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Giselle: The Hunt
  • Author - Sadistic Sam  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, analplay, bondage, electricity, spanking
  • Post Date - 8/12/2018
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Author's Note: This is the first of several story ideas I’ve had that reflect my personal tastes. I welcome feedback so any following stories can be more enjoyable to the readers. As this is fantasy, I have taken liberties with psychology, moral attitudes and the physical limitations of my characters. I warn readers that I am a sadist at heart, but prefer my victims enjoy the pain, discomfort and sex so most of my writing is consensual, but non-consensual acts may occur.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

Chapter 1

Giselle crouched in the bush, naked but for the GPS dog collar, chastity belt, knee high boots with 12 cm heels and bondage mittens. Sure that her camouflage painted skin is keeping the hunters from seeing her, but to get to the designated safe zone just 100 meters away and be safe from an evening of punishment and forced sex, she will now have to cross the gravel road in front of her. She was known on the estate as “Giselle the gazelle” for her speed, and was sure she could get up enough speed to confound any hunter in the area, make it to safe and collect a nice paycheck for nothing other than an afternoon jog.

The intruder holding the fox tail in her ass picked that moment to come on, vibrating and expanding and she wished her hands were free and the chastity belt locking her pussy could be removed so she could relieve the sexual torment she had been subjected to during the hunt, but such antics would surely give her location away. A few minutes later, the plug receded into dormancy, and she shivered with desire, but recovered her composure.

She did another quick check of the area and made her move, heading for the cover of the overgrown ditch across the road. She almost made it, but one of the hunters was more experienced than the drunken executives usually involved in these hunts and had staked out a hide with a field of fire on the road. He fired his tranquilizer gun just as she cleared the road, the dart sticking in her left ass cheek. Giselle’s last thought was “Oh, fuck” as she fell unconscious into the ditch.

Giselle was the daughter of diplomats, raised in embassies in Europe until they moved back to the states when she was 16. Now 21, she stood 175 cm without the heels she loved and her chestnut hair, frequently in a pony tail, came to the small of her back. She had long, strong legs, small waist and a muscular, but feminine upper body. She had trained as a dancer, but the advent of a pair of impressive breasts when she hit puberty cut short that career path. She found peace in long distance running and could sprint the 100 meter in 12 seconds (although not in 5” heels!) which came in handy in her current employ. She spoke French and German fluently and knew some Spanish, Greek and Russian.

When her parents retired from the State Department, they had moved to Durham, North Carolina and took teaching positions at Duke University but were both killed in a car crash when Giselle was in her first year of college. She had also discovered her submissive side at the beginning of that year when a freshman on the men’s team challenged her to a race after she put him down when he was bragging about his long-distance stamina. Giselle could easily outperform the boys on her school’s track team in high school and she knew she could leave him in the dust. After 10 kilometers, he was lagging behind, gasping for air and she decided to torture him a little, offering a “winner take all” bet. Giselle lost after the newcomer stopped faking fatigue and left her in the dust; finishing the race a full minute before Giselle. He took his reward in the form of making her his slave for the evening and gave her an over the knee spanking in front of the boys and girls track teams for her earlier impertinence. Giselle nearly melted from the embarrassment of the spanking, but was so turned on from the experience she acquiesced to his request for sex later that evening with a quiet “Yes, Sir. Anything you wish, Sir”.

After getting a couple of burgers and fries, he took her virginity in the back of his pickup in a field under the stars. With Giselle spread eagled in the bed of the truck, secured to the tie down hooks, he placed an old tool box under her ass, still burning from the spanking. He stretched her taut, legs spread and raising her sex like a sacrifice. He licked her body all over, tickled and stroked as Giselle strained against the straps. She was so turned on she started begging to be fucked. As he entered her, he grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples hard. Giselle exploded in a mind blowing orgasm and he had to quickly grab his shorts and stuff her mouth to keep her screams from echoing through the woods. He ploughed her pussy roughly, using her breasts as handholds and Giselle was nearly incoherent from the pleasure. Her fingers had never made her feel like this!

They dated regularly after that and he enjoyed his domination of Giselle as much as she enjoyed being dominated. Giselle was a beautiful woman and he insisted on low cut tops, short skirts and high heels when they went out. He removed her panties before spanking her in his truck when he picked her up for dates, then fingered her bare pussy under the restaurant table cloth, her panties in her mouth while ordering for the both of them. When their food came, Giselle would discretely remove the panties from her mouth and insert them in her pussy, only to be reinserted in her mouth when dinner was over. Gagging her with his shorts, he tied her hands to her ankles then to the sides of the truck, spreading her wide, then held her down by the throat as he took her. She lost her ass virginity on the tailgate of his truck, bent over with legs spread and her hands tied to the sides of the bed. A little hot sauce on the condom would make any fuck interesting and Giselle always swallowed his cum when he wanted her mouth. She rarely got to watch all of a movie at the theater usually seeing just the ending with his cum on her face and her panties in her mouth. She was stripped naked in the woods, gagged and blindfolded and left there alone at night spread eagled between two trees, bitten and tormented by mosquitoes until he snuck up, whipping her front and back with a supple thin branch, then fucked her ass. She lay naked and spread eagled in the back of his truck, covered with a tarp with a vibrator on low taped into her pussy and driven to bonfires as the kids from school would sit around and drink beer, talk and make out. All the time she was lying naked a few feet away, nipples hard from the cold, struggling to not moan and give away her presence. At the end of the night, she would orgasm the instant he penetrated her and cum the whole time he fucked her. But at the end of the school year, he reluctantly left for a college out of state and Giselle was left to her memories and own fingers.

Giselle wanted to be a Pediatrician and the cost of college and medical school was intimidating. Her parent’s estate got her a small condo and with the help of her track scholarship, paid for the first few years of college, but she was looking at huge loans to finish medical school. She didn’t date much, preferring to concentrate on school. In her sophomore year, she took Abnormal Psych and the Professor insisted on a short therapy session with some of his students. He suspected Giselle had a submissive nature and having gotten her to talk about it in therapy, handed her a card and told her a friend of his needed occasional weekend staff at his estate. It paid well and he thought she might fit the bill.

After an interview with the manager of the estate detailing the requirements of the job and a very embarrassing personal questionnaire delving into her kinks, desires, fetishes and hard limits, Giselle was hired to entertain guests during weekend retreats. Pay was based on piece work. The more kinky the weekend’s schedule, the more the women were paid. If that weekend’s activities included something a woman wouldn’t do, she wasn’t scheduled. Giselle opted out of lesbian scenes, any blood, piercing, needles or permanent marks. Some weekends Giselle was just arm candy at events and vanilla was the flavor of the day, others were spent being spanked and fucked, blowing the clients or some light bondage and pain. Being a runner, the “hunts” were Giselle’s favorite events and the captured women were ravished as the day’s prize. If “prey” was tagged by a hunter, she got a bonus for the extra “work” and the darts used, in addition to a fast acting knock out drug, contain a slow acting stimulant that increased sexual arousal. Most hunts usually ended in a quick fuck or blowjob, but sometimes you’d get a real sadist hunting and the girls got to earn their money; those were the one’s Giselle loved. The estate kept a plenty of young women and men on rotation, most attractive young college students earning their way through several of the area’s colleges. Most of the other women were friendly and Giselle spent some “off-duty” time socializing with them. The demand for the staff depended on the weekend’s activities, but Giselle was employed often enough to insure medical school would get paid for. She dropped from the track team, using the time to study.

After being darted, Giselle’s hunter had thrown her 65 kilo’s over his shoulder and carried her to the check station to have his trophy prepared. She was cleaned, blindfolded and delivered, bound in a strict hogtied, to his suite.

The next day at noon, housekeeping found Giselle, tied face up, spread-eagle to the high four poster bed, with her head hanging off the edge. She was so far into “sub-space” it took her 10 minutes to realize she was free. Her cunt, breasts, thighs and ass were bruised and covered with cane and whip marks. Semen leaked from her ass and cunt and covered her face. Her hunter had used his chemically induced stamina to good purpose and she had been whipped, caned, spanked and pinched all night. She had been screwed in every orifice multiple times and had cum dozens of times. He had used Giselle’s control of her gag reflex, holding his impressive penis deep in her throat until her control started to fail, her body started begging for oxygen and the muscles in her throat, choking on the invader, massaged him into filling her belly with another load. He had been a virtuoso of pain, making her beg to please him to avoid some new torment then inflicting some other fresh torture instead. She could barely stand and spent the afternoon recovering in the estate’s spa. As she left out the service entrance that evening, the butler, a hatchet faced, unsmiling caricature of a proper British gentleman’s gentleman presented her regular paycheck and a thick envelope. He said, “Poor taste in my opinion, but the Master approved it. Your friend was quite satisfied with your performance and insisted on leaving a “gratuity”.” There was $10,000 in cash and a business card with nothing but a phone number.

The next day, a still exhausted Giselle dragged through classes, napped in the library during a break and barely made it back to her apartment before whipping out her rabbit and masturbating her aching pussy furiously. She was intrigued by this hunter and he pushed every button in her kink console. Usually, if she was captured, which was rare thanks to her speed and agility, she got screwed a couple of times and that was it. Sometimes she would allow herself to get caught just to get a good fuck. She pulled out the card with the phone number and debated calling it, but the next few weeks of school were tough with finals coming and Giselle put her captor out of her mind. Her GPA was 4.0, and she intended to keep it that way. She put the card on her fridge and forgot about it.

After finals, some girls she knew from the estate decided to take a break and head to the beach. There were lots of Marines at Emerald Isle and they had a 4 bedroom house for the week. Giselle spent the week getting a tan, torturing hard up Marines from Camp Lejuene with her skimpy bikini and gorgeous body and taking a break. She did hook up with a Harrier pilot from Cherry Point one night, having an enjoyable fuck, and after he asked about some of the marks from the previous weekend, let him spank her to another orgasm. She blew him then and again in the morning before he left with a fake name and phone number. She returned to summer session refreshed and ready for her senior year.

The next weekend, Giselle was asked to work. She reported Friday night and the “prey” as they were called retired early to the rooms they had to themselves. Early the next morning, after a light breakfast, the five women were costumed, camouflaged and their “handicap”, as the staff like to call the assorted vibrators, nipple clamps, restrictive shoes and cuffs, were installed as directed by the weekend’s activities. Then the women were escorted out to the starting line. For this weekend, they were outfitted with dildo gags, nipple clips connected by a short chain, a dildo and butt plug held in place with a chastity belt and stiff, thigh high toe boots with a 25 cm ankle chain. As their arms were secured in a sheath behind them, Giselle’s elbows touched tightly and Giselle knew her speed was going to be severely restricted by this outfit. Stealth and cunning would be the only way to escape. The hunters did not know where the prey’s “home” was, only that they were inside the large hunting zone on the map of the estate they were given. Any prey that left the zone was disqualified and, in addition to not getting paid for the weekend, spent the night in the servant’s quarters entertaining the men from the estate. When still new at the estate, Giselle had accidentally crossed out of the zone and warned by the GPS collar, was snatched up by the staff and spent that night finding out that the butler, in addition to loving ping pong paddles, had an impressive dick and preferred brutal anal sex. She could barely sit for a week after that mistake!

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At the starting gun, the women headed for the woods and 10 minutes later, the hunters began stalking their prey. Again, Giselle used her knowledge of the woods, camouflage and stealth to hide as hunters walked within yards of her hiding in the bush. She was almost halfway to “home” when both butt plug and vibrator started shocking her insides and the nipple clips shocked her breasts. She stumbled and fell, shaking a bush, attracting a hunter who quickly darted her and claimed his prize for the day.

All five “prey” were quickly captured thanks to their handicaps and unlike usual weekends, the captured women weren’t carried to individual rooms to be whipped, raped and sodomized by their captors. After blindfolding at the check in station (prey never got to see the faces of the hunters who wore camouflage masks during the hunt), they were arranged in the estate’s dungeon and attached to various bondage apparatus. Two women were tied onto a rack in a “69” with dildo gags protruding into their partner’s cunt. They girl on top was to be ass fucked and whipped until she made the other come, then they were flipped over and their partner got that treatment. One was standing with vibrating dildos penetrating her pussy and ass, with arms tied in a strapado and a ring gag. There was a cane to encourage her oral technique hanging from a hook nearby. The last, beside Giselle, was tied in a rigid hogtie with her hair tied to a butt hook and hung from a ceiling hoist with her head and pussy at the perfect height for screwing. A ring gag kept the option of declining the honor of being throat fucked from her.

Giselle was the last to be brought in. She was hung spread eagle from a steel circle in the middle of the dungeon. The frame was made to pivot, so she could be arranged multiple ways.

The leader of the group using the estate for that weekend addressed the group of men. “These cunts are yours to use and abuse all afternoon.” Pointing at Giselle, he said “This slut is not to have her pussy or ass entered. She is only to be punished and face fucked! We will give her no pleasure, only pain.” Giselle’s masochistic side was thrilled, but getting fucked after the pain was the best part of suffering! She could easily cum from getting fucked in the ass and they were even taking that from her!

For the rest of the afternoon, women were fucked in mouth, pussy and ass. The two in the 69 worked dildos furiously in their partner’s cunt, coming over and over. Screams were elicited and pain was inflicted. Giselle was whipped down her back, ass and thighs, flipped around and whipped again down her front. Clamps were placed on nipple and clit, and then shocked at random. She was face fucked by all the men, but nothing was ever enough to bring her to orgasm. After several hours, the men were exhausted and the women sagged in their bondage; spent and satiated. All except Giselle; she ached for sexual release, burning from the punishment. Finally, the leader came over to her, stroking a whip mark on her breast with his crop, making her shiver in need. “Little slave, do you wish to come?” Giselle nodded yes enthusiastically. “You may bring yourself to climax from the pain.” Giselle strained to understand. Exhausted, she hung in her frame, still unable to cum.

The men left for dinner and the women were attended by estate staff, released and given refreshments, but they knew the night wasn’t over.

After their break, all the women were taken back to the dungeon and one by one, secured. Bent over a fucking frame, laid face down on a short table with ass and head hanging off far enough to ease entry, tied in a strict hogtie and lifted to waist high, bent into a pillory. Giselle was left until last. Ballet boots, strict corset on waist and neck, alligator clips attached to nipples, clit and cunt lips, she was led to a post and wrapped with plastic wrap head to toe, securing her to it. Giselle spent the evening listening to the others’ torment and satisfaction while being occasionally shocked; never being satisfied. For a masochistic sexual submissive, this was the ultimate torment.

Late that night, she could hear quiet moans from her fellow captives. The group’s leader came to Giselle, leaning in close, he told her his son had used her several weeks before and had been impressed with her masochism, but here she was, bound and tormented, but unable to reach orgasm. “How deep is your submission? Do you want to be a man’s ultimate slave? Sas arései to proktikó sex? I understand you speak Greek? A slave doesn’t need her master’s touch. She only needs his permission. You may come now!” As the shocks on clit and nipples hit her, Giselle’s mind reached the realization that yes; she was a masochist, a submissive slut and a slave. Her body not only accepted the pain given by her master, but craved it. The pain she was suffering became pleasure and she came. The shocks ended and as she recovered, he leaned in again and said “It works both ways. Now you are forbidden to come.” The shocks started again, but it was just pain this time, no pleasure. Giselle’s body drooped in exhaustion.

Giselle awoke the next morning in a bed in the women’s rooms, confused, sore, tired and hungry. A breakfast buffet was laid out in the servant’s dining room and starving, stuffed her face. She retired to her room and napped until mid-afternoon. Another impressive paycheck and Giselle was back to being a college girl.

She had accepted her submissive, masochistic streak but had never really thought of herself as a slave deep down. She needed to work this out! It conflicted with her desire to finish medical school. She didn’t think she could be satisfied as some man’s play toy. She vowed to talk to her abnormal psych professor to see if he could help her work this out.

Chapter 2 (added: 2018/09/01)

Professor Dolore and a woman were waiting for Giselle in his office when she arrived. Professor Dolore, a well-known and respected psychotherapist, tenured professor and expert on abnormal psychology, already knew about Giselle’s “job”, having noticed her submissive streak while interviewing her when she took his class the year before and recommending her to his friends at the estate. Many of the estate’s staff was referred by the professor as he was very good at spotting someone that would fit in there. Unknown to Giselle, the professor was given free use of the estate for his referrals and invited to participate in events, but his taste ran more to athletic young men, so their paths never crossed there.

Professor Dolore introduced Hanna Brust to Giselle. She was a doctoral student from Austria, working with him this coming year. She was a beautiful, tall, blue-eyed blonde with large breasts, narrow waist, round hips and long legs. She sat in the professor’s office with knees primly together, wearing a cleavage revealing white silk blouse, a black below the knee pencil skirt with wide black belt around her tight waist, black seamed stockings and shiny black 5” heels. When she stood to shake Giselle’s hand, she towered over Giselle by 6”, and Giselle was wearing 4” heels! After being reassured that Hanna was already an accomplished therapist with experience in alternative lifestyles and doctor-patient confidentiality would be strictly adhered to, Giselle poured out her story.

After hearing her out, the two interrogated Giselle on her feelings, desires and needs regarding her future as a doctor versus her need to be a submissive slut and pain slave to a sadistic dominant man. They discussed her case and Doctor Dolore told Giselle that Hanna would set up regular counseling sessions, helping her through senior year. Doctor Dolore would review Hanna’s notes and supervise the progress. To fit Giselle’s schedule, sessions would be at Hanna’s home on Wednesday evenings.

The first Wednesday of her therapy, Giselle showed up at the address she was given. It turned out to be a huge Victorian on the outskirts of town and she guessed Hanna was far from the typical struggling doctoral student. After pleasantries, Hanna guided Giselle into a small office complete with couch and chair of the typical psychiatrist’s office. For the first few weeks Hanna questioned Giselle using a hypnotic relaxation technique and eventually Hanna worked a long-lost memory from her: Giselle was 15, and her parents were stationed in Berlin. While studying late, Giselle heard a moan downstairs. Giselle crept down the stairs toward her father’s den. That door was rarely open, her father, being a strict authoritarian, insisting on privacy when he worked. Peeking through the cracked door, Giselle saw her mother, naked except for stockings, corset and heels, bent over his desk. Her feet were tied to the desk legs and her arms stretched out, tied to the other end of the desk. A wad of cloth filled her mouth. She was being whipped with a vicious cane, leaving dark purple stripes across her ass. Giselle’s father interrupted his strikes, fussing about over spending household finances and how she was such a slut she should get a job working in one of the houses in the “red light” districts of Berlin to pay for her excesses. After one particularly accurate strike down across her asshole and pussy, she moaned and shuddered, coming in a flood of secretions from her pussy. Father stopped, muttered “bitch, you’ll pay for coming without permission!” and dropping his pants, grabbed a handful of juice leaking down her leg, smeared the fluid on his penis and without pause, rammed it into her ass. Giselle’s mother rose off the desk from the pain then came repeatedly as he fucked her ass. As she bucked, Giselle could see black binder clips attached to her mother’s nipples. Giselle snuck back to her room without them noticing. The next morning, her parents had been more relaxed and loving than Giselle had seen them for a while and her juvenile mind translated her mother’s brutal caning and ass fucking into something that made her happy. Giselle’s path to pain slut had begun.

A couple of weeks later, Hanna got Giselle to reveal another buried memory. They were living in Istanbul a couple of years before witnessing the scene in her father’s den. Giselle had come home from school sick. Her monthly cramps had been unusually severe, the school had called her mother at work and she was given permission to go home. Their housekeeper was there to keep an eye on her, but her mother got busy at work and forgot to let the housekeeper know Giselle was on the way home. When she arrived, Giselle heard cries from the kitchen. She cautiously looked around the corner and saw their housekeeper, a 20 year-old, attractive Persian girl, bare bottom and bent over the baking table, getting spanked on the ass with a wooden spoon by the grocer, a dark, overweight Turk. After he made her count out 50 strikes, she jumped up from the table, dropped to her knees and thrust his dick down her throat until her nose was tickled by his pubic hair. Grabbing her by the hair, he proceeded to thrust his fat dick down her throat for several minutes until he sank it all the way in and Giselle could see the woman’s tongue milking his cum out by licking his balls. Pushing her away, he said “Every day if you want groceries for your family! Times are tough and you must pay with what you can!” The housekeeper, head down, nodded, but from where she stood, Giselle could see the smile on the woman’s face. “She enjoyed that!” Again, what to others would have been humiliating blackmail, Giselle saw as a pleasurable sexual experience.

At the beginning of her therapy, Professor Dolore and Hanna both agreed that Giselle should refrain from working at the estate or masturbate. The lack of sexual activity was making Giselle constantly horny and only Hanna’s admonition that it could set her back kept Hanna from furiously masturbating at night in her bedroom. The Professor and Hanna decided it was time to take the next step in Giselle’s therapy.

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Over tea, the two women talked for a few minutes then Hanna stripped her down and dressed her as her mother had been seen in her father’s study, tied Giselle over her desk. Giselle’s ass was then caned. Unable to speak from the cloth taped in her mouth, her ass was striped until fluid started leaking from her pussy. Seeing that, Hanna came around in front of Giselle and showed her the 9” double-ended dildo connected to a harness that Hanna sported. Without a word of warning, Hanna returned to Giselle’s ass and with little pause, slid in to the hilt. She fucked Giselle’s ass for several minutes, giving Giselle a chance to come twice, then leaving the invader in her asshole, Hanna came around in front of Giselle and climbing on the desk, slid her pussy up to Giselle’s face. Hanna used Giselle’s nose as for stimulation, rubbed it back and forth across Hanna’s clit until she came. As she did, the intruder in Giselle’s ass shocked her, bringing her another intense orgasm.

As Hanna sat on the desk recovering, Giselle started mumbling through her gag. Removing the tape and cloth, Giselle told Hanna to release her so she could service Hanna properly. Instead of releasing Giselle, Hanna released her hands and tying them behind her back, laid her back on the carpet, leaving her spread legs secured to the desk and the intruder in her ass. Hanna spent the next half hour “paying” Giselle for her therapy.

After releasing Giselle’s legs, both women sat on the couch, Giselle’s hands still tied behind her and shaft in her ass. Hanna asked Giselle to discuss her feelings about the therapy. “It’s a little hard on the ass!” Giselle quipped, resulting in a sharp intake of breath and orgasm as Hanna shocked her via the remote. “Professor Dolore and I are quite well versed in the psychology of the kink world and know that sometimes, conventional therapy needs “kink” elements included to work. We weren’t sure you would be OK with a lesbian instead of a man, but since he is gay, using him as your father’s stand-in wouldn’t have worked. Your ability to orgasm from ass fucking and abuse is quite extraordinary!”

Giselle got a timid look on her face and said, “I have a confession. I’ve never been with a girl before. I had opted out of such events at the estate. I guess I need to update my profile!”

Hanna leaned back on the couch, spreading her legs and, as the dick in her ass shocked Giselle again, said, “Shut up and make another payment on your therapy!”

The next Wednesday, arriving at Hanna’s house, she saw a note on the door: “I am in the office, come in, close and lock the front door, remove your clothes and enter.” Creeping in slowly, Giselle was intrigued and once naked, opened the office door. There on the desk lay Hanna in a dark wig, dressed only in a corset, stockings and heels, legs tied to one side of the desk, arms stretched across to the other looking just like how Giselle had seen her mother. Her breasts were pushed out to the side of her body by her weight. Beside her on the desk was the double ended strap-on she had used on Giselle and the cane. A note was pinned to her ass with a safety pin: “This week’s therapy is to bring out your dominant side. To become a doctor, you must be able to assert yourself, even to people you feel subservient to. You will reenact your mother’s punishment, but this time, you will play your father. Do not stop until you have an orgasm from punishing me.”

Looking around at Hanna’s face, it was covered with a leather blindfold and gag. Ear buds were held in her ears with what looked like silly putty and Giselle could barely hear “Bolero” coming through them. Giselle pulled out the pin holding the note and picked up the cane. A sense of power came over Giselle. Making a couple of practice swings brought another surge. She tentatively swung at Hanna’s ass, leaving a small weal. Hanna barely twitched. Giselle swung again, putting her full strength into the strike. A stripe of purple appeared and Hanna’s whole body tensed, pulling against the restraints. Emboldened by the sudden power, Giselle swung again and again, leaving a basket weave of purple weals on the blonde’s ass. Pausing to catch her breath, Giselle realized Hanna was shaking from an orgasm. “So, the big blonde lesbian is a masochist too!”

Hanna was surprised too, but she didn’t have time to think about it as Giselle strapped on the double-ended dildo, secured it and rammed the shaft into Hanna’s rear hole. Again, Hanna surged upward to the limits of her restraints from the pain. As she did, Giselle grabbed each nipple and pulled back and up using them like reins on a horse. Hanna collapsed back on the desk; Giselle pinched her nipples as hard as she could. Hanna’s squeal was audible even through the gag and she came again.

Giselle picked up the remote control for the strap-on and hit the “shock” button, eliciting another squeal from Hanna. Giselle felt a stirring deep down and realized she was enjoying the dominant side. Moving her hips back and forth, Giselle started working toward her orgasm while punishing Hanna’s asshole with the dildo. As her orgasm peaked, she pushed the shock button repeatedly, causing Hanna to jerk her hips and intensifying Giselle’s resulting cum. Once done, Giselle unhooked the dildo and left it in Hanna’s ass. She removed the arm restraints, secured Hanna’s arms behind her back and lowered her to the floor.

Giselle removed the leather cover over Hanna’s ring gag and pulled out an impressively long dildo gag. How Hanna managed it without choking amazed Giselle. She lowered her crotch over Hanna’s mouth and grabbing handfuls of breasts, started pinching. Hanna got the idea and her tongue crept out, entertaining Giselle with her talent for the next half hour.

After recovering her composure, Giselle noticed another note on the desk. This one said; “When you are done, get dressed and leave. I have arranged to be released.”

After dressing, Giselle looked longingly back at Hanna and in a moment of mischief, pulled three binder clips out of the desk and placed them on her nipples and clit before kissing her on the ring gagged lips and left Hanna shaking in orgasm on the floor.

Her next therapy session took an interesting turn. Arriving at Hanna’s house, the door was opened, not by Hanna, but a petite, attractive woman in her 30’s wearing a towel and exclaiming: “I’m so sorry! We were showering and lost track of time! I’m June, go on in the office and Hanna will be down in a minute.”

As she sat on the couch in the office, Giselle speculated on the woman, turning herself on with the thoughts. “She must be Hanna’s lover. I bet she’s her slave too, getting her butt whipped every night before sucking Hanna’s clit!”

She was sitting on the couch pondering those thoughts when the door opened and Hanna shuffled into the room. Shuffled, because the bondage she was in was too constrictive for anything other than 3” steps in the 6” heels of the black ankle boots on her feet. Above that, a leather ankle to chest corset, buckled every few inches, kept her legs together, squeezed tightly and ended just below her bare breasts, bulging and purple from a strap around each base. Her nipples were tipped with small bells, suspended from 1” hoops pierced horizontally and a fine chain ran from the rings through another ring in her tongue, pulling her breasts up and pulling her tongue out of her mouth. Giselle was sure that Hanna did not have those piercings the week before! Hanna’s arms were pulled behind her in a leather sheath, holding her elbows tightly together and a wide belt around her waist strapped them tightly to her ass, exposed by a cutout in the harness. Hanna’s head was restrained with a harness “O” ring gag, pulled back and secured to her waist belt so all Hanna could see was the ceiling and putting more tension on tongue and nipples.

Strolling into the office behind Hanna was June. She wore a black leather dress and knee high boots with 5” heels and carrying a crop and cane.

“Hanna here”, striking Hanna’s breast with the crop, “Overstepped her position. While she is allowed some flexibility in her position as my slave while doing therapy, emphasizing each word with the crop hitting Hanna’s nipples, SHE” crack, (“IS” crack, “NOT” crack, “ALLOWED” crack, “TO” crack, “COME” crack, “WITH” crack, “OUT” crack, “PERMISSION!” crack.

Giselle saw Hanna shaking from the impacts, crying and, through the torment of her tongue, she could hear her tearfully apologizing for her transgression. “Eeeth itheth! iuh aahee! Eeeth!” Giselle was amazed, having assumed that in any relationship, big, assertive Hanna would be the alpha, but here she was, being dominated and tormented by this woman a third her size! June looked at Giselle and told her “You don’t share any of the blame for this; it was Hanna’s doing, but you are here to see and assist in her punishment. The embarrassment of you knowing her secret slave self will remind her of the rules and her need to follow them every time she sees you. Take off your clothes slave!” Giselle jumped to obey.

June shoved Hanna from behind, causing her to fall forward onto the couch. Hanna cried out as her sore breasts hit the leather, pulling on her nipples and tongue. June rolled her over and strapped her down, preventing any movement from Hanna. She cautioned Hanna to be silent and unchaining Hanna’s tongue, June removed the ring and replaced it with a stud. Pointing the cane at Giselle, she said “Sit on her face!” As Giselle felt Hanna’s very capable tongue start to arouse her, she heard the cane begin striking Hanna’s breasts. Giselle did not last long and started to move off Hanna’s face, but June swung the cane around to her face and ordered her to sit down. Hanna wasn’t quitting until June was satisfied. Over the next hour, Giselle was brought to orgasm 4 more times, each taking a little longer while June cropped and caned Hanna’s breasts. Giselle was a mess, knees weak and barely able to stand when June was satisfied Hanna had been punished enough. Hanna was lying there, unable to move, forbidden to speak and crying quietly. June looked at Giselle. She positioned herself face up on Hanna with her pussy just over Hanna’s eyes, commanded Giselle to “Pay for today’s session. I understand sucking a girl off is the established payment?”

Hanna cried quietly, Giselle’s breasts straddling her head as her patient licked and sucked her mistress off in front of her eyes for the next hour.

Giselle was told to “Get dressed and leave”. And her last view of Hanna that night was the poor woman sobbing and crying as June had rolled her over and started in caning her bottom. Their next few sessions were a little strained, with Hanna blushing in embarrassment every time Giselle looked at her, but they were making progress and June’s little show was used as an example of how attitude could accomplish much.

The therapy was working well and Professor Dolore gave Giselle the okay to work the estate a few weeks later. After weeks of abstinence, Giselle let herself get easily captured but the hunter proved to be a dud. He had her tied spread eagle to the bed and had barely entered her before collapsing, spent. He fell asleep almost immediately, his bulk keeping Giselle from getting comfortable through the night. When he awoke the next morning, he used her mouth to relieve himself, again lasting just a few minutes then leaving. That afternoon Giselle spent some time updating her estate profile, removing her limits on needles and piercing, adding lesbian activities to her profile and changing herself from “sub” to “switch”.

Chapter 3 (added: 2018/10/08)

Giselle spent the next few weeks concentrating on school. The semester was almost over, finals coming up and this was her last semester before medical school applications were approved. A bad grade this semester could kill a chance at medical school! Reading, studying, more reading was all Giselle had time for.

The weekend after finals found Giselle back at the Estate. Her sessions with Hanna were now more conventional therapy after the incident with June. Giselle needed a weekend with a good orgasm! This weekend, she would be participating in her first all woman event.

There were 10 women hired for this weekend. A few of the other women were familiar from her regular weekends and she introduced herself to those new to her. Notably, there were two twins with sweet as syrup Southern accents, Pixie and Dixie, short, elf-like brunettes, with small breasts and athletic bodies. Pixie had a hogtied and gagged Tinkerbelle tattooed on her left ass cheek; Dixie had Tinkerbelle bound in ball tie on her right ass cheek. They both talked a mile a minute and their energy and enthusiasm was contagious.

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Giselle was surprised at the crowd, twenty clients for the weekend! Instead of the hunt Giselle was used to, the women were going to be cart raced. The winner would get full pay, plus a bonus and be allowed to enjoy the Estates' spa while the rest of the women were tormented that night. With her running ability, Giselle thought she would have a lock on this one! She had second thoughts when they were prepared though. After harnesses, bits, arm binders and high-heeled boots, each girl had a butt plug installed holding a "pony tail" that matched their hair. Clips with tinkling bells were attached to nipples. Their pussy was then invaded with a dildo attached to the cart's shaft which was then strapped in place. Giselle realized they were going to have to race, pulling an occupied cart, using their pussy. The first races were in 100 meter heats; a pair of ponies racing, the loser being immediately detached from the cart and whipped with a buggy whip by their jockey while bent over a fence, riders and spectators cheering wildly. After five races, Giselle was still in the running and was surprised to see the twins still in the competition along with Andrea and Alicia, a pair of muscular, athletic blondes. Giselle's rider had been a large woman and they had barely beaten her competition. She enjoyed watching the losers get whipping immensely.

All five remaining ponies were lined up for the final 500 meter race. At the starting gun, the twins kicked sideways, high heels catching Andrea and Alicia just above the knee, causing both to stumble and their leg to cramp. This gave Giselle a head start and with the sting of a buggy whip on her ass, she pulled for all she was worth. The twins, surprisingly fast for their size, had nearly caught up at the 200 meter mark, one on each side trying to trip her up. Andrea and Alicia brought up the rear and were struggling under the whips of their riders, doing their best to catch up. Giselle's stamina let her stay ahead of the twins and she had small lead when, at the 400 meter mark, the dildo started vibrating and her ass started getting shocked. Giselle nearly fell, slowing enough that Dixie got ahead, apparently impervious to the shocks and vibrations from the dildo. Being whipped by her rider furiously, Giselle poured the last of her strength into catching her. Pixie sped up again and tried to trip Giselle when she caught up with her, but her tactic backfired and the twin tripped herself.

They were only 20 meters from the finish as Giselle caught up with Dixie. As she did, the girl swerved and Giselle tripped on Dixie's boot, letting Dixie have an uncontested win. Before Giselle could get back up, Pixie, Andrea and Alicia trotted by. As she ran over the finish line, whipped on by her rider, Giselle was exhausted. Dixie was hailed as winner and led off to get her reward.

After a whipping by their riders, the ponies were given a break, rested, cleaned and had a light lunch. Once done, the first losers had their hands bound and were leashed and led out by the clients to spend an exhausting evening satisfying them in the Estate's dungeon.

A surprise waited for them there. Dixie was hanging from her arms, ankles spread with a bar, bare toes just touching the floor. She was blindfolded and ball gagged. It was discovered after she won, that Dixie had arranged with a staffer to have a deactivated dildo and butt plug installed, giving her an unfair advantage during the race. The staffer, an attractive, curvaceous blonde, was now bound over a table, blindfolded and ring gagged, would be entertaining the staff in their dining room tonight and would be a very sorry woman tomorrow morning. At that moment, her ass cheeks were being held open by two maids and the butler was whipping her asshole with a cane in preparation for a long, painful and thorough ass fuck while other staffers let her swallow their loads and lick their pussies.

After explaining this to the "honest" racers, they were unbound and told, "We're declaring "no winner" and are giving you ladies time to torment and punish Dixie before we continue tonight's activities." We will relax with a drink to watch and may have a suggestion now and then, but otherwise, have at her!"

Giselle, pride injured from the loss, was determined to make the woman pay! She picked up a cat, but before she could start swinging at the hanging girl's ass, Pixie jumped in with a cane and started beating her sister viciously. "You bitch! Cheating? It was my turn! You were supposed to let me win!" It's doubtful Dixie heard much of the rant. With the blows raining down on her defenseless ass she was howling furiously through the gag. The other three watched as Pixie finally lost steam and Giselle decided the girl's front would now be a better target. She used medium strokes, raising slight red welts all down the front of Dixie's body as she twisted in a vain effort to avoid the whip. Some of the other women had a chance to use the crop, whip and cane on the cheater.

By this time, Pixie had regained her composure and brought over a pole mounted, reciprocating dildo with "rabbit ears" near the base. She slid the 22 cm length as far as she could into her sister. The dildo backed slowly out, leaving a few centimeters inside the hanging girl and stopped. Pixie pulled a butt plug from the dungeon's toy box. It was tapered from three to ten centimeters in diameter. Pixie forced it into her sister's ass until only the handle was visible. She then moved on to her sister's breasts. Vicious alligator clamps were attached, drawing blood from their teeth and weights attached, pulling her sister's small breasts down. Wires from clips and plug led to a control box that ran the dildo.

Satisfied that she was ready to complete the torment on her sister, Pixie started the program on the toys. The dildo swelled, increasing its thickness and slowly started back in. Dixie moaned through her gag as her pussy was stretched by the invader. As it reached its peak, just as the rabbit ears touched her clit, a painful spark zapped clit, ass and nipples. The dildo expanded a little for the first dozen cycles, stretching the petite pussy a small amount every time. Then it started speeding up, abusing her pussy with every stroke, shocking her nipples, clit and asshole every time it reached the peak of penetration. Giselle wasn't sure, but thought the poor girl had an orgasm!

The clients decided to just leave Dixie there the rest of the night and retired to their rooms to have the remaining slaves satisfy their cravings. Giselle was fisted the first time that night. Fortunately for her already aching pussy it was by Pixie who had smaller hands than some of the dicks she had taken. Blindfolded and bound in a single sleeve armbinder, she licked and sucked several clients while Pixie whipped her ass with a crop. Giselle and Pixie whipped the blondes while they satisfied clients and then everyone watched while the blondes satisfied two of the women as their asses were fucked with dildoes by two others. The two of them came almost constantly from the abuse.

As she was leaving the next afternoon, Giselle ran into Pixie, leading a still naked, very tired looking, bound and gagged Dixie out the door. Her leash was attached to new nipple rings and Pixie, lifting her t-shirt, proudly showed Giselle that she now sported them too. "This bitch is going to have one rough week! She's going to spend the week chained and gagged, cleaning the barn, shoveling shit from the stable and doing every other menial chore I can come up with! Those four Johnson boys down the road been want'n to fuck her, and she's been having too much fun cock teasing them to let them have her. I know that two of those boys have 30 cm dicks so even getting fucked by them is going to hurt! Then we'll see how she likes sleeping in the pen with the hounds!" Giselle almost felt sorry for Dixie!

The holidays were approaching and Giselle was asked to work the Estate's Christmas party, held annually and quite different than Giselle's usual weekends. Clients would be bringing their own subs, slaves, dominants and partners. The staff at the estate would provide entertainment and additional "services" as needed. Giselle didn't have to be at the estate until mid-afternoon on Saturday.

That Wednesday, Hanna Brust announced that they had made enough progress that they didn't think Giselle would need regular therapy sessions. She was doing well to compartmentalize her submissive side when needed and be the assertive professional her future career demanded. Hanna hugged her as they finished and Professor Dolore and June made an appearance with a "graduation" cake and some champagne. The four of them sat and talked for a while and then everyone wished Giselle their best and she left for home. A beat up work van pulled out behind her a couple of houses down from Hanna's, but Giselle didn't notice it.

Saturday, Giselle and 7 other women, all of similar build and hair color, were sent to the stables to be prepared. They were dressed in red leather boots with 12 cm heels, a festive red leather harness which also held in a vibrator and butt plug with a reindeer tail sticking high up their bare bottoms. Each harness was tagged with a reindeer name; Giselle's was "Cum-it". They were lined up and harnessed to a shiny red sleigh. Hidden wheels in the runners would allow the women to pull it easily. The grooms walked down the line placing their arms in shiny red pouches, wrist to elbow, which were then strapped together and clipped to their harness. Now they were helpless. Another groom worked down the line, adding harness bit gags with antlers attached. Mounted inside each gag was an 8 cm dildo reaching deep into their mouths, causing some of them to wretch a little before getting control and standing still again. Then came Giselle's surprise.

She had noted a lot of the other women had pierced nipples, but as the groom started down the line placing a small silver bell on loops, she began to worry. Sure enough, the groom got a confused look when he came to Giselle. Scratching his head for a second, he left and talked to another man. Satisfied with the answer, he brought a stable hand dressed in denim, t-shirt and cowboy boots back with him and pointed at Giselle's nipples. The short redheaded woman grinned into Giselle's eyes, which were now wide with fear and pulled out a pair of odd looking pliers and a long, very sharp looking needle. Before she could react, the woman grabbed her left nipple with the pliers, the groom sprayed it with a freezing antiseptic spray and the needle was through. The same was done to the right, although this time, the woman seemed to go slowly through the nipple, staring into Giselle's wide eyes and grinning an evil grin at her. "She's enjoying this!" Nipples, now ringed and adorned with a little bell, throbbed and more of the cold antiseptic spray was applied causing her nipples to jut out proudly. The groom went on to finish the other women, but the piercer stood there and rubbed her denim clad crotch against Giselle's leg. The supervisor eventually noticed and called her off, but not before she stood on tiptoe and kissed Giselle on the gagged lips.

The "reindeer" stood quietly and waited. They were told what was expected and they practiced high-stepping in unison around the track. Giselle was in the third row and only had to keep in step and follow those in front. By 7:30 they were ready and at the entrance to the grand ballroom, the sleigh was loaded with packages and "Santa" arrived.

He was at least 195 cm tall, bearded with long black hair, a broad chest and muscular arms and legs. His suit consisted of black leather biker boots, tight black leather shorts and jacket, open to expose his chest. A black leather Santa hat with red fur trim was on his head. He held a wicked looking buggy whip, the handle at least three meters long and the tail at least four. He walked the line of reindeer, pinching an ass here, a nipple there and stopped at Giselle. Giselle shivered as he stared into her eyes and rubbed the side of her breast with his finger, he said "I see we have a new girl!" Cum-it huh? You are a beautiful package dear. I'll have to get you across Santa's lap later." Giselle's skin flushed, lowered her eyes and nodded. "I'll see you on my North Pole." he laughed and walked off, finishing his inspection.

Taking his seat in the sleigh, Santa cracked the whip over their heads and then with skillful strikes, put the lash across the ass of both the leaders. The reindeer started their march, the big ballroom doors opened and the crowd applauded as they pulled Santa to his throne at the end of the room. The sleigh was turned and Santa walked to the throne. As instructed earlier all the reindeer proceeded to kneel and lower their heads. A groom passed among them, clipping a short chain to "d" rings on their boots and attaching it to the back of their harness, trapping them there.

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The arrival of Santa started the night's festivities and he received food and drink from Dixie and Pixie, dressed as a pair of "elves" wearing a short green tunic open to the big belt cinching their waist, flashing pussy and ass as they walked. They costume was finished off with green high heeled ankle boots, and an elf hat. Their elbows were bound behind their backs and wrists were tied together in front so they could carry serving trays. Part of the ballroom was reserved for dancing, crosses and benches in an alcove were being used for punishment, tables with food and drink were scattered around. Another groom came around and through a hole in their gags, gave all the reindeer some refreshing fruit punch. It also included a dose of the Estate's stimulant. Soon they were all fidgeting and wiggling hips trying to get some friction on their dildos and butt plugs.

The reindeer were admired by guests and as the night wore on, one by one they were disconnected from the sleigh and led away on a leash by guests until Giselle was the only one left. The fire in her pussy was distracting and she almost didn't notice the black biker boots suddenly in front of her. "Well little one, I guess it's time to tell Santa what you want for Christmas! First of all, I think you need to show Santa that you've been a good girl this year. Lick my boots and beg to be Santa's slave." Giselle worked her tongue from under the bit and leaning down, started polishing the boots with her tongue. After licking each thoroughly, she started begging through the gag, "eese ana, eese aak ee ooou aafe!" (Please Santa, please make me your slave!) Santa disconnected her from the sleigh and grabbing the harness between Giselle's breasts, picked her up off the floor with one arm, her legs still bound under her. Throwing her over his shoulder, one massive hand clasping her bottom, Santa carried Giselle back to his throne, laying her at his feet. After unsnapping his shorts, he removed her bit and as his manhood rose to the occasion, ordered Giselle to please him.

Giselle stared as his penis rose from the shorts. It had to be a 30 cm long! The head was as big around as an orange! She might get it in her mouth, but deep throating this monster was out of the question! And what would it do to her pussy! Or ass! She hoped that buggering her was not on his agenda tonight!

Giselle spent the next half hour licking his penis and trying to get it far enough in her mouth to make him cum. About half way down the head hit her throat, but even with her skill controlling her gag reflex, there was no way that dick was going any deeper. His running commentary about her skill and techniques only encouraged her and finally, she could feel him tense. Santa grabbed Giselle's head and slammed his dick into her face. It still only went part way, but Giselle felt his cock surge and what felt like a quart of cum shot down her throat. As he pulled out, Giselle worked furiously to clean his cock of any residue.

After cleaning him with her tongue thoroughly, Giselle realized that he was still hard and upright. Noticing her surprise, Santa grabbed a deep fried turkey leg and bottle of Defiant whisky off a passing waiters tray and said, "Clean living girly!" He laughed and took a big swig of the whisky, a big bite from the turkey leg and said, "Come on! Let's go fuck!"

Picking Giselle up with one arm, carrying her like a suitcase, turkey and booze in his other hand, Santa walked out of the hall and carried her to his room. His room had a big four poster with a built in set of stocks at head and foot and tie downs all around. There was a dog crate in the corner, just big enough for someone her size.

The next afternoon, Giselle woke from a sound sleep. Pussy and ass ached. She was unbound, lying with Santa's shoulder as a pillow, his arm around her back, massive hand cupping her ass. Her body clasped tightly against him and one leg over his and arm on his chest. Trying to be quiet, she slipped down his body and sucked his still semi-erect dick into her mouth. He groaned and pulled her up his body, slid his now hard member into her pussy and she rode him like the stallion he was.

The night had not been easy. He insisted on fucking Giselle in all three holes before the night was over. Her pussy was breached with some difficulty. Riding him like a cowgirl, it hurt going in and took a while before the pain allowed her to enjoy it, but he managed to bring her to orgasm. His first attempt at her ass had been a disaster. Again, he insisted she inflict her own impalement and after trying several times, Giselle gave up. He tossed her over his lap and spanked her with his big hand until she cried then comforted her until she calmed down and calling Room Service, ordered a piece of equipment.

Giselle was bound to the machine with knees against her chest. Her arms were secured to a bar just behind her at shoulder height, causing her breasts to push forward. Wires were clipped to her nipples and clit. A dildo was mounted below her and slid into her ass. As the machine's cycle began, Giselle was moved upward, then slowly back down, impaling her on the dildo. The machine moved her up and down, slowly fucking her ass on the dildo. Giselle could feel the invader squirt lube every few down strokes and her nipples and clit started getting a mild electrical stimulation. Giselle realized that after a few minutes, the dildo was expanding and over the next hour, Giselle was fucked by the machine relentlessly, the invader getting larger and larger. As she was nearing orgasm for the fifth time, Santa stuck his dick in her face and as she moved up and down, Giselle sucked what she could into her mouth.

When Santa decided it was time to try again. Giselle was lifted off the machine and holding her by the torso, lowered her onto his dick. This time, thanks to the relentless stretching by the machine, and even though she almost fainted from the pain, he succeeded in slowly penetrating her, his full length buried in her bowels. When Giselle realized he was successful, she came so hard she almost squirmed from his grip. Releasing her and rolling the two of them over, Giselle grasped her own ankles to keep herself available, Santa started plowing her ass. He lasted at least 45 minutes, but Giselle lost all track of time coming every few minutes as he played with her new nipple rings and pinched her clit. When Giselle was finally released, she was given one last order before slipping off to sleep. "If you wake me, it better be with my dick in your mouth!"

As Giselle was leaving the next day, her ass so sore she could barely walk, she ran into Dixie and Pixie again in the kitchen, Seeing one still naked, gagged and bound, she exclaimed "Pixie! Are you still keeping Dixie captive?" The petite girl answered, "I'm Dixie, Pixie's getting punished now. Those sharecropper boys took turns with me tied up in the tobacco barn for a week! Whipping my ass with tobacco sticks and my tits and pussy with an old fan belt off the tractor and fucking me. Pixie here was so busy watching and masturbate'n she forgot to feed the hogs and the boys were so tired they wouldn't work. Pa was really mad! So he gave her to me for the next month. By the way, those nipple rings looked good on you. We hope you'll keep them." The bound girl moaned and nodded in ascent and they headed out the door, Pixie to ride home hogtied in the trunk of the old Mustang the girls shared. Dixie shouted over her shoulder "Y'all come visit for Christmas! We'll have a good time!"

Chapter 4 (added: 2018/11/10)

Giselle spent the week after the Estate's Christmas party just resting. After her experience with "Santa" her ass, pussy and jaw ached for days. She did her regular exercise routines at the gym and did a little jogging. She felt uneasy, like someone was watching her and even saw the same beat up van twice while jogging, making her uneasy. Once coming home, her condo door was unlocked and she felt like someone had been there although nothing seemed to be disturbed. A large, heavy package arrived from with instructions not to open until Christmas.

A little spooked and looking at Christmas alone, she decided to give Dixie a call and take her up on her offer of a visit. Christmas Eve found Giselle, casually dressed in blue jeans, sneakers and sleeveless blouse, driving to the twin's farm in Johnston County. From the twin's Southern redneck demeanor, Giselle didn't expect much, but when her GPS told her to turn, the drive to the farm was guarded by two large brick pillars and an ornate metal gate. A 6' high fence faced the road as far as she could see in both directions. Hitting the button on the gate, Giselle waited for a few seconds, noticing the cameras pointing at her. When the gate opened, Giselle drove up the long drive to the farmhouse.

The first thing Giselle noticed were two incredibly handsome black men working with a Tennessee Walker in the ring. Dixie, wearing cowboy boots, cut-off shorts and a t-shirt came running out of the stable and jumped up into Giselle's arms giving her a big hug. "I'm so glad you came! We're going to have so much fun tonight and Momma cooks a Christmas dinner you won't believe. Come say hello to Pixie!" Dixie led her into the barn and they found Pixie naked in one of the stalls, chained by the neck to a wall, shoveling out the horse's stall. A ball gag muffled her greeting, and she didn't pause in her labors. "We'll let her loose in a little while so we can all party with the boys down by the bonfire. Come on in the house and meet Momma and Daddy!"

Grabbing Giselle's hand, Dixie dragged her into the house. Instead of the rural farmhouse Giselle expected, the house was reminiscent of Tara from "Gone with the Wind." Leading her into the huge kitchen, Giselle was introduced to "Momma" and again far from the dumpy farm wife Giselle expected. She was a beautiful, tall slender woman in her 40's; she was elegantly dressed in riding boots, jodhpurs and a silk blouse. A string of pearls graced her neck. She was barking commands at the staff of chefs, orchestrating the evening's meal and prepping for the Christmas feast the next day. Giving Giselle a warm hug, she welcomed her to their farm and cautioned her to not let her twin's enthusiasm overwhelm her good sense. Dixie grabbed her hand again and dragged her down the hall to meet "Daddy".

Daddy was a short, slim, compact man, but had an imposing presence. He was in the front hall shaking hands with the farm workers getting ready to leave for their own Christmas celebrations. Each one got an envelope with their Christmas bonus and as he thanked them, a couple of the men said they would be back in the morning for chores. Daddy cautioned them to only do what had to be done so they could spend time with their families and he sent them on their way. As she waited for Dixie to introduce her, Giselle noticed a pair of maids cleaning the living room. They were both tall attractive women and their uniform consisted of a low-cut maid's costume, The skirt was so short as to show the bottom of their bare ass and Giselle could just make out a black thong covering their pussies. Visible garters held up white stockings and black high heel shoes kept them on their toes. Giselle noticed that the ankle straps on the shoes had locks holding them on the women's feet. Calling the maids over, Daddy handed them their bonus and smacking their bottoms, told them to get back to work. Both giggled and went back to their cleaning.

He gave Giselle a big hug and welcomed her to their little farm. "Dixie, give Giselle a tour of the place and we'll see you back here for supper at six." The women walked back out to the horse barn and grabbing a Gator, rode off down a dirt road behind the house. Hundreds of Black Angus cattle grazed in the fields on both sides of the road, fields cut short that would nourish hay, soybeans, cotton and tobacco in the spring. They passed several large barns and a few workers. All the men grinned at Dixie and she waved excitedly back, giving a running commentary to Giselle about how big their dick was, or how good they were at sucking pussy. When they toured one of the barns, Dixie told her that the cows were inseminated here and she and Pixie both had been restrained in the insemination clamps and fucked by the workers for two days. There seemed to be not limit to the twin's excesses!

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As the sun started going down, the air began to cool and the women headed back to the house. Just before they reached it, four big black men stepped in front of the Gator. Dixie hit the brakes and skidded to a stop as they surrounded the women; Giselle recognized the two who had been working the horse when she got there. The one at the driver's side said "When are you going to come back to the tobacco barn girl? We had such a good time and you're friend would be welcome too! Why don't we meet there after the bonfire?" Dixie replied, "You men get back to work! We've got to get back to the house. My ass is still sore from the last time so you horn dogs can fuck off!" As she gunned to Gator, the men just laughed as the girls zoomed off.

Pixie released and showered, the three women mingled on the patio with other guests. With a glass of wine in hand, the twins dominated conversations, but their enthusiasm was contagious and Giselle was enjoying herself. After a buffet of pulled pork, baked beans, Cole slaw and hush puppies washed down with Aviator beer, the party meandered to the field behind the house where a large bonfire was lit. Hay bales scattered around the fire let the guests warm up from the evening chill and a portable bar was set up, dispensing Broadslab moonshine, Aviator beer and wine from the farm's winery. A few of the men from the farm engaged Giselle in conversation and hinted at a rendezvous later, but was all low pressure and everyone there was just having a good time. Dixie and Pixie, both a little tipsy, invited Giselle to follow them and they made their way to an old tobacco barn.

Once inside, Giselle was amazed to see a polished wood floor and walls. Hidden lights illuminated several items of bondage furniture. Whips, chains, gags and restraints covered one wall. The four black men they had encountered earlier were waiting, wearing cowboy hats, boots, leather chaps and a leather vest. Large examples of manhood hung between their legs. Dixie and Pixie stripped immediately, but Giselle deferred, wanting only to observe, but after seeing the two others bound, whipped, caned, and impaled, she gave in to the warmth pulsing in her pussy. Tossing her clothes on a bench, Giselle locked her wrists in handcuffs behind her back and went over to one of the men and kneeling before him, sucked his dick down her throat. The three women were bound and soundly whipped, fucked, gave and received oral sex for most of the night.

The next morning, Giselle woke in a big bed with Dixie and Pixie snuggling her on both sides. They had just started sucking on Giselle's nipples when their Daddy banged on the door "Get your lazy butts up! It's Christmas Day! Everyone downstairs for breakfast!" The three managed a quick shower together. When they tried to get dressed, Giselle realized she had left her clothes in the tobacco barn and never brought her suitcase up from her car. Dixie gave her a pair of cutoff jeans that weren't quite obscene, but close. The t-shirt she was given was too tight. Giselle's pierced nipples showed through; her breasts pushed it out, the bottom barely covering the underside of them. They assured her that they'd get right down to her car and get a more modest outfit, but they were waylaid by the twin's Mom and dragged in for breakfast. Giselle reddened with embarrassment in front of the twin's parents, but no one noticed her outfit except one of the kitchen staff, a brunette with short brown hair, nose ring and sleeve tattoos that kept looking at Giselle and licking her lips.

After breakfast, the family and Giselle went into the living room and presents opened. Someone had retrieved the presents she had brought from her car and she received presents from the family. As houseguest, Giselle opened presents first, but she blushed, coloring with embarrassment when the gifts from the twins turned out to be an Ohmibod vibrator and Bluetooth butt plug. Giselle lost a little of her embarrassment when the twins went next and in addition to the elegant white silk blouse and black pencil skirt that Giselle had gotten each of them, each received custom made leather cuffs and collars from Beautifully Bound, matching arm binders and ring gag harness with built-in blindfold from their mother. Daddy's present to each twin was a chain mail chastity belt with built in dildo and ass plug, also with Bluetooth enabled vibrator. As they opened the present, their father exclaimed "Maybe I need to lock these on you two so my workers can get their jobs done and won't spend all their energy fucking you two!"

Momma admonished him and opened her gifts. The twins gave her a pair of black leather full length boots with a 4 cm platform and 18 cm heels. Small locks at the top of the zipper would lock them on and also locked them to rings in the wearer's pussy lips, pulling on them as she walked. Daddy's present to Momma was a black leather corset that would cinch her waist to 45 cm. It was made to cover her from just above her pussy to just over her mouth and a 10 cm dildo gag was attached to the portion over the mouth. Small cutouts allowed the breasts through but cinched the base tightly. A small nose ring would secure the top of the corset in place and with the stiffness of the corset, allowing no movement above the waist. An arm binder attached to the shoulders completed the immobilization of its prisoner. Daddy exclaimed "We'll take care of the nose piercing tonight so you'll be able to wear that to the drive-in movie next week!" Momma flushed a little and told Daddy to open his presents.

The twins gave him a locking collar and a set of stainless steel slave chains, obviously sized for his wife. We know how much you like Momma in chains!"

He whistled softly when he opened the long thin package from his wife. Inside was a pair of very brutal whips. The first he pulled out was a Sjambok, a stiff whip made from hippo hide. The next item out was a buntot pagi made from the tail of a stingray with a kangaroo hide handle. Giselle cringed at the thought of those being used on her; it would not take much to break skin with either! Momma told him, "The buntot pagi has been devenomed, but the rough surface will make me suffer terribly when it's used on my ass later tonight. I think with the a little practice, you can use the Sjambok on my pussy."

Presents done, the parents disappeared upstairs and the women lounged on the patio until dinner was served enjoying the 75 degree "winter" weather of North Carolina. Promptly at 3:00 a large crowd of staff joined them in the main dining room for Christmas dinner. Momma and Daddy were the last to join them, Giselle noticing that Momma seemed to be walking slowly and sitting very gingerly! She guessed that Daddy had already tried out his presents.

After dinner Giselle thanked her hosts, promised the twins they'd get together to try out her new dildo and headed back to Durham. As she left the farm, a beat up van pulled out a side road and followed her but turned off a few blocks from her condo. Giselle never noticed it. Entering the condo, Giselle again felt like someone had been there. Nothing was out of place or missing, but it creeped her out a little. She locked the deadbolt and left all the lights on that night as she slept. The next morning, as she had coffee and a bagel on her patio, Giselle realized that there was a man's foot print on the fabric of one of her deck chairs. Now panicking for real she called the police, but without any sign of an actual burglary, they dismissed her as panicking over nothing. Giselle called Dixie and Pixie and explained her fears and asked if they could stay with her a few days.

Giselle realized she had forgotten the mystery package delivered before Christmas. Taking a steak knife, she opened the box and inside was a head to toe leather restraint bag in shiny burgundy leather. The bag zipped up from the back and a dozen straps would cinch the captive tightly in the bag and a pair of deep leather pockets inside would further restrain the hands. A wide leather collar goes around the neck and an opening for the mouth had a ring gag built in. Also in the box was a plug gag using a very realistic looking 12 cm penis to silence the occupant's cries. In the bottom of the box was a simple card with the words "Thinking of you!" and a photo of Giselle eating breakfast on her patio. Giselle was totally in a panic and sat locked in the bathroom holding the kitchen knife until the twins arrived.

The twin's buoyant attitudes reassured Giselle and they vowed to stick with her as much as they could, but once school started, they would have to return to classes at NC State. Both women were in the agriculture programs there, Dixie in the cattle curriculum (Moo U), and Pixie in the Veterinary School. Over the rest of Christmas break, the twins entertained Giselle, taking her out dancing and generally keeping her mind off her possible stalker. None of them noticed the van that appeared behind them routinely. Work vans are pretty common and to the girls, they all looked alike.

Nights were spent trying out her new vibrator on each of the twins, licking, biting and spanking and tying each other up. Giselle was too nervous to try out the bondage bag, but both the twins took a turn, but it was too long for them. Each twin took turns licking their captor until she came. Giselle found out that Dixie was ticklish, Pixie was not. She experimented on them to see if there really was a "twin Connection". Tied in chairs on opposite sides of the room and blindfolded, she spent time tickling, biting and licking them, then asking the other girl what was done to her twin.

By the time school started, Giselle had relaxed some and sent the twins on their way. Settling back into her classes, she occasionally felt like someone was watching her, but as a smart, attractive woman that liked to wear high heels, short skirts and low cut tops, she was stared at quite a bit anyway.

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Monday, October 22, 2018  

Pretty hot stuff. I like the fact that you stretch reality (and a good many other things). Keep it up. tpb

Wednesday, October 10, 2018  

great story, plaase continue, but a bit more realism would be good for this story.

Thursday, September 06, 2018  

Quite enjoyed the first part but the second felt rushed and a bit careless. Some of the scenes were quite sexy but it didn’t seem to fit well with the first half.

Thursday, September 06, 2018  

I love the story so far. I'm curious to see the first hunt with "lesbian content". But I hope Giselle stays the sub - at least for now.

Saturday, September 01, 2018  

Great story. Please continue writing (new stories and\or continuations).

Thursday, August 23, 2018  

Well written and very entertaining. A very interesting premise for a story. I am anxious to see how it continues.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018  

The pacing was kind of strange. You made a point of going into her backstory but eventually it was just sex and pain and more pain and sex.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018  

You say this is the first of several stories, but I'd rather see this one continued! As with the first commenter, this story pushes most of my buttons.

Curtis Cook

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

This is an excellent story.
It kept moving and I look forward to more

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

Great story. Love the preys handicaps.

Sunday, August 12, 2018  

This pushed most of the buttons on my kink console. I liked the way you get straight into the action and that there is a logical backstory - though I’d have happily waited longer for it. I prefer the more consensual approach too especially if it involves fit girls submitting to bondage and being hunted. Good job. tpb

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