds wait I had normally observed, the strokes were only five seconds apart. The third, fourth, fifth and sixth strokes fell and I saw that Matron had given her a five bar gate but the marks didn't seem anything like as well developed as I had seen on Martha.

There was still virtually no reaction from the headmistress except she was breathing a little more heavily and her shirt was becoming damp.

I was so excited by the scene that the slug was reaching up from my sitting position s though her were trying to watch the show himself. I tried to smooth my gymslip into place to hide him but I saw that Martha noticed and she gave me a grin.

Matron didn't pause after the sixth stroke and proceeded to repeat the exact same sequence of strokes over the same tormented flesh. It was going red but it wasn't anything like what I had seen on Martha. By the time Matron had painted the second five bar gate, the lines were easily noticeable but for all the effect it was having on the head she might have been hitting her with a feather. True on the last stroke she had let out a soft moan though I could have sworn it was a moan of pleasure. Halfway through the third five bar gate, for that is what it turned out to be, I saw the headmistress start to jerk and now the moans were unmistakable. But they were moans of pleasure and I realized in my shocked embarrassment that Miss Martindale was having an orgasm.

Matron saw this and muttered, "Oh Annabelle!" and then continued to finish her third five bar gate.

Seeing the head mistress clearly having a moment of ecstasy without really crying out in pain was fascinating and yet unfathomable. She had just been punished harder than I had ever seen, ever thought possible without being in distress. She had moaned a little and had panted hard but I never saw her buck once on that stool until she orgasmed. And even after the third five bar gate was finished there didn't seem to be the normal deep red welts on her skin and the deep blue mars that I had seen on Martha or the previous three girls and they hadn't take anything like as much as the head.

Matron retrieved the stepping block and placed it under her feet and then undid the ankle cuffs. Miss Martindale didn't kick or anything. And when the wrists and neck yolk were pulled clear she merely stood up with a very satisfied smile and said, "Thanks Charlotte, that was wonderful. And Margaret, I didn't know you were coming tonight but, well .... Do you want to play too?"

Miss Jenkins smiled and said, yes unfortunately now that I have a new PA it's not so easy to get away, but if you are up for it I'd like to play a while."

"Ok by me," said the headmistress, suddenly very adult. "I don't think the girls are up for more at this stage, Christine's had a very good session with Martha and Michelle not only had a great session she has also been disciplined my Matron so since I'm the only other sub here I'm afraid you are stuck with me. Still I'm sure I can go a few more rounds for you.

"Knowing you, you could probably wear out another half dozen Dommes before the evening is done," laughed Miss Jenkins. "I see you are not wearing cuffs - Charlotte, do you have a set?"

Yes the cuffs are on the side table next to the sofa where I left them after disciplining Martha and Michelle," Said Matron. "You see to her wrists and if you like I'll get them on her ankles."

Miss Jenkins picked up a set of cuffs while the headmistress undressed. They waited as she divested herself of her shirt, tie and gymslip folding them neatly and handing them off to her PA, Christine. She then returned to the center of the Dungeon while Matron had moved the caning stool and stepping block back over to their position by the wall then Matron and Miss Jenkins busied themselves applying the restraints while Miss Martindale stood nonchalantly waiting for them. She no longer looked like a schoolgirls or even anybody subdued. She was now a completely self confident adult but extremely trim and fit looking fashion model. The transformation was incredible and I realized it was all in her body language. I guessed that the headmistress could have been a first class actress in her past, so believable had been her various roles tonight. I wondered which was the real Miss Martindale and it dawned on me that I might never actually know. Even her role of head mistress where she seemed in total control of six hundred pupils and staff might have been just a role to her. Whatever, she carried them off flawlessly.

When her cuffs were in place, Miss Jenkins secured her ankles to the chains attached to the floor eye bolts to which I had recently been attached. Her legs were spread about three feet apart and she stood their naturally and patiently while Miss Jenkins activate the ceiling winch lowering the hook with it's still attached wrist spreader bar. Once it was lowered to waist height she unhooked the spreader bar and handed it off to Matron who placed it on a shelf along the wall. She then took the winch hook and attached it first to one and then the other wrist cuffs so that Miss Martindale's hands were secured behind her back.

Miss Jenkins then went to the wall and activated the electric winch again but this time in the opposite direction. This time the winch retracted it's cable back to the ceiling taking it's hook and Miss Martindale's wrists with it. Since her arms were behind her back her arms began to raise up and as her wrists rose ever higher, to compensate she had to bend over. Soon the cable was taught with her wrists pointing straight up and she was bent over almost double at the waist with her head close to the floor and her but proudly sticking into the air.

She was utterly immobilized and I realized the strain on her arms, shoulders and legs was terrific. She could not move her feet since she was already taught against the ankle chains and if she fell over her weight would be straining against her shoulders. She didn't seem to moan or cry and I got the feeling that this extreme position was not new to her or Miss Jenkins come to that.

Miss Jenkins went over to the rack and selected a heavy leather flogger. It's handle seemed to be a foot long and its lashes consisted of about a dozen strands of fine black leather each about eighteen inches long. I saw Martha and Christine both lean forwards to get a better look and I could also see Christine's nipples pushed out hard against her school shirt. I guessed that Martha was similarly stimulated however her gymslip over her shirt effectively camouflaged such a display.

Miss Jenkins stood directly behind Miss Martindale and began to flog the incredibly exposed butt. She would strike first with the forehand and then role her wrist over so as the leather tails came downwards she kept them moving in a circle so that she hit her target again with a backhand strike. In this way the leather tails kept hitting and biting in to the bare flesh. She kept at this steady pace but the strikes were not particularly hard.

For her part Miss Martindale almost tried to arch her but out over more to almost welcome the blows from the flogger. The rhythmic lashing continued for several minutes over the area where a triple five bar gate had recently been painted but the headmistress just seemed to suck it all up. She didn't fidget although occasionally a soft moan would escape her lips. Suddenly Miss Jenkins stepped forwards and to Miss Martindale's right side and lashed hard into the front form around the side. It seemed that the lashes went deep into her pelvic mounds and I hear the head suck in some deep breath. She hit her very hard again, and again and yet again.

The strokes caused the headmistress to jerk slightly at the waist and we could tell that it was hurting her. My slug was incredibly hard now and unbidden my right hand strayed to the top of my gymslip and began to massage the huge lump that was forming there. Suddenly I felt a stinging blow to my right cheek which left my ear ringing. Almost without my knowing Matron had crept up to my side and cracked me with her hand. She smiled sweetly and said,

"I appreciate the effect that this is having on you but although you have the run of everything I own in this cottage, there is one item that you have given me that is off limits to you. Please don't forget it and just so you know, after the girls have gone home, you will be punished tonight for even touching the slug. You know that it is mine and mine alone. Any even accidental manipulation will always demand punishment. And no my little slap just then was not a punishment, that was just to get your attention! Now just watch the entertainment and keep you hands off of my property personal."

As I turned my attention to the scene, Miss Jenkins had exchanged her flogger, to wooden paddle. It was long and made of polished mahogany and every three to five seconds she would hit Miss Martindale's rump and it was having an effect. The headmistress was now breathing deeply and every now and then a little "oooomphhhh!" would escape her lips. Also noticeable was that her entire back was starting to bend up and down like she was being shocked by the blows. Miss Jenkins gave three loud "Whappp's!" in succession and then replaced the paddle with a whip. It seemed to be made of red cord extending about three feet from a six inch handle. Attached to the end of the whip was what looked like a three inch piece of white string.

She moved back from the headmistresses back perhaps four or five feet and taking it in her right hand she held the tail of her whip in her left hand. She suddenly whipped it underhand and there was a loud crack and the tail seemed to flick against Miss Martindale's left buttock cheek. This time Miss Martindale actually let out a yelp and I saw that the whip had left a thin deep line that was already starting to be blurred by tiny dribbles of blood.

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I saw the headmistress arch her back and slowly wiggled her ass as much as she could and then settle down for the next strokes, which came in the dead center of the other cheek. Again there was another yelp and wriggle around before the head was able to settle down. Four more times the whip cracked, two on each cheek and I was fascinated by the incredible accuracy our hockey teacher was displaying. Clearly Miss Martindale was having a tougher and tougher time holding still, but the suspended arms and chained feet gave her virtually no room to maneuver.

The next four strokes showed an absolute mastery by Miss Jenkins, these went between Miss Martindale's legs and onto her crotch and I judged it to be right on her vaginal opening. If Miss Martindale had been in little discomfort before, this was now changing. She howled and screamed, she went up on her toes and almost impossibly her back arched over. After the third stroke she actually screamed "No moooooooreeee!" but is was too late as the fourth stroke landed there was only a dreadful scream of


Miss Jenkins waited for it to quieten down and she said, "Oh Annabelle stop this fussing at once." And with that she struck four more times, this time two to each inside leg, one after the other up high by her private spots. This time she screamed loudly and was shifting her weight from one foot to the other as much as her restrained arms would allow. But amazingly the screams turned to moans. Not just any moans but moans of pleasure as saw that she was almost thrusting her body in orgasm.

The effect was not lost on Miss Jenkins either as I saw her pause with the whip and reached under her short black leather skirt and massaged her own area. Even Matron was getting to the act as I saw her own right hand massaging herself through the apron.

Slowly the headmistresses moaning subsided to great groans of pleasure and her jerking motions gradually died down. At this point Miss Jenkins knelt down in front of her bottom and began to massage the inside of Miss Martindale's thighs she started with her fingernails brushing the skin lightly but then Matron passed her what looked like a piece of Rabbit fur and the change had an almost magical affect. The headmistress began bucking again and I could see her vibrate as another orgasm ripped through her body. The groans got louder and louder as the massaging with the fur continued and then almost unbelievably I could hear Miss Jenkins was moaning with her as her own orgasm coursed through her.

Slowly Miss Jenkins seemed to sink to the floor and she hung onto the headmistress's bare leg and then on her knees began to hum p it. It sounds ludicrous to write it now but it was so incredibly erotic I desperately wanted to hug ht slug. Christine, Martha and Matron seemed lost in the scene and I was upset that I couldn't do the same. The slug was crying out to be stroked but I didn't dare accommodate him.

Eventually I saw Miss Jenkins bend down and unchained Miss Martindale's legs. She then walked to the wall and operated the winch lowering the hook saying as she did,

Well Annabelle it's been a while since I had as good a one as that so I guess I'll just have to finish the job. Gradually Miss Martindale stood up and I longed to see her face that was turned away from me. However Miss Jenkins went and unhitched the handcuffs from the hook, spun her around till she was facing us and then re-secured the cuffs in front and reattached them to the hook. Miss Jenkins then went back to the winch switch, activated it and slowly the hoist pulled the headmistresses arms up until they were arrowed straight up pointing at the ceiling. The winch continued to do it's cruel work and finally Miss Martindale was suspended by her tied wrists in the air with her feet pointing straight down. And very gently she began to twist around in the air as the twist in the cable straightened itself out. She made two complete revolutions and then gently swayed first clockwise then counterclockwise until Miss Jenkins lowered the winch a fraction that allowed her toes to touch the floor and the friction brought her to a halt and then raised it again until she was suspended motionless. The headmistress's eyes were closed and she had an air of serenity about her that was profound.

Miss Jenkins then selected a heavy leather flogger with broad straps and with a vertical circular motion began to flog her all over her body. The strokes weren't vicious or hard but wherever it hit a feint tinge of redness was left behind. Her subject could be seen to breathe deeply, drinking in the sensations as the leather lashes inflicted their pain on her skin. She swayed back and forth in her suspension and twisted presenting a new area for Miss Jenkins to attack with each stroke.

After ten minutes Miss Jenkins, who was actually very fit, was starting to show beads of perspiration on her forehead but she was clearly enjoying herself. The blows were becoming harder and except for her face, there was no part of the headmistresses body left unscathed. Her whole body including legs, thighs, pelvic and genital areas as well as her belly, chest, back and buttocks, and especially her breasts were now turning an angry red, but there were as yet no moans.

Then the Hockey coach laid the flogger aside and went up to her subject and began to stroke her all over with the backs of her fingernails. At each stoke Miss Martindale shuddered in delight and when the nails crossed over a particularly red area, she began a shuddering moan. She twisted Miss Martindale's body around and around in its suspension running her hails in the grooves of her buttocks left by the cruel single tail whip and Miss Martindale's moans became almost frenetic. She was beginning to jerk her wrists against the taught ness of her cuffs bit them Miss Jenkins backed away, saying softly,

"Not yet Annabelle, not yet!"

The headmistress muttered, "Oh please don't stop, pleeeease don't stop just yet, just let me ..."

But Miss Jenkins had selected a new whip with an aluminum handle that was made of a tapered roll of blue leather. As before she cradled it in her right hand holding the wicked tail in her left. She suddenly let fly and a thin red line appeared across the headmistress's left breast. Miss Martindale shrieked but before the scream was finished another crack hit the right breast and another stroke hit her right in her pubic mound. The shrieks became louder and more continuous but Miss Jenkins distracted her by stroking her with the piece of rabbit fur. When the shrieks turned to moans, Miss Jenkins grabbed the whole of the suspended body and hugged her to her for at least two minutes. The shrieks turned to soft sobs then suddenly Miss Jenkins Twisted the suspended body in front of her, wildly and the headmistress spun around and around from her suspended wrists. While she was still spinning like a top she cracked the blue whip time and time again in various strategic positions on the poor headmistress's wracked body, the shrieks and moans were intermingled and suddenly Miss Martindale again orgasmed.

Miss Jenkins leaned against the dungeon wall and with her right hand having dropped the whip was massaging herself in the place it mattered most. Christine and Martha both looked in awe and Martha was stoking herself through the gymslip and Christine was similarly engaged but her hand was under the pleated skirt that actually belonged to the headmistress. I turned and saw Matron with a sort of glazed look in her eyes. She wasn't actually masturbating but it seemed as though she might be enjoying a personal, private and silent orgasm. I felt so downhearted that I was the only one forbidden in the room to similarly enjoy myself. Certainly the slug wanted his share.

Miss Jenkins was actually the first to come around and she lowered the winch down until she could unhook the headmistress's wrists. She caught her limp form and gradually eased her to the floor where the two unashamedly hugged each other. Matron also recovered, looked at Christine and Martha and smiled.

"Well girls, I hope you enjoyed that little display as much as I did and while you are at it you might feel a tinge of sympathy for Michelle who had to go without. And let me explain to you both that Michelle will be treated by you all for ever as a girl. The penis that is attached to her belongs to me and not her - I mention this because if you ever see anyone touching it, including Michelle herself then you are to report it to me. And Michelle, if anyone other than me touches it you will also immediately inform me."

Miss Jenkins and Miss Martindale were now recovering and Miss Jenkins was applying peroxide on a towel to the headmistress's wounds. They were both smiling and hugging and Miss Martindale was thanking Miss Jenkins for a wonderful scene.

After the cuts were clean Miss Martindale retrieved her skirt from Christine while Christine replaced her gymslip. She was going to leave the collar of the shirt open when I heard Miss Martindale say,

"Christine, we've had our fun but now it's time to return to our normal lives and you know I don't allow girls to wear the uniform in slovenly fashion so button your collar and replace your tie neatly. Remember you are my PA still and except in this location you must represent me in exemplary fashion. I know you are tired but we cannot ever let our standards down.

Suddenly she was again the Miss Martindale I knew, Headmistress of St. Anne's Boarding School for Girls. The six of us went back up stairs to the kitchen and I was a little surprised that only three hours had passed. It had seemed like a lifetime in that so much had happened. Matron made an evening snack and we all sat around the table together. Discussing the scenes. I was full of questions but Matron cautioned me to be patient. She promised to explain much more over the weekend. Miss Martindale also gave me a bit of a dire warning with the words,

"Michelle, you are of course something special and I know you enjoyed tonight. Rest assured all your questions will be answered but don't be in a hurry. Right now you are very excited and that makes you dangerous to us all. One of the most important things you must learn is to be incredibly careful about this subject. There are many secrets here. One of which that is very important is that you have a penis. This is the first time that Christine and Martha have heard about it. I only learned of it two days ago and I think Miss Jenkins learned about the same time. You have done an excellent job of keeping that secret over the past three months on your own and that was a big factor in us letting you learn some of our secrets.

"We must all here guard your secret at least as well if not better than you did and so we must act slowly. For instance, for the rest of your time at St. Anne's and even long after you leave, you must never even imagine that Matron. Miss Jenkins and I are anything other than the school nurse and disciplinarian, your form teacher and hockey coach and headmistress. Outside of the dungeon or this kitchen we can never be anything else. There are to be no nods of recognition, no secret smiles. You must not become suddenly a big friend of Martha and Christine. No more lunches with them unless it is in the normal course of school days. You should never be alone with either of them or any other girls or mistress that you may find involved in these activities.

In class Miss Jenkins will treat you exactly as before. She will praise you when necessary, scold you when needed and if needs be send your to Matron if you need to be punished. School discipline which you may be involved in because you are Matrons PA, is absolutely separate from what goes on here. If you see Matron discipline anyone at this school you must not in anyway allow any outward reaction or semblance of any excitement you may have. At the slightest sign that such is happening you will be expelled. There can be no other way. If you realize or think you may have made a slip you must tell Matron, Miss Jenkins or me immediately. Later you will learn there are others you can confide in but you must never talk to them about this subject if there is even a remote possibility you can be observed.

"Later you may be involved in recruiting other girls to our activity. In this event you will do exactly as directed and no more. Many secrets will also be kept from you - we operate on a principal of need to know only. Neither I not Matron nor Miss Jenkins here knows everything. We all trust each other absolutely since anyone could damage all of us.

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"Do you understand? Are you sure that as soon as we leave this breakfast nook that you can behave as though nothing has happened? That you only saw Matron tonight? That tomorrow or Monday if you pass Christine in the hall you will ignore her unless as a prefect she interacts with you in her regular duties. And trust me, she or Martha or any of us will report it if you even attempt to make any even irregular eye contact?

"Yes, I answered. I understand the importance of all this and since this is my last opportunity to talk to you in any way other than your official capacity, thank you for letting me stay here at St. Anne's even though you know I am a boy," I answered. Miss Jenkins said,

"And Michelle, let that be the very last time you mention or even think that you are a boy. And strictly speaking, as I heard it tonight, you no longer are a male. Males have penises, you don't! Yours have been given solely to Matron. So from now on think of yourself as you truly are, a girl. You may not like it but for the foreseeable future you are a girl, you have lost the right to even touch your penis and believe me if you are ever caught touching it by any of us you will be drastically punished by Matron. Isn't that right Charlotte?"

"Yes Margaret" Michelle's penis is my property and if any of you want to use it for anything you will all go through me first. Well girls it's time for bed. I have to get Michelle tucked in and Martha, as you know, you are staying here tonight as my guest. You will have Michelle' bed and Michelle will sleep with me. Since it is your training night I want you to experience what long-term bondage is like and how it affects your subjects sleep. But I need to get Michelle showered and set-up for the night so Margaret, would you mind seeing that Martha showers all right, inspect her wounds from the whipping I gave her and then secure her in Michelle's room for the night.

Miss Jenkins said, Of course my dear, I'll see to Martha while you look after Michelle, and I'll meet you down here in about thirty minutes"

Chapter 12 - The Jacket

And with that Christine and Miss Martindale left for the evening and he four of us went up stairs, Miss Jenkins and Martha turning to the left while Matron and I went right to Matron's bedroom. Although I had been in there the once before when I had fist arrived, I'd never been there with Matron present. She spoke softly in my ear,

"Well my dear, tonight you've certainly had a change from doing homework. Have you enjoyed it?"

"Yes I answered. When Martha and spanked me and then caned me over that stool, well it hurt terribly but it was so ... so exciting. I loved it when she led me down the stairs by my penis and then locked me over the stool. I thought I'd be terrified of the stool but somehow ..., just being locked in it is wonderful. And then watching Christine and then Anna ... , I mean Miss Martindale, it was incredible. I even liked been tied up against Martha. Am I perverted?"

"Of course you are my dear. You've joined our club so automatically you are perverted, you are one of us! What about your punishment?"

"Oh that! Yes except for being suspended like that next to Martha it was awful. The pain from that wasn't like the other pain I've felt. It was cruel and hurt horribly and Martha banging into me when you hit her was horrible too. Her head made my nose bleed. And the whip marks still hurt, and not a nice hurt. They sting like paper cuts," I answered truthfully.

"Well come here and let me make them better." And with that she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me long and hard on my lips. She was still in uniform and I wrapped my arms around her starchy dress and uniform and hugged her tight and opened my mouth. Immediately her tongue went inside and suddenly I was in heaven. My slug expanded again and she must have felt it even through her thick starchy clothes. Heir hand went to the front of my gymslip and she began to massage it and because he was twisted in my panties there was this sudden shooting pain as he tried to become erect even though he was folded. I yelped and tried to reach for him but she beat me to it, realized what had happened and had jerked the hem of my gymslip up and my panties out of the way so she could straighten him. She said softly,

"He is my responsibility, you don't touch him. If he is in distress, tell me and I shall take care of it.

She hugged me some more and kissed. It was heaven and then she whispered, let's get you undressed, showered and into bed. She let go of me and then while still looking in my eyes, she undid the St. Anne's girdle and pulled the gymslip over my head. She told me to relax and I was mesmerized as she undid the buttons on my shirt, loosened my tie and then slipped it over my head. She pulled my shirt off and then my bra and finally had me gently sit on the edge of the bed while she removed my shoes socks and panties. And while I just sat there she folded everything neatly and laid it carefully over a chair in the corner. She said,

"I should spank you over my knee but I can see you are very sore and the lash marks are pretty deep. It will hurt in the shower but go in there and make a thorough job because I shall examine you carefully when you come out.

I did as she asked and she was right, the shower stung the fresh whip cuts and brought the whipping vividly back to life. It had hurt me very badly and being tied as I had been to Martha had made it worse. I carefully lathered up recoiling slightly from the stings but as I got used to it I rubbed everywhere quite hard to clean the cuts so I wouldn't get infected. I was suddenly glad I didn't play sports since the marks would be difficult to explain.

After I dried off carefully with the towel, I went back into the bedroom where Matron was waiting. She smiled at me, carefully had me lie face down on the bed and then carefully examined me like a doctor would. She gently turned me over and I felt embarrassment and shame as she inspected every part of me including my genitalia. When she was satisfied she had me stand up and went to the wardrobe. She selected a pair of white school regulation panties that she had me put on and ten pulled out a white canvass jacket. It was exactly the same as the ones I had seen in my own wardrobe the first day I had come to the cottage though I hadn't really gotten around to investigating them. The sleeves were very long and closed at the ends and there were straps with steel buckles to close the jacket's opening. Except for those in my wardrobe that were hanging in the back I had never seen anything like it except possibly in a movie. I remember having seen a woman in a mental hospital in a white jacket that some how had held her arms fastened across her chest. Matron asked,

"Michelle, do you know what this is?"

I said, "Is it used for fastening people up who are mentally ill? I think I once saw one in a movie, but I don't know what it is called."

She laughed and said, "Yes, they are used in hospitals and also prisons or anywhere there may be violent people who don't know what they are doing. It's called a straitjacket. It allows your arms to be fastened comfortably in such a manner as that you can't take it off for yourself. I have several in the house, in fact I think there are some in your wardrobe but occasionally we play with them down in the dungeon. However tonight you are going to wear one as a sort of punishment. Do you remember what you are being punished for?"

I thought back, surely my punishment for the white lie I'd told her about Martha was complete, the whip had hurt terribly. I mentioned that and she said

"No. The whip was punishment for the lies you both told - but afterwards you did something else and I told you, you would be punished. Do you remember?"

"Was it when I massaged my penis and then you slapped me?"

"Good, it's a good job you remembered otherwise I would have you over my lap for the paddle as well which would have been pretty painful after Martha's two five bar gates! Anyway you know it's absolutely forbidden for you to touch your penis unless you are actually cleaning it in the shower. If you ever do more than just clean him in the shower you will find the punishment very intense and not at all to your liking.

"However tonight since you have had a severe whipping, you will sleep in a straitjacket with me. And just so you know, a straightjacket can be a horrible punishment if the arms are pulled extremely tight, however tonight I shall be kind and you should be relatively comfortable though you will now be able to play with yourself. Now hold you arms out.

I did as she asked and she opened the jacket flaps and I saw that I was to enter it from the back. I could see that the collar had some padding around it and below that a green band. I later learned that the green band indicated it size and that this was a medium sized jacket.

She approached me holding it open and I slipped my arms down the long sleeves. My outstretched hands couldn't actually reach the ends of the sleeves. She turned me around and I stood there with my arms still outstretched while she pulled it tight over my chest and then began fastening the straps in back. There were four of them from the collar to the base of the jacket and although she pulled them snug it didn't hurt at all. As she buckled me up I noted as I looked down at my chest that there was a loop of canvass sewn there. I thought it might be a handle. Suddenly she said,

"Ok that's nice and snug now I want you to cross you arms in front of you and pass the ends of the sleeves through the canvass loop. The purpose of the loop is simply to prevent you from slipping your arms over your head."

I did as she indicated and she fed the straps on the end of the sleeves through the hoop taking them to opposite sides, looping them through additional canvass loops stitched to the sides of the jacket at the waist. She then took the ends of the straps and brought them together in back and buckled them together. When she had finished I found that I was hugging my self with my arms through the chest loop and when I tried to pull them free I couldn't move them much. It wasn't uncomfortable or unpleasant. It just felt weird. There was one last canvas strap hanging from the bottom front of the jacket which she brought up between my legs and fastened somewhere in back. She said that that strap would stop me pulling the jacket over my head.

Lastly she fastened some very soft material cuffs around each ankle and tied them together with canvass tapes that were attached to each. They weren't tight or anything, I could still separate my feet by about six inches, enough to hobble around but I wasn't going anywhere in a hurry. Finally she said, ok shuffle yourself to that side of the bed and get in. If you like you can struggle for twenty minutes or so while I go and see Margaret Jenkins or you can take my word for it that escape is impossible and go to sleep. I'll leave the bedside light for you on low."

She tucked me in and I wriggled happily as she kissed me, turned the light down low and left the room. I did pull on my arms a few times but I was soon convinced I wasn't going anywhere so I hoisted myself on my left side and was soon fast asleep. I was awakened sometime later by a movement in the bed and I opened my eyes to see Matron, dressed only in a Tee shirt getting out of bed. She saw me awake and smiled and whispered,

"Go back to sleep my pet I have to go and check on Martha," and with that she crept softly out of the room.

The light was still on and I wriggled happily. I wasn't uncomfortable at all though my nose decided to itch and I could only get relief by rubbing it and the rest of my head on the blanket. It was only a few Moments before Matron returned and she eased herself back into bed. I said,

"Hi, I'm not asleep."

"Are you uncomfortable," she asked in concern.

"No, not at all, in fact it's a nice feeling being all strapped up like this." And with that she turned towards me and kissed me on my lips. She puts her arms around me and cuddled me up to her breasts. It was so erotic that the slug decided to erect himself and she found him and unbelievably it seemed she massaged him. It was incredible, a young boys dream. I rolled over onto my back and she pulled back the sheets. She turned the light up and looked into my eyes. She said,

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"I suppose I owe it to you anyway, besides if we don't drain it regularly, your prostate will only give you trouble later in life." I didn't know what a prostate was then but I reminded myself to look it up in the anatomy test she had loaned me. But I liked the sound of draining it regularly so I lay back and smiled.

Then incredibly she put her lips over the slug and started sucking him off. It didn't take much. But as the orgasm hit I pulled mightily on the arms of my straightjacket and virtually sat up to the ceiling. She clung on to me with both arms and I bucked and bucked and bucked. I panted and strained and groaned. In fact I groaned so loud she clamped her hand over my mouth and laughing she whispered,

"I think Martha might still be awake but is trying to get some sleep so lets not make too much noise."

I quieted down and then lay back in my bondage. I was so elated and satisfied and she cuddled me in my arms, hugging and kissing me on the neck. Soon she reached back and turned off the light and I could feel her gently breathing on me as she fell asleep. Within a few minutes I had fallen asleep myself.

The next morning I was awakened by one of the most wonderful smells in the entire world, cooking bacon. I tried to get out of bed but the straitjacket made it difficult as did the soft ankle cuffs I still wore. I had just about managed to sit up when Matron came in and said,

"Oh good you are awake. You looked so cute lying there a while ago I didn't want to wake you but breakfast is almost ready. Martha is finishing it off and I have to go out. But let me get you out of those restraints and take a shower. You can wear whatever you want and if you want to stay in your uniform that is all right - I can take you to the village or town this afternoon if you want."

She undid the straightjacket and I was able to stretch out my arms. It felt good and she gave my penis as a tap while I held my legs still and she unfastened the ankle cuffs. She then left the room and I went and showered.

I dressed in my uniform and went downstairs. Martha was also in uniform, sitting in the breakfast nook and as she looked up I saw she had a black eye from where my forehead had caught her last evening. I nodded a greeting at her and she said,

"There is bacon on a plate keeping warm in the oven and the eggs are there if you want or you ca make yourself a sandwich. The tea is made and is fresh."

I said my thanks and made a sandwich and joined her at the table. I then asked,

"Is it ok to talk"

She look a little puzzled and then her face cleared and she answered,

"Oh yes, we are allowed to talk providing there is no possibility of being heard and we are in the back portion of the house or in the dungeon. Lisa and I also used to talk when we were in her bedroom. And thanks for letting me use your bed last night."

I laughed and said, "You are welcome, though I didn't have mush say in the matter. What are you going to do about the black eye? Are you going to school on Monday like that?"

"It depends. Matron is trying to come up with a cover story but today and tomorrow she wants me to stay here, in your room. I hope you don't mind. We'll see how bad it is on Monday. You must have a pretty thick skull," she laughed.

"Of course I don't mind, besides its Matron's cottage. Did you sleep well"

"I slept ok after Matron loosened my arms. Oh you didn't know. I spent all night in a straitjacket with my ankles tied. Miss Jenkins put me in it before she left saying as I needed to know what a straitjacket felt like. She fastened it incredibly tight, especially the arms."

"Oh, I spent the night in a straightjacket too with my ankles secured. It felt wonderful and I slept really well."

"Well, it felt really good for a start but after about half an hour, my shoulders began to burn, they were pulled forward so much. After about another half hour I was on agony and I was considering trying to get out of bed and begging for help it hurt so badly. Not that I could get out of bed since she had a leach attached to the back of the jacket hooked up to one of those eyebolts on your headboard."

"Wow, I didn't know. Matron has up until last night, never tied me up. And the straightjacket was snug though I could move my arms back and forth quite a bit."

"Yes," Martha said, "being able to move your arms make's a huge difference as I found out last night. Eventually Matron came in and released my arms so I could stretch out and she gave me a shoulder rub. Then she re-fastened my arms but this time with enough slack that I could move them around a bit and I felt fine and soon went to sleep. I then slept like a baby until she woke me up this morning. I feel good except for the cuts on my body where we were whipped and my eye hurts a bit!"

"You were lucky that Matron went back to check on you."

"Not really, I think that Miss Jenkins told her that she had fastened me in very tightly so I would know what it would be like for a sub, and Matron planned all along to loosen me after I had found out how bad it could be. Matron is very caring and looks after her Subs very well. It's one reason why everyone loves her. How is your back and buttocks by the way?"

"The whip cuts are a little sore but my ass feels wonderful. It is still warm from that caning you gave me - God that was wonderful!"

Martha laughed. "Well Michelle," she said, "I guess you are a true sub. That caning I gave you was very severe, and in fact you took one more stroke than I did last Tuesday and believe me, I didn't enjoy it at all!"

"Oh but you took yours in public, and you were so brave. Yes mine hurt when you hit me but for a bout ten seconds after each stroke until the next one it actually felt good. And although the last strokes hurt a lot, within a couple of minutes afterwards it felt incredible. I loved the sensation. Then when you flogged Christine I was quite jealous. I really wanted it to be me rather than Christine you were flogging. That's why when Matron secured us together for the whipping I thought it would be great and wasn't really worried.

"You actually enjoyed that whipping that Matron gave us?" she asked incredulously.

"Well no, that was terrible painful and not really pleasurable even afterwards, not to mention us banging into each other like that when we were both out of control, but I suppose I did enjoy being bound to you like that, especially before the whipping started."

She laughed and said, "Michelle, you are certainly different and will make a great sub!"

I got up from the table and started to clean up, and said, "Well so far I've loved it but I was thrilled when Matron and Miss Jenkins disciplined the headmistress. I couldn't decide which would have been more fun. I suppose I wanted to play all roles. And that day I fastened you on the stool on the stage thrilled the heck out of me and I would love to have actually caned you."

"Yes Matron said you might be a switch at that, though for now I hope you remain in the sub role for me at least."

"Oh yes Martha, you can whip me any time."

She said, "Well thanks Michelle but you shouldn't think like that. You belong absolutely to Matron. You don't get to decide who whips you, only she decides that - of course I hope that she lets me whip you again soon - and she probably will since we are all being trained. I wonder if she has any other subs or mistresses lined up?

"Do you mean me and Christine aren't the only subs?"

"Oh no, of course not but you don't have a need to know at present so you'll just have to wait and see. But that's not what I meant, Matron and Miss Martindale will probably select some more members from your year and I was wondering who they'll be?"

I said, "I didn't even know that, and Matron hasn't said anything to me."

Well she probably won't yet, it's none of our business but I'll bet she has a few picked out." And with that she helped me wash the dishes and clean up. We also went to her car and recovered my clean uniform and I gave her back the one that had gotten us into trouble,. We talked some more but then Matron and the subject of new recruits died away. We then all helped clean the house returned and then Matron took us both into town in her car for the rest of the day.

Chapter 13 - The Troublesome Fourth Former

A week and a half later Susan, Amanda and I were having lunch in a corner of the refectory. That morning in assembly Miss Martindale had announced that the process of selecting prefects for next year was to begin this week and that all fifth formers would be eligible for competition which would be based on an essay and interview. She also had stated that she was using this occasion to announce a major change of school rules that had been approved by the board of governors of the school. I had perked my ears up at this since I knew that the actual ownership of the school was actually Matron herself and Miss Martindale - each holding a forty five percent share. The remaining ten percent was held equally amongst the senior staff - those with PA's. This actually represented the "board of governors" but I think that I was the only "girl" in the school that new this although it is possible that Christine Fowler as Miss Martindale's PA also knew.

Apparently the change in school rules was that starting in January all prefects' disciplinary powers were to be increased. In addition to giving out lines and essays, any prefect who determined that a junior girl had misbehaved significantly would have the power to take the junior girls across her lap for either a spanking or tawsing with a special strap that all prefects were to be issued with. Of course all if the prefect wanted to, she could defer the punishment to Matron as always however the board of governors hoped that these new powers would help the junior girls be more disciplined, not only on school grounds but during the girls sojourns to the village and the local town. Prefects would be encouraged to use their new powers particularly towards offenders who tarnished the school image in view of the public.

Apparently six new prefects would be selected from the fifth form and the final selection would be based on academic performance, athletic performance, the essay and the interview. Susan as usual was dominating the conversation,

"Well I don't know about you two, but I'm not going to be applying for a prefectship. The thought of having to put one of those dirty junior girls across my lap and take their panties down is disgusting. I could never do anything like that! On the other hand if Derek wanted to..."

"Oh do shut up about Derek Folds, we know you'd not stop at him wanting to take your panties down." laughed Amanda. "But seriously, I think I shall apply for a prefect spot. How about you Michelle? With your grades you are sure to be selected."

I answered, "Well I haven't thought much about it, I suppose I'll discuss it with Matron and see what she says."

"Well at least I won't have to worry about me going over your lap Mandykins! I'll be a senior and therefore off limits to you - still it might me an interesting experience!" said Susan. Actually the thought of Susan over Amanda's lap stirred up the interest of the slug, as did the idea of putting any gymslipped girl over my lap. And there was the problem for me. I'd have to be very careful if I ever became a prefect because I couldn't have the slug giving me away to a junior girl just because I got to spank her fanny. On the other hand I wouldn't mind giving myself away to Amanda if and this was a big if, she still loved me afterwards!

"Well you are a bit big for my lap, although after we get back to the cottage tonight maybe you could come around and try. I'm sure Miss Jenkins will help me position you!" smiled Amanda at Susan. There was suddenly a noise of plates breaking on the floor behind us and Amanda said,

"Now that's one girl I would mind having over my lap. Talk about a troublemaker!"

I looked behind us and saw Denise Moran was arguing with another girl in her class and they had dropped a bowl of spaghetti on the floor and it had smashed. It was the same girl whom I had seen Matron spank in sick bay a week earlier for being seen in the village with no tie, her collar and shirt undone and no girdle or hat with a boy from the village school.

"Isn't she a bit big for you Amanda?" I Asked. She's a fourth former after all."

Amanda replied, "That'd be no problem, she may think she's tough but I'd enjoy watching her squirm over my lap. She is nothing but a trouble maker, way too big for her boots. She is in the Hockey team that I help coach and she is nothing but trouble. She thinks she knows everything, she doesn't know anything and all she does is fowl all the time. And she bullies the girls who are smaller or junior to herself. I'd really enjoy pulling her panties down and giving her what for! I bet she'd howl and scream like a first year."

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"Amanda Perkins, I never knew you were so cruel!" exclaimed Susan. "I think I'll pass on that invitation tonight. Perhaps Michelle would be happy to give me a good spanking instead. Michelle, I some how see you as a fairer disciplinarian than our Mandykins here!"

I almost turned red with embarrassment. If the truth were known I'd love to have had Susan Davis over my lap but I'd take the cane from Amanda any day, even over Matron's stool if Amanda wanted it.

Two days later we were on our way to school when Matron turned to me and said,

"Michelle, will there be any problem with you getting over to sick bay before 3:30 PM?"

I said, "No, none at all. I have a free period from 2:30 till 4PM so I can be over earlier if you like. I just wanted to write an essay after class and what ever homework Mrs. Roberts sets."

"What essay are you writing?"

"Oh, you know, the prefects one."

"So you want to be a prefect then?"

"I honestly don't know. Think I could do a good job and be fair. Most of the girls respect me and because I am your PA some of the junior's are afraid of me even now thinking I'll report them to you," I laughed.

"What about the fact that starting in January the prefects will be able to punish the junior pupils over their laps, does that appeal to you?"

"Hmm, well there are a couple of girls I would like to take over my lap, though really I'd rather do that in your basement where we could have more fun. If it was just discipline I think I'd be pretty fair"

"Any chance it would turn you on?"

"Well I suppose it might me possible, the idea of taking down the panties of a gymslipped girl and then spanking her but is appealing and the slug might get interested however you are keeping me so busy now and so stimulated when we are together that accidental erections are no longer a problem. I honestly think that assuming you continue to discipline me and relieve me as much as you do, then it shouldn't really be a problem."

"Well in that case, in the next couple of weeks we shall have to see. Several times when my hand was hurting I would have Lisa take over for me. Perhaps I'll have you do the same and we can see if you can keep your erection under control. However this afternoon I want you to do two special jobs for me. So you absolutely must be on time."

I arrived at 3:30 PM exactly as the clock chimed the half hour (I was now very well trained). I was surprised to see Denise Moran sitting outside the office.

She scowled at me but I could see that she was actually pale. I suppose she thought of me as Matron's stooge but I didn't care. I knocked and Matron waved me in. She said to Denise,

"You are early, go and smarten yourself up so I don't have to give you even more punishment and return at four PM exactly!"

Matron smiled at me and gave me the usual kiss on the lips and I kissed back. Already the slug was stirring. She said,

"Do you know Denise Moran?"

"No not really, I've heard she is a trouble maker, Amanda said that she is disruptive in Hockey practice and bullies the smaller and junior girls. She said she wished she were a prefect now because that was one girl she would like to have over her lap!"

"Amanda Perkins said that, did she?" said Matron. "Is she applying for a prefect?"

"I believe Amanda is, actually I think she would be good as a prefect."

"Is her and your other friend Susan Davis also applying?"

"No, I don't think so. Susan has said that she would prefer being spanked to actually doing the spanking," I laughed.

"Interesting, very interesting. However the subject is Denise Moran. She is indeed a troublemaker and as you are aware I spanked her a week ago for being untidy in the village. If she had been a sixth former she would have been on stage over the stool. However I have to put this behavior of hers to a stop now, I can't wait for another two years. The trouble is she is relatively immune to a good spanking and except for you and Lisa I have never used the cane on a junior girl. Not that I have a problem with that, I was going to cane you just for lying to me, however when I have to resort to using a cane on a junior girl I consider it a bit of a failure. But Denise is a challenge. So here is what I want you to do."

She outlined her plan and it was relatively easy to set up and exactly at four PM there was a knock on the door. Matron nodded to the wall to by the door to indicate where I should stand and said loudly,

"Come in Moran!"

The door opened and Denise Moran walked in. She wasn't looking too happy but I could see that she had replaced her shirt with a new well ironed one and I think she had probably ironed her gymslip - certainly the pleats seemed sharper. Her hair was combed and her pigtails were neat so I had to think she had smartened herself up quite well.

"Do you know why you are here again in my office?"

"Not really Matron."

"I spanked you soundly last week for uniform violations in the village, last year I spanked you twice for being disruptive in class. Miss O'Connor now informs me that as your form Mistress she gets complaints from every teacher about your behavior in class, That you are disruptive and a bully. Such behavior cannot be tolerated at St. Anne's and I would expel you except that doing so would only admit failure on my part. And I do not like to fail. Fortunately I have many tools at my disposal so with that in mind I am going to put some of them to use this afternoon to see if I can't help you move on to a better path."

While Matron was busy giving this speech I silently moved behind Denise, quietly carrying out a part of my task without her being aware. Then Matron said, "Ok Denise, take off your blazer, hand it to Michelle and then put that chair in the center of the room."

"You are not going to spank me with her in the room?"

"Oh, I'm sorry my dear. Michelle is my PA and helps me with my tasks. I'm sorry if she embarrasses you but I'm afraid the only reason you are here is because of your own actions so perhaps you should remember that in future. NOW BRING THAT CHAIR OVER HERE!"

Denise almost jumped out of her skin, tore her blazer off and brought the indicated chair to the center of the room. Matron sat down and I watched enthusiastically as she bent Denise over her lap, raised her gymslip and putting her hand in the elastic of Denise's panties she slowly brought them to Denise's knees.

She then started spanking Denise with the slow rhythmic spanks I had come to know (and love). She took her time and at first it didn't seem to have any impression on Denise. Denise was tough and you could see the determination in Denise's face to outlast Matron but even as her butt took on that rosy hue, she didn't really flinch. But Matron was patient and experienced. As I watched the rhythmic tattoo on Denise's butt, I started to wonder who would break first. Certainly Denise was doing an outstanding job. In the few weeks I had been privileged to see these over-the-knee spankings, Denise was the oldest. Christine Thompson and Marjorie Lawson were the only other fourth years I'd seen up for punishment but had gotten off with a tandem essay. Unfortunately for me, they had turned in a wonderful essay between them and had therefore escaped any corporal punishment. By now I had seen several of the younger girls punished for various reasons over Matron's lap by hand but none had come close to the stoic effort that Denise was putting on. I was betting on Matron's experience winning but I wondered if her hand would wear out before Denise's ass.

But slowly I began to notice Denise was breathing a little harder, every so often she would lift up her head a little and then almost force herself to relax. And Matron gradually changed from spanking one cheek then the other to piling on about twenty on one cheek in exactly the same spot, over and over. Then the other cheek might get five or so spanks then another twenty on the other, the pattern was changing and Denise couldn't get a feel for the rhythm. It was starting to get to her, the next sign was that her legs began to jerk and bend a little. Her head began to bob up and down and she was starting to gasp. It had been going on twenty minutes and Matron showed no sign of slowing down. The spanks had got noticeably heavier, they were becoming loud as pistol shots and the skin instead of being red was starting to go very dark. Every now and then Denise could be heard to sob, and one time when her head bobbed up and down I noticed there were tears. She was starting to cry.

I was amazed. Denise looked too tough to cry but I noticed water running down her face and it was starting to drip on the floor. She was moaning and her legs were really starting to kick. The spanks were no faster but they were starting to have the appearance of jack hammer blows, and I noticed that the shock waves were ripping through Denise's entire body. She wasn't a small girl and looked old for her age. She was the toughest girl in the fourth year, big though tall and not really overweight. She had largish breasts (much bigger than what I was padded for) but Matron showed no difficulty hanging on to her. Matron wasn't breathing hard and I realized that as a disciplinarian, although it was her hobby and she enjoyed it, she was also a total professional and I began to understand that there was no one, not even Miss Jenkins who she wouldn't be able to dominate. Her will power to destroy Denise's stoic ness was tangible, unbreakable. Denise was losing. She had put up an incredible effort but it was all for naught. I looked at the clock, it had been going on now for forty minutes, Denise was now howling and begging for forgiveness. It was pitiful, she started uttering promises for anything, just to stop that terrible pounding that was still not slowing down in the slightest and if anything still getting harder.

Matron hadn't even seemed to break a sweat; her hand seemed to be made of iron. Her biceps were still cranking up and down, I had seen her work out with weights in the dungeon so I knew how strong she was and I began to understand that not only was she strong but that she had incredible stamina. She wasn't even breaking a sweat. Her left arm was wrapped around Denise's waist like a vice grip, allowing Denise to only kick her legs in a flail yet it wasn't making the slightest difference. The right arm and hand continued to pound down, Denise was struggling desperately, trying to escape and although she was big and strong she was no match for Matron.

Denise was starting to scream with each blow, her shirt was soaked in sweat, the tears and begging for it to end seemed endless. The slug was incredibly erect. Matron began to speak in a soft, even voice.

"Denise, do you find this unpleasant?"

"Oh pleeeeaaaase stop ....Aaaaiiiiyyyeeeee ...owwww. Ohhhh...aiiiiyaiiiiaaaayyyyyeeeee."

"Denise, you haven't answered me, is this unpleasant?"

"Yesssss .... Oohhhh ... it hurts terribly oohhhhh!"

"Well this is the second time within a month that you've cried like a little baby girl. Why do you keep acting and behaving in such a way that this keeps happening to you?"

"Ohhhh ...pleeeeaaase stoppppp! Ohhhh .... I don't know ...."

"I think you do. You want to prove how tough you are, don't you? You want to be able to tell the other girls in the class how tough you are, how well you took a little spanking from Matron, don't you? Isn't that so?"

"Oh nooo, I ... I ... Aiiyyeeooowww ... aiyyeeee ... owwwww ... aiyeeeeeeowww ... ohhh pleeeeease stop!"

"But if I stop, in ten minutes or half an hour it won't hurt so bad will it?"

"Ohhhhh ... yeessss it ....noooo.ohhhhhh....aiiiiyyyyyeeeeooowww... I mean ... aieeeeyyyyooooowwwww!"

"I don't understand you Denise. But I know you want to show the other girls how tough you are. So I think it's time you learned that there are worse things, much worse things than a spanking from Matron. When you leave this school, if you don't know how to behave you will be in for much more trouble than a little over-the-knee spanking with your gymslip pulled up and your silly schoolgirl panties pulled down around your knees. There are things out in that big wide world, past the school grounds that will make this little silly spanking seem like a walk in the park!"

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And still the hammer blows rained down on poor Denise's butt. They were now very bruised and discolored and Denise was no longer coherent. She was screaming endlessly, begging for forgiveness, promising never to misbehave ever again. But it was coming out all garbled, in between the screams.

"Well Miss Moran, continued Matron, "I think it is time to show you that there are indeed things much more worse than a little spanking. Stand up. NOW!" and she pushed Denise off her lap and onto the floor.

Denise was in shock. All the other spankings she had ever had had all probably ended the same way. Just crying herself out on Matron's lap. But Matron wasn't about to let that happen again. Matron stood up and while Denise was still spread across the floor in utter desolation Matron bent over and pulled her off the floor by her pigtails on to her feet, then steadied her with her other hand which grabbed on to the shirt sleeved covered arm. Denise had barely time to realize what was going on before Matron had lifted her by the waist onto the crutch bar of the spanking stool which I had carefully placed in front of the chair when Denise had become too distracted by her spanking.

Before she knew what happened she was across the crutch bar and Matron had bent her down at the waist and thrust her head into the neck yolk and then I quickly closed the top half of the pillory and slammed the locking bolt home. Matron was still behind her, deftly avoided the legs which were beginning to kick and captured one at a time forcing her ankle into the cuff and locking it with the friction bolt. Meanwhile I had caught her arms and had done the same with the wrists in the wrist cuffs.

It had taken less than ten seconds and now Denise was immobilized absolutely on the spanking stool. She was still blubbering from the spanking and the shock of being thrown to the floor and very gradually she had realized what had happened to her. She shrieked and shrieked in panic. She yelled about her being too young for the spanking stool and the cane, that it was for senior girls in the sixth form and that she was just a little girl but it was all punctuated by screams of agony.

I went back to my assigned duties and Matron said,

"What is this continual nonsense that the stool is only for seniors. It is for whom I say it is and certainly you are qualified Denise. Yes deep down now you are just a frightened little girl. Frightened of the unknown, frightened of a fate you no longer have control of. You are now the one subject to the whims of another who is bigger and stronger. How does it feel to be trapped with no where to hide from your fate?

"I promised you that there were much worse things than a little spanking and when you came to this school, as part of our contract with your parents who put their trust that we give you an education so that you could become a respected and useful member of society. Well as part of that I obviously need to show you a little of the nastiness can befall you. If you thought the spanking hurt, lets see how well you do with this"

While she had been talking she had selected a five tailed taws on a wooden handle from her cupboard. She now raised the hem of Denise's gymslip and her shirt tail and I saw that her panties were still around her knees. Denise screamed as she felt the cold air on her unprotected buttocks and begged forgiveness but Matron merely smiled. "

"So now Denise, I hope this little extracurricular education about some of the bad things in life that can befall the people that can't adapt to our polite society will help you in the future. I'm sorry to have to show you a little of these things but better you learn it from me."

And with that she began to taws the already bruised and battered buttocks. She spared no effort and the taws whacked down at a fearsome rate, one tremendous blow after another on exactly the same patch of skin. Denise was desperate. She couldn't move an inch to avoid it, that stool trapped every move she tried to make. Her screams of anguish were incredible. The speed of the blows much more rapid than when she had been over Matron's lap. And because Matron was now standing she was able to rapidly deliver incredibly powerful blows in the same spot over and over again. Both buttock cheeks were treated and I saw the blood start to ooze from the battered skin that was now almost pulp. Poor Denise howled and howled. Her legs vibrated , her arms twitched, her fingers reached out for support that wasn't there. Her head tried to shake up and down and from side to side yet it's motions were terribly restricted by that dreadful wooden shackle around her neck. Her buttocks tried to shake from side to side but her legs , on either side of the crutch bar prevented the least movement. It was a pitiful sight yet I was aroused beyond belief. Denise had earned it and had got what she needed. I only hoped that it was a lesson she would learn that would put her in good stead for the rest of her days.

After about one hundred swats with the taws Matron stopped. Matron told me to finish my tasks, that she had some paperwork to do and then an appointment with Miss Jenkins. I was to leave Denise for thirty more minutes on the stool and then I was to release her. In the meantime I was to finish my homework and she would have a little surprise for me when she returned before we went home.

She left and I heard the school clock chiming five o'clock and I realized Denise's punishment had lasted an hour. She was still sobbing incoherently and I went to Matron's desk and started to pull out my books for the math homework. It was a little distracting to have Denise's terribly bruised and bleeding but framed by her gymslip on top and her white school sock on bottom but she had at least stopped struggling against the restraints. The slug was acting up but by now I was well trained myself and feared Matron's wrath almost as much as Denise, so I busied myself with Mrs. Roberts's homework.

The school clock chiming the half hour interrupted my thoughts on the last problem and I looked up. Denise had stopped moaning and I got up. I placed the stepping block under her toes so that she could take her weight of her crotch and then unfastened her wrist cuffs. I said gently,

"All right Denise, it helps if you place your hands on that support bar and then slowly straighten up as I release you neck." She didn't say anything but I noticed she was pale and sweaty and I wondered if she was going to throw up. I very gently eased her upright and said,

"Would you like a drink of water?"

She nodded and actually tried to manage a smile. She looked terrible with her hair matted from the wet tears, her collar crumpled where it had been crushed in the neck yolk and dampened from her tears and sweat. I left her standing there with her ankles secured and told her to support herself with her hands, I didn't want her wandering around until I was sure she was revived enough to walk. I didn't want her collapsing on the floor and I knew she wouldn't want to sit for oh ... probably a week!

I handed her the glass of water and told her to sip it which she did. I asked her if she was feeling better and she shook her head in the negative but managed a little smile. I laughed and said,

"Don't worry. It'll hurt much worse tomorrow," I laughed, "I suggest you think about what happened in the past hour. It's none of my business, but trust me, It could be much worse. She didn't even use a cane! Think about it before you misbehave again. Next time it will be a lot worse!"

I gently eased her panties from her knees over her but and she winced and moaned as I settled them into place. I smoothed her gymslip back into place and unfastened her ankles and helped her down off of the stepping block and walked her towards the door. I said,

"You gonna be ok walking back to your dorm? I'll walk you there if you want."

She smiled and said,

"No, I'll be ok, thanks." And slowly hobbled off, wincing as her skirt rubbed against her bottom with the motion of walking.

I was just settling the stool back into place when the door opened and Matron and Miss Jenkins came in.

"It's OK Michelle, leave the stool where it is, and is your homework finished?"

I said "Just about. I need one more minute to finish Mrs. Roberts's last problem. I can do the essay when I get home."

OK you finish the problem and Miss Jenkins and I will wait in back. They went behind the curtain where the beds were and I soon finished the math homework. As I was putting the books in my school satchel Matrons said,

"Michelle, put the stepping block back in place and climb up onto it will you?"

This was a bit of a surprise, not that I minded getting a hiding from Matron but except for the time with Martha, Matron had always "disciplined" me in private. Last weekend she had actually caned me a little in the Dungeon and also flogged me on her cross. But my favorite was to go over her knee like Denise had just done when she would warm me up, often before going to bed. Not that she spanked me as hard as she had just spanked Denise. Of course I really didn't know for sure but for me it's just felt incredibly erotic and quickly pushed me into my own private space. Afterwards it did leave me with a wonderful warm sensation as I drifted off to sleep that made me feel loved and cared for by Matron and by next morning it was gone with only a faint hint of pinkness on my bottom.

So I stepped on to the stepping block and was just about to hoist myself onto the crutch bar when Miss Jenkins stopped me and said,

"My dear, I hope you don't mind if I look as you do that," and she lifted my gymslip up so that she could see how my penis lay on the crutch bar as I bent over.

"So you see Margaret, it works just as well for a boy as a girl, the penis just lays nicely along the top of the crotch bar which is set below the height of the stool top so that there is just the perfect amount of room between the pelvis and the crutch bay to prevent it getting squashed. When I pull her off the stool after a good caning it is usually still erect. Here you can see it is starting to erect now as Michelle is climbing on. Heck since she is already on we might as well not waste an opportunity and you can see if it is still erect at the end. I'll just give her one good five bar gate." And with that she closed the neck yolk in place, locking it down. She soon had my wrists snugged down in the wooden wrist shackles and Miss Jenkins secured my ankles.

I heard her walk over to the cupboard where she had recently replaced the taws she had used on Denise but I couldn't see what she selected. Just then there was a knock on the door and to Matrons call of come in, the door opened and I heard the high heels of another woman walk in. A voice said,

"I saw the light was still on Charlotte and I just wanted to ... oh I see you are busy, who is that? Is it Michelle?" I realized the voice was that of Miss Martindale.

"Oh hello Annabelle," said Matron. "I was just showing Margaret here how Michelle is able to mount the stool without hardship to her penis, and since we had her up here I didn't want to waste an opportunity so I was just about to give her a five bar gate."

"Oh good, she won't mind if I stay and watch," Said Miss Martindale.

"Not at all!" I said dryly. Matron then said,

"You'll see that she can take one five bar gate without hardly any fuss, whereas it took Lisa about a year before she could take it without vocalization. And even after the two that Martha gave her two weeks ago she still managed to maintain an erection."

I guessed that that was my cue from Matron that I should be a good little girl and tolerate the caning with out a murmur. I knew I'd managed to stay quiet for about eight of Martha's strokes but I wasn't sure about a five bar gate from Matron. She was deadly accurate and extremely powerful and I must admit I was a little scared.

I felt the tap, tap, tap, down low at the point where my thigh met my butt and then the "swoosh" as she slashed it through the air. Then the lightening like pain that ripped through my body. There had been nights of late where I dreamed of this, being secured on her stool and being overwhelmed by the incredibly powerful but stimulating sensation as I was caned. But how this hurt. I sucked in my breath and forced myself to relax and started counting to ten in my head. And sure enough at ten seconds the stinging awful pain started to subside leaving behind that wonderful burning glow. That nice sensation lasted about another ten seconds when it was suddenly interrupted by the tap, tap, tap, at the mid point of my butt. Again the terrible stinging sensation and I forced myself to grit my teeth while I mentally counted to ten. Then the wonderful sensation began again.

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The next stroke was, as expected the top bar of the gate. This time it took all my strength to remain calm and not move my ankles or wrists. Immediately after the blow, she said matter of factly,

"You'll note that so far she hasn't even moved her fingers and except for that initial intake of breath she has incredibly remained relaxed. She has told me that it takes about ten seconds to change from the very unpleasant sting to the erotic glow that she loves which is why I like to wait about another ten seconds, twenty seconds in all, for her to appreciate it. However just to show you how strong inside she is let me demonstrate something that I would never do when caning a senior girl. This time I felt the tap, tap ,tap, but instead of them all being in the same place, the first and third taps were between the first and second strokes as expected but the middle tap was between the second and third strokes. Then came the fourth strike, the "swoosh" as the cane shrieked through the air was terrifyingly loud but almost before it registered there was a second "swoosh" and in that split second of realization I realized she had painted the middle bars of the gate on my ass in two rapid strokes with virtually no gap between. I jerked violently and if my toes had been able to reach the floor I think the stool would have hit the ceiling. Instead they merely shot down and I arched and bucked with no power to stop. My neck banged against the yolk and my hands and fingers stretched for the support that wasn't there and I almost bit my lip as I tried not to scream.

"You see, that really got to her yet even then she didn't let out a yell. Quite amazing for one so young!" exclaimed Matron. "Well let me finish it off for her."

She had waited the normal twenty seconds but the incredible pain had barely begun to turn towards tolerable when I felt the three taps, all in the same place which my numbed brain registered as the diagonal stroke. When it came it was agony and my feet tried to kick and buck but they merely vibrated a little in their stocks. I let out a surge of air as I breathed rapidly but fortunately was able to contain the scream that I desperately wanted. After about fifteen seconds the agony faded and I began to feel the tremendous power of that erotic glow.

"Oh well done Michelle, it took me a couple of years before I could take one of Matron's five bar gates as well as that." said Miss Martindale. I barely heard her. I was now in my own space, almost flying and I just relaxed on the stool.

"Do you still want to spank her over your knee Margaret?" said Matron.

"Oh do you think she can take that on top of what she's just had?" said Miss Jenkins.

"Of course, I know for sure she'll enjoy it, but just let her rest up there for a few minutes."

"She won't be too late to get her homework done?" asked Miss Martindale.

"No, not at all, she has already finished her assignments that she got today and she is nearly always ahead on everything. Tonight she was only going to do the prefect essay and whatever anatomy or physiology homework I set her although to be truthful she has already read way ahead on that. She sucks up information in a fashion I've never seen before."

"Well there is not much need for her to right the prefect essay is there, she is obviously a very good candidate," said Miss Jenkins. She actually has my own PA beat academically although it is true that Hockey also takes up quite a bit of Amanda's time.

"Well I think Michelle should write the prefect essay and besides perhaps now's the time to bring up a point which will have to be settled sooner or later. I'm not sure we should let Michelle be a prefect even though she is my PA."

"Why ever not Charlotte?" asked Miss Martindale.

"Well, the simple fact is that Michelle is turned on by girls in gymslips and if I didn't keep her well drained, she would be having erections all day. Add to that she is a definite sub and very likely a switch, with the new rules about prefects spanking junior girls starting in January we could get into a tricky situation. Suppose she has an erection while disciplining a girl over her lap. It might give the game away to the wrong person."

"You really thinks that's a possibility?" asked Miss Martindale.

"I don't know Annabelle, but can we afford to take the chance?"

Miss Jenkins said, "Well why don't we put her to the test. She could spank one of the subs over her knee at a party and we can see if she gets an erection, or see if the girl she spanks guesses her sex? Could a girl being spanked over her lap even feel an erect penis?"

Miss Martindale said, "Oh that's an excellent idea Margaret. We could get one of the subs, not Christine or I - although I wouldn't mind going over Michelle's knee; it ought to be different - and then let them see if there is a difference."

"Actually it is a good idea," continued Matron, "We could also check her panties afterwards to see if they are damp. But if there is dampness then I suggest we fail her - better be safe than sorry.

"All right that's agreed then - we can choose a sub for her later. Let's get her off the stool and then you can have her over your lap Margaret for fifteen minutes or so. Annabelle, you wanted to talk to me?"

Although I heard the above conversation I wasn't really aware of thinking about it at the time. I just remember that Miss Jenkins came up, put the stepping block back under my feet and released me off of the stool. She actually supported me as she walked me over to the chair. Matron and the headmistress went back into the bed area of the sickbay to talk and Miss Jenkins whispered in my ear,

"Michelle dear, I would dearly like to spank you for a little bit if you are up to it. Do you want to go over my lap?" and she kissed me on the cheek.

I smiled and said I'd love to but wasn't sure how much I can take. Miss Jenkins said,

"Don't worry my dear, we'll start off gently and if it gets to be too much, just call out "Margaret", is that ok?"

I nodded and she helped me over her lap. I was used to being over Matron's lap but somehow it felt just as erotic going across my form mistress's lap. She guided me gently and I placed both of my hands flat on the floor on the left side of her and my toes just reached the floor on her right side. She gently lifted the hem of my gymslip in back up and over my waist and smoothed it, with my shirt tail over my back. I could feel a cool breeze against my ass because my panties were still at my knees.

I imagined myself as a little first former who was being spanked for the very first time because she had been naughty in one of her classes and her form mistress was so concerned that she had decided to give her the correction she needed her self.

She ran her fingernails first over the deep cuts left by Matron's cane and I flinched considerably.

"Do they still hurt a lot my dear?"

I moaned softly and told her they did, then she began to spank. Usually I was spanked and then caned. This time it was different. Miss Jenkins was spanking me over a fresh caning and it was much more painful. But it was also incredibly more erotic. The slug loved it and almost before I new what was happening I was grinding myself into her lap. She soon picked up on it and began to spank harder and harder in time to my rhythmic grinding. I knew I was leaking dampness into my gymslip but it didn't matter. I wanted to come so badly even though she was now really beginning to hurt me. It was tremendous. Wave after wave of erotic pleasure flooded across me and the smarting, stinging swats of her hand, pumping up and down on my unprotected buttocks was incredible. Suddenly she stopped, and I felt her hand smoothing my but cheeks. My bum was so terribly hot that my stimulation was on the verge of making me come. Then I felt her fingers probing my ass and deep rivers if pleasure coursed through me. I felt her hand reach up and under and she grabbed my shaft wrapping her fingers around it.

"Oh my goodness, my goodness, Michelle what a very hard erection you have"

She continued to spank and I became hotter and hotter, my buttocks were now on fire and I desperately wanted to come. I moaned louder and louder and then said,

"Ohhhhh ... Miss Jenkins, harder .... Harder, don't stop,.. pleeeeaaaaase dont ever stop."

"I'm afraid you'll have to Margaret. Your fifteen minutes are up and we still have to get back and have dinner. What did you think?"

"I'm beginning to be sorry that I didn't select Michelle to be my PA after all. She is incredible, she was grinding into me the whole time and I'm afraid I'm soaked!"

"Serves you right for picking a potential Domme instead of a sub." laughed Matron.

"Yes but I really believe Amanda will make a wonderful Domme. In fact it's almost time to figure out an approach."

"Have you come up with any ideas yet?" asked Miss Martindale.

"Well I have a few ideas but we can discuss them this weekend if you like"

I was too far deep in subspace to understand this conversation very much and really don't recall much of what happened afterwards. The three women chatted for a while and next thing I remember I was in the car. I just remember briefly that Matron told me to write the prefect essay after supper and then work on another little task in connection with Denise's spanking earlier while she did a task herself.

After that I remember eating and coming around. After the supper items were cleaned and put away I went to my room and wrote my prefect essay. The warmth in my butt as I sat down was quite pleasurable and I think I did a pretty good job. I wasn't worried particularly because I knew Matron would vet it herself before I turned it in and in any case whether I became a prefect or not was purely in Matron's hands. If she wanted me to be a prefect it probably wouldn't matter what was in the essay and if she didn't, the best essay in the world wouldn't have helped.

I then completed the task Matron had set me for poor Denise Moran which was actually quite fun and Matron showed me the results of her efforts. She then read and approved my essay and went over what Miss Martindale, Miss Jenkins and herself had discussed about me becoming a prefect. It seemed that my own spanking ability would be tested on some other sub but the real test would be to see if I could control myself. I wondered too if I were that good. It wouldn't be so bad if I was well drained by Matron as she put it but she could make the test much harder by forcing my abstinence.

It was over one week later that Matron completed the punishment of Denise Moran. It was Friday and she wanted to get the upper hand on Denise before the weekend to give her something to think about. She had spoken to Denise's form teacher in the staff common room and had learned that although there had been a huge improvement the day following the spanking however Miss O'Connor now believed that Denise was starting to slowly slip back into her old ways. Armed with that knowledge Matron sprang her trap. She had warned me to be prompt in sick bay at three PM and as I knocked on the door I noted that Denise was sitting nervously alone, away from two first years that were also clearly on Matron's agenda. I went in and then Matron smiled, kissed me on the cheek and said,

"Ready for some fun Michelle?"

I nodded and smiled in return. I knew what was coming since I had been an active participant in the preparations. She told me to "invite" Denise in.

I opened the door and looked at Denise and said quietly,

"Denise Moran, The Matron will see you now."

She stood up and self consciously straightened her gymslip, shirt and tie and smoothed a couple of hairs into place. I left room for her to pass me and then as she walked over to Matron who was sat behind the desk, I closed the door noticing that the two fist years were deathly white with near panic on their faces.

"Well Moran, how have you been behaving? Do you remember our little chat of just over a week ago?"

Denise was uncertain. She didn't believe she had done anything to cause another "session" with Matron, but she couldn't be sure. She stammered,

"I ...I think so Matron. I haven't done anything wrong!"

"Well I must admit that early reports from last week said that you seemed to have changed for the better, but just yesterday you were seen arguing in class and also observed on the playground pushing a third former in a very un-lady like manner. It's one thing for first year girls at the start of school to be pushing each other but a fourth year like yourself should be well beyond that. I wonder, are you in need of another reminder of how unpleasant life can be?"

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"Ohh ... no Matron, I was only pushing that girl as a joke - sort of slapping her on the back ... we weren't fighting or anything!"

"I surely hope you weren't since if you had have been you would be over that stool now looking at my cane. However I can't help thinking that you are starting to fall back into your old ways. That being the case perhaps you need just a little help. Don't worry, I don't plan on physically punishing you today but this little reminder I have prepared might help.

She opened a folder on her desk and turned it around so that Denise could see. It contained photographs that I had taken last week that she had developed that night showing Denise first talking to Matron, with her back to the camera. Then there were photo's of her going over Matrons knee and then numerous photos of her being spanked, her red ass cheeks, her leg kicking out and two really good ones of her with tears pouring down her face with her eyes tight shut and clearly screaming in agony. Then there were pictures of her on the stool and the tawsing that had taken place. I could see that Denise was stupefied. She had had no idea that I had taken the photos having always kept to her blind side up until she was no longer aware what was going on because she had been in so much agony.

Then Matron pressed a switch on the tape recorder that I had strategically placed there earlier. The tape was actually edits I'd made from the tape I'd taken of the whole spanking session. There was excerpts of Matron's lecture, the sounds of the smacking , the moans that later turned into cries for help, begging and finally screams of agony. Denise was as if dumbstruck. Again she had had no idea that the proceedings had been tape recorded.

Matron finally turned the tape off mid scream and said,

"Well there's no point us belaboring it all. I hope it reminded you a little of last weeks event. How unpleasant life can be, especially if one misbehaves. In fact I think it's a good lesson for many of the girls. So much so that perhaps I should play it in front of your class and show them the pictures so that they can all benefit from the experience."

Denise was horrified. "Oh no Matron you can't play that recording of me to the whole class - I would die of shame!"

"You don't think they'd benefit from it then?"

"Oh Matron please, please don't play it to my class or show them those pictures!"

Matron suddenly folded her arms and leaned across the desk staring into the now thoroughly frightened Denise. Matron looked severe and threatening and there was no doubt she was deadly serious.

"All right Moran. This once I'll spare you. But if I ever see you in this office again for bad behavior, bullying or carrying on in an un-lady like manner, if you are ever sent here for talking out of turn in class. I won't just display these photos and play the tape to your class. Instead those photos will be displayed on the public notice board and I shall play that tape in assembly. Then everyone will know how you cry like a baby, that you have no shame. They will know that a bully like you is someone to be laughed at or even pitied. No one will ever be afraid of you again.

"And if you can make it through your remaining time at St. Anne's, in a creditable fashion, it will be my sincere pleasure to hand these photo's of you and this tape of your screams back to you on your graduation. Until that time I never want to see you in my office again. Is that understood?"

"Yes Matron."

And a now very timid and subdued Denise Moran left Matron's office, softly closing the door behind her. There were no more problems from Denise after that and though she graduated a year after I did, I learned from Matron that she did indeed get an extra "gift" from Matron when she was presented with her diploma.

Chapter 14 - The Pictures

It was a rainy Saturday morning in early November. There were low clouds and the forecast was for more rain through the weekend. The day before, Susan, Amanda and I had met in the common room and after the usual discussion of the weeks highlights I suggested a trip to the village on the morning. Amanda it turned out had an away hockey match leaving Susan to agree unenthusiastically. But she shrugged good naturedly and said that she was out of romances and that perhaps Mr. Jenkins the librarian had some more. Apparently Miss Halliwell would be at her mothers for most of Saturday leaving Susan alone at home. For that reason I agreed to meet at her cottage at 10 AM.

I trudged through the muddy lane to Miss Halliwell's cottage and when I knocked, Susan opened the door dressed in jeans and a pink, wooly, polo-neck sweater that I thought clashed with her blonde hair. I could see as she let me in there was something a little wrong.

"I see you are already properly attired for the trip to the village," she grinned.

"And I see that you aren't." I replied. "Have you changed your mind, don't you want to go? The weather is very crummy after all."

"No, I haven't changed my mind; it's just that ... well the truth is I've been a little distracted this morning."

"Why, is something wrong?"

"No, not exactly. Well yes ... and no ...."

She stopped and I could see that she was having difficulty telling me something.

"Are you in trouble or something?" I was a little worried. Susan never held secrets between Amanda and myself and usually had no difficulty talking about anything. We often laughed that she never gave Amanda or I a chance to speak. This was definitely out of character.

"No I'm not in any trouble, it's nothing like that. Look you know that Sheila has gone ..."

"Sheila?" I interrupted.

"Miss Halliwell, when we are alone I call her Sheila, any way she's gone to visit he mother today who has just gone into hospital, nothing serious - just fibroids or something ... Anyway I decided to vacuum this morning and I was cleaning under her bed when I found ...

"Well wait a minute, I'll show you."

The cottage was laid out exactly as Matron's except there was no cellar and we were in the den off of the kitchen. She got off the sofa and ran upstairs to reappear a few minutes later with an artists sketch pad. She held it close to her and said,

"I suppose I shouldn't show this to you, I found it innocently enough but this is really going too far. It's just that ... well you see ... ohhh, I can't explain it but I have thought about nothing else and I'm busting to talk to someone about it. I can trust you can't I? Of course I can ... I didn't mean that. You and Amanda are my best friends. I know I can trust you both with my life"

"Look," I said, "You have found something that seems to have a profound affect on you. I understand you need to discuss it in confidence. Let me ask a couple of questions first."

She nodded.

"OK Question one, I have you been in Miss Halliwell's bedroom before, alone but with her knowledge?"

She thought for a moment and said, "Yes, occasionally to get stuff, maybe a scarf from her closet etc ... oh and I have cleaned her bathroom a couple of times at her request, an on occasions she has cleaned mine. We Share the cleaning duties."

"Have you vacuumed in there before?"

"Ummm...not that I remember."

"Well do you think she'd be upset if she found out that you'd found whatever it is in your arms?"

"Well ... maybe not angry, I just think she'll feel embarrassed!"

"Ok then, you have a good relationship with her don't you?"

"Oh absolutely, we have become great friends, we have the same interests and she is like my older sister. She has taught me so much about art!"

"Well then you should definitely tell her that you found what ever it is you found. If you keep it to yourself it will always be a wedge between you. Be honest, if you even think about avoiding it for any time it will gradually poison your relationship with her, just like it always does between friends."

"So what you are saying is I should confront her with it and let her explain?"

"Well confront isn't the word I'd choose," I said. "After all you have accidentally found something obviously private to her and since it's not hurting anybody else then she is doing nothing wrong in my eyes. Doesn't matter what it is. It's her business and provided it's not hurting anyone then why should there be a confrontation? All I suggest is that you own up to the fact that you have seen her private stuff accidentally and that you are not judgmental about it."

"I see what you mean," she says "it's just that, honestly it has had a big effect on me."

And before I could stop her she thrust the sketch pad at me.

I couldn't help looking even though I knew I shouldn't. The very first page grabbed my attention immediately. It was a pencil sketch, but oh what a sketch. I knew Miss Halliwell had talent - so did Susan for that matter. But that first picture was incredible.

I am not "into" art but yet I can appreciate certain works of art. My mom had once taken me to the national Gallery in London and she showed me the famous "Leonardo Cartoon" by Leonardo DaVinci. It's an unfinished pencil drawing of the virgin and child, but drawn many different ways with several possibilities on top of each other like he was trying to get it right before painting it. But the incredible craftsmanship grabs you; the stunning way it pulls you in is incredible. I had sat looking at it for over half an hour before Mom finally dragged me away.

Miss Halliwell's sketch was like that. It showed a woman, naked, and kneeling. Her arms were behind her back and her head was bowed slightly in submission. It was an oblique view from the level of her umbilicus. In the foreground was the legs and waist of a woman in high heels standing in front of her. It was to this figure the subject was submitting. Her eyes were downcast, almost closed in reverie. But she had a look of total inner piece, as though she was free at last. She was proud and yet humble in the same pose. She wasn't really beautiful, yet there was tremendous beauty in her. She was confident yet confident in submission. All doubt was gone. She had given her life over to the mysterious figure in front of her. It was one of the finest drawings I had ever seen. It was erotic and lively at the same time. I couldn't believe the skill required to pull it off.

I couldn't take my eyes off of it, and I couldn't speak. There was something else. I identified in some ways with that girl, I wanted to be her, or at least not her exactly but at peace with the same inner glow, the freedom, the confidence to know that what she was doing was right for her, and to not care what anybody else thought.

Susan said, "Keep going, there's more," and she flipped the page for me.

The second drawing, also in pencil was also incredible. Again there were two figures and again you couldn't see all off one - merely up to her shoulders. The other figure, the subject was clearly the same young woman who had been in the first picture. This time she was not naked but dressed in a school uniform, our school uniform. She was over the lap of the first woman being hand spanked. Her hands were on the floor on one side and her toes were on the floor with her legs straight on the other. The other woman was clearly in a nurse's uniform; although you couldn't see her neck of collar you could see the top of the apron. Her arm was raised to spank the girl's buttocks. But unlike all the girls I had seen Matron spank over her knee, this girl was thrusting her bottom up, as though to help the spanker perform her task. The subjects head was up, and her face was contorted in pain with her mouth in a grimace yet as I looked I realized that though the girls was hurting, the artists had somehow managed to convey that she was in ecstasy. I could relate to it so well because it could have been me. I knew how the girl felt. I understood she was not really in pain; she was welcoming each spank, knowing that though it would hurt, the intense pleasure would transcend it all. And even more that incredible face held incredible gratitude for the person who was spanking her.

As I tried to look further the artists, and I assumed it must have been Miss Halliwell, had somehow managed to convey, with body language alone, that the woman doing the spanking was also in ecstasy. The drawing literally took my breath away.

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Susan flipped to the next picture; again it was two figures, the head of a nurse not visible behind the main subject that was again the same young woman. This time it was merely a picture of a nurse strapping the woman onto a straight jacket. The subject was holding her arms straight out to make it easier for the nurse to fasten the straps and buckles in back. This time the girl looked serious, but she had that far away look in her eyes that seemed to say, "I am going to be free" as her freedom was being taken away by the canvass. It was more than just her expression of joy. It was the anticipation of the pure joy she was about to experience.

Susan kept flipping the pages and there were more pictures in the same vein, always two figures, one whose face you couldn't see and the other the face of the same woman undergoing various beatings and tortures, always with the same inner piece, even when she was clearly in pain.

I was Susan who broke the silence.

"Well what do you think?"

It took an effort but I lifted my eyes off of the drawings and looked into hers and said, "They are incredible, what unbelievable artistry. Miss Halliwell as an incredible eye and her drawings are unbelievable."

"Well yes, but I already knew that, you should see some of her other work lying around. But what about the subject material - you know whose those figures are don't you."

I hadn't really thought about it though the nurse's uniform in some of the pictures did make me think of Matron. The other figure was unknown to me though there was some familiarity about her. It was more than the fact that in some pictures she wore the school shirt, tie and gymslip, but I knew she wasn't at the school. She was too old and although I didn't know all the seniors by name I did know all their faces and this wasn't one of them. Yet something told me I'd seen her before.

"Come on Michelle, you dope. Its Matron and Lisa Reynolds!"

Then I realized there was a photo on the mantelpiece over the fireplace in the den of a brunette with long hair in a pony tail in school uniform. I'd never asked Matron but it made sense it was Lisa.

"Wow," I said, "you're right. What incredible pictures."

"Oh that's right, you never met Lisa did you? Lisa was Matron's PA; you are now matron's PA. Does she do this to you?"

"Is that why you wanted to show them to me, to ask if Matron spanks me?"

"Well sort of. It's just ... I mean, ... well I can't put it out of my mind, what it would be like to be the girl in the picture. To be Lisa I mean. Oh God it turns me on sooooo much! In almost every picture she is having something unpleasant done to her yet she is in ecstasy. She should be in terror but she isn't. Miss Halliwell has made it so she wants it, expects it, and is almost dying for it. Can it really be that good?"

"You really want to know?"

"I've thought about nothing else since I found them. Look you didn't look at the last one."

She flipped to the last page. It was in the same style except that the figure whose face you could see wasn't Lisa. In fact there were a lot of erasure marks suggesting that the original face had been Lisa but now it was a self portrait of Miss Halliwell herself. She was facing forwards on the same piece of equipment as Martha and I had been suspended on when Matron had punished us together. She was spread eagled vertically her hands cuffed to that bar that was suspended from the ceiling and her ankles cuffed to chains locked to eye bolts in the floor. A naked woman behind her, again whose face you couldn't see was whipping her back with a long tail flogger and the lash had just hit her back and had wrapped around her right side since it was just visible over her right breast. There was a look of shocked agony on the face but also a deeper ecstasy. Again she had managed to capture exactly how the moment felt. To me it was a masterwork - it focused you entire attention on the face of the woman. She was in agony, yet loving every seconds of it, at peace with the world and her situation within it. Although you saw a woman in cruel bondage, in painful suspension, undergoing torture, it didn't matter. Her face showed that inner piece in the midst of outward appearing pain. The fact that you couldn't see the face of the figure who was torturing her didn't matter.

Then it occurred to me. Although I was certain that the figure doing the torturing was indeed Matron, never had her face been shown. These were pictures purely from a subs point of view. They all showed the way it was to be a sub, the joy, the freedom, the absolute acceptance a force outside them selves that stimulated them and ultimately made them happy. I wondered what the pictures would have looked like if drawn from the perspective of the Domme.

After drinking it in I turned to Susan and she said,

"The last one proves it, Miss Halliwell herself is fascinated by this subject. I wonder if the scenes are real or they actually happened. I suppose I want them to be real, but suppose I ask her and it is all in her imagination - she would be terribly embarrassed. Yet I want them to be real. I would love to be Lisa in those drawing, or Miss Halliwell in that last one. To know such joy, such ecstasy! If only I knew what the truth was!"

I knew this was a special moment. Susan was in a quandary. She was worried by her indiscretion, she was scared that she shown me the pictures, betraying Miss Halliwell's trust. She was embarrassed to talk to Miss Halliwell in case the pictures were just Miss Halliwell's imagination at work. But she was tormented because her own imagination had been opened to the possibilities and she liked what she saw and wanted, deep down, to become a part of it.

My trouble was that while I had the power to put her mind at rest. I honestly didn't know that Miss Halliwell was part of the scene. It made sense that she was, and I began to suspect that having Susan Davis as Miss Halliwell's PA was part of a much larger plan. I didn't know what I was letting everyone in for. If I told Susan that yes, Matron spanked me and that I too loved it beyond measure, then I was taking an irrevocable step. Susan would quickly learn my true sex with all the complications that would bring. I had also promised matron never to give even the slightest hint at our secret. Yet deep down I knew that matron wanted Susan Davis, wanted to recruit her if she was into, it as Susan was now signaling. What to do?

I said, "Susan, first of all relax. Everything will be ok, I promise. I need to go home for a short while to check on something and get more information. But I shall return shortly. Go put these pictures where you found them. Then put your school uniform on and wait for me. I shall be back within half an hour and I can put your mind at ease. I believe there is more you need to know, some you may find difficult to believe but I am sure will make you happy beyond measure. Please do as I say and I'll see you in thirty minutes.

She said, "But ..."

I got up and hugged her, and hugging Susan Davis was an incredibly fun thing to do, I gave her a quick peck on the cheek, pulled away before the slug got too interested, and said. "Go put them away and change into your uniform. We are going to the village and we are going to get a coffee which you are going to need. Trust me! See you in thirty minutes!"

With that I left, and almost ran - remembering in the nick of time that I wasn't allowed to run - back around the lanes to matron's cottage. Thankfully she opened the door,

She said, "What's up my dear, I thought you and Susan were going to the village."

"We are," I said. "But we have a problem and you always say that if there is any chance of the secret coming out I should inform you or Miss Jenkins or Miss Martindale immediately."

She suddenly looked very serious. "Slow down and tell me everything."

We went into the living room and told her everything that had happened in the past half hour. I was a little worried she'd be angry but I still suspected that she had a master plan behind it all anyway and that the PA's were all involved. However she listened intently, not interrupting while I told her everything, including our original plan to go to the village, Susan not being in uniform and instead looking almost shell shocked. How she had recovered the pictures, kept them to her self at first, then our conversation and then I explained what I had seen and then the subsequent conversation. It only took five minutes and she seemed to smile and nod her head at various points. Finally I concluded by yelling her that I had really said nothing except to tell Susan to go put her gymslip on so we could still go to the village and get some coffee.

She sat backed and asked a few questions and finally said,

"You are sure you didn't let on that I spanked you or indeed have ever spanked or dominated anyone."

I said, "Yes I'm sure but she knows that the girl in the picture was Lisa, the girl on the mantelpiece and that in several pictures you could see bits of your uniform so she was pretty sure it was you."

"Ok then, and your take is that although she was shocked she wanted to play the part of Lisa or Sheila?"

"Yes, that's what it seems like."

"Well I hadn't planned on doing much today, how would you like to go to lunch in town instead of the village, and we take Susan along and let her into a few secrets. Think it will be fun?"

I smiled, "Yes, I think Susan and I will both enjoy that and I might learn something more myself!"

"You might at that."

She was dressed in a white blouse and navy skirt with a navy sweater and quickly got her brown suede coat with the black fur collar and we got into to car and she drove us round to Miss Halliwell's cottage. When I knocked on the door, Susan, now in shirt and gymslip and half fastened tie and said,

"You were only gone twenty minutes, is that matron in the car?"

I said, yes, she has offered to take us to town for lunch. Do you mind?"

"No," she smiled, "Not at all. I much prefer to go to town even if I do have to wear these stupid clothes and besides I think matron is going to provide some interesting answers to my problem!"

She quickly straightened her tie, threw on her blazer and straw hat and then put the same navy blue gabardine rain coat on that I was wearing. She was slightly taller than I but her beautiful blond hair made all the difference. She looked stunning and I looked insignificant.

She closed and locked the door and we got into the car. As prearranged with Matron, I got into the back and Susan got into the passenger seat.

Matron started the car and headed out of the cottage park as it was called on to the main road to town and said,

"Susan, don't be alarmed, but I'm sure you've guessed that Michelle has told me what you have found. Please don't be angry with her, she was only carrying out my instructions and she really didn't have any choice. Also it is best that I help you understand what you saw because Michelle actually doesn't know much herself.

"But to answer two questions that you probably did ask Michelle, Yes the other figure in Shelia Halliwell's drawings is me and they are not figments of her imagination. Sheila Halliwell is a truly wonderful artist having a gift that we can only dream about although according to Sheila you are pretty incredible yourself in that department.

"You also asked if I had spanked Michelle. She didn't answer because she is forbidden to discuss it, but let me release her from that inhibition. Michelle, have I ever spanked you?"

Susan looked back at me over the car seat and I could see she was busting to know.

"Yes," I answered, "more times than I can count."

"Well don't just stop there, tell her what it was like!"

"Susan, matron spanks me actually quite a lot. Usually over her knee although often over that stool you have seen on stage - she hasn't spanked me on stage but in sick bay where it is normally kept and on another almost identical school back at the cottage. She has also caned me over it as well as flogged me on my back with a cane, various floggers and whips. It hurts quite a bit too, but just as you saw in Miss Halliwell pictures, it was incredibly wonderful. In fact I can't put it into words nearly as well as those drawings you saw by Miss Halliwell. I couldn't tell you before, or even this morning because of promises I had made to matron. It sounds weird but I love it. Also I have been forbidden to ever discuss this outside of the cottage unless matron was there. But I honestly didn't know - and still don't for that matter, how Miss Halliwell is involved.

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Matron laughed. "Michelle is telling you the truth. I do spank and punish her and she enjoys it. And you will both now learn that Miss Halliwell is also involved. Michelle knows of others Susan which she has carefully refrained from mentioning and you too will learn of others, some may surprise you but they will all become your friends and will protect you and look after you as you will, I hope, promise to do for them

Miss Halliwell in particular is a pure sub. She loves the submissive side of what we do. We have known her since she was graduating from this school and were incredibly pleased that she came back on staff after university training in art. She adores being bound and flogged and I am only telling you this because I know she wants you both to know.

"Susan, she identified you as likely being a submissive about three years ago when you were in the second year. You had already shown incredible promise as an artist and you showed characteristics of being a submissive. In fact she always believed that your tendencies to talk too much, and to always be talking about boys was a bit of a cover. That deep down she thought it was possible you might like to play the way we do.

"We don't know if you will and we shall never force you but Sheila was going to ask you one day soon - she had picked you as her PA with that exact purpose in mind. I think she'll be disappointed that she didn't get to ask you herself but since it came up this morning, Michelle rightly realized that we couldn't leave you wondering until Sheila return tonight.

"So what you are saying is that this thing you do is a hobby?"

"Well not a hobby exactly, as you'll hopefully learn, it is much more than a hobby, lets say it's an activity that several of really enjoy but it is also an activity that many people in the world don't understand. For that reason we keep ourselves to ourselves and only invite those in who are like us and wish to participate."

"Oh it is not unusual that ... well, since I saw those pictures I ... well want to be spanked like a little girl over someone's knee. It... it just sounds so weird."

"Susan," I said, "It is weird and it isn't. The first time I was spanked over matron's knee I was terrified. I thought it would hurt terribly. And yet even as it was happening it was ... indescribable. Honestly I can't tell you how wonderful it was. And as matron's PA I have now seen a lot of junior girls get their bottoms spanked over matron's knee and for them it was a terrific punishment. But for me ... well ... it's not like that at all."

"Well look girls, here we are at the "Golden Dragon", and do you fancy a Chinese meal for lunch?"

We agreed we did and went in. It was about 12:30 and there was a Saturday lunch crowd. We sat in a booth and realized we couldn't talk very well because of the other customers, so we just chatted about school. Afterwards we wandered round the town a little and I was embarrassed while matron bought two more bras for me while I distracted Susan.

We spent another thirty minutes shopping for groceries and then is started to rain heavily so we dashed back to the car for the ride home.

It was during the ride home that matron turned to Susan and said,

"What time is Sheila coming back tonight."

"On not till after eight or nine." Replied Susan

"In that case why don't you eat with us and we can also answer any more questions you might have."

Susan agreed and so it was that by four PM we were back in the kitchen of matron's cottage, sitting on the sofa in the den while matron made the tea.

It was Susan who broached the subject first. "Look," she said,

I really would love to find out what it is like to have my bottom smacked, but I don't want to be punished. I don't want it to really hurt ...well I do ... but I don't."

Matron laughed. "Of course I understand my dear. What you are talking about is the difference between punishment and pleasure." Little girls are spanked on their butts when they are naughty and it's meant to be unpleasant so that they will think before misbehaving again. Spanking on the rump actually hurts but doesn't cause any real physical harm. It can cause emotional harm under certain circumstances but that is very rare and the circumstances don't apply here. However for some the actual thought of being a naughty girl and being punished is a happy thought. It's a way to wash their responsibilities away and come out feeling clean. And then for others like Michelle, they actually find the stimulus pleasing, not painful but actually pleasurable. I suspect you may be like that too. But I understand your problem. You want to know that it will stop if it becomes very unpleasant."

Susan nodded.

"Well a simple way to do this is to use three words. If I ask you how you are doing you can say Green, Yellow, or Red. If you say Green I'll know you are all right, if you say Yellow, it means you want me to pause and slow down. If you say Red, then we shall stop immediately. And you may shout out any of those colors at any time. However if you say anything else at all, such as moaning, crying, begging me to stop, crying for forgiveness or anything that a naughty little girls might say when being spanked across my lap then I shall ignore you. Is that ok?"

"You mean you'll really stop if I say "Red"?"

"Absolutely. This will be a make believe punishment, not a real punishment. Were you ever spanked as a child?"

Susan shook her head. "No, I was a pretty good girl and was always afraid of this, a little fascinated may be and always terrified when I saw you cane the older girls on the stage."

"Well this won't be a caning, just a little spanking. Do you want to do it now, with Michelle present?"

"Since Michelle has seen it before I'd rather she stay."

"Very well then, why don't you take your school blazer off and Michelle will move that kitchen chair over into the middle of this room."

Susan took off her blazer while I moved the chair and she stood there an incredible looking beautiful blonde schoolgirl, nervously awaiting her first spanking in the center of the room. I sort of wished matron had been in uniform but I suppose you can't have everything so I went and sat on the sofa, carefully tightening my own gymslip across the straining slug while matron say down on the chair. She bid Susan stand next to her on her right side and then gently reached up under Susan's still immaculately creased gymslip and carefully reached up under and pulled Susan's panties to her knees. I saw Susan shudder as they came down, her eyes closed and she turned red with embarrassment but she showed no signs of wanting to stop. Matron then gently and carefully guided the magnificent Susan Davis over her lap. Susan stretched out her shirt sleeved arms out in front placing her hands flat on the floor while her legs stretched out straight behind her with her toes resting on the floor like I had seen so many other junior girls do. However Susan was the eldest girl I had seen in this position, she was breathtakingly beautiful and I watched breathlessly as I saw matron carefully lift the hem of her gymslip over her back and pull up the shirt tail to expose Susan's truly glorious buttock mounds. They were pale and creamy and I had never seen anything so wonderful.

'Susan, I want you to imagine that you are eleven years old and that you have been sent to me for talking in class. You have been warned before about talking, you are always talking aren't you?"

"Yes matron."

"Yes that's right, you are always talking in class. Susan Davis, the class Chatterbox."

"Well this time your form mistress Miss Halliwell has sent you to me so you can see what it's like to be punished. We don't like little chatterboxes at St. Anne's so you are going to have your bottom smacked. Do you understand? Little girls always get their bottoms smacked when they are naughty. Do you understand?"

"Yes Matron," answered Susan again, this time in almost a childish little voice.

"Give me a color Susan!"

"Green matron."

"Very good, so now this little girl is going to get her bottom spanked!"

And with that matron started to spank, the incredible looking blonde, Susan Davis, looking truly immaculate in her white shirt, navy blue box-pleated gymslip with her black and gold St. Anne's girdle and her black and gold striped tie, held tightly over matrons lap. I think it was the most beautiful sight I had ever seen.

Matron began to spank those gorgeous mounds, at the first few spanks I saw Susan was tense and her eyes were screwed tight shut. But gradually as she began to get the feel of it her bum cheeks relaxed and her eyes opened as she looked at the floor. Her buttocks, which like everything on her was beautifully proportioned, jiggle like great gobs of jelly but after only twenty spanks she was starting to grind into Matrons lap. After about fifty spanks, matron stopped and carefully massaged those beautiful cheeks with her hand and then stroked Susan up and down the inside of her thighs with the back of her fingernails. As she did this Susan let out a moan of undisguised pleasure. As Matrons fingers approached her rectum she shuddered in unmistakable pleasure and she rocked back and forth as she tried to gain more stimuli.

Matron began spanking again. She was slow and rhythmic, one cheek and then the other. She was getting harder but only in response to Susan's signals. Susan was being turned on, she was moaning, but it wasn't the moans I'd seen on the junior girls that matron had punished over her lap, it was much more like what I had seen Miss Martindale make when Matron had caned her. It was erotic and Susan was enjoying it. In fact now as she gradually increased the intensity I could hear Susan say things like

"Yes, ... ohhh yessss, .... harder ....harder, ohhh, yessss, ohhh ... ohhh it huuuurtsss, ooohh.... harder pleaaaassssee, harder ...ohhh my God, it's so incredible, pleeeeaaaase, owwww ...ohhh ...harder"

I could tell Susan had never experienced anything like it. She was starting to cry like a little girl, pleading yet thrusting her butt higher and higher for matron to spank it. It had turned from almost white, to a delicate shade of pink and now Matron was spreading the warmth around.

Just then the phone in the hall rang. Its jangling sound almost seemed to tear the atmosphere in two. I looked up quickly at Matron who continued the spanking but nodded at me to indicate I should answer it. I was angry in a way. The scene that had developed was so erotic, I was almost coming myself but I didn't want the stupid phone to spoil it for Susan though she was now so deep I probably needn't have worried.

I ran to the phone and picked it up.

"Matron's residence." I answered stiffly.

"Oh hello Michelle, it's Miss Halliwell. Do you know where Susan is? I came home early from the hospital and expected her to be here, she told me that you were both going to the village together though I rather expected her to be back by now. And you are home, do you know where she is?"

"Hello Miss Halliwell, I replied, don't worry, Susan is here with us. We were just going to have dinner. Would you like to join us?"

"Well that is very thoughtful Michelle, are you sure Charlotte won't mind?"

Somehow I knew matron would want to invite her, that she would want to tell Miss Halliwell what had happened, about Susan and would want her to be prepared so that she wouldn't make any mistakes. And if she saw Susan being spanked it would certainly explain things very well.

"Of course not, Miss Halliwell. Besides you have had a long drive and since Susan is here she hasn't any food prepared while we have lots. Come on over as soon as you are ready."

"Very well my dear, I shall be there shortly, let me just freshen up and I'll be right over."

With that we said goodbye and we hung up. I hurried back to the den and saw matron has stopped spanking and was instead massaging Susan again. Every time her fingernails ran up the inside of her thighs, Susan "oooohed" and "aaaahhhhhed."

I saw Matron giving me a questioning glance and I mouthed Miss Halliwell. Matron nodded to show she understood then I mouthed, "I invited her for dinner is that ok? She'll be over soon!"

Matron smiled that loving smile she used when she liked what I'd done and mouthed "Well done."

She was soon spanking Susan again and Susan was becoming in an even higher (or is it deeper) state of eroticism. He moans of pleasure became louder and louder and her gyrations on Matrons knee became stronger and stronger so that matron had to pull her up her lap and hang on tight wrapping her left arm around Susan's gymslipped waist. And then Susan lost it. She jerked unbelievably moaning and crying as a terrific orgasm engulfed her voluptuous body. She was wracked with ecstasy and the waves of the orgasm shuddered and vibrated through her. Matron stopped spanking and held her firmly in both hands, and I could see that matron had her eyes closed and her face showed that she herself may have been orgasming in response. She had such incredible will power that if she wanted to hold still she could do it although I had also seen with me that she could shake and shudder too. But this time she just gripped Susan very, very tightly and the two of them went through nirvana together.

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Eventually Susan's shudders died out with just minor quakes here and there. Matron continued to hold her and it seemed like she held on for an eternity. Suddenly she opened her eyes and said,

"Well done Susan, you were incredible, but now I want you to get off my lap. Don't try to stand, just kneel on the floor and hold on to me."

Susan slowly slid of her lap and gradually knelt on the floor between matron's legs, and still crying like a little girl she hugged onto Matron who in turn wrapped her arms around Susan's shoulders and pulled her into her. The two of them hugged and rocked slightly from side to side as Susan gently cried her self out.

I watched the two of them for five minutes and the slug was screaming for attention. I had watched the scene unfold and the slug had wet my panties with his juices and I was starting to be afraid that he might stain my gymslip. I wanted to massage him so badly but of course he wasn't mine to touch anymore, he belonged to matron, I knew it and she was opposite me. The trouble was the slug didn't know or didn't understand. Fortunately I was saved a little by the door bell ringing.

I got up quickly and went to door and opened it. It was Miss Halliwell.

Chapter 15 - The Shock

I waved her in through the open door and just as she started to speak I put my finger to my lips and pointed down the hall to the kitchen and de. She understood, took off her coat which I hung on the wall hook and followed her down the hall.

As she entered she immediately looked to her left and saw Susan kneeling on the floor with her head almost in Matron's breasts and Matron was saying,

"It's ok Susan. Cry if you want, but that was wonderful. You were wonderful."

She looked up and her eyes met Miss Halliwell's and she smiled. She said,

"It's ok Sheila, everything worked out fine. Susan has just been introduced into our little activities and did very well."

Susan on hearing this stretched up a little and then turned her head and smiled as she recognized Miss Halliwell.

"Oh Sheila," she said through tear stained eyes, "It was so wonderful, I'm sorry but I saw ..."

"It's ok Susan, you just relax. We'll explain to Sheila. Michelle while don't you cuddle Susan on the sofa for a little, while and Sheila and I get the supper ready?"

I walked over to Susan, helped her up on her feet and guided her to the sofa where I sat down and pulled the gorgeous form of Susan into me. She didn't object and just lay against me looking peaceful and relaxed. Matron got up from the chair, carried it back to the nook area and with Miss Halliwell, started to prepare a salad. I stroked Susan's gorgeous blonde hair from her eyes and said,

"Well my friend. You wanted to know if Matron spanked me and what it was like. Let me ask you now, what was it like?"

She looked at me and smiled, "Oh Michelle, it was incredible. It was like I was a little girl getting my ass spanked but if felt sooooo good! I never new anything could be so erotic. And to have a woman spank me like that, God, it was so awesome. Do you know she actually made me come?"

I laughed and sarcastically said, "No, really?"

She smiled back and said, "Was it that obvious?"

"Yes you were that obvious! I bet Miss Brown and Eileen down the street knew you came too! But never mind. I suppose you realize now that you are a sub?"

"Well I don't really know what that means but if it means do I like being spanked the answer is a definite yes. But I never realized that I made a noise when I came. It was like I was in some private world, a world where I was cared for and protected and that though my bottom was hurting it was a good hurt, a warm hurt that I wanted and felt better for feeling it. I didn't know Miss Halliwell was here. I thought she wasn't coming back till later?"

Matron suddenly said, "Girls would you like some of that fried shrimp with angel hair pasta with your salad?"

I nodded for both of us - Matron's pasta sauces were outstanding and I knew that Susan as well as my self loved shrimp.

I said softly to Susan, "I know what you mean. The first time matron ever spanked me was the same. And now she not only spanks but she canes and flogs me and every time it's the same. I seem to fly, I go into my own private world and it's wonderful. It's warm and cozy for the most part although sometimes it stings and I have to wait for the sting to fade into that incredible warm sensation that takes you to your core. The more that I do it the more it seems that I want."

Susan smiled and sat up. "Michelle," she said, "You are so funny. I've always liked you from the moment you first came to our class yet I knew you were different. I smiled and said "Touché".

We hugged a while longer and she nestled into me and her blonde hair fell across my shoulder and chest. She was so beautiful and now that she was at peace, her beauty radiated out across the room.

Eventually Matron and Miss Halliwell had the supper arranged and Susan and I got off of the sofa and went over to the table. It was Miss Halliwell who started the conversation.

"Susan, I'm so glad you understood the drawings you found. Matron told me what happened and how you responded. I wish I could have told you before but we really didn't know how you would take it."

Susan said, "Sheila, I was so worried when I saw them. It was an accident but I felt that I had invaded you privacy but then after I looked at them I couldn't drag myself away. They are so beautiful and I of course recognized you and Lisa and was pretty sure the other figure was Matron and I just wanted to be part of it."

"It was foolish of me to leave them in a place where you found them so easily it's just that I was working on that last one last night and I suppose I was lazy and stuffed it under the bed rather than in the normal place I keep that kind of work."

Matron looked at Miss Halliwell and said, "Yes it was foolish of you to do that Sheila. You could have put us all in jeopardy, were are just lucky that Susan understands so well. It is another lesson to us all about how careful we must be."

"Are you implying there are others who know about this?" asked Susan.

"Yes my dear, you will gradually learn that there is another little aspect to St. Anne's to which you were not privy before. But all in good time. There are many secrets regarding this activity and you will learn them in due course. There is no need to burden you with too much at the moment because you are going to have to get used to the idea that what you experienced this afternoon is only the merest beginning and I can promise you that if you enjoyed it there is much more and much better things to come. Sheila, as I note you now call Miss Halliwell, will gradually explain much of what confuses you but in the immediate future you must never talk of what happens here or about any of us at any time. You may talk as you need to Miss Halliwell but only in your cottage and when nobody else is present.

"Do you understand my dear?"

"I understand the need for secrecy but do you mean that I couldn't even talk to Sheila if you or Michelle were there in our cottage?"

"Yes. If there is anybody present other than Sheila then you are not to make even the slightest gesture, whisper or anything at all that could even hint that there is any such activity going on. And you will learn everything slowly so that if you do make a slip while you are learning, such as Miss Halliwell did with the picture, you will have less to give away. It will also give us chance do some damage control. The only place you may ever discuss it with anyone other than Sheila is here in this den or in another room in this cottage that you will find out about and even then you will never initiate that conversation."

"Can you promise that to the best of your abilities you can follow these rules, and be aware that transgressions will result in punishment to help you be more careful in future. Also know that punishments are different from the pleasurable time you just had.

Susan looked serious. "Yes I think I understand the need for absolute secrecy and I will do the absolute best I can. What would I do if I suspect I might have made a mistake?"

"I'm glad you ask. Never be afraid to keep checking your actions and in the event of even the slightest suspicion that you may have let out a hint, you are to come to me or Miss Halliwell. You can indicate a problem but don't discuss it even then unless I or Sheila indicates it is safe for you to discuss it."

"I understand and I promise to live by these rules."

"Excellent Susan, I'm very glad to have you join our little circle. Now I'm about to break one of the rules I have just told you, the one about you not learning about something till you need to know. You actually don't need to know what I am about to reveal but you would find out soon and it could be a shock. Because it could be a shock I would rather you face it now in this secure location and then you can thing about it. It will be I think I rather big shock so I want you to be prepared."

"Its nothing bad is it, I can stay a member of your circle?"

"It concerns your friend Michelle."

"Oh I've already guessed that Michelle is a sub and she has already told me that you spank and cane her and she enjoys it."

"Yes," said matron, "Michelle is a sub but that's not all. Michelle has actually being doing this for a few months now so is a little more advanced than you, she will follow any commands I give her and I'm going to give her one now and you will see the shock that I want you to prepare for. Are you ready?"

Susan looked a little worried but she nodded her head.

"Michelle," said matron, "Stand up and face Susan, pull your panties down to your knees and lift the hem of your gymslip and shirt front to you waist and show her the slug.

Of course I knew what was coming and I was scared. I liked Susan immensely, we had been friends for several months and even though I had trusted her with most of my life story, the one thing I had wanted to tell her was the one thing I couldn't. And now she was about to learn how I had deceived her. But I was resigned to my fate and since in any case I was Matron's slave I had no choice but to obey.

I stood up from the table and stepped back clear of the chair a couple of paces, yanked my panties down to my knees and lifted my gymslip and shirt front over my raging erection and hung my head down in fear.

Susan looked and then she saw the slug and I saw her eyes almost pop out of her head and then she smiled. It was a smile that ran from ear to ear.

"Oh Michelle! And I said I always thought you were different!"

I looked up and said,

"I'm sorry for deceiving you all this time but I had no choice. Please forgive me."

Matron said,

"Susan believe him - he really did have very little choice." And she went on to explain how a boy had got into this terrible situation of having to impersonate a girl and how my cover story of a heart condition and my own private room had come about. She went on for ten minutes and I just stood there with my skirt up and my panties down because Matron hadn't given me permission to do anything else. But as she talked my erection went limp and I thought I was going to die of shame.

Suddenly Susan stood up , walked next to me and with each of her hand pulled up my panties and opened my fingers so that my gymslip dropped into place and then she kissed me on the cheek.

She said,

"Well this is a night for secrets. Michelle, or whatever your real name is, you can be sure that no matter what, you will always be one of my best friends. But now I must tell you my own secret. I have been deathly afraid since I came to St. Anne's that someone would find out and I took a lot of silly precautions to protect me. Only Miss Halliwell as ever known but while I have always made out that I was always seeking boys, the truth is, I have never been attracted to boys. All the stories about midnight escapades to the village and the town had been nothing more as establishing cover to prevent the other girls in her dorm from learning the truth. I'm afraid I'm lesbian so now that I've found out you are a boy, I understand why although you are my best friend I always new I could never have a relationship with you. I hope you can keep my secret as well as I promise to keep yours."

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I noticed Miss Halliwell staring at matron. She looked to be in an absolute daze. Clearly she had not known about my sex and nobody had guessed Susan's sexual orientation.

Susan and I (with Matron's permission) sat back down at the table and we spent the next half hour discussing these events. Susan was reminded of the need for absolute secrecy, Miss Halliwell was let into all my history. The need to keep thinking of me as female was established as and the ownership of my cock was pointed out with all its implications for me which made me turn a deep shade of red in my embarrassment.

Finally the discussion wound down and I got up to clean the plates. Susan helped and then matron and Miss Halliwell helped us finish. Finally it was time for Susan and Sheila Halliwell to leave and Susan gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. We agreed to meat the flowing day after church and finally have that coffee again in the village.

It was later that night as I held my arms out for the straitjacket - I had pestered matron after that first night in the straight jacket to let me sleep with her every night in the jacket and she had finally given in to the idea that I would only be straitjacketed on Friday's and Saturdays, when there would be no school duties in the morning - that we began to discuss the days events. As she buckled me in and I felt that lovely snug sensation I said,

"Matron, I've noticed that Miss Martindale is a sub and that her PA, Christine Fowler is also a sub. Miss Halliwell is a sub and now, so is Susan. Are all members of staff Domme's or subs?

No Michelle, it's really none of your business yet but the answer is no. However many members of staff do fall into one category or the other and a few are switches." said Matron.

"So do those that do participate have PA's that also follow the same category?"

"Again none of your business but I'm curious as to why you are so suddenly curious?"

"Well it's just that Miss Halliwell is a sub and now one of my best friends who just happens to be her PA is also a sub. I really have only one other good friend at St. Anne's and she happens to be PA to a Domme and from a couple of things she has said it is possible that she may be inclined to be a Domme."

"Michelle you never cease to fascinate me! Do you want me to know who you are talking about?"

"Amanda," I said. "Amanda Perkins is Miss Jenkins PA and I've seen Miss Jenkins flog Miss Martindale so I was wondering if you are going to recruit - if that's the word - Amanda into our circle?"

'Suppose hypothetically the answer was yes, how would you do it, remember if you were to ask if she had these tendencies and she didn't you would at risk of exposing hints that there was more going on then just regular education. If she suspected and was not interested and in fact could even be horrified she could cause immense problems for us."

I said, "Yes I see that but interestingly my gut tells me she wouldn't make trouble, actually I think she would be a willing participant."

"Are you sure this isn't your hormones talking? I suspect you would like to find your self over Amanda's knee and you are letting that interfere with your generally good judgment!"

I stopped to think. Yes it was true I was hot for Amanda and believe I would have gladly let her spank cane or flog me. She was often in my dreams as was Matron and perhaps it was this that led me to think that she might like to actually do those things to me? Suppose when she found out I was equipped with a penis that she'd be offended, I certainly didn't want that yet there was something about the way she talked and moved that made me certain she actually would enjoy spanking me.

I said to Matron as she finished putting cuffs on my ankles to limit their separation,

"Perhaps you are right." I am very interested in Amanda and possibly by judgment is impaired but I think I know of a way we could find out without any risks to the group."

Matron helped me into bed, got in her self and kissed me on the lips. I wriggled in my wonderful bondage and smiled at her and then enthusiastically opened my mouth so she could kiss me some more. Eventually we paused for breath and she said,

"Perhaps I should be jealous of little Amanda, I don't want her stealing my slave." And she laughed. "But why don't you tell me your idea and I'll see if could work.

So I did.

Chapter 16 - The Recruitment of an MIT

Up until now, this journal of the happenings at St. Anne's during the year 196_ was written by Michelle who was present for all the events thus far recorded. Michelle however was not present for a part of this next chapter so I have been asked to put down my memories of the events as they occurred.

For me it began on a cold rainy Friday morning at the end of October. Miss Jenkins had informed me she couldn't take me to school because she was refereeing a Hockey match at a girl's school some distance from St. Anne's and needed the morning to drive. I didn't mind because except for the inevitable dirt that would get on my socks I actually enjoyed riding my bike. However Miss Jenkins told me that matron had called before I got up that morning to say that Michelle was in bed with a bad cold. She new that Miss Jenkins wouldn't be able to give me a ride and offered to give me a lift herself, particularly as there was something she wanted to talk to me about.

I liked matron. She was a strong good looking woman who was not only an excellent nurse, was also an excellent athlete and played a good game of hockey herself. True she was the school disciplinarian but she had a reputation for being fair and the girls who usually copped it from her were, in my opinion at least, often in dire need of a good comeuppance. I knew Michelle liked her and respected her tremendously and always treated me and Susan well when she or Michelle would invite us over there for dinner or the occasional ride into the town or village. Of course at that time I knew of nothing unusual between her or Michelle or anybody else for that matter. I was just a happy fifth former enjoying school life. I enjoyed the school enormously. I suppose part of it was that I was pretty good at all the subjects and had been top of the class until Michelle arrived. True Susan was also very good but she did better at art and history where as I was good at Mathematics and languages. Of course after Michelle arrived I tended to take second place except in languages.

Matron arrived promptly outside our cottage at 7:30 AM and leaned over on the inside of her car to open the door to let me in. I got in, thankful to be out of the rain that was pounding down and she asked me how I was. We chatted briefly and said that Michelle was in bed with a cold. After some pleasantries she asked,

"Amanda, I wonder if you could do me a favor this afternoon. I shall gladly give you a ride home, especially if it is raining but I may be a bit delayed. And I could do with your help."

I said (and meant it), "Of course matron, anything you want. Miss Jenkins won't be back till late tonight and will have already eaten so I have no need to hurry back."

She smiled and said," Well before you agree you should hear why I need your help. It is the end of the month and it being Friday means I have to perform some of my less pleasant duties. As you know I'm the school disciplinarian as well as the school nurse and always on the last Friday of the month the school keeps me pretty busy with this responsibility. It is because of that that I need your help. Michelle generally helps out very well but today she is just not up to it and so I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind performing the tasks that she normally does."

I answered truthfully, "Yes matron I'd be more than happy to help you, anything you need, but the truth is Michelle has never talked about what she does so I don't really know what to do."

"Of course my dear, Michelle is very discreet and if you help me today I need you to be just as discreet as she is. You actually might find it interesting, certainly different, but what goes on must remain between me and you. As for your help, it will be pretty simple and won't take me long to explain but again you must not talk about it because it would hurt the other girls who will be the main participants in the events that will take place. It will be a sort of doctor patient relationship where the doctor will never pass on private information."

I realized of course what she was talking about and my interest did peak. I knew of course that matron did most of the corporal punishment for the school and assumed that Michelle knew exactly what went on. I'd once asked Michelle but she - nicely - told me it was none of my business and though I was a little offended it was impossible to stay annoyed with her. I said,

"Of course Matron. I promise that I will never talk about anything that happens without your permission and I would be glad to help. I'm assuming you are talking about disciplining some of our unfortunate pupils"

"Fine," she said. "There will be at least four girls coming this afternoon for corporal punishment. Two third years, possibly three, a fist year and we shall also be caning a senior girl. I shall have to hand spank the first year and I usually hand spank the third years but two of them with my sore hand on top of the first year may be impossible for me. Unfortunately I hurt it playing Squash a few days ago with Jill O'Connor. For that reason I shall probably have to use something other than my hand and that will require the use of the stool. The problem is that when they see the stool, the junior girls who have only ever seen me use if on the stage with the senior girls, get quite terrified and become difficult to handle. Having an extra person there helps steady their nerves and makes it a less traumatic experience.

"Depending on your constitution, "she laughed, "You may enjoy it, hate it and there is a possibility you will be deafened. Unfortunately all these girls are new comers to physical punishment so I don't know how they'll react. That can be quite loud with a lot of theatrics. Even the senior girl is an unknown. Most seniors who need the cane recognize it and are relatively stoic. They've seen it coming and have been at St. Anne's long enough to have learned how to become ladylike and not cause a fuss. Occasionally however, particularly with girls who have never received any physical punishment it is such a shock to their system that they lose it. You can never tell."

I laughed and said, "Well I have never been physically punished either so if I ever find myself on your stool I'll remember to try and be a little stoic. I don't think I'm a cry baby though - especially considering the number of times I've been bashed with a hockey stick."

She laughed in return and said, "I don't think you'll be a problem Amanda, You are pretty tough, I've seen you on the field but in any case I don't ever see you being bottom of the class, as this girl is, in the upper sixth form. She has had numerous warnings and we think this is the only way we have left to try and get through to her that laziness is not something we can tolerate at St. Anne's.

We pulled in the teachers parking place and I opened the door. Before I got out she said,

"Is there any way you can be at my office in sick bay by 2:15PM then I can go over with you what you can expect and how you can help. I told her that I only had lessons that morning and had free study time from 1 PM for the rest of the day. She laughed and said, must be nice! Well I'll see you at 2:15 PM then."

I confirmed the appointment and got out, went to our form room and then on to assembly. I daydreamed during assembly about what I would see that afternoon. I found I was really looking forward to it. I had seen the effect that corporal punishment had had on girls and there was no doubt it was very effective. I knew for instance that last year Linda, my dorm mate with Susan and Colleen till I became Miss Jenkins PA, had seen matron several times for poor work and study habits. She had been warned, given extra assignments and the like without much affect. Her father was wealthy and she didn't really see the point I supposed. However earlier this year I knew she had been sent to Matron and she was noticeably quiet afterwards and clearly had red eyes. It was only as she came out of the shower that evening that I had seen her bottom in the mirror. It was still a very bright red and I realized she had been severely beaten there. Whatever or however it had happened, it certainly worked. She was now doing much better in her schoolwork, in the middle of the class standings, and two other girls were vying for bottom position. I tried to get her to tell me what matron had done but she had refused and I hadn't pushed her since it was her business.

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Somehow the thought of seeing a girl being spanked or caned was actually quite exciting. I don't know why but every time I had seen the occasional senior girl put on matron's stool on the stage, my heart beat quicker and there was moistness between my legs. I didn't understand it but while most girls had been shocked to the core at seeing these girls get caned, I was fascinated. I wondered if I was different but a conversation with Susan didn't make it clearer. Susan actually confessed to me one day in our dorm when no one else had been present that a caning the day before had made her wet. I was about to agree when she then surprised me by saying that occasionally she had dreamt of being up on that stool herself. That had puzzled me because while we were experiencing similar affects, I dreamed I was matron!

I suppose I was vaguely disturbed by the fact that I had almost enjoyed those girls discomfort in front of the whole school but I rationalized by realizing that they had all brought it on themselves and had brought dishonor on the school I loved. In other words they deserved it. But thoughts of being disturbed by the afternoon's events were not on my current agenda. Indeed I was looking forward to watching the junior brats get spanked for miss-behaving and I looked on it as an opportunity to learn in the event that I was chosen to be a prefect in the New Year.

The new rules that stated that prefects would be encouraged to spank junior girls for misbehavior in public had intrigued me when it was fist rumored. I actually thought it was a good idea since I'd seen too much rowdy behavior from our junior girls at various hockey games. Not that I was mean. In fact I consider myself easy going - it's just that I didn't (and still don't) like a few girls spoiling it for the rest of us. It always seemed that the worst and most onerous of school rules were enacted as an over reaction to something stupid one girl had done. To prevent it happening again new and more onerous restrictions had been applied instead of just punishing the original offender as a lesson to the rest of us, not to be so stupid again.

It was just before 2:15PM as I headed down to the sickbay. Outside of Matrons office was a little waiting area and as I went through I saw five girls including Maureen Watson a girl who was on the senior hockey team. She was a nice, athletic girl, not particularly academically gifted as far as I knew but certainly not a trouble maker and I wondered what she was doing here. She was on the small size, but a good runner and swimmer. However as I walked past her to matron's door she was almost ashen in the face. I knocked on Matron's door and heard the clock in the courtyard strike the quarter hour.

Michelle had mentioned on several occasions that matron was a stickler for punctuality and had given Michelle hell when she was ten minutes late on a Saturday after she, Susan and my self had gone to the village. I'd been so anxious all afternoon about the "festivities" that were about to happen that I'd had to force myself to be exactly on time.

Matron opened the door immediately, smiled and said softly, "I see Michelle has told you about one of my idiosyncrasies. Come in dear and close the door."

I entered and closed the door and she asked, "Are you excited or nervous my dear?"

I smiled and said, "Very excited and a little nervous too."

She said, "Well don't be nervous dear, your duties will be very simple, it's just mostly your presence I need to create the correct atmosphere. You see that all though we are going to physically punish those girls outside the office the real punishment is not in the pain they will be feeling for as little as half an hour versus six to eight hours in Maureen's case. If that were all there were to it, corporal punishment would have a low rate of success at changing behavior.

"What we are trying to do at St. Anne's is prepare young women for a mean and tough world, to excel at whatever they choose to do and be successful and models for the community at large. To succeed at that we must force our pupils to face challenges head on and to move forward with grit, determination and enthusiasm. Mostly we do this by setting an example for them to follow and providing encouragement when they succeed. Occasionally they fail, usually through lack of effort caused by an inability to see the consequences of failure.

"All those girls outside have failed. Now they need to know the consequences of failure. Whether the failure is by a junior or senior girl is irrelevant. We must, as the psychologist describe it, create a severe emotional experience. And as has been documented by several researchers, for a short period after such an emotional disturbance that person is subject to having their values system reset or altered.

"Research has shown that an emotional shock can be caused by death of a relative, or pet to something as simple as reading a piece of poetry of hearing music that profoundly touches you. Unfortunately in the later case it is a bit hit or miss for our purposes and we certainly can't go around removing relatives or pets! So instead we use corporal punishment. It is very effective and despite some fears, used correctly in the circumstances I have just described, has rarely if ever, caused adverse consequences. It's just a matter of correctly causing n each subject that emotional disturbance that will allow these girl's value system to be reset.

Now the impact of the punishment can be increased by the right psychological moves against the subject. For instance all these girls have known for at least four days that they are to receive a physical punishment so no doubt it has been on their minds. Secondly they were all ordered to be at my door by 2PM so they could see that they would all be punished. And again the tension will heighten for them as they continue to wait. I will explain to them that this is to be a formal occasion that will dutifully be recorded in their records as well as the school punishment book. And that you are here as my deputy to assists and observe the proceedings.

"Now as to the way it will proceed. It's generally easier to reset the value system of a younger person than an older person. In fact beyond the age of about twenty five it is generally impossible to change those values. They are programmed in and locked in place and only a severe trauma such as death of a loved one or something like war ever works. Of course then they are vulnerable for a period until the new values have been established, then they are firmer than ever. This is why prisons rarely work. They on first visitation causes a severe experience but when that person is most vulnerable to having their values reset in a positive fashion the are in fact surrounded by individuals who are most likely to reset their values in a negative fashion

"But I digress. Because the junior are easier, we begin with them first. Their cries, shouts and pleadings will then be a weapon to increase the pressure on the older girls. There will be one exception however, that is Angela Peterson. She is a fourth year who has become a bit of a nuisance. She believes she will be physically punished yet in fact she will be given an essay to write. She will go last so she can hear the screams of poor Maureen who I shall be caning.

Now as to how I shall do it, we will position that stool in the center of the room so that all can see it. It lends an air of ominous doom which is quite appropriate for what is going to happen. The first subject that you will call in will be little Emily Barstow. She is an untidy little girl who has become lazy and is failing to meet St. Anne's standards as regards schoolwork and personal hygiene. I shall lecture her then take her over my knee and spank her. How long the spanking lasts will to some extent depend on her behavior though she isn't to know that. I shall actually start gently and she will be initially surprised that it isn't as bad as she possibly experience. However just like the tide coming in, it will increase, show no signs of abating and she will start to be a little scared, gradually her fear will build up until almost as a tidal wave it will engulf her. With luck it will break her and she will almost drown and then be available for us to reset her values. It is generally very effective, especially with first and second years that have never experienced anything like it.

"The same technique will probably work on the three third years but realistically, since it takes it out of me I don't think I could do all three justice. So in their case I will instead use an implement called a taws. It is very effective indeed when applied with care. The only downside is that it cannot be used by one person over the lap. If Michelle were here I would position these girls over her lap, she has done it before and knows how to hold them so the punishment is effective. No offense to you but since you probably haven't even seen a hand spanking yet we can't do that. Instead we shall put them, one at a time over the stool.

"Now this is really where I need your help. Have you seen it before, close up I mean?"

I shook my head and followed her to look at it closer. Since Michelle has already given a very good description of it earlier, I won't burden you, dear reader, with my inadequate version. Matron went on to say,

"I shall lead the girl by the hand over to the stool where I shall encourage her to step onto that block of wood," she said pointing at the stepping block. I will then ask her to mount the crutch bar for want of a better word and then ask her to lean over the stool top. Now as soon as she settles her neck into that open half circle of wood, you must quickly close the top half on top of her neck and push that wooden dowel in place to lock it in position. It is possible that she may panic at this point. Especially the younger girls. It won't really matter. She won't realize how the dowel has locked her in position and no matter how she struggles she will not be able to get off, release herself or do you any harm. She might try to flail her arms or legs. If this happens merely catch one arm with two hands, work your hands down to her wrists and place that wrist in its respective wooden cuff. Because you are working from the top you will have tremendous mechanical advantage because she is underneath with her body horizontal and you will find that you could move even the strongest girl in the schools arm with ease. So just position her wrist in the open cuff, closed that wooden half hoop of the cuff snug on her wrist with your other hand and then tighten the wing-nut a couple of turns. Friction will lock it in place and that arm will be trapped. You can then capture her other arm and do the same with it. Meanwhile I might be avoiding her kicking legs but again they are easy to capture one at a time and for me to fasten her ankles in their appropriate cuffs. Actually it is generally easier for me because they have their weight on the feet standing on the stepping block because they don't like their weight on that wooden beam that otherwise, presses into their genital area.

"You will be surprised that fastening them in position once they voluntarily mount the crutch bar takes less than ten seconds. The only critical thing is to fasten that neck yolk in position since this effectively traps her. You may then stand off to one side while I remove the stepping block, forcing that weight to press into her genital area, which will increase her sense of panic. It will feel strange to her and increase her feeling of helplessness. It actually doesn't cause any damage but they don't know that.

"I shall then lift the hems of their gymslips over their back, smooth their shirts over the top, exposing their buttocks to our view for the punishment. The stool helps a lot when using anything other than my hand because they are prevented from any movement that will spoil my aim. Once I judge she has had enough I shall then place the stepping block back into position and then on my signal you can release her wrists and I shall release her ankles. Assuming she is behaving herself, and after this I've never had anyone even remotely resist, you can release the neck yolk, and leave it open for the next one, then help her off the stool to stand and face the wall over there. Once she is against the wall, I want you to again lift the hem of her gymslip which will fall down as she stands up and pull it up with the rear of her shirt and tuck it into her girdle to hold it in place.

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We shall then position the next girl for her punishment and so on. All three third years will be in the room together which will increase their own punishment and then at the end they will all face forward while I give them a lecture and then they will leave together with their skirts up. When they leave this room I don't care what they do but you may gently remind them to restore their persons to the dress code less a prefect report them to matron." She smiled as she said this. She continued,

"Next we will deal with Maureen. Again follow my lead when it comes to fastening her on the stool. You've no doubt seen me use the cane on the stage over the last few years it will be pretty much the same and usually the cries are pretty loud. I know the last person was that girl Martha Anderson who I know you know from Hockey. She was exceptional and I doubt Maureen is of that caliber. After I am finished with you will probably have to help her off the stool.

"Last will be the fourth year Angela Peterson who after hearing Maureen should be properly mortified. Again we shall leave the stool so she can see it when she walks in.

"Ok, I think that covers it, any questions before we begin?"

I was so excited by what she had described I was almost busting to talk about it but didn't really have anything coherent to ask except,

"Do they ever try to run away?"

She smiled. "I've been doing this for eight years. In the early days, especially with the cane I tried my predecessor's method of caning the girls by just having them bend over. Unfortunately I soon discovered that very few girls could actually hold still for it - and those that did had experienced it before. My predecessor gave extra strokes for movement but I found that unfair - the weaker girls wound up getting far more than the tougher girls and it just wasn't an efficient way of generating that "emotional disturbance" necessary for the desired effect. It was so bad that in the very early days a couple of girls did manage to run out of the door and then I had a bigger problem to solve. We then tried securing them to a chair which was better. But since my brother built the stool I've had no problems what so ever."

"Now one more thing," she said walking back to her desk. She opened a drawer and handed me six brown paper bags, like lunch bags, and a pencil.

She said,

"They have stewed long enough. Now for the last bit of psychology. I want you to go out there, give each one a bag and ask them to write their last names on the bag. You will then order them to remove their panties and place them in their own bag which they are to place on the shelf outside my office. They will be shocked and not expecting it. They will be embarrassed, but if you say it matter-of-factly you will be surprised that they will obey you without question. As soon as one of them makes a move to obey they all will, and they will all realize what it is for. It will drive home one more time how vulnerable they are and just how far out of their depth they are. Once they have placed their brown bags, with their names facing outward on the shelf, have them take their seats. Explain that they are to wait there until their name is called. Remind them that they will be expelled. Finally call out Emily Barstow's name - just say "Barstow, matron will see you now", open the door for her and let her proceed you and then follow her in and close the door. I doubt I'll need your help to handle her but just be prepared to follow my instructions if needs be. Are you ready?"

I smiled and nodded my head. I had never felt so wet in my life. This was going to be interesting.

I went to the door, opened it and went into the outer room. The little outer room was only about ten feet square with the door to Matron's office opposite the door to the corridor outside. On either side wall there were four chairs. The three third years were sitting next to each other along one wall and on the other wall Maureen sat at one end with the first year Emily Barstow next to her and then an empty seat with the fourth year who I knew to be Angela Peterson.

All five almost jumped as I opened the door and I said,

"Matron will see you all in turn shortly. However first I need you to take one of these paper bags and write your name clearly on it in large letters please."

I handed them out which each of them taking it nervously. I waited while they used the pencil I had brought for them to write their names. I suppose I felt a little sorry for them, particularly Maureen but I tried to keep my face expressionless. When they finished I collected the pencil and then said,

"Now I need each of you to remove your panties and place them in the brown bag. Do it now. They looked at me in astonishment and Maureen said,

"You mean we are to take our panties off in front of you, in front of each other right now?"

"I mean exactly that and I shall not repeat it. Please follow my instructions immediately."

Angela Peterson shrugged and stood up and then Emily. Soon they were all standing in that little room, hoisting up their gymslips and balancing on one leg while they removed their panties. Finally looking very red faced they placed their panties in the little brown bags where upon I said,

"Place your bags on this shelf," pointing to the shelf bolted to the wall outside matron's door, "in alphabetical order. You may them up after you have seen matron and get dressed before leaving."

I waited for them to place their bags correctly and then I told them to sit back down which they did a little uncomfortably now since they were no longer sitting on their cotton panties but instead on their itchy serge gymslips. I then walked over to Emily and said,

"Emily Barstow, Matron will see you now."

The poor kid was scared almost witless by now and she got up almost stumbling so I had to support her while I opened the door, but I made sure she preceded me as we went through the door. When we were through I closed the door behind us and said,

"Walk up to matron's desk and stand beside the stool."

Emily's eyes were wide with fright as she approached Matrons desk and saw the stool. I walked past her around matron's desk and stood off ton one side behind Matron to increase the intimidation factor. Matron kept on working and marking a paper on her desk and ignored us both. For over a minute, Emily just stood there looking down and dejected, every so often she would shuffle her feet and cast a sideways glance at the stool.

Suddenly Matron put her pen down and looked up.

"Stop fidgeting child." she said, and continued,

"Barstow, at anytime in the past month have you seen yourself in a mirror?"

Poor Emily said, "No Matron ...err...I mean...err yes Matron."

"I doubt it," said Matron. "Without doubt you are the scruffiest excuse of a St. Anne's pupil I have seen in years and it has to come to a stop. It is true that we sometimes get girls in the first year who don't know how to do laundry, but they soon learn. You however have been here now some three months and you look like a four year old who has eaten an ice cream and doesn't quite know where her mouth is. Your shirt and gymslip haven't seen an iron in a week, your ties is a mess with some sort of disgusting food stain on it. And according to your teachers whose reports I have here, your school work is the same, untidy, careless and just about worthless. According to your file you have been reprimanded numerous times about this have even written lines and essays. The problem with your school work must be fixed and will be however your appearance is just a bad reflection on every other person here at St. Anne's.

For Example, look at Amanda here. Do you see any creases out of place on her shirt or gymslip, is her tie out of position, are there any food stains on her clothes?"

"No Matron."

"Of course not, if there had have been she would have changed into fresh clean clothes at her earliest opportunity. Every normal girl at St. Anne's would. So we are going to have to help you while there is still time.

So I have one question before we proceed. After previous punishments, did you think we weren't serious?"

"No Matron, I ..."

"Well I confess to been a little confused myself about it. Still it is my job to try and clear this matter once and for all, let nobody say that we are not determined at St. Anne's!

Matron turned to me and said, "Amanda dear, would you mind setting that chair in the corner over there and position Barstow here to the right side. I just need to make a few notes.

I moved the chair to the indicated spot and then put my hand on Emily's shoulder and guided her to stand by the side of the chair to await matron. Matron made some noted in the file and then came and sat down on the chair smoothing her uniform into position. She ten took Emily by her left hand and pulled her across her lap and settled her into position and she told Emily to place both hands flat on the ground. She then raised the hem of Emily's gymslip and folded it with her shirt tail over her back Exposing Emily's bare buttocks to the cold air of her office. Emily shivered slightly in the cold air.

The spanking was like the others that Michelle had described but is was the first time I had ever seen any thing like it. I was fascinated to see the woman in severe starched nurse's uniform spanking the gymslipped schoolgirl. I was excited and my heart was racing. I couldn't believe the moistness between my legs, I was sure my panties were dripping wet and I was suddenly glad that the gymslip I wore was a dark navy color, otherwise the damp spot might have been visible to Matron. I desperately wanted to touch myself and massage it as I had sometimes done in bed at night. I knew it would feel good but I daren't. I was in a state of turmoil as I watched, fascinated by the drama in front of me.

Matron started off by spanking fairly gently. She kept up a pace of about one every second alternating on one buttock cheek then the other. Initially Emily just lay there and seemed to relax as though it wasn't as bad as she had expected. However after only a minute or so both cheeks were starting to become red and Emily's legs were beginning to twitch. Almost taking this as a sign, Matron began to spank harder. Immediately Emily began to utter sounds like "Oww", and "Ohh!".

Without increasing the speed matron merely began to pound down harder and harder. Emily was breathing harder and harder and starting to struggle. Once her right hand came up off the floor to try to protect he buttocks but matron immediately said,

"Barstow, if you don't want me to cane you over that stool you'll put your hand down right now."

"But Matron" squealed Emily, "It hurts...please stop, you're hurting me."

Matron ignored her and kept pounding away at Emily's cheeks that were now a deeper red color. Emily squirmed harder but matron merely wrapped her right arms around her little waist, hoisted her up her lap and kept up the jack hammer like blows.

In between "Aaaaighhhs" and "Oooooowwwwws" and "Oooohhhhhhs" and general screams Emily at various times pleaded, begged and promised that she would be good for the rest of her life. Matron nodded at me and smiled she mouthed without saying anything,

"We are getting there!"

I nodded in return and saw what she meant. She was getting through to Emily the seriousness and hopelessness of her position. It was almost pitiful and I started feeling a little sorry for her but still the pounding continued. Gradually Emily's cries became an incoherent mixture of screaming and sobbing and gradually she became desperate. Her sounds became terrified her struggling briefly increased and then it suddenly died out. She had lost the will to fight and in deep despair she had given in. He body almost became limp except for spasmodic jerking.

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Matron finally stopped and Emily just continued to sob across her knee.

Matron started talking to her.

"Emily, I think that may be enough for now, but don't ever forget that I can make this much worse. You have atoned some for your general lack of care in your appearance and to some extent your tidiness in school work however unless we train you properly you will be back here within the month. For this reason I am going to give you an envelope. It contains instructions that you are to follow to the letter.

"Tomorrow you are to present yourself at exactly 10AM outside the Dorm of Christine Fowler, the prefect. Do not be late and do not be early. I suggest you wear your best uniform. Take with you all of your other uniforms. Christine will then teach you exactly how to wash, clean, starch and iron your clothes. Then you shall for the next three months be in charge of not only cleaning your own clothes but doing all the laundry for Christine. Christine will have the power to discipline you anyway she feels fit if you do not do her and your laundry to perfection, and that will include her sending you to me.

"You may now get off of my lap, Amanda dear will you help her."

And then she mouthed to me "Let her hug you gently for a couple of minutes."

I helped Emily stand up and she was a little unsteady on her feet. She was crying profusely and tears were running down her face. Her gymslip fell down over her stinging back side and I thought she was going to scream in agony so I pulled her to me and wrapped my arms around her like the little sister I never had. She snuggled her face into my chest and somehow even I felt good hugging her. Matron got up and went back to her desk and began writing in Emily's file. She looked up a couple of times and smiled at me and then finally she said,

"Emily, I need your attention."

Emily disentangled herself from me and stood before matron's desk. Matron handed her an envelope with her instructions for tomorrow and said,

"Did you understand me? You must be present at exactly 10 AM tomorrow outside prefect Christine Fowler's dorm. Do not be early and do not be late. Bring all your uniforms with you and she will teach you how to do laundry. Do not fail. If you fail then you will find that there are much worse things in life than a spanked bottom. Go now, don't forget your panties on the shelf, you may put them back on before you leave. Amanda please open the door for her then close it, I need to talk to you before we show our next guests in."

I opened the door and took Emily into the outer office and whispered,

"Go and put your panties back on now," and I supported her while she wobbled on one leg then the other and listened to her howl in anguish as she settled them into place and said, "You can go now, but don't lose matrons instructions and make sure you are punctual tomorrow when you show up to Christine Fowler's dorm."

I watched her leave the outer office and hobble down the corridor and I closed the door and went back into the sick bay studiously ignoring the other girls. Matron looked up after I closed the door and she said,

"How's little Emily?"

Grinning I said, "I think she's remember that for quite a long while, she howled when I had her put her panties back on so I know she's still hurting."

"Don't worry the spanking that I gave her, while though fairly heavy for an eleven year old will have worn off within a couple of hours. The real cure for her lies not in the pain but in the fear coupled with the fact of the long term effects of Christine teaching her what is needed and the embarrassment of requiring such teaching. With luck it will reset her value system such that she appreciates the necessity of always being clean and tidy. It should also reflect in her schoolwork as well.

Well we have a lot more to do. The next three we should do all together. Since they were all involved in the incident there are no privacy issues between them so they can each get to be scared by the rest of them. I want you to invite them in all together and have them line up by the side of the stool. Then for reasons that will become obvious I shall deal with Yvonne Baker first and then the other two after that. Now if you thought I was severe with Emily be aware that I shall be rougher on these three. They are guilty of an very ugly bullying incident, something I can't abide. So I will lecture a little at the beginning and you can stand behind me and as you hear the story a look of disgust would be appropriate. The when we place them on the stool do as I described before, lock their necks down quickly and firmly first then one wrist at a time. I will stand behind so they can't easily get off the crutch bar and then fasten their ankles. Once the fun starts you may stand where you like so long as you don't get in the way of my swinging she laughed. You may want to see their faces to see how they are bearing up or to see how their bottoms get marked. My advice is to see as much as you can of each of their discomforts. It will be good for you to have experienced it at least one and it will unnerve them to have you stare at the intimate parts. Any question?"

I nodded no; I was just getting terribly wet again!

She said, "Ok then, bring them in."

I opened the door and again saw the worried looks from the four girls left. I nodded to the three third years,

"Yvonne Baker, Josephine MacDonald and Shelley Prebble, Matron will see you three now."

I held the door open while they stepped inside and then motioned them where to stand. I continued on behind the desk and stood to the side of and slightly behind Matron. They lined up in front of Matron's desk and Yvonne stood next to the stool.

"Amanda I want you to look at three of St. Anne's prized specimens. The three of them were observed interacting with little Mary Sloan a small second year with a big heart. You may remember Monday morning; it was raining rather heavily and also blowing pretty hard. As Mary hurried across the quadrangle to her next class the wind caught her hat and it blew in the path of McDonald here. Curiously, instead of picking it up she just trapped it in a puddle with one foot and waited for Mary to come running up. When Mary bent down to pick it up two things happened. The first was her glasses fell of her face onto the mud. Secondly our heroine here adjusted her foot and crushed the sodden felt hat into the mud. Seeing this, Prebble, who was with her, instead of being outraged thought it was such a good trick that she then ground Mary's glasses into the Mud, smashing them hopelessly.

"Now just about any normal girl at St. Anne's would have been justifiably outraged by what had just happened but as luck would have it there was only one other girl in the quadrangle at that time. That would be, of course, our friend here Miss Baker. Was Baker outraged? No, it turns out that Miss Baker thought the whole thing was a terrible hoot and instead of coming to help, she sauntered up and offered useful suggestions, like "now she has no glasses, she won't need any books so we might as well lighten her load and dump her books in the mud too."

"Fortunately for Mary Miss O'Connor did see what was happening and wrapped on the window which sent our three brave heroines here running for cover. Well let's see if Miss Baker appreciates others laughing at her while she is being bullied. You girls," she nodded at McDonald and Prebble, can wait your turn over there by the door. Make sure you stand in a good location so that you can get a good view of Miss Baker as she takes her turn on the stool, you may laugh if you like at her discomfort, as she laughed at poor Mary's. It may also relieve the tension for when it will be your turn to mount the stool.

"Please Matron," said Shelley Prebble, "That's the senior caning stool; you can't put us over that!"

"Where you girls get such ideas from, I don't know. My dear Miss Prebble, there is no age limit to any punishment. If I want to save my lap from the weight of three bullying third years that is exactly what I shall do. Trust me; I know how to bully much better than you three. Now get over by that wall and watch so you can be prepared when it's your turn. Now Baker, I want you to stand on that big block of wood behind the stool and position your feet such that your ankles are nestled in the curves of those ankle stocks. You can use your hand on the top of the stool to straddle that bar of wood in the back so that you have a leg on either side."

Yvonne Baker was clearly terrified. She was as white as a sheet and she almost stumbled just stepping on to the block of wood. She however managed to position her ankles next to the open ankle cuffs and then hoisted herself over the crutch bar. I said,

"Now please lower your head and settle your neck comfortably into that nice smooth curved rest."

Matron stood immediately behind her in case she tried to bolt but, almost like a lamb to the slaughter, she bent over the stool and gently settled her neck into the neck yolk. It thrilled me to see her do it and I knew now she was trapped as I smoothed her shirt collar down and her pigtails of to each side and lowered the top part of the yolk over her neck. I quickly and smoothly pushed the wooden dowel home locking her in place and then said,

"Good now please place your wrists against the open wooden cuffs>"

I was amazed and thrilled beyond belief to watch as she on her own volition placed her wrists in the cuffs and I closed the gate of the right cuff snugly against her wrist and tightened the wing nut which held the cuff closed. I did the same with her left wrist and again tightened the nut. I noted that Matron had closed the gates on her ankles making them snug in the stocks and had also locked them closed with their wing nuts.

The whole process of locking her down had taken less that fifteen seconds and I could see she was thoroughly fastened in position and totally secure. Matron moved the stepping block out of the way and as she lost the ability to stand on it her body dropped slightly so that her entire weight rested on the stool top and her legs pulled her crotch down on to the crotch bar. She sighed a little as this new pressure on her genital area was added to her humiliation and the weight actually locked her buttocks in place since she could no longer put weight on her feet she could no longer move her butt, She was helpless to resist the thrashing that she deserved and was about to receive.

Matron now lifted the hem of her gymslip over her buttock and smoothed it neatly over he back. Her shirt tail was also folded neatly back exposing her buttock cheeks to the view of the whole room. Yvonne no doubt felt the cold air of the room and gave an involuntary shiver, and then she started to whine.

"Please don't hurt me Matron; I'm sorry I didn't protect poor Mary. I am afraid of Prebble and McDonald, they might have hit me. Please Matron it wasn't my fault. I can't tolerate pain very well, don't hit me please ...."

It was a constant litany of promises and pleadings but Matron ignored her while she went to her cabinet and selected a large two tailed leather strap from an arsenal of straps paddles and canes. The strap selected was about 18 inches in length of which about the first six inches had been shaped into a handle. The remainder was about three inches wide made of two pieces of thick leather that had been stitched together to make it thicker. Then it had been cut for approximately ten inches down the middle into two tails. It was stiff and heavy and would no doubt do plenty of damage to Yvonne's bottom.

Matron positioned herself to Yvonne's left and was slightly behind while Yvonne's pleading took on an urgent and strident note.

"Oh please Matron, don't hit me, I couldn't stand it, please oh please ... Aaaaaaiiiieeeegh!"

The last being her scream as Matron swung mightily with her strap connecting with precision on Yvonne's right buttock. The crack on the leather was like a loud pistol shut and it made me jump a little. That was nothing compared to the effect it had on Yvonne. The scream was deafening and her whole body stiffened in contortion at the pain. Her head came up in pain against the neck yolk, her fingers opened wide looking to hand on to something for support but there was nothing for her hands to find. Her feet which had been suspended in the air now angled sharply down, her toes desperately searching for support, but there was none to be had. Even with her toes pointing straight down she was at least two inches from the floor.

And before she could suck in another breath the strap cracked down on the other cheek causing another paroxysmal wail from Yvonne. And mid scream Matron hit her again on the other cheek and almost as quickly again on the opposite cheek. And yet again there were two more incredibly powerful cracks against those buttocks. The screams were deafening. Matron had truly belted her six times not pausing even a second for each strike. Yvonne was beside herself. She was stretching and straining against the neck yolk, her wrist cuffs and ankle stocks. Her body was jerking and jerking and she screamed and screamed.

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Matron looked at me and winked and she waited for the incoherent screaming and babbling to slow down. I walked around to look at Yvonne's backside and saw that it was a deep red, and you could almost see the blood vessels that had burst in her skin. I could scarcely imagine the pain that must be coursing through Yvonne's body. I was almost sorry for her but I hated bullies. And Yvonne was the worst kind. She had not only demonstrated that she was a bully on poor Mary but had been a coward before matron had struck her.

Matron now spoke. Miss Baker, you have just received six strokes from my little taws. You are screaming out of all proportion to the little stinging that I have caused. I suspect you are not only a little bully but a terrible coward so I think you need to develop a little bravery. What you are currently feeling is nothing more than a little stinging in your bottom. Let me reassure you it is nothing compared to the cane. Unfortunately the stinging you are feeling won't last for more than half an hour and that is not enough. So I am going to repeat those six strokes three more times. And to help with your bravery you are going to ask me for those strokes. And just so you understand you will ask me nicely as soon as you are ready for them. DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Matron almost shouted at the top of her voice.

"Aaaaaghhhh noooo .... Please ...no mooooreeee. Ohhh God ... I can't...stand.... Oh "Aighhhhhh."

She suddenly screamed as Matron swiftly hit her twice more, once on each cheek. Matron then paused again. Suddenly she said,

"Yvonne, I am waiting to give you the next six, if you keep me waiting too long I get bored and to keep you warmed up I shall have to keep giving you pairs of strokes like that. You will ask me nicely for the next six and thank me very nicely afterwards. Then we shall be halfway through your punishment. You will keep asking and thanking me till we are finished. Otherwise we are going to be here a long time and Amanda won't let you go until you are done. Now ask me!"

"But I cannn .....Eeeeeeoowwww, Aaaaaaiiiiigh!"

As Matron give her two more whacks then said "I'm waiting"

"Ohhh ... pleeeease ... Matron Will you give me my next six strokes"

"Certainly dear!"

And Matron delivered another barrage of six mighty strikes to Yvonne's unprotected ass. Yvonne screeched and screamed and struggled terribly in her restraints. It was amazing to watch. I'd never seen anything like it. Except that I was being deafened by Yvonne's screams and pleading, it was incredibly thrilling. I was enjoying it incredibly and I was so wet. I knew Yvonne was the worst kind of bully and I wanted to belt her myself and the fact that she was sniveling and yelling so much made it seem all the better.

After the six were delivered, Matron said "I'm waiting for you to thank me and ask for the next six do have to remind you again and she laid on another two strokes in rapid succession.

Yvonne screamed again and her screams had barely died down when she said, "Thhaaaankyouuu oh God it huuuuuurts, Iiiii'm sorrrry ... ohhh ...ohhh...ohhh can I have my next six strokes pleeeease .... Aiiiieeeeeooooowwwww, and the screaming started again as Matron began her next rapid fire six strokes.

Matron again waited about ten seconds for the screaming to die down and I saw about to speak when Yvonne managed to scream out above her cries of agony "thannnk you can I have my next six strokes. Aaaaaiiiiigheeeeeoooooowwww and matron began again.

Yvonne's bottom was actually bleeding from the torn skin in a couple of places. Matron had been ruthless and as the screams were starting to quieten down I heard a splashing noise behind and saw a stream of urine from Josephine McDonald. She was actually peeing her pants.

Matron heard the sound too and said, "Amanda I'm sorry, but can you make sure she stays on the linoleum and off of the carpet till she had finished. And then there is a mop and bucket in the bathroom at the back of sickbay behind the curtain. When she has finished would you mind getting it and then have her clean up her mess. And Baker, I'm still waiting for you to thank me."

While Yvonne was desperately trying to quickly get words of thanks to matron in between her tormented cries, I checked on Josephine, and saw that her stream was now trickling to a stop and instead running down the inside of her legs, on to her socks and shoes. She was breathless and terrified as well as being humiliated beyond belief. On the other hand I loved it. I hate bullies and to see her like this was priceless. I only wished Mary had been here to witness it and hoped that Matron would less me tell her what had happened. As the stream finally stopped I made sure that the pool stayed on the linoleum and with my foot pulled back the carpet to make sure it didn't run on there. Then I retrieved the mop and bucket which had water in it already and I added some bleach that was by the sink and carried it back to Josephine. I said,

"Take your shoes and sock off then and put your socks in your shoes."

I waited till she had done that and then handed her a flannel that I had recovered from the bathroom that I'd dipped in warm water and a little soap and told her to wipe her legs and feet. I then handed her the mop and told her to clean up her mess on the linoleum. After she had made a reasonable job I returned the bucket and mop and towel and had her dry herself off and then use the remainder of the towel to dry off the floor. By which time Matron had released Yvonne from the stool and walked her over to the wall, next to Shelley Prebble but this time made her face the wall. Then she said,

"Thank you Amanda, now you see some of the duties that Michelle generally performs. However it's nice to see that you have the same initiative. Now I think we should get McDonald here on the stool before she has any more accidents."

She grabbed Josephine by the arm and walked her over to the stool, positioned her on the wooden block and had her hoist herself on the crutch bar. Meanwhile I walked around the front of the stool and waited while she bent over. At first I thought she might resist but it was just that she had a little difficulty settling herself comfortably on the crutch bar. She then leaned over and without prompting settled her neck into the bottom half of the neck yolk. Before she could think of changing her mind I closed the top half and rammed home the locking dowel. She had already positioned her wrists in the open cuffs and it took just moments to close them and tighten the wing nuts to hold her in position. Matron had done the same with her ankles and I was again amazed at how fast she had been reduced to an absolute prisoner of the stool.

Again Matron moved the stepping block away and Josephine muttered an "Ooooomph!" as her weight settled onto the crutch bar and top of the stool. Even though she was taller than Yvonne her toes were still well clear of the floor.

"Now," said Matron, "Yvonne there actually received thirty strokes although six of those were because she dawdled in her replies. I think that since you actually crushed Mary's hat into the ground you should receive five sets of sixes. Again after each set of sixes I shall give you a little pause for breath but you must quickly thanks me for the six you receive and then ask for the next six, do you understand."

Apparently Josephine didn't because matron whacked her quickly, one stroke on each but and Josephine screamed.

"Do you want me to explain again or do you understand?"

"Yyyes, I understand Matron ... ohhhh!"

"Good, well let's get started ... you'd better hurry and ask me for that first six!"

"Yes matron," Josephine responded more quickly this time, "Can I have my first six strokes please? Aaaaaaaaiiiiiyyyggghhowwww... aiiiiieeeeeeeeaaw ooooowwwwwaaaaaauiiigghhh," It was one endless scream as Matron blasted away with that wicked leather strap. She delivered six incredibly loud cracks to Josephine's' but and she almost quaked on the stool. And then Josephine was slow in thanking her and asking for the next six and got another two twice before the messages were relayed to her admittedly dull brain.

Before it was over matron probably had hit Josephine a good forty strokes. I lost count so fascinated was I watching Josephine jerk and jerk in her bonds. Tears streaked down her face and she howled like the little baby she was. She was immature and tried to make up for it in her bullying of junior girls. I had seen her before and had a year ago gone up to her and told her to pack it in. At the time she had been sullen, being as tall as me but she had backed down and then tried to show bravado in front of her friends. She was just the sort of girl I would have enjoyed putting in her place.

Finally her beating was over and as she sobbed away the last of her screams Matron eased the stepping block under her feet and nodded to me to release her wrists. As she took the weight of the crutch bar and onto her feet I released her wrists and finally her neck. She was a sorry sight; her tears had run horizontally because her head was down. They had collected on the tip of her nose and then they ran into her mouth as she straightened up. Her hair was soaked in perspiration her pig tails having almost shredded themselves as her head had shaken from side to side. He collar was up and like her back, was soaked in sweat.

Matron helped her off the stool, wrapped an arm around her waist and supported her still sobbing body and walked her over to the wall. She made her face the wall and then turned to Shelley,

"Well Prebble, you are up next, you know what to do!" And she took Shelley by the hand and led her over to the stool.

"As far as I'm concerned," she continued, "You are the worst of the three. You could have stopped Josephine here; you are certainly big enough and more intelligent than McDonald here. Instead you not only laughed at Mary, when her glasses fell off you actually smashed them under your foot."

For this you will receive six sets of six with my strap. And don't forget to ask for each ser and then make sure you thank me after their delivery. Do you understand?"

"Yes Matron, I'm sorry!"

Shelley, unbidden stepped onto the stepping block, hoisted herself on the crotch bar and positioned her ankles in the open stocks. Although she was white with fear she never-the-less calmly smoothed her pig tails off to the sides and held them clear of the neck yolk as she carefully bent over and placed her neck in the rest. She continued to hold her hair clear while I secured the top half of the yolk and then she let them fall to the sides as without fuss she placed her wrists in the cuffs. I carefully closed the gates and tightened the wing nuts making sure the cuffs were snug. Matron did the same with her ankles and then moved the stepping block away so her feet could no longer help support her. However she settled herself on to the crutch bar and then lay motionless while matron lifted the hem of her skirt.

Once her buttocks were exposed, Matron recovered her strap off of her desk and took up her position behind and to Shelley's left. She said,

"Are you ready, Prebble?"

"Yes Matron, I'd be grateful if you would give me my first set of six strokes please."

Immediately matron began delivery of six wicked blows, three to each buttock cheek. The sound of her strap meeting Shelley's ass sounded like a group of six firecrackers going off. By the fourth stroke Shelley was screaming. I thought she did well to tolerate the first four but she didn't have near the fortitude she thought she did. After the first six she was groveling for forgiveness and so distracted that matron had to give her another two before she stuttered out her thanks and asked for the next six.

I had though that Shelley might be able to tough it out, but clearly by the fourth group of six, she was utterly broken. Her screams were unbelievably loud and prolonged, she begged Matron to stop, promising never to hurt any one or bully anyone again. It was pitiful but I knew Shelley deserved it. But matron merely smiled and winked at me and after giving Shelley a couple of reminders, Shelley groveled her thanks and asked for the next six. Matron showed no signs of easing up. Each group of strokes landed exactly on top of the previous group and Shelley howled and howled in her misery.

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By the time it was over, Shelley was almost cried out. Almost incoherently she thanked Matron and then ask for another six but Matron said,

"As much as I really believe you deserve more I don't think it will do any good. Miss Prebble, your little hiding is done for the day."

She waited a couple of minutes while Shelley groveled her thanks and then she put the stepping block under her feet and we undid her shackles. Finally she used her arms to stand up and still crying profusely with her tears running into her now bedraggled hair she slowly lifted herself off of the crutch bar but hung onto the stool for support. Matron went behind her desk, sat down leaving her taws in plain sight on the desk and said, Amanda, be a dear and bring McDonald and baker over here and have them stand next to Prebble behind my desk.

I did as requested and noted, a little surprised, that Yvonne and Josephine were still crying, with tears still rolling down their cheeks. They both hobbled slightly, wincing as their scratch gymslips rubbed against their otherwise bare butts as they walked. I lined them up next to each other and said,

"Matron, would you mind if I inspect there buttocks?"

She said, "No go ahead dear, I told you I wanted you to learn from this experience and besides in January, assuming you become a prefect, you will need to know what a well spanked butt looks like since the new spanking rules will come into effect and you will be doing your own spanking."

One by one I lifted the hems of the three miscreant's gymslips. On each set of buttocks some dried blood was visible. The center of the strapped area was almost blue black in color covering the area of perhaps a small saucer. From there the color faded from deep dark and angry red, to a lighter red and then a shade of pink with the total are on each cheek being the size of a soup plate. Even though Baker and received less than McDonald or Prebble, there really wasn't that much different. They were all very swollen and hot and imagined that the three would have difficulty sitting tonight.

"As you can see, there buttocks are a little inflamed now but by Monday I expect there will only be a slight discoloration and they probably will be able to sit with minimal smarting by breakfast tomorrow. The strap, unlike the cane, is very painful during it's application but it's effects soon dissipate.

"Because of that we must give our friends here something else to ponder.

Girls, this weekend you will each write a thirty page letter, to Mary Sloan. In it you will write an apology where you will describe the circumstances where you interacted with Mary in detail. You will describe how you felt at the time. You will then apologize for causing her discomfort and then go on to describe exactly how you were punished, how you waited outside my office, how you were made to leave your panties at the door, how the three were brought in together and how you were punished on the stool. You will describe in detail how the strapping was performed, and what it felt like. I want you describe how you screamed and begged for mercy and how you heard the other girls scream too. Finally you will spend three pages discussing the error of your ways and how you will never let anything like that ever happen to any other girl again, even if you are only a witness you will describe how you now understand it is always your duty to protect those who can't protect themselves.

This letter is to be in absolutely your best hand writing. You will only write on one side of the page and I expect a minimum of 200 words per page. There are to be no spelling errors and the grammar is to be correct. I expect perfect copy and you will have one week to complete the task. You will deliver the first fifteen pages to my PA Michelle Morton or Miss Amanda Perkins before noon on Monday. They will not look for you - it is up to you to find them. Do you understand these instructions?"

The three very dejected girls agreed they did then matron asked me to show them the door which I did, reminding Josephine McDonald to pick up her wet sock and shoes and reminding them all to collect their panties and dress before leaving the outer office.

I re-entered the office and matron said, "That was a nice touch Amanda, asking t see their bottoms. You seem to have an instinctive feel for this. How are you doing, are you ok?"

I smiled and said, "Its fascinating and though perhaps I shouldn't say this I am quite enjoying it. Those three girls are a disgrace to the school and I'm glad you gave them one they deserved."

"Yes but Amanda, pure punishment isn't enough by itself. It just makes them vulnerable to having their values reset, it those essays I give that hopefully will change their outlook on life."

She continued, "I had planned to cane Maureen Watson now and then give Angela Peterson her essay but in view of how wonderfully loud those three bullies were, perhaps I should do Angela first while the screaming is fresh in her mind. Why don't you bring her in now? This won't take long, jus stay at the back of the room by the door.

I opened the door and called Angela by name. She looked up stricken, almost instantly the blood disappearing from her face. She got up unsteadily and went through the door before me and walked stiffly up to stand in front of Matron's desk. I followed her through and closed the door behind her and took up my position by the wall.

Matron had a file open on her desk and was studiously reading it. The leather strap that she had just used to such devastating effect on the three third year girls lay on the desk right in front of Angela. Angela stood uncomfortably shifting from one foot to the other, looking at the strap and every so often at the stool.

"I suppose you know why you are here Peterson?"

"Err no Matron; I didn't think I'd done anything wrong."

Matron smiled, "So I suppose you know nothing about this?" and she pulled a half opened bottle of wine from behind her desk and placed it next to the strap.

"One of the cleaners found this in your room last week and accidentally let your form teacher know that it had been found. The interesting thing is that that is one of the senior private dorms that your father paid for you after it became available when my PA, Michelle Morton, left. The bottle certainly didn't belong to Michelle. I helped her move out and the room was spotless when we left."

"Yes Matron, it is mine. My cousin visited me for my birthday last week and took me into town where we had a meal and that was the wine that was left."

"How old are you Angela?"

"Fourteen Matron."

"A little too young to be drinking wine even in a restaurant."

"I didn't drink any Matron, my cousin did and this is what he didn't drink. He just gave it to me to take back to my room."

"I see, well I have no proof that you did drink any and nobody witnessed you in the restaurant. I am therefore inclined to believe you, however it is expressly forbidden to have any kind of alcohol on school premises. Because you broke that rule, I must punish you. Do you understand?"

Angela was almost quaking with fear. She couldn't answer she was so terrified and Matron had to repeat her "Do you understand?"

"Yyesss ... I understand," squeaked Angela.

"Good then it that case on Monday you will deliver to either Amanda back there or my own PA Michelle Morton, a ten page essay on the reasons that alcohol is not permitted on the school premises. Dismissed."

Angela just stood there as if she hadn't heard, almost quaking in her shoes.

"Is there something else Miss Peterson?"

"Err ... no ...err ... you are not going to strap me?"

"If I had evidence that you had been drinking I most certainly would strap you however since you declare that you didn't drink any, I believe you and the essay will suffice. You may go!"

Angela almost couldn't believe her luck. She turned and I opened the door for her when suddenly matron said,


Angela again looked shocked as though her luck had run out. She turned slowly and stammered,

"Yyess matron?"

"Don't forget your panties in the brown bag on the shelf!"

"Yes ... no ... err ... thank you Matron."

And with that she almost popped out of the door.

I was trying so hard not to laugh and matron smiled,

"Yes that was pretty good, even if I say so myself! I didn't really want to strap her, she's been fairly well behaved up till now and her excuse was good enough. Of course if we find contraband again it will be a different story nut for now I think we scared her enough and she will have to turn that essay in.

"Well as they say, five down and one to go. This next one will be a little different. I'll explain more afterward but for now just watch and learn and when it comes time to fasten Maureen on to the stool do as you did before and follow my lead. Don't be surprised if it's not quite what you expect. Why don't you call her in?"

I opened the door and looked out, Maureen was the only one there now and she looked up expectantly. She seemed pale but didn't seem terrified like the other girls. I said,

"Miss Watson, Matron will see you now," and I held the door open as she went in passed me and stood in front of matron's desk, next to the stool. I followed her in and stood by the wall to watch the proceedings. This was going to be the main event and I was almost wet with anticipation.

Matron said, "Miss Watson, you know why you are here, less not waste any time, please stand by my chair." She then got from behind her desk and went and sat on the chair from which she had so recently spanked Emily Barstow. I was stunned. I thought matron was going to cane Maureen yet now it looked as though she intended to hand spank Maureen over her lap. And sure enough, almost without bidding, as soon as Matron had sat down and smoothed her apron, Maureen started to lean over matron's lap.

I couldn't understand what was happening yet I watched enthralled as Maureen stretched over Matron's lap and Matron hoisted up her gymslip and shirt exposing her buttocks. And then Matron began to spank her with a constant gentle action, first on one cheek then the other.

When I had watched little Emily spanked I remembered that Emily had for about a minute made no sounds until her legs had began to twitch. Yet although Matron wasn't really spanking harder Maureen soon began to moan. However the moans weren't of pain or agony. Incredible though it seemed she was actually enjoying it. Matron was enjoying it too and as I watched, the wetness I'd had since all this started came back with a vengeance. I watched as this eighteen year old girl, in her school uniform over matrons uniformed and aproned lap was getting her tush spanked pinked and all three of us were almost getting off. Matron looked at me and nodded as she started to spank harder but again Maureen just seemed to soak it up.

This went on for about 15 minutes, the spanks did get harder and Maureen's moans did get louder and she started to throw her head around but still she didn't seem to be in any pain. Then suddenly, with both of them breathing hard, Matron stopped. Maureen just lay there for about a minute; hardly moving and then Matron tapped her on the shoulder. Incredibly Maureen slithered off of her lap, but instead of standing, incredibly she slithered to her knees and then began to hug Matron and unbelievably Matron hugged her back. The hugging continued for a couple of minutes and then matron whispered to her and together they stood up.

Matron supported her and walked her over to the stool, and almost like she had done it many times before, Maureen stepped up on the stepping block, mounted the crutch bar with ease and settled herself so that her neck was resting in the bottom half of the neck yolk. I shook myself out of my trance and hurried around to the front of the stool, lowered the top half of the neck yolk in place and slid the dowel home quickly in case Maureen tried to resist. Yet I could see that resistance was the furthest thing from her mind. She placed her wrists in the wrist cuffs and held them perfectly still while I locked them in place. Matron had no difficulty either securing Maureen's ankles in the stocks and when she moved the stepping block out of the way and Maureen's weight settled on the crutch bar, Maureen just made a gentle grunt and then was silent while matron exposed her buttocks to the cold air of the room.

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Matron then, instead of selecting a cane, merely picked up the strap off of her desk and began to gently slap Maureen's buttocks with it. These weren't the murderous strokes she had given the three third years but just enough to get a little response from Maureen. She tawsed her at a constant rate, about the same as her hand spanks and gradually increased the power until Maureen started sighing at each stroke. Again Maureen seemed to be enjoying it and listening to her moan in pleasure was turning me on. I desperately wanted to massage my own private place. It was so erotic. I walked around behind Maureen and looked at her buttocks; they were turning from a pale pink to a deeper shade of red and though by now she must have taken a hundred swats, there was no signs of blood that I had seen with Shelley Prebble. I couldn't understand it but matron was going much easier on her.

The slaps kept on coming at the same pace but matron was stepping up the power. Every now and then Maureen would shout an "Ouch" or "Ohhhhh" and even an "Owwww", but she didn't seem anything like as desperate as the stools previous occupants and if anything was actually enjoying it.

Finally matron stopped and said,

"Well Maureen, it's getting late so we might as well finish with the cane."

Although I had been surprised so many times already with this punishment I was none-the-less amazed when Maureen said,

"Thank you matron, may I ask how many strokes."

"I think an even dozen should be about right."

"Thank you matron that will be wonderful."

"Wonderful" I thought to myself, has Maureen gone mad. A dozen of Matron's cane would kill me and yet here was Maureen accepting it like she was accepting a birthday present. And yet it was so incredibly exciting. I believe I would have given anything to have been able o can myself.

Matron went to her cupboard and selected a senior girl's cane. It was long and whippy with a crook handle and matron tested it by swishing it through the air a couple of times. She said,

"Maureen you'll be glad to know that I did soak it last night so it is nice and ready for you. Would you like me to do this as two five bar gates or would you prefer random placement - I'll give you taps so you'll know where they are to land?"

"Thank you Matron. I think I'd like to try random placement this time."

Very well dear, chin up, it will soon be done".

And with that matron tapped her three times on the buttock cheeks and then gave her a cruel, viscous stroke right where the taps had been. Maureen merely grunted. A second stroke was higher and Maureen barely moved. Her fingers didn't stretch out, her feet didn't twitch. A third stroke higher up made Maureen sniff a little and her back arched a little yet within five seconds she was relaxed again on the stool. Matron paused for about twenty seconds and Maureen gave a little wiggle on the crutch bar and relaxed herself in preparation for the next stroke. When it came it cur Maureen at the crease between her thigh and buttock. This time she tensed up for about five seconds and I saw her hands clench and unclench several times. There followed a few taps and then the fifth and sixth strokes came in succession. Again Maureen arched her back and her neck strained against the yolk and I could here her panting rapidly.

Matron said, "Well done Maureen, you are half way there, just six more. Remember to keep those buttocks relaxed!"

Now matron was praising her, this was the strangest punishment I'd ever heard of and Maureen seemed to be enjoying it. And stranger too, Matron was enjoying it and so was I! Maureen made a great effort to relax and Matron gave her the time she needed however although the time between strokes seemed longer than she gave Martha, who was the last person I'd seen caned on the school stage, the strokes seemed just as hard.

The seventh stroke was a beauty in the middle of her buttock. It seemed to penetrate through her being and this time a groan escaped her lips. Again her back arched and her feet vibrated in their stocks while her hands clenched and unclenched rapidly. Again matron waited till the movement subsided and then gave three gentle taps higher up her butt. The stroke was vicious and I could hear the whistle and "Thwack" as it broke through the air and smashed into her skin. This time poor Maureen shrieked. The shriek was short but it had opened the flood gate. And the moans and groans were prolonged after wards. Again Matron waited till she was fully relaxed before she put two strokes together, the ninth and the tenth. Both strokes were low and landed in the same place about an inch from the top of her thigh. Maureen screamed in agony and her back arched up and down in a desperate attempt to break free of the neck yolk though it was no good. Finally after an eternity, still whimpering, her back relaxed and matron said,

"Just two more Maureen. They are also going to be a double stroke, just hang on, are you ready?" And Maureen croaked out,

"Yes Matron! Aiiiiyyyyaaiiiiiyyyyyaaaaiiiieeeooooww ... eeeeeeaaaayyyyyiiiiiooooowww!" The screams in response to two wicked blows just above and just below the center of her ass.

The earlier marks were now visible as tow dark red ridges almost black and the new marks were quickly fading from which, to pink to angry dark red to almost blue.

Maureen was bucking mightily on the stool and screaming blue murder. I wasn't sure what her crime had been but it must have been serious. She shrieking and shrieking but matron, who had always seemed indifferent to her subject's agony, walked around the front of the stool and took her head in her arms, bent down and kissed her on the neck.

"There, there, Maureen, it's over. As usual you were fantastic," and Maureen stopped crying and started to relax. This time is was matron who undid all her bonds, got the stepping stool and helped her down. Maureen was hanging on to her and helped her through into sick bay, had her lay face down on the bed and then sat on the bed so that Maureen's face lay in her lap. I watched them and felt a little bewildered. Matron saw me looking at them and smiled and said,

"It's ok Amanda, I know you are puzzled and I shall explain in a little while but for now I need to look after Maureen. Be a good girl, put the stool and stepping block back up against the wall and put the cane and taws back in the cupboard. I won't be long and then we can go home. You may sit at my desk and do some of your homework for about 15 minutes.

I went back into sick bay and tidied up as Matron requested. I was still so excited by what I'd seen and really wanted to massage the wet space between my legs however I resisted the urge but decided that tonight it was going to get a work out after I got to bed. Maureen's punishment had been incredible and yet I was vaguely annoyed with myself for gaining so much pleasure from her suffering. And yet both she her self and matron had seemed to enjoy it too. It was just so weird. For want of anything better to do I pulled out my science book and started the reading exercise. Probably about 20 minutes past when Matron and Maureen appeared from behind the curtain. Matron said,

"Amanda, be a dear, stay here for another five minutes will you, I'm just going to walk Maureen back to her dorm, and then we can be on our way."

Stranger and stranger I thought, the other girls had had to hobble back on their own and I know Maureen had taken more but Matron walking her back to her dorm? Well I just nodded and said,

"Certainly Matron, no problem, in fact I should be able to finish this assignment by the time you get back."

And sure enough matron was gone almost a quarter of an hour and I was just placing my books in my satchel when she returned. It was just passed half past four and I was starting to get a little hungry. Matron smiled as she came in and said,

"I'm sorry I was gone so long but I had to comfort Maureen a little more, still we can go now. Did you have an interesting afternoon?"

"Yes Matron," I replied, "though I am a little confused. All the other girls were punished soundly for deserving reasons but Maureen's punishment was different. For a start you didn't explain why she was being punished and then the punishment was different. The first part, the spanking and then the tawsing on the stool were very different. Why didn't you just cane her? I hope you don't mind my asking?"

"Not at all Amanda," she replied. "Did you notice anything else?"

"Well I know this sounds weird but it was almost as if Maureen enjoyed it - even up to the first six strokes of the cane. And then, well you cuddled her afterwards - you didn't cuddle any of the other culprits"

"Anything else?"

"Well ... it's really not my place to say so ... but ... you ... well you also ... err...seemed ..."

Matron smiled a kindly smile, "Are you trying to say I enjoyed it?"

I turned red with embarrassment, and stammered, "err ... well ... yes ... it did seem as though ..."

She asked, "It's ok Amanda, I really appreciated your help today and I promise I shall explain everything and I do mean everything but let me first ask you this, did you enjoy any of it?"

"Well yes, I actually did ..."

"Tell me honestly, did it make you feel very excited, down in that deep special private place, were you aroused?"

I went even redder in my embarrassment and nodded a "yes".

She said, "Don't be scared or embarrassed Amanda. I was pretty sure you would be. Some of us just can't help being very excited, turned on if you like, by watching somebody spanked or caned. Even the act of placing someone in restraints, as on the stool can be very erotic. Believe me you are not unusual at all. There are many girls and even mistresses at this school who feel exactly the same. You have no need to feel ashamed or embarrassed. And you should know there are other girls and Mistresses here who actually enjoy being restrained and even beaten. There are even a few who like both. Trust me Amanda; you are not at all unusual."

"Is one of those girls that like it Maureen?"

"How very perceptive of you dear. Yes Maureen absolutely adores being spanked and tawsed. She is now starting to enjoy the cane too as you so astutely observed. And yes she wasn't being punished at all. She could have actually stopped me at any time by calling out a safe-word if she couldn't handle it. It is true she was close on those last few strokes of the cane to calling out her safe-word but she held on and actually did very well."

"What about the other girls?"

"No, they were actually being properly punished. Did you see the difference?"

"Well none of them seemed to enjoy it and you gave them all essays afterwards."

"Very good, remember I used strong physical punishment to make them vulnerable to having their values reset and then while they are in this brief period I follow it up with an essay to try to get them to think about their problem. It is usually very effective. However I must confess that little Emily Barstow for the first minute of her spanking did give some indication that she was finding the sensation not all together unpleasant. Possibly one day she too may like to receive corporal punishment for fun, but she is too young yet."

"Well let's go to the car and be on our way home. Miss Jenkins won't be back till about 8 PM so why don't you come back to our cottage and you can eat with us?"

I said, "Thank you matron, I'd enjoy that."

It was five minutes later when we were in the car that she sprang it on me. She began,

"Look Amanda, I have been thinking for some time that you might actually get pleasure out of spanking and caning someone. Like I said, it's nothing to be embarrassed about so long as you are discreet and don't confuse play discipline with the real thing. I know you have applied to be a prefect and I expect you will be selected but because of the new spanking rules for prefects it's important for you to understand the difference. I saw the gleam in your eyes as we fastened those girls on the stool and I'll bet you had some moistness when I was tawsing those girls and caning Maureen. So let me ask you, and please don't be afraid to admit it, would you like to actually spank some one tonight?"

"You mean I could actually take someone across my own lap and spank them?"

"Yes, exactly that. I would give you some instruction as to how to do it properly but yes you would actually do the spanking your self."

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Suddenly, the thought of spanking someone made me all wet again down below.

"But who else needs punishing?" I asked.

She laughed and said, "Oh we'll no doubt find someone, no actually this wouldn't be a punishment, this would be a volunteer, you know, one of those people who actually enjoys it!"

I couldn't speak. This was so incredible, the thought that I could spank somebody and they would actually enjoy it. I almost wanted to come just thinking about it!

Matron said, "Oh I don't mean they won't kick up a fuss. Most people who enjoy being spanked actually do cry or pretend they are a small child getting punished and will behave exactly as though it really were a punishment. But in reality they will really enjoy it. You can trust me on that!"

I thought about it some more, it sounded fantastic and I really did want to try it. A thought however suddenly occurred to me,

"But who shall I be spanking?"

"A good question but it as actually somebody who you might think deserves a good spanking from you! You see Michelle wasn't really ill today. It was her who suggested she feign illness so that I could get your help to do what she usually does on a Friday afternoon. She thought you would enjoy it, that you would enjoy helping with the discipline, especially fastening those girls on the stool. She even suggested that I use the services of a good sub - a sub is someone who likes being disciplined - for a good caning. Michelle know there are other subs around but she doesn't know who they are."

"So if Maureen is a sub, then what am I?"

"You would be a Domme; at least you have the personality for it and are clearly attracted by the Domme lifestyle however you need training. I am also a Domme - pretty obviously huh?" she laughed, "So I can train you if you like. To get the mystery out of it there is a lot to know and learn, and not only so you just enjoy it more, but you would learn to be responsible. After all subs are a valuable commodity for us Domme's; without them we wouldn't really be able to have much fun. We have to understand subs and protect them, respect their limits and watch out for their safety.

"Any way you asked who you can spank. The answer of course is Michelle! She too is a sub, actually I think she is a switch, one who likes both sides but for now we are just training her as a sub. I know she is your friend and she cares a lot about you. She suspected sometime ago that you have the characteristics of a good Domme, and she will be thrilled to know that she was right. If I know her, and I believe I do, she will be over the moon that you are going to become a Domme and I'm sure she'll want you to spank her as your first sub."

So it was a set-up by Michelle. I should have known. I liked her the moment we first met in class, and although she had proved herself a little smarter than me in some of our classes she was always gracious, always wanting to help. We liked each other and there was just something about her that always gave me pleasure when I was around her. She was always full of surprises, always had interesting and unique points of view. She more than anybody I knew seemed to love our school uniform. I liked it myself and although some considered the white school shirt, tie and navy gymslip old fashioned I thought it looked smart and traditional. And Michelle told me often enough that she loved it. And I liked to see Michelle wearing it. I even wondered if sometimes I were gay. I already knew I liked girls but the attraction to Michelle was always much more. I liked being around girls, I loved playing hockey but though I wouldn't admit it to matron, I had often dreamed of being together with Michelle. There was just something about her. Somehow pulling Michelle across my lap and giving her bottom a sound smacking was just what I wanted.

We pulled into Matron's driveway and went in through the front door. And there was Michelle, instead of laying in bed in pajamas, with a cold; she was sitting on the sofa in her school uniform. She had supper on the table and she was smiling with delight. Matron was smiling too and I knew some secret signal had passed between the two of them. She said to Matron,

"How did it go?"

"Just as you predicted my smart one. Amanda is a Domme and she knows she's one."

Michelle got off the sofa and hugged me.

"Don't worry," she said, "I'm not infectious. I didn't have a cold, I knew today was a light day at school at have already gone way ahead on the lessons and the homework and because I knew that matron had a full afternoon of discipline I thought it would be a good chance for you to see it. Did you enjoy it?"

"Michelle, I should spank you right now," I laughed. "If you'd just asked me I would have told you. Yes I did enjoy it, especially when I watched Maureen enjoy it so much, it was a terrific thrill to help fasten those girls on the stool and I nearly ... well let's just say it was an immense pleasure."

"Maureen?" asked Michelle.

"Yes Michelle," answered matron. "At lunch time I met Maureen Watson in the cafeteria and asked her if she wouldn't mind helping out recruiting Amanda. I know you didn't know that Maureen is a sub. She has been a great sub for the past two years and since she can't make it next week, she readily agreed to a session in sick bay this afternoon although we still have to come up with a cover story for her to let the other girls who were being punished there. Probably smoking in the bathroom," she laughed.

"Matron," said Michelle, "when will I ever stop being surprised by who is a sub and who is a Domme? I didn't know Maureen was a sub."

"Maybe never," answered Matron. "However on Saturday evening next week we are having a party here, and there will be a few Domme's and subs showing up so you may get to learn of a few more. By the way Amanda, you will be invited too with Michelle, but you won't be participating. The two of you plus a few others will instead be dressed as servant girls, passing out hors d'oeuvres and soft drinks. You will be able to watch but your uniforms will ensure that you are not participants. You should both find it educational.

"Now Michelle lets have dinner then we can clean up and Amanda can learn what it is like to spank a sub."

Michelle, Matron and I sat down to eat the food that Michelle had prepared. The conversation was primarily what had happened to the girls who matron had disciplined that afternoon and I joined in the conversation only to fill it and describe how I felt. I was incredibly excited and couldn't wait for the meal to end so I could get Michelle across my lap. I noted that Michelle's eyes were sparkling too but every now and then I caught her looking at me rather funnily, almost as though she was in fear. Would she really be afraid of me spanking her? It was odd because from the conversation I realized that Michelle was often spanked and worse by matron. She even said she had received several "five bar gates" her self while locked in the spanking stool. If this were true why would she be afraid of a few hand spanks from me?

Eventually the meal ended and the dinner things were put away and Matron went off to change out of her uniform. While we waited for her Michelle seemed a little quiet. This wasn't really unusual. When Susan, Michelle and I were together it was not unusual for her to be a little quiet, Susan made enough conversation for all three of us. However Susan wasn't here and I asked her how long she had been a sub.

She answered that only since just before matron had asked her to become her PA. Apparently she had been sent to matron and it was during a punishment that the both of them found out that Michelle actually enjoyed it. I was a little stunned to say the least. Why Michelle would be sent to Matron for punishment, except that she couldn't participate in sports because of her heart condition she was almost too good to be true. I didn't resent this because after all Susan and myself were like tat too except that Susan was for ever going to the village to hang out with boys which I always assumed would get her in trouble. However the idea that Michelle would do something bad enough to get corporal punishment from Matron just didn't seem possible. So I just asked,

"So why were you sent to matron to be punished."

"Actually I wasn't sent to be punished, I was ..."

Just then Matron returned dressed in smart black skirt and white silk blouse with a string of pearls around her neck. She asked,

"So what were you girls talking about?"

Michelle said, "Amanda asked me how long I'd been a sub and told her that it was only when I was sent to you the first time and you punished me. Amanda wanted to know why you punished me."

"Oh I see, well Amanda, there was a good reason, but for now why don't we see what it's like to punish Michelle and then afterwards we can tell you everything you need to know. Michelle, go and fetch the chair for Amanda and set it up in the middle of the floor here.

Michelle went and fetched one of the chairs that we had been sitting at the table on in the breakfast nook, and placed it in the center of the den area. Matron went and sat on the sofa and said,

"Ok Amanda, since this is your first time, take it nice and slow. Follow my directions and you'll have a good time, in fact we all will. Go sit on the chair, and smooth out your gymslip over your legs. Good now Michelle, go and stand on the right side of her knee - you are right handed Amanda?"

I assured her that I was and Michelle came and stood on my right side. Matron had me take Michelle by her left arm and showed me how to guide her over my lap. Michelle and I were about the same height although I think then I slightly out weighed her. She settled comfortably on my lap and stretched her arms out in front of her placing her hands flat on the ground. Her toes rested neatly on the ground on my right side. Matron then had me raise her gymslip over her back and lift up her shirt tail exposing her panty covered bottom. Matron had me wrap my left arm around her waist and pulled her up my lap and she almost helped me and matron told me not to expect junior girls to be so helpful in the future. Then she told me to slap Michelle's buttocks cheeks, one cheek and then the other. She clapped her hands as a metronome for me to keep pace and I felt Michelle relax on me.

It didn't take long. I was so excited I became damper and damper. After about twenty spanks I noticed Michelle was moaning in pleasure and was almost rubbing her self into my thing. I thought I could feel a slight bulge on my left thigh and thought she might have something firm in her gymslip pocket that was pressing into me but I didn't mind.

Suddenly matron said,

"Amanda, you are doing nicely however after about twenty spanks, particularly with the junior girls you need to ease their panties down to see how red their bottom is becoming. Particularly with the junior girls, they are so embarrassed poor things, that I usually start with their panties up and then ease them down after twenty or so because they are by then so distracted with the pain. However older girls can be heavy and it is difficult to ease their panties down so I generally start them with their panties down around their knees or off altogether as you saw this afternoon.

"However since you have started with Michelle's panties up I should show you the procedure for the heavier girls to get them down. Have them stand up. Stand up Michelle!"

Michelle did stand up and I was a little disappointed I was just getting in the mood. However Matron continued,

"Ok Amanda, now reach up with both hands under her gymslip , find the top of the elastic and pull her panties down to her knees."

This actually added to my excitement so somewhat enthusiastically I reached up under Michelle's gymslip, found the smooth material of her cotton panties and pulled them down, and to my surprise Michelle's eyes bulged and she bent almost double in pain.

I thought the panties caught on something around her middle but I soon had them at her knees and then following Matron's instructions I again positioned her across my lap. I then lifter her gymslip and shirt and saw that her butt was a little pink. However as I inspected it closer I got a shock. About where I felt a softish bulge on my thigh I could see between her thighs a fleshy mass. I looked and looked and couldn't figure out what it was. Suddenly Matron said,

"Michelle, I think she has found it, you might as well face your moment of truth. Why don't you stand up and show her?"

Confused I watch Michelle stand up. I suddenly saw tears in her eyes. They weren't tears of pain, she hadn't yelled and I hadn't spanked her that hard. These were tears of sorrow, or was it shame. She stood in front of me and said,

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"Amanda, I have wanted to tell you for so long, please forgive me, I didn't mean to hurt you, I wanted you to know from the very beginning but I couldn't. I couldn't tell anybody, not even my best friend."

And slowly she lifted up the front of the gymslip. I didn't feint. I didn't scream, shout or even say anything. I looked and looked and there was almost a sense of relief. I think deep down I had know for a long time. I had never seen him naked, he had lived in his own dorm, never had taken showers with the rest of us, never played games. Was very smart with all the sciences, the maths, the drafting, the knowledge of cars and planes. The voice that just wasn't quite right, the faint shadows where the sideburns seemed to want to grow. I never seen his legs or even his arms. He wore his shirt sleeves down all the time. Even his eyes. There was something in those eyes that was always apologizing for something.

I shook my head and smiled, I stood up and opened my arms and we hugged each other. He was trembling with relief and I was trembling with joy. I wanted him and I knew instinctively that he wanted me. I said,

"So what do I call you now?"

Matron stood up too and said, "His name is Michael but if I ever hear either of you say that for the next two years, you'll both be over that stool. Until the day you graduate Amanda, she will always be known as Michelle. This is terribly important that you understand this for his sake and all our sakes. Except for right now he is to remain a she until the day you both graduate. Tomorrow you can sit down and talk, Michelle will explain everything. Amanda, do I have your word that this will remain our secret? There are others who already know and you will get to know them in due course but even then you must never discuss it with them outside of this house. It will be disastrous for me the school and even yourself if the wrong people should ever suspect that Michelle is other than a girl with a heart problem."

I said, "I understand, nobody will learn the truth from me, I promise but I just want to say one last thing, Michael, I'm so happy you are a boy. For the two and a half years I promise to treat you as a girl, but know that I am so very happy you are a boy."

Matron laughed, "Well Miss Perkins, I can see how glad you are that Michelle is a boy however there is one more thing you must understand, and this is also very important. Until the day she and yourself graduate, Michelle's penis belongs to me. You will never touch it unless I am present and give you instructions. The day you graduate it, if you want it and Michelle agrees, you may have ownership then but till then it is mine and I won't tolerate any tampering with that particular piece of property. Do we have a clear understanding?"

I was a little chastened by this but since I didn't have any choice I said, "Yes Matron, I understand, that penis belongs to you until we graduate. Promise I won't touch it or interfere with it unless you give permission."

"Very good then, lets us get on with this spanking, Amanda sit down and Michelle, assume the position."

We did as directed and soon I was spanking away to matron's rhythm and Michelle was humping my leg. The spanking went on for half an hour but within about ten minutes, Michelle was moaning in utter pleasure and yet saying things like a little girl who was hurting. She would say things like,

"Oh it huuurrrrrts, so much ... I'm sorry ... Amanda ... I'm sorry ... harder ... it feels so gooooddd ... owwww ... I won't do it again ... I promise to behave ... I'll never do it again ... ohhhh it's sooooo goooood."

Her butt got redder and redder and I slapped harder and harder. Her grinding into my lap was getting to me and I got hotter and hotter and damper and damper. My own juices were pouring out of me into my own panties and then I looked up. I guess Matron moving had caught my eye and as I looked up I saw Matron and Miss Jenkins looking down and smiling at me.

"Well," said "Miss Jenkins, "I guess there's no need to ask how it turned out!"

Chapter 17 - The Specialist

Although it probably wasn't the happiest day of my entire life, that evening over Amanda's knee was certainly the happiest day yet at St. Anne's. After her discovery that I was not what she had thought and her incredibly positive reaction to what I was, I was in seventh heaven.

All day long I had been nervous about what would happen. I suppose initially I had been surprised that Matron had accepted my plan about recruiting Amanda as readily as she did and organized the whole thing including telephoning Miss Jenkins and even arranging at last minute for Maureen Watson to be present for the Friday afternoon disciplinary presentation. At the time I didn't know that Maureen was a sub, in fact the only subs I knew of in the pupil population was Christine Fowler and of course Susan Davis. I was pretty certain there were others but didn't know who they were or their number. My plan had merely suggested at having a sub present to make sure that Amanda would definitely see some "action" on Matron's sick bay stool. Usually there were other culprits present on the last Friday of the month but having a sub there was a backup just in case. Of course I didn't envisage that Matron would go further and have Amanda come back to the house and offer me up to her. If I had known I would have been more than nervous. I would have been terrified thinking about the reaction Amanda would have to me being a male.

Of course I knew that if Amanda had a positive reaction (as I expected) to what she saw in Matron's office then ultimately she would learn the truth about me however that was something in the future - hopefully distant future - and I would worry about it when the time came. However when Amanda actually said,

"Michelle, I should spank you right now."

I had become immediately terribly excited and yet nervous as I realized it's implications. Of course when Matron made it clear that I would be the sub that Amanda would first get to spank after our evening meal I had become downright terrified. Over the meal I knew Amanda had caught me looking at her several times as I realized that she might never want to talk to me again. I was scared and even confused and hadn't had chance to even plan what I would say.

Once the spanking started I hoped she wouldn't find out yet though the slug's incredible erection at the thought of being over the lap I most desired in the world made detection almost a certainty. However when she pulled my panties down over him and the agony that that caused, I knew the game was up. And when Matron said,

"Michelle, I think she has found it, you might as well face your moment of truth. Why don't you stand up and show her?"

I almost cried out in shame. I expected Amanda to be shocked, insulted and at the very least disappointed and perhaps she wouldn't even talk to me again. The fact that her eyes lit up with pleasure and she hugged me was an incredible wonderful surprise and I almost cried with joy.

The subsequent spanking over her knee was one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of my life. It was incredible and I believed I was as happy as anyone could be. It was also a very long spanking and even when Miss Jenkins appeared it did not slow down. Instead my buttocks became hotter and hotter and the slug strained to the maximum. I rubbed deeper and deeper into Amanda's thing and incredibly we both came at the same moment. I felt Amanda jerk and jerk as my own gyrations caused my climax to erupt. Amanda rubbed my now bruised buttocks cheeks with her hand as I spent myself into her gymslipped thigh, the juices making a huge mess of her skirt.

Finally, both of us spent, matron helped me up off of her lap and turned to Miss Jenkins and said,

"Margaret, I think Miss Perkins needs your help, I would remover her gymslip now and get it in the sink to wash that stuff off of there before it gets a chance to set. I'll look after Michelle for a moment."

Miss Jenkins helped Amanda remove her gymslip, and washed it off and then they both came back to the sofa, Miss Jenkins hugged me a while Matron went and got Amanda one of my gymslips to wear till they got home. Once Amanda was dressed and I had come to, Matron then said,

"Margaret, we are going to have a bit of a problem with these two. They have been the best of friends for the past four months and now that this has happened there will be no stopping them unless we take some counter measures."

"You really think that that is going to be necessary?" said Miss Jenkins.

"If we don't the two of them could start people talking and that could endanger us all."

"Well I don't have anything we could use on Michelle, however at home I have something we could use on Amanda for a short time until we get Michelle fitted out.

"Michelle's case is going to be a little bit of a challenge, never having had this problem with a male we are going to have to have something special made. I don't really want to get anything for Amanda. She is going to be a Mistress and clearly a Mistress should not be made to wear anything like that for any significant amount of time. However perhaps we coluld puther in one temoporarily till Michelle gets fitted. Besides it would be good experience for her to know what a sub goes through. I think Amanda is going to become a spectacular Domme and Michelle will be a wonderful switch but we are going to have to take care with them both. We can't stop them seeing each other, it wouldn't be fair. I think it would be more humane to have Michelle properly fitted out with a specially tailored device and then we could let them be together and they would both understand that though they can be the greatest of friends, any thing else will have to await their graduations.

"Why don't you explain to Amanda tonight the implications and possibly put her in the temporary device, you can remind her that it will only be temporary till Michelle gets a fitted one. We can take them both into London where we can have Michelle properly fitted and Amanda can watch and then have her won temporary one emoved."

Miss Jenkins said, "As always Charlotte, you are thinking ahead, and I think you are right. I shall talk to Amanda tonight, explain the facts to her and explain what an honor it actually is for her. The device I have is clean and pretty comfortable. I have worn it myself for several long periods so I know it is ok. It's pretty secure and shouldn't cause her any problems."

"Good that is settled then, you can be Amanda's key holder for a couple of days and I shall be Michelle's.

At the time neither Amanda nor I really understood much of that conversation and it was only after Miss Jenkins and Amanda left and matron and I had finally gone upstairs to bed that matron explained. It was a Friday evening and so matron had decided to let me sleep with her in my straitjacket. After I was suitably fastened in with my ankles secured to the bottom of the bed she did some C & B torture to me with some thigh slapping until finally I had reached such a pitch that I had come again. As always with matron her ministrations to me were erotic and exotic and I was quite exhausted by the time she fastened the straitjacket's crotch strap and tucked me in. However she said,

"Well my little one, did you enjoy today?"

I said, "I really enjoyed this evening but was too worried that I was wrong about Amanda during the day to enjoy it."

She said, "I wasn't worried about Amanda, I had her pegged in her second year as a likely Domme candidate. She is very smart, intelligent, a natural leader and stands no nonsense when it comes to getting the important things done. However my worry is your strong attraction to her and hers towards you. That is the one thing that is very dangerous. When the two of you are together you might be so distracted that, the importance of keeping secret this life-style, escapes you. It would only need one small slip from either of you to put us all in danger. For this reason we are going to take certain extraordinary precautions. She is going to be fitted into a temporary chastity device until Monday when we shall all go up to London where you can be fitted for your own chastity device and then hers can be removed."

I said, "What are chastity devices?"

She laughed and said, "Well they really were medieval devices designed to protect the virginity of maidens when their husbands went off to war. Those devices were a little cruel and almost brutally uncomfortable however modern devices for women are much more comfortable, can be worn for long periods without discomfort or harm. Devices for males are relatively new, there are many different styles and all have to be individually fitted. A good one will enable urination without difficulty however they effectively prevent any kind of manipulation of the penis by the wearer so masturbation is prohibited without the key. Unfortunately and this may be problematic for you, erections can be a little painful while wearing it, so you will have to learn to control yourself better than you can now."

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"Will I have to wear it all the time?"

"Yes, however, providing you are a good "girl", then I promise I'll let you out to be "drained" at least four or five times a week provided you don't make a fuss about going into it."

"What about Amanda?"

"Miss Jenkins will talk to her about it tonight, and assuming she agrees then she will be fitted for a temporary chastity device. But in her case it will be only until you are fitted into yours. She is going to become a Mistress after all. It's a little different in her case because it consists of a belt that goes around her waist with another belt going between her legs. Cleanliness for her will be more of a problem because hers will affect defecation as well as urination however I'm sure Miss Jenkins will keep on top of that."

"Suppose Amanda won't agree?"

"Seeing her reaction today and tonight, I hardly think it will be a problem. You can ask her tomorrow anyway. Miss Jenkins has the temporary device that she will probably start wearing tonight so she'll be effectively off limits to you by tomorrow."

"How long will we have to wear these devices?"

"My plan is to just have Amanda wear one until yours is fitted. You will then wear it until either one of you leaves, or are no longer friends or until you graduate. Fortunately I have a friend in London who is a doctor who has a side business on fitting these devices. She is very knowledgeable and so on Monday the two of you, my self and Miss Jenkins will go up to London. You will have yours fitted in front of Amanda so she can see how it works and then she will have her temporary device removed. Perhaps when you both graduate we can give Amanda your keys as a graduation present to her.

I lay back in my straitjacket and as she turned out the light, I snuggled up to her and thought about what it would be like to have my penis locked up. In some ways it sounded exciting and the slug got hard just thinking about it. I wondered about what it would like to try and urinate with the slug locked in a prison drifted off to a sleep filled with dreams of Amanda, with me locked in my cage, able to talk and hold hands but never able to hug or kiss.

Next morning, after doing my chores and a little reading homework set by Matron I walked around to Miss Jenkins cottage to see if Amanda wanted to go for a walk. The weather outside was sunny and I thought it might be fun to go and get coffee in the village. I already knew there was no hockey game that weekend and thought it would be fun to see of both Amanda and Susan would go to the village together. Actually I couldn't wait to see Amanda and was pleased when she smiled as she opened the door. I was a little surprised she was in uniform because on Weekends, she, like Susan generally avoided wearing school uniform unless it was necessary. She said,

"Oh good Michelle I was just going to come around to your cottage to see if you wanted to go for a walk to the village. I'm glad you are in uniform already - come to think of it I understand now why you are probably in uniform more than anybody else I know."

I motioned my finger to my lips to remind her not to speak in the open and we went inside. She told me that Miss Jenkins had gone to town for the day but that she wanted to show me something in the lounge so I followed her in. Once inside the lounge she drew the curtains and said,

"Look Michelle, I know we aren't supposed to talk about it but I want you to know that I am thrilled you are what you are. I've liked you ever since I met you and only wish we could really date and have a normal life. But Miss Jenkins explained a lot to me last night and although we could both leave St. Anne's she said that you had good reasons to want to stay and that you would explain them to me this morning."

I smiled and sat on a sofa and said,

"Well it's an unusual story but you more than anybody I know deserve to know."

And so I told her about my inheritance and the conditions attached. How I had to somehow graduate from St. Anne's as a girl and how it had necessitated me pretending to have a heart condition that prevented me from doing sports where I would have to wear anything other than school uniform. How I'd had to have a private dorm so I wouldn't risk exposing myself to anyone. How I hated wearing girls clothes and only after moths of practicing before school started how I'd gradually got used to wearing a gymslip over the rest of which was almost a boys school uniform, how I hated wearing other girls clothes which was why she and Susan had almost always seen me in uniform where I was most comfortable. I explained how Matron had found out and then how she had punished me for being a boy, only to find out that I actually enjoyed her punishments.

Then I had learned that Matron and Miss Jenkins were Domme's and that there were others who were Subs as well as other Domme's. How I loved all this and liked being a slave to matron.

Amanda was clearly intrigued and excited and wanted me to tell her who the other people were. I explained how we were forbidden to talk about it and why. I explained that it was a wonderful setup but that it must remain very secret and that she would only find out things when she needed to know. She then told me that there was one secret she was going to tell me but that Miss Jenkins had told her it was alright to share with me and she suddenly stood up, lifted the hem of her gymslip and yanked down her panties to her knees. She said,

"Well you can see what you have done to me. Although I am a Domme in training so to speak, because you are my friend and a boy, I am going to have to wear this for a while."

I looked. She was wearing a polished metal belt that had an inside rubber lining around her waist. It was fastened by as special hasp arrangement that had a small brass padlock through it. Another metal belt was attached to the first belts front and passed down between her legs, up the other side and fastened to the waist belt in the back. I could see a small hole that had prongs around it facing inwards through which she could pee. There was a similar larger hole below that where she could defecate. It was very erotic looking and didn't appear particularly uncomfortable. I said,

"Oh heck Amanda, this is my fault. Did they fit this on you?"

She replied laughing, "They? No Miss Jenkins did. I actually put it on last night and slept in it. She did unlock it this morning so I could go to the bathroom but then she asked me if she could lock me in it for the rest of the day. It's OK. I wouldn't want to wear it the rest of my life but Miss Jenkins said it's only temporary, until you are fitted with one. It's very erotic in a way and there is something special about her holding the key though deep down inside I feel annoyed at having to wear it. I guess I'd rather you wear it and I hold your key. Does that sound weird? It's not really uncomfortable although it clunks a little when I sit down."

"Does it hurt you?" I asked worriedly.

"No not at all. I think it will be uncomfortable when I have to pee or do a number two, and it will be a little difficult to clean up afterwards but Miss Jenkins promised me that either she or Matron would remove it at least once a day so I can shower and clean up properly. The only problem is that they have given me very little choice because I am your friend. However she has told me that until we graduate or one of us leaves you will have to wear it or one like it every day."

"Perhaps I should leave St. Anne's then."

"You do and I'll quit too. There is no way they are going to talk me out of leaving you or losing you as my boy friend!"

"Shhh I said worriedly, don't even use that word in a joke. I don't want to lose you as my girlfriend either which is why I'm serious. Putting you in that thing is barbaric. I couldn't have it on my conscience."

"It won't be. I'm doing this because I want to. I want you and am more than willing to wait till I graduate. Besides in my case it is only going to be a few days. I don't know if I shall be able to masturbate while it is on me but I can handle it for a couple of days. It will show me at least what you are going to be going through. At least you'll be a virgin!

"Actually I'm not - Matron has already taken care of that but at least You'll know that there is nobody else.

"Well I'm not really surprised, but I don't care. The way I see it she is training you, she's training us both. That way when we graduate we'll both be better prepared."

I smiled and said, "Amanda Perkins I love you, you are smarter and wiser than I'll ever be and I won't ever let you go either. I suppose I'd better tell you a little more to the story. For what it's worth, Miss Jenkins and Matron are taking us both to someplace in London on Monday where I shall have a proper and more permanent device fitted. I don't know what it'll be like. but they decided that it wasn't fair for you to wear one since you are going to be a mistress and I'll be a sub. Yours will be removed on Monday after mine is fitted and then Matron will be my key holder.

After some more similar conversation we decided to head down to the village but as we were passing Miss Halliwell's cottage we decided to call on Susan. As usual Susan wasn't in uniform so her first comment was,

"Oh look, it's the school kids from down the street in their pretty uniforms! It's Saturday girls, get with the program. We don't have to wear uniforms on Saturdays!"

Amanda said, "Pipe down you fashion slut. We're off to the village for coffee and if you've got nothing better to do you could join us."

"But then I'd have to dress like a school kid too!" and she pulled a face. "Oh ok then. Give me a few moments to get changed and let me tell Shelia"

And so the three of us spent the morning and afternoon, in the village. It was a curious day. I knew Amanda was a Domme trainee and that Susan was a sub trainee but they didn't know about each other even though they both knew about me. When Amanda sat down in the coffee shop I though I heard the feint "clunk" of her chastity belt and I did see her shift her weight slightly but she didn't look at me so it was hard to be sure. Of course just thinking about her wearing it made the slug hard too. Neither of them said anything about the subject and all though I was busting to tell them about each other I knew that matron would be very upset and punish me severely. And so I kept pretty quiet through the morning letting Susan and Amanda doing most of the talking - it was just fun being with my two best friends one of whom was now my girlfriend.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The rest of the weekend passed uneventfully except that on Saturday night Matron gave me a wonderful hand spanking over her lap followed by a nice slow caning on the stool down in the basement. My buttocks were heavily bruised with two five bar gates but because she had taken her time, allowing me to relax after each stroke I managed not to scream again till the eighth stroke. She then took me to bed where she used my penis and finally, once straight jacketed for the night, she brought me to an incredible orgasm.

On Sunday afternoon, Matron had me go to my bedroom and told me that she was going to have a sub down in the basement and that I was to stay in my room and do some extra homework assignment that she had set. To prevent me from undue temptation she locked me up by simply passing a length of chain around my waist and securing it with a padlock and padlocked the other end to one of the eyebolts on my bed. This wasn't the first time this had happened by any means. The first time I had found it a little weird but the chain was long enough for me to study at my desk and I had become used to it. Eventually I heard muffled voices in the hallway I couldn't tell who they were and I soon returned to my studies. She eventually released me as it was getting dark but by then all my assignments were properly completed and I was dozing on the bed.

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The next morning I got up as usual for school and Matron was ready though not in uniform. She had dressed in a smart, conservative business suit and instead of driving to school we stopped off at Miss Jenkins. I got out and moved into the back seat and Miss Jenkins took my place in the front passenger seat. I didn't mind at all because this gave me a chance to sit next to Amanda in the back.

Matron said, "Well girls, we are off to see a special friend of mine in London to have you both properly fitted with the devices that we are going to ask you to wear for the rest of your time at St. Anne's. The person we are seeing is a Doctor Samantha Stephenson. She is a renowned Urologist who also has a side business providing for male and female chastity devices. She is a renowned expert in this field and I have known her since we went to school together. She has taken care of several acquaintances of mine and that have all been appropriately satisfied. But we have a long ride ahead of us so you may talk about whatever you want since there is only the four of us. You may both ask any questions of either of us too."

I immediately said, "Matron, do you mean I am free to talk about everything I know to Amanda?"

"A fair question Michelle, and one that could have unforeseen consequences. Let me ask Amanda a question first. Amanda, are you still wearing that temporary chastity belt of Margaret's here?"

Amanda answered, "Yes matron."

"Well what do you think of it? Do you think you could wear it for the next two and a half years?"

"Matron, if it means I can stay with Michelle I'll gladly wear it ten years if I have to - though one day I would like to have it removed so I can be with him, sorry her. It is reasonably comfortable and I'm getting used to keeping myself clean although Miss Jenkins does unlock me every night for a shower."

"Are you able to sleep in it?"

"Yes matron,"

"Are you masturbating in it?"

Amanda turned almost beetroot red with embarrassment but answered strongly with,

"In bed I can give myself some stimulation by poking my fingers around it but I haven't been able to achieve and orgasm."

"One last question Amanda, would you be prepared to wear it till you graduate?"

"I thought mine was coming off after Michelle was fitted."

"That was the original plan, but I'm curious to know if you would still be prepared to wear it to stay with Michelle?"

"Well I wouldn't be exactly thrilled. I see myself locking other people in chastity belts, not wearing them but if it was te only way I could stay with Michelle then I suppose I would have to accept it.

"Very good Amanda! You needn't worry. You are going to be a Mistress in Training and should never, ever feel comfortable about being placed in the role of a sub. You may find during your training that occasionally you need to understand what the sub feels or is going through though you should never be comfortable about it. Anyway the reason you are currently in that belt is to reduce the temptation between you and Michelle. However that need goes away once we have Michelle securely locked up, so your belt can come off.

Matron then smiled and said, "Well Margaret, it looks like Amanda is going to be a great addition to our little team."

Miss Jenkins said, "If she is just half as good a Domme as she is Hockey player she'll be wonderful."

"So back to your question Michelle, yes I really think that in Amanda's case you are free to talk about anything you like while you are in the car with us present. And I'm assuming you specifically want to talk about Amanda's next door neighbors?"

I laughed and said "Matron you know me so well and Amanda looked questioningly at me. I continued,

"Amanda, I was busting to tell you on Saturday but didn't have permission but now I can. I think you'll be quite thrilled to learn that Susan is a sub."

Amanda stared incredulously at me. She said,

"You mean our Susan, Susan Davis?"

I nodded.

"Really Susan is a sub, that I could spank her botty?"

"Absolutely!" replied Matron. "In fact by the time the three of you graduate you will not only be spanking, but caning, flogging and generally putting in bondage all sorts of subs and switches including Michelle here and Susan. Assuming you progress as Margaret and I expect you will learn how to pleasure people by all sorts of stimulations that can be applied to the human body and you will not only practice on subs amongst the pupils at St. Anne's but also certain members of the staff who are also subs.

"Perhaps we should make a start in your education tonight when we can invite Susan and Sheila over, we can take you down to our little dungeon and you can spank Susan and perhaps learn a little rope bondage."

Amanda said, "I suddenly feel it's Christmas and all my birthdays are rolled in to one. I can't wait to begin my training.

Amanda and I chatted endlessly on our journey up to London about how happy we were with our new lives. However the closer we got to London the more apprehensive I became about what was going to happen. I had no idea what mine would look like. The slug was going to be locked up and Matron had hinted that an erection might be painful once he was secured. The trouble was that as I sat in the car and thought about it, the slug kept trying to erect himself. I even wondered if Dr. Stephenson would be able to lock him up since I was almost sure he would become very stiff and hard if she attempted to handle him.

Eventually we pulled in to Harley Street and Matron parked the car. We all got out and went through into an older marble fronted Doctors office doorway that had a brass plate on the door saying:-

"Dr. S. Stephenson M.D. FRCS FRCU"

We went in and entered a waiting room. At the desk was a woman in a nurse's uniform that was similar to matron's except her dress was light blue with short sleeves that terminated in frilly cuffs. She wore the standard white starched apron and starched nurse's cap that seemed standard throughout their profession.

The nurse handed a clipboard to me with a medical questionnaire form asking all sorts of medical questions. When I came to the questions about my heart I looked at Matron and she said to leave them blank. The nurse took our completed questionnaires and took them through into another office that I assumed to belong to Dr. Stephenson.

She soon returned and sat down and we all sat in silence except that every now and then Matron and Miss Jenkins whispered to each other. Eventually after about twenty minutes the inner office door opened and out came a man in a smart business suit and a woman in her mid thirties dressed in a fur coat. The man spoke briefly to the nurse and seemed to write a check to the nurse and then he picked his umbrella from a stand and a bowler hat from the hat stand and taking the woman by the arm walked out the door into the street. I grinned to myself and wondered which one of them was now locked up!

I didn't get long to wonder very much when the door opened again and a woman dressed in a doctor's long white coat appeared. She was very tall and thin with long, beautiful black hair, and a pretty face that lit up as soon as she saw Matron and Miss Jenkins.

"How wonderful to see you both," she said hugging Matron first then Miss Jenkins. "How many years has it's been?"

They chatted briefly for a short while and then Matron introduced Amanda and me. She smiled at us both and shook our hands and then said,

"Well why don't we go through into the surgery?"

We all followed her in although I saw the nurse looking at us with disapproval as though there were too many people going in at once. Perhaps she had to clean up afterwards?

The surgery office was quite large and included a desk and chair and there was a gurney up against one wall and against another was an examination couch with those stirrup things attached at one end. There were enough chairs for us all to sit down but as Amanda and I were about to sit Dr. Stephenson said,

"Oh Michelle, I know it is a little cold in here but I think it would be easier if you just removed your hat, blazer and gymslip and shoes. You should loosen your tie too. You can keep your socks and shirt on but it would just help if you unbutton the front of your shirt."

It was strange undressing in front of all these women but the slug enjoyed it and immediately erected himself in my panties.

"I'm sorry dear," continued Dr. Stephenson after I'd undressed, "but you are also going to remove your panties."

Dr. Stephenson came over to me and began an examination. She measured my waist, distance between the mid point of my back through my legs to my belly button. She then had me on the examination table with my legs in the stirrups. She probed under and around my testicles and penis and using latex gloves she inserted her fingers in my rectum and massaged my prostate. I was sort of getting used to this sort of treatment from Matron but although it was still quite painful I resisted the urge to move around though my penis enlarged to almost unbelievable amounts.

Dr. Stephenson said, "So is Michelle a sissy boy, Charlotte?"

"Actually no, on the contrary he really isn't," said Matron. He really is male and absolutely hates wearing women's clothing. The only reason he's at St. Anne's as a schoolgirl is that an aunt who was a St. Anne's alumni stipulated in her will that he had to graduate from the same school as she did to collect her inheritance. Since we don't accept boys his mother had really no choice but to persuade him to come as a girl. She and her lawyer constructed quite a clever plan which included a VSD to prevent him from being involved in games. It almost worked until I did a physical on him and found the truth. Initially I was so angry that I punished him over my knee quite harshly. Then I came to found out that he actually enjoyed being punished.

"That confused me. As you know we are always on the look out for potential Domme's and subs so I was almost thrown off balance. Then I decided to really put her to the test and found that she is a real pain slut - not that I have much experience with male subs but she can sure take a lot. On top of that I found out that she is quite brilliant. Prior to her arrival Amanda here was easily top of they year but Michelle has proven to be at least as good as her especially in the sciences and maths. After a lot of heartache and a couple of other tests I took her on as my PA and she has been exceptional ever since. She has also used her intelligence to keep secrets and has been useful in recruiting Amanda here and one other girl.

"She has been very successful at maintaining the image of a schoolgirl and except for the fact that the school uniform for her is a huge turn on has done remarkably well. She doesn't really like wearing a gymslip but if you think about it the rest of the uniform is almost male and that she doesn't mind. Prior to her being my PA we noticed that of all the girls in the school she was often seen wearing a gymslip on weekends and of course it is now understandable that she doesn't really like to wear any other girl's clothes. I have been able to get her to wear a bra just to help fill her out but after that she is quite resistant to much else. For her sake I have actually required her to wear school uniform nearly all the time - so she can truthfully say to the other girls that Matron requires it of him as her PA."

"I see said Dr. Stephenson. "But if she is not a sissy boy, why are you locking up her penis?"

"Oh because even before any of this started, she made friends with the two smartest girls in her year. One is Amanda here and the other is another PA of Shelia Halliwell's - do you know Sheila?"

"Yes, Sheila Halliwell was a second year at St. Anne's that I had the pleasure of paddling a few times when I was a prefect."

"Yes that sounds like Sheila," said Matron, "Well Sheila is now a wonderful sub and her PA is also sub - at least she is just starting out like these two. Anyway when we realized that Michelle was going to be a sub to Amanda here it seemed like we could have trouble - we'd only need Amanda to get pregnant and we'd all be in trouble. So the smart thing seemed to be to lock her up. Then we realized that it would be fairer to lock Michelle up since she is the sub and Amanda the Domme. Amanda is only locked up unitl we get Michelle locked up. After that they can do what they want. The other girl wasn't as much of a problem since she is lesbian and therefore it was unlikely that Michelle would get her into trouble although slightly possible since I really believe Michelle is actually switch."

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"Are you saying that you have Amanda locked up?"

Miss Jenkins answered, "Yes, once Michelle and Amanda found out that they were into the opposite side's of BDSM we thought it prudent to lock them away from each other. Since we had nothing for Michelle I did have that old belt you gave me some years ago so I have locked her up in that."

"Not a nice thing to do to a future Domme," laughed Dr. Stephenson, "but I see your dilemma. Well lets get Michelle fitted and then we can free up Amanda."

Dr. Stephenson turned back to me. "Well Charlotte," she said, "For Michelle we have a couple of options. One is a belt similar to Amanda's. It is more heavy and bulky and is a little more difficult to conceal. It has more metal around the crotch and has a mesh that goes around the front to allow urination. It is quite secure but has to be constantly washed to prevent infection and smell. The second option, and one I recommend, is a much newer technology. It consists of a plastic ring which locks around the base of her testicular sack and comes over the top of the penis. The penis itself is then inserted into a high impact plastic case that locks onto the ring. It is completely un-removable without the key, but can be worn almost indefinitely without the need to remove it. It is simple to clean, and as far as I'm aware has never caused an infection. It also hides well in either trousers or under a skirt in her case. It does have one slight drawback however. Once it is locked on an erection can be quite painful. Also, annoyingly for most males, they have to sit to urinate. Since there is nothing between the legs or around the waist however defecation is easily accomplished and the device is virtually undetectable, even under bathing trunks.

"I have clients now whose key holders have kept them continuously locked up for several months at a time. I know of one gentleman who has worn it unopened for over two years without any adverse consequences."

Matron said, "Samantha, except for the bit where you said it was plastic it sounds ideal, but I'm worried she might break it open."

"Highly unlikely Charlotte. Yes it is made of high impact polycarbonate plastic. But it is virtually unbreakable. It would be possible to take it off with machine tools I suppose but it would certainly risk injury to the penis and in any case you would soon know. I do suggest to all my clients that the key holder inspects it on a regular basis to make sure it's not cracked and the lock has not been tampered with. Here let me show you one.

She went to her cupboard and after looking at several boxes, carefully inspecting the labels she got one down.

"I think this should fit her," she said, "though we have to get the erection down before we can be sure."

The device consisted of a clear plastic ring and separate clear plastic tube that was curved down that linked to the ring by three pins - one of which contained a hold for a lock. The tube was about three inches long and had a slightly bulbous end that contained a hole presumably to allow urine to pass. There were vent holes along the sides down which water would pass for hygienic purposes.

Dr. Stephenson continued, "I noticed that she has had an erection since she's been here, it that generally the case?"

Matron laughed, "Well yes, she is turned on by a lot that goes on at the school. The girls in their gymslips, especially the senior girls, the fact that she helps me with the disciplinary part of my job even my own uniform and then handling of any of her private parts always generates a powerful erection."

"Well she is certainly going to find it tough wearing this device until she learns to control it," laughed Dr. Stephenson, "but for now we must get her to lose the erection before we can fit it. Does she usually go completely flaccid after she comes?"

"No, even then she only goes slack for a while and if you handle it, it will re-erect very quickly."

"Well in that case Michelle I have only one option. It won't be very pleasant for you so since you have been good till now let me give you a little reward before we do the unpleasant stuff. Please get back up on the examination table and put your feet in the stirrups."

I did as she requested and she immediately brought a strap up across my middle. She then fastened my wrists into cuffs at either side of the table and then fastened a leather collar around my neck which was somehow riveted to the table. I forced myself to relax and as I did so the slug expanded to unbelievable size. I wondered if he knew what he was letting himself in for and sort of began to feel sorry for his naivety. I didn't know what this woman was going to do but I doubted it would be good for the slug. Finally she put leather straps around my ankles holding them firmly into the stirrups. Then she said,

"Since Amanda is being trained as a Domme perhaps she should come over and see this little demonstration. I know you have seen it before Charlotte but why don't you and Margaret come and watch too. The fact that all four of us are watching should help her come too."

I looked up to see Dr. Stephenson at the foot of the table and Amanda standing next to her, intrigued at the sight of my most private parts secured firmly to the table almost hanging in the breeze. Matron and Miss Jenkins also seemed fascinated.

"You see Amanda what we need to do is make Michelle's penis flaccid so we can correctly size the testicular ring and cage. The cage will hold her penis but it can only easily be fitted when it is flaccid. There are many ways to make a penis flaccid but one is to do a penile block with a local anesthetic by injecting it here and here," and she pointed at the base of my penis. She continued,

This blocks the nerve transmission from the brain to the penis. Normally blood flows via the penile artery through the meatus to the penile vein, however on trigger from the right nerves, the penile vein shuts off. This means that blood flows in but cannot escape causing it to become stiff and erect. The local anesthetic blocks the message to close the vein so it opens up and the penis deflates rapidly. Injecting there is initially quite painful so we shall give Michelle a little reward to distract her first. We shall make her come.

"Obviously there are a lot of ways to make her come, just by rubbing the penis up and down is sufficient to cause most males to ejaculate rather quickly and since Michelle is aroused by a school uniform having you rub her should cause a fairly rapid ejaculation. However that would be rather crude so I shall show you another way that it incredibly fast and efficient. We can actually trigger the nerve that causes an ejaculation i.e. make her come by electrically stimulating the nerve directly if you know where to do it. Since you are going to be a Domme it is one of the skills you will learn but for now just watch."

Suddenly I felt what felt like a finger up my anus and another probe touched the base of the penis. Dr. Stephenson said,

"So we place the electrodes like this and press the trigger button - that's it just press that little red button on the box."

I saw Amanda move and suddenly there was an intense pain in my penis and I came immediately with sperm shooting out almost on to Dr. Stephenson. She said,

"Wups, you have to be careful when there is a full load but you see how fast that was."

I felt cheated it. It was though one minute I was just feeling good and the next second I was coming because of intense pain in my penis. As soon as the pain stopped the ejaculation ceased and it was done. It was the least pleasurable orgasm I had ever felt. The slug didn't like it at all and started to go limp fairly quickly.

"Ah, now you see that once an orgasm has happened the penile nerve signals it to the brain and the penile vein starts to open. However to make sure it stays that way we shall just do the injection."

And Dr. Stephenson took an alcohol pad, wiped the base of my penis and I felt her stab me with a needle and then there was a horrible burning ache as she injected the local anesthetic. I bucked in my leather bonds but I was securely held and could barely move a couple of inches. Then I felt the same sharp pain on the other side followed by another dull ache. Then within thirty seconds I could feel nothing at all. It was completely numb.

"Now, said Dr. Stephenson, we could do circumcision or even cut it off and Michelle wouldn't feel a thing. But for us now, what is important is that the penis is totally flaccid. We can now fit the ring and the cage.

I couldn't see what she did or feel anything at all but after a few minutes she went to her cupboard and said,

"Charlotte we need the next size up. Don't worry it will still be secure but I think the first one might just have caused some irritation. Now let me show you how to put it on and lock it up - Amanda you can watch and learn too."

They fiddled around some more with the doctor explaining the various parts, how to take them off put them on and how I would have to clean around it in the shower and bathe and then Dr. Stephenson announced,

"Ok ladies, that is done. The penile block will wear off in about ten minutes and we should make sure she can urinate. In the meantime lets let her up and have her get dressed."

She removed my straps and helped me off of the examination table and I stared down at my now imprisoned cock. Around the base of the penis and behind my testicular sack was a ring made of two semicircles that was hinged at the base. The half circles came together at the top above the base of my penis and were held together by the locking pin that also fastened the cage. It was tight and no amount of pushing could persuade my testicles to go through it. Then locked to the ring by the locking pin and a small brass padlock was the clear plastic cage. I could see my penis just lying there inside it but I couldn't even touch it. I pulled and manipulated it while they all watched but I could see it would never come off unless the lock were removed and the pin taken out so that the cage could be removed and the ring opened up.

I saw that Matron had taken the keys, one of which she put in her purse and the other she attached to the gold chain necklace she always wore.

Dr. Stephenson told me to get dressed which I did and then she took out another box from her cupboard that itself held boxes of handcuffs.

She gave a box to matron and said, these are very good quality. They are simple to use and just ratchet around the wrist. Be careful not to make them too tight or you'll cut off circulation and I recommend that they be double locked to prevent them from accidentally squeezing too tight. They comes with two keys. Proper procedure is to lock the wrists behind their back prior to opening his chastity's. Now Michelle has the feeling in your penis come back yet.

Surprisingly it had so she had me go into as small toilet just off of her office and had me sit down on the seat. At her request I found it relatively simple to urinate through the hole in the curved tube but now I could no longer steer the stream by standing and holding it with my hand. I realized that my days of standing to urinate were probably gone for a while.

Then Dr. Stephenson had Amanda raise her gymslip and lower her panties. She took a key from Miss Jenkins and unlocked the padlock on Amanda's belt and undid a fastening that allowed it to slide down her thighs and then removed it. Finally she examined Amanda carefully to make sure there were no abrasions on her skin. Finally she pronounced her fit and Amanda seemed relieved that her confinement was over. I must admit I was a little jealous and wondered how long it would be before I could say the same.

Soon we were on our way back to the school after Dr. Stephenson had given Matron care instructions for the device that I now wore. Her final words were that she would be at the party on Saturday and that she would give Amanda and I another exam at that time to make sure there were no problems.

We set off across London which was now busy with lunch hour traffic and stopped just outside for a Chinese meal. Amanda and I were relatively quiet on the way back to school. I could feel the plastic device under my skirt and it seemed I couldn't forget about it. I think we both now felt the seriousness of what we'd lost and wondered how it would affect our lives.

Chapter 18 - The Two Subs Next Door

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About fifty miles from the school we stopped off for a bathroom break and matron made a phone call. The weather had now turned beautiful and our sprits began to lift. Miss Jenkins had accompanied Amanda to the toilet but Amanda said she had no difficulty now that her belt was gone. I had gone without difficulty except that I had had to sit. I had been able to clean the end of the slug with toilet paper by pushing a bit up through the hole in the end. I was otherwise surprised that such a clunky device was actually comfortable to wear.

Matron joined in the conversation by asking if we were in discomfort and asked if I'd had any whiff of an erection. I told her I hadn't but wasn't really keen on putting it to the test. She laughed and said,

"Well Michelle I think you are going to be put to the test tonight. I just invited Sheila Halliwell and Susan Davis over for dinner tonight. Of course the purpose of their visit is really for Amanda's and Susan's education but if you are good perhaps Amanda will let you watch. Margaret you are also invited, it won't be a long session but perhaps I could instruct the girls while you demonstrate and play with Sheila. It can't be a long night I'm afraid but it will help the girls be better prepared for Saturday."

Miss Jenkins said, "Thank you Charlotte. When we get back to the school you can drop us off so we can shower. I'll have Amanda in a clean uniform and I myself will dress appropriately. If you like I can pick up Sheila and Susan on my way over. What time would you like us to come?"

"I think five o'clock will be about right. That will give Michelle and my self time to clean up. Oh and since this is really a teaching session why don't you collar Sheila just for tonight. I know she isn't yours currently but if you did just for tonight it would give me something extra about slave etiquette to teach the girls."

"Do you want me to let her eat from my plate too?"

"Yes, why don't we do that? It'll embarrass Sheila I'm sure but she will deserve a good session. But you'd better not be too rough on her because I know she is looking forward to Saturday. I'd invite Annabelle too but she has a meeting tonight and I know she couldn't make it."

We arrived back at school around half past two in the afternoon, and I went straight over to Miss Appleton's physics class. I was actually on time though she seemed surprised to see me, possibly because Matron had notified her that I might be absent. I met Matron in sickbay after class where she was treating a third year with a bad cut on the leg from a gym class accident. It didn't take her long to clean and dress the wound however and we arrived back at the cottage at about four PM.

I quickly showered being careful to clean as much as possible around the slug in his cage and wondered how he'd behave tonight. I ran cold water over him to keep him sleepy and then quickly dressed in a fresh shirt and bra and then put on clean underwear. I used the iron to press out the creases in my gymslip from the day's riding in the car and was son helping Matron prepare the meal.

The door bell rang exactly at 5 PM and I wondered if Miss Jenkins had ever suffered Matron's discipline. All four were on the doorstep but what made me blink was that Sheila Halliwell was dressed in a school shirt with pleated black skirt. She had no tie and her shirt collar was open under her coat. However what really caught my eye was that she was wearing what appeared to be a black leather dog collar and as she went passed me into the hall I could see that is was locked around her neck with a brass padlock. Susan and Amanda were dressed in pristine school uniforms with Amanda smiling. Susan looked as though she was in a daze and for once hardly said anything.

As soon as they were all in the hallway Miss Jenkins removed her coat and I saw she was dressed in a black tee short and a medium length shiny black leather skirt with black stockings and stiletto heeled shoes. There was a broad black leather belt with large silver buckle at her waist and she has on long black kidskin leather gloves. I didn't get much change to goggle at her before she snapped a dog leash onto the "D" ring on the front of Miss Halliwell's collar and then led the way to the kitchen.

I was shocked but interestingly the slug began stirring in his cage. As my penis felt the wall of the cage it caused me extra stimulation and a vicious circle began where the erection caused stimulation against the wall of the cage which made the erection bigger and so on. Within about thirty seconds my cock had expanded down the full length of the tube and was pushing against the hole at the end. Since it wouldn't go through the hole it pushed the cage further way from my body. Since it was held on to my body via three pins which fitted into the ring behind my testicles it started pulling the ring up tight against my sack with its jewels. Fortunately for me the cage was fairly long otherwise I would have been bent double in agony. As it was it was still fairly painful and unfortunately it was the kind of pain that made the slug try to go more erect.

I quickly reached for my pelvis and hunched over trying to force myself to relax, but Matron saw it.

"Good evening everyone, unfortunately Sheila your collar seems to have caused Michelle some difficulty. Please seat yourselves at the table while I just help Michelle out. She quickly led me upstairs to her bathroom and I thought she was going to unlock me. Instead she said,

"I'm sorry Michelle, I could unlock you but it really is better you learn to deal with it now. Tonight may be quite a severe test for you and it would be nice if you can make it through without resorting to the key. So let's try this."

She filled a jug from the cold tap in the bath and then quickly lifted up the hem of my gymslip, pulled my panties down to my knees and quickly brought the jug of water up under the cage and dunked the cage with the slug into the cold water. It was a sudden shock but I realized what she was going to do and didn't resist. Within about ten seconds shrinkage occurred and the pain disappeared. I looked up at Matron and laughed.

"Well that's a relief," I said, "perhaps I'd better keep this jug handy and maybe put some ice cubes in there."

Matron said, "Ok Michelle. The real secret is to develop control so that you can go through the next two and a half years without using these methods. I'm pretty sure that you'll quickly learn to do this without resorting to the key or cold water. But just know that I'll be here for you whenever you need me. Now let's go back downstairs and have dinner then we can get down to the dungeon and get Susan over Amanda's lap."

I made it through dinner without problems and it helped that everyone laughed at what had happened. I was a little embarrassed but I preferred embarrassment to another erection. It was interesting to watch Miss Halliwell and Miss Jenkins during the meal.

I found out from Matron that Miss Jenkins had given full permission to Miss Halliwell to speak freely but had forbidden her the use of her hands. Miss Halliwell explained this to us when Susan asked the question,

"Shelia, why aren't you eating anything?"

Miss Halliwell looked at Miss Jenkins for permission to speak and when she nodded she explained,

"Just for tonight I have become enslaved to Miss Jenkins. That is the last time I will use her name and from now on I will only refer to her as "Mistress". My Mistress has now complete control over everything I can do or say. Normally I would be forbidden to speak during the period of my enslavement unless given specific permission. However because tonight is really for you girls benefit we discussed my enslavement earlier and the three of us agreed that it might be better for you if I were allowed full freedom of speech so that I could answer your questions as we play out a scene. That way the three of you will be better prepared for Saturday's party.

Matron continued, "Girls on Saturday we are holding one of our special parties and there will be a lot of Domme's and sub's. Some of the subs will be wearing collars as Sheila is here. They are subs that have become slave's to their respective Master's or Mistresses. If you try to talk to you they may answer or they may ignore you or they may simply say "My Master/Mistress has not given me permission to speak to you"; in which case it is polite to applologise and move on.

"If the person is not wearing a collar it may be difficult to identify them as a sub or Domme unless you already know they are either a teacher or pupil from this school. In the case of a sub from this school they will be wearing school uniform.

"Does that mean I shall be wearing my uniform on Saturday Matron?" asked Susan.

"No dear," answered Matron. The three of you are not yet seniors so though you can come to this party, none of you will be active participants. Instead we like you to come as maids. You will wear special maid's dresses and be available to help guests by carrying trays of soft drinks and hors d'overes. You are welcome to watch but under no circumstances will you participate. Our guests will know you are going to be a future participant and when not actually playing a scene will be glad to answer your questions.

"You will no doubt recognize staff and pupils. All the pupils will be seniors and a senior in school uniform will be a sub. A senior not in school uniform is a Domme - similarly for members of staff. You may see other guests and they will be subs if they happen to be wearing school uniform although they are not required to wear it. Most of the participants are either school alumni or friends of school alumni. Here will be males present and some of them may be in female clothing. Again, providing they are not collared you will be free to ask questions when they are not actually participating.

Miss Halliwell said, "I shall of course be wearing school uniform and will not be collared so will be happy to tell you anything you wish to know. Now tonight I am collared to my Mistress here so I'm limited to talking. I'm forbidden to use my hands for instance and must obey any order my Mistress gives me."

We watched as throughout the meal Miss Jenkins fed her bit of food from her plate and gave her drinks by holding a glass to her lips. Matron and Miss Jenkins chatted freely answering questions but Miss Halliwell really only spoke when spoken to. However she seemed radiantly happy and I could tell Susan was fascinated, almost as though she wanted to be living the same experience.

We finished dinner and after a clean up that didn't take long as everyone pitched in we headed down into the dungeon. Neither Amanda nor Susan had been there before.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018  

I love it. I'd have loved to be in Michelle's position.

Saturday, August 11, 2018  

Incredibly hot story. Graphic detail of some GREAT action. I give it 6 out os 5 stars. Look forward to the next chapters.

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