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Lisa: A 1-Year Bondage Assignment
  • Author - Alex Young  
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  • Story Codes - F-f, consensual, reluctant, bondage, fantasy, toys
  • Post Date - 8/14/2018
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Reader's Comments (32)

Author's Note: This is my first attempt and the first chapter of a story based on a fantasy I've had and enjoyed for a long time. The story is about a girl engaging to be strictly tied up by a lesbian couple for a whole year in exchange for a 1 Mln$ fee. Yhey treat her very well but she is being kept strictly bound and gagged 24/7. Her sister (the Storyteller) traces her and the couple agree to let her visit her tied up sister from time to time. This leads to a series of quite enticing and erotic events.

Pupett Fetish Model - Chastity, Latex & Bondage

I would very much like to hear from the reades whether they enjoy the story and I will continue to write more chapters.

Chapter 1

'No mom, I haven't heard much from Lisa as well lately. The last time we talked was, eh..., I think 3 months ago or something. It was some weeks after she told me she had been given this great opportunity for an assignment in Europe. She called me to tell me she had arrived in Paris and would start an intensive training that would not allow her to call me much. I guess that's why you haven't heard from her as well.'

My mother said that she was still a bit concerned. Lisa had always been an adventurous girl and it was not unusual to make unpremeditated decisions to make foreign trips or participate in unusual activities. Sometimes I did not hear from her for months and then suddenly she would appear on my doorstep. All excited and full of stories and experiences she wanted to share with me. We would have a great time than and her sparkling personality made me forget about how me and my parents would have been concerned about her while she was away.

'You know what, I will call around her friends and colleagues and see whether they have heard from her. I will tell you right away one I have heard from her, OK?'

Mom agreed, still grumbling about Lisa and girls in general these days not being what they used to be in the old days.

As I promised mom, I called some of Lisa's friends and acquaintances but no-one had heard from her lately. Still, I was not overly concerned as it was not totally unusual and most of her friends agreed with the vision I had. Lisa would probably turn up unexpectedly and full of great stories of another one of her adventures.

A week later on a Friday evening I came home from work and listened to the messages on my answering machine. The last message was from a person whose voice I did not recognize. It was a female voice, pleasant and cultivated. The woman introduced herself as Megan. She said that she heard I had been making inquiries about my sister and that she could give me some more information about her. She said that I should not worry, that all was well with Lisa, but that she was involved in an intensive off-site training program not allowing her to make frequent calls home. However, if I wanted to speak to her -Megan- in more detail I was welcome to give her a call. So I did and during this call she offered me to provide an explanaion on Lisa's whereabouts. At the time of the call Lisa was busy and not able to come to speak to me on the phone herself, but Megan offered me to come over and visit them, so I could speak with Lisa and see for myself she was doing well. Meagn offered to send a car to pick me up the next Saturday.

Megan picked me up exactly at the agreed time in a large limo. She greeted me cordially and ushered me into the car. Before we started she told me she would blindfold me as at this stage she did not want me to be aware of where the house was. As it was all discussed in an almost matter of fact way I agreed without any hesitation.

After what seemed a drive of about half an hour -but could just as well have been 45 min's- we stopped at what I thought was a gate. After a minute we drove on and finally the cal came to a halt. Megan helped me out of the car and up a set of stairs to what I suppose was the front door. It was opened right way and I was greeted by another, equally pleasant voice.

'Hello Catherine, I am Mabel, Megan's partner. Welcome to our mansion, please do come in.'

She grabbed my hand and led me into the house. Once inside, Megan removed the blindfold and I could start to observe where I was. The first thing I noticed was Megan and Mabel. Both were astonishingly beautiful women, I guessed in their early forties. Very well dressed, both in black and a bit in equestrienne style. They smiled at me and asked me to join them into the lounge. They offered me a drink and we sat and talked small talk for some time.

After about 15 minutes, just when I could not resist my curiosity any more, Megan said: 'I am sure you would now like to know more about Lisa, right?' I nodded and Megan said: 'Well, she is here with us, and you will see her a little later. But first I want to tell you more about what she is doing here and why.' This sounded intriguing so I gave her a questioning look. 'Please hear me out all the way before reacting. After I have finished you will be allowed as many questions as you want and later on you will speak with Lisa as well.'

I nodded again and Megan started: 'First let me tell you more about Mabel and myself. We are both very successful business women. A few years ago we have cashed by selling our business almost simultaneously.'

'Together we have a fortune that we will never be able to spend in our lives even when we would grow to be 100,' Mabel smiled. We are a lesbian couple for over 10 years now and love each other with whole our hearts. We also share another interest, which we keep more to ourselves. We are both very much into, what is generally referred to as "Love bondage". We love tying each other up tightly and play bondage games. One enjoys taking care of the other one after having done so. We both also like to be tied up from time to time. We spent many years experimenting with new ways to tie each other up and get sexual satisfaction out of that.

But, as with many things in life, it all became a little boring after some years. There was one dream we had. To have a beautiful female slave to own and care for in a loving way while we continuously kept her in very tight bondage. After some careful elaboration we thought of a way to fulfill our dream. We placed a discrete ad in few newspaper in which we described what we were looking for, offering the girl that would be willing to help us fulfill our dream a Million $ to be our Love bondage slave for a full year.

This is where Megan took over again: "In the ad we asked for a beautiful, intelligent girl, with almost perfect measurements. We asked for a large breasted girl -at least D-Cup- with a perfect size 34 and a very pretty face. The girl should be willing and capable to spend almost all her time with us being securely bound and gagged in a wide variety of positions during a full 365 days. Moreover we expected the girl to be willing to experience -and enjoy- serious sexual arousing during the bondage positions. A surprising number of girls reacted, but not many were suitable. One clearly stuck out, your sister, Lisa. She is beautiful, very intelligent and after a few tests appeared to be able to undergo long continuous periods of bondage. So after we agreed the details, she signed the contract and has been with us now for close to three months, very much to our satisfaction." Mabel added: "She has her own room in the house but sometimes is also in a cell in the basement. She is always bound, in constantly varying positions and almost 90% of that time she is gagged as well. There is absolutely no pain or torture involved other than the fact she is hardly capable of moving out of her own free will. We do, however, exercise her frequently to keep her in shape and maintain her perfect figure."

I was really too astonished to say anything, so Megan said: "Well I can see you are somewhat ambivalent about this, which is very understandable. We have decided to allow you to sit with your sister for half an hour and speak about her stay here with us yourself. This, we think, is the best way to see that there is absolutely no harm in what we are doing with your sister and that it is all done in a consensus way. Please follow me to the room where you will meet your sister."

She showed me the way to a room which was adjacent to another room, just separated by a glass door. Behind the glass door was a wooden table with a number of chairs around it. Megan told me to sit down in the room before the glass door and asked me to stay there while she would go and get Lisa and "install her" as she put it. I sat down and Megan left through the glass door and then through the door on the other side of the room. I sat there in astonishment not knowing what to expect.

After about 5 minutes, the door opened and Lisa appeared, ushered in by Megan. What I saw exceeded every expectation I had. Lisa had always been a beautiful girl, matching, even exceeding-, the requirements the couple had described in their ad. But now she looked radiant, in spite of the, what I would expect to be very uncomfortable, position she was in. She was only dressed in a fine black garter belt, black nylons and a very strict little corset that only reached until below her big breasts. She was walking on very high heeled black pumps. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back as were her elbows, pushing her big breasts even more forward. The rope was white and looked soft. Between her elbows and hands there was another rope holding her arms closely bound to her body. Another coil of rope was bound above and below her breasts. An ingenious network of ropes leading around her neck and shoulders then pulled these ropes together and pressed out her beautiful breasts even further.

There were also several loops of rope around her waist. Precisely in the mid front of these loops 2 coils of rope were attached that led down straight through her crotch, separating her labia and vanishing in between them. The rope was attached at her back to both the ropes around her waist as well as the rope around her wrists. Although her bindings did not allow much slack to move her arms or hands, any movement that she could make would immediately arouse her sexually by putting pressure on her clitoris.

There was another set of ropes high around her thighs pressing firmly into her soft flesh. The next binding was a little bit lower, just above her knees. As she was walking with little elegant steps towards the chair opposite me I could see the imprints of the ropes that had been tied just below her knees and around her ankles. She clearly had only been freed of those to make the little walk to the meeting with me. She looked me right in the eye and her eyes were expressing excitement and happiness to see me. She could not say anything because of the tight white cloth gag that was wound around the bottom part of her face.

Megan sat her down on the chair and produced another length of rope. She started to tie Lisa's right ankle to the chair's right leg and subsequently did the same thing to her left ankle. She then drew up the chair with Lisa on it close to the table and affectionately placed both of Lisa's heavy breasts on top of the table. Lisa looked at her while she was doing this in an equally loving way. Megan stepped away to admire her handiwork and then smiled at me. "Isn't she lovely like this? I think she looks absolutely marvelous. Mabel and I love her. We are thinking about keeping her forever" she said with a wink. A little bit more serious she said: "I will leave you two now to have a nice chat. I am going to remove Lisa's gag so you can talk with each other. In exactly half an hour I will come back and gag her again, regardless of whether you are done talking or not. You are free to touch, caress or kiss your sister and to touch her bindings, but do not remove or loosen any of them. Try to agree on a frequency the two of you would like to see each other in the coming months. Mabel and I have discussed this and we are fine with it, providing this visit goes well."

She then stepped behind Lisa and started to undo the knot behind her head. When this was done she unrolled several layers of the white cloth that were wound around Lisa's neck and mouth. When it was removed Lisa's mouth appeared to be stuffed with a big piece of white cloth as well, that Megan pulled out. She put a glass of water against Lisa's lips for her to drink. Apparently the gag had made her mouth very dry. She smiled at Megan and thanked her for the water. Megan smiled back and caressed her hair and one of her breasts. "Have fun, sweetie" she said, "enjoy talking to your sister. See you in half an hour."

"Hi Sis!"Lisa said, "It's great to see you. Come and give me a kiss, it's been so long since we have seen each other. And, as you can see, it's kind of hard for me to get up and come over to you." I got out of my chair and walked around the table to hug her and kiss her on the cheek. I looked into her eyes and said: "Poor darling, in what kind of a mess has you gotten yourself into this time? Aren't you very uncomfortable in all of these ropes? And have you really been like this all the time over the past few months?" Lisa nodded and said: "Yep, that's part of the deal with the ladies. But I will be a rich girl after the year is over. And to be honest, it's not so bad. You get used to it after some time and obviously I get time to exercise from time to time. And they tie me up in different positions every so many hours so I do not get too stiff. But obviously it's not real easy."

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We talked some more and she told me that Megan and Mabel were always very sweet for her. They gave her the best food and drinks and were always loving and keeping a close eye on her well-being. But not much did they allow her to be free. She was kept in bondage almost continuously. I touched some of her bindings and felt that the rope was very soft, but bound very tight. Lisa smiled at me almost apologetically and said: "I understand that you're probably shocked by all this and my choice to do this surprises you, but for me there's really no way back. I have been with Megan and Mabel now for almost 3 months. I can choose to be free any time I want, but they will not pay me unless I complete the entire term." She grinned: "A small mistake I made. I forgot to have a clause added to the contract what my fee would be if I decided to quit before the year ends." She shrugged: "Oh well, it is what it is and I there are not a lot of other things I could have done in this year that would make me a million, right? "

I smiled and asked her whether there was anything I could do for her. She thought about it for a few moments and then said, with a wink: "Well...... you could take my place for a few days. I'd die for a nice walk in the city, a visit to the hairdresser and a good night out with some friends." I laughed and said that that would probably not be a good idea. But in order not to make it sound too harsh her I said I would think about it.

By that time Mabel entered the room with -what I later learned to be- a ball gag in her hands. She asked me whether I enjoyed talking to Lisa, while, at the same time and without even addressing her, she put the ball gag in Lisa's mouth and fastened it tightly behind her head.

Chapter 2 (added: 2018/10/23)

During the next few months I visited Lisa several times. At least once every month. The trips to the lesbian couple's house became less and less formal and strict as Mabel and Megan's confidence in my discretion was gradually growing over time. For me it was clear Lisa was not really held captive by them against her will, but that it was purely based on a consensual business agreement. It would not be in Lisa's interest would I interfere with this opportunity for her to make a small fortune in only a year's time. And with every visit it became more evident to me she was not suffering or in any pain. She was quite happy to undergo the experience in order to get what she wanted: 1 Million Dollars!

Also, gradually, with every time I visited, the time I was allowed to stay grew longer. The first few visits were somewhat similar to the first one, but they, too, became less formal.

Immediately after I arrived Lisa would already be in the room with us, being it strictly tied and gagged, of course. I would greet her briefly, but she would remain gagged as she was for the time being. Mabel and Megan would subsequently give me an update on what happened in their life since my last visit and inquire about my wellbeing and personal news. I learned to enjoy observing Lisa's impatience to be ungagged and allowed to participate in the conversation while Mabel, Megan and I would leisurely take our time for our chitchat, apparently ignoring her presence all together. Then, sometimes, Mabel or Megan would casually wonder towards Lisa, giving the impression they were going to ungag her, only to re-adjust or tighten one of her bindings, still leaving her helpless and silent. It was amusing to see the frustration in Lisa's eyes when that happened, but of course there was nothing she could do. Finally they would indeed ungag her and she was allowed to join in on our conversation for some time.

At first she started to protest against our behavior, only to find that uttering these complaints was only shortening the time she was allowed to speak before being gagged again. She learned her lesson quickly and simply accepted the fact that, as a bondage slave, she had to be obedient and happy with every favor she was granted.

So, Lisa would simply start engaging in our monthly little talk. Most of the times with Mabel and Megan joining us, sometimes we would be left alone for some time. The length of the 'Visiting Hour' would vary from time to time, which also added to Lisa's frustration, obviously. Even more so as it was totally unpredictable when Mabel or Megan would decide to put Lisa's gag on again. They'd suddenly stand up or appear back in the room with some sort of gagging device and without any notice or hesitation begin to apply it on Lisa. Clearly I had no say in this nor did I think it wise to comment.

Lisa's bindings were different every visit:

Sometimes, when she was lucky, she would be tied to a chair and sit with us.

Sometimes she would be on the floor with her arms and legs strictly tied and frequently in a hogtie.

Another time she was standing straight, all tied, of course, with a series of ropes attached to rings in the ceiling supporting her.

And sometimes, even more exciting, she would be tied in a position hanging free from the floor, just supported by the ropes attached to the rings in the ceiling. And one of those ropes usually lead through her crotch and happened to support most of her weight!

Or she would be attached to something I learned is called an Andreas Cross, placed in a corner of the room. Other times there were other kinds of contraptions or supports she was tied to. The resemblance between all positions being she was always totally unable to move any of her limbs.

During every visit she was always dressed in elegant and sexy lingerie and extremely high heels. And, in spite of my participation into teasing her from time to time, I made sure to carefully observe she continued to look happy. And so she did. Almost too happy sometimes and to an extent that made me wonder why. I was soon to find out.......

A few weeks before Christmas I had scheduled another visit. Mabel opened the door and greeted me warmly. I followed her into the room where Lisa was already waiting for me. She was seated on what looked like a wooden kitchen chair. She was only dressed in the usual lingerie with her breasts supported by a semi cup bra this time. This made them protrude even more than usual: a very attractive sight, even for me. Her wrists and elbows were tied strictly behind the seat rest and fixed to her ankles below the chair. Her legs were tied tightly together on 5 places, 2 above the knee and 3 below. She was gagged with a strict layered white tape gag covered by another small band of narrower black tape. Undoubtedly her mouth was packed with some sort of stuffing so I was sure she was completely unable to make any understandable sound through that very effective gag.

Mabel told me she and Megan were in a conference call with their accountant and asked me whether I would mind taking care of Lisa for about half an hour until they were ready to join us. Of course I agreed. I asked whether I was allowed to remove the gag while we were waiting, but she told me to definitely not do that.

After Mabel left Lisa I noticed the same absent look in Lisa's eyes I saw during earlier visits. I walked toward her and circled around the chair to check for something unusual. When I looked under the chair I noticed a thin electrical cord coming from a crack in the seat leading to a nearby socket. At the same time I also noticed there was a faint buzzing sound coming from under the chair, or -in fact- from Lisa's crotch. I bent over and looked under the chair to find that a large vibrator connected to the cord was inserted into her vagina. The vibrator was one of those with a part that spun around slowly and a small 'finger' stimulating her clitoris. The whole thing was held in place firmly by her crotch rope which, of course, was applied as part of her bindings as well. This was definitely not the first time Lisa was equipped like this and clearly the reason for her absent minded look sometimes. I could only try to imagine the wonderful sensation and arousal she was experiencing this way. It made me almost feel anxious!

When I stood up I noticed a remote control on the table next to Lisa's chair. I took it and determined it was the vibrator's remote. There were several buttons and dials on it to adjust the speed and intensity of the various vibrations. As Mabel had not said anything about playing with this gadget I decided to see what effect adjusting some of the dials had on Lisa.

I started by turning the speed and/or intensity lower (I wasn't sure). Lisa moaned through her gag and gazed at me in a grateful and relieved way. I smiled at her with my sweetest smile and then started to slowly turn the dial back up. When I turned it beyond the position it was on before she moaned again, this time more fiercely. I decided to see how far I could go and turned the dial further up. Lisa started to moan more but at the same time I could see her nipples become even harder and her look even more excited. So I went on and, even with the strict bindings holding her in her chair, she started to show some movements of her body. I decided she was coming close to (yet another?) orgasm and thought she earned that by being sexually aroused for such a long time. So I left the dial in this position and sat down on a chair close to her to observe her.

5 minutes later, after a very enjoyable struggle, Lisa's orgasm came, announced by a very loud moan which could be heard even through the tight gag. Her chair moved a little bit at the same time and she looked at me with a confused, angry, but also satisfied look, at least that's what I thought....

At the same time Mabel and Megan entered the room. Mabel immediately took the remote and switched off the vibrator. They both looked at me amused, but also puzzled. Megan said: 'You naughty girl, teasing your little sister like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.' They observed me for quite some time, making me feel somewhat uncomfortable. Then suddenly, they turned to each other and giggled. When they looked back at me, Megan said with a big smile: 'No, seriously, you passed the test we set up for you with flying colors. You took great care of our little prisoner here and I am sure she enjoyed it as much as you did.'

'As a reward, we would like to invite you over to spend Christmas Eve with us and Lisa. I promise you it will be an unforgettable evening. Both for us as well as for Lisa and yourself. We really hope you will accept our invitation??

Of course I did. And an unforgettable Christmas Eve it would be.....

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Sunday, May 05, 2019  

Guess we’ll never see this amazing story continue since every post has to be manually approved, and the lazy piece of shit who runs the site never gets on, and is such a retard that it never occurred to him to get someone to help him run it.

Sunday, April 28, 2019  


Thursday, March 28, 2019  

Next part please!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019  

chapter 3?

Saturday, December 08, 2018  

To say it with a previous commenter's words:
Great story, please do continue.

Saturday, November 03, 2018  

Great story, do continue.

Saturday, October 27, 2018  

So far so good.
Can't wait to see what Christmas Eve has in store for poor Lisa.

I noticed a gradual increase in Lisa's bondage overtime as well.

Will there be a contract renewal in her future??

Wednesday, October 24, 2018  

great update, looking forward to the next instalment

Wednesday, October 24, 2018  

From the author: So happy! Chapter 2 has finally been published. I hope you will all enjoy it. Let me know what you think. I have already started to write Chapter 3, so expect it in a little while...

Sunday, October 14, 2018  

To the author: Maybe re-submit or E-mail the webmaster just to make sure it was received??
Perhaps, the second chapter didn't go though properly or something.

just in case. ;)

Monday, October 01, 2018  

From the author: I submitted Chapter 2 to the story quite some time ago already. Unfortunately it apparently takes the editor a long time to publish it. I hope it will be published soon!

Thursday, September 20, 2018  

More please!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018  

Great Start! Very Enjoyable!

Friday, September 14, 2018  

I thank this author, for producing an excellent story, free of immortality. However this is fiction, and immortality can have its place, in teaching the reader a useful, cautionary tale...
The other sister is, after all, taking a huge risk, in going completely blindfolded to these strangers house...

Her sister appears happy, what kind of control do they have over her? Drugs?
Alternatively: What if Lisa has totally falllen for her captors plans, and is now setting up a trap for her older sister? A trap of the less consensual variety.

The more the other sister visits Lisa the less likely I feel things will turn out for her (or both sisters). Imagine what if Lisa thought she betraying her older sister, in introducing her to bondage; when what is really happening is these two women desire two similar slaves, for the meanner side of bdsm?

All free ideas.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018  

good start, needs more

Monday, August 27, 2018  

I really liked to read your beginning. All is well tempered and balanced. Please use this good start and develop your story.
Lisa is really a lucky one - will Catherine also become lucky?

All the best, Andrea

Saturday, August 25, 2018  

A promising start! Since the first visit went rather well, I suppose it won't be the last.
Maybe on one of her next visits Catherine will be allowed to stay for a complete day so she gets to see Lisa's complete daily routine?
Cheers, Absolutist

Saturday, August 25, 2018  

Great story, please write more. hopefully the switch doesnt turn into something ugly.

Saturday, August 25, 2018  

Love this story.Very erotic.Loving and caring.I would love to see the sister become part of the game.It could go so many different ways.Well done can't wait for another chapter.

Friday, August 24, 2018  

I really like this story! Most stories are too sadistic to enjoy, but this one is quite wholesome. I would love to see the whole situation from Lisa's POV!

Sunday, August 19, 2018  

Lovely story. Please keep going. Please include SEX too! Is Lisa allowed orgasms? Does she serve Mabel and Megan? Perhaps Catherine might become involved later.

Friday, August 17, 2018  

This story is awesome beginning, I wonder if this will become a twist in where the next visit it is found out that she is a Twin who looks just identical as Lisa and then Lisa on the next visit replaces herself with Megan... Please keep the story going..

Friday, August 17, 2018  

Looks very promising. Hope for sisters love and bonding time :-)

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

Great Story... I can't wait to see whats going to happen next.

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

A great start. Good storytelling and well drawn characters. Can't wait for another installment.

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

This is a nice cute story.
I know people who would enjoy this, and it minterests me.

Thursday, August 16, 2018  

I agree with the comments about bondage and art. It doesn’t have to be overtly sexual though this can add spice to a story. A pretty girl in bondage is often enough to make me enjoy a picture or a story and if she is willing to be there I like it even more.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  

I love that this story is bondage with no pain scenarios.

It's rare to see stories were it's not all about pain and sexual activities.
I love the loving aspect were a person is willing to go to such great lengths to care for someone that's basically almost kind of objectified.

I see bondage in itself as a kind of art, and is very beautiful in itself without all the other elements. both rope or more elaborate devices.

Sometimes, the art has kind of sensation like feel, like in this story, that even simple sexual activity just can't reach.

I guess you can call it a visual kind of imagination or stimulation.

A great fantasy, keep writing.
This story can go into intricate detail of the bondage, scenes, and other places. Looking forward to more.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018  

Nice idea but you’ve already given it all away in the preamble and you took an awfully long time to get to the point. I did enjoy the conversation at the end.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018  

This is a promising start. I would prefer a little more patience in your approach, following the classic "show, don't tell" technique. Still, it isn't a bad story, and I feel you have created an opportunity to develop the story in interesting directions.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018  

Interesting start, a few grammatical errors but on the whole a good read, looking forward to the later chapters

Tuesday, August 14, 2018  

Keep going with it. But include sexual involvement as well.

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