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Glimpse of the furture
  • Author - New beginning  
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  • Story Codes - M-f, consensual, bondage
  • Post Date - 8/11/2018
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Author's Note: This is another story written for my girl over chat, this is something we have done in the past to a much lesser degree, something I have promised to do to her in the future when we can be together permanently

Her feet hurt, she had been balanced on tiptoes for a while now. The blindfold did not help, made her struggle for balance - there was no way she wanted to fall, not when all that was holding her up was the rope between her legs. 'Rope' was probably a bit generous - bailing twine I think he called it she thought to herself as she felt it cutting her in half.

Tight Pantyhose. Tighter Bondage!

It had been her idea, or at least that is what he'd said - he had to get on and she did not want to let him, wanted him to spend his time with her instead.

So he came up with the simple answer, tight bondage. To be fair, this was exactly what she'd been after so yes, it WAS her idea really.

The tie was familiar, first her wrists were fixed firmly together in front of her (after he'd stripped off the minimal clothing she was allowed to wear indoors). Then the rope harness around her chest held her breasts confined and stopped her being able to breath in deeply. Her wrists were pulled up and behind her head, connected to the harness in the middle of her back with knots well away from her inquisitive fingers so there was no early escape for her today.

In this position her head was forced forward and she could only look down, this did not save her from a 'mindfold' blindfold that blacked out all light from reaching her. Held firmly in place by a harness gag, the large ball strapped mercilessly tight into her mouth, the straps pulled as far as they would go before being fastened off.

Her arms were pulled too far behind her to be able to reach any of the buckles, but she was pretty sure she'd heard him lock them on anyway so even if she could get to them it was not going to help. If he locks it on, she thinks, it normally means she gets to stay gagged even after her hands are released, and with the blindfold trapped underneath she was going to be in isolation for a while.

He made her spread her legs, standing there mute and blind he wrapped the twine around her waist, then ran a double strand from the back to the front between her legs, pulling the lips of her pussy apart as he did so to make sure the cord cut into tender flesh as much as it could.

She didn't see him do it but she could feel the knots in the twine digging in that little bit more. She'd tried to rub herself against his hand when he had been working down there, all that got her was a sharp slap on her thigh and told to stand still.

She knew he was already going to push her hard by his manner, so didn't feel the need to make it any worse - yet, she knows she can't resist the urge to push him to hurt her just that little bit more, push her closer to the edge of what she can take...

The pegs went on her pussy lips next, 10 she counted in her head as he put them on. Then her legs were forced together trapping the hard wooden pegs between her thighs, digging into the soft flesh.

She felt the strap around her thighs, then one below her knees and finally, the last one around her ankles - her legs now welded together.

She struggled a little for balance, with her legs held tightly together and the blindfold on she had to concentrate to keep her weight central and not topple over.

A tug on the crotch rope made her shuffle blindly forward as instructed, stopping when he put his hand on her shoulder.

She breath out as she felt the slack going out of the crotch rope, 'tip toes' was all he said as he pulled it higher. Yes, he was going to push her!

She went up and he continued to pull, she stretched up on her toes and when she had no more left to go the rope stopped pulling and was tied off - she was well and truly stuck.

She swayed slightly as she fought to stay balanced, the sawing action on her pussy did not go unnoticed and she wondered just how long she was going to be left.

Her nipples weren't clamped - a sign that she might be there quite a while she mused. Or maybe he was just saving that...

It had been ages, she was bored, in pain and knew she had no options, she just stood there, waiting.

More time, her calves burnt, the muscles screamed for relief. Every time she tried to ease the strain by lowering her feet her tortured pussy immediately overrode the command - insisting she push herself as high as she could.

This was easily the longest she'd had to stay in this position. She could not see, was he watching her, enjoying her torment - or had he simply strung her up and gone about his day. She heard a wimper and realised it was from her, little involuntary noises escaping her lips.

This hurt, she was struggling, close to the edge of her endurance - but then what, she had no safe word, no let out. She got to stay there until he said otherwise - stuck and hurting. She knew he enjoyed hurting her, normally she enjoyed him doing it but now she was really struggling, forcing herself to stay upright and even then the twine cut in viciously - there's going to be two of me soon she thought.

The End
The author has indicated there will be no future updates

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